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Has any of your characters ever worn a platemail bikini?

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No. But leather and cloth bikinis on non-melee characters.

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No, mainly because when I play RPG's I tend to appreciate a modicum of realism, hence an armor that actually covers the body it's supposed to protect. And whin a occasionally play an ERPG, armor is useless/not fitting the setting/....

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It was for a cosplay to trap somebody.

He's male. Don't ask.

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yes, everytime i create a new character i have them wear a platemail bikini, even males characters.

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Go on.

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Only when fighting monsters at the beach.

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This. You should be at least a little prepared to battle monsters at all times when you lead an adventurers life.

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No, because platemail is horribly impractical for bikinis. Chainmail, maybe, if you're willing to put up with pinching and holes.
And the WEIGHT. Metal arrmour makes you sink in water. Never the fuck again.

Really, studded leather makes the best bikinis.

Just don't ask to see the 'chain shirt'. Since the trend is to only wear the armour... It doesn't come with a bottom part.

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>And the WEIGHT. Metal arrmour makes you sink in water.

I remember reading that real platemail armor wasn't that heavy.

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chain is actually heavier than plate, it's more exhaustive to use, but it gives you a greater range of motion, also easier to build (info from friend in SCA).

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Humans aren't super-buoyant, though. And when all the padding gets waterlogged, you sink like a rock.
Even with those tiny micro-bikini armours. I think it's something to do with the enchantments.

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Sort of. It was a naga battlemage who wore a small breastplate, gauntlets, tassets, and a skirt around her waist. The whole campaign was pure camp, but my explanation was that her fighting style revolved around flexibility that normal armor would hinder.

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It's magic. I don't have to explain shit.

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Plate armor is heavy, but it's easier to wear and move in it than chainmail, because of more uniform weight distribution on the body.

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You said either too much or not enough, now talk.

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I think the real question here is why you're not playing a wizard in a bikini.

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Nah, tavern wench outfit > bikini, for wizardry. Everyone thinks you're the camp follower, until they're on fire.

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I am bro, I am.

There are two settings for wizard: Crusty old guy with beard and pointed hat or nubile beautiful woman in skimpy outfit

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Never. But some went into the fray naked at some point.

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Hey, if you don't have camp followers that can set you on fire then your taste in wenches is too vanilla!

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I was once in a game where a local prince had his guard staffed entirely by beautiful women in platemail bikinis. The logic was that the principality had been at peace with no major threats for hundreds of years, to the point where the guard was entirely ceremonial, so gradually the amount of armor was lessened and the number of women increased until it gradually became nothing by beautiful women in platemail bikinis. In spite of the fact that they were obviously eye-candy, the guardswomen took their jobs seriously and remained stern, serious and celibate. They were basically like the Buckingham Palace guards, except all women and all in platemail bikinis.

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>you will never have a bodyguard of stern, chaste warrior women in bikinis

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No, the only female character I ever played was in a cyberpunk campaign, and my group thought playing a girl was so weird that from that day onwards they all believed I was gay.

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I could swear that artist had a picture with actual honest-to-god plate cameltoe but I can't find it.

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Yes for a gladiator match. How else is everyone supposed to admire my tight abs as I eviscerate slaves?

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>not merging the royal bodyguard and the royal harem to have a bevy of beautiful women in platemail bikinis who are also trained as courtesans and entertainers

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That's putting too many eggs in the same basket.

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yes, but not one THAT skimpy that barely covers the labia...

I was playing a Conan expy. I needed armour. There were only female gladiator sets around. Don't ask.

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If you didn't want us to ask you wouldn't have mentioned it.

Did this lead to awkward sexy shenanigans? Tell us a story anon!

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>yes, but not one THAT skimpy that barely covers the labia...
I like that on lolis.

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>terrible and impractical
bitch, I'll fite you!

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She's a dyke with nothing going for her but being down to fuck and you know it.

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I'd pound her metal, if ya know what I mean

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I still think that the irony of that picture is that all of those look terrible except the top one second from the left.

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I had been captured by... scythians? I don't really remember. Point is, they had an arena with gladiator fights.
This being a game based on Conan, I of course was selected to fight to the death the next day. Obviously, after a good night's sleep, I broke the guard's neck, took his key and grabbed the nearest set of weapons and armour I could find.
These were a short scimitar, a trident and.... massive c cup bikini plate armour and scalemail panties.
Seeing as I was naked (obviously) I put them on.

After a series of altercations I ended up in the arena by accident and ended up having to fight anyway while everyone thought I was the female champion of this city.
So after winning all the fights, I got to be greeted by the leaders of the city, thinking I was their Bitch.

And that is the story of how I murdered the entire city council of... wherever this took place again.

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Once, but part of the point was that she was kind of a stupid bint. Also an attention whore.

Does it also count that she was cybernetically augmented and her flesh was already tough enough to shrug off gunfire or is that a disqualifier?

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>no sanitary pockets to keep scrolls and reagents
>wasting mana/spell slots on environmental protection wards instead of just wearing some comfy insulating robes
0/10 wizard, would not adventure with

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Nope. Platemail's for the battlefield, bikinis are for town, and never the twain shall meet.

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Presumably, battlefield overrides town, as otherwise, you might get conflicted when there's a city skirmish.

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Exactly. Once it becomes a battlefield, it stops counting as a town until the battle is definitely over.

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I'd work her forge so hard, she'd look like this when I was through.

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Hot. But how was the sex?

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Conan expy remember?
All the whores and wenches kinda meld together after a while.
I don't remember if I did ever take off that armour though... usually only wear a loincloth as Conan, after all.

So if you like, picture a Conan like guy fucking an inn full of wenches while dressed in nothing more than a metal bikini.

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Implying my character isn't still wearing it.

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visible scrotum is probalby bannable offense...

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I don't think it is. People post scrotum in /m/ all the time.

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Plate is more often fitted to specific people, so the weight is more evenly distributed. If it's a bad fight, it might be harder to use properly, but more often it fits well enough. But chainmail, even well made chainmail, will always hang off of the shoulders, so you tire more easily.

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Only Benkei's Scrotum is allowed. All others are bannable.

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Improperly made chain is heavy and hangs off the shoulders. though with proper materials techniques and adding contractions it fits close to the body and something as simple as a belt removes a lot of the weight from the shoulders.

Also riveted maile can be made of thinner wire or flat rings that also take down the weight issue considerably. Just as good plate armor is fitted to the owner so is good maile. I've worn both and while i like the mobility of maile it just doesn't absorb the blows like my plate harness does.

