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You rub your eyes with one hand as you let out a frustrated, pained sigh. ...It's been a long night, you grumble halfheartedly into your phone's receiver. Can you at least ask why?

Silence, before your Equerry replies. "Seriously, Murderface? I just told you, didn't I? Are you--" Just as Sayaka predictably starts to rev up her bitch motor, however, you hear her take a deep breath, and quickly count to ten. "...Please, Chiaki. This needs to happen. Just get ready, alright?"

She called you by your real name. Fine, then. You'll play along for now.

Can she at least send a car over to pick you up, as well as somebody to keep watch on Midori while you're out?

For a moment, you swear you can hear Sayaka smirk over the phone. "Way ahead of you, Murderface. Kyoko should be on her way to get you now - I wouldn't be surprised if she's at your door any already. She should be with a couple of people even you wouldn't mind being Midorin's security detail."

Huh. That's...surprisingly dependable of her, all of a sudden. Is she trying to live up to Malal or something?

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Sayaka snorts. "As if, Murderface. This is me just trying to anticipate what you'd ask for first, instead of waiting for your paranoia. If you think I'm going to serve you alcohol or blondes or demand, then keep dreaming." She chuckles here, and you can't help but join in. Despite, you know, having a nightmare so horrific your heart is still racing from it.

"Hey, uh...everything alright there, though, Murderface?" There's the slightest hint of concern from the Blueberry's voice. "You sounded kinda out of it earlier. Like it was a different person doing the talking, or something."

How do you respond?

[]Nothing worth talking about, unless I want to find my office suddenly padded for my safety.
[]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.
[]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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homubowl confirmed
get hype

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I have been waiting for this moment.

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[x]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.

>[x]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.
as an afterthought

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> Bitch motor
I love bitch Sayaka.

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>[X]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.
>[X]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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>[]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.

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[X] "Nothing I can't work out in sparring."
[X] head to bathroom, wash as quickly as you can, summon costume, hope that Kyoko isn't here quite just yet.

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[X]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.

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>[X]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.

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[x]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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[x] Just nightmares. I'll tell you about it later.
[x]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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I actually kind of DO want to talk about it.

Just not over the phone.

And I kind of like it that Sayaka only uses our serious name at serious times, too.

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>bitch motor

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Same. I almost voted for "call me Chiaki" but decided against it because of this reason. It's a nice barometer

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>[x]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.
>[x]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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Just woke up and this is exactly what I need.

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Btw, please enjoy this abs Sayaka.

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Is this what's coming to pick us up?

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>[]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.
who SHOULD we talk about this too? Aside from the three stooges

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>14 Dollheads, because Love is missing.

I love the small stuff.

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>[X]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.[X]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

Could we have June-bride Kyoko?

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Kyouko a lucky

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>[x] "You know how my soulgem looks like blackened barbed wire? I think shitty nightmares might be a side effect."

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How do you want to talk about that without dumping the whole "My Timetraveling Alter Ago might be Magical Girl Satan" on her?

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Ah, that was meant for Hatchan >>32525650

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>[X]Just nightmares. I don't want to talk about it.

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Yeah, probably just Midori.

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Voting period is over!

Thank you for participating in MGNQ!

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I raise you a bride-Sayaka

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>[x]Nothing worth talking about, unless I want to find my office suddenly padded for my safety.
>[x]Can't you call me Chiaki forever? I'm sick of my nickname.

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>captcha 666
pls no

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[X] Just nightmares...

Hang on a sec...

"Did you have one too Sayaka? A nightmare that seemed way too fucking real?"

I doubt homucifer would be so kind as to limit the suffering to Chiaki alone. Which isn't very smart of her as things stand, but it does go for maximum shadowruns value.

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Chiaki looks so tired.

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Mmm... I think it should be brought up, actually. We still haven't gotten her side of the Siberia events, we were too considerate, but that conversation would be a good time to let her know the things we've figured out too and then hopefully Chiaki and Midori would have a clearer image of what's happening on in the metaphysical background

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Which golden pigsticker are we gonna train with this early morning?

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She's the one who knows the most, but she's still missing all of the stuff directly related to Chiaki. Maybe she can Callidus enough to suddenly pop in out of nowhere and stick a wrench in everyone's plans. That is, if she isn't already dead/taken hostage.

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The pigsticker (katana)

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You're implying that inflicting a blistering madness that leads to doubt's about your command, sanity, and competency is a kind act?

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i'd be tired too if i were her

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Katana time.

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I wanted to try dual-wielding the katana with the deagle.

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From now on there is no Sayaka.
Only Sayakar.

No abs.
Only wheels now.
Vroom vroom.

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As dangerous and stupid as this idea sounds, if Oriko has a good chance of being redeemed, how are we taking Ahriman away from her and sticking Kirika in her hands?

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>Can't properly use a single melee weapon
>"Guys, let's dual wield"
C'mon dude

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Kind? Fuck no. But kinda stupid to give both homu and blueberry (very possibly Mami and Kyouko too) a nightmare to spur them into action against you.

Just speculah'ing, don't mind me

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Golden Musket

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oh god I'm so tired and I just got home, I'm going to die laughing.

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Sayakar is love

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>Using 2 Golden weapons at the same time.
Chiaki would need a lot energy for that.

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Fuck yeah!
Kyouko could be a race girl.

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Sayakar best kar.

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>implying Sayaka's nightmares have anything to do with Chiaki
People have their own Witch issues to contend with.

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>Sayaka standing on a concert stage on a beach
>"Sayaka-chan~ I want to hear your sweet music"
>The only chair in the audience is half submerged in water and a single figure sits in it.
>It's Kyouko, she's dead.
>"She will listen to you for all eternity, Sayaka-chan~"
>A huge wave rises.
>Inside of it the figure of a giant armored mermaid can be seen.
>Right before crashing down Sayaka realizes that it is her own reflecting.

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B-but the abs are what make Sayaka a best!

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[X] Leave the Warmaster Hat with sleeping Midori (the warmaster hat?)

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I spat my drink.

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Love it!

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>High-speed bitch drifting

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Madoka Kart
only on Nintendo Wii Wii

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Oh ma lawd!

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I thought this too.

One. Job.

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>not MGNQKart.

It would have to be, Midori is there.

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Clearly this is a metaphor for Kirika becoming Chiaki's bitch (blade at the bottom, etc).

No but really, clearly we must try this out.

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Magical Girl Noir Kart

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this is just great!

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This is a delightful thing to wake up to.

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I would pay to hear a Madoka remix of the Mario kart theme right now.

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The only way to make it a better idea is to hold the gun like pic related and pull the trigger with our pinky.

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>pull the trigger with our Pinky


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I have seen the truth.

Please wait while I crudely tape pigtsticker with DEagle.

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Waiting warmly!
You should make every weapon for her.

>> No.32525943

Am I the only one who thinks he looks like a cunt doing that? A bit like when you see "gangsta's" firing sideways.

My sides!

Decu, this must happen in-Quest.

Hat! This needs to be done!

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>try to pull trigger
>won't work
>check hand
>our pinky now has a pink twin-tailed wig, wears a white bloodstained dress and has a creepy, toothy smile across the top.

>> No.32525963

save it for the next time there's a cross-over with Rena Quest.

>> No.32525966

>Am I the only one
Hell no. Every single time he got into a fight I was hoping that the other guy would fuck him up.

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This is absolutely Dantastic.

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This is obviously a metaphor for a double date that ends in some kind of fucking competition.

I always knew that Blueberry growled and screeched in the sack.

>> No.32525985

I already have them planned.
Prototypes soon, hopefully.

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Kharnival Phantasm arc when?

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Is this supposed to be lewd?

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>Holding pistols like that

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You. I like you.

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>Carnival Phantasm


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I don't even have to click the link to hear it.

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I look forward to it.

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>Amber in a tuxedo
Why does she look so good in anything

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>Going through Decu's twitter pics
>Find this
Who is this?

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I never noticed that the CP OST is so good.

>> No.32526112

Aww yisss

>> No.32526120

A possible future?

>> No.32526121


Nicole Touchdown

>> No.32526125

My guess is Nicole Touchdown.
She has sexy face scars.

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Just...nightmares, you finally reply after a moment's hesitation. A nightmare that seemed too real for comfort. Not something you want to talk about, though. At least, not now.

