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Relevant links:

Core rulebooks:

2010 FAQ and compendium for rules covering Forge World models and general updates: http://www.darkreign.org/sites/default/files/BFG%20FAQ%202010_0.pdf/

Vassal, the online tabletop which can be used for BFG:

Vassal BFG module (grab the 2.2 vmod):

This is the game of space combat in the 41st millenium. Lots of different fleets, cool if hard-to-find models, publicly available rules - if you can grab a fleet off eBay it's probably one of the cheapest games GW offers, and one of the more fun ones as well.

Talk about fleets, fluff, games and campaigns, whatever you like!

Want to learn to play or have a game over Vassal? Just say so.

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I miss this game. The miniatures in particular. I have a hard time getting excited about the styling seen in other space games.

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They are some very nice models. I got in a mood to play and was distressed to find out that they're no longer available. Did find some nice pictures browsing though.

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Unfortunately I'm literally the only person on the Vassal module right now. Getting discontinued seems to have done some serious damage to the already small fanbase.

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Those look either scratchbuilt (from 40k parts) or heavily modified; the original Tau models were not terribly attractive.

As much as I like the BFG aesthetic, a lot of the figures were crap. The holes for the flight stands were often too shallow, too wide, and not anywhere near the metal ships' center of gravity. Many ships sagged; you can see it a lot in photos of grand cruisers and battleships. Other than the plastic cruisers, quality wasn't great. That must've hurt the game at least a bit.

The rules were fiddly too. Overall a good set, but too many little gray areas and poorly written details. I thought ordnance was tricky to figure out.

But I bought my share of ships, and feel sad that more people didn't join in and keep GW interested in BFG and Epic.

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>As much as I like the BFG aesthetic, a lot of the figures were crap.

Tau ships can be used as throwing knives if you get the angle right.

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>Center of gravity issues

Those I have seen.

I do like the aesthetics of most of the models, though, although yeah, they're not nearly that good on average.

It's a shame to see Specialist Games go in general. A lot of lines just sort of ceased to exist.

It's especially troublesome in that even if I wanted to play, it's inconvenient for me now - my LGS is already fairly far away, and has kind of a small audience for Specialist Games in general - now, if I wanted to drum up a new audience, I have to explain to them that the models aren't available for order, which is a blow to interest straight off.

At least there's Vassal, but that's fairly dead.

I didn't have too much trouble with the Ordnance rules, though.

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>I didn't have too much trouble with the Ordnance rules, though

I think it was turrets that drove me crazy. It's been a while since I played, though.

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Turrets aren't super complicated. First off when ordnance hits you, you get to roll d6 equal to your Turrets value - a 4+ removes one strength/squadron from the Ordnance hitting you. Then, the survivors hit you. If it's bombers, they make d6-Turrets attacks per squadron, so even if you completely whiff, having 4 turrets is better than having 2 since the enemy will get fewer bomber attacks.

If you have multiple ships in base to base contact that have turrets, they can mass turrets, which increases the attacks the ship gets but not the attack-reduction effect against bombers.

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Thanks, that does sound simple. I'll have to break out the old minis and try it again.

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Give the VASSAL module I posted up top a try. There's not a lot of players on (okay, I'll be frank: There's ME on) but I'm hoping to change that, and it's pretty complete. Includes all the ships, even the Forge World models, and ordnance is easy since you can literally increment and decrement ordnance strength with a button push.

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I've only played the game twice like ages ago, but it seemed kinda neat.

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>I have a hard time getting excited about the styling seen in other space games.
I know what you mean. Lately I've been looking at Full Thrust, Firestorm Armada, and a few other space games but I can't help but think that I would rather be playing in the 40k universe than branching out of it. I just really enjoy it, you know? I want to play Imperials against Orks, with Chaos and Dark Eldar at each other's throats. I want to see the Eye of Terror. I want Cadia represented on the board. The setting is what lends the game weight. There are consequences to failure because worlds will fall

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I'll be learning the system in a while via vassal. It's spring break so I'll finally have time. Really want to get into it

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So does anyone know of a good way to include fighters/bombers in a Necron Fleet? I was thinking of using Portals/teleport attacks in place of launch bays since most necron stuff can port in. So anyone got good house rules for that or what?

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Giving necrons launch bays takes away one of their bigger weaknesses, and they are already considered overpowered.

