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ok, so, I do need to make chow after the OP goes up, there might be a small delay between it and the second post. I haven't actually managed to eat today, but I figured I could wait another couple minutes to get started on time, haha.

Past that, I have a can of monster. we goan make this happen!

right. archives here:

and pastebin character rundown here:

the pastebin's not a bad place to start if you want to jump in without doing a full archive binge.


All told, Slider doesn't look too angry as she drags you- by the wrist, no less- into one of the offices set along the back wall of the hangar and slams the door shut.

“Slider what-” you manage to blurt out before she turns around, leaning in close to your face, looking for something.

She leans back a second later. “Hmph. You look fine, how do you feel?”

“I feel fine. Shit, I'm not even tired. Slider what gives?” You ask.

“You sure?” She presses. “You're not just saying shit to make me shut up and leave you alone? You're actually fine, and not about to pass out drooling on your pillow?”

You nod. “Yeah, I'm fine. Hell, I feel better than I have in a while. I could eat, but-”

“Good.” She cuts you off again. “Then Ice is right.”

“Right? About what?” You ask, now completely confused.

“Your flying is killing you.” She responds.

You sigh. “Can we not start this shit again?” You ask, exasperated. “I mean-”

“We ain't starting shit. I threw the match so you didn't come back here dragging ass and half dead- again. Ice is right, something in either you or Merlin's talent is killing you both.”

1/2 (hopefully)

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“You- wait, wait. Waitwaitwait.” You say, shaking your head. “One thing at a time, here. You threw the match?”

She nods. “Of course I did, dumb ass. Ice was convinced it was the only way to see if her theory had any backing. You feel fine, right? And you didn't have to fly that long, or try that hard against me, because I wasn't trying.”

“Isn't that going to cause trouble?” You ask, now worried for her. If they're willing to get chewed out for your sake, when they're not even sure they know what's going on...

She laughs. “Hardly. What are they going to say? As long as you keep your mouth shut they'll never know anyway. Hell, we watched you beat one of NATO's best witches like an old rug, we saw a witch overstress her strikers to the point where they exploded just trying to gain an advantage. Christ, Katya, who's got more combat time than the rest of us put together I think, said herself she never stood a chance, so what in the hell makes anyone think I had a chance at pushing you?”

You shake your head again, not quite satisfied with the response. She's selling herself short, though you're sure she'll defend her point if you press her on it, and she's kind of right- two of your three previous flights were tough acts to follow. But you're also concerned about the thing with either you or Merlin- last you'd heard, it was just you, so what makes them think it could be Merlin now- and if it is, do you dare tell her? It'd probably ruin her if you did, but at the same time, if she's killing you both...

[] What makes you think you didn't? Shit, you were making a joke of my few gunshots, up till you quit.
[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

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>[X] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

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>[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

If Merlin's being affected too, this shit is more serious than we thought.

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>[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

Oh boy... She threw the match. I'm mad at that, but considering the bigger picture here. Fuck.

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[] What makes you think you didn't? Shit, you were making a joke of my few gunshots, up till you quit.
[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?


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[X] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

So, do we start worrying now? Thinking back, the last match DID seem to end a bit abruptly (beyond Ghost's continual health issues).

Speaking of, how are you today, Ghost?

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Shut up fucking listen for once instead of brushing it under the rug. We just got confirmation somethings up.

"I think I need a Doc. Or a strong drink."

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>[] What makes you think you didn't? Shit, you were making a joke of my few gunshots, up till you quit.
>[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

I really do want to do both because she out of everyone was the one I thought would give us the most issue with. If she could stay on us with those shotguns, it would have been a very long day... Or a short flight.

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>[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?
Why IS Frank so goddamned stupid about the fact that, if he uses magic (which has been described as life force) and it gets used up a lot very quickly, that it's going to have ramifications to his health?

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[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

"And are you sure this isn't one of these mother hen things Ice usually has?"

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Hmm a bit to far imho

more something like "You better have a very good explanation for this"

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>[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

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>[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

Welp Gnome magic does run off of life, IIRC. Scary it's also messing with Merlin. Best night of the week!

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Or a crazy old wizard of clocks to explain it all.

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Honestly, the entire wing of Spellcaster is going to crack at some point. Frank 'dieing' over Alaska was one hell of an indication the house of cards will come tumbling down tumbling down tumbling down if anyone kicks the bucket. Everyone should be given psych evaluations. Frank's killing himself. Ice is buried in paperwork trying to keep her mind off it. Slider is worried her friend is going to up and die while worrying for the sanity of her commander.

It's a right mighty clusterfuck of HAPPENING waiting for a catalyst.

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Why don't we go ask the other gnome at Barin?

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>[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

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Does Frank know Mack is a gnome?

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I think Frank in several occasions has thought about this since he has some PSTD like nightmares,

But getting a shrink in a middle of a war is kind of hard I'm assuming.

Especially for a high in demand unit like spellcaster

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[X] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

Also something to try might to test this theory be to fly against someone who we know we will have to fly hard against, like konstantina, then afterwards have Ms.Mac do a check-up

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It's not really a shrink everyone needs. It's someone not affiliated with the squadron to sit down and talk to. A priest or an orthodox bishop for Katya if she's religious. Georgette would be the best bet, Frankly.

>> No.32983972

No, but we've been meaning to ask Georgette about some stuff. She'd probably direct us his way.

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Georgette and Mack Explain It All.

>> No.32984095

I'm down with something like this. I totally understand why, but these girls really need to stop treating us with such delicacy if that makes sense

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[X] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

>> No.32984203

>[] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?
If Merlin's being affected then somethings wrong.

>> No.32984288

Actually, I think they're sort of right in treating us like this. Frank is too unwilling to accept that what he's doing could possibly be fucking up his body, like a stubborn old fuck who won't accept that the currently benign cancer could possibly kill him.
Maybe what he needs is a foulmouthed doctor to tell him he's a fucktarded pilot and needs to have his ass handed to him.

>> No.32984354

Then again, he feels nothing is wrong besides feeling a little tired and those times are few in between.

>> No.32984365

And they're just as unwilling to accept the fact that sometimes, we're gonna turn on the juice when it means the difference between one of them getting hurt or not. Didn't Slider yell at us for something similar after Tanana? The answer remains the same

>> No.32984404

Frank's a Navy aviator during World War III. A lot of things can, have and will fuck up his body. It's part of the job description.

>> No.32984405

>nothing is wrong besides feeling a little tired and those times are few in between
Uh, what? Every time we used our powers we ended up either in a coma or completely wiped with blood coming out of our nose.

>> No.32984407

Frank's issues should be either fixed or at the very least alleviated by someone with a strong enough connection doing the magic transfer thing, we may need to get it every once in while but it should work. Now if it doesn't then Merlin might be the issue. And that would suck

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He needs to be talked to again by the doc that took out the shrapnel from the old bird.

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[x] Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do- what's this about me and Merlin, now?

“Ok, even if I accept that- and I'm not sure I do,” You say, holding up a finger when she nods- “What's this about Me and Merlin, now?”

Slider runs a hand back through her hair and shits down with a weak tumf in the chair behind the desk, and motions for you to sit, too. “Alright, look. Way it was explained to me is like this.” She starts, leaning forward and sitting a juice box- one of those nasty 'energy drinks' the witches use in the air- on the table.

“This is you, ok?” She says, then pauses. “Well, hang on.” She stabs the little plastic straw into the box, then nods. “Ok, now it's you.” She grins when you cock an eyebrow at her.

“So we're taught that all people, have this kind of energy inside them.” She continues. “not everyone can use it, those of us that can are witches. Well, and whatever you want to call male talents, since there's no one standard. Gnome sounds stupid to me.”

You nod, following.

“Ok, so. This is, according to a lot of matrons who've spent a lot longer than me studying the shit, important. This energy is bound to our life somehow, in that it's inexhaustable. Typically a witch who runs out is just so tired she can't function, right? Takes a little while, lot of sleep and chow to get better, but no big deal. Happens to all of us, hell, we're forced to our limit at the academy just so we know where it is.” She flicks the box with her forefinger. “If they were our box, here, you could take like, a drink or two, then nothing, but it'd all come back over time. No problem, right?”

“Ok...” You say, nodding.


>> No.32984493

“You, though.” She says, snatching the box and drinking it, the crushing it in one hand, then dropping it back on the desk, where it stands for a second, then falls over. “You're somehow different. Tabby thinks you're talent is flawed- the more you push, the more it tries to kill you. The matrons aren't so sure. They think it's a case where, if you are the item of interest here, you just don't have that inherent limit- you can just keep going till you die.”

“Isn't that about the same damn thing?” You ask, and she throws the juice box at you- it barely misses your forehead.

“No, dummy. If Ice is right, then it's entirely based on how hard you fight, if you don't have to push at all, you'd be fine, regardless of what else is going on. If the matrons are right, it's just a matter of time, here. You should be getting progressively worse because you're drawing too much and not getting enough time to rest.”

“So you-”

She nods. “So I threw the match. If the matrons had been right, you'd still feel like dogshit because you did have to try for a while, but-”

“But I feel fine. Hell, I feel better than I have in a while after a flight.” You say, nodding yourself.

“So Tabby's right.” Slider says, leaning back in the chair and putting her bare feet up in the desk.

2/3 (oops)

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“So what about Merlin?” You ask, causing her to frown.

“Merlin's... she's a hell of a talented kid.” She says, shaking her head. “We're not actually sure what's going on there, but we think she can.. tap in to your talent, somehow. Something she's doing in that fighter, with you, is making her shoot straight to the top of the list of strongest witches in forever. But outside it?” She shrugs. “She's still barely strong enough to heat a pot of water.”

“And that somehow makes her vulnerable to whatever it is I do?” You ask.

Slider nods. “Yeah, but, here's the thing. It's not doing anywhere near the damage to her it does to you. Hell, with her, it's almost unnoticeable as being different from a normal witch who's hit her limit. Biggest difference was that nosebleed that one time after Berlin.” She shrugs.

[] So where do we go from here?
[] I take it there's opposing theories?

>> No.32984536

[X] So where do we go from here?
[X] I take it there's opposing theories?


>> No.32984554

>[x] I take it there's opposing theories?

I'm thinking the shrapnel still in our chest is messing with the magic flow inside us. Manage to remove it, and we'll be better off after a fight.

>> No.32984574

>[] So where do we go from here?

>> No.32984578

>[] So where do we go from here?
>[] I take it there's opposing theories?
You think I can make my self unflawed? You know, them zen meditates.

>> No.32984593

[X] So where do we go from here?

>> No.32984599

[] So where do we go from here?

"Not to Nanny squadron I take? And is even remotely an expert on this topic?"

I swear, one of these days they will ground us just because someone thought we were swaying in our walk.

>> No.32984632


"You and Ice have been cooking. What's your theories after today?"

>> No.32984664

>[] So where do we go from here?

Well... since it seems like Ice and Slider are running this show now. They got any plans on fixing the broken thing.

>> No.32984678

>[X] So where do we go from here?

Even though it's kinda obvious where this is going. Pic related.

>> No.32984689

>[x] So where do we go from here?
Not flying isn't an option nor is not pushing ourselves at times as we will need to in all likelyhood.
>thought we were swaying in our walk.
something, something broken hips

>> No.32984736


You lost me.

>> No.32984795

I'll go with Both.
Also, is there any way of checking at least Frank's physical condition compared to a baseline found BEFORE he started flying Merlin? If his physical capabilities are down significantly (granted: he's been in a hospital quite bit), then would that make for a large enough warning sign?

I dunno if I can even say properly what I intend to say

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>> No.32984852


>> No.32984896

oh for fuck sake

>> No.32984915

[] So where do we go from here?
where do we go now, whoaoaoaoao

>> No.32984936

Eh, i sorta agree with that guy on the shrapnel. Not about the magic bit, but just that it prpbably isnt good for frank.

>> No.32984968

and the doc said it wont effect us until we are past our 50's!

>> No.32985000


Putin's Doc way back when we visited his secret base said the same.

>> No.32985022

>> No.32985027

its not that uncommon that doctors turns out being wrong.

>> No.32985070

Who ever trusted their doctor?
Who ever trusted their soviet doctor?

Who knows, we may take a dud 23mm cannon round to the chest and the shrapnel saves us! Remember its Tomcat-chan in there, she only did what was right for us until we overwhelmed her.

>> No.32985120

what is that gif about!?! also fuck all doctors!

>> No.32985128

Doctors fuck up fairly often. Lord knows when i was a kid, the chairforce surgeons nearly killed my mother a couple times by fucking up a couple surgeries. Leaky spinal taps and internal bleeding due to a faulty suture. Tldr, doctors are human and, to err is human.