"Yeah? Don't really know how that is, I've never had nightmares. Sounds rough, though." Sayaka says, sounding sympathetic and yet completely fucking infuriating at the same time. "Anyway, look, I gotta go. Go get ready and wait for Kyoko, she'll drive you to where we need you to be. Got all that?"

Yeah, yeah. She doesn't need to repeat herself.

Just one thing, though. Can't she call you by your real name all the time? You're frankly sick of your nickname.

"What, Chiaki?" Sayaka chuckles again. "Nah. You gotta work your way up to that, Murderface. 'Sides, callin' you that always makes me feel like I'm talking to an idol or something, it doesn't really fit you. Doesn't roll off the tongue the same way 'Murderface' does, either."

Fine. Then you'll call her a fruit usually used in garnishing pie a whole lot, then.

"Sticks and stones, Murderface!" There's a click, and your phone beeps to let you know that the other end of the line has just disconnected from the call. You acknowledge this with a tap on the screen, before letting the device fall onto the sweaty bedspread.

Well. Seems like you need to go get ready, then. Any other day, you'd be pissed at them dragging you out of bed at 3 AM in the morning.

...Actually you are, but with being pissed off, there's the slightest bit of relief. This is work. Busy work, something to keep your mind off of what happened earlier, and you can't help but be thankful for that.

You close your eyes as a vision of the bald little doll with your eyes cradling Midori's severed head rises unbidden from your memory. The image painfully stark, painfully clear, enough for you to see every detail.


Right. Gotta get ready.



>> No.32526151


A few stressful moments consisting of dragging yourself out of bed and staggering into the shower later, you emerge from the bathroom a cleaner, more lemony-fresh Warmaster, with your hair brushed out and back into its ponytail, and your Magical Girl costume freshly-manifested onto your form. You also made sure to brush your teeth and gargle mouthwash, because if Sayaka IS really dragging you into a training match so early in the morning, might as well have the teeth she's going to punch out of your mouth as clean as the rest of you.

And right on cue - or at least, when you hoped - the doorbell rings just once, announcing Kyoko's arrival. Clipping the bangles back around your wrists and slipping your whitesnake skin shoulder holster around you, you make for the front door, taking a few moments to glare at the dark, unlit corners of your apartment. Waiting for a child-sized shadow to prance out of them, or a crescent slit of a smile to appear in their depths.

None so far. So far so good.

You open your door a small crack - and see that your visitor is, in fact, Kyoko, all bundled up in a bomber jacket similar to the one she gave you. Behind her are two shorter characters - Kumatora, also huddled up in a down jacket, and what appears to be Rea Ashford, still in her usual costume and looking completely unperturbed by the morning cold.

"Ah, Murderface!" Kyoko grins, her one eye glowing as you pull the door completely open, revealing yourself. "Morning! Or at least, uh, really early good morning. Here to pick you up and drive you to you-know-where! I'm droppin' off these two to make sure Midorin's not going to be lonely without you around, hahaha!"


>> No.32526158

Yeah. For better or worse, Midori is involved now. The nightmare Homucifer sent makes that pretty clear. Heck, Homucifer might want Midori dead.

We really should talk to Midori about things as soon as possible after training with Sayaka. Better she learns the truth about Homucifer from Chiaki, rather than someone else afterall.

I mean for all we know, Homucifer might be able to communicate with Midori directly. Regardless, so long as we tell her, we can make it clear that Chiaki does not share Homucifers values.

>> No.32526163

I want to lick those scars.

>> No.32526169


Both Kumatora and Rea salute in complete and perfect unison, with the former having her usual excess of energy. "Good morning, Warmaster! Ah, I hope you don't mind, but I also brought some stuff for Midori-sempai and me to work on while we wait for your return!" She hefts what appears to be a large, thick file full of papers. For her...comic thing, probably.

Silence, before Kyoko coughs and speaks up.

"Er...aren't you gonna let us in, Murderface?" Kyoko blinks up at you, a puzzled expression on her face.

Hnh. You wonder...

[]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.
[]Mumble an apology and let them in.
[]Ask Kyoko if she knows what this is all about first.

>> No.32526174

[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.

>> No.32526181

>[X]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.


>> No.32526182

[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.

>> No.32526183

>[X]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.

And then

>[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.

>> No.32526187

>[x]Ask Kyoko if she knows what this is all about first.
These choices are not good for my raising paranoia.

>> No.32526191

>[x]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.

Err on the side of caution. If she gets upset, apologize. Nightmares have you on edge.

>> No.32526193

Don't ask her if she's Kyouko.
Do the thing with the soul gem if you're paranoid as fuck.

>[x]Mumble an apology

>> No.32526195

>[X]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.
>[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.

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Everyone does, anon. Everyone does.

>> No.32526202

"Feel like skydiving some time?"

Get her to mention us kicking her off the plane.

>> No.32526204

>[]Mumble an apology and let them in.
I can't think of any reason to doubt them.

They're here more or less when they're supposed to be. We do approve. And the amount of work that would be involved in setting up a phone conversation with Sayaka and then replacing Kumatora, Kyoko AND Ashford...

No,it doesn't seem likely.

>> No.32526205

>[x]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.

>> No.32526211

Welp. I'm done. Can't concentrate on noir. Thanks Dan Kim.

>> No.32526212

[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.
[X]Ask Kyoko if she knows what this is all about first.

Did we wake Midori? Maybe we should warn her we are leaving or somesuch? Heck, is she still naked from last night?

>> No.32526213

[X ]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.
Ask her what happened when we put the warmaster hat on her. If she gets embarrassed, then it's her.

>> No.32526214

[x] Ask her whats under the eyepatch. Its not paranoia if they're really out to get you y'know.
Only Koko should know that, after all. Right?

>> No.32526220

[X]Ask Kyoko if she knows what this is all about first.
[X]Mumble an apology and let them in.

>> No.32526228

[x]Mumble an apology and let them in.
There's nothing kyoko can say that can 100% prove that she's kyoko, and no-one's going to be faking being kyoko because kyoko's too brolike to be an assassin - everyone's going to be paying attention to her anyway.

>> No.32526231

I want to pat Rea on her soft loli butt

>> No.32526232

>And the amount of work that would be involved in setting up a phone conversation with Sayaka and then replacing Kumatora, Kyoko AND Ashford...
Or the phone call with Sayaka was just faked as well. Thats a possibility too.

>> No.32526238

Magical Girls never HAVE to be naked. They've always got their costume.

[X] Leave the hat and The Hat with Midori.

>> No.32526245

[x] Mumble an apology and let them in.
Don't screw with the fangs. They cool.

>> No.32526250

[X]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.
Worst case scenario we look like an idiot. Best case we save our and/or Midori's life.

>> No.32526261

[X]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.

>> No.32526263

Thats what I mean. It's a lot of work, and replacing three of our best Meguca and aping Sayaka...

I can't see it happening unless we have some REASON to doubt them.

Statistically, I can't see more than one of them being a traitor.

>> No.32526267

>[x] Ask Kumatora and Rea about their cuddling-ability. You're not gonna leave Midori with a cold bed after all.

Joking, of course. Maybe they'll go speechless!

>> No.32526272

[x]Shoot them to make sure.
Not shooting the Clara Dolls cost us Midori in our dream. Take no chances.

>> No.32526273

>[x]Mumble an apology and let them in.

>> No.32526277

[x]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.

"What color is Omegon's hair?"

>> No.32526284

[X] Callidus Check.
[X]Mumbled apology.

>> No.32526289

>Not shooting the Clara Dolls cost us Midori in our dream.
Actually, even shooting them might not have saved her.

>> No.32526296

"The color of danger"

>> No.32526303


>> No.32526309
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[x]Ask if she really is Kyoko. Make her prove it.
This picture exists for a reason.

>> No.32526321

Not waking Midori up cost us Midori.

Which is a big fucking hint. Keeping things to ourselves and just going along with the flow will get us FUCKED OVER.

>> No.32526329 [DELETED] 
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Gunsword Chiaki

>> No.32526340

>and no-one's going to be faking being kyoko because kyoko's too brolike to be an assassin - everyone's going to be paying attention to her anyway.
I'd just like to state that this argument is fucking stupid.

>> No.32526342

what the fuck

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You wanna try that again?

>> No.32526344

I think your gif is drunk.