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Why have a girl in sexualized armor when you can have a girl in practical armor and she's just as sexy?

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Another difference between chainmail and plate is that plate armor is meant to be sloped, sort of like a modern tank. That deflects some of the force of a blow.

Chainmail isn't bad in that sense, but it acts more like a protective cushion, taking most of the force of the blow and the cutting edge.

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Lack of imagination, I think. Like, some people apparently won't comprehend that a character is a girl if their breasts aren't noticeable at all times.

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No, but he wore a thong and striked sexy poses when casting his spells

He didn't even had the junk or ass for it

Because he was a lich, he didn't had shit but bones

I'm actually lying I never played a character like that

Or anyone else for that matter

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>>practical armor
>>Breastplate stops before covering abdomen
>>No upper leg protection
>>No upper arm protection
>>No helmet

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But scale bikinis are sexier anyway.

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One of these is a woman.

Guess which one.

If you can tell whether the wearer is a woman or not, it means your armour is shit.

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I'd guess the shorter one as women tend to be slightly shorter than men.

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Found your fetish anon.

I don't find her that hot, but put another girl in that armor...

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I dunno, depending on the wearers culture there could be symbols or other decorations attached to practical armor that might directly or indirectly (by indicating a woman-only knightly order or somesuch) display the wearer's gender.
Also, not all armored headgear covers the face, so there's another way you might be able to tell.

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Izzat Po-Ju?
Something about the mouths makes me think Po-Ju.

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Yep i'm well aware of the qualities of plate armor.

Inside either suit of armor though your'e going to get your shit rocked unless there is sufficient padding. the best armor in the world won't mean a thing if every hit rattles you around inside that tin can.

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Women in armor, how about mother and daughter?

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I don't think you know what "sexy" means. The picture you posted is cute. MOST people can't fap to cute.

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That is d'aw. But probably something you'd rarely see on an actual battlefield.

Honestly, I'm not even sure if noble fathers fought alongside their sons.

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>no sanitary pockets to keep scrolls and reagents
Miniature bags of holding for breast padding.
>wasting mana/spell slots on environmental protection wards instead of just wearing some comfy insulating robes
And I was under the impression that we were talking about settings where the temperature allows one to wear a bikini without taking penalties.

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As a child?
Plenty of nobles fought alongside their sons. EXP!

>> No.32699883

>muh realism
>women fighting at all ever in anything

pic one faggots. why do armor thread attract the tumblr and reddit crowd so strongly?

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>not loving beautiful women
>not popping a boner for a woman who is well armored and can fight and defend herself
>only like women who risk their lives sexualizing themselves

jk, anon. Chainmail bikinis and scalemail bikinis are especially hot. But can't I love a woman who wears practical armor and is beautiful?

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According to history, side by side, likely not, though many a king's son has been given command of smaller units in the same army as far back as Greek and Roman times the separation made it more unlikely that both would be captured or killed in the same battle. The war of the roses is full of instances with multiple members of warring families fighting on either side, though not side by side.

Also this romantic idea of kings and princes "leading from the front" is a Hollywood fairy-tale.

>> No.32700052

>Also this romantic idea of kings and princes "leading from the front" is a Hollywood fairy-tale.

eh what? old king/chiefs/leaders used to pretty much always lead from the front what are you talking about? it actually tended to keep causalities down since both sides only fought until the first leader was killed

>> No.32700079

Even funnier, she normally wins just by wearing down much larger fighters.

>> No.32700110

Aw shieet, is that sum CATastrophe?

>> No.32700180

>much larger
you aint joking! what a healthy looking crowd

>> No.32700338

Ha ha, sounds like she's....

Oh geezus, is she younger than I thought? Shit shit shit.

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> Also this romantic idea of kings and princes "leading from the front" is a Hollywood fairy-tale.
Richard I would like to have a word with you.

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No, it's Tsukasa Jun.


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The mom is I want to say 34, daughter 17.

Still it's fun to build armor and fight. So long as no one gets too hurt.

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Well, I honestly do like her armor. But I prefer green over blue, and I fel that surcoat would be restrictive.

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Yes and these are exceptions not the rule. you do not often see a king on the front ranks of his army unless he already knows he is going to die. Command of a battle on that scale before any kind of modern communication means that to have any idea how the plan is going you need to be positioned outside of the fighting.

>> No.32700518

Pre-modern casualties were actually very low in general compared to when firearms came into use, despite what pop media or video games will tell you.

Most front-line combat with melee weapons was two lines jockeying with each other and threatening personal space with pointy things, with fairly few actual deaths until somebody's morale gave way and opened up a whole in the line and one side broke or fled.

This is part of why Greek phalanxes, and later stuff like pike blocks, did so well in melee - tight ranks and lockstep movement made it difficult or impossible to individually run away, which also bolstered morale because you knew the guys on either side of you couldn't suddenly run away.

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Yes. It was homebrew, it gave the same armor as a normal plate chest piece (with a 30% chance of a chest hit being blocked), but weighed 10% of a normal piece. It was more efficient.

>> No.32700595

That surcoat is just a tabbard, not sewn on the sides and held on by a belt. Some fighters use them to cover up non period parts of armor and to display their colors.

The man on the right in this picture is one of the biggest fighters we have. He's no Gregor Clegane huge but i've seen him lay grown men flat with a 2 handed mace on more than one occasion.

Lightweight armor and high stamina can prevail much more often than a tank in heavy steel. Though fighting in a line with guys that huge is like beating your head against a brick wall.

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so how often did knights in full plate actually fight in 1v1 melees? werent they pretty much a mounted unit?

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Tournaments of joust and field are pretty common in Henry's time. In fact the king had such a hard on for armor.. his armor had a hard on.

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Not platemail, but I've had a character wear a bulletproof bikini once. There are rules for it in GURPS. Which I suppose could be said for most things.

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>Also this romantic idea of kings and princes "leading from the front" is a Hollywood fairy-tale.
Citation please.

There is evidence to suggest officers (when not being called on to command) fought in front ranks. In the English Civil War for instance, due to how regiments kept a full compliment of officers despite reduced numbers of "regulars", and from looking at casualty/injury records having a disproportionate numbers of officers, this suggests officers would be getting into the thick of fighting; sometimes there could be whole front ranks of officers.

So, important leader people did fight in the thick of it sometimes.

