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Confounding all logic a dragon and a beholder have managed to breed. How fucked is your fantasy campaign setting? How powerful could the offspring become? Who would raise it? I've been thinking about this a lot and my mind is still fucked up.

What if the dragon was Metallic? Chromatic?

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Go to the surrounding dragon's. Tell them of the new abomination that will be encroaching on their territory. Sell tickets to the spectacle as they descend on its mountain stronghold.

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Bonus question:
Who's pitching and who's catching?

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Wouldn't the dragon parent protect it until it's wise enough to hold its own against most invaders?

Besides, what kind of dragon would believe every rumor that echoed through its lair? What proof do you have?

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That thing is gonna have the wis/int of a GOD

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More then if you're taking the Drunken God into account.

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>the Dreholder becomes the Drunken God's assistant making the important decisions to keep him from falling so the God only has to worry about partying

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I can imaging a dragon dick, but not a beholder dick. Therefore the beholder is the mommy.

You're assuming this abomination is going to be a combination of the most advantageous traits of both its parents. What if it's a combination of the worst ones?

Round body with stubby reptilian legs, no floaty powers so it's only barely mobile. Softer scales, more like beholder skin than dragon. Multiple little dragon heads instead of eyestalks, each with a breath weapon, but the damage would be smaller (say half what a full dragon would get). No gaze attacks, although it has the anti-magic big eye on the front of its body.

If it lives for a century or two it'll get big enough it can do some serious damage, since it can breath weapon multiple opponents simultaneously and by then will have learned to cast spells.

Why stop at metallic? Let's say the dragon is Tiamat and the baby's heads are a distribution covering all the chromatic types.

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