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Am I the only one that likes non-supernatural role-playing games with contemporary settings?

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Apparently you are.

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No, you are not. Which annoys me whenever I hear about someone who is going to make a historical setting "but lol we'll tack on cthulhu"

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so what kind of campaign adventures do you run? military, political, police work?

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Clearly this is all a subtle marketing scheme for militaires sans frontiers

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I just want to be a fighter pilot. And not have "suddenly... dragons" come from my goddamn GM (now DM's) mouth.

Just once I want him to say "Suddenly... MiGs". Then suddenly I'm opening a Russian surplus scrapyard. Not suddenly seeing my character rendered impotent, followed by a harrowing ejection only to be grabbed by said dragon and eaten.

I just want to show the love and peace of AIM-120s... Is that so much to ask?

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I LARP a 9 to 5 office job in between drug-addled orgies.

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Basicly, you feel the need for speed, whereas your GM's have lost that loving feeling?

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you know you want to.

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Yes. To my detriment.

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I don't understand the attraction of roleplaying as something I could have been in real life if I had chosen.

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You could have become the head of PMC, a leader of a third world nation, a doctor, an admiral, an expert at headshotting the Joker and eating food with bruce wayne?
Doubt it

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So Sims on paper then?

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Well thats lame. Also I just don't see a dragon posing much of a threat to modern fighter craft. Though I could see "Suddenly... dragons" leading into, "Suddenly... MiGs". As nations fight one another to exploit the sudden appearance of fantasy creatures and resources. Somehow though I doubt that would please both you and your GM.

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Well if suddenly MiGs evens the odds I'm happy.

Just have to talk to Ivan afterward about not putting me down as I'm out of ammo and they've still got their's...

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This is cool, where did you take this picture?

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Now that I think about it, are there any good RPGs out there that revolve around modern fighters? Or contemporary warfare in general? Any good ones?

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I didn't.

Google helped finding it.

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I could have been a doctor, or a member of those organisations. Are you saying your group all roleplay as admirals and CEOs? It doesn't seem to lend itself to the medium very well.

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>head of PMC
>a leader of a third world nation
>a doctor
Are you joking?
>an admiral
I know a guy that is admiral. And he has a 90 IQ

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Well a Doctor might be useful as a combat medic in said PMC...

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What about a fantasy setting in which contemporary hazards appear?
>A panzer materialize outside the tabern

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Yep. Man I hope my wingmates are up to the task...

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I agree with you in principle, but just to be pedantic, it's statistically unlikely you could be head of a PMC or leader of a third world nation, just because of sheer competition. Ability doesn't enter into it. And you're probably not old enough to be an admiral.

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Does anyone have the PDF for planes and Mercs?

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No. I've long wanted to run a game about autodefensas in Mexico and Central America.

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Hmm, anon?

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goddamnit, meant to post:

F5, F4, Viggen or Fishbed?

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Quick, hid until it runs out of gas/ammo/brakes down

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Maybe you can answer this for me, then:
I have a few players who've wanted to play such a game with a military theme, but I honestly have no idea what to run them through that they haven't all seen or played a hundred times. To me, it would seem that a modern non-supernatural military game would not work as an RPG, but would be more in line with a tactical tabletop game or a video game. What would type of campaign/scenarios would you want to play in a modern military game?

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Totally not trying to start an argument or anything, just thought this was an interesting thread and that I'd bump with my two cents.

I hate the idea of non-supernatural/real world RPGs. I don't like reading non-fiction. For me, role playing, reading, and many forms of entertainment are basically escapism. Whether that's healthy or not is another topic in and of itself, but when I use these mediums of entertainment I want to experience a world that is unlike the one we live in.

Additionally, in my opinion, the real world is just boring in comparison. I'd rather be fighting a dragon with a sword and magic. However, I can get pretty close to "real world" and still have fun, as long as there's some fantasy involved; notably hard sci fi, more realistic cyberpunk stuff, and medieval fantasy that borders on historical.

Probably pointless to share, but hell, I've got nothing better to do.

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>I don't like reading non-fiction.
Non-supernatural RPGs are one thing, but this is something completely else.

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I will admit... I like a little super-dash into my games. But nothing freaky. I mean I wouldn't mind a COFFIN system equipped jet with all the freakin' gubbins taking on a flight and win.

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>implying there are any worthy adversaries to the all-powerful and mighty Viggen

Do you even improvised runway?

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The problem with playing non-FANTASTIC games is that /real/ policework, spying, and military service is boring as fuck.

Everyone wants to be Danno, James Bond, or Maverick. Nobody wants to walk around a quiet town for hours, or sit in a shitty apartment across from an enemy Consulate for weeks collecting info, or standing guard in the dark until you're relieved.

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No, I know. To me it is linked, but I can see how that sort of came out of left-field. What I meant was I don't like using my imagination (reading, playing imagination-based games, etc) on real-world, non-supernatural settings. By definition that's what non-fiction is.

Sorry if that was confusing, though. It made sense to me when I wrote it, haha.

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Man, I would fucking love a game of The Wire. I live for drawn-out boring plans that require constant oversight to bring to a fulfilling confrontation and conclusion.

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You could run it like shadowrun. Have a team of PCs trying to accomplish some goal (steal something, break something, kidnap someone, etc.) while some nebulous power like a corporation, gang, or government tries to stop them. Just have your players Bourne around some real world locations.

Alternatively, take a D&D dungeon crawl and replace everything with something that fits the theme (Orcs = Cops/Military, Dragons = Jets)

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The Wire is not like real life, sorry.

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Op is talking about non-sci-fi/fantasy setting, NOT realistic campaigns

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That's understandable. Something based in the real world, but still has capability for heroic feats and implausible outcomes. Which, really, the real world has, it would just have more of a focus in your example.

Though I may have misunderstood you since I didn't understand your last sentence even a little, hahaha.

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Personally a fighter ace campaign would be my favorite. But a WWII style OSS/Special operations game would be fun as hell. Complete with scientific horrors and camp evil enemy officers.

Viggen's cool, but I love the F5.

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>non-supernatural role-playing games with contemporary settings

Um. First of all, no need to get snippy. OP's post could be interpreted a lot of ways. Of course what they put doesn't automatically = realistic but a non-supernatural contemporary setting can certainly lend itself to realism.

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Why aren't there any team based supernatural swat team games?

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>"Viggen being the only fighter to get a missile lock on a SR-71 Blackbird"

I can imagine the guy in the black bird going "hummdidumdium I'm just gonna take a shortcut over swedish territory, no big deal. Sure we told 'em we wouldn't but what the he-

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Who here Mercs & Planes?

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Tell him that, then.

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In such a situation, I go outside, and then try something new, instead of dragging out the pen and paper, and then I get as real an rp experience as you can possibly imagine.

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But... you can show dragons the love and peace of AIM-120s too!

You might need to rip out the radar and replace it with a better IR scope, but it should be plenty possible to get high-tech goodness on target.

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As in like Monster Squad meets Police Quest?

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Delta Green?

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I believe the foxhound also achieved missile lock, IIRC.

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Actually something as big as a dragon would scream on radar.

I would but he would just kill my character outright for "I doth protesteth to much". It's either take my dragon dildos, or walk away.

COFFIN system is an advanced bio-feedback/Augmented Reality system, designed to increase pilot efficiency. That and Pilots are recumbant in their cockpit, not sitting in a seat.

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I believe only the Viggen lock was confirmed, the Russians claimed a lock but it never got verified.

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Delta Green and Shadowrun. GURPS almost certainly has some supplemental material along those lines published.

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>escapism isn't being an operator operating operationally

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Screw fighters man. A-10 Warthog all the way.

