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Archiving Edition
>tidying up smut
>removing embarrassing spelling errors
>stalling because you keep getting flustered at your tailor made lewds
>never actually starting ERP because you promised yourself you'd finish this writeup before you started another

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

>Post contact info
>Get help from friendly old hands
>Be chill
>ERP like a whore!

Lewd images will get you banned for a day or 3. No, seriously, it will.

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Beep boop beep, lust bot ready for action!
Hit me up if you wanna do anything, I love my Clang Clang, I'm also working on the biography, thinking of doing it as a kind of advertisement

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>picking her up by her panties and sort of smearing her whole tiny crying body over your shoes before you drop her to the pavement

ok good form and delay of humiliation there you get a B+ on the recovery

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First ERP character, suggestions for improvement are welcome, shameless advertisement, etc.


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There, that's the summary of the last thread. Cyclops and suffering. Moving on...

Assuming you have a monster girl game going on where they're usually cock-hungry lust-demons like everyone in this thread, would you actually use the catch-all "being nice and diplomatic" skill against the party?

I'm banking on a really big man-falling-off-a-cliff "nooooooooooooooo" so far, but I want some feedback first.

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She better not piss on my shoes again, though. It was funny and all, but I don't want this bitch pissing all over me every day just 'cos she can't take a punch. Bitch better learn to control her damn bladder.

>> No.32976000

I am very interested in this conversation

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Damn you're gonna hate it when the mere sound of your voice the next day has her pissing herself with a started scream followed by a nervous blustering retort as she backs into a wall and tries to ignore the fact it's running down her leg into her shoes and it isn't stopping

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Oni gets bullied by little punk girl, Oni gets tired of her shit, beats the christ out of her, and she pisses herself.

Oni then uses her as a rag to wipe up the mess

>> No.32976055

Hawt, shame I will never get beaten around that bad!

>> No.32976062

Can I watch the world cup on her visor while I fuck her, and set her up to cum whenever my team scores?

>> No.32976068

Of course you can, she's a robot of the future, today! She can be set up for just about anything!

>> No.32976073

Jesus fuck, you stupid bitch, didn't I tell you not to do that? It's just the sight of me now, huh? Pathetic. if you're gonna piss yourself at the sight of me you better swap your panties in, 'cos you an' me are gonna get reeeeeal familiar.

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>one firm slap makes a noise like a gun going off and leaves the punk with a nose spraying blood, a black eye, and half a swollen face

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I wouldn't. Preferably you want them actually fighting your players instead of trying to seduce them. Or seduce them in the middle of a fight, nothing better than sexy grapples.

Having said that, you should still do it during social situations with succubutts and shit.

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Rapebait princess profile.

Big fan of monsters, but normal guys more than fine.

>> No.32976129

>Not Princess Porsche
>Not dressed in red hot car-themed dress
>Not ridden like an overpriced harlot for shaking that exhaust pipe around

>> No.32976188

Cyclops from last thread, still a really tiny profile though...

>> No.32976356


Elusive male elf, poses as a female to avoid being hunted for his pelt.

>> No.32976380

Wouldn't that make him more likely to be attacked by blokes looking to get some elf loli ass?

>> No.32976383

That way of describing him had me chuckle.
Also Snuggles McFluffyton is the best catgirl name.

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>tfw no lewd pathfinder game that is in your timeslot.

4e would be nice too

>> No.32976534

>making erp threads during the week

>> No.32976539

I went for 'cringe-worthy name a child would give a pet/stuffed animal', I think I succeeded.

>> No.32976557

I agree. It has a devastating effect on any mood you're trying to build.

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>> No.32976573

Just saying it doesn't make logical sense. And that the elf shota should maybe realize it.

>> No.32976592

Anthropomorphic personification of Death grows tired of only ever seeing people once. Seeks a 'thrill seeking' type, who isn't afraid of a little danger.

>> No.32976633

I think that's guenwhyvar and cattie-brie in your pic, from when she visited silverymoon. I keep seeing it around here.

>> No.32976658 [DELETED] 

Which pic?
I have a reaper, Lorelei from The Spirit, and Death from The sandman, and then another girl with some skulls because I liked the curves.

>> No.32976666

First, he's not shota, the only trappy male elves I could find just look young. Second, he's a prostitute, attracting pervs is his job description.

>> No.32976672

Ah, I see.

>> No.32976964

>tfw people always offer really good rp scenarios but never actually contact you about them

>> No.32977003

You're meant to contact them, anon.
Also, I'm not at all sorry. I just love giving people lewd ideas in these threads. It's so much fun giving people ideas to get off to.

>> No.32977013

Stop being such a massive tease about it then! Why don't you actually go do it with people!

>> No.32977023

I have vastly more ideas than my libido will allow me to play out. And also being over-stressed is the worst and makes me not want to commit to any RPs of any real length.

>> No.32977164

>tfw you try to offer rp scenarios to your lewd erp group but no one seems interested

>> No.32977225

>tfw can't visit /d/ anymore without imagining one of your characters involved in the situations depicted

>> No.32977229


Looking for cute Girls or futas that are into Farting

>> No.32977238

didn't mean to reply with my post, not sure why i did. I guess it's tangentially related?

>> No.32977263

The fuck is with those shitty kinks these days.

>> No.32977265


nearly worse than scat

>> No.32977292

I've been roleplaying with one partner for 8 hours straight, now. Man the fuck up and do it.

>> No.32977307

Now now, no heaping things on fetishes you don't share. It just adds to the pile, and then the whole thread goes down the toilet.

>> No.32977322

>Now now, no heaping things on fetishes you don't share.
No, no, farting, like inflation and all that cartoony stuff is shit.

>> No.32977324 [SPOILER] 

I'm currently at 6. Also coming off the back of another RP that I also much enjoyed. It's super hot. But I still have had another two scene ideas and made up another half a character in that time.

>> No.32977340

I'm pretty sure I won't be done for another 2 at least. That's a long to be sitting around horny.

>> No.32977349

Noir monster girls.

>> No.32977375

>Implying abdominal bulging and light cum inflation is not the god tier combo

>> No.32977376

Noir monster girls?

>> No.32977382

Someone please repost that one monologue by the Noir detective catgirl, it was the stuff of legends.

>> No.32977385

Abdominal bulging is realistic actually.

>> No.32977390

Where would a harpy fit in? Gangster/Mobster? Detective? Reporter?

>> No.32977409

Hey! I'm a respectable enjoyer of light cum inflation and stomach bulging, I'll have you know!

>> No.32977412

Flamingo cabaret dancer.

>> No.32977419

Not talking about relatively realistic stuff.

>> No.32977430

>flamingo harpy
>in classy-slut dance wear


>> No.32977449

>she is actually a trap

>> No.32977455

Did you mean flamenco?

>> No.32977462

raises for everyone

>> No.32977473

>Let me tell you one thing about justice; justice is something the weak fear and adore. Those unlucky enough to be born in this city without status? They're simply worms for the higher-ups to pluck from the streets. That's my background, and damn if I'd change it for anything. From every duckling that needs its mother's assistance to cross the street, to every crow that thinks they can drown me in numbers, I'm known throughout this concrete jungle. For the underbelly, I am the terror that flaps in the night. The great hawk-eyed dick, Taja. But you can call me Feathers.

>> No.32977477

>not putting "super hot" in spoiler tags
I'm disappointed in you, anon.

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>> No.32977488

Where do you get these disturbingly appropriate pictures?

>> No.32977495

Why are some people's screengrabs green?

>> No.32977501


>hawk-eyed dick

>> No.32977502

Because they screencap from the archive.

>> No.32977508

I grabbed it off Foolz after forgetting to save it in the thread.

>> No.32977530

Drawfag threads!

>> No.32977538

With a 10 minute turnaround? You've got some mad drawfag attraction skills.

>> No.32977540

I think he means like this.

>> No.32977577

It's from last night, actually. I'm the same person who wrote >>32977508 and >>32977484

I'll have to request a lamia thug at some point.

