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Last thread: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/32962750/

All of this has been too weird.

It started less than hour ago. I woke up in a strange room, with strange things in it, and was immediately assaulted by a strange lady who started making no sense at all. Claiming she was my mother and that I was born only a few hours ago.

Speaking of which, the same strange lady is now next to me, babbling about the things her company does. I'm apparently on the fiftieth floor, where most of her research takes place. Now she's talking about all the great things her company has discovered and blah blah blah.

I've already tuned her out at this point, so she's just a dull drone in th background on my mind.

The floor looks like an ordinary office. Not too many people are on this floor, only a few office-types mulling around between workstations and copiers. Some of them are drawing intricate circles on a whiteboard, some of them are making those same circles on a touch screen. Some of them glance over at you, but seem to think nothing of it and simply return to their posts.

Some of them look really bored, I can relate right now.

Her onslaught of words doesn't seem to be letting up, maybe I should say something.

>Ask something about the company
>Ask something about herself
>Ask something about yourself
>Can we please just move on?

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>Some of them glance over at you, but seem to think nothing of it and simply return to their posts.

Congratulations on your first perspective error.

>Can we please just move on?

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>Ask something about herself
Having caught up in the archives, I REALLY don't get why some anons vilify the lady so much. She was kinda suspicious at the start, but after she didn't do shit to us after we fell down I've got no beef with her. I mean, while ENTIRELY justified I admit, we basically threw the biggest tantrum back there and threw some hurtful shit at her towards the end, and she didn't get fed up or less supportive at all.

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>>Can we please just move on?

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>Can we please just move on?

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>Having caught up in the archives, I REALLY don't get why some anons vilify the lady so much. She was kinda suspicious at the start, but after she didn't do shit to us after we fell down I've got no beef with her. I mean, while ENTIRELY justified I admit, we basically threw the biggest tantrum back there and threw some hurtful shit at her towards the end, and she didn't get fed up or less supportive at all.

First thread paranoia, I reckon. We did wake up in a weird place with weird people and thought it was either a mad scientist lab or a sex dungeon, so our response was at least justified.

Plus I don't think there's anything we can do to make her not love us.

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Well sure, I was all for hiding in the ceiling and not trusting her. I didn't even mind people voting to basically call her a terrible mom for being somewhat evasive on our origins (understandable from both sides really). But reading the kind of hate some anons apparently STILL have for her post-session boggles my mind. It's like I read a different quest from them.

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Oh and Ill 2nd
>ask something about herself

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>Ask something about yourself
We need to get out as soon as possible. These people are crazy, kidnapping us and talking about magic.

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Rolled 2

Well now we have a tie.

So I'll roll to tiebreak and continue.

1 - Ask something about her
2 - Continue on

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While I voted to ask about her and think it's about time to quit acting so petulant instead of at least digging for info, that isn't a tie right? 2 ask about her, 1 ask about us, 3 be a little shit.

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Okay, I misread a vote by accident. My mistake!

Sorry, I rolled on that decision. I'll just include it in the next post.


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>time to quit acting so petulant
What do you mean exactly? We woke up in a dark and locked room with memory problems and were given a rude awakening. In my mind the rational option is to get out asap. The only reason I'm not voting to run out immediately is because we aren't in immediate danger.

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>Ask her to give it to you in written form, you can read it later.

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So we should dig for info then.

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's what I voted for, we're probably just going to get nonsense about magic, and everyone knows magic doesn't exist.
And when we escape we are going to get taken back really quick, but it's the thought that counts.

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While I have no doubt it'll happen at first opportunity, I don't particularly want to escape so eh.

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I'm really bored.
PLEASE just get to the point already!
I can still hear her voice rambling on. I'm suddenly very aware that the air conditioners have the same drone as her voice.

I break the silence that I've made in my head, "Hey, here is more to this building than just this floor, right?"

"Oh, yes! Really the magic research is only contained to this part of the building. No one is really allowed up here except the people the other CEO and I know.", She seems pretty happy talking about her company. She must take serious pride in what she does.

"How did you become boss in the first place?", It's nothing personal, but you don't exactly seem like the type to be running a big company. That's a good point, actually, I should ask that. "Did you inherit it from someone? Is the other boss your Dad or something?"

Her face, is she frowning? Did I hit a nerve somewhere? It's gone now, back to the smile she's been showing ever since I met her. "It's sort of like that, the other boss and I made this company." A certain kind of pride has creeped into her voice. "It started as a few dozen people working on small contracts, but that man is very talented at running this company. Within a few years, that small company became all of this."

