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Well I think she's alright.
Immune to STDs. Always a firm body for slamming against. Keeps temperatures well.
Mineral bitches don't get nearly enough love.

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Yeah, okay, enjoy your $10 castration.

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What is she? Some sort of dryad?

>> No.30395609

I'm guessing a Shardmind

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So she's a girl made of rock? Wouldn't that hurt to put your penis into?

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From what I remember shardminds can reconfigure their bodily composition a fair bit.
She does not need to be spiky at all.

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So animated crystal?

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Then what's the fucking point?

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The vagina, probably.

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That's not a point, that's a hole.

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Can the hole vibrate?

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If she's a Shardmind Bard, then yes.

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Can it pulse with heat and be ribbed for my pleasure?

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this thread is amusing

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Ever get one of those giant slabs of quartz, drill a hole into it and start fucking away?

Kinda like that.

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I guess they can shove a blowdryer into there or something to warm it up beforehand

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Wouldn't expanding and contracting rock radiant heat?
I mean volcanoes do it naturally.

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>Ever get one of those giant slabs of quartz, drill a hole into it and start fucking away?

Crystal fleshlights woo woo!

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Fuck if I know, I'm no geologist. My only specialty is putting my dick in things like women made of rock and crystal.

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What the fuck is going on in your life that this occurs to you?

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I wouldn't put any part of my body inside a volcano though.
lava seems a bit sticky.

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>Implying the slab of quartz wasn't asking for it with that outfit.

>> No.30403310


Access to a workshop, large quantities of cheap crystal, and extreme curiosity.

Wouldn't *you* stick your dick in a crystal vagina if given one?

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Or just relax in pile of rocks form by a fire.

All shardminds have a teleport that I believe is fluffed as going all Cryrax.

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Where do you think you are?

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Never change /tg/

I love you

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I am now imagining a policy where shardmind hookers must go through client after client in short succession to keep their holes warm with friction heat.

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They could just wear electric panties. Much more effective than friction, especially considering any customer is going to use lube.

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I've never done this. Wouldn't it hurt just as much to put it in quartz as in any other kind of rock?

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I'm taking a wild guess here and saying you've never touched a real vagina? Because crystal has exactly 0 of the things that are enjoyable about vaginas.

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Look at this ass.
This rock ass.

>> No.30403445

But it has all of the things that make a crystal vagina enjoyable.

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OP confirmed for Pygmalion.

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That's some firm booty

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You can crush a man's dick with that ass. Literally.

And not in the pleasurable way, more in the "sausage stuffing leaking out of a burst casing" style.

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I want to fuck it.

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That ass got hammered for months and it's *still* firm and juicy.

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> Holocene Age
> Not getting a blowjob from a sexy Mississippian gilf
> ishygddt

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It would probably hurt more than with other kinds of rock. Quarts is very card and you don't so much cut it as chip bits off of it. its all edges, all the time. Like glass but harder and crystalline.

I think if you put your dick into a quarts vagina, your dick will exit bleeding.

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Ha. Clever.

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Abrasion is AMAZINGLY unsexy.

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Looks more like teeth to me.

Thanks. I was hoping someone would get it.

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I tried.

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So fucking edgy.

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That ass won't start to sag when she gets old.

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Put googly eyes on it and you got a Chain Chomp.

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Couldn't you just polish it real fine?

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Ugh, too much orcanic jellybelly. 2/10, wouldn't bang.

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>TFW your wife thinks she's fat
>TFW she has the body type of classic marble statues

For the life of me I can't figure out why society thinks skeleton chicks are now sexy

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I once played an online game of 4e with a Smooth Shardmind woman made out of Amber.

It kind of broke down into an ERP with a Canadian dude who got a hard on from the though of a woman made of petrified Syrup.

I wish I was joking.

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fucking hell
amber isn't a fucking crystal
If you want to make a smooth shardmind, just use Opal, it's got an amorphous crystal identity

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This fucking thread.

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Quick, has anyone made a joke about getting your rocks off?