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Knights, mounted with lance in hand and charging the lines was used as a shock weapon. so over the course of centuries weapons and armor go back and forth on how best to kill this mounted man or at the very least knock him off the horse, killing the horse is an option but considered in very poor taste. War horses are expensive animals and worth more alive than dead. Still once a knight is unhorsed he is still wearing a very tough suit of armor and likely surrounded by many of his friends who all want to kill you.

Good luck.

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>Good luck.

good luck what? would knights like that even be able to walk around a muddy and bumpy battle field? are their any instances of armored knights fighting on foot during a large battle? or even how well they fair once they get dismounted?

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Once, she lost a bet and wore one for a while, it didn't come up too often because she was the party caster and wore her robes over them

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>> No.32701099

Important yes, Kings, rarely.

at Crécy both the English and french commanders are surrounded at the center of their armies Prince Edward III is at the center of his army with the men while Philip VI has counts and noblemen and their sworn men at arms at their sides.

In ancient battles you see more bold moves by commanders like Hannibal who place themselves in the center of their armies among the weakest least experienced troops to prove to them that this was part of his plan, so they won't run. The battle of Cannae goes down in history as one of the few times a smaller force encircles and destroys a superior sized one.

>> No.32701252

You can move around well enough even in full plate.


The real problem is being exposed to close range fire from longbows and cannon and all other manner of horrible death devices. Armor is great and all but it can't stop everything.

>> No.32701389

the charge is only effective against units with broken discipline and lacking in pikes
a charge will break upon a solid formation; while it'll drive through lose/unnerved formation

>cartwheeling knight.jpg
a fully armored knight was quite agile and maneuverable in his plate armor
also, the actual armor used for battle was lighter than the armor used for jousting/tournaments
also also, getting unseated from your horse is going to knock the wind out of your sails for a bit. which would give the opponents time to finish them off
finally, 1:1, a knight is going to defeat your average infantry since they're moslty peasant conscripts. of course swarm tactics will defeat them

>> No.32701416


the only thing i normally think about is the feet. they are flat steel on the bottom right? are the guys in the video wearing 100% legit boots? looks like they are just wearing shoes with nothing protecting the soles

i know knights can move around pretty well at least for a short period of time. i remember some history channel thing were the guys jumps/falls off a horse and pops right back up to demonstrate that point

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> French leaders were so eager to defeat the English (and win the ransoms of the English men-at-arms) that they insisted on being in the first line; as one of the contemporary accounts put it: "All the lords wanted to be in the vanguard, against the opinion of the constable and the experienced knights."[21]

faggot french lordlings whining to be in the thick of battle? this is totally going to end well...

>> No.32701888

>The field of battle was arguably the most significant factor in deciding the outcome. The recently ploughed land hemmed in by dense woodland favoured the English, both because of its narrowness, and because of the thick mud through which the French knights had to walk.[27][28

>As the battle was fought on a recently ploughed field, and there had recently been heavy rain leaving it very muddy, it proved very tiring to walk through in full plate armour. The French monk of St. Denis describes the French troops as "marching through the middle of the mud where they sank up to their knees. So they were already overcome with fatigue even before they advanced against the enemy". The deep, soft mud particularly favoured the English force because, once knocked to the ground, the heavily armoured French knights had a hard time getting back up to fight in the mêlée. Barker states that some knights, encumbered by their armour, actually drowned in their helmets.[32] Their limited mobility made them easy targets for the volleys from the English archers. The mud also increased the ability of the much more lightly armoured English archers to join in hand-to-hand fighting against the French men-at-arms.

>> No.32701973

I mean, not really, but it could be used for it.

I've never gotten the chance to play CATastrophe.

>> No.32701999

Who is that woman? She is cute. I like her.

Can I give her a gentle hug?

>> No.32702065

>would knights like that even be able to walk around a muddy and bumpy battle field?

> are their any instances of armored knights fighting on foot during a large battle?
Yes. Several.

>or even how well they fair once they get dismounted?
Pretty damn well, actually. That armor wasn't for show.

The kind of plate people would wear into battle actually weighs less than what the modern marine carries on their back now. And unlike the modern marine, the knight had that weight distributed across their entire body.

The kind of super heavy, not at all mobile armor you're thinking of didn't exist on the battlefield. It was a special kind of armor used in jousting tournaments. Since jousting is 90% riding at your enemy, you don't need a lot of mobility. This is not the case on battlefields.

>> No.32702091

No, but I once had a berserker catgirl who charged into battle naked.

She was a catfolk barbarian in a Pathfinder game. The party had been captured by some natives (we ate the food, like idiots), tied up with their clothing removed. Well, they escaped, and she didn't bother to get decent. She found her sword and started hackin' and slashin'.

>> No.32702221

This, but also during the transition from Chain to Plate there were a few kinds which used both extensively and were stupid heavy to wear, and have instances in their use where guys fell and couldn't get back up. Pic related is a kind where that happened. Granted, by the 1400's and onward this wouldn't be the case.

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>When the archers ran out of arrows they dropped their bows and using hatchets, swords and the mallets they had used to drive their stakes in, attacked the now disordered, fatigued and wounded French men-at-arms massed in front of them. The French could not cope with the thousands of lightly armoured longbowmen assailants (who were much less hindered by the mud and weight of their armour) combined with the English men-at-arms. The impact of thousands of arrows, combined with the slog in heavy armour through the mud, the heat and lack of oxygen in plate armour with the visor down, and the crush of their numbers meant the French men-at-arms could "scarcely lift their weapons" when they finally engaged the English line.[48]

french getting BTFO. what else is new?

>> No.32702591

Interestingly enough., I bet noone complains

>> No.32702635

I'm not sure. I just saved it because she's cute and adorably chubby.

>> No.32702726

>not wearing a japanese high school skirt into battle

are you guys pansies or something?

>> No.32702757

>adorably chubby
only in a fantasy world without cellulite and stretch marks

>> No.32702945

I think you should add Noel (Mu?) from blaz blue to the bottom row

>> No.32703041

No but he ran into battle naked once

>> No.32703096

>fatties and beta males with some sort of victim complex from seeing idealized sexy women in fantasy

does fighting in a robe count as less armor than a platemail bikini?

>> No.32703375

There's a big difference between chubby and fat/hambeast. Like, a huge difference.

But your opinion, I suppose.

>> No.32703385

Given he usually ends up in a loincloth, or half-robed at best, I'm gonna say yes.

>> No.32703431

In my experience, the offensive part of the platemail bikini is not that it is ineffective as armor so much as that it pretends not to be. Robes do no such thing.

>> No.32703457

Just in the level of unattractiveness and lack of sanitation
Basically a mouse compared to a rat

>> No.32703459

Cute as hell. Just the right size.