>> No.32985143

and the russian doc said that he believed that it would actively hinder us in the sky. Doctors NOW aren't infallible. Doctors IN THE TIMELINE CIRCA 1990 are FAR more likely to be wrong due to tech. I'm not saying that the metal is messing with our juju, I do however believe that it is biting covering up injuries that Fronk doesn't know he has, injuries that he is aggravating when he flies hard.

>> No.32985189

I have no idea, someone posted it in a thread on /k/ like a year ago. The name is what they said in the post, thought it fit very well.

>> No.32985201

And did that doctor know we're a gnome? Georgette might have, she put us back together with her own magic. But the regular human doctor almost certainly didn't.

>> No.32985208

sounds warthunder related


>> No.32985288


We're Merlin's magic battery arent we?

Little sister is so strong in the plane because she powers it up by siphoning from us.

>> No.32985303


Also, yaaay, best time of week. Sorry I don't have any shitscribbles on hand. Been having some pesky health issues of my own.

>> No.32985330

If we tell her it'd wreck her...

>> No.32985356

We already suspected that, we just didn't realize our juice was mildly poisonous

>> No.32985523

Maybe because both of our talents center around machines, that's why energy can go from Frank to Merlin.
Also, the machine that completes the circuit also acts as a fuse or filter, so that our talent's poisonous tendency is reduced when Merlin gets it.

>> No.32985541

So we are poisoning our waifu then?!

>> No.32985560

yes and you are the cause please end your life now!

>> No.32985575

Wouldn't the girls plan to give us a refill after missions fix all that, then?

>> No.32985580

That is a very interesting line of thought. I know Merlin's told us the plane is terrified by what we put her through, but that was a long time ago.

>> No.32985591

So since she threw the match....

Can slider powerup fronk? She should have excess energy.

>> No.32985623

No, because if Frank pushed too far during combat he could very well end up dead in combat from it, you know in the air still. With Merlin in the back.

>> No.32985633

It also explains the extreme stress that we put on our airframes, in addition to the stress we put on them because of our extreme maneuvers.
Our self I destructive energy not only actively harms us the more we use it, but it also harms the machine we channel it through.

>> No.32985636

Theoretically yes but we haven't done a magic transfer with Frank before so we don't know if that would work with him. It should but until it's done we don't know.
Yes. Maybe. I hope.

>> No.32985884

[x] So where do we go from here?

“So where do we go from here?” You ask. “It sounds like there's not a hell of a lot we can do.”

She shakes her head. “Well, we both know you're not going to stop flying, and we both know you won't push yourself when you think it's necessary, so that's out.”

You nod.

“So that means most of the options we have now suck.” She says, bluntly. Holding up a hand balled into a fist and then holding up her pinkie finger. “One, We accept that you're going to need regular... uh. Treatments. Of magic. From a witch.” She says.

“That thing Ice talked about?”

She nods. “Yeah, that. As agonizingly cute a love story that would make, it's really not practical over a long term without you having like four or five witches to do it. You're good, but you're not that good.”

You nod, and she holds up her ring finger. “Two, we accept that your talent is flawed and we just all work to accept the fact that one day you're going to push too hard and poof, no more Frank Bishop.” She stares at you for a second. “That ain't gonna happen.”

Her middle finger pops up. “Three, we start down a path no one's ever been down before.” She looks straight at you. “We start trying to teach you what you're doing, and how to control it better. That's iffy at best because male talents are so low key, compared to what we're used to. We'd basically be making it up as we went along, and I'm not even sure it would work.”

“Not to mention support for it would probably suck.” You say.

She shrugs. “Maybe, maybe not. I'm sure there's plenty of academies that would love to work with you and Merlin on this, instead of this shit.” She waves her hand around to indicate the castle. “But that's the catch, it's probably not something we could do with the war on.”

“Right.” You nod.


>> No.32985917

“None of those are particularly good, though.” She says. “Of them, the third's the best option, but...” She shrugs. “Figure the fucking odds. We'd be working in completely unexplored territory, shit no witch, let alone a dude like you, has ever done. And here?” She snorts.

“I take it the matrons wouldn't take it too well?” You ask.

“Not that, the matrons wouldn't care. But that's the problem. They're not going to give us time off to work on this, let alone help us.”

“Unless we agree to take it to an academy.” You say.

“Bingo.” Slider responds. “There's a couple good ones, but like you said. It's moot if you won't go till after the war is over anyway. ”

[] Exactly. But what can we do here?
[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

>> No.32985933

Don't we have four or five witches around here who can...
Nixon you sly motherfucker

>> No.32985936

>[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

>> No.32985954

>[X] Exactly. But what can we do here?

Yeah, ditching the war isn't an option, so we might as well try to figure out how to work with what we've got.

>> No.32985972


>> No.32985974

Rolled 20

Or five, find the secret brotherhood of gnomes and join the order to learn the necessary secrets.

>> No.32985975

>[x] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

In her pants?

>> No.32985981

>[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

I can think of one on the West Coast with great beach to go to.

>> No.32985989

>[] Exactly. But what can we do here?
Ice, Slider, Maverick, Katya, Konstantina, Twins, Merlin...

Yeah, I think we can just go with rotating magical recharge. Heck, we might have enough witches for a day-of-the-week system.

>> No.32985994

>[] Exactly. But what can we do here?
>[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?
These are both good questions!

>> No.32986000


[X] Exactly. But what can we do here?

>> No.32986004

>it's really not practical over a long term without you having like four or five witches to do it.

>> No.32986018

Y-you forgot Goose...

>> No.32986021


>> No.32986022

>[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

So I'm guessing Longstreet (or whatever her name is) would be out, huh?

>> No.32986024

While I'm kind of a fan for both options, wouldn't it make sense to call in Ice at this point to get her input on our choices?

>> No.32986051

[] Exactly. But what can we do here?

Let's face it, it's not going to happen that we leave the war and become guinea pigs somewhere. Add Merlin's phobia to witch academies into the mix and going theoretically picking an academy to work with will just pointlessly get their hopes up.

>> No.32986052

>[x] Exactly. But what can we do here?
>[x] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?
It ain't going to hurt to ask Sliders opinion.
>without you having like four or five witches to do it
Also god dammit Ghost why do you tease us so!
All according to the plan.

>> No.32986057

They've probably talked about this to the point where they have same input/opinions on what needs to be done. Ice would just repeat what Slider would say and vice-versa.

>> No.32986059

[] Exactly. But what can we do here?
[] Assuming I was willing go before it is over, where would you suggest?

both is good.gif

>> No.32986092

>exactly. But what can we do here?

>> No.32986096

Fair enough then. Also, I now seem to recall Slider mentioning she had talked over this with Ice some. Good call Anon.

>> No.32986107

Well, it's supposed to be witches that he's close too. The Twins are cool and all but they're not that close to Frank, Konstantina may work if it only has to be one sided.

Really, it's Ice, Slider, Merlin, Maverick (with her recently retconned history to include being Frank's Childhood Friend)

>> No.32986117

> it's not going to happen that we leave the war

And there's a point where that line thinking needs to stop. Right now, Ice and Slider basically confirmed for themselves that Frank is killing himself when he pushes. Frank really needs to stop thinking short term bullshit and yes this war is now small time now. It what comes after that needs to matter more.

>> No.32986127

>childhood friend Mav
Did I miss something?

>> No.32986143

Damn it Nixon

>> No.32986151

>She nods. “Yeah, that. As agonizingly cute a love story that would make, it's really not practical over a long term without you having like four or five witches to do it. You're good, but you're not that good"

>Four or five witches.

Katya, Ice, Slider, Konstantina love us

So we meet the minimum requirements of witches.

We could add Katsumi or Mav and Goose maybe even Young if we're desperate.

>> No.32986154

>Frank's Childhood Friend
Where the fuck was this written and until you can give a link for it I'm calling bullshit on it.

>> No.32986190


Konstantina is a super-witch, I'm sure she can make up the difference.

>> No.32986192

Then we tone it the fuck down. They're not gonna pull our entire squadron for us, and I doubt Frank'd like the idea of leaving all of them

>> No.32986228

I think he means something like shes Frank's oldest friend before the story started and now that it has shes pretty much nonexistent thus how it goes with most shows and the childhood friend.

>> No.32986239

>Then we tone it the fuck down

No way to do that without, you know, learning how to do such a thing.

>They're not gonna pull our entire squadron for us

No, they won't.

>and I doubt Frank'd like the idea of leaving all of them

Sometimes to do the right thing, is to do something you don't like doing. Right now, him learning how to control this is the right thing to do. Even if it means leaving this war earlier than planned.

>> No.32986245

We could probably tag Katsumi but I'd be hesitant with Mav and Goose.
Smalltime need not apply.

But it's not like this will happen, we can have our hopes and dreams I suppose.

>> No.32986247

Katsumi, not likely IMHO
Mav and Goose is also iffy but doable.
Young is possible, but frank will have to work on her to make the connection.

>> No.32986257


Yea but it needs to be mutual. Not sure if konstina's is yet.

>> No.32986261

>we can have our hopes and dreams I suppose.
I rather have them crushed never to be reborn.

>> No.32986283

So we're down a witch or two then but she's the closest candidate or at least on par with Goose and Mav.

Frank from what I remember doesn't hate her. Just a little crazy but the endearing kind.

>> No.32986592

[x] Exactly. But what can we do here?

You think for a second about asking her opinions on academies- but then you decide there's no point in what amounts to teasing her about this shit. You both know you don't plan to leave till there's a peace agreement in place, and asking would just get her hopes up. And if not hers, the Ice's, who you're sure she's going to tell anyway.

“Exactly.” You say, nodding. “But what can we do here?”

She shrugs. “Not a lot, to be honest, we're all too busy with the matrons and what they want to have any kind of time to devote to this, and we're going to need time to be able to do anything. At best you can start sitting down with Ice or Rosalie and starting to learn about magic theory- the parts that would apply to you, anyway. Past that, who knows? Like I said, it's totally unknown.”

Your response is interrupted by a light knock on the door. “F-frank? R-rachel? Can I c-come in?” Merlin asks through the door, hesitantly.

“Yeah, door's open.” Slider responds immediately, and it opens, Merlin peeking inside, then walking in a second later. “I-I thought you might b-be...”

“You've been hanging out around mav too much if you're thinking like that, Merlin.” You scold, jokingly. “What's up?”

She stands by the door, holding it open with one hand, the other on the doorjamb.

“W-well I wanted to see if you w-wanted to look at some things.” She says. “Kenji and I h-have been working and I-I think you might be interested is all. I-if you're busy though...”

[] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?
[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

>> No.32986609

>[] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?

>> No.32986613

No, I mean literally.
> Patty quirks an eyebrow at that, but doesn't say anything immediately. “She worships the guy, you know that?” She says, after a minute. “It ain't right. I mean, I like him too, sure, we grew up together, practically, but...”

> Patty grins. “I don't know about all that. Frank was pretty crazy when we were kids.”

>> No.32986615

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?
one sec kiddo

>> No.32986619


[X] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?

>> No.32986630

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?
>[] Or actually, stay a while and listen. It concerns you as much as it concerns me.

>> No.32986635

>[X] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?

>> No.32986637

>[X] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

We should probably figure out a plan now and get moving instead of wasting any more time on this.

>> No.32986653

>[] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?
It's the surprise! I forgot entirely!

>> No.32986664

[x] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?
[x] Actually, stay a while and listen. It concerns you as much as it concerns me.

I like this

>> No.32986666

[] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?

Why do I have a feeling that Merlin might have solved our problem for us?

>> No.32986680




>> No.32986690

>“This is you, ok?” She says, then pauses. “Well, hang on.” She stabs the little plastic straw into the box, then nods. “Ok, now it's you.” She grins when you cock an eyebrow at her.
> “You, though.” She says, snatching the box and drinking it,
How come Frank isn't teasing Slider about her drinking him dry through his "straw"?

> the crushing it in one hand, then dropping it back on the desk, where it stands for a second, then falls over.
Oh, that's why.

>> No.32986698

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

This is a little too important of a talk even to be stopped for Merlin. We will see this after the talk but we should finish this now or we'll never finish it.

>> No.32986721

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

>> No.32986722

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

>> No.32986724

I like this. Surprises soon though!!

>> No.32986725 [DELETED] 

>[x] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?
Lets get this shit sorted before the new gear takes our attention.

>we're all too busy with the matrons and what they want to have any kind of time to devote to this
Someone needs to tell the damn Matrons no every once in awhile I mean fuck even the president has people that tell him no. I'm sure Robo-Stalin even has those peop-Martians that tell him no.

