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Suptg Archive:


Archive compiled with story posts and pictures for an easier read, as well as ability and metadata tables:(big thanks to contributors, especially Sorry!):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:


Notes on Rolls and Voting:

When I request rolls, each set of three rolls counts for one action. For example, a two-step plan would take the first 6 linked rolls. A particularly bad failure can interrupt a string of actions.

When rolling 1d100, I will consider criticals within the first ten linked rolls. Only criticals that occur in the first three rolls will be counted as "supercrits". This is still the case even if you'd have plan long enough to require more than ten rolls.

When rolling 1d20, the rules are the same, but I only consider criticals for the first five rolls, rather than ten. Criticals in the first three are still "supercrits".

When a plot choice results in extensive debate, I'll try to weed out the most popular trains of thought, and then call a vote on them. When voting, please respond with only a link back to the post and the number corresponding to your opinion. Other votes are discounted, including those with dice rolls or extra spaces.

Finally, note that this is not a democracy; it is a benevolent dictatorship.

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Recent Events Summary:

The war meeting has come and gone. While Fang's battle plan went relatively unopposed, Sandalphon will be joining you when you infiltrate Kan-Abar to kill the summoners that are maintaining the demon lords. Of course, he needs them for his own plan - so his help is likely to be mixed. At the same time, you actually need his plan to be successful - up to the point that he brings Sir Flint out into the open.

After the meeting, you decided to place your teleport anchor at the battlefield in preparation, and then traveled to Kan-Abar to scout out the enemy headquarters and add the Earth mana pool there to your growing manaport network. The mages have seemingly been slowly corrupted by the demons - their minds are bent away from the possibility of compromise and peace. A young mage named Delan, that appears to have resisted this process, was almost cornered when he spoke his worries about the demons aloud, but having followed him through the palace, you snatched him from the jaws of death, along with a two of his servant aquaintences.

Delan has told you a few things you didn't know - the fourth and most powerful demon lord shares the elements of Wind and Lightning, and while magically powerful, is relatively physically weak. He's also told you that the weakness of Kan-Abar's fire towers is their fuel source, the fire mana pool.

After leaving him to be questioned by your allies, you meditated, and then decided to speak with the Black Lady about the Staff of Winds before your double date. Abigail came with you; she did most of the talking. Melody was reluctant to accept your vision of a redeemable Yi Fang; old hurts and valid suspicions are keeping her at bay. She has yet to make a committment either way, but said she would at least hear him out.

You need every advantage you can get. You hope Fang is bringing his good behavior with him...

>> No.31082243

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

All Revealed Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read:


Character Sheet including learned abilities and other important information:


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I-I have done it
For the first time
For the first time in over 80 threads I have made it.
I cannot wait.
I will participate in a SQ thread.
Fuck Yes.

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Current Statistics:

HP: 81/81
Mana: 76/76
EXP: 6

Shards of Order and Chaos:

(Retribution) - Normal
(Maker) - Normal
(Silence) - Strong
(Peace) - Normal
(Breeze) - Normal
(Hammer) - Strong
(Ardor) - Normal
{Resolve} - Strong
{Humanity} - Resonant


Wisp - 1 mana to order


Vita (Shade)


Utility belt with purse


Aurora Water Gem (pocket)
Shade (pocket)

--Teleport Anchor--

Evinbrook Basin - on the highlands just west of the Tairns

--Current Location--

Evinbrook Basin


Known Mana Pools:

Jacob's Field - entrance to Hecate's tomb - Spirit
Jacob's Field - Hecate's Chamber - Spirit
Palthair Mines - Magnock's Lair - Spirit
Archon - Spirit District - Spirit
Archon - Shadow District - Shadow
Archon - Earth District - Earth
Archon - Water Distric - Water
Haven - Shadow
Abbotsford - Shadow
Aurora - Water
Va'ad - South Generator - Earth
Va'ad - North Generator - Earth
Arland - Dryfeld - Water
Kan-Abar - Royal Gardens - Earth


Glad you're here, anon!

Sorry about the last few threads. I know it had to be a muddy read.

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>Last time...


Abigail frowns. "My lady, if I may speak bluntly."

"Only if you're certain you won't regret it."

There's an edge to her voice, there, that you haven't heard before. Obis isn't the only one with a heart on the line, here...

Abigail takes a breath. She spreads her skirt over her knees. "My lady. You're taking a huge risk. You'll be putting us at a disadvantage because you can't get over what happened 100 years ago."

"Am I?" Melody says. "What happens when the battle is won and Fang promptly turns about and attacks one of his former allies with his new toys? Don't be so naive as to imagine that, within his subtleties and strategies, he isn't positioning himself to end in a better place than when all this started. If he smells blood that he can get away with spilling, he'll drown the Tairns in it."

"...that's not true," Abigail says. "He's done terrible things. Maybe he still would. But he'll listen to me when I tell him to stop. He's respecting my will and my word in taking Archon in a new direction."

"I was the same as you, once," Melody said. "He beguiled his...friend. He's beguiled his own niece."

Abigail's eyes shimmer. "You won't even give him a chance?"

"...I'm going on this fool's errand, aren't I?" Melody folds her arms. "Shadows of our souls, girl, don't stare at me with those eyes."


"I will hear what he has to say," Melody says. "But I won't promise anything."

"...will you tell him who you are?"

Melody stands. She walks around the couch. "You should both get ready. I'll meet you in the foyer."

Abigail looks at you and tilts her head to the door. You nod, and move out with her, walking down toward your rooms in the bottom of the castle.


>> No.31082322

<You did most of the work, there,> you tell her.

<I know what she means. I felt what she's feeling, after the Archonium. I thought I'd never forgive him. Maybe, for that...I won't. But it's like you said, Shadow. The moment we believe he's beyond redeeming is the moment he cannot be redeemed.>

<...I guess I get it right every once in a while.>

"Hmm." She leans into your arm. "Pretty often, really."

"What exactly are we doing on this date?"

"We're going to The Eatery."

"...-the- eatery?"

"Well, it's not just any tavern," Abigail says. "This is a place in Dryfeld with professional chefs, like what a noble or a king might have, only open to the public. Usually you need a reservation. We got in for obvious reasons. It's pretty famous, actually."

"Never heard of it."

Abigail shrugs. "Me neither. That's just what Auriel told me. Apparently there's a similar place in Heavensgate." She stops when you reach the bottom of the stairwell near your rooms. "So...what color should I wear, Mr. Shadow?"

>I want to see you in red.
>Archon orange looks good on you.
>Purple and black, of course.
>You decide.

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pls sm pls
tell pls
Is there a way to make multiple items act as one while pocketing? Such as soldiering them together or tying them together?
How sharp can we make ourself? Like as sharp as a sword or knife?
Can we pocket multiple items simultaneusly?
When we are casing a spell, how aware of it are enemies?
How many people want to fuck us?
Does Purity of Order work instantly?
How do shadow pools kill people if normal pools kill by cracking a hole in the shell of order in a person?
Why is dave so stronk?
What is the most terrifing thing that we can shapeshift into?

>> No.31082352

Blue, its her color after all.

>> No.31082356

>Purple and black, of course.

>> No.31082365

I recall we liked her informal blue dress before, I think, howa boot something like that?

>> No.31082367


>> No.31082388


See, I rarely put the very best option as a default choice.

Color me impressed. Blue it is!


gimme a sec

>> No.31082415 [SPOILER] 

Heed yet the hints which shall beget thy undoing unto the world, lest thy knowledge rest spoiled untapped within the dark of thy mind, thou kin shalt know.

>> No.31082454

>>Archon orange looks good on you.
>>Purple and black, of course.
combo of course.

>> No.31082468

>Is there a way to make multiple items act as one while pocketing? Such as soldiering them together or tying them together?

If they were fused together, as in, metal welded to metal, then I'd treat it as one object. If they were roped together, I'd treat it as three objects - the two things in question, and the rope, separately.

Ultimately it's something to be handled on a case-by-case basis.

>How sharp can we make ourself? Like as sharp as a sword or knife?

Yes, easily. Your skin is extremely tough, and your aura naturally surrounds and protects you from passive upgrades. Your limbs can take the sharpness of a sword.

>Can we pocket multiple items simultaneusly?

Yes, as long as they fit in the space available. Consider it a rectangular prism, or oblate spheriod; it can shift somewhat to accommodate items of odd dimensions.

>When we are casing a spell, how aware of it are enemies?

The base power of the spell is directly related to its chance of breaking stealth, or of being detected.

In the case of utility spells that do not have offensive power, you can judge this by the relative mana cost.

>How many people want to fuck us?

...define 'fuck'.

>Does Purity of Order work instantly?

Purity of Order is always on all the time. It's passive.

>How do shadow pools kill people if normal pools kill by cracking a hole in the shell of order in a person?

Good question.

>Why is dave so stronk?

Hopefully you don't have to find out.

>What is the most terrifing thing that we can shapeshift into?

Fear is in the eye of the beholder.

>> No.31082481

Rolled 79

Hey SM what do dynamos shells look like, I have a theory about the composition of dynamo shells

>> No.31082504


In appearance, they're slightly fogged-up glass spheres.

>> No.31082529

Is the Shadow in Abagails Soul larger or even with her Spirit?

How noticeable is it to other mages?

If they notice it why aren't they flipping the fuck out?

Does abby have as much Raw power as Melody now? since you said she was even with Fang in Raw Power forer.

>> No.31082561


>> No.31082611

Where would lla fall on this chart? Between Rapheal and Meta?

Where would Abby fall?

lla would be higher here than Abby due to combat experience correct?

>> No.31082612

>Me neither
Question from someone who is not a native speaker: Isn't that a shortened "I don't either."? Wouldn't that make it
>I neither

>> No.31082633


>> No.31082647

Abby is about as strong as a Demon Lord now. She also has Spirit and Shadow which is the two strongest demon elements.

Abby is Demon.

>> No.31082670

"Wear blue."

"...huh. I didn't expect that."

"I liked your blue dress," you say. "It's your color."

"Oh." Abigail blushes. "I forgot. Um...sure! I'll see you in a few minutes in the foyer, ok?"

She dashes off down the hall. You return to your room. The basement chamber is empty; Adavan is probably off either with Delan, or on the Nemesis.

You contemplate your outfit, eventually deciding on a dark, almost black navy blue suit with a pale blue shirt and a blue tie. Your image wavers to match your mind's eye. You feel at the material on your skin. It came from you, but it feels like cloth. If you took the jacket off, it would just vanish to smoke.