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Gunsword Chiaki

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Is it finally Rea's time to shine?

Thank you for participating in MGNQ!

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>Worked in the same file as sayakart racer pic
>saved as a gif

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>> No.32526362

>Midoricar can see dat ass

>> No.32526370

Don't worry Dan, it's saved on a thousand sweaty neackbeard's hard drives for all eternity.

>> No.32526372

Go to bed, Dan

>> No.32526374

>Never got to see it

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is it bad that I actually preferred the animated version.

I had no idea what was going on but I loved it.

>> No.32526376

We should totally do that. Gun kata(na) a best.

>> No.32526381


QT coming through!

>> No.32526383

Chiaki looks like a matador.

>> No.32526392

Hahahaha that's amazing.

>> No.32526395
File: 202 KB, 900x750, nice job.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, it's fine let them in.

>> No.32526399

Why not both?
The gif one was UNTZ time.

>> No.32526400

Fuckin finally

>> No.32526404
File: 99 KB, 600x600, mgn_homukuzunoha.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.32526407
File: 235 KB, 291x291, 1375221378044.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32526412
File: 366 KB, 500x375, WhatAmIDoingWithMyLife.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[x]Ask Kyoko if she knows what this is all about first.
[x]Make some coffee at 3am in the morning

>> No.32526440
File: 518 KB, 496x800, 1398788030543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[x] all of these

>> No.32526444

Is there a full art of Rea Ashford yet?

>> No.32526454


>> No.32526459


I have it... On my computer at home. Sorry, I can't upload it. Maybe if the artist who designed her wanted to share the design page?

>> No.32526464

Has Rea ever gotten any screentime?

>> No.32526471

All of two short scenes.

>> No.32526473
File: 57 KB, 600x600, 1385820674074.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Got you covered, friend!

>> No.32526477
File: 163 KB, 1000x700, 1339764046939.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Midori: Sempai, what are you doing?
>Chiaki: Getting ready for sparring with Sayaka
>Midori: It’s three o’clock in the morning, why on earth are you going to spar with Sayaka?
>Chiaki: …Because I’ve lost control of my life.

>> No.32526480
File: 268 KB, 1840x1200, mgnq_rea_reference.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This is what I gave Hat for reference.



>> No.32526486

She was first introduced during Rank Leader meeting, iirc.
Her next scene was during a Vindicare ceremony

>> No.32526494


This is inaccurate. Her design has changed greatly since that drawing. The most up to date one was done by @grasblade and given to me for the vote banner. I just don't have it on my phone


When we met our rank leaders and a few other minor scenes.


This is also out of date. Her tie was changed to yellow in the final revision, along with a few other minor changes


This is it!

>> No.32526508

She's so tiny I just want to pick her up and toss her into the air and catch her

>> No.32526509
File: 301 KB, 1024x1024, 1401716316163.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32526514

What a cutie.

>> No.32526522

I see someone drives a Benz.

>> No.32526525

Your art is gorgeous.

>> No.32526537

...I need a reason to punch sayaka in the face?

>> No.32526544

>let me in I am Magical Girl
>don't you believe in Magical Girls?

>> No.32526560

How do you do a callidus check anyway?

Magic detectors? Heavy interrogation? Surprise cunt punt?

>> No.32526561
File: 72 KB, 900x784, homusweethomu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Last one for me. Cakenight!

>> No.32526566


>> No.32526577

I was looking forward to Dan Ashford art.

>> No.32526585

I see what you did there.


>> No.32526586

10/10 would let ride on my shoulders.

>> No.32526596

Is Kyouko boston?

>> No.32526614
File: 111 KB, 1280x720, im done.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

a farewell to sides

>> No.32526621


Cakenight, Dan

>> No.32526650

You use your soul gem to illuminate magical auras. Callidus illusions glimmer under it.

>> No.32526671

>Surprise cunt punt?
That's eversor check. Real ones can either dodge or take it without wincing.

>> No.32526681

Or catch it between their thighs and crush your foot, nya.

>> No.32526696

Is that your personal experience speaking?

>> No.32526709

>Implying NECO would be punting a cunt instead of munching one

>> No.32526724
File: 19 KB, 500x367, 1172601746.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How can one cunt munch another one?

>> No.32526726

>>32526181 >>32526183 >>32526195 >>32526284

You narrow your eyes at the Kyoko standing a few steps below you. Her one eye blinking at you in return, still puzzled, and perhaps confused.

"...Are you really Kyoko, though?" You finally mutter after a moment, flexing your right hand and turning your palm skyward - making your Soul Gem appear there in its black-barbed bauble form. The darkened purple jewel gilded in black and gold pulsing, the gesture causing all three of your guests to move slightly back. "Prove it."

"EH?" Kyoko's indignant response is loud enough to echo through the corridor, as well as make a few nearby apartment windows to glow ablaze with light. "You want me to prove WHAT?" She blinks her one good eye at you again, before shaking her head in disbelief. "Come on, Murderface, ya know it's me, right?"

"Prove it." You reply again, just as you watch your Soul Gem carefully, focusing on the trick that Enishi taught you.

"..." Kyoko falls silent here, completely and utterly taken aback by this, before letting out a groan of frustration. "Gwaaaaah. Seriously? That's..." She shakes her head again, crossing her arms over her chest. "Ya know, there's being security-conscious, and then there's being completely tinfoil-hat paranoid, right? Murderface?"

It's here that Rea suddenly cuts in, her voice as quiet and as cold as the chilly morning. "...I believe the Warmaster did ask for proof, Miss Sakura." She gestures towards you with a stiff arm. "Please provide the requested proof immediately, so that we can discern if you are indeed the real Miss Sakura or simply a Callidus impostor."

"A WHAT?!" Kyoko's second cry causes more windows to blaze with inner light, this time also with murmuring voices. "Aw, come on, Ashford, not you too! I even treated the both of you to donuts on the way here, for chrissakes!"

"That is neither here or there, Miss Sakura." Rea murmurs. "Or should I say...Miss Callidus?"


>> No.32526730
File: 254 KB, 800x1000, mgnq_wendys1c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before I forget, color of last thread's Wendy pic.


Thanks !


She really is the Suzu of MGNQ now. Unofficial Decucanon says her lack of growth is all Kirika's fault.


Rea Transportation Services ensures quality travel.

>> No.32526737

I like her style!

>> No.32526738


"...You guys are crazy," The red-haired Eversor growls, before turning to look at you. "Fine! Murderface, go ahead, ask me something only the real Kyoko would know!"

Only the real Kyoko, huh? That's Callidus talk, you note, while keeping an eye on your Soul Gem. ...No alerts so far.

"Y-you know what I mean, dammit!"

What security question do you ask Kyoko?

[]Ask her about what's underneath her eyepatch.
[]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
[]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526743

>[X]Ask her about what's underneath her eyepatch.

And have Rea and Kuma plug ears.

>> No.32526745

>[]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.

>> No.32526746

>[]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526747

[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526749

>[X]Ask her about what's underneath her eyepatch.
>[X]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
>[X]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

All please.

>> No.32526750

Holy crap that turned out nice, thank you again!

>> No.32526752

Definitely looks better in color.

[x]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
Alright, seriously.
[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526753

>[X]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526755

"The stain on Mami's fuck cabin, how'd it get there?"

>> No.32526757

[x]Ask her how she responded after being told no, you can't transfer out to the Second and join the Templars

>> No.32526758

>[X]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526759

>[]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission

>> No.32526760
File: 127 KB, 1280x720, 1401714398665[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>She really is the Suzu of MGNQ now
At last I truly see.

>> No.32526761

>[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526762

>[X]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526766

>you two cover your ears
>[x]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
>[x]What color is omegon's hair

>> No.32526767
File: 10 KB, 192x279, kornheiser why panic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"EH?" Kyoko's indignant response is loud enough to echo through the corridor, as well as make a few nearby apartment windows to glow ablaze with light.
>"A WHAT?!" Kyoko's second cry causes more windows to blaze with inner light, this time also with murmuring voices.

U wot Kyouko

>> No.32526769

[x] Ask her about what's underneath her eyepatch.
[x] Ask her what your hat did to her in the elevator.

>> No.32526772


>> No.32526781

>[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

If she gets it right, ask;
>[x]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
As a joke.

>> No.32526783

[X]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.
[X]Ask her what your hat did to her in the elevator.