>> No.32986757

>stay a while and listen


We Deckard Cain now

>> No.32986775

>[x] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?
Lets get this shit sorted before the new gear takes our attention.

I'm just gonna stop bitching bout the Matrons, doesn't help.

>> No.32986927

>[x] We’re not busy, Merlin. What do you want to show me?

>> No.32986953

I dunno. Sounds kinda hot.

>> No.32986999

>[x] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

>> No.32987038



I wonder whats the trigger pull strength of slider's shotguns.

>> No.32987081

And you just went straight from 'kinda hot' to 'oh god why'

>> No.32987138


Now imagine Goose healing them crushed bits

>> No.32987149

"The pain would be so... exquisite. Nnngh!"

>> No.32987165

you really think she'll do that?

Slider will break our hips with that tail of hers first

>> No.32987182

only because she won't realize her own strength

>> No.32987282

>[] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple minutes?
Just gotta wrap this up.

>> No.32987350

The hip goddess requires gnome sacrifice!

>> No.32987424


>> No.32987529

We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

better stick it all in first before we go the long mile, i suppose

>> No.32987583

>better stick it all in first before we go the long mile, i suppose

Surprised no one else made a joke.

>> No.32987624

Too easy

>> No.32987629

hey guys, random VF-03 lurker here, wondering how to PM ghostdivision (or something to that effect), had some questions about the characters or some. help would be appreciated since i dunno how to navigate this place yet

>> No.32987671

He hangs out in the #swg room over on the rizon chat server, is probably the most reliable way to get a hold of him

>> No.32987688

You mean.

>> No.32987708


>> No.32987731

uh, beginners luck?

>> No.32987758

One of these days Kenji needs to introduce the squadron to Karaoke. He'd probably do the best Space Battleship Yamato this side of the Pacific.

On second thought, given that we're only 15 years out from the original premier at this point he might have sat down and watched reruns with his Grandma. Sakabroto would have loved the shit out of that show.

>> No.32987777

[x] We were just finishing up. Can you give us a couple of minutes?

“We were just finishing up, Merlin. But sit down and listen, it concerns you too.” You say, pulling the chair next to you out. “

“O-oh ok.” She says, still hesitating by the door briefly before stepping in the office and letting it close behind her. “S-so what were you t-talking about?”

You look at Slider, who looks at you and shrugs, then motions for you to start.

“We were discussing what's going on here at the castle, with us.” You say. “And what we can do to fix it.”

“F-fix it?” Merlin asks, confused.

“Samantha, how do you feel after you fly with frank? Like after Berlin?” Slider asks.

Merlin shrugs. “P-pretty tired and Hungry and sore, l-like I’d spent all night running on a track.” She pauses, looking at you, then Slider. “B-but that's normal, isn't it?”

Slider hesitates. “It's close.” She says. “But not entirely. But you already knew you were special, right?”

Merlin nods. “B-but if there's a problem...”

She laughs. “Merlin, the only problem with you is no one recognized your talents till now. What we're worried about is Frank's talent. We think it's flawed.”

Merlin looks over at you, her eyes as big as dinnerplates behind her glasses. You motion for her to listen to Slider. “B-but-”

“Ice and I think his talent is flawed.” She repeats. “We think, and have some evidence now, that the more he uses of it, the more it hurts him. And we think you're able to somehow tap into it, and that means it's able to hurt you too.”

Merlin's face scrunches up. “B-but that w-would mean t-that I'm hurting him b-by forcing him to use more of it, r-right?”

Slider shakes her head. “We don't think so at all.”


>> No.32987798

“We were talking about ways to help fix this or at least limit the damage it can do.” You supply, trying to change the track merlin's mind is no doubt barreling down. “Basically, it boils down to one of two options. We can start doing some classwork here, with Ice and Rosalie, or we can agree to go stateside and work with an academy.”

Merlin's already shaking her head the second you mention an academy. “I-I don't want to g-go back.”

“I know, and I don't want to go. Both Slider and I-” You pause to look at Slider, who nods, “Think that's off the table until at least the war's over. But that only leaves trying to work this out around the matrons and everything they want us to do with Ice and Rosalie.”

Merlin frowns. “T-the chance-vought team w-wanted me to work with them a lot too.” She says, quietly. “A-and they're always real nice to me. A-and what about Kenji a-and our time in the gym and t-the hangar?”

You shrug. “We could try to work around some of it.” You say. “And we're not even sure how much you'd have to be there. Could be I'm the one that's got to sit through all the classes.”

“I..” Merlin pauses, thinking, then looks back at you. “I-I trust you, Frank. W-whatever you think is best.”

[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?
[] It can probably wait. No reason to add more stress to what we're already doing.

>> No.32987801

that is, unless she went the fuzzy vet route and say something to the effect of
"dang, if we had them big-ass particle cannons back in mah day, them martians won't be askin for another lickin! <dramatic fist shake>"

>> No.32987821

>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987822

>[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987823

>[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987828

>[X] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

We can always just ask Mack. Georgette is just about the only Matron around here we like anyway.

Or we can just go full TOP GUN and beg an audience with the Bounce Lord.

>> No.32987829

but that's not as cute as a 50-60 [looks like late 30s early 40s] sakabroto sitting in front of the tv with her 6 year old redheaded grandson sitting on her lap yelling excitedly at the screen as the yamato does something awesome.

>> No.32987831

[X] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

We did step one: Recognizing the problem exists. Now to get started solving it...

Right after Merlin's surprise.

>> No.32987842

>tfw you will never get a Slider tail hug
>tfw you will never get a backbreaking hug from familiar'd Slider

>> No.32987844

>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987859

[X] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987862

>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?
New toys time!
And now I'm sad.

>> No.32987873

>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987874

>[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

some revelations are in order, da?

>> No.32987891

>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987910

>We'll talk to Ice later
Why you gotta make me sad like that man

>> No.32987925

[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32987944

ayt, can't argue with that, cause sakabroto is best granma <obligatory mio HA HA HA>

>> No.32987965


>> No.32987982

and her grandson and/or daughter laughing exactly the same with her.

>> No.32987997

>[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32988002

thanks chief

>> No.32988028

suddenly i pictured kenji as mio and merlin as yoshika.
nah, i'ma drop it like that. doesn't look good in my future...

>> No.32988506

>[] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?
Let's not leave the girl hanging.

>> No.32988574

Rolled 3

>>[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

>> No.32988700

[x] We'll talk to Ice later, then. Now, what did you want to show us?

“We'll talk to Ice later, then.” You say, deciding. “Now, what did you have to show us?”

That, if nothing else, gets Merlin's spirits back up. “O-oh!” She says, popping up out of the chair. “C-c'mon!”

You laugh and follow behind her as she makes a beeline for the strikers racks in the back corner- reserved, usually, for hangar queens and damaged units- recently inhabited by Wendy’s strikers. A pair of almost-new looking YF-23 units sits in the racks, distinguishable by their unique wing and tails.

“Mr.- uh. Mr. Bishop!” Mr. Perry, the factory team lead greets you, shaking your hand. “Samantha told us she was anxious to show you her babies, but I, uh. I didn't think she'd bring you down right after a flight!” He laughs.

“Her babies?” Slider asks, and Mr. Perry's broad grin answers, almost before he does by gesturing to the strikers behind him. “It's, uh. It's a long story, but she's been designing a lot of things for these.”

A woman, standing next to him, nods. “You're Mister Bishop?” She asks, holding out her hand. You nod, and return the handshake as offered. “I'm Cindy Zemke. I'm with chance vought.”

“Pleased to meet you, Miss Zemke. What's all this about?” You ask.

She smiles. “Your Samantha, here, is an absolute treasure, Mister Bishop. She's been changing the way we've been thinking about things so fast-” She shakes her head. “I can't even describe it. She stopped to help us work out bug that was giving us trouble with the wyvern, and she did it without giving it any thought.”


>> No.32988720

“A-and I mentioned t-that Kenji and I l-liked to work on designs...” Merlin says, from next to you. “A-and so t-they brought in some strikers for us to work on!”

Miss Zemke nods. “Samantha mentioned a series of plans she'd had for newer strikers to incorporate full-sized AAMs. After what we'd seen, it didn't take long for the board to agree to acquire a testbed for her.” She indicates the strikers, while Mr. Perry nods. “those Widows back there are arguably more advanced than even the wyverns, and-”

“A-and they're only testbeds for s-some of the things w-we're designing!” Merlin beams. “I-if we get the chance, we're going to go back to Texas a-and work on a whole new d-design based around them!”

“Full sized AAMs?” Slider asks, sounding dubious. “How..?”

Miss Zemke smiles. “Samantha, care to show her?”

“I-I think we c-can do better. R-rachel, can you go get them on and p-power them up?”

Slider looks at you, then shrugs. “Sure thing, Kiddo.” She hops up the Striker rack and slips her legs into the units, the familiar magical circle appearing under them as they react to the magical energy Slider puts into them.

“O-ok, now m-move your foot d-down.” Merlin instructs.

“Sam, my foot's in a-” Slider protests, then shakes her head- and looks shocked when a weapons bay swings open on the bottom side of the striker, revealing the nose of an AMRAAM.

[] Is that a scorpion? What the hell?
[] Well that's different.

>> No.32988748

>[] Well that's different.

>> No.32988758

>[x] Well that's different.

>> No.32988759

>[X] Well that's different.

>> No.32988796

>[x] Well that's different.

My Gods

>> No.32988799

>[] Well that's different.
>[] Hey Slider, is that missile or you just happy to see me?

Eh, someone else can do a better joke.

>> No.32988800

>"....so how many missiles can we fit on the wyvern with this?"

we Macross missile spam now?

>> No.32988816


>> No.32988817

>[] Is that a scorpion? What the hell?

>> No.32988823

[x] Is that kept in the same place your legs go?

>> No.32988826

this please this

>> No.32988838

>[] Well that's different.

>> No.32988840

>[x] Well that's different.
Unleash the australian voice again. Something about fangs and barbs. And getting too close.

>> No.32988853


>> No.32988860

Oh god yes, please oh please this

>> No.32988861

>[x] Hey Slider, is that missile or you just happy to see me?

>> No.32988872

>[X] Well that's different.
sometimes, deadpan is the way to go <cue Chuck Yeager-quality deadpan here>

>full-sized AAM's on a striker

prepare for the itano circus biotches huehuehue


ah hell, why didn't i see the grey ghost around here before?

>> No.32988876

[X] Well that's different.

>> No.32988877

>[x] Well that's different.

>> No.32988884

This dear God this.

>> No.32988891

>inb4 merlin actually designs an x-9 ghost

>> No.32988892

>[] Well that's different.

Well then.

>> No.32988899



She'll kill us even hard but YES

>> No.32988902

Well, the Wyvern won the vote between it, the Widow, and an upgraded Tomcat.

>> No.32988913

Here >>32988796
We gotta do this >>32988799

>> No.32988933

but they'll still send that BAMF up in the air like the sturmvogel with the excalibur, right? RIGHT?

>> No.32988939


While I do like the Wyvern, I do wish we could've picked up the Raptor.

Dem lines.

>> No.32988952



Thats no raptor

Thats a black widow

>> No.32988954 [DELETED] 

Fuckin' finally, we get missiles!

>> No.32988959

>> No.32988992


Yeah I know, I just wished the option was there for the Raptor.

>> No.32989003

just remembered. since yf-23's still seem to be good to fly, shouldn't we get the Bounce King in?
<just a random thought, don't mind me if you find it troubling>c

>> No.32989006


Also, finally we got missiles.

>> No.32989023

So much this!

>> No.32989136


>> No.32989202

So if F-22 strikers don't have O2 masks, does that mean it's better or worse than the actual F22?


>> No.32989231

Why do I know that name?

>> No.32989247

Get out, Russiaboo

>> No.32989272

YF-23s are THE bounce king. They don't turn as well as the Raptor though, so they weren't chosen. Probably a good choice, stealth will push down engagement distances.

>> No.32989292

<<Here Comes the Snow>>

>> No.32989299


>> No.32989332

oh well. really would've loved to see ol timey young get on the throttle with one, but you can't argue with stealth, i suppose.

>> No.32989341


>> No.32989343

Slavaboo is the correct term.

>> No.32989359


>> No.32989366


That and money.

Considering the costs associated with stealth fighters, I can't blame them.

>> No.32989378

i needed the laugh, thanks

>> No.32989414

No problem mat. Have some of Worst Country

>> No.32989446

you talkin' shit bout mai belka?

>> No.32989459

Unit cost isn't an issue for the US.