>> No.32977583

No, I get that he was talking about cabaret. I had just never heard of a flamingo themed harpy so I assumed he meant Flamenco the dance style instead.

>> No.32977584

>tfw you want to RP but you just aren't interested in any of the sex

I'm starting to understand the people who have "kink without sex" in their Faves list.

>> No.32977600

I think I saw one of those on pixiv, but they were the "wings AND arms" types.

Pic related is best type.

>> No.32977602

What, you don't like pink harpies with long legs?
Perfect for those sorts of dances, I thought.

>> No.32977616

>Peacock type of harpy with a biiiig booty full of feathers

>> No.32977617

ERP General, folks: flamingo harpies. You heard it here, first.

The very best. The ones with arms are inferior and teased by their armless brethern for being so clumsy they NEED the arms.

>> No.32977628

You know the colourful birds are the males, right?
She's packing something extra in there.

>> No.32977635


>> No.32977660

And I meant that in that picture, she's got pink feathers everywhere, like a flamingo.

>> No.32977687

I don't have any flamingo harpies, so have a girl with a peacock instead.

>> No.32977761

>set her up to go whenever England scores
>never actually have sex because WE'RE GOING HOME FIRST PLANE BACK

>> No.32977784

You can keep those shitty islands, we got your ass.

>> No.32977786


I suppose I should be more direct.

Anyone recruiting for one of these that doesn't play on tuesdays, fridays, or sundays? Evening games much prefered.

>> No.32977806

>BIMBO as a sponsor

>> No.32977900

Not bad at all for a first character. Try adding a dropdown for possible scenario ideas, just to get people thinking.

>> No.32977985

I know, right. It's just an awful awful brand name to try to market seriously in English-speaking markets.

>> No.32978038

>tfw just realized I used the word detective in the filename, and dick in the story
I am the würst.

>> No.32978201

>An eventful day overall. One case and only three scorned lovers in despair? Still, plenty of time left in the afternoon to enjoy coffee with my client. The mayor's affairs weren't any of my business, yet his sex exploits... sexploits? were still an interesting topic of conversation. My secretary brought us two cups of coffee. A little nagging voice in my head told me to warn him, but... I couldn't. This would be rich. She asked him if he wanted some cream-- absentmindedly, he replied with a yes. The look on his face as she bent over and squeezed her breasts over the cup of coffee, filling it to the brim... I could swear it was blinding, like somebody snapped a photograph at the lewd spectacle before me. "Never doze off when a holstaurus is nearby, sir."

>> No.32978500

>It was just any other day for us gals. We danced, they hooted and hollered, we received copious offers of after show fun, and the girls politely refused and went home to their boyfriends. Many people don't realize just how possessive most harpies are. The fading twilight hours became much more interesting when that young man walked in. He thought that longcoat made him look professional, but all I could think of was how cute he was. He was asking around for a girl who had quit a few weeks ago. Tammy, apparently she was missing now. Tammy was a pretty good dancer but a bit hot headed off the floor. Which was why I didn't miss her too much, always getting into fights with my other girls. He asked his questions and I answered, half distracted by his simple but charming good looks. He had gotten what he wanted and was about to leave, but I hadn't. After I explained his faux-pas he blushed a bit with a 'sorry' and asked what he could do for me in return. Harpies are rather possessive creatures...

>> No.32978590

Hey ERP General. I need a little help.

I've got a long-running RP with my centaur and a human queen he's captured, intending to turn the haughty girl into a brood-mare. While the plots going pretty well, I'm running out of lewd ideas for a Centaur and human woman can do.

Besides from the most obvious positions, I once tied her to my body and carried her around her capital on my horsecock

>> No.32978649

That's actually a really cool idea. I could see there being a cool short story to be written about the embodiment of death falling in love with some daredevil type.

>> No.32978650

Did you tie a big fat dildo onto your horseback and have her ride it like a saddle with her dress covering it up while you trot around, making her bounce on the thick toy? You also warn her that if she can't keep quiet you're going to pull her down and fuck her in front of everybody

Or maybe you could invite some of the other centaurs from your pack and get her super addicted to your heavy horsecocks.

Has she gotten pregnant yet?

>> No.32978776

Please please please please please remember that adding and apostrophe and an 's' doesn't pluralize words!

It's 'accessories!'

>> No.32978795

I have not, I threaten her to when she gets out of line, and yes, but only a few weeks

>> No.32978855

God, if that is a male I have the hugest gay erection right now.

>> No.32978971

ERP, I need your help with something RELATED, but not entirely. I just know the response I'd get in pretty much any other thread, so I'll ask here.

We are playing a modern WoD game, and I decided go try a completely different route than usual. I have gone for the more "slutish" type of girl, that have a huge, massive father complex, and wants to get around with any guy friend she has.

How would I go about doing this, and how could i ensure it doesn't just seem completely random?

>> No.32979172

Well, give some context here. What's this girl doing? What's her role? It's totally conceivable that anybody who'd willingly choose to get caught up in the utter clusterfuck that is WoD has at least a few issues. Daddy and/or abandonment issues seem as good as any.

Other than establishing the "why", the "how" is pretty simple. You don't need help with the "how", do you?

Do you?

>> No.32979192


>> No.32979227

Something's raising, alright.

>> No.32979469

>Respectable career woman surrendering utterly to her slavish love of cock and her desire to be the plaything of a man's appetites
>Being walked on her hands and her knees through her condo building several floors up to reach her place, dress stained with spunk and bunched up past her hips, revealing her dripping, hard-used slit and soon-to-be-violated pucker
>Hair being used as an ad-hoc leash
>Being promised the opportunity to clean her man's sticky, smeared length off with her mouth if she does a good job

Shit, this is way the fuck too hot. And before anybody asks, yes, there will be logs when the scene is done.

>> No.32979726

Fucking awesome.

>> No.32979743

10 and a half hours of chat:new record. Will post proof if I wake up.

>> No.32979778


>> No.32979804

or you could try the game finder thread

>> No.32979824


>> No.32979863

Hey man, I'm with him. Once you've written sex so much it's formulaic, the kinks are way way WAY more entertaining.

>> No.32979871

>Not roughly fucking your plaything in the ass regularly to remind them who's in charge
>Not languidly reaming said plaything as a reward for when they're a good little slut

Christ, how do you evne live?

>> No.32979880


Cocky, self-centered Dragon/Demon hybrid complete with massive dragon dong. Always looking for critique!

>> No.32979901

Oh, no, you misunderstand. I just can't stand the word 'pucker.' It's among the least-attractive ways to describe an asshole in existence. I cannot rap my head around why people use it.

>> No.32979947

Heyo, /tg/. I've refined my profile a touch according to the guide in the channel topic, and I'd like to solicit some feedback.


Specifically, is the opening paragraph too long? I'm worried it kind of loses the point of the profile.

Beyond that, is the formatting alright? I'm going to add more information, as well, but suggestions on what specifically might help bring the profile alive or provide a more concrete idea of what I'm representing with it would be great. Thanks in advance!

>> No.32979950

The same reason 'tallywhacker' is used to refer to the penis.

>> No.32980056

Rose? Rear entrance? Star? Tailhole?

Help find better works for asshole cause asshole is more unattractive to me than pucker.

>> No.32980071



>> No.32980091

>> No.32980195


>> No.32980207

chocolate starfish

>> No.32980220

>See stupidly-hot art of a character
>Find the owner of the character on F-list
>Tons of kinks in common, hella potential for fun
>Send them a note with a good scene idea that should interest them
>Get a single line response saying they're too busy to take on new partners

I mean, I shouldn't be surprised, and it's not like they called me an ugly loser or anything. But rejection still hurts. Same person does a bunch of public play, though, perhaps I can get in on that.

>> No.32980256

Yeah, its a terrible feel, but people only have so many hours. But if they do a lot of public play, maybe you can join them early, become a priority for them.

>> No.32980283

And now I'm hungry. Good night.

>> No.32980312


Yeah, that's my hope. Just have to do it without seeming like a creepy stalker. Just the stalker part.

