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This is a book related thing, but not the sort that /lit/ can handle. I just finished pic related, and something is bothering me. Now, most details and mysteries I think about but accept that the story will reveal in due time. But this one doesn't seem to make any sense. If it would be spoilers, let me know, but I don't see how it could be. Why the fuck did Dresden tell Molly not to masturbate?

Also, feel free to have a general Dresden and/or /tg/ books thread. Or whatever it gets derailed to of course, in keeping with the usual /tg/ procedures.

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Did you forget what can be done with a wizard's bodily fluids, anon?

I can only imagine Dresden has had some close calls himself - he tends to get a little... elaborate with his descriptions during a dry spell

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But surely she'd have the good sense to do it behind a threshold?

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Because she could go blind, obviously.

That or he was just poking fun at her for his own amusement. Take your pic.

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>Take your pic
>Of Molly Carpenter

Tragically there's not nearly enough to be had.

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That whole chapter was about Dresden setting up rules because he didn't have confidence in her good sense.

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That's a terribly cruel thing to do to a teenager for petty amusement.

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>This is a book related thing, but not the sort that /lit/ can handle.
Off-topic posting violates the rules of /tg/.

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Just look around you. Frequent masturbation is a stepping stone on the road to depravity - the internet is rife with evidence of that. And occasional masturbation is a stepping stone on the road to frequent masturbation, even if Dresden thought she was capable of moderation in the first place. And that's the sort of road Dresden doesn't want her going down.

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Did you try it in Lit? I'm sure you'd get plenty of reactions of
>genre fiction... ew
But I'd try it there anyways.

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He probably didn't even know. It was probably just something that Blackstaff McCoy said to him once.

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That just makes the question about why McCoy would do it.

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Because he didn't want Harry to go blind.

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Plus magic is very emotion based and an untrained wizard might get lost in the moment and then you have some unfortunate consequences with uncontrolled energy or overflow.

At least with Harry that would make sense since he's a powerhouse with poor control. Him passing on that same advice to Molly makes sense.

Or it could be a leftover manipulation from DuMorne

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>magic is very emotion based and an untrained wizard might get lost in the moment and then you have some unfortunate consequences with uncontrolled energy or overflow.
This reason that actually makes sense in context. I guess I'll go with that for headcanon. It's a lot better than the "orgasm denial magical realm" idea that my mind initially went to.

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Doesn't he say that in the books?
Also he probably doesn't want Molly to have some particular thoughts about him.

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File: 145 KB, 709x1128, 061010_Molly_Carpenter_by_GillyPerkyGoth.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Honestly I think this one is the best depiction of her.

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You know, the book described her as having made some pretty questionable choices, fashion wise, but I didn't picture it as that bad. It does still describe her as attractive, after all.

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It takes some serious liberties. All it really got right is that she has a con shirt, pink/blue hair, and piercings/tattoo. None of the details beyond that are right.

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Also too much makeup. Although it has her with eyeshadow moreso than mascara and eyeliner, which is what the book mentions.

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I'm actually reading this now. Dresden's page-long eye-fuck when Molly shows up for the first time gave me major creep vibes. She's the daughter of one of your closest friends and allies, and you're staring at her breasts long enough to notice her nipple piercings?

In one of the earlier books, Death Masks I think, Dresden sits up in a treehouse alone with Molly (who is like 14 at the time) talking to her about SEXUAL BONDAGE.

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I could have sworn the treehouse thing went something like:

>have problem
>what problem
>vampire gf, can't bang, will die
>tie her up stupid

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The conflict between the desire for Molly and his ethics is important. It would have a hell of a lot less impact if he didn't find her attractive.

And if I remember right he hasn't fucked anyone in -years- in that scene. Cut him a little slack.

And I'm pretty sure that you are exaggerating there. Sexual bondage at 14? I feel like I'd remember that.

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Now I remember. Yeah, that was funny as hell, mostly because Molly was more inventive and flexible about solving the problem then Harry.. and more sexual.

That's their whole relationship, right there.

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It's not petty amusement. A wizard needs iron self control. Nothing teaches discipline like keeping your hands off the clam.

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> She's the daughter of one of your closest friends and allies, and you're staring at her breasts long enough to notice her nipple piercings?
Did you skip the pages-long parts where he moan about how wrong it all is?

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Lose the piercings and collars and I would not have any complaints about her looks in regards to that picture.

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>long enough to notice her nipple piercings?

While I can understand that most people aren't particularly observant in their random, day-to-day interactions, for a lot of people, they simply cannot turn off noticing tiny, 'irrelevant' details like that. Fine alterations from the norm tend to draw they eye like a target, no matter where or what they are. They're just as likely to notice a misspelled item on a menu as a lack of panty line, and there's no real way to avoid noticing both, since it's not a conscious decision. Also, a lot of people who do it take for granted that everyone does it but can manage to avoid doing it in awkward situations, thus forcing themselves to dwell on their deviancy or perversion, when in reality most people are simply oblivious to minute details in general. Butcher (and thus, by proxy, Harry) has always struck me as that kind of person by the way he writes. It's kind of a common quality in a lot of creative people of any kind.

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I guess my problem is with the choices Butcher makes as a writer, and less to do with Dresden as a character. It seems like every woman he puts in his books has to be stunningly attractive, and we're always reminded of how great their tits/ass/legs/eyes are. I don't read these books to get "turned on".

At the point I'm at, Butcher's started introducing sexual/romantic tension between Dresden and Murphy, which I feel is kind of lazy, and doesn't really make their relationship deeper/more interesting.

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Who's looking forward to Skin Game?

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>pretty questionable choices, fashion wise, but I didn't picture it as that bad

As of PG-
>gauzy, shredded black skirt
>fishnet tights
>army-surplus combat boots with different bright, color laces
>white tank-top several sizes too small
>pink and blue died hair
>tons of eye-liner and mascara
>black lipstick
>rings of gold in both nostrils, lower lip, right eyebrow, and bar-bell shaped bulges on the tips of her breasts
>all of the tattoos

I dunno, anon, it definitely went there.

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gonna download it asap

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Yes. The Denarians are always fun.

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Actually. Those only happens when Dresden hasn't gotten laid in a couple of books. If you look closely, those mentions almost vanish when he gets sex regularly.

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Soo... Butcher kinda confirmed that McCoy's super-mook killer necromancy spell wasn't exactly his magic, but a projection of the staff.

That confirms it as Mother Winter's walking staff, yess?

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Pretty sure he answered to the contrary in some AMA.

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Oh, shit, that releases soon. Thanks for the heads-up.

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soon as i can find a torrent or it pops up on #bookz, that motherfucker is on my kindle.

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Got a pic of how #bookz works?
I had saved up the ED link, but ED's dead (again) apparently.

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Is /lit/ essentially the /v/ of books? Like:

1. It's popular? It sucks.
2. It's not ultra-hard to play/read? It sucks.
3. It's fun? Enjoy your ban.

(I haven't been there very often so I'm genuinely asking)

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Wizard's expending emotional and mental energy instead of saving it for when it is needed is not a good idea, so he advises her against it. Especially since she has a good chance of randomly mind raping people while her powers are developing.

