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Cultist edition.

>tempting loyalists into service of the dark gods
>worshipping Slaanesh
>never actually ERPing because you're too busy harvesting skulls

To get started
>Pick F-List or IRC or both as your preferred method

>Go to #1001Lewd_Nights on Rizon for IRC
>Make a character and jump into /tg/ chat under "Private Channels" for F-list

>Go to http://www.f-list.net
>Create a username.
>Create a character profile on that username.
>Click chat -> chat now and enter the chat (Experimental chat slightly advised). You'll be on the frontpage.
>Click "channels" on the bar up the top and click "private rooms" and navigate down to /tg/ chat.

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go to bed yurop

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You maybe should have chosen a picture of that character where she has her panties on, OP

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Fucking make me, you little shit. >:c

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Shit, I didnt even notice that

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>being American
I pity you

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Porn dump?

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Mods are slow? I can respect that. Also, rewrote most of this profile and she's more ready for play now, I think.


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Anyone seen the individual in last week's thread who was talking about making a nazi character?

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>Mods are slow?

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>vagina in the OP
I figured they'd just delete the thread.

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you can very clearly see cultists lady parts in OPs pic

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OP here, fixed that.

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I never could sexualize Cultist-chan. Strikes me too much as a hopelessly stupid daughter or bumbling sidekick than ERP potential.

Unless you're saving her from the insane perverted chaos warlord lady. But that's not ERP so much as it is 'tantalized by the terrible possibilities of what you just prevented'. Maybe that's like... narrative voyeurism.

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Its okay, we all make mistakes

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How does it feel to be such a massive failure, OP?

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It feels great.

Tell me how worthless I am anon-kun~

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I made this succubus for someone in /tg/ chat, but they aren't around, so... Note me! Gender is flexible to an extent.

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Same, also Cultist strikes me as someone I wouldn't get along with very well, which kills the ERP potential
Her personality is too child like which also really drives it into creepy territory

>Saving her from the insane perverted chaos warlady
What? Cultist lives for that kind of stuff, don't let her childish personality make you forget that she is a disease ridden backstabbing bloodthirsty hedonist. If anything she would be bummed that you took her away from the chaos warlord but look at you like a apple that needed spoiling.

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>disease ridden backstabbing bloodthirsty hedonist
yep that sounds about right

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... It's early, what are we gonna do on the ERP general?

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Well, the threads a little earlier than I expected, but while it's here, might as well jump in.
https://www.f-list.net/c/tom%20matthews/ First time whoring myself to the general. Feel free to note me. I'm also in the F-list chat if you wanna talk to me there.

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>An "EEterhnity" of pleasure

>> No.32445494

>Her personality is too child like which also really drives it into creepy territory

Lolis are creepy?

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>> No.32445545

Not in themselves, but pedophilia is.

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Anyone over 30 that acts like a child is creepy, which cultist is.
And yes that also applies for creatures several hundred plus years old.

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>What? Cultist lives for that kind of stuff, don't let her childish personality make you forget that she is a disease ridden backstabbing bloodthirsty hedonist. If anything she would be bummed that you took her away from the chaos warlord but look at you like a apple that needed spoiling.

Well this is why I don't play 40k and regard it as terribly silly, I suppose.

I figure an ERP played on an entirely dry humor comedy angle could be fun, though.

>Matriarch, Matriarch! We're being attacked by Slaanesh cultists with over SEVENTEEN tentacles-per-second capability!
>My God. Don the sacred oils and holy silks right away. May the Emperor give us strength in this dark and squirmy hour.

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Cyborg playboy IN SPACE.

Feedback is always nice.

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Fucking children is creepy. Fucking mentally damaged children is REALLY creepy.

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more like best fetish

>> No.32445643

Fuck the haters

>> No.32445664


But the haters are adults who can fight back.

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Nope. Got bookmarked by her though.

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So hey, how do you get gud at ERP? Just practice? What are some big ol' no-nos?

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This is one question no one on /tg/ can answer.

We all suck.

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Cocks, yes.

>> No.32445866

I like Cultist-chan's fashion: strapless bra, elbow gloves, thigh-highs, skirt and those cheeky panties just glimpsed.

I need to play a fantasy character dressed like that for an ERP one of these days. A wild little shaman or something.

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As did I. Guess we'll just have to be patient, eh?

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Is there actually a market for long-term roleplay with a predilection towards raunchy ERP fun? Just seems like a lot of of it is mostly just a series of fleeting one-shots. Also, why is it so hard to find people wanting to use actual chat clients or Skype, instead of just f-chat?

This ad is far from the only thing I'm looking for, but it's a pretty good general. Just remove all of the interracial / racism for general kinks.

Would kill for a long-running series either as Willy or DMing a barbarian babe in a prehistoric world.


>> No.32445892

I'd definitely tap that.

I guess so. Use your time to think of lewd scenarios for our aryan companion.

>> No.32445918

>too busy harvesting skulls
>Implying I'm some Khornate pleb

>> No.32445920

>Is there actually a market for long-term roleplay with a predilection towards raunchy ERP fun?

There is, but most non-ERP online campaigns die quick and ERP campaigns die even quicker.

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I feel like 70% of her appeal at all is that yeah, she actually has a pretty fun and striking visual design that sticks right in the eye. It's a good blend of "dumb dirty urchin with questionably aligned magic who shopped out of a garbage dump"

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>that character

what the fuck am i reading

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Hello, my name is /pol/. Would you like to making fuck?

Very true. But even a one-on-one seems to be a rarity to continue more than a handful of sessions.

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Why is it that the OPs of ERP threads are always deleted but the mods let the threads continue anyway?

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Not to be a party-pooper, but could you guys please stick to doing this stuff on the weekends?

>> No.32446064


Don't sign up for something you have absolutely no interest in. Don't bug someone with something they have absolutely no interest in. Never EVER say you're busy.

>> No.32446071

Because the thread itself is not violating any rules?

I guess people just run out of ideas. There's only so many times you can subject someone to dinosaur rape before they get bored.

>> No.32446089

But this IS the weekend silly.

>> No.32446117

True, though if the DM of the one-on-one's idea of a campaign is just a mindless series of dinosaur rapes, it sounds like a shitty DM. In the example I mentioned of a barbarian babe in a prehistoric world, you would still get a handy dose of dinosaurs, beast-men, hunky barbarians, but also actually PLOT. ERP doesn't have to be mindless sex.

>> No.32446135

Oh damn, thanks for posting and reminding me that your profile is a thing. I wanted to message you to see about setting something up when I first saw your profile, but I guess I lost track of it. I'll probably be dropping you a line later, chameleon girl.

I just happen to have a freshly-minted dickgirl character whose profile I'm still working on, too. Assuming you don't only mean herms when you say dickgirl, anyway.

>> No.32446153 [SPOILER] 

What's so bad about saying you're busy?

>> No.32446162

It's code for "fuck off, I'm not going to reply to you anymore"

>> No.32446186

No it isn't, it's code for "I'm busy." Don't read too much into it. If someone's continuously busy, it may be the case, and even then, just look for greener pastures.