For a moment, you feel a little bothered. It feels like you don't have a very good understanding of your own powers. You don't think, you just do. It's...disconcerting.

With little else to do, you head up to the castle's foyer. Yi Fang is already there - in a formal military garb. It's black, with streaks of orange on the shoulders and the bottom of his jacket. He wears a variety of decorations on his shoulder.



You stand apart slightly. No one else is around. It'll probably be a moment before the ladies show up.

>remain silent
>...about Abigail...
>what are your intentions regarding the Black Lady?
>what do those decorations mean?

>> No.31082691

>Nice weather we're having

>> No.31082697


please forgive caps lock i was just very surprised

>> No.31082704


In long form, it would be, "Neither have I heard of it."

Then to

"I haven't, either." Since the IT they're talking about it implied from the context - IT is the restaurant.

Further shortened to:

"Me neither" which is an acceptable grammatical form but is borderline slang. She's speaking casually because she's comfortable with you.

>> No.31082717

>>what are your intentions regarding the Black Lady?
>>what do those decorations mean?

>> No.31082722


Did I?

Well, I won't sweat the small stuff. You have a tie now.

>> No.31082726

>Tfw no dave ;_;

>> No.31082734

can you answer these

>> No.31082738


I'll work on this later.

>> No.31082764


Abigail is more powerful but the point of the earlier scene is that she can hide her powers.

Shadow mages are much better at stealth than every other type of mage; that doesn't mean the other elements can't hide themselves, but for them, it's a very specialized skill requiring great effort. One of Sandalphon's weaknesses is that he has trouble suppressing his aura smaller than a few dozen yards around his person.

>> No.31082818

She's more powerful than Melody?

So does everyone know at least that she is part Shadow?

>> No.31082888


She is more powerful than she was before. You haven't felt the full extent of her new abilities.

It is common knowledge that she possess shadow magics.

>> No.31082894




>> No.31082922

pls anon wasn't this answered in Xile. Come on remember.

Frozen ice blocks of treasure.

>> No.31082934

"...nice weather we're having."

"It's a lovely day outside, yes."

You clear your throat. "What do those decorations mean, Archmage?"

"Hmm?" He turns toward you, glances at his shoulder. "Oh, a few things. Independently of my rank as a councilor, I'm also the highest ranked general in Archon. Typically, the Archmage appoints a general to run the military separately so that he can focus on other matters. Not every Archmage has been the type to thrive in war, after all. In my case, that wasn't necessary, though Councilor Tae Wong manages my country's forces when I am otherwise occupied."

You notice he didn't really answer your question. You decide to change the subject. "So what exactly are you planning, with the Black Lady?"

"I'm sure you know all about it, you little snoop," he says. "My intentions are as stated. Marry her and cement our countries. I then hand Abigail a stable political scenario and retire as a kept man."

"...somehow, I doubt that's how it'll work out."

"I'm sure I'll do some side work as a consultant in political and military matters. In the meantime, I'll enjoy my exquisite wife."

You almost choke on your own spittle.

"People are all the same," Fang says. "They assume that because I'm undead, I can't find a woman attractive. The Black Lady is quite the match for me, Shadow. Now that the political barrier preventing me from interacting with her has been broken by the Ring City, I can do what I like. She'll see the advantages, as I will. And I don't think myself ugly, at the least."

"I wouldn't have guessed."

"On the subject of attraction, John," Fang says, "Do your best by Abigail. Or you'll answer to me."


>> No.31082969

>Do you really want to marry for politics?

>> No.31082972

Wait... we never told him were were watching.


>> No.31082977

"That almost sounded like approval."

So when he was talking about arranged marriages earlier he really was just fucking with us.

>> No.31083003

Just say "ditto"

>> No.31083019


>> No.31083025

The same goes for you.

>> No.31083040

I like this.

>> No.31083048

Sounds good

>> No.31083066

What would happen if we Servanted someone who had already been servanted by Hyperion?

I feel like the Blessings would do some crazy shit and not just cancel out like with a normal Light soul.

>> No.31083085

"On the subject of Abigail: Let me just say there are some surprises I am sure you will approve of. By the way, if you don't need your soul-box anymore one day, could I have it? Or at least its content. I'm sure it would be a powerful statement that you are indeed retiring from your old politicking.

>> No.31083124

Not like this but I say we ask for his Soul Box. Or at least some magical items to better help protect Abby.

>> No.31083130

We should start calling Fang Uncle Yi.

>> No.31083158

>It came from you, but it feels like cloth. If you took the jacket off, it would just vanish to smoke.
>You don't think, you just do.

I get it. Order is a measure of containing creation and driving it towards specific functions. Giving chaos "purpose," in being defined, or at least contained & "orchestrated." The examples would be that people here are shells of order with chaos inside, and that the core is containing the highly destructive forces of creation- the nether and the higher elementals of Light, Wind, Lightning, and Fire; the kinds of forces which force rapid and destructive changes, as they're semi-ethereal forces which cannot contain themselves and their powers so easily, they're naturally much more destructive than their counterparts.

While the opposing side of the lesser elements contain, shift, and manipulate chaos all to a certain degree, based on our magical trees and what we've seen from mages who hone them. Water can heal and freeze, but also restore mana (example via Hemmelus Support vs. Metatron), Spirit manipulates the mind, and gives insight into the inner chaos of souls, Earth makes fucking robots. Robots! It also strengthens/supports, as well as debuffs chaos.

But, exception is that Order/Shadow does both exceptionally well, and can convert large amounts of chaos to energy[XP, conversion factor] that can fuel Order/Shadow powers, which is probably the obvious hint that goes beyond the fact that "chaos" can be used as a fuel[CONSUME], but it's also something which can create artificial souls[nether], and with a measure of order; it can make life, living creatures.

But there's many missing pieces, the fact that summons from the Nether aren't limited to just lesser elements, and the fact that God-like manifestations of imagination[Demon Lords] are possible makes it seem like a primeval force of creation, a sort of thread between the elements and Order. Though I'm not sure...
The only real answer is that we must learn more...

>> No.31083169

>Fang is set to become the Uncle in-law of Erebus himself
>The Black Lady will be in aunt in-law

I doubt Sandles will be happy about this when he finds out.

>> No.31083182

"The same goes for you."

Fang raises an eyebrow at you.

"But Archmage - if I don't know better, I'd say that sounded like approval."

Fang heaves a sigh. "She needs someone who can protect her. Someone who lives in the dark, who can remove what stands in her way when her own idealism locks her in place. A leader like her relies on loyalty and respect - and right now, she has it, in droves. But though we've de-fanged Yong Xu by including him at this summit, there are others that will cling to the past, that will see her as a weakness to be excised from Archon. With idealism, comes naivete. You are the counter to that."

<Even though I'm what I am?>

<Especially because you are what you are.>

"Are you really ok with an arranged marriage?" you ask. "I thought you didn't like the idea."

"Do as I say, not as I do."

"That's no answer at all."

"You know, Shadow, you're a curious sort, which is good. But you're also the sort that expects every question he has to be answered in full and directly after its asking, which is beginning to grate on my nerves."


"Apology accepted."

There's a bit of an awkward moment, then, as the topic is abruptly dropped and nothing else really comes to mind. You rock on your heels.

The doors at the top of the foyer open. The Black Lady sweeps down the steps. The slight trail of a long black dress flickers over her heels. Abigail walks at her shoulder. A cerulean blue gown hangs off one of her shoulders. It ends in ruffles at her elbows, and she wears long white gloves.

"Archmage," Melody says.

"My Lady," he says. He bows deeply. "You'll overshadow every woman in the city with your beauty."

"At least you know how to give a compliment."

"I consider it but one of my many talents."

Abigail smiles at you, and then she asks you the one-word question she's asked you many times before. "Sooo?"


>> No.31083200

I'm not sure he would be willing to part with it right now. We also don't need to tell him how to protect Abby, if the Archon arc is any indication he has already thought about it.

>> No.31083205


>> No.31083225


This Guy

>> No.31083229

did I do gud?

>> No.31083253

"All shall love you and despair."

>> No.31083274

"Within the predicted parameters. That is to say beautiful."

>> No.31083296



>> No.31083365

"You look like an angel. Why I could just... eat you up."

>> No.31083375

Damn it, I'm trying to remember what we said the last time she wore blue and create an embellishment of it.

Brain, work!

>> No.31083382

>Chaos has seven shades to it
>Rainbows have seven colors
>Chaos is, fucking, rainbows
Damn it all

>> No.31083401

"I fear that words cannot convey my current emotions."

>> No.31083411

We said she looked like an angel.

>> No.31083413

"You're prettier than an angel."

>that's what we said b4, not sure if we wanna say it again or not

>> No.31083431

"You'll overshadow every woman -and- man in the city with your beauty."

>> No.31083439

You make the Angles themselves look like simple bar wenches.

>> No.31083450


Dunno, I think we should say something more than that. That's when she was a little girl, so...

>> No.31083460



I'll make that one work

>> No.31083474

Hey guys, you remember how we told Donovan that we'd try to get Auriel to see him?

Uhh, has that idea been tossed out because Hecate doesn't ever wanna see Auriel?

>> No.31083483

>Color me impressed.

This is both a BR laugh and a second joke.

Something simple. Like >>31083205

Maybe be a little contrary to good ol' Yi and say something like "Not every woman, Archmage."

This is fairly amusing one-upsmanship as well.

>> No.31083498

SM Pls

>> No.31083510

I got it!

"You'll overshadow every Angel with your radiant beauty, my most treasured pumpkin of noble spirit, Abby-Sabby smooch smooch smoooooch."

>> No.31083540

I was waiting for your input purple anon. I was almost gonna take your place.

>> No.31083566

>the smooching sounds are actually pronounced, as they're within the quotation marks.

>> No.31083612


>> No.31083625

Not like the color:


>> No.31083648

A a reminder to everyone here: this dinner could make Archon one of the most politically powerful countries in the world and also gives us a nearly unbeatable air navy.
Let Abby and Fang do the talking. Don't fuck this up

>> No.31083649

I still can't believe she still likes to keep the pet name she had when she was 9.

Abby-Sabby? really.

>> No.31083672




>> No.31083680

"You look okay. Let's get with over with. By the way Melody, you should take the marriage proposal. Also, Abby, I forgot to mention that the armor has an explosive loyalty contingency built into it. Don't tamper with it too much. What are you looking at me like that for, Fang? I thought you liked knowing everything."

I think we can do nicely enough as long as we keep it simple.

