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It's Been Too Long Edition.

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>Can I run [quest]?
Yes. You can run all the quests, anon. I believe in you.

>Should I run [quest]?
If you feel like you have to ask a bunch of squabbling douchebags for permission, probably not.

>Give me advice on [quest idea].
Post it in the thread. Watch us tear it apart.

>Run times?
Whenever I can play in it. Rumor has it, that to maximize your audience, you should use the magical timeslot UTC 1800 - UTC 0600.

>My QM is a faggot!
Why else would he run?

>Players are shit.
They sure are.

Player question: What option in what quest would you have chosen differently if you'd known exactly what the consequences were?
QM's Question: How do you communicate consequences to players without telegraphing them too obviously?

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>Player question: What option in what quest would you have chosen differently if you'd known exactly what the consequences were?
Killing Lizard-lady.
Not worth it. At all.

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>QM's Question: How do you communicate consequences to players without telegraphing them too obviously?

No fucking idea. They would've gotten laid already if they went off rails though.

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So, I'm considering running a quest. Here's the premise:

The MC is a spirit of couriers, and has been summoned by a group of sorcerers to take a package from Vancouver, to Pheonix.
Along the way he'll encounter others on the Midnight Highway who have no intention of letting him succeed in his task, and it'll be his job to evade them, defeat them, and if necessary get the package back, should they take it.


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>QM question

Generally the more surreal and panicky the MC's narration is, the realer shit is. People seem to pick up on it pretty fine.

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The exact results of their actions are in plain sight. Next is learning the process, and how to make it happen again.

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>What option in what quest would you have chosen differently if you'd known exactly what the consequences were?


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Player question:
All of Ryukuza Quest. It just jumped from light hearted dragon-girls doing cute things to grim real quick with the MC had her arm cut off permanently. Oh man, the shit storm is a raging now.

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> XS
> lighthearted

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Angel Rena when?

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Time for more cringe!

The Shadow Quest x ZnT fanfiction has another chapter.

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Jesus fuck, how is it grim?
MC sure didn't get down about it. The situation was resolved in a positive manner.

>> No.32737948

Lies and misinformation

It's hardly grim. It's maybe slightly dank, but at the end of the day this was probably done to justify a recovery episode, so the net gain of lighthearted is positive.

>> No.32737975

Rolled 15

Yeah, not a wise move in retrospect.

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Only in death, anon

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You are THE PATRIARCH. Since the dawn of man, you have watched over and subtly manipulated the course of history. You have seen nations rise and fall, technology lost and gained, and you have been the architect of it all. You have but a single goal. Ensure the continued stability of The Patriarchy for your own nefarious gains. But these times are dire times for you. The Warrior Womyn of Social Justice have joined with the Chaste Order of White Knights and the Cultural Enrichment Ethics Enforcers, and they are undoing your work across the continent! You must stop the queer-socialist-pansexual-genderfluid-feminist-communist revolution!

Being THE PATRIARCH, you have access to a wide variety of cruel abilities that you use to rule from the shadows, but many of these abilities cost money to do so.

OPPRESSION AURA: All people of color, women, trans people, atheists and non-heterosexuals are automatically oppressed when they are in line of sight. If a woman, person of color, trans person, atheist or non-heterosexual knows of your identity, they are oppressed regardless if you have line of sight.

OBJECTIFICATION: Turn one woman into a sex-doll for 24 hours. Requires $100,000

SCHRÖDINGER'S DONGER: At any give time, you could be a rapist. The woman staring you down doesn't know if you are a rapist or not. You are Schrodinger's rapist. By harnessing your gaze, you can cause women to feel as if you are raping them with your eyes, forcing them to take a SAN test.

LIFE PRIVILEGES: You are so privileged that you can elect a single unprivileged person within line of sight to take a fatal wound instead of yourself.

GLASS CEILING: You can summon an invisible glass box* to trap a single opponent.

IN ALL OF US: All cis-gendered heterosexual theist white males can be empowered by you. Requires the male to have $1,000,000 to trigger.

1%: You are immune to all laws not created by women. Because you made them solely to benefit you.

* Glass box may not actually exist.

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You have many stalwart companions in your group.

APEX PREDATOR: AHe is your pupil most skilled with the Glass Ceiling technique. His efforts to keep up the struggling economy is actually a front; his business rapes all women that work there by not promoting them to CEO instantly. He also steals money from poor people. His two henchmen also obey your orders.

JAMAL BAAKURI: 9 ft tall, Jamal was once a basketball player, until he got the clap. Now, given a second chance, he works for Apex Predator by acting as his enforcer. Attacks using a diamond-encrusted golden Basketball.
TYRONE LADARIUS THEODORE JACKSON WAXON WAXOFF CRINGLEBERRY JUNIOR SENIOR: An ex football player. Massive, his musclemass is enough to power through most men. His money and strength, along with his 3 foot dick, make him irresistible to females. When attacking, he either runs down his enemies or just straight knocks them out with his dick.

BEARDNECK THE SPLENDIFEROUS: With a magnificent flowing beard, this man acts as the moderating force in the group by getting them to channel their negative energy into FATAL. He joined up after being banned from the Zenith-Period forum after disagreeing with the methods used by the Warrior-Women of Social Justice. Can use all forms of magic, due to him gaining wizard powers a few years back

NICE GUY: An immortal lich. His virginity is intact. He is a nice guy, yet never gets sex. It might be because he’s an ugly undead, or makes shitty ice puns, but he just has had the worst luck with women for all 150,000 years of his life. Uses ice magic.

MUHARAH: An obese blob of fat, he spouts opinions that make even you cringe. His 15,000 pounds of bodywieght are incredibly useful for blocking entrances to your lair. His edge-tipped fedora is a deadly weapon used to decapitate foes. He publiclly claims that he works with you, discrediting your entire organisation.

Are you ready for PATRIARCH QUEST?

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Run it on /pol/

>> No.32738191

I think the problem is when XS didn't fully explain what the options would result and the impression that the anons are not getting responded to from XS.

Either XS will learn from this and improve as a QM or the thread will start to crash and burn.

>> No.32738203

Next projects:
*Finish Hellborn import & conversion,
*Use existing Google Doc of Hollow Quest Redux as basis for standalone eBook.
*Import and convert Homeless Mutant Quest

Any requests, insults, etc?

>> No.32738237

I've never read the HQR google doc, but the live quest has quite the collection of typos. Just a heads up.

>> No.32738252

But improving as a QM would mean running a quest that isn't yurishit.

>> No.32738265

Seeing how AE writes the quest drunk that's no wonder.

>> No.32738266

Anti-/u/ anon your opinions are meaningless and you know it

>> No.32738284

Wait, you are cleaning up quests?
We need more people who do this.

>> No.32738294

Is this the face of bait?

>> No.32738317

Its anti-/u/ anon.

He cries whenever a quest has lesbians in it, or when people want to vote for lesbians.

>> No.32738335

So he cries all the time?

>> No.32738352

Nah, since most quests either have straight or asexual MCs now.

He just cries anyway though

>> No.32738355

>[all shitty "writing advice" removed since it's mostly self-evident or inapplicable to quest writing]
Make sure that the next time there's a QTG, this faggot's "editing" gets undone.

>> No.32738381

Don't worry about it. It will be done.

>> No.32738397

I made one, but his came first and I didn't feel like getting into an argument

>> No.32738403

Looks like the /u/fag defence force is out in full force today.

>> No.32738420

It's still interesting to note that female MCs tend to have a much higher likelihood to end up ambiguously disinterested or explicitly asexual than male ones.

> using "force" twice
How inelegant.

>> No.32738428

It's true though.

>> No.32738432

Looks like you need to move on with your life.

>> No.32738437


Anons, I come with a compromise, that we may look forward in brotherhood towards the greater good.

Hence forth all quests will be Futa.

>> No.32738444

but is it purely from playerbase's will/decision or QM compromise?

>> No.32738454

No, this isn't /d/.

>> No.32738472

It seems to be both. "Not interested" appears to be a state of mind much easier to maintain when the PC is a girl.

>> No.32738476

Depends. Oversized Weapon doesn't have a lot of people wanting any kind of romance, for example, while Hero Quest is solely on Larro by now. I don't read HQR so I don't know about that one, but it doesn't have any romance right? Quite a few of the most popular FeMC ones don't, AoPH doesn't seem to (yet anyway) either.

>> No.32738499

HQR's MC has no sex drive for whatever reason. But once she gets it back she'll probably be in Exalted tier.

>> No.32738524

Hey. If we ever get that HQR upgrade that restores some of our human functions, I'm voting for snorting 9 lines of coke off of Jager's ass with our tails and then demolishing absolutely everyone to the point where that one thread will be looked at the same way as Exalted Quest 30.

>> No.32738568


Risa is incapable of having a sex drive because she's a hybrid of angel/Old One/Hollow.

Last time she tried to have sex, she covered everyone in gore and inner organs and then called it a day.

>> No.32738590

Wrong. Full blooded dragons can do it, just not half-bloods. We will probably get the arm back as a favor from Kiki's mom or maybe from Orochi if we ruin Suzie Noo for marriage. Hell, that one storm dragon could even give us one ad thanks for giving Yui somewhere to call home.

Barring all that, there's still the Celts.

>> No.32738604

Not gonna lie, I'd play the shit out of this.

>> No.32738633

I don't know what you're talking about fellow /tg/ loyalist. I was just trying to help you reach an amicable agreement.

>> No.32738659

And I'm saying no, this isn't /d/. Not everyone likes futa and it should stay in porn

>> No.32738670

Yes, that does seem to exist in the Google Doc as well. Thank you.

>> No.32738678

And once again /tg/ displays it's astonishing inability to deal with failure.

>> No.32738697

just 9 lines of cocaine? what are you? an altar boy?

>> No.32738709

But of course. Otherwise they'd be able to deal with themselves.

>> No.32738715


>> No.32738733

Probably Ryukusa quest

>> No.32738742


That quest could easily afford to lose its angry players without losing a beat.

>> No.32738771

You mean "once again QMs demonstrate their astonishing inability to provide information on the consequences of choices". I don't give a shit about "failure", but if I'd known that it was a trap option I would never have voted for it.

>> No.32738773

It's not even really failure. The QM has even straight up said 'This won't affect your ability to fight in any real way, and it made some important people like you more', and they still aren't happy.

I don't understand why they are angry. Is this just how they get their rocks off?

>> No.32738804

It wasn't a trap option. It was an option which advanced the story in a surprising way which you, personally, disliked.

If you knew the entire story already, and had knowledge of the results of all choices, then you'd be reading a book that you'd already read once before.

>> No.32738806

I'd rather all quests henceforth be tau. Delicious earth caste, ripped fire caste, lithe air caste, flexible water caste, motherly ethereal caste, they all would be wonderful

>> No.32738809

I just feel like people are focusing on the wrong things.
The main issue I had (not big enough to make me mad though, especially since I liked the one-handed result) was that the level of danger/consequence possible wasn't properly communicated outside of barrier fights. I think if people actually treated Ryukusa as in serious danger in the car, the actual choices would have been fine. It's just that they, reasonably, didn't take it that seriously and just voted for the most waifu-protective option.
The barrier stuff just seems to be a difference in vote-counting philosophy, got us a fun scene/Barrier-tutorial, and had no lasting consequences, so I don't see the issue with it at all.

>> No.32738810

Well telling the driver to run her ass over was probably the first thing that put us at a disadvantage

>> No.32738832

>It's still interesting to note that female MCs tend to have a much higher likelihood to end up ambiguously disinterested or explicitly asexual than male ones.
I'm gonna need some proof.

>> No.32738838


There are people who approach their quests like their video games.

100% success and no failures or they will be incredibly unhappy.

People who approach their quests more like a narrative tend to be less sensitive to failures. At least as long as it advances the story in an interesting way.

>> No.32738840

We were on a straightaway anyway. Run her over wasnt even a player choice.

>> No.32738864


Besides BM (as of now), which quests have asexual, disinterested male MCs?

>> No.32738866

Goddamn it do I have to pull out the list?

>> No.32738880

Shit guys.

He gun do it.

Nigaa is crazy.

>> No.32738887

I felt, as a lighthearted quest, that it was a-okay to pick the waifu protective option.
And I was perfectly alright with the results, as well.
The barrier 'shitstorm' was a few people screaming about how the qm should have added all the non fight options together and counted them as one vote to not fight, rather than count them as the separate options they were.

>> No.32738905

I don't know about overall, but it seems to be a trend among most popular quests:
Hero Quest
Oversized Weapon
are all ambivalent/non-sexual, and have no romance at the moment, maybe AoPH too? I don't read it.

Ryukuza (new, whole concept was waifuing really)
Hellborn (new)
have some manner of romance, well in theory at least for Hellborn, I don't know if there's any happening yet.
Did I miss any really popular FeMC quests? I'm sure I did. So feel free to mention them.

For Male MCs, I don't read that many, but I can't think of any popular ones that doesn't have waifuing.

>> No.32738915

Mikhael is loot-sexual.

