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Oh hey, I get to be the one to start /fcg/? Cool.

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First for gnomes running at 50 mph

(but seriously though I'm running this in a few weeks and I'm real excited)

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What kind of concept do you have for the character, is it a messenger, or a professional athlete?

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>starting a general

Tell me, OP. Tell me how it feels to doom a topic. To draw a blade across its throat and watch all relevance and worth spill onto the ground.

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Have you missed the last like 7 FCGs?
Way too depressing man.

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I would like to play in a game of this system.

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What kind of character do you think would be interesting?

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Depends on the rest of the party, the setting, and the GM. I work to fill in any absent roles or niches that I feel the group could benefit from having, and from there make it my own.

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Sounds like you need to visist better generals. The FC generals have been full of informative and fun discussion, and plenty of homebrew crunchiness.

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I would really like to play some sort of Red Mage though.

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Literally the Mage class. There's even a feat called Double Cast.

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12th for posting information!

Fantasy Craft is a Fantasy d20 Tabletop RPG, using the OGL ruleset. It is geared towards cinematic play where every character can contribute equally, while having solid mechanics and being fairly modular at that.

Download links:
>Fantasy Craft Torrent [Includes Adventure Companion/Call to Arms/Homebrew (No Core Rulebook)] - Please seed!

And here's a few other links of note:
>Web NPC builder

>General downloads for Fantasy Craft

>New Player Character Creation Guide

>Guide to create a custom PC species

>[Unofficial] Species Feat Guide

>[Practically Official] Specialty Creation Guide

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As long as the Mage can also use lower tier Healing and Buffs and be in melee without getting destroyed, sure.

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Well only mages can get the high level heal so yes

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So, I wanted to make a character creator software for anima but I learned that there Already was one

So I was thinking about making one for my second system of choice, fantasy craft
My question is : is there already one or can I go for it

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There's a fancy-pants Excel character sheet, but that's about it.

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Ok then
Time to make that char creator

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Do I need a mat to play this game or can we just go with instinct

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There are a fair amount of measurements, distances, and mechanics that rely on reach and adjacency.

Running fast and loose without a grid is possible, but that relies on the GM's ability to keep track of that stuff and the player's capacity to forgive fudging the fine details to keep things flowing, like any other game.

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I see
well I should make myself a cool mat then

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That would be really cool, but I'm thinking it would be really difficult right?

Also where is this excel sheet you are talking about? Does it work with NPCs?

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This is the Excel sheet. It's strictly for PCs; use the NPC generator (http://www.meadicus.plus.com/craftygames/npc-builder/NPCBuilder.html) for NPCs instead.

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>That would be really cool, but I'm thinking it would be really difficult right?

nothing impossible, but it won't be on the web, it will be a software so you will have to trust me about the whole virus thing (I don't even know how to do a virus) + code source will be available

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Still, thanks for doing it.

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You should post it up on the Crafty forums when you finish it, they might put it on the downloads page.

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So I got a question about the rules regarding armor:

Armor and shields have construction stats attached to them, meaning that they can be broken with enough damage done to them and failing damage saves. Does this mean that in combat, every time a character is hit, that his armor/shield has to make a damage save until it breaks? Or should I treat it similarly to sundering in 3.5, where the character attacks the armor/shield directly?

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No, it's similar to 3.p sundering, imo. Shields are also not considered armors but weapons, so if that was the case, every time you'd hit something with a sword, you'd have to be rolling damage saves.

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If you trigger the free threaten check with Glint of Madness while in Rage stance is it prevented by the stance?

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Well, while in the Rage stance, you cannot make any skill checks, so you cannot make any intimidate checks.

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Thanks, I just wanted some clarification.

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You'd need at least Rage Mastery before you could threaten.

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I always did find that odd.
You cannot Jump while raging, as that is an Acrobatics check.
Any spooked horse will throw you off, because that's a Ride check.
Despite being potentially very scary, you may not Intimidate anyone until the second feat.
You can neither climb, nor Push your Limit, because that is an Athletics check.

Until you gain the Supremacy feat (or Mastery, for Intimidation), you can't do lots of things that would make sense to be done.

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You and me, both. I could see stepping Intimidate down to Basics, then making Mastery allow physical skills, and then Supremacy you keep as allowing all. It definitely wouldn't hurt.

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I can see it for some cases, but not all.

Riding makes sense to me -- if you're in a completely dissociated frothing rage, it seems reasonable to me that you wouldn't necessarily have your shit together enough to properly control a horse.

Threaten actually makes sense to me as well. Sure, you're definitely scary as fuck, but the Threaten action implies taking time to *deliberately attempt* to induce fear, as opposed to simply doing something that would happen to be scary (such as bashing skulls in while in a screaming battle frenzy). This strikes me more as a case for the GM to be exercising his license to dole out stress damage whenever circumstances are appropriate.

However, most Acrobatics and Athletics stuff is definitely pretty weird. I can see some aspects of Acrobatics being off-limits (definitely Tumble, probably also Trip since that's more of a tricky learned technique than something one would tend to instinctively do in a fight), but pretty much anything Athletics-based should be kosher (the most complex thing there is Grapple, which is a pretty instinctive mode of fighting -- at least for humans, anyway), as should Jump, and probably also Balance in some circumstances (mainly traversing sloped/slick surfaces; narrow ledges, maybe not so much).

I'd probably allow Athletics, Jump, and at least the aforementioned subset of Balance checks with Basics, and leave the rest as-is.

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What would be a good naming scheme for Species feats for a goofolk race? I know I want to have "X Protoplasm", but the Species feats are two-tiered so I need to come up with another. And it needs to be something that fits with the alphabetical naming scheme for feats (ie, if it's something that suggests being the more advanced feat it needs to come after "protoplasm" alphabetically).

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Gel, morph? Try looking through biological texts on amoebas and stuff.

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What about "X Jelly" and 'X Royal Jelly"

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Hm, well, looking at the wikipedia page on amoebas for useful words...the Latin name for the amoeba references the Greek god Proteus.

How does "X Protean" -> "X Protoplasm" sound to you guys?

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Protean really means "ancient" or "original", not "gooey", so you may want to steer clear of that.

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How about Gel and Slime? Assuming that Ooze is in the species name.

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You could just base them off of the Bestiary entries for "Gel", "Slime", and "Pudding", like >>32294428 mentioned.

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Tell me of your fun stories with this system, /tg/. I need something to bolster my faith for this game.

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Hm, true. On the other hand, goopy stuff sort of has a connotation of being a primitive/primordial form of life, so it's not entirely inappropriate. Plus there's the somewhat newer (but still hardly novel or unfamiliar) meaning of the word to suggest mutability or flexibility, which is very appropriate.

The species name is going to be "Blenno", because "Ooze" is too plain, "Gel" is too...well, in a word, too JRPG, and "Slime" is in the bestiary as a mindless chunk of caustic mold (which obviously would not be suitable for a player race).

(Blenno, by the way, is just the Greek root for slime.)

I guess "Ooze" would work fine for the feats, though. And I could then still use "Protoplasm", because seriously that word is just begging to be used in a goofolk Species feat name.

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Why not just 'plasm' then, with the various different feats being prefixes (cyroplasm, pyroplasm, etc)?
Prefix-moeba could be the first feat name.

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...You're a freaking genius, anon.

The elemental stuff would just be handled with Elemental Heritage/Legacy, but I could still call them <prefix>-moebas as the official splinter race names. Then the other three I have would be:

Jumbo-sized slimes that engulf everything they can get their pseudopods on. (Size bump, Swallow, Devour, etc.)

Extra-caustic slimes that weaponize their digestive processes. (Acid resistance, ability to deal acid damage)

Slimes with greater control over their shape and coloration to blend in easily; sort of a doppelganger/mimic kind of thing (various benefits to Blend and Disguise).

Now that I have names to go with the stats I've got put together, I can write all this up!

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Thanks, I try my best. Looks like the FC campaign I was trying to join on Roll20 doesn't work with my schedule. Anyone starting up any news ones?

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Uh... It means varied or having a changeable nature. Not necessarily gooey, but not ancient or original.

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It has two meanings. The original meaning is "ancient" or "original"; the meaning of "changeable" is a somewhat later derivation, coming from the Greek god Proteus, who was known for shapeshifting and named for the original meaning of the word.

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X mold/ X Colony

Frost Mold, Frost Colony
Luminous Mold, Luminous Colony,
Acidic Mold, Acidic Colony.

Both terms for the actual slime organism.

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I guess that could work too...

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I've never really been particularly inclined to think of oozes as colonial fungal organisms, personally. At least not as a general rule -- certainly a colonial fungus a la real-world slime molds would be one way to do an ooze, but the sort of "living wad of jelly" that you tend to typically see in fantasy games as the iconic representation of the type doesn't really suggest "colony" to me.