Her lips smile once again, "It's a good thing too, I wouldn't be able to keep this place running same way that he's able to."

That certainly explains a lot. Of course, I'm not entirely sure why he keeps you around if that's the case.

"Is there any place you would like to see next?", she asks.

Oh right, I wasn't paying any attention so I don't know exactly where everything is.

>How about this other boss, can we go meet him?
>You said you worked on 'magic', but where does the magic happen?
>Actually, I'm kind of hungry
>Surprise me

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>>You said you worked on 'magic', but where does the magic happen?
Might as well have look at it.

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>Actually, I'm kind of hungry
It's a certain type of hunger. Hunger for fresh air.

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>You said you worked on 'magic', but where does the magic happen?
>Actually, I'm kind of hungry
Either or.

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>You said you worked on 'magic', but where does the magic happen?
barry white, anyone?

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>Actually, I'm kind of hungry
Get fed!

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>Actually, I'm kind of hungry

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So far I'm seeing

>Food First
>Magic Next

Does that sound good?

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If food leads to us getting an out and cheesing it, then yeah, that sounds good.

>> No.32981613

Sure, need some fuel.

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Actually, she asks where I want to go next, but I don't really know anywhere that sounds appealing to me right now. At least anywhere that she would take me, that is.

There is one creeping feeling that I'm not entirely certain I've felt before. Yet, I know it needs to be taken care of.

"I think I'm hungry"

"Right, right. You did just wake up after all" She responds, she takes out her phone and taps a few times on it before putting it away. "So much for getting ice cream together."

She ponders for a moment before looking back in my direction. "Well, there's a break room on this floor if you just want a few pastries and rice balls.", I can't tell how she thinks about feeding her kid too many sweets.

"There's also restaurant a dozen or so floors down for the employees."

I'm interested in at least seeing this 'magic' she was talking about. We could just get some real food later.

"I'll take a rice ball", I'm actually not entirely sure what that is or how it tastes. I know what rice is, I assume that I know how rice tastes. So a rice ball should be pretty good, right?

I follow her past a few empty rooms to a room with a refridgerator and a table. There's a box on the table filled with some multicolored things in them. I'm not entirely sure what they are or if they are even edible.

I pick one of them up "What are these?", I ask, slightly embarassed at not knowing what I'm sure is a basic fact.

"Those are called 'Cupcakes'. They're a rich, buttered type of bread covered in a thick frosting. Try one, they're good", she reaches to take one herself, but gradually changes her mind and takes a rice ball instead.


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>watching her weight
Sasuga mom

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She is certainly right about the thick cream portion. The unbelievable sweet taste feels almost wrong. Completely unnatural to taste something which is a rich texture combined with an overwhelming sweetness. At least the bread part doesn't sting as badly. Without the frosting, I could easily eat the entire box.

I would rather not experiment anymore, "I think I'm done"

She finishes her wad of rice, "Are you sure? There's plenty more if you want-"

"No no, I'm done for now, I'll wait until later to eat"

It's probably time to stop putting off what I'm sure is the main reason she wanted me to see her office, anyway.

We leave the break room and head down several long hallways, past some cameras, past some doors with tiny keypads on the handles, past a bored looking security guard sitting at a desk, past some kind of red floor that makes a buzzing noise as we walk on it.

The end of the hall has a strong set of double doors. Locked with a comically large lock. She presses a few switches in it, swipes a card along the outset, and it clicks and clacks several times before the doors sweep open.


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>The door sweeps open
>Deo reveal

>> No.32982244


The room is white, calm, serene. Absolutely devoid of sound, yet at the same time completely bathed in light from some unseen source. Someone standing at the door can easily see everything that the room has to offer. At the top of the room is an observation deck, clad in windows and railings, clearly offering a view of the inhabitants inside who would want to spectate whatever this room has to offer. It's currently empty right now, save for some chairs.

In the center of the room appears to be a pedestal. There is something square and flat standing vertically atop of it, held suspended by a single clip along the top edge. The back of it is clearly visible, the same kind of intricate circles adorn it as I saw earlier in the office.

The change in atmosphere, to be honest, really scares me. Sending a chill up my spine to how calm a room can be while at the same time being so alien and out of place.

Maybe this is where they hide the bodies, too. Oh god what have I walked in to?

Before I can panic any further, she steps ahead of me. Walks up to the suspended object, and touches it. It glows vibrantly for a few seconds before slowly returning to its dull state.