>> No.32526788
File: 455 KB, 916x887, 12ß471ß240.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This play we can play it off as a joke in case Kyoko/Sayaka are upset.
Its also hilarious!

>> No.32526790

>[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526791

[]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526796

>[]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
>[]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526799

>[x] Ask her what she and Sayaka left in Mami's cabin.

>> No.32526804

>[x]Ask her about what's underneath her eyepatch.
>[x]Ask her about her bedroom activities with Sayaka.
>[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.
>[x] Ask her what your hat did to her in the elevator.
>[x] Ask her what caused the stain in Mami's cabin.
If we're going to question her, we may as well question her thoroughly.

>> No.32526805
File: 439 KB, 300x319, anime girl aquired i have a suzu.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32526806


Aaaaah! I wanna do ReaSuzu's now! But who would be Tsuda??

>> No.32526807

[X] Ask her what happened when she wore the warmaster hat? If she's embarrassed, then it's her.

>> No.32526811

Some tall meguca.

>> No.32526813

"You know that the 'question only I would know the answer to' thing doesn't work."

Cmon guys. We know that they can have their illusions fill in blanks using the affected person's own memories.

>> No.32526817

[X] Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.
[x] Ask her why she set you (Chiaki) on fire that one time.

>> No.32526818

I'll second this option:


>> No.32526821
File: 46 KB, 1674x854, 1334539742073.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>MGNQ has a Suzu

Thank you based god, my life is now complete!

>> No.32526834


B-But Cavefish is already dead...

Maybe Kharn admiring her newest catch?

>> No.32526840

The only really tall Meguca we know is Kharn... oh boy.

>> No.32526844

Tiny Pete?

>> No.32526855

Not Kharn, that's icky, Rea looks like a ChiakiMami baby.
Give her to Mumi.

>> No.32526857


But Decu-chan already said that Kharn wasn't into the little sister types...

I'll have to muse on this a bit, I guess

>> No.32526875

>Kharn fantasizing about a grown up Rea
Alas, Rea isn't going to grow any further.

Does our Vindicare rank leader have a height complex? Because we should totally pet her.

>> No.32526880
File: 27 KB, 128x128, midiconnew.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There is a tall magical girl that's into little sister types.

>> No.32526883
File: 244 KB, 800x800, voting over - a superior girl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32526888


Maybe something similar with Kharn holding her daughter/son?

not what we were talking about but it might be sweet.

>> No.32526896


Victoria hasn't debuted so..
Maybe Kirika or Mami then ?

>> No.32526901

>[x]Ask her about the costume she wore during the Kilgore mission.

>> No.32526902
File: 477 KB, 697x542, noooo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is a great plan

>> No.32526903

Kharn holding Souji?

>> No.32526908

>Maybe something similar with Kharn holding her daughter/son?
>implying it's not both, since twins

>> No.32526915

I'm not sure we'd be able to verify her identity by taste alone.

We're not Sayaka.

>> No.32526922

Is Kharn really having twins?

>> No.32526923


>> No.32526940

If she lives long enough to give birth to them, sure.

>> No.32526943

>Behold the true nature of your waifu and despair.jpg

>> No.32526953

>mfw they already have fleshmetal limbs
Reverse caesarean! It'll be like in Alien.

>> No.32526954


Midori lifting up Rea?

"You have five seconds to put me down before I start shooting."

Since the little sister types don't like her back and all

>> No.32526962
File: 116 KB, 1600x1067, Alien-pose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Twins, yes.
As to twin WHATs, who knows?

>> No.32526965

Or maybe she'll want to fuck while pragnant and the baby will grab Souji's dick.

>> No.32526976

Oh god I forgot about that for a moment. I need to do some actual writeups.

>> No.32526986


She will accept compensation in business favors.

>> No.32526999

That one write-up girl seemed pretty tall.

>> No.32527000
File: 269 KB, 900x809, Midori stop being so lazy.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, you do. Get on it, ya lazy bum.

>> No.32527010

Something about Pocky.

This seems like as good a time as any to poke fun at her eating habits, as she did about out pancake autism.

>> No.32527011

Maybe Rea is just looking for someone to pet her and cuddle with her. She'll never show approval but she won't discourage it either.

>"Yes. This is adequate."

>> No.32527029


>> No.32527052

Time to brainstorm a likely candidate!

>> No.32527064

at least one of them ends up with her brain in a bear called Boris.

>> No.32527067

Boris is a bear you idiot, a very male one too.

>> No.32527079


Vindicares before hoes, after all.

>> No.32527084

He was... until the brain transplant.

>> No.32527099

I emphasize MALE
It wasn't even fucking bitches like Kharn was, it was just different

>> No.32527102


>> No.32527104

You think she dislikes being treated as a kid?

>> No.32527110

Generally speaking your sexual organs aren't directly attached to the brain.

Your argument does not invalidate the theory.

>> No.32527115

Hmm, but we can only offer her equal-opportunity part-time cuddling. Between the waifus and the imoutos, not even mentioning all the work, there's simply not enough time to get any meaningful amount of head-pats or hugs in.

>> No.32527116

She probably chooses who can pat her head and carry her like a stuff toy.

>> No.32527117

I think no one with any sense has something against being hugged and petted.
Why do you think everyone wants to be the little girl?

>> No.32527131

Edgelords get raped with those kind of stuff they don't want it.

>> No.32527139

She's too cute to be an edgelord, there's not even that many belts on her.

>> No.32527173

>I'm a Callidus, you can't see me

I didn't want these sides anyway

>> No.32527176
File: 145 KB, 768x576, SAM_3250 fix.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MGNQ and brilliant ideas.

>> No.32527192
File: 10 KB, 327x173, 1399667382691.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527193
File: 21 KB, 149x292, 1390552813387.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527198

There's no way this can go wrong!

>> No.32527199

Even better.

>Stick the sword handle inside the barrel of the gun.
>Aim at enemy.
>Shoot throwing katana

>> No.32527205

Writeup characters don't count as real people.

>> No.32527206


this hurts and amuses me so much, I love hate it!

>> No.32527209
File: 49 KB, 859x640, 1337406405888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527212

That blade is clearly guiding the bullet so it'll curve, thereby taking our enemies off-guard when we shoot around corners and stuff. A+++

>> No.32527222
File: 16 KB, 200x200, sak_rofl.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>sides riinite
Yes capcha, my sides are riinite.

>> No.32527228


>> No.32527232

What color is Omegon's hair?

>> No.32527240

Why did I think of Midori as John Cena.


>> No.32527243



Also, I've made up my mind on Rea carrying. I have stuff to take care of tonight so I might not be able to draw it up today? But I'll try

>> No.32527254

Take your time. Quality should always win.

>> No.32527258

Who is iiiit

>> No.32527273

I can see it now. Just pick up the sword.
>"Kirika, I have an idea..."

>"Oh, this'll be good. What's your idea, then?"

>"I want to tie you onto the end of my gun."


>> No.32527285

Is that Nui's eyepatch I'm seeing

>> No.32527303

Yes. Yes it is.

>> No.32527314
File: 132 KB, 900x750, ai yo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527342

I don't know if you've just been livedrawing these, but I like your stuff.

>> No.32527347


You glance at your Soul Gem and give it a brief shake. Still nothing. Good. That's very good. You can breathe a bit easier now.

Still, you need to check, and it's with narrowed eyes that you turn back to Kyoko, who's still clearly confused about everything but apparently determined to prove her innocence.

"Well? I'm waiting, Murderface!" She snaps at you, one of her canines peeking through as she all but snarls your name. ...Probably a bit angry too, considering what you're doing right now. But you have to be sure.

You nod, and pose your question to her. One that only she would know the answer to.

Specifically, the costume she wore during the Kilgore op.

At this, Kyoko guffaws. "Is that it?! Hah! That's easy!" She juts her chin out at you, all confidence and bluster. "I wore that really stiff-lookin' butler costume! With the long undershirt an' gloves and everything! And Sayaka-chan liked me in it so much, that she had another one made for me a week after I got out of sick bay! I--" Kyoko pauses here, only now noticing Rea's focused, laserlike stare. "Uh, Ashford...?"

"A butler costume. I see." Rea nods after a moment. "As expected of our Eversor Rank Leader."

"Whaaaat?" Kyoko whines. "She just likes seein' me in it, that's all! Something about how I look really sharp in it! Don't just start implyin' anything weird by yourself!"

