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Twitter: @HeroRena

>Last time on HERO QUEST!
>S-Class Hero Magical Girl Sparkle had to deal with a rather sudden change in her life. The luck of the gods was on her side and her egg safely hatched.
>We now join our hero, Rena, as she tries to deal with her own new problem.

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Heroquest, Whoo!

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more eggs?

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>>We now join our hero, Rena, as she tries to deal with her own new problem.
Did she finally discover her own genitals?

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Will Rena realize she's related to LPR?

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Has the heat death of the universe happened yet?

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>that colour pattern

>> No.30551083

>her own new problem

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>We now join our hero, Rena, as she tries to deal with her own new problem.
Reparations to Sparkle for dropping the egg.

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>Rena returns from another run. It's been a week since Sparkle's egg hatched and life seems to have settled down a bit. No Quantum Kitty sightings. No super dangerous enemies appearing. As an S-Class Rena is being paid to simply be on the call for when she's needed.
>Because she's S-Class that just doesn't seem to be happening.
>In the meantime she's been training her butt off. She can run a few miles before she just stops now.
>Robomaid is waiting for her with a letter from the Hero Association.

RM: "Mistress, this came for you today."

"What is it?"

RM: "A letter from the Hero Association. I hope you don't mind me opening it. I simply wanted to make sure you weren't poisoned. It reads 'Dear Rena the Rock. As you know S-Class Rank 3 Magical Girl Sparkle is taking a vacation for a few months to care for her child. We are down 2 S-Class Heroes and we have received troubling news. The Lord of Death was spotted by the Artifact Finder, Raindrops, and he is camped close enough to the town to be considered a risk. We may need you and all of the Heroes to stop him in case he decides to come to our city.
It may not happen, of course.
We also have a new Hero. She has great potential and may be able to jump right into A-Class. As the only sane S-Class besides Magical Girl Sparkle we have selected you to train her. She should be arriving at your base around 2PM.' It ends there."


"So... I need to teach someone how to be a hero?"

RM: "So it seems."

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Well you're already doing that with Robomaid sort of, so how hard can it be?

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Rena, teach her how to throw rocks.

Also, teach her how to be flat.

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Well you can tell them about all the mistakes you made and how to avoid them I guess.
I really wish I'd put more effort into that gif. I never expected it to be so popular...

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"This is clearly fake. The Hero Association is too crazy to be able to tell if somebody is crazy or not."

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Alright then, lets take a shower, make ourselves presentable, and go meet the newbie.
Might as well spend some of that money on improving your equipment, as well as setting up a gym in your house.

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>As the only sane S-Class besides Magical Girl Sparkle we have selected you to train her. She should be arriving at your base around 2PM.' It ends there."
Hero Association actually aware how crazy average S-Rank Heroes are? Impossible! The letter must be fake!

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could have put some hearts or dripping sweat on the girls.

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Yeah no way they know how crazy the other S-Class heroes are.

Or actually care about training people meaningfully.

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>As the only sane S-Class besides Magical Girl Sparkle
Who is the letter from?

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watch Disney's Hercules while you wait! it has some awesome lessons on hero training.

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You gonna be a great teacher.

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Nah, the whole mouth animation is just bad. Super-jumpy, and it opens UPWARDS.
What was I even thinking?

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But when you smile, it's your upper lip that curls.

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Teaching doesn't require strength, so this should be a snap!

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Rena: go mad with power. Full Drill Sergeant Nasty.

Well, as much as Rena could ever mange, anyway

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Well... It -says- it's from HA. Looks official to me. Also how can they not notice everyone is crazy? Have you seen Barrington? Rider?
They have something wrong with them, I think.

I actually have a treadmill now. But running outside is kinda nice. I could get weights or something?
I will definitely take a shower before I greet anyone, though.

Yeah, that's the thing. All I do is throw rocks and sometimes I mace people. I'm not sure how well those lessons would help anyone... I guess I could pass on stuff I learned from others? How the hell do I even train a new Hero. I think I called in sick during that lesson.

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Best case scenario, someone stronger than us shows up and we work together with them to deal with this Lord of Death guy. Worst case scenario, some villain shows up in disguise and we play Mario Kart with them.

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The animation is perfect.

>> No.30551378

>I really wish I'd put more effort into that gif.
Nah, it's prefect. It gets the point across.

I'm surprised how much overlap there is between HQR & MGNQ fanbase.

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You could get a suit of power armor.

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Teach them what it means to be right.

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Teach them about justice, perserverence, and good sportsmanship when dealing with sensible villains.


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bringing up my former suggestion>>30551304

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>Yeah, that's the thing. All I do is throw rocks and sometimes I mace people. I'm not sure how well those lessons would help anyone... I guess I could pass on stuff I learned from others? How the hell do I even train a new Hero. I think I called in sick during that lesson.
Rena, don't you see? It will teach them 2 important lessons:

1-Most villains keep their face unprotected
2-You have to make the most with what you have

Go and teach her flatty.

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Really? I'm not even remotely surprised.

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Teach them the value of friendship.

Remember what you did to 'beat' QotW and Robomaid?

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look, rena.
Little mac's AMAZING coach is a fat black man. he's shit at boxing.
but he's amazing at TELLING people how to box.

You will be that hero's fat black man riding a bycicle. You will tell her to duck and weave. Be the coach. BE THE COACH.

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Also, how come Rena didn't get an real Hero training?

>> No.30551432

Let me se your Hero face!

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Teach them how to be a good nemesis.

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>How the hell do I even train a new Hero
just be yourself. you are a nutral born hero.

>> No.30551449

But Rena, you know exactly how to train a new hero

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> I could get weights or something?
Sure. Probably also some books on proper training and all that stuff.

And the most important lesson you can teach them is to be themselves.
That, and the stuff you picked up during your heroing - watch your opponent, use what's at hand, fight dirty if needed be, be smart and fast, that noise.

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>Be the coach. BE THE COACH.
She'll need the hat and the sunglasses

>> No.30551480

Teach them to play along with hammy villains, not to give serious villains enough time to become a threat, and above all, treat villains like human beings.

>> No.30551486

>I could get weights or something?
You totally should.

>I guess I could pass on stuff I learned from others? How the hell do I even train a new Hero. I think I called in sick during that lesson.
Back when you were starting and seeing all the Heroes, each gave you some advice that was actually helpful, just roll it up together and pass onto the new Hero.

>> No.30551520

Or a magitech hoodie.

>> No.30551532

Except theres loads of non-human heroes/villains.

I think you mean "treat them like a person."

>> No.30551547

Or a suit of magitech armor

>> No.30551555

Actually, this is good. Rather than just passing on the advice, lets go talk to those heroes.

Rena's still learnding, too!

>> No.30551579

Oh, god yes.

If theres ANYTHING we've learned abour being a hero, its "upgrade your uniform"

>> No.30551605

So you want her training plan to be going to someone else?

>> No.30551612

Rena could loan (or just plain out give) the newbie couple grand, it's not like she's gonna miss the money.

>> No.30551614

either a hat and sunglasses, or a towel.

>> No.30551621

That's a pretty solid plan, though.

>> No.30551624

Rules of being a hero.

1. Dont die

>> No.30551637

2. REALLY don't die
3. Running away might not be enough to not die sometimes. You might have to parlay with your foe.

>> No.30551648

Or a hoodie that transforms into magitech armor.

Yeah, Rena could use some more advice on how to be a hero as well.

>> No.30551652

4. Pick you Nemesis carefully.

>> No.30551653

Oh man, that looks pretty sweet.

Oh yeah... That's true! If a big fat guy could teach boxing a skinny girl can teach someone how to be a hero!

>Go and teach her flatty.

Why do you have to go there?

That's some pretty good advice right there, too. Hmm.. Okay. I think I got an idea of what to tell them. I could always use more help but I think I understand.

Oh! It's almost two.

>Rena takes a shower and wears her Hero Outfit (Hoodie and jeans) and waits for the new Hero to arrive. At 2PM sharp there is a knock at the door. Rena answers it and finds a girl with long blonde hair and two revolvers at her side smiling.

???: "Rena!"

"Uhm... Hi. You're the new Hero?"

???: "Yes! My Hero name is Jade Revolver! I'm so excited to learn stuff from you! I'm your number one fan!"

Woah. I have fans. Well, she seems eager.

>> No.30551660

Its what Rena did.

This is her chance to follow up, at the same time as introducing the newbie.

>> No.30551679

We're doomed.

>> No.30551686

I better get around to crushing those incredibly idealistic views you have

>> No.30551689

Invite her in, make some coffee or something. Serve soda if you don't have any.

>> No.30551690

Is she a lesbian?

>> No.30551697

O...kay. So what can you do? How many kilometers?

>> No.30551698

Ask her what her abilities are. Gotta train her in those, alongside natural human ability.

Also ask her what she's heard about you. May as well break it to her that your most recent successes were due to being half-vampire, which is no longer true.

>> No.30551699

introduce her to robomaid. make sure to tell them they are to be friends and get along. i am worried about blondie now that it is revealed she is a fan.

>> No.30551711

You got fans?

Do you have action figures?

Go and teach her how to flatten the competition!

How to serve a cup of kickass to those villains!

>> No.30551717

wait, I have fans?
Fans who have super powers?

>> No.30551720

Introduce yourself properly, invite her in, ask her if she'd like a drink or something to eat. Or if she'd like to go out.
Ask her to tell you about herself - what does she like, where's she from, what her powers are. It'd help if we knew what to expect from her.

>> No.30551721

Break down crying and admit you have no idea what you're doing.

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>> No.30551733

"Alright. Tell me about yourself. And do you want a drink or something?"

>> No.30551758

Ask her if she's got an arch nemesis

>> No.30551760

I wonder if there is a Rena comic book series.

Or a yuri doujinshi featuring Rena.

>> No.30551761

HA gets full licencing rights to your likeness.

How else do you think they pay everybody?

>> No.30551768

Hey, she's cute. And polite, that counts.

>> No.30551781

>Rena action figure
>feed it lasagna, it talks

>> No.30551782

Oh god why am I laughing so hard.

>> No.30551798

Commence scanning for Lesbian Subtexts.

>> No.30551809

Nice to meet you!
So what do you do?

>> No.30551813

Since when did you start having fans?

>> No.30551819

>Error: no sample data

>> No.30551876

Yea, she totally sent the letter.

Ask her how many villains she's made friends with so far. That's your greatest strength; turning enemies into friends.

>> No.30551878

We still haven't googled lesbian have we?

>> No.30551922

Rena asked Robomaid to do it.

She's still compiling the report. She asked her for "everything the internet has about Lesbians"

The download has been stuck at 0.00000001% for a while.

>> No.30551933

so much mahou shoujo in this thread
I love it

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>> No.30551949

I take it your powers are being a good shot. Fuck... um, Robomaid! Telemetry app launch!

>> No.30551958

I don't even know.

That seems to be alarmingly common around me.

"Awesome. So, you want a drink or something? I got club soda... Tea.... Coffee..."

JR: "What's your favorite?"

"Well Robomaid makes some great Coff-"

JR: "I'll have that!"

>Robomaid pours everyone a cup of coffee and stands by as Jade Revolver begins telling Rena about herself.

