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Got any cyberpunk or punk-ish modern character art?
No military stuff, please.

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Hey OP, you might appreciate this website from /g/: http://cyberlife.neocities.org/

They used to have fairly regular cyberpunk threads. Dunno if they still do.

I don't really have much character art, but I'll dump some of my atmospheric cyberpunk stuff.

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Everyone knows it's a marketing thing to reduce gang effectiveness by making them think side-shooting is cooler.

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I beg to differ. Pic related.

Yes, it's satire.

The katana obsession can go die in a fucking fire, though. I'm looking at you, >>31138961

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How the fuck are those cyberpunk in any way whatsoever?

OP, looks into some of the art for Android: Netrunner. Pic related.

I was going to post Bank Job, but someone already did, at >>31125004

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OP here.

Your pic doesn't look any more cyberpunk than those.
Also I also said "modern".

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The pic I wanted to post was already in a different thread, so I snagged some random Netrunner card art.

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This has been my character in so many games, the only thing I change is the suit's color

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Isn't it mostly done with glocks, which are able to be semi-auto or full auto? In that case, I can understand when a thug wouldn't give a shit about aiming and give more of a shit about looking cool and intimidating.

It sort of says that you don't care if you're wasting bullets and money, you want to take pleasure in killing this negro.

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Wow, that's deep.

No, it isn't.

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"I'd dikote my balls if it wouldn't bankrupt Seattle "

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Today I found this pinterest:



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I wonder what started this hype.
Everyone does these blocky armor designs now.

I bet someone on Gnomon Workshops did a tutorial video on these and it's super easy to do.

I hope it doesn't catch on as well as that new exoskelleton schtick
I'm really tired of seeing them already because they all look the same.

Well, at least you don't see black trenchcoats, green computer code flying around and i-pod white as often anymore.

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What a dumb website.
It's basically just a summary of cyberpunkreviews.org with less info and tryhard attitude.

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filename strongly related, also bump

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Aaron Beck pioneered these kinds of designs/illustrations and became a famous designer at WETA for it, working on such movies as Avatar, Elysium and District 9.

That's why they're popular and everyone copies the style.

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Stallone from Cobra is not cyberpunk. On an unrelated note Cobra is a fun movie.

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Semi-auto means the gun fires one shot when the trigger is pulled, and then ceases until the trigger is pulled again. There is only one Glockenspiel model, the 18c, that fires full auto (I.e. Continues to fire until the magazine is empty, as long as the trigger is held), and it is rare.

Learn to guns, before embarrassing yourself further.

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<- SHadowrun Tattoo Mage

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Out of interest, does anyone have any pictures of...utilitarian...looking power armour? The sort that might be worn by an engineer in a highly dangerous work environment, rather than a soldier.

Most power armour I find is very military looking...or 40k.

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So you're looking for hazard suits, not armor.

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Rest assured the only person with a reason to be embarassed here is you sperg

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Pretty much, yeah. A heavy hazard suit (I don't want to just grab the Dead Space armour, as it's very known).

I'm working on a Shadowrun combat engineer, with a heavy focus on the engineer part (Rigger, Mechanic, Electronics (Wires, not hacking) and Demolitions expert) rather than the combat side. Rules-wise, it IS Light Milspec but I'm fluffing it as a super-heavy hazard suit used in highly dangerous environments (Australian Mana Storms, German SOX for instance)

The sort of place where even someone who isn't there for military purposes likely carries a heavy pistol in case of mutant/toxic paracritter attack.

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I have an urge now to eat a girl out.

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Hey look here buddy. /tg/ close with /k/ what with all the armour and weapons threads. If you like to be ignorant, be my guest. But don't call people who know more about a certain subject than you 'spergs' just because they know more than you about that subject.

I bet you think magazines are called clips

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Could you morons stop that?
No one cares what you think a thing is or is not.

If you're going to shitpost at least post a goddamn picture.

Something like this?

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/tg/ throws around half-knowledge, assumptions and plain false "facts" all the time.
Our armor and weapon threads are part make-belief and part quotes from lindybeige who also throws around half-knowledge and makes assumptions.

I would never trust anyone from a board that is almost entirely about imagination if I wanted facts.

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Used this one for my face. Still one of my favorite pics for cyberpunk.

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Shirow Masamune's stuff might have something in your range. Or anyone's range for Cyberpunk. This particular beauty is from Appleseed.

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Look matey, it ain't big, you just got semi and FA mixed up, its alright. You can trust us on this.

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Man, nothing says "hello I am a cyberpunk gun" than the 93R. So sexy in a used future kind of way.

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You're confusing me with someone else.
I wasn't part of that discussion.

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HTR Docwagon Employees, hauling your ass out of the fire on time, every time.
unless said ass is on corp territory, then we'll leave you to get on with bleeding out on your own
It's on page 322 of the waiver you signed

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IIV: And The Chummer Looked Out Upon The Corp Security
IV: And He Saw A Multitude Of Riggers And Trolls With Helicopter Gunship Support
V: And He Said Unto His Team-Mates:
VI: Lo, Let Us Kill The Mage Down The Back First

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Is that LARP Brotherhood of Steel?