She looks at me with a proud smile on her face, "Isn't it amazing? Want to try? You should be able to use these things too"

You ponder the idea a bit, "Well, okay but-

>Isn't what amazing?
>I don't see where you're going with this
>It's not going to turn me into a frog, is it?
>I prefer to just watch

>> No.32982293


>Isn't what amazing?

Let's open with the easiest question first before we do anything silly.

>> No.32982298

>It's not going to turn me into a frog, is it?
>I prefer to just watch

>worry intensifies

>> No.32982309

>Isn't what amazing?
>I don't see where you're going with this

>> No.32982320

>I don't see where you're going with this
>Isn't what amazing?

>At the top of the room is an observation deck, clad in windows and railings, clearly offering a view of the inhabitants inside who would want to spectate whatever this room has to offer.
Nope. Fuck this.

>> No.32982344

>Isn't what amazing?
>I don't see where you're going with this

>> No.32982358

>I don't see where you're going with this
Bottom option is tempting, but innuendo has no place here!

>> No.32982409

>>It's not going to turn me into a frog, is it?
Do i get a magic textbook?

>> No.32982413

>>I don't see where you're going with this

>> No.32982448

>"I want to give you the normal life you deserve"
>In the first hour we are awake she takes us to a creepy magic device in a creepy room never actually telling us what is going on.
Just curious, how are you guys feeling about this. Not asking if you hate her guts, just if you want to try and get the fuck out of dodge.

>> No.32982486


Want to? Yeah, but we don't have much of a chance right now. She's the boss here. If we try to run, everybody will join the chase and we're not that good at Parkour by a mile. We don't have much choice but to play along with Pres's little mommy fantasy until a real opportunity to run presents itself.

>> No.32982507

that floor looks too high and fairly secure to escape right now...

>> No.32982767

"Isn't what amazing?", you're incredulous about this. First she claims she's going to give you the normal life you deserve, and THEN she takes you into a crazy room that looks like they dissect people here or something.

"I'm really sorry, but I don't see where you're going with this at all"

"You said you wanted to see where the magic happens", she looks a bit more serious and composed now at least. She runs her finger along the top of the card. "Well, here it is. Magic."

Now I'm questioning if she's just insane. I've seen plenty of things that just glow. There was a lamp in my room, the lights on the ceiling on the way over here, almost everything seems to just glow. What makes this card so special?

"It won't turn me into a frog, will it?" I need to at least know before I try.

She starts laughing, "Oh of course not, it can't hurt you. Come on, give it a try."

I walk up to it, I can feel the warmth eminating from this single point in the room. Almost as if the entire building is concentrated onto this one point right now. My hand moves outward, toward the card, my eyes close, my fingers outstretch

And I can feel the face of the card. It's an almost comforting feeling, so warm and gentle. Like it was almost a very piece of my soul.
My hands leave the card, my eyes open. What was once a very radiant glow starts to fade.

I'm baffled.

"Can anyone do that?" I ask. Don't get me wrong here, I'm still a little skeptical.

"No, these things can't respond to just anyone. We have never been been successful at making anyone respond to these things." Her smile starts to fade a bit. "You and I, we're the last two who can speak to them."

>I'm not very comfortable with this, can we leave?
>So what else can it do?
>Why are we the last two?
>Did you just perform a science experiment on me?
>I just want to go home

>> No.32982789

>Why are we the last two?
>I just want to go home

>> No.32982820

>Did you just perform a science experiment on me?

Is this a kidnapping?

>It's a science experiment!

>> No.32982836

>Why are we the last two?
>Did you just perform a science experiment on me?

>> No.32982863


>Why are we the last two?


>But what *is* it?

She's still dodging our questions and this shit is getting too weird. We need to make a stand and get a straight answer out of Pres now.

>> No.32982868

>I just want to go home

>> No.32983031

>>Did you just perform a science experiment on me?
>>I just want to go home

Grab the cards and bail

>> No.32983175

>>Why are we the last two?
>>Did you just perform a science experiment on me?
I am fine with it as long as it is safe. Lets not go crazy here.

>> No.32983407

Okay, this is over the line.
"Did you just perform a science experiment on me?!" I retort. I can stand being given cryptic answers, but I refuse to have things done to me against my will

Now she looks incredulous, "You're awfully paranoid, I don't remember being as paranoid as you when I was your age". She stops for a second and then giggles again "Besides, I'm not the one in charge of science experiments." she pauses for a moment, "After today I don't want you to be caught up in any of this magic business anyway, I just wanted you to know that it existed."