>> No.32980326

I did that.

>Someone who has a lot of awesome art
>Their characters are pretty awesome
>Try to talk to them
>Don't get many responses
>They do public stuff now and then
>Watch the room they do it in
>Get in on the public play with them.
>Match their four-five sentences
>Apparently it wows them that someone else puts in that much effort
>They send friend request
>Do more fun sexy times
>The eventually commision a piece of art depicting an RP you had with them But with another one of their OCs in your place

Still feels pretty good.

>> No.32980372

>But with another one of their OCs in your place
She cucked you with herself.

>> No.32980381

Even though it isn't your character, I think that if you did well enough they wanted art of the scene, that's a win.

That's the hard part. Can't be too forceful or clingy.

>> No.32980408

>/erpg/ - stalking tips

>> No.32980417

>See awesome profile
>Get in touch with them shortly after it's made; promises exchanged to do scenes with them soon
>Every time a follow-up is attempted, they're tired, logging soon, not in the mood for lewds, etc.
>Except, virtually every time this is declared, they're regularly slutting it up in public channels

This shouldn't annoy me as much as it does.

>> No.32980455

They're all sluts

>> No.32980477

I just know that feel, is all.

>profile in question logs out as soon as you log in
>it was coincidence, right?

>> No.32980484


I'm not going to go to their house and tap on the windows and whisper "Typefuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" in the dark of night or anything. Just going to keep an eye out for them in a channel they announce themselves in and hope things go out well.


Dicking around in public channels usually does require less mental fortitude than a full-on involved scene with another person, though.

>> No.32980499


>Caring what other people play

>> No.32980508


>Person you know wants to play with you comes online
>You don't message them, they don't message you
>They log off a while later
>Wonder if they left in anger because I wasn't getting a hold of them

Then again, they always had the opportunity to initiate.

>> No.32980511

As someone who regularly dicks around in public channels but has little time for 1v1 I can confirm that.

>> No.32980550

Huh, really? I personally find 1v1 stuff easier, since I can focus the majority of my concentration on a single person rather than having to sift through all the distractions of the channel to keep the depravity rolling.

>> No.32980577


Public play tends to have less investment in it, since it's going out in front of everyone. Individually crafting posts and scenes for a single person and trying to custom-tailor everything to them means you have a ton more investment, which is more mentally taxing.

>> No.32980595

1 on 1 takes fucking hours and hours.

>> No.32980599

I suppose that's my issue - I put as much work in either way. I mean, even with public play, I'm still fucking somebody (or somebodies), which means I've got to do a proper job of it. In fact, I feel an even stronger urge to throw down and put out my best work when rolling exhibitionist-style like that.

>> No.32980601

What's the worst note you've ever received?

>> No.32980606

Really. 1v1 requires me to give a lot of care and attention to a partner, plus there might be long term concerns like story involved. A public gangbang scene is quick, easy lewds in comparison.

>> No.32980650

Can't decide between the 'tis fedoracore I only play with real women' one, or the edgemaster autistic furry gary stu.

>> No.32980654

An introductory post from someone who seemed promising in chat ten minutes before.
In response to a solid, properly formatted and descriptive opening, I got one three-sentence paragraph containing grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes and little else.

>> No.32980704

>ERP like a whore!

Alright guys, its tuesday. This was posted this morning, and isn't even a holdover from sunday.

What happened to your weekends only / not shitting up the board deal?

>> No.32980709

I had one of the latter contact me as a cunt boy wanting to do mpreg. I did it anyways cause I didn't have anyone to play with and felt dirty afterwards

>> No.32980734

People are still horny I guess. Can't really stop people from making threads. I don't post my profile outside of weekends out of principle, though

>> No.32980759


Almost none of this is even remotely relevant to my interests. Just got it randomly out of the blue one day.

Involves feminization, intense mommying, hyper sizes, breast-feeding, and practical slavery. http://pastebin.com/YhEE8w08

>> No.32980762

I fucking told them, bro.

>> No.32980766


>> No.32980795


Okay, this excuse I'll actually accept.

Still, you guys should make a note to keep it a little classier during weekdays in the op!

>I don't post my profile outside of weekends out of principle, though

Good man, pic related.

>> No.32980801

>> No.32980805

i have read worse.

it's bizarre and i'm pretty sure whoever typed it did it with one hand on the keyboard and the other on their genitals, but it's not offensively written or anything like that.

>> No.32980827


Oh I agree, people have some fucking horror stories. That's just the worst I've ever gotten because it's completely irrelevant to what the character does and is, not to mention super creepy.

>> No.32980863

>> No.32980880

I'd that 'bot.

Taeric. ;_;

>> No.32980889

>Taeric. ;_;

>> No.32980902

>keep it a little classier during weekdays in the op!

Alright, everyone, you heard the man.

New updated OP pasta for the weekdays, here.

>> No.32980910

Old partner of mine who had a profile built around those images of tall elf + cute catgirl. I played with one of their other profiles, but seeing those Doraeshi images always reminds me of them.

>> No.32980925

Should I feel bad that I kinda liked that?

>> No.32980935


>> No.32980942

> Profile built around Doraeshi art
Why did you stop playing with this person? Like, ever?

>> No.32980956


Whatever gets your rocks off, dude. Just don't expect me to furnish it for you.

>> No.32980963

They retired after getting engaged.

>> No.32980971

Oh. Well shit.

>> No.32980979

Of course. You need to find the people into that sort of thing.

Everyone has their place in the great circle of lewd.

>> No.32980991

>bookmarked by 2
>0 notes

It's like having cake and not getting to eat it.

>> No.32981018

Worst I got is a tie between two.

One was a short, lithe anthro fox who m'ladied my aggressive hunter harpy at every chance he got from opening doors, pulling out chairs, and kissing her wing like one would kiss the back of a hand. Kept wanting to get married and settle down and then have children. It just was off putting and creepy the way he went about it.

The other was someone who noted a mother character I made who had a LARGE, BOLDED part that said that the character was only for backstory and wasn't going to be used in play. The person who was a big black cuck-kink then proceeded to try to talk me into playing on that character anyways, got frustrated when I wouldn't give, and then stopped noting the character. Then five minutes later another character noted it as well, using the exact same bad grammar and punctuation with the same average post lengths. Denied that person too. Five more minutes later que third person of same errors and length trying to get in too and getting denied. One person tried to fuck my background character with three different characters because apparently they didn't get that I was saying no.

>> No.32981037


where (bullshit) is whatever you want to have as the title of the dropdown

>> No.32981038

>Lewd Archivist
>No sexy demon librarian
https://www.f-list.net/c/JC Keats

>> No.32981052

At least you have the cake.

Did you post your profile in the thread?

>> No.32981057

Just taunt them with profile updates that don't include any actual updates. Seduce them this way.

"I see you there, bookmarks. Why don't you come out and play?"

>> No.32981062

Oh no, you poor little thing.

Try 10 notes next time. Everything you cherish will be dealt unto you a thousand times over, you gargantuan sack of cocks.

>> No.32981085

>Archivist Edition

>> No.32981119

Throwing out my profile again, anyone looking for a tsundere/yandere bodyguard waifu?

>> No.32981138

The fuck.

>> No.32981152

>Elwin Loross


Rapeable (or consensual sex with handholding-able) 16 year old wizard with magical jizz that enhances pretty much everything. Young boy seeks to preserve (or not preserve) his freedom.

>> No.32981158

You mean they don't fuck? Lame.

>> No.32981183

Except Cattie-Brie is described in the books as being blonde and muscular, she was raised by dwarves for fucks sake

Keep your goddamn R.A. Salvatore mary sues off my imaginary picture waifu

>> No.32981193

So, on a scale of never to always, how often does /erpg/ fap to the profiles of people you want to play with?

>> No.32981210


>Two virtually identical profiles.

u w0t m80

>> No.32981212

Thanks <3


>> No.32981235

>tfw you will never be tall elf with short n' cute catgrill gf

>> No.32981263

How many people make RPG character sheets for their profiles?
What's your opinion on RPG character sheets being included on profiles?
Do you prefer freeform or strict adherence to a given system?