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I never statted them, but there's a race of sentient, peaceful slime people that I've called the Oozefolk, although I do like >>32294428's idea of calling them Gels or Jels.

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You are a blenno, a sapient ooze capable of speech and taking on a humanoid shape to interact with other species. Your body is a mass of translucent blue-green goop, produced and controlled by a solid core about the size of a cantaloupe. You can form your body into all manner of unusual shapes, even squeezing through remarkably narrow spaces and producing multiple pseudopods with which to manipulate objects. However, you most often take a mostly humanoid shape with a unique appearance that you've grown comfortable forming -- a habit your kind has picked up to facilitate easier interactions with other races.

You most likely grew up in a large colony of other blenno, where you were raised by the community alongside many other newly-budded young. Though capable of audible speech, your kind more typically communicates by an elaborate pseudopodial sign language supplemented by variations in color pattern of your protoplasm, and by a form of pheromone-like touch-based chemical communication. You likely learned audible speech as a means of communicating with other species, and as such your ability to speak verbal languages may be somewhat unrefined. Your kind learns about its surroundings as much by contact (which for you encompasses the senses of touch, smell, and taste all at once) as visual inspection. Blenno are also omnivores in the truest sense of the word; there is very little that you won't eat, and blenno are known to try anything at least once.

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Other species are typically rather put off by your slimy form and peculiar habits, particularly your tendency to touch things. Your kind, however, tend to be open and inquisitive, and you are likely eager to meet new people and learn about their ways.

Splinter race feats: Acrimoeba (acidic slime), Elemental Heritage (cryomoeba, pyromoeba, hydromoeba, or other elemental slime), Mutamoeba (mimicking slime), or Phagomoeba (engulfing slime). Unless you choose one of these, you are simply a "slime".

Medium ooze [1 pt]
+2 Str, Dex, or Con; -2 Int or Cha [1.5 pts]
>Base speed:
30 ft
>Bleeding immunity [0.5 pts]
>Sterner stuff [0.5 pts]
>Iron gut [1 pt]
>Hearty appetite [1 pt]
>Agile defense [1 pt]
>Tenacious spirit [2 pts]
>Aloof [0.5 pts]
>Reviled [-1 pt]

>Acrimoeba [Species]
All blenno produce various corrosive enzymes and secretions to digest the food they engulf, but only a few wield those secretions as a weapon.
Prereqs: Blenno, level 1 only
You gain Slam I [1 pt] and Acid Resistance 5 [1 pt], and may convert your unarmed damage to acid without suffering the normal -4 attack penalty [1.5 pts]. However, you also gain Achilles heel (Fire) [-0.5 pts], and your Charisma drops by 2 [-1 pt].

>Acriplasm [Species]
The most corrosive of acrimoebas are dangerous even to touch.
Prereqs: Acrimoeba
You gain natural defense (acid damage) [3.5 pts]

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>Phagomoeba [Species]
Blenno can theoretically grow to several times the normal size for their kind, if they eat enough. It's a sure bet that any such individuals you find have a much more robust appetite than most.
Prereqs: Blenno, level 1 only
Your size increases to Large (2x2, reach 1) [2 pts], and you gain Swallow I [1 pt] and the Devour NPC quality [0.5 pts]. However, you also gain the Lumbering NPC quality [-1 pt].

>Phagoplasm [Species]
The consumptive instinct of a phagomoeba is so strong that it may even attempt to swallow weapons it is struck with.
Prereqs: Phagomoeba
Your Strength increases by 2, but your Dexterity drops by 2 [1.5 pts], and you lose Agile Defense [-1 pt]. Each time you suffer 10 or more damage from a melee attack, you may attempt to Disarm the attacker as a free action. [2 pts]

>Proteomoeba [Species]
Some blenno have developed extraordinary mastery over the color and form of their bodies.
Prereqs: Blenno, Level 1 only
You are always considered to have actor's props [1 pt] and ignore Species and Size penalties to Disguise checks [0.5 pts]. Also, you may temporarily gain chameleon I as a 1 minute action, matching the surrounding terrain. This camouflage is lost when you sleep or replace it with a new terrain. [1 pt]

Proteoplasm [Species]
Some conspiracy theorists claim all world leaders are in fact proteomoebas in disguise.
Prereqs: Proteomoeba
You gain a +4 bonus with Blend and Disguise checks.

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Pretty awesome race, but I'd change the feats a bit. They're a bit too focused, IMO, which is pretty boring.
I'd change the Slam of Acrimoeba to something else, swap the benefits of Phagomoeba and -plasm, and completely change Proteoplasm, probably by moving Chameleon to it.

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So are infinite damage loops actually possible in FC?

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I haven't found an infinite damage loop yet, but if you have Flail Basics, Martial Artist 20, Cleave B/M/S, a fast Mount, and a perfect field literally full of at least 1 enemy you can always hit and always kill in one hit, you can do obscene damage with an absolute guarantee to hit next turn. That is entirely theorycrafting, though, as it is way too specific to ever actually occur.

>> No.32303903

By "change the Slam", do you mean just to a different kind of natural attack, or something else entirely? Because if the latter...I'm not sure what else really fits with the concept of "highly acidic slime". Short of just bumping the acid resistance up to 10, but that just makes it even more narrow.

I'm not sure I see the reasoning behind swapping Phagomoeba and -plasm. That would push the main concept of the splinter race (supersized slime that eats everything it can get its pseudopodia on) to the second feat, whereas right now the second feat is an intensifier of the concept. It would also put a size bump in a non-level-1 feat, which is pretty weird. I'm also not sure how these feats in particular are especially "focused". It all points back to the same general concept, sure, but the benefits are fairly varied. Large sort of ties in to Swallow, since the latter can't be used unless you're a certain amount bigger than the former, but Devour is entirely unrelated (mechanically), as is the free disarm in the second feat. Then you have some drawbacks to represent getting fat and sluggish, and the stat adjustments in the second feat also point to that.

Shifting Chameleon into Proteoplasm and tweaking some things around there would probably be good, though. I pretty much ran out of interesting ideas for Proteoplasm since I basically captured everything I wanted from the concept with Proteomoeba, but I didn't think of shifting some of -moeba's benefits to -plasm.

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Only ones I've found are using the NPC rules. Incidentally, it's also how I stated Star Platinum/The World's relativistic time stop.

>> No.32305012

Deep Breath/Altius FC book when?

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So, /fcg/, how would you guys recommend I spend the first session, as GM, if I wanted to run this? Figuring out what kind of world the players want, and helping them make characters they'll probably enjoy?

>> No.32308171

Yeah, sounds about right. That way all the players will know the basic info about the setting that anyone living there would be expected to know.

>> No.32309414

So, new setup for Proteomoeba/Proteoplasm:

Proteomoeba [Species]
All blenno have some ability to manipulate their own form, but some elevate that talent to a whole new level.
Prerequisites: Blenno, Level 1 only
Benefit: You are always considered to have actor's props [1 pt] and ignore Species and Size penalties to Disguise checks [0.5 pts]. You also gain two addtional Languages [1 pt], and when taking the Basic Skill Mastery feat you gain a new skill pair you may choose: Mimic (Blend & Disguise).

Proteoplasm [Species]
Some conspiracy theorists claim that proteomoebas rule the world from the shadows, secretly posing as heads of state and policing the populace via a network of unseen spies.
Prerequisites: Proteomoeba
Benefit: You may temporarily gain chameleon I as a 1 minute action, matching the surrounding terrain. This camouflage is lost when you sleep or replace it with a new terrain. [1 pt] Additionally, each time you gain 1 or more ranks in the Disguise skill, you also gain an equal number of ranks in the Blend skill. This may not increase your Blend skill beyond its maximum rank. [2 pts]

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Is it possible to build The Railgun in Fantasy Craft?

>> No.32312588

I want to make a druid that is proficient with a bow or a longbow, but our partys ranger is worried that this would make him useless, is he correct?

>> No.32312638

If you're talking Specialties, then not at all. You are still more of a support character with Practiced Medicine and Survival and only one animal buddy. The Ranger, meanwhile, gains the ability of weaponized racism (favored foes) and is good with ALL animals.

>> No.32312703

>You are still more of a support character with Practiced Medicine

that is not I would build him.

>Ranger is good with ALL animals.

..and druid is not? Am I missing something here?

>> No.32312709

Not remotely. First off, the ranger gets Favored Foes, which is awesome. Also, assuming your druid is going to be Mage or Priest class and the ranger is going to be Scout, the class features involved will make for a world of difference even if you both have the Bow chain. For one thing, the Scout gets lots of bonus feats and sneak attack, so that alone is going to give him a serious edge in combat efficacy.