>> No.32989482


You might be thinking of the guy who led the 56th fighter group in Europe, only 8th Air Force FG to use the P-47 Thunderbolt for the whole war. Top scoring unit to.

>> No.32989493

i guess you could say, they were outFLANKed?

<hides in a blast-proof bunker>

>> No.32989500


Tell that to the vastly reduced fleet of F22s.

>> No.32989507

you got your ass kicked by six pixels. You aren't even the main antagonist of the game Belka a Third world with no chance of winning the World Cup

>> No.32989522


>> No.32989532

><hides in a blast-proof bunker>
>implying that can save you

>> No.32989540

> using any variation of *action* bullshit
I hate summer.

>> No.32989545

Well played.

>> No.32989611

hell hath no fury than a big gun with a plane strapped to it...

or a squadron of big guns with planes strapped to their backs. plus some bunker busters.

>> No.32989678

It is truly a sad day. Soon there will be no more of them to fly in the skies or newly made ones.

>> No.32989688

Congress was convinced the F-35 was all it needed. Besides, going with the current 30:1 Win Loss in mock dogfights while being neutered with the Luneberg lens and always starting on the defensive, usually WVR, the ~180 F-22s we have can take on 5,400 enemy fighters. Nobody on earth has anywhere near that much

>> No.32989720

>> No.32989727

They may not fly the skies, but they shall forever soar in our hearts as the one Gun to shatter the skies

>> No.32989728

is this about the thing in discussing early retirement for the hog?

>> No.32989746

A-10 a shit for modern combat

>> No.32989748


>> No.32989755

oh man, thought that was a GDI a-10.

nostalgia, man.

>> No.32989761

the Gsh-6-30 does a better job shattering the skies

and its airframes...

>> No.32989820


>> No.32989827

Yes, also when the company that made the A-10 went out of business. They DESTROYED the only blueprints of the plane in the world. So now we can not create new ones.

>> No.32989890

Can't reverse-engineer from existing airframes?

>> No.32989893


It's a 40 year-old Cold War relic, we don't NEED the goddamn things anymore.

UAVs like the Reaper are far more cost-effective in its role.

>> No.32989902

>They DESTROYED the only blueprints of the plane in the world
One can only hope that a great need arises, and that we reverse-engineer them

>> No.32989924

>They DESTROYED the only blueprints of the plane in the world.
Good, it was an ungly piece of shit.

UAV's are not the automatic replacement for everything in the air. especially in any sort of CAS role

>> No.32989933

>They DESTROYED the only blueprints of the plane in the world. So now we can not create new ones.

dude, you need to stop making complete bullshit up because that is blatantly false

I mean fuck, I've seen the bare airframe declassified blueprints in the archives for fucks sake...

>> No.32989934

>DESTROYED the only blueprints
leave no evidence. brilliant.
i dunno, chief. if them lunarians come out of hiding and hit us, i dunno who to blame anymore.

>> No.32989986

Fluff, that ain't how Fairchild Republic went down nor opperated, M7 Aerospace and their new owner Elbit Systems both have access to the original and modernisation blueprints, so to do the AF and whoever they choose to contract out work on it for, so everyone like GD/GE/Boeing and even Raytheon have access to the schematics and blueprints...

stop making shit up

>> No.32989987

You know what does a lot of CAS? B-1s. F-16s. A-10 is obsolete now that the role is missile based.

>> No.32989997

Tell that to the infantry's lives that it saved in Shitstan and Iraq-land because it was harder. See what they say about it.

>> No.32990003


I was talking specifically about the CAS role, in a world of precision guided munitions, the A-10s doesn't mean shit. UAVs can loiter from a far safer range and just chuck mavericks and laugh from 20,000 feet. Compared to that, there is far more risk inherent with the A-10, what with its more expensive airframe and its pilot.

>> No.32990031

> UAV's are not the automatic replacement for everything in the air. especially in any sort of CAS role

agreed on this chief. sometimes you have to rely on good ol fighter bombers to get the job done.

or you, know, maybe you could use one of these.

>> No.32990033

[x] Well that's different.

You look at the strikers- while you're willing to wager there's plenty more things to them than what meets the eyes, the inclusion of full sized AAMs is a huge game-changer. Strikers have always been capable of carrying small stuff- modified MANPAD surface to air missiles, mostly, but most witches don't bother- the missiles aren't of much use and they require a secondary support system, separate even from the witch's HUD and wrist MFDs.

“So, Slider. Is that a missile, or are you happy to see me?” You ask, walking next to Merlin to look at the strikers.

“It's a missile, Frank.” She responds, deadpan. “You're going to have to try harder than that with me.”

“Oh, I'm sure.” You respond, under your breath.

“What was that?” She asks.

“Nothing!” You say, looking down at Merlin. “So how did you do it?”

“W-well, Kenji and I a-always talk about how witches use magic to replace technology instead of u-using it to augment it, a-and how maybe that's why I'm able to do w-what I do.” She says. “B-but we started to think about how t-to use magic to support technology instead of just r-replace it.” She says.


>> No.32990065

yesh. we have someone thinking like a kappa here folks

>> No.32990074

There is honestly no better feeling that seeing a ridgeline vanish and hearing that chatter a second or two later in live combat...

>> No.32990078

“She was helping us with the wyvern when she started mentioning that,” Miss Zemke says, walking around the striker rack. “And both Mr. Perry and I knew we needed to call up the board and start letting her work before someone else did.” She smiles at Merlin, who smiles back, if somewhat tentatively.

“Are there other applications?” Slider asks, powering down the strikers- you notice that the bay closes shortly after the missile's nose retracts back- it looks like it launches at an angle.

“W-we were talking a-about installing a s-similar system on the w-wyvern.” Merlin says. “B-but they h-have to get the OK f-from the navy and their bosses b-before they can.”

“I don't think it's going to be a problem at all, Samantha.” Miss Zemke says. “And I'm sure they're willing to increase their offer to you, if you want to come work with us.”

“I-I don't know.” Merlin says, looking up at you. You put a hand on her shoulder and give a brief squeeze. “I-I think I'm going to w-wait until the war i-is over.”

Miss Zemke nods. “I thought you might say that. Well, the offer will stand, anytime you want to come work for us, let us know. It'd be great to have you on the team.”

“N-next, I wanted t-to show you the K-kitchen.” Merlin says, as slider slips out of the strikers and rejoins you on the ground, giving you a light punch in the arm.

“I heard that ya asshat.” She hisses in your ear.

“Heard wh- oh.” You grin. “So how hard would I have to try?”

“You have no idea.”

“The kitchen?” You ask, changing the focus of your attention back to Merlin.

She nods. “I-I'm hungry.”

[] to the kitchen then!
[] Ah, I'll pass. I'd like to steal a bath if I could, I need a good soak.

>> No.32990112

>[] to the kitchen then!

>> No.32990120

>[] to the kitchen then!

oh food, one of mankind's greatest friends...

>> No.32990122

[X] to the kitchen then!

>> No.32990127

>[] to the kitchen then!

>> No.32990137

>[] to the kitchen then!

Slider to the kitchen! Food will be had! Hopefully. Maybe some booze. We're not sure yet.

>> No.32990138

I have a question for you all.

wikipedia states that the A-10 can carry about 16,000lb of ordinance. the Gau-13 gunpod is about 333lb

how much BRRRRTTT can we fit on an A-10?

bonus: calculate the total Rate of fire and weight of projectiles fired in 1 second.

>> No.32990139

Oh god, what if we put this in the Comanche!?!

> Suddenly a stealth helo that can literally carry enough firepower to wipe entire armored divisions.

>> No.32990145

>[x] to the kitchen then!
More calories for burning when we go gnome.

>> No.32990147

>[] to the kitchen then!


Grab the boss.

Bossu needs food badly.

>> No.32990148

>[X] Ah, I'll pass. I'd like to steal a bath if I could, I need a good soak.

It's a tough call, but I'm going for the shenanigans.

>> No.32990181

>inb4 Ghost toys with the idea

>> No.32990200

[] Ah, I'll pass. I'd like to steal a bath if I could, I need a good soak.
when was hte last time we actually relaxed?

>> No.32990227

He's only half-wrong. They didn't destroy the blueprints. They did, however, scrap the machine toolings. They can make more, it will just cost as much as an entirely new assembly line to do so.

>> No.32990229

You mean Merc right? Because we got one of those in PJ. Though I don't remember if it came with to Japan.

>> No.32990241

>[] to the kitchen then!

>"So how hard would I have to try??"
>"You have no idea."
So I'm already winning then! Huzzah

>> No.32990245


Well first, the amount of gunpods able to fit would be dependent on the space available.

Second, you'd be disabling the A-10s ATGMs. As much hype the Avenger gets, it's pretty useless in a modern warfare paradigm.

>> No.32990249

"Food sounds awesome. We should probably go grab the boss though, not sure if she'll remember to eat."

>> No.32990270

Wait, I'm confused. Is the AAM coming from sparkle-hammerspace or what?

>> No.32990275

>[] to the kitchen then!
Remember to grab the boss or shes gonna forget to eat again

>> No.32990282

Oh... oh god... if we can put AMRAAMs in strikers, we can probably put BRRRTTs or other wacky shit into the wyvern because magic.

>> No.32990283


If you really must spend ludicrous amounts of money on planes you don't really need, then get the F-22 back up. Their machine tooling is actually preserved and they might actually come in handy in the case America goes full retard and declares war on a first world-power.

>> No.32990316

GAU-8 is a terrible air to air weapon. 20mm is more than enough to get the job done, you can carry more ammo, and is a lot easier on recoil.

>> No.32990336

let the man dream

>> No.32990367

[] to the kitchen then!

>> No.32990376

[X] to the kitchen then!

>> No.32990412

Yes, I know that. My point was because of bullshit sparkle powers we can do:
>Soft vehicles? Put on six M134s
>Armor? Fuck it, on goes the 120mm!
>Berlin-style planespam? Have, like, 100 sidewinders
We are basicly no longer barred by internal storage capacity of the airframe, the sky's the limit.

>> No.32990419

Wasn't the GAU-8 meant for both air and ground targets?

>> No.32990438


I swear to God the A-10 has to be the most overrated weapon in the history of forever.

There's a reason people stopped them from hitting the Republican Guard.


Oh God no, the A-10 would be ripped apart against a proper fighter. And even against helicopters there are far more effective mediums to deal with them.

>> No.32990442

Holy shit 32 Agiles

We should fly like that all the time and let the twins handle BVR

>> No.32990452

i thought the mighty avenger was too strong to aim at planes...

>> No.32990460


stop making bullshit up

>> No.32990491

Goalkeeper CIWS says fluff is right this time.

>> No.32990495


Overkill is the word you're looking for here.

>> No.32990499

Not at all, you are legitimately retarded.
>I swear to God the A-10 has to be the most overrated weapon in the history of forever.
Sadly many no nothings are won over by its allure.

>> No.32990509

go to bed, guy

>> No.32990517

>I swear to God the A-10 has to be the most overrated weapon in the history of forever.
More than the Katana?

>> No.32990530

No need to be upset. Just asking a question that's all.

>> No.32990533

uhh no, it was adapted to that platform, it was not meant for it and especially in the context of it being in an A-10...

>> No.32990534

well that's one way to look at it

>> No.32990539

That's like calling the KS-23 an anti aircraft gun.

>> No.32990554

CIWS is a completely different role and platform from CAS.

>> No.32990562

Fuck dyslexia.

>> No.32990577

>that image

>> No.32990578

>Goalkeeper CIWS

Like wut.


Despite the retarded hype, I've never seen anyone who legitimately believes that katanas can cut through medival plate.

Then again, people being people...

>> No.32990589

Are you fucking stupid or are you just drinking the Air Force kool-aid? The A-10 was never designed to go against a fighter, it was designed to kill tanks, attack helicopters, and men on the ground. You know, shit that poses a threat to infantry that might be a little bit too busy to deal with tanks or attack helicopters, or just not equipped to do so.

Fuck, it's like you don't understand that the guys on the ground love the A-10 for what it can do in comparison to the UAVs or F-22s or -35s, which is loiter, and loiter, and loiter, so the guys on the ground can maybe pull back or advance while Jihad Johnny cowers in a fox hole because he doesn't want shredded by 20mm depleted uranium rounds.

>> No.32990592

sup woo

>> No.32990643

>Outloitering a UAV
Yeah, you don't know shit.

>> No.32990683

UAV carries fewer missiles, and how do you missile infantry?

>> No.32990717

Pretty easily, actually, from what I've seen.

>> No.32990720

It sure as shit can, I've had an A-10 cover my section in Afghanistan while 3 drones were sent and recalled because they ran low on ordinance and had ineffective ordinance...