Women, whatever man.

>> No.31083702

>Silent Hills
What could possibly go wrong there?

>> No.31083714

she hasn't called herself that since exiting the Archonium.

That's all been you guys.

>> No.31083721

"Sorry, Archmage," you say. "I have to disagree with you. There's one lady that the Black Lady can't beat out."

Abigail blushes. "Well, I mean, um, thanks."

Melody chuckles. "Come now, girl. You can't let flattery get to you that easily."

"I mean, comparing me to you, though..."

"Different categories of beauty, entirely," Fang says smoothly.

Melody smiles. "Are you saying I'm old?"

"Nay, my Lady, but mature, experienced, and vibrant," he answers. "Let's be off. The carriage is waiting."


The ride is relatively quiet. You sit next to the Archmage on a padded wood bench; Abigail and Melody opposite each of you. The wood wheels rumble over the cobblestone. You pass through the walls of the castle town, over the bridge to Dryfeld, and then into the high-class suburb itself.

The Eatery, for lack of a creative name, is a tall, three-story building of warm brown slate. Red awnings protrude from above the windows and the front doors. An attendant rushes to place a set of steps below the carriage. Fang offers Melody a hand down; you do the same for Abigail.

The room is alive with clinking silverware and happy conversation. When your party enters, it slowly drifts down to a halt like the last dead leaf falling from a tree in autumn. The violin forming the background music continues unabated, though you're pretty certain you heard a few sharp notes in there.

There's a man in a trim outfit standing at a wood podium inside the door. He bows to you. "Archmage Yi Fang. My Lady. Councilor Fang. Lord Nyx. It is a pleasure and an honor to welcome you to our establishment. If you'd follow me."

He takes you to the second floor. It's a balcony overlooking the first, as well as having a stunning view of Dryfeld out the windows. The pink haze of the setting sun rests over the brick buildings and garden-bordered causeways of the high city. In the distance, you can see the fountain near the Water mana pool.


>> No.31083733

The man is quick to pull out chairs for the Black Lady and Abigail. You seat yourselves, and he offers you all paper forms backed by silver-lined wood. "Please take your time in selecting your meals. Your attendant for the night will be with you shortly."

You lift the paper. It's a list of food items, ordered from top to bottom by courses.

"I'm impressed," Fang said. "That man didn't bat an eyelash."

"He was quite professional," Melody agrees. "I'm glad we have a bit of a spot alone up here. Having everyone stare at us all night would get old a bit fast."

"Oh, I wouldn't mind," Fang says. "I almost enjoy those little opportunities."

"Is it any wonder you have such a reputation, then?"

"One must cultivate an image carefully."

"Images are only skin-deep," Melody says. "I speak through my actions."

"As a result, the entire world fears and avoids Vampiria," Fang says. "Your own people appreciate you, but that stops at your borders. Because you did not control your image, your enemies took advantage."

"Firstly," she says, "I need no lectures from you on how to run a country. Secondly, you have your point, but I'd rather stick by my principles and sleep soundly." She purses her lips. "Figuratively speaking, that is."

You hear a rattle of glass on glass. You turn. Headed toward you is a young man, maybe a year or two older than Abigail, dressed in a similar uniform to the man that guided you toward your table. On a tray in his hands are eight glasses, a pitcher of water, and a bottle of wine.

The rattling is coming from where the bottle is shaking against the glasses. He can't keep his arms steady. You see a few beads of sweat on his forehead. It's not hard to imagine that he's a little out of his depth with guests like these.

"Ah," Fang says. His grin stretches from ear to ear. "Here we go."

>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage
>say nothing
>some other strategy

>> No.31083734

I have just realised, out of the four here, the oldest and youngest are together, with the middle two being of approximately the same age...

>> No.31083757

Ask Sebastian, he found out the hard way.

>> No.31083762

>>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage

>> No.31083769

"Tell the chef he's feeding the two most powerful Spirit Mages and the two most powerful Shadow Mages currently ali-... In existence. No pressure."

>> No.31083772

>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage

To the kid, "Hello there. What's your name?"

>> No.31083778

>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage

>> No.31083779

>join in

>> No.31083782

Well that makes sense because they're just order infused glass.

Chaos in a shell of order. Same as a soul.

>> No.31083801


or the core, for that matter....

>> No.31083802


>> No.31083816

Tease the kid, just for fun.

>> No.31083818

you motherfuckers

>> No.31083819

>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage
Fang really needs to work on cultivating Archon's new image.

>> No.31083822

Vote 1:
>leave the poor kid alone

Vote 2:
>join in

>> No.31083828

>>Leave the poor kid alone, Archmage
"This hardly seems sporting.

Don't tell me you've gotten bored with present company already..."

>> No.31083832


>> No.31083833


>> No.31083835


>> No.31083838

"Bring me the finest meats."

"Or it's off to Fang's magical realm with you."

>> No.31083843


>> No.31083846

>join in

>> No.31083856


>> No.31083860


>> No.31083863


>> No.31083865


>> No.31083866


>> No.31083867

Shit, meant to post number. Oh, well.

>> No.31083873

vote correctly


we have Magic and we have the reaction time to dodge.

>> No.31083875


>> No.31083878


>> No.31083893

post a new one then.

>> No.31083906


Didn't Fang have abby train pouring water into floating glasses using her spirit magic? wouldn't that be helpful in that event?

>> No.31083921


cutting off votes

>> No.31083923


>> No.31083926


>> No.31083930

You want to roll abby saves? Really?


>> No.31083937

Well, ok, I guess we'll be responsible.

Brb, ice cream

>> No.31083948


>> No.31083952

SM disaproves of your choice.

>> No.31083960


>> No.31083969

Wine. Expensive wine.

But yes.

>> No.31083985

>not having fun
Is this the same quest that broke Silence to go spaghetti spying

>> No.31083998

It didn't even work, either. It was broken for nothing...

>> No.31084002

Yes. It's just that Shadow tends to be nice to the waiters.

>> No.31084005

It's Fenway Fudge again, isn't it?

>> No.31084011

are you really surprised people are on edge

>> No.31084023


plain chocolate this time

>> No.31084030


Shadow only does such things with people he knows/are not unnamed commoners/staff...

>> No.31084033

>Well, ok, I guess we'll be responsible.
...doesn't necessarily mean Yi has to be utterly cooperative, of course.

You don't fuck with the people bringing you your food.

Unless, in Shadow's case, they're only bringing you your food in the sense that they ARE your food, and are using their legs to walk closer.

Then it's sort of unavoidable.

>> No.31084051

Where did you go for lunch

and what did you have?

>> No.31084073

I also wish to know this so I can put it in my QM tracker journal, for reasons.

>> No.31084172


And then SM was surrounded, at all times, by his adoring fans. From morn till night would they follow him, from home, to work, to leisure. No where would he be free of their adoration. Even unto death would his fans follow, unending, unrelenting.... And thus, SM did refuse to comment on the questions of the Anons should the fateful prophecy come true...

>> No.31084191

"Leave the poor kid alone," you mutter.

"Don't spoil my fun."

"Uncle," Abigail says, "play nice."

Fang groans out a sigh. "Fine, fine."

Melody watches the exchange, but doesn't say anything.

The young man completes his balancing act without any upsets, and soon you have glasses filled with pure ice water sitting in front of you. "I-it's a great honor to serve you, my lords, ladies." The man offers the wine bottle with the label exposed. "Pellshire, 633. The chef, he, uh, he recommended it, for you."

"A bold man," Fang says. "Let's have his recommendation, then."

The boy pours the wine through a strange object that looks somewhat like a glass funnel, filling each glass halfway. You take a sip. It has a strong, sharp flavor, but it isn't dry. You like it.

"Hmm," Fang says. "Not bad at all."

"Thank you, Archmage."

Fang opens his mouth, and you can practically feel the army of words about to spring forth and tell the boy any number of things that would probably amuse a small part of you and horrify the greater half.

Abigail taps the table with her finger and gives him a firm stare.

Fang smacks his lips, takes a breath, and sits back. "Yes. You're welcome."

The boy beats a hasty retreat, leaving the bottle on the center of the table. You all sip idly.

You need to get Melody on your side concerning the Staff of Winds...but that more or less means she has to reveal herself to Fang. You're not sure how to broach the subject, or even if it would be wise to do so while you're together. Maybe it would be better just to keep things casual, for now.

>let someone else talk
>offer a topic of conversation (write-in)

>> No.31084221

>offer a topic of conversation (write-in)

Fang, have you ever been to Atlantis?

>> No.31084235



I made my own pizza as close to their old bruschetta pizza as possible.

On a side note I'm mildly disgusted that bruschetta was not in my Firefox spell checker's dictionary.

>> No.31084262

>Nice weather we're having.

>> No.31084263

I agree.

>> No.31084270

What's this quest about?

>> No.31084283

Entity of pure Order gaining humanity.

Tries to stop the world from imploding.

>> No.31084294

Abby, you think Ila is d2f?
I wish to try a threesome.

>> No.31084302

Iron Chef meets Good Eats.

>> No.31084312

>offer a topic of conversation (write-in)

"What are you having for the main course, Abby?"
>the most casual dinner opener ever made

>> No.31084342

What every quest is about.

Burning Justice and waifuing.

>> No.31084345

"Tell us a tale, oh heroic Fang."

>> No.31084365

"You know, I visited the bleeding wound at the center of the world the other day. Ever been?"

>> No.31084375


>> No.31084378

Abby in control for now

>> No.31084529


>> No.31084541

A young boy's quest to get an Atlantian female to reciprocate his love.

>> No.31084548

"Perhaps something from your youth. I remember you telling me that you enjoyed racing?"

>> No.31084606


>> No.31084680

I'm not sure we want to jump in to this right away, since it runs the risk of him immediately attempting to downplay it (because he's still not totally on-board with accepting that there's things beyond ruling your country), which reflects badly on pretty much everything we've told Melody to date.

Asking him for something from his earlier years is totally reasonable, but given our past interactions with him, specifically asking he recount stories about THAT comes across as unnecessarily manipulative.

He'll probably start out talking up his early governmental exploits, and then we can ease into it by going "nah, we all know you're totally into being the Archmage; there's got to be something else noteworthy in a life as long as yours."

Make HIM acknowledge those memories as important ones, rather than telling him what to talk about outright.

>> No.31084727

>Make HIM acknowledge those memories as important ones, rather than telling him what to talk about outright.
That's even more manipulative than the previous suggestion.

I rike it much.

