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Post about everything Star Wars. All RPGs, D6, D20, Saga, EoTE, AoR, books, adventures, Genocidal Space Anger, commemorative plateseven fanfiction, yes that means you, writefags

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EoTE and AoR books
http://www.mediafire.com/folder/a3s zgj3z6w7gr/FFG_-_Star_Wars_RPG

D6 Star wars books
https://www.mediafire.com/folder/3x temvwxstfzq/Star_Wars_D6

Rune Quest Star Wars

SW visual guides
http://www.mediafire.com/download/k d7b7x0fbs0vvh6/Star+Wars+Ep+1+Visua l+Guide.pdf


http://www.mediafire.com/download/7 by8b09bo8kb6og/Star+Wars+Ep+3+Visua l+Guide.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/8 k9jo82ro2kmp8f/Star+Wars+Eps+4-6+Vi sual+Dictionary.pdf

http://www.mediafire.com/download/m 7ou1gv3jo94hnj/Star+Wars+Ultimate+V isual+Guide.pdf

Deckplans and such
EoTE alphabet resource

most of the ships that I have statted:
Shipfag's Ugly Starfighter Creation System

EotE character generator:

EoTE Dice app

The Wildlife of Star Wars: a Field Guide

Daily Reminder that Qymaen jai Sheelal did nothing wrong

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Any chance of seeing stats for this, shipfag?

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Ongoing Writefaggotry:
Bantha Squadron
Solidarity (sort of Mandalorian War, sort of not)
X-wing Writefag's works
Bounty Hunter Anon:
How Luke Skywalker Got Stinking Rich
X-overfag's ME/Star wars crossover
Gm-Sama's imperial clusterfuck (session report)

Question for this thread: how often do you use capital ships in your games? same for starfighters?

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The first thing I'm going to do in my next session is deploy some Z-95s on my crew as they try to escape detention on The Wheel. Anywhere from flights of 2-4, depending on what members of my crew are available next week.

To those using capital ships in FFGSW games, get yourself a copy of the AoR beta. There's rules for special attack options for silhouette 5+ ships that really spice up larger-scale ship combat, since there's no gaining of advantage or anything when you're flying something twenty city blocks long.

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All the time to both. All of the players invested in Piloting (Space). Fuck yeah.

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noice. biggest capital ship used in game?
i'm kinda collecting data to determine what to stat next.
i've got a homebrew snubfighter that i'm gonna post soon, and a couple of frigates, but what comes next is in question

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So far just a Corvette but thats gonna change soon. There's a hulk of a Venator and I've had one rebel fleet action but nothing like major that involves the PCs.

Also if the group gets bigger they're gonna need a corvette.

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ah yes, the venator. I think that was actually my first request stat wise (though knowing what I do about your group, it'll either be blown up for the eveilulz or else destroyed in a dramatic accident pretty fast)

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They do blow up like bitches in ICW.

A few seconds of direct fire from damn near anything can kill them dead.

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Probably both, if things go well.

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I hope they restore it and try to use it.

At the very least they're gonna need it later on when shit heats up.

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that might be because ICW is basing their performance on TCW where every ship is a TIE fighter. thing is supposed to be as tough as a victory, IIRC

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I ran a space combat one of and found the players to have a huge advantage over simple ships, especially if the players are in some customized starfighters. If you think it's enough, add another. Put the fear of space combat into them. Or have the other star fighters use some of the tactics xwing used where they will have a wing man swoop in and nail the guy going for a kill shot on another npc. Don't know the name of the tactic...

If they're jumping into corvettes remember to make manning such a ship hurt their wallet... Or else as setback for shoddy crew member.

I may be a rather harsh DM now that I think about it.

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the silly rules thing from the tail end of the last thread if you want to throw it up there

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What's better as a secure transport a Bulk Cruiser or a Star Galleon?

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Star Galleons come with armaments and are a bit sturdier. Bulk Cruisers are just boxes with hyperdrive and life support, but are more modifiable.

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GM sama, I might have asked this before. But you're playing EoTE or AoR correct?

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That tactic's a Thatch Weave. A great maneuver for groups of minion starfighters to pull off, but obviously not doable for a solo craft.

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File: 49 KB, 980x280, Bulk Cruiser Battle_Horn-class.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a Bulk Freighter

Bulk Cruisers are the big crosses between a Bulk Freighter and a capship

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Oh right. Bulk Cruisers are actually meant for combat, IIRC, not so much for cargo hauling. Star Galleons were specifically designed to be cargo haulers that don't need escorts for standard transport duty.

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awesome, thanks. will do

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Not exactly, the role of Bulk Cruisers and their reliability/moddability suffer from a TON of contradictory sources.

Some way they're upgunned but slow cargo-haulers, others call them combat ships.

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This is true as well. Though in the media I've primarily consumed, they're as I described.

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the big problem is that bulk cruiser is more a category than anything else. all it really means is slow, cheap warship. so converted bulk freighters and shitty second-line ships alike fall into the same category

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But even the Neutron Star is contradictory over the years.

Is it a finnicky shipyard whale or an old, steady ship?

>> No.33098014

it could easily be both; shitty knockoffs of a mediocre to begin with design can easily produce such a contradictory reputation

>> No.33098039


Not to mention differences in usage, upkeep, flaws in manufacturing...

>> No.33098086

exactly. maybe one batch had serious reliability problems, while others just keep on trucking. add that to the thing being made by a bunch of people and it gets even more variable. one thing DC really fucked up about it was the price.. I mean, 2.6 million for a CRUISER? that's fucking cheaper than a corillian gunship for christ's sake I figure ~9-10 million makes more sense

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How do they stack up stats-wise?

They are kinda supposed to be bottom-barrel crappy.

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Sharing is caring

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File: 39 KB, 752x202, Acclamator_Assault_Ship_by_jaw500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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slow, unmaneuverable, decently durable, mediocre shields, decently well armed, no starfighters, plenty of mod slots

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It's slow and under-shielded for its size, and lacks internal fighter support. Has decent armaments, though. The Dreadnaught- and Vindicator-classes are in the same size category, and are much better ships.

>> No.33098337

Needs to have the accuracy and or power on turbolasers knocked down.

>> No.33098355

well, aside from the dreadnaught's crew problem. besides, you can buy two bulk cruisers for the price of a dreadnaught and STILL use 1/4th the crew (unless the dreadnaughts are slave-rigged, in which case they are objectively better ships than neuron stars)

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maybe inaccurate 1 or else make em slow firing 3, should balance em out

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File: 963 KB, 1920x816, Acclamators_over_Ryloth =Only a flesh wound=.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Only 3 million clones my ass! These things get shot down all the time and they cover a multitude of systems with fleets of these ships.

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I personally reckon 3 million clones ready to go on that specific day. I would put total clones around ~1 billion, and around ~100 billion droids against them

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I still liked how they made something that distinctly felt "star destroyer"

>> No.33098529


Because as history has shown time and time again, sci-fi writers cannot into scale.


Oh yeah, that wedge-shaped design. Definitely true to the universe and iconic as hell.

>> No.33098542

Well, it was only a few thousand ready for Geonosis, With a million in the final stages if I recall. Although the claims of 3million in total completely contradict all other sources.

So true.

>> No.33098569

>sci-fi writers cannot into scale.
oh, indeed. we get this both ways; too big and too small (see curtis "multi-kiloton X-wing lasers" and "quintillion droids" saxton for a good example of too large), and 3 million clones for too small

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RIght. So.

This has probably been said before, but I can't go without getting on my soapbox: The clone soldiers were one of the Jedi Order's greatest failures.

Not because they got their ass handed to them by Order 66.

But because these beings that were supposed to herald the truth and balance of the Force to the universe took one look at a country's worth of children being made and indoctrinated to fight and die, their blood to be spilled like so many drops of rain, and they said


So yeah, was Order 66 bad? Duh. But what the hell, Light-siders?

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travissty pls go

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Given the education and engineering that went into clones to make them battle-ready, I'm not so sure. I mean, any loss of life is not good for the Force. But any war is going to lead to death and suffering, and the clones were a tool for minimizing the suffering inflicted on the galaxy. Would you rather the CIS droids burn and pillage planets left and right?

Not to mention the rotting within the Jedi Order before the clones got involved, but that's a totally separate matter.

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File: 25 KB, 643x269, Clone-Wars-Season-5-Mando-Obi-Wan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Clones are only a step up from droids in most peoples eyes. They don't have the same rights that natural born do... although the Jedi do later "humanize" their clone warriors with names and feelings of companionship towards them.

Yeah, they saw the least of all evils with the clones. The PDF forces of each world were inefficient in defending their home worlds from the droid armies. The republic needed an army that the GAR was supplying. If they were to stop the threat they would need warriors to fight the droid masses.
Sometimes they became warriors themselves and didn't realize it until it was too late

>> No.33098812

>children being made and indoctrinated to fight and die
what do you exactly think the old jedi order was DOING? it is literally a bunch of children trained from more or less birth as suicide cops. I doubt the child indoctrination bit would even register with them.
but to answer the question, what happened was pretty much the clone army showed up outta the blue ready to fight, the republic looked at the jedi and said 'yep, you're leading them'. the jedi didn't really have a choice in the matter, any more than the clones did (the clones WANTED to fight, it's in their blood, almost literally)

>> No.33098815


Whole thing was a cock-up really.

It may *not* have been very avoidable by the time it got that far, goodness knows Palpatine was no slouch, and he had some right and proper smart bastards under his thumb.

But none of the mainline material we're supplied with shows even a moment of thought about the morals of clone trooper usage (and hardly any thought about 'oh this might not be on the level what with all the suspicious shit around it). I haven't seen the cartoons, but the Jedi barely seem to consider the clones as people, which they obviously are (if strange people).

And talking about the CIS and their droids, or more precisely the issue of droids at all in that setting. That's even worse! Many of them are obviously sentient, and others intelligent to various degrees.

>> No.33098821

A Super Star Destroyer. However, it wasn't statted as a whole. Instead, it was used as the environment and justification for the PCs fighting stupid amounts of turrets, TIEs, and other capital ships. Basically, they flew along the SSD's hull disabling hardpoints like turrets, sensor arrays, and shield generators. It was the Battle of Endor and one of the players successfully pulled the Arvel Crynyd Handshake. As Crynyd, too, because his actual PC bit the dust in their last mission.

There's also the fact that the clones were born and bred specifically for ass-kicking. They were likely far more competent than any regular mooks the Republic's constituents could muster. Thus, they probably were the quickest solution the Republic had for ending the war.

>> No.33098836

interedesting. I actually did executor stats, but I didn't expect them to ever be used
>Arvel Crynyd Handshake
I'm stealing this

>> No.33098865


I agree, it was fucked up on both sides. And yeah, it's gray as shit on both sides, but unfortunately, the galaxy isn't always as clear-cut as the Jedi Code would have you to believe.