>Harry then proceeds to fuck Lucario, Susan Rodriguez, Mab, and lust after anything that at least has a nice female torso.

To be fair, that is mainly because we are reading from Harry's perspective and isn't really Butcher being hypocritical in his writing because it was nowhere near like that with Codex Alera or his spider man novel.

In fact, as far as we know, Harry could just be perpetually horny.

Mouse might not be safe in later books....

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Plebs calling plebs calling plebs calling plebs

If it isn't some obscure text, it wasn't written by someone who died at least 100 years ago, or isn't a piece of shit liked by hipsters trying to justify their degree in English or Writing, /lit/ hates it and you for liking it.

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Already got a copy pre-ordered from Amazon, comes out in 9 days.

I try to support living authors who write books I enjoy. If it comes out early as a leaked .pdf I will read that (Like I did with Changes) but I still have bought one of each of the dresden files books, so I don't feel bad about it.

Someone who is such a god damned role playing nerd like Jim Butcher deserves my money for being one of us if nothing else.

That and the guy has written and done shit on a bet and came out on top like a god damned boss on more than occassion.

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> Mouse might not be safe in later books....
Doesn't he leave him to guard his daughter 5ever, because Mouse would live as long as a human wizard due to him being a foo dog or something?

>> No.32198473


To be fair, most woman that Dresden meets in the books are supernaturals who don't have to worry about minor details such as age, fat, and pollution and have enough power to make themselves look especially beautiful.

Also, the descriptions only get bad during a dry spell.

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>This is a book related thing, but not the sort that /lit/ can handle.
I'm /tg/ as fuck but I couldn't handle these books either. Nice to have this thread to reassure me they don't get any better though.

>> No.32198877

But they actually do after book three.

>> No.32199191

Isn't he also being slowly mind raped to be more attracted by one of the fifth column wizards?

>> No.32199314

>ITT: Character who is consistently characterized as a sex-starved Neanderthal who tries to be chivalrous leches on women when he doesn't get any. Nerds get upset because sexual repression.
But seriously, why are you getting mad at something that's been part of his character the whole series?

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Should try the Garrett PI series, Detective,Mystery,Fantasy

>> No.32199662

I thought it was that Molly doesn't have that much conscious control over her magic yet apart from her area of talent. He doesn't want her to accidentally mindrape whoever is nearby as a side effect of a good orgasm.

>> No.32200062

ya, wait one.

> how to mIRC with #bookz<

1) install it
2) run it
3) do not register
4) file
-select server
-random US server
5) after connecting, go to
6) enter #bookz into the blank menu

> THe following step needs be done only once:<

1) -tools
-turn "method" to 'disabled' and uncheck 'turn ignore back on in'

> how to #bookz<

@find XXX XXX=title, partial title, keywords, or author. finds books
@search XXX same as above, only sends you text file of result

the client will open new windows from the people hosting the file, it will look like

<EBrarian> I have found 22 file(s) for your query: indiana jones. Displaying 3:
<EBrarian> From list @EBrarian found 22, displaying 3:
<EBrarian> !EBrarian Caidin, Martin - Indiana Jones and the Sky Pirates(pdf).rar ::INFO:: 922.16 KiB
<EBrarian> !EBrarian George Lucas - Indiana Jones and the City of the Gods (sp) (pdf).rar ::INFO:: 5.35 MiB
<EBrarian> !EBrarian Campbell Black - [Indiana Jones 1] - Raiders Of the Lost Ark (html).rar ::INFO:: 130.19 KiB

copy the one you want, and paste it into the main #bookz window.

EX: !EBrarian Campbell Black - [Indiana Jones 1] - Raiders Of the Lost Ark (html).rar

it will queue the file, and will eventually open a series of windows, asking whether you want to accept the file, and where you want it to go.

*NOTE* even if the download doesn't start automatically, it will start at some point.

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>> It seems like every woman he puts in his books has to be stunningly attractive, and we're always reminded of how great their tits/ass/legs/eyes are.
>> less to do with Dresden as a character.

that's where you're wrong. those descriptions are all about Dresden as a character.
read something other than the Dresden Files. he doesn't do that in codex alera. or better yet, read Side Jobs, several Dresden-world stories from perspectives other than Harry.

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File: 63 KB, 317x475, 8752885.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just picked The Dragon's Path up, has anyone read this? Is it any good?

>> No.32200968

Yeah, pretty much this. Murphy gives Molly a once-over, and she doesn't notice her tits or her ass. She notices the haunted look in her eyes, she notices the way Molly carries herself, she notices how Molly could be a threat.

>> No.32201029

>Dresden's page-long eye-fuck when Molly shows up for the first time gave me major creep vibes
That's the entire point.
Dresden's relationship with Molly, especially their early relationship, is Dresden being uncomfortably turned on by this slutty teenager shoving her tits in his face and going "approve of me!" because Dresden is her dad's best friend and a cool, brooding, spooky wizard. Meanwhile Dresden is like "Jesus, inner self, why are you so fucking pervy, stop that"

>> No.32201089

I don't think Thomas even does it, and Thomas is literally sex starved.

>> No.32201122

Thomas' reaction to most people is "hrm, this girl is going to be all over me"

>> No.32201196

He starts to do it then reins himself in, hard
Hence the gay hairdresser act
All thoughts of hitting that stop when you remember her dad would hit you back harder, and is literally backed by God

>> No.32201210

Thomas never really thinks of women in the fine detail (aside from Justine, of course), he just notices that they'd be a good snack

>> No.32201225

It makes you more susceptible to all kinds of different creatures, namely The White Court and Fae.

>> No.32201231

>Plus magic is very emotion based and an untrained wizard might get lost in the moment and then you have some unfortunate consequences with uncontrolled energy or overflow.
That plus general control. You know how they're implied to have dangerous manifestations of magic? Sometimes without intending it?

Plus, you might consider eastern views on things like Chi. It's pretty much "Look, learn how to use your powers when they're stable before you go making it look like a step function"

>> No.32201244

Would Michael really, though? I mean, as much as he gets on Harry about impiety and impropriety, how many times has he gone to bat for Harry? How many miracles has he witnessed to happen in Harry's presence, or even at Harry's behest? How many other pepole does Michael know who have the personal stamp of approval from a fucking Archangel of the Lord?

If ever there was a man good enough for Molly...

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File: 32 KB, 449x649, UNICORN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Detective, Mystery, Fantasy. Also humor.

>> No.32201254

>her dad would hit you back harder
I'd be more worried about Charity and her hammer, myself.

>> No.32201281

Yes. She isn't restrained by god.

>> No.32201283

>All thoughts of hitting that stop when you remember her dad would hit you back harder, and is literally backed by God
To be fair, Michael would probably welcome Dresden as a son in law.
Which is of course likely in part because he knows Dresden is so hard on himself.

Also, >>32201254
Saving her and knowing her darkest secret engenders begrudging respect, but don't piss off a woman who hand forges medieval weaponry.

>> No.32201286

That's what I heard, so I read the first 4 and honestly I think that's more of a chance than any series deserves.