JR: "Well I saw you on TV a bunch of times and in the newspaper. You took out Cliche Mobster, The Rogue Wizard, Monster Master, Monster Maestro, Jiang-shi, Queen of the World, The Deviant Artist, The Dark Stranger, Robomaid, and even Dark Witch EdgeMurder! So I was like 'Wow! She's so cool! I can be a Hero just like her!' so I took out my long dead father's revolvers and decided to start on my own Hero career! I trained super hard and I can snipe someone miles away with just my revolvers! And they can shoot fire and ice. Man, you were so cool in that fight against The Rogue Wizard. I seriously thought you were gonna die at first but you totally pulled it off! And you don't have a fancy Hero Costume, you just wear what you want. That is, like, the coolest thing ever. You don't care what the world says about you. You know I have all your figures, too."

"I have figures?"

JR: "A bunch! There's Hero Rena, Battle Damaged Hero Rena, Throwing Rock Action Hero Rena, Rena with Lasagna, Magical Vampire Rena, Bad-End Ghoul Rena, blah blah blah......"


>> No.30551991

Ask her how much she payed for each one.

>> No.30551997

throw a rock at here[/spoiler[

>> No.30551999

'Bad End Ghoul Rena'

Dear god.

>> No.30552002

how do they even know about magical vampire rena, that was a thing for like 5 minutes

>> No.30552008

How did they know about the ghoul thing?

Also, flaming and frozen revolvers sound super cool. Do you have anything for defense?

>> No.30552009

giggled embarrassedly

>> No.30552014

>Rena with Lasagna
That sounds like a cool figure. Would it be considered narcissistic to get one of those?

>> No.30552018

TV? So that's how the associations make money?

Well anyways, just get down to advising her I guess. Send her to Chet to teach her workout routines.

>> No.30552019

Tell me about Bad-End Ghoul Rena.

>> No.30552022

Rena with Lasagna? Bad-End Ghoul Rena?
The figure makers sure know a lot about your home life.

>> No.30552027

>, Bad-End Ghoul Rena
Wait, can we see that one?

Also, aside from action figures, is there other merchandise?

>> No.30552035

>You don't care what the world says about you
Wait, what does the world say about us?

>> No.30552037

>Throwing Rock Action Hero Rena
Rocks sold separately.
And this is going to be like the mentorship one-punch man and that cyborg guy, right?

>> No.30552044

>You don't care what the world says about you.

"They say stuff? What do they say?"

>> No.30552045


Try not to realize this girl has probably wrote more than a couple schlick-fics about you.

Definitely try not to realize this girl has probably *read* more than a couple shlick-fics about you.

On a fan forum.

Dedicated to you.

>> No.30552059

So that's where the Hero Association gets all its money.

"Listen, I appreciate the hero-worship, but let's just keep things on a personal level here. We're going to be working together for a long time, so let's try and be friends, all right? Just friends. I'm not a lesbian. N-not that I'm saying you are, I mean! Not that there's anything wrong with that either! It's cool! I mean, if you're a lesbian... which I'm not..."

>> No.30552061

Wait wait how does anyone know about the Ghoul thing? It's like you're being monitored all the time.

Anyway tell her you're glad to have fans, and it sounds like she's pretty strong already. Ask her what she knows about how a hero should act, and how to treat villains, especially arch-rivals.

>> No.30552079

Hold on!
They actually air all hero fights on TV?

>> No.30552087

basically, tell her the following:
1.) Train everyday. No excuses.
2.) Upgrade your costume whenever you can, it can save your life. (give her some dosh for first upgrade)
3.) Don't do drugs.
4.) Gadgets are your friends, they can save your life (hand her some smoke pellets if you have spare).
5.) Don't deal with shady characters promising awesome power. Even when it seems like a bargain. Especially when it seems like a bargain.
6.) Be respectful of other Heroes (and Villains) even if some of them are asshats.
7.) Don't kill unless you really really have to.
8.) Some things can be solved by just talking like responsible adults.
9.) Failing that, plan B is delivering sound beating.
10.) Sometimes you might need to leg it and call for bigger guns, no shame in that.
11.) This will sound crazy but at some point in the future you might start hearing voices. You'll know what I'm talking about if/when it happens. They are your friends, trust them.

>> No.30552094


>They actually air all hero fights on TV?
>Lyrical Princess Raindrops vs. Queen of the World.

>> No.30552095

"Then you know I just talk at them and throw rocks, right?"

>> No.30552098

Definitely do not think about your most hated characterXRena crossover fics

>> No.30552105

Oh God she's adorable. We're making her our little sister.

Anyway, what do they say about us? And how do they know that much stuff about us?
And the most important thing - is she sure she wants to be a hero? It's hard work, dangerous, and we don't want to see her hurt.

>> No.30552107

Ask her if she's had her suit upgraded, if not. Throw money at her and tell her to do it.

>> No.30552113

"Haha well, just remember only the most glamorous stuff gets shown. Nobody wants to see all the hard work and downsides. I mean, I have to put up with some crazy stuff, you know?"

>> No.30552122

so no RenaXplayerbase

>> No.30552130


>> No.30552131

>Caffornicator Late Night Special

>> No.30552136

>That seems to be alarmingly common around me.
Is there something you're not telling us Rena?
Did a lesbian touch you when you were little?

>> No.30552141

>Oh God she's adorable. We're making her our little sister.

She's either going to turn bad, Anti-Hero or die.

Why do I picture this girl speaking with a cute Western accent, is it the revolvers?

>> No.30552170

Monster Maestro X Rena

That girl may be the author of the flatfic, in the quest.

>> No.30552173

Rena was bitten by radioactive asexual.

>> No.30552174


>So THAT'S why all of Caffornicator's fights are late at night!

>> No.30552181

Oh my god I just realized they probably promote heroes based on TV RATINGS.

>> No.30552189


>> No.30552193

that is actually brilliant

>> No.30552199

>NECO x Rena
jesus christ how horrifying

>> No.30552216

Find the TV channel right now!

>> No.30552219

Disregard deathflags, acquire imouto.

>> No.30552224

Holy shit.

The robots are screens.

Big Boss is a giant TV.

You're right.

This also explains why nobody actually does anything about hero-villain relationships. They don't take anything away--they only add to them.

Is your apartment wired? Do they record you for supplemental material? How deep does this go?

...is the entire city one big Truman Show?

>> No.30552231

>Why do I picture this girl speaking with a cute Western accent
So I'm not the only one?

>> No.30552236

That's horrifying.

"Wait... They say stuff about me? What stuff?"

JR: "That you're tough! You don't care that you're currently only #76 out of the top 100 heroes. You don't care that people make fun of the fact that you don't have a real costume! Or that you made friends with some Villains! You do things your way!"

"Huh.. I... I see..."

That kinda hurt my feelings a bit.

"Do they uhm... Have any other merchandise with me?"

JR: "Of course! Rena brand throwing rocks, underwear, backpacks, notebooks, pencils, toothbrush, figures, cereal! Right now your stuff is pretty underground compared to, like, Rider or Omen but I collect it all! You should totally come by my place later and see it!"

"Uhm... Maybe. Right now we need to focus on your training. So since you're new I guess I should start with the most important stuff. Uhm... It's a hard job? I know some people have died doing it. I've almost died a few times. I suggest you get your suit upgraded. Have you done that?"

JR: "Nope!"

"Okay. Here's $300,000. Go upgrade it."

>Rena now only has $2,199,995 left in her mattress.

JR: "Oh my god thank you! I knew you were awesome!"

"Just wanna make sure you don't get too hurt. I fought Monster Master once an-"

JR: "And she slammed her tail into you almost killing you! I saw that!"

"You did?"

JR: "Of course!"

"Okay... So... Like I was saying get your suit upgraded. And be sure to treat your enemies well."

JR: "Huh? Treat them well? But you beat them all up."

>> No.30552238

Well, that explains why it's only lunatics, a magical girl and Rena in S-class.

>hating NECO
I don't like you or your taste.

>> No.30552240

We Tiger & Bunny now?

>> No.30552248

...This makes way too much sense.
It's just so obvious now.

>> No.30552251

This. This as hard as I can.

>> No.30552253


>It's all about the ratings
>Hero Association
>United Assassin Association
>It's all in the numbers.

>> No.30552271

I mean, don't kill them.

>> No.30552281

>JR: "Huh? Treat them well? But you beat them all up."
They are human too, and most villains are mostly harmless.

Especially after a couple rocks.

>> No.30552288

"Yeah, but once I defeat them, I treat them with honour and respect. That's the most important part of being a hero."

>> No.30552295

"I try to talk them down first, the rocks come if they won't listen - though my nemesis is an exception. They probably don't show that part. And having your own nemesis is neat too."

>> No.30552296

Hurt, don't maim. Do not shoot to kill, unless it's under extreme emergency. You are a hero, not a killer, your job is to save lives.

>> No.30552300

that doesn't mean I don't play nice with them!
If they're the mostly harmless type, you banter, and maybe even give them some heartfelt life advice on how to improve their ways.

Doesn't work with some of them though.
Stupid cloak cat.

>> No.30552301

But we don't beat them up excessively. Not like, say, Anti-Hero.

>> No.30552306


She's so fucking cute OH MY GOD.

Tell her you beat them up, but you help them up and ask if they want to hang out. Happy villains are safe villains, and safe villains mean easy cash.

>> No.30552322

Yeah, exactly. Beat them up, but treat them like villains, not annoyances. It's about respect, not uh... avoiding injury. Though you really should try not to kill villains, too. Unless it's Quantum Kitty.

>> No.30552324

this pretty much, but cut out the easy cash bit.

>> No.30552331

Yeah, but if you treat them well, they'll treat you well in return. Less likely to die that way.
And they have families and friends, just like you do.

And besides, if you're a new hero, we should get you down to the Hero Association and introduce you to some people who might help you start with your career.

>> No.30552335


Speaking of Anti-Hero, have you heard from her lately Rena?

>> No.30552338

The idea is to stop them without making them want to kill you. Not getting killed is the name of the game.

>> No.30552341


Yeah, replace it with "and safe villains means they're not going to kill you."

>> No.30552350

Wait, you have over 2 million in cash? Couldn't you hire someone to make money for you?

>> No.30552356

shit, we've not heard from her in a LONG time.
I wonder what's up?

>> No.30552371

Explain to her that if you can convince a villain to play Mario Kart with you or go shopping it still counts as your win.

>> No.30552373


>Mental Note: get an accountant.

>> No.30552374

"Most of the villains are actually good people. I'm really good friends with the Monster family, actually! They're pretty eccentric, but they're really nice people. Think of heroes and villains like... yin and yang. One is necessary for the other. Some people realize that and respect the other side of the equation. Sure, some of them are assholes, but I don't know what I'd do without Monster Maestro as my arch."

>> No.30552378

Yeah, but if your nice to them there's a chance that they can cook you lasagna and stuff!

>> No.30552392

But Rena is literally a dragon she can't not have all her money shoved into her mattress to sleep on

>> No.30552398

I don't think that is true. The Monster family is probably an exception.

>> No.30552406

Couldn't Robomaid do that?
Now we don't have to waste money hiring an accountant.

>> No.30552422

"Some of them, but I try to avoid violence if I can. What I mean is that you have to understand villains. Not just their powers, but the kind of people they are. Most villains are more quirky than evil. A couple of times, I've managed to just talk someone into not doing evil things."

>> No.30552428


Weren't most of the villains we've encountered so far just... Eccentric and kind of violent individuals? Not explicitly evil?

>> No.30552431

>consume hoard
>assume acended form
>you're now aware there is Hero or Villain based about this concept

>> No.30552445

Yea but you hang out with them afterwards if they're your arch.

>> No.30552455


I hear injections of liquid money can cure a plethora of diseases.

>> No.30552463


Come to think of it, we never really chose to confront the villains who could have been really bad to meet, did we?