>> No.32990734

>implying a UAV can reliably do combat air support

As a tax-payer, I'd rather keep funding the A-10 because it's proven and reliable than a bunch of UAVs that can't fly low if there's cloud cover.

>> No.32990748

>how do you missile infantry?
So you are absolutely retarded. Good job. F-16s, B1s, and F-35s are better a quick response. UAVs for loitering. So are Apaches. By their powers combined the A-10 is rendered obsolete.

>> No.32990754

The Goalkeeper CIWS mounts a GAU-8 Avenger cannon for the specific purpose of engaging aerial targets.

The tripfag implied that the GAU-8 Avenger cannon can be purposed for engaging aerial targets and everyone called him a retard.

>> No.32990756

gentlemen please. no fighting in the quest room

>> No.32990779

>The tripfag implied that the GAU-8 Avenger cannon can be purposed for engaging aerial targets and everyone called him a retard.
in the context of talking about the A-10

no need to sperg mr sperglord

>> No.32990783

Here, let me run over to /k/ and grab Reaperguy, a drone pilot. I think he'll have some words for you.

>> No.32990813

here, tfw you accidentally derail the thread

>> No.32990814

Thank you anon.

>> No.32990834

He said:
GAU-8 is a terrible air to air weapon. 20mm is more than enough to get the job done, you can carry more ammo, and is a lot easier on recoil.
Please highlight where he said anything regarding the A-10, please.

>> No.32990845


The idiocy here is amazing, let's break it down.

>Are you fucking stupid or are you just drinking the Air Force kool-aid? The A-10 was never designed to go against a fighter, it was designed to kill tanks, attack helicopters, and men on the ground

Context motherfucker, I was responding to the retarded allegation that the GAU-8 was suited in any way to deal with aircraft. Depleted uranium armor piercing ammunition is actually a poor choice against aircraft.

>The A-10 was never designed to go against a fighter, it was designed to kill tanks,
Which the GAU-8 cannot do unless it gets a good angle, and even then it's chancy and exposes them to MANPAD fire.

>attack helicopters,
Get MANPADs or call in /actual/ fighters.

>and men on the ground.
JDAMs are a thing, and are much better than a bunch of poorly aimed 30mm strafing fire that exposes them to MADPADs or SPAAGs.

Or get a helicopter.

>You know, shit that poses a threat to infantry that might be a little bit too busy to deal with tanks or attack helicopters, or just not equipped to do so.
And drones or attack helicopters are far better options.


Get more UAVs.

>> No.32990854

I have not yet begun to sperg

>A-10s also shot down two Iraqi helicopters with the GAU-8 cannon. The first of these was shot down by Captain Robert Swain over Kuwait on 6 February 1991, marking the A-10's first air-to-air victory

>> No.32990896

Oh Slider, the consensual things I would do to you in the missionary position while holding hands and trying to procreate.

>> No.32990897

I think we're a little beyond "derailed" at this point.

>> No.32990921

It's alright anon, this would happen anyway until Ghost posts again.

>> No.32990928

I know. I'll just wander over to the ground crew barracks and commit sudoku to attone.

Please bury me with a sidewinder

>> No.32990956

oh god damn it I leave for one hour and it devolves in to this shit!

>> No.32990959

You didn't even mention turning out the lights, snuggling while under the covers, or getting real close to her ear and telling her that she's beautiful

>> No.32990970

We should all focus on the important things... Like how I would do all of this >>32990896 to Slider again and again

>> No.32990973

I can't find Reaperguy, but I can safely tell you that UAVs do a shitload of CAS all the time.

>> No.32990990

I want to give Ice headpats...

>> No.32990991


Is there a UAV with guns?

Seems like thats whats required to fully replace the A-10 role.

>> No.32991000

oh yes, first i thought about GDI air support, then i see the INSTRUMENT OF DOOM roll into the fray.

Damn, I need to spin up RA2 again.

>> No.32991005


>> No.32991016


Reconnaissance and CAS is pretty much the entire point of UAVs anyway, so we're not learning anything much new here.


Guns aren't as anywhere as effective as you seem to believe.

>> No.32991020

>All this loss in faith in the A-10

You people make me legitimately sad.

>> No.32991026


nothin else to say but

>> No.32991034

hasgunz > nogunz

>> No.32991037

>Useless dual track design.
>Pointless sharp bits for a fender
>Free swinging chains to get inside the tracks and detrack it.
>MLRS on it for no reason
>Poorly placed AA machinegun.
>Lots of excessive pipes
0/10 would not tank

>> No.32991060 [SPOILER] 

It's almost as if there is some sort of third party manipulating things behind the scenes.

We should talk to the base commander about it, or those blokes from the 8492nd

>> No.32991062

It's Call of Duty and summer.

>> No.32991067


Ice and Slider

They come as a set.


I know nothing of cas. But everyone talks about strafting runs and that big gun.

If theres one to replace it instead of only a couple of missiles all the time, wouldn't that be better?

>> No.32991068


Not when the guns take up space you can use for a ATGM.


There's a point where one gets sick of the screaming hype the A-10 gets.

It's a 40 year-old relic, deal with it.

>> No.32991069

/k/ go home

you are drunk

>> No.32991075


>> No.32991077

Guns are full retard. Don't go full retard.

>> No.32991097


Strafing is an option of the LAST resort.

Because shocking enough, going low pretty much makes you a juicy targets for either SPAAGs or MANPADs.

>> No.32991102

>Soviets deploy prototype power armor during the battle for Moscow.

>> No.32991103

>Not when the guns take up space you can use for a ATGM.

I admit I'm no expert, but didn't we already try the whole "These flying things don't need guns, we have MISSILES!" thing before? and it turned out badly?

>> No.32991106

drunk /k/ is best /k/ though...

>> No.32991109

uh, boris has arrived?

>> No.32991121

na its just something I found


>> No.32991134

>It's a 40 year-old relic, deal with it.

So's, what, the F-16, F-15, F/A-18s, MiG-29s, Chinooks, Hinds, and fuckloads what else.

Those are fine.

>> No.32991147

I would head pat Ice all day, but Slider has been my favorite from the start. I do however hope Ice wins the Frank race.

>> No.32991149

Not really. The guns added on to the F-4 in Vietnam did not change the kill/loss at all. There were like 6 gun kills total for F-4s. Missiles did everything else. Navy didn't even have guns on their F-4s and they did better than the Air Force. Now missile tech has progressed much father from where it was, literally doubling the pk(Percent chance to Kill).

>> No.32991151

>It's a 40 year-old relic, deal with it.

So is most of the rest of the US air fleet, like Eagles, Falcons, and B-52s, but nobody is complaining about them.

>> No.32991156

Are those fucking Nebelwerfers on the side?

>> No.32991184

fuckers can shoot at aircraft with those!

>> No.32991192

that's actually cool though.

"fools! you can't touch me! now that i have apocalypse power armor and can call down witch air strike on puny martians!"

>but ngoomy
no buts captcha

>> No.32991199

You monster!
If you turned out the lights, you wouldn't be able to appreciate every beautiful expression she makes! However, I can agree on snuggling and reminding her over and over of how she's the most gorgeous girl in the whole world and that I love her. Preferably through soft whispers directly into her ear.

Not that any of that matters, since she's head over heels for Fronky boy.

Agreed, I like Ice for Fronk.

>> No.32991207

Couldn't we just...I dunno, take the A-10 approach and apply it to a UAV? I mean:
1) design a gun.
2) Design a UAV around that gun
3) Make sure UAV can fly
4) Add more hardpoints for the UAV for ATGMs
5) Actually get design approved for use by Pentagon
6) ????

Or something like that?

>> No.32991212


>> No.32991213

>tfw when I accidentally deleted THISISANEBELWERFERITWERFNEBELS.jpeg

>> No.32991214

fuck yes! I want this to be a thing now

>> No.32991226

no, if i'm seeing it correctly, those are mammoth tusk AA missile tubes, and that tank is the apocalypse from RA2, aka "Soviet Armor's Supreme"

>> No.32991230

Gun is not needed at all. Stop asking for it.

>> No.32991235

You might have trouble with Step 5. It's too sensible an idea for the Pentagon.

>> No.32991237

One of the original proposals for the A-10 once it reached its operational lifespan was to basically turn it into a drone.

>> No.32991246

>Please highlight where he said anything regarding the A-10, please.
read the fucking conversation chain you idiot

>> No.32991250


Make them so they can be attached to the A-10's (Or a B-52s) hardpoints


>> No.32991255

Actually, step 6, I typoed.

>> No.32991265

god help us if we see those on the ground

is it bad that I now want to see a red alert 2 sw quest?

>> No.32991266

UAV spooky

>> No.32991276


That was 40 years ago, and even dismissing that, the GAU-8 is a pretty bad gun to do it with. It's no longer effective in the role it was designed to perform (tank-busting), and it's not terribly good against infantry, not least because any platform moving low enough to strafe is one that lets itself get shot at.


Except those don't have more modern, more cost-effective replacements that out modes it. The teen series are still excellent fighter craft compared to the majority of its likely competition, which is 3rd world shitholes. Meanwhile, the A-10 may be from the same era, but it has neither received the same modernisation upgrades (not that those will be effective when the weapons system you're pretty much based on is obselete) and it's emerging competition if much more cost-efficient while not putting pilots at risk.

>> No.32991301

indeed comrade! now we must convince comrade ghost to make boris with apocalypse tank power armor from lazarus project...

but a 63'ed witch boris is fine too...

>> No.32991320

Moonlight exists for a reason my good friend! Plus, you also forgot taking her to a nice romantic dinner, then throwing yourself down on one knee, pulling out the biggest and most beautiful diamond ring you could find/afford, and saying, low and sexually: Rachel Kerner, will you marry me


>> No.32991333


Get a F-15E, load it with bombs and ATGMs, boom, you now have your A-10 replacement.

>> No.32991335 [SPOILER] 

not at all!

>> No.32991353

[x] to the kitchen then!

“Well, to the kitchen then!” You proclaim. “And it was nice to meet you miss Zemke, and good to see you again, Mr. Perry. Are you staying at the castle?”

Miss Zemke answers. “I am, Mr. Perry and his team are staying in the guest quarters on the east side.” You nod- you've seen them before, and they don't look too bad, though you somehow doubt they're quite as nice as the quarters you're in.

“You could, uh. You could stop by and have a drink with us, Mister Bishop.” Mr. Perry says. “We play poker on Thursday nights, and we're, uh. We're in London over the weekend.”

“If I get the chance I might drop by, yeah.” You say, grinning. “Good seeing you again.”

The kitchen is mostly empty- there's a younger witch you don't recognize retreating from it as your trio enters. She looks at the three of you, confusion on her face, before she recognizes you and it clicks- though she doesn't stop to introduce herself.

The leftovers in the fridge look tempting enough- and you take out the covered chocolate cake and set it on the counter, just out of Merlin's reach. She looks at it longingly.

“After you have some real food, kiddo.” You say, laughing. “I'll make you a plate, go ahead and sit down.”

Judging by the contents of the other fridge- The one that Georgette pretty much has exclusive control over- she's planning on making burgers for dinner. Unusual, for her, but her burgers can and have made you believe in a kind and merciful god, so you don't want to ruin evening chow by eating too much now. Still, you manage to make a trio of good plates and sit them down on the table, popping open a coke for you and slider, and putting a glass of milk in front of Merlin, who looks at you like you've lost your mind.


>> No.32991378


>> No.32991381

then tanya is best witch?
wait, she has the HAHAHA.

screw it. another spone of Mio?!

>> No.32991398

“Drink it then you can have soda.” You say, sitting down.

Merlin, to her credit, doesn't complain, digging into her mashed potatoes with gusto.

“So, what's Ice up to?” You ask. “I haven't seen her since we landed.”

Slider shrugs. “Probably up in her office reading those trashy novels of hers. You know the ones I mean.”

“The dragonriders of Texas or whatever?” You ask, and she nods.

“T-that sounds l-like it might be ok. What's it a-about?” Merlin asks.

“Uh... hrm. Hey Frank you want to field this one?” Slider says, grinning at you.

“It's about Fabio being shirtless. I think.” You say, deadpan. “Going by the cover, anyway.”

“O-oh. I think I-I'll stick to popular mechanics.” Merlin says, quietly. You laugh.

2/3 (oops)

>> No.32991415

UAV wa datte ja nai!!

>> No.32991436

that would be scary because she would be poping TANKS with those pistols of hers

>> No.32991442

“Ah, Frank!” Georgette interrupts the conversation. “I see you're having a snack before dinner again. I hope you plan to leave room, I'm making hamburgers.”