>> No.32312716

Okay because there was some dude in a PF thread claiming that FC is terrible because of infinite damage loops.

>> No.32312723

Are you looking at the different Specialties? Because those are the abilities that Druid and Ranger grant.

>> No.32312799


mm. I see your point, so he was wrong and I can go using bows, thanks.

>> No.32315292

Even if you both choose bow BMS, and have animal themed specialties, your class will further differentiate you.

>> No.32317347

Actually, not all splinters are two-tiered. Orcs, goblins, pech and dwarves have only 1 tier.
And Unborn have radically different feat scheme.

>> No.32317773

Dwarves get X Born and X Clan, but yeah, the rest only get the one.

>> No.32320266

Not all are, true, but I want these to be so that Elemental Heritage/Legacy can be one of the options.

>> No.32320976

>Pathfinder players
>knowing anything at all about other RPGs
>not desperate to 'prove' that Pathfinder isn't worse than other RPGs by grasping at straws
You should know better.

>> No.32322346

Honestly, I kind of like PF, but Pathcancer fans are some of the most retarded, dishonest people you'll find this side of the internet.

>> No.32324139

Hey guys is it a "common enough complaint" in these threads that melee builds can't do dumb things like oneshotting special NPC Tarasques at TL 20
Because apparently being unable to do 1200 damage a round is one of FC's major flaws or some shit

>> No.32324162

>Being unable to do 1200 damage a round

Is irrelevant, because the Massive Damage rules ACTUALLY WORK.

Seriously, a level 20 Soldier can straight up hit like six times for enough damage to force several Critical Injury checks. Or just CHOOSE to do a critical every so often because fuck you.

>> No.32324283

Let's say someone decided that their basic concept was some sort of Shinto-esque Priest. Would Mage actually be better as a base class?

>> No.32324325

So in other words, -direct damage- is actually completely irrelevant because -other features of the system- compensate for such things?
And anyone complaining about how FC doesn't have -big numbers- is obviously some retarded power junkie?
Good to know.

>> No.32324369

Play a Monk

>> No.32326597

Priest would be more thematic, in my opinion. Shinto religion is very nature focused and can be easily emulated by the Path of nature. Sure mage can also do it, if you specialize in nature things, but priests get god-communing abilities and turning for something like evil spirits and evil outsiders.

>> No.32327441

Hell, you CAN have massive damage. I made an example using Flail feat tree and Cleave tree on a level 20 Martial Artist in an endless wave of easy to kill mooks. He would have Reach enough to Cleave about 30 people in a rowwithout moving, then 5 foot step on the last guy and hit 8 more, the 5 foot again, to hit another 8 , continuously up to his move speed. If he has a mount with 100 move speed, he can kill like... 400 people in one turn, or really, one half action (he couldn't do it twice in one round, since Cleave Supremacy's move thing is measured per round). And In fact, thinking about it, if he applied the Fend trick to his attacks against this endless wave of mooks that are always hit and always die when hit, he could literally cleave infinitely.

That means next turn, he gets +400 attack and damage (or, with Fend, a theoretical +infinity), letting him deal, over 9 or so attacks that round, well over 5000 damage to a single target.

However, you should note that this is pure theory. Logically, you won't be able to one-shot EVERY mook, and there will hardly ever be a situation where there will be mooks crammed in every 5 foot square. A 1 isn't an instant miss, but at TL 20, you probably have some chance of missing, or potentially being Parried/Shield Blocked.

If everything is perfect to the point of pure theory, though, yes, you can do infinite damage

>> No.32327514

How would I make a swiftblade in FC? That is, an extremely fast/quick gish who is both a capable combatant and a capable mage?

>> No.32327541

Mage into rune knight seems to be the popular consensus. Remember that you don't need all 9 levels in spell casting have useful spells, so some people like to go mage/soldier or mage/something else, but rune knight is pretty popular.

>> No.32327655

Rune Knight is pretty much your only option for a warrior-mage, so go with that.

For your first 4 levels, I would take Soldier at level one and the next three levels in Mage. The Soldier dip gives you the Accurate core ability, which is very helpful to have with your mediocre BAB and MAD, and the extra proficiencies will let you grab a Forte in your weapon of choice and all the combat tricks you really need. You lose a bit of caster power, but I think for what you want it would be worth it.

>> No.32327663

An NPC with

Critical Surge
Monstrous Attack IX
3+ natural attacks
Merciful Strike
Attack X and enough STR to hit consistently

can not only do infinite damage, but accrue infinite actions. To such an NPC, performing infinite actions in such a short timespan, it would appear as though time were frozen around them.

So, in other news, NPC creation is still broken. (Un)fortunately all PC-controlled NPCs require GM approval.

>> No.32327696

But it's not broken. It gives the GM the OPTION to do that to their players. I'm not saying that the GM will be good because of it, or that the players would appreciate a probable TPK, but it can happen. A good GM knows what his players want and tries to build monsters around it using the options supplied by the manual.

>> No.32327769

You may want to take a look at Force of Nature.
It is a berserker-type combatant who can breathe fire, throw magma, darkness and so on.
It is no mage, but can combine weapons and supernatural attacks.

>> No.32327856

Have you not read the NPC creation chapter? The devs themselves say "this shit be broken, yo."

You have to be careful to balance the specific options you use against your players, because the NPC system itself is not naturally balanced. You have to be even more careful when the PCs get a hold of it.

>> No.32328060

No, they say that it can be overpowered as the system is NOT balanced, not broken because it fulfills it's job, which in the hands of "devious" GMs and players it can be bad, but if there is trust between players/GM and the GM of course revising the players options on his created creature, then it isn't so bad.

>> No.32328183

Oh, I see, we're just using different definitions of "broken." You're right, it is technically not broken, as it performs its intended function. I just meant that it's definitely not inherently balanced.

>> No.32328221

Oh, sorry about the misunderstanding then. I guess it would be broken in that sense.

Also, did everyone find games or something, why is /fcg/ so empty nowadays?

>> No.32328268

To be honest, I think it's the fact that the OP is different.

>> No.32328294

I`m waiting for a game to start, but GM is busy until summer.
Gonna play as Orc burglar - a hot-headed young mercenary with some Three Musketeers influence. (using a flail instead of fencing blade, though).

>> No.32328429

I wonder how hard it would be to get a GM to allow stands..

Because I have a few stated up.

>> No.32328471

As a personal bodyguard with spirit type they should be fine.
But making GM allow you to use Mounted Combat rules for them could be tricky.

>> No.32328493

I'd allow one, but it would be difficult to do that linked life thing that the stands have.

>> No.32328574

Have them have the Combat Rider feat from Adventure Companion. That's how I do it. Using mounted
combat as >>32328471 said.

>> No.32328617

Rune Knight is good, Mist Dancer is another good one. Don't forget that Mages are pretty decent at combat to begin with. You could get Fencing feat tree, and Surge of Speed to go into total defense, using the Fencing Mastery trick that lets you get free hits on enemies who move adjacent, while using Surge of Speed to cast a non-attack spell for free, 3 per either session or scene.

>> No.32328781

Hm. I wouldn't allow anything like that, because there would be a huge hp bloat on your side. I'd let the player take a stand if the player agrees to take damage if the stand takes damage.

Stand (-2 xp): The NPC is dependent on another character, the host, to stay alive or remain unbanished. The NPC does not have Vitality, Wounds, or Damage saves and when damaged, the host is damaged for the appropriate amount instead. If both the NPC and the host are targeted with one effect, the host suffers only one condition, even if it failed two saves, (e.g. one save from the host and one from the Stand NPC).

>> No.32328871

Or you could use Combat Rider to have the user take all the damage. There's no HP bloat because the stands HP never comes into play.

>> No.32328920

In fact, usually give them the Mook quality, so that they have no vitality anyway.

>> No.32330520

ok you sexy fucks, can you take more than 5 foot steps while in a stance? I need to know this.

>> No.32330601

Some stances restrict you, but only some. The ones that do say specifically that they do.

>> No.32330671

Could somebody post the adventure companion PDF, I can't download on my phone.

>> No.32330846

The main difference between the two is in versatility of effects. The Mage has a smorgasboard of options at his fingertips, while the Priest has only a very limited selection of tightly-themed spells. The tradeoff is that the Priest's spells tend to be more potent. Most Path spells after the first step tend to be a level or two higher than what a Mage has access to at the same level you can get that step of the Path -- for example, a Priest can have the third step of a Path by level 5, which usually gives 3rd and 4th-level spells, while a level 5 Mage only has Circle of Power II. Plus the Priest has better core stats and more interesting class features (whereas the Mage's class features basically all amount to "cast better").