Like the Spine Ravager. Pretty much nope'd at the prospect of facing him down.

>> No.30552478

Yeah, but most of them weren't S-class.
Monster Matriarch was pretty chill with killing people back when LPR was fighting her, and the S-1 guy has instakill.

I wonder if we'll see Bridgette's introduction to the S-ranks the same way we saw Rena's - with them voting and stuff.

>> No.30552484


Maybe the Spine Ravager was just a really effective chiropractor.

>> No.30552487

if rena gets superpowers from sleeping on a huge pile of money, I'd be happy.
Oh, and treat villains appropriately.
I'm terrified of the spine ravager, for instance. He ravages spines.

>> No.30552501

Not being outright evil doesn't make them good people.

>> No.30552521

I actually haven't... I heard she quit recently. No idea why.

"Most of the villains are actually good people. I'm really good friends with the Monster family, actually! They're pretty eccentric, but they're really nice people. Think of heroes and villains like... yin and yang. One is necessary for the other. Some people realize that and respect the other side of the equation. Sure, some of them are jerks, but I don't know what I'd do without Monster Maestro as my arch."

JR: "I see... But does that really work on all Villains? What about someone like The Spine Ravager or Lilith? They're pretty darn evil."

"Then you hurt them enough to make them listen to reason. But only hurt. Never kill. And when you do win treat them with respect."

>Robomaid speaks up.

RM: "When I fought Rena it was different than when I fought other Heroes. Most would yell at me and immediately start fighting. This only strengthened my belief that humans are scum. Rena was different. She did not fight. She simply challenged me. I lost and even then she respected me as a person. If not for her I would still be fighting and maybe even killing people. Now I am trying to learn to be a great maid. Violence is an option but it should be used last."

"What she said."

JR: "Wow... That's so cool..."

"You wanna go to the Hero Association? There are some really chill people there and they helped me out."

JR: "Nah, I wanna learn everything from you!"

>> No.30552550

>basically, tell her the following:
>1.) Train everyday. No excuses.
>2.) Upgrade your costume whenever you can, it can save your life. (give her some dosh for first upgrade)
>3.) Don't do drugs.
>4.) Gadgets are your friends, they can save your life (hand her some smoke pellets if you have spare).
>5.) Don't deal with shady characters promising awesome power. Even when it seems like a bargain. Especially when it seems like a bargain.
>6.) Be respectful of other Heroes (and Villains) even if some of them are asshats.
>7.) Don't kill unless you really really have to.
>8.) Some things can be solved by just talking like responsible adults.
>9.) Failing that, plan B is delivering sound beating.
>10.) Sometimes you might need to leg it and call for bigger guns, no shame in that.
>11.) This will sound crazy but at some point in the future you might start hearing voices. You'll know what I'm talking about if/when it happens. They are your friends, trust them.

>> No.30552572

That is a terrible mistake, JR.
I don't think I would be alive if not for all the help I got from all the other heroes.

>> No.30552575

I know your marksmanship is S-class, but how is your stamina? I just ran 6 miles this morning.

>> No.30552579

>>JR: "Nah, I wanna learn everything from you!"

Well, time for the frozen lasagna lesson.

>> No.30552594

Don't forget to tell her that it's good to build up your contacts too!

People like Chet, Sparkle, and more are great to be able to count as both friends and allies!

>> No.30552599

"We're going to the Hero Association. You need to upgrade your costume and you should meet the people you'll be working with. Don't worry, I'll still be training you, but it's important to make a good first impression."

>> No.30552610


Go on a long, sweaty jog with your protege before collapsing in a messy heap on the living room floor for a long, pleasurable session of Mario Kart.

>> No.30552614

"Um, I wouldn't recommend that. I've got experience, but there are lots of heroes who are good at things that I'm not good at. It's important to respect your colleagues, too. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and be ready to lend a helping hand when you're needed."

>> No.30552616

Um... tell her you're not a lesbian. Just get that out in the open immediately.

>> No.30552633


Seconding this:

The other heroes are a treasure trove of knowledge and experience. It's pretty much safe to say that every one of them is just as qualified (if not moreso) than Rena for the title of Hero. To pass up on learning from them would be a huge mistake.

>> No.30552635


Now anon, that should only come up if sex ever becomes an issue.

>> No.30552649

That leads into the next lesson; take help wherever you can get it.

>> No.30552653

That's Caffornicator's arch, isn't it.

And don't be like that. We wouldn't be here if we weren't willing to learn and listen from other heroes who knew more than we do. And if you're going to get your equipment upgraded, you need to meet some of them. Not to mention that they're your colleagues - you'll need their help sometimes, and it's always nice to have someone look after you and help you, chill out and talk to.

>> No.30552672

"Haha well. I learned by asking a lot of different people their opinions, and figuring out what was right for me.
You and me, we're not the same person. We have different strengths and different weaknesses. I can teach you the basics, but you need to stay true to yourself, not just copy everything from me."

>> No.30552673

I think she's fangirling a bit too hard. We've got to show her that Rena doesn't have all the answers.

To illustrate this point, cook a meal for her.

>captcha: hatsfri There

>> No.30552677

"Yea, and that means meeting the other people you work with. Ya gotta know when to ask for help, and ya gotta know who to ask. Some heroes are great people, but others are huge jerks.
Ya gotta meet 'em to tell which they are, so we're gonna do that."

>> No.30552695

>how is your stamina? I just ran 6 miles this morning.
The little girl looks genki as hell, I wouldn't be surprised if she was capable of outlasting Rena in pretty much any given exercise.

>> No.30552703

Wasn't it Liltih? Did she change how her name was spelled in the past twenty years?

>> No.30552707

We want to lessen her fangirling, not turn her against Rena

>> No.30552773

It was Lilith 20 years ago as well.
> C-Class Rank: 90
> Powers: High Charisma, Dark Magic

>> No.30552806


She sounds cute.

>> No.30552855

"Haha well. I learned by asking a lot of different people their opinions, and figuring out what was right for me. You and me, we're not the same person. We have different strengths and different weaknesses. I can teach you the basics, but you need to stay true to yourself, not just copy everything from me."

JR: "I getcha!"

"Awesome. So, let's go see some Heroes! There's a lot of great people there and when I was first starting out they were a real help."

JR: "Lead the way, Rena~"

>As they walk to the Hero Association Rena lays down some pretty basic ground rules as illustrated here >>30552087
>Jade Revolver takes notes of everything she says, nodding and muttering to herself as they walk along.
>She asks about the voices thing but Rena says that she'll just have to wait and see.
>When they get to HQ Rena leads her to the suit upgrade station and tells her to pick out what she thinks she'll need. She has $300,000 to spend so that should get her a few neat things.

>Suddenly, she feels a manly presence behind her.

CM: "Rena!" The muscled hero flexes. "Long time no see! How is my former student doing!?"

"Heya, Chet. I'm doing pretty good, actually. I've been training really hard."

CM: "Every day?"

"Well... I stopped for a while but the past month or so I've really been working at it."

CM: "Perfect! Rena, I know you're S-Class now but still come by every once in a while! You missed the party we had here! Rider got wasted."

"Oh man... Wish I'd seen that."

>> No.30552871

you had a PARTY?

>> No.30552895

I think that his shin got bigger.

>> No.30552901

Rolled 78


Introduce Chet to Jade.

Tell chet that we've been assigned to mentor Jade for abit.

>> No.30552913

Introductions! Surely Jade will want to meet Sempai's Sempai!

>> No.30552914


There was a party and I WASN'T INVITED?

Also introduce JR by doing pic related.

>> No.30552915

Awwww, nobody told me about a party...

>> No.30552917

err chin.

My brain is dildoes.

>> No.30552923

Aw man, no one called us. I guess with all the training and weirdness going on, we missed it as well.
Introduce Jade, and ask Chet how's he doing.

>> No.30552926

Fuck yes Chet! Hang around Chet all day.

>> No.30552938

Ask him if he has any more super drugs.

>> No.30552945

Ask Chet if he has any advice to JR on hero stuff.
Also tell JR that if she has any questions she should totally just ask.

>> No.30552958

Ask if he knows that all your fights are televised.

>> No.30552980

Perfect! You can introduce JR to the hero that trained you!

Perhaps one day JR will have a moustache to rival Chet's!

>> No.30552985


Of course he knows.

Why else would he be so exceedingly manly in everything he does?

>> No.30553006

Also if he's seen Sparkle's kid.

Then both begin squeeing over his pictures.

>> No.30553020

>Perhaps one day JR will have a mustache to rival Chet's!

Are you saying she should sculpt certain... Hairy areas to look like Chet's mustache?

>> No.30553040


>> No.30553049

Guys, didn't Jade tell us how her dad's dead?
And the S-1 villain in town is basically Death?

Jade is Death's daughter.

>> No.30553060


>> No.30553066

Rolled 4


And you can put your face to it to say you have one too

>> No.30553077

I am sure that it's an exaggeration.

Maybe people are just more likely to die around him.

>> No.30553084

I'm pretty sure there's no grass on that field as of yet. But let's not talk about that. Rena is listening and I doubt gardening is of any interest to her.

>> No.30553097

>it keeps happening

>> No.30553098

gosh that baby was so damn adorable.

"Next time call me, okay?"

CM: "Of course!"

"Oh, Jade! Come over here!"

>Rena grabs Jade and brings her over to Chet Manlystache.

"This is Chet. He's a super great Hero and he taught me a lot."

JR: "Ohmygod! It's really Chet Manlystache! I know all about you! You're my teacher's teacher! That's so cool!"

CM: "Haha, thank you. She did not need much help, of course. She was already a splendid hero."

>> No.30553100

>I'm pretty sure there's no grass on that field as of yet

... How old is Jade Revolver?

>> No.30553112

Imagine if he's kind of like King, except instead of villains getting miraculously defeated, he constantly stumbles upon places where heroes and villains have taken eachother out and then he gets the credit.

>> No.30553129


>> No.30553133

JR: "I've read so many fanfictions with the two of you! In one of them Rena was on top and then-"

CM: "...................."


>> No.30553148


>Be Jade Revolver
>Ask if you can touch Chet's chin.
>Just for a moment though.

>> No.30553159

Rolled 7




>> No.30553163

Oh, god why.

>> No.30553166

Put her in your briefcase for later.

>> No.30553167

That's not the sort of thing to bring up in polite company, Jade. I think we'd both like an apology.

>> No.30553175

>Carry her over to the corner
>Put her in the corner
"You're in the sorry box."

>> No.30553176


Sling her over your shoulder and walk out.

>> No.30553178


Thanks Chet. Wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you.

>> No.30553183


Let's go meet some others! (and try to get the mental images out)

>> No.30553185

Man Rena if you stood on Chet's shoulders you'd finally know what it's like to be tall.

>> No.30553188


>> No.30553193

Ask Chet if he has one of those pamphlets on how to get /fit/

>> No.30553197


Time for JR to show us what she can do.
And the less time spend here the better, right Rena?

>> No.30553205

Well, Rena's pretty tiny and Chet's got a jaw that's a good angle. Maybe a moustache ride could be cool.

>> No.30553206

"Um, I don't think either of us have the right orientation for that."

"...Can we talk about something else?"

>> No.30553207


>> No.30553208

Oh yeah, we should ask if he has some more advice on getting fit.
Musclegirl Rena.

>> No.30553241

That's not quite right. I'm not sure about Chet, but Rena's (probably) straight.

>> No.30553257

Rena's asexual.

>> No.30553258


>Voices enter mind of Jade Revolver, tell her to cut it out
>Return to Rena.