>> No.32738919

>Only in death, anon

>> No.32738921

Let's design a quest with the primary intention of fanning the /u/wars.

Female protagonist. Only two love interests, one is male and one is female. Both of them are aggressive switch partners that hate each other. What else?

>> No.32738935

I too am fine with the result (cripple MC best MC), but I'm not gonna pretend I saw it coming, or that I feel the level of danger in that situation was in any way properly conveyed.

>> No.32738949

The girl is a massive, massive bitch while the guy is assertive yet caring.

>> No.32738973

Reminds me of that one Anon who made a list of /u/ MCs and non-/u/ MCs.

AoPH players are planning on doing romance once they get out of their current situation.

>> No.32738974

You just described every recent couple ever.

>> No.32738982

does the dead Pokemon Quest still count?

That's the nightmare scenario right there. all they wanted to do was fuck the waifu, plot hooks be damned. anything that wasn't the waifu was ignored.

Gobble's threshold for bullshit bordered on saintly, he could have been a good QM if he learned to put his foot down every once and awhile and make the playerbase earn the waifu instead of handing it to them.

>> No.32738985

That's a recipe for them to NTR us and go hate-fucking.

>> No.32738990

He's saying the female LI is a bitch while the male LI is assertive and caring.

>> No.32739008


Hellborn probably won't have romance for a long time. A large part of the story is basically about family and finding a place to belong.

>> No.32739024

Not really. He needed to fire more Rockets and more despicable trainers at us.

>> No.32739031

Currently running quests, female MCs
Straight MCs(Or MCs that predominately went for a male LI)
Hellborn quest
Scorpion girl Quest
Dead God's quest
Alice from CYQ
Sacred Jewel Quest
Magical girl hunter quest

Not sure/No interest
Savior Quest
Arcadia Quest
Racketeer quest
Hero Quest Rena
For House and Dominion quest

Lesbian(Or MCs that predominately went for a female LI)
Gobble's pokemon quest(is kill)
Ryukusa quest

Just plain slutty as fuck
Exalted quest

Needs an update though

>> No.32739042


>He's saying the female LI is a bitch while the male LI is assertive and caring.

That could be funny, especially if MC-chan finds someone else too.

>> No.32739051

DXQ, for one. I'm having trouble thinking of any explicitly romantic male MCs, myself

>> No.32739058

The waifuing and the plot-ignoring were entirely separate though, there was no choosing waifu over plot, and the biggest plot-ignoring event was when people diplomanced themselves out of the bad guys' cave which was A:logical and B: had zero to do with romance, waifuing, the waifu or anything of the sort.

Anyway, it doesn't count, just like Ogre Civ (non-romance male MC) or Quest for Arcadia (non-romance FeMC) don't count. They dead as shit, son.

>> No.32739062

It's still truth

>> No.32739067

Do you think /u/ really has a big enough advantage to make the female love interest unappealing?

Unless the goal is to make them appealing because they're bitchy...

>> No.32739070

He's only pretending to be asexual.

>> No.32739079

I would like that, actually. I know we have a FeMC sexuality list, but I didn't know we had one for men, too.

>> No.32739080

Might as well add Vampire Quest to lesbian.
It's not that popular but still.

>> No.32739100

We should make a male one too.

>> No.32739108

>Savior Quest

It's dead, Jim

>> No.32739117

I am not sure I understand.

The goal is to create a rift and an opportunity for het and yurifags to get into slapfights with the former calling the latter shallow for going for the utterly awful person just because they're a girl, and the latter calling the male MC creepy asshole, impotent beta and other such niceties.

Strategy, anon.

>> No.32739124

If a Quest ran that severely limited, or explicitly turned away the option of having a waifu, would that be a major turn off?

>> No.32739128

So's Arcadia for that matter. Well, technically hiatus, but...

>> No.32739133

Just spent like 30 minutes writing critique for this, and read
just before I posted. On the one hand, thank God I didn't post that, because that would have been awkward, On the other hand, FUCK FUCK FUUUCK

>> No.32739135

Not for me, personally. For some people probably.

>> No.32739136

Currently running quests, female MCs
Straight MCs(Or MCs that predominately went for a male LI)
Hellborn quest
Scorpion girl Quest
Dead God's quest
Alice from CYQ
Sacred Jewel Quest
Magical girl hunter quest

Not sure/No interest
Racketeer quest
Hero Quest Rena
For House and Dominion quest

Lesbian(Or MCs that predominately went for a female LI)
Vampire quest
Ryukusa quest

Just plain slutty as fuck
Exalted quest


>> No.32739155

There's also Space Pirate Naga Quest, if it ever comes back for a second session.

>> No.32739164

you forgot the vote over Kat's dreams for the future?

some spergs took "wanting to see legendaries" as "I'm going to abandon the waifu at the first sign of legendary and chase after it" and spammed the "I have no life ambitions" option.

what a frustrating and toxic playerbase. I can see why Gobble quit.

most of my favorite quests just outright ignore/don't play up the waifu angle. You'll do just fine, assuming you're not shit.

>> No.32739169

Hollow Quest Redux goes in no interest.
Halfling Quest goes in slutty as fuck I guess? It doesn't have an LI yet, but she is basically bi and promiscuous.

>> No.32739171

That depends on whether the QM is any good. QM that build their quest around the idea of not having waifus are never good.

>> No.32739175

As long as its natural and not retarded and railroady.

People finding other people attractive is a natural human function, as is wanting to be emotionally attached to each other. So make sure the MC has a very good reason for not wanting sex or not wanting to be emotionally attached.

>> No.32739176

Hero Quest

>> No.32739178


I would add Halfling to straight, Hollow Quest Redux to No Interest, and GuP Lafayette to Lesbian

>> No.32739186

We've done part of this with Pokemon Quest, Vance was touted as total bro after one initial section of bitching about him, and ever since then, the issue of bringing him in to copulate with in a threesome was too awkward to bring up.

>> No.32739187

>Slutty as fuck
>Not "Town Bicycle".
You disappoint me.

>> No.32739192

I was thinking that the best way to make the two sides hate each other would be to make both as appealing as possible and drag out the battle, but your idea of going meta to spark debate is a good one.

Do you think people would be more pissed or less pissed if the quest was lewd?

>> No.32739203

Wanting to see legendaries was retarded though, as she had shown no such compulsion or interest before, nor did it particularly fit her character.
And I don't see what that has to do with romance/waifuing unless you're being a troll, as if the objections to it was in any way related to Robin (they weren't).

>> No.32739206

Currently running quests, female MCs
Straight MCs(Or MCs that predominately went for a male LI)
Hellborn quest
Scorpion girl Quest
Dead God's quest
Alice from CYQ
Sacred Jewel Quest
Magical girl hunter quest

Not sure/No interest
Racketeer quest
Hero Quest Rena
For House and Dominion quest
Hollow Redux

Lesbian(Or MCs that predominately went for a female LI)
Vampire quest
Ryukusa quest

Town Bicycle
Exalted quest
Halfling Quest

>> No.32739228

True, 1 session is maybe a little low for inclusion though.

>> No.32739258

>I can see why Gobble quit.
Uh huh. I'm just to say that he's having trouble with his job-searching and may not have necessarily quit voluntarily.

>> No.32739272

Come again? You thought I was the one writing it?

Post that shit in here, critique is invaluable. Seriously. We'll get it to Languid somehow.

Yea sort of, cause reading archives is anywhere between funny and painful.

People with eReaders will be able to catch up faster, meaning that QM that manage to appeal will gain more readers that came for the quest, rather than meta shitstorms.

>> No.32739292

Alchemical quest where the MC turns into a slutty motorcycle when?

>> No.32739353

I don't mind that stuff. I just hate when it becomes the players' major focus.

>> No.32739380

>Do you think people would be more pissed or less pissed if the quest was lewd?
More. Smut generates rage in nine out of ten cases, and even teasing is extremely effective.

>I was thinking that the best way to make the two sides hate each other would be to make both as appealing as possible and drag out the battle,

Well, without mixing in my own opinions on the matter too much, it is known that players ALWAYS put up with more from girls no matter the MC so it would probably add fuel to make others repeatedly point this out.
>but your idea of going meta to spark debate is a good one.
Thank you.

Now I feel evil.

>> No.32739383

>Player question: What option in what quest would you have chosen differently if you'd known exactly what the consequences were?
>QM's Question: How do you communicate consequences to players without telegraphing them too obviously?

So, following Ryukuza Quest were you?

>0 rating, 18 votes

>> No.32739389

Then make it obvious the MC has other priorities.

Also Waifu questing is typical L&M as is the whole "every female MC is a lesbian" thing.

>> No.32739393

>QM's Question
Well so far I simply put "attempt" at the start of any option that involves a roll just to help show that the plan has a chance of falling apart. I also make sure to answer any questions to clarify any potential mix-ups or misconceptions the players may have, including the limit of the character's knowledge in a situation. If there seems to be confusion around something I may give extra time to elaborate on the subject and allow more discussion before counting up the vote and asking for the rolls.

In short, the consequences SHOULD be obvious, because tricking your players for the sake of plot and claiming they chose it is not clever or fun, and if you think it's obvious that something bad will happen, then you should be able to say "hey, this will probably result in X, are you cool with that?" without spoiling anything.

>> No.32739414

It was poorly explained, poorly implemented, and unless you lived inside the QMs head, you couldn't have seen it coming.

I doubt it will kill the quest but it will be a shitstorm that will not subside within my lifetime.

To be fair, cutting off a hand over a single vote most people didn't vote for and wasn't explained would result in loss of a hand with no roll and no save pisses all over the idea XS had about it being a 'lighthearted' quest.

Same goes with being chopped to pieces. 70% of the players didn't vote for it, they voted for non combat options but were shoved into combat anyway because of vote splitting in a winner-take-all system.

Which I find to be the penultimate mistake he made because he didn't do winner-take-all choice systems before that point. He incorporated multiple responses into all of his posts. Then suddenly, it magically doesn't count for that post and gets us eviscerated.

He really just shouldn't have combat at all in it if this is the standard fare we can expect. This is coming from someone who saw this trap miles away and tried to warn people about it, but was shouted down by the waifufags who felt that they had to waifu everything.

>> No.32739415

Love that proxy voting

>> No.32739416

As long as there's husbandos...

>> No.32739428


Players prefer progression to waifus and they will put them on the back-burner if they can get a mechanical upgrade or even pursue a plot thread that's interesting. Though I don't think this applies to fanfic quests.

>> No.32739435

>positive manner

We were sliced, diced, and chopped into tiny little chunks, how the fuck is that positive?

>> No.32739438

It was 7 vs 8, anon.

>> No.32739447

Be warned, I wrote this thinking it hadn't happened yet.

>blood brothas
Don't do this. Just say "blood brothers" unless you are referring to an actual title in the organization. In that case, make sure to capitalize so we know it's a proper noun.

I'd say something about the use of actual gangs, but it's your quest concept, your choice. I'm not familiar with any contemporary gangs anyways, so I've not got anything to say regarding the authenticity of your work.

Seriously, stop it. It's just too damn awkward in typed media, no matter how okay it sounds out loud from a person who says it regularly.

Oh god damn it. I'm going to stop mentioning lingo at this point--I'm pretty sure you're making a deliberate choice with this, and my only advice is the same as above. It just reads so...awkwardly when it's typed out. It's your work however, and you should do whatever works for you.

>You narrow your eyes at him, compress your frustration with the situation into a ball, and imagine
shoving the negative energy into his chest.
You should always give the players a choice before doing something like this, unless you tell them that you are doing a tutorial. Big choices, like using powers in public, using a switchblade, or diplomatizin', should always be the choice of the players. If the coming round of combat went badly (hypothetically speaking) the players could plant the blame solely on YOU. always give players a choice when it comes time for game-changin' action.

>-10 Stress
>+5 stress
>+20 stress
Holy cow, kid...I like the idea of using "Stress" as a mechanic, but we, as an audience, need to be able to predict how certain actions will affect our Stress levels. You MIGHT say it's just "common sense," but that doesn't help when the character accrues 20 stress points in a single turn. If nothing else, give your audience members examples of what kinds of actions increase the character's stress, and what actions relax it.

>> No.32739454

Even in death I still serve!
Dreadnaught AltSparkle when?

>> No.32739460

Everyone got away, Ryukusa didn't suffer any extra lasting damage from the barrier fight, and no-one's spirits got squashed. Seems pretty positive to me.

>> No.32739475

Again, I'd like to reiterate that much of this is probably old news/not valid by now. Oh well.
So I guess my only solid complaints so far are:

>Use of street lingo that doesn't necessarily translate well to text
>Not enough player agency for important decisions
>Mechanics (crunch) that operate vaguely
The first one is subjective, and it's up to you whether to take that advice. The next two are more important to take seriously--they are the bread and butter of well-written quests, and good quests are made and broken by how those issues are handled.

Otherwise, you've got the makings of a good quest here. I'm no english major, so the mechanic of your writing are for someone else to comment on. Other than the aforementioned issues, I think you're good to go. Good luck!