So, it depends on whether your idea of "Shinto priest" suggests lots of varied spellslinging, or more limited overt magic with a greater amount of more subtle effects like communing with spirits for information (eg, the Priest's Signs & Portents ability) and so forth.

>> No.32331025

I would actually advise against Soldier as your level 1 for a Rune Knight. The core ability is only useful until you take Favored Gear, which will be level 3 at the latest -- at that point, Accurate is entirely redundant. And at those early levels, the difference in BAB is pretty minimal.

The extra proficiencies are helpful, but you'd probably be better off taking Mage at level 1 and a specialty that grants additional proficiencies. Fencer would be very appropriate for a swiftblade, and gives Edged proficiency, Fencing Basics (even if you don't get Edged forte at first level), initiative and speed boosts, and a trick. The Mage's core ability also helps with MAD, letting you get away with a lower Wis, and has a lot more mileage as the ability to use action dice to regain SP helps a lot with the Rune Knight's relatively small amount of SP.

A 1-level dip in Soldier is definitely still good for a Rune Knight, but I wouldn't take it as your first class.

>> No.32331073

Yeah, with both the image being not obvious Fantasy Craft and the text being different, it might not be so easy to recognize.

>> No.32331103

If you're directing all damage to the user, then you don't really need Combat Rider. Combat Rider's advantage (aside from removing the penalties to attacks and checks) is that you can divvy up damage however you please, whereas normally it all goes to either mount or rider.

>> No.32331230

Direct damage is great up to a point, and a soldier will still do a shit-load of damage.

But by the time you have to worry about HP getting big enough that you can't whack most things in a few good hits, your Soldier has access to options other than 'just make the numbers bigger' and will probably be crit-fishing (applying his damage to Wounds, which don't grow, instead of Vitality, which does), keen-fishing (in which case he's angling for crippling Critical Injuries or an outright insta-kill via Massive Damage), or rocking sources of Subdual/Stress damage (which debuff the enemy and eventually knock them out)

>> No.32331428

And technically you can use Telepathy for more than receiving orders from the user and being visible to other users, which is why you place restrictions on it. Say they can't use it to divvy damage up for the same reason you won't use the alt-trip on them, because it makes no sense.

>> No.32332186

It's not about the theme of your spiritual power. Play a mage if you want casting spells to be all of your everything. Play a priest if you want to be a standard support character with a few limited miracles

>> No.32334681

Right, I'm just saying if you want all the damage to go to the user, you don't need Combat Rider as >>32328871 suggests. You can do that out of the box with standard mounted combat rules.

>> No.32337360

so I just downloaded the book and noticed there's no master classes. Is there something I'm missing here?

>> No.32337453

Adventure Companion and Call to Arms extra books have 'em.

>> No.32338420

That was also me. While that's true, it also eliminates the penalties, so there's no reason not to use it. It also makes it where the PCs can't spend two action dice to target the enemy stand directly, which is an option using only vanilla mounted combat.

Ultimately it's too minor of a difference to worry about though.

>> No.32338580

So I'm looking through skills here, lemme know if I got this right.

Blend is when you're just doing your thing and someone is looking with Search to find you, while Sneak is when you're actively trying to be undetected and some unaware sod uses Notice to see if he picks up on your presence?

>> No.32339470

Yes, unless the sod is aware and is actively searching for you.

>> No.32339509

Yeah. Blend and Notice are passive, Sneak and Search are active

>> No.32339988

What kind of homebrew have you guys done, if any?

>> No.32340070

I'm trying to make a homebrew magic system, which is the thing about 3.p and other systems with vancian magic that I've always hated.

I'm using http://imgur.com/a/62LeN and the other runes guide to try and make a balanced and comprehensive guide to runic/druidic magic. Shit's hard yo.

>> No.32340486

For the Animal Partner feat, what you select has to be strictly "Animal", correct?

No "Animal Outsider" or "Animal Ooze" or anything. Beastmaster's level 1 ability adds to what you can select (Beast, Ooze, etc), so I assume "Animal Partner" quite literally means "a fucking animal"

A member of our group took a 72 EXP Spire (Fey Flyer) at level 1 with his Druid specialty and I only now noticed what it is.

The system is new to everyone, including our GM, and I really don't enjoy people taking advantage of that (even if it is in ignorance, making your character correctly is a personal responsibility) so I wanted to make extra sure.

>> No.32342008

Yes, it has to be an animal, although it CAN be a fey animal, but it must meet the implications that an animal has.

>> No.32342224


So it /has/ to have "-animal" on it, though?

For instance, you can't take Animal Companion and grab a Drake, which is a Beast, unless you're Beastmaster level 1, since that allows you to have exotic animal companions.

>> No.32342317

Yes, it HAS to be an animal NPC. It cannot be JUST a beast.

>> No.32342371


Or, you know, a fucking 72 EXP Fey Flyer.

Thanks. I'm multiclassing at the moment, which is why I began looking into the Animal Partner feat, and catching that detail really surprised me.

At level 1, even if you could get a Fey on its own, you'd still need at leave 5 permanent Terrain feats to afford that EXP cost. Unless you made it Immature I guess but uh... it would probably be bacterial in size at that point.

>> No.32342433

Why would you need more terrain feats? Adding the "fey" type is 0xp and adding the animal type is 0xp. It wouldn't add up, animals can fly too.

>> No.32342435

>it would probably be bacterial in size at that poi
Your own personal disease eh?

>> No.32342456

That's pretty cool.

>> No.32342626


>Why would you need more terrain feats?

You've got the wrong idea - it's not just a Fey Flyer, it's the Sprite straight from the Bestiary. See >>32340486.

It costs 72 EXP.

>> No.32343512

Blend can also be opposed by Notice and Sneak by Search; there's no particular pairing between the perception and stealth skills.

It's worth noting that a lot of people run the Blend/Sneak distinction a bit differently than RAW, handling Blend for cases where you want to fade into the background (being there but inconspicuous), while Sneak is for when you want to be unseen entirely. Makes things like camouflage (which boosts Blend but not Sneak) work a bit more intuitively, and smooths over the odd cases where someone like an Assassin (who gets Blend but not Sneak as a class skill) can be damn near undetectable when just moseying along making no effort to conceal himself but as soon as he actually tries to avoid notice sticks out like a sore thumb.

Also eliminates any confusion over when one can plausibly be "passively" stealthy as opposed to being required to actively hide. The passive/active split is reasonably easy to figure out for the perception skills, but with stealth it's a little harder to draw the line -- or rather, it's hard to really draw a line to say that a person can't always just be passively stealthy and never bother to try to hide.

>> No.32344570

Which always disappointed me, because I want a Vaugr as an animal companion, but could only get that with Personal Lieutenant.

>> No.32344806



Is that in a supplemental somewhere? Sounds pretty rad.

>> No.32345006

Nope, it's this book's version of the Worg. Main Bestiary in the core book, under "Wolf".

>> No.32345188


Oh, awesome.

Something to think about if I class into Beastmaster later, since they get exotic Animal Companions.

>> No.32345253

>got the book a few days ago
>players are hyped
>start reading the rules
>get to the npc creation part

oh fantasycraft, we haven't known each other for long but you make me feel strange inside

for the first time in my life, I can use a npc creation system which isn't a fucking mess

>> No.32345283

Welcome, brother

>> No.32345730


well time to write a big campaign seed and get this show on the road

>> No.32345791

I had one all tarted up and then my laptop broke down

My rage was ceaseless. Even now I pace these darkened halls, feeling feels no man dare.

Shit was heavy, yo.

>> No.32345881

shit man, that's why I always have a backup for all my personal data and a second backup on my usb key for my documents

>> No.32345905


This guy is your friend.

>> No.32345934

annnd favorited

>> No.32346210

>that map generator

it's a fucking shame that the servers are overloaded but that map generator is awesome

>> No.32349876

How would you run a kaiju fight in this system? What would you need to do to make it actually a threat?

>> No.32350551

Well first you have to apply the Kaiju template to whatever monster there going to fight. That will probably make it pretty damn strong. Then you could add the ability to cast certain spells like fireball or searing ray to function as a breath weapon.

>> No.32350553


Wouldn't it get fucked by action economy though?

>> No.32350565

Or give it an extraordinary attack...

Too bad laser damage is no longer a thing.

>> No.32350573

Frenzy III

>> No.32351857

Since learning Fantasy Craft, I've actually started incorporating Frenzy into boss monsters in the ongoing 3.5 campaign I'm running (which unfortunately can't really be converted over to Fantasy Craft).

Had my first try of it last night, and it worked flawlessly. I just stat Frenzy as "can make a full attack as a standard action", and it makes the fight so much more interesting. Especially when combined with other abilities to give extra actions.

>> No.32351954

It's not like laser damage would be too hard to import. All the mechanics involved port over easily enough.

