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Dear /tg/

I don't appreciate you enough. While we in fight and some people seem immune to reason I forget how the other boards often act.

Oh sure we have grognards who rage over D&D editions, other people that rage over MTG, or that latest codex, your weird obsession with Tau and your love/hate relationship with Elves. But occasionally you'll say "A least XYZ is ok because of BLANK, so it isn't a TOTALLY waste or time/money." Or at least ATTEMPT to see the other side of an argument while still stubbornly holding your ground.

Sometimes we even have legit discussions that go places, before spiraling down into shit.

Other boards don't even get you that.

I love you /tg/

Why do I keep coming to this site?

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Nobody leaves 4chan. Nobody.

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Well fuck you too you dipshit.

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I keep coming to this sight because it lets me access people and their ideas according to my interests.

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A few reasons.
1: It's one of the few places where you can have a discussion on the internet about taboo topics without people getting offended and changing the topic.
2: It's fascinating. A part of me just enjoys coming here and seeing how language changes, or how ideas spread.
3: I need an outlet for my gamer urges when I'm between groups.
4: Great stories, fantastic threads.

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Oh jesus, that's beautiful.

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Yeah. /tg/ is one of the few reasons why I'm still on 4chan.

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This place really is one of the few boards of quality posting on 4Chan. Not to say others don't have their merits, but all too often they are filled with shitty posters or are too slow.

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>a wonderful homosexual culture

fucking saved

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These sentiments are one I too share. Which makes me wonder when people say "Why do you get mad at the over-saturation of shitty /a/ quest threads and weeb fetish fuel discussion?"

Because I love this place, god damnit! Quit shitting where I eat!

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>implying /tg/ isn't racist, sexist, and bad at math

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People are all those things. /tg/ transcends all of them.

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but /tg/ is willing to move past all those things(except when it comes to elves I suppose..)

With some of the other boards its just "lel niggers" "lel kikes" "lel whores".

/tg/ at least doesn't dwell on that shit all the time.

Probably the least cancerous board on 4chan.

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>With some of the other boards its just "lel niggers" "lel kikes" "lel whores".

I have no idea what you could possibly be talking about.

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I know one thing that /tg/ isn't immune to.

Self maturbation.

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/tg/ is the least cancerous and the most original board on 4chan.

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What's wrong with enjoying a good wank every now and again to remind yourself of what you stand for?

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I feel the same. This place is surprisingly nice for being a board. Even really creative, at times.

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>Why do I keep coming to this site?
Because everything else is worse. Where else will you go, some retarded drama-filled forum full of signatures and angst? Join the karmawhoring over at le leddit? No. 4chan is shit, but it's the last bastion of actual worthwhile content and discussion every now and then.
Also, /fit/ is a pretty chill board as well. Nice taste in women, food, probably vidya and traditional games as well. They're not all jocks, hardly normalfags, just people like 'us' who decided to GET SHREDDED BRAH. You should check them out.

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>Self maturbation.
There... are any other kinds?

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to be more specific
and further down
/tg/ is by no means free of the whole MRA vs feminism thing

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Anon, I like my quests and I'm just a member of /tg/ as you are.

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>self masturbation

as opposed to what other kind of masturbation?

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I really hate this stupid SJW vs anti-SJW debate because it seems to have infected everywhere on the internet and at its worse it outright consumes both discussion and people.

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group masturbation?

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honestly for as much as they hate eachother, tumblr and 4chan have more in common than either would like to admit

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I could go for some pringles right about now...mmm...pringles.

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it's a trend that'll probably fade in a few months back to obscurity

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I wish the whole Anti-SJW, and SJW fad would just go away already. I already know its a fad, that will only go away until people find something new to whine about.


Glad I'm not the only who see's this.

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The only bad thing you said was being bad at math, and that's not even a big deal.

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I don't really see it happening anytime soon. It's been kicking around /tg/ in some form for at least two years now.

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Do you really love us? Even the system elitists? Even the That Guys? Even the magical realmers and 40k zealots and sergal lovers and paladin fallers?

Do you love all of /tg/? CAN you love all of /tg/?

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>Not loving the magical realmers

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Its current iteration is crawling out from massive expansion. The mass-migration to social media and people then realizing how powerful and important they can seem on those tools has led to it absolutely exploding in volume and numbers. But that's going to asymptote and as more and more people are naturally integrated into social media, their appeals as a mass-soapbox platform will become commonplace. as a result, less folk will feel emboldened to spew their drivel elsewhere

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I don't mean to be a complete faggot, but 4chumbler?

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So people sitting in a circle staring at each other as they all jerk off? Don't we have those? Aren't they called writethreads?

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Nah I meant as in you help someone else jerk off in a group.

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I dont understand who wouldnt, but theyre there. A unified /tg/ would be a wonderful place of chillbros though, more so than any other board.

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>sergal lovers

I literally haven't seen a single reference to a sergal.

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Best of /tg/ thread? Best of /tg/ thread. One of my proudest moments for all of /tg/:


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I believe those are call oval tugs.

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So quest threads then.

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>calling a roundy-woundy grab-and-poundy an "oval tug"

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Exactly...wait, what was the point of this again?

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I love you /tg/

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Has there ever been any mention of LL updating suptg? It feels odd when vanilla 4chan is a thousand times easier to navigate than it is.

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/b/ can't even count to 3. But let's not talk about that. Because /tg/ is fucking awesome


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Yes, but it's taking forever. Don't worry about trying to navigate it, however. I shall be your guide

Preparte for feels:

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You're what /tg/ is associated with now, not what it used to be.

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Because we love you, too, anon.
Deep in your heart you know.

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/tg/ also knows how to handle Trolls


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Anon, quests have been on /tg/ for longer than two thirds of its lifespan.

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Which is only two thirds too many.

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Stop getting mad about things you don't like.

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Moot rarely finds our board relevant to his interests, but he deigned to visit us once and mettle out righteous justice



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Which only takes us back full circle to this >>32441924

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>Why do I keep coming to this site?
Because I like talking about RPGs.

/tg/ even turned me around on D&D 4e, though I still despise 3.x/pf/ogl-anything.

But the subset of /tg/ that won't stop with >>>/pol/ tier discussions of "SJWs" has really been getting to me, lately. It'd be nice if they had the courtesy to just put "/pol/" in the subject line, the way most quests put "quest," so that I could filter their blah-blah.

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And a meme few realize actually originates from /tg/


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People making threads you don't like but they do isn't shitting where they eat. It just means you don't like them.

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>Sometimes we even have legit discussions that go places, before spiraling down into shit.
Sometimes, if we're lucky, we can even salvage threads that have already gone to shit. Or at least have a few people have an intelligent, often humorous side-discussion about something unrelated in the midst of the shitstorm. (Deathbag thread, I'm looking at you.)

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/tg/ is the only board I visit. And that's because the focus transcends traditional games and lets people discuss and prepare things that wouldn't be possible in any other place.

Anything is /tg/ worthy as long as it is awesome, funny or stupid enough (just ask Dr.Ass Marbles). Like an anon said some threads ago: (paraphrased)

/tg/ is not just about D&D or elves and shit, its about good stuff.

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I love /tg/ because when awesome shit like this can only happen here:


> For once in your shallow, selfish life you actually FEEL a FEEL.
>Hot. Monkey. Dick.

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