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I've had a really bad day.

I'm Masami, a 12 (?) year old girl that was recently picked up by my mother (??) from, somewhere, and am now back at my home (???). Or at least something that I can call my home.

We just finished dinner for the night, and she's in the shower. I'm currently laying in my bed, taking pictures of the ceiling with my new phone. Mom showed me some of the functions it had after dinner, like the camera, and the internet browser, even a few games on it that I could play when I'm feeling bored. The camera seems like the most fun part of it so far. I've taken about a dozen pictures of various surfaces of the house, and then messed around with the picture settings to change the color and the contrast of each one.

She also showed me a laptop, but that's not as fun as this phone is right now.

Speaking of which, she also asked me about the possibility of going to school and making friends with other people my age. She seemed very insistent about it, though I'm not sure what the big deal is.
Right now, the only thing on my mind is this camera. It has a very nice snapping sound effect when I take a picture of something. Snap. Snap. Snap. Sna-

"Sweetie!", Mom is calling from the bathroom. "If you want to bathe, now is a good time to do it, I have the water set up!"

Skip to tomorrow morning, my first day at school?

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As much as I would love to continue cute antics with mom

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I want to see more of home.

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So the vote for going to school won after all?
Ahh well.

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Let's check out mroe mom shenanigans

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>skipping the bathe scene

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Take a bath right this instant, young lady!

And then use that laptop to discover the internet
Find 4chan
Go to /tg/
and then
>discover that your life is a quest thread

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Let's meet mom properly now that we're a bit less paranoid about her, shall we?

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>internet addiction and voting in her own thread
It might work out for the better.

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Bath time shenanigans, bed time story, googling mom's company so we can actually start to work things out maybe.

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>I was kinda almost-halfway serious, to be honest

Imagine it
the MC of a quest thread TAKING CHARGE of their OWN LIFE and
just like all the other anons on the internet

I kinda like meta stuff, I guess

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It would be shit. Your taste is shit.

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>Implying she wouldn't go to the front page, see the smut thread, and get fucked up and/or entirely put off the site instead.

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I'm sorry, anon.

>I love you anyways

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She starts crying and refuses to use the internet again. She remains pure for the rest of the quest because of this.

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Good, a nice bath sounds like someone I would enjoy. I still smell strongly of the office. The smell of the cleaners and detergents they use are still trapped in my hair.

..It's so strongly attached to me even though I wasn't there that long. I wonder how long I was actually there?

I shouldn't keep her waiting, "Okay! I'll be right there!"

I change out of my outfit and hurry along to the bathroom, kicking off my socks on the way. The warmth of the room on the other side becomes apparent as my hand touches the handle of the door. Inside, I think I hear something, it sounds like she's, singing?

I should at least keep some of my decency in mind, "I'm coming in!" I say as I knock on the door a few times.

The voice on the other side of the door drops the smooth melody, "Come in".

The door slides open, and waves of heat pour over my body. Standing inside is Mom dressed in a towel adjusting her hair in a large, ornate mirror. On the left of her is an equally ornate bathtub, fresh steam still rising from the surface.

I step in and let the heat wash away the stress that the day has given me. Here, all the questions that still bothered me seem to simply melt away, becoming irrelevant. All that mattered at this moment is the feeling of comfort that the warm water provides.

Mom is still messing around with her hairI f having long hair is this much of a bother, then I should consider keeping mine short forever.

There's a few questions about things we discussed over dinner I wanted to ask, now might be a good time while she's distracted.

>Anything to ask?
>For example:
>Why do you think I should go to school?
>What benefit does school have?
>Don't I need a uniform or something for that?
>How did you even get me into a new school?

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>Good, a nice bath sounds like someONE I would enjoy.

Well I'm off to a good start!

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>Why do you think I should go to school?

We're a clone that apparently has implanted knowledge, why do we need school again?

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[x] Tell me about your life as a kid mom!

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>What benefit does school have?
Still iffy on that.

Clearly so that mum can see us go through young schoolgirl antics.

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> Why are you doing all that stuff with your hair anyway?

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>How did you even get me into a new school?
Because it still needs to be asked.

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[x] I am for this anon. School will reveal itself in due course. Time for mommie time. We can stop being an ass to our older self.

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Gonna back >>33066641.

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I can't remember, does mom even have clothes and shit for us?

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Long hair is a lot of work, but it's also really nice as long as you keep it soft and silky and make sure it smells nice

>How'd you enroll me in school without a legitimate birth certificate?
>What's my social security number- I DO have a social security number, right?


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>What benefit does school have?
>Don't I need a uniform or something for that?
>How did you even get me into a new school?
>Why did you make me?

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I figure we can save the 'why do I exist' stuff for a more emotional time. Perfect heart-breaking material right there.

>> No.33066892

>Do you ever wonder why we're here?

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Her hair, it's tied up in a towel with her putting various pins and coming separate sections of it. Her combing and brushing is almost soothing to watch, but it seems like a lot of effort for what is otherwise just a mess of black lace.

"Um, why are you spending so much time doing that?" I ask, I need to know in case I change my mind about hair.