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if you want to fuck a rock, you can go alunite long

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Sometimes I take these solid ladies for granite.

>> No.30407181

of quartz not, /tg/ would not sink to such basic puns

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I think we might all be a little stoned right now.

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I dunno, maybe if you bought some velvet enchanted to transfer sensation it could work. Otherwise...

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Well no it's not.
But If you apply the same logic and intelligence that 4e's magic is based on, e.g. none, then you're got something that sounds perfectly legit.

Who doesn't want a petrified Syrup Waifu anyways.
Especially when she has JUST enough control over her body that her smooth breasts only grow noticeable nipples when aroused.

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And here I thought that the fun of playing a shardmind, much like playing a droid was to mock the fleshies for being fleshies.

That moment when another player gets shot and your line of questioning is "Something is wrong. Are you hungry? Sleepy? Need to mate with something? You best not be doing that "dying" thing. I don't have time for that"

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Shardminds can totally experience something much akin to dying from bleeding out if severely damaged, though. They don't have that "always at least succeed on death saving throws" ability the 'forged have.

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>Love golems and elementals
>See little Bismuth girl

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It's the Undead Agenda

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Just as I was putting the sarnie to my mouth, Anon. Just as I was putting the sarnie to my mouth.

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God dammit, wizard, that's not "your wife", that's a golem. Making it all curvy and dressing it up doesn't change the fact.

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oh god

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So Shardmind vagoos are warm and constantly squeezing your dick? What's not to like?

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>Especially when she has JUST enough control over her body that her smooth breasts only grow noticeable nipples when aroused.

B-But if she came, wouldn't your dick be stuck in her until some fat fuck unearths you, and then uses the blood stored within to create a park filled with female versions of you?

Not before putting your amber dick as the head of a cane, of course.

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We all have to die somehow, can you really think of a better way to go than sex with a syrup golem?

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>"Welcome... To Penile Park"
*Que music*

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>Nature finds a way.

>> No.30409282

>Buy Slaves
>Put their souls in Animated Crystal Bodies shaped like wimmenz
>???Sell to /tg/

>> No.30409289

>*Que music*


>> No.30409355

>Dick in tube filled with sharpened obsidian

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Did anyone say diamond hard nipples yet?
because diamond hard nipples

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>Not posting http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-w-58hQ9dLk

>> No.30410209

>giving superhuman bodies to people who probably hate you
What's the worst that can happen?

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I require more bismuth golems.
I don't care if they're female, I want more bismuth golems.

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That's a bloody nightgaunt.

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Say what you will, Pygmalion & Galatea was the most stable relationship in all of Greek Mythology.
That's right, "Pinocchio with a Realdoll" was the least fucked-up.

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I'm rock-hard right now.

>> No.30411969


Your move anon.

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I hope our relationship doesn't get off to a rocky start.

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If you want more shitty edits, you'll have to make them yourselves. Search for "Chain chomp chan" on /rs/

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Don't take what you have for Granite

>> No.30412255

Aw, come on, I'm willing to gravel.

>> No.30412273

It's coal, we can wipe the slate clean.

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Orpheus and Eurydice had a pretty rock solid marriage. The dude literally went to hell and back for her.

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Must be the awesome cleavage. But good luck getting some though, I heard that rock girls are really flaky.

>> No.30412547

Don't be greedy, or you'll be punished

>> No.30412550

Rolled 78

I really want to fuck a marble statue now.

Rolling for new fetish.

>> No.30412826

He had some serious trust issues that ruined the whole relationship, though.

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very nice. But it's been done. Vigorously.

>> No.30413263

Oh, come on, that is clearly just a wig and kneepads.

>> No.30413338

I chalk it up to inexperience

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Foolish girl, ice isn't a rock!

>> No.30417581

But it *is* a crystal, which is close enough for this thread.

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>mfw new fetish
god damnit

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This fucking thread.

I swear, /tg/ has made me create more porn folders than any other forum.

>> No.30420470

I know what mineral represents /tg/ in this thread.

