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Hello elegan/tg/entlemen,

I am in need of character art for strong female warriors who aren't wearing bikini-mail. Cleavage optional, but protection preferred. Providing two pictures to show what I'm looking for.

1/2 - Ves from The Witcher 2. Note that she at least wears a brigandine coat, which could potentially be done up at the expense of fan service.

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Generic/D&D fantasy I assume

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Wish there was more of these by this artist

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2/2 - "lady of the knight" by nathanparkart of deviantart

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Pathfinder, looking more for human characters. The campaign I created for my party has strong racist overtones to spice up the social dynamics of the nations.

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Sure, I'll give you what I've got.

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I really like this one, excellent contribution!

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These are all awesome, guys. Thank you!

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No problem! I have lots from the time I was obsessively trying to get a good pic of my Paladin (which also explains why so many of them are blonde...)

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And that's it- the rest of my female pics are either spellcasters or Wild West types. Hope you found something you like!

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lots, thanks so much!

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Saving thread from last page so I can get the images when I get home tonight.

I wont be too upset of it has more posts when I open it again.

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Guess I'll just till somebody joins in or tells me to stop. Or gives me a new request.

>Captcha: conceive bitisex
we're not in the Smut thread, Captcha.

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Toys+Monsters or children+toys+monsters kinda like pic related

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I don't think I'll find too much of that, but I'll see what I can do.

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I am looking for male robots/androids, and if steampunk or fantasy in some way, so much the better! I can find billions of female versions, but trying to find a male one is tough! I keep getting "I, Robot"-like images or Raiden from Metal Gear

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This is supposed to be a woman. Can you tell?

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Well, the ankles look quite feminine...

Also, I don't seem to have any more male cyborg-y stuff.

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Yeah, I thought she should have small feet.

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Thanks for the uploads. I saved a few! It's difficult to find male androids that actually look like all those female "sexbot" androids out there, though. :/

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do they have to be showing skin or faces?

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How about ginormous monsters?

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Anyone got any rangery/assassin-like females? Preferably something that looks NE/CE nutballsy. Making a villain.

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Anyone have a samurai-looking elf, preferably with a polearm?

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I need a male sellsword-looking type, preferably with an axe, and grizzled and long-haired. In return, let me help out that guy who wanted male androids.

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Aaaand all out. It really is pretty hard to find male android-esque stuff.

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Oh lawd that ass.

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>scraped knees
>she was on her knees
>got a slap on her ass as a sign of good work

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Here's a related challenge. Female characters who aren't in heels OR barefoot.

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Some OC when I get back

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I think she's on Match.com!

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>dat stance

what the actual fuck

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>These fucking boots are killing my toes
>My thighs and calves ache from the fucking heel on these things
>Oh god, I'll lean on this shield a bit.

That's how it kind of looks to me, a bit of a vain pose using the Shield like you would a cane?

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Please, what is this from?

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Look again. The shield is not the problem.

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I assume you're talking about the sword?

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Which broad are we talking about, the Silver Elf looking bird?

Or the Brunette?

Both of them seem to have normal stances, infact I swear I've seen a popular movie or some shit that the brunette is mimicing, it might've been Luke Skywalker wielding his light saber at Darth Vader that I saw that pose.

The Elf looking bird just seems to be making your typical hot dickings pose.

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>Post Ves
>Not warrior queen Saskia

I'm afraid I can't let you do that OP

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haha, I was originally gonna post Saskia as #2 but I figured using two from the same game would just make me look like a fanboy.

Kudos to a fellow Witcher fan. Saskia is the shit.

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Is there a site where I can find tons of images like the guys you are posting?

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If This thread is still up tomorrow, I'll post the finished drawing.

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yet another

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one more

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yet more

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Yet another

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last. Anyone got a non jedi Togruta female for Star Wars?

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What's wrong with the leg on the left?

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Turns out I can't make good OC. Sorry...

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Promiscuous women are all physically flawed in some way to match their flawed minds.

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There's a few in there. Hope you find something to your liking.

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back to the top with you

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Gonna dump some random stuff.

>Superheroes in other styles? (futuristic, steampunk, ancient China, etc.) Female and Batmanesque preferred but not necessary
>Tasteful tribal men in loincloths and whatnot with sticks and stones for weapons
>Cool dudes with eyepatches

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That's a DUDE

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is that a palm print on her ass?

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Seeing all these thumbnails destroys me inside

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really excellent stuff, thanks!

this is really amazing artwork, any more?

oh my sweet fluffy lord, that just makes this all the more disgusting and yet hilarious

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Any chance someon'es got any female dwarves? Specifically, noble/low level wizard?

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kinda noble

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guess nutballsy applies here

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>those mutton chops

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I like that they are kind of different, but not have full on beards.

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Can we get some portraits for characters that aren't quite modern, but are from somewhere from 1700s-1970's, with a sinister or weird tone please?

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I'm stuck on the quest on top of the tower.

You know which one. Holy fuck that game is hard.

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I think I got two things that might vaguely match.

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