She affixes another pin to the mess of locks, "Because it looks good, smells good, and I like the feeling of it being fluffy and clean.", she undoes the towel slightly, letting some more strands fall down her back, "It would be nice to cut it short, but I've been told that the look doesn't really suit me."

She ruffles the strand that slid downward and continues combing. She seems very intent on at least keeping her hair in alignment.

I slide down into the bath a bit more, it's time to understand what this 'school' thing is really about.

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You know, I'm all aboard the mom train now but you aren't doing her much of a favor in terms of looking like a trustworthy and nice person with that character portrait...

>> No.33067048

I've been meaning to get more portraits that are similar to her. It's just hard to find something that matches my mental image of what she looks like unless people want to suggest anything.


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Yeah. Maybe a little less cleavage and a bit less evil in the facial expression?

I don't mind mum being a pretty lady, but she don't need to be a devil-MILF

>> No.33067102

Being a regular MILF is just fine, though.

>> No.33067111

Haha, exactly

>> No.33067135

My first image of how she would look like was actually Northra with black hair (pictured), but she already has a disguise that looks exactly like that, which is what that portrait was from.

In hindsight she does look a bit too evil to be the kind of motherly figure she comes across as. A woman with long, black hair would suffice in her place.

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Looks pretty adorable there, really. 10/10 would mom.

>> No.33067170

>yfw I'll never unsee cyan-haired mom

How will you cope?

>> No.33067203

I could just use Northra's portrait and pretend her hair is actually black but is colored oddly because of anime hair logic.

There is far more art of it, so I would never run out of unique portraits.

>> No.33067234

Maybe someone could color it eventually. I mean, it's just a color-change, not THAT hard.

>> No.33067245

Oh... oh my


Also, we've got a magical playing card

This quest is clearly not reality
what's so bad about crazy-colored hair? it makes it a lot easier to distinguish characters as unusual, and allows you to make those characters more recognizable should you so choose

>> No.33067280

Okay, makes things easier for me, then!

>Of course don't confuse real northra with me using her portrait because real northra has issues.

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"Hey" I begin, really I'm not sure where I even start with this question, "You said that I should probably start this 'school' thing. I'm kind of confused about what it even does for me."

She keeps arranging her various pins, "School is a place that teaches you how to make friends."

Somehow, I feel this isn't entirely accurate.

She continues, "The lie that is told to every child is that it's where the basics are first acquired through studies, but you would likely learn these things on your own if society required you to." I feel as if she's being a bit pessimistic about it.

"The real important skill that school teaches you is how to live with the other people who are constantly around you in life."

Her voice seems bittersweet, does she really- actually I'll just ask.

"Do you have bad memories of school? You don't seem to think very highly of it."

She pauses for a moment. Her hands grasp at some of the hairpins, clumsily dropping several on the floor. She finally breaks the awkward silence.

"I didn't go to a school when I was your age. Or at least the kind that you're going to go to." She seems slightly sad talking about it. "There was a time when I had the chance to, and I wish I had taken it. I still ponder how my childhood would have turned out if I had simply enjoyed the opportunity to go."

She turns to face me now, "It's why I want you to go in my place. I want you to experience first hand what it's like being a normal girl with friends who truly appreciate your company."

Is she... tearing up? Her voice cracked near the end of her speech.

>Keep asking about school
>Ask about something else

>> No.33067314

Hey, I'm going into engineering
Making stuff easy is what it's all about, brocookie

>> No.33067360

>keep asking

Sore spot or not, I want to know more about the place we're going

>> No.33067380

>Why are you crying?
Time to get sad!

>> No.33067393

I gotta concur with this guy

We can't go somewhere if we don't know EVERYTHING there is to know about it

That sounds like an ambush

>> No.33067429

The motherly figure is tearing up after a long, stressful and confusing day for us, and we don't know why?
Time to get teary ourselves!

>> No.33067453

[x] This. Also, hugs for the hug God.

>> No.33067512

Um, w-we're still n-naked, anon


>> No.33067520

Also on the topic of portraits for Izumi, I had a sudden memory hiccup that reminded me of someone else that looked a lot like my mental image of her.

So expect to see more of that.

>> No.33067536

It is only self cest at the worst end of the spectrum.

>> No.33067567

We're still a kid, stop making things lewd anon! Hugs are still fine.

>> No.33067587

>worst end
>not best end

I'm trying not to drag my /u/ tendencies in here, anon, but you're making it really difficult to do so

I'd prefer that everything stay cutesy and light, but naked hugs are embarassing

>> No.33067614

I was envisioning an outfit and high heels more like this.

>> No.33067801

Oh, that's a good one.

>> No.33067830

"W-Why are you crying?", seeing her begin to break up is making ME sad.

She walks over and pats my head gently before sitting on the stool next to the bathtub. She puts on her best comforting voice.

"It's all ancient history, what matters now is that you get all the opportunities that I can give to you as a parent." She smiles, but it's a much less pronounced smile as the one she typically wears.

I may be all wet, but she definitely needs a hug right now. I wrap my arms around her towel-clad form and tug her closely. What do I even say to all this? "Please don't be sad, Mom."