>> No.31084762

You glance at the menu. There's a wide variety of dishes. You don't really have that much experience with good. You enjoy it, but...

"What are you getting for your main course, Abby?"

"Mmm...probably the baked pasta. What about you?"

"...probably the same thing."

"Great minds think alike!" she says.

You take another sip of your wine. It really is good. "Archmage," you say, "have you ever been to Atlantis?"


"When was that?"

"...oh...140 years ago, or so."

"Really?" Abigail asks. "That would be around when the 60 Years War started."

"Correct," he says. "I'd visited to speak with the King of Atlantis - Tilian Deva's son. I told him that I thought war was inevitable because of the Empire's pressure upon Archon, but that my country had no misgivings with his own. If he stayed out of it, I'd leave him and his people alone."

"...but...didn't your Blight effect the swamp?" Abigail asked. "That's what made them join the empire's side."

"That's what the history books say," Fang says. "They cast my Blight as a powerful spell that was intended to spiral out of control after I unleashed it. In fact, I maintained careful control over it the entire time. There's a reason the Great Forest and the woods in the Archon Highlands still exist. I directed it to begin encroaching upon Atlantis only after I discovered that the Deva clan was providing the empire with resources in secret. Monetary aid, arms - even a few of their mages were spotted in skirmishes. But I underestimated the power of the Keystone - they were able to keep the Blight at bay, and then they had an excuse to come into the open will full and total support for the angels. And that triggered Arland's rebellion. And without something I'd been hoping to find...we were too pressed. A grave error, on my part."

"I see." Abigail looks down. "I guess even you make mistakes."

"Too many," he says. "But so it is."


>> No.31084784

The boy returns, then. He glances about. His pen shakes in his hands. "H-have you decided on what to eat?"

"I'll have the baked pasta," Abigail says. "With the salad as a main course, and the frozen sherbet for dessert."

"I'll have what she's having," you tell the man.

"The salmon," the Black Lady says. "Proceeded by the salad, followed by the custard."

The boy swallows. "And...for yourself, Archmage?"

"I'll have..." Fang leans forward, staring intently at the boy's face. "The lobster."

"Yes! Of course! Right away!" He scribbles on his pad, takes the collected menus from your hands, and runs off.

"Hmph. He didn't stay to get my appetizer."

"That's what you get," Abigail says. "If you ask nicely, maybe I'll let you have some of my salad."

"The cost was worth the look on his face."

"Honestly," the Lady says. "Have some dignity."

"I've got to have fun sometime."

The table falls quiet again.

>let someone else do the talking
>ask Fang about his early life in Archon
>some other strategy

>> No.31084805

>ask Fang about his early life in Archon

>> No.31084812

>>ask Fang about his early life in Archon

>> No.31084841

>ask Fang about his early life in Archon

>> No.31084867

>"I'll have..." Fang leans forward, staring intently at the boy's face. "The lobster."

>> No.31084892


"Fang, quit being an ass."

>> No.31084898

We could also slip in a question about the Keystone here, though it's not very pertinent...

>> No.31084927

>>let someone else do the talking
"I require an airships worth of food to say I am truly satisfied, waiter."

>> No.31084968

>>ask Fang about his early life in Archon

>"I've got to have fun sometime."
Well, there's got to be something aside from tormenting the wait staff that catches your fancy. Otherwise there would hardly be any service industries left.

C'mon Fang, lead yourself into it.

>> No.31085047

See >>31084680 for my vote on an adopted strategy.

>> No.31085151

That kid's changing pants after every talk with us, isn't he?

>> No.31085171

"There's got to be something that catches your fancy aside from tormenting workers in The Eatery," you say.

"Life is busy."

"Oh, come on," Abigail says. "Remember when you took us on your boat? You said you used to race."

Melody perks up. "...really. The Archmage used to participate in Archon's famed skiff racing?"

"Once upon a time." He sips his water, and then his wine, alternating between the two.

"And?" she asks. "Were you a champion racer?"

"...they rarely challenged me," he said. "Well, not to say I wouldn't beat them anyway. But I was the son of the Archmage."

"So they let you win?" Abigail says. "That's no fun. Didn't you tell them to - "

"What I told them made no difference," he says. "There are some things you just don't do."

"So everyone just pretended to lose to you all the time? Why did you race?"

"...not everyone feared the invisible reprisals of my father."

"So, there were a few people that raced you honestly?"

"Just one."

"Who was that?"

"It was a long time ago," Fang says. "I don't remember that much."

>ask about the trophy Fang kept in his desk
>let the moment pass
>some other strategy

>> No.31085222

>ask about the trophy Fang kept in his desk

>> No.31085230

no time for tact we got a lady to convince

>ask about that model ship memento
>and the medal too i guess

>> No.31085246


>ask about the trophy Fang kept in his desk

>> No.31085284

"You lost didn't you"

>> No.31085306


>> No.31085332

>ask about the trophy Fang kept in his desk
It's half a medal, and we're reasonably sure that Melody's got the other half. I'd speculate something like him feeling as though he lost a race to her and being awarded first place regardless by virtue of his position or something. And that being something his pride couldn't accept, he split the medal down the middle.

Ease into it a little; maybe ask about whether or not he ever actually lost a race. If he's still cagey, push a little more.

Maybe saying this bluntly is actually a good idea; getting him a little bit defensive might be a good thing.

>> No.31085333

Rolled 4, 2, 4, 7 = 17

>>ask about the trophy Fang kept in his desk

"Now that you mention it, I remember seeing a racing trophy in archon - I don't think a man such as you would have kept it unless it had meaning..."

>> No.31085335

Yeah. This.

>> No.31085339


>> No.31085362

>"I'll race you, Fang."

>> No.31085377


Regarding Melody and the Staff:
Don't necesarily say this just yet, but an impression could do the trick

"Even after the events of Xile, fang asked me to keep looking for the staff. If I present it, he won't question where it came from. I still think its better coming from you - but this is a way out. We need everyone cooperating for the battle ahead."

>> No.31085381

If we win, we get the box.

If he wins, we'll servant him.

>> No.31085443

"if I win I get that box. If you win I make you my servant."
"Shadow I dont think you know how this works"

>> No.31085460


We can't afford the xp

>> No.31085486

The joke was that Fang would interpret it as the common usage of servant, not as our term for servant.

>> No.31085499

>I.O.U. superpowers.

>Love, Shadow.

>> No.31085539

"Bitch people would kill to be my servant"

>> No.31085614

"So what you're saying," you say, "is that you lost."

"Heh." Fang grins. "Technically, I won."

"Technically?" Abigail says.

"What exactly does technically mean?" the Black Lady asks.

"It means a lot of things."

"Is that why you only have half a medal?" you ask.

Fang says nothing.

"Half a medal?" Abigail asks. "Do you split it with the other person?"

"Well, he kept the whole trophy, but he only had half a medal."

"Yes, it was why I split the medal," Fang says.

"So what happened?" Abigail asks.




"You held on to that stuff, right? It was probably-"

"Just a few old things that got stuck in the back of my desk," Fang says.


"All there is to it," Fang says sharply.

"...if you say so."

Melody watches him, but says nothing. She looks down at her cup, and takes her time with a long drink.

Fang glances at her. His eyes scan her. He gives himself a shake. His hand rubs his forehead.

"...sorry," Abigail says. "I was just curious. I mean, I want to know more about you."

Fang clears his throat. "It's fine. Well...why don't I tell you about a time I was in the scholomance? I had a few professors that are worth a good story or two..."



>> No.31085635

The food's pretty delicious, you have to admit. Getting the baked pasta was a good choice.

Fang lucked out and got his own salad, though it had a dressing he didn't favor. He ate it anyway.

You're picking at the last of your desert. The sorbet is very cold, but it's refreshing. Abigail finishes hers, then smiles and leans back. "That was delicious!"

The older gentlemen from the front door comes, then. "My Lords, my Ladies. Thank you for being with us tonight. Please, take your time, and if you need anything else, just let us know."

"Thank you," you say.

"Thanks!" Abigail says. "It was great!"

"Most excellent," the Black Lady says.

"Good," Fang grunts.

The man gives you all another bow, and then moves off.

The light of the sun has faded to a dim glow; evening has given way to the beginning of the night. The Eatery remains lit from the light of a few glowing orbs positioned in alcoves around the balcony.

The Black Lady is finishing up her custard - and she's the last person with any food. If you're going to say anything more at the table, now would be the time.

>let her finish

>> No.31085664



>> No.31085672

I really want to see people's reactions to Abigail's new hand. Especially Auriel, who was the first to blame us for permanently ruining it. We didn't have that yet in the previous threads did we?

>> No.31085705

Goaway Darkxis, we'll call you when it is REAL dinner time.
Main course will be Sandy

>> No.31085717

Oh sweet christ this.

>> No.31085720


"Could you tell me some of vampyria, possibly your home, what its like there? I've wanted to visit for some time, and.... then wars happened."
Give her attention. Its time for fang to see what he's getting. Pry a little, get her to open up, steer her towards talking about herself.

Ask about her first name, how she came to be a ruler of a nation - jokes about what its like to feed, and not asking during dinner because impolite/gross - things WE know, but getting the others to partake in.

Ask for her first name

>> No.31085723

...ok how do you ask if a Lady had youthful adventures a 100 years ago too.

>> No.31085727

Actions speak louder than words, right?

Draw Fang into a ravenous and love-filled kiss.

>> No.31085729


good idea.
we should privately ask abby if she wants to show them her new hand, or if she wants to keep it secret for now... If not then let Melody finish...

>> No.31085732

>let her finish

>> No.31085750

I think showing Abby's hand to Fang would be a good start. Promises and whatnot.

>> No.31085753

Yeah, this.

>> No.31085756


Guys, don't show that secret shit off in public.

also applicable for >>31085720

>> No.31085761

>Use Darkness within

>> No.31085763

I'll second the first part of this post.

>> No.31085780

sorry Darkxis buts that's technically not polite, I promise we can eat a air ship dynamo later.

>> No.31085784


>> No.31085796


>> No.31085801

"What was it like growing up in Vampiria? I've never visited."

>> No.31085820

Morph our hand into a Darkxis hand puppet and channel his personality into it while saying that.

>> No.31085827


>how she came to be a ruler of a nation
This would be a particularly interesting topic to have come up, given the parallels between her own story and Abagail's Archonium trials.

Maybe a little bit heavy, but definitely interesting.

A little bit of discussion about her trials and tribulations is definitely worthwhile, though. Even Fang was discussing her wider PR problems, so it would be perfectly reasonable to discuss the actual state of things in slightly more depth.