>> No.32703506


And objectively shit opinions, at that.

>> No.32703594

>In my experience, the offensive part of the platemail bikini is not that it is ineffective as armor so much as that it pretends not to be

you can pretty much say the same thing about female fighters in a fantasy setting

>> No.32703651

Bikini? No
More than once.

>> No.32703704

I don't understand. Female fighters are pretty cool.

>> No.32703732

Pet rats are actually very clean.

>> No.32703754

Yes actually. Once as a bluff/deception. I was playing a changeling, and I took the place of a captured army commander who was going to be brought to an opposing army leader as a prize.

It was sorta like Leia when she was captured by Jabba. I waited till his guards dropped me off in his room and then stabbed him with a magically hidden dagger.

>> No.32703758

>not fighting in full armor except for an exposed cock and balls

its like you dont even want to emasculate your enemy anon

>Female fighters are pretty cool.

yes they are. its the tumblr sjw bullshit that almost always follows them thats annoying

also your pic related is a shit example of a cool female fighter

>> No.32703806

this is a good example of one

>> No.32703821

The sabatons (steel foot coverings) only cover the top of the boot and are strapped onto the boots of the wearer. they don't interfere with traction. Also due to the high level of skill required in making the articulated sabatons many just use modified boots with metal plates or hardened leather riveted onto them.

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>> No.32703901


>> No.32703962

Of course, don't you wear your armor bikini while going to the beach?

>> No.32704046

Historically, green is avoided in heraldry because of it's association with Islam and the Fatimid Caliphate. Green banners were a common sign during the crusades. It wasn't until late in the medieval period that people began using green in personal arms.

>> No.32704097

moar battlekini

>> No.32704122

>women have to pretend they are men in order to have self respect!

can we agree that nothing hurts gender equality more than modern feminism?

>> No.32704137

What are you on about now?

>> No.32704184

>women have to pretend they are men in order to give me an erection


>> No.32704207


>> No.32704229

Sex Is Not the Enemy.

>> No.32704269


>> No.32704270

>Pure camp

Lofty heights to which I can only dream of one day ascending

>> No.32704298


>> No.32704315

What If I want a crusty old guy with a beard in a skimpy outfit?

>> No.32704332

I support gender equality.

>> No.32704352

>And the WEIGHT
Sure, if you're a pussy who isn't trained to wear, much less fight, in that shit. The heaviest suit was 25kg/55lbs, which is really not that heavy all things told, especially considering modern US Army Infrantry loadout is 54lbs+ and they run around with all that shit like it's no big deal. Some of them hit the 90+ lbs range, so 55lbs is not that big a deal.

>> No.32704357

>Wanting your body guard to be young, fit, attractive ladies of sufficient discipline and intelligence to performe their duties, and are also willing and able to perform as entertainers and provide sexual favours on demand
I think a royal guard, at any one time, should probably have at least five individuals.

>> No.32704369

True. The Enemy belongs on the battlefield, while Sex looks somewhat goofy there in my opinion. That might just be me, though.
But whatever, here's a warrior I have who doesn't seem to be wearing overmuch armor.

>> No.32704374

Yes, but he looked ridiculous.

>> No.32704396

>edgelord doesnt realize men in leather thongs in fantasy setting is already extremely common

probably more common then females in chainmail bikinis

start posting your big titted babes anon. gots to have equal representation after all

>> No.32704453

>wearing down

So that means it's clearly not HEMA.
Dropped for being prancing faggots in armour.

>> No.32704456

This counts as being edgy in your mind?
>A picture of a well built man taking off his loin cloth in a seductive manner is DARK and GRIM.

>> No.32704466

>> No.32704546

Hema, glorified sword tag.

People with steel weapons beating each other until they yield or are forced into submission... "prancing" dude you need to really grow up. this is /tg/ we have standards here. Not many but we have them.

>> No.32704566

>dual wielding sword and axe
>opponent doesn't have a shield
>willfully reducing your effectiveness like that

What a bunch of faggots, what are they even doing?

>> No.32704579


Because I grew up on fucking heavy Metal warrioress bitches.

Not your slack jawed, slope brow, rice smuggling JRPG fandom Jellapo shit.

If I want non-fiction I'll go find my Hard Sci Fi

>> No.32704648


>> No.32704732

HEMA is glorified sword tag? HEMA? The actual techniques the dudes who would have worn actual plate armour would have used?
I hope you're thinking of LARP.

The very concept of "beating" on an armoured opponent is retarded. Unless you have a mace, I suppose. Those dudes? With the swords? Not keeping their distance properly or half swording in your pic?
They are literally the worst faggets.

Here, have a look at some HEMA:

>> No.32704769


>> No.32704792

not that guy but the dudes in your video are clearly playing sword tag. the fight doesnt end just because you booped someone on the top of their helmet with the tip of your sword

hell fencing is better than what you just posted. do they ever do grappling in HEMA?

>> No.32704830


He asked a question. It was answered.

>> No.32704861

They do grappling in HEMA.
The thing is, it's hard to find videos of any quality with armoured and grappling HEMA techniques.
Most vids are like that one, demonstrating one or two striking techniques.

Also, no, the fight would be over with one bop to the head. Because these are Blossfechten techniques, which presume an unarmoured opponent. So you don't bump him on the head, you cut his head in half.

I have one vid with a bit of grappling:

>> No.32704918

The presumption of every master in the manuals of the renaissance (there's relatively little preserved from before then, earliest is Lichtenauer) is to make a clean one hit kill if at all possible.
Sword tag? HEMA sucks? What's your alternative, these a-historical idiots in their armour smacking sword blades on each other?

>> No.32704934

>Blossfechten techniques, which presume an unarmoured opponent

they why the fuck did you post it in respond to knights fighting in full armor? i would still take a fencer over that faggot shit anyway. at least they practice with enough force that would actually stab/kill someone if they were using real sword and didnt wear armor

>> No.32704993

>What's your alternative

you already said it. ill choose to not pretend i know something about shit we know pretty much nothing about

besides that even if two swordsmen met on the battle field and they had some training, im betting most of it went out the window in the first millisecond of life or death combat

>> No.32705030

Do you mind giving a source for that? I'm legitimately curious, because I only know a little about heraldry and what the colors behind it mean.

She was just the first picture I found of a woman in full armor. What about
>>32699625 and

I just like women in armor. I like scalemail bikinis too (not really platemail, but sometimes chainmail), but I find a place and time for both. Some characters or settings or whatever just don't fit one or the other.