She laughs slightly and pats my head a bit. "There's no reason to be sad anymore, because I have you."

It's probably time to change the subject now.

"So, how are you able to get me into this school? What is this school even like?"

She leans back on the edge of the bathtub, "It's one of the best middle schools that anyone can ask to be sent to, the principal is an old friend of mine, so getting you in wasn't much trouble." She smiles slighly. "I'm amazed that you didn't notice the school uniform I got you hanging in your closet. "

Oh right, I didn't even check the drawers and closets of my room for clothes. I just assumed they were empty. I need to go see what kind of outfits she picked out for me.

She continues, "You can begin tomorrow if you wish, the school year just started so it's a good time to meet new people and make new friends."

She stands up and walks over to the mirror again. Adjusting the towel and removing pins from her hair until it falls down flat at her back. Finally she takes the towel off and lets her long black hair fall down.

She's getting ready to leave you alone while you bathe

>Anything else you want to ask?

>> No.33067904

Can't think of any. Bring on cuddling!

>> No.33067925

Could she please do our hair so it looks nice for school tomorrow?

>> No.33067964

>>33067925 I like this one, supporting.

>> No.33068034

>Anything else you want to ask?

"Could I please wear high heels like you to school? They look nice."

>> No.33068036

Nothing comes to mind

>> No.33068203

Before she leaves, there is one thing you would like.

"Um, can you do my hair? I don't really know how short hair should look, I want to at least be pretty for school tomorrow."

She smiles and walks over, I turn around so she has a better view of my hair. I feel her tug and pull at some locks of hair while combing other parts down. She dries it all with a towel and taps me on the shoulder.

"Keep your hair dry, and in the morning I'll put it in a cute hairstyle that works with your hair." She smiles gently as she puts up her towel and starts putting on clothes for bed.

I try to catch her before she has left, "Another thing, can I wear heels like you do? They look very nice"

She catches herself trying to laugh, "No no, you shouldn't be wearing those just yet. I think your school uniform has a code for shoes, anyway."

Well, there goes that.

"Let me get your clothes and we can look at your uniform some", she leaves the room and hangs my clothes on the hook before leaving on her own to dry her hair.

I finish washing off the soap and the conditioner, and begin to dry myself off. Putting on the nightwear that was given to me. I make my way to my room and open the closet.

>What kind of school uniform do I see?

>> No.33068238

A cute one.

>> No.33068262

A purple one

>because screw relevant adjectives
>and also because I wanna see what OP finds

>> No.33068267

good old sailorfuku?

>> No.33068277

An adorable one that makes mom want to hug us.

>> No.33068302

Now would be a good time examine our body for scars, RAD TATS, supernatural markings, or any evidence of being literally stitched together. I don't know how you want to run this: whether it's one of those "well you never ASKED to see if you were stitched together so I didn't tell you that you were~" gotcha moments, or if this is a "you'll be told if there is something that you would obviously notice given average expectations of a human" thing.

Don't care, but we should probably find out our full name to use for introductions or names on paperwork. If there's an ID card, that would be nice.

>> No.33068358

I can't find the damedame sub of Satsuki opening the cabinet with Junketsu in it and saying "hi junk"

but that's what is in my head at the moment

>> No.33068401

>All this 180 on 'mom'
Ok. Just a reminder that she hasn't done anything to win our trust yet.

>> No.33068450

Has she done anything to lose it?

Besides, if we can't trust her, who do we trust? You got a better idea?

I mean, being wary is warranted, but sliding into irrational paranoia isn't.

>> No.33068457

Sailor suit with a short skirt and thigh highs. And a purple beret.

>> No.33068458

>Anon, chill out
She's our mother
she doesn't have to win our trust
she'd have to lose it first

>> No.33068464

Something that looks more like office wear.

Like this.

>> No.33068477

You, anon, I like you
and berets are stylish, right?

>> No.33068527

Like the one on the right here, with all the cute frills.

Only purple instead of red.

>> No.33068530

We've heard her stand up for us on the phone, she's put up with all kinds of shit from us (even if it was at least partly justified on our side), and our only reason for distrust in the first place was that she explained things a bit vaguely, which had a perfectly non-suspicious explanation anyway. She's more than won MY trust at least.

>> No.33068537

To be fair, she's not exactly our "mother" in a biological sense, because I'm pretty certain we did not develop as a fetus in her womb.

She can only be a biological relative in the sense that we were cloned or otherwise artificially grown from her. This doesn't exactly make her a "mother" unless you think clones think of the source of their genetic information in parental terms.

If anything, she's a mother-figure at best.

Also, "mother" would usually imply "father" at some point.

>> No.33068550

Wow lots of discussion on the school uniform! I'll do my best to describe a mixture of all these different results.

>> No.33068556

Please no.
Now the one in the middle, but purple instead of red, would be great.

>> No.33068578

For reference, if there was a vote of not caring or just a purple outfit, you would have got this.