>> No.31085838

Stop the Black Lady's murderboner this instant.

Give the custard a chance to speak. We can convince it we're good!

>> No.31085842


>> No.31085846

But consider that we're sitting at a location where people can't see us directly.

>> No.31085864


I actually like this one.

>> No.31085889

Holy fuck that is good. The idea amused me a lot anon, thanks.

>> No.31085903

Let us be funny the only way we know how.
We need to lighten the mood.
It's too fucking grim over here.

>> No.31085911

Noone needs to know we gave her a Godhand

>> No.31085918

Sadly, Abigail is the only one here who will get the joke.

>> No.31085933


>> No.31085938

Y'know the waiter is a Kan-Abar spy, right?

>> No.31085942


>> No.31085947

All the more reason to do it anon

>> No.31085967


do it pls

>> No.31085976


>> No.31086002

All the better.

I think this is dumb and we shouldn't do it. But damn it want it.

>> No.31086005

no how bout don't show it to anyone.

surprise everyone when it's actually needed.

>> No.31086009


Fuck no. Lets not descend to being an injoking dick.

Derailing trolls have arrived.

we NEED to impress melody and make her consider opening up to fang, considering this is literally our last chance before battle.
No joke.


Are the most superior suggestions. Stay on Target SM!

>> No.31086031

Vote 1:
>hand-puppet Darkxis -> Custard

Vote 2:
>ask about The Black Lady's past and Vamperia

>> No.31086032

I didn't mean the "PHENOMENAL COSMIC POWER" hand but just the fact she HAS a hand...

>> No.31086034


>> No.31086043


>> No.31086048


>> No.31086053


>> No.31086056

dude nothing is happening
were watching a vampire finish her custard
Like fuck

>> No.31086064

Nice try, ruselord.

>> No.31086067


>> No.31086070


>> No.31086072


>> No.31086076

We could try talk to her like an adult instead of being an unfunny child

>> No.31086082


>> No.31086087


>> No.31086093

>ask about The Black Lady's past and Vamperia

You misspelled Vampiria, ruselord.

>> No.31086099


woah holy shit ruselord you actually got me


>> No.31086101


>> No.31086102

What the FUCK SM?!

>> No.31086103

Where do you think you are

>> No.31086107

>We could try talk to her like an adult instead of being an unfunny child

>> No.31086110

Fuck you got me

>> No.31086118


>> No.31086120

So how come people actually vote after rusemaster's posts?

>> No.31086128

Wow. Just...wow.

>> No.31086134


Because they don't check the trip

>> No.31086135

Good one. Damn man you got me good this time.

>> No.31086139


>> No.31086140


>> No.31086142

<Abigail,> you say, <if you're comfortable with it, you could show the Archmage your new hand.>

<Oh,> she says. <That's a great idea! I wasn't even thinking about it, but they should know...> She clears her throat. "Something I wanted to show you, Uncle, and, my Lady."

"Yes?" Fang asks. Melody glances over as she chews the last of her dessert.

Abigail raises her left arm. Her sleeve ends at her elbow, leaving the white glove exposed - you imagine that most people thought of it as a false hand, if they knew it was false to begin with. She peels the glove back up over her forearm.

Melody frowns. "How was it supported? I didn't feel you channeling magic."

Abigail smiles. And then, her hand appears.

"My word."

"...Abigail..." Fang looks at you. <How did you do that?>

You find yourself repeating what Hecate told you. <I don't know. I just did.>

<It's as good as new,> Abigail says. <Actually, a little better. But don't tell anyone!>

<Of course,> Melody says.

<Good,> Fang says. <I'm glad to see you whole and healthy.>

Abigail puts the glove back over her hand even as it vanishes. "Me too."

"So, my Lady," you say, "how about you?"

"How about me what?"

"We've heard all about the Archmage, but I feel like you've been left out. What's it like in Vampiria?"

"Well...it's cold."

"Is Emire a nice place? What's it like growing up there?"

"...I didn't exactly grow up there." Melody looks at you. <Shadow, you know I can't answer these questions honestly.>

Fang leans forward. He folds his hands together, waiting for her to continue.

"As for Emire," Melody says, "it is in fact quite cold this time of year. The summer is rainy, rather than warm, but the vast majority of the city is underground, as a means of defense and secrecy. I do recognize that many people dislike my country."

What do you do?

>press her on where she grew up
>let the subject go
>some other strategy

>> No.31086154

it is like you dont know who Shadow is.

>> No.31086156

>let the subject go

>> No.31086173

>>some other strategy

"The life of a leader like fang is rather lonely. what about you?"

>> No.31086196

how does it get people every time man.

>> No.31086219

>>let the subject go
"Tell me of its people, Lady."

>> No.31086222

we are not funny nor an adult.

>> No.31086225

>let the subject go
Say "Well, then don't force me to ask question you can not answer to get you to talk." telepathically.

>> No.31086226

so my friends how is the best way to get the Black Lady to fess up to who she is to Fang without overly offending her?

>> No.31086248

>some other strategy
"Cold, secretive, widely maligned but not actually as terrible as all the rumors would have you believe?"

<It seems, my lady, that you have a type.>

>let the subject go
Talking about her people seems like a good way to go.

Captcha wants Yi Fang to win her back also.

>> No.31086264

Realistically speaking she needs to believe that Fang is trying to change his ways, and then secondly that his idea of a marriage is a good idea, and that her revealing her past to him won't ruin everything forever.

But I dun't know how.

>> No.31086302

Challenge Fang to a bet.
If he loses, we get to impression everything remotely kind or remorseful he's ever shown us to the surrounding guys.
Put 100% effort in winning that challenge.

>> No.31086334

Bets will not worth it.

>> No.31086380

If we lose, we'll give him servant powers. Win/Win for us.

>> No.31086416

>imlying he'll ever accept that.
>implying that would be a win/win.

>> No.31086433


>> No.31086513

We need to call Yi Fang 'Uncle' at some point as well.

Also try to get everyone to drop their titles and use first names too, John, Abigail, Yi, and then maybe BL will finally reveal her name to Fang.

>> No.31086567

I like the second idea there, If we can get Abigail to propose it instead of us it may actually help.

>> No.31086710

"What about its people?" you ask.

"My people?" she says. She smiles. "Well, I could go on for some time about that. They're why I do what I do."

"Really?" Abigail says. She puts her hand in her head. "Tell me about it."


"...it's...I didn't realize that, at first," Melody says. "But one day, I was invited to a celebration. One of the towns near the end Windfury Valley, where the crags end and the farms spread between the river and the forest. It was late spring, and all their flowers were in bloom - purple, and white, like a carpet patched across the grass. And they were celebrating the day my armies marched into what had formerly been their country and added it to my own territories. They showed me their school. Their town hall. Their square has a statue of me in it - they had commissioned it the past year. It's a rather odd thing to see a statue of yourself. That night, they had a spring festival, mixed with a remembrance of the men who had died rebelling against their lords to join me.

"I suppose," she says, "I remember it, because...they all did it on their own. I didn't prompt them, or ask them for adulation. The gratitude, though, is its own reward. And I think many of them were surprised that I came at all, in person. But how could I refuse them? It was...an experience. The food, the dancing - watching it, at least. It was warm." She rolls her fingers in her palms. "Warmth is something I've lost."

Melody sighs. One of her fingers runs along the top of her ear, and flicks down at her earlobe. She seems lost in thought.

Everyone is quiet. Fang stares at her.


>> No.31086732

"I'm sorry," she says. "I didn't mean to disrupt the mood."

"Not at all." Abigail grins. "I hope...my people will hold me in half the regard that yours do you."

"You're very kind to me, child. Perhaps too kind. I killed many men, many sons and fathers. But a generation has passed in my lands. Now the endless wars of Temerland are cobwebbed stories of the past. For that, they are thankful."

"...I suppose," Fang says, "we ought to call it an evening."


The carriage is waiting at the door when you exit. You step out the doors of The Eatery.

Fang pauses. "...my Lady."


"If you don't mind, perhaps you'd enjoy taking the long way home?" he asks. "A nice night for a walk."

Melody glances up at the rooftops in the distance. She nods to herself. "...alright. Certainly."

"You two take the carriage," Fang says. "We'll meet you back at the castle town."

Abigail flicks her head at you. You waffle for a moment, then help her inside. You glance over your shoulder and see Fang and Melody heading down for a lighted boulevard that runs along the river.

The carriage pulls away toward the bridge. Your view is cut off as you vanish behind a few buildings.

"Stop the carriage," Abigail says. The driver pulls the horses to a halt. Abigail grips the handle of the door and shoves it open.


"I'm not missing this if it kills me," Abigail grunts. She hops down onto the cobblestone.

What do you do?

>return to the castle
>try to stop Abigail
>"Me neither." Go with her.
>some other strategy

>> No.31086787

Can she use her new powers to stealth with us? Silence stealth our way through this.

>> No.31086793

>>"Me neither." Go with her.
Get to writing SM. You know what'll be picked.

>> No.31086799

>"Me neither." Go with her.
Full shadowmeld+compress, I sincerely hope Abby's been working on her stealth.

>> No.31086807

>>"Me neither." Go with her.

>> No.31086810


Feign reluctance towards the idea, but tag along. Maybe send Wispbro over the rooftops as a spotter for us...

>> No.31086858

>She puts her hand in her head
Dang, how much XP would it cost to be able to do that?

>> No.31086883

>"Me neither." Go with her.

>> No.31086899


err, head in her hand

following is commencing with MAXIMUM OVERSTEALTH

>> No.31086905

>try to stop Abigail

Maybe this isn't such a good idea.

>> No.31086929

That includes Compress, right?! Because that's the thing that helps magical stealth. Oh god, please don't reveal yourself Abby.

>> No.31086957

>try to stop Abigail
She's completely unsuspecting so we could probably just pocket her.

Then we'll have an easier time stealthing.

>> No.31087001

Cloak engaged motherfucker

>> No.31087008

We should have bought Conceal

>> No.31087058

Where's the gif from, anyways?

>> No.31087062

Yes, yes we should have. But she has artifact stealth.

I hope.

>> No.31087079

>maximum overstealth

>> No.31087106

I just hope she will wrap her spirit in Shadow to avoid the less than perfect stealth he had when testing the armor

>> No.31087126

She had. This phone ruins all my posts because I don't check my spelling.