I think it's a good way to draft concepts for various settings and I plan on updating some of my profiles with RPG character sheets.

>> No.32981267

Yep. Otherwise I'd still be doing regular 8+ hour marathon sessions with them and only stopping because we were too threadbare to continue. I hope they're alright, and that their husband is treating them properly...

>> No.32981328

What if they're using your logs as foreplay

>> No.32981341

My smug satisfaction would drown out the heavens.

>> No.32981375

>How many people make RPG character sheets for their profiles?

I do if there's something I know would work for the character without huge effort, since character sheet stuff can give me ideas for background details and things.

>> No.32981392

On rare occasion, mostly because I haven't gotten up the courage to actually make a profile myself yet.

>> No.32981458

I used to do that before I realized they would never come back.

>> No.32981530

I was that exact cute catgirl gf and he was my great tall elf ;~;

>> No.32981559

Was it Taeric? If so, let us shed tears for the lost.

>> No.32981564

But do they come in halfling size, so I can keep one in an oversized birdcage as a colorful pet?

>> No.32981575

cryin' together, friend

>> No.32981605

Hm.... I could use some ideas. Any suggestions?

>> No.32981608

Times are tough, and the best and brightest amongst us leave us all too soon. You have any logs?

>> No.32981621

The very worst part, I didn't know how to save them back then

>> No.32981660


>> No.32981666


did anyone else notice the username?
Badamerican indeed.

>> No.32981669

Christ, that's rough. I have massive logs from the scenes I did with one of Taeric's other characters. They are my pride and joy.

>> No.32981677


>> No.32981684

So that I can play them as siblings/clones/magically-induced hellspawn

use your imagination

>> No.32981685

Just think about your favorite kinks and envision a possible scenario that could highlight one or more. A very general outline is all you need per idea, just something to get the wheels turning in people's heads for the kinds of things you might be interested in playing. General is always better than specific, but don't be afraid to jot down specific ones as well, just in case somebody else wants that thing too.

>> No.32981747

Once, though I have just gotten into lewding. Its terrible, we're super compatible but they are in a different timezone and don't want to use anything but F-chat.

>> No.32981757

Well, I updated my profile to include some!

Maybe that will get my bookmarkers to send a note...

>> No.32981788

>playing with a switch
>was licking feet part of your plan?
this shit is awesome

>> No.32981818

Could you be mean to such a gentle girl, Anon?
Also making a profile based off a specific scenario is more difficult than expected to flesh out properly.

>> No.32981830

I'm about to step out the door but I'll send a note when I can

>> No.32981860


>tfw your character is a mercenary AND a big guy

All he needs is a mask at this point.

>> No.32981897

>didn't upload as Guest

>> No.32981998

>Scene gets interrupted by internet failure of partner
>Swapping notes via their phone to keep things up-to-date
>Finally log off
>Realize I hadn't saved logs of the scene

Noor, I hope you grabbed those logs - otherwise we gotta hope the browser buffer got 'em all. Fuck fuck fuck. Amateur-hour mistake of mine.

>> No.32982010


>"If you're worried about people being mean to you, you could just stay home and play video games all day like me."

>> No.32982017

>not having a feathery kobold instead

>> No.32982037

>Young witch with questionable ethics, and a penchant for sizeplay.
>Now with an actual background because it's embarrassing that I left it incomplete this long.

>> No.32982093

>"I'm not good at video games..."

>> No.32982096

Data-theft Edition
>Get some data on system backdoors from a former programmer
>Infect the network layer and scrape all input and output
>Break open encryption on a continuous high-lever stream instead of just rerouting it
> Never wanted to see your deal-fixer from that angle.. eww.. no wonder he wasn't sharing many details on the target
>Get in, Get out, Get paid.. or become somewhat less indebted

>hightech lowlife

>> No.32982164


>"I'll teach you."


>> No.32982187


It happens, but usually I can lewd them and fap to that.

>> No.32982208

Is it shy lesbian cyclops edition yet?
If you two get it on please please please save logs

>> No.32982212


I make them for most of them. It helps keep things straight so I don't make a Sue.

>> No.32982227

Friendly reminder that profiles like these exist


I clicked it expecting like, a minotaur girl or something. hahahaha, oh god

>that no list

>> No.32982295

>"W-well... okay...."
This is a cute profile dear god. I feel even more inadequate with the little threadbare thing I've got

>> No.32982304


Tall, muscular and submissive knight looking for small dom/big sub play.

>> No.32982422

Wouldn't have it any other way anon.

Don't feel inadequate anon. Alisa is very cute.

>> No.32982479

Incubus looking to slowly drag someone into depravity.

>> No.32982519

>tfw when your favorite partner retires

I see them all the time on the "Friends recently online" business, but they never log on the retired character, and I'm too ashamed to stalk them with Notes. They have like 40 characters and I have them all bookmarked and none of them ever log in.

>> No.32982524

I still think the profile needs work, but I'm at a loss on where to go

>> No.32982529

Oh shoot. Kel here. I haven't forgotten that thing I noted you about but, ah, a couple unforeseen things got in the way. I'll try to actually be in chat with her this weekend.

>> No.32982547


Here's a handy guide I use when I get stuck in the conceptual stages.


>> No.32982600

Ahhh, tall lady knights are a thing for me. Its too bad my character is submissive too...

>> No.32982806

I know this isn't /r/, but does anyone have a catboy for small dom/big sub? I'll repay you in lewdings once I get that profile up.

>> No.32982871

>Go for a year with 1 character
>Last 3months has seen 5 new characters and a similar number in development


>> No.32982924

So I try to get somthing going where a teacher "punishes" a student who is slacking/not paying attention in class. I start it off by trying to start a conversation so It will work. start off with me chastising her student asking her if she knows why she I asked to see her. no response disconnects. well shit I guess i suck at geting plot moving.

>> No.32982943

Furry or not?

>> No.32982991

That could be lewd, anon. Would you chastise/encourage a girl who's failing because she gets bullied?

>> No.32983083

You and that 'fight me' girl who posted in the last few threads should really get together.

>> No.32983123


>> No.32983180


'Fight me' girl? A link to the profile?

>> No.32983182

Profile, Ms. Teacher? I already posted mine, don't wanna post it again like an attention whore. If we're compatible I'll pass along a note.

>> No.32983227

Not furry. I just need a regal outfit or something that isn't a cat boy being submissive

>> No.32983235

>TFW your first attempt with F-list is a total failure

>TFW you have wasted the other person's time

>TFW you are fully incompetent

Everyfuckingtime I try ERP.

>> No.32983240

The heteronormativistic cispatriarchism in this thread is seriously outstanding.

>> No.32983245

It's not my usual habit to link other people's profiles, but you two seem like you'd be so well matched that I'll make an exception. victa daleborn

>> No.32983261

Hi, me.

>> No.32983266

Post your profile and I'll try to make your second time worthwhile

>> No.32983291


git gud

>> No.32983303

Post profiles. You might get lucky.
Also i find it helps to be really honest with what you want beforehand. Most of my RP offers get culled before they start because I think we're not going to match up and want to avoid wasting the other person's time.

>> No.32983345

Musty old books?
Literature in general?
That's my fetish
Okay, not really. But it's relevant to the concept


Message me some time!

>> No.32983391

>not having a fetish for books
>in a 'write your own erotic literature' thread
I don't understand.

>> No.32983394


Bros, I literally just made an impulse profile because I saw an ad in our weekend thread that enticed me. There's absolutely nothing to see beyond a name and a one-paragraph desc.

Thanks though.

I'm mostly really worried the other person was sad or felt cheated. But I guess that's the way of these things.

>> No.32983398

>"Hey anon, I saw that you were having some issues solving these problems, so if you wanted, I could help you out with them."

>> No.32983417

I'm not sexually excited by books.
People have done sexy things to me using books.
They were pretty fun

>> No.32983420

>No condoms

>> No.32983422


>> No.32983423

>"Y... yes, you could say I have a problem. Woof."