"I fail to see just when and where I started implying 'anything weird', Miss Sakura-slash-Callidus Impostor." Rea doesn't even so much as blink as she replies, while Kumatora herself turns away to hide a grin. "I was merely stating an observation."

"Geh! Freakin' vindicares!" Kyoko snarls, before turning back to you. "Well?! That enough for you or what, Murderface? Come on, we're freezin' our butts off here!"

You give your Soul Gem one last glance, before shifting it back to its active form and then stepping back to let them in.


>> No.32527356

Oh god, pls not the Grand Coucher

>> No.32527361


She's legit, you declare, and Kyoko's shoulders droop in relief. Both Kumatora and Rea begin applauding as well.

"Gaaaah. Really, Murderface, I know you an' Sayaka's got yer issues, but sometimes you're really alike, ya know?" Kyoko grumbles at you as she steps past, entering the apartment proper. "Again, bein' fastidious an' meticulous about security is all well and good, but bein' paranoid's a quick way to getting your soul gem blacker than Duncan Hills coffee, ya know?"

"Please excuse us," both Kumatora and Rea intone as they follow the Eversor into your apartment as well, Kumatora careful to undo her boots first before stepping up to the tiled floor. Rea, in stark contrast, simply de-materializes her shoes with a shimmer of blue light, leaving her feet in stockings. "Ah, can we set up at the dining area, Warmaster? We need the table space for the drafts and everything..."

You nod and wave them away, but not before warning them not to make too much noise, or else they might wake Midori up. Both Eversor and Vindicare Rank Leader salute you with perfect cadence, before scuttling off, carrying the box between them.

It's here, then, that close the door just as you turn back to Kyoko.

It's not that you don't agree with her, you tell the red-haired Eversor. And it's nothing personal, either. You just want to be careful, and if you have to err at the side of caution then so be it.

"I get what you're saying, but..." The red-haired Eversor murmurs as she drops into your personal chair, stretching her legs out as she reclines. "...Ah, well, nevermind. I guess it makes sense, you're Warmaster an' everythin'. Even without Oriko and everything, someone's still gunning for you, right?"

Oriko? So...she knows about Oriko?


>> No.32527379

>"Come on, we're freezin' our butts off here!"

Thought you said it was summer??

>> No.32527381


Kyoko nods. "Sayaka told me earlier, over dinner. Nearly got into a fight with her over it, too." It's here that she grins, although you know her well enough to tell that it's forced. "Pretty fucked up, huh? I guess she never really got over Kirika."

She shrugs. "Honestly, I don't know why she's actin' out like this. Hating us to death is fine - I probably should've known something was up when she started dropping my calls - but man. Being the Prophet and everything, doing all that stuff back at the concert..."

Your best friend looks up at you. "Is there any hope at all, Murderface? I mean...gettin' her back to bein' normal, or...?"

How do you respond?

[]I don't know. I hope so.
[]You saw what she did, Kyoko. We've killed entire buildings of people for less.
[]What do you think?

>> No.32527397

Japanese summer 'ain't shit

>> No.32527403

>[X]I don't know. I hope so.

Incoming naked Midori walking out of the bedroom.

>> No.32527406

>[]I don't know. I hope so.

>> No.32527408

[X]I don't know. I hope so.

Ahriman did everything wrong.

>> No.32527412

>[x]I don't know. I hope so.
[x] I'll give her a chance; whether she takes it is completely up to her.

>> No.32527414

[x]I don't know. I hope so.
We're not the ones who bring justice, like Sayaka. We just see if we can't save the folks we want to save. The fact that it's beneficial to us because Kirika will play nicer is the benefit we need.

>> No.32527415

>[X]I don't know. I hope so.

We did kinda promise Kirika we'd do our best to save her.

>> No.32527419

>[X]I don't know. I hope so.

>> No.32527422

>[x] Probably not. I'm still going to try.

>> No.32527424

>And Sayaka-chan liked me in it so much, that she had another one made for me a week after I got out of sick bay! I--"

Someone please remind me. Weren't we the one who sent Sayaka pics of Kyoko's costume? Sayaka never saw her wear it live before. Does it mean Kyoko know's we tattled to Sayaka or am I reading too much in to it?

>> No.32527427

>[x]What do you think?

>> No.32527428

Depends. Am I crazy, or is the murdur-happy voice in my katana real?

Although to be honest, Oriko might be long gone. We'll need to at least give her peace.

>> No.32527429

>[X]You saw what she did, Kyoko. We've killed entire buildings of people for less.


>[X] You know her better. What do you think?

>> No.32527434

Probably not...but I suppose I should try.

>> No.32527436

>What do you think? You saw what the bangles did to Kilgore.

She knows Oriko better than anyone else we could ask. She was also there for giant Kilgore fun times.

>> No.32527441

>[X]I don't know. I hope so.

>> No.32527442

[X]What do you think?

>> No.32527449

>[x]I don't know. I hope so.
We should at least know Oriko's side of the story.
And consult Kirika about what to do besides kill her

>> No.32527455


we sent her a picture and she called back, we could almost hear her drooling over the phone.

Pretty sure Kyouko knows that we were the one to tell Sayaka.

>> No.32527461

>[]I don't know. I hope so.

>> No.32527462

>[x]I don't know. I hope so.

>> No.32527463

[X] I don't know. I hope so.
[X] What do you think?

>> No.32527472

>[X]You saw what she did, Kyoko. We've killed entire buildings of people for less.
Honestly? It's bad, Kyoko. You've seen what these weapons can do to a person. It might be easier if you think of her as dead already.

>> No.32527473

[X]I don't know. I hope so.
[X]What do you think?

>> No.32527493

>[]What do you think?

>> No.32527495

Seconding this
>[x] Probably not. I'm still going to try.

>> No.32527500

Seconding this.

>> No.32527502

Does Kyoko know about the spirits inside the golden weapons?

Does she know that Oriko is probably just a puppet of Ahriman at this point.

>> No.32527505
File: 112 KB, 900x750, shhhh only regrets now.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527520


>> No.32527550

>[X]You saw what she did, Kyoko. We've killed entire buildings of people for less.
>[x]Invest in Sayakar futures

>> No.32527558


>> No.32527567

>Invest in Sayakar futures
>implying Kyoko isn't the CEO

>> No.32527569

[x]What do you think?
She knows Oriko better after all.

>> No.32527570


>> No.32527606


>> No.32527613
File: 310 KB, 800x800, voting over - strauss.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527666

She's the perfect person to give our money to! Our investment will see fabulous, tasty returns!

>> No.32527668

>x[]You saw what she did, Kyoko. We've killed entire buildings of people for less.

>> No.32527699
File: 153 KB, 401x538, 4chan schoolgirl whiteknight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>these vote results
Yuma put the whiteknight in all of you. I like it.

>> No.32527709

But we already talked with Kirika and agreed to at least TRY to help her.

>> No.32527726
File: 13 KB, 137x245, kornheiser implying 2011.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527730


>> No.32527740

Wo, I'm not getting tired of this meme at all!

>> No.32527744

Everybody's gettin' redeemed. Even Yuma.

>> No.32527778


I want to save Oriko for one simple reason, "Fuck Ahriman." I can justify it in a lot of different ways, but the main reason is just, "Fuck Ahriman."

>> No.32527780
File: 83 KB, 540x540, megurine luka TO WAR MY GLORIOUS STEED.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually I just remembered something

>> No.32527786
File: 99 KB, 900x750, promises.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32527801
File: 135 KB, 576x768, illretakethisshit.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And here you go, Anon.
I still think dual-wielding is a bad idea, for now.

>> No.32527803

Draw person may have a point.

>> No.32527810

Yeah, triple wield gauntlets+deagle+katana for TRUE success.

>> No.32527811
File: 115 KB, 986x733, a board gets trolled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want Takoluka Midorin now
And Wendy walking on her huge braids like Shiteyanyo

>> No.32527820

nobody cares what you think fagtron

>> No.32527864
File: 1.77 MB, 926x1178, Psycho Homura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually, we've been pretty good about trying/wanting to rescue victims of Pinky's games.

But the ones who are willing participants get the Full Muderface Experience.

>> No.32527918
File: 1.33 MB, 1680x1003, Strength Outfit_001.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Little hard to wield though.