And yeah, droid rights on top of it is super not cool. I secretly root for pro-droid revolutionaries, even if 99% of the time they get switched into "Kill all life-forms!" mode.

>> No.33098906

>clones WANTED to fight

And that's not entirely wrong or bad necessarily, but they were brought up to do it, taught from birth that it was what they were for, what else are they supposed to do?

Good points about how the Jedi would have probable cultural biases in recognizing how bloody Darkside they were being.


shipfag you bring up another good point: Jedi entanglement with the Old Republic.

Big problem really. An order like the Jedi needs to be wary of how buddy-buddy they get with governments, because reality may call upon them to help them one week, then kick their shit in the next, depending.

One of the comics, dont' remember which, had a thing with Quigon and Obi-wan that highlighted that decently I think. They ended up on some planet, something something lost and fighting, plot... anyway, there was an obvious scumbag that they were sheltering for a minute, they found him trapped in another creature's hunting trap, and Quigon freed, healed, and fed him, even though he was shady as shit.

He did it because it was the right thing to do.

And when that scumbag brought back a bunch of guys in the middle of the night to kill the Jedi and take their stuff, Quigon cut him down with little remorse.

Because in that moment it was the right thing to do.

Sometimes, the right thing for the Jedi to do would have been to tell the Republic to go fuck itself, because not all the CIS were lawl-evil. Instead they dived headfirst into propping up the galactic authority *no matter what*.

So yeah, they were pretty screwed.

>> No.33098956


As I've stated in these threads before, the Jedi's position of galactic peacekeepers really interferes with their monk-like ideals of serenity and balance. It's one thing to preach about harmony and light and all that nice stuff, but when there's someone threatening harm to others immediately, it's hard to respond with anything but force.

>> No.33098973

oh yeah, the old order was really riding the line with the whole arm-of-the-republic thing. you get things like the OP, where the jedi ruled in favour of SLAVERS because of dickassness/old republic pull.

i once saw a AU story where dooku never went sith and started the CIS to try to remove sith control of the republic, and the jedi get split up on the issue, and things get BAD when the republic brings in 'grey' jedi to fill the resulting gaps. would really like to find it again, but alas

>> No.33098990

think more like samurai than monks, at least for the old jedi order; calm, stoic, decapitating motherfuckers bound to the lords (republic)

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File: 906 KB, 1800x800, PongKrellSafeLanding-CoK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

TCW shows the Jedi humanizing and relating with their clones. They grieve the losses, try to minimize casualties and injuries, and many lead from the front lines....

Well, most...

>> No.33098997

Maybe they were the quickest solution. But so were planet-busters.

One of the big arguments that my brother and I have sussed out is that Anakin was less the 'Chosen One' than Luke was, but that even if he was, he didn't just bring balance to the Force by (finally) stopping Palpatine, but by dropping the hammer on the Jedi Order as well.

I mean, Anakin had choices every step of the way, and he could have (and should have) made better ones that might have led to better outcomes for everyone, but the Order was fucked, the Council too egotistical, Councilors like Yoda closer to the Dark than they ever would like to admit, and it had to be brought down.

Not the best way to do it, giving in to Palpatine like that, though.

>> No.33099045

> bring balance to the Force by dropping the hammer on the Jedi Order as well.

>> No.33099046

Thank God.

Someone over there must have realized that, if we were supposed to be rooting for these people, they'd need to add something the movies barely have.

>> No.33099060

Motherfucker did I SAY the Jedi need to suffer like the Sith?

I said the Jedi Order, as in this group of Force-users, were going BAD. Light *is* balance, but they were abandoning the Light, in not *too* dissimilar a way to the kingdom of Istar in Dragonlance, if you happen to know that.

>> No.33099073

I feel like TCW made EP III 10X better. we can SEE the gradual slippage during the war, we can SEE the Obi-wan/anakin buddy cop dynamic, we can SEE the strain of hiding his marrage. without TCW we just kinda inferred that shit and it fell kinda flat

>> No.33099078

Right, I wrote that awkwardly, but I mean:

Jedi Order /= the Light, not as much as they needed to.

>> No.33099108

I think he just saw that first bit and went on a rant automagicly. I feel like the jedi order as a whole wasn't REALLY going dark, and would have probably recovered after the war, but they were goddamn close. I actually have a fairly good fanfic that gets close to some of the ideas you have, if you'd like

>> No.33099122

>But so were planet-busters.
Tarkin pls.

>> No.33099136

Maybe they would have, but there were strong forces on their Council that were more fucked than they realized, and I don't have faith that there were enough Masters like Quigon left to help turn that tide, especially post-war.

I mean we can look to how the survivors tended to act after Order 66: they ran the fuck away and hid. And they weren't always wrong in doing so, but several of them didn't even get shit done in their corners of the galaxy, as I recall.

And then others were like Jerec.

>> No.33099164

I think obi-wan and anakin would have been a pretty strong force. at worst there probably would have been a schism between hardliners and semi-moderates like them; would have probably ended with the hardliners gradually dying out, and the mainline order softening up

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File: 1.45 MB, 1920x816, TestOfTheOne-Overlords.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We aren't even inferring it, we are straight TOLD it rather than shown it. My biggest complaint with Lucas is that he just TELLS without showing any of it.

We are told Obi Wan is a harsh master and doesn't trust Anakin... by Anakin.

We are TOLD Anakin is the chosen one, but never see it in his actions. Every time we see him doing something it's just some simply saber trick and he either gets an arm chopped off or multiple limbs hacked off. At least in TCW we see him overpower two EXTREMELY powerful force users and force them to kneel before him.

We are TOLD that Padme and Anakin are in love, but she really has no reason to love him back. They go from her being cold to him into her rolling in the hay with him.

TCW shows us Anakin's power, Obi-wan and his connection, his relationship with Padme and his bitterness, jealousy, anger, aggression, and commitment. I love the character development for many of the cast in TCW and I can endure cheesy plots to see them each grow.

>> No.33099434

yeah. if I was gonna introduce star wars to somebody who had no idea, i'd do it in the following order:
EP I (or maybe just explain the plot rather than watch it)
every episode of TCW except for a few with TOO much vader related foreshadowing
EP V. the reveal would probably blast their damn brains with all that buildup

>> No.33099475


One layout I've seen suggested is VI - V - I - II - TCW - 3 - IV, with the Prequel Trilogy and TCW forming a flashback before climaxing with RotJ. I watched it like that recently (minus TCW, which I'm still working through), but I did find myself a little bored in II and III and just wanted to get back to the OT.

>> No.33099497

4 - 5 - 2 -3 , maybe TCW between 2 and 3. Skip 1, other than a quick update if you must.

>> No.33099521


Thoroughness demanded I watch I, even if it's proximity to V sharpened its disappointing nature.

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>Starting with Phantom Menace
>Not starting with A New Hope
>Not wanting the Tantive IV chase to be someone's first impression of Star Wars

IV - V - II - III - VI - Phantom Menace CliffsNotes - X-Wing - Courtship - Thrawn

>> No.33099563

I wanted it to be like 'the story of anakin skywalker, big damn hero', then it cuts to luke, who is anakin's son, facing off against a evil jedi said to have killed anakin and wiped out the jedi. obi-wan's death would be real dramatic. and once V hits and we find out that anakin IS vader, bricks would be shat, and we'd flash back to EP III to see the how of it. then EP VI for the dramatic conclusion

>> No.33099590

fair point. IV -I-II-TCW-V-IIII-Vi-X-wing-Thrawn-SoA-HoT is basicly what I described, but with IV first

>> No.33099595


I understand what you're going for, but I have to agree with X-Wing, IV really is the best place to start someone off.

>> No.33099612

true. revised order in
is probably the best IMO

>> No.33099633
File: 6 KB, 183x171, heard you was talkin trash.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Phantom Menace
>Phantom Blood
I see what you did there

>> No.33099637

Waitaminute, why are we including the Courtship of Princess Leia?

Don't tell me it's just because Zsinj. X-Wing wsa the best thing that could have happened to him.

>> No.33099662

because it is the most amazing sort of silly

>> No.33099686

Because Courtship was cheesy as fuck. The goofiness of it all makes it a fun read.

>> No.33099840
File: 1.25 MB, 1920x816, Darth Jar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sister started with 1 without my knowledge or else IV would have been the first. She, not being a lore nut like the rest of us, really enjoyed TPM for the entertainment it was rather than the blatant screw up we all see it as. If you were going to show the series to someone to show the story of Anakin Ep 1 is a good place to start. The only TCW episode to cut would be the continuation of the SON plot beyond the time the daughter is killed. The Imperial March theme in the background of other episodes is subtle enough that it won't be noticed until later. Even with the ONE arc they won't really connect the Vader thing until the end of Episode 3.

>> No.33100055

Pardon me gents, I was told there existed a list o Galactic Empire atrocities. Anyone happen to know of this and where I might find it?

Sadly, I have nothing to offer in return.

>> No.33101483

The ones mentioned in previous threads that I remember off the top of my head:
>Turning a blind eye to slavery whenever Vader is out of choking range
>Tarkin mistaking a crowd for a parking lot
>That one Alderaan incident
>Lusankya's prisoners
>Lusankya's Coruscant escape killing or displacing millions of civilians
>Opening fire on civilians when they celebrated Palpatine's death
>Palpatine placing his beverages on countless tables. Without coasters.
>Jedi Temple Massacre
>Palpatine secretly ordering that Vader's daily orange juice servings always have a dab of toothpaste mixed in
>The Force Unleashed II
>The TIE Boat

>> No.33101616

>ignoring the xeno plague
Check your privilege, Imperial

>> No.33101640

>The TIE Mauler being a jihad bomb unit
>The whole execution of the CIS delegates at the end of the Clone Wars by Vader
>Putting Zsinj in a position of power

>> No.33101693

He's still more competent than our favorite Imperial Intelligence Director, at least. And he's better with employee benefits.

Oh right, Krytos. Then again, twelve pilots and a bunch of criminals managed to supply the New Republic with enough bacta and ryll to make the whole plague thing a minor inconvenience at best.

>> No.33101842

Thanks for that, you've just ruined two books for me.