>> No.32983453

Well tell us what sort of things you like, and we can help you find people who are into the same thing.
Also, if it helps, know that f-list is guaranteed to have a ton of people who have a significantly worse skill than you. I would know, I've played with a fair few of them. Maybe you just need to find someone who matches well with you?

Tell me more~
I want to know how to do lewd things to people with a paperback too...

>> No.32983455

Would /tg/ a science-fantasy knight?

>> No.32983478

Yes. Especially if she saved me.

>> No.32983496

So fucking hard.

>> No.32983503

Go on...

>> No.32983508

Say you've got this nice, juicy, meaty, delicious... "steak.' Would you wrap it in plastic before eating it?

Same thing with condoms.

>> No.32983515

Had to change my name since it violated F-List rules.


>> No.32983521

The highlight, probably because it was early on, was having the book I was reading snatched from my hands and used to spank me. In my mind, it was a hardcover.

>> No.32983542

What was your old name and how did it violate the rules

>> No.32983551

Ah. Sorry, anon.

>> No.32983584



>> No.32983590

Hell yes. Coat that meaty goodness in a layer of mustard, Worcestershire sauce, whole peppercorns and lemonpepper seasoning, then let it marinate overnight in plastic wrap, then take it out before lunch and throw it on the barbie and.... Unf.

>> No.32983606


Thanks anons. I will be writing some stuff up for her, and the setting she's in.

>> No.32983609

Had to change it, because no characters based on real-life people under 18 are allowed.

But it's okay! I added a disclaimer saying that I'm a fictional character, and any real-world resemblances are coincidental, so I think I'm covered. Can't wait to be friends! <3 <3

>> No.32983615

>Well tell us what sort of things you like, and we can help you find people who are into the same thing.

Transformation, TG, light domming, disguises... The kind of things that don't really happen (outside of the domming).

>> No.32983700

I didn't ask about marinating. Marinating in this case, is foreplay.

What you're advocating, with condoms, is taking that steak, wrapping it in cellophane, and THEN putting it on the grill, cellophane still wrapped around the meat.

>> No.32983702

Condoms are great when you're still in the early stages of training your new pet/slave. The reward is the actual dick, so you can't just give it to them right off the bat.
Just be sure to make them drink it afterwards; your pet needs to know not to waste the cum you give her![/spoiler[

>> No.32983710

>Transformation, TG, light domming, disguises
On the receiving end, I assume? If you're willing to do that to people then I would expect you to be swimming in partners. Hm... There was a 'goddess of transformation' who posted the other thread, and I've seen at least two other profiles here that would do that sort of stuff. One was that group of seven succubi, but I can't recall the other.

>> No.32983737


Multipurpose, confident, muscled and dreadlocked! Been out of it for a while, trying to get back into the thick with it.

(See profile for settings and ideas; also available in not quite confident and sexually aggressive versions)

>> No.32983752


What's your thoughts on chicks with dicks?

That's the majority of my characters.

>> No.32983770


I like them quite a bit actually.

>> No.32983783

Are those pictures from Saints Row?

>> No.32983796


Whoops, can't show that on a Christian Imageboard. There's almost nips in that image.

>> No.32983801


>dat spoiler

I need to make a character so I can play with the slavey profile I've been looking at.

>> No.32983822

Someone else, but I'm certainly interested.

>> No.32983827

Full-body outfits, anyone?

>> No.32983829

Yup. Using the same character in both 3 and 4.

And I have screenshotitis.

>> No.32983830



>> No.32983838

What about chicks without dicks?

>> No.32983848

+1 for this

>> No.32983849

9/10 would recommend.

>> No.32983893

Been playing some videogames lately, anon?

>> No.32983898

I'm writing my first note, at that

>> No.32983916

Valkyr doesn't have a booty nearly that fine.

>> No.32983917

I'll just leave this here. https://www.f-list.net/c/lita%20corso

>> No.32983918


I actually stopped WF the moment I realized I hated the gameplay and was only playing it for THAT

>> No.32983919


Chicks without dicks of a similar or higher station than her own make her nervous. Those who are below her might be useful for stress-relief, should she require it.

>> No.32983953

I still need to pick up my game with you again. We had some fun, but I could only think it was going to get better. Sadly, I have been feeling the urge for much more vanilla things, of late, and running such a GM like profile is tiring.

>> No.32983957

...And schoolgirls?

>> No.32983985

I like them, yes.

>> No.32983991


Young ladies from the academy? Youthful minds (and bodies) are quite interesting.

>> No.32983995


>tfw no tenno waifu

>> No.32984034

I can't find a pet that I want, but there's a ton of small dom/big sub profiles out there so I'm trying to get a small dom profile together. But all the goddamn cat boys pics are too damn submissive for me to use. I just want to bully tenderly some doms around and make them touch my fluffy tail and ears, damn it.

>> No.32984036

I understand brah, DMing is tough especially in ERPs, and i never did manage to get that other player on board.

>> No.32984052

Make or link your profile <3

>> No.32984057

Some subs. I want to lovingly boss some subs around.

>> No.32984094


I'm working on it anon.

>> No.32984103

Log when?

>> No.32984108

Where's that brown bully from last thread? I need her profile for reasons.

>> No.32984138

Might have to be more specific. Was it a musclegirl?

>> No.32984159


I have plenty of Dom profiles, but none that match up with the character I have my eye on.

>> No.32984166

Nah, it was the one who secretly had a thing for monstergirls

>> No.32984220

The one who was going to bully a cyclops and get the shit beat out of her by an Oni?

I need her for.... reasons as well

>> No.32984350

I like the cut of your jib.

>> No.32984368

huh, maybe I should make a school delinquint Oni.

>> No.32984410

Why is this, anyway? Do people really hate contraceptives? Is not giving it to someone "raw" a really bad faux pas?

>> No.32984428

His partner is not upset. Ayenna here, and he was actually very good and fun, he just build a character around something he thought I specifically wanted to do, while I said it was something I could do. But you fucked your sorcerous mistress quite well, little apprentice~

>> No.32984436

We could hang out and be oni pals
Fighting and drinking and lifting things

>> No.32984446

Some people like impregnation.

>> No.32984481

>see someone with "no" in their condoms
>roleplay properly until Tab D > Slot V
>"uuuuhn about to gum :DDDDDD"
>pull out
>cum on their back/belly
>"(Dude why?)"

>> No.32984482

>no avatar or pics uploaded
>bookmarked by 7
>only ever got one note out of nowhere
I answered their question but didn't get any followup, ah well.

But now I found like 3 partners over f-chat that I bookmarked earlier, and got like 3 other f-chat IMs out of nowhere. One of them had clearly not even read the kinks section though and typed like a 14yo weeaboo.

>> No.32984494

What do y'all think for a small cat-dom. This?
Or this http://i.imgur.com/0LyWDbW.jpg

I don't know how I feel about that second one

>> No.32984501

Quite a bit, before I worked past the spaghetti and tried IMing one of my recent finds and got actual play going.

>> No.32984524

That pic related is too non-intimidating to be a proper dom.

>> No.32984534

I don't find condoms sexy. In fact, I find them astoundingly UNsexy. So I'd rather not other with them in stories, because they're mood killers that only get used in real life because less pleasant sex is preferable over impregnation.

>> No.32984543

>second one


>> No.32984572

Yeah, I'm not having any luck with finding pictures on Gelbooru; 33 pages and most of them are traps or subs.

>> No.32984600


>> No.32984618

It's satisfying in an inexplicable, basic, animal way to rut with someone and dump your seed in them at the end, particularly if they've got their legs locking you in tight and are urging you on.

I assume something similar applies the other way.

>> No.32984624

>mfw someone doesn't have a kink list filled out, and wants to RP

>> No.32984646

Kinda. Impregnation is hot.

The other part is this: Raw dick feels better than plastic. MUCH better.