>> No.33068581

it's not as if we had anyone else to follow like an alien cat
and her reaction when we told her about that ghost thing was pretty good

or we're just a not!replicant and her true daughter died years ago

>> No.33068588

>she's not our biological mother

All the more reason to trust her, then
she cares even though she didn't spend nine months hauling us around
>mfw purple is being supported
>it's a devious smirk of EEEEEEVIIIIILLLLL

>> No.33068608

Hate to break it to you, but you've got awful taste in anime school uniforms.

>> No.33068618

Which is why I have all of you

>still writing

>> No.33068650

Could be worse, I very nearly suggested the uniform from Vividred.

>> No.33068663


There are some things you just don't have to say aloud, anon
well, we're typing, but, yanno, metaphorically


>> No.33068688

My money's on some sorta magical clone from some creature in the past. Not knowing how to use cell phones but knowing how to walk, talk, etc would be a detail that supports this. Also, presumably we know how to read and write.

The lack of memory is disconcerting.

Maybe it happened like "well, we were messing around with this magic bullshit, and A LITTLE GIRL POPPED OUT OOPS now who gets to take care of her? Oh, this lonely CEO who's wanted a daughter to live vicariously through but doesn't have a family wants to take her in. Sure, just revive the body in a closet real quick-a-like, and take her home."

>> No.33068724

>where'd the baby pop out of, anon?

>> No.33068749

Well fuck, I missed the most important discussion a thread could have.
I'd have suggested something along the lines of Symphogear's school uniform.

>> No.33068755


>> No.33068789

>that face
>0/23.5638854 stars

wait, is 'purple uniforms are my life's work' gonna be in my email field forever now?

>> No.33068915

Is that some MuvLuv uniforms?

>> No.33068985

The door slides open, and a quick flick turns on the closet light. Revealing several different coats, formal dresses, several full-outfits that I'm not entirely sure have a distinct purpose except that they seem like they would be nice to wearing during the summer.

Then there's the school uniform. It's divided up into parts. One part is a long-sleeved shirt with three buttons at the neck, with the academy logo on the sleeve. Folded over the ensamble is a purple tie with a lace on one end and white stripes on the edge. Along with a purple skirt with white accents, which is slightly below knee-length for you. Folded up on the hook are some socks that also seem to come up to about the knee, as well as a set of underwear. On the floor are a pair of very expensive looking brown shoes.

I might as well try this on, it's the last day to change anything if something doesn't happen to fit. I pull off my pajama shirt and bottom, kicking the bottom out of the way. Which is when I notice that I'm in view of a full-length mirror.


>> No.33069017

>Folded up on the hook are some socks that also seem to come up to about the knee

Does this mean they end below or above the knee?

Please be thigh high socks.

>> No.33069047

Anon is a saint
Thigh-highs are the best
I think they're OTK socks
>if I think it hard enough, it'll eventually become true, right?

>> No.33069049

I, for one, hope for high socks as well.

>> No.33069083

If what Mom said earlier was correct, now would be a good time to check myself over to make sure there isn't any marks or anything on me from that crazy office. I start by looking up and down my legs, and then move to my thighs, on my back, on my neck, and find nothing. My arms only have the slight bruise left where that tube was sticking in, but nothing else.

That's a relief at least, no embarassing marks from some kind of crazy science experiment. I start putting on the outfit one piece at a time. Starting with the underwear, then the shirt, and now the skirt. This tie doesn't want to seem to go into the frill, like it's stuck somehow. Oh, now it's all wrinkled, let me try re-tying it. Over the end, through the hole, now my finger is stuck in the frill, why do these things have to be

"Sweetie? Your door is open, how are yo-"

Then she sees me, crooked shirt, wrinkled tie, with some kind of odd knot tied in such a way that it has trapped one of my fingers.

Now she's stifling her laughter very poorly. Maybe I can just go without the tie.


Some adjustments, pulling and tugging later. I'm actually dressed in my complete school uniform. To be fair, it looks very nice on me. Mom seems completely estatic about how well the tie matches and how the clothes she bought were just the right size.

I feel confident wearing it. It feels like something that completely suits how I've wanted to look. Very professional, while at the same time looking very nice.

Mom is adjusting my hair a bit more. "Aaand, done. You look wonderful!"

"Thanks, Mom" I say. I have to admit, this is the first thing I've worn that makes me feel confident in who I am.

>Anything to talk about?
>Time for bed.

>> No.33069105

They're slightly above the knee

Can't find a good picture that has those in good taste while retaining the uniform shape.

>> No.33069157

>Time for bed.

>> No.33069164

I'll be back after a short break. In the meantime, think of anything you want to talk about or do before the day ends.

>> No.33069165

Ask about how we should identify ourselves to others, and if we have any official paperwork to support this identity.

>> No.33069171

Dream pleasant dreams, savor our time with mommy. Surely they would not last. Soon we will be chasing feathers all over the multi-verse.

>> No.33069184

>did it work?

>> No.33069217

>Ask where we're gonna sleep
C-can we cuddle in bed?

>> No.33069220


This >>33069165
We do need a cover identity and story, I don't think we want to be telling people we're a magical clone birthed yesterday in a corporation's closet.

>> No.33069239

I am ok with that.