>> No.30553264

Get one for JR as well though.
I imagine that when she gets home, she will imagine Rena and Chet pumping iron shouting "HUUUUUGE!" as the sweat drips down their faces twisted similiarly to that of a furious berserker.

>> No.30553275

>Other voices enter JR's head
>Ask Rena and Chet to re-enact that scene from "Rocky Love Muscle."
>You know the one.

>> No.30553276


>Voices entire mind of Jade Revolver.
>"Good job, keep it up."

>> No.30553285

Wow, we're going to have to go over that stuff about how to make friends and talk to people in appropriate ways. First lesson, people don't want to know what kind of fanfics you read in the privacy of your own home. Except maybe cosplay lass. And caffornicator. Okay, maybe some poeple don't mind hearing that, but the trick is know who wants to hear what.

>> No.30553292

>Rena puts her hand over Jade Revolver's mouth but she can still feel the girl talking.

"I'll see you later, Chet."

CM: "Farewell, Rena..."

>Rena puts Jade Revolver in a box and writes on it.

"Stay here for a while, okay?"

JR: "Did I do something wrong?"

"Yes. You made Chet Manlystache and I uncomfortable. You can't just talk about fanfictions and stuff. Okay?"

JR: "But some of them are really good... There's this one with you, Monster Master, and tentacles and-"

"Noooope. Stop right there. Stay here for a bit. I'm going to go upgrade my suit and then we'll see who else we should visit. Or maybe we'll do some training."

JR: "Okay..."

>Rena leaves her and goes to the Upgrade Station.

Hmm... I have a LOT of money now... But it seems the more I invest the more expensive these things become. What should I focus on?

>Even distribution.

>> No.30553295

Public Service Announcement

Rena is as straight as the shortest distance between two points in Euclidean space

>> No.30553300

>Voices enter mind of Jade Revolver
>KISS HER, they scream, KISS HER NOW

Please don't do this.

>> No.30553312


>> No.30553315

> Flying

>> No.30553325

>Even distribution.

>> No.30553326

are there any gadgets you can get built into your suit?

Like a hidden hand tazer?
Long fall boots?

>> No.30553334


>> No.30553335

Agility to catch up to defense. Then even between them, strength should only have a token investment.

>> No.30553339


>Chest enhancement

>> No.30553345


>> No.30553346


>> No.30553347

>Even Distribution.
And if you can pull it off, maybe go for some Flying ability too!

>> No.30553353


full auto rock tossing

>> No.30553360


>> No.30553363

>>Even distribution.
Rena is too dumb to specialize herself strategically.

>> No.30553366


If that's not an option, go for
> Even distribution.
> Flying

>> No.30553371


>> No.30553376

it didn't change the appearance to make it more armored or anything for defense.

>> No.30553384

>Even distribution
>Built-in MP3 player

>> No.30553386


>> No.30553389


all day every day. Got to dodge that shit, can't hurt you if you can't be touched.

>> No.30553396

Oh, shut up! It works.

>> No.30553403


>> No.30553410

>even distribution
>wrist mounted rock slingshot

>> No.30553428

Let's all agree that our protage should never EVER meet Cosplay Lass.

>What should I focus on?
>[x] Even distribution.

>> No.30553434

Now that make me wonder how it would turn out if Rena was to write bad fanfiction.

>> No.30553439

>Even distribution
>Extra pocket for rock

>> No.30553452

and everyone got into the freezer and ate until all the bad stuff was forgotten. the end. by rena.

>> No.30553464

Agility! You can do more damage by throwing more damaging things like throwing stars and bombs. You don't need strength, and your defense is okay for now.

>> No.30553477

If we're to get Broketsu, we'll probably need to go to the villain association and ask their artificer to make one for us.

>> No.30553478

ps the lasagna was amazing <3

>> No.30553502

"She ran her tongue slowly across the now-hardened crust, the delectable taste of warm cheese fueling her lust as the heavenly smell of tomato-sauce filled her nostrils..."

>> No.30553511

>Let's all agree that our protage should never EVER meet Cosplay Lass.

Dude, I am pretty sure Cosplay Lass is doomed to turn into a daemon.

>> No.30553518

>Rena pours an astounding amount of money into Agility. It enhances her natural speed so the faster she is without the suit the faster she would be with it on. With it on she could easily clear a mile in under a minute.
>She also purchases Flight! which allows her to fly for a short period of time.
>She also purchases Don't Break Legs When Landing On The Ground which for some reason doesn't come with short flight time.

Alright! Got me some cool powers. I can throw rocks so much faster now.
Also my outfit won't change unless I register a new outfit. But I like my current one. It's comfortable.
Now, who should we go see next? I wish Sparkle were around but she's outside the city and I don't feel like walking to Bridgette's brother's place.

>> No.30553551

Caffornicator. I bet she'd get along GREAT with our new friend.

>> No.30553560

Let's get our protege into the upgrade machine while we're here.

After that, let's take him to shadow man. He's our intelligence, so she should know about him.

>> No.30553562

Maybe get some advice from Bridgette on how she can avoid running into the real bad villains when first starting out, and how to safely and responsibly acquire a rival?

>> No.30553566



How does the suit deal with the extremely cold wind you will encounter while flying at 40-50 miles per hour?

>> No.30553569

>Can now clear a mile in under a minute
>"Meh, -effort-"
>Go visit your friend and show off your protege you lazy bitch.

>> No.30553573

Well, let's see. There's also Velocity Raptor, as well as Shadow Man.

And we really haven't gotten very acquainted with the other S-Class that much, huh? Maybe we could ask one of them about tips for training while we're at it!

>> No.30553575

Mantis Shrimp Man
We've never ever met I don't think.

>> No.30553577

Get her training. Like running and stuff.

>> No.30553585

Can you have multiple outfits registered, and if you do, does the increasing price of upgrades track separately for each one? It could be very useful to have a utility outfits, just in case you need superstrength or something.

>> No.30553587

Go eat out with Jade Revolver. I am sure that she would enjoy some lasagna.

Also, ask her how her father died.

Nearly wrote eat her out.

>> No.30553590

We should get gloves, and pour Accuracy and Strength into them.

As for now, lets grab JR and see Shadow man and Velociraptor.
We need to see what happened to Anti-Hero.

>> No.30553592


I've always wondered... Caffornicator, does she... Does she *make* her coffee? Like... Can you... Uhh... Milk her?

>> No.30553602

Get Jade to upgrade shit.
Then go talk to Caffornicator.

>> No.30553616

someone needs to do this research

>> No.30553629

Cosplay Lass. You'll be able to check up on her, and it'll be a good object lesson for Jade.

But don't forget to let Jade upgrade her costume. And tell her to make something cool and unique.

>captcha: ourcuni any
Preferably without any of our cuni.

>> No.30553630

Inform jade revolver she could MAYBE talk about fanfictions and stuff with, like, cosplay lass.

>> No.30553634

check on our homeboy Velocity Raptor

>> No.30553645

>>She also purchases Flight! which allows her to fly for a short period of time.
>>She also purchases Don't Break Legs When Landing On The Ground which for some reason doesn't come with short flight time.
Goddamn DLC ripoff.

>> No.30553646

Balloon man?

>> No.30553671

I wonder if we should try to set her up as an arch for Cosplay Lass.

>> No.30553674

This is a question that desperately needs answering.

>> No.30553675

Wanna bet that if we got a scarf to protect us against poisonous gasses, it'd have to be upgraded to let us breathe at all?

>> No.30553678

that sounds like a great match.
If they play nice.

>> No.30553680

Shadow Man and Velocity Raptor sounds great. Haven't seen them for ages.

>> No.30553687

Please? Can we finally meet him?

>> No.30553716

Velocity Raptor? He seems pretty chill.

>captcha: mmnytic company

>> No.30553721

I just want to see his amazing punching and vision powers

>> No.30553727

given rena's style of punishment, I can only assume her parents dumped her in a box when she was bad.

>> No.30553730

Let's go see some old friends Shadow and Raptor. And check up how the rainbow rangers are doing these days, you gave them a decent amount of dosh to upgrade their suits.

>> No.30553764

We only know of Rena's mom, and not her dad.

Is LPR around?

>> No.30553766

I'm constantly amazed at how well it works. LOOK HOW ADORABLY SAD SHE IS

>> No.30553767

Wait, your parents didn't do that?

>> No.30553772

Maybe you can't change how your outfit looks, but I bet you can accessorize! Like, you could buy some headgear that also adds a visual effect to the rest of your costume.

>> No.30553806


>> No.30553808

Rena needs to buy a LONG SCARF.

A real hero needs a LONG RED SCARF wrapped around her neck, vocering her chin and mouth.

>> No.30553817

Rena needs
1. a scooter to ride on
2. a scarf

No motorcycles though, that's too cool

>> No.30553821

Scarf, gloves and sunglasses.

>> No.30553830

Maybe Velocity Raptor? He seems pretty well-mannered and reasonable.

>> No.30553863

scarfs worse than capes
snag on everything
no scarf

>> No.30553866

I approve of this.

>> No.30553870

Not if you use them like they're intended

>> No.30553885

Man, I feel kinda bad putting her in the SAD box. Kitty might have cursed it to be the Soul-Atrophying Device and we're really hurting her.

>> No.30553893

Actually I'm really curious about Mantis-Shrimp Man...

"Come on, Jade. We're gonna go meet some more awesome Heroes."

JR: "Okay!"

>Jade follows close behind as Rena leads her to the almighty Mantis-Shrimp Man.
>His room is filled with punching bags, several of which have been broken. Standing in the center of the punch related carnage is the man himself.
>He's about 6 inches tall.

MSM: "Rena! It is a pleasure to finally meet you. What brings you here?"

"Well I'm training this new Hero, Jade Revolver, and I was wondering if you could give her any advice?"

MSM: "I would be honored. My advice to you, kid? Don't care about how tough you look. First impressions are a powerful thing. Look at me. I'm small. But I've kicked some serious butt in my time here. My biggest asset is how small and weak I look. Rena here looks like an ordinary girl but you don't make it to S-Class without the power to back those plain looks up."

>> No.30553911


>> No.30553920

well AAACTUALLY I don't really do much more than throw rocks

>> No.30553932

>looks like a mantis
>is tiny
>mantis shrimp man
Well played.

>> No.30553942



>> No.30553948

ha. ha...

>> No.30553949

"Hahaha yeah."
Jeez Rena. Might be time for a makeover.
Get Bridgette to help!

>> No.30553952

Let's go find Shadow Man now, he was pretty adorable in that dark room of his.

>> No.30553955

Ha ha Ha
Ixnay on the owers-pay.

>> No.30553972

But Rena, you ARE an ordinary girl, except you throw rocks at people and steal their stuff.

>> No.30553982

"Well, I did, but that's besides the point."

>> No.30553993

Mantis shrimps are a thing dude.

Lets meet caffornicator next!

>> No.30554002

Damn, man, he looks almost like a Kamen Rider. Ask him if he is better at punching or kicking. And how many colors are in his visual spectrum

>> No.30554009

That doesn't even look real.

>> No.30554011

Well, that is true, but only because Rena was half-vampire when she became S-class. We have managed to gain back some of that power through MONEY, thankfully.

Ask MSM to demonstrate his power.

OH let's go talk to the Rangers next!

>> No.30554016

Thanks. Say, you know some fighting maneuvers?

We're good at throwing stuff, but we could learn to punch things as well.
We suck in CQC.

>> No.30554029

I know that. But I was expecting something else.

>> No.30554031

Mantis shrimp will fuck you up, dude. They are far and away badass enough to pull off being that colorful in the ocean.

