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Subject says it all, dump character art, looking for art of an evil half-elf cleric. Will dump what I have.

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Holy shit that looks like a woman with a beard.

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I have a couple that might work OP, neither are explicitly clerical, but they both can work for evil and Half-Elf.

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Requesting some rogue art, with a body type similar to pic relatedtall and lanky, but with face showing and dark hair. Dumping some rogue/monk pictures anyway.

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This was close, but too much of the face is concealed. And the hair color is off.

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Does this work for you perhaps? I find Fire Emblem makes for good character portraits.

You've also made me realize how 95% of my rogue folder all have at least some of their face covered.

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That's great, Anon. Almost exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

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I thought I had more rogues, but hey.

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So, I'm out of rogues with uncovered faces.

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I'm in need of an Arcane Knight and a Steampunk Wizard.

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Anyone got a good dwarf cleric with a warhammer/greatsword?

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I'm looking for a specific picture, I switched computers and lost it

It's a figure in armor and robes sitting on a white throne

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i think i got it

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Thank you, you sir are awesome

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no problem mate

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Epic level Joxer?

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I'm in need of a silver haired, blue eyed, ranger elf with a bow (Doesn't have to have a bow just a want).

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Requesting some changeling looking characters, if anyone's got them.

If Luck be on my side, then someone's got a pic for a Spidergirl changeling. Though, now that I think about it, /d/ probably has what I need.

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eh. only thing closest to

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Art collector here
Any requests?

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Got a female Tengu ranger?

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Honestly I have no idea what that is
Explain, I just collect art and don't know much game related names etc.

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Bird person.

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This one's fine? You mean a hybrid, like anthropomorph bird? Crow, eagle, etc. whatever is fine?
I saw a lot of them in my folders, will keep searching

Tell me if this is fine

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That one will work but can you dump the rest of your similar art? I can't find much good Tengu art.

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Sure. It's not like I have a folder called "tengu" or "bird man" though
Will take time to find the right ones

This one's pretty bad if you ask me

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Anything peacock themed?

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You're lucky dude, found one that's even named tengu

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Got you covered

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More requestz?
I can fill almost anything (I can't find anymore two pics of a dude riding sharks)

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Yes, thank you, also this one is super badass, will use for one of my glorious bird men.

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Here's more peacock

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I'm out in some time if no one comes up

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I'm lurking.

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Please don't go, we need you.

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What you need guys, general random art or something specific

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Ok I'm retarded
In one of many subfolders disorganized I found a "animal hybrids" and there's a lot of birds pics

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Birdfu's if you got em, although if you have an evil half elf with a spear that'd be good.

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Do you have any spear-wielding medium-armored human/half-elf/elf stuff?

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Isn't really evil
Hard to find both evil+specific weapon

Maybe some humans, looking

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Lol, no idea why this caveman was in elves folder

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Does this count?
I'm going in human folders maybe we're luckier

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Well this one fits, but it's pretty generic
Also, do drows count?

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Drows might work.

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Hey artbro, /r/ing a five centimeter race, human looking, if you got anything.

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Is this guy evil?

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More spear wielders

What you mean? Dwarves/halfling, but smaller?

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Just like, really tiny humanoids. elves, dwarves, half-elves, doesn't matter, as long as they're about the size of your finger and humanoid.

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Strange I have more females wielding spears than dudes

Might be hard, since they don't have a name and I really don't recall seeing many floating around

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Alright. Still, thankful if you find any.

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Here's a good spear wielder

Brb g2g shit

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That was a nice shit
Ok I'm currently looking for tiny things

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Was going to upload this

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Can't really find much man
Unless you search for fairy, pixie, etc.
I don't even know what to search for on DeviantArt or other websites, nothing relevant come up

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Hell yes I've been looking for something like this, thanks anon

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So many birds lol

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To the small guy man, maybe I found something

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Snotling? He isn't humanoid but well, he is tiny lol

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Sorry man, couldn't find much on the 5-centimeters race

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aaaand I'm out because there's a huge storm incoming and light will probably go away

Let me close with the mighty shark rider

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Requesting blonde, youthful human warlord wielding a greatsword and wearing red golden armor.

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Closest picture I have.

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Berserker? Lancelot?

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I need a Link more disguised to be used as a paper mini on my game as a hidden homage.

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Anyone got a person armed with a khopesh?

I recently made a ranger who dual-wields a spear and khopesh, but have no pic to go with that.

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>What? Who?
>I have no idea what you guys are talking about this is clearly OC.

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Anyone wanna do this in the "2/10 would not play" or "10/10 would play" style?

>captcha: 300

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Not a greatsword but pretty close.

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Is there anything more like this?

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Ask and ye shall recieve.

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Lot of these came from the same thread. Stop me if you've seen 'em.

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The rest don't really fit the category, sorry.