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>> No.30420936 [SPOILER] 

You should have been here back in The Day(tm). This is the only one of the thri-kreen pictures I have that I might possibly be allowed to post still.

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>> No.30421307


Are they up on e621?

>> No.30421390


Yeh, I've been there for those. And more.

/tg/ has some really good drawfags. I haven't been on /tg/chan for a while though. I know a lot of /tg/ drawfags went there to post porn.

>> No.30421451


tgchan, e621, and several fur affinity accounts for all the rat ass you will ever need.

Plus some stuff you never even knew you wanted.

>> No.30421544

I forgot the term for when /tg/ and /d/ get together to make magic.

>> No.30421774

I-is that relicanth-maid? muh dicj

>> No.30421851

>thread starts with shardmind hooker
>somebody posts thri-kreens

and now we come full circle

>> No.30421856


We ge/tg/u/d/.

>> No.30421940

Bismuth is best for sexy golem girls
Prove me wrong

>> No.30421951

Technically ice is a mineral so it fits.

>> No.30421962

>Haven't been on /tg/ in a long time.
>Decide to visit.
>See this thread.

And so this night was well spent.

>> No.30421975

What are you on about

>> No.30422002

naturally occurring
regular chemical composition
ordered atomic structure

Fits all the criteria. Glaciers are made up of minerals.

>> No.30422027


While amber's not a crystal, as a canadian, I must say, motherfucking boner happenin right now.


>> No.30422101

>look it up
>Ice is recognized as a mineral by the International Mineralogy Association
You learn something new every day

>> No.30422122

It has a hole you just drilled in it, which is generally the most enjoyable thing about a vagina.

>> No.30422228

>this thread

>> No.30422336

>Trying to squeeze juice out of a rock.

Good luck with that.

>> No.30423223

just...gonna leave this here. totally not rock porn. just scientific interest.

>> No.30423256

Wouldn't that be rock guro? They cut that rock in half

>> No.30423288

you see a rock cut in half, i see exciting new possibilities.

>> No.30423393

That looks quite glassy...

>> No.30423557

You know it, baby

>> No.30423603

As in "you are going to cut your dick" glassy, I mean.

>> No.30423654

Now why would you think that?

>> No.30424330


You are correct. That is an animal.

>> No.30424802

I thought this was a Gneiss ass
. . . until i saw that it was full of Schist.

>> No.30425448

>Wouldn't that hurt
More like "wouldn't that require a rotary hammer"

>> No.30425804

Isn't there magic technology that makes anything fuckable?
Like, it's some sort of flower thing, you stick in on the side of the thing you want to fuck and can bring said object to an orgasm.

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>> No.30426078

Woops, wrong one.

>> No.30426214

that is a geode faced human woman. not a geode.

>> No.30426237

That isn't a rock, its an animal with really good camoflage

>> No.30426288

God, the DETAIL wrought in that sculpture never fails to amaze me.

>> No.30426298

>/tg/ manifesto.jpg

>> No.30427459

what animal?

>> No.30427865

some sorta shellfish IIRC

>> No.30428093

>not soft
>not moist

>> No.30428442


Exalted had that in their April Fools supplement.

Long story short, a mythical god-king fell in love with a mountain - not the god of the mountain, not the mighty elemental at its heart, but the mountain his self. And being a god-king who'd long ago gone full decadence, he invented the "Many-Stalked Flower of Delight", which plugged into two individuals and automatically translated their actions and reactions into a species-appropriate equivalent for their partner.

And then he fucked the mountain so hard that everyone nearby died in the ensuing eruption.

Fucking Solars, man.

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>> No.30430682

Fucking Solars indeed.

>> No.30432552

>Many-Stalked Flower of Delight
Don't need a drawfriend to know what that is.

>> No.30434256

I do.
Flowers only need one stalk. Is it one flower?
A bunch of flowers? Maybe all the stalk come to a single point flower?

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>> No.30435319

>implying you wouldn't do the same thing

>> No.30435412


>> No.30435467

something tells me its something like this

>> No.30435879

>"Hey baby, like what you see?"

>> No.30436109

Those aren't petals.

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