“Of course!” you respond, smiling and standing up.

“Please, sit, sit. I didn't mean to interrupt.” She says. “Though since you're here, I do have something for you.”

She hands you a small, cream-colored envelope, it's flap tucked into the back. “What's this?” You ask.

She laughs. “Open it up!”

Inside is a small invitation to her and Nicholas' wedding anniversary, RSVP, all the good stuff. It'll be here in the castle, on a day you're not usually scheduled to fly, even- with the four on, three off schedule you're supposed to have, anyway.

“It won't be for a little while, yet.” She says, pulling the plate of burgers out, and setting them next to the Cake you set out earlier. “But we like to do the invitations well in advance. It should be small, just some people here and a few family friends. Samantha and Rachel, you're both more than welcome to come as well, if you'd like.”

[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”
[] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”
[] “I'd be glad to go.”
[] “I don't actually think I can make it.”

>> No.32991467

>[x] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991472

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

God yes.

>> No.32991482

>[] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991489

hell i'll PAY to see tanya do that... in a prop striker.

>> No.32991492

>[] “I'd be glad to go. I can't speak for Merlin or Slider, but I'm sure they'd love to go as well"

>> No.32991495

>[] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991500

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

>> No.32991508

>[] “I'd be glad to go.
Let the others make up their own minds. Anything else would be rude

>> No.32991511

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”
>Slider in dress uniform

>> No.32991514

[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

>> No.32991519

she has to SWIM so she can C4 ships

>> No.32991526


dang, its noon where i am, but my brain is still off to lala-land

>> No.32991528

Young is going to be there. Not just Youngspawn.

Young. Pilot Young. Fly inverted over the Channel while it' dark to provide cover for a witch in the drink, Young.

It'll be glorious.

>> No.32991540

>[x] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991541

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

I do have question, how dressed upped will this be?

>> No.32991553

>[] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991569

oh fuck.....

>> No.32991571

>a coke for you and slider
>a coke

A-are we sharing with Slider

>> No.32991577

Party time

>> No.32991578

>[X] “We'd be delighted to attend.”
Who else from the squadron though? Or the testing witches? PLEASE no Matrons we can't handle nicely.
Whelp, I think I'm crashing now. Night everyone. Ghost, stay healthy please.

>> No.32991583

He will recognize his own

>Sees us
>walks over
>"The voices talk to you too! I can see it in your eyes! BARIN WILL GET YOU!!!"
Then Minna'll come over and drag him away

>> No.32991589

then catalina (aka black cat) flying boat striker?

>insert blackcatwitchfanart.jpg here

>> No.32991592

>[] “I'd be glad to go.”

>> No.32991603

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

If we're going. Everyone is going.

>> No.32991605


Any bets her old squadron will be there?

i.e Cupcakeski, Nipa, etc?

>> No.32991610


>> No.32991614

I got to hit the hay also because I got a new PC coming today or tomorrow (fucking microcenter!)

>> No.32991620

[X] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

>> No.32991628

>[] “I can't speak for Slider, but Merlin and I will be there.”

>> No.32991630

No. A coke for each.

>> No.32991638


>> No.32991646

As long as I get to tell her I'm the happiest man in the world when she says yes.
It's wonderful anon, truly the sweetest of dreams.
If only I weren't awake.

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

>> No.32991661


>> No.32991666






>> No.32991667

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

So, who else is coming. Because this could be a lot of fun or end very poorly... Probably both.

>> No.32991688

[x] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

"Think of it this way Slider, it's a chance to use those nice blues of yours."

>> No.32991690

yes, yes! been looking for this.

so if tanya is a black cat witch, what would the soviets have?
>(assuming we're still on this RA2/SWQ thing)

>> No.32991695


Wish I saved that.

>> No.32991697

>[] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

Everyones going

>> No.32991715


>> No.32991725


>> No.32991740


>> No.32991741

The head canon has already been established. Sorry

>> No.32991742

Why thank you sir.

>> No.32991771


>> No.32991780

I thought I locked you out...

>> No.32991794

>No. A cock for each.


>> No.32991802

You're so boring.

>> No.32991804


>> No.32991815

After you tell her that, you see tears well up in her eyes as she says "yes! YES!". You wrap her up in your arms as you start to swing her around in joy. For you are happy
Speedwagon Withdraws sadly
It's that time again~!

>> No.32991819


>> No.32991844

Fegelein is behind this!

>> No.32991847

And now i'm imagining all the Youngspawn as young kids running around in German Shepard onesies.

>> No.32991850

Oh Speedwagon...H-He had a hard life...

>> No.32991851

I think we should toss them in the river.

>> No.32991857


>> No.32991873


>> No.32991874

we tried that!

>> No.32991876

holy shit that'd be adorable

>> No.32991897

It's not like they have many more pictures of this, right?

>> No.32991903


So going by the pics, Minna had Identical Sextuplets.


>> No.32991935

you'd be surprised

>> No.32991938


>> No.32991940


>> No.32991951


>is it bad that I now want to see a red alert 2 sw quest?

so, ghostdivision, sir, assuming we still have soviets here, and there's still some room for growth... Boris?

>> No.32991952

Damnit, anon, I can't take anymore of this. I'm going to go play some Ace Combat.

>> No.32991966

Cupcakeski will likely bring her spawn as well. And more than likely a Young spawn as well
thanks good anon

>> No.32992003


Don't call me sir, I work for a living.

writing, Btw.

>> No.32992052

>Don't call me sir, I work for a living.
uh sorry ghost, guess i forgot that uhaul kept saying the same thing in Cracker (twas a good book btw) about that.
and thank you!


>> No.32992057

>cupcake feeling up georgette on her anniversary night
>have to bribe us so we don't tell anyone

>> No.32992077

>implying you work

>> No.32992104

It's not like she's subtle.

>> No.32992109

If it makes you feel any better, I want to snuggle with Slider as well
now now Minna-pup, it was a joke at the expense of the officers which always made me laugh because many of my friends in the services are officers

>> No.32992113


Aw fuck, I want me some cream puffs now...

No seriously, those are friggin amazing.

>> No.32992216

She's going to do more than just "feel her up". She's already proven that monogamy is just a word to her.

>> No.32992245

Maybe to her. But Georgette is strong enough to stop her and I'm sure she's inviting friends...

>> No.32992274

This is the one that makes me want to go play C&C again. I still hear her laughs in my head.

>> No.32992296

Plus, Mack is a straight-up master. I doubt he'd let Cupcakeski anywhere near Georgette without her explicit permission.

Young and Minna on the other hand...

>> No.32992328

They'd fight over who gets to do her first.

>> No.32992333

I bet Minna's become more possessive after all these years...

>> No.32992344

oh ya....also she got knocked up by young also

>> No.32992356

I can only hope.

>> No.32992363

I was gonna post more art of Minna and Young but decided this was better.

>> No.32992378


>> No.32992396

I think this is Minna if Cupcake tries anything.

>> No.32992397

I was waiting for the calls to Crazy Ivan. I knew they were coming.

>> No.32992404

Holy crap man.... I feel like I need to go read SWQ now

>> No.32992406


>> No.32992415

I... don't think that actually happened. Maybe.

>> No.32992417


Young did her first. This is canon.

>> No.32992432

sorry to tell you this but planefag said its cannon so ya we need to fear that young spawn....the bounce+lust....dark things are coming

>> No.32992449

It's also canon that Young got pregnant in the affair. Word of God.

>> No.32992450

The knocking up bit is up to the imagination. but yes boinks occurred.

>> No.32992454

No, he said cupcake impregnated Young. If you can't see how that doesn't work, you probably couldn't tell he wasn't being serious.

>> No.32992466

I find this to be hotter.

Unless you provide me with some proof of Planefag stating the Cupcake got pregnant, I don't believe you at all.

We know that part. It's the knocked up bit.

>> No.32992537

Confirmed canon from Planefag was that Cupcake impregnated Young.

>> No.32992550

man, me too. nostalgia, man. hardly anybody makes games like RA anymore.

>> No.32992555

>Planefag confirmed for being into M-Preg

I knew he was fucked in the head, but shit.

>> No.32992592

>Cupcake impregnated Young
>There are two Youngs at Barin, MC and Robin
How did no one notice this?

>> No.32992604

See, I read it as Cupcake or cupcakespawn impregnating youngspawn.

He didn't say when, after all.

>> No.32992615

This is true
yes it did. And we're eating on the very spot they did it at too.
Plane Fag dropped in one of these threads not too long ago and said it was canon.

>> No.32992617

Sorry. Young just couldn't keep up with Cupcake's bouncing.

If it makes you feel better, Cupcake got Minna pregnant, too.

>> No.32992623

Well, if witchdick is a thing...

>> No.32992625

Because girls loving girls still can't make babies, anon.

Besides, he always just called her "Robin".

>> No.32992627

Cupcake has Young's semen. Incest?

>> No.32992635

I think it was around the time we went to see the reds via CIA shit

>> No.32992638

You are an imbicile. Cupcake got YOUNG pregnant.

>> No.32992647

That is a disgusting theory.....and I love it!

>> No.32992651


>> No.32992661

Turkey basters are a thing

>> No.32992678

give it up you are outnumbered on this

>> No.32992686

[x] “We'd be delighted to attend.”

“We'd be delighted to attend!” You say, watching Merlin and Slider both nod their agreement with you.

Georgette smiles. “Oh, good! I'm sure Nicholas will be just as happy as I am. I'm glad you'll be able to make it, it wouldn't feel right without your squadron there.”

The four of you make small talk- nothing major, honestly, but it's kind of nice to be able to do so without some kind of underlying conflict to avoid. You really need to sit down and talk to Georgette more, you think.

You and Merlin separate from Slider at that point- she's headed up to her room for a nap, while you and Merlin head back down to the support shops to drop off the remainder of your flight gear and change into your base clothes- the both of you agreeing you should wear flightsuits the entire time you're here. You also make a note to have your dress uniform shipped over- while you're sure it's not a priority by any means, you'd still like to have it- it's starting to sound like you're going to need it sooner rather than later.

The hangar is still busy- the twin's jet now joins yours on the two full sized pads available- the hawk trainers typically occupy the limited pad outside, while the rest of the interior is used for Strikers, which fill rack upon rack along the hangar's other side.


>> No.32992710

“Ah, Baron. What be bringin you down heah?” Brigette asks from behind you- the clank of her tank striker's tread on the concrete giving her away long before her voice. “Jus visitin your domain befoah goin back up to de comfort all de other girls be wantin?”

You chuckle. “Well, ya know, it's not too bad. Sure beats a berth on the sara.”

She laughs. “Dat it do. It also be better than a sniper hide in de jungle 'wid de bugs and de sneks. You be reminding me to tell you about dat ovah drinks sometime, heah?” She says, laughing back. “De sneks, dey not so bad, the bugs 'do.”

“You don't go getting yourself in trouble now, telling me things you shouldn't.” You say, grinning.

“If I be tellin' ya any'ting ya shouldn't be knowing, I be 'makin sure ya never tell no one. Be a waste though, so I be tinkin to jest not tell you, oui?”

She looks around for a second, her head snapping around lightning quick. “Yer sistah be comin.”

“Are you always the bearer of good news?” You ask, moving to cover yourself behind her strikers.

“I be many tings to many people, Baron Samedi. But now I be wonderin why you be hidin that close ta mah tail.”

“If you had my sister, you'd understand.”

“Dat may be, baron. You owe me fer dis, though.”

“Merci, Maman Brigette. Merci.”

You only hope her laugh doesn't attract Jess. You're having a fairly relaxing day after the flight so far.

>> No.32992743

Brigette your great.

You and Georgette, we need to talk to more.

>> No.32992751


Why is bridgette so best

>> No.32992755

and yep, that's it for the night! I think from here on in, I won't be saying anything about running early or late or anything like that. Seems like whenever I do, things conspire to prevent it, hahaha.

ANyways, hope you guys had fun, Yes, Merlin is building upon crazy shit (you should see the notes!) ah, Merlin. that adorable ball of she's totally gonna be the next Nobel or Oppenheimer.

well, We'll be back next week, same time as usual, so till then, guys, cheers!

>> No.32992766

But I don't wanna go to sleep!

>> No.32992784

Thanks for running, boss.

>> No.32992791

>Yes, Merlin is building upon crazy shit (you should see the notes!) ah, Merlin. that adorable ball of she's totally gonna be the next Nobel or Oppenheimer
So she's going to be dismayed at what her works will end up doing to the world? You're so kind to her.