>> No.32446202

People usually do read too much into it, so don't say you're busy.

>> No.32446230

Oh lord, an Aryan companion? Wish I was lucky enough to be around then, mixing her with Willy would certainly be interesting.

>> No.32446266

And it would certainly please her since the idea for the character was a nazi that would be literally fucked into the resistance by the very "untermensch" she hates so much.

>> No.32446290

How do you approach someone on F-list? Seeing as people here complain about getting a "Hello" a lot, what IS the correct way to do it?

>> No.32446294

It isn't my problem if you read too far into things when I tell you "No, sorry, can't play right now. I'm already busy." Learn to relax and accept that sometimes, people are busy, people get busy, and will tell you when they are. To request that people always keep their schedules open for you is both childish and absurd.

>> No.32446304

Mein Schwanz! I must find this dame.

>> No.32446419

"Hello, I was (looking at your profile/saw you in the chat/some variation) and thought we might be able to set up a pretty cool scene. We both like X, Y, and Z fetishes. I had an idea for a scene along the lines of blahblahblah. Does that interest you at all?"

>> No.32446421

"Hey there! I saw your profile, it looks pretty cool. Would you be interested in some (sexual/nonsexual) RP?"

You're welcome.

>> No.32446437

ERP games with plot do work better as one-on-ones.

I feel like a prehistoric game now. Post-apocalyptic future, stranded in the past by time travel, dawn era of a fantasy setting, island of cloned dinosaurs, even Turok Evolution style sci-fi dinosaur planet.

Dinosaurs aren't a commonly used apocalypse for post-apoc settings.

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>> No.32446511

Damn that duck is fucking happy

>> No.32446522

I actually prefer non-herm dickgirls, usually. Easier to coordinate and all. Not that I mind herms but a lot of the time the girl bits become kinda secondary in at least one party's mind anyways. Just had to log out of chat on account of an unexpected family visit but please do let me know with a note when you're finished with her!

>> No.32446535

Perhaps I'm just an oddball. I tend to like ERP games with plot to stretch out in order to allow for naughtiness in several different fashions, some over-all development of the character, and at the end of the day, something accomplished. That might just be a hold-over from tending to be a group's eventual DM.

And the idea that I was going on is Dawn Era of a Fantasy Setting mixed with a bit of post-apocalyptic fantasy. The world is small, dangerous, and brutal with people divided into tribes based on the Spirit Beast that they venerate, with even things like elves and goblins and beast-men seen as brothers of the earth. One small "reformed" tribe at the center of the world building the first known city in the wake the daughter of its ruler finding a path to apotheosis. Feel free to note me if you'd like, Janitor Willy from >>32445891

>> No.32446541

Not him, but: What exactly do you enjoy about foot play?

>> No.32446592

This is a good approach because
1) It's polite
2) It gets right to the point

>> No.32446608

I'm open for games with little to no sex, but the system must be something easy and not-d20.
That aside: i like mouth-fuck.

>> No.32446673

>that long ass list of No's

>> No.32446698

I dunno, that's a bit of an odd question to answer. Sarah doesn't really focus on dommy/subby things, so for it's not the "fufufu ur lickin my feet" or "i will do anything for u even lick ur feet" aspect, for me. I just like them! Massages, footjobs, all that stuff in a casual context is gold for me.

>> No.32446735

Have you guys ever considered taking over a dead MUD or MOO and turning it into a long-term ERP playground? Something like Ghostwheel Redux has all the features you need: http://ghostredux.wikispaces.com/Getting+Started

>> No.32446865

I think it'd become hellmoo very quickly.

>> No.32446906

How often do you guys see a profile that you really like that you end up making a new profile specifically to scene with that person? I'm guilty of doing it a few times, but I'm not sure if this is actually something I should feel bad for doing. Would you be bothered if you learned someone did this for you?

>> No.32446919

I certainly wouldn't.

>> No.32446984

New to the scene, and what you're describing is exactly what I did to get into it. I wouldn't feel bad about it. It only sucks when the other person disappears/isn't interested.

>> No.32447002

I guess I should make it clearer whether or not she has a thing for OTHER girls' feet on her page, now that I think about it. I'm fine with adding more hooks for her since "come molest a vaguely-lesbian lizard" hasn't been working out too well.

>> No.32447052

I've done that a few times. I certainly hope it doesn't bother people, since I usually tell them I'm doing it.

>> No.32447085

Well, when I make a new profile like that, I still do my best to make sure it's a good profile in general and not something that will ONLY appeal to that person. In fact, that's how my most popular character cam about and it's a damn shame I haven't heard back from her a couple days, because that was a great scene we were in the middle of.

>> No.32447145

>All those no's

Fuck you.

>> No.32447224

Oh yea, nothing wrong with making something with catching someone in particular's attention, but make it for yourself as well.

The person I was looking at sorta dropped off, but I'm still gonna use the character, because I'm interested in what I made.

>> No.32447355

f-list hater profile when?

>> No.32447380

What I personally do is make a big deal of explaining how much I want to talk at a later date, and try to set some specifics, when I actualy do need to postpone due to other obligations

>> No.32447422

Didn't your mommy teach you never stick your dick in a crazy?

>> No.32447438

>made a loli
>don't really want to play a loli in many other scenarios
>other person left in the middle of something and hasn't noted me back
>my useless loli will now go abandoned
It's a cold world, y'all.

>> No.32447457

>Gender is flexible to an extent

ye, you covered that when you said the word succubus. Fuckin op shapechangeregen bossfights.

>> No.32447520

That's ok, anon. Lolis belong in the trash.

>> No.32447576

People have different tastes, don't you agreeeee?

>> No.32447628

My subjective preferences are best, your subjective preferences are shit

>> No.32447630

>tfw never made a loli before, decided to give it a try

It's a fixer upper at least https://www.f-list.net/c/serah%20foster/

>> No.32447649

Damn. I'm not even participating in this thread aside from scrolling past it, and that's harsh.

>> No.32447677

Its ok, he's got a Loli snuff fetish. Head over to the weekend smut thread sometime and I might write some of that.

It shows a certain kind of mind to mark everything on the list of fetishes either yes, no, maybe or fave. Most people go right for the things the care about, but some people feel compelled to answer every question. Ignore it unless you really want to do one of the noes. (I'm assuming you don't desperately need to play in cannon World of Warcraft style, for instance).

>> No.32447733

Well, someone said "mark everything, EVERYTHING", so i did it in my spare time, measuring every one of them. Probably i'll just copy paste for other character and continue from that point.

>> No.32447986


>> No.32448028

Currently whoring: Unwashed barbarian girl and her daughter, teenage amazon!



Juliet has no kinks because WIP, but Rinna's kinks are pretty similar anyway

>> No.32448213

>too old

>> No.32448220

I don't suppose you could share the name with me so that I might be able to send her a note? Feel free to pass it in a note yourself, if you'd rather not share it here. Still Janitor Willy.