>> No.30554034

So mantis, can you see polarized light? So you can tell where north is just by looking at the sky, like birds? That's awesome!

>> No.30554037


>> No.30554042

>Anti-Hero was doing crazy evil things before as a Hero
>She meets Kirbee
>She becomes the well-meaning but extreme in her methods Anti-Villain

>> No.30554060

Ask him about how everything is televised.

Because you somehow missed that.

>> No.30554067

We'll end up facing the Dark Witch Anti-Hero soon enough, don't worry.

>> No.30554086

>All dis 'let's see caffornicator'
>Jade: Is it true you two snuck off together during Rena's S-class acceptance party??? There are a LOT of stories about THAT, but no video for some reason!

>> No.30554094

Don't fuck with mantis shrimps.
They can punch real fucking hard.

>> No.30554103

>"Ha ha! I will turn your own powers against you!"
>We have no powers
>Pelt her with rocks until she gives up

>> No.30554133

No, you're pulling my leg.
This cannot be a thing.
What kind of God would make this.
I refuse to believe this. You are peddling falsehoods.
This is an elaborate internet ruse and you have all fallen for it.

>> No.30554157

Now search for Pistol Shrimps.
The Deagle Brand Deagle of nature

>> No.30554168

This actually seems like a good idea

>> No.30554174

pistol CRAB
And there needs to be a hero based on that, to have sharpshooting compo with our Jade here.

>> No.30554181

The same god that made the Jewel Wasp.

>> No.30554184

The fishtanks have to be made of reinforced bulletproof glass or they'll explode them.

Sometimes aquariums get mantis shrimp mixed in by accident and then everyone goes home and the next day the glass has a big fuckin hole in it and there's water and fish everywhere.

>> No.30554189

"Hey, so is all our stuff televised? I don't remember agreeing to that."

MSM: "It comes with the job. Did you just find that out? We have our own magazine, trading cards, figures, a bunch of other merch. It's how we get paid so well and funds a lot of other things."

"Oh... Well... I guess that's okay."

MSM: "So, Jade Revolver, what can you do."

JR: "I can shoot things really well."

MSM: "Mind showing me?"

JR: "Sure!"

>The three of them go to the shooting range. As soon as Jade is told to start shooting she unloads two clips into the target. Every shot is a kill shot.


Guess she doesn't need any help with that.

MSM: "Impressive. You do indeed have the makings of a Hero."

JR: "Thanks~ Rena, did you see me shoot?"

"I did. You're pretty darn awesome."

>The girl looks so happy from such a simple comment.

Hmm hmm... Where to now?

But what can Caffornicator do? As far as I could tell all she's good at is being super fast and making coffee. Good coffee but I don't think that's a needed hero skill.

>> No.30554213

Shadow man.

Also ruffle JR's hair.

>> No.30554228

this, it's been quite awhile.

>> No.30554231

Or at least Rubber Bullets against anything not A or S rank.

>> No.30554233

Pettily insult her.
Can't let her get too confident.
I want to see her sad.

>> No.30554236

>Good coffee but I don't think that's a needed hero skill.
Which begs the question how did SHE become S-class? A similar story to Rena's? (ie MISUNDERSTANDINGS)

Go see Shadow. You still need to go out with him again by the way.

>> No.30554239

Rena. Caffornicator does the sex with people.
Pretty sure she should be a pornstar, not a hero.

>> No.30554242

Also, see if MSM has any combat guides or something to give us.

>> No.30554245

Remind JR that sometimes you need to shoot people non-lethally. Suggest aimig for kneecaps.

>> No.30554246

Have her shoot the target non-lethally. See if her aim is just as good.

>> No.30554247

They want Caffornicator to do lewd things to her or something. Since she's lewd. Don't listen to them.

>> No.30554251

What CAN Caffornicator do? This is a mystery. Maybe she's like you, and has no special skills but has somehow managed to survive being S-Class? Quick, Rena! Find her and ask her how she does it?

>> No.30554257

Rena, the density is getting old

Caffornicator had lots of sex with lots of people, some times to get promotions PROMOTIONS! sometimes to make villains less villainous, othertimes because she likes having sex

She does this with both men and women, she was trying to have sex with you when you first met her, and put the moves on Cynthia when you introduced her.

>> No.30554260

Making good coffee isn't a much needed hero skill? Are you kidding? A good cup of coffee is the deciding factor between war and peace. A good cup of coffee is the only thing that stands between the darkest of nights and the brightest of days.

Perfection brewed in a single cup hotter than the depths of hell, and responsible for the sharp judgement needed to keep the world safe. The best part of waking up is a nice big cup of JUSTICE.

>> No.30554263

>Every shot is a kill shot.

Umm, so should we have her stock up on non-lethal ammo and stuff?

>> No.30554274

>But what can Caffornicator do? As far as I could tell all she's good at is being super fast and making coffee. Good coffee but I don't think that's a needed hero skill.
Actually, it's to teach the young hero about how crazy S rank heroes are. Better that she learns know.

>> No.30554279

Have her try to shoot non-lethally.

>> No.30554294

blanks can kill ask brandon lee

>> No.30554309

>I want to see her sad.

>> No.30554313

...You should probably ask JR if she can shoot in, you know, non-vital areas.

Since bullets aren't really conductive towards the whole "going easy on people"

>> No.30554320

Ask someone if Caffornicator's "fights" are televised too.

Oh, and try showing off your aim! Throw some rocks or whatever at the targets.

>> No.30554324

Velocity Raptor. He's a cool dude.

>> No.30554334

Caffornicator makes some damn good latenight tv.

>> No.30554348

Rubber bullets are Less-Than-Lethal. Alternatively she could just only fight people that can handle getting shot in vital places.

>> No.30554351

Maybe we can ask her to show off her hero-ing skills to us.

And then give her pointers.

>> No.30554354

"If you need some science, or SCIENCE, then Velocity Raptor is your guy."

>> No.30554358

only at certain ranges are they non lethal

>> No.30554363

WARNING: caffornicator at work

>> No.30554365

But she's cute when she's sad.
You don't make girls sad so that you can see their cute faces?

>> No.30554368

Amazing shots.

We should take her to shadow man. Everyone needs informants.

>> No.30554375

... That wasn't a blank though.

>> No.30554410

From what we've learned about the hero association, she probably is a pornstar.

>> No.30554424

"How do Caffornicator's fights usually go?"

MSM: "Hers can be pretty brutal. You don't want to fight someone who's faster than light."

"Oh... I thought it was something less... Violent."

MSM: "She's an S-Class. All of them can be brutal. Even you, Rena. I've seen some of your fights."

"I don't mean to hurt them... Actually... Jade? Can you shoot in uhm... Non-lethal places?"

JR: "Of course!"

>She fires at the kneecaps, arm joints, gut, thigh, shoulder, fingers. It makes Rena cringe.

"Okay... You're good. Let's go see another good Hero. Thanks for all the help, Mantis-Shrimp Man."

MSM: "My pleasure."

>She takes Jade Revolver to Shadow Man. His room is as dark as ever and he smiles when he sees Rena.

SM: "Rena. It's good to see you again."

"Hey, Shadow Man! I got a new hero here. Wondering if you had any advice for her?"

SM: "New Hero? I didn't hear of this. Well my advice to you is to know when to keep to the shadows. Subtlety can get you a long way."

>> No.30554426

Or just incredibly horny and never gets any.

>> No.30554434

And she's S-class because everything gets televised....

>> No.30554436

>she probably is a pornstar.

Her specialty is lactation fetish.

>> No.30554442

"Do you have anything for nonlethal takedowns? Like tranquilizer bullets, or restraining equipment? I've got some at my apartment if you want to borrow it.

>> No.30554457

We tried that, didn't work out too well

>> No.30554458

JR: "Is it true that the two of you went out for a while? The forums had a bunch of info on your date but I didn't hear much after that. Oh man! There was this one fanfic where-"

SM: "..."

>> No.30554459

Wait you didn't hear of this? But you hear of everything. Which means she isn't really a hero. Rena panic at once!

>> No.30554461

>"Do you have anything for nonlethal takedowns?

A non-lethal takedown is always the most silent takedown.

Welcome to the force JC, might as well start doing coke.

>> No.30554468

>I didn't hear of this.
Our image of him, crushed.

>> No.30554473

"Hey, Jade. What exactly motivates you to be a hero?"

>> No.30554485

Look at him intently Rena.

>> No.30554486

Don't make me get the box again.

>> No.30554491

Do you want to go into the Sad Box again?

And what's this about him not hearing about you being a hero?
Did you fill in the documentation?

>> No.30554493

OH he's so cute.

>> No.30554498

"Jade. JADE. No talking about fanfiction, remember?"

>> No.30554499

>Is it true that the two of you went out for a while?

I know what would make him blush even more.

"I don't remember going out with him. I mean, he never asked..."

>> No.30554506


Also show SM the letter we got and ask him if it looks legit to him?

>> No.30554513


>> No.30554521

This, please this.

>> No.30554522

She probably knows about that villain Rena dated in college too.

>> No.30554525

Say JR, have ever written any of these fanfictions? If so, which? You got me curious...

>> No.30554526

>Caffornicator is Macha

>> No.30554538

Okay, Rena, listen closely and don't panic. I think Jade might not actually be a hero; she could be a villain in disguise trying to pull off some evil plan. Just treat her like you have been, but if you get the chance to get out of her sight, then use your communicator to check her records.

Also, call Robomaid and tell her to get some bondage equipment ready in case Jade has any plans.

>> No.30554540

> New Hero? I didn't hear of this.

This actually sets a few alarm bells off in my head. Is JD really what she looks, if the Shadow DOESN'T KNOW?

>> No.30554550


This would be the perfect amount of adorable oblivious Rena and embarrassed Shadow Man.

>> No.30554554

"Sad Box, Jade."

Hang on, you two went out on a date?

>> No.30554579

Put her back in the sad box.

Then go discuss her suspiciousness with Shadowman. Also, >>30554538 this.

>> No.30554584

Supporting this.

>> No.30554587

"Jade! You're a hero now! You don't need fanfiction anymore! They'll MAKE fanfiction about you some day!"

>> No.30554588

menace with sad box.
Don't actually use it, but menace.
Tell her that shadowman is a great informant and she should call him if she needs to know something.

>> No.30554589


>> No.30554591

I was hoping we'd actually be there for the date.
We were there when one of us asked the other out for coffee, but knowing Rena she likely thought it was literally just for coffee

>> No.30554602

It would be even better if the Sad Box menaced with spikes of olm leather.

>> No.30554628


This could be potentially worrying. With QK running about, it may be fairly simple for any person to suddenly gain superpowers and try to join either the Hero's Association or their villainous counterpart. If this is true, then QK may be attempting to seed either association with assassins or spies (unwitting or otherwise).

>> No.30554654

Caffornicator is faster than light? shiiieeeet
how the hell did Cynthia ever beat her?

>> No.30554658

"Okay, stop. Back in the sad box. Come on."

JR: "Nooo.... I'm sorry! I'll stop! It's just it was a really good one!"

"Nope. Come on. I need to talk to Shadow Man alone, anyway."

JR: "OHMYGOSH SO IT IS TRUE! I can't wait to get back and tell-"

>Rena puts her in a box and pushes her out of the room.

"Hey, Shadow Man. Can you look at this?"

>Rena hands him the letter she'd received before.