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Why settle for a simple plan when a complicated one will get you on the evening news?

It might be. I know it's BoS costumes at any rate.

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Another two things that say "cyberpunk" are bullpup and cheap plastic.
This weapon is from the 40s.

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Heard you was bloggin' shit about us, chummer.

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You know you're a runner when your favourite bar can electrocute the floor from behind the counter.

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>BoS scribe

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On that note, I really liked the scene from Altered Carbon where Kovacs get's two hired guns, who want to off him, killed by renting a hotel room, since being a customer grants him protection on hotel grounds,
which includes auto-targeting LMGs mounted in the door frame.

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The Shim-Stadler Cybernetics Corporation would like to remind you to stay at least two meters away from guard dogs outside of business hours. They are here for your protection.

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>but what *is* cyberpunk?

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It's one of those things where you ask 4 people and get 5 answers.

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Defenders of the free internet.

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That's because it actually needs a lengthy axplanation
but most people reduce it to hacking, neon lights and being a rebel without a cause or against corporations and governments and shit
which is actually only the surface.

It's for the most part about people who stand outside the social norms, globalization and the hopes and fears concenring future technology, economy and politics.
It's about immediate problems, while science fiction is mostly about speculation.

That's also why cyberpunk isn't really science fiction (as per definition).

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Geez, not again.

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This is my Cyberpunk Character.
I just earned 10 thousand legal dollars.
What do I buy with?

(No Guns or Armor, I already got the best I could need/want, efficiency AND style considered)

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An artificial arm, since she seems to only have one.
Why else would she keep her second knife in her mouth?

A shirt might be a good idea as well.

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Actually, it's Cyberpunk 3.0 (DM's Choice, what can I say), so Artificial Limbs are largely Outdated.
She does not go in Close Combat if not necessary and does not hold weapons in her mouth, but apart from this, yeah, pretty much the picture.
Oh, and she goes to fight with a complete armor, not barely dressed.

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I assure you it's quite fun. For the girl.


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Sounds familar ...

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That is some magical-realm-tier cybERPunk stuff right there.

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A badassed street ninja shouldn't have to stop working just cus some idiot knocked her up? Bonus points for the prenatal video feed so Jr can get a head start on life!

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It was the lactating nipples that tipped my scales.

>> No.31166489

The little stabby thing at the front is for poking them in the eye after youv'e perforated them with lead, right?

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The 2040s, amirite?!?

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We don't need the millionth debate about the definition of cyberpunk, you shit disturber.

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It's actually a folding foregrip to better control the 3-round burst (your thumb hooks into the extended trigger guard) but you might be able to use it like that.

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yes we do.

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What's cyberpunk ITT and what's not:

Not really cyberpunk.

Pretty cyberpunk.

Artsy, non-functional, not cyberpunk.

Not cyberpunk.

Fetishism, not cyberpunk. Pregnant ASFR? Really?

Nothing outstandingly cyberpunk.

Not particularly cyberpunk.

Not cyberpunk.

Not at all like that.

Fantastic. Very cyberpunk. Saved.



Kinda cyberpunk.

Not cyberpunk.

Not cyberpunk.

Pretty sexy.

Cyberpunk, I guess, though it doesn't scream it.

Not cyberpunk. Raver, with cybergoth elements.

Not really cyberpunk, but wouldn't fit poorly into a setting.


The fuck is this?

Halfway there.

No. And I already fapped.

No, plugging your gun into your head and standing in front of a fake schematic does not make you cyberpunk.

Shadowrun is shit. Even Gibson, the father of cyberpunk, says so.

Could work well.

Getting more of an industrial vibe here, but still good enough.




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ASFR, so kinda?

lel, that works


Also industrial, so yeah


I guess



Kinda, mostly given context

Did I stumble into the 80s B-movie board?

Not in the least


The epitome of cyberpunk - Neuromancer. Overwhelming yes.


Not remotely cyberpunk.

I know, there's the whole "cyberpunk is now" thing, but... no.

>> No.31170271


Also nope.

Not really.


Not in particular.

Not really.


It's hard for a modern cityscape to NOT be cyberpunk.







Not really.

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Still, you gotta admit you're a giant homo for berating others and not posting anything relevant yourself

>> No.31171732


assholes will admit to being assholes? on the internet? A frightening prospect.

No, i'm convinced he will just make some excuse like "nobody else is posting pure master-race cyberpunk to my expectations, so why should I?" or some crap...

>> No.31172029

Nah, just offering my opinions as a longtime fan of the genre.

On my laptop, sorry. I'd post pics if I was on my desktop.

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>even Gibson, the father of cyberpunk...
Oh, that's what your problem is.

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Bluh more stuff

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so stach

>> No.31176223

> those teeny feet
I can't take the picture seriously any more

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OP again.

I said Cyberpunk AND MODERN art.
Also no one cares what fits your personal "My little Cyberpunk" or not.

>doesn't even post images

Please leave and be a douchebag elsewhere.

>> No.31176259

And it's also wrong.
There were several long before him who started this trend.

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Dat urban robot.