>> No.32448222

I've noticed that seeing scenes where people where someone's character is verbally and/or physically abused, raped, kept or trained as a slut, and other sort of degrading "mean" things gives me a weird compulsion to try and "make it up to them". I know it's their fetish and they're actually enjoying themselves, but I always get this urge to do a light and fluffy cuddlesex scene with them. I guess it means they're doing a really good job with their scenes, if it hits me in the gut like that! I can tell that most of the time the people doing those sorts of scenes aren't interested in doing a "Shh, it's alright..." scene, so I never pester them about it- it's not their thing anymore than what they do isn't my thing, and that's okay. I don't really quite know why seeing those scenes bothers me, though- I have on occasion done some light degradation and other similar things, but it just feels... Ugh, I hate to say it like this, but it feels too real sometimes. Seeing someone's character, genuinely NOT WANTING what is happening to them, even if they get broken into wanting it eventually, I think that's what gets me. It makes my stomach turn and sometimes I just have to stop looking at their posts until they finish their scene.

Incidentally, I just want to spell out- in case I didn't already make it clear- that I'm not begrudging them their fetish. I'm not saying they shouldn't be able to do their scenes, publicly or privately. If anything, I'm saying I need to man the fuck up and get over it. All I'm really trying to ask about with this post is... Am I kind of weird for feeling like this?

>> No.32448266

>Am I kind of weird for feeling like this?
Maybe, since I feel the same way.

>> No.32448275


What, wierd for feeling sensative? No, that makes you a good person, if anything.

>> No.32448302

Well no, sympathy is totally fine even if it's doing so to a fictional character.

>> No.32448322

That's interesting. I like the kind of scene you're talking about, and I like lighter cuddly scenes afterwards as part of the getting broken (character gets comforted but told it's the only way, she just has to accept it, etc).

I don't usually mention it, but I think the fetish does mean I have some issues, and you not liking it means you don't have them.

>> No.32448328

I don't know what optimum loli age is.

>> No.32448355

For legal reasons, its "18"

>> No.32448389

I think 100 or older is also popular

>> No.32448487

How does that work?

>> No.32448497

Vampires, undead, powerful entities of various kinds.

>> No.32448517

Hi /pol/, how do you feel about impregnation or childbirth?

>> No.32448532

Immortal supernatural beings that look like underage girls, I think. Mostly secondhand information, I'm afraid.

>> No.32448547

Or sometimes just plain old elderly people.

>> No.32448551


Who choose to take the form of an underage girl because they enjoy doing wierd sexual stuff? This can't be in the book...

>> No.32448568

Fine with impregnation, but preggers themselves don't really hgave any draw. Fine to dealt with it broadly, but don't really care to RP that bit out. Besides, when Willy actually does knock up a bimbo, she's on the way out.

>> No.32448591

>plain old elderly people


>> No.32448613


>> No.32448657

Hey everyone, its that stupid annoying shota again.
I just thought I would let you know that I love all of you.

>> No.32448659

I use to hate breeding and pregnancy kinks. They really turned me off, in all aspects. Getting/being knocked up was always a possibility I completely ignored in every RP, I didn't find the pregnant image attractive, birth scenes squicked me, the idea of turning someone into a breeding slave repulsed me, and I really didn't want to deal with the hassle of children, in or out of character. The whole collection of related fetishes always went firmly in the "No" category for any profile I made.

Fuck you guys for giving me breeding fetishes. It's your fault.

>> No.32448660

Well, shit. Shoulda paid more attention to the post before that.

Mind you, there's nothing wrong with going for grandma. Those gum-jobs, man...

>> No.32448788


Why, tg, must you lure me into naughties? That said, probably too boring for most folks.

>> No.32448882

>vanilla as fuck
You're going to fit right in.

>> No.32448910


>underscore in the name

It's all ogre

>> No.32448922

>Yes: Fellatio (Receiving)


>> No.32448933

strapons, maybe?

>> No.32448934


Woops, that's what comes from randomly clicking kinks after a while. Fixing

>> No.32448989

>people talking about the appeal ofmani-happy guro sex made possible with a crazy healing factor
>start getting into it
I already have two damn KlK profiles, have mercy on me god

>> No.32448991

>vanilla as fuck

That's putting it mildly.

>No: Dirty Talking
>No: Teasing

>> No.32449024

New to f-list thing.

Gib fedback pls.


>> No.32449026

>No Teasing

>> No.32449030

An ERP thread, and it's only Thursday? Not that I'm complaining, but I'm so used to waiting I don't even typically start on the prowl until Friday afternoon. Anyway, perennially-agitated succubus looking for companionship (or just sustenance, more likely).


>> No.32449035

After doing this for a while, I've taken to half-jokingly putting "Vanilla" down as a custom kink in the No section.

>> No.32449062

I'm not sure what use that would be. Vanilla means different things to different people.

>> No.32449081

That's pudding it mildly.

>> No.32449099

>Vanilla means different things to different people.
Alright hold on let me just make F-List's Sliding Scale of Vanilla.

>> No.32449109

>Chocolate in the yes section

>> No.32449128

It's not thursday. It's already Friday in Europe.

>that hair
>those teeth
Oh baby

>> No.32449186

Fuck you Carlos.

>> No.32449189

>dat attitude / personality

>> No.32449217

Careful what you wish for...

>> No.32449242


>Dat no

I wish I knew someone like this irl. Bet they'd have good stories if you knew how to ask.

>> No.32449402

Cultist Edition? By the gods, these heretics need to be purged!

>> No.32449523


>"gimme the chocolate!"
>can only think of SKEET FIGHTER

dammit /f/

>> No.32449621


I-is that a compliment?

>> No.32449726

I'll let you decide baby

>> No.32449770

Well, riddle me this, when you like someone who gets off to verbal abuse, do you compliment them or insult them?

>> No.32449796

Both. Such as "Yes, it's a compliment, slut."

>> No.32449807

You talk to them in a normal manner to determine boundaries so you know exactly when to so one or the other

>> No.32449824


This nigga got it.

>> No.32449915

>You talk to them in a normal manner to determine boundaries
Am I on bizarro 4chan?

>> No.32450003

Fuck it, I'll bite

I like sexual buddy comedies basically

>> No.32450140

Damn, you sure can draw.

Do you by any chance take requests?

>> No.32450213

I wish, but I can't.
A. I'm busy with work (I'm a storyboard artist)
B. I like to think I'm okay but not good enough. And I get very angry and frustrated. I'm still learning and won't be giving someone perfection
Maybe another time.

>> No.32450286

xth for being too scared to send someone a note

>> No.32450325

You can do it bro. Believe in the lewd that believes in your kinks

>> No.32450355

>profile with no avatar
>people don't like no-avatar profiles for some reason
I just need a sfw reference pic apparently but I can't find one. How does anybody?

>> No.32450400


You don't bang 100% of the things you don't message, Anon.

>> No.32450406

Hellmoo had way more insane shit coded in it. Most games are more grounded. Some give the players the ability to customize their own stuff right from the start (like Ghostwheel Redux).