SM: "... This isn't official. I mean... Some of it is. But it looks like whoever wrote this copied stuff out of the news. Not only that but the Hero Association doesn't exactly have the best example of keeping track of who's sane. No offense but Omen and Madam Hourglass would have been my pick out of the sane S-Class. They're smart and have more experience. Also, we seldom send letters. Someone would have just called you."

"So what does this mean..?"

SM: "Well if that girl out there is the one who was sent for you to train then I would say she's not a hero. She hasn't signed up to even attempt to be one, at least. And she's not a villain I'm aware of either."

"What should I do?"

SM: "I would probably take her out of here. She shouldn't be here unless she is a Hero or is in the process of becoming one."

"But she's so excited..."

SM: "I understand. I'll leave her up to you."

"Okay... Hey, sorry about her and that fanfic thing. She reads a lot of them."

SM: "That... That's fine. I wasn't aware we were paired up."

"They seem to pair just about anyone up."

So... What to do?

>> No.30554679

Or she's Death-guy's rebellious daughter. It'd explain why she's so good at killing, and why he's suddenly back in town.

>> No.30554697

Oh, I get it. The girl faked the letter so she could meet some actual heroes.

>> No.30554705

Still liked going to get coffee with you though, shadow man.

ANYWAY! Let's go and get the revolver girl signed up legitly.
We'll tell her she isn't in the paperwork and needs to re-interview with the boss. It'll be fine. she's great!

>> No.30554706

Take her to the cafeteria. Sit her down. Ask her if there's something she'd like to tell us.

>> No.30554711

We need to confront her about this. Preferably in the company of some S-class heroes.

>> No.30554713

>I wasn't aware we were paired up."

We could, if you want~

>> No.30554714

Because Caffornicator moves much faster than she thinks.

Take her to the front desk so she can register as a hero. Ask why she didn't do it herself.

>> No.30554717

>They'll MAKE fanfiction about you some day!
Also, they'll probably make some about you... and me... ummm... let's pretend we never had this conversation."

>> No.30554720

go ask her what her thoughts on madam hourglass are

>> No.30554723

Talk to Sparkle...wait, SHIT we can't

uuuh, find one of the other S-Classes like Omen and ask what to do.

>> No.30554730

Have fun with your imouto.

Introduce her to some more heroes, take her to a mall and then take her home.

>> No.30554732


She does seem genuine, but you may want to take her to get registered proper first.

>> No.30554734

Bring her before the Boss Computer, and let it judge if she be worthy.

>> No.30554735

She probably faked the letter in order to get into the hero business. Fans can do crazy things.

>> No.30554747

>So... What to do?
Confront her about it.

She probably faked the letter to get near you because she's a big fan of yours.

You could always suggest her to actually sign up to become a hero. She has the skills for it.

>> No.30554750

He STILL hasn't asked us out on another date. Maybe he just isn't interested...

>> No.30554753

The power of pure caffeine is a thing to fear.

>> No.30554757

m-maybe we should ask him?

>> No.30554759

Confront her, ask her what's up with this.
Then ask if she actually has any powers besides the fact that she's got guns.
If she doesn't and she still wants to join, just get her registered and have her ditch the guns.

Shooting villains is generally in very bad taste.

>> No.30554762

He seems disappointed.

>So... What to do?
Do this: >>30554538

Also tell Robomaid to keep it hidden so we can surprise her.

Then, we should go talk to Jade. Ask her why she decided to become a hero.

>> No.30554764

I wonder if those ShadowManxChet shippers were right then...

>> No.30554765


>> No.30554772

Hell with it. Take her to the boss and sign her up.
She wants to be a hero? Bang, now she's a hero.

>> No.30554776

Wait no. We need to capture her. Have Shadow Man contact a powerful hero that has disabling powers... like maybe Caffornicator (she can take her guns without her noticing). Then we just go meet up like we're meeting another hero and we'll get some answers from Jade.

I mean it's possible she's just a crazy fan who really wants to be a Hero, and sent that letter herself.

>> No.30554778

But the boy is the one that's supposed to make the moves :(

>> No.30554782

We should probably get those guns away from her before we confront her about this.
Pretend we want to take a look at them or something.

>> No.30554794

>She shouldn't be here unless she is a Hero or is in the process of becoming one."
>So... What to do?
Get the pipsqueak officially hired!
Better us than Heroes.

>> No.30554798

This is a good idea I think.

>> No.30554799

Agreed. Time to talk with BIG BOSS and get her paperwork done. I mean, in Rena's case it was pretty much a matter of announcement, can't be that much harder to turn JR into hero now can it?

>> No.30554803

Yes, actually, you know what, let's do that. Ask if he wants to maybe go out sometime. It's not like you're busy.

>> No.30554821

>*Better us than Villains.

>> No.30554822

well, I HAVE been rooting for rena/shadowman. Just a little.

>> No.30554839


>> No.30554859

He will. And then Jade will mention all the horrible hatesex fanfics of him and Rena.

>> No.30554873

I don't think that confronting her now is the best way to handle this. She could just be an excited fan, or she could be a dangerous villain in disguise. Ask Shadow Man to do a background check on her to see if he can find out anything, while we try to stall her somehow. Ask her about herself, take her around town, things like that.

>> No.30554877

you know maybe we should talk to jade about the benefits of trick shooting.

Like shooting wands out of hands instead of shooting hands.

>> No.30554893

>Rena just lets her talk
>and talk
>and talk

>> No.30554904

shoot a wizard's wand out of his hands and he can't cast for a day
shoot his hands off and he can't cast for life

>> No.30554919

Oh crap.

Could Jade be a Monster Maestro X Rena shipper who fanfics were ruined?

>> No.30554928


>> No.30554931

"I think I'll go talk to her. Thanks again, Shadow Man."

SM: "No problem.... Oh, Rena?"


SM: "Perhaps later... If you're not busy we could... Get more coffee?"

"Heh. Sure, I'd like that."

>She waves goodbye and approaches Jade Revolver.

JR: "Hey! Can I get out now?"

"Sure thing. I think you're about ready to become a real hero now. Let's go see Big Boss."

JR: "Right... Right now? I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I'd really rather just train with you for a bit longer. Just a few more days until I'm really sure I'm ready."

>> No.30554944


>> No.30554955

"Be honest. Are you just doing this to get to hang out with heroes?
Because if you just want to hang out with heroes, we can go play mario kart RIGHT NOW. right now. I've got the machine set up. Come on."

>> No.30554957

>JR: "Right... Right now? I don't think I'm ready for that yet. I'd really rather just train with you for a bit longer. Just a few more days until I'm really sure I'm ready."
The letter was forged Jade.

I am giving you one chance.

>> No.30554961

Ruffle hair.
"Whatever you say, squirt."

>> No.30554962

Ok, she probably did write that letter in the hopes that we would train her. Let's just be nice and humor her.

Bridgette already got easily shot down, we're fine.

>> No.30554968


Nah, apparently she liked some of the ones with Rena and Chet.

>> No.30554973

Nope. Now or never. Experience is the best training it's how Rena did it!

>> No.30554984

Sit down, and ask her whats up. She must be doing this for some reason.

>> No.30554988

"I was literally picked up off the street and inducted into the Hero's Association without my consent, long before I had any sort of powers or protection. If I can make it in, you can make it in."

>> No.30554992

You're not registered. WHO ARE YOU!?

>conspicuous beheadoc

That's a bit extreme, Captcha...

>> No.30554994

She is only saying that to deceive us.

>> No.30554996

>Introduce JR to Bridgette
>she starts talking about fanfics

>> No.30554998

This. Combined with hair ruffling.

>> No.30555000

Ask her if she knows you're not a lesbian.

>> No.30555008

"Nonsense, I became a hero because I was dragged into it."

draw her out

>> No.30555012

"I know the letter was fake, Jade. If you really want to be hero, you can do it right. If you just want to hang out, with me or with other heroes, you don't need to pretend to be someone you're not."

>> No.30555019

She thinks we dated Shadow Man and pretty sure she knows we rejected Bridgette.

>> No.30555023

"Jade, I think you haven't been level with us. The act's up, so for your own good you should come clean."

>> No.30555026

haha that would be awkward
she already brought up that one tentacle fic and MM wasn't even here.
we should keep them apart.

>> No.30555032

Err, by which I mean, say "You know I'm not a lesbian, right? We can still hang out after you're a Hero. Or even if you're not a Hero."

>> No.30555039

>Bridgette wrote most of those fanfics

>> No.30555057

"Quick question. What's your reason for becoming a hero?"

>> No.30555058

She sees us as the Sakura Haruno in Naruto fanfiction.

meaning we get paired up with EVERYONE and I mean Everyone!

>> No.30555071

i believe depth charges are what you really need to sink a submarine, thats what my granpappy always used in his ww2 stories.

>> No.30555077

Except Sasuke funnily enough

>> No.30555080

I'm dying over here, sent help.

>> No.30555100

That's because Sakura a slut.
Rena not a slut.

>> No.30555113

Rena X Rock

>> No.30555145

nah, she's a terrible person that lusts for an asexual emo's nonexistent penis.

>> No.30555147

but she is, she just doesn't know it yet.

>> No.30555157

I always wonder, If Rena can hear our idle conversations. Like pairings, chatting, etc, etc or is it selective?

>> No.30555162

Pfft, everyone knows it's Rena X Lasagna

>> No.30555179


>> No.30555188

She probably hears the stuff directly addressed to her.

>> No.30555198

>She can hear everything and even see the pics we post.

Hey Rena, how does looking at this make you feel?

>> No.30555202

"Be honest. Are you just doing this to get to hang out with heroes? Because if you just want to hang out with heroes, we can go play mario kart RIGHT NOW. I've got the machine set up. Come on."

JR: "You... You knew?"

"I had my suspicions at first. But I was kinda curious about who this new hero was. Also getting a chance to teach someone is pretty cool."

JR: "You're not mad at me for lying to you?"

"Nah. You just wanted to hang out and I guess you thought this was the only way to get my attention? It's cool. Now, come on. Let's go play."

JR: "Okay!"

>They end up going to Rena's house to hang out. They play a lot of games with Jade Revolver telling Rena about how she really wanted to be a Hero cause she really really really admires Rena. But she decided that she didn't really want to be in danger or anything. It was more fun to read about or hang out with Heroes than to be one.
>She asks if the two of them can hang out more often. Rena says she's more than welcome to.

>She gets a text from Shadow Man. It reads 'Looked up that Jade Revolver lady. Rena, she's the daughter of the S-Class Rank 5 Villain Void. She tried to be a Hero once about a month ago but they refused to let her in. I didn't recognize her with that long hair. Extreme caution is needed.'

That... Doesn't sound good.

>> No.30555223

Nah we're fine
Void's probably a bro

>> No.30555232

We're gonna turn her to the side of good and become a higher grade hero.

Is there a higher rank than S?

>> No.30555235

So... why are you so good at killing things?

>> No.30555236

It's fine. She's a nice girl. She can't help who her parents are.
... maybe we should look them up, just in case.

>> No.30555239

Hey kid! Wanna become my apprentice and use your powers for good?
I'm an S-rank, I can totally get you in.

>> No.30555240

It's fine.
She just wants to hang out.

>> No.30555242

Text back
>Why was she refused?
I assume it's because she's a Villain's daughter, but wish to double-check.
That discrimination isn't cool, yo.

>> No.30555244

"So why did they turn down your application?"

>> No.30555254

Its fine, she seems like a good kid.

Maybe find a few people that can life the ban

>> No.30555257

"So... why you don't just apply for for membership? I got in pretty easy and you're a great shot with revolvers! I wouldn't be surprised if they started you off at B rank!"