>> No.33101928


I think the existence of people dressed like this, allowed to be the highest ranking men of the galaxy is the greatest atrocity of known history

also prolly ghorman massacre TARKIN DID NOTHING WRONG

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>ruined two books
I'll ruin even more media because I'm a sadistic bastard. Jar Jar was behind it all; Piggy can dance; Jacen falls; Chewie says hello to a moon; Chopper crashes a sporting event; the Boss gets demoted; the Hammer is his penis; Rosebud was the sled; Chani dies in childbirth; Duncan Idaho save scums; the latest Marth is a Martha; Star Ocean: TTEOT is a game within a game; Everyone is Cylons; KANE LIVES IN DEATH; Erina's first kiss is with I, DIO; the Mule screws with the Seldon Plan; Church was the Alpha; Soap falls out a window; Wash suffers from some stomach pains; Gohan is the strongest in the universe and doesn't do crap; Goten and Trunks become a guy; Lijah Cuu is a teamkilling fucktard; and Enrico Pucci wins.

>> No.33102169

>Duncan Idaho save scums

That's fucking hilarious.

>> No.33102698

Well as far as the new canon goes, there only two survivors of the Order at least until Rebels comes out and they're both living on the backest of backwoods.
The shit is Yoda going to do about anything on Dagobah? And the only thing Obi-Wan could do would be to clean house like Luke did, which would alert Vader to his presence and LUKE'S EXISTENCE via survivors' tales.

>> No.33102757

It is the best thing.
Haha, your spoilers can't work on me, i don't KNOW most of those references!
Forgot MY NAME Why did I suddenly reference The Crucible what the fuck

>> No.33103289

You forget Shaak Ti. Even beyond death, you can't Shake those Tits

>> No.33103670

Does her death count as canon if it occurred in a deleted scene? It showed up in the RotS DVD, if I remember correctly.

>> No.33103703

Normally it would be canon but her death appears before scenes in which she later appears to be alive in uncut scenes in the movie. Then there's the fact that they asked for permission to bring her back for FU, where she later died, and those games were rendered uncanon even before the gg of disney, so basicly, can't stop the ti

>> No.33103730

Also confirmed in one of them star wars insider thingies as her deleted content not being canon, way before FU1 came out

>> No.33103746
File: 19 KB, 500x367, carlos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shaak Ti deserves her own video game spin-off. It can be called Shaak Fu.

>> No.33103773
File: 34 KB, 259x331, Jar-Jar-Binks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33103804
File: 167 KB, 400x225, carlos.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If the B-52s made a song about Star Wars it would be called Love Shaak. Also, when is a Gungan door not a Gungan door? When it's Ajar-Jar.

>> No.33103854

Gentlemen, allow me to break the ICE
So ICE to meet you
Do you know what killed the Sith? The ICE AGE

>> No.33103910

>Hey Wedge, I'm making coffee. Want some?
>Do you prefer it Hoth or cold?
>Goddammit, Janson.
>Such a frosty reception, boss. I thought you'd appreciate my tauntaunts.
>You're walking on thin ice there, Wes.

>> No.33104016

"Come on boss, are you fraid i'll Zsinj it?"

>> No.33104061

>Wedge: Wes, don't you have any hobbies besides making shitty puns?
>Wes: Well, there's Four, but he's still in sickbay from my last pundertaking.
>Wedge: Luke, do you mind practicing your fencing on Wes for a few minutes?
>Luke: Sure. I'll be sure to saber the moment.
>Wedge: Motherfucker.

>> No.33104127

I have a question about lore.

During the Clone Wars, were the only forces the Republic used Clones, or was there recruitment from Republic-controlled planets too?

It seems pretty troubling to me if all Republic systems simply bought clones to defend them, with the prevailing attitude that clones are expendable.

That, and you'd think that with that attitude, the Republic simply would have commisioned better droids to fight the CIS (the plot to eliminate the Jedi nonwithstanding).

>> No.33104157

Clones were supplemented by planetary/system militias
Think of the clones as the Marine corps, the rapid intervention mothertruckers, and everyone else is just whatever was to head
It also appears as if normal officers from the judicial forces got fast tracked to officer positions within the GAR
Also you have alot of other types of militias, like Rahm Kota's paranoid mothertruckers, the antarian rangers, etc

>> No.33104180

There was mention of non-Clone forces on the Republic side in some sources. Rahm Kota raised his own militia of regular folk because he didn't trust Clones, while Garven Dreis actually flew alongside Anakin Skywalker on at least one occasion. The Republic also made use of a lot of non-Clone officers like Tarkin. The Antarian Rangers and CorSec also collaborated with the Jedi Order during the Clone Wars.

>> No.33104203

The republic had volunteers who manned the capital ships.

In the pre-trilogy-published Timothy Zahn books, it was implied that both sides used clones to the point where the galaxy was so ravaged by war that it entered a technological dark age, which is why everyone kicks up a fuss about finding cloning tubes.
Then the pre-trilogy happened.

>> No.33104248

Which author is better: Zahn or Stover?

>> No.33104255

To be fair, this is the implication that Lucas had given up to that point

>> No.33104328

Your mileage may vary?

>> No.33104811
File: 95 KB, 1200x878, VadersTIEAdvanced-TCGCore.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.33104829

Don't you mess with muh Curtis Saxton.

>> No.33104856
File: 206 KB, 500x500, Nightsister Wald.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Zsinj just because of his blockade. Nothing more really, just have a thing for the Witches of Dathomir.

>> No.33105065


Is this the same /tg/ that masturbates all over Imperial Guard who are even greater number of even more ill equipped humans ready to die for religion?

To answer your question with another question.
Is it better to be born and raised for combat or not to be born at all?
Would it be better if Republic responded with their own droid army if it has been seen in the movies that droids have awareness, senses and feelings?
Why fight at all? If people are going to die in the war is it not better to just surrender to avoid all the casualties?

Your question is naive. Republic needed an army, she got the Grand Army of the Republic. And a little more for the bargain. If you want to blame the Jedi for something, blame them for sending too small arresting party to Chancellor's office.

>> No.33105388

>Is it better to be born and raised for combat or not to be born at all?
That's circular logic, the clones were created SPECIFICALLY for a war started by one man who was playing both sides.
The clones were created to fight the droids who were created to fight the clones.
You might as well ask why there was a subplot in the Corellian trilogy about the whole system being artificial which is then dropped.

>> No.33105509


>> No.33105593

I'll fight you to the death mate

>> No.33105631

>implying you stand a chance against my megatons.

>> No.33105632


>bla bla bla

Hypothetical question.
You are now the Chancellor. CIS scum is now attacking your transgendered otherkin Republic and you don't have any forces to stop them for a millenia now. Who do you send to die and not hurt anyones feelings?
You accuse me of circular logic, I accuse you of not knowing what was is.

>the clones were created SPECIFICALLY for a war started by one man who was playing both sides.
Shit son, they sure weren't created to peel potatoes whole day. War has casualties. Most of the time those casualties are draftees. It is called paying your debt to society. If natural born people are being forced to fight in wars in real life, why would growing them for war so that they have a better chance for survival be a bad idea?

>> No.33105634

To the pain.

>> No.33105660


Now you see, brother.

>> No.33105722

your megatons are INSIGNIFICANT next to the power of the force

>> No.33105735

Sun crusher crushes suns? No... it can't be

>> No.33105778

>Hypothetical question.
>You are now the Chancellor. CIS scum is now attacking your transgendered otherkin Republic and you don't have any forces to stop them for a millenia now. Who do you send to die and not hurt anyones feelings?
I send my clone army, which I specifically created TEN YEARS AGO so they can fight my droid army WHICH I ALSO CREATED TEN YEARS AGO BECAUSE I AM A SITH LORD BENT ON RULING THE GALAXY.
Circular logic, false dichotomy, whatever the name of the rhetorical blunder you are using, the clones are a TRAP. They are there to be the Republic's cannon fodder so that the citizens of the Republic feel safe and acquiesce to Palpatine grabbing more and more power so that they can be safer. At the same time as he is securing his future Emperorship, he is drawing the Jedi away from the very immediate problem of a Sith Lord by placing a fallen Jedi at the lead of your specially selected group of puppets and imply that he is a Sith and even train him in a few techniques so that the Jedi he comes across will focus their efforts on eradicating the Sith they can SEE instead of looking for the one pulling the strings.
If the Republic had not used the clones provided and done nothing, then they'd have been steamrolled by the CIS which means Palpatine wins.
If the Republic had not used the clones provided and raised their own army, they'd have been steamrolled by the CIS which means Palpatine wins.
Since the Republic DID use the clones provided, they steamrolled the CIS which meant Palpatine won.
I said circular logic because you argued in favor of using the clone army. But why did the clone army exist? Because of the droid army. Why did the droid army exist? Because Palpatine told his puppets to prepare for war. Why did Palpatine tell his puppets to prepare for war? Because he was breeding a clone army.

>> No.33105996

You also seem to be very confused about the nature of the Republic. It's not some Tumblr SJW paradise, it's a racist, corrupt system that was too weak to defend itself when one man with a vision decided to prey upon it.
Look at the people Chancellors we see during the main timeline: Valorum: human, Palpatine: human. Even in the New Republic we have Mothma and Leia as our first two Presidents and Zahn, who has a history of thinking deeply about these implications, even has an 'alien' senator object very strongly to the label 'alien' and 'non-human' because it obviously comes from a very human-dominated and highly racist society.
I just noticed I switched pronouns in there. Whoops.

>> No.33106142

Courtship, other than the first segment with Han getting Jealous with little reason and acting all OOC is pretty good

>> No.33106162

Because alot of people here have terrible taste/clouded by nostalgia/"fun". Just go with it.

>> No.33106203

Is it me, or is this /swg/ thread unusually hostile?

>> No.33106208

>starts off with genocidal post
we roleplayan mang

>> No.33106262
File: 516 KB, 1128x531, RepCom_cr25.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would this fit eight Gunships?

The two on the bottom, two inside, two on the top and one on each side docking port? I'd mount actual fighters to the docking port for escort personally.

Maybe the two inside would be the lifter models holding AT-PTs, or Sabertanks or something.

>> No.33106269

see, hwat appears to have happened here it that a man with red-hot opinions relating his dislike of star wars has arrived, and we have foolishly attempted to converse with him, angering us

>> No.33106275


GAR was comissioned by Sifo-Dyas and funded by Plageious, not Sidious.
Droid armies and navy pre existed within their respective corporations.
Yes, Palpatine controlled both sides and they were both easy to control but that was not the issue. The issue was some retarded moral question about growing soldiers in which I claim that is a good thing. Your circular logic makes no sense.

This whole post is idiotic. Never have I for a second mentioned racism in my posts. That is completely irrelevant and false. Many "aliens" were combatants and leaders in both sides of the conflict.

>> No.33106306
File: 443 KB, 791x952, Tarkin-SWG4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We'll see about that once I unleash them on the Rebel base.

>> No.33106341

I hope not, that's the whole reason I left the /co/ Star Wars threads.

>> No.33106425

On a side note: didn't get Revengeance, but I did end up getting Peace Walker to work, so that's good.