"Then why are we the last two?" I ask, I need to at least find out why creepy things seem to be attracted to me.

"Everyone else who could use them is gone. All we have left are the cards themselves."

I'm sick of the evasiveness. "You didn't exactly tell me *what* it is, only what it does."

She perks up a little, like she had been waiting for me to ask that question.

"Cards have always been a way for-"

You cut her off before she has a chance to get into a rambling evasion again. "Hold on, my question was 'why is it able to do this?'".

She looks a bit disappointed, but I don't care, I want answers. "These particular cards, I don't know who made them. Well-" She corrects herself quickly, "I know WHO made them, but I never met him. He was long gone by the time I came around".

>> No.32983443

She looks lost in thought, "Much of the cards is a mystery, simply no one knows where they came from or what purpose they once served". She continues, "What I know about him comes from legend and myth. That the man who made them was very talented in his craft, likely the most talented who had ever lived. He lived in a nation that was wracked by turmoil, hunger, disease, poverty. The cards represent his life's work, an attempt to defeat every problem that faced his nation. When he died, he had no one left to gift them to who could actually use them. People didn't think anything of them aside from ornate playing cards. They became collectors items, decorations, furnishings, it wasn't until many years later when someone found out their true purpose."

Thanks for the fairy tales, lady, but that still doesn't explain how they work.

"Did you just make that all up?" I refuse to believe that she's somehow an expert on these things when she may not even know how they work.

Her face blushes slightly, "...Maybe some of it? I really don't know the underlying theory behind them. Just that they've been the closest friends I've ever remember having. We've come to make artificial versions of the cards, like this one, but never close enough to making one that anyone can simply use"

So she doesn't really know anything either.

She grabs the card off the clip and offers to hand it to me. "Here, you can have this one if you want." She rotates it so I can see that the other side is completely blank. "You can keep it as a memoire, after today you're going to go home and live the normal life that I couldn't-" she cuts herself off, and then continues;

"..the kind of normal life I would want to give my child."

First decide:
>Take the card
>Leave the card

And then:
>Great, can we go home now?
>You didn't let me meet this other boss, can we go see him?
>(Other, any other place you would want to go?)

>> No.32983491

>>Take the card
>>You didn't let me meet this other boss, can we go see him?
We sure are bossy.

>> No.32983506

>leave the card

Not having creepy sciency stuff, not having any of it

>Great, can we go home now?

>> No.32983518

>Take the card
>Great, can I go home now?
Not taking the card might upset her, there isn't really any reason to turn her down.

>> No.32983519

>Take the card
>Great, can we go home now?

>> No.32983523

We're keeping our distance, don't really trust her as our mother just yet.

>> No.32983557

>"You can keep it as a memoire, after today you're going to go home and live the normal life that I couldn't-"

>> No.32983597

>Take the card
>Great, can we go home now?

>> No.32983602


I knew asking would pay off. Finally some progress, and Pres is not treating us like a prize or toy anymore.

>Take the card
>Your stomach grumbles and suddenly you feel *really* hungry. Ask if you can't meet the other boss and have some dinner with him and Izumi.

Let's kill two birds with one stone. We finally have a half-compelling reason to stick around, let's make use of it to learn more about the people who found us/kidnapped us...and also get some real food in our tummies.

>> No.32983648

>Take the Card
>Can we go home now

>> No.32983764

Okay, so consensus seems to be

>Take the card
>Go home now


>> No.32984105

Okay, I'll take the card from her, I might as well keep something to show off at parties.

"Can we just go home?" I ask. "Unless there's something you wanted to show me, I'm not sure I feel comfortable here".

She beams widely, "Of course! I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. You'll probably not be seeing this place like this again. So I thought I would show you before we went home."

"Do I even have a home?" snark thick in your voice, I really don't want to sleep in an office.

She giggles, "What kind of a silly question is that? Of course you have a home. I even have a room set out for you at my place." She smiles, clearly proud of herself for thinking all of this through.

..And then it really dawns on me how much of a jerk I've been. Wow, how do I even start to apologize after that?

I can at least stop being a jerk. My voice lowers, the pitch deepens a bit, and I whisper out

"Thank you"

Just barely audible enough for her to hear. I wonder if eengnthdngngh THE HUG

The vice grip of affection is upon me!

She's practically smothering me, "It's okay" her voice is breaking up slightly,"It's part of being family to give the ones they love a place to sleep"

That's great, and you can let go of me now.
Aaaany minute now.

