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I am Masami Itsukuma, today has been my first day at Tokanatti Middle School and I've been treated to some..eccentric people. I should probably get used to meeting eccentric people as my life seems to be filled with them.

A student council member, Maeda Fujiko, has been giving me a tour of the campus. We've almost completed a quick tour of the school. It's a rather quaint building sitting on the edge of a gigantic school ground. Much of the area can't even be seen from a quick tour around the building. Thick forest impedes the view of the surrounding area, and would be a very likely place to get lost if someone tried to venture out there alone. How did a school get so much land in the first place?

We come to a garden nestled in the courtyard of the complex. Mae points to a gazebo in the garden, surrounded by well-groomed hedges and some blooming flowers, several students are inside having lunch.

"And this" Mae begins, "is where most of the student council has their lunches and afternoon meetings."

One of the students stands up from the gazebo and starts to walk over to us. His expression softens when he sees Mae, but freezes into a slight grimace when he looks at me.

Why can't I ever meet nice people?

>Introduce yourself!
>Or shrink down awkwardly and pretend he didn't see you.

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>Introduce yourself!
Even though it's a bad start, we should still be polite.

And I gotta go just as this starts, but anons better get some more cute moments with mom going this session (unless we're at school all session)!

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Smile and give a short wave.

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>Introduce yourself!

I've had enough being pushed around for one day!

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>Introduce yourself!

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>>Introduce yourself!
Social skills go!

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>Introduce yourself!
Keepin up muh appearances!

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>>Introduce yourself!
In a loud and bombastic manner.

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I'm going to try for more frequent, shorter posts because that's what all the cool QMs do. We'll see how it works out since I tend to write in bursts.

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I might as well put on a cheerful voice, right?

"Hi, I'm-"
He cuts me off, "I know who you are, no need for introductions."

Wow, thanks.

He turns to Mae, "What are you doing escorting her around? I thought we were going to talk about this first."
Mae looks less than amused by this confrontation, "But Ryo-kun, this is how we treat new students. You should know that."
Her face suddenly looks very serious when she continues talking, "Please don't make this awkward or scary for the new student", she balls her hands into a set of very threatening knuckles, "or my wrath will be very terrible."

Wow, this escalated quick.

There's a very determined atmosphere in the air, their eyes staying on each other with no words to break the intense climate.

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Suddenly, the boy bursts into laughter.
"Hahah! I almost had you looking serious for a minute, Mae! You should have seen the look on your fAEsh-ow!"
A very not-humored fist plants itself in his ribcage. He doubles over for a few painstaking seconds before erupting into a soft giggle as he looks up.

He coughs, "Sorry for the scare back there, I-"
Now Mae cuts him off, "This is Ryouta, he's my brother. He does this kind of thing all the time so don't let him get to you."
I don't know what to think anymore.

I'll try this again, "Hi! I'm Masami Itsukuma, Please just call me 'Masami', though." There, that will be enough.
He's quick on the rebound, "Masami, it's good to meet you, I heard there was a student transferring in and was wanting to meet you. We normally don't get many new students around here."
He laughs a bit, "Most of us have been in the same classes since Primary school!"

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Alright, so they knew we were coming?
And Mae is trying to force normalcy? So much for normal highschool life I guess.

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>high school
Middle school, you mean.

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Mae coughs audibly, "I was hoping someone could help me finish this tour because I haven't had lunch yet. Maybe you would like to make yourself useful for a change and help finish this tour up?"
Ryouta displays a very proud grin, "Sure thing, sis. I took some of your lunch so you won't have as much to finish, anyway."
Somehow, this didn't seem to help the mood any. Mae sighs and starts to list off the few places left to visit.

"The only couple of places you need to visit. There's the sports tracks, the indoor and outdoor courts, and the theatre."
He stops for a second before responding, "I think I'll visit the courts last, there's something I'd like to show her there." His wide grin making itself known.
Mae isn't pleased with this response, "Ryo, please don't scare the new student."
Scare the new student? What does she mean by that?
"Fine, fine" He replies, as Mae slowly walks toward the gazebo.

Suddenly her head snaps back around and glares at Ryouta, a chill visibly runs up his spine.

"S-so" He begins, "Where do you want to go first?"

>The indoor court!
>The outdoor court!
>The Theatre!
>The Tracks!

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>>The Theatre!

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>The Theatre!

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"Are you twins?"

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>The Theatre!

>> No.33169649

>>The Tracks!
We good at running

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>The Tracks!
Why not.