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No Escapism is being king badass with all the toys kicking the teeth in of every second string dictator from here to hell. And if I get to do that from a badass plane, then I'm sold!

While I beg to differ, I will not argue with an A-10. At least not within it's lock-on range.

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I was thinking about rousing together some peeps to play a short campaign set in the third world/old world as revolutionaries. I think it'd be pretty cool. They might not agree.

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that would be cool

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I've done a lot of research on insurgencies and guerrilla movements. Both in Europe and in the developing world (though with an emphasis on Latin America and Asia). So, if you have any questions or need some inspiration on some aspect of it, let me know.

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Those have been decommissioned. We're replacing them with robot versions.

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Do a combat tour and tell me if you want to come home and do it again on pen and paper.

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In an SR71 book I read, they stated that the program was wound down and eventually ended after they flew up to the russian border and some foxhounds were waiting for them at a similar height and speed. I'd wager there was a high probability of an missile lock although it was never actually stated.

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No. I REALLY want to run a post-collapse game (think The Division) but the only people I'm currently playing with are Shadowrun oriented so I'll probably have to run it in SR.

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I'd give my right nut to work in procurement. Such a deliciously corrupt racket.

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I've started to draw up a post apoc game ala the "Kate Daniels" book series for my group and was going to use shadowrun as the base rules. One of the cool things I was going to do for it was use Innawoods as the character inventory/equipment tracker. that way everyone had a nice visual element to their character and it's inventory.

Was going to use a hard survival food-is-gold kind of bent to it.

I tend to watch a lot of Vice and Vice News on youtube so that's where a lot of my inspiration comes from. Some of the stuff that gives me an almost terrifying moment of, "This would be awesome to pull on players.", is the "White Army" thing in sudan and the realization that in south america those jungles can hide all sorts of shit and you basically become totally isolated even a mile in.

>> No.32720542

I was thinking more along the lines of Sombra Negra, but I suppose this could also be fun.

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I remember after working as an EMT I had a GM who wanted to try and gross us out with gory descriptions of what we did to badguys in combat. It was always pretty amateur and unrealistic, but the shit still made my stomach queasy because it brought out all those images packed up in the back of my mind. And the smells, dead fat people smell, stuck in my nose.

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What MoS and region deployed?

>> No.32720592

>Escapism is being king badass with all the toys kicking the teeth in of every second string dictator from here to hell
Operators operating operationally are that, to a tee.

>> No.32720594


If you mean fighter PLANES there's Mercenary Air Squad. You start out with old crappy planes but you can work your way up.

>> No.32720617

Are you the one EMT that posted stuff about having to deal with dead morbidly obese people in your work?

Yeah but I tend to go Hollywood at times... at least when it's the right GM and the right mood.

>> No.32720650

Drones are the future, we Shadowrun now.

>> No.32720652

The problem with being revolutionaries / guerrillas is that there's a high turnover rate. Unless your PCs plan on being rear guard intellectuals trying to kickstart their shadow government (Mao's number one tip on having a successful insurgency) you might consider either beefing them up (in case this is like GURPS or something equally lethal) or letting them reskin as new recruits / converts whenever their last one gets gibbed.

Maybe even award XP toward the new character for how the old character was taken out?

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>Yeah but I tend to go Hollywood at times
I'm not understanding how this a detraction. Just have it Operators operating operationally cinematic.

>> No.32720702

Think about this: They're probably all running outdated versions of Windows NT.

>> No.32720720

Yeah I just want to play as a plane flyin' pipe huntin' angry 21st century aviatrix looking to be the first non-russian female fighter ace.

Of course PMC fighter pilots don't get a lot of credit.

>> No.32720725

If it works it works. I doubt the OS needs to be too complicated for what is essentially a giant RC plane.

>> No.32720728


Definitely planning on supplies being a big thing. Keeping yourself supplied will be the main task, actually accomplishing the objectives is secondary.

>> No.32720741

Yeah that's a good point and an interesting Idea. I would hopefully make them either a hitsquad that turns into an assassian unit or on the government/army side of things.

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>> No.32720793

That's why I love alternate earth settings, you can handwave a large number of issues that would come up in a PMC oriented game.

>> No.32720804

You could go with Only War's meatshield buddy option.

I wonder if anyone's ever tried converting Only War to a contemporary setting.

PMC's have fighters?

>> No.32720809

If there's anything a third world dictatorship loves its an elite unit of murderers and torturers at the beck and call. If you ever felt compelled to dabble in just a hint of the supernatural or occult remember that these units are only as useful as they are scary, so being involved in voodoo, cannibalism, or death cult worship only adds to their cache.

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There is one in the us that owns 9. The Aeromacchi 339CB to be exact.


Draken International, I believe.

>> No.32720862

DynCorp specializes in air-based private military support.

>> No.32720885


Now take this concept and ratchet it up to stuff like the F-18, or the Harrier. And if you want to go Hollywood... get a Eurofighter Typhoon or Su-35 into the mix...

>> No.32720944

Ratchet it even further; millionaire playboys and gentlemen adventurers buy their own fighter planes off the black / grey market and join PMCs catered to providing them with chances at real sorties and dogfights, sometimes even against eachother.

>> No.32720988

Your players are a rag-tag bunch of troops and civilians trapped behind enemy lines in an exotic environment where merely surviving nature is a challenge? Your players are POWs working on a great escape?

Modern campaigns work well when the players don't have to seek out hostility.

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OOH. I like how you think! Even have a prototype or two to mix things up from the bored billionaire engineer looking to try a design out that no test pilot has the guts to get into.

>> No.32721022

I know there was a movie where some rich guy helps a bunch of people evacuate a town that was in the path of alien invaders or something by recruiting anyone he could find with flight experience and letting them use his collection of privately owned fighter craft to buy the townspeople time to bug out.

>> No.32721102

You have a shit DM.

>> No.32721123

Gala dinners and charity auctions for their gun camera footage.

>> No.32721131

Tell me about it. The fact that really made him shit in his Game of Thrones underoos was the fact my missiles would do 20d6 damage once they're 500 feet from me and hitting a target.

>> No.32721149

So as this setting would be more over-the-top than what most games would allow, think this could require some /tg/ getting shit done and designing it's own system for this?

>> No.32721185


But... But... How could you possibly deny a generation of wannabe pilots that delicious BRRRRRT?

>> No.32721192

I mean it feels more like a setting to be fleshed out and tacked onto an existing system like Planes & Mercs. But, if there's someone with a burning desire to write the crunch I say go for it.

>> No.32721201

Your employer, a developing nation, has had their primary port blockaded by their larger neighbor backed by corporate interests. Are you a bad enough dude you free the harbor?

>> No.32721232

Planes and Mercs is too crunchy for fast-paced action. We're talking either something like Fate or Simple d6 here if it's an existing system.

I do have something for a homebrew...

>> No.32721258

What about Basic Roleplay with BRP Mecha's vehicle rules? It's a good balance of fast and crunchy.

>> No.32721271

Sequestration, be sure to thank Chocolate Jesus for cutting the fat out of the military to save money when the real cash pit is entitlement spending.

>> No.32721278

Not familiar. Are the mecha rules in the same book as core?

>> No.32721296

Unless the corporate-backed neighbor offered me a bigger contract to turn on them.

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>> No.32721318

This thread has given me a real itch to run Twilight 2000 with the old charts and a hacked ruleset

>> No.32721346

Isn't that the game where a fighter pilot can learn how to shoot their personal firearm but can't learn to operate their aircraft's weaponry?

>> No.32721360

OP wasn't talking about hard realism, I believe. So Hollywood action movies, Cawadoody, Ace Combat, and all the like, down to Dexter, Law and Order, The Wire, NCIS, and other cheesy crime dramas would be fair game for the style of game OP is asking about.
I don't see how you couldn't have fun with any of that.