>> No.32353062


Oh didn't know about this. Thanks.

>> No.32353103


Don't forget Flurry either, since if you possess more than 2 of the same Natural Attack (i.e. many-headed Hydra) you can use a full-round action to attack with all of them at once.

But that's not something you have to add to a monster, it's just innate.

>> No.32353177

It doesn't even have to be multiples of the same; you can also do it with 3 different natural attacks (eg, a dragon with bite, claw, and tail slap attacks). As long as you have at least 3 distinct natural attacks, flurry is an option.

>> No.32353229


Thanks for correcting me on that.

When I read about it I was focused on making an NPC "Hydra" for an animal companion, so all I had in my mind was Bites for multiple heads.

>> No.32353784

So, I wanna try playing a Drake in FC, but I'm having difficulty picking a class. Anyone have any stories of Drakes they played?

>> No.32353943


I think an obvious choice is a spellcaster, but honestly Drakes don't really fit with much. They're a strange race to be available as playable.

>> No.32354011

Yeah, Mage seemed the most obvious choice, but I was sorta wanting to be a bit less stereotypical if possible. Obviously something like an Assassin or Burglar is pretty much out, but I didn't wanna just be another magic lizard.

>> No.32354068


The issue you're going to run into is the increased cost on a lot of gear, because you're going to need the "Beast" upgrade on just about everything you buy.

Kits, weapons, armor, you get the picture. Like I said, a weird fit for a playable race.

They also have trouble with NPCs because of Reviled and are honestly hard to fit into a setting.

I'm getting one as an Animal Partner later down the line because of this, since in our setting Drakes aren't really fleshed out yet.

>> No.32354180

Martial Artist works really well for Drakes, because their Natural Weapons count as unarmed attacks and get boosted by feats like Martial Arts. There are a ton of species feats for improving natural weapons, as well as the Dragon Lord master class.

>> No.32354277

Kung Fun Dragon...could be awesome.

>> No.32354279

Do a drake commander, have your personal lieutenant ride you into battle.

>> No.32355020

I`m yet to play FC, but Goldscale Drake Courtier seems fun.
You`re a scheming mastermind with a legion of followers. Your enemies cover in fear befeore your majesty. And when shit hits the fan - you`re still a mothefucking dragon.

>> No.32355299

Ooh, I like those ideas. Thanks for the inspiration.

>> No.32355391

>Assassin or Burglar is out

Honestly, the size penalties to hiding aren't THAT severe. You'll have a hard time dabbling, but it's totally possible to be a Drake Assassin.

And when you DO get next to your target... BAM. EAT HIS ASS.

>> No.32355475


I'm sorry, I'm not that guy but I can't help imagining like a fucking Drake with only an Assassin's Creed cowl, trying to sneak around the small bedroom of his target knocking shit over, then having to try to hide when he's the size of a car.

It's actually so funny if you think about it, like he has shit Dex and just wants to be an Assassin but has such a hard time.

>> No.32355535

No. He walks upright, smoking and wearing a "NOT AN DRAGON ASASIN" tablet on his neck.
And with Bald-faced lie he can tell to the guards that he is a little girl and want to sell some cookies.

>> No.32355549


Oh fuck, that's too good

Turns out he was just an Oni pretending to be a Drake all along, his mark never saw it coming

>> No.32355960


This image is too good. Would your gm even let it fly?

>> No.32358132

What's the upside of playing an elemental/construct in this game? I can't find any.

>> No.32358206

Read the Construct and Elemental types

There's LOTS of useful immunities, like mental attribute damage.

>> No.32358215

Page 226.

>> No.32358232

Ok, but how do you heal? You don't get the benefit of the Cleric/Priest heals, the medicine skill, etc.

>> No.32358253

Attributes: +2 to any 1 attribute, –4 Charisma
• Base Speed: 20 ft.
• Achilles Heel (Electricity): When you suffer electrical damage,
you also suffer an equal amount of lethal damage.
• Enlightened Skill: Choose one skill in Chapter 2. Your
maximum rank in that skill increases to your Career Level
+ 5. Only the highest bonus from any single enlightened
ability may apply to each skill.
• Limited Proficiencies: You begin play with 2 fewer
proficiencies (minimum 0).
• Lumbering: You suffer a –2 penalty with all Reflex saves and
become flanked any time two opponents are adjacent to

>> No.32358258

Not having to worry about drowning, starving to death, or dehydration? Our group played an extended Arabian Nights-themed game and provision management was a critical aspect of the adventure. Having someone in the group who can carry food and water while not draining said resources would have been a godsend. We actually tried something like that with some animated skeletons, but having a half-dozen of the creatures hampered our ability to deal with settlements, and the rapid heating/cooling between night and day caused the bones to eventually fracture and break.

>> No.32358270


Constructs heal through the Craft skill if I'm not mistaken. Pretty sure Elementals still heal normally?

>> No.32358292

It says no where in the Race description that they don't need anything to survive.

>> No.32358469

Constructs can be healed with Crafting as if it were Medicine, and they actually do benefit normally from healing magic (and additionally can be healed with the Tinker spells to boot). Nothing in either the construct type rules or the rules for the Cure Wounds spells precludes those spells affecting constructs.

You do have the disadvantage of not being able to heal wounds naturally, but an Unborn can take Special Construction for the Living Metal option to negate that drawback, and even with the drawback you still have the nice upside of autostabilizing at negative wounds and having effectively 15 extra wounds (you normally die at -10, but a construct can go to -25 before they're unrecoverable). Plus all the immunities (which are great). So it more or less evens out.

Elementals heal totally normally; the only downside for them healing-wise is that Medicine checks performed on them take a -10 penalty. So Medicine checks are harder, but still function normally if you can pull them off, and they benefit normally from natural and magical healing.

>> No.32358510

It says you are a construct, which directs you to page 226 for details. On page 226, it says that constructs have the following traits:

Construct (+5 XP): The NPC is inorganic or manufactured.
It’s immune to Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, sneak attack,
stress, and subdual damage, as well as poison and disease. It can’t
fall unconscious and never gains the bleeding, enraged, fatigued,
fixated, frightened, paralyzed, shaken, or sickened conditions.
The NPC only suffers 1 kind of critical injury — severe internal
damage (–4 to random physical attribute) — on a result of 51
or higher. It regains vitality normally but does not naturally heal
wounds, though it may be Mended with a successful Crafting
check using the Medicine rules (see page 77). It becomes inert
when reduced below 0 wounds but only “dies” when destroyed
(i.e. reduced to –25 wounds or worse). A construct doesn’t age
and doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

>A construct doesn’t age and doesn’t need to eat, sleep, or breathe.

>> No.32358783

A while back I asked about making a stealth dragon and we ended up settling on the Force of Nature expert class from the Adventure Companion with the Elemental Heritage (Shadow) feat. We ended up with an invisible hydra (ebonscale) that angrily sneaks up on people then eats them with Flurry for 4 attacks a round. Also it can breathe terror and has Regeneration for 2 HP a round, because fuck everyone.

>> No.32359488

Of course its hidden on page 226.

>> No.32359513

My Crusader is absofuckinglutely brutal with her ritual mace.

>> No.32359555

Of all the complaints about Fantasy Craft, 'they don't know how to format a book' is probably the most legit.

They're determined to not list any rule more than once.

>> No.32359559

Yeah, the book's layout is a goddamn labyrinth sometimes.

>> No.32359692

If a construct can't be affected by fatigue, how does subdual damage get applied to them?

>> No.32359697

The layout is terrible but it's still a construct feature. It's also one of those unstated assumptions in the system - of course an Iron Golem can't die of dehydration or suffocate, it doesn't have lungs or a heart. I mean, the Construct traits state that it's immune to Bleeding effects, but you hardly need to read that to understand that a golem isn't going to have blood bursting out of a limb if you cut it off.

>> No.32359713

>It’s immune to Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, sneak attack,
stress, and subdual damage
It doesn't.

>> No.32359875

How does that make sense then, to someone using a warhammer? I guarantee that a Warhammer, or a sledge, into a construct, is going to do damage.

>> No.32359907

Two ways
1. convert to lethal damage, which I believe hammers have a feat to allow at no penalty, and can always be done at an attack penalty
2. your GM works with you and figures that shit out

Look at it the other way, though - does it make any sense to be able to wallop an Iron Golem with a sap and knock him out?

>> No.32360130

Hammer B/M/S doesn't actually have anything to allow no-penalty damage conversions (that's clubs), but I'd probably apply the errata for subdual damage to constructs as well as objects (seeing as constructs are essentially just animate objects).

>Subdual Damage (page 211): This damage type’s first bullet is now:
>• Certain sources of subdual damage logically damage objects. The GM decides which sources make sense on a case-by-case basis. Hammers should damage windows, for example, even when they inflict subdual damage. Fists, however, are probably — though not always — useless against steel doors.