Note to self: Stat out Liquid Rebellalot later

>> No.33106426

we linked to /co/'s thread either in this one or the last. I think there was some splashback involved

>> No.33106444

Oh, what was it about?

>> No.33106468

some anons were complaining about how /co/ star wars is more about "how i want to bang teenage ahsoka" general and being all high and mighty about the EU
top lel

>> No.33106500
File: 175 KB, 384x665, KalaniFull-SWE.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder if it's possible to make one of these Supertacticals with the basic pointbuy for droids.

Also would it be unbalancing to just give everyone backpacks and Utility belts?

>> No.33106508

go for it, BRROTHER

>> No.33106596

That or complaining all the time about how lame the OT is.

>> No.33106607
File: 431 KB, 2000x1500, Original Gaffi stick head.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gaffi sticks are cool.

I want a VibroGaffi

>> No.33106618

I am not the one who said, and I quote, "transgendered otherkin Republic". The moment you mention that is the moment you open the door for a discussion on racism in the Republic.
And what use is a clone army to Plageious, exactly? Coming out of the shadows and taking over was Palpatine's plan, not his master's.
>GAR was comissioned by Sifo-Dyas
A character who has no impact in the movie he is introduced in other than to tell the audience that this person they do not know and do not care about was dead before the army was comissioned, thus raising Obi-Wan's suspicions and leading him to Geonosis to discover that the clone template is working for the CIS and also making me wish that the prequels had actually been in the form of a police procedural as Obi-Wan unravels the plot and finds out that the man behind the war is.... PALPATINE! dun dun duuuun
And sure, if you want to not have any casualties from your regular population, what better way than to fully commit to your disposable war by having disposable, indistinguishable clones? Can't have war without casualties, but that doesn't excuse the Republic for using and abusing the clones or the fact that they are guilty of, in the words of Star Trek "creating and perpetuating a slave race".

>> No.33106700
File: 571 KB, 1920x817, drunk Satine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get a pacifist Drunk and they'll start burning down illegal dilution facilities to send a message.

Spacebooze: Not even once.

>> No.33106808

My players blew up my Venator hulk. Conflicting motivations I guess... Those things are big too.

>> No.33106841

For some reason I feel as if Liquid should be to all appearances a wookie, complaining about how he got all the worst genes... but ofcourse, his hair is wholly dominant

>> No.33106858

Where in Beyond the Rim are the IPV-1 Stats?

>> No.33106904

PAge 93, the last pages of the campaign

>> No.33106998

Huh, seems a little slow and i thought it was 10 troops PLUS a few prisoners and maybe one VIP.

I'd probably give it 3 hardpoints, one to add a hyperdrive, one for a tractor beam and one for either better speed or an ion cannon.

>> No.33107009

I wouldn't count on FFG to make an accurate representation of a ship

>> No.33107018

Whoa, fuck is that a TIE Defender down there in the art?

>> No.33107071
File: 242 KB, 1600x900, 2014-05-21_00030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How would one best stat the Rodian Ripper tractor/repulsor "Zero G Lifter" arm for EotE?

>> No.33107077

I have a feeling I fucked up with that post.

>> No.33107134
File: 275 KB, 1600x900, 2014-05-21_00032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33107181

Because I have a STRONG urge to introduce/play as one or more who can talk TV and DARES to be Stupid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=05V3ttZoz3Y

>> No.33107312

Nah, not OP, but:
Check out the A11 Model III "Burrower" from Suns of Fortune, and the Cybot Galactica/KDY All Terrain Exploration Droid from Enter the Unknown.

>> No.33107338

Is it easy to stat new species for players to chose from? Playing as a Zabrak always interests me in whatever game I play/run.

>> No.33107358

Someone get this hothead the alien races menagerie for EOTE

>> No.33107379
File: 598 KB, 1024x768, screenShot0006.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fergotten my pic

>> No.33107594

How does this look for Low-Priority planetary defenses shortly after the Correlian treaty.
Imperial Contingent:One pre-fab Garrison base and several smaller barracks provide 40 fighters dirtside.
One Carrack Cruiser, six IPV-1s, Four Guardian "Light Cruisers" one Gozanti TIE Carrier and an XQ-2 Platform space station with two TIE fighter squadrons, one bomber squadron, and two Stormtrooper Transports.

Local defense forces: (Usually deputized by the Empire) 12 Skipray Blastboats, one Marauder with 12 Headhunters, and two DP-20s. Maybe a single Bulk Cruiser. and an Interceptor Frigate.

>> No.33107636

Probably needs a bit more (alot more) leftover clone wars equipment.

>> No.33107649

Well, it's kind of an outdated machine, and it's a carrier rather than a proper ship-of-the-line. It's not quite THAT paper, but it's undergunned (canonical armament, though)

Still pretty great as the PA, just for the sheer weight of fighters.

>> No.33107685

The empire doesn't like deploying CW Era stuff, so I guess the the PDF could have a few Y-wings and maybe three Upgunned Consulars.
They had the Double heavies a bit too low on shots per volley.

And they REALLY had weak-ass shields even compared to a Victory 1 which it was supposed to equal. (Though the hanger being open could excuse lower armor than the victory since i understand they can't quite differentiate the open and closed nature.)

>> No.33107747


Yeah, nothing like a million voices crying out in horror and being silenced forever to maintain the balance of the energy that connects all living things.

>> No.33107776

Actually, a lot of Jedi gathered and tried to fight back.

They were generally bombed from orbit or slaughtered by Vader.

It's not that all the Jedi ran into hiding - it's that the ones who didn't are dead. (and so are a lot of the ones who DID hide)

>> No.33107843

You are very right that the empire does not like to use CW era stuff, but just because you don't like to use them doesn't mean you won't. The empire is limited so much more by logistics, and the empire is if nothing else huuuge.

From the fource unleashed book, which is about the Post ep3 era up to the Corellian treaty:
"No clear distinction in military doctrine and equpiment exists between the grand army of the Republic and the military forces of the Empire. Unlike political reality, for which a vote or a signature on a law is all that's needed to go form one era to another, military reality is often dictated by avilable supply and missiom parameterss. Altough the empire knew what vehicles and stsrships it wanted its forces to use, and in what numbers, it was not always possible to manufacture, transport and maintain exactl the "desired" mix of armor or supply vehicles to active units. Further, the scale of the Galactic Empire meant that a "minor" number of outdated vehicles could well number in the thousands, not enough for the whole Empire, but more than enough for the troops on a given ship or planet. The remainder of this chapter, etc, describes a broad selection of items in common use by the Empire in the years between the end of the Clone Wars and the Battle of Yavin. In manay cases, such items are used side by side with items left over from earleir conflict and new designs not yet in general production. Altough the Empire wants to standardize everything, it 's many years before this effort begins to be realised on a wide scle. "

Low priorioty planetary defenses heavily implies the outer rim and the mid rim, which is precisely the place that gets the upgrades last

>> No.33107905
File: 11 KB, 216x194, Crying trooper.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

LLC, gloves, looks like Rebel backpack....

About the only thing you did right was play zabrak! Single bicep or bracer for the arm armor slot, tailor gloves for the hands gives 4 additional sockets for skill tapes.

LLC is too inaccurate and slow. It also lacks any specific damage pool. Waste of skill points.

>> No.33107969

Besides which, according to the draft scripts for AotC, Sifo-Dyas doesn't even exist - he's another shell game, a cover for Sidious (note the similarity in the names - It was originally Sido-dyas, but the typo sounded better). Mace Windu even confirms that no Jedi exists by that name.

>> No.33107984
File: 574 KB, 1024x768, screenShot0005.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Nope I never made it to BH or Commando on this guy so I never got the license for it. This was also before Skill Tapes were common at least on Valcyn. It was just a Rifle and not even my main one as i was going up Carbineer at this time, yeah the gloves were Composite along with the boots (I had a full set but often took of the legs, Chest, and Head to recover easier)
Also me when I was dabbling in Swordsman

>> No.33108007

I figure fighters are the ones that get swapped out first since they are the most visible.

(Also according to the EU Carracks ARE Clone-Wars vintage, just very advanced for their time and easy to upgrade.)

>> No.33108076

Carracks are pretty good, and I figure you are right, I guess my comments are probably alot more applicable to the planetary forces rather than the spaceborne stuff. nvm nvm

>> No.33108081

If any of you want to know how the Pain Train is going, I started reading something that SEEMED to be a pretty cool crossover between Deus Ex and Mass Effect where Adam Jensen is a C-Sec officer investigating the murder of Commander Shepard.
Then Kaiden gets his head twisted off by a bioroid. And magic starts getting involved. And Adam has a Prothean, sorry 'Promethean' database downloaded into his brain which means he's now some sort of reincarnation of 'Aleph, the First Promethean'. It also turns out that the Illuminati is behind the Skylian Blitz and is trying to use the Reaper threat to take control of the galaxy.
But now, NOW! The fic is using Evangelion imagery.
>In Saren's communication room, three obelisk-shaped floating holograms, each with a number, spoke to him as if they were his masters. That's because they thought they had him under control. Oh, they were correct, but not quite to the extend that they thought. The others were not present, apparently they were busy with some other plots.
>"Explain yourself." asked the warped voice of hologram 01.
>"I merely played my part in the scenario." answered Saren coolly.
I was tentatively with this story even through the murder of established characters, the change of Liara to 'Manah', an Ardat-Yakshi who has been mindraped by Justicars because someone tried to be nice to her, and not-Liara's mom becoming some weird vessel for an evil spirit through the "Mask of the Black Queen". But this, THIS? I just... I can't. I can't man.
It'd have had more impact if they'd told Obi-Wan that the clone army was commissioned by Qui-Gon a character we were already familiar with and sort of cared about, but clearly after he was dead, allowing us to see that something real hinky was going on and thus allowing us to understand why Obi-Wan becomes so obsessed with finding answers better.
But no, we reference a character we don't know, never meet, and never hear about again.

>> No.33108114
File: 889 KB, 1440x900, screenShot0008.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ground out all combat professions before finally going BH Invest 4 pistols 4, Master Pistols, Smuggler slicing, and TKA.

Yes, that's my character talking with Wedge

On live I was a fencer whenever I wasn't grinding for holocrons.

Skill tapes were an odd thing. Magseal containers were always camped by afk people, but you could get the tapes from common mission mobs as well as high end mobs. Once you started stacking the modifiers on your clothing and armor it became rather addictive.

I have another character on the EMU that's so absurdly stacked she's immune to most status effects. Most of my money goes into beefing up her clothing.

>> No.33108197

Yeah I figure the place doesn't quite rate an Acclamator, Victory, or Venator.