>> No.32721374


It's a beautiful setting to play with war toys but god damn are the rules in need of something lighter and leaner.

That's not quite how chargen works but essentially yeah. Also go faster, it uses less fuel.

>> No.32721376

Nope, BRP Mecha is a third party splat.

>> No.32721385

>US military
>not the biggest and worst managed entitlement program in history

>> No.32721393

>Dragons making planes impotent

Do you even DRIFTERS

>> No.32721429

Gawd... and I don't have either. >_<
I got others, and my own...

>> No.32721433

The only game with decent rules for playing a police / federal procedural is nWoD with Tales of the 13th Precinct / Slashers.

If there's something better out there, please tell me.

>> No.32721450

Oh yeah I would totally add in some of that shit. Maybe have the government/players themselves abuse hallucinogens to give the hint of actual supernatural shit to the point they aren't sure anymore.
If you'd like I could start dumping the innawoods characters I made for the "bandits", includes 2 super supplied "scavenger" bagmen that run at the first sight of a fight.

>> No.32721501

I'm running a game set in Strangereal where the players are a Belkan squadron trying to turn the tide of the war. Try to get a Ace Combat fan to GM your games, Anon.

>> No.32721570

It is my cure to not be anywhere near a based GM like you. Although my flavor has been Ace Combat 3.

>> No.32721597

Damn auto correct... I meant *curse* not *cure*.

Really, really damn annoying this new technology...

>> No.32721648

Here's my e-mail... we should talk... gonna be busy tonight, this idea of bored billionaires and the PMCs they fly from is getting me ideas.

>> No.32721672

Oh here I am being a total idiot and not posting the e-mail with this.

>> No.32721679

>there will never be another AC game set in Strangereal

>> No.32721755

That seems a bit low for missiles, honestly.

>> No.32721785

You'll find the right GM one day, Anon. Just believe.

What are you borrowing from AC3? I never liked the change toward massive corporations instead of nations, personally, but I did like NEMO and the whole AI plot. What I'm running is the Belkan War that gets a bit ahistorical from the games' storyline, since I don't want to doom them to an inevitable loss.

Last time we got together, I got to see a look of terror when I dropped a hint that Galm Squadron was on its way toward their battle. When the tables are turned, Cipher as the BBEG is scary as hell.

That is merely Osean propaganda, my friend. Kono knows the hope for HD remakes and Project Aces made a statement a few days after Infinity came out that they did have an interest in seeing the rest of Strangereal's potential. Be hopeful, like proud Belkan soldiers.

Long live Belka.

>> No.32721804

And here is what I'm thinking

>2024, there hasn't been a major armed conflict in a long time. Many defense budgets have been ratcheted back in response, and only a few brushfires currently have started happening around the globe. PMCs handle the brunt of these conflicts as nations don't want to stir the pot being involved on their own.

What has developed from this practice is bored millionaires looking for something to do on a Monday night. Eventually a sport developed between billionaires to buy surplus fighter craft with the purpose of dogfighting each other, while working with PMCs.

It developed into the new Reality TV trend. After all the 99% love seeing the rich shoot eachother down, and the 1% see the "sport" as the new jousting of the age.

>> No.32721833

I liked the concept of being test pilots at first, but then having it turn into a national crisis. I liked the feel of being out of your element as the situation became stranger and more dangerous by the moment.

>> No.32721933

Mineral rich microstates in places like Africa, Latin America and the Pacific can now afford air forces of UAV based fighters and bombers, but with a small percentage with the know-how to use them they're ripe for being taken over and used as tools by rogue generals or even cyber terrorist networks. Who do you send in to risk their lives destroying machines? Why not let the richest 1% who'll do it for no other reason to get some flight time and shoot down some Chinese hardware?

>> No.32721956

That's cool. It's just a shame that AC3 was gutted so hard in the translation and content they cut and knowing Project Aces they'll never want to try and remake it as a proper release in the US.

If they ever remade 3, they could retcon the dates a bit and push the timeline farther back so they'd have more room for Strangereal as a setting. Still need Ace Combat 7: Wellow Genocide Edition.

>> No.32721988

That and there are a few "too smart for their own good" engineers who want to put their bodies on the line in said PMCs with their untested prototypes, just to prove a point.

Welcome to the new face of war. fought on a Monday night, with all the ratings on the line.

>> No.32722005

I think what got my attention was the Delphinus designs. Now they look to me like some really crazy drone designs, you think?

>> No.32722152

I can see that. A lot of the fictional designs in 3 seem really inspired by prototype and exotic conceptual art of real-life drones, really. It was nice having that extra variety of designs and aircraft to help set the more futuristic tone of Electrosphere, even if a lot of that only resurfaced as easter eggs and lore hints of the later games.

The Morgan still remains my favorite fictional plane, though. The design makes it such a beautiful aircraft, not to mention the context of how it's used in Zero.

>> No.32722733

>Ace Combat 7: Wellow Genocide Edition.

With Wellow as the genociders or the genocidees?

Either way, I'd be down for that.

>> No.32722839

It's hard to make a game interesting in mundane setting, you need a really good story and characters and what not, or it should be very niche, like with all that planes. In unrealistic settings the setting itself does half of the job for you.

>> No.32723110


>> No.32723587


i have done those, and they can be fun, talk to the people in the village you are patrolling, hear their grievances and try to make a connect with them, then 6 months later you ship home and have to adjust to home, then back for another tour, ofc combat does happen though but not often, and usually its both sides taking shots until the enemy fades away

>> No.32726275

>Eric Holder

Fuck my sides

>> No.32726797


This is 99.7% true of all contemporary settings

>> No.32726812


>> No.32726993

>Am I the only one who X?
No. There's over 7 fucking billion people in this world. You are not the only fucking one who X.

>> No.32727019

Am I the only one who thinks you're getting pissed over nothing?

>> No.32727032

No, obviously there's more idiots in the world than just you.

>> No.32727043

Mine as well. Seriously, fuck that guy.

>> No.32727055

Most people fantasize about the fantastical
not about the real world that is outside and easily reachable

>> No.32727070

>Dragon facing a modern military airplane
>Dragon winning
top lel
your gm is a faggot.

>> No.32727087

Dragons have magic.

>> No.32727112

Which is jack and shit against a modern airplane without DM fiat or the dragon being basically a god.

A dragon could easily dominate the modern world with its magic if it was subtle about it, but openly fighting missiles is suicide

>> No.32727135

>openly fighting missiles is suicide

Oh no, if only i had access to a magic spell specifically for protecting me from things classified as missiles! Oh wait I totally have that, and it's not even a high level spell.

>> No.32727195

Which edition, the one that protects against 10 damage per hit, or the one that protects against a few hits and then fails?

Also, hilariously, missiles are not protected against by "protection from missiles". Bullets from the autocannon are.

>Dragon actually gets 6 seconds to cast protection from missiles
top lel anon, try again.

>> No.32727279

>following the same magic rules as humanoids

Do they have to make the same hand signals and movements as human casters too? And they somehow accomplish this despite being quadrapeds with less digits per hand?

>> No.32727329

I just want to play in a fucking modern fantasy campaign that isn't based around WoD, CoC, or Shadowrun. I absolutely abhor those games. All I'm asking for is humans in an otherwise regular world, in our present time, with a midland amount of magic. Kind of like in that Wizard Barristers show, which is unfortunately the only example I have.

Pic related.

>> No.32727357

1. Dragons have prehensile hands. they are no more quadrupeds then a human bitch on her hands and knees taking it doggie style.
2. That anon was referring to a specific spell. you don't get to just say "no, it works better because he dragon".
3. I already specified the "unless the dragon is practically a god" part. Shadowrun dragons? They win. They are gods. most other setting's dragons? assraped.