>> No.32201293

Yeah, Charity is the real problem here. She's adopted Dresden into the family at this point... but it still ain't like dat.

>> No.32201305

what don't you like about it?

>> No.32201309

Meryl, Mother Winter, Mother Summer, Andi's friend and ex Lesbo Lover, Jenny Greenteeth for the most part, and some of Maeve's Cadre all prove you wrong good sir.

>> No.32201316

She will get medieval on your ass in the most literal sense of the term.

>> No.32201324

It isn't Michael who's stopping Harry. It's Harry himself who knows it's against all the man codes to sleep with your best friend's daughter.

>> No.32201348

He refused to answer that question, pretty much confirming it.

Also; Thoughts on Tsar Bomba taking out Kemmler? If so; Fucking awesome. Even better than nuking a Naagaloshi

>> No.32201369

>Also; Thoughts on Tsar Bomba taking out Kemmler? If so; Fucking awesome. Even better than nuking a Naagaloshi
Do you think, perhaps, Morgan was responsible for that idea? Given that he pilot-tested the prototype?

>> No.32201405


Fair point. Dresden's a horn-dog, so I guess it would make sense that his narration would reflect that.

Still, there is no reason that Butcher had to start shipping Dresden and Murphy, and IMO that decision was a mistake.

>> No.32201407

Clumsily written, no compelling characters, the setting is an unimaginative pastiche of the world of darkness. Harry himself is too blatantly a neckbeard's power fantasy and won't shut up about his fancy coat or how he treats women like a gentleman even if it's not "politically correct", which is pretty cringeworthy if you've ever known this brand of nerd in real life. Also he's a dumbass blaster wizard whose major asset is keeping going through obscene amounts of punishment, which is not really what I was hoping for from the Wizard PI premise.

>> No.32201421

I would bank on Simon from Archangel arranging it, honestly.
Because Simon is Cowl, and he was looking to take out Kemmler to increase his powerbase and have a chance at running the Darkhollow himself.

>> No.32201424

I don't think so. I'm pretty sure that Morgan did that in the 50s or 60s, which means the Council did it first.

>> No.32201440

There is no reason, except for the in-character reason. And he's not actually shipping the two. He's actively avoiding shipping them. Harry's the one with the intractable dick.

>> No.32201454

>in the 50s or 60s
>tsar bomba '61 detonation
50% in Morgan's favor.

>> No.32201480

>shipping Dresden and Murphy
Haven't they been subtly shipped or at least had tension since...oh, Blood Rites? This is not a new thing.

>> No.32201525

they mention it in fool moon even. most characters notice the two have something going on, but neither of them seem to notice.

>> No.32201535

>Andi's friend and ex Lesbo Lover
Why you gotta remind me of Andi ;_;

The HMS Harrin is a ship that set sail when the series started.

>> No.32201566

yeah, subconscious dickhead Harry mentioned it in Fool Moon.

>> No.32201581

>It seems like every woman he puts in his books has to be stunningly attractive, and we're always reminded of how great their tits/ass/legs/eyes are. I don't read these books to get "turned on".
You are aware that Dresden doesn't 'get any' very often, and doesn't have recourses like the internet either? What SHOULD he be noticing about them?

>> No.32201636

How they're soulless bitches out to humiliate him, or to steal his precious bodily fluids, his magic, and his money, like a true neckbeard would.

>> No.32201651

But when they are/can do/doing that he generally does notice. He just notices their tits/ass/legs/eyes as well.

>> No.32201657

>Why do you have a key for handcuffs?

>> No.32201664

To be fair he normally points that out immediately after the vivid descriptions.

>> No.32201713

Andi hooked up with Ubernerd, things are great for her man.

Oh, I also forgot to include Sheila, Lasciel's alter-self, described as being busty and comfortable, rather than as drop dead stunningly gorgeous.

>> No.32201748

i just coughed up mac and cheese. i never even thought of that idea, and after everyone flipped shit about simon's death, and he was inferred to be an important character and killed immediately.

>> No.32201753

He's not a neckbeard though. Stubble at worst, and he exercises.

>> No.32201776

Why is Butters so much better at being a wizard than Dresden is? He gets better women, he makes better gadgets, he's better at magic theory...Fucker makes Dresden look like Ugg the Caveman, and he doesn't even have a slight bit of actual magical talent.

>> No.32201821

Are you forgetting what happened after Susan was turned? He went /a/ tierd Hikikomori.

Butters is described as being nearly a genius, he just needs resource material to do things. Harry's talents lay at sending out energy, and fucking rivers of it. The stuff Butters can make, Harry could never do, the stuff Butters can think of, normally doesn't come to Harry because his mind doesn't make those logical jumps.

It's like Molly, not a lot of brute force, but the shit she comes up with is sometimes literally insane. Dresden would have never thought to have the Svartalves make him a water heater, to her, it was as simple as the lightbulbs.

>> No.32201846

In terms of supernaturally beautiful women, he's NEVER unaware of how brutally they'd fuck him over given the chance.
Doesn't stop him enjoying the view.

>> No.32201910

Because Butters is a super-genius who spends a lot of time studying and a lot of time NOT almost getting scraight up et by monsters.

>> No.32201920

Pointless bitching time? Sure, pointless bitching time. Is anyone else annoyed by Butcher's weird thing about dudes with long hair? It's so incredibly minor, but it always jars muh immersion when badass guys consistently have shoulder length hair and it makes them look so white-trash, neckbeard, or hippy in my minds' eye, not to mention unprofessional. Am I the only one in the world that this bugs?

>> No.32201933


Can't wait for it. Apparently the audiobook took an extra day in studio to do because James Marsters couldn't stop crying at one part.

>> No.32201946
File: 1023 KB, 747x1000, dresdencosplay2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32201961

>James Marsters couldn't stop crying at one part.
Given his reaction to "God forgive me", this bodes very, very ill to my mind.

>> No.32201990
File: 41 KB, 500x404, 1392473258508.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

inb4 Murphy dies

>> No.32201999

>Dresden cosplay
>Fat neckbeard who hasn't shaved
>Isn't ottermode/sprinter body
>Wearing a hat, goddammit
>Staff isn't head height
>Duster is canvas, not leather
>Blasting rod looks more like a wand
God that cosplay is awful.

>> No.32202005

Like, six months, tops.

>> No.32202016
File: 2.39 MB, 2045x3067, samefacejimmy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've noticed that too.

>I wonder why...

>> No.32202056

It annoys the fuck outta me too. I think Butcher just really thinks long hair looks superbadass on men.

>> No.32202071

It's Harry and Maggie's first ever conversation as father and daughter


I find it funny how he looks like the most stereotypical neckbeard, but around changes the dude started getting haircuts and hitting the gym.


I used to have some god-tier Dresden cosplay from some cons I went to. One dude was doing an "Old Man Dresden" costume. Grizzled old Harry is delicious.