>> No.31087128


>> No.31087162

After a month of searching I still have no idea

>> No.31087191

idqb pointed to Gelbooru, which pointed to "tic nee-san".

Hope that helps.

>> No.31087199

Plastic Nee-san.

>> No.31087211

Thank you kindly.

>> No.31087274


>> No.31087522

>Shadow succeeds on being sneaky
>Abigail is whispering "sneak sneak sneak!" the entire time

>> No.31087771

...no roll?

>> No.31087795

>stay patient, I'm writing

>> No.31087797

Rolled 78

We'll only have to roll for stealth checks when we're trying to get away unseen.

But really, look at this number and tell me you want to roll.

>> No.31087804

I was worried. I can't tell if the thread's just slow tonight or if it feels that way.

>> No.31087810

>implying sm would wait 40 minutes for a roll and not say anything

>> No.31087829

It's slow tonight

>> No.31087870

It's only 9:00 or so in EST.

>> No.31087875

Rolled 38

im here

>> No.31087887

Spaghetti cannon ready to be deployed, sir.

>> No.31088334

What's the next thing everyone wants to buy when we get some exp?

>> No.31088364

Suicide Squad, Lightning Resistance, and Earth+Wind Resistance.

>> No.31088378


>> No.31088420

void bomb is the only right answer

>> No.31088433

>Experience debates
Please, not now. For the love of god, I don't think my body can take it.

>> No.31088438


To allow us to pocket Xile.

>> No.31088447

SM can we perform mass summonings if we get deep enough into the summoning tree?

>> No.31088504

I have a pretty good feeling about this upcoming update. But still, the dread remains...

>> No.31088539

I'd also like to get MPVI if only because it increases the power of every spell we know. That's a force multiplier.

>> No.31088629

SM is kill

>> No.31088641

Just got here.

Why do we think that we can sneak up on them when earlier in the thread it was implied that Fang knew about us the last time we tried this?

Is it because of the idea Abby + Shadow = ultimate stealth?

>> No.31088654

i wish we'd invested in the summoning tree, that shit has some mad potential

>> No.31088700


that only works with Gobble....

>> No.31088710

Well, that depends on priorities.

For the wind/lightning demon lord.

>Void Bomb/Suicide Squad
For general attack options.

>Pure Darkness/Order Immateria
Because Jesus H. Christ, full power stealth attacks.

>Tree Gift
To power up Abby and Ila.

>Earth's Gift/Reinforce
For the Earth Tree and a possible Light Resistance.

>> No.31088739

Apparently Mass Summoning is outlawed for being ridiculously powerful.

>> No.31088749


what are they going to do? call the police?

>> No.31088759

It's because at that time we only shadowmelded, but didn't also compress. Also, the rolls were quite terrible.

>> No.31088765

According to Delan, it's just bad practice to keep summons around because they can screw with your head.

>> No.31088769

Call the police, they can't unsummon you.

>> No.31088820

>mana: 66/76
>you are Compressed

<Abby, do you think your hand can help you?>

<Yeah, I think so.> Once you're into a nearby alley, she vanishes from sight. A moment later, you can't feel her. <How's that?>

<Perfect. But I can't see you.>

<Oh. Well...uh, I can't see you either.>

<Over here.>


<Under the awning.>

<That's where I'm looking!>

<Where are you?>

<Uh...let's see, there's a crack in this wall...uh...oh.> A stone lifts itself off the ground. <Here, I'm holding this rock. Can you tell where I am?>

<Yeah.> You feel your way over until you find something invisible standing in place.

<Is that you?>

<Yes. I've Compressed myself.>

<Ok. Hang on.>

You feel a hand cup the pavement under you. Abigail lifts you up and cradles you against her abdomen. You feel a coat of shadow slip over you. <I tried to put you in my shield. Is it working?>

<I think so.>

Abigail giggles. <That was kinda stupid. We should have held hands or something before we used our magic.>

<Oh well.>

<Ok, that, and just a little extra...> You feel her channel shadow. <Ok.>

In a moment, you're flying. Abigail lands on a rooftop. She runs along the the top of the building, then jumps and glides over a street to get to the next. She lands down on the boulevard, quickly glancing up and down the street. So late at night, it's empty. She scrambles over the retaining wall near the water and sits on the ledge just above the river's edge.

Fang and Melody soon make their appearance down the street they were headed. Fang has his arms folded behind his back. Melody walks with hers folded in front of her. They aren't speaking, yet.


>> No.31088824

It would piss off the angels no doubt.
That mostly applies to demons.

>> No.31088827


>> No.31088830

This needs to become a thing.

>> No.31088834

Abigail slips closer, staying crouched as she moves, until she's just a few feet from the two mages. You notice a figure on the rooftop nearby. It's one of Melody's bodyguards. You wonder how long they've been hanging around...

You feel something in the air - an enchantment. It's hanging around Fang and Melody, keeping them from being heard. But as they move closer, you enter the boundaries of the sphere.

"So," Melody says, "you were a racer."

"I was."

"What was that moment you were talking about? A win on a technicality?"

Fang unfolds and folds his hands again. "...it was the championship race. We were in the final bend in the river, near where part of it empties into a waterfall. A small branch ends up in a little pool off to the side - that was the finish line."


"A long outcropping of rock extends into the river, there, dividing the water," he says. "Normally, you go around. I was in the lead, comfortable enough to take the long way. But there's a shortcut, if you're brave enough, a little set of narrows between the rocks. But unless you guide your skiff perfectly, you're quite liable to wedge in and stop dead. My competition took that route."


"...you are allowed two bursts of magic, of a dictated quantity, charged to your vessel at the start of the race," he says. Abigail has to start sliding along the ledge to keep pace with them as they walk. "I had used both of mine to gain my lead. What I didn't expect was for her to use hers the propel herself above the narrows to a wider section between the rock. It would have given her the advantage. She would have won."

"But she didn't."


>> No.31088867

"...no. My father hadn't interfered thus far, but he had an earth mage stationed and following the race to ensure my victory. When the man saw the last-ditch move, fearing my imminent defeat, he panicked and channeled his magic. A stalagmite ripped her boat in two. She plunged into the river. With the waterfall there...I diverted my vessel and pulled her out, and then sailed across the finish line. The rules state that position is determined by when the racer crosses the finish line, not the skiff itself. So I had her sit on the prow."

"...I thought you said you didn't win."

"I didn't. My father awarded me the gold, ignoring my clever little stunt. Later, I split it in half - gave her the bigger half."

"How sweet," she says. "Rivals, coming together over their own pride, ignoring the dictate of cruel nobility. It would make a nice story. Perhaps you'll tell me she was your long lost lover, then?"

"...I went to the Archonium soon after that. And when I emerged, she left. There was never any time for love. Not for me."

"Are you sure that's how it happened?"

"There are more details involved then just that."

"Why don't you tell me about them? Or did you really shove those little trophies into the back of your desk?"

"Abigail doesn't need to be distracted by illusory fantasies. I'm not secretly the good man she wants to believe I am. I'm rather terrible."

"I wonder if a terrible man would say so."

"Do you doubt me?"


Fang stops. He stares at her. "You would. You always doubted me."


>> No.31088888

You feel Abigail shift. She's teetering toward the water. You stick a claw into the stone and wrap your arms around her waist, steadying her. <Oh my gosh! He knows! He knows!>

<...how?> you say.

Melody stops a pace ahead of him. Her face works for a moment. She frowns. "I'm sorry?"

"You're Melody," he says, "aren't you?"

"...I don't know what you're talking about."

"Have you come to haunt me, then?" Fang says.

"Haunt? Interesting choice of words for a man that exorcised the ghost in the first place."

"I knew it."

"How did you know?"

"How could I not know?" Fang says. "You speak a little differently. You've aged - ten, fifteen years. But everything is the same. The way you walk. The way you hold yourself. How you scratch behind your ear when you're thinking."

"And here I thought that was all too long ago to remember."

"I remember it like it was yesterday."


>> No.31088905


"Unbelievable," Melody says. "You have your little stories, sure. Are these manipulations then, too? Fooling your niece into thinking you're a villain with a heart of gold? You ought to be ashamed."

"I'm not fooling her."

"You sure fooled me!" Melody shouts. "What do you want from -me-, Fang? Marriage? Now, after all this time? What the hell do you think you're playing at?"

"I..." Fang clenches his fists. "I...I want...I want you in my life again."

"Fat chance of that." Melody sneers. "You gave me up when you told me you never should have saved me from that damn waterfall. Or maybe you want the Staff of Winds - yes, I'm pretty sure that's the heart of this little show."

"It's not a show."

"I have absolutely no reason to believe you."

"I didn't...what I said was wrong," Fang says. "But my father - my duties. I wanted...I was young, for the sake of the elements, Melody - "

"Don't you fucking use my name."

"...my Lady, I was young, and I was foolish. I was stressed to my breaking point."

"You liar," she said. "You snake! You came out of the Archonium, and you had changed just the way he wanted. You'd become the ruthless, efficient leader he always wanted you to be. And now, here you are, trying to pry one last thing from my hands before you send me to the Nether!"


>> No.31088947

"I didn't change! I still wanted to be with you! I told you I loved you before I went in that thing, and I meant it. I still mean it!"

"Then why didn't you follow me!?" Her shout echoes across the pavement. "I was on that island for almost a decade. I went up there because I knew you wanted the staff. I knew that if anyone could follow me, it would be you. You'd get away from him, from everything in that Spirit-forsaken city, you'd give up that life and prove what you said!" Her teeth are bared. Tears fall from her cheeks. Her entire body is tensed, like a tree about to snap in a wind. "I waited, and I waited. Alone. Fighting tooth and nail for survival. Every day that passed, a little part of me died. Every month, I lost hope. Years were like fists hitting me in the face. And then I finally figured it out. You meant what you said. It wasn't another little plan - I was just lying to myself, like a woman being abused and crawling back to her lover. You were full of shit!"

Fang has lowered his head. He stares at the street. The shadows of the lamps cover his expression.

"...you don't even have a word in response," she says. "Well, fuck you too."

"I'm sorry."


Fang looks back up at her. And you see a face you never expected to see on the face of Yi Fang, the Archmage of Archon. Sadness. His own eyes shimmer with tears. "Elements, I...I'm so sorry. I...I have to use your name, Melody. I can't stand next to you like this and see you and not call you who you are.

He steps forward. His hands start to rise, but he's fighting some sort of battle against himself. His arms waver. He pushes them back down to his sides.