>> No.32727365

Am I the only one that wants that girl to sit on my face

>> No.32727369

I don't think a quarter ton of guided supersonic shrapnel murder can be stopped by a spell designed to frustrate bowmen.

There is also the issue of perception. Modern air combat happens at ATA missile range. The dragon isn't even going to know the plane is here, and will need a shitload of luck to spot the missile in time to cast anything.

>> No.32727370


>> No.32727412

Humanoid wizards are damn near invincible with even a bit of forethought and planning. You really think a dragon isn't going to have several contingencyed spells set up to protect it from planes whenever it decides to stretch it's wings a little? Come on dude, it's a dragon, plotting is like, their third favorite thing.

>> No.32727426

The comic is actually recursively relevant.

>> No.32727430

Have you considered Dresden Files?

>> No.32727456

Unknown Armies

>> No.32727466

I enjoy a good slice of life sometimes, especially a good shojo slice of life.

>> No.32727499

>Contingency spell
so we are playing dnd then? what edition?

Also, humanoid wizards are near invincible when choosing battle on their own term.
Radar has far greater detection range than dragon eyesight. the airplane fires first

also, the airplane can easily stay out of the range of all the dragon's weapons. including spells (long range spells are not that long ranged)

>> No.32727516

>general public, who are ignorant of magic and the dark forces conspiring against them.
>"occult underground," populated by loose networks of shadowy cabals
Exactly what I dislike about CoC and WoD.

>> No.32727552

Well, you could have said

>> No.32727576

Yeah. I appreciate the suggestions anyway.

>> No.32727578

>Radar has far greater detection range than dragon eyesight

How high do dragons typically fly? radar doesn't work so well when you get too close to the ground.

>> No.32727594

Question: If humanity, the teeming mass of humanity with their guns and paranoia, are WIDELY aware of people who can shoot lasers from their eyes or produce a fireball with a flick of a wrist, how is anything magical still alive unless it is powerful on a scale that renders those people irrelevant?

The idea that magic is either hidden or so vast as to render John Q. Public irrelevant is there for a reason, anon.

>> No.32727638

>How high do dragons typically fly?
as high as they want to. but typically high enough for radar

>radar doesn't work so well when you get too close to the ground.
Ground based radar dishes don't, because stuff blocks their "view" so to speak.

Airplane mounted radar works just fine.

>> No.32727692

Question: If humanity, the teeming mass of humanity with their swords, spears, and paranoia, are WIDELY aware of people who can shoot lasers from their eyes or produce a fireball with a flick of a wrist, how is anything magical still alive unless it is powerful on a scale that renders those people irrelevant?

I'm not suggesting some sort of 'SUDDENLY MAGIC!' nonsense.

>> No.32727712

Same reason the gov wouldn't let Trask build his murderbots in Days of Future Past(at first) I imagine, the vast majority of such people would probably like to just live their lives in peace and governments are(typically)not in the business of killing their own citizens when they've done nothing wrong. The evil wizard overlord ruling the wastelands from his tower are the exception, not the rule, those are the guys that get the hammer dropped on them, figuratively and sometimes literally speaking.

>> No.32727817

Not sure what level you're looking for. Is it, "Well, now I have a book of magic spells that I didn't know existed until now" fantasy, or "time to take my bullpup rifle into the unicorn hunting grounds" level?

>> No.32727836

"Well, now I have a book of magic spells that I didn't know existed until now"
Hate it.
"time to take my bullpup rifle into the unicorn hunting grounds"
Well that's a bit much. You don't go Unicorn hunting with a bullpup. But yes.

>> No.32727865

>Humans have guns
one of a million weapons we developed, we love them
>Some humans have the secret of shooting lasers from their eyes and fireballs with a flick of the wrist
>Why haven't gun using humans exterminated the latter
why the fuck would they do that?

If I found a human with the knowledge to shoot lasers from his eyes I would invite him to an NRA meeting where we could pay him to teach us his trick, maybe pay him with some modern weapons.
End result, we both have guns AND eye lasers

>> No.32727888

Shadowrun at the very least goes in that direction, but I'm guessing the cyberpunk elements are what turn you off of it. That probably disqualifies Rifts, too, since that's post-apocalyptic. Yeah, I don't know why I can't find a straight-up urban fantasy setting, but until someone cashes in on the idea, it's in the realm of homebrews.

>> No.32727906


D20 Modern Urban Arcana

Warning: Is d20 modern.

>> No.32727908

Yeah, I don't care for the cyberpunk theme. Just looking for something rather regular.

>> No.32727952

Why wouldn't you go unicorn hunting with a bullpup? You a leftie? You know they make bullpups with reversible/front ejection now.

>> No.32727960

I like either, but not both at the same time. Because if I play someone in good ol' real life, muh escapism.

>> No.32727990

Hey it's you from the cyberpop thread! How's it hanging?

>> No.32728019

I'll only say one thing.


>> No.32728025

>No magic
>No fantasy
>No cybernetics
>No future
>No apocalypse
so... completely mundane IRL?

>> No.32728082

>Implying borderline real-life settings can't be incredibly fun

>> No.32728092

>cybernetic limbs showing up
>biotech and biochem starting to go mainstream
>dem drones dudes
>milspectech going crazy (optical camo, exo-skeleton and whatnot)
>world-controlling megacorps
>people brainwashed into being slaves to the system/the Man/money/etc...
>people wishing they were so they wouldn't have to see the bleakness of the world
>no one follows the law to a tee
>including cops
>society has a hard time dealing with the ethical fallout of its technologies (abortion, mind-enhancing drugs, etc...)
>everybody protest against something
>nothing changes

That we do.

>> No.32728112

The poster's specifically looking for
>No cybernetics
>No apocalypse
>Magic is prominent

Which honestly doesn't fit any setting I've seen, outside of a few books.

>> No.32728175


>captcha: 248 eHymen
>It's more virgins than the muslims are promised

>> No.32728182

>Realistic setting
>Picture of tank
fine then
>the party steals a tank
>It gets blown up by the military
>you are all dead
>Game over

>> No.32728188

I get you. A thousand times.

>> No.32728195

>Magic is prominent
reread it. he is explicitly looking for MAGIC IS NON EXISTANT

>world-controlling megacorps
Last I heard we called those "governments"

>> No.32728223

>Not being a military or PMC entity that has official support
>Not having your allies provide cover for your stolen tank as you use it to carry out your mission
>Not being stealthy operatives and tricking the enemy into thinking you're the real tank crew

Besides, that was a Strangereal reference. Strangereal is mostly a real-world type of setting that manages to be fun and interesting.

>> No.32728248

>If humanity, the teeming mass of humanity with their guns and paranoia
God fuck 'murica you're not humanity in its entirety. That being said.

Just because someone has access to destructive stuff, especially if it's independent of its will, doesn't mean he'll use it. Sure, the risks are way higher, but you don't pre-emptively genocide people. You learn to cop with the fact that some people out there are damn well able to kill you if they wish.

I mean hell, in real life, martial artists can pretty much kill you with their bare hands (and those are actually considered a weapon by the law), doesn't mean we should kill every martial artists.

>> No.32728263

Bunkers and Badasses when

>> No.32728264

I think you're confusing OP and the posts your replying to. OP likes no magic, this poster likes prominent magic.

>> No.32728266

>he is explicitly looking for MAGIC IS NON EXISTENT
No I'm not. I'm looking for modern fantasy, but without some sort of 'twist' like most every system's setting has. I am very explicitly looking for magic, but without the bullshit. Have you ever met my friend the Phonics Monkey? I think you could use a little help from him to comprehend the point I'm trying to get across.