>> No.32984674

>mfw it's cool if you just ask them because they're pleasant to talk to and just want to do what you want to do
>still have no clue what they fucking LIKE though, and my biggest fetish is pleasuring my partner

>> No.32984694


That's when you go "Heya there, what's on your mind?" as part of your greetings, hopefully they'll tell you.

>> No.32984753

Hehe, that just made me imagine all of the standard ERP greetings as NPC lines.

>> No.32984774

YourBigSavior is actually a Daily quest in F-Listcape.

>> No.32984818

did nobody catch how fucked this is

>> No.32984835

>Had to change it, because no characters based on real-life people under 18 are allowed.
Yes. Because
1) Creepy
2) Questionable legality

>> No.32984863

Don't look at it, maybe it'll go away

>> No.32984865

>f-list profile for that slenderman stabber
9/10 troll, it's okay

>> No.32984878

Almost all of my characters have nWoD character sheets
Blood & Smoke Ghoul
Proximus in need of a rewrite
Sin-eater (pretty powerful, too)
qt trans Hunter (Network Zero)
Blood and Smoke vampire from the recent Kerberos Bloodline (though I'm thinking of making a new Bloodline for her, then making a new Kerberos)

Almost all of them are made with 10 merits and 10 Experiences in post God-Machine Chronicle rules. I've had two Demons, but I deleted them. The sheet (and the code for the sheet) of one of them is still on https://www.f-list.net/c/Hamsaperiel which is my ST account.
I also have https://www.f-list.net/c/incarnationsword the icon/symbol for the Sword Incarnation. I need to make more of those.

>> No.32984885

That's what I'm hoping.

>> No.32984926

Literally ever night. It's my fap bait. In fact, I'm about to take a shower, but first I'm going to open a new tab with all the profiles I've saved and start fapping to the custom kinks.
I search for people with specific raunchy kinks and open up, like, thirty profiles at a time and then find the ones with the best customs.
If I fap out before I finish, I just bookmark them all (as in bookmarking the pages, not bookmarking the character in chat) like I do with Imagefap galleries tha I haven't gotten to.

>> No.32984955

>/tg/ meets girl cyclops.exe

>> No.32984974

>Tfw you want to make a slacker monster in the vein of Nessie from that animated short.
>Not sure how do.

What should I do?

>> No.32985005

>Implying all of Magnus' profiles aren't identical

>> No.32985111

So why are you ERPless?

>> No.32985161


I haven't ERPed (or RPed, for that matter) in a looong time. Feels inadequate, man.

>> No.32985166


Because I'm tired and frustrated, and want to calm down a bit before I jump online.

>> No.32985176

Partner probably won't be on for another few hours it's suffering

>> No.32985223

>Tfw editing cookies like a mofo to get that sweet cyclops goodness, but still get sadpanda'd
There is literally no way to fuck this up, what the fuck

>> No.32985238

Because I'm working out the details of an ERP right now :P

>> No.32985255

I haven't ERPed much in general, and never on F-list. I don't really know how to make/have the creativity for an interesting profile, and I'm bad at being new to communities. I have no idea how I'd approach ERPing with someone I don't know very well, and on a site I almost never use. I'll probably just forget about it and continue being bored.

>> No.32985300



It's not fully finished yet, but it's pretty close. Have at it anons.

>> No.32985306

long work days leave me exhausted ;_;

>> No.32985334

I spent my whole evening making this douchebag from last night. Made his backstory along with fixing his images via photoshop. I need a break before lewding again.

>> No.32985335

>finding alt profiles by copypasted custom kinks
>they even have different Last Online times entirely, under a whole different login

What's the point of multiple logins--just to avoid people noticing they're the same?

>> No.32985353

Because I'm tired and I've done 5 RPs via f-chat at the same time. Going to bed, Amy/Ayenna out.

>> No.32985361


How do you know it's someone who didn't just kink-poach something they liked in another profile? Happens all the time, especially with the "Copy custom" function.

>> No.32985367

I wasn't ERPing, due to work and/or study. But now I have my hot shaft so far up a succubus' behind that she's gargling my semen.
Life is good.

>> No.32985369

>Stalking people like that
Probably because of you?

Also, those... might just be different people.

>> No.32985374

>just to avoid people noticing they're the same?

Apparently it's a necessary precaution, if you're going around playing detective by creeping on people's profiles.

>> No.32985408

Look at these moralfags, look at them and laugh.

>> No.32985418

What is the consensus on Species/Race character profiles? The ones that don't have a specific character, but a specially made race.

Horrible abomination or Cool, Customizable treat?



>> No.32985435

People don't message me back :(
Also cause I can't find a cat boy picture to make a small dom profile.

>> No.32985436


Relevant to my interests.


>> No.32985443

>>>/b/ ack to where you belong

>> No.32985444


Needs a "who cares" option.

>> No.32985470

I can show you the ropes, Anon~.
I hope you like males.... or femboys.

>> No.32985471

No one cares what an avatarfag thinks.

>> No.32985482



>> No.32985504

Midweek reminder that Viera are lewd!

Never trust a slutty bunny!

>> No.32985506

>reaction image
>lol stop avatarfagging

>> No.32985517

because i keep finding a reason to not work on the monhun monster profile
and my hunter profile

>> No.32985530

Except that he only posts Kamen Rider shit. Don't be a retard.

>> No.32985540

He's not me.

I mean, I'm not him.

I mean, that's not even Kamen Rider, you stupid fucktard.

>> No.32985544


anon no bully pls

>> No.32985564


1) That's from Super Sentai. Still toku, but not KR.

2) There's at least two, about three anons in this thread who are /m/en.

3) Pic related.

>> No.32985577



Oh? Is that so?

>> No.32985584

griashill pls go and stay go

>> No.32985585

What if wee have profiles that are made to be bullied?

>> No.32985600

Me not that kind of /m/an!

>> No.32985606


/m/en, wo/m/en, and others, I shouldn't discriminate.

>> No.32985611

It's so nice to see how you've changed.
How many delicious things have you lewded? Any good logs?

>> No.32985619


Then bully away anon.


That's okay anon, Meltrandi aren't for everyone.

>> No.32985622

Sorry that I don't watch shows for kids and can't differentiate the spandex wearing Jap pretty boys.

>> No.32985625

>implying anyone likes straight human males

>> No.32985640

I forgive you.

>> No.32985668

Later, maybe. I might send you a note once I'm more set up.

and yes, those are my favorite

>> No.32985701

Oh my, where to begin?
There was someone who got a pair of slimes and was fucked and fucked by them; I met up with /erp/'s Molly and she kept logs. There was this trap that I fell for but ended up lewding anyways, and I kinda want more. There was some size play, a lot of rape, and sadly a breeder who's not online enough for me to get anything started. Also a vore who I sent a message to and never got a response back, but I blame myself for taking too long on the response.

Unfortunately I don't keep logs, so I can't offer you any. Sorry!
You can send me a note anyways, I won't judge you by your naked profile!

>> No.32985723


I'm slutty, and a slutty man you can always trust to be slutty. Sluttily. It's the conserved ones you want to watch out for, because you can never predict when they're going to do something incredibly... kinky.

Looses a little something in translation, but I tried.

>> No.32985785

Then I guess you don't like my Eric Harris profile either?


>> No.32985791

Would you believe my straight human male gets more action than my slime?

>> No.32985832

Sharkboi? Nice picture.
I want to do him.

>> No.32985862

I was confused what you meant by sharkboi until I looked at the picture. I've been using this for a while and just noticed what's up

>> No.32985882



Will probably bookmark and never note because goddamn do I have a lot of lewds going on already

>> No.32985893

Oh wow look at this
we /b/ nao

>> No.32985924

You... what.
You mean you had art that fine and weren't playing a sharkboy?
Do you mind if I steal it and do?

>> No.32985927

I once had a profile picture that was a naked girl wading in a stream, and it took me like a whole day before I noticed she was urinating. D:

>> No.32985971


Post profile.

>> No.32985979

Go for it.
I'll play sharkboi just for you, though. https://www.f-list.net/c/yu%20bei/

>> No.32986005

Cool kinkshaming, bro.