We're standing there for what feels like five whole minutes before she finally lets me go. I think I smell slightly of her hair conditioner with the amount of hugs she's given me.

We walk out of the room, waiting at each door for her to lock the place up as we're leaving. She says goodbye to the guard and we start to leave.

When we reach the elevators, her phone rings. She picks it up, the other person on the line is clearly frustrated about something.

"Sweetie, I need to take this call, can you wait here while I do?", she steps back around the corner, leaving you standing in front of the elevator

>Wait right here
>Listen in on her conversation
>Leave without her

>> No.32984120


Okay every time I break perspective you can give me five lashings.

>> No.32984158

I feel a bit bad now, but don't regret the suspicion.
>Wait right here, but take a look around

>> No.32984168

>>Leave without her

>> No.32984173

>Wait right here
It's the polite thing to do.

>> No.32984176

>Leave without her


>> No.32984202

>Wait right here

>> No.32984206

>Listen in on her conversation

>> No.32984231

>>Listen in on her conversation
Or just stay within eyesight.

>> No.32984241

I don't know, after that it feels a bit bad to walk off. The PANIC has just about worn off it feels like, and apart from being unhelpful she hasn't done anything evil. I'll leave it to the vote.

>> No.32984295

Rolled 83

>>Listen in on her conversation
Stay awhile and listen.
Rolling for spot check on Sniper team.

>> No.32984300

>Wait right here

>> No.32984304

>Listen in on her conversation

>> No.32984313

>>Listen in on her conversation

>> No.32984326

We spot them, but then realize we are a little girl and can't do anything about them. BAD END.

>> No.32984352


>> No.32984561

She told me to wait here, but...

Am I really going to do what she tells me? I do want to know how she acts around her co-workers. How one treats others is a better way to find out personality than how they treat their family.

I carefully walk, softly and steadily, toward the edge of the room where she's speaking.

She's really changed her tone all of the sudden, that's worrying.

"No, you listen to me" she says, "She wanted to go home, so I'm going to take her home." Yikes, she sound really irritated with someone. "I don't even want her getting involved with Fortune. She can live her life the way she sees fit and you'll just have to deal with it."

Fortune? Who is Fortune?

Her conversation has seemingly started to repeat itself. I guess now is a good time to do a quick look around the office before I leave.

Going back the way I came, I pass by the break room again, where I see the corkboard with memos pinned all over it inside. Walking inside and looking at the header of on of the memos-

Oh, I get it! Fortune is the name of the company. I think Izumi was telling me that earlier but I was too busy being passive aggressive to actually listen to her.

Hey, before I leave, I should take one more cupcake.

The sugary sting from the frosting isn't as powerful as it was before. I suppose it's something people get used to. Which would explain why it

[Roll 1d20]

>> No.32984628

Rolled 17

Rollin Rollin Rollin!

>> No.32984633

Rolled 13


>> No.32984636

Rolled 1

Oah god, are there really snipers?

>> No.32984659

I guess you'll have to find out!

>> No.32984661

Anon please.
This isn't Bo3 critfail, r-right?

>> No.32984665

Rolled 8

I'm so sorry
so sorry

>> No.32984675

you have doomed us all.

captcha: inspection pleasew

>> No.32984711

On a positive note, unless she has both the self-control And forethought of a goddess, the lady is probably legit.

>> No.32984724

>inspection please
The cupcakes were not inspected. They were poisoned.

>> No.32984726

We just can't stop eating them cupcakes

>> No.32984751


>Trait Gained: Cupcake addiction

>> No.32984956


Something just flashed at the top of my vision.

My head slowly turns up to reveal...

A mirror, it must have been here, but I didn't see it before now.

And in that mirror... And in that mirror.




Woh, someone just started screaming really loudly
Oh wait, it's me.


Oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god oh god
"It's okay, you're safe now, everything is fine"

Something soft and warm is cradling me in one of the breakroom chairs.
It smells familiar, it feels warm and soft. I feel a BIT better. But still-


"Slow down, relax. Just lay here for a minute."

Several of the office drones peek through the entranceway, a stern voice tells them to break it up and get back to work.

"Now please, can you tell me what happened?"


>> No.32984994

>Cry more

>> No.32985014


>> No.32985018

Cupcakes summon doppelgangers. Who knew.

>> No.32985028


>> No.32985092

I was hoping for cupcake addiction, instead we get cupcake phobia. We just wanted to eat something...

>> No.32985093


>> No.32985117

>Try not to cry


>> No.32985373

It's warm here, it feels warm and safe. And
And I can't stop crying, why can't I stop crying? I can't even choke out the words to what happened.