>> No.32739478

[XXX] Talk her down. She's hesitating. She may reconsider.
[] Talk her up. Make her attack first. See if she has any Barrier Combat knowledge at all.
[XXXXXX] Point out how helpless Kiki is, how wounded you are. Honorless worms wouldn't assault you.
[XXX] Challenge her to a duel at another date, after you've healed. Susano-oh would do it.
[XXXXXXX] Initiate Barrier Combat.

That was the final count taken from the last thread. Each X was a vote.

>> No.32739520

Hey cool, I'll send it to the QM. Or wait till someone else does, whatever. Time to tab out and pick up work here.


>> No.32739524

No, lots of people who voted for one non-combat option, also voted for another. No-one who voted to initiate combat voted for anything else. In total there were 8 people who voted for non-combat things, half of which voted for 2 things, and 7 people who voted to initiate combat.

>> No.32739526

Forgotten Overlord is up!


>> No.32739532

Motocycles are pure!
Bikes are sluts.

>> No.32739550

>lasting damage

We lost a hand, XS said he wasn't giving it back. (hence "our choices matter) That is permanent damage and we are now a cripple.

That is why everyone is angry. It's not about how it ended, it's the fact that we now have permanent damage and it will affect the quest in some way.

>> No.32739559

Our minions and lovers get to caringly stitch what they can of us back together.

Dem Kiki points, mang.

>> No.32739561


I think the QM actually addressed all 3 of these points in later chapters.

The street lingo dropped out due to change in setting and Stress Mechanics became a bit more predictable.

Definitely fair criticism

>> No.32739575

almost a month without a peep. no hiatus declared, I'm leaning towards abandoned. did the QM curse get him?

Gobble couldn't into building up much could he? he put everything to vote. because he wasn't assertive enough? a lack of creativity.

I think Gobble just wanted Kat to have a goal outside of waifu and league challenge

>> No.32739601

I find it bizarre all the mental gymnastics people are using to justify what XS did.

He fucked up, he gave a bunch of vague combat options and the players chose poorly. Then in /qtg/ people are trying to spin it like it was 'positive' when it's a loss for the quest overall.

>> No.32739602

What tools do you use?

>> No.32739618

XS said there was no easy way to get it back, certainly no way for Ryukusa herself to get it back. It was strongly implied other, stronger entities could do it.
And I don't consider the loss of a hand damage, just a chance for new and interesting scenes and relationships. I do think XS fucked up in not making it clear how dangerous things were, but I don't think things ended negatively or anything - the mood of the characters seemed mostly fine, the last scene ended on a triumph with our side winning, etc.

>> No.32739620

I'm not annoyed about losing the hand, so much as I am about Suddenly Demigods! With super-weapons!

>> No.32739622

> not an Orichalcum caste riding your Moonsilver caste waifu as a vehicle

>> No.32739623

Lets just see what happens next thread?

>> No.32739634

I can read his post that counts up his votes. I still have it open in another tab. Even by that standard his counting makes no sense.

>> No.32739642

There's "abandoned due to players", and then there's "unable to continue due to real life".

>> No.32739650

There are no trap options in Ryukuza Quest except Barrier Combat, which the QM explicitly stated "is deadly." All options are about Ryukusa getting cute girls and protecting smiles. That's what the basis of the entire quest is and what being Ryuu Ryukusa is about.

XS even stated, in regards to being defeated in Barrier Combat: "Even if Ryukusa is imprisoned for years, she has people who will come to save her." Anon mentioned, "That's what worries me."

What's amusing is that XS mentions we'd be fighting a demigod in the second thread and anon thought it was "a random encounter".

>> No.32739667

I sure hope so because if it's explained away with magic I'll be unhappy

At the same time, if it results in major changes to the quest, I'll still be unhappy.

All in all, unless it just goes back to the way it was, I'm generally going to be unhappy with this combat encounter.

>> No.32739670

Thanks, I kind of figured that was the case as soon as I heard this quest was already running. I just wish people who pitched ideas would put in that kind of effort--it was fun to imagine that a prospective quest-runner would give such a good idea of what their quest would be like to read.

>> No.32739674

we have no official word. and regardless of the reason, the result is the same.

it is kill

>> No.32739675

I don't think the options that resulted in hand-loss were vague at all, the thing that was vague was what level of consequence we could expect for our actions. If people knew that bodily harm could occur, they would have nothing to complain about regarding the shove-away option resulting in no hand.

>> No.32739685

>What's amusing is that XS mentions we'd be fighting a demigod in the second thread and anon thought it was "a random encounter".
Random encounter is inaccurate. should probably use asspull encounter in that case.

>> No.32739704

>Foreshadowed in the second thread

>> No.32739718

>QM word of god's it that we'll be up against a demi-god
>What an asspull where did this demi-god come from

>> No.32739724

It does if you consider that XS wasn't seeing it as 'combat vs no-combat' but rather 'combat vs insult vs talk etc'. It's a simple matter of vote-counting philosophy - strictly speaking initiating combat had a plurality, the question is if you count all the other votes together as people explicitly NOT wanting to engage in combat, or as people who simply prefer their choice. I'd have done it the first way and not engaged combat myself, but I don't think it's the cut-and-dry way of doing it. Since that choice ended up having no lasting consequence, I don't really give a shit about it.

>> No.32739729

OOC statements are not foreshadowing. And yes arbitrarily dropping in a planned encounter regardless of the players choices is an asspull. Or outright railroading.

>> No.32739732


>Suddenly a goblin steals 25 gold!

>No you don't get to roll on it! What makes you think you get to roll on it?

>> No.32739753

>What tools do you use?
*Notepad2 for format stripping and preliminary editing.
*LibreOffice for the creation of final formatting and insertion of the TOC. Once this is done, PDF and HTML files are created.
*Calibre to convert HTML into .MOBI and .EPUB
*7Zip to pack all the files together.

Tools I plan to use for PDF and EPUB, respectively:

That's still a long way off though.

>> No.32739776

>There are no trap options in Ryukuza Quest

We just were in a fucking encounter loaded with trap options that were poorly explained.

Who are you trying to fool here? Do you think most people complaining weren't in the thread? Like the thread happened two months ago?

>> No.32739796

I'll make a bold statement. Players should not have agency over every single thing that happens. It's okay for some things to be unpreventable or uncircumnavigable. Good or bad.

>> No.32739798

Bodily harm is mentioned in every single elemental choice except water.

>[] Fire! Fuck yeah, you are a daughter of fire! You can destroy just about anything, you can actually breathe fire, and you're hot tempered and quick! Unfortunately, you're also weak to water, you swim like a rock (and holy fuck, who ever heard of a dragon who can't swim outside of those goofy gaijin morons?!) and you have the alcohol tolerance of a 3 year old with a bottle of Everclear (that's 180 proof, as in 90% alcohol for you non-drinking folks.)

>[X] Water....you're surprisingly clever, incredibly dangerous, and have the weather at your beck and call! You can swim better than a fish and breathe water. Unfortunately you're weak to stone, and while it may not seem like much of a weakness, a lot of demons and oni have ties to Earth.

>[] Earth! You're fucking nigh-indestructible! Or very nearly. You can see through stone, cement, and move through it like it was air. You hit harder than a pile-driver and you can take hits that would kill other dragons! That also means you are weak to wood, which means your massive strength and power won't work on wooden things, and living wood can sap your strength quickly!

>[] Wood. You have the power of the weakest element at your command....which means you can slice shit up with a wooden sword, regenerate nearly any injury, and are utterly immune to poisons. Fuckin' A. The bad part? Yeah, Void sucks. Magic will work on you, even the weakest pretend magic will fuck your shit up but good.

>[] Void! That's right, you gots you some magic, and it is the blackest magic that ever was! You can bind demons, weave spells, stop bullets, and see ghosts! Fire is your enemy - it reveals your magic, will injure you terribly, and you can not do a single damn thing to the purifying force of fire.

I don't think that the possibility of injury was ever in question for any of the choices it was just a matter of time and place.

>> No.32739825

Cap'n here on my phone. I should HOPEFULLY be able to run sometime next Sunday, provided Father's Day celebrations don't run on too long or leave me too drunk. Next session we visit a pirate station and learn some stuff about stuff, so I'm excited!

>> No.32739845

Man I really wanted Void or Fire.

Water is just so... terribly, terribly vanilla and safe.

>> No.32739854

Well as I said, in barrier combat? Most definitely. Fighting a big bad antagonist? Sure. Random ambush by a seemingly random person in thread 5, no barrier? Nope, I sure wasn't expecting anything serious to happen to Ryukusa. And I say that as someone who liked the result (fuck yeah 1-handed MC!).

>> No.32739862

Are you the father, the son or the mother?

>> No.32739878

What? Void and Fire are by FAR the stereotypical /tg/ choices. I voted Wood myself though.

>> No.32739883

It's fine to deny them agency, it's not fine to arbitrarily punish them unless you have a good reason for it.

I'm willing to hold out and see if XS has a good reason for it. Although with how poorly that combat encounter went, I'm finding less and less motivation behind it than "I just want to have a fight at this point in time because the SoL was being laid on too thick"

Which would be fine if the combat went better than clowns tripping over their own shoes.

>> No.32739890

>People with eReaders will be able to catch up faster, meaning that QM that manage to appeal will gain more readers that came for the quest, rather than meta shitstorms.
If you're going to be doing this ONLY do it for smaller quests. If you're running/participating in a quest that only has five active players like librarian quest then, yes more would be good.

But, once a quest gets to a certain level of popularity you don't want more players. I only join new quests. If it's has more than 10 threads I wont read it. With the good ones the same thing always happens. At the beginning each player has a big impact on where the story goes. But as the quest gets more and more popular my vote becomes more and more meaningless.

I put a lot of thought into each vote. For example; I read the update and spend 5 minutes or more coming up with a write-in option that will solve all our problems and make a whole paragraph explaining my reasoning behind it.

With small quest people will either agree and change their vote or disagree and point out any flaws in my logic. In big quests by the time I post there are already 20+ votes for one of the options the QM provided. There are so many comments that almost no one even reads mine.

tl;dr Only do this for small quests. Big quests don't need more people.

>> No.32739911

>the term I introduced is actually in the OP image
I'm gonna cry.

>> No.32739925

I still wonder if we could have won/prolonged the combat with the right choices (i.e. not picking the 'stand there and take it' option) or if we were running out of juice at that point anyway.

>> No.32739928

But people want to be able to read big quests without archive diving for ever.
It's much more useful for larger quests.

>> No.32739937

It's benefits are boring, too. Roasting marshmallows with but a kiss for our waifus is way superior to swim gud. And if we don't even use our water breathing to give our waifus underwater kisses of life at some point, I'm gonna be sad.

That said, Water Eyes and electric shorting were both rad as fuck.

>> No.32739946

My biggest complaint about Ryukuza Quest is that XS never said when next session is.

Or I missed it. Either way!

>> No.32739961

forgive me for not hanging out in qtg until recently, but what is Cutie G?

>> No.32739962

This I feel is apt

BPQ got away with mutilation because we were going against the BIG RIVAL, the person who wanted our head since we were a little girl

Here it was just "Suddenly Demigod! With the single greatest sword ever! Of course you couldn't have seen this coming despite taking every measure possible to make sure no one was following you"

>> No.32739964

Now I generally agree with you, but in this specific situation I don't think that is a good enough defence.

If the players make a decision to move as quickly and as subtly as possible to a destination that nobody else knows via an unplanned route, having made a concious decision to locate and remove any tracking methods and being supernaturally on guard for such; having an untelegraphed demi-god with a divine sword just be inexplicably and unavoidably waiting on a random road for them does somewhat invalidate all of that.

>> No.32739972

The daughter
Only kidding

>> No.32739989

Say QTG out loud.
Then Cutie G.

>> No.32739998

Fire maybe, but Water is the typical SMART BALANCED SMART PERSON thing while Void's backdraw is pretty damn strong.
> Wood

All of these.

>> No.32739999

Quest Thread General = /qtg/ = [kyuu tee gee] = Cutie G

>> No.32740003


Cu Tie G
(Q) (T) (G)

>> No.32740027

>Void's backdraw is pretty damn strong.
Sure is, doesn't keep it from being the exact kind of power /tg/ fucking loooooves though. And I liked the relative non-amaaaazingness of Water/Wood myself.

>> No.32740028

>>What tools do you use?

Evernote for all my planning and notes.
Padlet for the audience's consumption of documents.

>> No.32740031

XS was obviously setting her up to be our nemesis, so I don't see the issue

>> No.32740036

I don't know, I don't see anything else really having much of a chance against the mystical supersword, and frankly the only thing previously indicated to actually be working was fucking with her mind.

>> No.32740039

In the original QTG there were Catholic Priests planning to kidnap the MC's girlfriend and exorcise her, a Government Agency trying to capture and experiment on her, and Susano-o was specifically mentioned as wanting to kill her.

Hardly even paraphrased.

Friday 8:30 pst a.m.

>> No.32740063

....ahh. Well. I see. Thank you for enlightening this pun-ignorant soul.