>> No.32450444

Can't do it man, I'm even scared people will bully me if I post my profile. FUCKING AUTISM.
Pivix, Tumblr. Tumblr is easier to find shit, just type in what genre your character wants to look like. ( Bara, Shota, DFC, oppai, HOT DOODZ ect )

r8 profile, give tips, don't h8. Furries keep messaging me and I am running out of ideas to say no.

>> No.32450449

I think a lot of people just take a dirty pic and crop it down to just the face.
Also I'm pretty sure I've seen profiles with NSFW avatars before.

>> No.32450510

I don't know how I lucked out that the first person I messaged, who had been Last online: 1month2weeks ago or something, replied almost instantly, and was pretty much the best, if only on once every two weeks.

Nobody else has worked out though.

>> No.32450663

Are you talking about F-List? Why would avatars need to be SFW?

>> No.32450672

Ive always dreamed of making my own ERPMoo, but it would probably go full magical realm pretty quick and turn into HellMoo.

>> No.32451026 [DELETED] 

>ERP general
>on a thursday

>> No.32451107 [DELETED] 

>living in America

>> No.32451118 [DELETED] 

But it's a afternoon on a friday, I call that the weekend.

>> No.32451133 [DELETED] 

>one self-contained thread
>made-up rules mods don't care about

>> No.32451144 [DELETED] 

>the weekend is a time period including Saturday and Sunday.

>> No.32451692

>prefers no txt speak
>r8 profile, give tips, don't h8.
Allll-righty then

>> No.32452476



>> No.32452556

How are is it to find women into /ss/ on /tg/?

>> No.32452574

>tfw RP dom but far too shy to approach anyone for RP

>> No.32452609

Define "women".

>> No.32452623

That's pretty adorable.

>> No.32452625

What kind of dom though. Con only, or do you do non-con or no-but-then-they-enjoy-it-against-their-will?

>> No.32452674


I'd be fine with all of those, really.
Even complete cruelty or "loving but in control".

>> No.32452738

I'm unsure if I quality as a bear or not, I wasn't going for it, but now that I think about it, Geelieth does sort of look like one.


>> No.32452791

Well, d'you have a profile?

>> No.32452792

>a character based on a literotica smutfic about sasquatches and their gross musk and addictive cum
...huh. How bout that.

>> No.32452793


God damn, I retarded my words something fierce.


Of course I mean woman characters.

>> No.32452827

Where did Geselle go? Did she delete all her characters?

>> No.32452959

I don't think she deleted all her characters, but they've apparently retired their RO persona? Which I frankly find hard to believe.

>> No.32453019

I vastly prefer shemales as well. Herms usually have a feminine matron type of vibe, which I can't stand in doms. Rude and sexist shemale dykes are infinitely superior.

>> No.32453096

Oh and if anybody wants photoshop shit done, send it to >>32452738

Honest to god bored out of my mind at this point, nothing to do tonight except sit around and reply to people using the word lizard.

Want a magazine cover? A new avatar? Want me to make your bunnygirl armless? I can do that shit, unless I can't, which i'll tell you, but i'll still try.

That and I want an excuse to pressure people into sex.

>> No.32453108

I've found you hard to swallow after you found your 5 minutes of fame so no thanks.

>> No.32453135

>Your bookmark, ____, has deleted their character

>> No.32453139

Is his cum that thick?

>> No.32453140

You can always just say no sex, I still want to do photoshop stuff.

Also I still want to improve as a person, I'd love if you'd tell me what I've been doing wrong lately. Been trying to clean up my act a bit.

>> No.32453166

ba dum tssh.

we were all thinking it.

>> No.32453192

It's pretty thick.

>> No.32453207

You wouldn't know what I'm referring to if I mentioned captian swing, spoonbender, and junebug would you?

>> No.32453286

>friend asks me "What's the best pathfinder class for a girl with a tentaclemonster as a pet"
>Respond with Summoner
>Suggest various lewdness that the eidolon could get into with its master
>The two of us concoct a scheme to play a summoner-eidolon duo in the next lewd-finder game we encounter

>> No.32453350


I'm amazed at how people have trouble with googlefu, gelboorufu, and just looking for art in general.

For starters if you want western art the absence of a conclusive source like gelbooru means it's a good idea to look to /tg/ art threads, or to check out the affiliated sites /tg/ has made and promptly left to die that compiles character art.

These are some albums of /tg/ character art I compiled for a friend, they may serve you:


Lastly to shitpost in the thread, a time honored tradition: I think NTR is awesome and I'm starting to want to play up the angle of the guy getting ntr'd, rather than just referring to him off screen in the midst of the roleplay

>> No.32453369

I wish you good luck. Consentacles the best.

>> No.32453396


I don't feel that way myself. I like to just fuck and chuck their characters, but to be friendly, considerate and amiable to them out of character. There was only one that I was cruel to OOC as well as IC, and that was because she really digged that. Or well two. Three. A few.

>> No.32453407

Already done one request, keep 'em coming.

>> No.32453414

How about you make the cuckold participate and be complicit in the cuckolding against his will?

>> No.32453444

And true to form, F-Chat starts wigging out

>> No.32453449

Man, I'm pretty tolerant of funny euphemisms, but one thing I don't want:

>how about we go back to babybatter and ballbutter or whatever

>> No.32453452

not just me? Cause It always seems to happen when I got a really good RP going.

>> No.32453457

horse yogurt

>> No.32453502


Oh that's one of the best. I had one scenario where an elf lady was coming to try and negotiate the release of her husband we'd captured. Stuffy and prim and proper and all that. But once she started to get fucked her husband was brought out and fucked before her, too.

Granted in that case he'd been mind-broken (and was enough of a sissy slut) to enjoy it. But just referring to it off screen isn't doing as much for me. Problem is who or how to play the ntr'd guy. Was a couple that contacted me for some play that I am meaning to work with, but as per their requests it's a bit more bi-swinging than legit ntr. Quite reasonably the fantasy of ruthless cuckolding doesn't really translate great into reality for most people.

I think I'm just in a really derogatory mood after I tried to google why so much SAO doujins are NTR (having never seen it) and being reminded of how much of a contemptible faggot the protagonist appears to be and that I'd love to ntr him.



The way his hips moved on their own as he shook through the tremendous orgasm, tendrils and gobs of sperm splattered off his cock's head like vanilla mouse on an automatic blender lifted up from the bowl going WHRWRHWHWRHWRHWHR

>> No.32453606


>> No.32453848

Would anyone be interested in just a good old-fashion snarling monster?

I was thinking of making a profile which was just a cave, and at the start of sessions I'd just roll to randomly select one from a list. I want fighting the monster to be required, because I love that kind of shit. Only problem is for things to really flow you'd have to be able to determine a winner, and just saying who you want to win at the start would make the actual fighting lose all its charm.

I'm sure this has been done to death already though.

>> No.32453887

That actually sounds pretty fun, though I don't participate in ERPs here (or haven't so far); I just lurk the threads to pick up tips.

>> No.32453952

Depending on what monsters you have it wouldn't be too difficult to find stats for them in the popular systems, and a good amount of people stat their characters. As a fallback you could think of some simplistic conflict resolution mechanic, opposed dice or whatever

>> No.32454052

I'd love it.