>> No.32360606

Not a sap, but a hammer, mace, warhammer, club, etc, all strike me as things that would do serious damage. I imagine it striking a car and seeing the dent (or puncture) it would cause.

>> No.32360661

If a target can't be affected by subdual, I always make the ruling that a hammer does lethal damage. A sword hitting an armour plate strikes me as doing way less damage then a blow from a hammer anyway. That said, the benefit of hammers, is on living special characters, being able to weaken them significantly. Subdual is crazy good at dropping special foes, especially at higher levels, vs lethal.

>> No.32360974

But that dent doesn't really impede the function of the car in any way.

>> No.32361010

You're assuming a construct has space to spare inside, I don't agree with that. Hit a computer once and it's going to suffer. Hit the arm on a construct, it's going to constrict hydraulic lines, bend actuators, or break gears. Hence the vitality damage. Keep wailing on it and its going to break, seriously.

>> No.32361136

On the other hand, that scenario itself is assuming a purely mechanical construct, of the sort we make in real life. Something like a golem, which is more just a statue animated by magic, doesn't have such delicate interior workings.

>> No.32361401

If it's a statue, a hammer's going to do a lot of damage.

>> No.32361752

Depends on what it's made of. A brittle substance, sure. But not all stone is that brittle, and there are plenty of other materials it could be made out of that would be resistant to blunt force. Iron or other metals, for instance. Wood can actually be pretty resilient to that sort of thing too, when you're talking about big thick pieces like what would comprise the body of a golem. You've also got flesh golems, which are squishy like meat but not susceptible to the deformation-induced injuries and blunt trauma that make hammers effective against normal living things made of meat.

And that's to say nothing of clay golems, which are made of *soft*, unfired clay. Good luck damaging that substantially with a hammer.

This is why I figure it's best to consider it on a case-by-case basis the same as for objects. In some cases, it makes sense that a hammer would be perfectly effective. In fact, in some cases a hammer might not only be effective, but devastatingly so, like a golem made of porcelain or crystal, for instance; I'd give these and Achilles heel on top of allowing hammers to deal lethal. But there are also plenty of cases where it makes sense that it would be a bit more difficult for a hammer to do the job, in which case the penalties for damage conversion are fairly appropriate. That's the advantage of tabletop RPGs over video games -- you have a human GM who can make common-sense rulings as needed, rather than needing it all strictly codified in advance.

>> No.32362061

This, the whole point of fantasycraft is that it relies on a smart gm who can make good judgement calls.

>> No.32363674

I think in cases like that it would still make more sense to have the hammer deal lethal damage, and give the golem Blunt Resistance.

>> No.32364074

That's no better than simply using the rules as-is. For one thing, adding Damage Defiance: Blunt means increasing the XP reward...to make the fight easier. A hammer user going up against a construct using RAW has to convert damage to lethal, taking -4 to hit and halving the damage dealt. Damage Defiance simply halves the damage.

It also makes the construct play less appropriately against other kinds of blunt weapons. Most of those examples (clay golem excepted -- but it *does* have Damage Defiance: Blunt) may be tricky to damage substantially with a hammer, but should be no problem for a pick (which is also a blunt weapon). By RAW, a pick harms constructs just fine (since it deals lethal damage), but with your approach its damage would be reduced (since it's a Blunt weapon).

You're just changing one set of rules oddities for another. Simply applying the subdual damage errata to constructs as well as objects works much more smoothly as a fix.

>> No.32365655

One or two threads back someone said they were working on a PDF version of the species/specialty/splinter feat creation guide. Is there any progress report on this?

>> No.32366749

What's with how terribly formatted this rulebook is? For the most part everything is well done, but it's like no one on the team had experience with literary organization.

>> No.32366807

Yeah, the book isn't too well organized, but if they restated the rules for everything every time things were referenced the book would be at least 50-100 pages longer, which adds to weight and cost.

>> No.32367031

I don't know about that, but have you tried using the one that's already on the crafty web page?
After you read if for a while, you get used to where everything is so it's not that bad.

>> No.32367237

Probably a combination of, as >>32366807 says, keeping things condensed, plus trying to retain the same general chapter structure as 3.X's book (either because of explicitly trying to play up the OGL connection for marketing, or just out of naive mimicry).

It's fine as a reference once you've read through it once and have an idea where things are (or just use the index), but for someone new to the system it is definitely pretty confusing with the way jargon is tossed out early on and then not explained until chapters later.

>> No.32367282

The idea with the pdf version is that it's supposed to be putting the content from the Crafty site into a nicer layout, with alternating-color tables and all that jazz. Nothing content-related, just spiffy new packaging that might make it a little bit easier to use.

>> No.32369160

How is it possible to critically fail a build check during downtime?

The section notes that a critical failure reduces your silver value by 50%, but since the check has no DC you can't actually both fail it and suffer an error to prompt the GM to critically fail you.

Sure, you can suffer an error, but you can't actually fail the check since it has no DC and you just cross-reference.

>> No.32369207

In cases where there is no DC like crafting, an error can be confirmed even without a 'failure' since there's no success/failure state.

I forget where that's mentioned.

>> No.32369230


Well, he didn't spend an Action Die so I guess I didn't critically fail.


>> No.32372993

How would I make a dungeon that was also a construct?

>> No.32373103

By doing that?

DMC3's Leviathan level. They don't bother making every room be alive, they just make the corridors look like flesh and then have actual combat rules for nothing but the final boss room with the vital organs. You do the same thing; it's Fantasy Craft, the game admits it has abstractions rather than trying to present itself as a way to literally simulate a fantasy world. It's OK, you're free!

>> No.32373347


I see. I was tthinking of having a dungeon in which when the pcs get like halfway in the whole Damn thing gets up and starts moving, headed for a specific destination, as it's really a huge glorified ancient transportation device (until the monsters moved in). Might even deposit the pcs in a completely different place than they started... Which I guess is literal railroading

>> No.32373624

Well, you could do the DMC thing of having various elements of the "dungeon" be specific NPCs. Maybe there's a navigation core that works as a social/puzzle encounter. Maybe there's an anti-intruder mechanism that you could introduce in a standard oneupmanship progression.

>oh no, a challenging encounter with a monster
>oh my, something killed several of these monsters before we got here
>oh shit, it's destroying everything in its path, run!

But ultimately your game doesn't need rules for the constructdungeon as a whole, because you'd never use them for anything except a straight-up fight between the party and something they'd need a sword the size of a truck to moderately inconvenience. the constructdungeon's stats are "fuck you" and "lol no" for the purposes of the story you have in mind. Which brings me to
Which is something all but the sandbox-iest games do, and something that gets complained about with equal parts venom and inaccuracy. Basically, have a story, have things that happen at times, some of which the players will not be able to affect. That's not a problem. It becomes a problem when that's all the players can do. Make sure they've got enough that they CAN affect to feel a sense of agency.

Maybe they can set the destination. Maybe you trick them into thinking that they have, when actually the choice is "oh no, you didn't stop it from going to the forest temple" or "yay, you stopped it from going to the blasted wasteland, now it's going to the forest temple". Maybe you prepare the blasted wasteland and the forest temple and let them pick.

Maybe you throw in less important decisions that don't affect the main plot but let the players feel in control of something. Maybe they gain control of the anti-intruder system. Maybe they can choose whether to genocide the monster tribe that lives in the construct's storage bays.

Notice how I'm saying maybe instead of "you should do X"? Agency's nice.

>> No.32373746

Also, remember that a character sheet is a statement of intent. If someone builds a ninja, they've outright told you they want to play a ninja. Use that information, it's wonderful to have. Bringing that back to Fantasy Craft, if someone plays a character class with Combatant as their primary role, you can bet they want to fight stuff.

I've been taking stock of how many characters in my game have Combatant as a primary or secondary role for their character, then comparing that to the other roles, and then trying to balance the encounters they face based on that. Give Keepers puzzles to solve. Give Courtiers something to talk to. Give Soldiers something to fight. And ultimately, you can do all that by taking standard NPCs from the back of the Fantasy Craft book, slapping the Construct type on them and never letting on that the Terminator-esque mechanical monstrosity that tracks them from room to room while refusing to die is a Troll with the serial numbers filed off. Get more creative once you've settled into the rules a bit.

>> No.32375986

This is an Earthbound reference, isn't it?

>> No.32377638

No, it isn't that kind of power level.

>> No.32377672

Not even just the general concept of "shoots small projectiles really hard with lightning"?

>> No.32377817

There are spells "call lightning" and "lightning bolt", also hurled proficiencies that you can use to throw things and it works real well. There are also flash bangs and that kind of stuff, but there is no power like the railgun.