And holy fucking shit, that gif made me laugh so hard. I like you.

>> No.32705038

This IS fencing, smarty pants. Or do you think that olympic crap has anything to with anything?
Those hits land hard enough to cause concussions, I should add bud.

Why did I post that? Because like I said, armoured and grappling vids in particular are hard to find.
And HEMA has techniques for armoured fighting, called Harnisfechten. This is all in the Lichtenauer school, I should add.
HEMA just means Historic European Martial Arts, i.e. practitioners of actual medieval/renaisance fencing techniques.

You're literally criticizing the authors of the time period for using faggot techniques.

See for 'ard hitting:

>> No.32705150

>shit we know pretty much nothing about

YOU know nothing about. There are surviving manuals. There are schools keeping these traditions alive.
Lichtenauer, Capo Ferro, Hanko Dobringer, Ringeck... Lots and lots.
Just because you haven't read up on the historical fighting techniques, doesn't mean they don't exist.

>besides that even if two swordsmen met on the battle field and they had some training, im betting most of it went out the window in the first millisecond of life or death combat

Possible, but that's what training exist for to avoid. And you'd be surprised what a difference muscle memory makes. And without training and knowing how to take on armour... well, you're gonna die. Because otherswise you end up swinging your sword like a tard, like these in the thread, and he just stabs you in the elbows, and then Mordhau's your skull.
Look, I'm really rather sure you yourself don't fence in any capacity, or you'd know at least some of this.

>> No.32705160

Oh yeah, it's common, but it's never meant to be sexy. Where are my objectified male warriors. Scantily clad is not enough. We have to go deeper.

>> No.32705181

>This IS fencing, smarty pants. Or do you think that olympic crap has anything to with anything?

i dont know shit about fencing. i know what james bond did in that one movie though. most videos iv seen of that style fencing has them actually stabbing the person and following through with the lunge, so if the sword was real and the had no armor on it would actually kill the person without any modification to their technique. i think all sorts of fencing if shitty

>You're literally criticizing the authors of the time period for using faggot techniques.
no i was literally criticizing the reenactors in your video

>> No.32705234


>> No.32705295

Yes. Ironically, it had the highest Soak of any gear she ever wore.

Exalted's a hell of a drug.

>> No.32705310

> know what james bond did in that one movie though.

I am saddened to inform you, no real fencing techniques are ever presented in a movie, because that tends to be really fucking dangerous, and a lot of people argue it doesn't look cinematic. The closest you'll get is old school Hollywood with Errol Flynn and Basil Rathbone, because they both knew how to actually fence.
Unarmoured fight in particular are fast, brutal, and bloody. Like in these videos.

A lunge is not a Longsword technique. You can do it, but it's a terrible idea. Lunges are things for epees and rapiers.

Protip: you ever see anyone take a swing with a sword in a movie, you can disregard it. You never slash or swing. You always try to go for a stab to the neck or eye. Then there' techniques where your blade is deflected and you turn it into an attack on the hands.
The only cut ever is the Oberhau, where you're expected to catch the opponents sword and turn it into an ochs and stab him in the face.

If you're strong or fast enough, you might fuck up and deliver a cut though.

>> No.32705321

Equal objectification gives me life.

>> No.32705330

>Because otherswise you end up swinging your sword like a tard, like these in the thread, and he just stabs you in the elbows, and then Mordhau's your skull.

my criticism was that the techniques shown in the video would be shit for armor. and then you say its not for armor. and i say ok then who cares? im willing to bet anything the techniques for fighting against armor dont look like that. im willing to bet the use a lot of grappling...what are we arguing about again? i said sword tag for fighting armored knights is dumb and that made you made or something?

>> No.32705363

I'm a bearded man and i have personally wore one while smashing heads with a (padded)battleaxe.

>> No.32705377

What if guys don't want to be muscled or girls like muscled guys?

What if you have to wake up every day, look in the mirror, sigh, and remind yourself that you'll never be muscled like Superman?

I support the ladies, but grand sweeping notions always leave out the individuals.

>> No.32705423

>What if guys don't want to be muscled or girls like muscled guys?

what point are you trying to make anon?

>> No.32705452

Well then, here you go.

>> No.32705453

Most people don't know this but most of the time authors have little to know creative input when the covers get drawn up for their novels. The covers are usually designed at the behest of the publishing company's marketing department. Also, her redesign of batman falls in line with characters that fit the "bishounen" design in anime, which due to experience with a high school anime club that was 90% female members, I know for a fact is what girls REALLY go for.

>> No.32705461

Yes, because those techniques actually *can* be used for armoured opponents. Some, anyway.
Yes, the techniques for armour tend to be very different. You half sword for one. And use the guard to deliver murdering blows like Mordhau, pic related.
There would be wrestling as well, yeah, with the sword as the central piece, where you try to maneuver it in such a way ir deflects your opponents sword, and you can stab him in the neck. Or the dick. Or the elbows.

>> No.32705477

You're a beautiful person.

>> No.32705478

>little to no
Fuck what is wrong with me.

>> No.32705481

And forgot image goddamnit.

>> No.32705493

That the situation isn't always clearcut - sometimes muscle isn't a power fantasy, but a bitter reminder you can't be that person.

>> No.32705501

>Most people don't know this but most of the time authors have little to know creative input when the covers get drawn up for their novels

which actually just supports my point idiot. publishers know what sells so they make the covers women want to see

>e, which due to experience with a high school anime club that was 90% female members, I know for a fact is what girls REALLY go for.

holy shit girls in an anime club like anime?! alert the internet anon!!

>> No.32705520

I'd argue about false equivalence but I just want to keep posting my collection of sexy warrior men from planet bicep.

>> No.32705546

You laugh but I'd make him keep it on in bed.

>> No.32705561

worn slingshot instead of underwear, an lost all other clothes. Does that count?

>> No.32705579

Dude's power fantasy tends to be much more built than the women's though. Broader shoulders, more muscle mass, squarer core...
The ones who give it serious thought anyway... ahem...

>> No.32705623

Oh my sweet baby jesus.

I'll be in my bunk.

The lack of chest hair equality in this thread disturbs me.

>> No.32705636

Though that honestly makes me wonder - what is a woman's power fantasy?

>> No.32705673

Yup, basically the complaining is for the sake of complaining and was never about equality to begin with, so it doesn't matter if male barbarians dress down. The goal is to be angry for the sake of being angry.

>> No.32705693

I'd hate to be one of those muscled freaks. eugh.