>> No.32454572

I have done this twice, and I certainly wouldn't mind if somebody did it for one of my characters. I would, however, feel super bad if they made a character specifically to play with one of mine, and I still wasn't interested.

>> No.32454608

On the older side of loli, which is honestly better for me. I usually won't go lower than 14 at the absolute most, but hot damn that concept is actually really appealing. I like it.

>> No.32454646

I wanna avoid stats and the like, in my experience crunch just gets in the way and I'd rather just roleplay it out normally.

I might consider it though.

I'm just gonna do generic monsters like Minotaurs and tentacle monsters at first but if it becomes popular I might add some crazy shit like mindflayers and monstergirls. We'll see how it goes.

Has this not been done before? I figured it would have been a pretty common idea.

>> No.32454667

Not usually the fighting part.
Are you cool with doing it to a guy?

>> No.32454673

Then yeah, really simple dice or even just a coin flip whenever an action is contested

>> No.32454894

>not fangirling for Geelieth
Pleb (or whatever it's trendy to call people these days).

That sounds awesome. You're awesome, and you should feel awesome. Best of luck.

Can never get enough snarling monsters. I'm sure a very rules-light combat mechanic could be derived simply enough. Also, mmmm, mindflayers...

>> No.32455047

Don't matter none to me

I'll probably try a few different things before picking whichever works best.

Alright guys I'll probably set everything up and be ready to go by Saturday, I'd do it sooner but unfortunately I'm going to be busy.

>> No.32455059

Got a profile? Would you like to post it?

>> No.32455074

I actually have a fangirl, Delilah is a darling.

I have a fanboy, but he seems to be off doing irl things right now. Hope he comes back soon ;_;

>> No.32455477


What scenarios are you looking for?

>> No.32455577

Anyone have logs to post?



Too busy, you'll probably never hear from me, but I like it and would lewd.


Normally I don't, but sometimes a character just makes me feel.

>> No.32455708

It's incredibly rude to share logs in public without consent of your partner.

>> No.32455775


I'm assuming they have permission. Lots of people post logs with the permission of their partners.

>> No.32455779

I agree, I ever see someone posting logs of me without consent and I'm done doing anything with that person worth reading

>> No.32455797


Thanks for the links. For some odd reason I'm short on male pics...

>> No.32456453


A young priestess, out to help the dead of the world rest easy in their graves by letting them fuck her ti their rotten heart's content
She also seeks Insects to mate with.

>> No.32456997

Tell me about your first time, /erpg/

>> No.32457018


Extremely unsatisfying and with a furry.

>> No.32457045

I...I can't even remember.

>> No.32457091

With a woman who fell into the hands of a bitchbreaker.

>> No.32457100

Vanilla and incredibly lesbian.

>> No.32457104


Storytime pls

>> No.32457110

Involved a meido with an eyepatch.

>> No.32457113


Gaia Online; tentacles.

That is a time I don't care to remember.

>> No.32457117

There was a woman, she was nice. Then an asshole dom came along and did asshole dom things to her every night.

But here I am, top of the world, and neither of them even log in anymore. Who's laughing now.

>> No.32457122



>> No.32457126


Would you say she did asshole dom things in your woman's asshole?

>> No.32457135


>> No.32457246

Bunny girl coming through, still need help writing a better bio!

>> No.32457266

Lonely retired old man fishing for fun, when suddenly a kitsune girl decides to drop by and prank him by stealing his bait and also his semen.

I don't really know what the fuck we were doing to be honest.

>> No.32457275


Two recommendations:

>1. put handjobs in your no list for humor value
>2. remove second picture from profile, pls donut sexualize the 2hus (also tewi has arms)

Other than that, nice concept and execution.

>> No.32457281 [SPOILER] 

>> No.32457299


>not having ahegao in your favorites list on every single character you make

scooby dooby doo

>> No.32457311

Source on that gif please I'm laughing so much

>> No.32457322

Uhh, I don't know much about 2hus and I have no idea who Twei is, so sorry about that.

>> No.32457342


>don't know much about 2hus

It's time to learn, Anon.

>> No.32457343

Cripple girls need love too~

If 2hus don't want to be sexualised, why are they so lewd?

>> No.32457357

Mhm, Cripple girls need lots of love~
I really really don't want to head to /jp/ not again at least!

>> No.32457381

>Tfw you keep forgetting to save logs for roleplay workshop so you can stop sucking.

How do you autosave logs again?

>> No.32457406

Nah mostly her vagina.

I got over it a while ago.

>> No.32457407

I would like to know this too, for reasons.

>> No.32457444

My little Tzimische cant be this cute!

>> No.32457513

With a clingy, emoticon spewing furry. On the spot. I kind of pushed him into it. I was also underage at the time, but I insisted to him I was 18.

It didn't end so good.

>> No.32457535

Textbook case of /ss/.

>> No.32457570

I got rapped by a crazy wild woman, was really hot!

>> No.32457605

I didn't know there were wild women rappers out there.

>> No.32457607

Yo, yo, MC Wildcrotch in the hizzause.

>> No.32457617

With a touhou that that lead me into ERP in general. I found out she was being played by an underage individual a lot later.

We're still incredibly close friends.

>> No.32457642

I am ashamed to say, I started RPing a long way back in WoW

>> No.32457729

Man up, faggot.

>> No.32457745

I just go with juices.

Which kinda backfired when I was drinking some orange juice while reading the logs and suddenly I did not want to drink it anymore.

>> No.32457808

3-4 years ago now I guess. I was nervous as hell at first, but as soon as we got going I went from "oh god is it okay to be a slut in text" to the most aroused I have ever been. Sadly the dude turned out to be a shitty partner later on, vanishing in the middle of scenes, but I still enjoyed it at the time.

>> No.32457811


>tfw touhou is your fetish
>tfw don't want to put it on your kink list because you're afraid that people will judge you for it, out of all things


>> No.32457821

Does anyone else get shake-y when you start to get lewd?

Does it ever go away? Send help.

>> No.32457836

If you're so aroused you're shaking that usually means that shit is amazing

>> No.32457854

No, but I'm very anxious when trying to approach intimidating partners to the point where I watch them in chat for weeks and read their profile many times over before sending a message.

>> No.32457957


What do you mean by "intimidating?" If you mean people with exceptionally well-done profiles, I'd say they tend to be some of the nicest players you'll meet. Kindness scales surprisingly well with skill--not that there aren't exceptions, but as a general rule you've got nothing to fear.

>> No.32458025

>What do you mean by "intimidating?"
Super popular, very strong presence, thousands of profile views. Like you just know they're out of your league. Even if it's not true, some people are exceptionally good at creating this aura about them.

One particular shemale I was interested in apparently fucked so much I found two of her partners without much of a problem, both reassuring me of how fucking amazing she is.

I took the plunge and introduced myself, which I'm very happy with because now I get my brains fucked and beaten out of me, but it took a lot of courage.