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>>The Tracks!

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I'm the best at run

>> No.33169789

Rolled 2

Is this the first or second tiebreaker I've had to do?


Oh well, 1 is Tracks, 2 is Theatre

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We begin walking toward the large, dome shaped building on the edge of the campus. The courtyard looks absolutely breathtaking. Flowers of all varieties line the sidewalks and the walkways as we near the corner of the yard. Several students have stopped to admire them or just chat with their friends before class can begin. Everyone who steps into the courtyard seems captivated by the impressive display of flower arrangement.

Everyone except Ryouta, he's skipping and grabbing onto posts and benches as he walks. Sometimes he reaches his arms up and taps the beams that lay just at his fingertip level.
How did someone like this become a member of the student council?


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We walk through an array of covered walkways that border the parking lot. They must host something at this theatre that attracts more than just a few students with parking arrangements as numerous as what is on display here.

"How many people does this theatre attract?" I ask, it would be good to know what to expect.
"This is actually the theatre for the area. The school built it not too long ago." He says with a hint of pride in his voice.
He stretches his arms behind his head. "We typically have performances on the weekends, but the actors have been out of town on vacation. We get to use it in the meantime for classes."
That is impressive for a school, but this is painting it like some kind of rich man's pet project or a club for his rich kids.


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I wanna directly confront them on being Weird People maybe like face-dude.

Why is everyone so weird.

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The doors fly open and inside reveals a two-story observation area with a well-lit, ornate stage in the center. With the curtains pulled back, I can easily see that the stage has easily the same floorspace as my homeroom class.

On the stage there is a bunch of scattered props and obstacles littering it, with a single girl on stage picking it all up piece by piece.

We walk up to the stage and Ryouta motions for her attention.
"Aiko! you didn't show up to lunch earlier, what happened?"
The girl drops some of the props and objects she's holding into a bin and turns around slowly showing a very saddened expression on her face.
"I don't, really know. I got here before lunch and it was all like this. Stuff broken and thrown all around."

She moves the bin to another couple of much more full cans.

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Another student council member.

How long will they last before forcing us into their ranks?

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She continues, "There was even stuff in the aisles and in the seats, it's like someone just came in and started trashing everything in here."
Ryouta grunts slightly. "That's terrible" he says, as his foot catches a prop skull (at least I hope it is, I'm not saying for certain anymore) and flips it up into his hand. He hands it in his fingertips for a moment before Aiko snatches it away.
He continues, "Do you know when it happened? There were clubs in here last night."
She shakes her head, "It had to be before lunch happened. The doors were locked though, the only thing that was open was the skylight window."

"So, who is your friend here?" she says, stacking more things into a box.
Ryouta smiles, "This is the new transfer student."

Aiko stops what she's doing, looks oddly apprehensive.
"There's a new transfer student? I didn't know about this."
"That's right!" Ryouta gleefully chirps. "You want to introduce yourself?"

"Oh, oh right. I'm Aiko Hotaka. I'm a student council member and I occasionally help the drama club. You can just call me Aiko like everyone else does. What's your name?"

>Introduce yourself!

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>standard introduction

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well, yeah, it should be good for now, the good old boring "I'm Masami Itsukuma, nice to meet you"

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"That's horribile!"

You mean Punchy Guy, right?

We're already being abducted, it's too late.

"I'm Masami Itsukuma, but you should call me 'Masami.' It's too bad about what happened here."

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"I'm Masami Itsukuma, but you should call me 'Masami.' It's too bad about what happened here."

It'll be right about the time one of them challenges us to a game of Risk.

>> No.33170842

Say something about Mom transferring us in on short notice.

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I should give a proper introduction, she seems stressed enough.
"I'm Masami Itsukuma, but you should call me 'Masami.' It's too bad about what happened here."

Ryouta grimaces, "No kidding, I wish I had checked here this morning, I might have found the creep who did this." He punches his palm for effect.

I'll try to diffuse the situation, "I'm sorry about coming in on such short notice, my Mom transferred me recently." a slight smile makes me at least appear not-nervous

She smiles slightly, "No, no, it's not your fault that happened, but-"
she looks flustered for a minute.
"I do need help from Ryouta, I can't find all the props, even several that the professionals use. Can I borrow him for a moment?"

Ryouta is quick to respond as usual, "Of course, I was wanting to look around and see if I found any evidence anyway."

Well, if they're looking, I should probably help look too.