>> No.32740068

>player question
I wish we jumped into the middle of that hostage situation in PPQ, no matter how retarded the scenario was.

We'd still have Stella, we'd have met Steve Rogers, and both those things would have been really important since last thread made it clear that Cosgrove hasn't changed a damn thing for the better with his reboot.

>> No.32740072

I plan to do this for smaller quests first while refining my method and then go for the bigger ones.

I know about the speed issue, but at the same time many quests tend to lose players again after a while.

The bottom line is simply that I think this is a service many players could really benefit from, not least of all because larger quests have larger archives which makes it harder to read through a thread even with CTRL + F.

>> No.32740097

That's the issue, it doesn't feel like something that would happen in the world of the quest, it feels like something that is damn well going to happen because XS wanted it to, and forget making sense.

>> No.32740102

Ah, alright then.
Yeah, but the point is that while that choice DID fuck with her mind, it seemingly needed us to get (even more) beat up to do so. One of the other options could have fucked with her mind as well, and maybe not have us lose at that point. Maybe?

>> No.32740104


Hell, it happens all the time in anime.

RQ is one big fucking anime tropefest.

>> No.32740130

Wasn't the original concept one where the bodyguarded target was low-tier and the guys that went after them were also low tier?

>> No.32740138

Not really, no, that's why it feels like asspulling/railroading.

>> No.32740148

Only two of the quests I follow have become popular since I started reading. (not including dead ones)

I want to make it harder for people to read the archive not easier. But only for those two quests. The other quests I follow could use more people.

Librarian Quest is on thread 22 and could use some more people. Medievalmon has 9 thread but is practically dead from lack of readers.

The other quests I follow are dead or have enough players.

>> No.32740169


I guess you'l be unhappy with the quest then.

>> No.32740173

>Librarian Quest

sell me on it

>> No.32740174

I think you're both forgetting that we were physically and magically weakened and the demigod was the same element.

It did work well enough for Akari to save out stupid ass though.

"Hero rescued by timely arrival of cuties on his side." I wonder how many tags we'd get if we went to TVtropes.

>> No.32740190

Both earliest pitches I saw (one from March with Wolfgirl, and the one XS picked up) had her as Yakuza princess/heiress, no further elaboration on importance.

>> No.32740192

The best of a bunch of ambiguous options - none of the others seemed to actually make sense with what was said/shown. If there was any way to get through the fight not completely fucked up, it was by pure luck not any sort of cleverness or tactical choice.

>> No.32740197


Are those two quests worth following? I've been in the mood to archive binge lately.

How's the writing for those quests

>> No.32740204

XS should move Ryukuza Quest to SV.

>> No.32740210

I remember the pitches went into pretty good detail about how the bodyguardee would be some mid-tier guy with no real communication ability who got into his position by being related to higher ups.
This was near the time of the original pitch.

>> No.32740216

>There are so many comments that almost no one even reads mine.
You are incredibly vain.

>> No.32740217

Eh, I'll still stick with it. It was great right up until it wasn't.

>> No.32740244

Must have been a different pitch then.

>> No.32740249

>And if we don't even use our water breathing to give our waifus underwater kisses of life at some point
We did. In the first thread, no less.

>> No.32740253

I kind of get where he's coming from. Once one retarded popular vote takes off there's no room for a swing vote to change things.

>> No.32740255

Does /qtg/ do postmortems?

>> No.32740259

It mutated more towards the current state way later than the original pitches.

>> No.32740261

Do it for Librarian Quest next. The quest can come across pretty rail-roady but if you're reading the archives it doesn't matter because you can't vote anyway. The writing is good.

>> No.32740265


You don't like pain and suffering every thread?

>> No.32740272

Quite a lot, but only really if its interesting, why?

>> No.32740283

Someone mentioned dragongirls and someone else mentioned pathogenic lizards, and XS ran with it.

Of course XS also wrote lesbian lich porn on a vague /tg/ request so I wouldn't read too much into that.

>> No.32740284

I disagree, I wasn't there for the choice (watching WC) but I thought Break Your Blade made sense since it was established that the blade wasn't particularly eager to be wielded by her. I admit I have no idea what You Cannot Slay The Ocean would do though.

>> No.32740290

I don't know, since the QM dropped the prompts it feels like it could end up anywhere from harem building to absolutely every character in the cast dead.

>> No.32740296

We do bitch about quests that ended, if that's what you're asking.

>> No.32740358

>it was established that the blade wasn't particularly eager to be wielded by her.
Was it? I thought it was just that she wasn't actually very good with the blade, but the magic was making up for it. You Cannot Slay The Ocean definitely does not sound like something to reduce the amount of physical damage being taken.

Though by that point weren't we already too hurt to actually do anything that would matter?

>> No.32740360


Just kind of wanted to know where I fucked up.

Ravnica Detective Quest is dieing a slow painful death.

>> No.32740373

Not when it's mixed with confusion and fear induced paralysis.

>> No.32740403

>gets rid of Stella
>adds Rock

Cosgrove either didn't learn his lesson or was planning this from the start.

>> No.32740414

We probably were, that's why I was wondering really. I doubt we'd have won, but since we were mostly fighting using psychological attacks, our endurance and physical condition mattered less, so we may have lasted longer with a different choice, I figure.
It doesn't really matter for THIS fight, but it'd be really nice to know for the future.
I can't wait for the healing-session tomorrow though!

>> No.32740432

>Librarian Quest
It's got enough, and it's approaching the end anyway.

I was there when it started, but I dropped off when 70% of the choices end up being training and doing Aura stuff. I'm not a fan of endlessly powering up for the sake of feeling powerful.

>> No.32740458

>Not when it's mixed with confusion and fear induced paralysis.

Isn't that every thread before?

>> No.32740478

I agree that he's gotten better. But a few threads before he dropped the prompts he openly admitted to having already decided who the MC ends up with. I wrote a little rant about how that's bull shit. And I think he got the message.

Every now and then he'll make a post without prompts and I have no fucking clue what to do. When that happens I miss the prompts a little.

>> No.32740492

Pretty much this
Anyone saying that those choices made any sense either has a sincere case of confirmation bias or genuinely believe they understood exactly what the QM intended.

And it's clear that the majority of the players didn't understand what the intent was, so they're merely exception.

>> No.32740510

Next in line is HQR but I might get the time to do Librarian too.

>> No.32740513

Meanwhile, I don't QM because I want the MC to be able to hit certain points to get into the main plots without everyone calling railroading.

>> No.32740517

How do the updates end that you don't know what to suggest?

>> No.32740544

B-but what about muh player agency?

>> No.32740546

That was different. That was us sucking the water out of her throat and then imparting some of our life force in her. I mean doing that thing the mermaids did to Robin Williams in Hook.

>> No.32740571

He admitted Leona was his favourite but shes had a massive disadvantage since the very beginning.

Is every Librarian Quest player in this thread right now? It feels like it.

>> No.32740577

I want the players to go and do fun things, but if they don't bite on at least one of the hooks I have prepared, they're going to run into very few of my fun ideas and the entire thing will be boring.

For this entire experience to be fun, I need to get the players onto a hook, and then let them do as they like once they're good and caught.

>> No.32740580

When I saw the retcon was an in-universe deal, I basically gave the fuck up.

>> No.32740587

>Just kind of wanted to know where I fucked up.
Go hugbox, hope they're not sperging about JJBA, post your quest.

They might be able to explain what went wrong.

>> No.32740592


Player agency a shit

>> No.32740595

Ohhhh, now I understand.

Didn't watch Hook, but I know what you mean.
Sounds like a plan.

>> No.32740602

As long as you present a good hook they'll bite. Also having something like that planned isn't railroading. It would be railroading if you were very obviously leading them towards that point.

>> No.32740622

That was before it was settled on whether or not it was a yakuza bodyguard defending a dragongirl heiress, playing as the dragongirl heiress herself, it a yakuza dragongirl heiress defending yet another dragongirl heiress, which is what XS went with.

>> No.32740631

As a player, a good hook is indistinguishable from a particularly interesting side NPC.
The difference is one has piles of stuff ready for it, and the other forces me into a much, much looser state of improv. The players are not in a position to know which is which.
It's my job as a DM to gently guide them into paths that have a lot of stuff, instead of boring paths.

I don't know how well this translates to QMing.

>> No.32740635

Player agency is an illusion. Always the QM is in control.
The QM is setting the paths for you, you simply pick the road to go down after he's already built it.

Do not think you have control over the story. Ever.
It's all a lie.

>> No.32740641

MC is sneaking into a castle at night. How do you sneak into the caste?

It's the middle of the night so we can't pass ourselves off as staff. The walls are too tall the climb. Guards everywhere. I don't know how to sneak into a fucking castle.

We ended up just running through the front door hoping no one would see us.

>> No.32740644

>the fucking devil probably having an agenda (petty agenda)
>anonimous being competent fucks
Pretty sure it makes sense.

>> No.32740647



>> No.32740655

why are there more Marvel based quests than DC ones (2-0 as far as I know).

not complaining, just curious. are more people familiar with marvel? is there something about the marvel universe that makes it more accessible?

>> No.32740657

>B-but what about muh player agency?
QMing is different from GMing, so player agency is not quite as important.

You have a single PC (or more in rotation), so you gotta necessarily cut some things.

>> No.32740680

it killed the Jager (for a bit)

>> No.32740682

But the original pitch of the version that QTG talked about last week and XS eventually ran, from back in March, was wolfgirl bodyguard x yakuza heiress though.

>> No.32740713

I would say she's our nemesis in the way Team Rocket is Ash's nemesis in the Pokemon anime. That is, comedy foils at best, mildly annoying at worst.
But then again, she cut off our arm.

BUT then again, TR were actually dangerous way back then.

>> No.32740731

>anonimous being competent fucks
They aren't trying to kill her

>the fucking devil probably having an agenda (petty agenda)
But in that case he, or someone loyal to him over his boss, was following us the whole way, and even with magical sense we didn't notice. Which I can buy, it still doesn't really explain the nature if the attack.

>> No.32740741

I honestly don't recall wolfgirls ever being a part of the bitch

>> No.32740772

>comedy foils at best
She wasn't comic though, she was just there, and incredibly dangerous.

>> No.32740776

me neither. and I was there for the original "retarded dragongirls" pitch this all spawned from. I think he's getting confused with vampire/xwolfu.

>> No.32740808

I just searched 'bodyguard yakuza', or something like that, on foolz and the earliest results (besides some irrelevant in-quest stuff) was wolfgirl bodyguard x yakuza heiress in March, then the next one was mid-discussion in the QTG last week. Considering how close the pitches were - changing wolfgirl to dragongirl and applying it to the yakuza girl as well being the only real difference - I figured the latter pitch was taken from the former.

>> No.32740819

>shes had a massive disadvantage
What disadvantage? He admitted that our decision who to talk to on the second thread determined the pairing for the whole quest.
>MC - Leona
>Anlak - Rein
>Yu'yen - Sheryl

He's obviously dropped that plan.

>Is every Librarian Quest player in this thread right now? It feels like it.
Feels like it to me also.

Being able to get the players to make decisions you want them to while making them think it was their idea is the hallmark of a good QM.

>> No.32740827

So was Team Rocket.

>retarded dragongirls
>Zettai Bouei Leviathan Quest
I approve.

>> No.32740834

>character interaction and slice of life bit comes up in a quest
>get unreasonably hyped
I don't know why.

>> No.32740841

Even closer now that I read it. Paste:
>Wolfgirl Bodyguard Quest.
>The dragon-girl heiress of the local Yakuza family is being targeted by assassins sent by neighbouring gangs.
>Are you a bad enough bitch to protect her smile?
Posted March 18th.

>> No.32740847

Do people here ever read their dialogue out aloud?
Didn't we make them dragons pretty early on?

I feel that Marvel Heroes are more, well, "human", which makes it much easier to write quests for them cause you know there's gonna be something to do during downtime beyond BROOD IN YOUR FORTRESS or similar.

Iunno, does that make any sense?

Go away Merovingian, you're drunk.

Bigger quests also (usually) mean longer quests, which translates into an increased demand for eReading solutions.


>> No.32740849

The problem with /qtg/ is that no one critiques a quest that isn't popular.

Which means the vast majority of quests, especially the ones who need it the most, don't get critiques.

I can't blame /qtg/ for not reading quests they're not interested in, but at the very least I would expect the quest snobs to at least be able to do a quick read of some quests that start up and don't go anywhere.

>> No.32740850

Need a "Not Sure" for Big Changes Quest

>> No.32740888

>So was Team Rocket.
They were always slightly funny in some way, and they were never quite that directly dangerous.

>>Zettai Bouei Leviathan Quest
It gets suggested so much and never happens.
I hurts me every time.
It hurts so bad I actually contemplate running it myself.

>> No.32740890

Action is best when balanced by chilling with your comrades. It's one thing the first Mass Effect executed rathef well.

>> No.32740894

Joker Quest is DC.

Marvel has more "street level" characters. Street level characters are inherently more relatable than ones that can destroy planets.