>> No.32458057

>getting to play out the NTR scene

>> No.32458059

>tfw vanilla as all hell
Fuck I mean I'm good at what I do but finding partners is hard when everyone wants tentacle dicks. Where's the romance ?

>> No.32458078

Oh my, what are you doing?

>> No.32458099

I'm blowing, soon getting fucked by a character, whom I put under a spell. His boyfriend is tied up and forced to watch us, as I make the other forget that he even exists in the first place~

jesus christ is it how.

>> No.32458114

>Robutt remains dead
Anyone tried to reach out to Eilie?

>> No.32458120

That sounds terrible, I hope you aren't doing it to a real person.

>> No.32458123

My character slavishly servicing their master.

That was a pretty fun black crusade game.

>> No.32458144

You sound butthurt.

>> No.32458152

I have a girlfriend and can't bring myself to roleplay online with other greasy, hairy men.

>> No.32458153

Wouldn't dream of it.

but in chat, it's all good~

>> No.32458155

Learn 2 read nigger.

>> No.32458172

>You will never be mated by a strong argonian male, slowly being changed into an attractive female of his race by a nearby magical artefact in order to be able to bear his eggs


>> No.32458177

>Implying there isn't a subtext of resentment.

>image to >>32457091
>With a woman who fell into the hands of a bitchbreaker.

>But here I am, top of the world, and neither of them even log in anymore. Who's laughing now.

These are the words of someone who's bitter. Who despite assuring himself he's over her, still secretly resents the lot of them.

>> No.32458180

Ellie is kill/retired. Who owns Robutt now?

>> No.32458201

Meh, you're right. She deserved better, but honestly she was probably just here to get his rocks off and go back to real life.

I find the guy a bit of a douche though, but I dunno if it was just his fetish to come in and be an asshole or not. People have a tenancy to forget to put a big line between OOC and IC actions.

Either way, they haven't been on in a year now, so there's no way they're coming back.

>> No.32458206

Eilie, still. She never handed the code off to anyone.

>> No.32458213

Help me write a Bio please

>> No.32458240

>Can't get excited about lewds
>No profiles look nice
>Community seems filled with more assholes than ever
>Barely check F-list anymore, but check it for notes a couple times a day out of habit rather than expectation
>Kind of want to delete my profiles but don't want to disappoint people or destroy my hard work
>Feel trapped between staying and leaving

>> No.32458251

>She deserved better
Who are you to define better? She got something that satisfied her, so who are you to declare that it wasn't good enough. As opposed to what? You?

Also, guy might have been a douche. Might've also just played a douche. Unless you'd also taken the time to get them know on an OOC level, it might just be you taking the character and fetish roleplay as a reflection of their entire personage.

And yeah, they're likely gone. C'est la vis

>> No.32458274

Nigga i'm here to have sex with men pretending to be girls and girls with penises, not get my psychological profile taken.

>> No.32458276

>used to serve a noblehouse
>got kicked out for lewding with an important member
>seeks a new master/family to serve, and is willing to prove her worth in many ways.
>alternatively, she seeks to start out her own band of mercenaries, to serve her as she pleases.

>> No.32458293

Here is your profile
I'm a lazy fucktard. Don't RP with me, because I ask other people to make my characters for me. Please put me on ignore preemptively so I can't waste your time with my utter lack of creativity

>> No.32458309

Thank you, those sound like good ideas, but she is meant to be a dominant character, so I'll bend it around that. Maybe with the band of mercenaries thing, but with out the mercs and just a band of slaves.

>> No.32458313

Nigga don't be a dick. I know you should stick a dick in a chick, but this is just far too symbolic for everybody.

A once mighty wizard fell flat in an attempt to pair herself with a snake. Through a faulty spell, she became a Lamia. With her totally snake-like powers, she can hypnotize people, coil around them, and most importantly, restrain them so they don't get away.

>> No.32458320

Mhm, that's pretty good! I was thinking of making it some kind of sorceresses that messes with a local town or city, and makes them send men and women to try and please her.

>> No.32458436


I'm still around for Robutt purposes. Various people know how to get ahold of me. Working on a better reconnecting version in my very limited free time.

You're welcome.

>> No.32458502

Well, here goes! The profile is still a little WIP, but I think it's in presentable order at this point!.


Offering up an athletic shemale student from the college swim club! You can totally see that lewd shape outlined by her tight one-piece, but she's not going to let that bother her!

>> No.32458511

No that's not good, that's something anon made up in five seconds at the spur of the moment. You are really lacking in imagination, ERP clearly is not for you.

>> No.32458516

I do! All logs here are with the full consent of my partners. Have fun, tovarisch.


>> No.32458531


got one for ya!


>> No.32458533

Hey I recognize that bulge.

>> No.32458575

You know, I don't have anything against Geselle, but bringing her up reminds me that it's pretty annoying when people disable the display of the last time they were online. I can sympathize with a need for privacy I guess, but it makes it really difficult to sort out when a person tends to be available, or if they've seen that note you sent them a couple days ago, or if this random profile you just found hasn't been used in the past couple months and you shouldn't bother. But then again, maybe that's the point. They're entitled to do what they like of course, but it's just a little thing that bugs me.

>> No.32458592


Red Orchestra

>> No.32458621

Ragnarok Online
Apparently they were Kind Of A Big Dealâ„¢ in that game community.

>> No.32458683

If you mean on F-List, it was with this really cute furry that I later learned was from a videogame. I need to check up on her again, it's been so long.

>> No.32458718


>that werewolf breeding threesome

Fuck, that's hot. How do you set something like that up, if you don't mind me asking? Female here, just for reference.

>> No.32458721

One of my most favorite partners actually felt the same way about me at first, saying that they were 'so sure' that someone 'like me' (1000-2000+ views) wouldn't bother to give them the time of day, let alone RP with them!

Take that, asifiwouldreallygiveaname!

>> No.32458733

You'd be surprised how many people on F-List are
A) Legitimately feminine 'men', or
B) Women of some kind, or
C) Pretty /fit/ men

>> No.32458751

Guessing you meant to reply to the Lewdred post? In that case, I happen to be on very good terms with both the other parties in question, and they also had things going on between one another, so it was a fairly natural fit to turn A+B, A+C, and B+C into A+B+C.

>> No.32458821

Did you possibly mean >>32458516 ? Here's some tips.
1. Network. Simply requesting a threesome is really difficult to manage and wrangle; if you've got friends or at least acquaintances, it's so much easier.
2. No hate. By this I mean make sure everyone is happy and comfortable around everyone else. The uneasy air of people being merely cordial to each other rather than actually enjoying each others' company is important.
3. All in. A threesome is just that: 3 people (or animals or tentaclebeasts or what-have-you) who are getting each other off. What it is NOT is a pair with a third wheel. The absolute worst feeling in a threesome is that of feeling like you're just dead weight while the other two partners are going at it like rabbits.
4. Accept life. Sometimes, life gets in the way. This is true even for pairings; threesomes add a third opportunity for someone to be called for dinner, or fall asleep at the computer from jerking it too hard. Don't ever take that stuff personally, and just come to terms with the fact that planning and executing a threesome is really hard work.
5. Have Fun! It really is a wonderful and unique experience, doing a threesome-ERP. Try it at least once!