>> No.32728278

Oh, I thought he said the op.

>> No.32728307

I dunno. Seems to me that lobbies are doing a hell of a good job forcing governments' hand. But then again it's my personal uneducated opinion.

>> No.32728324

>and those are actually considered a weapon by the law

No they fucking aren't, that shit was made up by asians that were tired of getting their asses kicked in school. I'll bet you believed that lying little shit that said his dad worked for Nintendo, or who said the hoverboards from Back To The Future 2 were totally real.

>> No.32728354

Lobbies aren't forcing government hands, they are bribing some crooked politicians. which is par for the course for all of human history and far predates the concept of corporation.

Furthermore, such bribes don't protect them from political backlash that can be their undoing.

If a megacorp takes over a country and truely runs and owns it, that how is it different from any other government? How is your typical oligarchy, "people's party", dictator, monarch, or so called "elected representatives" (out of a few predetermined choices you are allowed to vote for) any different?

It is a fictional paper entity that holds absolute power and manges the country. Whether that entity is called "the communist party of china" or "evilcorp inc" makes no difference. They both levi taxes, field armies, fund education, etc etc etc.

>> No.32728366

So you would go out join the military or become a drug dealer? I doubt it.

>> No.32728398

The only problem with urban fantasy is that you have to redefine magic. Especially since now we have great SCIENCE! that would study it rather intensively.

Example A: Is mana an energy? A particle? A consequence of the mind's visualization of magic? A placebo? Does it exist at all?

You'll have to answer those questions yourself, simply because someone, somewhere in the setting mandatorily has the answers if magic has been around for too long. Well except if you go with the "it's magic, I ain't gonna explain shit" approach setting-wide, but some players won't be happy with that. While they would not have bitched about it in a med-fan setting.

Also, applications. In a med-fan setting, it's easy to guess what magic brings: Healing, Firepower, magic!Crafting, Information gathering, and Psionics 101. There's little else than that.

In urban fantasy, there are no guidelines. Primarily because there is no "default theme": you could play military men, or spies, or runners, or hell, diplomats or shop owners for all I know. Except those operate at different levels of legality and have different interests: spies will probably want to be able to be more cunning, more sneaky and know more things, while a book owner wouldn't spit on Predict Finance. But such a spell would wreck the whole economical system from the inside.

So yeah, for me, the real problem with creating urban fantasy is that you have to redefine magic in a way that doesn't break the modern world in some way. And isn't almighty.

>> No.32728475

Have you played World of Darkness?
There are entire groups built up around studying their specific forms of magic. Hell, one of the goals for Mage is that the more you understand both your magic and magic as a concept, the closer you are to Ascending to Godhood, which is the "ultimate end" of the setting.

There's also quite a bit that Magic brings to the table beyond healing, firepower, crafting, information gathering, and "psionics 101". Although, really, you shouldn't expect Magic to be used for things VASTLY different than what can already be done in the real world. I mean, Mage has some crazy shit. But it's still silly to think that people won't use magic the way that they use or are trying to use technology.

The World of Darkness also has quite a few levels of play. There's the book Dogs of War for military games, there's Demon, which is focused on "Techgnostic Espionage" and fighting back against the God Machine as a sort of spy, there's quite a bit of diplomacy (or backstabbing, if you're a Vampire).

It's a little silly to me that you're saying "no setting does this" when I'm pretty familiar with a setting that does.

>> No.32728495

I just checked and you're right, they aren't. Though they can get shit if they were disproportionate in their retribution with their bare hands (while the average Joe won't get said shit since he's not supposed to know how to hold back). That may be only in my country's legal system though.

Also, dat hoverbike though.

>> No.32728524

You know, there is already a setting in shadowrun that is literally the Division in Shadowrun. It's bug city/chicago

>> No.32728550


>> No.32728559


>> No.32728564

Doesn't the World of Darkness has some kind of secretive thing going on about magic? I though the guys was talking about a setting that has magic as a natural force, not a product of some godlike being's will or something like that, and no dark secrets of magic to be unlocked other than "how does it work exactly and how can I abuse it". Just like physics, actually.

What I was saying about healing/firepower/crafting/information gathering and psionics 101 was only "true" (if it is even true, I'm no expert) for med-fan settings. My point was that those are pretty much either obsolete or illegal in the modern world, and people authorized to use the illegal stuff probably have access to better things via technology (which, admittedly, is what you said).

But then again I'm a little biased by the fact that I want to see Magic as a force of wonder and miracles that bring things otherwise impossible for the setting to the table, and taking apart time magic, teleportation and other physics-breaking stuff, I have a hard time coming up with a spell whose effects can't be simulated by some kind of techology, if a little less poweful. Maybe mutational magic.

>> No.32728597

Well OP, I like roleplaying in contemporary and and older but still historical settings, but god help me if there's little support for it without some "Weird" elements. Still, I've been hoping the craze for low fantasy would result in more non retarded settings, can't say I've seen much come out yet. I guess the thing about non supernatural settings is that you are expected to take a supernatural setting and just rip out the supernatural aspects of it, and play. Which is balls, since at that point you are just left with the system, which are frankly usually built around the weird elements rather than the normal ones.-

>> No.32728644

Oh, and one more problem. For some reason, most publishers of historical/historical with weird elements are completely retarded about giving players choice. Instead of serving up a setting and saying "go nuts and make your own world out of it through your actions" there's always going to be some world ending monstrosity popping up and destroying shit if you don't make sure the timeline goes down as irl. Yeah, right, you are telling me you can use a being so powerful even witnessing it will make the heads of your average person explode, but you won't build a setting around choice and change.

>> No.32728748

Some groups are secretive about Magic, most of them for their own good. Not everyone needs to be secretive, though (Sin-eaters, for instance, could go on national television... but most of their powers are completely invisible).
There are also a lot of different types of magic. A Hedge Mage for instance, using some Second Sight powers, or the psychic abilities from Second Sight or the God-Machine Chronicle rules update, is free as a bird to use their powers in public as well, assuming they're willing to pay the price. Heck, even Vampires can use their powers in public... it's just that other vampires will probably kill them for breaking the Masquerade.

As for Magic itself, there's a lot of it that does more than what technology can do. And it can be taken apart within the setting. A character with even a little magic is better armed than someone with a lot of technology. Hell, here's a three page PDF showing what a Sin-eater (someone who died and made a Bargain with a powerful death aspect ghost-spirit to share a body with them) can do at character creation without any additional magic.

Heck, there's also the setting specific stuff, like being able to go to strange realms. But I also did a lot of things as a Mage:
● Sculpted shadows into physical things that I could control with my soul
● Traveled into my dreams, and through them, the dreams of the Worldsoul.
● Summoned supernal beings
● Temporarily "Killed" people for an hour, or until I undid the Suppress Other's Life spell.
● Battled inside someone's mind to defeat their inner demons
● Went to China from Cheyenne in three steps
● Became younger
● Changed my face
● Changed other people's faces
● Turned a bunch of pebbles into BEES (technically they were wasplike insects with scorpion tails, if I recall)
● Transformed my hands into monstrous cat claws and other various transformations
● Shot lightning bolts!
● Blocked a bullet

>> No.32728770

What the hell are you talking about? First off, there are a ton of settings that are historical fantasy with low magic. Shit, there's been one advertised on /tg/ because the developers are here. And I've *never* seen a setting that was historical fantasy where you were told "you have to care about the time line!"

Shit, I don't even like old World of Darkness and they had an entire line based around the Dark Ages. And Cowboy Werewolves. And new World of Darkness had Victorian Lost, Mage Noir, and is coming out with Dark Eras, focused on all sorts of things like that, with Hellenistic Mages and Elizabethean vampires and Dustbowl Prometheans and... 1950s New Zealand sin-eaters and 70s New York Werewolves.