>> No.32202080

I'm sorry that I disagree with you and that the only chance I have to convince you otherwise would be to get you to read the rest of the series

>> No.32202096
File: 110 KB, 574x768, dresdencosplay20.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i have some more if you want
>his shirt says, "i think, therefore i win"

>> No.32202134
File: 76 KB, 300x309, Perfectly calm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God that pisses me off way more than it should. Also, it's a goddamn fedora.

>> No.32202158

When did he get a woman?

It's widely acknowledged that Harry's not all that smart, particularly academically (he points this out himself).
He's good at stuff he's been taught to do, but he's not actually been taught all that much. Wizardry and Private Investigation is pretty much it.
He thinks fast, and he isn't bad at putting things together, but when it comes to it he's much better at using instinct than intellect.

>> No.32202160
File: 222 KB, 600x800, dresdencosplay17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Look at the runes on the staff

>> No.32202180


See >>32197110

>> No.32202196

I think in Ghost Story, Butters has shacked up with one of the werewuff gals.

>> No.32202200


Eh, Molly starts off like that. I guess it's just people have in their head later-Molly, as she definitely tones the "I gotta express myself!" phase of her life.

>> No.32202206

I did a Dresden cosplay that was pretty fun, including Lasciel's mark on my hand (though I did it on the back of my hand because the makeup wouldn't stay on my palm). I made myself a SPLATTERCON!!! shirt as well. I used a canvas duster because leather ones are crazy pricey, so it was a bit anachronistic, but still clearly recognizable. Only problem is I'm a ginger.

>> No.32202230

h-h-he might be cosplaying as Grevane

>> No.32202231

He did, he did. Also lives with Bob who gets addicted to the Internet.
I'm sure he'd be browse 4chins.

>> No.32202238


It's okay. You've got about as much soul as Dresden will in a few books.

>> No.32202256

I'm a ginger.
I guess your soul is safe from Lash then

>> No.32202257

>On /tg/
Imagine going up against Bob in a rules argument. Or running into him in a lewd thread.

>> No.32202261

>magical spirit
>spirit of magic
>browses internet
Is this the svartl's fault too?

>> No.32202304

Butters and Andi's fault, more likely, since they don't have large enough talent to blow up the doctor's battle station with their auras.

>> No.32202305

dear god, I hope for Nazi mod's sake that Bob never catches up with him

>> No.32202311

Technically an air spirit if I recall right.

>> No.32202315

Remember that magic interfering with tech only applies to humans. Bob's a spirit, he can interface with tech perfectly well. Also remember that Bob isn't a spirit of magic, he's a spirit of knowledge. In other words, for bob:
>Knowledge = Power
>Internet = Repository of most of human knowledge and porn
>Bob may have just jumped several tiers in power.

>> No.32202317

I love you guys /tg/

>> No.32202327

>Bob may have just jumped several tiers in power.
Based 4chan. Based Bob.

>> No.32202357

/lit/ is filled with English major posers playing at sophistication and disdaining "genre fiction" while extolling books they've never read and deriding books they've never read. They're worse than /v/.

>> No.32202363

Apparently it was in Cold Days.

Harry's doomed to uneasy relationships, it comes with being a protagonist.

>> No.32202403

which she ends up having anyway.....

>> No.32202425


>unimaginative pastiche of the world of darkness

I hate you for that alone. WoD is pretty shit.

>> No.32202444

Dresden is a favorite of mine, but goddamb Butcher, get with providing us with a true Ultimate Evil already without just implying.

>Reality devouring stuff from beyond the wall
Nah, mobsters are better. Again.
Nah, emotional crap

Quit with the serial crap

>> No.32202446

Already had. It's not like he could stop her.

>> No.32202454

Not like Bob isn't already pretty powerful.
Knowing how to kill an immortal is a pretty big thing to have up your skull. Presumably Ivy knows too. He did share that with Harry, right?

>> No.32202455

>Molly has had a year of the Winter Lady's mantle, without the knowledge Harry has about how to get around its influence
The only way he's going to avoid being tied to the radiator and graped for decades is by invoking Michael's name

>> No.32202496



Kill them on Halloween.

>> No.32202498

Mostly meant thinking of him and letting her power go wild, while he'd be somewhat close since she'd live with him too.

>> No.32202503

I think Ivy needs it written down.

>> No.32202507

>Forgetting that Butters is a genius/nigh-savant
>Forgetting that Harry even described himself as being, magically speaking, a brute with no finesse who just throws as much power as he can at people
This shit's kind of the point. Harry is mostly self-taught, and Justin/Ebenezer were fairly minor influences on how he did magic in the big picture.
Hell, even inexperienced little Molly has more finesse than Harry. Quite a lot, even.

>> No.32202514


There's going to be 20 Books in total. We're almost there anon.

>> No.32202519

I prefer it this way.

Too many series end up with issues due to escalation for the sake of escalation. The fact that the Dresden Files can escalate while still keeping with its roots is a good thing.
Remember, we're only two books past the halfway point now, Old Harry is going to be reserved for the apocalyptic trilogy

>> No.32202532

Wasn't it 20 with another 3 apocalyptic trilogy ending books?

>> No.32202538

wait what?

>> No.32202547

My money is 24 or 25.

>> No.32202552


Butcher said 20ish in the AMA so I'm gonna assume 20 to be on the safe side.

>> No.32202573

20 books was the original plan, but he later said that Changes is the halfway point.

>> No.32202590


So 24 then.

Huh, Skin Game comes out a week after my birthday.

>> No.32202595

perhaps longer. he's essentially a demon. or some sort of hybrid.

>> No.32202615


He's a Foo Dog mutherfucker. He's anti-evil magic and shit.

>> No.32202633

Weather anyone ever wrote it down, and if she noticed (considering she knows EVERYTHING written down, ever) is a point.

I suspect Harry's friendship with her will go a long way to help him in the future.

The current Merlin: badass or not?

>> No.32202658

He is a badass
Harry has even said so, you don't get to be the Merlin without being a badass motherfucker
He is just a massive dick too

>> No.32202659

he doesn't pick at his meals, like some food writer.

>> No.32202671
File: 139 KB, 320x600, 1391476528285.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

motherfuckign STETSON and a goddamn CLASS A OVERCOAT.


>> No.32202674

what an awful character

>> No.32202690

badass that got his more aggressive tendencies muted by Peabody drugging him
Notice that before he was all about defensive warfare, and after he was planning on completely obliterating them.

>> No.32202817


>> No.32202848

did you twirl your mustache and adjust your monocle while writing this? i kid, i kid. but the fact that Dresden is a total beta is the reason why i love him so much. give most of the social reject neckbeard types power like his, they'll still end up going through life like a total yutz because of some perceived rules of interaction. even with all of his power, Dresden is possibly one of the biggest loser heroes in all of fantasy, high and low. as for the 'dumbass blaster wizard': he has been known to do more fine magic, and can accomplish other types (though he is not as skilled at it). anyways, there's a plethora of wise greybeard wizards in literature, that a reckless feckless type like Dresden is much more enjoyable.

>> No.32202850

In one of the books it is pointed out that after Peabody's influence is removed, the Merlin more or less immediately kicks the war into high gear with the goal of exterminating the Red Court. Before then he was a lot more passive and defensive-minded.