>> No.32458850


Find people you like. Nudge them towards each other to see if they're compatible on their own. If so, set up threesome. It's worked for me. Alternately, go into the bottle room and announce you're taking all comers. Less setup, more direct lewding. Quality may vary.

>> No.32458852

>fall asleep at the computer from jerking it too hard
What the fuck.

>> No.32458858

Leave for awhile, but don't delete anything. Sometimes you just get bored with something, that is no reason to burn your bridges.

>> No.32458859

You would be surprised. Although 'jerking it' implies that everyone is male. As we all know, that's not the case. ESPECIALLY in threesomes.

>> No.32458867


>he's never gotten off so many consecutive times so hard that his legs completely ceased to function

I've never had it happen ERPing, but I have had it happen after actual sex and the feeling is fantastic if not somewhat inconvenient

>> No.32458877

>being afraid of judgement

Don't worry, most people won't judge you. If someone starts harassing you about something, just ignore the fool.

And touhous are pretty cute, no worry.

>> No.32458922

Yeah, speaking in regards to the werewolf threesome, there were a few parts in the scene when one or another party had to dodge off for some extended period of time. We just rolled with it and took it as an opportunity for the remaining partners to have some quality time with each other.

Also, #3 is huge. Engage with all partners (at least relatively) equally. Nobody should feel like they're being left out, which is why it's important that everybody involved has good chemistry with each other.

>> No.32458926

Are there any rules of thumb to how I should do kinks? Like, if I'm okay with most of them should I hit "yes" on most of them? I just think having a huuuuuuuuge list of Yeses or Maybes isn't going to be helpful, even though there's very little I'm not willing to try.

>> No.32458945

There are a few schools of thought on this; mix and match as you deem fit.

(A) Just list kinks that particularly stand out for you, and don't bother mentioning things that you're just sorta "eh, yeah, whatever" about.
(B) Use customs to consolidate.
(C) Use subkinks to consolidate under your customs yet further.

>> No.32458955

The ones that get you off really bad (aka THAT'S MY FETISH-tier) go on Fave, the ones that you like and don't mind go on Yes, and the ones you don't particularly care about and are cautious about including go on Maybe, and the boner-killers go on No.

That said, I'd cut it at around 10-15 kinks per category.

>> No.32458978

I know it's late in the thread, but does anyone like magical girls?


>> No.32459021

Depends. How do you feel about reluctantly evil magical boys?

>> No.32459080

My rule of thumb has been this: the only things I put in Fave or Yes are the things that I'm generally okay with someone slipping into a scene without talking about it when we planned the scene. If it's in my Faves, that means that I'm inclined to include it in any applicable scene whenever I can. No is for... well, things I just don't want to see and will turn down if asked. Maybe is the for things in between. I don't dislike them, but I want to talk about it first if you want it in the scene. If you surprise me with a Maybe kink on my mid-scene, I'll stop for a minute and talk OOC about it and whether or not I want it, while if you do the same with a Fave or a Yes, I'll happily roll with it.

>> No.32459108

I feel good about them.

>> No.32459178

I'll get a hold of you in the nearish future, then! Sadly, not really enough time to do anything right now.

>> No.32459198

Sounds good to me. Thanks~

>> No.32459206

How can I do subtle dialogue, /tg?

>> No.32459245

>Copious fluids

pic related

>> No.32459248

Double entendres.

>> No.32459256

>tfw seriously considering removing foot play from kinks
I love feet but nerds cannot fucking handle RP with them.

>> No.32459267

What issues have you had with footplay?

>> No.32459318

How should they do it to do it right?

>> No.32459348

Teach me, sensei.

>> No.32459353

How do you like your harpies?
Like, typical ones, or just egg-laying human with wings and birdfeet?
I-I'm not thinking of making a tsuntsun harpy, stupid, I'm just asking because I'm curious

>> No.32459364

On the topic of education of fetishes:
Does anyone know how to do sizeplay stuff? Or even what people mean when they say sizeplay? I ended up with a huge character, and people keep messaging me asking for it, but I've no idea what they want or how to deliver, and none of them can give me a straight answer.

>> No.32459365 [SPOILER] 

Sounds like a good idea.

How tsun are we talking here?

>> No.32459376

Pick whichever one you like and write them up as that, then say you're happy to play the other?

>> No.32459381

Pick whatever gets you off more, I can work fine with both.

>> No.32459398

As tsun (or un-tsun?) as necessary. slightly-haughty, but embarrassed about X and Y, that sort of thing

>> No.32459404

Aren't these from that feminist trans comic?

>> No.32459413


>> No.32459423

They're from questionable content

>> No.32459431

I'm aware, just confused as to how it could be construed as a feminist trans comic

>> No.32459453

There's a single trans character, and also Tumblr hates the creator and he's fighting the unwinnable war of trying to write a comic that Tumblr won't call offensive.

>> No.32459473

>the Tumblr won't call offensive
Welp, good luck with your Sisyphean plight, webcomic guy

>> No.32459482

Serves him right for trying to appease them, if you ask me.

>> No.32459495


Send me photoshop requests while I sleep through notes.

Marzipan I still plan on working on yours, but you went to bed so I can't really do much right now.

>> No.32459507

He still has plenty of good content

>> No.32459530

And some disgusting fetishes

>> No.32459540

I think I'll have something for you later today.
All I have at the moment is a blank profile and a busy day ahead of me

>> No.32459610

"Shangrila but with a setting that people will actually use instead of ignore" is indeed a tempting kind of thought.

>> No.32459639

Nope. I mean, I know the actual bugs junebugs. But that's about it. And I'm pretty sure that's not at all what you're talking about.

>> No.32459710


There was actually a discussion last night on Shangrila about how the ingame money seems neat as an idea. . . but no one uses it because there's no ingame money sinks so it doesn't create an actual economy.

Which is sad, because it'd be nice if buying people meant something. So to speak.

>> No.32459735

A single trans character who confesses semi-tearfully, terrified of rejection, and the main character's response was basically "It's cool you're doing what you want to do with your life" and then their relationship stays pretty much exactly what it was before and little more is ever said about it.
In other words, fucking EXACTLY how trans characters should be written and treated. Take notes, F-listers with trans characters

>> No.32459752

Preaching to the choir, friend.

>> No.32459767

That feeling when you think you'll never find a /ss/ loving female character for a fantasy setting.

and you never do ;_;

>> No.32459780

The problem with coded money systems on an RP-focused MUSH (whether or not it's adult themed) is that they're pointless. People who want to play poor characters will play poor characters and people who want to play rich characters will play rich characters.

The only real exception I've ever seen is with White Wolf/Exalted games, and that's because the money system is basically just "how many dots of resources do you have" as an easy way to mark down "is this character poor/average/rich".

>> No.32459804

Always post profile with that attitude

>> No.32459816

Even in White Wolf, resources are fairly meaningless in any system with high-powered characters, since if you want money, it's easy enough to get.