A Guardian Patrol SD may pop in from time to time, and in an outer orbit there's a freefloating XQ or Empress platform and small shipyard used by Imperial Customs that has like twelve corvettes and some IPVs. Usually with only six stopped there at a time.

>> No.33108200
File: 446 KB, 1024x768, screenShot0003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it kosher to use the AoR Species and Careers in EotE?

Scout, Master Marksman, Carbineer, And a bit into Ranger. I played the game with a more casual approach. Did a lot of Player city stuff on Dantooine, talked up the Entertainers in Coronet/Theed/Eisley. Or just went out camping on different planets, and fixing up my pretty pretty house. I was in the EMU for about a month but the Dev based turned me off. I reinstalled SWG recently though and am going to re give it a try. From what I've been told you're allowed more than 1 character per server and you're able to multi-play the same account at once.

Me and the Emps

>> No.33108225

I agree that having obi-wan and anakin doing a buddy-cop investigation into the clones would have been a lot cooler than what we got. interesting idea with qui-gon giving the order posthumously. now THAT would have been interesting

>> No.33108232

You might want to consider a Gladiator star destroyer on patrol, might be perfect?

>> No.33108261

Gladiator, that's what I meant! Probably with a corvette and an escort carrier or something like that in its patrol group.

But only in-system every now and again.

>> No.33108348

Well it's just basic storytelling; conservation of characters. Why bother creating a Mr. Boddy when you've already got a dead guy that the audience knows could not possibly have commissioned the army? It's quick, it's easy, and it keeps the audience from getting confused.

>> No.33108352

sounds about right. might swap one or two of the guardians for CR-90s or Consulars if the place has any real chance of a fight, though guardians are fine if they're just customs craft. my rule of thumb for planetary defense groups is one credit per inhabitant per year, estimating the cost of ship crewmen at 25k per year per crewman and pilots at twice that

>> No.33108373

I think it would be even more interesting if the army WAS comissioned while he was still alive, but when he was with obi-wan doing something, and obi-wan feels he has to prove that qui-gon wasn't behind everything

>> No.33108389

Oh, I'm a decorator, roleplayer, helper, and asshole

Spent all last night sitting outside Old Ben's house on Tatooine talking rather than doing anything else... or sleeping.

>Is it kosher to use the AoR Species and Careers in EotE
Yes, they were made to be interchangeable. You can also use the species Menagerie if your GM allows it. They're mostly evenly balanced.

> I was in the EMU for about a month but the Dev based turned me off.
Dev team has changed a bit since the earliest inceptions of the EMU. There are several branching off teams as everyone has their own vision of how things should be, and people are human... not everyone can work with others.

With that said, I don't have any problems with the Devs and they're not lording over people smacking them around with Jedi glowsticks when the Jedi haven't been coded into the game yet.

>you're allowed more than 1 character per server
For testing purposes you're allowed 10. This way there isn't the pain of dropping skills to regrind something just to test it. Instead you can make a new character and test out Carbines rather than drop your armorsmith character if that's how you wish to play.

I normally stick to one of two characters. I've got a third that I will occasionally dual log with the twi'lek I posted since they have interlaced backstories... but that one is just a tailor so I can make my own clothing.

>> No.33108454

Which is still conservation of character and still works. The scene should have played out like this:
Kaminoan: "Are you here about your order?
Obi-Wan: "What order?"
Kaminoan: "Oh, the army that was commissioned ten years ago by Master Qui-Gon Jinn. It has taken quite a while to grow them all."
Obi-Wan: "Ten years ago... but that was..." *eyes widen* "When were arriving at Naboo."
BAM! Instant mystery setup.

>> No.33108594

Well, Bakura made due with only a single Carrack, a repair yard, one G-base and like, Six IPVs. They don't elaborate on how many fighters they had but it was maybe three times the 27 fighters aboard the Flurry.

(Even if you include the rebel taskforce that's 5 gunships, a CR90 and a Quasar Fire)

So I think this world is pretty well defended. A ground wing of 40 TIEs, 24 TIE fighters and 12 bombers on the space station. Two DP-20s, a Bulk Cruiser, a Carrack, six IPVs, four Guardians for antifighter, two Stormtrooper transports for heavy missile/torpedo bombardment and 7 forward lasers each. Probably a few spacemines. A Marauder, Twelve SKIPRAY-Class hellraisers and some junky old fighters.

Add the upgunned consulars with the five double-turbos and the fact that depending on orbital conditions they can microjump the customs craft in (Or use the station as a first line of defense) and they are doing pretty well.

>> No.33108611

I think qui-gon would be under even MORE suspicion because he was the apprentice to count dooku, famous for leaving the order, so maybe some people think he and qui-gon were in on this scheme together...

>> No.33108620

*And of course the ever-present threat of imperial retribution that keeps order in most of known space.

>> No.33108629

yeah. those numbers sound like a moderately well defended planet. bakura was really third-rate, middle of nowhere level, and what it had makes sense

>> No.33108702
File: 900 KB, 2936x1771, Ugly Happan X-wing rapier-defender-final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Happan Uglies!

Probably even more expensive than the base craft!

>> No.33108721

I wouldn't even call them uglies, I would call them custom fighters based on knock-off tech. do you want them statted?

>> No.33108766

Bakura was a very recent reconquest though, and most of those forces had quickly been reappropiated to actively fight rebels... And you cant' forget, Palpatine had weakened that entire sector of space as a part of his deal with the Ruuvi... So yeah

>> No.33108786


They're just like Chiss clawcraft. They're not uglies.

>> No.33108791

I don't really know.

I guess?

I figure ion cannons on the wingtips and maybe the conc missiles frome somewhere in the happan bits. I think the laser positioning makes it awkard for the warhead tubes on the X-wing parts to work.

>> No.33108813

exactly. a shitty, stripped down PDF, with only one capital ship. I figure a couple of frigates or a cruiser or two would be pretty standard for most planets

>> No.33108926

Are those not the numbers after most of the bakura defence force has been destroyed by the Ruuvi?

>> No.33108954

But, mah candies!


>> No.33108978

I think they were down to the Carrack and two IPVs at most when the Rebels arrived.

I vaguely remember something about them starting with six or so.

>> No.33109024

One of the things I loved about it was I had 4 accounts in retail that I used. One doc, one Ent, one crafter and one Combat. Worked out nicely. Might go for the Combat/Ent route again. Loved doing those.

Sweet, since I'm the DM I'll allow it for my game.

I remember in some video someone posted there being force Sensitive Exiles being released before the FaD book came out but haven't seen them in the rulebooks are they a splat or not released yet and I was mistaken about them only coming out in Force and Destiny?

When I get in I'll have to find you and say Hello.

>> No.33109054

They're a later chapter.

>> No.33109129


And when they arrive there's one carrack, two IPV's and a few ties left? Half of them lost.. probably a bit more by the time the rebels arrived.

>you are the commanding officer of the first Imperial vessel this message reaches, a VSD II. Command has fallen apart in the past few days, and the remnants of Death Squadron are retreating to yugdhul (Sp?)*
wat do

>> No.33109181

See if we can rally anyone else and rush in there to the rescue. Probably accept rebel aid if it's offered (Or does the single pod reach them instead of Endor?)

>> No.33109193

What's the furthest outpost beyond the outer rim/companion galaxies?

>> No.33109201

...Which direction?

>> No.33109208

What attacked the planet?

>> No.33109222

If we assume the unknown regions are on the left of the center, then right.

>> No.33109223

Thank you.

Yesterday when I was flipping through the EotE PDF it screamed Galaxies to me. And finally being able to bring a similar experience of that to the Table for my players is something I've wanted to do for a long time.

>> No.33109226


Fuckers with soul-powered robots.

>> No.33109272

Lets say you were on patrol within the Shiritoku Spur and picked it up before it reached Endor. Seems logical but probably not any more convenient ships to be acquired rather than patrol craft and escorts, but I suppose sounding the alert isn't a bad thing

A VSD II and escorts seems just big enough that the lizards with their task force would task duking it out, and not so large that victory is guaranteed. I mean, have you seen their cruisers? Midget things, very small

>> No.33109313

Then I suppose Valc is the very northwesternmost point in the galaxy before you enter the unknown reginos, and Kathol sector is the end of it all on the opposite side, sorta. Much of Kathol is unexplored, atleast from the PoV of the mainstream galaxies. Lots of unknown small civilizations and republics out there.

>> No.33109368

His Imperial Majesty's Research and Defense Outpost 451. Located on the farthest edge of orbit of the companion galaxies, the personnel of Outpost 451 are virtually alone. Contact from Imperial center has ceased and no resupply has arrived for ten years, causing a radical shift in Outpost SOP.
But that has little to do with their purpose on the furthest edges of known space. There are.... things out in the void, nameless terrors that would break the minds of man or alien. Things with no mercy, dedicated wholly to the destruction and subjugation of all they come across and His Majesty's Empire is a tender morsel indeed.
They are the vanguard.
They keep you safe.
They are the thin white line on the edge of Eternity and you will never know their names.
And they will hold the line.
I just made that up. But it'd be pretty cool, admit it.

>> No.33109405

>Players get curbstomped by minions
>Must've been bad luck.
>Players get outsmarted (Not even beaten) by a force user
>Force user wasn't even using the force outside of one single force throw that dealt no damage.

It's been three sessions and they won't stop talking about it.


>> No.33109409

SO a VSD 2 and maybe two Customs or CR90 corvettes and two guardians?

They'd be running scared as soon as the Ion guns brought down their shields since they are such cowards.

>> No.33109416

Sounds like an outpost on Ilum, and the reason I mentioned it is Ilum is not really that far into the unknown regions despite what some people will say.

Sounds alot like Blackwatch from Prototype. 8/10 would read again

>> No.33109475

known galaxy or is unknown regions allowed, too?

>> No.33109484

Excellent idea. I may have to steal it.

>> No.33109510

Unknown regions too, if you like, but not as much.

>> No.33109568

belkadan and myrtus (the location of the aptly named star's end) seem to be the farthest out marked on the galaxy map so far. I could give you the colony that's WAY, WAY out there that I used once, too

>> No.33109570

Well you asked for ideas and I gave you one. I ain't got time for that sort of project and I've already got enough to work on.

>> No.33109584

So, Operation Shell Game went perfectly, and I managed to copy over the schematics for the shield-buster prototype before we handed it over to the technicians or whatever. The technology sounds insanely op and powerful. How do I turn this into my retirement fund? Alternatively, how do I use this to create our breakaway faction?