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Don't feel like doing it myself, but I can say two of the points should be "Quiver facing the wrong direction" and "Whore makeup for night mission"

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> perfect female armour
hair not tied up (hopefully will be tied before battle)
boob plate, blunt attacks to the chest with concave metal between boobs. Though not that bad compared to many others
Inner elbow armour too thick. Real armour was either thin in that area or was moved up/down the arm where it wouldn't obstruct movement.

7/10, redeemable, all problems (including those unmentioned) are easily fixed by professional blacksmith.

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I hate random, crap-looking, piercings on characters. If it looks like it fits that's fine but this looks like crap. So here's my 5 minute edit.

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10/10 looks way better now. Looks more like a warrior than like some modern cosplay brat.

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I'm pretty sure there are some people who get piercing because of their rebellious personality. See punk/goth.

In that regard, you sound like an 80's adult.

Though, of course there are reasons to have piercings.

Fine edit though. Looks better.

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Just posting to say this is my favourite picture in the entire thread.

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there's something off about this image
i think it's the proportions

yeah, her legs and hips look fucking massive

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I'm actually a fan of piercings, but throwing it on there because 'piercings are cool' is not worth it. You make the art look bad and you make the piercings look crap. I can see where you would get me sounding like an 80's adult though. Glad you like it despite my having sounded like a grumpy shit.

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I think it's the opposite problem, really.
The upper body is entirely too form fitting. Plate armor has at least a little padding to it, and if there's padding there, it'd be crushing your body. If there isn't, have fun with the kidn of chafing hot, metal plates rubbing against you can cause.

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I'd chalk it up to the art style. I think it's cute.

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Requesting an androgenous looking character. Preferably something a little... nebulous? The character is a manifestation of a place, and so is more of a spirit and, of course, has no gender.

>> No.32778763

Just make it an animal.

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Favorite character dump

>> No.32778947

Anyone got Necromancers?

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Looks necromancery

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Some odd ones

1. Clothed/armored skeletons.Bonus points if they don't look evil

2. Sci-fi mercenary/bounty hunter type ladies in bikini outfits

>> No.32779240

It's hard to find non-evil skeleton art, probably because it's hard to make something without flesh that's always flashing a grin look non-evil.

The second one shall require some digging.

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Ugh, really?

I'm not some body mod advocate or anything, i don't even have any tattoos or piercings, but getting annoyed because some character from a completely made up fantasy culture is wearing something that you feel like is "random, crap-looking" just because it's what "them darn kids are doin" (yea, im putting words in your mouth, just callin it like I see it, you're entitled to your opinion tho). Piercings have been a part of human culture longer than we've been building permanent shelter. Fantasy can be an amalgamation of any parts of real and made-up human culture and I thought the piercing were a nice touch on this particular warrior maiden. And it's not like she's wearing big, dangly hoop earrings and running a chain to her nose-ring/ear, which ~would~ be a bit silly choice for a character obviously ready for combat.

I guess I just don't like people changing the artist's intent for their own personal reasons and declaring it "look better". You can do whatever you want with the images since the whole point of these threads is to appropriate other peoples' work to inspire our own fantasy worlds. But statements like "If it looks like it fits that's fine but this looks like crap" sound just as bad as me declaring you a crotchety old man earlier.

...jesus, look at all those words I just wrote. I think I might actually be a body mod advocate after all :O

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Yeah I realize skeletons by nature look spooky/scary but I've always dreamed of playing a good skeleton in a campaign


This guy took the image I as gonna add

>> No.32779371

Then be a creepy-looking good guy skeleton. just because something ain't cute and cuddly doesn't mean it isn't good.

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No problem with bein 2spooky

Main thing I was looking for was the clothed/armored part

>> No.32779514

2spooky's the way to roll when you've got a skeleton.

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>> No.32779932

It's okay but you should chill, we're cool here and you should try to be too. All we've got here is preference, I described it as 'I hate random, crap-looking' because it's fun to be a silly rather than just go, "I prefer fewer piercings if I don't see it as matching the theme, here is an edit."

I get why you might be a little riled by it in any case.

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>> No.32780871

Request well fulfilled. Thanks.

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Those bonus points are tough.

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I dont suppose anyone has some female ranger/druid themed characters?

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Well shit, image limit reached.
Would only have posted 2 more images anyway. Hope I was of some use.

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Oh, these are great.
Thanks anon.

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Once something is out on the internet, it's loose. Neither the original artist or anyone else has real control, regardless of what copyright law may dictate. Music gets remixes, text gets edits, art gets retouched, photos get shopped.

Because all this happens digitally, it doesn't damage the original work, which continues to exist in its original official form. But now there are variants, some of which may be more memetic than the original.

Let the internet do its work. The best version of a thing will be saved and reposted. I saved the unaltered one.

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Requesting character art for random footmen wearing red cloaks.

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