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Anyone have "realistic" looking medieval characters?

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What do the quotation marks around the "realistic" mean?
I might be failing at "medieval" here too, I'm not sure.

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That's perfect

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>all these women in men's armor
Jegus christ, I know chainmail bikinis look fucking stupid, but that doesn't mean you have to do the exact opposite or you're misogynistic scum.
It's fantasy, things don't have to be realistic.

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But they can be if we choose.

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>don't have to be realistic
>OP wanted realistic things


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what is women's armour then? should >>32848538
have a skirt under that mail?

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Personally I just think it looks cool, and fitting for soldierly types. Also, "realistic" is in opening post, so they seemed appropriate.

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This lady seems to be wearing a dress with her armor. Does that work for you?

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>Misogynistic scum
This is why I dont go on tumblr

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OP did not ask for fantasy armor.

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For you.

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By "realistic" I mean not this

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It's not tumblr, it's /pol/ and or summer. It's always just been /pol/ or some retard trying to start shit.

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So other forms of unrealistic are acceptable?

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Which is steadily in the realm of fantasy.

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/pol/ seems to be the anti-tumblr
As long as they look practical

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Yes but that doesn't stop them from starting shit by baiting people with 'go back to tumblr' posts, among other shitposting.

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/pol/ is literally just alternate universe tumblr where hate is mainstream instead of SJWs.

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Sounds like cancer

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I really fucking need to organize my shit. Onto the male folder soon.

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I actually need more males in general.

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>I really fucking need to organize my shit.
It's worth it. I started 'tagging' my images with descriptors. That way I just have to search the folder for what I'm looking for.

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I must have over two thousand images as is, but I've gotta try. Is there some sort of tag all function?

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Afaik you can batch rename files via command line tool or write a shell script or something like that.
There is also software for that though and I know there are programs that let you sort photos in albums and manages tags for you.
But I just go through my backlog every once in a while and rename the images by hand for 10 minutes or so. That's a) because I'm lazy and b) because the descriptions end up more detailed. I also have my images sorted by genre with folders rather than subject matter so batch renaming wouldn't work for me anyway. Just one big Fantasy and one Sci-Fi/Modern folder.

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Rolled 8

Fuck Yeah Battle Realms!!!!

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What a shit thief, does he think that knife is hidden?

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"Thief"? no way, that's a simple collector for a toll road

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I think by realistic he means armor people could have actually worn during those times instead of skimpy bikini chainmail

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it's not "men's armor" you dumb shit, it's just armor

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The shape of plate cuirasses usually sticks quite closely to whatever is in fashion for men to wear at the time. Some harnesses go even further and add some very specifically masculine protection.

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Does anyone have an unarmed armored man with his fists up? Not eastern though.

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Got your back

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>inner thighs and upper chest exposed

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armor is often stylized as much or more than normal clothing. the idea that women should only wear a armored burka is stupid.

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am i doin it right OP?

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here is a naked pict/celt
it is realistic

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Just assume no more of the stupid chainmail bukini shit.

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why theres so many women characters?
you guys play as women in your campaigns?

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Not the same thing, you really need to give up.

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it is a historical fact that women sometimes wore less in combat
pic related

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Because /tg/ is virgins, this is like sex to us.

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Your question is intelligent, astute, and totally completely appropriate to the thread at hand. Well done, sir.

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>Not crossing playing for every character

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that's a statue.

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Now thats realistic (if u know what i mean)

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a statue of a topless female glatiator
heres another

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>implying that shit was not just pro wrestling.

Give up.

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>implying codpieces aren't fun for boys AND girls of all ages

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>not just pro wrestling.
The romans strangled slaves in the pauses between fights just so they had something to watch.
You are comparing that to a bunch of oiled up bodybuilders in makeup performing scripted stunts.
Which is to say you succeeded in making yourself look stupid.

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I just save whatever I like on these ca threads
Artwork is notorious for not being accurate, Im not saying topless female combatants arent possible, I just want badass looking realistic armor.
pic related

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>implying people dont play gladiators in RPGs
>implying dont into full on combat completely butt ass naked is not a historical FACT as demonstrated by >>32852048

Julius Caesar records in his account of the Gallic War that the Gauls went into battle naked save for their weapons.

Sometimes the soldiers wore no clothing but were covered in war paint, a custom that allegedly gave the Picts their name.

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ok, people died in the side shows, whoopde fucking do, but gladiator fights where really just for show.

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They did that because they where poor and stupid. most the time I see skimpy armor its in settings where real armor is something the woman can get.

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I've never understood why images show boobs free but cover the vag, free boobs man cause issues with quick movements while an going without panties has no effect, it keeps titillation and some function

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Cause people are stupid and go for the obvious.

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is that supposed to be an argument?
nudity and skimpy clothing in combat is a fact.
the reasons are irrelevent.

if you want to have a historically accurate campaign. you could choose a character that chooses to be completely naked during battle.

therefore, you could have a naked woman as a character and be 100% accurate.