>> No.33109609

So since we're all sharing our experiences in EotE/AoR, I figured I'd add transcripts of my shabby attempts at GMing for my crew. Right now, we're starting with Beyond the Rim, and from there we'll billow out into the rest of the Star Wars universe. Our dramatis personae is as follows:

>Quoia Viridux, Duros Archaeologist
Got her Master's in Xenoarchaeology from the Central University of Corellia just recently. While she was in courses, she found a reference to an incomplete copy of the earliest versions of the Dha Werda Verda and became obsessed with finding a full historical record of its earliest version. She convinced her BFF and roomie at university, one twi'lek named Jhova Bres, to go 'convince' a local shipdealer to get a better price on a refurbished YV-560 with her exotic ways. Quoia sold Jhova on a grand adventure onboard the ship, christened the Halcyon Nomad, to recover the lost segments of the Dha Werda Verda. Instead, she left the poor twi'liek stranded on Corellia while she made her way into the galaxy.

>Arcostria Delevar, Selonian Assassin
Arcostria was taken from the Selonian underwarrens as a cub, and raised on Nar Shadda outside the usual confines and rigors of her native society. It's for this reason she lacks the usual devotion to family and warren of her species, not to mention a distinct familiarity with working under Hutt authority. She seeks to rise up the ladder of the underworld enforcer brigades, and was embedded onboard the Halcyon Nomad under orders from one Hukkara the Hutt. While she follows Quoia's orders, she secretly works to fufill Hukkara's demands.

>> No.33109625

VSD Black Revenant on Rendezvous with Immobilizer 418 Emperor's Grasp, Imperial Customs Corvettes Implacable Aurek and Captor and their two Guardian-LPC escorts

The Gravewell test of Emperor's Grasp has pulled out a messenger droid with a call for help from Bakura relayed in the attached dataflow. Emperor's Grasp is being sent on to safety with the Imperial Fleet while the remainder of this taskforce readies to aid Bakura. Within two standard hours we will be well underway. Any ships able to join with us can plot their own course to Bakura and pray they are not too late to take a share of the glory.

>> No.33109631


>Bastard McIdon'thavehissheet, Human Outlaw Tech
Born in Taris' Lower City, Bastard got his start in criminal dealings by fixing and tuning up the swoop bikes of the megatropolis' numerous gangs. He found quite a bit of success and notoriety there, and found himself working with shadier and shadier folks. Each new business partner led to excitement and mayhem, two things the outlaw thrived on. Along with Arcostria, Bastard is working for Hukkarra the Hutt to recover the treasures of the Sa Nalaor for the alien gangster instead of Isotech. He's referred to as Bastard in these dialogues because he made his character digitally, and hasn't given me the digital sheet yet.

>Jakk Falso, Weequay Marauder
Piracy runs deep in the Falso clan's blood. Jakk's father, Ghed Falso, was one of the many blaggards under the command of Hondo Ohnaka during the Clone Wars. Young Jakk was raised on tales of Hondo's and Ghed's adventures in the Outer Rim, playing the Separatists and Republic against one another and ending up the richer for it (usually). These tales inspired Jakk so much that he attempted to take command of Ghed's own pirate gang for himself, without his father's approval. The ensuing firefight meant the end of Jakk's continued business with his father, and now he sells his services as hired muscle to Quoia.

>ZBMD-75, Droid Doctor
ZBMD-75 is a GH-7 Medical Analysis Unit built by Chiewab Amalgamated Pharmaceuticals Company during the Clone Wars. After the defeat of the Separatists, ZBMD-75 was decomissioned and sold to the private market. He bounced between buyers for a few decades, and even attempted to purchase his own personhood with some scraped-together credits and a less-than-legal loan. His attempt failed, leaving him in desperate need of cash. He's now Quioa's personal property, and serves in both a protocol capacity and first aid for the crew of the Halcyon Nomad.

>> No.33109654

Tesla trooper, standing by

>> No.33109660


>Grimno, Klatoonian Heavy
Like many of his species, Grimno was pressed into 'honored service' to the Hutts. His natural strength and exceptional speed made him a prime enforcer and kneecap-smasher for the Desilijic clan. His loyalty to the clan earned him a relatively long leash, giving him the space to pursue personal persuits instead of forced directly under the orders of a gangster. He serves as the gunner and wilderness expert for the Halcyon Nomad.

Our story begins in the offices of Isotech, onboard The Wheel space station. Isotech's CEO, Reom, was the rightful inheritor of a hyperspace message pod from the legendary lost Separatist treasure ship, the Sa Nalaor. Unfortunately, I flub things just a bit here, and Reom comes off as a bit of a dumbass. The party quickly dismisses him as a chump, and looks for the real person in charge. So in my mind, I just swap around Reom's stat block with his sister's, and say that his sister and their droid do all the number-crunchy and economic stuff, while Reom is the 'idea guy' and security detail.

He informs them that his droid, IT-3PO will accompany them on their mission, and pre-fronts them with 1k credits to get survival supplies. As they leave, they see a shift-looking Rodian skulk away, and Arcostria gets a snapshot of him with her electrobinoculars. ZBMD identifies the logo on his shoudler as belonging to the Yiyar clan, a rival in Isotech's salvage and technology supply business. Arcostria convinces ZBMD to procure her some thermal detonators (he fails spectacularly), then heads to the bounty house. There he chats up some folks, makes small-talk with a Trandoshan, and slips a tagger in his coat pocket. Why the Selonian's player thought this random Trando I pulled out of my ass was significant, I dunno.

>> No.33109687


Meanwhile, Jakk goes back to Reom and tries to strong-arm him into paying us for killing off Yiyar clan members. He offers payment for the two local leaders that have been giving him trouble, Yav Yiyar and Too-Low Talo. Bastard also hits up an infochant in a local tapcaf, gathering details on Reom's history, business practices, their relationship with the Yiyar clan, and nav data to Cholganna. Quoia procures re-breathers and some other survival gear, and returns to the ship. There she sees a repair droid skulking around the ship as well, and commands Grimmo to secure the droid. He captures it with ease, and finds a tracking device on its person - Bastard investigates it, and finds the Imperial Logo stamped on it. Turns out the Imps are hanging around the station, keeping tabs on those coming and going. With everyone got their necessities taken care of before takeoff, we call it a night.

Session two starts off with us missing Bastard and Jakk. Everyone's standing around with their thumb in their ear, and waiting for IT to show up. Reom calls down and says that he's on his way, but time passes and he no-shows. Quoia tells Arcostria to investigate, and as she walks out the hangar-bay door, the crew sees five Rodians throwing a protocol droid on the back of a grav-sled, waving blaster pistols before rushing off.

>> No.33109705


Arcostria and Grimmo give chase, swiftly killing the pilot after a few rounds. Grimmo takes a significant stunner bolt which pisses him off, causing him to go full-auto and shoot up the place - thankfully he missed any innocent bystanders, but he does ventilate some enemy mooks and blast a hole or two in nearby walls and neon lights in the shape of a naked twi'lek. In their haste, the pilot drives over an unsuspecting Sullustan, who rolls under the bumper and beneath the grav-sled as it keeps going. Quoia, always down for manipulating people, rushes herself and ZBMD over to the injured Sullustan, offering medical assistance and her account on a report to Mastercom, the head of security for the Wheel. It doesn't take a few rounds more for the rest of the pilots to get blown to bits (seriously, this crew has a lot of firepower even with two people missing) and IT-3PO is recovered. Wheel Security show up, investigate the whole thing, and tell Quoia that she and her crew are persons of interest in the investigation and not to leave the Wheel.

>> No.33109738


Following his own protocols, IT suggests haste in departing for Cholganna. Quoia files her account of the events on the Sullustan's behalf (given the sphincter-origin name of Ayra), then asks for help making a diversion so she can leave the station on 'business'. Arcostria tags along, and suggests Ayra start a fire or rig up some sort of explosion or crash a speeder bike, but Ayra's just a cook at a local restaurant, no skills in that sort of thing. She offers to distract Wheel Security with the details of her suit against the Yiyar clan for personal injury, and Quoia approves. Meanwhile, Arcostria buys a busted-up mouse droid from a local fence, takes it to Bastard for repairs, and slaps a frag grenade on it and points it at the Yiyar clan's hangar bay, attempting to time the grenade's explosion to their departure time. Unfortunately for the Selonian, she flubs her Skulduggery roll, and emergency alerts flash half an hour early. Quoia pulls the ship around halfway through the pre-flight warm-up, and as she leaves her docking bay, Wheel Spaceport Control contacts her and demands that she return to the station else they employ force. Session two ends with Z-95 Headhunters launching to pursue the Halcyon Nomad.

I think one thing I need to work on as a GM is making the place come to life. Work on better describing scenes, portraying individuals, helping the crew better understand what is going on. I noticed that was a little bit of an issue as we played, people getting confused about what was happening.

>> No.33109764

Find and reprogram an assembly line.
Turn privateer.

>> No.33109890


>Acquire what's required for assembly line, droids and all that
>Keep eye out for any unknown planets we might stumble on
>Subvert Rebellion resources
>Create Outer Heaven

>> No.33109932
File: 162 KB, 600x748, Ssi-ruk soul ripping entenchment.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fun guys

>> No.33109942

Shield buster prototype?

>> No.33110013

Who's the Jedi?

>> No.33110087

He's not a Jedi, he's a brainwashed kid who the Ssi-Ruuvi are using as their public face to say "Entechment is painless and wonderful! No really!"
He dies at the end of the book.
Oh yeah, and he's also Force-sensitive.

>> No.33110119

A kid named Dev, he's not really a Jedi, the brainwashed child of a failed Padawan.

He uses his limited knowledge of the force to calm victims who he is assured feel no pain despite the screaming.

Every few days or whenever he gets agitated the Fluties (The Ssi-ruuk voices sound like flutes) braincleanse him and bury his memories.

>> No.33110122
File: 46 KB, 969x325, Dooku's final holocron.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hell if I know, just remember someone explaining them as taking souls to power their toasters.

>> No.33110135

I cannot even begin to describe how gamebreakingly OP this would be in universe. It's so balls out crazy I have never heard anyone even talk about something similar throughout the EU, and FFG just drop it on a random adventure module. This is the kind of shit that changes the galaxy. Anyway, here's what the GM sent thanks to some successful in session hacking:

"What is Project: Shell-Cracker?"
As suspected by Alliance Intelligence, Project Shell-Cracker is a weapons initiative inadvertently inspired by the Rebellion's victory at Yavin. The succesful deployment of starfighters against larger, hardened targets caused munitions experts within the Imperial Navy to envision a similar effort by the Empire to destroy large-scale target, incuding both Alliance bases and their larger capital-scale vessels. The project combines several previously mothballed weapons projects into a single, unified effort: a ship that can circumvent ray and particle shielding to deliver a devastating payload of hull shattering bomb.