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>You mean Punchy Guy, right?
I mean both punchy bored kid and stalky spooky face man. They are both Weird.

>> No.33170977

Oh man, why didn't we offer to help out before they guilted us into it? Missed some Good Girl experience there.

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We look all through the aisles, in the seats, under the seats, on the balcony, in the grates that were pried open for some reason.

I should point that out, "Hey Ryoma, why are these grates opened up?"
"Oh, that's to dry out the moisture that builds up from the air conditioning. If we started getting mold in here it would never go away."
Huh, that's interesting.

Eventually, we gather up every piece of missing stage objects that we could find. Aiko stares at them spread out across the floor of the stage.

"That's weird." she says.

No no no no no, I've had enough 'weird' today, please don't give me more of it.


>> No.33171030

>in the grates that were pried open for some reason
Oh boy, I hope we get to go through the vents! We can do it properly this time.

>> No.33171036


Heh, whoops

>> No.33171168

So, we're calling them Punchy Bored Guy and Stalky Spooky Face Man? I'm on-board with that.

Whatever, we're still new and lost around here.

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She continues, "There's some pieces missing."
Ryouta looks over them again, "Are you sure? Maybe we didn't find some"
"I think we looked almost everywhere" I say, which is true, almost every inch of the theatre has been glanced at by this point.
"...Could they be in the vents? The grates were open after all."
She looks over the pieces once more, "No, well, probably not. It's not like the vents are large enough for a person to crawl into."
"So, what's missing?"

She starts counting over some of the present pieces, and then rearranges some of it to make a few suits of prop-armor, a couple shields, and and cloth clothing.

"There is a play that is sometimes done here by the professionals called 'King Lear', have you heard of it?"
"I can't say I have."
I hear Ryouta chuckle, "You really should next time it happens, I'm not much for plays but the actors that come by really breathe life into what is otherwise a glorified costume show." Aiko emits a low sigh.

She continues, "In the play, there's a duel between two characters that are both wearing suits of armor, but-"
She stops for a minute, and continues, "This is going to sound crazy, but one of the sets of armor is missing."

Set of armor? Where have I heard this before?

"It's not even the entire suit, just some bits and pieces of it remain." She points to some parts sprawled on the ground like pauldrons and shinguards.
"I almost think they only took the metal parts of the suit and just left the plastic parts here."
"Humph. Probably the delinquents trying to sell it for scrap. " Detective Ryouta concludes.

>What do I say to this?

>> No.33171281

>try not to try
>cry a lot

>> No.33171308

What DO we say to this?

>"Well this has been fun! I'll talk to you later Aiko!"

>> No.33171328

Well i dont think it got up and walked away. That would be silly.

>> No.33171364 [DELETED] 

Describe the weird guy we met and tell them about the punchy kid.

>> No.33171397

Ask them what it looked like. Maybe they can find pictures? We can compare them to our memory of Captain Mask.

>> No.33171411

Yeah, armour just up and walking away would be silly. Even more so if it decided to randomly attack someone on their way to school.
We should laugh at the possibility of such a weird thing happening.

>> No.33171527

Yea going with this idea

>> No.33171572

I'll change to this too.

>> No.33171666

"Well it would be silly of it to just up and walk away!" and laugh.

>> No.33171689

Why are we trying to keep a secret when nobody has told us to keep anything secret?

Admittedly, this might be because we haven't called Mom yet.

>> No.33171716

because who in there right mind is going too accept that a suit of armor gained sentience and decided too go out for a walk?

>> No.33171744

This must be a huge coincidence, not even I am going to make assumptions that outstanding without some proof.

I begin, "Um. What does only the metal parts of this armor look like?"

Aiko points to the other suit that's partially assembled right next to it.
Right now the armor is covered in leather straps and cloth decoration. It looks nothing like the thing that wanted to kidnap you this morning.

She rearranges some parts of it, unzips some zippers, undoes some belts, and finally rips the velcrow holding the entire cloth undercoating straight out of the metal parts. And

Oh my god it's him

No, wait, I can just explain this to them. "W-w-w-ell, t-there was this, t-hing, wearing armor this morning and"
"You saw the armor? Where was it?" Ryouta interrupts

It was on this thing that I'm not sure was human and started attacking me with his face. He told me to come with him or that he would kidnap me. Also he moves faster than a car and can apparently fly.

At least that's what I WOULD have said to them if I wasn't currently fumbling with the ability to talk. Do I just tell them that it stood up and walked away?