>> No.33069266

That comes after we wake up screaming due to seeing that ghost thing in our sleep.

>> No.33069286

Beats on what manner of cosmic horror did we bring home?

Or did we just bring home our own Kuro version?

>> No.33069297


it sounds cute
and we haven't exactly had a comfortable night's sleep before

I'd want to, especially after seeing the DEMON FACE GHOST THING earlier

also, I wanna know what mom smells like
because I think it's fun to make OP come up with insignificant details like that, and because it's something that can be unexpectedly useful to know later on

>> No.33069978

Clearly it's one of the many souls sacrificed to arcane rituals to create us.

>> No.33070429

I'm back

While I'm writing, any preferences on a last name?

>> No.33070484

Noooot really? I'm fine with you deciding on one.

>> No.33070550



>> No.33070585

Please no.

>> No.33070651

No anon, we don't want to do everything.

>> No.33070691

"Um" I begin asking, I actually do have one very important question before it's time for bed.

"What's my full name? I'm not just 'Masami Masami', am I?"

She smiles, walks out of the room for a moment, and returns with a paper that looks freshly minted.

Birth Certificate
Itsukuma Masami

Blood Type: AB+

Date of Birth

It's blank.

Why is my Date of Birth blank?

"..How old am I?" I ask, I at least want a solid answer for this.
She smiles a bit before responding, "How old do you want to be?" That doesn't answer my question!
"How old should I TELL people that I am?" There, maybe we can reach some kind of middle ground.
She ponders for a moment, "How about.. 13". It's older than I would think that I am at a glance. I suppose it's close enough, though.

I finish changing out of the school uniform with some help from Mom and back into my pajamas. It's definitely time for bed this time.

She finishes tucking me in, extra tight so I can barely breathe, finishes with a slight hug and a kiss on my cheek. She sits on my bed.

"Is there anything else I can do? I know it's strange sleeping somewhere you've never slept before."

>Leave a light on
>Sing a lullaby
>I'd rather sleep in your bed for tonight
>No, I'm fine

>> No.33070692

No, silly, that's RAMIREZ
I think

>> No.33070728

>I'd rather sleep in your bed for tonight

>> No.33070738

Ah you're right! Is Rodriguez the one from Aliens, or am I being silly again?

>> No.33070767

>>Leave a light on
>>Sing a lullaby
No cuddling with mom until after the nightmare.

>> No.33070810

>Leave a light on
>Sing a lullaby
Fine, but there BETTER be a nightmare!

>> No.33070813

>I'd rather sleep in your bed for tonight


>> No.33070831

>>Leave a light on
>>Sing a lullaby
Well, if we're going to be the little girl, might as well go all the way.

>> No.33070839

>>Leave a light on
>>Sing a lullaby

>> No.33070877

>>Sing a lullaby
Go to sleep, have nightmares, crawl into mommy's bed. Cockblock the daddy we don't have.

>> No.33070954

So, uh... when do we become a card priestess? It's kind of taking a while.

>> No.33070994

This post is dedicated to how much of a shit Micchy is.


>> No.33071000

>Leave a light on
>Sing a lullaby
I can't wit for post-nightmare cuddling.

>> No.33071003

>after we go to priestess school and get our degree, of course

this is a good question, though, in all seriousness

>> No.33071068

To be fair, we did vote to not skip this. I regret nothing.

>> No.33071115

Yeah, if we hadn't chosen our uniform, then it'd be something other than purple and god-awful


>> No.33071121

Out of curiosity, what would anons prefer?

A wiser-than-her age young girl who is responsible for her absent minded mother, but is at times childish and loves her mother's affection, or a realistic child that acts her age?

>> No.33071156

After we graduate from Priestess university with a PhD in card magic and theology and then a five years practicum/residency in applied offensive magic.

>> No.33071159

>I was a wiser-than-my-age young lad and I kept track of my idiot parents
>reality's a funny place, anon

I'd like to read a kid like me, kinda

>> No.33071175


>> No.33071227

Well we've acted pretty realistically so far, though we accepted mom rather quick. That could be taken as desperation for something to hold on to. I'd go with both, without much of the wiser-than-her age.

>> No.33071233

A thirteen-year-old-ish girl whose not quite right in a lot of ways and her slight weird mother finding their own way in the world.

>> No.33071274


Zany is best

I don't mind if I don't get mah way, after all, I got the purple

>it's a shame our name isn't RODRIGUEZ, though

>> No.33071286

I am completely Ok with that.

>> No.33071357

What is it with you and being RODRIGUEZ?

>> No.33071379

Don't you judge me

>> No.33071660

I like this choice the best.

>> No.33071983

Sorry for the delay

>continuing to write

>> No.33072020

Not a problem, live watches are fun.

>> No.33072102

I should be direct with her, "I noticed you singing in the bathroom earlier"
"Oh? I sometimes do that when I'm by myself, I didn't think you would be listening." She looks down
"Can you...do that for me? I really liked hearing you sing"
Oh god don't look at me, I'll die from embarassment
She laughs some and adjusts her voice. Beginning in a high pitched waver, her voice adjusts itself downward to reach a very soothing tone.