Though I'm curious as to what our full 20 weapon look will be like.

>> No.32527927

but they did nothing right, either

>> No.32527950

They combine like sentai weapons into one big super golden weapon.

>> No.32527954

Only the Shield and D.Eagle will be held by Chiaki.
Everything else will be floating ala Gate of Babylon.

>> No.32527966

>>32527403 >>32527406 >>32527408

You shake your head here. It's...you have no idea what to tell her, because you actually have no idea. Both you and Kyoko have seen firsthand what the Golden Weapons could do to someone uncontracted, and neither of you would have been able to walk away from it if not for a nine-foot tall, aptly-named walking automaton of death. And from your own experiences with them, you're compelled to take Kilgore's example as something that applies across the board.

But there ARE variables here that may prove to help, at least. Kirika's one, and the fact that Oriko seemed to be relatively untouched by corruption when you saw her in the seeing was another. And if the spirit inside the Golden Weapon itself could be reasoned with - like you did with Risa, and Kirika, and the Three Stooges - then maybe there's hope.

Still, you don't want to be overtly optimistic, nor do you want to be such a fucking downer for your best friend (even if you're not exactly having the best of mornings). So you tell her the truth, somewhat.

You don't know. But you hope that you can bring Oriko back to normal. You're going to try all you can, at least.

At this, Kyoko grins. It's still a forced one, but you can also tell that her mood's improved somewhat. "...I guess that's the best we can hope for, huh?" She lets out a sigh, patting the armrests with the flat of her palms. "Well, if you're the one saying it, then I guess I can rest easy, knowin' that you're on the job."

[+ 1000 KYOKO POINTS! ]

It's here that she finally stands up. "Comfy chair, by the way, Murderface. Ya really know how to pick out your stuff, huh?"

You only steal the best stuff, yeah.

"Hah!" Kyoko guffaws. "Anyway, we should probably be goin', I think. I'll wait downstairs, the car's double-parked and I don't want to get towed at this hour." She pats your shoulder. "Don't take too long, okay? Sayaka-chan says we might not get back till really late, dependin' on how things go."


>> No.32527977


What? That's...ugh. And you were looking forward to having breakfast with Midori, too...

"Sucks, doesn't it?" Kyoko nods emphatically.

It sure fucking does.

...Wait, what does she mean, don't take too long?

Kyoko blinks at you. "Well, er...I thought you'd like to say goodbye to Midorin at least? I mean, you're not gonna leave just like that, an' let her wake up without knowin' where ya went?"


"Hey, I don't know what your setup is with Midorin, but..." Kyoko scratches the back of her neck. "I dunno. I'd go and say goodbye, even if it wakes her up. Otherwise you might lose points or something."


"I mean, she might get mad," Your best friend explains.

What do you do?

[]Say goodbye to Midori.
[]Don't say goodbye, leave with Kyoko directly. Midori doesn't need to be worried.

>> No.32527992
File: 940 KB, 480x270, 1393462911002.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[]Say goodbye to Midori.

>> No.32527999

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori.
Because that way she won't end up walking out into the living room unprepared.

>> No.32528001

>[X]Say goodbye to Midori.

Goodbye kiss, but make sure Kyouko doesn't pry.

>> No.32528003

[x]Say goodbye
You don't just fuck and run.

>> No.32528005

[x]Say goodbye to Midori.
Whatever we do, absolutely don't tell her we'll inform her of anything when we return. That's pretty much the worst deathflag ever.

>> No.32528006

[X]Say goodbye to Midori.

It's the reasonable thing to do.

>> No.32528008

>[x]Don't say goodbye, leave with Kyoko directly. Midori doesn't need to be worried.

>> No.32528010

>[]Don't say goodbye, leave with Kyoko directly. Midori doesn't need to be worried.
...but leave the hat. We're coming back soon.

>> No.32528011

>[x]Wake her up, ask for her soulgem, then say goodbye. If she protests, lick it, then head out before she recovers.

>> No.32528012

>[]Say goodbye to Midori.
With kissu.

>> No.32528015

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori.
leave her and she'll walk out naked in front of Rea and Kurma. No, no, no.

>> No.32528018

This is an elaborate ruse.

>> No.32528019

>[X]Say goodbye to Midori.
If she doesn't wake up leave a note.

>> No.32528035


>> No.32528036

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori.

>> No.32528039 [SPOILER] 
File: 459 KB, 2000x3000, 1401726649224.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Never break a crazy person promise...and speaking of crazy~

>> No.32528050

[x]Don't say goodbye, just leave now.
Get on with it!

>> No.32528059


>> No.32528060

Mitakihara has tow trucks at three in the morning?
Officio cars get towed?

>> No.32528061

so why the fuck are WE doing it?

>> No.32528064
File: 167 KB, 700x700, 1399912846445.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We've broken so many promises with Pinky.

>> No.32528069

> leave her and she'll walk out naked in front of Rea and Kurma. No, no, no.

Excellent idea!

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori
>[x]Neglect to mention security detail is in the house.

>> No.32528072
File: 261 KB, 750x766, Happiness.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>[X]Say goodbye to Midori.

Tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down

>> No.32528077

That's why this hasn't happened yet...

>> No.32528082

but not the only one that matters

>> No.32528086

[X] Kiss Midori goodbye
[X] On the mouth
[X] Really, really deep

>> No.32528087

It doesn't count if we don't remember making them.

>> No.32528091

[X]Say goodbye to Midori.

[x]We'll be back for pineapple salad

>> No.32528114

[X] Say goodbye to Midorin.

It's important. We keep coming back to abattoirs.

>> No.32528138

>[]Say goodbye to Midori.
Wake that bitch with a kiss. Bitches love kisses.

>> No.32528141


>> No.32528186

[x]Don't say goodbye. We're almost free!

>> No.32528199

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori.

>> No.32528203

>[x]Say goodbye to Midori.

>> No.32528209

What was that about pinky promises and a thousand needles?

>> No.32528212
File: 259 KB, 800x800, voting over - midori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Chikuwa incoming. Next thread: Five posts of anon dragging out a goodbye with Midori!

>> No.32528224

We could have prevented this. Why do good men do nothing in the face of unmistakable evil?

>> No.32528226

>Next thread: Five posts of anon dragging out a goodbye with Midori!
I hate that this'll most likely happen

>> No.32528233
File: 139 KB, 900x750, kisses.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32528234

>[]Say goodbye to Midori.


>> No.32528239
File: 50 KB, 500x357, 1358092103185.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there some summary of this shit? I really want to get into it, but I'm not chraging through 100+ threads to do it.

>> No.32528250


I started working on thread summaries for the wiki, but never got too far into them before real life rudely interrupted.

>> No.32528251
File: 243 KB, 410x579, you are already raped satori touhou.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just make Decu write Chiaki toungekissing Midori into unconsciousness for three OP posts and then we can get right back to business.

>> No.32528252

Someone get this man the e-book.

>> No.32528256

>Anon dragging out

Give me one good reason the entire goodbye can't be over in Dec's first two posts next thread.

>> No.32528258

I did it. You can do it too! It's one hell of a wild ride!

>> No.32528261
File: 283 KB, 850x600, chiakuwa.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, pausing thread for now! Most voted action to start off the next thread! Thank you for everyone's participation, and feedback is always great!

We have a few writeups today, I think! The first is from Twiceborn, the second part of 'From Whence Cometh Iron?' ! Read it here:


The other will be posted by its author!

Questions answered before I go to sleep, in any case!

>> No.32528267
File: 144 KB, 433x194, sak_dead.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32528269

because you're all fucking morons when it comes to playing Chiaki.

This is not noir.

>> No.32528272
File: 447 KB, 1908x884, goon watches megucas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32528273


Your loss mate.

>> No.32528276

There's an e-book?!

>> No.32528281


Here, you don't have to go through 100+ threads one by one when you can just use this. It even saves your place!

Its up to date, too, so get cracking!

>> No.32528282

>not reading from the very 1st thread.
You won't experience the Murderface experience then.

>> No.32528291

There are recap threads, but the last one was...shit, I don't even know. It was six months ago, so about...

Thread 162? This is thread 210ish. The first one was thread 100, wasn't it?

It's Midori and it's anon.

>> No.32528293

Why do you like Sayaka?

>> No.32528300

Get to it then.
Most threads last like 5-6 hours.