The crying intensifies, at this rate I'm not even sure I'll have enough tears left to give.

The person holding me shifts her weight a bit and pulls me closer.
"You don't have to tell me now, let's just leave." she whispers.

Within an instant, I'm hoisted onto her back and am getting carried out of the building. Everything feels like a blur, the elevator doors opening blurs into people walking through the hallways blurs into us walking out of the lobby. I feel like I may have cried the entire way out into the parking lot.

I can feel myself being laid down onto the back seat of what seems to be an SUV. A blanket is tucked over my body, and I continue to sob. Izumi appears at the driver side door and gets in.

"We'll be home shortly, okay?"


>> No.32985462

I wonder what a 20 would have done for us. A visit by something friendly? Blessings? Addiction to cupcakes?

>> No.32985521

"O-okay" my voice is really cracking, I can't keep this composure for long. "Thank you"

The skyline is all I can see from this position. The buildings and skyscrapers seem to become less and less common the more we drive.


I jerk upright, look around, Nothing. No face.

I lay back down, letting the soft hum of the road entrance me.

I'm probably just too tense.

>Fall asleep
>Stay awake

>> No.32985537

>Stay Awake
It might eat you in your sleep like you ate those cupcakes.

>> No.32985549

>Stay awake
Let the paranoia commence.

>> No.32985551

>Fall asleep


let it all go

>> No.32985558

>>Stay awake
Hide head under pillows/jumpers/coat/blanket/anything

>> No.32985562

>Stay awake
Nope not going let mister deamon face rip our sanity apart while we are in dreamland!

>> No.32985607

>>Stay awake
Way too paranoid to sleep. Also that crying Lovely is adorable.

>> No.32985637

>Stay Awake
Face might return! No face! No face!

>> No.32985664

Rolled 10

>Stay awake
What is our age again?

>> No.32985671

I agree that her crying is adorable, let us make her cry more.

>> No.32985680


We need an adult. We REALLY need an adult. So...let's ask for one.

>Try to sleep.
>Ask Izumi to sing you a lullaby while she drives so you'll feel safe and protected.

>> No.32985685

about 3-4 hours.

>> No.32985692

While not a bad plan, that voting train has probably gone. Maybe tonight.

>> No.32985694

>Also that crying Lovely is adorable.

That she is

You, personally, think it's about 13.

Oh how I wish sleep had won, now.



>> No.32985703

An estimated 12-13. But possibly a few hours.

>> No.32985728


Good idea. Let's save it for later. We shall have our lullabies, one way or another!

>> No.32985734

>Oh how I wish sleep had won
Shadow runs intensify

>> No.32985773

Oh I am almost certain that we are a few hours old only question is why we were made you do not go though the trouble of making a Clone/Homunculus/Abberation on company time just too take it home and make it your "daughter" only thing i cant figour out tho is what

>> No.32985797

Please learn some form of punctuation.

>> No.32985800

Well someone else at the company (her partner) might have made us, and mom is simply overruling them and taking us away after she found out. But we can ask her, right?

>> No.32985906

I doubt we will get a straight answer from her far more likely she will deflect it like every other question we asked and even then why would she have so much attachment to some clone they made there has too be more going on here then just some overly affectionate mother she wants something but what?

>> No.32985950

Calm down buddy, you're writing like your underage or on molly. She might deflect if we ask her right now, but it seems like she will tell us eventually. If she wanted to keep secrets she wouldn't have shown us what was under lockdown.

>> No.32985987

This fucking face looks suspiciously like Garfield.

>> No.32986014

She might deflect, but I'd be pretty sure even without the Word of God confirmation that it's because she doesn't want to overload us with info or make us needlessly worried (sure failed that). I mean, other than vagueness - which she's hardly done EVERY time, she did tell us how old we were without sugarcoating, about magic, etc - what exactly has she done that's so terrible? I'm not gonna judge her for perhaps not thinking the newborn girl who crawled around in vents and cried at shadows is in the best mental state for thorough explanations, even if I disagree on that. Honestly she's been pretty much a model mom so far.

>> No.32986080



Can't sleep

Cupcake, or something, will eat me.

I'll just hide under these covers and maybe the face won't be able to find me.


I'll quickly peek out to see if it's still there. Nope, nothing. Back under the covers.

... I wonder if Izumi saw him.

"Hey, did you just see something just now?"