>> No.32740899

>They aren't trying to kill her
If anonimous is competent, the entire world is already upside down. We have bloody dragons/demi-gods/devils floating around, I don't doubt that there are more factions after Kiki, all being competent in some special way. Not to mention the clan she's marrying into may have subversive elements.

>> No.32740911

>quest snobs
>actually reading quests

But anon, that's pleb shit.

>> No.32740927

>Joker Quest is DC.

>> No.32740932

>Joker Quest is DC.

>> No.32740942

They don't even critique the ones that are popular. QTG just waits until it's talked about a lot and then shits over them for the smallest reasons that fall apart when challenged.

>> No.32740960

To be fair, they are explicitly trying to get pictures of the principle's tits to sell to her fanclub. I doubt (most of) the fanclub want those to be pictures from the morgue.

Doesn't preclude one of the other organisations, or whatever mystery organisation Susano works for, having competent people, but I think we can rule out anonimous.

>> No.32740963

Actually writing a decent critique is far more effort than most people are willing to go to.

>> No.32740967

I haven't actually read the quest. I assumed Joker had something to do with the Batman villain. Batman is DC.

>> No.32740971

This exactly.
It is VERY RARE for any of the shit said about quests to be anything more than some mudslinging. Rarer still for the mudslinging to be based on anything that happened.

>> No.32740972

PJ: If they'd abandoined the car, there probably wouldn't have been a fight, but they wouldn't know how dangerous and unstable kushinada was either.
Me: What about if they'd used water to protect the car?
PJ: The sword wouldn't care but it would have scared the hell out of Kiku even though it wouldn't hurt her.
Me: What about deflecting the blade? And you spelled Kiki wrong again.
PJ: I should have been asleep 5 hours ago. Deflecting the blade would have worked and they would have ended up on the same side of the car with Ryukusa in Kiki's lap, but she would have been wounded, just not miaimed.
Me: That's pretty fucked up.
PJ: It's about which way they got close to Kiki. I didn't expect them to want to do a Barrier fight but a lot of people wanted to beat up Kushinada. I think they were after the sword but who knows? Kiki's in love, Akari is stoicly happy, and Yui thinks Ryukusa is more terrifyign than any of her family.
Me: What about her arm?
PJ: I thoguht of somethign they'll enjoy. Means they have to talk to Hinata finally.
Me: Magic surgery?
PJ: Kind of. More like spiritual reconstruction. The only time she'll need it is in Barrier combat or agaisnt spirit-children so only they'll notice it at all. Arm still gone except when it matters, and it'll give Yui a way to repay Ryukusa and Hinata a chance to get her hooks in someone. I'm just not sure how to introduce two other dragonettes yet.
Me: I envy you your talent for world building.
PJ: You want the nightmares that come with it? I wouldn't wish that on anyone. I have to sleep. Take care luv.
Me: Sleep well, Pilly.

Excerpt from IM's with XS post quest.

>> No.32740977

>Joker Quest is DC.

>> No.32740987

Nothing at all do with the Batman villain.

>> No.32740990

Maybe I can ditch Valvrave Quest for this.

>> No.32740992

Suzie could be using their resources to track her down, though

>> No.32741002

>not complaining, just curious. are more people familiar with marvel? is there something about the marvel universe that makes it more accessible?
Marvel has more interesting characters than DC. DC has, what, Superman and Batman? Can you think of another DC character with a sharp, clearly defined personality?

>> No.32741003

What does the Seer see?

>> No.32741011


Batman Joker isn't the only type of Joker, anon.

Maybe it's best not to talk about quests you haven't the slightest idea about.

>> No.32741016

I agree, I guess.
Can't wait for next session.

>> No.32741038

So it's getting solved because magic.

If that was possible all along why didn't he just mention it post-quest instead of trying to play the hardline that we'd never get it back.

>> No.32741043

>on anonymous in Ryukuza Quest
Reminds me of those idol otaku in MGNQ. By themselves they are exactly that: idol otaku. Creepy, but ultimately powerless to really do harm.
But then they hired megucas and shit got real.

Who's to say anonymous won't do the same? If they didn't already?

>> No.32741050

While that certainly helps, it still ignores both that most people DIDN'T want to fight Kushinada, my big problem:

>Explicitly describe how we'll push Kiki out of the way.
>Don't bother explaining how we'd abandon the car.

There was a serious difference in the details provided for the options.

>> No.32741057

Tommy Monaghan

>> No.32741068

Fuck off with the L&M already.
He out and out stated we would have to see someone stronger than us to get it back, and that it was possible.

>> No.32741075

Lobo sucks, Constantine does his own thing, and I don't know who the other two faggots are.

>> No.32741079

Booster Gold quest when?

>> No.32741098

>I did a terrible job explaining what any of the choices did so I'm going to throw you a bone

You know what

I'm okay with this.

>> No.32741100

I don't make any claim at following her logic, if she even operates on a logical premise at all. She was probably stalling for time so she could organize her "plans" if that's what you can call what she has.

>> No.32741114

He has every iteration and permutation of Marvel at his disposal, and yet he included the literal protagonist of a moedge anime.

I can't fathom his logic.
Probably for the best, since he didn't address any of the underlying issues at all, and instead just unsatisfactorily ended the problems he raised the most shadow runs over, and took Stella as payment.

>> No.32741120


>> No.32741126

>He out and out stated we would have to see someone stronger than us to get it back, and that it was possible.

no he didn't, he said we weren't getting it back and then made the concession that we could get it back if we found someone more powerful.

I'm guessing he made this up to avoid any further shitstorm.

>> No.32741136

Oh hey, it's that post I made.
Now I wish I'd never said anything.
What the fuck is wrong with you, XS?
>I didn't expect them to want to do a Barrier fight but a lot of people wanted to beat up Kushinada.
We're not actually getting it back. The chat log specifically states it ONLY appears in Barrier Combat.
And no, that is not the 'only time she'll need it'.
XS is a lying shit, deflecting and avoiding every piece of criticism.

>> No.32741145

I'm just saying, pretty much anybody could name a half-dozen Marvel characters and give some kind of personality for them. DC? Not so much.

>> No.32741155

Spoilers, motherfucker.

>> No.32741156

Exactly. I read 'abandon the car' as bailing out of the car and either trying to intercept her in some way, or just hoping Kiki could react fast enough to do the same, which was pretty different than what that apparently actually meant.

>it still ignores both that most people DIDN'T want to fight Kushinada
Also very true, but maybe its the difference between

>[X] Peacful Option 1
Let's not be dumb


>[X] Combat option

The ... enthusiasm makes it more noticeable and thus seem more popular?

>> No.32741166

>XS is a lying shit, deflecting and avoiding every piece of criticism.
Then I assume you're going to stop reading their quest?

>> No.32741178

There's nothing consistent with any of Ryukusa's choices except the moist pointless ones or the ones in barrier combat.

[] Bop her on the head. Stupid brat!
[] Drink more.
[] Confide your plan. Yeah, I know you have one.
[] Drink More.
[] Ask her if she knows anyone you can talk to about Kiki.

[] This changes nothing! We'll protect her, and ruin her....and then something something. You'll figure it out later.
[] You won't fuck this up, you'll take them all on. The only one ruining Kumatori Kiki is you!
[] Onis, immortals, yakuza, zaibatsu....fuck it, it's your job.
[] Fuck this job. I'm gonna take this sideways and do the totally unexpected.
[] Hunt them down and get them all before they get her.

[X] Not here – let's go debug your suite and I'll explain it all.
[X] Of course there isn't anyone more competent. No one can do for you what I can do for you, babe.
[] Nope. It's all me.
[] First things first! Show me the penthouse.
[] Nevermind, Kiki-chan. Come on, we're leaving.

They read more like personality tests than options.

>> No.32741201

Why the first post on the subject sounded a bit vaguely doomsday-y, the immediate clarification:
>Maybe - it would take massive magical powers beyond any half-blooded spirit-child. Magical artifical arms?
This was right after session end before most of the arguments/bitching (people were still on the barrier vote stuff at this point, not so much the hand). Looks like 'Ryukusa couldn't do it but other, stronger people might be able to help' to me.

>> No.32741209

At least they're more varied than most quests prompts.

>> No.32741227

Its being played out as actions determine how characters feel about us - it is a personality test.

>> No.32741229

The moment I recognized Dead Master I had a feeling BRS wasn't far behind.

So fucking obvious.

I'm tempted to blame Deculture, who is as big if not bigger fan of the BRS franchise

>> No.32741230

Get a load of this grot.

>> No.32741243

The barrier vote argument is dumb - yeah it wasn't the best way of doing it, but the logic was obvious - combat had a plurality, so XS used it as the baseline. It all depends on whether you read non-combat votes as 'definitely don't start combat, instead...', or just as 'I prefer...'. Since the result ended up not mattering much I don't know why people get hung up on it.

>> No.32741245


>> No.32741270


You should probably stop reading the quest for your blood pressure's sake.

>> No.32741271

Its one of those inconsequential things that's more about QMing attitude than it is about the actual results I think.

>> No.32741284

>BRS in a Marvel Quest

>> No.32741304

I don't even care at this point

Every time I read a quest and it gets fucked up somehow because the QM didn't think through his options or the players didn't think about what the QM meant or the players were just being little murderhobo shits, I get depressed. I don't even look forward to the next thread anymore.

It's just ruined for me now, if I never participate in another one of the threads again I'm not sure I'll care. I tried to get people to take sensible options given the information we had but apparently people just wanted to be cool and the QM wanted to harshly punish his players. I'm through with it. I hope the best to XS and I hope his quest has fun without me.

>> No.32741307

What do people expect or want out of a Zettai.... Leviathan Quest?

>> No.32741332

Cosgrove and his wacky anime.

I don't really mind it, (nothing can be more infuriating than One More Day) but, we may be biting off more than we can chew.

>> No.32741338

Retarded dragongirls, from what I can tell

>> No.32741344

Cute, retarded dragongirls doing cute, retarded things.

>> No.32741346

Retarded dragon girls studiously avoiding the plot and being adorable.

>> No.32741352

Retarded dragongirls ignoring Syrup (the QM) and her plot hooks.

>> No.32741357

See you next thread.

>> No.32741361


Lots and lots of fairyservice. Sironinininnininin should be up to her eyes in corndogs

I wouldn't mind being a dragon man and trying to get all the scales, though

>> No.32741366

You seem to be taking this very seriously anon. It's not that serious a quest, though. Beyond worrying that anons continue arguing shit in-thread and make things un-fun for everyone, I don't really worry about or care about any of the stuff that happened, even the things I didn't like that much (the hand stuff was poorly handled [heh]) because I just look forward to the next fluff scene, chance to try out barrier combat, etc.

>> No.32741372

>All this Ryukuza
So the lesson here is: You can weather a shitstorm by writing a pandering Quest in an inefficient, arcane way.

This works because:
1. People don't want to lose the pandering
2. People won't be sure what to be mad about
3. The support front will surpass the fragmented critics
4. QM can deploy post-fixes with limited backlash

I feel for other Quests that try and communicate.

>> No.32741384

Hey I forgot my image

>> No.32741391

Figgered as much. DC heroes tend (or used to tend) to be more all together. like Superman is more presented as symbol/role model than . doesn't help much in the way of interesting character drama I suppose. the problems of marvel's flawed heroes of never progressing past their base character flaws (Spider-man never grows past young adulthood OMD is proof, Wolverine has been dealing with controlling his violent tendencies since the 70's) and marvel's love of making one hero/group retarded and fighting another hero/group is easily remedied with common sense by QM, much simpler than dealing balancing rigid characterizations of most DC guys.

I was kicking around an idea for a street level vigilante set in DC's Hub city (its like Gotham but worse. Anybody got that "slice me a hunk of nigger comic panel?) C and D street level and low level supers shenanigans occurring. or Suicide Squad Quest

Green Arrow
Captain Cold
2 of the Green Lanterns

Spidey's adopted sister from the future time fuckery got her trapped in unreality though

>> No.32741399

Well I could address the individual points, but I'm not going to bother because there's sadly no evidence a shitstorm has been 'weathered' yet, making your post moot.

>> No.32741437

Shitstorm won't have been weathered until next thread.
The actual lesson is 'don't asspull a high-end encounter and use trap options to permanently debilitate the MC, then heavily weight vote options against avoiding combat and brush aside any criticism with outright lies'.

>> No.32741454

I agree Cosgrove has way too many damn things going on, but I hope Rock's introduction might give us someone who isn't Gwen or Felica to do superhero shit with.

BRS has a bunch of different powers and alternate forms. Insane BRS has already been implied and I bet we could unlock BRS Beast through some method.

Hell, we might as well get ready for Strength to show up. Cos and Decu are buddies and I bet that limp wristed little weeaboo has been bugging Cos to put STR in since Stella was introduced.

>> No.32741465

>It's not that serious a quest

What happened this thread is that a small group of players had a misunderstanding about the intentions of the QM for one vote, one singular vote, and we permanently lost a body part because of it.