>Keep calm, panicking now only makes me look suspicious
>Tell them about the boy you saw earlier
>Nope, I didn't see anything!
>Try not to pass out

>> No.33171804

>It was on this thing that I'm not sure was human and started attacking me with his face. He told me to come with him or that he would kidnap me. Also he moves faster than a car and can apparently fly.
>Tell them about the boy you saw earlier
>panic hard

Sounds about right.

Everyone, for all we know? We saw a student punch someone and make them explode. Maybe they're all like that.

>> No.33171837

"I saw it walking around on the way to school. It looked at me and I ran away from it."

>> No.33171841

>Tell them about the boy you saw earlier
>Panic hard
>Try not to pass out

Yet another magical girl quest with an option for passing out? I can't help but take it.

>> No.33171850

Do the whole "but you're not going to believe me~" thing first and then try to explain how Punchy Bored Kid punched the suit of armor and called it Fortune.

>> No.33171895

>Tell them about the boy you saw earlier

>> No.33171908

Uh.. did you hear that explosion this morning? That's what happened to it.
>Tell them about the boy you saw earlier

>> No.33172336

"Uh, well, I, um"

This is so difficult, just spit it out!
No, no wait, just relax, try to sound as not-crazy as possible.

"You're not going to believe me, but-"
But what, just get to it!
"This morning I saw the suit of armor and it attacked me and tried to kidnap me and it called me 'Priestess' and stuff but that's okay because a boy smoking a cigarette came and punched him causing him to explode so I think your armor may be gone now."

Yes, perfect. They won't suspect a thing.

Their faces contort slightly, they look either completely convinced or absolutely dumbfounded. They glance at each other and then back at me.

Ryouta takes a minute to comprehend this, before responding.
"Did you see who was inside of it?"
I respond as accurately as possible, "I don't think anyone was inside of it, it just vanished when that boy hit it."

>> No.33172428

Aiko quickly responds, "Wait, you said a boy smoking a cigarette punched him? This was after homeroom started, right?"
"Yes, his hair was blonde, he was about as tall as Ryouta is, wore a school uniform with longer sleeves and a slightly torn button-down underneath"

Ryouta responds immediately, "Damn it, I knew he had something to do with this. He didn't even have the decency to tell me about that." His fists ball up. "I'm going to go tell him what I really think right now."

Ryouta starts storming out of the theatre, Aiko following behind. She looks back at me.
"I'm going to go make sure there isn't a fight, can you come along so we can verify that you were the one he saw this morning?"

Fair enough. I make my way to the exit at the front of the theatre along with Aiko, who is making a beeline toward the Track.

>> No.33172506

We should probably at least try to put in a good word for Punchy Boy, since he DID save us, after all.

>> No.33172510

Phew, thank god we don't have to trap ourselves in a web of lies.

>> No.33172544

He deserves what he's got coming. Probably.

>> No.33172562

I walk quickly behind the two, Ryouta fuming the whole way as he picks up speed on our approach to the large, green field marked with lines with two goals on either side.

We pass a final building and find ourselves in front of a large, oval ring of concrete surrounding a soccer field. Completely vacant, nothing interrupts the calm aside from the cool summer breeze wisping along the grassy plain.

Along with the slight chattering of conversation coming from the bleachers on the opposite side. Atop them sit a few students, dressed in black, several of them wearing overcoats and sporting goofy looking hairstyles. Most of them are laughing and talking while messing around with their phones. Except one student in particular, flicking a cigarette between his fingers while glaring at Ryouta as he walks into the center of the grassy field.

Ryouta stops his brisk pace, stands tall and firm, before pitching his head back in a melodramatic summon.

"KEEEEEEENNNNNIIIIIICCHHHIIIII", His voice echoes across the field and reflects off the wall of trees bordering the other end.

The boy flicks his cigarette to the ground, stands up with his hands in his pockets, and slowly saunters over.

>> No.33172591

And at least these guys don't seem to discount our story entirely, so that's another plus.

He's probably one of those delinquent-with-a-heart-of-gold characters.

>> No.33172611

"Wow, are you sure you're not in Drama Club? You've got quite the flair~"

No, don't say that, it's out of character and not appropriate now.

>> No.33172726

Is this still [3/?], or are we supposed to be voting now?

>> No.33172733

My mistake, it's 3/?

>> No.33172969

The chattering from the bleachers has stopped now, most of them shuffling to the front row to get the best view while laughing and giggling the whole time.

