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How do you run a campaign where your Players are politically powerful figures - posses land, private armies and collect taxes, while keeping it strategy-light and RPG at it's core? How many statistics do you homebrew in a setting, before it turns into a spreadsheet simulator?

I'm looking at Pathfinder/GURPS system, if it makes a difference.

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You can kinda go with a sengoku rance-type view.
Have them walk around as commanders with troop types and numbers.
Combat is awesome like that.

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If you're worried about taxes I recommend using a six months/yearly taxation instead of a monthly one, as it'd significantly reduce spreadsheet nudging.

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Between Pathfinder and his pic I doubt OP is looking at a world where anyone would even consider anything but yearly taxes anyway.

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And rape as well?

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Hopefully not.

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Houses of the Blooded was made to run this game, anon.

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Reign has a system of statting up and simulating nations/groups that is built to be tacked on top of any other system.

GURPS has plenty of stuff if you didn't want it to be strategy-light.

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>GURPS has plenty of stuff if you didn't want it to be strategy-light.

Mmmmm...any recommendation?

This is in regards to Reign as well, but I talked this over with my party and they aren't up for learning a new system atm.

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Low-Tech: Philosophers and Kings gets down to the details of how much it costs and what is involved in building things for your holdings. May have more.

Mass Combat, obviously, for warfare. City States for statting up cities and towns.

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Thanks, I'll give it a look and if it's TOO complicated I'll look into dumbing it down.

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I think you may want to look into the game of thrones role playing game, it allows you to build your own noble house among other cool features

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If you wanted to play pathfinder, you could just use the rules governing the players kingdom in the Kingmaker adventure path, they are fairly generic and could be used in any campaign where one or more players holds a political position. Also probably either require the PCs to take leadership when its available, or, if you don't want to feat tax them, just give it as a bonus feat when they qualify.

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to add to this, a house rule I use when running RP heavy games is to give each PC one extra bonus skill point that must be spent on a craft, perform, or profession skill.

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Greg Stolze' REIGN.

Rock that shit and never look back. It's rooted in a medieval setting, and you can break its combat system six ways to sunday if your REALLY want to, but it was designed by a master game designer and it gives as much fiddliness as you want.

I love REIGN. You should check it out.

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Wasn't there a module called Kingmaker, which did Pretty Much That in Pathfinder?

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Sorta but not really. Ultimate Campaign has the rules that updated for kingdom building for pathfinder

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Kingdom rules are a travesty. That shit is only fun if you convince yourself that the illusion of running a kingdom is fun because the fluff and mechanics of it are pure shit.

Expecting decent mechanics out of Paizo is a fool's hope.

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Kingdom might be what you're looking for OP. It's made by the same guy that created Microscope.

It's very rules light, and not a real simulation at all. But it could be merged fairly easily with whatever campaign you want to do.

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One more thing about REING. Stolze himself encourages you to rip off the Company mechanics (the stuff that lets you run Kingdoms and shit) and plop them down into your preferred RPG of choice. YMMV whether the idea of a weird minigame like that with radically different mechanics from your current system works or not, but it's worth a shot all the same

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Make them so important that they delegate responsibility to faceless bureaucrats. Leaving them to go on adventures and lead armies and shit.

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play gurps

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They are more physically powerful than politically powerful. Like they have two hundred men at their command? Doesn't mean much to something like a dragon. So when the dragon comes around they have to get off their magic thrones and deal with it themselves.

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Magical Socity: Europe and Silk Road. We actually created an economy simulator here for towns using it that could easily be changed to what you need.. And with a little work and some basic spreadsheets you can create a self-sustaining macro that could resemble an economy.

Of course I use spreadsheets to keep track of weather, political plots, etc. all of the time, and just have them all linked to a list I can glance at that tells me what's going on (which I can then reference back the other sheets to to know what the fuck is going on). Takes about 5 seconds to know why the fuck the Kingdom of Wherever has some weird shit going on.

Never doubt the power of a good spreadsheet/program. Allows you to have verisimilitude, and can easily be taken with you from campaign to campaign with minimal muss and fuss.

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bump for interest.

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Yeah this. Never played it but me and friend did roll up a house and characters.

Has a combat-like system for social interactions and shit, and also rules for army combat I believe. In addition to normal combat for duels of course.

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>How do you run a campaign where your Players are politically powerful figures - posses land, private armies and collect taxes, while keeping it strategy-light and RPG at it's core?

>You don't.


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I don't think there's anything strategy heavy specifically about gurps here. The mass combat system maybe? I haven't read that though.


I do know though that I'd stay the fuck away from pathfinder. It got none of the mechanics you are looking for and the mechanics it got are detrimental for the style of game you want (some faggot rolls wizard and then pops on everyone else for starters).

Gurps probably works well because it gives your reasonable statistics for the value of having a high status or being a land owner. Besides that, taxes, land possession, armies and so for is a matter of logistics, not game design.

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Go the Rogue Trader route and just have off-screen NPCs take care of that shit for you.

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I do it by giving them competent advisors that handle the nitty gritty for them in non warfare situations, and very very light wargaming in war situations (basically they put their soldiers wherever, give the commands, and I tell them how the battle went)

Keeping statistics and stuff is a losing battle if you're not doing an actual wargame.

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>Magical Socity: Europe and Silk Road

Are those PnP or video games? Google seems to turn up nothing of value.

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>Plug in Magical Society Europe into Google
>First result has the shit

Stop needing people to chew your food for you son.

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IF everyone has domains, fiefdoms, and armies, why would they be wandering around and adventuring?

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Google results are slightly different for each person.

Also no need to be an asshole.

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Yes, there is. If you are given a set of basic search terms and unable to parse something out of them via Google? You're subhuman at this point. You're not useful to me at a job, you show a lack of understanding of the most basic technology. I'm sorry to think that a person able to browse a website could use basic Google to find search results.

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No, actually, there really is no need to be an asshole. You can have the same message without being a dick. And in this case you were wrong while calling that anon an idiot.

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>That anon

Welcome to 4chan bud, can't handle the heat, go back to whatever hugbox you crawled out of

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The problem isn't you being an asshole, it is you being an asshole while being wrong and acting smug about it.

And then for some reason you feel the need to call someone unable to find something due to google giving them different results a subhuman. And claim there is a need for you to do this.

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>I'm looking at Pathfinder/GURPS system, if it makes a difference

OP. I'm a Pathfinder fan. I love playing it, I'm going to my PF game tonight in fact.

Pathfinder does have systems for posses land, private armies and collect taxes. I'm less certain about GURPS so I'm not going to speak about it.

But Pathfinders main goal is adventuring. If you are focused on your PCs being adventuring heros, then PF is fine.
If not? Well... Then Pathfinder perhaps is not the right system. It's one thing to play PF and latch on a politically sub system. That's fine, but if the main focus is on the political things? Well PFs main focus is on Combat and spells. So perhaps now is a good chance to branch and out try something different.

I personally like Amber because it's a lot more free flow with the kind of armies and extra planar tanks you want to build. And if you don't like it there is no harm and jumping back into PF.

That's all.

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what is that, a pic for squats?

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Anyone know where I can find REIGN or the GURPS Kings supplement? Couldn't find anything on RS but I might just be retarded.

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