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>> No.31176519

His hair and glasses make me want to shoot him before the mage.

>> No.31178532

Just say to think some of these pictures don't fit the genre. No need to make 3 shitposts.

>> No.31178661

tl;dr "not cyberpunk" and "Shadowrun is shit".

I said in a single sentence what anon here took three gigantic posts to say.

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How would anyone know which ones were and weren't cyberpunk?

Neuromancer was what started it all. Bethke was doing it before Gibson, but it was Gibson that made it a thing.

That's nice. I was just offering my opinion on what's cyberpunk and what's not.

But there were plenty of cyberpunk pictures in there.

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File: 3.03 MB, 1000x1820, 1644951-bishinmanualfront.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For what purpose?
You're just nitpicking for nitpicking's sake
and it's not even valid in the slightest since this isn't a pure cyberpunk art thread to begin with.
Not to speak of your completely biased personal opinion of what's what.

>> No.31182795

Goddamnit why do I find this pic unbelievably hot.
Sorry for not posting a pic, not on my pc right now.

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>judges from on high
>ruins potentially good thread
>"just offering my opinions"

Passive-aggressive bitch detected.

>> No.31183048

Also sauce please

>> No.31183956

I'm nitpicking because nobody seems to have a good sense of what cyberpunk is. Which is an issue, for the traditional games board.

I didn't ruin the thread, there's nothing stopping you from posting more pics.

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>I'm nitpicking because nobody seems to have a good sense of what cyberpunk is.
You don't either, but feel free to convice me of the opposite by explaining cyberpunk in as few words as possible.

>> No.31185022

High tech low life (lol)

>> No.31185078

That's not enough bro.
You have no clue what cyberpunk is.

>> No.31185098

I was making a Gibson joke

>> No.31185154

>>31185022 wasn't me.

It really can't be summed up. It's a mixture of atmosphere, aesthetic, socioeconomic setting, geopolitical setting, cultural setting, technology level, cultural interaction with technology, social interaction with technology, and a few other things I can't be bothered to think of right now.

>> No.31185456

Ok, let's try it this way then.

Explain to me why you think the OP pic isn't cyberpunk.

>> No.31185852

The OP's pic is pseudo-cyberpunk. It's what happens when an artist encounters cyberpunk and fails to realize that there's more to the genre than neon colors, big guns, and hot women.

There's no dystopia here. There's no atmosphere. There's nothing cyber, except the colors, and that's stretching it. Even the guns are insipid, uninspired, and frankly look kinda silly.

One might almost simply ask "what IS cyberpunk about that picture". And the answer would be "not much".

>> No.31186257

She is dual wielding machine pistols, true the style-over-substance maxime of cyberpunk.
She wears sunglasses at night which means either SoS again or that her eyes must be augmented.
Cyberpunk is about attitude and style just as much as it is about "the man" controlling the common people through technology.
The leather jacket feeds into this as well and is THE iconic fashion of the genre.
The background is a blur of vibrant neon colors symbolizing nightlife in the big city reminiscent of cities like shibuya, tokyo or hong kong.
Also she is obviously a shoutout to Molly Millions.

0/10 Just stop posting dude,
you'll only embarrass yourself even further.

>> No.31186283

I meant chiba.

>> No.31186348
File: 504 KB, 850x907, Troll Face.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>says OP pic isn't cyberpunk
>posts a picture that features every aspect that he complains about
top drek, chummer

>> No.31187700

Mage the geek first?

>> No.31189006

[ ] told
[ ] told runner
[ ] toldsuo the iron man
[X] terminatold 2 - judgement told

>> No.31189758
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>> No.31189836
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>> No.31189864
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>> No.31189881
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>> No.31189919
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>> No.31189941
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>> No.31189989
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>> No.31190588
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>true the style-over-substance maxime of cyberpunk
There is no style-over-substance. The protag of Neuromancer wore fucking jeans and a leather jacket. Cyberpunk is about functionality, not about aesthetic. The focus on aesthetic has become a thing ever since retards starting reading Snow Crash and taking it seriously. Even when cyberpunk decides to take on its own aesthetic, it's either industrial, or the direct result of things like implants or gear.

Sunglasses at night, also invalidated because SoS is not cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk is not about attitude. Fuck, it's not even about "the man" controlling people, it's about corporations and how people are affected by or bounce off of them.

The leather jacket alone does not make something cyberpunk.

Nightlife in the city is not that color of neon. It's trying to allude more to cyberspace than anything else, but totally lacks the geometry of cyberspace.

If that's a tribute to Molly Millions, the person who made it needs to kill themselves. Molly looked like an edgy city girl who used to be a hooker and always wears mirrorshades. She also has razor blades under her fingernails, and a whole bunch of wetware in her head. Oh, and because people who value style over substance become very dead, she used a single fletchette pistol.

The only pic I posted evokes noir themes. Noir is a major part of cyberpunk.

>told runner
>toldsuo the iron man
>terminatold 2 - judgement told
You're trying much too hard. Those are terrible. I also suspect samefag, since you struggle with recognizing your shift key.

>> No.31190762

Man, you guys hate fun.

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