"What's he going to do, Aiko?", That boy DID help me, I need to know if Ryouta is seriously going to try fighting him.
"Probably nothing, I'm used to this by now." She says, an odd sense of pessimism in her voice. "I just want to make sure they don't get too carried away."

The boy puts on a sinister grin as he gets closer, he stops several meters away from Ryouta.

"Heya Ryo" He starts, grin getting wider, "What brings you out here? I didn't think your gardening club has a meeting out here. If you're here for the concessions, the hot dog guy wanted me to say that you already ate his stock for the next year."

He ignores them despite the continued giggles coming from the bleachers.


>> No.33172989

I want to punch him.

>> No.33173045

No way man, you can't punch Punchy Boy! Your punches don't explode!

>> No.33173075

YET. There's a card for that.

>> No.33173076

At least as far as we know

>> No.33173103

No don't, getting angry is the start of these kind of jerk's romance routes.

>> No.33173232

Ryouta skips right to the point, "Ken, you need to tell me something important."
"I can tell you a lot of things, Ryo. I'm glad you've finally decided to take my advice." He smirks, "What do you want to know first? What you could be doing with your time instead of spending it as a glorified hall monitor?"

Ryouta's arm is flexing, but not quite to the point where it's ready to swing.

"This morning you got into a fight, I want you to tell me, was this girl involved in the fight?"
He looks over to me, and then back to Ryouta, "What's it to you?"
"Answer me, Ken. Were you fighting with her this morning, or were you fighting with something else?"
Wait, fighting with me? I didn't do anything but run away and cry!

"I want to know what it was if you were fighting with something else. Now tell me, Ken"
The boy shrugs, "My, my, Ryo. All I was doing was your job. Were you planning on finally paying me overtime for all the hours I've put in?"

He's on the edge now, any kind of wrong comment could set Ryouta off at any second.

It seems Kenichi has had experience with him like this, he puts on his maniac grin,

"You know, you should be careful about all these things of yours I'm doing, your sister could be next."

Within an instant, Ryouta closed the gap between them.

>> No.33173274


Rest point

>Stop here for the night
>Keep going, with possibly lower quality posts.

>> No.33173286

you still didn't explain the magic

>> No.33173296

Hahaha, I like this asshole.

Stop, of course. Unless you really want to continue.

>> No.33173316

Shush. He'll get there eventually. I want to hear it in-character first.

>> No.33173325

Christ, this guy is going out of his way to be the biggestt asshole in the world.

>> No.33173333

>>Stop here for the night

>> No.33173338

You're right, we didn't get to that point.

And yes I am feeling a bit tired, Sorry we didn't get to learn more about magic this thread like I said we could get to.

I thought we would get to it this thread and maybe at least learn how to acquire new cards. From there the MAGIC could commence.

But I do admit, I like writing school shenanigans. I like writing it a whole lot.

>> No.33173361

Well, as interesting as it sounds, I still want magic schoolgirl over Slice of Life schoolgirl

>> No.33173402

He's very talented at pressing Ryouta's buttons, he never misses an opportunity to do so.

Well it's fine to be impatient at this point, it's thread 5 of the magical girl quest and we haven't even turned into a magical girl yet. And for that I do apologize.

Oh I understand completely what you mean. I'll try not to dwell on this part too much longer so we can get to the magic.

Okay, thanks for the thread everyone. Q&A until I fall asleep.

>> No.33173403

get some rest, dude

things often go a lot slower than planned, keep that in mind
not as if i wasn't enjoying it, but some players can start yelling "hurr, still on Namek" sometimes

>> No.33173479

Why did Ryouta want to go to the track if these losers were going to be there?

>> No.33173505

Oh, misread it, it was the courts he wanted to go to.

>> No.33173560

don't forget to archive~

>> No.33173592

Archived, thank you all for being so patient with the quest up until now!

I have a special surprise in store for that place, we'll definitely see it next thread.

>> No.33173626

Also, again, if anyone is unaware, quest runtimes can be found through my twitter.


Thank you all for playing

>> No.33173698

Thanks for running.

>> No.33173711

Can you alert when you are starting longer in advance? You warning isn't very helpful so soon before you start.

>> No.33173723

>we'll definitely see it next thread.
Hey, no. Don't do this. Never ever make predictions on what you'll get to next thread.

Thanks for running!

>> No.33173767

You're right, today I didn't realize I would have the ability to run so I threw up a notification without even a two-hour warning

And for that, I'm sorry. I'll plan my schedule better so there is at least a day advance warning.

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