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Is the pic meant to be sarcastic?

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Neat. I do like a severely under-dressed barbarian every once in a while.

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fuck yeah dude, bear skin speedo barbarians are awesome

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>Implying women were allowed to fight, in medieval times, in real conflicts.
Peasant women defending their land would have just worn their regular cloths, or be ridiculed for having no shame

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Whats your agrument? Its real because you say its real? You think people would choose to go into combat nude when armor is something they can get?

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He's missing a nipple

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nudity in combat is real because there are 1st hand accounts that describe it. im just going to declare victory right now becasue you are clearly 100% ignorant on the subject. peace out

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hate's mainstream for SJWs too

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I keep asking why they would go nude when they can get armor, you are backing out because you are starting to realize that war is not your fetish I guess.

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Actually, yes, the only difference is what's being hated.

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dex advantage. i also remember that some tribal warriors would run naked into combat as a scare tactic

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Someone is pissed, looks like the work of the feminazi alliance is complete

Good job girls, now let's go neuter male orphans!

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I just wanted cool pictures...

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That's Heironeous on his shirt bro

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I could swear lightning bolt + fist = Kord, because God of Storm and Battle, and also this symbol from my 4e Player's Handbook.

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I've never into 4e, Kord was never storms before that. Just Strength & Might. This is first image for google image search "kord holy symbol"

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Huh, so I guess it is supposed to be a cleric of Heironeous. Fair enough. That perfect combination of a symbol exactly like the hilt part of that Kord symbol and the cleric carrying a sword, Kord's favored weapon (as well as Heironeous', though different kinds), really had me thinking otherwise.

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heavily armoured females is my fetish. the thicker their armour the harder my lance.

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What about armor thick enough that you can't rightly tell what gender the wearer is?

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And greek soldiers wore next to nothing and always used overhand grip on their spears, just like in the totally historically accurate documentations in the paintings.

Similarly, Call of Duty is documentary of modern warfare, not a piece of entertainment.

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even better

i stroked one out to just armour

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>woman has to wear salvaged armor
>sadly it was royal armor
>of the very highest quality
>and it happens to fit her perfectly
>...and it has a codpiece that shows the original owner was compensating hard enough to make Henry the VIII seem comfortable with himself

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What if it's the wearer that's thick enough you can't rightly tell their gender?

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Smough's hammer's item description uses male pronouns to refer to the big guy, FYI.

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Them man-titties don't lie.

But this suit does.

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How's this?

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Riiiight, next time you'll be telling me that Gwyndolin has a dick.

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...do you want to tell him or should I?

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Go ahead, I don't really know enough about the specifics to explain the circumstances surrounding the confusion.

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Okay a couple things.

1) gladiators were almost expected to die. Armor would have pretty much just slowed them down. The gladiator in your pic, a Mermillo (heavy type), stepping on the other gladiator, assumed to be a Retiarius (light type) due to his trident, often paired with a net and dagger, is not supposed to be heavily armored. If they were, fights would go on forever.
Romans held the games for entertainment purposes. Not for actual combat The point was to see blood, not dented metal.

Also, it looks like the Retiarius is going to live. It's a common misconception that the "thumbs up" meant that the crowd wanted the loser to live, but actually, the "thumbs down" meant that they wanted the loser to live.

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Is dat sum sallet?

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Oh so once upon a time, this big badass king named Gwyn had (at least) 3 kids, a badass god of war and a huge-titted goddess of whatever but the last one was a boy, born sickly and held an affinity for the moon. Been a right cunt and knowing that moon magic is for bitches, Gwyn raised that boy as a girl. And that Trap's name was Darksun Gwyndolin. When all the other gods turned tail and bitched out of Anor Lando, Gwyndolin stayed behind to watch over the glorious city, creating illusions of his sister and the sun to watch over it.

The End.

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Next time, people should use the term practical instead of realistic since there are real armors that are REALLY fucked up

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Those fucking neck testicles make me retch every time. Thanks for ruining my armor boner.

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Cry me a fucking river

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>disguised as men

You know like 99% was that bullshit.

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Do you have anything to back that up?

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And did even look at the site other than the home page?

>> No.32855795

This. Realistic doesn't necessarily mean useful.

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Ah, you're one of those 'armor slows you down' types.

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I think you mean sex.

Gender is not the same thing as sex, in a reasonable world it would, but into todays SJW bullshit world view they are not.

All that stupidity said, have some archers

>> No.32858119

Oh God my eyes! That site looks like it is from the 90's!

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I have a bunch of this I do not recall from where they are. Might be art for a game that never saw the light.

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>> No.32858172

I think it is art from LotR-online. Not sure though.

>> No.32858180

I just like them

>> No.32858223

Also fuck yeah for Sisters of Battle.

The amount of female players I've got thanks to the silly boob skull plates and power corsets has been glorious.