It's the most soothing, calming melody that I could ever possibly imagine, filled with the tenderness and grace of every star in the sky. Near the end it carries a very sad, mournful side, as if it was something to be sung at someone's funeral.

"Um, where did you learn to sing that?" I ask. Interrupting her before she started another section of it

"Oh, this is a song I've been making ever since I was a little girl. I'll keep adding onto it every now and then. It's about twenty minutes long when I sing it from start to finish."

I think I've had enough for the night, "Thanks Mom, can you leave a light on when you leave?"

She kisses me again on the cheek, "Good night, Masami" she says. Walking out of the room and leaving the closet light on.

>roll 1d20

>> No.33072128

Rolled 8

Which one gets us a nice nightmare? I want that roll.

>> No.33072153

Rolled 6

So we are rolling to see if the evil spirit eats us?

Or worse?

>> No.33072155

Rolled 9

Does it matter? Imagine them with whatever you want.

>> No.33072162

Rolled 17


>> No.33072227

Rolled 17


>> No.33072230


>> No.33072289

Oh god this is so cute

>what happens if we don't have a nightmare?

>> No.33072306

Thank you lucky anons.

>> No.33072313

I believe only the first three rolls count.

>> No.33072314

Isn't it best of 3?

>> No.33072348

Well then, let's hope that 9 is enough to keep thing from getting too bad.

>> No.33072401

Nothing much has happened this quest, a nice bad omen before our first day at school would be welcome.

>> No.33072461

Why can't we have good things?

>> No.33072498

>that pic
I just remembered that Chobits is a thng

so cute~

>> No.33072531

In retrospect, I didn't like Chobits very much, and the manga ending was better. I heard someone say once it was a reflection of the otaku subculture, and that honestly seems like a reasonable interpretation.

>> No.33072558

Shut up and stop projecting, mom. Just because we're your clone you think you can force the life you wanted on us? You know we're going to be the target of like a billion kidnappers.

>> No.33072568

Let me be with you!

Now I can't get it out of my head.

The manga was interesting, at least for my highschool mind back then.

>> No.33072641

The door closes, and I'm alone.

It's dark, and quiet. There's some snapping and popping as the room cools to match the temperature of the spring night. Lights and shadows bounce off the ceiling and the walls creating all sorts of complex images and shapes all around my room.

I'm scared.

The last time I was left alone, an evil face tried to possess a cupcake and eat me. At least that's what I think happened. The last time I was alone and it was dark, I tried to climb into the ceiling from what I could only assume at the time were bad guys trying to experiment on me.

Actually, I'm not entirely convinced that they weren't planning on doing that still.



The air conditioner vent springs to life and starts spraying cool air around the room. The clicks and pops of the room become more frequent. Every time I close my eyes now, another pop or a click flicks them awake again.

I'm not sure I can sleep like this.

My head lulls to the side and


No, no no, it's a reflection of the closet mirror on the floor. It looks kind of like that face. It's uncanny, it's creepy, it's-

I can't sleep here tonight.



"Oh? Honey is that you? Come in!"
I walk in with my blanket all bunched up in my arms.
"I can't sleep, Mom, I keep seeing shadows and things everywhere"
She's currently laying in bed, reading a book by the light of her lamp, she closes it.

"Why don't you sleep here tonight?", her bed does seem awfully large and spacious.

I sniffle slightly, I didn't even realize that I had started crying. "Okay."

I crawl into the bed and lay next to her, just as she pulls the covers over us and reaches out and hugs me in a tight embrace. I'm not your teddy bear, Mom. I don't see how I'm going to get to sleep like thizzz



>> No.33072675

>now i'm trying to remember how it ended

I feel like the persocoms got turned into people or something
sentients, I mean
I consider things that can think for themselves to be people, I guess

>> No.33072684

Yay, we got to sleep with mom anyway.

>> No.33072698


>> No.33072745

Pretty fuckin cute HotC.

>> No.33072781


>> No.33072889

wow, that's a huge change of heart on "Mom".

call me after you get done with the standard school tropes/plot points.

>> No.33072935

What are the chance we will find a lesbian good friend? A rich one?

>> No.33072942

I concur

maybe we can join the Occult Club and turn them into our pet wizards with our actual occult things?

>> No.33072962

Nothing feels real anymore, I feel like I'm dreaming. I'm not one to lucid dream, maybe this is a mistake?

There's a young girl standing in what seems to be a completely deserted landscape. It's dark, cold, and unwelcoming. The atmosphere feels tense, and she is very clearly upset with something. She's wearing a very strange outfit; a dark colored dress laced with some equally colored accessories. Standing beside her are people who all seem to be older than she is. Or rather things that appear to be people; some of them barely appear to be human. All of them are taller than she is, and look far more menacing than she could ever be. One man has his hand on her shoulder. He looks the most upset of every person standing there, even if he is very good at hiding it. Is he her father?

On the other side of a great chasm, stand several other figures in the dark fog. These are most definitely humans, all of them about her age. Some of them are wearing outfits, some of them just have their school uniforms on. They seem to glow brilliantly in the night air. I can't see their faces, and their backs are turned to me. They seem to be much more calm here. Like they're completely content with what is happening.