>> No.32986016

Send me a note, we'll work something out.

>> No.32986023

That's not kink shaming, that's shithead shaming.

>> No.32986026

Honestly I'd love to play with a yandere teenager with 2spoopy supernatural backdrop.

But this is just trying too hard

>> No.32986034

Fuck off Jack

>> No.32986040

>tfw just lewded for 11 hours straight

I'm tired as FUCK but also very very happy

>> No.32986045

>tfw you will never get a YourBigSavior quest because your character is super gay and male

>> No.32986055

>implying erotophonophiles are shitheads

I find you guilty of kinkshaming in the first degree.

>> No.32986071

I find you guilty of making up words so get rektamundo, sandwich superloli.

>> No.32986084


>> No.32986113


>> No.32986125


I don't post them. Too many lewds already.

>> No.32986146


>> No.32986205 [SPOILER] 

I figured that what we did could not be that common. Awyway, I look forward to playing with you again.

Just don't leave me quite as haggard next time, please.

>> No.32986227

See what you did to me? I don't even know how that typo happened.

>> No.32986263

>Straight Male
Absolutely disgusting.

I feel like reporting these profiles.

Sharkboi no more.

That's just begging for this to happen:

I demand recognition for this:

Part I: http://pastebin.com/H0PY6Wc5
Part II: Gone, lost to the Aether, but unimportant
Part III: http://pastebin.com/1sAGEddZ
Part IV: http://pastebin.com/1Gt51hxZ
He's still creepy, but at lest he's... trying?

Never stopped me! ;_;

>> No.32986276



>> No.32986280

>I feel like reporting these profiles.
On what grounds? Violence, death, etc. aren't against the rules.

>> No.32986292

Well, I'll try, but no promises~

>> No.32986303

Much love!

>> No.32986315

My body is ready, maybe.

>> No.32986337


Meh, fine. Like I said I usually don't, but since you asked.

>> No.32986349

>Part IV: http://pastebin.com/1Gt51hxZ
Ahahaha, what.

>> No.32986364


I know, that's why we currently have 2 ideas pending.

>> No.32986365

W-why would you undo the shark-itude?
That was the best bit!

>> No.32986386

>those scars
>the name of that other character
You. You deserve every lewd you get.

>> No.32986394

Because I play the dirtiest of dirty concepts as a straight human male, and I can't be human if I'm shark-y!

>> No.32986421


Bookmarked, but will probably never note because you're already busy, and I don't like bothering people when I can avoid it.

>> No.32986439


Who wants to give me their soul for a little sex?

>> No.32986473

Will be on all night, anyone wanting a submissive manlet? Scifi setting preferred, but can work with just about anything though I really wish I could find someone for some crazy bondage involving aliensssss or something

profile here: https://www.f-list.net/c/felix%20bendixen (also taking hints as to how to make things better and how to find partners Q__Q)

>> No.32986476

My soul belongs to Slenderman, but I can probably nab you someone else's soul... or wipe it off the blade of my knife.

>> No.32986480


Thank you.

Feel free to note me, but expect me to probably be busy.

>> No.32986504

That sounds awfully edgy anon.

>> No.32986513


I'm not THAT busy. Feel free to note me, sometimes I'm free.

>> No.32986526

>giving your soul to a demon isn't edgy
>giving someone else's soul to a demon is edgy

>> No.32986667

No, but profiles based on real people who are underage are >>32983609

I know, right? Amazed the fuck out of me.
Also, this part:
>[15:46] Arika bites her lip, holding an autograph book to her chest as she looks the man up and down, taking him in like a glass of water on a hot day. "I know, I know, I had to slip passed security when he went to the bathroom, but... oh, wow, just..." she reaches out her hand and touches the man's chest with her fingers, not even looking him in the eyes, "Oh man, you are just really HOT..." she licks her lips, and her eyes trace over his body, down where the towel hangs around his waist, showing off the well defined V, with the veins and hair hinting at what it covers. She licks her lips again, and moves her hand down. "If you let me stay..." she offers, not quite saying what she wants, but letting it hang in the air.
>[15:50] Tyler Klein: Steps back a bit as she touches his chest. "I'll have words with him, can count on that" Motioning to call for security then smiles "Thanks for the compliment. I know thanks for noticing." He noticed her gaze and glistening lips as well as the book. "Let you stay what?" He looked at her "Did you want an autograph?"
Just, my God, I laughed my ass off.

No prob.

Probably more than two!

>> No.32986735

Don't cut yourself on your own edge, brosephine

>> No.32986753

You are the greatest person ever and I know nothing else about you, bronus

>> No.32986788

>This user's account has been banned.
>For more info or to discuss it, feel free to contact support and ask. Reason: Tasteless violation of the rules. Back
They both dead already? Fuck that was fast.

I wanted to at least see the trainwreck before it got cleaned up.

>> No.32986796


Well, pretty sure its 2.5 since Snow doesn't fit Aloise very well and Tia even less so. So there's the Slob that I still need to make and your adventurer who's going to get some girlcock in his butt. I don't think I've been talking to any of your other characters...

>> No.32986814

>that exerpt
I can't help but feel that he knows exactly what's going on, and is putting the ignorance on intentionally. Not the character, the player.
I mean damn. It's actually pretty good.

>> No.32986843

I don't know. I live my life by Hanlon's Razor.

Still counts as far as I'm concerned.
Also, you can check them all against Rory Merriweather.

>> No.32986867

>lel edgy

Just thought I'd point out that all this contempt and hostility is exactly what causes people to become killers in the first place. My character is a social commentary on the cynical shallowness of an increasingly homogenous secularized society.

>> No.32986882

What are you guys talking about?

>> No.32986892

Hanlon's Razor is a shitty rule to live by. Giving immoral people the benefit of the doubt is what enables them.

>> No.32986911

>'social commentary'

Okay, I chortled.

>> No.32986922

>implying stupidity isn't the more unforgiveable sin

>> No.32986936

You're ten pounds of bullshit in a one pound sack, y'know that?

>> No.32986939


>Hanlon's Razor

So much this.

Also that name doesn't ring a bell, I imagine I've looked at profile at some point, but I don't think I've talked to it.

>> No.32986944

>a social commentary on the cynical shallowness of an increasingly homogenous secularized society

>> No.32986964

These sounded just like serious replies, you gotta work harder to get in on the joke guys.

>> No.32986972

There's an idiot named YourBigSavior who kept pestering some anon to typefuck while he had a functionally empty profile. Shit has since developed, and he'd made an actual character now, and is setting up to typefuck int he near future.

I think.

>> No.32987004

Well, I do try!
Remember me for that one time you thought I was amazing, Anon

>> No.32987012

Harry: "He's Black Council."
Ebenezar: "Or, maybe stupid.",
Harry: "Not sure which is scarier."
Ebenezar: "Stupid, Hoss. Every time. Only so many blackhearted villains in the world, and they only get uppity on occasion. Stupid's everywhere, every day."

More or less, though it's not just ME he's pestered. He sends out the same canned message to every female character. He's also hit some of my characters twice.
I tried to play with him in the now missing second log, but he was really bad.

>> No.32987020

Ah, it's a cuckold stud character.

He was trying to talk people into letting him GM for them in some adulterous scenario?

>> No.32987049

>make a profile
>exchange a few notes with someone
>getting cold feet

please advise

>> No.32987061

do it faggot

>> No.32987062

Nut up.

>> No.32987066

What's making you nervous in particular?

>> No.32987068

At least you got that far, I haven't even found anyone interested in partnerin' up

>> No.32987075


>Never made a female
>Making one soon
>Actually hoping he contacts me

>> No.32987090

>Only so many blackhearted villains in the world

Yeah, there aren't that many evil people in the world. Only about seven billion, last time I counted...

>> No.32987097

Post profile! I have literally no one to lewd today.