>> No.32705706


>> No.32705733

Someone post the Jojo version of that comic

>> No.32705769

No no no, you misunderstand, I'm not angry. I love sexy people, particularly sexy people in armor, so I find the lack of sexy dudes in armor disturbing. I just want more sexy from the world anon.

>> No.32705806

Well our tastes differ on sexy.
Post more Bears anon. Not these faggy elves.
Too many girls in this thread already.

>> No.32705809

See >>32703704.

Alternately, Katniss from Hunger Games.

>> No.32705828

>woman's power fantasy

I honestly don't think women actually have these; they're too attached to their fantasies of submission and victim-complex roles to genuinely have ''power fantasies'' in the same fashion as men do.

I think the very few things that COULD be interpret as ''women power fantasies'' (ie. quasi-femdom titillation) are just made up by men, for men.

>> No.32705841

No, but he did drop his robe and make advances on a Nazi to throw him off kilter while the Robot Assasian got in place to take him in the back of the head.

>> No.32705845

Nope. Cut that shit out. That is not a pth we want this thread to go down

>> No.32705865

>which actually just supports my point idiot. publishers know what sells so they make the covers women want to see
No they don't, especially if everyone in that department is male.

>holy shit girls in an anime club like anime?! alert the internet anon!!
No I was saying that girls like lean and beautiful pretty boys like Tamaki or Lelouch, rather than big, muscular guys like Kenshiro or Goku. Why the hell do you think Justin Bieber has so many fangirls?

>> No.32705867

Kinda sexist...

But generally, I'd say yeah, women don't think the same way men do. They don't need power fantasies. Every woman I've ever dated was always just busy achieving things, getting a degree, a good job, learning a skill, to have time for "fantasies".
Few of them would play tabletop with me...

>> No.32705907

Anon I aim to deliver, but I cannot find you a bear in skimpy armor. This is why we need equal objectification people.

>> No.32705909

... According to this picture, women want other women.

>> No.32705935

So it begins...

>> No.32705948

>Justin Bieber
and one direction, and johnny deep, and korean boybands
still a large number of females like big and brawny
not the other poster you are arguing with btw
i agree with
generalizations over this topics usually leave out individuals, a lot of individuals

>> No.32705957

This guy has a bear. I don't know if a pendant and a steel chain count as skimpy armor, though.

>> No.32705968


>> No.32705971

Still too girly!
Like this!

>> No.32705982

Oh, also he's got a helmet. Must have been too distracted by his chest.

>> No.32705985

I honestly thing that part of the problem is that NO ONE can generalize what kind of guy girls want, and conflict inevitably arises when people do

>> No.32706004

Thank you.

>> No.32706022

Anon you're a beautiful person.

>> No.32706024

I've talked to girls/women that likes cute and petite boys (aforementioned korean boy band type), guys with soldier builds (strong, high endurance body with a layer of fat), chiseled/cut guys with defined muscles, strongman bear guys, fat smelly fucks, a little chubby guys like Sam from LOTR, etc etc.

>> No.32706040

me too, that was the point of my post

>> No.32706048

The one on the right is male.
Funny thing is CLAMP, an all female team of manga artists are diehard Jojo fans. The first work they ever published was a Jojo yaoi doujinshi.
Yes everybody has a type. I for one like girls with long, dark hair that wear glasses. However, the majority of women seem to like pretty boys like Justin Timberlake or Leonardo di Caprio (in his prime). My cousin for the longest time had a crush on Orlando Bloom. My sister on the other hand only goes for black guys, but I think she's the exception rather than the rule.

>> No.32706052

You're right! Therefore, we should provide every type of man just to cover all our bases.

>> No.32706073

This barbarian lookin' guy might also qualify.

>> No.32706080

Digging the beard, but his armor isn't skimpy enough to appeal to my delicate sensibilities.

>> No.32706084

C-can I have them both?

>> No.32706086

Everyone knows that there are no men in code geas

>> No.32706110

I'd an Orange-kun. Hmmmm, Orange-kun.

>> No.32706117

I vaguely remember reading a study a while back on that and basically the answer to the question of "What kind of guy do girls like" was "We just did a study and we STILL don't fucking know"
If you read Jojo's bizarre adventure, you can!

>> No.32706137

It's just like if women had individual tastes. It's such an odd concept!

>> No.32706145

Where are you finding this quality content??

>> No.32706197

Of course you can anon. Sexy is relative.

>> No.32706221

I don't know, character threads from /tg/ probably mostly? Unfortunately I'm way too lazy to keep track of my sources.

>> No.32706248

That movie ruined Khal Drogo for me.

>> No.32706288

Personally I like most kinds, but it really depends on a lot of stuff. I don't like the large majority of bara stuff though.

But I'm bi so it's likely that my tastes are highly different than the actual topic which is what straight women like.

>> No.32706331

Most bi chicks I know tend to like the skinnier kind of guy.
And read animu.
I'm sure there's no correlation.

>> No.32706357

Ruined my respect for his talent but not my respect for his chiseled features.

>> No.32706431

I acknowledge that woman have individual tastes just as men do. My point is that most of them follow a pattern to what they consider sexy.

For men, the pattern is big boobs+big butt=sexy.
For women, the pattern is lean body+cute face=sexy.

>> No.32706794

To be fair, for men, the girl has to have a pretty face too or the whole thing falls apart. This is called "Butterface".

>> No.32706853

Why do you weeaboos feel the need to continue forcing these hypothetical threads just to talk about your fetish fuel?

>> No.32706967

>he thinks only ricegoblin-wannabies like/contribute bikini armors

This kind of folly? On /tg/ of all places?!?

>> No.32707001

He's probably new.

>> No.32707024

>He doesn't think /tg/ is le epic screenshot weeaboo fetish fuel containment board?

There's that baseless argument again.

>> No.32707085

>weeaboo is automatically bad and should leave here and never return
>on 4chan
>a board modeled after a Japanese site
>with mostly japanese topics
>not every bit as baseless as calling someone new.

>> No.32707117

>Mostly Japanese topics

You can't be that fucking delusional. They're a minority. I know it's hard to count past ten without taking off your socks, but god damn son.

Though even to assume for a second it was, there'd still be no reason to shit up /tg/ with your wankery.

>> No.32707202

lol way to obvious b8 m8

>> No.32707263

Being serious son.
Maybe I just meet very strange women.

>> No.32707280

Sort of. My Male Dwarven contortionist wore Gloryborn armor, which was a legitimate "fantasy style armor" template you could add.