>> No.32202927

Huh. I don't remember that, but neat.

I was pretty miffed about Peabody being introduced and killed off in the same book.

>> No.32202964

He appears in the fourth book briefly.

>> No.32202985

IIRC, peabody was mentioned briefly in Summer Knight.

>> No.32202990

he does wear a canvas duster at some points. like, when he loans out his spell-laden leather for protection.

>> No.32203091

He's mentioned several times throughout the books, IIRC.

>> No.32203100

a foo dog is basically a demon.
chinese demon.
not always evil.

>> No.32203130

He compiled the book about the Erlking too, for one thing.

>> No.32203166

though for a specific breed, he seems to be described as something akin to a tibetan mastiff.

>> No.32203263
File: 828 KB, 200x189, ohfucktheacidiskickingin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Simon is Cowl
>Simon Cowl
>Simon Cowell
>The entire series turns out to be American Idol fanfiction.

>> No.32203513

Personally I always considered it more like its ubiquitous to him at this point. He literally has to do NOTHING to get all the pussy he could ever handle. He actually likes being a camp gay because he just has that as an instant buffer.

Plus, if he thinks about it too much, the Hunger kicks in and nobody wants that. Its like being a starving man in the middle of a smorgasbord only eating causes him to go into a berserk fury.

>> No.32203705


...so exactly like me at Golden Corral?

>> No.32203729


>> No.32203854

>On /tg/
>Not on /d/ all day long

>> No.32203867
File: 258 KB, 1366x768, the day the strength of d failed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32203881

Its Bob. He can be on /tg/, /d/, /h/, /s/, and /hc/ all at the same time all day.

>> No.32203956
File: 6 KB, 216x233, Head Cannon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Ebenezar has journals of the succession of masters/apprentices going all the way back to the original Merlin
>Ebenezar trained Harry and Harry's mum
>the succession of masters isn't just that but rather the continued bloodline of Merlin
>Harry is a descendent of Merlin, and this is actually part of why he was targeted with the bloodline curse

>the Outside is basically the Nevernever that connects to space
>this is why we stopped sending people to the moon

fite me

>> No.32203961

Would he even care for /d/-slash-animated-slash-drawn stuff?

>> No.32203983

Cannonically, the path to the Gatekeeper's sanctuary/cloister/home involves transit through realspace and nevernever ways that, briefly, require you to walk on the moon.

>> No.32204008



>> No.32204010

That was the first thing that I thought of, but its Bob. Anything tit related and he is for it.

>> No.32204034

> Ruining the Moon with even more footsteps and junk.
Wizards. No sense of right and wrong.

>> No.32204126


Being a spirit of intellect isn't the further abstracted drawn representation something he can assimilate even better than less abstracted photographs?

>> No.32204147

So... I am still unclear on this.

If water saps away magic, then are there any hydromancers in Dresden Files universe and if so how do they keep their powers flowing? Is it just like having a constant (pun) damper on your magic power?

>> No.32204220


Not water, running water.
Symbolic cleansing.
Same as sunrise.

>> No.32204266

Ramirez is a hydromancer, focusing on water as the universal solvent. His magic degrades, disintegrates, and wears away at his targets.

>> No.32204314

so a bucket of water or trickling tap is no problem, a fountain might be tricky, a pond or tiny stream rather difficult and a massive lake or rushing river nearly impossible to effect without serious applications of ongoing energy?

>> No.32204366

So the water is okay as long as you conjure and it stays in one place?

>> No.32204393

>noticing lack of panty line
Panty lines are way more noticeable than lack thereof, and way less common, at least around here. Not to mention, people try to make them not visible. Why would a lack of panty line be notable?

>> No.32204432

We don't have much info on hydromancy aside from what we've seen Ramirez do, but I suspect it'd be the best countering element.
Molly's managed spells on the open ocean before, but Harry has trouble just sitting in a fast-moving stream. It seems to vary with how much power and control you have, like everything else.

>> No.32204460

It depends on the clothes the woman is wearing. A woman I work with wears very tight dresses that have very noticeable panty lines. EVERYBODY notices when she is not wearing panties, because her hips no longer have lines.

>> No.32204464

Calm lake water is nearly fine. Like when Harry throws massive columns of fire into the sky, while on the lake.
On the other hand, a slow and small trickle of river water on his head completely disables his powers.

>> No.32204480

>on more than occassion
Alera, and what else?

>> No.32204511

I still think Murphy is hottest. So sue me.

>> No.32204570

He once made a bet that he could make a BDSM sex scene plot-relevant. Cue Death Masks and Changes.

>> No.32204595

...Why would you say that.

>> No.32204633

The Denarians are gay and lame, fairies and white court are best. Only Lasciel is a fun denarian and she's with Harry all the time anyway.

>> No.32204650

She's a mortal, Anon.
She's getting old.
I bet she won't even reach the last three books.

>> No.32204652

You must have a hobbit fetish, anon.

>> No.32204664
File: 531 KB, 441x705, 1398469088671.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

are you implying there are other opinions out there?
because if there are, they're wrong.

>> No.32204665

Really? Because I saw reasons from chapter one of book one.

>> No.32204716

And then in the very next book, the first thing he tells her to do besides say sorry to Murphy turns out to be a good orgasm.

>> No.32204746

>gay hairdresser act
Should have spoilered that, it's a minor mystery for a few books.

>> No.32204774

Harry finds out in the book it's introduced in, Anon. And relatively early.

>> No.32204807

She's the only character that's been in every book in the series, she'll make it if only to make Harry go Goku levels of beserk when she dies
Remember that Shiro was kicking ass well into old age.

>> No.32204843

Shiro literally had God on his side, though.

>> No.32204846

Should call it Grevane Cosplay since that's clearly who he's dressed as.

>> No.32204879

I reckon she'll make it but at the end of the second to last book Harry thinks she dies, and goes on a berserk rampage across the country to find her killer using all the magic at his disposal. Then she wakes up andsays she wants nothing to do with what Harry has done in her name

>> No.32204880

At this point, it's pretty clear who's going to inherit his sword.
Unless Jim turns out to be a master ruseman

>> No.32204889

>Butters is described as being nearly a genius
He mentions that he's actually tested at genius level IQ once, I think in the necromancer book. Not that testing at genius level IQ actually translates to competence in everything. I've tested at genius level, after all.

>> No.32204901

I'm fairly certain Kemmler is still alive. They woudn't be building him up so much as a huge badass if he wasn't going to comeback.

>> No.32204917

>Implying Jim isn't master ruseman
We have Chekov's guns from Book 3 still waiting to go off, anon, he may be deliberately trolling us with murphy taking the sword

>> No.32204939

'Alive' is a....deceptive word, especially with Kemmler's skill set
Entirely possible he was killed, it just didn't stick
On the topic of Kemmler, I did like the fact the biggest human occult monster is from WW1 instead of WW2, its a nice change up

>> No.32204941

>Duster is canvas, not leather
That's accurate to the first two books.

>> No.32204956
File: 36 KB, 474x417, 1396687520953.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.32204974

A lot of "magic has always exists" secret world kinda things usually never touch on WW2 being the fault of some ancient conspiracy.