>> No.32377919

Not even so much as a way to just add lightning damage to a thrown weapon?


>> No.32377969

The closest I can come up with would be a Crusader (Call to Arms class, available on crafty's website) that uses Sword of Faith to give his ritual throwing weapon Lightning damage.

>> No.32378036

Oh! Force of Nature, you're attacks become lightning bolts if you want and you get some really cool other stuff.

>> No.32378124

How could you be attacks which then become lightning bolts?
Do you turn into daggers which then get infused with lightning? When do you morph back into a single being again and at the time of "becoming attacks" does your conscience get split into several smaller ones or does it simply "turn off" like you're sleeping?

>> No.32378241

Force of Nature lets you convert your damage to electricity...but only for melee and unarmed attacks. Apparently Fantasy Craft really doesn't like you getting exotic damage types for ranged weapons without actually using a Prize slot for a magic item.

Arguably you *might* be able to use Force of Nature's damage change for something like a dagger or other melee weapon with hurl, but that's kind of debatable, and anyway the most appropriate ammunition for emulating Misaka would be a shuriken, which wouldn't work.

>> No.32378257

For a moment, I thought you were high or retarded, until I saw they had used the wrong 'your'.

I feel you could have made your complaint clearer. You're clearly rather adept at this. I haven't seen such pedantry since the days of yore.

Though, technically, your use of quotation is incorrect, since they never said "becoming attacks". They said "You are attacks become lightning bolts".

>> No.32378469

Well, in order to "be attacks" you must first "become attacks." Unless of course you "were attacks" to begin with.
Pedantry at this level is all about uncompromisingly taking what was actually said at face value, interpreting only what was left unsaid - and only to such a degree as to support the underlying presumption that the (erroneous) statement made sense.

Oh, and thanks for the kind words and critique by the way. It means a lot to me; after all, being a pedantic twit is a minor hobby of mine and I'm always trying to take it to the next level.

If it's any consolation, I'm not the guy you were originally talking to.

>> No.32380911

Rune Knight, with a Gun and Lightning Rune?

>> No.32381656


A little Earthbound, a little Howl's Moving Castle to be honest.

>> No.32384194

Diana Wynne Jones or Miyazaki?

>> No.32384261

Man, I would love for Miyazaki to do the other two books in that series.

>> No.32384297

That would be neat, but I really wish he was more faithful to the book.

>> No.32384462

I saw the film before I read the book, so I find it much easier to see them as distinct entities; after Spirited Away, Howl's Moving Castle is my favourite Miyazaki film. But yeah, they are quite different, particularly the farther into them you get. As adaptations go, though, you could do a lot worse.

>> No.32386034

So, does anyone happen to know why exactly Lightning Bolt I is a level 4 spell while Fireball I is a level 3? I'm not really seeing how a 100 ft +10 ft/lvl line of electricity is so dramatically superior to a 20 ft radius sphere of fire at a range of up to 250 ft. If anything, it seems that Fireball is more potent -- fire with AP 5 seems like a much nastier damage type than electricity, and at any level before 15 Fireball I is going to have better range than Lightning Bolt I. What gives?

>> No.32386106


>> No.32386139

Electricity ignores ALL DR, for one. Lightning bolt doesn't have AP because it doesn't need it. Plus sickened is nasty.

It's true fire is pretty rough too, but electricity isn't a half-bad damage type. And in the right scenario positioning-wise you can get a lot of hurt going.

>> No.32386604

That's just Unborn that are weak to electricity, not all constructs. Seems a bit too niche to justify a higher spell level.

There are relatively few cases where ignoring all DR is going to be particularly better than AP 5. There are only 8 statblocks in the bestiary with higher than DR 5, and the maximum DR you can get from armor is 8. Barring silly things like putting full plate barding on a fire dragon, the biggest difference you're likely to see is a whole whopping 3 points of damage. Which is hardly worth a whole spell level.

Sickened is certainly not fun, but frankly I'd say it's weaker than fire's ongoing damage + forcing you to panic and spend your actions trying to put yourself out. Action denial is vastly superior to small numerical penalties. At the very least, sickened is certainly by no means BETTER than fire damage's knock-on effects.

And as far as the right positioning scenario, that holds true for Fireball as much as Lightning Bolt. A Fireball's 20-ft radius encompasses nearly the same number of squares as a level 20 Lightning Bolt, making the theoretical maximum essentially identical. Except that's at level 20; at lower levels, the Fireball's theoretical max is higher. Of course, theoretical maxima aren't terribly realistic measures, but even when we're talking about more realistic scenarios I don't really see how a line is substantially more likely to hit many targets than a sphere.

>> No.32386667

I'm not saying Lightning Bolt is necessarily substantially *weaker* than Fireball here, but rather simply that it doesn't seem in any way substantially *stronger* to the point of justifying it being a higher spell level. It deals basically the same amount of damage, isn't particularly more likely to be able to hit multiple targets, has no better range except in very high-level play, and has no stronger additional effects by virtue of its damage type.

>> No.32387394

If I have a Bow armed, but have the Knife Basics feat (always armed knife if you have a knife on your person) can I engage in Melee with the knife without dropping the bow?

>> No.32387440

Yep. Knife Basics is basically like Quick Draw on crack -- you're so quick with a knife that you can pull it out and use it as needed no matter where it is on your person or what other equipment you might need to juggle around to use it.

>> No.32387508

That's fucking awesome.

>> No.32387532

I'm playing a Burglar with a bow and Knife Basics. It's fucking sneak attack central over here.

>> No.32387622 [DELETED] 


That picture is cure

I want to known more about it

>> No.32389200 [DELETED] 

My favourite part about Fantasycraft is that no one plays it, because Pathfinder is better.

Or at least more popular.

>> No.32389255 [DELETED] 


>> No.32389496 [DELETED] 


>> No.32389543

I don't get why General threads seem to never organize groups. Or how there'll be an active General, meanwhile not a single post other than your own being made in the Game Finder looking for a game.

>> No.32389558

Not him but I rarely play games over the internet

And I'm pretty sure none of you live in geneva

>> No.32389569

Didn't Geneva host a con at some point?

>> No.32389574

You could always play with some war criminals, They could play some decent murderhobos probably.

>> No.32389592

We had a game starting.

The GM got hit by a car.

>> No.32389633

Then there was the game where the GM's laptop fried and lost a lot of work.

>> No.32389653

I am that GM.

It's a shame. The setting is largely preserved in Skype logs and such, though, so I can hopefully stitch it back together.

>> No.32389687

>Is there any progress report on this?
I'm the guy, and no, I've been pretty tied up in real life stuff, including the game I run.

>> No.32391453

OK just wondering. No rush at all, and thanks on advance again.

>> No.32393553


I tried to host but I gave up.

I'm that guy aren't I? I'll try again soon, I promise.

>> No.32393720

Running a game is hard work, and you need to have the time for it.

One of my friends works in IT so he DM's since he has spare time at his work.

Part of me wants to introduce my brother to Fantasy Craft, I know his group will enjoy it, but his group never has time.

And I don't have the time to spare to run a game

>> No.32395511

Is DR worth getting in FC, or should I get somethign else?

>> No.32395555

Depends on if you're talking armor DR or some kind of natural DR.
If you're some race that has a hard time getting armor like Drakes and such I would actually say yes but it shouldn't be your focus.

>> No.32396189

I got it as a racial feat at chargen. How badly did I screw up?

>> No.32396272

Need more info, Race class that sort of thing

>> No.32396328

Unborn Keeper.

The feat is Special Construction: Granite. DR 2 and Improved Stability.

>> No.32396729

Ok that's not fucking you too hard, you won't be needing armor for a couple of levels but if it is only protection you're looking for from the feat I would recommend Gem Construct which gives you lethal damage resistance.

>> No.32396843

Well, I got it partly because of the DR, which now I get confirmation that it works which is good, but also for the Improved Stability part. Thanks for the feedback by the by.

Thematically, I'm aiming for a mechanical juggernaut that's slow and lumbering but really fucking hard to stop or damage. If you do have a better suggestion to fit that theme, I'm all ears.

>> No.32397126

Currently in a game formed in one of these generals (one of the first or second ones, if I recall). Feels good man.

>> No.32397283

Not at all. In fact, since you got it as a racial feat, try and invest at least a little into it. Since multiple sources of DR don't stack, at a certain point it will become obvious that you simply shouldn't wear armor; your natural DR will make that sit in the corner and cry, and at no (monetary) cost to you.
What is your character, if I may ask?

>> No.32397303

I may or may not be in your group. Do you happen to be a suave as fuck tree or Biggie Smalls the Oni?