His wife loved it, the party forced him to buy new armor.

>> No.32707314

there are no girls here that are going to sleep with you for being a pussy whipped faggot. drop it son

women over all get shit degrees and choose shit jobs. if you actually did encounter something different it most definitely is not the norm

>> No.32707331

actually ill go ahead and open up my /pol/ folder. i know where this is going to lead

>> No.32707358

... Have you been to a University lately? It's like 75% women.
Have you been to a government office lately? Everything up to middle management is women.

Women don't have the top jobs perhaps, but they're starting to outnumber men in getting degrees. They rule the circles of data entry and middle management. Few women in construction or mining after all.

Honestly, the criticism I was *expecting* was being accused of saying women lacked imagination. That only men have enough imagination to come up with new ideas.

But there I go again, overestimating 4chan.

>> No.32707376

Feminist victory would be achieving something and not being punished or overly praised because they did it while being a woman.

>> No.32707422

>outnumber men in getting degrees

yes but the problem is they are choosing to get shit degree. which is what i already said. aka non stem degrees. which means less money

women going to college to get a womens studies degree isnt a joke. its really happening. and dance, transgender studies, art history etc etc

>> No.32707429

>mfw feminists do some of those things too

>> No.32707456

Real platemail isn't that heavy and is rather easy to move in but it can be really fucking hot and no sane person would wear a full set of it for extended period of time.
Real chainmail is rather heavy and harder to move in.

>> No.32707478

I study law. International law.
My college is 75% women.
This is the case for the entirety of the university. Every course. And we don't have such ridiculous things womens studies or liberal arts in my country.
We have graphic design or architecture if you want to draw pretty pictures.
The only exception I know to the "overwhelming female students" rule I've seen so far is with an ex who studied material science and she was the only girl there.
But out of a class of 7.

As an addendum: Lots and lots of men are also getting shit degrees. Just less of them are even getting them.

>> No.32707518

i dont understand your point. are you trying to say your anecdotal story trumps what the actual numbers for the country are? i really dont give a shit what percentage of women your particular college is. the countries rates are still the same. you study law and this is how you argue a point? get fucked

>> No.32707598

The best way to keep people in line is to get them to police themselves.

>> No.32707610

>the actual numbers for the country are

"the country"? What are you, American? You must be. You don't even know where I'm from or what the figures from *my* country are. And for criticizing someone's methodology, you ought to present some figures then, no?

I'm telling a fun and lovely story about how my life is just filled with educated women everywhere... and arguing they lack creativity, and very often don't share interest men have, like tabletop RPGs. Which I wanted to talk about.
And you're making me have a debate about... what exactly? The fact that women aren't getting more degrees per capita? In America no less?

Well, I don't care either at this rate.

>> No.32707611

but they didnt really police themselves in 1984. they just had everything bugged

>> No.32707647

Only the second and third ones happen ever and they are usually true as well.
>was it worth it, babymaker?

>> No.32707659

youre on an american website dipshit. tell me what country youre from and i would gladly pull up the figure

forgot what you were arguing about already? why do you feel so strongly about an issue that you will argue with me about it and state flatly that im wrong, but when i start to take you to task on it you clam up and pretend youre taking the "high road"?

>> No.32707672

>not meant to be sexy
you lie.

>> No.32707689

>youre on an american website dipshit

>> No.32707716

...is something wrong?

>> No.32707722

>people arguing over non-topic issues of ''who's the weeaboo'' and ''this is this and that''

Get a load of these wankers.

>> No.32707730

But assuming I would be American just because I'm on an American website is... I dunno, dumb and arrogant?

From Portugal and Holland. Mixed parents, studied and study between them. Holds true for both countries though, the overwhelming women thing. Though I'd say more like 60% in Holland and 75% in Portugal.

Also see this post I made:
>Honestly, the criticism I was *expecting* was being accused of saying women lacked imagination. That only men have enough imagination to come up with new ideas.

That was my first response to you.
You're the one who wants to keep this about muh gender superiority.

>> No.32707828

>assuming I would be American just because I'm on an American website is... I dunno, dumb and arrogant?

is this what they teach you in your wonderful european universities? you intentionally fail to state some pretty relevant information just so you can later say "ha! you made a normal safe assumption!"? does that mean youre dumb and arrogant for assuming im american? let me guess...your assumption was correct to make but mine wasnt? i think im a mind reader

anyway im not going to waste time to pull up the info. without a doubt males hold more STEM degrees in europe even though females are attaining more degrees. same pattern as here

>> No.32707843

I counted 15 boards involving topics of japanese origin, if one acknowledges cosplay a thing of japanese origin. If not only 14.

It still far outnumbers any other common interest between boards, with the next most being video games, involving a count of 4.

So I'm going to have to side with mr. weeaboo wapanese. This is actually a pretty chink website.

And also, I'll have you know the leather/chainmail bikini in fantasy games is a time-honored tradition that dates back to before such games even existed, back when it was all comic books and pulpy Tolkien rip-off novels.

Flash Gordon has chainmail bikinis for crying out loud.

But we can go back even further!
Every bellydancer you've ever seen, what are they wearing? Proto-bikinis.

Hence, when European man was still tiptoeing out of the HRE, and the tales of the crusades came back of these exotic pagan cultures and the way their women dressed, what were these stories of, my friend? Scantily clad women. In Belly-revealing clothing.

Ergo, your accusations of this being a weeaboo topic is thus Moot.

>> No.32707884

B-but anon... no one states their nationality randomly, for no reason, unless it becomes important to bring it up.
The fact that when it's not specified, you immediately assume American, is more reflective of you than of me.
There's considerably more English speakers not from the US on the internet after all.
My assumptions was based on your use of "the country". See the thing is, no one does that except Americans, it's a pretty safe tell. Other countries tend to specify their country rather than say "the country". In Europe for instance, it comes across as rabidly nationalistic.
But let's not get into that.

What are STEM degrees exactly? I'm not familiar with that term. But that might be because we have very different educational systems.

>> No.32707934

Not that guy, but at a rough guess:
Science, technology, engineering, manufacturing?

>> No.32707958

No, but now I sort of want to. Because that is glorious.
Not to mention it can lead into the "Skeleton in a speedo? Poses like Armstrong? Psssh this guy isn't dangerousZAP!WHYISOURWIZARDDEAD?!"

>> No.32707990

>nationality randomly, for no reason, unless it becomes important to bring it up.

we were having an argument about degree attainment rates by gender in countries.