>> No.30555261

>I didn't recognize her with that long hair

Absolutely none of that, Rena.

>> No.30555279

>Is there a higher rank than S?
/ss/ ?

>> No.30555281

You already hang out with one daughter of an S-rank villain how different could this one be

>> No.30555282


Daughter of a high-ranking villain falling head over heels in fan-girl love with us?

That's so... Moe.

>> No.30555284

Nah, she's a bro.

No need for caution.

Lets eat lasagna while reading the worst fanfics.

>> No.30555289

"hey wait a minute, if you're not being a hero and buying a costume, I might need that 300,000 back.
I mean, it was for bulletproofing yourself and all."

>> No.30555291

Let's be honest. She's the daughter of a villain. Our best friend who wants the v actually IS a villain.

It should be fine, but this is actually the sort of thing we can talk with Bridgette about. Either she'll know what Void is like or her mother will.

>> No.30555303

don't be like that
Rena probably doesn't even remember the money
it's chump change to her now as an S-Class

>> No.30555305

nah dude we're loaded
she can keep it

>> No.30555309

"Jade, girl, where your weapons really come from? Is there... an irate owner presently looking for them, going by a certain villain moniker?"

>> No.30555310

What does that even mean? I see it posted in relation to porn, but I never went out of my way to find the meaning.

>> No.30555311

"Huh, you're Void's daughter? I've never met them - what are they like?"

>> No.30555312

Eh. so there's one more person with family that has godlike super powers who we hang out with. Whatever.

>> No.30555318

Send a text back asking why she was refused. It was probably for a minor reason, but a bit of caution is needed still. And maybe we should look up this Void too.

>> No.30555320

"Is Void the reasonable type of villain, or the type that will probably try to murder me for hanging out with his daughter?"

>> No.30555325

Ask Shadowman about this Void person, and why she was refused.
Also ask Bridgette, she probably has some info about him / her.

Meanwhile, keep hanging out with Jade. She seems like a sweet kid.
Ask her to tell you a bit about herself - share stories, mess around, all that.

>> No.30555331

Void? Sounds like all he is is EMPTY BLUSTER!
Ha ha... haaah...

>> No.30555332

Straight shota

>> No.30555336

Straight shota.

Aka MILFs molesting 12 and under.

>> No.30555338

Ask Shadow Man why they refused her, and also look up info on Void.

>> No.30555350

Hey now, the milf doesn't have to be the one doing the molesting!

>> No.30555351

You don't want to.

>> No.30555354

Her best friend is the daughter of an otherworldly abomination, I think we'll be okay.

>> No.30555357

Also, depending on the answer, maybe give that Void a call, tell it where its daughter is.

>> No.30555379

>"Is Void the reasonable type of villain, or the type that will probably try to murder me for hanging out with his daughter?"

>"The latter."

>"Why was she refused" she texts back.

>"She severely wounded the man who was testing her after he commented on her missed shot."


>"She is prone to fits of rage similar to Monster Marauder but not nearly as intense. That is why I advise extreme caution. At the very least she seemed to regret wounding the man. She ran out of the building shortly after she shot him. Still, the fact that it has happened once means it could happen again. I don't want you getting hurt."

JR: "Rena. Come on, you're not even putting up a fight now!"

>> No.30555381

"Jade, what do your parents think about your hobby?"

>> No.30555385

Jolly good.

Yes, I did.

>> No.30555386

...Considering Anti-Hero, I didn't think the Hero's Association even COULD reject people.

>> No.30555404

Play fair and square and have fun. If she misbehaves, she goes back in the box.

>> No.30555408

"If you want to join the Hero Association, you should relax a bit. Learn some discipline."

>> No.30555410

"They can reject people!?!?"

>> No.30555414

S-Sorry, texting friends!

>> No.30555418

It's all right Rena, let's look on the bright side!

Like, uh...


some help here?

>> No.30555429

So, why are you so good at shooting if you didn't want to hero?

>> No.30555431

Let her win everything.

>> No.30555440

Oh crapbaskets

>> No.30555443



Let's uh... NOT piss off Void in the future. And Jade seems like she really does mean well, I think. Learning discipline is part of being a hero too.

>> No.30555444

She'll be able to tell if you go easy on her.


>> No.30555445

Yeah. Treat her as a friend.

>> No.30555446

You learned that the HA actually some standards...?

>> No.30555448

"So. I'm guessing you don't have your dad's permission to be here. And he is looking for you. And is going to be very upset when he finds you."

>> No.30555452

The solution is... to get her mad at daddy.

oh god

>> No.30555454

As a person whose first intimate experience was pretty much textbook case of /ss/, I honestly can't really complain about it.

>> No.30555459

Play to win, if she flips out she goes into the box.

>> No.30555466

Sorry I was distracted. Also, here is a laptop with internet access. Things will now happen.

>> No.30555468

>Hero Association


>> No.30555471

Do not give her the win. She will know what you are up to and it will piss her off. Act like everything is normal.

>> No.30555473

Just. Just treat her like a normal person. Be her friend.
She needs a friend.

>> No.30555477

In the event we're going to end up fighting the Void and winning, we should totally stick him in the sad box.

>> No.30555478

....huh. That's true, I suppose.

>> No.30555481

Oh shit guys, this girl has associated with us now. That cat is gonna try to get her to contract now. We should warn her.

>> No.30555483

Tell me more

>> No.30555492

Maybe she could try becoming a villain or getting therapy.

>> No.30555495

Continue playing, but don't comment on any mistakes she makes. Get her phone number. Text her later (while staying away from windows) telling her you know who her father is and why she got refused entry a month ago. Reassure her that her past isn't a big deal but you need to know she won't freak out and shoot you or anyone you care about, also um if her father doesn't try to kill you that would be nice.

Then you can avoid her fit of rage and clear the air so that there are no lies between you.

>> No.30555498

Take her in as our disciple
Teach her our secret of remaining chill.

>> No.30555503


>> No.30555511

Oh, definitely.

Or our new protege can do that herself.

>> No.30555515

This might be a good idea.

>> No.30555523

"Uh, sorry, I was distracted... by hunger. I'm gonna go make some food. Robomaid, could you come help me?"

>> No.30555530

You're right.

>> No.30555532

Didn't Anti-Hero also fit into that category?
Doesn't mean we should discriminate because of that.

>> No.30555537

...yeah, we really should her about the cat.

>> No.30555543

Yeah we should definitely warn her of that.

>> No.30555544

But that's not true.

>> No.30555549

Maybe they tightened up security after she murdered a fellow hero.

>> No.30555552

This is potentially a disastrous situation. She idolizes Rena, so what happens when she steps into a mine and does something un-idol-like? Jade could turn into a yandere robomaid, only worse.

Idol stalkers are SCARY.

>> No.30555562

>I'm gonna go make some food.

Last thing we need to do is have Void walk in on an assassination attempt...

Actually, we should try to make food together.

>> No.30555587

"Ah, I get it, you need somebody to help you learn how to keep calm, right?
Well, Sparkle's better at that than me - she's engaged to Monster Marauder, and he's a doting father now. But I'll try!"

>> No.30555605 [DELETED] 

where are you, you sack of shit

>> No.30555646

"Jade, what do your parents think about your hobby?"

JR: "Ha. Well, mom is dead but dad hates it. He says I shouldn't be worshiping people like that. But I'm like you, Rena. I do what I want to do."

"... I thought you said your dad was dead."

JR: "... I did, didn't I? Dang... Uhm..."

"I know your dad is a villain, Jade. You really don't need to lie to me."

JR: "... I'm sorry. I... I thought you wouldn't hang out with me if you knew everything about me. I..."

"Jade, my best friend is the daughter of The Monster. I wouldn't have really cared."

JR: "I know but... He's not like my dad. My dad would... He'd hurt you. I'm sure he's looking for me now. I should probably go before he finds me. I really did have a nice time, Rena. Really. I... Just wish I could have really become a Hero, like you."

>She stands up.

JR: "I really did have a lot of fun today! You're still the coolest hero ever and when I get back home I'm gonna tell all my online friends how awesome you are."

Aww... She looks so sad...
I want to hug her. She's like the little sister I've never had and I just want to make her happy forever.
But I think her father would tear me apart.

>> No.30555675

>I want to hug her. She's like the little sister I've never had and I just want to make her happy forever.



>> No.30555678


>> No.30555683

Hug her anyway.

But check if Bridgette is nearby first.

>> No.30555685

Hug her anyway, consequences be damned!

>> No.30555687

Do it anyway.

>> No.30555690

Fuck it. Hug her.

>> No.30555692

Do it. Hugs solve everything.

If she ever needs us or wants to hang out, she should call us.
Give her our phone number and email if she wants to chat.

>> No.30555695

He'll never find out, hug her. Tell her you're totally here for her, especially if she wants to become a hero.

>> No.30555696

Fuck the haters. Hugs time.

"You're your own person, you know. You could become a Hero if you really wanted to."

>> No.30555703


>Hug her
>She starts purring

>> No.30555709

Well, you could still give her a headpat. Besides, who says she can't hang out again?

>> No.30555714

Hug the adorable gril.

>> No.30555718

He's going to try anyway, so you might as well get a hug out of it!

>> No.30555719

Get her number. Definitely want to hang out with her again

>> No.30555723

Hugs tiems

>> No.30555726

Check his official file. If we invite some other heroes with us that can counter his powers, then we can hang out safely.

>> No.30555729

>we get a ladyboner
>at least we do in the fanfic she later writes

>> No.30555740

Hug her!
"We can still be friends.
OH! You should know! Dark Shadow? He has a thing for Omen.
He'll deny it, but I know the truth. There's a reason we broke up."

>> No.30555741

It's way too late for that.

Might as well go for broke.

>> No.30555760

Just to be sure, she knows all about the evil cat, right?

>> No.30555763


>> No.30555764

Give her a hug, and our phone number.
Hanging out is always okay.

>> No.30555765

Does your dad treat you poorly?

SHould we, uh, assemble a rescue?

>> No.30555772

There is not much to explain. Just that things are much better when your partner has exact idea what she's doing and what she wants. Because you don't. The downside is it sets your standards pretty high so girls your age will suddenly seem clumsy and unable to communicate properly in comparison. But I wouldn't want it any other way.

>> No.30555779

do it do it do it

>> No.30555821

...that is an awful thought but we should probably ask anyway.

>> No.30555822

We should totally take a picture with her.

>> No.30555824

if she tells all her friends online her ploy worked, a lot more people will try to meet us this way

>> No.30555858


>> No.30555866

Tell her not to tell her friends then everyone will do it.

>> No.30555868

That's not a nice thing to do. Don't go and misrepresent someone's emotions like that.

>> No.30555895

>Dark Shadow
is that the asshole ex?

>> No.30555905

uuuh source?

>> No.30555906

I meant explain what it is.

>> No.30555908

>Rena gives the girl a big hug. Jade Revolver gasps and shudders, completely shocked by the redhead's embrace.

"We can still be friends. I'll give you my number and you can call me any time you want to hang out. Also, there's a rumor that Dark Stranger totally has a thing for Omen. He'll deny it but I know the truth."

>She gasps.

JR: "I knew it!"

Sorry, Omen. I hope he doesn't mind all the fanfiction.

>They exchange phone numbers and Jade Revolver gives her another tight hug.

JR: "This has been the best day of my entire life! I'll come by again as soon as I can!"

>She hugs her once more and the two bid farewell.

She's adorable.
I really do hope she gets a chance to become a hero. I think people like her just need a second chance.

>> No.30555912

We should visit Anti Hero. She could probably use some cheering up!