"...I didn't change when I came out of the Archonium. No, I did - but not in the way he wanted. I won...myself, as you knew me. The better part of me. But if I came out of there like that, I knew what he would think. He would think it was weakness, brought on...by you."

"...I don't understand."


>> No.31088950

This is so horribly romantic. I love it.

Also, excellent post to get quads on.

>> No.31088969


"It was an act!" Fang shouts the words into the stone. "I knew he would kill you. He would have done it eventually, anyway. He always saw fit to get rid of my distractions. You were next. I could feel it. I had to make you leave. I had to make you run. I had to make sure you'd never come back. I couldn't protect you. I couldn't let you see what I had to make myself, only to have you die at his hand."

Fang sucks in a breath between his teeth. "You were more naive than I was. I had seen what it took to rule Archon firsthand. The backroom politics. The murders. Even if I accomplished the impossible task of getting my father to back down, you would have been threatened constantly from every direction. And so I planned to push you away until Archon was safe. Until I could find you again.

"That time never came. I killed my father, and used his life to fuel my lichdom, and that time never came. The enemies stretched in every direction, as far as the eye could see. Archon became increasing embattled on its boarders. And I knew that where you were, you were better off. I am a creature of terror and fear. I did what I had to do.

"But my brother...elements, he fell in love with his own experiment. After she became pregnant, they ran. Because they feared me. They feared my mask. And then I knew I'd become what was afraid of becoming all along. I was too far gone. And you were dead by then. It had been a hundred years.


>> No.31089019

"But I found her, his child - after they'd both died. I..." He looks up at her. His face is a wreck of pain, pulled in three directions. "I don't have anything left, Melody. What's the point in ruling? I lost it. I have nothing to protect. I bought an undeath having nothing to live for. All I can do is give that child the home I never had. That's the only thing left. Vampiria can help with that. And if it can help Abigail, I'll use it." He grits his teeth, and a terrible anger enters his eyes. "...before this war is over, I will kill Sandalphon."

"...Spirit, I'm not making any sense. I..." He steps away from her. He shakes his head. "...I never meant...I'm sorry, Melody. I don't...even Abigail won't forgive me. It doesn't matter. What people think, what I've lost, I don't care. I am fuel for the fire of the future. And in my time I will burn. I...I will leave you in peace. Forget my offer of marriage. It was impulsive."

Fang reaches into his robes. He pulls out half a medal, and tosses it at her feet. "Take your half back. A man like me should never have touched it. I broke it. That's all I'm made for. Not for building, like you. Just for breaking." He marches down the boulevard, wiping his face with the back of his hand.

Melody stands there, silent. Abigail seems frozen in place.

Fang sent Melody away on purpose because he didn't think he could protect her. He broke their relationship on purpose.




>> No.31089025


>> No.31089036

Rolled 88


>> No.31089042

Rolled 32


>> No.31089056

Rolled 69



>> No.31089060

Rolled 88


>> No.31089064

Rolled 23


>> No.31089077

Rolled 78


>> No.31089088

Rolled 31



>> No.31089122

Hopefully that's enough.

>> No.31089136

Alright then.

Roll 1d20.

>> No.31089146

Rolled 9


>> No.31089154

Rolled 8


>> No.31089161

Rolled 23


>> No.31089163

Rolled 3


and Abby breaks cover, falling into their cunning trap to catch us following them...

>> No.31089170

Nice, ruselord. Almost got me there.

>> No.31089174

Rolled 16


>> No.31089183

Oh hai Ruselord

>> No.31089184


Melody stoops, and picks up the medal. She rolls it in her palm. "...he actually...the whole time?" She looks up. "...Fang. Yi! Yi, wait!"

She runs toward him. Fang turns. Abigail is scrambling to keep pace on the ledge above the water.

Melody jogs to a half in front of him. She offers the medal to him. "...keep it."

"...I shouldn't."

"Alright." Melody pockets the medal in a spot on her dress, then takes out another - the other half, slightly smaller. "Then you take yours back."

He looks at her hand, then up at her, then back at her hand. "...you had yours?"

"I always kept it. I...a few times I almost chucked it over the side of Xile." She gives him a broken smile. "But I never could."

"They'll use you against me. I..." He firms up. "I can't - we should just move on."

Melody shoves the medal into his hand. "...fuck that. And fuck you, too."

Fang's fingers curl around the medal. "...what do you see in me?"

"What did you see in a cryptkeeper?" she asks him.

"...everything," he says.

"Then take it already."

Fang grabs her and pulls her into a kiss. And they stand like that for a long time.

Melody breaks away from him. "...hey, Yi?"


"If you ever pull that shit on me again, I'll kill you."

"That sounds more like the cryptkeeper I know."

"Well, I can drop the pretenses now, right?"

"...you'd get along with an angel I know, I think..."

"Shut up and kiss me."

And Fang does.

>sure am glad I pre-wrote the good ending

>> No.31089189

You won't fool me

>> No.31089196

God damnit ruselord. That was perfect.

It seriously was an SM-esque response and everything.

>> No.31089212

This time, he breaks it off. "Melody, a lot of people hate me. I've done things..."

She puts a finger on his lips. "We can hammer it out later. Right now...Night and Moon, you're back from the dead. I thought the you I had known died. But you...we could have run, Fang. We should have run."

"I promised to protect you," he says. "It was the only thing I could do."

"...promise you'll never do it again. Promise you'll never leave me."

"But what if -"


"...I swear it," he says. "I will never let you go again."

Melody pushes her face into his chest. She inhales against his suit. "...good."

<Oh. My. Elements. SPIRIT!> Abigail's voice echoes in your head at top volume. Your ears ring. <Shadow, Shadow, it worked! We did it! Um, um, what do we do now?>


>> No.31089237


>> No.31089244

<It's simple really, we do what we do every night. We try to take over the world!>

>> No.31089256

gaping maw and ardor

>> No.31089258

<We go back to our quarters before they get there first. Or perhaps a certain rooftop.>

>> No.31089269


<Nothing to do. Shall we have a race?>

>> No.31089284


<Shut up and kiss me?>

>> No.31089320


You're a compressed ball of shadow sitting in her arms.

>> No.31089323

<Would you like to watch the moon with me?>

>> No.31089340

God dammit SM.
You literally made me cry with this scene. Are you happy now?

>> No.31089344


Ohh shit. Is she going to consume us? It's what we would do.

>> No.31089353

Rolled 62

that is creepy as fuck.

now is the time for jokes

if we wanna keep them from sexing in front of their "niece", now may be the time to intervene hilariously

otherwise we gettin outta here.


<Well there's still a lot of planning to be done... Of course I'm sure we could sprare some time together if they can>
or something like that

>> No.31089382


>> No.31089393

Leave before we get caught

>> No.31089401

I think we should get back to work and complete some of our other objectives.

>> No.31089404

You aren't the only one

>> No.31089417



Can we Eclipse the moon?

>> No.31089443

Y'know, we totally could.

Y'know, we totally shouldn't.

But we could. Though we shouldn't. We still could.

>> No.31089458

Oh we'll eclipse it alright.

We'll eclipse it in Shadow Turrets

>> No.31089478

Queue evil laughter.

>> No.31089481


Oh god, now I'm imaging Abby squezing Shadow like a plushy and squeeing.

>> No.31089483

This idea both pleases and horrifies me

>> No.31089484

Can we make the Eclipse shaped like a heart?

>> No.31089487


And plan Deathstar Moon returns...

>> No.31089499

we could shoot it with our finger when we cast the spell


>> No.31089501

We need a drawfriend, stat.

>> No.31089529


SM! I need a picture of Abigail, stat. I'm off to the Drawthread,

>> No.31089566

here's the queen version
warrior version pic next

>> No.31089590


>> No.31089632

<Well,> you say, <there's a lot of planning to do...but if they can spare some time together, so can we.>

<Oh!> Abigail shifts. <What did you have in mind?>

<Would you like to watch the moon with me?>

<...on that tower?>



Abigail jumps backward, propelling herself over the river - and then she glides the rest of the way across, using just the barest hint of magic. From the way the Archmage and the Black Lady are distracting each other, you consider it a safe bet that they don't notice.


You sit on the top of the tower with Abigail in your arms. The moon is bright, but it's cloudy. It vanishes and reappears as the wisps of rain roll across the sky, alternately casting your perch in light and dark.

Abigail settles in under your shoulder. You give her a gentle squeeze, and kiss her cheek. She turns to kiss you back. And then you settle against the wall again.

The night is quiet. Her breathing begins to even out.

There's a few hours left in this day, and then 4 full days left until the battle.

What do you do now?

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do
>spend the night with her on the tower
>some other strategy

>> No.31089664

>spend the night with her on the tower

Is there a way to slip in a bit of Meditation so she doesn't get disturbed and we keep holding her?

>> No.31089671

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do
Resolve is assuming direct control

>> No.31089672

>Cop a feel, decide if her tits or her ass are better.

>> No.31089677

>some other strategy

Meditate on our shards.

>> No.31089680

pls this

>> No.31089681

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do

Lets not forget about Flint. Lets take Auriel to his dream.

>> No.31089685

shadowed version
dark armor version omitted

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do

>> No.31089689

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do

>> No.31089717

>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do

>> No.31089722


Shit. Forgot we promised him we'd do that. We're already playing the role of the elemental god of Love tonight, so we might as well run the full gauntlet.

>> No.31089725


I used the Warrior Version.

I'll have to check back in a couple hours.

>> No.31089744

This is a good point and I support the plan of action.

>> No.31089746

Keep in mind that's bring Auriel to Hecate.
And getting Hecate willing to work with a love obsessed angel, who've both been enemies for centuries.

At a very late hour, too.

>> No.31089764


>> No.31089774

That would make Auriel respect Spirit magic a little more.

>> No.31089781

Sooo Auriel says "I need you" Hecate laughs a bit and then we say "I'll owe you a favor, Hecate."


Nothing bad could possibly happen even though Hecate warned us about her reluctance to aid Auriel by any means.

>> No.31089829


>carry Abigail back to her room; unfortunately, you've got things to do


>> No.31089880

We could conceivably bring Adavan as well to help convince Hecate that Donavan probably needs to see Auriel to help him stay grounded in the dreamlands. He admitted that he actually considers Donny a friend now and would hopefully be able to get over his dislike of Auriel just this once if it meant helping him.

Surely, Hecate would listen to her husbando, right?

>> No.31089895

Good idea anon.

>> No.31089912

You decide to take Abigail back to her room. You pick her up, holding her close. She stirs slightly. You glide down off the tower, enter through the main doors, and find your way back to the lower levels.