>> No.32459824


>> No.32459826

Thirding the profile request.

>> No.32459907

>and little more is ever said about it.

>huge part of someone's life
>never talk about it

Realistic and sensible.

>> No.32459932

It might be a huge part of someones life, but it doesn't need to be carefully discussed every friday evening to check for problems.

And since society is still harsh on trans people in some places, its rarely joked about.

>> No.32459951

I'm legitimately not sure if you're being sarcastic here, anon, but it actually is. Realistic people don't bang on about their issues unless they're specifically brought up or they need help. Or unless they're self-obsessed twats, which covers most of tumblr.

>> No.32459954

Am I the only person who doesn't really give much of a fuck about what a person has between their legs so long as they're enjoyable to talk to and fun to be around?

>> No.32459962

Why, yes, when I go outside, I always chase down everyone and remind them that I want to be called by my preferred pronouns. That doesn't at all make me feel strange or other.

>> No.32459966


I really don't talk about it much anymore, though. It's a "huge part" of my life because I take some pills daily and go to pick up my meds once a month. Everything else is just normal. I go to sleep, I get up, I eat, I work, and all those other fun random bodily functions, and then I go to sleep again. Like everyone else.

It's actually so easy to forget that sometimes I forget my pills and get irritable until I remember to take them. It's so easy to forget that I'm actually surprised when someone threatens me for being trans.

>> No.32459971

There's a difference between biological sex (what you've got) and gender (how you present).

>> No.32459985


>> No.32459986

Right, and as far as I am concerned, both are total nonissues so long as the person themself is interesting and engaging.

>> No.32460002

Straight Shota(con). Young boy, grown woman.

>> No.32460003

This strikes me as a healthier outlook than placing it front and centre in ones' life, honestly. People should really stop defining their entire lives around their genders and sexualities. Just because the rest of the world will do it for you doesn't mean you need to inflict it on yourself as well.

>> No.32460009


The only time I care about that stuff is when I'm trying to date someone, in which case I simply ask them frankly.

I'll never understand transexual people, though. If I magically turned into a girl, I wouldn't feel any need to change back, as the core parts of my identity concern what goes on inside my head.

Being able to change back and forth at will, though, THAT would be cool.

>> No.32460022


No, you're not.


Real talk, I avoid most things to do with trans issues because a bunch of trans people gathering together to mope about their issues does make one feel like an outcast. I mean, I get that shit enough times in my life without seeking it out. Occasionally, its necessary - if you never make a ruckus, no one knows its a problem - but I avoid trans support groups because yeah. Yeaaaaaah.

>> No.32460035

That's pedophilia.

>> No.32460059

I know the feeling. I've gotten in fights with my parents because I have autism and they keep wanting me to go to autism support group meetings and I have to try to explain that going there is the last thing I want to do, because I'd prefer to deal with my issues, close the book on them, and proceed to live as normally as possible. Going to a support group makes me feel like I'm diseased or defective.

>> No.32460060

Its only pedophilia if the characters exist in the real world.

Since no actual children are involved in this sort of thing, it is infinitely better than most alternatives. At worst, the participants should be careful that they don't become confused about what is acceptable behavior around real children, but that isn't usually a problem.

>> No.32460062

Weekly reminder that Gria are cute!

>> No.32460070


For me, it's actually not an issue of whether I have a cock or a vag or what. I mean, I occasionally feel wistfulness, but I'd feel that either way. It has more to do with my body needing certain chemicals or I go crazy. In this case, it happens to be estrogen.

I mean, I also like the other knock-on effects. Boobs make one fill out a dress much more nicely. But sometimes I don't bother with presentation at all because being called he or she doesn't matter as much as the end of the war inside my own brain.

>> No.32460079

No, generally it's ephebephilia.

>> No.32460082


There's a lot of shit in ERP that'd be illegal, dangerous, deadly, impossible, or unethical.

>> No.32460101


>talking shit on /ss/

fite me m8

>> No.32460105

You're really new.

>> No.32460113

I'm a paranoid schizophrenic and I'm not sure how to profess to my support group that I'm not sure if they're real or not, but I thank them for actually being open to my crying. It helps me out because I don't have to talk about trying to stab and attack spiders that aren't there and accidentally petting diseased animals because I'm not sure if they're real or not.

In other news, they were my gaming group for a while. My therapist suggested I take on other roles and I was like 'Dude I play TTRPGs, can we maybe get a game going?'

>> No.32460141

Yeah, support groups should be for people with a disease who NEED SUPPORT, not for people who are coping.

In a mild version of this, I spend a year seeing psychiatrists because I have autism, only to realize that the reason I'm failing school is simply that I'm not doing the work. The autism is incidental and minor.

>> No.32460146


It depends on the size of your character.

>> No.32460151


Yeah. Yeaaaah. A bunch of old trannies talking about how they've got issues. . . blargh. I don't wanna spend my life going to see that.

But, your parents aren't 100% insane. Going a few times sometimes is helpful if you are trying to learn skills to compensate for an issue. If you pay close attention and try to steer the conversation that way, you can get that out of the support group by going once or twice. Same thing happened with me - I learned something, and then skipped out.

If going a few times would humour your parents, then maybe? No need to keep doing it for long, though. Once you cave, they'll probably relent.

>> No.32460165

Oppa's a real fan of big guys

>> No.32460177

Yeah. I got really lucky in finding mine - I just sort of looked them up and wandered in; you would be really surprised how easy it is to just walk into places without security. Didn't have an appointment or anything, just sort of showed up, people asked who referred me and I explained that I found them on the internet.

The show was amazing - people started freaking out that they were being tracked and everything and I started freaking out, and I fuckin' puked all over the floor out of nervous stress. Anxiety and PS - the best combination

>> No.32460202

On the plus side, puking on the floor like that and joining the show probably sold your bona fides quite well!

>> No.32460205

for you

>> No.32460224

Yep! Once I sorted my issues, I jumped ship.

>> No.32460225


New thread

>> No.32460240

How huge? If they are like 8 feet tall people probably just want to be manhandled, carried, spooned and enjoy themselves trying to fuck someone big. If your character is like 60 feet tall or whatever people probably want to get crushed or eaten or played with like a doll/dildo.

>> No.32460250


It could also extend into a stretching kink.

>> No.32460290

Too early. We're not on page 10. We haven't even hit image limit. Are you actively trying to get us sunk? Fuck off either way.

>> No.32460519



>> No.32460553


Thank you both.

>> No.32460615


Thank you.

>> No.32460678


>complains about lack of image limit
>doesn't post any images

nice argument fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinons

>> No.32460688

>nice argument fagtron you sure convinced me with those hot opinons

Not him but come on mane this aint /v/

>> No.32460737


Does it matter at this point? He's complaining and not taking any steps to remedy the problem.

>> No.32461210

Take a break. Month or two hiatus, no checking or lurking or anything, just a real break from the scene. Return with fresh eyes.

>Captcha: kmstable furface

>> No.32461266

Sounds like a personal problem. Or several. Sucks to be you.

>> No.32461899

i need to do this

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