They take advantage of it, though.

>> No.32205007

I was never told Harry didn't wear a hat, so I just assumed he did because if you wear a duster without a hat or dark sunglasses, you automatically suck.

>> No.32205016

Oh yeah but its nice that the worst black magic isn't a result of the Nazi's but just old school aristocratic necromancy

>> No.32205019

She has more finesse than him before she even starts being taught, at least with veils.

>> No.32205064

White Wolf touched on it with OWoD and hit the nail pretty much on the head on why that is. Making WWII and Germany the fault of some supernatural conspiracy, you're cheapening all the genocide, war, and death that happened in a war that a lot of people still feel is very raw.
Although, technically, by starting WWI, Kemmler is at least indirectly responsible for World War 2, because the resolution of 1 made 2 not happening more or less impossible, but, semantics[/spoiler

>> No.32205069

That's the most likely outcome.

Well she said no, didn't she?

That's because the leaders of WW2 are all somehow well known and made quite human. I don't think many people could name anyone in the German/British/French/Russia/Austro-Hungarian governments of 1914.

But yeah, nazis totally used ritual magics.

>> No.32205090

When in the book order should I read Side Jobs?

>> No.32205097

Old Mage is great. It has space marines working with necromancers to fight the borg. What more could you want?

>> No.32205112

>What more could you want?
A metaplot that isn't shit on a biscuit.

>> No.32205131

>/tg/ didn't provide the story
Nope. We have no claim to that one.

>> No.32205140

You can read it from the get go, it states where each one takes place so you can avoid getting spoilered.

It has them going all the way through to changes.

>> No.32205172

You...haven't read too many PI stories, have you?
General pattern of PI stories is
>Get case
>get attacked
>Find clue
>Get attacked
>Another clue
>get attacked
>Solve case
>Big fight.

Nonetheless, I understand trying to convince you is impossible. Taste is taste.

Now, I want to hijack the thread really quick to talk about a theory my friends and I came up with on an hour long car ride. Harrry, specifically Evil Harry is Cowl AND The Parasite.

>> No.32205183

No he doesn't. He's wondering what Thomas' job is as soon as he moves out.

>> No.32205191
File: 130 KB, 1024x768, mouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Weird really, because Foo dogs are supposed to look like this.

>> No.32205222
File: 78 KB, 500x429, Mouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I thought they were less stylised versions of these

>> No.32205241
File: 20 KB, 300x400, Mouse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is what Butcher said Mouse looks like.

>> No.32205248

The Foo Dog of DF is god-dog. He's Mouse's ancestor.

>> No.32205304

>people using spoilers correctly
Nice to see once in a while.

>> No.32205330

That's what I meant. Like corpsetaker, only less super dead, cuz she got shot in the face, and her ghost got killed for good measure.

>> No.32205349
File: 681 KB, 1224x819, dres_comp_drawing_final.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah, normally some asshole blunders in and blurts out something, like how Sanya dies in Cold Days.

>> No.32205368

Do what I do and ignore metaplot when it suits you. And that's whenever I don't want shit like attack of the fifty foot tall gypsy elder god.

>> No.32205403

What, and next you're going to forget to spoiler that [psoiler]Michael goes evil in Changes?[/spoiler]

>> No.32205409

It's funny because you pulled it out of your ass.

>> No.32205467

meh, after Elaine picked up a denarius, nothing really shocks me
having said that, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if that happened

>> No.32205589


So, to continue my friend's and my theory, it all stemmed from the fact that my friends love the Dresden Files, and we play the DFRPG, but I'm the only one who reads all the books.

So occasionally, I'll start talking about them to catch the others up what's happened in the world since Small Favor, and to talk about exciting theories. Specifically, I was excited because Skin Games is coming out, and my last news on The Paranet Papers (3rd book for DFRPG) was also this month or next.
So we got to talking about the Parasite, since that's a big part of this next book and the last one.

So, here's what we discussed, and of course, I have spoilered it all. It ranges from Blood Rites or so on, so, you know. Precaution.

So, Butcher has said by the end of the series, Dresden will have broken every law of magic. That includes time travel, and the outer gates. This is point one.

Second point, introduced in Cold Days, is that Nemesis is passed through contact, infection.And that Leonid Kravos was infected.

Now, as far as I can recall, Evil/Other Harry makes no appearance prior to Grave Rites. Why is this important? Because that's the book where Harry beats Kravos, and DEVOURS some of his essence. He literally consumes 'infected soul'. This is, in our opinion, the introduction of Nemesis to Harry's system.

Next, we have Lasciel/The Parasite. Many have talked about how the former could be the latter. But here's what's most relevant about Lash for our theory: she talks with, and connects to, Other Harry. Treating him as a separate entity. Her abilities permit Harry to memorize the Darkhallow. She 'dies' by absorbing a psychic blast against Harry.

After her death, the headaches start, which we later learn is the Parasite. Some equate this to Lash being the Parasite. I think it's because Other Harry claimed enough of her power to start his plan.


>> No.32205769

>Shut Up, Bob: Pages ______

Bob hangs out with Butters and Will way too much to not be a /tg/ nerd.

Besides, fantasy games are well known for their proliferation of porny dungeon girls and scantily-dressed elves.

>> No.32205802

And Bob expresses way more interest in stories than in pictures, doesn't he?

>> No.32205838
File: 161 KB, 480x360, 1394945109721.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Will, Andi, Georgia and Butters let Bob GM a game
>Bob's face when

>> No.32205861

'You slayed the dragon, sahib, it's only right you take your reward!'

>> No.32205885

He'll need a co-DM though. To handle dice, sheets and everything.
Anyone in their entourage still very awkward?

>> No.32205959

They are *all* awkward.

Seriously, could this group of people go out to a local bar on a given Saturday night and just chill?


No they could not.

>> No.32206085

They can, they do. It's just not shown. And Harry isn't invited. Except once in a while, when he plays /tg/ with them and rolls a barbarian. And bitches about magic in the game being unrealistic.
Well. They could. I don't think they still can in the later books.

>> No.32206128

Bob could probably do it via computer, or get permission to leave the skull

>> No.32206151

Give Bob permission to leave the skull just for this? I think even Harry isn't this dense.

>> No.32206185

he belongs to Butters and Andi now, neither of whom are truly aware of the havoc he can cause.

>> No.32206234

Well, obviously. They let him on the INTERNET.

Can you imagine what sort of bullshit Bob could pull if he could resist looking at all the porn

>> No.32206269

> Can you imagine what sort of bullshit Bob could pull
There's nothing to imagine, we read it.

>> No.32206280

In a lot of ways it is. I see WoD as goofy, but fun, and was kind of disappointed to find the big new thing on the modern fantasy scene was a triter retread of the same material.

lol, that's a fair point. Philip Marlowe did get the shit kicked out of him as a matter of course. And come to think of it his reaction to the leggy dames he's always meeting would be his generation's equivalent of the Dresden-esque fedoralord. It's possible I'm not giving Butcher enough credit here.