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>Gothic Commander
I am in mourning and what is this

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I as well will be relearning the systems on account of Spring Break. I want to know how to do Vassal too so that I can play online!

email me at [email protected] if y'all want to set up times!

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SC II mod to play BFG on it I guess I just came across by chance.

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>SC II mod to play BFG

Damn I was hoping they were early renders for somebody's BFG ripoff minis

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Why are the Necrons so OP? I hear that all the time

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Because lets shoehorn in the new shit and do no playtesting

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I still play pretty regularly, with a select few of the old crowd who fled GW for our LFGS years ago.

My Ork fleet is my largest at 6k, imperial fleet only 4k.

Three Hulks, Imperials try to step to me, I be all front prow bitch.

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How did you make your hulks?

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One is made of foam, I just took a linolium carver and scraped away chunks until it looked a little bit like the hulk image.

I didn't have the heart to carve up a ship and stick it into the foam, so I just used bits from a land speeder instead. One of the engines, part of the hull, part of the bumper, etc.

The next one I made from green stuff and bits of plastic. It looks like shit. If I ever take photos, im not showing it.

The third one was given to me. It's two chaos cruisers sticking out of a few chunks of styrofoam stuck together. It looks better than the description sounds.

They measure about 12 cm by 6cm each at the widest x and y coordinates. I had to use the big flying bases though, which people seem to think is fair enough. Bigger base has advantages and disadvantages fair to a massive hulk like that.

Id snap some shots but they're in the forbidden cupboard of "if you open me shit falls on you". I should look them out though...

Also I just visited the GW site. Is it just me that sees no fucking ships for sale?

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Additional: carving out of foam is the best possible way to make it. You can make the body the exact shape you want, foam is cheap to find and easy to reinforce, and you can just stab shit into it. Someone loaned me some stuff I cant remember the name of, but I sprayed it on the foam and the foam became like... super hard. I havent had a single one of them break/chip, and yet every one of my battleships/kroozers has had something break since i built them.

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>Also I just visited the GW site. Is it just me that sees no fucking ships for sale?
They completely dropped support for all specialist games. Forge World too. You cannot even given them money any more.

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Specialist games were the only GW stuff I liked.

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I play pretty much every game they've ever released, or at least have at some point. When did this happen? I must have missed one hell of a shitstorm.

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Is there a way to make Imperial ships? I just have been using paper figures glued to golf tees on bases

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Not unless you have alot of green stuff and a shit load of patience.

Or a 3d printer. ha. haha. HAHAHAHAHA

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January. You also missed the last minute "buy everything" frenzy.

I have a few good ships off that frenzy. Forge World Tau were worth it.

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I may be wrong, it may have been November.

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Golf tees and paper it is then mothafucka

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On the plus side, Firestorm Armada's got some pretty nice ships.

Still, this did make my Rogue Trader campaign more... complicated.

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Double shit.

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Ebay probably has a ton. 3d printers will soon make this a non issue. I've been consulting the lawyers in my family. In certain countries, as long as you dont charge money, the distribution of free models isnt a crime. And especially if GW has discontinued the product, that will hurt their case in a court setting.

In a few years when I pick one up, I plan to just give away free GW shit. And use a 3d modelling program to model shit way better than GW is capable of doing, and correct their fucking mistakes.

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You can also hit up Shapeways. There's not a lot there, but some badass produced two really classy pre-heresy ships that I'm gonna grab in a few paydays.

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There's some guys on shapeways who do imperial and chaos ships.

Otherwise you could get a similar look by taking dystopian wars brittania ships, and converting them too space.

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The aquans seem to make decent eldar proxies. Relthoaz could be crons with allthe hard angles. Terrans as imperials and federation as chaos. Not sure about the others.

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So anyone wanna talk tactics?

My Orks tend to do okay, but then Eldar get behind me, and spend the entire game saying "why dont you just turn faster, hahahhaa rear armor., or Imperials get on my side and say "why dont you just have guns on your sides, hahahahaha side batteries". Any suggestions? After all this time, the best I can do is just surround my ships with rams like an angry cloud to absorb fire and attack any who dare approach.

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oh wow... those actually look a little imperial.

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I could see directorate or aquans for tau. Orks can be a mix of what ever looted ships and kitbasing. Tyranids Dark Eldar and necrons are easy to make from 40k kits

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Take hulks, only thing that worries my Eldar.