I didn't sign up for that. There are plenty of other quests that do the same thing that I also don't read. I don't want to have to worry each and every update whether the players weren't being dumb shits for the one vote I missed or if the 'correct' choice wasn't chosen because someone made a witty pop culture reference that would work with another, boneheaded decision.

We'll be out of limbs by the time we reach thread ten if this trend keeps up. I've tried following quests like this in the past and it just made me feel anxious and worried that I had to be there every second because it was clear the QM was going to find any small nit to fuck the players over on and the players were mostly worried about dicking around with things they thought were cool. For the sake of the current players, I hope XS reconsiders this hardline approach he's taken. I wish him the best in the future of his quest, no matter what direction he's taken.

>> No.32741470

Wanting to be the Gary Stu self-insert faggot who gets all the bitches in a female centered story
Planefag pls

>> No.32741509

Further proves my theory about why quests can turn to shit in a hurry: No matter what happens you can always find at least one shithead that defends it to the death.

all you have to do is either A) Pretend that this shithead is your 'core playerbase' or B) be your own cheerleader.

Then any shitstorm can be weathered easily as you build your own little hugbox with your favored players.

>> No.32741533

No I want scales

Other times it's different because self inserts are terrible but this time it's okay because scales are at stake.

>> No.32741534


Give me a rating on the Ryuzka quest shitstorm.

Was it a standard BFQ thread level bitch fest?

Or a [trigger warning]Psion Quest[trigger warning] apocalypse?

>> No.32741547

It wasn't, really. Seemed easily handled if we didn't lose our hand.
>trap options
Unclear options don't equal trap options. Besides, they weren't that unclear anyway - certainly not the one that got picked. What was unclear was the level of danger/consequence we could expect.
>heavily weigh vote options
Bullshit. XS simply went with 'plurality rules all' rather than a more diplomatic solution. Assuming that everyone who voted to call her an honorless coward if she attacked us were staunchly anti-combat may have been safe, but hardly self-evident.
Care to point out any specifically?

>> No.32741561


>worry each and every update
>just made me feel anxious and worried

There's nothing wrong with liking the quest and wanting the MC to succeed but you could probably afford to relax more.

>> No.32741571

That's fine, but I'm sure there are plenty of characters from Marvel he could've chosen instead of, of all things, BRS.

Won't people think "fuck this crossover bullshit"?

>> No.32741574

The obligatory cap.

>> No.32741592

Some people don't give a shit about a stupid hand, though. Just because YOU do, doesn't mean that's the obvious, baseline reaction from which the scene, and its consequences, should be judged.
I for one can't wait for all the one-hand jokes and gags that can come up, and of course the doting on Ryukusa that comes with it.

>> No.32741612

It mostly has, shitstorms commonly ride a thread out by decrying "mistakes" and devolving into shitflinging. The thread didn't die shitflinging.

In a very Art Of War way, players aren't even sure of the mistake, get no confirmation, and the critics are so different they gain no momentum against the supporters.

>> No.32741621

No matter what happens you can also always find at least one shithead that will attack it relentlessly.

>> No.32741627

Holy shit
Do people just not fucking get it?
It's not a serious quest
The MC has not been permanently debilitated
There is no hardline approach
Its a fucking VN type quest
All this fucking turbo-serious players vs qm bullshit doesn't belong in the quest.

The QM said the option and injury were inspired by the amount of importance the japanese place on self sacrifice, and the old ass concept of a one armed hero. It was plainly stated the character was going to be in no way hampered by her lack of an arm in combat, and that there were multiple ways to get it back, it was just a matter of seeking them out.

>> No.32741629

Not that high, mostly big because XS is shit at communication and answering things clearly. Maybe a 4 or 5?

>> No.32741637

seems pretty low.

>> No.32741644

What do people want out of a Valvrave Quest? Frank's Geass Quest 2.0?

>> No.32741650

>Won't people think "fuck this crossover bullshit"?

No. Because they won't recognize the shitty cartoon reference.

>> No.32741653

little girl black ops/living weapon experiments isn't too much a stretch for Marvel.

that and I can only assume he is/was on a BRS kick or he wanted more freedom with her characterization

I can only offer speculation though

>> No.32741658

>All this fucking turbo-serious players vs qm bullshit doesn't belong in the quest.
What quest does it belong in?

>> No.32741672

More like 2-3.
As long as it doesn't shit up thread after thread I don't mind people bitching, it's not like there weren't valid points. As long as people don't shit up thread after thread.

>> No.32741673

It was a solid 8, because it shit on player agency in a big way.
Zero foreshadowing, zero chance to avoid. Total asspull.
>Seemed easily handled if we didn't lose our hand.
YES FUNNY THING ABOUT THAT. Also, SWORD OF JAPAN. Literally bigger than Excalibur.
>Unclear options don't equal trap options.
The only options that didn't end with Kiki getting eviscerated (BUT IT'S FINE SHE CAN JUST REGENERATE HURF DURF) either resulted in Ryukuza getting eviscerated, or VERY STRONGLY IMPLIED that we were saving our own skin at the expense of the princess.
>XS simply went with 'plurality rules all'
Which he had NEVER DONE, NOT ONCE, prior to that vote.
>Care to point out any specifically?
How about the fact that he claimed he was going 'with the spirit of the votes' when that was blatantly not the case?

>> No.32741716

>Some people don't give a shit about a stupid hand, though
You should. You don't have that many, you don't have an easy way to reattach them if they are severed, and you need them.

It won't seriously inconvenience Ryukuza, yes, but it's still major.
Thing is, it was stated that reattaching the arm WON'T BE EASY, BUT IT'S POSSIBLE. Yet people treat the situation as if all was completely fucked, no hope, all is lost forever.

>> No.32741720

It looks like a 5 or less. Standard stuff that'll disappear soon. If it can't kill a quest at thread 5, it's not a big deal.

>> No.32741724

How can I afford to relax in a quest where taking the wrong option once has permanently maimed the MC?

If this was almost any other quest, one where fuckups can be funny, or fuckups that lead to that scale of disability can only be preceded by multiple fuckups, then yeah. I would feel okay with taking a break and maybe watching the players banter over something they think is unique or interesting.

How can I do the same when it's clear that there's a hardcore mode at play and it's clear QM doesn't care if we lose something more? Today it's the hand, what if it's a major limb next? Or a character? To me the QM has betrayed the intent that they set out to accomplish at the beginning and there's no winning that back.

This isn't just about the hand.

That said, that's great that you're having fun. I'm certainly not, because I've read quests before that have quickly gone to shit in one or two votes because the QM was intentionally being difficult just like XS is now. I don't want to pick up another quest that ends up like that, if this experience is anything to base what the rest of the quest is going to be like: it's that nothing has been learned and this will be, by and large, not the worst thing that happens to ryuu in the near future.

Like I said, best of luck to all his players. You're going to need it if today's thread was any indication. I hope you continue having fun and not get discouraged with the quest like I have.

>> No.32741727

>It's not a serious quest
It wasn't before, QM changed his mind.
>The MC has not been permanently debilitated
Yes, she fucking has.
>There is no hardline approach
'Make one wrong step and you lose your arm' seems pretty fucking hardline to me.
>Its a fucking VN type quest
That's even worse.
>All this fucking turbo-serious players vs qm bullshit doesn't belong in the quest.
So we're not allowed to criticise the QM for their mistakes? That's very SpaceBattles of you, anon.

>> No.32741729

Mainly I want them to not happen.

>> No.32741734

Yeah, you're right.

It's not that big, I just haven't seen a shit storm recently.

It's been like the doldrums on shit ocean or something.

>> No.32741744

Except you can prove the shithead wrong, you can't prove shitheads who endlessly like it wrong because they will always resort to the opinion card or the "everyone is wrong except me" defense.

>> No.32741786

It's forgivable in Stella's case because she's basically a Loki clone who uses some elements from Dead Master's design. As far as powers go, it's completely different. DM does use chains, but her main weapon is a scythe and skeleton minions. Stella shoots shit and does Loki illusions.
Other elements, like the rivarly with Rock that I long since saw coming, emanate from what happens in PPQ's story (which is to say Stella is buttmad she got replaced and thus hates Rock)

So if Cosgrove does something similar to BRS (which I don't think he is), then Rock has a backstory that is rooted in the Marvel universe and has powers that are explainable through Marvel universe's rules.
But again, I don't think he is. BRS has long been associated with motorcycles, fire, guns and swords, as well as having transformations that both split her personality and grant her new weapons and armor.
It seems like Rock is more like BRS than Stella is like DM.

So, tl;dr, I agree with you in a sense.

>> No.32741797

It really isn't that big

There hasn't been any ill intent, no people calling each other faggots yet. Just a disagreement with the direction of the quest.

Some players will leave, but it may actually gain more players from sheer exposure. It'll die down by tomorrow at most.

Pretty much this but it's nothing new, I hope XS clears things up next thread.

>> No.32741834


Liking something isn't a debate that you have to win, anon.

You can't win arguments by telling someone that they are wrong for liking something they like.

They'll just tune you out because why should they let someone who's not enjoying something affect their own enjoyment?

>> No.32741839

>opinion card or the "everyone is wrong except me" defense.
But both sides of the argument can use those arguments.
I've seen them come out on both sides of the divide plenty of times.

>> No.32741840

>Zero foreshadowing, zero chance to avoid. Total asspull.
While the time (secret escape) was dumb, the character wasn't notably ass-pully at all. And 'zero chance to avoid' is dumb, it was a fucking ambush that we didn't know about.
>YES FUNNY THING ABOUT THAT. Also, SWORD OF JAPAN. Literally bigger than Excalibur.
Sword was powerful, but she clearly couldn't use it anywhere near its full potential.
Yeah, as I said it was unclear. But it's not like WE KNEW the others were bad beforehand. The water shield, for example.
>Which he had NEVER DONE, NOT ONCE, prior to that vote.
Has it ever come up, before? Or is it a case of 'well it was never relevant so I simply assumed they did it the other way!'
>How about the fact that he claimed he was going 'with the spirit of the votes' when that was blatantly not the case?
That's a pretty big case of subjective reading there. It was in the spirit of the votes to acknowledge that 7 people voted to go straight to combat. It's not like the 8 who didn't all explicitly stated they DIDN'T want to go for combat. Since I've seen way too many 'split vote' shitstorms I'd have played it safe and not picked combat myself, but pretending it's obvious is dumb. Especially since people were far more aggressive than defensive (i.e. far more people picked 'call her an honorless coward unless she stopped fighting' than 'ask her to leave it for later/be diplomatic').

>> No.32741847

>Zero foreshadowing, zero chance to avoid. Total asspull.
From thread 4, XS' very last post.

>Next time: We talk to a half-demon. We actually talk to Kiki. We meet Kiku. And we find someone dangerous.
Not foreshadowed. At all.

>> No.32741860

Everything XS has said disagrees with you. Yes it's permanent, there is a hardline approach

And if there's no reason to worry, why the fuck did this all happen after a SINGLE VOTE? One vote, with options that were not entirely clear about the intent on action?

It's like YOU don't get it or something. Or even understand why players would be upset about that.

>> No.32741886

Considering 'short'. Unless people request more. Perhaps 4-6 threads long.

The world is dark, but the dark is largely sequestered. In this world, bad things can and will happen to nice people, but for the most part bad people are the ones hurting each other.

I'm gonna have trouble with this one. Considered using symbols from various mythologies for spirits. Need to work on this.

Medium(?). The MC would be pretty powerful, but his enemies would be too. Expect magic and a decent amount of it.

The Driver is an implacable man, like a magical mix of Pony Express rider and Terminator.

>> No.32741898

It wasn't, he was thrown into the quest because he felt that he HAD TO BE IN THAT THREAD RIGHT NOW.

No way to not encounter him, no way to evade, he just fell from the sky into the quest. Putting it in a blurb only paints him more as a railroader because he felt that he had to have him in the next thread whether we covered our tracks or not (and we did).

So I don't know what you're trying to prove here except that he is very intent on making sure we encounter the people he wants.

>> No.32741943

>BRS has long been associated with motorcycles, fire, guns
So has another character that's actually Marvel.

>> No.32741945

>Or even understand why players would be upset about that.
Not him, but I really don't. Do people think XS is gonna up and make Ryukusa die or something? Lose all her limbs? The reasoning was perfectly well explained (wanting to invoke the 'cool, one-armed swordsman' trope + give a chance for doting Kiki and winning Kiki points), there have been multiple hints at ways to mitigate the loss (one even posted directly), and I still don't see what the big deal of playing a one-handed character is. I still can't see the quest as anything but light-hearted and fun myself.

>> No.32741958

Okay we'll just get another hand

Oh right we can't

Well I guess there IS a reason to be worried then, huh?

>> No.32741968

>It's not like the 8 who didn't all explicitly stated they DIDN'T want to go for combat.
Holy shit.
Holy fucking shit.
You are absolutely fucking retarded.
>From thread 4, XS' very last post.
Out of character post-run comments are not foreshadowing. There was no in-story indication that such a threat existed. There was no logical reason for such a threat to be present.
The entire encounter was bullshit from start to finish. It should never have happened.
It's because of the manner in which it happened.