Now I'm running 10 people DH game with every sister type beside the militant kind.The amount of fire and purging I'm having is beautiful.

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... I can't identify why that helmet looks so derpy, but it does. some of it is probably just the awkward pitch black eye slit.

>> No.32858307

Look at the face of a non-neckbeardy, not-fat person. It get's smaller towards the jaw, or at least has the same width as at the temples.
This one however? That helmet implies a neck a plague marine would be proud to call his own in al its bloated glory.

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I don't understand why this picture is popular enough to get posted in every single art thread.

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Anyone got some noncombatants? I'm specifically looking for gravediggers and the like.

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All of those count except for the ones in france. Because fuck france, their women fought as women and their men fought as women too.

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Can we get some Bird people?

>> No.32862314

Close enough for you?

>> No.32862773

That's a nightmare in a robe

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>> No.32862849

>> No.32862887

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these are awesome

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Anyone have any bardic dwarfs? I've been looking for something to replace my awful pathfinder piece(I'm using a dwarf wizard instead of the right piece because there isn't one). Anything would be much appreciated.

>> No.32864330

I think this was supposed to be a halfling. I think I've got some more generic dwarven travellers though.

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>> No.32864428

actually managed to find some bards.

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>> No.32864517

this guy has a fancy hat, but not really to bardish.
Dunno, seems that was all the Dwarf Bards I had.

>> No.32864579

And it had to be a good show.
You think an event with people being strangled to death in the intervals would have the main event be non-lethal?
The Romans liked bloodshed, and weren't above inflicting it on women.

>> No.32864650

Guess this could be a bard too

>> No.32865193

No, in every world sex and gender are different things. It doesn't matter if they always coincide, "sex" refers to biology and "gender" refers to society.

>> No.32865368

As a non-native english speaker this kind of argument always baffles me. If you want to talk about it you'd have to describe it as "sexual identity" because afaik there is no linguistic distinction like that in German. So the idea that this is a universally accepted distinction, concept or idea is a bit naive, imo.

>> No.32865765

and that bear's missing its guts

we see who got the better of that fight

>> No.32865837

For me at least in Spanish "genero" (gender) stands for man or woman, while "sexo" (sex) stands for male or female.

Since we kind of understand our own language, unlike English speakers there is no distinctions between sex and gender.

In English it seems that gender is some kind of magical thing that allows people to change genitals at will just because they say so.

>> No.32865917

Yes, but in Spanish you can say "pescador" while in English we say "fisherman," you know, using "man" for a lot of different things. Sorry we don't speak a barebones colloquial Latin dialect bro.

Also if we're asking for bards it's a longshot but does anybody have a gentleman troll bard with a piano strapped to his back?

>> No.32866189

>Sorry we don't speak a barebones colloquial Latin dialect bro.
German here again. I just looked it up in some dictionaries I usually use. Gender is either translated as grammatical term or with the descriptor of "social sex".
So really, it's not a thing that has necessitated the distinction across all cultures and languages apparently enough for it to be even a word for it.
Never really paid much attention to the distinction between the two English words before this weird trend started and flooded the Internet with people calling themselves whatever they could think of. You know I think there are people that biologically genuinely landed somewhere in between and for those this is a real issue. The other people just seem desperate for attention or in need of psychological help.

>The only Troll bard I have has bagpipes

>> No.32866487

It's medically proven that mental gender can differ from physical gender due to completely biological reasons, most of which have to do with hormone distribution.

We all start out as female at first so it's no surprise that some people feel that gender isnot merely defined by what you've got between your legs.

This is not /tg/ however, so stop yapping and post some character art, you naggers..

>> No.32867152

A idioms are a thing of beauty

>> No.32867205

lets see how much i can bring forth

>> No.32867361

Well I never heard people discuss their "social sex" either, which is to say it is not an idiom it's just an explanation you find in the dictionary. I also never met a single person that had this kind of self-image.
I know a lot of homosexuals and what not but have never met somebody that believed they were born in the wrong body or that had a problem with simply being called either or.
UItimately I couldn't care less as, as mentioned before, the only time I see people even mentioning it is when I'm online.

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>> No.32867481

anyone have any good space merchants or space commanders, preferably youngish male?

>> No.32867527

The only thing I've got with a shovel. I doubt it's what you're looking for.

Not him, but it does. Weight is weight. If it's well distributed, it doesn't slow you down much, especially if you're used to wearing it. But If I had to battle for my life, I'd want to be wearing very little. Briefs and shorts. Barefoot, if the terrain was good, sneakers and socks if it wasn't. If I was female, I'd be in bicycle shorts and a sports bra.

I'm a DEX build, not a STR build. You put me in full plate, even made-to-measure, and give me a reach weapon like a halberd, I'm fucked. In shorts with a paring knife, I have a decent chance. In water balloon fights as a kid I was the only one left dry. My brother would get pissed because I'd catch the balloons.

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