The theory behind the ship is that its complex shield structure contains a lattice-like web of ionic energy that serves to disrupt the energy signatures of other shields. Thus, while a fighter or bomber normally approaching a shielded target would impact upon its particle shielding, the Shell-cracker would penetrate this layer of defense and be able to deposi its payload upon the target. Alpha-stage testing has proven that this technology does work, although it needs a great deal of fine tuning, and the prototype has been delivered to the testing station at Hammer (base) to continue testing. It is currently fitted with the shielding technology, but none of the high yield bombs.

I want to call it the Kraken. Pronounced "Cracken".

>> No.33110581
File: 73 KB, 623x355, #JusticeforGreedo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33110643
File: 37 KB, 630x207, Astrogation_gazetteer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Contrary to what TCW showed, Galactic FTL travel is not "Oh, we're in the outer rim? Wana go get lunch on Coruscant then be back in time for the next attack?"

This chart helps come up with normal times for a 1.0 hyperspace drive.

>> No.33110647

jesus fuck FFG, what the shit are you doing. if KJA came up with this idea we'd have laughed about it as just another shitty superweapon. IF I ever used it in a game, I'd make it a pure 100% one off- maybe it requires a material scavenged from an ancient spaceship that had only enough for the one prototype, it is physically impossible to make more of the material for technobabble reasons (like it had to be bathed in the radiation flux from a star that exploded a couple millennia back), and storm commandos would probably blow it up after a few missions in the thing

>> No.33110664
File: 86 KB, 468x329, Plasteel Gear Solid.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.33110697

At what rating is that? And what system has d15s?

>> No.33110700
File: 801 KB, 1404x1760, Blasterpistols_negwt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It can also be fluffed as a "Holy shit that weapon is fucked up and we need to destroy it" thing.... or just the mad ravings of a lunatic and the actual development is just a bunch of Lesai'd out spiceheads working round the clock assembling something only for another to come behind them and disassemble it without either knowing.

Blaster Pistols in all shapes and sizes.

>> No.33110705

>Tatooine to Alderaan is seven hours
Jesus Christ, Luke learned basic telekinesis in seven fucking hours.

>> No.33110714

I hate to be that guy, but TCW kind of trumps that.

>> No.33110732


He was in the fucking Falcon.

>> No.33110744

I'm honestly amazed there hasn't been comments on it. I guess not alot of people have played it/are aware of the implications

>> No.33110755

The only REALLY bad one was when R2 managed to fly to coruscant form the outer rim and back before some scrapheap fell over.

>> No.33110795

That's days and hours.
It's a bit off... I'll admit He was the chosen one, duh!
The only complaint I had, or at least the biggest one I had, about the Clone Wars was how often they just "Oh R2, fly back to Coruscant, tell the council to send help and get them back here before this collapsing ship collapses." Or, "Snips, lets go in here for a bite to eat on this random world far away from the front before we return to the front lines."

Ships and defenses are sent from Coruscant, or entire fleets are retooled for underwater combat and sent to a warzone without any real showing of time.

>> No.33110807

This was the BIGGEST issue I had with everything that was TCW. The inaccurate timescale of things. But after watching some Starship troopers and realizing that the announcer dude reminded me of the narrator in TCW I just relegated TCW to Propaganda stories. Not saying that TCW didn't happen, it all did but some of the more "boring" parts were retooled for better storytelling to the masses. Makes my brain hurt less when thinking about that.

>> No.33110809

That's because Luke is pretty good

>> No.33110826

days/hours that's what it stands for
still. It's just WAY to OP to be reproducible in any way shape or form
I feel like there's some missprinting going on there. 7 DAYS would make more sense going from the outer rim to the core worlds
see, TCW makes no explicit claims about travel time, so it does not supersede anything in that regard

>> No.33110849
File: 194 KB, 1080x1350, SwoopClass_negvv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Gona be late for work, but this was the last image I wanted to post.

Yep, the only way I was able to see the timescale working was if FTL was instant rather than just really fast. There is WAY too much jumping back and forth from the Outer Rim to Coruscant for a Senate meeting or Council meeting.

>> No.33110869

>see, TCW makes no explicit claims about travel time, so it does not supersede anything in that regard
Well, Artfag seemed to imply so, I guess.

>> No.33110883

The Coruscant bit with R2 was the only really dumb part.

And the Naboo to Mon Calamari part.

>> No.33110898

DC-15 what are you doing there.

>> No.33110947

implied claims, sure. but there are no explicit numbers to override the ones on the chart

>> No.33110971

From the origin world of Gundarks to coruscant in maybe an hour.

>> No.33111106

Also, wouldn't call him learning to sense a remotes actions through the force telekinesis. It takes two years between anh and ESB for him to be able to pull his lightsaber to him and we still see him struggle with that. 7 hours is a straight flight, but Han says he did some maneuvering to lose the imperials. Smugglers don't fly straight.

>> No.33111112

really? which episode? at any rate, I figure 99.9% of gamers would probably use numbers more like the ones on the chart, as does pretty much every other EU work. really, the only person who WOULD actually end up using those numbers in my opinion would be folks working star wars VS star trek arguments

>> No.33111151

>star wars VS star trek arguments
That's some scary stuff.

>> No.33111235

it gave us curtis saxton, who actually managed to buttfuck his way into canon, so we now have things like a separatist destroyer's main guns being able to melt a '10,000KM ice moon' with one shot or multi-kiloton lasers on slave-I as canon so he could use it in internet arguements

>> No.33111254

He learned enough to make the miracle shot. Regular men with target assist couldn't make that shot, but he could and he DID. And all the while, Obi-Wan is telling him to use the Force.

>> No.33111730

R2-D2 Come Home.

Second episode in the Boba's revenge trilogy.
They use Joules not tonnage.

>> No.33112378

no, gigatons come up on more than once in the cross sections BS he is behind, but so do gigajoules et al

>> No.33112585

IIRC, joules usually showed up for land vehicles and some starfighters, with the tons for heavy ordnance or turbolasers.

>> No.33112669


I guess he was trying to compare them to bombs of equivalent destructive force?

>> No.33112715

more or less. he describes a siesmic charge as a '12 gigaton weapons' and at one point describes turbolasers as hitting with the force of a 100MT bomb. in short, he loves XBOX HUEG numbers so he can whip em out in his next internet fight

>> No.33113566

Whenever I hear 'whip em out'....

>> No.33113659

The question for both star wars and trek is where they find the power for such scales. When a flat engagement is producing more power outage than a star there are gonna be problems. Those planets are going to be ruined by the destructive force fucking their ionasphere. (On phone so I may have used wrong term)

If you're producing that kind of power for a shot then why not build your own star, hide it somewhere and build a center point like station around it.. Hell you're producing that much energy surely you can create matter too. Or just use all the planets you're fleet destroyed for natural resources.

>> No.33113709

To continue on this point... You don't need a 12 gigaton seismic charge. That's overkill. Micro particles carried by solar winds already reek havoc on our satellites and ships. Without atmosphere interfering a much larger charge carries enough force to get the job done.

>> No.33113720

see, the problem is that his numbers exist in a (magical?) realm all on their own. in-universe performance of spacecraft does not in any way reflect what he says, and so his numbers, canon or not, can be safely ignored

>> No.33113780

I remember once seeing the Star Trek opposite, a fanfiction site that claimed that all blasters and turbolasers were mostly lasers (and thus effortlessly shunted aside by a navigational deflector) with only a tiny-bit of damage-dealing plasma to actually affect the main shield. Thus a Super Star Destroyer's full barrage like needed to pound on a Trek ship uninterrupted for literally 10 minutes to do appreciable damage to the Trek's ship shields.

Meanwhile they took the "phased" part of "phaser" too seriously and claimed that phasers and photon torpedos just magically ignored all Star Wars shielding.

>> No.33113800

remember that star wars ships are exponentially tougher than modern satellites et al, even without shields, and that explosives (especially nukes) loose an enormous amount of power in space. but at any rate, I agree that 12 GT is silly (IMO we just should avoid attaching any power numbers to spaceship weapons)

>> No.33113821

ye gods. there's a reason I stay far, far away from that shit

>> No.33113830

Same here. I just appreciate them both for what they are and never the twain need meet.

>> No.33113835

Why not just say that everything is at or around 1.21 Jigawatts?
You what.

>> No.33113863

No no, better question; what site?

>> No.33113889

aye. I only really like crossovers between similar things. and besides which, If i was running a crossover, I'd just nerf/buff to get things on the same level. for example, I really like mass effect/halo as a crossover, but mass effect ships are shit compared to halo ones. so I'd just power up the ME ships to the level of the halo ones and such

>> No.33113899

It wasn't on fanfiction.net...I want to say it was written by the same guy who did DITL.net? It's been years since I read it.

>> No.33114047

That site is in bloody German! I can barely speak English, everything else is just Greek to me.
At least it isn't who I feared it was. Though I'm still not going to read what my fear was. It's a Star Wars/Trek crossover where Luke's twu wuv is Seven and Mara is evil for some reason. It's from a fairly prominent New Media presenter, too.... Always a disappointment when your idols have feet of clay
You got any good ones you'd recommend? I'm hankering for something good to replace the Deus/Effect fic that I dropped.

>> No.33114499

>Not being drawn in isometric
I have no idea but this makes me mad in techspec pictures.

>> No.33114561

German? What? It was in English when I read it--OH I fucked up, it's DITL.ORG, not .net

>> No.33114933

good crossovers? not that I really know of. for halo/ME, The Last Spartan is pretty good, aside from a handful of flaws. otherwise? I unno

>> No.33115169

Exactly, both sides of the versus arguments can get pretty retarded.

>> No.33115202


I can't help but wonder if a lightsaber can block a phaser blast, though, what with the whole 'slightly phased out of reality" bit.

>> No.33115439

I don't think it actually works quite that way.

>> No.33115455

Oh well I'll take a loo-
>Website doesn't autosize
>It's set up like a TNG monitor
>Articles about power output
>Nitpicking dialogue written by someone who is clearly not a scientist
Well..... well then.
I'll check it out. In return, have some crossovers that I like:
The Dragon King's Temple
Stargate/Avatar: TLA
This one is really REALLY cool. Highly recommended.

The Raggedy Edge
I've kind of cooled on this one, but it's an alternate take on the whole 'transported to another galaxy' bit from... was it season seven?

Special Delivery
Stargate/Dresden Files tv show
I don't get all the flak for the tv series, it was pretty good. I guess people just don't get that adaptions have to make choices to make the story work on a different medium. Short and sweet.