>> No.32741979

>Do people think XS is gonna up and make Ryukusa die or something?

Answer me this: Why the heck should we not suspect this after what happened today? Or suspect that we may get something debilitating? Or worse, start losing characters?

If he did this just to pigeonhole us into a trope then he is the worst railroader the board has ever seen.

>> No.32741997

No offense meant, but you give WAY too much of a shit about some lesbian dragongirl quest. You remind me a lot of this one spergy anon from the Weekend Smut Threads who got way too anxious about smut and freaked the fuck out over cliffhangers to the point he would stalk the smut writers and send them emails asking/begging if/for their stories to end happily.

>> No.32742012

>he is very intent on making sure we encounter the people he wants.
Yes? He's a QM, they do that. And in case you don't remember anon, XS came up with the entire escape-plan herself. Some more chance for player input might have been nice, but it's not like people customed plans that she followed. It sure can't have taken much effort to 'make sure' we encounter them when anons don't change the escape-route or anything from what XS had cooked up.

>> No.32742020

>I'll ride this chance to where I want, because I like what it implies
>Don't worry, there are more great things coming from this
Sounds like the whole FQ pegging deal.

>> No.32742039

>Other times it's different because self inserts are terrible but this time it's okay because planebutts are at stake.
Planefag pls

>> No.32742057

Because losing a hand isn't against the spirit of the quest, while dying obviously would be? Because losing a hand is 'shit happens' territory, while dying generally has pretty enormous plot-impact?
Losing a hand isn't remotely the same as losing a character in a quest. The comparison is fallacious as fuck.

>> No.32742062

>men can't use magic in Leviathan world


a shit

>> No.32742067

I know the connection Cosgrove is trying to make to Ghost Rider, but what I'm saying Rock will be more like BRS than Ghost Rider or any other Marvel character.

>> No.32742093

That was the best part of FQ, and I'm sad people bitched about it so I won't get more fap material.

>> No.32742112

>losing a hand
We lost almost the entire arm. The cut was above the elbow.
And again, the problem is how it happened.

>> No.32742113


>> No.32742132

>Holy shit.
>Holy fucking shit.
>You are absolutely fucking retarded.
You know how I know that anon? Because I was one of them, and I voted to go for the 'stand down or you're a coward' line because it sounded cool and was fully expecting combat either way. How is my suggestion that maybe not everyone who didn't specify 'go straight to barrier' were against fighting her retarded?

>> No.32742139


Why can't we be some super physicist making nuclear pistols to kill wizshits.

>> No.32742145

>Out of character post-run comments are not foreshadowing.
It serves the same purpose.

>There was no in-story indication that such a threat existed. There was no logical reason for such a threat to be present.
Even after told several factions could go after the VIP? Even knowing all the mythology shit is real and we're part of it, and so would entities that would for whatever reason (in this case, escorting the VIP they want) be against us, entities with powers way beyond our own?

>> No.32742221

I know, but if he wanted a character that's "motorcycles, fire and guns" and Marvel I wouldn't choose BRS.

>> No.32742267

Whats a quest running right now that needs players? I'm itching for a quest that isn't clogged up with people.

>> No.32742268

>It serves the same purpose.
It isn't part of the story.

>Even after told several factions could go after the VIP?
This wasn't a faction. This was a single dragon-slayer armed with THE most powerful sword in the country, who intercepted us on a route that was not pre-planned, and we were given absolutely no possibly of ever avoiding them.
We got information on the Triad, business competitors, and HACKERS ON STEROIDS. Nothing about a random demigod who was perfectly happy to use a major artefact in broad daylight without any effort to hide from the Normals.

>> No.32742287

>implying the bitching mattered at all the first time

>> No.32742296

>The cut was above the elbow.
I might have misread, but I thought it was just below the elbow. It's mostly semantics, though, the point is it's a fair shake more than a hand. I'm okay with it, though.

>> No.32742321

Stormwatch pls leave

>> No.32742326

I doubt this girl just decided to steal that Sword and just go fuck with a limo out of boredom.

>> No.32742334

Stella was a reference.

This? This new thing goes beyond references and straight into crossover.

>> No.32742350

Anime is an degeneracy that has no place in Marvel. Cosgrove a shit.

>> No.32742366

Not him but I get pissed off when faggots like you duck out under this defense, I see it far too often.


He was asked why he wasn't following the quest anymore and he answered, it doesn't matter if the quest was about big dicked irritated futa, it was his reason for not following the quest anymore.

Then you try to play the high ground and call him a sperg, yeah that'll show that nerd caring about pleb quests like dragongirls. He'll never be an alpha quest player like yourself playing whatever kind of roleplaying quest on an image board with a bunch of anonymous people. What matters is that everyone thinks you have fine tastes, right?

I don't even know what you two were talking about, I just saw "sperg" and immediately knew it was someone trying to pretend they had much higher, more refined tastes than someone else on the amateur fanfiction thread.

>> No.32742391

>Because losing a hand isn't against the spirit of the quest, while dying obviously would be?

No, sudden mutilation out of no where is against the spirit of the quest. Dying is also against the spirit of the quest.

The point is that he betrayed it once, there's no reason for it not to happen again anymore.

>> No.32742415

It was stated multiple times that her armour was stained with the blood of hundreds of dragon-born.
So either she stole the armour as well, or she's been doing this for a while. And if there was someone going around murdering the shit out of our kin, we'd have heard about it.

>> No.32742426

Guy, you get at least five suggestions every time you ask this in Cutie G. I'm sick of your bullshit. You're so obnoxious, you've become instantly recognizable.

Go scrape the fucking archives. Don't worry; you're special enough a snowflake to be allowed this.

Fuck. Off.

>> No.32742429

Apparently, Johnny Blaze is a guy who exists in the quest, so THAT won't get confusing.

>> No.32742453

>Yes? He's a QM, they do that.

I'm not sure how many quests you read, but I very rarely see characters just dropped out of the air into the quest. Usually there is a reason or intent for meeting them besides "they're suddenly here now".

Actually, I don't read much of anything that does that.

>> No.32742454

Anyone who uses "sperg" these days pretty much invalidates their own opinion.

>> No.32742456

99% of QTG arguments about the latest shitstorm in a quest come down to "I don't trust the QM" "Well *I* do!" "But he's untrustworthy." "No he isn't." And then an extended 200 post argument with citations for why the QM is/isn't trustworthy. It's so dumb, shut up.

>> No.32742469

I dunno. Some anime is superhero-y enough to mesh well with capeshit. Birdy the Mighty is basically Green Lantern meets Superman meets Men in Black.

And I know for a fact /co/ and /tg/ loves One Punch Man even if it's terrible.

Maybe not. Johnny Blaze isn't a girl and his Ghost Rider won't have blue flames. He might not even have a motorcycle.

>> No.32742493

You double nigger.

>> No.32742507

Eh, the Jojo references were tolerable, but this is just egregious.

Plus it cost us a venom sample

>> No.32742513

Update on Super /m/ahou Shoujo Wars Quest:

>We'll need to trim down the cast to probably no more than 10 series (even that might be a bit much), figure out how to intertwine the plots together (I'd prefer not to have a bunch of post-series shows, because that's just lame), come up with original villains, an original heroine, and an original power source. Then we just need to find someone willing to be the QM.

>Of course the QM will need to have intimate knowledge of the shows that we choose, and a good ability to make crossover interaction and what-if scenarios.

What to keep, what to toss?

>> No.32742514

YOU shut up!

>> No.32742530

Business as usual.
What do you want to talk about then?

>> No.32742543

>pitch /u/boat quest
>Kaleun fucking ruins it
>pitch dragongirl yakuza bodyguard quest
>XS fucking ruins it
>pitch demon imouto quest
>every fucking person in QTG ruins it
I'm going to keep my ideas to myself from now on.

>> No.32742558

BDSM SoL Quest. When's it gonna run?

>> No.32742569

Okay I have to ask something, just from facts gleaned about Ryukusa from this discussion.

The main character lost a hand, and that's never coming back, at least not very easily

But she ALSO got cut into pieces. As in cut into chunks. And she's just fine. Will be recovered by next thread even.

Why can't they just.... put the hand back on? If she can be cut into bits, and recover, what is stopper her from just putting the hand back on and recovering with that too?

>> No.32742593

It's the first time and I used it because I agree that it's dumb 9 times out of 10 and I'm all about getting invested in stories, but getting heart palpitations over whether or not a quest will nosedive into 40BeserK levels of grim shit over a single somewhat dark event to be entirely asinine. It's like rage quitting out of Star Wars the moment Old Ben dies.

I'm sad Ryu got injured and I agree that the voting choices with the car thing were pretty ambiguous and those complaints were mostly valid, but I also look forward to moving on from this and think the shitstorm is entirely overblown

>> No.32742599

Hopefully never.

>> No.32742605


>> No.32742606

Hit the Cabal with it. They'll store them in a place nobody you hate will ever find them.

>> No.32742620

>demon imouto quest
Son that was ruined from the very start.
If you want people to stop shitting on your precious ideas, run them yourself.

>> No.32742622

Why you not want it to run?

>> No.32742624

I think everyone agrees that Cosgrove is a Japanese cartoon loving douche.

>> No.32742626

Cut into pieces was just a phrase used by that anon, she got some cuts but nothing super serious. No easy way of restoring limbs in the setting apparently.

>> No.32742636

>I just saw "sperg" and immediately knew it was someone trying to pretend they had much higher, more refined tastes than someone else on the amateur fanfiction thread
Actually, "sperg" was referring to a different anon entirely who was stalking porn writers

>> No.32742661

Because have you seen the shitstorms that happen over normal relationships?
It would end in tears and insufferable bitching from all corners.

>> No.32742673

What? I thought the sword went STRAIGHT THROUGH HER and she was holding herself together with water powers.

In fact, I just checked the archive and that's exactly what was said.

>> No.32742680

She got stabbed once.
ARM, not hand, cannot be reattached because 'spiritual bullshit' excuse by QM.

>> No.32742723

>It's the first time and I used it because I agree that it's dumb 9 times out of 10 and I'm all about getting invested in stories, but getting heart palpitations over whether or not a quest will nosedive into 40BeserK levels of grim shit over a single somewhat dark event to be entirely asinine

Fair enough, but frankly people in the collective fanfiction thread shouldn't be throwing stones about what people get invested in and how they feel about it. Especially if you resort to calling them a 'sperg' because of it while posting in the quest thread general.

>> No.32742730

Something something weeaboo website something something pot calling kettle black something something

Now, let's get your reply to my post out of the way while we're at it

Something something, look at all these normal fag boards, something something, fuck off back to /a/

Okay, now let's pretend we had a huge argument and maybe a mod will be drink enough to think he banned somebody because of it.

>> No.32742736

>pitch a bunch of shitty ideas that are only salvageable through severe alteration
>get butthurt when ideas get altered
Even better
>try to force a bunch of people to pander solely to you by spamming story concepts in a public forum
>gets butthurt when someone takes these free, freely spammed ideas and uses them to their own ends
You're genuinely retarded

>> No.32742739

So, why can't she put the hand back on?


>> No.32742762

Apparently internal organs and large blood vessels are easier to repair than an arm. Because chi.

>> No.32742770

Nameless NPC

>> No.32742781

>But she ALSO got cut into pieces. As in cut into chunks. And she's just fine
You heard wrong. She just got stabbed a bunch after the hand and was still in a very bad way.

>> No.32742791

>She got stabbed once.
Run clean through, with helpful descriptions of the internal organs and blood vessels that that totalled. Just to clarify for that guy.

>> No.32742806

>What to drop
The oldest, most obscure series. That won't help, but still.
Anything that can't be easily and immediately explained to the main plotline (whatever that is)?

>the QM will need to have intimate knowledge
Don't want to sound negative, but that's a tall order.

>> No.32742821

I'd almost want to bend the rules a bit just to fix it this one time if the players are going to get so pissy about it.

>> No.32742835

I said he reminded me a lot of another person who was legitimately spergy, but I suppose that's pretty much the same thing. My bad

>> No.32742851

>pitch Tsunpire/Wolfu quest
>GermanSchteel doesn't fucking ruin it
Yay, I guess?

>> No.32742873

Because it's the goddamn Sword of Japan, plucked from the severed tail of Orochi himself.

>> No.32742899

You know what I really fucking loved about that fight?
XS offers 'pray' options, then makes the prayer cost chi.
Turns out we needed chi to stop bleeding, and the buffs we got from the prayer were fucking useless because they would only help direct combat, not WORDFIGHT. And not one person voted for any of the direct combat options, because it was obviously fucking retarded to do so.
Funny how the QM never bothered to indicate that praying would be more of a hindrance than helpful.

>> No.32742946

Where did it say that chi loss was because it was spent on prayer, and not just lost because we were burning through it to keep ourselves from falling apart?

>> No.32742963

I just assumed we were burning through chi to not die, not that it was the praying doing it.
Is that seriously true?

>> No.32742965

Players only throw fits when the waifu they want doesn't get chosen. They'll very rarely get pissed at their waifu otherwise.