>> No.32728806

SUMMONING! OF COURSE! Now THIS would be something interesting to put in a modern setting that wouldn't be absurdly powerful (I mean, China to Cheyenne in three steps? What, you WANT airlines to go bankrupt?)

That being said, point taken. It can be done. And now I have to come up with a generic urban fantasy setting that requires little to no lore-learning phase to play in.

>> No.32728846

>Polluted Blood
>Geists protect their Sin-eaters from poisons, toxins, and anything other than recreational drugs and alcohol. Sin-eaters add their Psyche to resist poisons and disease.
wtf is this bullshit?

>> No.32728869

>And now I have to come up with a generic urban fantasy setting that requires little to no lore-learning phase to play in.
World of Darkness often works best when you have no knowledge of the lore.

>you WANT airlines to go bankrupt?

Also, summoning in Mage: The Awakening can be from the moderately useful (summoning a weak spirit by putting out a beacon and drawing it towards you) to the absurdly powerful and costly (summoning a Supernal Denizen and asking it the answer to an impossible to know question, or begging for great power, which requires heavy sacrifice and lots of ritual).

Exactly what it says?
I don't understand the question.

>> No.32728894

Sin Eaters wanna not get poisoned but still wanna get drunk and/or high?

>> No.32728977

The entire point of the Bargain is to give a geist--a powerful deathspirit--a body, so that it can experience what it's like to be alive again.
Geists (and by extension the Sin-eaters they're Bound to) naturally enjoy indulging in anything that gives them feeling.

So they like drugs, sex, fast cars, loud music, hard fights, rough fucking, bare knuckle brawling, methamphetamine, bass music that will shake your bones, cliff diving and anything else that says "I AM ALIVE".

Albeit that's just in general. There's one sample Geist, for instance, who's insanely paranoid and possessive and encourages her Sin-eaters to never hurt themselves or get into trouble or leave the house or ANYTHING because "must'n do that, it's dangerous". Mother is not the most stable of insane death avatar ghost-spirits.

But yeah, Geists are a fun aspect. I've got a character who's a teenager with a geist that's an old witch. Not the kind of Geist you'd think of being into all that shit, but she keeps drugs in her Haunt and regularly goes out to raves to get laid, and is a straight up sadomasochist. Nothing like a good beating.

>> No.32729034

I dunno man, remember that guy with the floor-tile-pattern fetish?

>> No.32729088

I'm not quite sure if it counts as contemporary, but one of the best campaigns I've played in was a world war one campaign as various chaps from Germany and the smaller kingdoms go through the war. After the first summer we spent most of it on the eastern front where there was more mobility/things to change up. Alot of good fun from the jarring change from being on the frontlines to having a month off duty back home in saxony or berlin or wherever.
Had to make 2-3 characters from the get go incase of death, while you played as one the others were either support npc or offscreen on another front.
Pretty sure the GM had it planned that after the war we would play as members of freikorps or try to carve out our own turf in eastern europe, and this is where you could go into alot more alternate history. Maybe we'll even play it one day. Woe for post college life

>> No.32729095

I was a Kannonvogel pilot in a WWII game that went "Suddenly dragons".

I made flying ace that very afternoon.

>> No.32729114

I would like too but
>using an XM8

>> No.32729132

I'd not be too surprised though, as Foxhounds were built specifically to counter high speed high altitude shit.

Forget about turning on about 3km of lined up dimes, but in a straight line this thing was almost as much of a monster as its radar.

>> No.32729158

Hilariously, we're seeing a resurgence of prop planes. Granted these are turboprops that put the effectiveness and efficiency of WWII aircraft to crying shame, but in exchange for lower speed, they don't need gas that's as refined, and the far far lower size and mass means they've an easier time landing wherever the fuck they please despite not being VSTOL.

>> No.32729216

I'd actually recommend whatever version of Silhouette's being used for HG Blitz.

There's some crunch in initial vehicle building/equipping if you're want to work off threat values or the like, but beyond that it's very fast and straightforward despite a decent amount of depth.

Be warned though that combat (this fits very well for aircraft thematically but lots of people hate it because muh character deffs) tends to be miss miss plink miss COREBREACH. Even a light damage result could result potentially in catastrophic crew compartment failure or a shattered fire-control system.

Your absolute worst results are 1:5, 1:7:4~6 (heavy damage is d6+1 once location rolled), and 2:6 (2:7 is safer, destroying the vehicle but with a guaranteed survived bailout). 2:5 also bad for a plane, I hear movement's important.

>> No.32729272

So you are suggesting that people everywhere would kill other people out of fear just because the other guy can shoot lasers from his eyes or something?

Did you know that there is a country called USA where it is very common for people to own these things called "firearms" those can kill people too. Some of them even carry those firearms concealed on their persons.

They haven't slaughtered each other out of fear just because a random guy on the street might at any given time decide to start shooting people.

Magic or superpowers existing in a modern world would not necessarily lead into an all out battle. Would you try to kill your neighbour or brother just because you found out that he bought an AR-15? Why would you try to kill him if you found out that he can shoot lasers from his eyes?

>> No.32729339

Nah. Twilight is the post-apocalyptic setting where you plant crops, maintain machinery, befriend nearby villagers, raise livestock and sometimes marry a girl you've been bringing spa-boiled eggs to every day until she got the hint that as a nuclear war mercenary, you just aren't very good at expressing yourself with words.

>> No.32729352

magic makes you immune to all toxins.
"except the fun ones".

1. its bullshit because it is a very inconsistent application of magic. Magic A is Magic A.
2. its bullshit because people have different definition of fun (you don't consciously decide which to allow and which to ban, that choice was premade for you by the author based on their taste)
3. its bullshit because it takes a neat and interesting little con (can't enjoy alcohol) and gets rid of it in the name of mary sue perfectionness

>> No.32729368

NRA would have to be renamed
NRMA (national rifle and magic association)

>> No.32729376

Only up at higher ranks.
For the lower ones, you'll have an easier time getting healthcare if you're shot working at McD's, the housing's about as cockroachy as what homeless squatters can find in new york, and everyone fucking hates you since some assholes in another regiment spent a few years raping, pillaging, and then putting weapons in the hands of those they kill to make it self defense.

>> No.32729388

Polluted Blood
A Sin-Eater’s blood is filled with more than just
white and red blood cells, mixed with salty plasma.
Floating around inside that thick, rich soup are
trace amounts of plasm, courtesy of the geist. As a
Sin-Eater’s Psyche increases, indicating the growing
strength of the bond, so does the amount of plasm
in his blood. Plasm is territorial about its place in
the blood, viewing the presence of outside agents
that are introduced into the body of a Sin-Eater
as enemies to be routed or quashed. Any time a
Sin-Eater is required to roll to resist the effects of a
disease or poison, he adds his Psyche rating to his
pool. Only pathogens or substances that threaten
the health of a Sin-Eater trigger this effect. Plasm is
quite happy to roll along in alcohol, bask in the glory
of recreational drugs, or nudge helpful medicines
along to their intended destinations.

>> No.32729404

>I'd actually recommend whatever version of Silhouette's being used for HG Blitz.
I don't know about how Blitz changes things, but SilCore is great as an RPG. Plays nice and fast and feels simulationist while actually being pretty... not.

>There's some crunch in initial vehicle building/equipping if you're want to work off threat values or the like, but beyond that it's very fast and straightforward despite a decent amount of depth.
Thing that always got me is how people get so turned off to the system when they see the formulas for TV calculation. Yeah, they're crazy and complex, needlessly so even, but guess what? You don't actually need them. They're mostly there for the miniatures wargame side of the system.