>> No.32992805

>Baron Samedi
>Mamon Brigette

I can't believe I only just now got this reference

>> No.32992814

all hail ghost. thanks for this week's run. good first experience on a live run, though.

>Merlin is building upon crazy shit
sam's either making a mini-hakkero, or she's lining up stuff for a crazy lady with two guns and a detpack.
>galactic eatsndb
or as my friend captcha says, something galactic.

>> No.32992817

JUNE 20, 1808

The evening sun waned astride Westminster Hall, heralding a late end to the special session in the House of Commons. George Henry Richard White stood up, wiping the sweat from his brows as his knees groaned in protest. He walked briskly towards the exit, scarcely stopping to acknowledge persons of importance whom he passed. A swift rearward glance affirmed the wisdom of his hurried escape: already, several of his colleagues had been accosted by members of one faction or the other, all eager to drag them to their side. He stepped into the hallway a free man—save for a young gentleman who had fallen into step with him as he slipped through the crowd. It was Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston and currently sitting in one of George’s three pocket boroughs.

“What a right mess we’re in, eh sir?” The young man asked, loosening his collar with a sigh.

“What a right mess indeed,” George replied with a tired shake of his head. “Boney allied Spain for nearly a decade, and now he’s garrisoned it and forced their king to abdicate. It’s a right mess—and one that doesn’t even make sense. Boney couldn’t possibly think the Spaniards would welcome a French occupation. And judging from the number of Spanish delegates begging us for money and arms, they don’t.”

“I don’t think his rationale is the real issue here—it’s how to best exploit this situation.” Palmerston shrugged. “A shame Castlereagh and Canning can’t seem come to agree on how.”

“Young man, I’ve never seen those two see eye-to-eye on anything.” George wiped fresh sweat from his face with a handkerchief. “I’ve little interest in getting involved in their ministerial spat. I wish they’d leave backbenchers like me well enough alone.”

>> No.32992821

>"Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds."
>- Samantha "Merlin" Wells c. 19xx

>> No.32992823

Thanks for the run as always
But I do, Minna. Got a long 48 hours ahead of me

Is Brigette's familiar a reptile or lizard or whatever? If so, I see more and more evidence that lizard familiars are best girls.
She's the back-seater in a jet that's ended many people. She's already seen the abyss

>> No.32992839

Thanks for running Ghost!

>> No.32992846

“With the two of them dividing the government and fighting for control? Good luck with that, sir. They’ll come for you soon enough: both want your three votes.”

Palmerston didn’t suggest which side George should choose—a fact which he noticed and appreciated. “I wish I had four. Then I can just split it between the two of them and be done with it.”

“You might someday, sir.” Palmerston paused before adding, “But you won’t win much if you hedge.”

“Right you are, as always.” George nodded. “Right you are.”

A gentle breeze greeted them as they exited Westminster and set foot on the Old Palace Yard, its immaculate grass bathed in bronze by the dipping sun. The sight only reminded George of just how long he had been cooped up in that damned House. He reached into his pocket for his watch, though he already knew the time: late for his wife’s soiree.

He sighed.

“Well sir, if I may be excused?” Palmerston asked in formality, already tipping of his hat in farewell. “It is getting late and I have arrangements.”

“Yes, yes, of course.” George put on a smile as he waved the young man away. “Away with you, young sir.”

George couldn’t help but nod in silent approval as he watched as his charge bounded across the yard, full of youthful expectations for the night. He very much liked young Palmerston: industrious, exceedingly intelligent, full of potential. It was why he had lent the young man one of his pocket boroughs to help start his political career.

‘Would have been a good match for Audie,’ George mused, ‘save for all his amorous adventures.’

It was a fault he could very much overlook in a colleague, but not in a suitor.

>> No.32992855

Ghostdiva lewds when

>> No.32992861

She is going to build a Metal Gear in the future I bet

>> No.32992869

Thanks for running!

>> No.32992880

>Georgette and Mack's wedding anniversary
>two old people still deeply in love with each other and not afraid to show that affection

It's going to be one of the most adorable things ever. It's also going to make Ice, Slider, Katya, and Konstantina feel funny.

>> No.32992907

George languidly made for his waiting carriage, few joys waiting at home to add springs to his footsteps. From the corner of his eye, he saw the House of Lords and Matrons—as he did every time he began his journey home. Usually, he would walk past without paying the Upper House much attention. Today, he paused and stole a furtive glance. Back in the day, the sight had filled him with resolution. He only felt ambivalence now. He sighed and turned towards his carriage.

A voice called from behind him, forcing George to come to a stop once more. “Ah, excellent. White! A moment of your time.”

“Boyle,” George acknowledged as he turned around, a forced smile on his lip. “To what do I owe the pleasure?”

Boyle was a long-time backbencher like he was, though only a single-seater. And he was known as one of Canning’s men through and through.

“Oh, nothing much,” He replied, keeping up the facade. “I just fancied a chat with a fellow member. I hope I might impose a little of your time?”

“Of course,” George replied, the two falling into a leisurely walk. Though not a word had been spoken, George already knew the subject up for discussion: it was simply a matter of arriving at it while maintaining the requisite social decorum. He decided to steer the conversation to the point. “One blaze of a session today, eh? Going around in circles.”

“Yes, quite. Thought I’d fall asleep like the Duke.”

“He *is* ailing,” George noted. The prime minister falling asleep in-session did not bode well for the longevity of his already shaky government. “That poor gentleman, force to sit through these at his age.”

Boyle nodded. “He’s been at a right poor state ever since he formed the government last year. And can you blame him, with someone like Castlereagh as the Secretary for War? It’s a miracle he hasn’t died yet from the stress.”

>> No.32992921

kinda cheesy, but fire-forged love is best love

>> No.32992922

“I take it you aren’t in favour of Castlereagh’s proposal, then?”

“No sir. Sending reinforcement to aid the Spaniards is all well and good, but to give command to Arthur Wellesley? Preposterous.”

“Mm,” George murmured, his tone non-committal.

“Why, he’s such a junior lieutenant-general that I can’t believe Castlereagh had the galls to put his name up for it.” Boyle’s voice oozed condescension. “Not to mention Wellesley *volunteered*—no sense of protocol at all, that one. Just what you’d expect from an Irishman.”

“I think his age and family origin are the least of his problems,” George said, running late and running out of patience. “It’s his connections with Castlereagh.”

“An unfair remark,” Boyle replied without missing a beat. “Britain has but one army. We can’t waste it away in the Spanish countryside under the command of one of our most junior lieutenant-generals.”

“I’m reserving my judgement,” George answered, carefully maintaining his neutrality. He was fishing for an offer he knew was sure to come; he would not sell cheaply. “My daughter’s the soldier, not me.”

“And what a soldier,” Boyle said with a slight grin. “Heard she graduated top of her class at Woolwich; a late congratulation for that.”

George smiled genuinely for the first time that day. “Why, thank you. We are immensely proud of her.”

“Of course.” Boyle nodded. “Commanding a gun in some regiment now, is she?”

“Gun seven, ‘A’ Battery, Royal Horse Artillery,” George replied automatically, the knowledge stemming from memorization than comprehension. “I haven’t the foggiest idea of what that even means.”

>> No.32992935

No Feels or lewds today?

>> No.32992945

“First in her class… seems a bit of a waste to have her command a single gun,” Boyle mused idly. “Why, a smart girl like that would be more gainfully employed, say, as an assistant instructor at Woolwich. It’d be far more productive than mucking about with the enlisted, I imagine.”

“She’d fancy that, I think.” George’s voice cooled, not liking the tiller of this conversation. Carrot and stick went hand-in-hand in parliamentary games—and with the Spanish question looming, George could guess at what the unspoken stick might be. “Though, she tells me she’s not qualified for it. Needs to fill out a couple more years of service, or so she says.”

“Nonsense, she’s the brains for it.” Boyle leaned close towards George, his fake pleasantry discarded. He spoke quietly, his tone stern. “This government isn’t going to last long, White. You know it as well as I. And when that time comes, mark my words: it’ll be Canning who will form the government. You’ve wanted an office for a long while now—you know what to do.”

He looked George in the eye. “Or do you want to backbench until you retire?”

George stared back, unfazed. He was a consummate Parliamentarian who knew when to give and when stand his ground. To his credit, Boyle was one too: he dropped his glare the second he had gotten his point across.

“My God, look at the time,” he said, checking his timepiece with fake gaiety as if his previous honesty had been the lie. “It’s nice chatting with you, but I do believe I must get going.”

He snapped the piece shut. “I don’t suppose you’ll give me an answer now, eh, White?”

“I’ll think on it.”

“Think well on it, White.” Boyle smirked as he began to walk away. “I can assure you that it will be to your advantage.”

“My advantage my foot,” George huffed with Boyle out of earshot. “The bastard’s made me run even later.”

>> No.32992949


Napoleon witches! Just as good.

>> No.32992952

>witch big boss

oh god...

>> No.32992964


Laughter filled the air as couples spun past in a whirl of silk and satin.

London’s social scene had long recognized Minerva White as a first-class hostess—and tonight’s soiree did not disappoint. Flowers and statues greeted curious guests as they wandered through the Whites’ spacious residence, stewards always on hand to attend to their every need. The petite orchestra hired for the occasion played well, their selection diverse to suite ever-changing tastes. But the biggest draw of the night was the French émigrés in attendance: mostly nobles, though a couple prominent political dissidents had received the nod as well. Foreign nobility was an excellent way to keep it fresh for London’s Old Money, socialites, and climbers used to entertainment—while publicly affirming the Whites’ commitment to the Cause.

Every sign pointed to a brilliant night.

“So,” said Rothe as he nursed his wine, “remind me why I’m sitting here while the ladies are out dancing.”

Audie looked up from her plate, chewing on a bit of brisket. She swallowed.

“Because I need a gentleman nearby to keep the other gentlemen at bay while I eat.” Finding that the brisket tasted rather nice, she reached over and neatly piled on the rest of it onto her plate. She had had to fly back, and she was famished. “Besides, keeping a lady accompanied is nice. Isn’t it, colonel?”

“Only if she puts out,” he replied, causing both of them to snicker at the inappropriateness of it all.

>> No.32992980

nah, witch naked snake

>> No.32992986

With his aging yet handsome features, roguish sense of humour and panache reserved for cavalrymen, Nigel Silberston—Colonel Commandant of the Royal Horse Artillery—looked as if he belonged in the soiree. In truth, he had only received an invitation for Audie’s superior; Rothe had been his bring-along. Far from being discouraged by that fact, it merely seemed to embolden him: less soldiers in the crowd, less competition so far as he was concerned. He took an appraising glance at his two young charges before emptying his glass.

“Well, Spence. Unlike you, I have ambitions for the night,” he proclaimed with a cocky grin. “She’s your subordinate so I leave you on garrison duty. As for me….”

He said no more, simply adjusting his collar with a hand before striding confidently towards the nearest female crowd.

“Why, that old fox,” Rothe muttered, a rueful smile plastered on his lips.

“I hear he used to have quite the reputation,” Audie managed between her bites. “He’s so very *cavalry* about everything.”

“That’s because he *is* cavalry,” Rothe replied, taking another sip of his wine. “Lord knows how he ended up as our C-C, but I’m glad for it. Didn’t see him for years when he got posted to India way back, so having him next door is rather nice.”

>> No.32993013

The two chatted as the night continued to wear on, Audie’s increasing pile of empty plates marking the time. By the time she had set aside her third plate, the sun had gone down completely, dining hall kept lit by oil lamps and numerous candles which bathed the hall with their fragrance. The orchestra took a short intermission during her fifth meal, and Audie caught her mother glancing at her direction; likely hoping she’d take the cue and begin dancing—which she didn’t. And just as she loaded up her seventh plate of the night, the music came to another screeching halt. Puzzled guests craned their heads towards the valet who had put a sudden stop to the evening.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” he announced in a clear voice, “Mr. White has returned. His carriage is coming through the front gate now.”

As if they had agreed in advance, much of the crowd began to make their way towards the front entrance, eager to offer the late host their belated thanks for an invitation. Audie rushed to meet her father, politely making her way through some of the earlier arrivals to do so. He stood amidst the crowd rather bashful from the attention, Minerva dutifully at his side.

“Papa!” Audie smiled as she curtsied. “Welcome home.”

“Thank you, dear,” he replied with a genuine smile. Briefly, he glanced around the crowd. “Where’s Tony?”

“Busy playing with the other children,” Minerva answered. “Would you like me to—”

“No, let him be. Boys will be boys.” George let a nearby servant take his hat. He flashed a smile at his guests. “My apologies for running late to my own soiree, ladies and gentlemen. I’m afraid today’s House session was rather long. Imagine that.”