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Theyre so hideously underpointed and... so ungentlemanly. If it's not a huge game, I feel awful for taking hulks. :/ I might as well play 40k and take a fucking titan with the new escalation rules or whatever it is, end the game before the enemy opens their case.

I just feel like it's cheating to just give up and say "fuck it ill just take space hulks then".

I tried mass ram ships once. That became a game of "chase the battleships". That was at once the best and worst game of BFG ive ever played <3

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>I just feel like it's cheating to just give up and say "fuck it ill just take space hulks then".
Only take one then, but if you keep getting trounced by Eldar and Imperials you need at least one.

>I tried mass ram ships once. That became a game of "chase the battleships". That was at once the best and worst game of BFG ive ever played <3
Its funny because if you actually catch them the Eldar player is fucked, but if the Eldar player ever screws up enough to let you ram him he was probably going to lose regardless.

Also learn to to abuse the Eldars reliance on solar winds.

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Playing some of the other scenarios can help against eldar. They're less able too just run around if they need to defend a planet.

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I guess I'll try it. I mean its not about winning but... its nice to be competitive.

>>eldar and solar winds
Im thinking mass ram ships, plus squadrons of gunships could be quite a scary prospect. Chase with rams, force them into the range of gunships.
Solar winds, eh, eldar players never seem to have much problems with it.

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eh, even then, I doubt they'd have much trouble squirming across the board intercepting.

Still it's not a bad idea. I've got some planets I could take along.

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If you play defend the planet with eldar as defender, youll understand bro.

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Hey this is pretty cool OP thanks! I was thinking about starting up wargaming; this would be a nice test run.

As a thank you, have a caveman RPG book. Simple and fun to play; players can only use like 1 or 2 words but can grunt and yell all they want.

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I have some stuff I can share

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This is back when the Necron codex was recent, and one of the scariest fluff pieces in it was about a few Necron ships barely making it past the Solar System’s fleet, with one reaching Mars (dun dun dun!). They had to be scary for that fluff to work, so they were.

The compensation was done with victory point tweaks. Basically if you were facing Necrons you wanted to destroy a ship then disengage and run away. Victory! It actually worked, but it’d get boring if it were your only fleet.

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Thanks for all these anon <3

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>token flats

I think I can step that up a notch

More in here (look around a bit):

>> No.30961993

>just Imperial and Eldar
Well it's a start and they're very nice
I should try making some

>> No.30962040

there's also a link little later to some standee flats for all factions, though of course those aren't nearly as interesting to look at

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Just for reference with these paper ships. You want too print them so the small and large base sizes are 32mm and 60mm respectively. BFG used the same clear flting bases as 40k.

>> No.30962284

that's good advice, thanks

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How much is a set of models?

do they have models?

>> No.30962334

GW discontinued the line so the models go for whatever you're willing to pay for them

>> No.30962343

the miniatures that those are based off of are discontinued and marked up past double and triple the price on ebay now

>> No.30962376

are you absolutely certain of that?
printed at 100%, the 3D eldar pdf's bases are exactly 25 mm, the same size as most 40k models

>> No.30962420

ooh, are there more of these?

>> No.30962431

I think its flats, but its better then nothing

>> No.30962541

the zips contain flats. the straight pdfs contain 3D builds but are limited to Imperial ships, Eldar ships, and some Eldar Corsairs

>> No.30962626

wonder if I could get the flats printed on custom POGs or something

>> No.30962701

no need
the flats in the mediafire link are standable, with bases that fold out attached. you can glue those bases onto a piece of cardboard or whatever

>> No.30963339

It's neat to see artwork that my brother did here.

>> No.30963468

I think the Ork ships came out the coolest.

By the way, you forgot to remove the moved markers on here:

>> No.30964314

Just try and put yourself sunwards.

Then they either have to run at you on obliques or crawl at you.

Use dem prow gunz.

Also, since Eldar ships largely lack shields, Shokk Attack Cannons are FUCKIN' HILARIOUS.

>> No.30964763

I still have my bfg minis. So yes I'm 100% certain.

>> No.30966747

Got the module up if anyone would like a game. Trying to decide what sort of list to run. Might try Eldar.

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bump 4 sik kents

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Is anyone on the Vassal module right now? I downloaded all the BFG rulebooks, it looks really cool. I have no prior experience with the wargame either, but I'd like to learn about BFG.

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