>Be warned though that combat (this fits very well for aircraft thematically but lots of people hate it because muh character deffs) tends to be miss miss plink miss COREBREACH. Even a light damage result could result potentially in catastrophic crew compartment failure or a shattered fire-control system.
Personally I actually like SilCore's fast and deadly serious combat, because 1) It makes players think about their tactics, and 2) It makes them think twice before running in guns blazing.
If you want to reduce the system's deadliness there are the drama points thing and emergency dice systems you could apply liberally.

>> No.32729417

>Only pathogens or substances that threaten
the health
>threaten the health
And we all know that there are absolutely 0 long term negative effects from the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs. and that ODing is impossible.

>> No.32729432

Twilight 2013, the newest version's Core rulebook did not have rules for aircraft. Those would have come in another book but the company went under before they managed to make it.

The rules for aircraft and rockets and such are not that likely to be used in a postapocalyptic setting where getting a simple car to function is an achievement.

TW2013 was the very first pen and paper rpg I played. We started out as tourists who were visiting USA when the nukes began to rain. Then some farming and trying to salvage vehicles on stuff on the ranch of crazy survivalist who had a tugboat in the middle of Nevada desert. (He believed that the CHINESE would nuke San Andreas fault and once California would sink into the sea he would need a boat to survive the massive wave that would come. ...The GM only allowed the boat since he got in on the first attempt when rolling for vehicles.)

>> No.32729441

>And we all know that there are absolutely 0 long term negative effects from the consumption of alcohol and recreational drugs. and that ODing is impossible.
Not when you've got a magical ghost living in your body, no. All the positives and none of the negatives. Thanks, ghost buddy.

>> No.32729464

your body is still susceptible to the negative effects of regular poisons and the positive effects of off the shelf medicines.
and it explicitly excludes alcohol and recreational drugs from the things it does anything against.

>> No.32729478

I discovered twilight 2000 about one week before the crimea crisis began, it was kinda awesome to tie into it.

>> No.32729490

he is also talking about today, so stone era dont aply

>> No.32729496

If you've got Plasm in your blood, you aren't going to have to worry about long term effects of alcohol or medicine. Shit, you aren't even going to need off the shelf medicine. What the fuck do you need painkillers for when you can keep using your hand despite half the skin being gone?

>> No.32729501

>You have to define magic through the scientific method for the setting because that's what modern folks would do

Where's the problem? You said "the problem with urban fantasy" and then... I don't see a problem, where's the problem?


>> No.32729519

the rules explicitly says the plasm cares about off the shelf medicine and will in fact "nudge it in the right direction". this sounds like such medicine should have an enhanced effect actually.

>> No.32729558

But I meant I don't see the point in using them. I mean, you can take a shotgun to the face and Bulwark it with Plasm (okay, not really, my character is Psyche 4, so she can stop four damage a turn, most characters can stop one, and still have to reserve plasm for magic) and keep on trucking.

You also don't have to worry about wound penalties and can fight even when you've been set on fire or filled with lead. Sin-eaters are strong.

Not that medicine can't still be helpful, but compared to magic that works faster, it's not as useful. Plus as a Sin-eater you're unlikely to catch a cold.

>> No.32729608

it says you don't have to worry about wound penalty because the gheist, after so long in sensory deprivation, relishes even pain.
But you are not your gheist, the pain aesthetics of disease can be nasty.

>> No.32729640

You feel what the Geist feels.

Also, Geists aren't (usually) stupid enough to allow their hosts to have long term diseases that melt their flesh or seriously incapacitate them or antyhing like that. Although I think there is one guy who still has cancer? I'd have to look again.

>> No.32729750

Didn't somebody make missions for Ukraine?

>> No.32730344

>The only problem with urban fantasy is that you have to redefine magic. Especially since now we have great SCIENCE! that would study it rather intensively.

You dont have to because not everyone want to play hard fantasy

fantasy dont need to make logical sense, dont need to fix those logical gaps,
the hard fantasy genre do this kind of stuff,
but usual fantasy dont need to fix logical gaps, not only that but it can be overly logical about something while totally not caring about it (instead of being some ultra surrealist screw logic thing)

>> No.32730372

>No they fucking aren't,
USA consider you homeland terrorist if you stock food for god sake,
learn about the world you are in

"URR DURR this (inser law someone said here) is stupid this means its fake"

>> No.32730389

>USA consider you homeland terrorist if you stock food for god sake,
Pretty sure that's not true.

Although, yes, beating someone with martial arts training will often land you in as much hot water as shooting someone.

>> No.32730434

>Pretty sure that's not true.

>> No.32730557

>Trusting anything Rand Paul says
Something tells me he's reading things wrong. Or possibly making shit up.

>> No.32730686

Rand Paul is the US politician equivalent of the Daily Fail. Ignore anything he says, and you will save a lot of time.

In any case, at least part of the US reaction to suddenly magic would likely involve recruiters pulling out all the stops to get some of them in the Armed Forces, as well as vicious competition between the various branches. Maybe there are crazy parts of the US, like the parts which listen to Rand Paul, which might freak out, but unless "suddenly magic" comes with a ton of violence, I doubt most people would freak out too badly.

>> No.32730721

>unless "suddenly magic" comes with a ton of violence, I doubt most people would freak out too badly.
To be fair, it probably would. If nothing else you'd have the whole "Kill the Muties!" groups.

>> No.32730728

You would have a new class of superstars popping up overnight. It's not going to be the retarded x-men reaction, it's going to be the "supermang is real, let us follow him with reporters"-reaction

>> No.32730751

Perhaps I should have specified "on the sudden wizards' part". Most people in the US are inured to small groups of lunatics and the shit they do, at least enough so to avoid blaming victims for the actions of terrorists.

>> No.32730803

Well, you'd have the crazies like Westboro Baptist and X-Men type things, but you'd also have just regular people who are scared and feel like they have to kill the wizards to protect themselves.

Paranoia would also be rampant. Especially with mind powers, from simple mind reading to even more crazy shit like mind control.

>> No.32730876

If people actually acted like that, Muslims would have long since fled the States. Simple discrimination is a far more likely reaction to the fear.

>> No.32730925

Muslims don't shoot fireballs out their butts.

People in real life DO lash out with violence when they feel they're threatened. That's why there's violence against Muslims and gays and you can't Google "Transsexual" without reading an obituary. If it was "suddenly wizzards", you also wouldn't have an acclimation period, The world would suddenly be divided into haves and have nots, and the haves would be of exponentially more power. We're not even talking about a world where everyone owns a gun, so you can go rob a store. We're talking about a world where certain people can potentially control your mind or kill you with a thought, or whatever wizzard things you want them to do.

You'll likely get people who use their abilities, both just to figure out what they can do, to abuse them for gain, or just for shits and giggles. And you'll get people who are terrified of it.

I think that the suddenness of it is what really would make it worse.

>> No.32731087

>Muslims don't shoot fireballs out their butts.
Not what my teacher said...

>> No.32731099

To bad thats not the route people take when they write for Xmen SWJ shit needs to stop.

>> No.32731119

It would be neat of a campaign took you through the apocalypse of WW3. Could allow for some interesting twists if you don't let on to the players what you're really doing. For instance, you could set it up like:
>World is on the verge of societal and economic collapse
>Mass enforced transitions to renewable energy make fossil fuel exporter economies redundant (See Russia if they couldn't rely on oil&gas exports)
>Russia annexing smaller countries in order to secure resources in order to compete with renewable alternatives on the global market
>Western countries annexing the same sort of countries under the pretence of 'protecting their sovereignty from Russian expansion'
>Nationalism on the rise
>Russia seeing such annexation as an attempt to strangle the Russian economy, leaving them few options.
>East/West tensions escalate
Then you could start off with tense moments of having players patrol or being deployed to some backwater country. Defending against 'militia attacks' staged by the Russians all the while being delivered news about how the world is slowly falling apart.