>> No.32993028

There was a polite laughter.

“Now if you’ll excuse me for a moment, do allow me to go make myself a bit more presentable.”

“Let me help you, dear,” Minerva said as she took him by the arm, ever the faithful wife. She clapped her hands loudly. “The music, if you please.”

And the soiree resumed its course, music and conversations flaring back to life as Minerva accompanied George upstairs to a changing room.

“Your father is one tired-looking man,” Rothe observed as the two of them made their way back to their old table.

Audie shrugged, long inured to the sight. “Parliament.”

They edged past loiterers and gave a wide birth to dancers, hardly able to hear each other over the merry cacophony. Everything was as it had been minutes before, as if the night had gone on without interruption—save for the dining tables which the servants had coincidentally began taking away in the meantime, Audie’s table first.

“Well… fuck,” she muttered quietly under her breath, very unlady-like. “That was a low blow, mother.”

“A fearsome an opponent, indeed.” Rothe quipped. He glanced at her, a sly look on his face. “Well, your food’s gone and so is my wine. What do you think we should do to pass the time, hmm?”

“I’d be careful if I were you, captain.” Audie replied, playing at being stern. “That could be considered fraternization.”

He winked as he proffered his hand. “I won’t tell if you won’t.”

>> No.32993034

Thanks for the run Ghost.

>> No.32993050

The two took their place on the floor, standing at arm’s length as they waited for the next stanza to start. Audie unconsciously brushed the fabric of her pearl satin dress before readjusting her shawl: purple rimmed with silver, a throwback to a witch’s mark in Roman times. Satisfied she was spotless, Audie waited for the leitmotif, stepping forward when she heard it. With a practiced motion, she rested her right hand on Rothe’s hip, proffering her left hand.

Rothe did the same.

The two blinked at each other in awkward confusion, far closer than was socially decent. Everything finally clicking together, Audie gasped and beat a hasty step back, her face crimson. A couple nearby ladies gave a scandalized giggle, save for a witch who gave her a knowing look.

“Well, that’s… different.” Rothe said, his hand still on her hip.

“S-sorry. Force of habit,” she stuttered. “I—see—somebody has to be the man in the Academy balls and—”

“It’s quite alright. I’ve certainly no complaints.” He grinned roguishly. He offered her his free hand. “Now, shall we?”


George exhaled as he dipped his hand into the water basin, the warmth washing away some of the fatigue. From the muffled sound of music and gaiety which flooded into the room, Minerva’s soiree had turned out to be quite the success. He intended to enjoy it once he refreshed himself—but first things first.

“Sorry I’m late, Minie,” he said, splashing some of the water onto his face. “Session ran a bit long.”

“It’s quite alright,” she replied with a smile as she handed her husband a towel. She blinked, perplexed as to why he eyed her with suspicion before the realization struck her. “Did you think I’d be upset?”

“With all the trouble you took putting this together? Frankly, yes.”

Minerva stifled an uncharacteristic laugh. “Please, George. I couldn’t be happier you were late—honest.”

>> No.32993064

“Really?” He had to cock an eyebrow at that. “And why is that?”

“Because only two types attend special sessions in the House: those who matter and busybodies.” She gently prodded his chest with a slender finger. “And *you* are no busybody. Being late is a sign you’ve made it and now everyone knows.”

He couldn’t help but feel a bit sheepish. “Thanks for the compliment, dear.”

“You’re welcome.” Another trill of mirth escaped her lips.

George bared his neck, noticing the white silk stock tie in Minerva’s hands. His nose detected a trace of lavender as she stepped in front of him.

“You’ve that look,” she said, tying the stock tie in place as her grey eyes studied his wary features. “That look like you’re shouldering half the world.”

She contemplated briefly as she pinned the tie in place, a look of guarded exuberance dawning on her face as she deduced the right conclusion. “They’ve come for you today, haven’t they?”

George lowered his head and looked at her with awe. “Minie, it’s frightening how you read me like a book.”

“Well, it’s something I’ve been reading for a while now,” she replied as she helped with his coat. “So who was it? Castlereagh?”

“Canning,” he answered, taking a bit of wind out of Minerva’s sails. “Hinted at an office; no promises. The usual.”

George quickly examined himself in front of a mirror. It wasn’t half-bad job, time considering—then again, this wasn’t the first time he had had to change his wardrobe on the fly, either. He flicked smooth his lapel with the back of his hand as Minerva watched him hesitantly.

“Will you take him up on it?” she asked.

“I haven’t decided yet.” He looked her in the eye. “You think I should.”

>> No.32993083

She glanced away from him, preferring to study a small porcelain figure of an angel resting on a nearby window sill instead.

“… Canning isn’t the most trustworthy individual,” she said finally. “And I suppose it might be a bit unfair to Wellesley—but we can’t sit on the sidelines forever, George.”

She picked up the little angel, nervously turning it in her hand. “We can’t turn down an offer at this stage.”

George looked at Minerva and knew she was right. His neutrality had been a carefully considered choice, intended to bait both sides into making him an offer for his support—but he couldn’t tarry too long lest he be isolated from both sides. And with the Spanish question driving the tension between Castlereagh and Canning to a fever-pitch, he’d cross the point of no return soon. Minerva was absolutely right.

Still, he had his reservations.

“Let’s think it over tomorrow morning, Minie. Tomorrow.” He then added in the way of diversion, “Audie looked nice.”

“Please, don’t even get me started on Mary Elizabeth,” Minerva huffed, acquiescing to his wishes to defer the matter. “I told her for weeks to keep today free, yet I still had to send my valet to fetch her from some military event. Came back covered in filth and smelling of horses—would you stop with that insufferable smile?”

“Sorry dear,” he said, a shadow of a grin still on his lips.

“Honestly, I don’t know why I ever agreed to her commission in the first place; should have made her settle down with a nice man like we did with Helene. Why do you keep letting her do as she pleases?”

“I can’t help it, Minie.” George sighed. “Helene stares daggers at me every time I see her—if I see her. I couldn’t bear it if Audie started doing the same.”

“Helene will get over it. Give her four more years.”

“You told me *that* four years ago.”

>> No.32993093

“This is not a joking matter.” Minerva bit her lower lips, hesitating for a moment before saying, “George, I want her out of the army.”

He sighed. This again.

“Audie’s an adult. I trust she can make her own decisions.”

“You are her father. Make her.”


“God, George—” She choked, her voice wavering as her lips quivered.

Her sudden display of weakness caught him by surprise. Minerva was rarely overcome with emotion—and that left George rather ill-equipped for those few occasions when she were. His prepared responses dead in his throat, he stepped towards her and, hesitantly, embraced her.

“I… George, there is a war on,” she all but whimpered in his chest. “It’s been going on for so long... if she stays in, we’ll lose her. Maybe in Spain, or Holland, India—somewhere.”

“Minie, she may never deploy at all. Just like the Swensons’ boy.”

She was beyond empty comforts. “No, George—I had dreams. We’re going lose her if we don’t get her out. I promise I won’t breathe a word to Mary for whatever else she wants to do. Just—please, George. Please get her out.”

“Shhh, Minie. It’ll be alright.” He held her, wishing he spoke the truth. “Tomorrow. I’ll have a talk with Audie. Shhh… come, dear, you’ll ruin your makeup. Everything will be alright.”

They remained intertwined for a few more minutes as Minerva slowly regained her composure. George felt it happen: the way she sagged less against his chest, how the gentle strength in her arms slowly returned. His wife was as resilient as she was proud and graceful.

“Come on, Minie, let’s go,” he said, his right arm wrapped around her as he gently led her towards the door. “Come. We’ll miss all the dancing.”

She nodded.

>> No.32993104


“Your mother is giving me the most frightening look,” Rothe noted, Audie still in his arms.

She narrowly avoided stepping on her partner’s foot. “Probably because you’re not Lord Rothe.”

“Shame. I like the sound of that.” He looked at her with mock gravity. “I’m not going to suddenly find myself transferred to Ireland in a month, am I?”

“Ha ha. Very funny, captain,” she replied flatly. “I suppose you’ll find out, won’t you?”

“I suppose we will,” he shot back. “If she can shoot the colonel a letter to demand her daughter back, she can certainly fire one off to the War Ministry.”

“Ugh, please don’t remind me.” Audie shook her head, her expression sour. “So much for my budding reputation. I don’t even know how I’ll look my brother officers in the eye after this.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t worry too much about that,” Rothe replied rather mysteriously. “Hypothetically speaking, if anyone were to come into the officers’ mess at that time of day, they might have found just a lowly captain and the colonel there.”

“… Really?” Audie asked cautiously. “Then—”

“I won’t say a word.”

They danced, Audie smiling brilliantly.


And that's it from me the night! Hope y'all enjoyed reading it as much as I did researching+writing it.

>> No.32993122

I'm proud of you, son.

>> No.32993127

10/10 it was decent. post more soon

>> No.32993150

Pretty good. It'll be interesting to see where you take this.

>> No.32993169

Lewds when

>> No.32993170

Courtesy of /vg/


>> No.32993222

What exactly is being referenced in the last conversation there? I can't tell what they're talking about.

>> No.32993232

Lewds now.

Icy Needs (NSFW)

>> No.32993258


Oh my god.

Love you feelthy.

>> No.32993272

It's referencing the end to the first chapter. Paste-binned here: http://pastebin.com/RzP5YWhs

>> No.32993330


>> No.32993332


Katya when?

>> No.32993366

It gave me goosebumps

Thanks for sharing.

>> No.32993396

Merlin Needs when?
It's just her reading Popular Mechanics with Kenji

>> No.32993438

"K-Kenji, look at th-this!"


"Th-those jerks over at Lockheed Martin s-say the Wyvern's a d-dead end!"

"I'm sure they're just jealous of you and Bishop."

"G-goshdarned right they're jealous..."

>> No.32993454

Good, but I think I liked Sliders more...

>> No.32993531 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32993562


This is now canon in my eyes

>> No.32993603


um guys, any of you posted this for a dogfight music yet?

>> No.32993771

Wow....Ice is a freak.

>> No.32993788



>> No.32993803


Now, why would Georgette be doing laundry this early in the mornin-...oh. Ooohhhh...

>> No.32993807

Fronk needs yo give both of them the D

>> No.32993845

....I'm surprised she didn't tear or break anything

>> No.32993854


She tore a couple of the sheets

>> No.32993860

Well they are a loving couple...

>> No.32993869

Imagine when the wedding anniversary comes around.

Old people sex, old people sex everywhere

>> No.32993882

Someday soon, I hope.

>> No.32993889

I'm really liking the Napoleonic witches story. Great War fan, are you?

>> No.32993898

I meant her body, sounds like something would have torn considering.

Even slider wasn't that bad, then again slider is pure

>> No.32993916


Will be waiting eagerly feelthy.

>> No.32993935

Konstantina walks in to fulfill the exhibitionist part

>> No.32993957

Witch Magic

>> No.32993958

Powers soon?

>> No.32994010

I can't wait for the episode when Frank is waiting or trying to find Ice and accidentally finds her dildo right before she meets him

>> No.32994011

she really really wanted fronk's D

>> No.32994030

A bit of a fan, yeah. I like the imagery of the line battle, as well as the technological limitations commanders had to work with back then.

It's arguably the war when all the technological and doctrinal improvements over the last century coalesced into a single whole--interesting times for military history.

>> No.32994079

ah yes, back in the days when field commanders would lightly comment about their right (or was it left) leg getting shot from under them, then they hurry back for some tea and crumpets.

seriously though, it's a great look into history, yeah? with tactics concerning infantry holding against cavalry and whatnot?

>> No.32994124

>implying they need an excuse

Ice ran into her on an apparently otherwise normal day.

>> No.32994145

And when they'd bring their families for the occasion.

Hell of a time.

>> No.32994161


Oh i'm not talking about them.

I'm talking about the Youngs and sakabroto's and all the other old witch couples who will be coming.

>> No.32994168

"eh, nothing like a ride through the line of cannonade fire while our wives cower behind us, eh, good sir?"
"hm, yes, quite, chap."

>> No.32994179


Bit of an interesting contrast to WW1 and 2 then, which seemed to be mainly making up as they went along.

Or in WW1's case, UNLEARNING all the Napoleonic era lessons.

>> No.32994335

Yep. A lot of the elements--improved artillery carriages so that guns would be maneuvered on the field, horse artillery, bore standardization, Cavalry organization etc--were done in the 1/2 century prior. The Napoleonic Wars just helped synthesize it all together into a combined arms approach.

>> No.32994380

You think they share the wet spot?

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