Slowly, the people on the girl's side turn around. One by one they walk away into the shadows. Her father kneels down and says something to her, before being the last one to turn and leave. She's by herself now, slowly she tries to follow her father, slowly she starts fading out of view.

That girl, I wonder what she was so sad about?


My head lulls around some, eyes open lazily. Several rays of light hit my eyes just right as to force them open.

I'm just in time to notice that Mom is gone. I can hear the sound of clattering coming from the kitchen.

Maybe I should just lay here a few more minutes. What could the harm be.

>Stay in bed
>No wake up lazyface
>You should at least check the clock to make sure you won't be late

>> No.33073030

>You should at least check the clock to make sure you won't be late

>> No.33073083

Three threads is "huge change of heart"?

>No wake up lazyface
>You should at least check the clock to make sure you won't be late

>> No.33073089

>>No wake up lazyface

>call me after you get done with the standard school tropes/plot points.
Standard tropes/plot points are the entire reason I'm sticking around.

>> No.33073113

>>No wake up lazyface
Mom is most likely gonna keep us awake with her pots and pans anyway.

>> No.33073168

I'm inclined to say

>Check the time
>make sure we're late

We don't wanna transfer in during the first passing period thingie

we wanna have nice, empty hallways to travel through
we're not really used to people, yanno?
we need to ease ourselves into it

>> No.33073334

Rolled 6

I look over toward the clock. 7:35am

I don't know what time school starts, actually. Maybe it would be nice to be late, there wouldn't be anyone bothering me, I could just spend the entire time walking around and-

The door opens and Mom steps in, "Morning Masami, I have food ready for you, get changed and you can get ready to go"


After an embarassing session of trying to put on my uniform, with some help again from Mom, it's time to eat.

Breakfast today appears to be 'Rice and eggs'. I can smell the aroma of the freshly cooked food rising from the table before I even sit down. I pull up a chair and start eating. For some reason, of all the things I seemingly don't have basic knowledge of, chopstick usage isn't one of those things. They feel as natural to use as any utensil on the table.
Breakfast goes silently other than that. Both of us seem to eat the same way, where talking can only come after the food has been devoured. I do manage to break the silence once both of us have completely eaten most of the rice.

"So, where are we going today?" I ask, finishing up my last bite
"You will actually be going to school alone today", I don't like the sound of that at all. "It's only a short walk from our house, and I want you to get used to going there for yourself."

That's fair enough, but can't I at least get a single walk to school for a day?

"You should leave soon if you want to make it on time, School starts at 8:00 am"

Oh, well that explains why.

She stands up and places her bowl in the sink. "I need to leave so I can catch some early morning meetings" She says, "Call me if you have a problem, any problem at all. I'll have my phone on"
She stands up and walks outside, putting some suitcases in the car, she prepares herself to leave.

And I should do the same, I put my dish in the sink and grab my now-empty bookbag. Wash my hands, and step outside the door. Beginning my walk to school.

>> No.33073365

Oh, and, Roll 1d20

>> No.33073387

Rolled 2

>> No.33073397

Rolled 6


>> No.33073398

Rolled 6

Encounter go!

>> No.33073441

I think the ghost may be fucking with our rolls.

>> No.33073463

Rolled 1

rolling again on the off chance that we are not in best of 3.

>> No.33073477

>Call me if you have a problem, any problem at all.
We should call her as often as we can justify to get her out of those boring meetings.

>> No.33073512

Best of 3, but I WOULD have liked to write another freakout.


>> No.33073518

I'll kill you m8. I'll smack ur bloody gob I will.

>> No.33073529

Anon, you can't do this
don't kill us

>> No.33073575

Brace for tears.

>> No.33073607

What is the worst thing that can happen?

>> No.33073653

We freak out during class introduction, don't make any friends, and stub our toe.

>> No.33073673

Or we decide that we want to be on the ships
and daddy tells us that we can't because we will be KILL by DEMONS

>> No.33073780

The neighborhood around here seems absolutely peaceful, smelling of sweet, elegant flowers. The way to school is covered with well-trimmed hedges and well-kept yards and streets.

I pass a very interesting building made mostly of glass and windows, the reflective coating on it sparkles and shines in the distance as I approach it. Several other students dressed in a similar way that I am walk by it, showing how it distorts and twists their shapes as they pass by. The other side is very smooth, very well-laid plaster. A very shiny gloss covers the surface, revealing a rippling wavelike pattern in the wall with a man's face-



No, no no no. I'm not going to have a repeat of yesterday, there are my CLASSMATES around, I don't want to come off as a crybaby. I'm sure I'm simply seeing that wrong. And that face is TOTALLY NOT sinking back into the wall, too.

There, it's gone now. Maybe it will just leave me alone, yes?

I look forward, the students I were following have outpaced me, they've turned the corner on a road ahead of me.
Looking around, I'm alone. There are no cars on the street, no people on the sidewalks, there's no one around except me.
Maybe the person I need to be visiting is a doctor. A-...head doctor of some kind.