>> No.32206367

Do keep in mind that the current owner largely influences Bob's personality and behavior. If I recall correctly, he's less gung-ho and quippy and more nerdy in Ghost Story as a result of Butters being boss.

>> No.32206386

I imagine he'll be a lot more inclined to go off spouting random magical theories and teaching butters for the hell of it from the personality change.

>> No.32206469

Pretty much. And at a guess, he causes way less trouble too. Butters isn't nearly as headstrong or impulsive as Harry.

>> No.32206629

Touching off on Nemesis being introduced to Harry's system, how about when Aurora 'helped' him at the start of Summer Knight? She had him when his guard was down and everything.

>> No.32206707

If the starborn thing really does give him a defence against outsiders, he might well be immune to it.

>> No.32206777

the hat is a running gag between Butcher and the guy who does the cover art. Dresden never wears a hat.

>> No.32206855

This was my thought. Remember he has actually been to the outer gates and interacted on many occasions with Rashid/Gatekeeper who has the badass eye made from said gates, if he was infected then it surely would have been noticed.

Unless of course Rashid is part of the whole conspiracy, in which case everyone is fucked.

>> No.32206891

Not really, actually.

they're all fairly buff, tear supernatural nasties apart on their free time for fun/duty, and stick together.

I think they could go hang at any bar they wanted. Being able to rip someone's throat out with your teeth probably does wonders for self-confidence.

>> No.32206913 [SPOILER] 
File: 46 KB, 392x300, 1400454366816.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's true. However, we could also assume that the bug could be a magical contagion brought about by a rogue article of clothing.

>> No.32206938

>Unless of course Rashid is part of the whole conspiracy, in which case everyone is fucked.
Reminder that it was neither the Merlin nor Blackstaff, but Rashid the Gatekeeper who was responsible for taking down the Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.
Canonically the most dangerous member.

>> No.32207015

>Mad Arab Abdul Alhazred.
So...Rashid turned into a shadow monster and ate the bastard alive?

>> No.32207044

Mab did flat out say at the end of Cold Days that even at the gates Rashid doesn't always get it right.

>> No.32207198

Exactly. I mean I wouldn't fancy anyone's chances against any of the Senior Council but Rashid has some scary implications.

This is true, worth keeping in mind.
Also just to chip in on the OP of the thread, I'm about 95% convinced that Harry was just taking the piss. It's essentially confirmed that Justin deliberately set up Harry and Elaine to shag each other silly as apprentice teenagers so it seems unlikely there is any risk inherent to masturbation while learning magic.

>> No.32207247

Harry wasn't a Lawbreaker, a sensitive or in love with his mentor, though.

>> No.32207251

Theory guy got banned, I'm a friend dropping the rest of his theory so you don't get blueballed,
-Skin Games greek theme, tying in with Athena, child born of the thoughts of father -Cowl is tall, like harry, quips like harry, and despise Kemmlerites despite knowing the Darkhallow, which Harry did until Lash died. -He has an apprentice who uses Japanese like Molly does. -he infects leansidhe, and maeve with gift at bianca's. he knows he can give things to bianca because she's going to die. -Bob points out Cowl might be the only one who knew you had to do the darkhallow on halloween, which of course cowl/the parasite knows- Bob told him.
Finally, he can totally ignore Harry's magic, and right after Lash dies, the parasite forms, and Harry loses Hellfire, Heaven(uriel) gives him Soulfire. Given how much Heaven likes to mirror/balance Hell, it makes me think that Cowl/Other Harry is going to take Lash's coin, and gain Hellfire, so Uriel pre-empted it (remember, Uriel doesn't follow linear time) by giving Harry Soulfire.
-Skin Games greek theme, tying in with Athena, child born of the thoughts of father -Cowl is tall, like harry, quips like harry, and despise Kemmlerites despite knowing the Darkhallow, which Harry did until Lash died. -He has an apprentice who uses Japanese like Molly does. -he infects leansidhe, and maeve with gift at bianca's. he knows he can give things to bianca because she's going to die. -Bob points out that Cowl might be the only one who knew you had to do the darkhallow on halloween, which of course cowl/the parasite knows, Bob just told him.
Lastly, he can totally ignore Harry's magic, and right after Lash dies, the parasite forms, and Harry loses Hellfire, Heaven(uriel) gives him Soulfire. Given how much Heaven likes to mirror/balance Hell, that makes me think that Cowl/Other Harry is going to take Lash's coin, and gain Hellfire, so Uriel pre-empted it (remember, Uriel doesn't follow linear time) by giving Harry Soulfire.

>> No.32207287

I know, I just made the same mistake the artist did, in that the outfit just seems to imply the existence of a hat.

>> No.32207288

>Same thing
Neckbeard plz. Although according to Dresden elsewhere, Tantric magic is totally a thing, and sex is a great way to create energy while also bonding two practitioners together. Some student/teacher relationships apparently start for that very reason, and it's implied that Justin set up Harry and Elaine to boink specifically to bond together to make them work together better as thralls/enforcers. In light of that, Dresden shooting Molly down is pretty smart

>> No.32207293

Also- that maybe his starborn gives him a limited immunity: Nemesis can't make him obey, only nudge him toward corruption, just like Other Harry did.

>> No.32207326

>Harry wasn't a Lawbreaker
What is the First Law, Alex?
>In love with his mentor
He sure as shit was in love with Elaine at the time

>> No.32207465

You borked those spoilers but wow that makes so much sense.

>> No.32207476

Are there any portable epub readers that you know of?
I know that you can unzip an epub and read the raw txt in firefox, but it takes forever switching files over and over.

>> No.32207643

Nigga what, you're literally saying that Sex is vastly important in creating magical bonds etc AND saying that masturbation is not the same as sex (obviously not as involved) yet somehow the sex is fine but the masturbation isn't?
Obviously stopping Molly from having sex is a good idea for the very reasons you mentioned (especially as you just know some supernatural being would try to get into her pants to manipulate her and Harry) but nothing you've said there gives any reason for masturbating being a bad thing.

This guy however brings up a solid point in that Molly is a sensitive, I would debate Harry's foresight in realising that at the time though.

>> No.32207732

Why does Michael let her dress like that? Isn't he suppose to be a christfag?

>> No.32207786

She ran away from home and he doesn't really like being overly strict on his children. That's charity's job.

>> No.32207795

She's older and out of the house. Once she was taken under Harry's wing, she wasn't allowed to wear so many piercings and I think the hair dye was toned down a bit as well.
Then Harry "died" and she'd been running around since.

>> No.32207840

>Harry is the only person who doesn't want him to rail Molly

Just do it, fucker. Especially after Cold Days' ending

>> No.32207882

after Cold Days' ending I think his consent will not be requested or required.

>> No.32208105

i figure nemesis is the parasite. only, it cant make harry do things so is blows him up instead. i was disapointed that cat sith got corrupted, i wanted him to be a team mate.

>> No.32208143

cait, I beleive.

>> No.32208163

he got blasted into the cold water, guess which person capable of destroying nemesis rules that domain?

>> No.32208225


>> No.32208241

Not Mac?