She's sort of distracted, but immediately looks around the cab of the vehicle suspiciously.
"No, No I haven't seen anything, Did you see something? Is that what happened back at the office?", She sounds worried, why? It's not like she's the one seeing creepy faces.

"Just wondering" I meekly reply. "I thought I saw a face somewhere back at the break room."

"A face." She flatly says. "Um, I don't mean to insult you, but are you sure it wasn't your own?"

That irritated tone comes back immediately, "I know what my face looks like! This face was in the room with me, completely disembodied, and I thought I saw it in the window earlier."

She definitely looks worried now.

She asks, very plainly one last time. "Are you sure what you saw was a face, in a reflection, that you have seen after we left the building?"

Now I'm getting worried, please don't do this to me, Mom.

>Yes, absolutely
>No, I may just be seeing things
>I don't know
>Maybe I just need some sleep

>> No.32986111

>I'm not certain about the one in the window...I definitely saw it in the building though!

>> No.32986136

>Yes, absolutely

>> No.32986158

>>Yes, absolutely

We are super certain.

>> No.32986164

>>I don't know

>> No.32986184



>I don't know

>> No.32986191

I...I'm not completely sure...

>> No.32986219



>> No.32986406

Rolled 1

I'm able to at least squeak out a response this time "I- I'm not completely sure". You continue, "I DEFINITELY saw one back in the break room."

She keeps driving normally for a moment. Then I notice her speed start to slow. I can feel the car pulling off the road.

I sit up, we're in a parking lot. Not any other cars here besides us. Most of the traffic around seems to be the occasional pedestrian.

"Honey, step out of the car for a minute, there's something I have to check". She undoes her seatbelt and gets out.

The outside is cool, but breezy, feels like the perfect spring day. Or at least, what I imagine a spring day to be like. The cool wind would be wonderful to enjoy right now if it weren't for the strange way Izumi has started to act.

She leads me back a few feet away from the car and takes out something from her pocket. I think it's a stick of chalk. And draws a perimeter around the car.

From her coat pocket she takes out another card, it looks just like the one that she gave me. It starts to glow as vibrantly as before as she touches it to the chalk perimeter.

Then she holds her breath.

And starts looking over the car.

>(Let this happen)
>What are you doing?
>Should I be afraid?

>> No.32986425

Rolled 13

>>Should I be helping?

>> No.32986441

I'll let you try that, but you get a -5 penalty for not knowing what you're actually looking for.

>> No.32986445


>> No.32986460

Okay, Two more 1d20-5

>> No.32986464

Rolled 4

>>Should I be helping?
Custom a-go!

>> No.32986466

Rolled 4

Time for bad things to happen.

>> No.32986468

>>What are you doing?
>>Should I be afraid?

>> No.32986470

>>Should I be helping?
Eh going with this lets try not too useless

>> No.32986479

>>(Let this happen)

>> No.32986481 [DELETED] 


>> No.32986490

Rolled 10 + 5

eh though for sure i rolled that right lets try again

>> No.32986511



>> No.32986640

I assumed hat they were hoping for the helping vote was that we'd ask if we could do anything to help her with whatever she's doing. Not just trying to do it oon our own.

>> No.32986652

Rolled 2 - 5

it's dice+1d20+-5

Just got here. IC, we didn't really have to be so bossy, but I don't feel particularly guilty about it. "Mom" didn't pick her words wisely, and our MC here wasn't mature enough to keep herself composed, that's it.

Be ready to move. Don't freeze up when something bad inevitably happens, but don't run away either. Running away isn't going to beat something that hides in mirrors. Is Masami paranoid and frustrated enough to try and fight for herself?

>> No.32986684

Rolled 8

Yeah, this, it was a question.

>> No.32986781

Next post will be the last of the night. I'm noticing how much slower I'm posting as this goes on and I get more and more tired


>> No.32986912

>Next post will be the last of the night
Well ok...
It's not like I want you to post or anything...

>> No.32986978

>didn't even get a chance to vote
o-okay, I guess I just have to wake up earlier next time.

>> No.32987013

Sorry, I started WAY EARLIER because I noticed the quality kind of dropped off last thread as it got later.

I'll start establishing a runtime for the thread, likely one on the weekend and one during a weekday. But let me get the first few threads out of the way while I have some time before I do that.
>Still writing

>> No.32987057

I can't be dead weight here, I have to help at least a little.

Under the car, in the window, on the window, on the windscreen

Okay, I think it's time to admit that I don't know what I'm looking for.

A few minutes of tense searching from Izumi comes to an end when she sighs and says, "Okay, let's just keep going. I can't find anything."