Crisis of Infinite Shinjis
Evangelion/Marvel/DC/Back to the Future/Transformers/40K/others
This one is a guilty pleasure, but it's just... wow. Fucking wow. I love it, but man I feel uncomfortable airing the fact that I do. It's also the sequel to Last Child of Krypton, where Shinji got spliced with Kryptonian DNA and fights Angels as Superman Angels are also the disaster to befall Krypton here, and Kal-El is the one who sent the rocket, this time full of a DNA strand that alters the first person to touch it ala Terry McGinnis' dad.
So yeah, there you have it; some of my favorite crossovers. I think that says a lot about me.

>> No.33115459

Well, at least we know they can block continuous beams. Further than that would be pure speculation without anything to back it up, to be honest.

>> No.33115528

oh yeah, I remember that stargate/firefly one. I liked it, it was breddu gud

>> No.33115571
File: 59 KB, 1024x764, a usual redshirt.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What saddens me is that a Star Trek/Star Wars crossover could be a pretty wonderful thing, but autists will always obsess over pew peotws and who can blast the other guy with megatons or who can transport a bomb inside the other ship.

>> No.33115577

So...could someone explain this joke to me? Not getting hte HUK thing.

>> No.33115586

Oh shit, I forgot about the Firefly/Doctor Who one! That one's really great too. It's called "The Man With No Name".
The SG/FF one.... it's just the ending, man. I don't really like the ending. It's like the Dresden Files/Firefly crossover where Dresden stumbles into the future via the NeverNever and settles down, marries Zoe, and COMPLETELY FORGETS HIS OBLIGATIONS TO HIS OWN TIME!

>> No.33115596

I have no idea where that "ot" came from.>>33115571

>> No.33115609

uh if i can get from tatooine to sullust in 1d14h and from sullust to coruscant in 8d2h then why the fuck does the coruscant-to-tatooine trip take 22d14h?

just as an example. nothing on there makes sense

>> No.33115638

also read that one. I liked it. I suppose I'm not enough into stargate to really have a problem with the ending (been meaning to binge a few seasons sometime, though)

>> No.33115671

hyperlanes, son. there are established routes between sullest and coruscant, and there are a number of obstacles that must be navigated around between coruscant and tatooine. time taken is not just a function of distance but of many other factors as well (indeed, the tatooine>sullest> coruscant rout is probably longer but better established and more used)

>> No.33115728

>Well..... well then.


>> No.33115793

I'm working my way through the whole thing for my project, by the end I should have at least 200 stories. I figure if I can finish my version of season one, then I'll be golden. Which reminds me that I need to get back to editing.

>> No.33115836

lord have mercy on your keyboard

>> No.33115870

I have reserves.

>> No.33116263

how far are you on season 1 so far?

>> No.33116382

I have completed three 'episodes' in my rewrite of 21 total, which isn't a straight rewrite because the guy I shoved in there isn't on SG-1 and thus isn't going to affect much when it comes to their day to day missions. Other times he does, like how I plan to have him end Hathor on her first appearance because he is a) established as wearing a pendant that protects against mental influence and b) is not going to let what is essentially a succubus escape and do god knows what.
I'll try to finish all the 'episodes' then go back and edit them at once to check for continuity and make foreshadowing better when it comes up. But that's after I finish editing part 1 and finish writing part 2 of HS:JK.

>> No.33116409

This is completely missing the point that if the sul>cor and tat>sul numbers are correct, the cor>tat numbers have a maximum limit of those other two combined since if the time took any longer the two-jump setup would become the stadnard route.

>> No.33116454

the two jump setup IS probably the standard route. the direct route would only be used if you didn't want to come out of hyperspace along the way for whatever reason. the times listed are direct transit, not standard route

>> No.33116477

So I ended up getting both the Core Rules and Beginners set (Came into a little extra money so I splurged) Would have just gotten the Dice instead but Amazon screwed something up and there were none in stock so at least I get the set that comes in the Beginners box. How is the premade adventure?

>> No.33116529

Lijah fething Cuu. I've never hated a fictional character more in my life.

>> No.33116564

to be honest I don't think phasers are phased put of reality, and even many trek nerds got it wrong? I always thought it was two energy streamed slightly phased against each other, which gives a rhythmic 'thumping' with a frequency related to how out of phase the two energy sources are, and that distortion effect is what does the damage. Like a vibroblade is to a normal sword, a phaser is to a laser basically.

tl;dr most trekfags don't even know their own shit let alone star wars'

also if navigational deflectors could turn away lasers they'd ignore phot torp blasts since they're just gamma bombs. and so still just EM.

>> No.33116591

>Church was the Alpha
You motherFUCKE- wait... I knew that years ago.
I dropped that series when it became a prequel for.... weird reasons. Don't know what's going on now either.

>> No.33116703


The Beginner Box adventure is a fantastic game to run for RPG newbies and folks unfamiliar with the system. It introduces mechanics gradually, helps acclimate peeps to the dice system, and the pregens are solid characters. Not to mention the Beginner Adventure really sets the tone of an AoR / EotE game. It's hard to go wrong with that sort of start.

>> No.33116832

Gents, other than the Temple on Coruscant, were there other training centers or Academies on other planets during the Clone Wars?

For the next adventure I have planned, I wanted to have a group of Younglings (12) with a Master/Apprentice combo go missing from their intended hyperspace route from Planet X (Whichever has a satellite academy) that was besieged by the CIS to Planet Y (Whichever they were headed to). The group would have been traveling incognito perhaps with only a few allies knowing about it.

The game will start out detective style figuring out where they left from, and what type of ship, then go from them finding the ship to a rescue operation.

Also how does this sound as a rough draft of an adventure?

Excellent! Thank you. We're a well seasoned group but this will be our first foray into this system. If the leveling and classes are similar to the other FFRPGs then that will help us out some as we've played the 40k Gambit.

>> No.33116953


It's a lot simpler than 40k's leveling system. You buy skills and talents based on your specialization, and can buy new specializations. If you're a Jedi, you can buy force powers, and if you have certain bottom-row talents, you can get a powerful Signature Ability.

>> No.33117103

Chu'unthor-class traveling craft. The Ilum crystal caves (Interdicted to hell and back) and a few small temples.

>> No.33117205

I have no idea what that means, but if you explain it I may be able to find something like that.

It takes into account the major hyperspace lanes. Straight shots don't exist and a jump from one to another may require several stops for alignment.

So it's not like dusting crops, it takes precise calculations unless you want to jump into a planets gravity well or end up in a rogue star.

Also, I recall either in xwa or some other sources an imperial officer stating that it would take two weeks to get back somewhere.

>> No.33117286

Might not be quiiite the appropriate term, but you see on the top-left how the perspective is centered on the middle-rear, so the bridge 'rapers down' and the engines 'taper up' as you move forward. What I'm calling here isometric (and again probably wrong) would have the engine exhaust ports just be circles, the back of the bridge just be square, it's as if you did a 1:1 translation of the rear of the ship onto a piece of paper.

Perspective's nice and all but to me it's always looked out of place when you're not drawing a picture but detailing like a schematic.

>> No.33117320

Whats a good starting scavenger build for EotE?

>> No.33117494


Definitely Outlaw Tech. Get something that has a bonus to Intelligence but no penalty to Cunning, and put ranks in Mechanics, Survival, and Perception.

>> No.33117694

Bob fett seems like a much more fun pilot to use than the other firespray pilots in x-wing

why don't people use him more often?

>> No.33118207

The points cost is higher, and his ability isn't really that impressive. It just lets him fly a little better, and practiced players don't need it. The fact that the Firespray can shoot backwards lets it do a lot of damage without needing the same sort of cunning flight that x-wings and TIEs require.

>> No.33118322

Savage Opress attacks one of the remote temples. The Temple of Eedit didn't stand a chance against his brute force tactics Or the badass vibro axe

The temple was on Devaron.


>> No.33118345

Good ol Uncivilized Persecute with his Clancy Brown voice.

>> No.33118421
File: 450 KB, 1280x544, SidiousVsMaulSavage-TL.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Side note: Wookiepedia's ads randomly starting up is one of the most annoying things I've ever encountered on the internet. Not to mention the massive resource strain that site is due to the ads.

>> No.33118472

>He still gets ads on sites he doesn't chose to support!

>> No.33118476

Thanks Artfag. I appreciate it! That'll be awesome!

>> No.33118521
File: 375 KB, 1200x798, Barc_Cody.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shipfag. Are you still around? I have a request for you. Would you be willing/able to stat out a BARC speeder for me for EotE?

>> No.33118546

already done, actually. here it is

BARC speeder

Silhouette: 2
Speed: 3
Handling: +1
Def: 0/0
Armor: 1
HT threshold: 4
SS threshold: 4

Vehicle Type/Model: Speeder Bike/Biker Advanced Recon Commando
Manufacturer: Aratech Repulsor Company
Maximum Altitude: 150M
Sensor Range: Close
Crew: One Pilot
Encumbrance Capacity: 10
Passenger Capacity: 1 Passenger
Cost/Rarity: 6,300 credits/6.
Customization Hard Points: 4
One twin light repeating blaster:
this weapon's entire profile uses personal scale, not
planetary scale. [Fire Arc Forward; Damage 11; Critical
3; Range [Extreme]; Auto-Fire, Linked 1, Pierce 1)

>> No.33118628
File: 339 KB, 1152x768, AnakinsEta2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Thank you kind person! I love the laid back look and feel of them. I just finished putting together my ETA-2 to go with my BARC speeder lego set. If they ever release the Outrider in Lego form I'll be set on my favorite ships.

>> No.33118675

neat. always been fond of star wars lego. my current project is a Z-95 MK I, and after that, a preybird

>> No.33118721


Awesome! Yeah I'm slowly building up my ship collection. I have my Death watch dudes, Seps that came with BARC and now my ETA 2. I'm thinking of shelling out the money for the Falcon but that's going to be an undertaking. The Preybird looked pretty awesome though.

>> No.33118786

which falcon, the UCS? my dream ship is the 1:1600 ISD.

>> No.33118869

Yeah the UCS. Is that the Executor one? That will be the penultimate build I would do. I'd probably retire from legos forever and just stare at it happily content with life forever.

I'm working on Stating out Savage. I'm thinking Non-Heroic 5, Jedi 5, Force Adept 3. As a Dathomiri Zabrak with possible Sith Alchemy mutations.

>> No.33118891

no, the 1M ISD. I forget the set number. the executor is an entirely different set (though one maniac apparently is building an ISD scale (1:1600) executor

>> No.33119151

forgot name. also, NEW THREAD!

>> No.33119200

wait, that's not right

>> No.33119395
File: 252 KB, 378x504, Unidentified_Nightbrother_Zabrak_6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Savage is PLOTArmor strength and brute force, although he is weak to the force used against him. If a player wants to tango with the brute they're going to get overpowered. If they want to shoot him, he's going to shrug it off. If they want to outsmart him.... well, he's a dumbass

More Dathomiri Zabrak

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