>> No.32397373

Dwarf-made automaton goin on a quest to finish his late master's last project as his last will. He's a multipurpose guardian/maintenance/blacksmith drone, so he's a hulking bastard armed with a sledgehammer bigger than his head. Which means I'm going for a slow-but-steady type that can flatten enemies into paste with his hammer while soaking all their hits. That in terms of combat at least.

Speaking of which, which improvements do you suggest for said sledgehammer to make for the perfect smashy weapon?

>> No.32397530

Firstly, if it's not dealing lethal damage, ask yourself if you want to make it so that it deals lethal damage (Orc-made, perhaps). Afterwards, making it Massive (if it isn't already), Armor-Piercing, and Keen can help a lot (although that also makes it very, very expensive).

>> No.32397658

I've found that having it deal subdual is way more effective against special characters.

Also, I remove the edge rules from the game, and replace it with a more simple per encounter, per round, etc, mechanic.

>> No.32397802

Tell me more.

>> No.32397882

You may want to go soldier for level 1, get better attack stuff, more proficiencies (important since you're an Unborn using a weapon), and you still get craft as a class skill. Craft skill with full ranks and 12 int is +5 at level 1. Take Artisan as specialty for Crafting Basics, take Special Construction as level 1 feat, then Hammer Basics or All-Out Attack as Soldier level 1 bonus feat.

A good statline would be 16, 12, 14, 12, 14(12+2 from race), 6(10-4 from race)

>> No.32397946

Well Edge is so poorly defined in the core game, and only useful with chance feats, that most feats that use it as a mechanic are grossly underpowered compared to others that don't. So removing edge from play makes the game smoother, and the chance feats far more viable to take.

>> No.32397982

Sorry for being unclear, I meant to ask about subdual damage being more effective.

>> No.32398082

Oh, well Lethal damage, on specials, at higher levels, just whittles away points. Subdual on the other hand, smashes the opponent down, weakening them. You get a more direct effect, with lower stat scores, less attacks getting to you, etc. Lethal is an even fight, Subdual starts as an even fight, but becomes more and more one-sided and advantageous to you as the rounds progress.

Whenever my players forget about it and whine 'subdual damage sucks!' I drop some brigands with saps and hammers into an encounter. Trust me, after the PCs start getting fatigued, those mooks become high priority targets.

>> No.32398292

Hey fellas, how does this look as a 75 XP "Hydra" for my Beastmaster class when I get around CL 6 or 7?
Swamp Hydra (Ebonscale Drake) (Large Beast Walker — 75 XP):
Str 14; Dex 10; Con 16; Int 10; Wis 10; Cha 10; SZ L (2x2, Reach 2); Spd 30ft ground;
Init III; Atk V; Def III; Resilience IV; Health V; Comp I;
Skills: Athletics III; Notice II;
Qualities: Always ready, feat (Combat Instincts, Ebonscale), frenzy I, regeneration 3 (+2 from Ebonscale), rend, swift attack I.
Attacks: Bite II [1d10/17-20], Bite I x2 [1d10/18-20], Claw II [1d8/19-20]

The end result is something similar to a Hydra that is a tad more intelligent because it's actually an Ebonscale Drake, can produce swift attacks with its three heads with rend, swift attack I, frenzy I, and feat (Combat Instincts), and has a nice effective regeneration 5, sitting at a third of a mature Hydra's massive regeneration 15.

I want to make it feel balanced, and for it to not exist solely as a killing machine because the NPC creation system can be exploited way too easily for that.

Should it have less offensive options? Should I add ranks of tough or damage reduction to compensate? Maybe I should offset a bit of the offense with pathfinder (swamp) and more ranks in Athletics (this actually feels redundant, as my character is part Scout, but I realize this isn't about "synchronizing" my PC with his partners)?

>> No.32398322

Alright, a feat like close call would allow you to automatically succeed a failed save, how would you go about fixing it?

>> No.32398536

Make it bigger so that your entire party can fit on it, use it as a travel device.

>> No.32398569

Well it cost 3 edge originally? And edge is lost outside of combat. Seeing as how it costs 3, rather then 1 or 2, it's likely pretty powerful. I would limit it to once per scene, or something relatively restrictive like that.

You'd probably only burn three AD in a scene if it was a big battle, especially if its to boost saves, rather then anything else. So once per scene makes the feat more useable, and more likely to be taken.

>> No.32398571


GM wouldn't go for that unfortunately, but as a Goblin I can fit quite a few of myselves on it.

>> No.32398979

Smalls here.

>> No.32398980

Ah, okay that makes sense! I'll do that too until edge gets more support.

>> No.32399194 [SPOILER] 

I dare you to stat me!

>> No.32399488

Striking human adventurer Lancer/captain.

Mac please.

>> No.32399628

The Mount action can be used to take control of a struggling being via physical force.

>> No.32400029

Multiple sources of DR actually do stack. The only ones that don't are Thick Hide and armor (which is an explicit property of Thick Hide).

A granite-constructed unborn just gets straight DR, not Thick Hide, so that DR actually would stack with armor.

>> No.32400048

Edge in the core game is pretty wimpy, but what about the feats in Adventure Companion that use it? Those actually make Edge work nicely.

>> No.32400129

*Thick Hide with armor, rather.

Armor still stacks with other kinds of DR, as does Thick Hide; they just don't stack with each other.

>> No.32400958

Yeah, but you've gotta account for critical injury, critical hits, etc.

Lethal is definitely the least exciting damage type, though. But I feel it's pretty functional. Not to mention there's a fair number of things that are immune to subdual damage (all Constructs, for example) whereas Lethal is broadly applicable

>> No.32404033

This thread needs more waifus.

>> No.32404138

That elf is clearly white.

>> No.32404748

Tumblr pls go.

>> No.32404879

Never, check you privilege, folk-scum.

>> No.32404975

Can one play an uncharismatic Captain?

I kinda wanna play a Drake Captain who basically kind of a spoiled brat and got cut out of the horde inheritance until she gets her shit together, and her PL is basically there to keep her in line.

Pic related.

>> No.32405164

Yes. You don't need charisma as to play a captain, but it certainly would be useful.

>> No.32405198

Yes, very easily actually. The captain only gets one Charisma-based class skill, Impress, and none of his other abilities key off charisma at all, though it sounds like your character might be lacking in Wisdom at least as much as Charisma, and Wisdom is a very nice stat for a captain to have.

>> No.32407650

Stat me.

>> No.32407855

Alpha, Infernal, Dire, Immature, Predatory, Rabbit.

>> No.32408150

WS10 BS0 S10 T4 W2 I10 Ld10 Sv2+
Weapons: Claws and fangs
Special Rules: Vulnerable to blasts, Fleet, Beast, Vorpal, Lair
Lair: The Wee Verminous Beasty has it's own movement and assault phase, as though it was an extra player. It cannot leave the terrain feature in which it is deployed, unless an enemy comes within assault range. After combat is resolved, assuming the Beasty survives and all opponents have been defeated, it must return to it's lair as quickly as possible.
Vorpal: Ignores armour and invulnerable saves in close combat.

>> No.32408260

Those don't look like fantasycraft stats...

>> No.32408449

Killer Rabbit (Tiny Animal Walker — 144 XP): TL: 5
Str: 18/+4; Dex: 24/+7; Con: 10/+0; Int: 6/-2; Wis: 10/+0; Cha: 10/+0;
Init: +12=5+7(dex) Melee: +9=5+4(str) Fort: +3=3+0(con)
Health: -2=2+0(con)-4(size) ~ 50/5 Ranged: +12=5+7(dex) Ref: +10=3+7(dex)
Def: 29=10+10+7(dex)+2(size) Comp: +3 Will: +3=3+0(wis)
Size: Tiny (1×1); Reach: 1; Speed: 100 ft. ground;
Qualities: always ready, dramatic entrance, fearsome, feral, frenzy III, grueling combatant, never outnumbered, rend, superior jumper V, swift attack III, treacherous, veteran II.
Attacks: Bite V [3d4/16-20] (armour piercing 10; keen 8; reach 4)

>> No.32408759

I would argue that it has Achilles' Heel (Bang AND Divine), for the Holy Hand Grenade.

>> No.32412817

Has anyone ever attempted to do a full conversion of Ravenloft to this /

>> No.32413109

Not to my knowledge, but I'd be really interested in how it turns out.

In other news, I've become frustrated that there's no quick way to size up the different spells in Fantasy Craft. As such I've started working on this, a spreadsheet to chart it out.

It's still a WIP, but I'd like some input as to whether or not this is a useful thing and how I can make it better.

I'm using OpenOffice at home so I dunno how well it'll translate to Excel -shrug-

Here's the link, if anyone's interested: https://www.mediafire.com/folder/7k9ezzstcnue923,s662rwgd0rjke8r/shared

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