>> No.30555928

That is a REALLY awkward and uncomfortable question, but you wouldn't be a hero if you didn't ask it.

>> No.30555929

I don't think being gay for Omen is that bad a thing.

>> No.30555933

no, don't feed the shippers rena
You know not what you unleash!

>> No.30555934

This gets me hard. Source on it?

>> No.30555936



Rena's a redhead?

>> No.30555949

Dark stranger?

>> No.30555953

have you not seen all the freckles

>> No.30555954

uh oh
wait what

>> No.30555959

The Void is gonna be right behind you.

>> No.30555961

I hope Bridgette isn't in the window, watching.

>> No.30555962

no, his name is John.
AKA The Dark Stranger, though we'll never dignify him with that

>> No.30555964

Uh, yeah? Freckles, dude.

>> No.30555973

You don't have to be a redhead to have freckles.

>> No.30555978


Freckles are not exclusive to redheads.

>> No.30555982

She should totally arch her dad.

>> No.30555994

This is why I wanted to tell her you weren't a lesbian, dammit!

>> No.30555995

Rena hugged Bridgette all the time.

Rena hugs everyone.

>> No.30555996

Well, he totally deserves some slash fic pairing or a dozen...

>> No.30555998

yes they are

>> No.30556000

Pretty sure everyone's gay for Omen.

>> No.30556001

>Rena wakes up the next morning and does her usual training.
>When she returns home Robomaid is there with a massive pile of letters.

RM: "Mistress. You have received 2,354 letters from the Hero Association."

I regret everything.

>> No.30556010


So... Who are these online fellows that Jade schlicks with?

Is it /tg/?

Keeping on that topic, is there a Hero or Villain that is actually THE VOICES made physical/magical/tangible?

>> No.30556017

> 1/2
Uhhhh, suddenly I have a very, very bad feeling about this. I think there's a distinct possibility we're gonna see a corpse.

>> No.30556018

>regretting hugging new imouto
The worst

>> No.30556021

>2,354 letters from the Hero Association
What. Why.

>> No.30556026

Chapter 28 tonight?

>> No.30556031

how do they even send that many letters?

>> No.30556034

Seems like Rider has that sort of thing going on.

>> No.30556035

>he refuses to play along with her silly games
>she complains that they never do anything together any more
And then Rena got the credit.
Welcome to EX rank.
Shut up. No you don't.

>> No.30556037

How are we that popular?

>> No.30556038

We have a lot of fans. And it worked once, why not try it?

>> No.30556039

wah wah waaaaah.

>> No.30556042

Why regret? Your favorite fan gave you a hug.

>> No.30556044

>Keeping on that topic, is there a Hero or Villain that is actually THE VOICES made physical/magical/tangible?

>> No.30556046

they're fakes

>> No.30556048

If that's fanmail, that's okay.

If those are complains, that's a problem.

>> No.30556051

Start responding to it as fan mail

>> No.30556062

I knew it was coming and I still laughed.

>> No.30556063


>> No.30556065

how do 2354 people idolize us that much

>> No.30556069

We should set up our own Rena blog.
Answer questions, mess with fans, that stuff.

>> No.30556078

called it.

>> No.30556084


The voices are actually a legitimate thing in this setting though.

Like, Sparkle gets them, Bridgette gets them, Lyrical Princess Raindrops gets 'em, everyone.

But what if the voices actually become a... Thing, something visible.

>> No.30556091

You know what your place needs? A fireplace.

>> No.30556094

Because we're the best hero ever, duh.

>> No.30556101


>> No.30556106


>> No.30556109

>No matter how you look at it, it's not my fault I'm THIS popular.

>> No.30556110

No new chapters tonight! But the next one will be up in only a few days.
I wanted something relaxed and lighthearted today
The day for the next chapter will be posted on the twitter, as usual, and thanks for reading.

Here's some of my first drawings of the cast of HQ as a bonus.[/spoiler

>> No.30556119

We'd never be able to get anything done.

It would be like TPP but with every action.

>> No.30556122

there is a disturbing lack of sane S class heroes. We are also much more approachable than most other heroes at our rank, even the sane ones.

>> No.30556132


Yeah, Rider seems like the best bet for someone closest to actually being the voices.

Each suggestion would be an individual with their own backstory and everything.

>> No.30556133

Thanks for running, man. Great thread as always.

See you next time.

>> No.30556137

Very nice. Thanks, Larro.

>> No.30556147

I'm just now catching up, but we might want to get JR some kind of nonlethal stun rounds for her guns.

If someone already said that, just ignore this post.

>> No.30556148

>General Colonel
>not Kernal
larry pls

>> No.30556149

This is probably because of the fanfic, isn't it?

>> No.30556153

Think of it this way. We now have 2,354 potential informants keeping an eye out for that killer cat.

And this >>30556069 is a good way to facilitate said exchange of information.

>> No.30556156

So MM is going to join the Hero Association? Neat!

>> No.30556159

The world wouldn't be able to handle it if the Voices of Chaos were able to manifest in it without a host.

>> No.30556160

Thanks for running, ya perv!

>> No.30556161


Thanks for running, Larro!

>> No.30556165

Awesome, thanks for running!

Once-in-a-blue-moon reminder that the updated Ebook can be found at http://pastebin.com/kbGzcbDb

>> No.30556172

> Bridgette with longer hair
Oh God, my heart.

>> No.30556173

You know, for an information specialist he sure is out of the loop.

>> No.30556174

Maroon Ranger Quest when?

>> No.30556180

Sora no Otoshimono.

>> No.30556185


>Curly hair

Bridgette is the cutest lesbian ever.

>> No.30556187

I recommend not posting the other group shot unless you censor the one guy

>> No.30556199

>unless you censor the one guy

For some reason this made me think there was a hero named Trigger Man, who had the power of "triggering" (tumblr style) people.

>> No.30556215


>> No.30556218

And another one. Sparkle changed a bit from her initial design.

>> No.30556231

So is Anti-Hero dead, or did she actually just quit?

>> No.30556250

It was said she quit.

>> No.30556254

She is very much alive.

>> No.30556260

We'll have to find out the next time we have a serious thread, probably.
That, see if Edgemurder is still alive, and if Cosplay Lass didn't change.

>> No.30556269

Is she functional?

>> No.30556284


Which part of her are we talking about here?

>> No.30556341 [SPOILER] 

Haha, no.

>> No.30556352


>> No.30556354

Fired for murdering another hero.

She hasn't been given any psychological help, so she's going to wind up being one of the magical girl villains.

We keep telling Rena and MGS to pay for AH's mental health care, but they never do it.

>> No.30556362

oh god why

>> No.30556368

antihero is kill


>> No.30556378

goddamnit they don't know about it but they really should check in
She quit! That's a legitimate excuse to catch up with her!

>> No.30556383

Such MGS.
Much cute.

>> No.30556390

Poor Anti-Hero. We should go visit her.

>> No.30556395


>There will never be a Hero Quest drawn entirely in chibi.

>> No.30556398

>very much alive
>confirmed potato
larro pls

>> No.30556405

> lying down there
> wondering every morning why her friends don't come visit
> a certain quantum cat pays her a visit

>> No.30556410

Rena doesn't know, but MGS does.
MGS was even complaining about how they don't decommission heroes properly.

>> No.30556415


Poor AH

>> No.30556416


>> No.30556417

So what ever happened to Pringle Guard?

>> No.30556422

If we're going to take Jade as our protege, we need to learn how to be a good teacher.
We need to find Raindrops, and ask her to teach us.

And find out whether her and Rena are related.

>> No.30556444


Maybe she just needs Magical Vampire Rena to cheer her up?

Let's be honest. She would just make it 10 times worse

>> No.30556454

>why her friends don't come visit
I think she might realize she doesn't have any due to being a creepy little shit.

>> No.30556467

We're not taking her as a protoge, we're just gonna be her friend.

>> No.30556476

Good lord man, that's great

>> No.30556480

She.... escaped?

>> No.30556500

why is that face so terrifying
is it the uncanny valley?

>> No.30556507

Her face scares me, other then that it's great

>> No.30556542


>> No.30556548

Posture's a bit weird.
Since when did she have tits?
Also, dear god that face.

>> No.30556549

How could you

>> No.30556554


>> No.30556568


>> No.30556569

oh god it's perfect

>> No.30556572

>I think she might realize she doesn't have any due to being a creepy little shit.
Pretty sure she had some friends.
But she killed them.

>> No.30556573


>> No.30556574

I should have known.

>> No.30556576

We can be both since she's our imouto now.

>> No.30556583


>> No.30556606

I don't know what the others are saying, I like the face. Looks realistic.You do good work
Now... Draw our new little sister.

>> No.30556627

She had a kid?

Pringle man is real....

>> No.30556644


>> No.30556647

or she made an egg with a can of pringles.

>> No.30556671

Dem freckles and ahoge

>> No.30556677

Or EM is adopted, hence the shouting.

>> No.30556683


Pringles provide everything a woman would ever need.

>> No.30556693

>Pringle man is real....
you ever doubted?

>> No.30556699

> the cat didn't appear before Pringle Guard escaped
> itallmakessensenow.jpg

>> No.30556716 [SPOILER] 

I'm sorry

I couldn't resist

>> No.30556725

>Or EM is adopted,
same skin tone

>> No.30556746

Rena quest needs more fanart. It already has all the fanfics it could ever need.

>> No.30556799

>everyone with the same skin tone is related
And their hair is different so fuck you.

>> No.30556806

>made on imgur

>> No.30556833

Can someone remind me who Pringle Guard is? I can't remember him at all.
Is it somehow related to Princess Guard?

>> No.30556834

>their hair is different
It's the same color as Pringle Man's mustache

>> No.30556858

One shot quest.

>> No.30556861


>> No.30556867

Pringles guard was a quest about just that.
A girl guarding a fabled can of pringles original.

>> No.30556880

Oh...poor antihero.

I have a sad for her.

The guilt must be overwhelming.

>> No.30556882

> http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/29866589/
Here you go.

>> No.30556893


>> No.30556926

Pringle Guard Quest was another quest by Larro. It was misarchived. Here are the links:


>> No.30556932

We'll help everyone, one hug at a time.

>> No.30556957

Ironically she's neither a hero nor an anti-one now.

>> No.30556971

or she was raped while in the psych ward

>> No.30557006

or it was a threesome because Mr. Pringle is too big for some places.

>> No.30557015

We can consult FATAL about that.

>> No.30557022

Thanks, will read now

>> No.30557061

Not exactly misarchived. You can still find it via the "Pringles" tag.

>> No.30557299

Must be too big. She has a negative anal circumference.

>> No.30557865


Posture was meant to be a bit wonky. Not really a normal pose. That being said, don't think I succeeded in conveying that. Doh well. I'll try to work on it for next time.


I have a bad habit of exaggerating facial expressions. Might be why this didn't work well. Combination of high eyebrow, the fang and the dark facial lines I think.

This any better? Much less animated, but hopefully a bit less crazy face.

>> No.30557926

You forgot the hat

>> No.30557966

She totes has the clip on focus from Cosplay. Just really hard to spot. Check the bang

>> No.30557980

Ah, there it is.
I just like hat Rena.

>> No.30558134


And one with a little hat.

>> No.30558159

Yes... This pleases me.
Seriously though, that looks great

>> No.30558200

larrroooo I am deeply worried about the side characters that need to be checked on which we do not check ooon!

>> No.30558223

Okay okay! Next chapter they'll be checked on. I promise.

>> No.30558236

Now to regret wishing on the monkey paw!

>> No.30558424


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