>> No.32528305


This one takes place during the night Chiaki and Midori share. My interpretation at least. Hope you enjoy~!

>> No.32528307

I just caught up last week. Was great.


Ebook links:


>> No.32528314

If Midori can do the thing with her tongue, what can Chiaki do?

>> No.32528319

Thank you, based ebookfag

>> No.32528322

Butt things.

>> No.32528324

I'll never understand people who want to participate in a quest they don't enjoy enough to read the archives for.

>> No.32528330

That was just a dream anon

>> No.32528331

Oh God.

This is wonderful.

>> No.32528335


Thanks for running!


Thread has been archived and will be updated with writeups!

My kokoro goes doki doki about Midori!

>> No.32528339

>It's Midori and it's anon.

Isn't it sad NECO? nobody wants to spend time with you

>> No.32528342



Had copied the other link first. Sorry!

>> No.32528366 [SPOILER] 
File: 726 KB, 1300x1075, 1401728040016.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can sort of sympathize once it's over a hundred threads, let alone twice that. I've been putting off catching up on Hollow Quest just because I'm like twenty threads of that behind.

I'm just excited for what's going to happen next.

(you said thread 201 decu, you said thread 201)

we're still cool no pressure

>> No.32528368


>ctrl+f tongue

>> No.32528396

I did? What was the second one??

>> No.32528397

Not all of us. I try not to get us sucked into moeblob black holes all the time.

>> No.32528406


Thanks for the thread!

>> No.32528414
File: 112 KB, 500x360, its over SB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32528431
File: 22 KB, 249x326, [sweating intensifies].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To write lewd things.
And to post lewd things properly.

Great write-up, though.

>> No.32528432

[x]Kiss Midori's forehead
[x]Hug Kyouko

>> No.32528456
File: 198 KB, 600x400, BRCXEfTCIAEDzWQ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Who do you ship with Amber, and why is it Sayaka?

>> No.32528458

Thanks! It's honestly not as lewd as the other I posted, but that's because I wanted to get the more loving aspect between the two going.

Nervous Chiaki was kind of fun to write.

>> No.32528472

I ship amber into furnaces

>> No.32528477
File: 275 KB, 800x900, homu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright, D-man's disappeared to sleep, you've got me for questions now.

He thinks they had good chemistry in the brief bit of SayakaQuest where they were together, and that they work well past that. Contrasting but compatible personalities, not unlike Sayaka and Kyouko. Kohaku is also his waifu.

>> No.32528508

Does she have any chemistry with Kyoko, though?

>> No.32528511


>> No.32528513

Good job!

>> No.32528540
File: 26 KB, 362x500, the face of evil.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What is it with you Germans and furnaces

Tougher sell. They don't know each other that well because Sayaka assumes the absolute first thing Amber will do is go 'Heehee I'm fucking your girlfriend!' and try to break them up.

They're similar enough personalities, though (except for Amber being an amoral cheer-monster), and Kyouko's basically friends with everyone.

>> No.32528575

Next writeup when?

>> No.32528607

I wanna say next thread. I've got a few about half-done and have for a while.

>> No.32528689

who is your waifu

>> No.32528727


>> No.32528745

>"MAGIC sets you free"
lost it

>> No.32528754

I don't think her harem would get along all that well, but then again I don't think that'd stop her.

>> No.32528793
File: 2.90 MB, 1600x2000, ranko.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Kanzaki Ranko.

...Oh. In MGNQ? Shit. What'd I answer last time? It's probably whatever I answered last time.

Heather Crunch.

Amber feels self-indulgent but I do kinda love her.

Not allowed to say Wendy or Annie May for reasons.

Midori is someone I really really like, but not in the main quest where any encounter with her becomes a black hole of moe and snuggles. I look forward to Midori writefag getting back to writefagging.

>> No.32528841

Why are all the good characters from write-ups instead of the main story?

>> No.32528850

>Not liking moe and snuggles
I should have known your taste was shit!

>> No.32528860


I just want to hold Eleanor, tell her everything is alright and that the bad captain crunch will not bother her again.

>> No.32528861 [SPOILER] 
File: 40 KB, 232x700, 1401730260666.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32528877

What I really want to see happen with Midori is her getting to go on a mission with us, where there is NO RISK OF HER GETTING BRUTALLY MURDERED, and THE PLAYERS KNOW THIS.

So, y'know. We won't be forced to treat her like porcelain.

>> No.32528898

Who should be the one to hold up Rea?

>> No.32528899

They'd still treat her like porcelain. You forget how paranoid Anon gets.

>> No.32528909

So, like, a mission to pick up a kid from kindergarten?
Actually, pretty sure any mission that looks 100% guaranteed to go well would just trigger extreme paranoia instead, so your scenario simply won't happen.

>> No.32528919

That's going to happen no matter what. What I -want- to see is Midori starting to resent Chiaki for being so overprotective of her and having no faith in her ability to take cake of herself, then striking it off on her own and succeeding in doing something solo.

>> No.32528921

>Safe mission with Midori

Where's the fun in that? I'd rather she show a mora capable side, like Decu initially described. Considering how the Big Shell mission turned out, she would've been the perfect asset to bring along.

Seriously hope we get the chance to use Midori in an appropriately functional mission, like we promised her, even if it involves considerable danger

>> No.32528946

It's like eating cake for every meal every day. It's great in small doses to break up other things. Not when it's all there is.

You're too kind.

Me too. Up until Heather adopts her.

Not gonna happen for
reasons, and also

I bet Kyouko already does it.

And then she and Wendy kiss?

>> No.32528949

Who is Rea modeled after?

>> No.32528971

Nobody, I think she's one of the player characters from an old game of Decu's. The same one as Kumatora, if I recall.

>> No.32528978

>And then she and Wendy kiss?
I hate you for making me find this more arousing than Midori x Chiaki

>> No.32528992

Who is Kumatora?

>> No.32528993


What about all 3 at the same time?

>> No.32528994

You know what the funny thing was? Murderface already has a history of taking capable and brave girls and coddling them until they never get a chance to shine on their own ever again.

In fact that was basically half the plot to the anime and the movie.

>> No.32528998

Just keep thinking about the tongue thing.

>> No.32529001


Wendy is right about her origin. Her personality is based on the artist that designed her. I asked Decu about her a while back and she was described as "a mysterious creature that is very mature and knowledgeable"

>> No.32529015
File: 484 KB, 796x890, kumatori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will it still be arousing when Chiaki gets NTR'd?

Pic related

>> No.32529027

>It's like eating cake for every meal every day. It's great in small doses to break up other things. Not when it's all there is.
It's been literally over a month since last time she even showed up.

>> No.32529032

You know, this is a good point. In the end, she's the same person. It all fits.

>> No.32529043

>It's like eating cake for every meal every day. It's great in small doses to break up other things. Not when it's all there is.
You've gotta be adopted. There is no way you're born American.

>> No.32529059
File: 149 KB, 532x524, sak_asideglance.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That means I'm doing something very right. And that the next story will likely draw an even stronger reaction of this nature.

>> No.32529062

>only a month
Not feeling much sympathy here, buddy. It also doesn't invalidate the point that it's all moe, all the time when she's on screen.

I eat burgers with my cake son. Sometimes pizza.

>> No.32529063


The problem is that, out of character, we barely see Midori. We need to actually spend more time with her.

I mean shit, look at this. We've spent like a thread with Midorin WEEKS ago, and now we're leaving her. Again.

I kinda hope she goes 'No fuck that shit I'm coming with,' just so we can get used to her presence again.

I want her to actually have screentime, damnit.

>> No.32529073


Are we really being too protective over Midori?

We did send both her and Kyouko on that missing person mission.

>> No.32529084

>Will it still be arousing when Chiaki gets NTR'd?
Yes and it makes me hate myself.

>> No.32529096

That was kind of before the date and then got fucked by her last night.

>> No.32529103

>I kinda hope she goes 'No fuck that shit I'm coming with,' just so we can get used to her presence again.

She's tried this before and I seriously hope she does it again.

>> No.32529109
File: 77 KB, 520x436, so many midoris.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I would actually LOVE this. Midori showing backbone? Getting involved in the plot? Yes please!