>> No.32208295

you idiots, its clearly santa.

>> No.32208304

>Bringing up the father
>When trying to stave off an unhinged chick

Do you think he WANTS to get raped?

>> No.32208323

Harry was just fucking with her.

>> No.32208348

What the fuck is up with him, anyway?

>> No.32208366

I just read Cold Days last week.

Reaffirmed Demonreach as the best character.

>> No.32208384

Read the spoilered chapters for Skin Game. See what he named it.

>> No.32208398

>Live up north
>wears pointy hat

>> No.32208400

Do you think Michael would accept "She ordered me to do it!" as an excuse?

>> No.32208410

I did, my copy of Cold Days had it at the very end.

Again, Alfred Demonreach is the best.

>> No.32208422

Unfortunately, yes. The trick would be to get him to listen before he jumps to conclusions, which is always a tricky bag.

>> No.32208448

I haven't even really thought about the dresden files since cold days came out and I think I've pretty much forgotten everything. Is there a refresher or a summary somewhere I can read to get back up to speed?

>> No.32208452

Sure, but I doubt Charity would.

>> No.32208479

>She ran away from home
One of god's warriors with plenty of supernatural connections can't find his daughter? Yeah no.
>overly strict
Being strict =/= teaching your daughter not to dress like a goth slut. Even atheist hippie parents would be ashamed of the way Molly dresses if this thread is anything to go by.

>> No.32208502

God is very hands off with things, a phrase which here means he gives you a sword and then you have to go do that shit on your own.

>> No.32208575

>One of god's warriors with plenty of supernatural connections can't find his daughter? Yeah no.

Nobody could find the Rag Lady. That's why she was so terrifying. The Wardens couldn't even find her.

>> No.32208594

Have you considered that Michael let her run away from home? She can't really stay there forever, and she needs to learn how to handle her abilities

>> No.32208595

Molly is one of the most talented illusionist wizards around. No one could find her.

>> No.32208625

heh, rag lady

>> No.32208626

Michael: Well, OK Harry, I get your magically compelled to, and honestly as your friend I can't think of anyone better
Charity: <pulls out a chainsaw> You have two seconds to run before I start this wizard boy

>> No.32208632

Thats even stupider.

>> No.32208651

I think Micheal knows well enough that if he pushes her on her clothing, she's just going to rebel and push back even harder. Charity's probably the reason why she started dressing goth in the first place.

>> No.32208685

Sounds like new age parenting bullshit. "if you want your kids to behave let them do whatever they want"

>> No.32208702

It's worth noting that Harry actually jumped up a powerlevel when he started teaching Molly, both because he had to learn her style in order to teach her, and because when he was going over the basics he realized how shitty his own fundamentals were.

>> No.32208725

...You've never had a teenage child, have you?

>> No.32208727

Not really.

You get strict with your kids, they push back and rebel. That's probably the most basic shit out there, and that's what got her started with that shit in the first place. Micheal knew damn well not to get in that fight between the two of them.

>> No.32208761

Not at all. Michael wants her to grow up and use her talents for the best, and she can't do that if she lives with mum and dad. Kids need to leave to grow, and all that

>> No.32208767

If people can't even find one underage wizard how do they find anybody?

>> No.32208834

That and the head warden in the region (Ramirez) was deliberately half-assing the case because reasons we can only speculate on. If he'd really wanted to put top priority on it, Molly would be dead. My best guess is that he felt like the US needed every council wizard they could get against the fomor, even probable warlocks.

>> No.32208845

Almost definitely. Remember Charity was a wizard at one point, renounced her magic and lost her talent after marrying michael. Molly had talent like Charity... and no doubt she figured out that Charity would immediately try to stomp it out if she let her mother know.

>> No.32208858

> If people can't even find one of the most powerful, naturally gifted illusionists in the world who is being trained and protected by the third most powerful fae in the Winter Court, during a massive war that has disrupted the entire magical world, how do they find anybody?
Fixed that for you.

>> No.32208876

Also, Rammy might have the hots for Molly, or feel he owes Harry a favor.

Where did it say he was deliberately half-assing things though?

>> No.32208888

Not a wizard. She was a minor talent with no training. There is a pretty massive difference between the two.

>> No.32208900

Murphy said it in Ghost Story, IIRC.

>> No.32208913

Witch, whatever. "mortal magical practicioner". She would definitely have tried to stamp it out of Molly, or if not, I could definitely see Molly coming to that conclusion.

And that's assuming she didn't just sit them down and have a "If you find yourself doing magic, stop, come and tell me, it's very bad and we can help you get cured" talk with her kids or something.

>> No.32208960 [SPOILER] 
File: 131 KB, 622x900, 1400459942543.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm posting this because I heard someone say there isn't enough art of Molly.
I agree.

>> No.32209112

In Cold Days, Harry straight up told her that if it weren't for Ramirez half-assing it, then she would be found and killed. She's good, but she's not THAT good yet.

>> No.32209236

It's always possible someone told Ramierez "Harry's not dead, stay out of Chicago."

Actually, come to think of that, that'd be a hella intimidating message to receive.

>> No.32209249 [SPOILER] 
File: 22 KB, 480x269, 1400460865410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

God damn, Calibre needs a 'continuous scrolling' option. Every time I want to take a screenshot of text, it happens to be broken across two pages.

>> No.32209292

Huh. Thanks.

>> No.32210519

Was that a rule or just she actually got some taste?

>> No.32210556

Well yeah. This is normal for teaching anything.

>> No.32210590

Dunno. I think it was implied alongside the 'no schlicking' rule that it would screw with her mojo. It's entirely possible that she started growing out of her goth phase when she was around Harry though.

>> No.32210671

Less teenage rebelling when you're being taught by the rockstar you always worshipped.

>> No.32210883

Or you could use Mobilism, a site where they pay people to put ebooks on their site as quickly as possible, and then take the link off there. All you have to do is sign up.

>> No.32211658


>> No.32211677


>> No.32211683

Fuck off, shill.

Also, this was a long successful thread. Would another be merited?

>> No.32211707


>> No.32212131


>> No.32212357

I was just testing some things. I picked this thread because I thought it was dead.

Things like what happens if you use spoiler tags with nothing in them?

>> No.32212382

Nothing I guess

>> No.32212386

Threads can still be very much alive after an hour between posts.

>> No.32212433

To be fair, we're also on page 10.

>> No.32212471
File: 91 KB, 687x619, 1333616406392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's a very good point. Damn, I only noticed this thread after it was on autosage!

>> No.32212472

Sorry for the inconvenience. Someone said that spoiler tags weren't the only tags that worked on /tg/ I wanted to see if he was full of shit.

>> No.32212479

I'd like another thread

>> No.32212600

So make one.

>> No.32212624

He's half full of shit, or half empty depending on your philosophy. They're the only ones that work natively, but a good script can pick up others at your discretion.

>> No.32212624,1 [INTERNAL] 

/tg/ is the correct board for worldbuilding and for discussing fantasy logistics. One day they'll change the board description to account for this, in the meantime it's a little unfair to people like you who still need to lurkmoar.

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