Then after they're bored of this, you can step it up, with WW3 going into full swing. Could play up the whole 'you gotta defend your way of life' thing. Going on larger missions, using more complex equipment, fighting against 'bosses' like T90 tanks. Then suddenly, Migs.

Finally the war would go full nuclear and everything up until this point becomes irrelevant. Everything goes to hell and command/control breaks down completely for both sides. Entire military units go rogue and become bandits while some still fight for their now dead nations or just for old ideals like justice. Radioactive fallout and rain become a growing problem and masses of civilians look for protection, food and water.

>> No.32731175

X-Men became a SJW thing back when the KKK was alive and well, at which point it was a perfectly logical assumption we would lynch mutants.
The problem is now the KKK doesn't exist anymore and they don't know where to go from there.

>> No.32731240

>Being socially conscious is being a tumblr "Social Justice Warrior" in the derogatory fashion
Being socially conscious is a good thing.

Also, what? The KKK does still exist. And there are still gaybashings and hate crimes all over the country. There was a transsexual woman beaten to death in a McDonald's. Hell, in France there was a guy who had a surgically attached augmented reality device (essentially Google Glass) and they tried to rip it off his face. So I guess what I'm saying is don't go to McDonald's.
But also that prejudice is alive and well and that assuming anyone who speaks out about it is lying, bitching, or secretly wants to take power is a stupid thing to believe.

>> No.32731265

add some depth to the idea? Have the anti-mutant groups have a point.

Make a group of mutants that are Anti-gun, but all have dangerous powers.

>> No.32731281

>implying that it still happens as often as everyone wants to believe.

>> No.32731346

Yeah, there are probably less hate crimes. But that doesn't mean they don't still happen. And people turn a blind eye and say "whatever" because they feel like "it doesn't happen as often as people say".

Still happens that if you're queer you've got a higher than average likelihood of being beaten to death or driven to suicide.


Or put more succinctly
>Implying it matters how often it happens

>> No.32731408

Comparing this to the civil rights movement is laughable, also, gays can't kill entire populations because they are in a bad mood.

>> No.32731444

>A movement based on rights of a civil nature being compared to the civil rights movement is laughable.
Unless you mean WIZZARDS, in which case, well, maybe not, but also maybe.

Black people can't kill entire populations because they're in a bad mood, either.

But the closest we have to "how will people react to something different than they are?" is attacks against minorities. Gays, Muslims, blacks, whatever. No, they don't have mutant powers (though some people might treat them as if they're contagious), but they are 'different' from their attackers. If SUDDENLY WIZZARDS ever happens, it'll probably look similar to every civil rights movement that's happened in the real world.

>> No.32731500

Eh meant to say I was going back onto the Xmen topic, but the problem is if someone can blow up an entire city block with a thought its fucking lazy to write off anyone who might see this as a problem as a simple raciest.

>> No.32731596

The problem is most of them can't blow up an entire city block.

That's where the Muslim comparisons come in. Most of them are not bomb making extremists who want to blow things up.

>> No.32732962

I'm the only one who likes non-supernatural roleplaying games in contemporary settings which only involve mundane day-to-day life.

>> No.32733146


Fuck magic

engage in super-science

preferably "Heh well I guess we could totally do that in 20 years" science

>> No.32733158

No offense, but I think you're letting video games taint your ideas of tabletop RPGs. Think of it this way, what's so different about a 4 man D&D party and a 4 man special forces team? Other than weapons, there's no difference.

>> No.32733196

Well, the Special Forces team isn't going to have one member sell off all the rest of the party's gear.

>> No.32733201

>How the fuck is that possible?
>Nanomachines son
Every fucking time, kojima

>> No.32733204

Wraith Recon is just that...but D&D.

>> No.32733297

Only if they pay well.

Also I'd use Rafales

>> No.32736545

I have a guy in my group who I always have to explain to the concept of a non-magical setting anytime I don't want to play D&D he just keeps asking me shit like "well how do class roles work?"

>> No.32736597

I'm actually running a NWoD without any supernatural aspects. Going for a Criminal Minds kind of crime drama. Homicidal maniacs, crazed cults, so forth.

>> No.32736643

You can technically have a class system without magic. Just call them Medic, Hacker, Sniper and Brick.

>> No.32736678

He meant in terms of tank, healer, DPS and support he cannot wrap his head around the idea of not playing D&D I don't like playing with him though.

>> No.32736703

What I meant was basically that there is a generic roster of things-magic-do in med-fan, but not in urban-fan. Basically. It's less of a problem and more of a thing that you can't do all by yourself nor in a short time, by definition.

>> No.32736725

>Tank: Brick
>DPS: Sniper
>Healer: Medic
>Support: Hacker
It kinda fits.

But yeah, I see how it'd be problematic for someone who just wants to play a PnP MMO to do something else than D&D.

>> No.32737086

I'm fine with non-supernatural games so long as they either have a good premise and/or employ "cinematic" reality.

The long, proud tradition of action films and novels demonstrates that escapism does not need the existence of the supernatural to be exciting and compelling.

>> No.32737362

The best modern games are the ones where you play people you absolutely would not want to play in real life, like Fiasco or Unknown Armies. I don't want to play a successful person. I want to play a junkie, a petty crook, a child soldier, or an escaped mental patient. Maybe all of them at once.

>> No.32737595

Support could also be something like ammo guy as well.

Sniper could be scout/rogue/skill monkey.

I guess tank could have riot shield + handgun?

DPS - m16

>> No.32737836

A party could equip themselves like that if they wanted, but it's hard to force them to in a way that makes sense in a modern setting. Modern PCs generally aren't restricted as far as to what equipment they can use or skills they can learn, so you end up with a team of four people with identical weapons, armor, and survivability, with each one having maybe two or three niche skills that have nothing to do with each other.

>> No.32737958

His idea of tanking is using a katana in a modern setting.

>> No.32738292

>identical weapons

I am not sure that would really happen in most games or real life. A modern infantry team has four different weapons for each of the four guys and special forces units use whatever they can get hold of or swapped with other countries SF units.

So you could easily have a medic with an SMG or PDW, a demolitions guy with a light rocket launcher to go with his rifle or shotgun, a marksman with a long range semi-auto rifle and a rifleman with a grenade launcher on an assault rifle for example.

>> No.32738426

There are five in our group. Me and one other would LOVE it, one doesn't mind either way, and the other two only go for historical/modern day settings if MUH ELVES or MUH SPELLS are in it. We've never done one...

>> No.32738616

But there's no reason that the medic couldn't use an assault rifle or light rocket launcher. They're all going to bring whatever the best gun is, plus whatever extra equipment fits the mission. There's no equivalent to the wizard's inability to wear armor or the cleric's vow against edged weapons.

>> No.32738875

Lol wut? In a US fire team, at least three of the four guys all have the same gun.

>> No.32739197

British Army fireteam has an assault rifle, assault rifle with grenade launcher, light machine gun and a marksman rifle.

US army has three guys with rifles which can be M4's or M16's, one has a grenade launcher on his rifle and the fourth guy has a SAW. Substitute different 'weapon systems' if you do not consider the grenade launcher relevant.

But there is no 'best gun', even if you had four riflemen who can choose their own guns you will probably have four different assault rifles. And 'classes' that are less likely to be a direct combatant and have to carry a heavier medical kit might well save weight with a PDW or SMG.

>> No.32740304

Belka did nothing wrong
I in all honesty wish for an ac game where you do play as a Belkan shooting Ocean pigs

>> No.32740474

At that point there is no saving them.

>> No.32742853



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