>> No.32987114

>implying all people are evil
Comunist pls leave

>> No.32987129

I'm this fag hag


>> No.32987184

>Part I: http://pastebin.com/H0PY6Wc5

>[10:47 AM] YourBigSavior: It was your Oral as a favorite and the fact that you made a custom means you're not a bimbo.
>[10:48 AM] YourBigSavior: The dominant as well. It's nice to have a cumdump with a mind of her own.
>[10:48 AM] System: Catalina Menendez is online.
>[10:48 AM] YourBigSavior: Having to tell a cunt what to do and every step etc. is VERY annoying.
>[10:48 AM] Madison Alexis Dylan: On the subject of red flags, this is several of them.
>[10:49 AM] YourBigSavior: I get the whole being a sub cunt being told what to do so you can never do anything wrong but at LEAST be creative when given an order etc.

Fucking incredible.

>> No.32987187


>> No.32987189

a supreme lack of confidence in my own abilities, and my last attempt at ERP, aside from being my first, saw me caught between two people each with more issues than DC and Marvel put together in the midst of a bad breakup, one of whom ended up hating me and the other getting uncomfortably depressed and clingy, both of them upset over a perceived attempt by me to separate them to claim one.

alright fine

>> No.32987221

Welp, banned account. RIP, all my other characters. Just thought I'd try something a little different for a change. Whoops! I've entertained all your "normal" "socially acceptable" kinks, but oh, pardon me for expecting anyone to give me the same respect. You're all a bunch of selfish fucks.

>> No.32987222

Hey, season 2 of Angel, I wasn't expecting you here.

>> No.32987227

woh, what did you do?

>> No.32987241


>> No.32987245

So were you the Eric Harris f-list profile or slenderman killer profile?

>> No.32987264


Who were your other characters?

>> No.32987267

Daily reminder that shemales are best males.

>> No.32987270

>Search Jack Bruner
>0 results

>> No.32987279

Were any of your other characters horses, monsters, or really racist?

>> No.32987298

Christian, actually. Everyone's heart bears the black stain of Satan's filthy fingerprints.

>> No.32987323

RIP Jack Brunner

you were a fuck

>> No.32987325

Yes, both of 'em.

>> No.32987357

He made a profile of the Columbine Shooter and the girl who stabbed a classmate to summon Slenderman.

You made offensively bad profiles based on real people who actually murdered people, one of whom did so within the last few months and one of whom was one of the most notorious school shooters of all time. Both were underage.

You got what you deserved.
It has nothing to do with socially acceptable kinks. I have a character who convinced another high school girl to climb into an incinerator and set herself on fire. I once brutally castrated someone with my teeth.

There's a line between socially acceptable and "in incredibly poor taste", though, and you crossed that line. It's not a thin line, either. You more or less have to do it intentionally.

>>32987270 >>32987323
Oh, was he really Jack Brunner?
I assumed he was like Rory and everyone hated him for stupid reasons. Then I talked to him and I realized that he was obviously a troll, or seriously incompetent. Good riddance.
GG, no re

>> No.32987412

>Oh, was he really Jack Brunner?

Probably not? A character with that name is still there.


I dunno who this is though.

>> No.32987428

>Tfw you exit from your transformation pod
>Tfw you still have your memories but any emotional attachment to them is muted or gone
>Tfw master commands you to obey his every command
>Tfw all you can do is speak the lines "yes master"
>Tfw your emotions gradually return but you find serving master to be a pleasurable experience so you make no effort to escape or revert to normal.

>> No.32987450

That incinerator scene was darkly fascinating, by the way

>> No.32987472

weird, he wasn't showing up in the search results for whatever reason.

>> No.32987481

>Eric Harris

He was an 18 year old high school senior. Characters based on adults are allowed.

>> No.32987533

The Slenderman girl was 13.

It really was. It was fun playing it out. I'll admit I wasn't too keen on how just BROKEN the girl was*, and I was worried the player went a bit overboard at the end for my benefit. I thought I might have been a bit... too depraved when Madison crushed her fingers.

But the player LOVED it. She deleted the character, but made another one and had consensual snuff as a custom and just gushed about how it was the best. My ego pierced the heavens.


*Of course, being so broken is why she needed to be thrown away like the trash she was.

>> No.32987539

Why are you defending someone who was acting like an underage /b/-tard?
F-list's mods banned him, and you have to fuck up REALLY hard to get banned from F-list

>> No.32987548

We need some sort of rolling table for creating characters.

Make it like a challenge to developing a good character from a bare-bones outline.

>> No.32987551

Because you only typed one N instead of two?

>> No.32987600


Is...is that in your logs?

>> No.32987638


>> No.32987654

nah mang still got nothing

>> No.32987668

>gay sex with hats

>> No.32987686

That is impressive

>> No.32987704


I still haven't read any of them. I need to start ignoring distractions and reading all the lewds I have piled up.

>> No.32987709

By the way, does anyone have a good red haired skinny chick I can use for a new version of this picture?
Also, for reference, I did put bandages over her breasts specifically so I could link the image with the logs.

>Using Light instead of Dark
Why? Black background is so much easier on the eyes.

Something tells me he looked that up intentionally. Same with "how to take a screenshot" and "streaming Naruto"

>> No.32987735

Is there an Arika Polaroid2? I fell in love

>> No.32987744

>Black background is so much easier on the eyes.
I prefer light, dark feels 2edgy4me

>> No.32987747

Yeah. It's the one I usually post with the logs.

>> No.32987783

Goodness gracious.
Thank you much, I will get to read your logs later today.

>> No.32987803

I was also gonna put a bookmark up for reddit, download some toolbars, change chome's theme to something pony related, and have a tab on /pol/ open

>> No.32987815

I literally just realized I should name those differently.

This should be 1 >>32987638
Then two >>32987709
Then three >>32987747

Although, yeah, I need a new picture for >>32987709

By the way, if other people want these kind of little touches for their profile, I can try and make them. Did this for the little vamp loli.

>Implying Shadowrun would use physical IDs

>> No.32987825

"Gay sex with hats ON", clearly.

>> No.32987867

>not liking gay hats

>> No.32987877

RFIDs, dude.

>> No.32987888


I don't know if the pictures I have are any good for it but could you try with Tia or Snow Crash?

>> No.32987934

Sure, what do you want with them?

The other major one I made, with Little Brown Girl's slutting it up license.
If you notice, it implies she'll be killed if she breaks the law.

>> No.32987990


Sci-fi themed ID for Snow please. Most of Tia's action is fantasy...maybe an ad for her as a gladiator?


>> No.32988020

>white-knighting for farting and scat

>apparently hybristophilia is the worst thing in the universe, even worse than gore and pedo

>> No.32988063

Don't worry, I just submitted a ban appeal. I'm gonna see if they let me back in if I agree to delete Ms. Geyser and Mr. Harris.

I mean, it's not like I was acting in a way that was hostile or abusive.

>> No.32988067

I did a gladiator ad once.
I think it looks like shit

Dude, no one cared about the hybristophilia. We care that you made a profile about a recent tragedy simply to be edgy.
There are profiles that are looking for play with serial killer characters, and profiles that are serial killer characters. You made a profile to troll and you got shut down. Don't bitch and moan about it.

And making a trolling character attached to your main account was fucking stupid.

>> No.32988096

Posting Erin before the thread drops off.

>tfw you'd like to start using your other pictures here, but they're all too lewd.

>> No.32988100

Oh come on. Did neither of you notice the fact that the whole post was a steaming heap of shitty puns? I thought I had it smelling foul enough that everyone would notice the moment they laid eyes on the thing.

>> No.32988124


Blast off.

>> No.32988127

>Hey baby, wanna do something consensual?

Fucking casuals

>> No.32988139


Well I'm not going to complain about free stuff. If you don't think it'll turn out well then that's fine. If you want to make something else for Tia then go for it, or not. The only other thing that I can think of that would make sense in a fantasy context would be a wanted poster. Or you can make a sci-fi ID for her too.

>> No.32988274


or for asshole specifically i prefer "back passage" or "rear entryway"

>> No.32988561

Oh, new thread, I didn't even see you there before I saw in the catalog. ha.

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