Her room has been softened, somewhat. The stone walls are covered in tapestries to keep the heat in. The hard bunks are flooded with colorful blankets. Ila is nowhere to be seen - perhaps she's still with Delan, or on the Nemesis, taking her own rest.

You set Abigail down on her bed. Her hand lingers on yours. "...stay," she murmurs.

What do you do?

>stay; meditate to pass the night
>some other strategy

>> No.31089925

By the way, we're autosaging and on page 10.

>> No.31089936

Pocket her. We can take her with us.

>> No.31089951


>stay, sexytimes

>> No.31089968

I think that may be a hint that we should meditate on our shards.

In the same vein, I vote for buffing our shadow magic shard Resolve.

>> No.31089975


Meditate on Ardor & Breeze

>> No.31089980


>> No.31089983

I'll only stay if you let me feel your body parts to tell which part of you is the best.

>> No.31089986

"bitch i got shit to do"

>> No.31089989

I have a lot of work to do.

>> No.31090001


Drop Auriel off with Hecate, "Place nice you two." Then come back to meditate.

Perfect plan. And people think raising children is hard.

>> No.31090003

>stay; meditate to pass the night

>> No.31090023


"I have work to do, Abby. Flint is out there."


>> No.31090027

Alright we can stay.

Meditate on Ardor and Silence.

>> No.31090046

Can I get a guarantee of funthings(tm) happening if we stay with her, SM?

>> No.31090048

We still have work.

>> No.31090049


Hecate might kill Auriel outright, bro.

>> No.31090055

>>stay; meditate to pass the night
We've got 4 days left until serious business time, right?

We're going to spend some amount of time meditating on our shards regardless, so we might as well be earning Abby-points concurrently.

>implying we're not already capped on Abby-points.

>> No.31090068


I'm sure Flint will appreciate the fact that we got laid as his soul is sucked into the Nether, anon.

>> No.31090088

I want to go farm Exp and salvage airship.

>> No.31090091

>stay; meditate to pass the night

>> No.31090099

Vote 1:

Vote 2:
>you've got a lot to do

>> No.31090112

>stay; meditate to pass the night
If the lady says stay, then we stay.

>> No.31090116


>> No.31090117


>> No.31090120


>> No.31090122


>> No.31090126


>> No.31090136


>> No.31090152

Stay for waifu's sake.

>> No.31090153


>> No.31090155


>> No.31090156


>> No.31090159


>> No.31090168


>> No.31090175


>> No.31090187

Let's use this time to artifact Abby's ovaries and have her be broodmother to our shadowspawn army.

>> No.31090206

Nothing comes between Shadow and his true first love, Flint.

>> No.31090221

Why just humanize some summons?

>> No.31090233


>> No.31090234


Bros (and oreventing the Demonic Apocalypse) before hoes, man.

>> No.31090235

Man, this thread has been all of the feels, hasn't it?

>> No.31090242

>Let's use this time to artifact Abby's ovaries and have her be broodmother to our shadowspawn army.


cutting off votes

>> No.31090252

why don't we cast shade and hope she doesn't notice

>> No.31090258


>> No.31090291

Let's put a shadowy appendage in her shadowy orifice.

>> No.31090292

It's a close one, but we're headed out to take care of business.

What is first on the order of business?

>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her

Or perhaps!

Pre-Battle List

>test a shadowy appendage in the Wind mana pool
>speak to Hecate about Leviathan
>collect strong rocks for kinetic bombardment
>meditate all shards to MAXIMUM POWER
>attempt to reach the Kan-Abar Fire mana pool and disrupt the city's defensive towers
>attempt to steal enemy airships and feed them to the Nemesis/give them to allies
>check in with Ila and Auriel about Lord Waterford's slave ring
>ask Auriel if she made any progress with Raphael and Charmeine

Either way, let's make a decision now, and then that will be the first post next time.

>> No.31090298


>> No.31090314

>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her

Sure, Hecate bitched, but fuck it, I say we challenge her preconceptions.

>> No.31090321

>test a shadowy appendage in Abby

>> No.31090324

Too little too late anon.

>> No.31090325

>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her


>speak to Hecate about Leviathan
>ask Auriel if she made any progress with Raphael and Charmeine

At the same time. Three birds, one stone.

>> No.31090333

>test a shadowy appendage in the Wind mana pool
Just do that now.

>> No.31090338


>test shadowy appendage in Wind mana pool
>bring Auriel to Hecate
>ask Hecate about Leviathan

These three dovetail nicely.

>> No.31090342

>ask Auriel if she made any progress with Raphael and Charmeine
>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her
>speak to Hecate about Leviathan
In this order.

>> No.31090359

>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her
>speak to Hecate about Leviathan
No big reasons to be unable to ask about Leviathan when we're there as long as we don't piss her into a murderous rage.

>> No.31090362

Agreed with these:

Bring along Adavan as leverage over Hecate if need be.

>> No.31090366

Also, the Keystone that the Atlantians have (Yi Fang mentioned it).

Do you think that might be the other half of the Leviathan prison??

Or did I miss what that was.

>> No.31090373

It's confirmed that's what it is. For a long time now.

>> No.31090375


Wait. Didn't Hecate say point blank that she refused to do anything with Auriel on accounts of the Elementomancy? When did we get her to agree to take Auriel to see Donovan? Weren't we going to try to take her there seeing as we visited his dreams...

>> No.31090379

I second these.

And also Adavan.

>> No.31090406

Question: Can we pocket one or more of the defensive towers?

>> No.31090408


Hecate going to have to get off her high horse at some point and I'd rather know for a fact that she can't be trusted now rather than four days from now when we trust Flint's soul to her to meddle with.

>> No.31090443


Having Hecate see Auriel trying to nurture her Spirit power might help un-bunch her panties.

>> No.31090461

We should also check in with Ila and Auriel before we take Auriel to Hecate.

>> No.31090466

>ask Auriel if she made any progress with Raphael and Charmeine
>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her
>speak to Hecate about Leviathan

+ Adavan

Alright, I'll write up a starter with that in mind for next time.

If anyone has meta questions, I'm around for a bit.


Sure. You can pocket anything that can fit in your pocket. Magical objects and people can resist you, however.


It's not absolutely confirmed but most people share your suspicions; it's all but a given.

>> No.31090468


The part regarding Flint is to prevent Sandle's crazy summoning ritual from working and breaking the world. It's more along the lines of common result as opposed to doing it for him...

>> No.31090492

>It's not absolutely confirmed

Oh come on, it's practically Sigma 5.

>> No.31090495


Can you clarify SM, Do we know that Hecate WILL take Auriel to see Donovan's dream land?

>> No.31090496

Same. I've always felt that the chronomancy-on sigil-on penta is a backup plan more than anything.

If she's that set in her ways then we'll try to pockassinate Nulis/Kullia to end the Demon Lord threat early. Then go after Sandelaphon for Donnys' location.

>> No.31090502

>ask Auriel if she made any progress with Raphael and Charmeine
>speak to Hecate about Leviathan
>take Auriel to Hecate; Donovan asked after her

Would like to speak to Hecate before bringing Auriel around, just so she isn't caught by surprise when we drop in with an unexpected guest. Not like it takes that much extra time to manaport back and forth one extra time.

Because we're not even close to Hecate's level when it comes to navigating the dream realm, so any sort of complicated dream bubble jumping is going to be next to impossible to do in a time-efficient way.

Getting Donovan the information about our finalized plans is a good enough reason to visit him again, but bringing Auriel along is going to take some convincing. On both sides.

Auriel isn't quite so fond of Hecate either, mind you.

Also telling Auriel that Yi Fang and Melody reconciled? Kind of curious if she's going to be more hyped that it worked, or disappointed that she didn't get to make all the convoluted plans to make it happen.

>> No.31090532

Wait we're not getting a part 2? It's only 10:40.

SM pls?

>> No.31090535

It may be a good idea to take the time to tell her it's been resolved, just so she doesn't try anything wholly unnecessary.

>> No.31090566

Anon I am tire. SM is probably tire.

Just let tires rest.

>> No.31090594

Yeah. Not sure going the whole nine and telling her that Yi Fang had been FAKING IT THE ENTIRE TIME (jesus christ, why are people not more mindfucked by this) is such a good idea.

Pretty sure that one gets to stay between Yi and Melody and a couple of well-intentioned eavesdroppers for the time being.

>> No.31090619


No. But I'd say Adavan's backup will probably do the trick.


Sore throat and sniffles, actually. Don't really feel like going late.

>> No.31090620


Honestly, I'm pretty sure that this is just Yi Fang's Most Beautiful Performance of All.

I still don't fucking trust him.

>> No.31090624

>disappointed that she didn't get to make all the convoluted plans to make it happen.
It's okay. She can channel her manipulations into one or more of:
Joey/Atlantian Princess

>> No.31090632

>(jesus christ, why are people not more mindfucked by this)

Cuz I suggested the possibility over 50 threads (including parts) ago. It had seemed entirely within his means to double batman himself back then. It didn't seem less likely as time went on, either.

>> No.31090644

Could be, yeah.

But if it is, it's one of those lies you really, really want to believe in.

>> No.31090645

You know, this might be the first thread in a really long time where we DIDN'T eat doorknobs.

Admittedly, it was close, but still.

>> No.31090650

Oh. Sorry SM, hope you feel better. I know those feels of getting sick from work. Cashiering at a grocery store is sickness city 24/7 365.

>> No.31090689

Are Mass Summonings in the summon tree?

>> No.31090704

We need a shoop of this with Fang for his inevitable reveal that it was him behind everything all along.

>> No.31090730


I don't answer questions about abilities you haven't revealed.

Except on rare occasion when I feel like it.

This is not such a time.

>> No.31090757

Do you regret revealing Vigil?

>> No.31090760

When does time are you had it planning of is the next for schedule thread SM-sama?

>> No.31090768

Any chance of a thread tomorrow?

>> No.31090782

That is one of the only reasons we could legitimately want summoning.

>> No.31090841

Back in the caverns when we were just a baby blob? Nope, not Ellendra Kalladar. Just Yi Fang, using a target of opportunity to test out another Humanization experiment.

Was intending on trying it on Do'Vak, but had to improvise after our interference led to it getting killed off unexpectedly.

Velik's 'runaway clones'? Not Lightning/Spirit incompatibility with Magnock's staff. Just Yi Fang, controlling the doppelgangers to stir up all manner of shit.

He was in Palthair too, after all.

Pulling ALL the strings.

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