Now I feel kind of guilty for all of this. "I'm sorry for scaring you like that."

"It's fine, really. There's nothing to worry about when you're with me."

She says that, but I've been worrying quite a bit recently.


>> No.32987094

We get to her house, and I finally get to see the place I'll be living. A rather large house surrounded by a beautiful yard. With lots of well-placed trees and a nice looking walkway. There also seems to be a kind of We pull into the driveway and stop just outside the entranceway.
The front door swings open, revealing a rather normal looking living room and an attached kitchen. Several plain looking tables are placed in a very neat manner throughout the room. Most of them surrounded by a few chairs and odds and ends. In the corner is a television with several chairs surrounding it.

Overall, it's very boring.

"Do you live here with anyone else?" I ask, though I should probably know the answer to it already.

"Nope, haven't even had someone here in a long time. I keep it clean because I don't have much of a hobby outside of work." She picks up some magazines and books that were on the couch, filing them away in another room.

"Let me show you your room" she happily chirps as she leads me by the hand down a hallway to a door. Opening the door reveals a bedroom set, a small shelf, and a laptop on top of it.

"Sorry, I don't really know what kids like, so this was the best I could do"

I'm not exactly picky, "No, it's fine! I'm glad I have a normal bed I can sleep in."

Really just thinking about that cott makes my back hurt.

"You should probably get something to eat after all that. Maybe something to drink as well, you cried quite a bit back there". I can't see her face but I know she's smiling after saying that.

I sit on the bed as she walks to the kitchen to find something for dinner. I lay back on the bed, and simply relax. I could really get used to this.

Something on the desk beeps to life. It's a small square phone like the one Izumi has. I pick it up, tap it a few times, and realize something important.

"I have no idea how to use this thing."

Thread End

>> No.32987133

> There also seems to be a kind of We pull into the driveway and stop just outside the entranceway.

A paste error, definitely time to quit.

Thank you everyone for participating.

So, How was this thread?

>> No.32987156

I think it's cute. We got to be adorable in our crying.

>> No.32987169

Also a quick survey to maybe save some time next thread

How do you all feel about going to school?

>> No.32987196

Do eeeet.

>> No.32987204

Thanks for running. Always nice to see good use of the write in option.

>> No.32987206


School could be fun as we make friends and things go horribly, horribly wrong around normal people. Could be worth a shot, in my opinion.

>> No.32987253

Education and social contact are both useful in our situation, so from that perspective, I say we should go for it. I can't really tell what kind of effect it'll have from a storybuilding perspective.

>> No.32987300

I was hoping you would say that, school it is!

If anyone doesn't know, my twitter is


Thank you everyone who came by. I'm having a LOT of fun with this quest so far.

Q&A until I archive the thread in 20 minutes or so.

>> No.32987303

meh. OC, I'm sick of school settings, even though there's next to none of it in quests.

IC, I see two paths for Masami:
>Go to school to have normal life.
>Accept Empress as Mom because it's a part of "normal life"
>Eventually have to deal with card stuff after refusing to deal with our origins.
>Mom has to explain that she didn't want us to deal with it, but also didn't want to explain it to us, leaving us completely unprepared when it happens
>Refuse to go to school
>Find out who and WHAT we are
>Decide for ourselves if we want Empress to be our mom
>Be crushed by loneliness and boredom
>Investigate things as a 13ish year old
>Get in a lot of trouble

>> No.32987332

but we can cry... in school!

>> No.32987356

bredy gud

Nothing against it now that the PANIC has drained out. I prefer stay at home antics myself.

>> No.32987360

Oh and also, not sure on a thread tomorrow, a lot of things are happening and I may not be able to make it.

That's for you to decide.

But that's not the only path though, it's very possible that you can explore your origins while trying to live a normal life.

I mean, you already got one card, hint hint.

>> No.32987396

How about a middle ground? We wait a bit before going to school, and do stay at home stuff for a bit.

>> No.32987433

Thanks for running! Good work on deflating that paranoia, though I think most of it was just IC RP.

>> No.32987457

>Internet for a week straight
>become horribly influenced by anime, manga, tv, and movies
>start panicking EVEN MORE
there's always THAT route if people want crying.

>> No.32987489


>Internet for a week
>Find out /a/

God, the prospect is too terrifying to consider. It'd be the darkest timeline.

>> No.32987497

I'm sure it won't be that bad, but it might be funny if it is.

>> No.32987564

Archived, have a nice night everyone!

>> No.32987611

Had fun HotC.
Next time

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