>> No.32742969

He didn't indicate a lot of things, it seems.

I'm actually fairly interested because any quest that goes poorly is a better example than a quest that goes right, I say.

>> No.32742985

>buffs we got from the prayer
We get buffs from prayer?

>> No.32743001

General Question:
What are some quests that do combat well? What do you think the best method for doing combat is?

How much rolling do you involve? How much do tactics matter compared to rolls?

>> No.32743023

Deniable Assets does a pretty decent job of combat IMO.

>> No.32743047

see http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/32732001#p32735047
>Shen rises. Jing Rises.
>Chi falls.

>> No.32743055

Despite the current shitstorm, I really like the combat in Ryukuza Quest

>> No.32743071

I though Ryukuza was supposed to not be retarded?

>> No.32743088

I swear I deleted that p before copying.
Never let consistent characterisation get in the way fucking over the players, anon.

>> No.32743092

It could still be a result of the injuries.

>> No.32743102

No, we were supposed to be keeping track of this

It's a great idea in theory, it's hamstrung by the extremely vague combat options.

>> No.32743105

How was /u/boat ruined?

>demon imouto
But you can even have upgrade paths!
[ ] Semen demon
[ ] Cumquistador
[ ] Arsemouto
[ ] Lolitrix
[ ] Irrumouto

>> No.32743117

>best method

Prompts should suggest the MC's general tactics, guiding the battle in a vague, general way. The less rolls there are, the better, but you should still include them when a contest or struggle is implied.

For example:
>[] Strafe the heli and launch a rocket at it on-the-move. Roll 4d6-4, DC is 8/12.
>[] Stay in the building, wait for a chance to fire on the gunship.
>[] Custom.

Combat should feel dynamic, so don't drag it out by forcing players to roll for every swing of the sword. Keep it fluid. Keep it exciting. Keep things changing.

>> No.32743118

>Never let consistent characterisation get in the way fucking over the players, anon.
We get it. You don't trust the QM and are taking everything they've ever done as an active attempt to spite you. Change the fucking record.

>> No.32743123

I thought that was us getting all angry and full of life over Kiki being endangered and our arm missing.

>> No.32743177

That was my assumption as well.

>> No.32743192

Ever consider there's more than one person who is mad at how this encounter went?

I've been arguing that it was a bad encounter all thread, yet you jump at this guy for being the one and only person who wasn't happy with it.

>> No.32743227

>make a prayer for buffs
>get buffs
Jesus fucking christ you'll say anything to defend this shit, won't you?
QM repeatedly stated that the MC was highly intelligent and would not do stupid shit for no reason.
That gets thrown out the window entirely for this encounter.
Fell free to show me how I'm wrong, though.

>> No.32743258

And what, exactly, was that retarded in what Ryukuza did?

>losing her arm
Pushing the VIP away from a sword slash.

>fighting the demigod
We needed to get the demigod away from the VIP.

>> No.32743259

stop being an autistic sperg over your shit dragon fucker quest

>> No.32743273

>Ever consider there's more than one person who is mad at how this encounter went?
I don't care. All "QM is fucking over the players on purpose" posts are annoying, none of them are based in facts, and they should all stop.

>Fell free to show me how I'm wrong, though.
Here's how you're wrong: your QM is not actively attempting to fuck you over, because no QM does this, but every QM is accused of doing it whenever anything goes poorly in the quest.

>> No.32743293

I was saying if what that guy claims were actually the case, she would be retarded, but it's not like its indisputable.

>> No.32743297

>because no QM does this

>> No.32743303

>I don't care. All "QM is fucking over the players on purpose" posts are annoying, none of them are based in facts

You mean besides all those facts that are proving that the encounter was pre-planned and that the injury was likely planned so the main character would fit into an idea the QM had about how the character should look?

Gawsh it's almost as if we should ignore it because QMs can do no wrong.

>> No.32743305

I feel confident in making that statement.

>> No.32743329

>I don't care. All "QM is fucking over the players on purpose" posts are annoying, none of them are based in facts, and they should all stop.

Dude, we've established that this QM wanted us to lose an arm so we were like a one-armed swordsman. Stop making up shit to defend a QM on a quest you likely don't even participate in.

>> No.32743339

Oh no, not a setback, damn QM, fuck that spiteful asshole, boohoo.

>> No.32743346

The demigod showed a willingness to TALK to the VIP, rather than just up and murder her.
MC was severely injured, knew the enemy had a seriously powerful weapon, and could have easily placed herself between them and TALKED.
But no, the QM fucked up with the vote counting and decided HA HA TIME FOR STABBING.

>> No.32743370

QMs can do no wrong, except when they put a male MC in a setting /u/fags get vapid over.

Then it's time to gather the lynchmob because SELF INSERT GARY STU MISOGYNIST POWER FANTASY

>> No.32743397

You're not even worth speaking to. It's not the setback, it's the way it was executed.

You can continue pretending to be educated about things you know nothing about.l

>> No.32743463

>Jesus fucking christ you'll say anything to defend this shit, won't you?
Defend nothing, I'm just that clueless. It makes sense, but on that note the chi loss could've come from the prayer or chi loss could just occur over every "turn" that you try to hold all your blood in.

>> No.32743465

The point was
>chi was needed to stop dying, praying requires chi, the QM never said praying requires chi

We DID get the buffs from prayer, but we still had to lose chi because we were still dying.
And the prayer we did wasn't to heal, either. It was to have the power to kill the demigod. So OF COURSE we got buffs to our combat ability.

Unless you are one of the "clever" ones that pray to gods of war to heal injuries. In whichi case, on with your stupidity.

>> No.32743500


Garden Quest is running

>> No.32743526

The option presented was 'pray'. It was not 'pray for combat ability' or 'pray to a war god'. Just 'pray'. QM decided what the prayer was for, what the buffs and penalties should be.
So his statements that 'I didn't expect them to choose to fight' is complete bullshit. He'd planned it from the beginning.

>> No.32743565

Oh, so if we didn't lose the arm now, we would have lost it later?

No, it wasn't planned. It just happened.

And because this thread simply isn't "interesting" enough, there's this retard.

>> No.32743581

The prayer helped us bend the hairpins and cut off blood flow to the arm as well, I think.

>> No.32743600

Witcher Quest is up


>> No.32743606

That can actually make a pretty big difference; my uncle can do a lot with the stub below his elbow. Lacking that would make his life more difficult by a surprising degree.

>> No.32743619

>No, it wasn't planned. It just happened.
Because the QM MADE it happen. No warning, no save, no nothing.

>> No.32743622

>Oh, so if we didn't lose the arm now, we would have lost it later?
Probably so. It only took one single vote for us to lose that arm, no rolls, no save, nothing. And we were bound to make at least one fuckup sooner or later.

>No, it wasn't planned. It just happened.
In your opinion, which looks less and less likely the more this situation is analyzed.

>> No.32743630

>put a male MC in a setting /u/fags get vapid over.
Why would you even do that?

How nice of you to provide the answer.

>> No.32743655

How well do Vancian casters work in quests?

I'd rather not write an entire specific spell list, but I want some of the flavor. I was considering just using the shortened D20M spell list to in part represent limited magic, but I think D&D spells as written are too simulationist for a quest.

>> No.32743674

>You're not even worth speaking to.
Then what are you doing right now?

The idea of "the QM did something (I think is) wrong, therefore they're actively malicious" is what I take issue with. Not having a problem with something the QM did, but taking that something, and assuming that NOT ONLY do you know their true motives for it, but that those motives were to intentionally make your experience worse.

>> No.32743700

I know a guy who basically had nothing more than an armpit, but he was still one of the most dextrous people I ever met.

>> No.32743717

>The idea of "the QM did something (I think is) wrong, therefore they're actively malicious" is what I take issue with

Except if you had read the thread, and the chat logs, you would realize that the QM actually did have this encounter planned from at least last thread and just dropped it on top of us randomly.

Which is why you're not worth speaking to, I'm doing it in hopes you at least understand why players are frustrated and feel that he railroaded us into this.

>> No.32743726

Thing is, the QM said that had Ryukuza NOT been a water dragon, she could've made it out with her arm. And her being a water dragon was the players' choice.

>> No.32743745

>planned an encounter
>therefore he intentionally wants to fuck us over
You're retarded.

>> No.32743769

Void might have been at risk, too.

>> No.32743785

My issue is that in the choice leading up to our losing an arm, every choice but the (as we later learned) safe one explained how we'd do it.

The safest option just had "Abandon the car"

XS only explained afterward that we'd have used our awesome wind powers to blow us and Kiki out of the car.

Which, for some reason, we didn't do to push Kiki away from us.

>> No.32743800

No, the QM made the choice to take the arm. The QM also made the choice to put that encounter there and have that be the opening attack

The QM also made the choice to not give us a save, and the QM made the choice to word the options vaguely where it was not clear which option specifically did.

For all you know he could have taken our arm with ANY of those options. Trying to get out of the car could have had us lose the arm as well. We can't take his word for it.

>> No.32743828

So it's okay because we were destined to have our arm cut off at that very moment because the QM decided it so? But it's our fault because we did not pick an element type that could have resisted it?

The issue is with this encounter, not the element system, not the matching system, this. encounter. It wasn't handled very well, we're hoping he learns from his mistake in the future.

>> No.32743868

I'm not giving him the chance. As far as I'm concerned he's changed the entire tone of the quest, and I've got no interest in playing only to watch the characters get butchered based on the flimsiest of excuses.

>> No.32743873

>Which, for some reason, we didn't do to push Kiki away from us.


And furthermore, we didn't actually know that we would be using wind powers to propel us out of the car. The general consensus was that we would be grabbing her and jumping out the window.

So push her away and abandon the car were the same option, it's just one used an infinitely dumber method of doing so. Wasn't she supposed to be a smart one again?

In b4 "But she was panicked! There's no way she would have done the other thing that she was going to do!"

>> No.32743897

Perhaps Ryukuza IS smart and all that, but not under pressure.

>> No.32743915


>> No.32743921

Are you the same guy who thinks that DXQ is SUPAH DARK because of its Saturday morning cartoon villains?

>> No.32743952

So according to you this travel into grimdark is an one way trip.

>> No.32743960

What would have to happen at this point for you to even consider that it was a very shoddy encounter full of mistakes that could have been avoided? I'm not asking for a retcon, but I at least want players to be aware when they've clearly been had by bad decisions on both the QMs side and the players side.

>> No.32743970

To be fair, that one is straight from XS

>> No.32743987

>bad decisions
>player side

>> No.32744014

Not him but for me this isn't about how dark the quest gets, it's about how the quest was billed vs how it's being executed.

"light" and "fluffy" and "SoL", these words are 90% execution of the quest. So when you describe your quest as "light" and then not execute it as such, people get frustrated.

>> No.32744084

I know, unthinkable but true.

We had bad decisions, we had bad decisions because of a combination of poor information from the QM and poor information from other players. Resulting in a terrible interpretation of quest events.

It's where my main gripe from all this comes from: People want to paint the QM like a saint who did nothing wrong. When it's clear that he at least fucked up the framing of the encounter, the wording of the encounter, and the consequences of the encounter. Not to say the players didn't fuck up either, they fucked up mostly because they bought into this idea that nothing terrible would happen to them if they tried to do things that seemed cool.

But is it the players fault for thinking that the QM wasn't going to do that sort of thing to them when he has said before that the quest wasn't like that, or is the QMs fault for dropping it on top of them with no word or reason beforehand?

>> No.32744089

So she's smart until it's convenient for the QM for her to be dumb.

>> No.32744158

>Implying intelligence doesn't manifest itself differently.

>> No.32744169

Do you think that the QM was sitting in their bedroom, cackling evilly as they wrote that update, saying "BWAHAHA! This will show those FOOLS! Now they will SUFFER for all they've done!"? Because that's what your post reads like.

Why is it "convenient" for the MC to get maimed?

>> No.32744213

Reading the last Ryukasa to understand what the fuck is going on, the part that infuriates me the most is that XS was arguing with his trip off to make it seem like he had more supporters than he actually did. He forgot to turn it on for a reply post.

Fuck the quest events, that's just a scum move.

>> No.32744274

You're an idiot, congrats.

>> No.32744311

You're defending a scumbag, congrats.

>> No.32744336

People drop their trip all the time, it doesn't prove anything you fucktard.

>> No.32744357

Except that they could be in their own thread, trying to drum up support.

>> No.32744377

Or that they are posting in other threads as well? Hmm golly.

>> No.32744381

>Why is it "convenient" for the MC to get maimed?
It's been gone over before, scroll up.

Every, Fucking, Excuse

>> No.32744384

>Except that they could be in their own thread, trying to drum up support.
I have to manually re-enter my name/trip every single update, I guess that means that I'm constantly voting in my own quest?

>> No.32744405

>not using your smartphone to vote in your own quest

>> No.32744409

Because everyone performs at their peak at all times without any deviation ever.

>> No.32744410

Except it's highly unlikely he was in another thread, he was actively replying to questions. I see QMs do this all the time.


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