>My assumptions was based on your use of "the country". See the thing is, no one does that except American

thats because this is an american website. most people on here are american. stop trying so hard man.


>> No.32708025

Oh, that makes sens...

Well, possibly not that one, I don't see how you could get a degree in manufacturing. Unless you count stuff like welding I suppose.

I couldn't say about that anon. I'm in the humanities. In the humanities it's like what I said: boatloads of chicks.

>> No.32708049

That's like the guy's entire argument, though. The humanities are full of chicks, and the big paying fields aren't.

>> No.32708086

>mfw you flip the columns to make it look like the women are saying it to one another makes it a more topical and realistic comic

>> No.32708115

>rates by gender in countries.
No we weren't, I was telling an anecdotal story about my experience with it, as a basis for my point of "Why don't women like the shit I like, why don't they create as much imaginative shit, they're clearly smart, look at the stuff I see happening around me"

Then you made it about countries and education numbers. Anyhow, I did provide my nationality when asked, didn't I? What are you whinning about.

No man, assuming someone else is from your own country just because they're on an English language website... that's a reflection of you as a person and your culture. I don't do that, even on a Dutch or Portuguese board (They might be Belgian or Brazilian, for instance).
Fucking hundreds of millions of people speak English and use the net. I wouldn't be surprised that if Americans make up a majority of board users, it'd be a slim margin.

It's just dumb to assume anything about anyone's nationality when on the internet.

>> No.32708128

whatever you have to say to sooth that cognitive dissonance

>> No.32708149

If he must make that point, let him back it up with his precious figures then.

Not that I don't believe him. Women do indeed, on the whole, get less specialized degrees.
Doesn't change the fact that for instance, they're becoming the entirety of middle management due to this.
I don't really see what's so important about who makes more dosh and has better degrees though... Eh, Americans.

>> No.32708168

>making baseless assumptions about nationalities is dumb
>cognitive dissonance

Yeah okay bud.

>> No.32708169

As a survivor of the bleak post-cyberpocalyptic Neo-american hellscape, I have to say who makes more dosh is vitally important.
If you don't have enough dosh, you might not have enough cash to afford that cyber-heart you need or those fix-o-lungs after you inhale too much smoke from the billowing factories.

>> No.32708189

>> No.32708197

>people thinking dragon crown could be sexist

>> No.32708209

Yo is that a fucking ReBoot pin on that guy's hat?

Can I get a source on that image?

>> No.32708211

If only you had government sponsored healthcare...
But hey, on the upside, you can totally buy *the* most amazing lungs if you have the cash! Or that Walrus snout you always wanted! Or a Whale cock!*

*I just assume American physicians don't have ethics on general principle.

>> No.32708219

That's just a youtube celebrity who likes reboot.

>> No.32708285

... Oh. Well that's a bit disappointing. Thanks anyway though.

>> No.32708308

American doctors are much more likely to refuse service than give you anything cool.
Legal concerns are a bitch over here.

>> No.32708321

I think what you're describing is more a veterinary thing, though I may be wrong. Americans are getting weird these days.

>> No.32708395

Okay so they're Lawful Evil and obstructive bureaucrats.
They're still immoral though right?

>> No.32708425

>french getting BTFO. what else is new?
Interesting fact is that french have quite good win loss in terms of war instead what popular culture keeps telling. Some how everyone always forgets Napoleon.

>> No.32708426

Oh, my, yes.
Will deny a dying man a treatment so long as they are not presently dying on their floor.

>> No.32708437

Oh, also, staunchly REFUSE to name any prices until -after- procedures. Or you don't have any money.

>> No.32708465

I would posit that while France might have the highest overall ratio of wins to losses, any country around today is going to be "winners" otherwise they wouldn't be around today.

>> No.32708521

I've got a friend on Medaid, the poorman's free health insurance given by the feds, who was in a car wreck. Had spinal reconstructive surgery.

None of it was covered, and combined with all the X-Ray and other procedural fees as well, he's now 190,000 in debt.

He;s going to have to declare bankruptcy at age 20.

US med system is straight jank yo.

>> No.32708540

Good, good. I'd hate to be misjudging their character.

Now to find some paladins...
>kill all lawful evil doctors
>no more doctors
>everyone dies of typhus

HAHAHA! Using good to defeat itself. I love nihilism. Well I don't. I wouldn't be a Nihilist if I did.

>> No.32708791

>No shield when Jousting

I just wanted to enjoy a silly show about ladyknights in armor but it was retarded on the level of Seiken no Blacksmith.

>> No.32708860

Well, I congratulate you on not being bothered by the open visors.

>> No.32708939

>The visors bother me more than the lack of shields

Are you serious?

>> No.32708976

Well fuck, it's like they really want to die.

>> No.32709043

>a female such as myself

Real people don't talk like this, it should say

and then the guy says

>> No.32709046

oh yeah, Nohelmet McBoobplate...
Whoever drew that anyway?

I just figured you wouldn't want to miss out on all of the opportunities for violent and dumb death.

>> No.32709305

After a little google image search, it's done by Circle A.

>> No.32709320

>that messy room
>that necklace
Chances are I know that girl.

>> No.32709337


Everything about this image is wrong

>> No.32709401

>katana wank
>that's why it's strenght and sharpness are unparalleled when compared to swords produced via mold
>molded swords

Can't argue with that. Seriously, when you have to choose between folded-steel katanas and fucking molded swords, the katana is a magical piece of god-cutting edge.

>> No.32709474 [SPOILER] 


>> No.32709590

Best I can do from my phone is this Wikipedia article.


>> No.32709614

Low quality bait.

>> No.32709621

My dwarf berserker wanted to wear a platemail bikini, but the GM had the good sense to never let him acquire one.

>> No.32709700

What about this

>> No.32710286

No you fucking faggot now stop making this thread.

>> No.32710553

I has leaf armor

>> No.32711639

Except no one said anything about one theme. Nice job loading your argument, weeaboo. Your cancer containment boards are the minority. Yet again, even if your statement held any weight, then there still would be zero justification on the account of posting off topic shit so you permavirgins can have a wank.

>> No.32711921

I agree.

>> No.32712106

>It's not a shame to demand respect.
It's mostly futile though, since anyone who won't recognize someone in spite of any valid effort they make sure as fuck won't do so just because they are told to.

>> No.32712305

I don't know anyone with that kind of respect...

>> No.32712335

I'm just going to leave this here...

>> No.32712411

You don't know anyone who earned respect from others through what they've accomplished?

>> No.32712598

Nevermind, I gave the matter a more thorough thoughs.

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