>> No.33073833


>> No.33073872

I feel worse about the fact that I unintentionally swore while using her voice.

Actually I'll just delete and repost that.

>> No.33073879


>> No.33073887

>Hi, my name's Masami. What's your name?

>> No.33073890

I keep walking, perfectly content that I didn't see anything at all. Nope. Nothing. Why is the sidewalk moving under my feet.

Look down, see face under shoe. Why is there a face under my shoe.

Now I'm running! Yes! A delightful jog through the neighborhood. Nothing bad could go wrong with a nice jog. Everyone needs to run a bit, I just chose right now to do it for no reason related to me seeing faces in things!

Like the window of that parked car, there is totally not a face in it looking right at me, oh look, it's gone now. Maybe I should JUST RUN FASTER


And I don't see the face anymore. I'm in a dry drainage aquifer around the side of a house. No face, no people, nothing.

I guess I'm safe forever!

"Excuse me, Priestess", a deep voice radiates from behind me.

I guess I'm perfectly safe, forever!

I turn around, and WHAT IS THAT. Is that a guy? Wearing lots and lots of armor?

"I do understand that I'm not the most pleasant on the eyes-"

He reaches his hand into the ground, grips something, and pulls a whole mask, shaped just like the spectre that was chasing me, out of the ground.

"Until I put my face on."



>> No.33073907

Looks like my question from earlier is answered.

>> No.33073926


>> No.33073933


>End it here
>Finish this encounter

If we finish, I may have time to write up more content for it tomorrow when I run another thread.

>> No.33073945



>> No.33073964

Sorry. Let me rephrase that because I'm tired

>If we end the thread here, I can write up more content for this ensuing encounter tomorrow and it may be higher quality than right now because I'm already starting to make mistakes.

>> No.33073973

time for panic

>> No.33073990

End it here. Get some rest. This is enough of a cliffhanger to keep me interested.

>> No.33074022

More stuff tomorrow sounds like goodness
there's a scary guy
who just picked his face up off of the ground

major cliffhanger
go ahead and end it
I'd be happy if this doesn't become some sort of habit, yanno?

>> No.33074041

Get some sleep

>> No.33074064

Oh of course not.


Thank you

I'll try to run tomorrow, but it's Q&A time.

Now that we've met our first antagonist of the quest, any new questions?

>> No.33074069


>> No.33074111

What's the magic system like?

Are we gonna be casting spells from cards? Summoning monsters from cards?
Throwing cards at people?
Playing Texas Hold'em?

>> No.33074157

Why did you spoil that he's an antagonist? He could be friendly!

>> No.33074170

Now I see why angels all say Be Not Afraid as the first thing when they run into someone.

>> No.33074174

On a scale of one to horrible, how could things have gone if that 1 counted?

>> No.33074207

Do you think we can take this guy?

Should I drop the name? I feel like having a name makes it easier to say 'oh, anon's insane, let's ignore him' if need be, yanno?
I tend to be less than profitable when it comes to sense, if ya know what I'm sayin'
and I'm sayin' I don't always make a lot of sense

>> No.33074232

Yeah, I kind of thought he was going to be the pushy guy who tells us we have to collect the MacGuffins before the bad guys get them.

>> No.33074262

I thought mom already collected all the MacGuffins. We're just the backup plan in case she croaks.

>> No.33074301

I thought he was the angel to the deity we will serve.

>> No.33074326

Perfect time to ask this question, I may not have answered it if it was asked last thread, even.

The Magic here works like CCS magic

You have cards that represent different concepts. The usage of the concepts stored in the cards is what you use to transform, with the cards themselves. What you do with those concepts is up to you, the players.

The difference is that I will not give you what the cards you get actually do and name the cards for you. Naming the cards and figuring out what concepts they represent is up to trial and error
The magic will make more sense next thread

Once you get more than one card, I'll make a pastebin with these things in it.

He is now, but maybe he won't be later, get shadowruns everyone

We'll have to find out next thread!

Is tomorrow at about the same time a good time? 2:00pm CDT seems to be a sweet spot for this quest.

>> No.33074382

Thanks good GM. I look forward to tomorrow.

>> No.33074412

>naming cards

Looks like I'm keeping the name, then
as a reminder
to never let me name anything

>> No.33074428

That's a good theory

I didn't think of that

>> No.33074429

Stop drawing attention to yourself whether you have a name or not, it's unseemly.

>> No.33074450


>> No.33074487

Anyway, if you have any more questions, feel free to ask.

For now I'm going to archive the thread, See you all tomorrow!

and THEN I'm going to spend the rest of my night lamenting that the games I want aren't going on steam sale

>> No.33074565

Who was mom's magical girl guardian when she was a kid and why did they rob her of a normal childhood? Can we punch them in the face for being mean to her?

>> No.33074600

Damn, missed the thread. Oh well, thanks for writing anyways.

>> No.33074683

OH! Almost forgot! I should make an OP so this doesn't happen

Anyone wanting to keep up with me can follow me on Twitter


>> No.33074696

Hopefully we can.

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