We sent her on a mission that plays to her strengths, which was good. Whether we're being too protective I can't say, but Midori, I am not even trying to be difficult, CANNOT HANG with the big girls unless she plays it smart. She cannot fight pretty much anyone in the cast head-on. She should not be along with a lot of the missions we're involved with.

But this, this was a good choice - this is treating her like a capable person and letting her do things she's supposed to be doing.

>> No.32529138

That's not the issue. It's that when she's shown up lately she's just been a moeblob. If you want to get a fix of ChiakixMidori loving there's enough write-ups of that already, but for the love of god let her do something before you wrap yourselves around her like an albatross.

>> No.32529142

Maybe we need to get her Vindicare training?

Callidus illusions + sniping = fantastic overwatch.

>> No.32529157

>It also doesn't invalidate the point that it's all moe, all the time when she's on screen.
Yeah, and the reason for that is her screentime is so low, therefore anons want their fluffy scenes when she is. You're basically saying 'man, stop making the 3% of the quest this character shows up into moe-time, it's way too much!' When the other 97% are all shadoweuns/action.

>> No.32529161

Problem: Midori is a pacifist (or, at least, is extremely against killing people) and would have a lot of trouble going for decisive, fatal shots. She may also be a crappy shot to begin with, which training can help with, but would take a lot more training to overcome.

>> No.32529175


The points I'm referring to are: When we said goodbye to Iori, she insisted on going into the mansion with us, but we left her in the car. During bear hunting in Siberia, she was adamant about meeting up with Mirai and not being sent back.

Giving the situation, it would be in character for her to insist in coming along again, even more so due to current events and I seriously, seriously hope that she does

>> No.32529177

Everyone involved in... whatever this is with Sayaka - goes MIA
Whatever Happened To Chiaki Matsuda?

>> No.32529195

You mean in OOC time. In terms of IC plot, we've been seeing a shitload of Midori. And the "weeks" ago thing means jack shit because we literally just continued from where we left off to have a flashback. Technically the past few weeks we've spent in post-coital stupor with her while the players watched a memory.
And I'm really calling BS on this one. If someone were to total up all the scenes and screentime spent on Midori it would be way more than 3%.
And saying it's been 97% shadowruns and action just makes me laugh.

>> No.32529200

I feel like 'Please give this character who is important to the protagonist occasions where she shows her other personality traits' is entirely fair. It would make the tender moments fall a lot less flat for me, because then we have a love interest, not just a morality pet and waifu.

>> No.32529223

But her screentime isn't low. I think only Pinky may beat her out for screentime.

>> No.32529231
File: 95 KB, 476x473, you know what 's going to happen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hold on, when did Pinky get a booty?

>> No.32529244

Everyone got a booty in MGNQ

>> No.32529249 [SPOILER] 
File: 307 KB, 630x890, 1401731831475.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, she's essentially Madoka, so where do you think she got it?

>> No.32529257

And I'm saying those scenes would show up if Midori did more missions and shit with Chiaki, but since we keep leaving her behind that's not a reasonable complaint. No shit people are gonna go all moe on you when we meet her after work, and we don't get to see what she does at HER work anyway.

Midoriquest pushed it up. Leave it out though? Especially after Siberia? I'd gladly take that bet.

>> No.32529258

That doesn't change the fact that WE, THE PLAYERS CONTROLLING CHIAKI, have had relatively little contact with Midori. Honestly, its starting to feel a bit like a long-distance relationship at this point.

IC and OOC problems are two different things - and this is very definitely an OOC issue.

And while that 3% thing is undoubtedly an exaggeration, I can be pretty certain that out of the main characters, Midori has had the least screentime lately. Or, to be more succinct, the least MEANINGFUL screentime.

>> No.32529270
File: 348 KB, 1300x1300, Okay you can put me down now2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Admittedly, there was a point at which we didn't see Midori for nearly 60 or 80 threads or so and I argued at that time that she'd gotten nearly no screen time.

Recently, we've been having a lot of Midori, for which I'm glad, but now I hope that she gets to be a bit more assertive again, like she was at the start.

Maybe now that her sempai finally noticed her, she won't be as so hesitant to speak her mind

>> No.32529283

Anon, you realize that Midori is Chiaki's girlfriend and not yours, right?

Anons, everyone understands this, right?

>> No.32529298

Of course we do.

Midori is our waifu.

>> No.32529322
File: 206 KB, 411x286, 1387073735947.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No fucking shit.

But OOC perceptions colour Chiaki's behaviour. If people feel like its been a month or two since a character has shown up - which with Deculture's glacial pace is all too likely - then people will REACT TO THAT CHARACTER like its been a month or two since they've seen them.

And when someone doesn't show up for 80 threads, thats an awfully long time.

Hence my comment about a long distance relationship.

>> No.32529325


I would really like it if Midori's confidence was considerably boosted after this night.

>> No.32529335

>Recently, we've been having a lot of Midori, for which I'm glad, but now I hope that she gets to be a bit more assertive again, like she was at the start.
She should be, now that she's started settling into the Ninth.

>> No.32529349

Over a month of flashback (more like 6+ weeks atm), and while suptg is being a shit so I can't check, I seem to remember we didn't get a lot of time with her before it started either. Something like these two threads where she's spent 100% of the time sleeping isn't Midori screentime either. So, however long we talk to her next thread, and then it's off for a day of not seeing her which at Decu's pace is probably about 4 months.

>> No.32529357

Can't we share senses with her or something due to being linked by soul gem?

I'm not saying we should be going for [Assuming Direct Control] but having a second set of eyes from an stealth-buff is a huge asset.

>> No.32529366

So we're basically in agreement that it'd be nice if we saw her more and ideally found ways to work with her more. You just like the moeblob scenes because it's a change of pace from all the noir and drama and I don't, because they're all we get of the character. Is that about right? That's what this seems like.

Anyway, I see what you're getting at, and I understand the logic, although I disagree.

>> No.32529409

I think we can? I'm hazy on what the link means, exactly.

>> No.32529422


I disagree here. The point at which I'm referring to is the Ruri Arc (which I despised) and then being promised a date and having that interrupted by Malal Arc (which I liked). Since then we've had the date, and then dinner, and now well be talking to her again. For the time being, I'm satisfied with the amount of appearances.

Now, I would like for Midori to start acting like her old self again.


I'm not sure about sharing senses but Kyubey described our special contract with her as being able to pinpoint her exact location, take over her body, or kill switch her if necessary.

>> No.32529427
File: 57 KB, 364x364, 1374407433161.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like it.

>> No.32529464

>I'm not sure about sharing senses but Kyubey described our special contract with her as being able to pinpoint her exact location, take over her body, or kill switch her if necessary.
We've REALLY gotta get in some practice with that shit.

If only so we can do some really kinky shit in bed.

"I want you inside me, Senpai..."

>> No.32529471

"Go fuck yourself, Murderface."
"Well, okay. *Midorin*"

>> No.32529475

It's been approximately 6 months (within a week) since the dinner. In the grand scope of the quest, sure that's not too long, but from a practical perspective that's ages.

>> No.32529488



>> No.32529502

And it's been more than a week since Alondight last showed up, but you don't see me throwing a bitch fit about it.

>> No.32529568


I wonder how that confession went.

>> No.32529576

I'm perfectly happy with the current arrangements, it's others who want non-moe Midori. If they want that, make her show up more often.

>> No.32529631

There's no such thing as a non-moe Midori. There is however a Midori that's cool and brave and actually does stuff other than be a bedwarmer, though.

>> No.32529635
File: 100 KB, 600x600, waifus on wheels.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It'll come up someday.

>> No.32529654
File: 95 KB, 600x500, Puchidori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


While I don't disagree, I still feel the need to point out that while I love Midori when she's acting Cure and blushy, I started liking her character during the Barrier Arc, when she demonstrated backbone, guts, and a good heap of determination and stubbornness.

I want a more rounded and dynamic character again, even if I think she's adorable

>> No.32529674
File: 227 KB, 896x750, magicalgirls.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>A very tired and shaken magical girl shifts in to high gear in a race against time to attend a crash course in melee combat.
>tags : sayakar

>> No.32529678

Very late threadly reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb
link to the Fanart gallery: http://wiki.magicalgirlnoir.com/index.php/Fanart

>> No.32529683

That's fair, but we've barely seen her in an appropriate situation for that since, and that's not players' fault - it's not like we've been constantly refusing to bring her on missions or anything.

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