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Suppose /tg/, that you were transported back in time to Ancient Rome, how well do you think you would be able to adapt to living there?

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I'd expect quite well. Otherwise those five years of Latin were all for naught.

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With difficulty. Might be able to earn a living as a doctor with common modern medical knowledge.

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>no Roman citizenship
>no truly useful skills
>implying you will survive even 5 years

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Rogue barbarian wandering the streets?


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>no truly useful skills

>Advanced mathematics
>Basic medicine
>Farming techniques that would blow their fucking minds.
>Could probably hash out a generator, gunpowder, or a steam engine with time and resources.

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Rather poorly. As a non-citizen who couldn't speak the language I'd be turned into a slave in short order.

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>Could probably hash out a generator, gunpowder, or a steam engine with time and resources.
Why do so many people think they can do this? You know how to use these things, not create them from scratch.

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Everybody is Manly McManFuck on the internet.

Meanwhile, in the real world most people had trying changing the time on their VCR, or uninstalling that Yahoo Bar in Internet Explorer.

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>^ trouble

See what I mean?

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Yeah, good luck trying to utilize all that when the need to avoid immediate starvation reduces you to selling your ass to a burly Sicilian called Brutus Maximus.

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>>Advanced mathematics
Not in any language they know of.
>Basic Medicine
Probably do pretty decently. My mother was a doctor, general germ theory
>farming techniques that would blow theri fucking minds
>could probably has out a generator, gunpowder, or a steam engine with time and resources
Nigga, you just went full retard.

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To be honest, black powder's fairly easy to make. It's just charcoal, saltpeter, and sulfur. However, a steam engine? No fucking way. Possibly could make an extremely basic hand powered generator if I had some conducting wire and magnets. Wouldn't be very useful though.

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Black powder was already a thing in China anyway, so it would be pretty damn useless anyway.

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Public toilets. Without toilet paper. Just a sponge on a stick the guy before you might or might've not washed after using.

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what good does it do on the other side of the planet?

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I think as a whole /tg/'d do okay.

At least until Secundus shows up.

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I've wondered about this a lot. I'm guessing that, being a person who looks nothing at all like an Italian and given the fact that I speak a barbarian language that I'd be enslaved. Hopefully I'd manage to make a good impression on my dominus, enough for him to let me tinker with some blacksmith's tools and chemicals. After I show him a bunch of random crude gadgets (crude ass mechanical farm equipment, electrical doodads that shock people, doornobs) that I'd build (engineering student here), hopefully I'd be able to make blackpowder muzzle loaders.

Once my master was rich enough from Rome's new arms industry, hopefully I'd be able to earn my freedom. Couldn't be a full citizen of course, but hopefully my techno-sorcery would be enough for me to be seen as "That crazy redheaded barbarian fuck who lives at the edge of the city in the villa with magic flameless lights".

I'd try to create penicillin or basic antibiotics, maybe found a hospital, but I only know basic medicine. Maybe I'd draw maps of the world. I'd certainly warn the Romans about the monstrous yellow peril that's going to come charging out from the steppe in the next thousand years, but I'm sure they'd be more worried about the Germans until then. Of course, Romans with muskets....

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>muzzle loaders

Bolt-action breech loaders are within the expertise of anyone who can mill halfway-decent precision pipe fittings.

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You need a proper seal for a breech loader, not something "halfway decent".

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What? Are you going to do your own fighting? Let the soldiers deal with it. The only draw of this is going to be that they'll become ridiculously cheap, after all.

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And what I'm saying is that if you can mill plumbing fittings that aren't utter garbage, you should be able to get a proper seal. You're going to want to do some refinement on your production model, but you certainly shouldn't be going, "Breech load? UNPOSSIBLE!"

Then again, you may want to be devoting that production time to figuring out guncotton.

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Yes, but to mill the fittings you need the tools, which aren't going to just be lying around in ancient Rome. I'm not saying it's impossible, I'm just saying if it were as easy as time travel fantasists believed, then the Romans would already have it.

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They had everything they needed to make gun powder but didn't have it, knowing what to do is simple when you know when you know it when you don't even know the thing in question can exist makes making/discovering it pretty difficult.

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>has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like
But yeah, what you're saying is right. They had everything they needed to make primitive firearms, as evidenced by China doing it. But its a far cry from mass-produced breech/muzzle loading muskets/rifles. Sure, you could make a small number of them, but small numbers of muskets are useless.

What you need is one or two rifled, breech loading cannons. They would really give the edge to the Romans.

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>invent printing press
>invent movable type
Honestly, it's basically all there in the name. I think most people could, given a chance to learn the language, communicate the idea to a woodworker and get something set up.

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The lathe is. You're going to have to do some refinement of it, but the whip lathe is impossibly ancient. The REAL hard part is going to be laying hands on a good length of semi-precision threaded rod. THAT, you're probably going to want to throw a few dozen slaves and a few thousand man-hours at.

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Not using lead in pipes and goblets.
A worldmap of sorts (not revealing the earth is round)

etc etc

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Oh, and send some legions down in africa to find coffeeplants

>> No.31936285

Coffe is from Ethiopia, so not so far away of egypt.

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They already know most of that, bro.

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If you can work enough electrical engineering for an LVDT and a Yagi antenna I suspect you could create a market for even your shitty hand generator. Radio would be a huge thing once they saw it working.

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You also need speakers and a microphone for a good radio, or something similar.

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watermills, on a more industrial scale, and they can be used for more than grinding crops.
Crossbows? what if every legionary had a crossbow and 10 bolts.
Hygiene? well better than others, but much could be improved.
I dont think they knew that lead could shave several years from a lifetime.

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The LVDT can be modified to work as the microphone transducer and most of the principles can be applied to build a solenoid. A bare-bones analog radio system can I think be built using those four components.

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I'm a computer engineer and have a lot of experience with other hardware (particularly electric related) systems. If I had the time I could build computer, a shit one, but a functional computer and start the computer age quite a bit early.

Of course I'd probably die before that for some reason or another.

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I know enough Latin to not be killed on sight.
So assuming I can impress my new dominus with mathematics I might live long enough to learn the Latin for "magnet" and build some form of electrostatic generator.

That or get beaten to death for implying small demonic "germs" where living in the waters of mighty Rome.
I mean "everyone" knows the best way to spend you time is soaking the pits of warmed stagnant water.

Marcus Brutus, Caesarem, occidit
Alternately if I appear at just the right time, in just the right place...

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Well, short term I'm probably getting arrested for being a six-foot-plus trouser-wearing barbarian, but some basic mathematics is probably enough to convince people that I'm not a total waste of brainpower; plus I can read and write in the latin alphabet, if not in actual latin. Introducing arabic numerals would probably go a long way towards being thought of as valuable, even in the event of enslavement. Also, the printing press is definitely doable with Roman technology levels, and it would revolutionise things. Then there's shit like 'boiling your water will kill things that cause diseases'. Maybe not enough that I could do well, but enough to be thought of as 'that barbarian who knows things' and not just thrown into the coliseum to die on the sand.

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> cannons
Are roman era metals strong enough? Or would it blow on their faces on the first test firing?

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Getting sick would be a big fucking problem once you realize you are living in a place with no modern-effective medicines, doctors or surgeons, and once you realize you are living in the midst of a population with zero inoculation coverage.

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Early cannons were made of bronze, so they're probably fine.

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