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A number of anons wanted me to make a new thread about the story of how I was kicked from my gaming group, cause they seem have contacted my GM and want his side of the story to be posted too. I suppose that's fair so here you go. I will repost my story in this thread too so people are not confused.

I hope the mods are not mad at me for making a third thread about this topic.

My Story.

So for the past six months or so I've been with a gaming group. We played A Song of Ice and Fire RPG and Monsterhearts every week. They were a pretty good group, had fun. Sometime there could be disagreements but nothing you wouldn't find in any other group. Then about a month ago this new girl joins our group, and then things start getting weird.

My first indication that something was amiss came during a Monsterhearts session. The party was down in the sewers fighting a Kraken that had been kidnapping teenage girls from the local highschool. In the middle of the battle two miniature versions of the Kraken come up out of the water and attack us. At this point I said "My god! So that's why its been kidnapping teenage girls!"

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I thought this would be a good joke. Its the sort of joke I had made before with this group before and they had found it funny. However they DM turns to me and says "I've warned you about saying stuff like that before. I think its crass, and there are ladies present. If you don't stop I'm going to ask you to leave." Which I found rather strange because he had never said anything to me about my jokes before and usually laughed. I would have talked to him about it after the game but there was this cute girl who had been with the group from the start that I wanted to ask her out and I went to have coffee with her instead. So I just never got around to asking the DM what was up.

So I avoided sex jokes. However during subsequent sessions other people were making sex jokes including the GM and he never said anything to them about it. Which was also quite weird. Anyway we continued to have sessions until last Sunday.

I had never talked to the new girl all that much, so before the game I engaged her in conversation and she seemed nice enough. After the session the group decided to go to a restaurant to get some coffee and something to eat. I ended up sitting across from the new girl and since we had, had a nice conversation before the game I wanted to talk to her some more. She had told me that she was married, so I wasn't looking to date her or anything but I thought I might make a friend. She mentioned that she had been to university, I'm in university and so was interested to know what she studied. She told me Gender Studies.

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In retrospect as soon as she said Gender Studies I should have probably stopped right there. However up until that point she had stuck me as being nice and reasonable person. I have had bad experiences with Gender Studies majors on the internet, but I figured that was just the internet.

So I asked her what Gender Studies was about to make conversation and she told me it was all about examining gender roles in society and how they work and how they affect people. I said that I was interested in this kind of thing too because I grew up without a dad and so have spent a lot of time wondering how to be a man and what it means to be a man in today's society.

She shook her head and said no Gender Studies is more about deconstructing gender roles because they force people into certain ways of thinking. I responded talking about how I wished there was more of an emphasis on gender roles in society because like I said I don't know what it means to be a man, I don't really feel like an adult even though I'm in my 20s and I wish I had something like a defined gender role to help guide me. Like give me some clue as to what kind of person I want to be cause I have no fucking idea.

Anyway the conversation went like that for awhile. The conversation went from talking about how, no gender roles really were bad, to how she has been combating sexism in the tabletop gaming community for years now. How male gamers give her grief because she is a woman and she hasn't proven her nerd cred. And how at cons she runs workshops to teach DMs how to create female friendly campaigns.

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>inb4 whiteknighting GM

>inb4 drama all over the town of Toronto

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That was how we got onto the topic of "Doing the Wenches" I had never heard this term before. Its used to describe how "traditional male gamers" (she kept using that term) will stop at an inn and seduce the tavern wenches and have sex with them, even if it has nothing to do with the story. I was confused by this and told her that I do that with my characters all the time. Why is this a bad thing?

It is important at this point to note that I never graphically described sex with the wenches or the elven princesses and what not. When we walk into the tavern I'll just I roll to seduce the barmaid and It fades to black and we all have a good laugh. Like during our Song of Ice and Fire campaign I played a lusty fighter type and after the big tournament when everyone when to stay at the inn I said "Screw that, I've been on the road for weeks, I'm going to stay in the most expensive brothel in the city!"

So she spends the next half hour explaining to me why the practice of "Doing the Wenches" was bad. Primarily because there is no reason to include sex in the campaign when it doesn't have anything to do with the story, and doing so can make female gamers uncomfortable. I didn't get why it would make female gamers uncomfortable. I mean I suppose it might make some people male or female uncomfortable and yeah if they talked to me about it I'd tone it down. However it seemed unreasonable to say that "Doing the Wenches" was in itself wrong and should never be done at all, even if everyone at the table is okay with it. She then asked me how I would feel if she just started having sex for no reason? I told her I wouldn't have any problem with it. And to try and lighten to mood I told her she could seduce all the barmaids she liked.

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One of the guys in the group started laughing at this. Then she glared at him, he stopped laughing, and started telling me that actually in all seriousness it is wrong to do that. She turned to the rest of the group and asked all of them at once whether or not "Doing the wenches" was disrespectful to women. They all started nodding and agreeing with her. Those same guys who laughed at all my jokes before she joined and had made the same jokes themselves mind you.

So we all go home, things seem fine. Then this evening I get an email saying that my group has kicked me out.

This requires some explaination. I belong to and met my group on a website that roleplayers in Toronto can use to connect with each other called Toronto Area Gamers (http://www.meetup.com/Toronto-Area-Gamers/) . Its a really big part of the roleplaying community where I live there are like 1500 members. Its how I met my group and how we organized games.

So this evening I go on the website to check when the next game is and it says one of the sites mods has banned me. I try to figure which one so I can email them. It doesn't say which mod specifically, however it does say that the girl who joined our group and I had that conversation with is a mod and one of the co-organizers of the site. She seems to be something of a bigwig the Toronto roleplaying community.

The email notifying me of my ban said that the site had received several complains about disruptive behavior and harassment and so I was banned. It also informed me not to try to participate in any events that the site is part of or else "The proper authorities will be notified" I'm not exactly sure what that means but it sounds ominous.

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Reposting from last thread because this is some stupid shit.

> Fade to Black
> Not PG-13
You should have used a better analogy because fade to black IS PG-13. Seriously, that's what PG-13 movies with sexual content they don't want to be explicit about do.

Anything less is PG, which is kind of stupid in a game where characters have professions like "ram my sword through this sentient creature's entrails and then behead it because my god said so".

Sex and violence in most tabletop RPGs is at least on the level of most PG-13, if not R-rated movies.

Also, you're forgetting that they were playing A Song Of Ice And Fire RPG. FUCKING ASOIAF! If you want to play in a campaign where the original source material is chock full of depraved sex and murder, where characters frequently sleep with tavern wenches every chance that get, the queen cannot stay in power on virtue of being a woman, and the only women who have made names for themselves were able to do so through sheer brute strength or being queen of dragons, you shouldn't be trying to play the game as an enlightened 21st century feminist. It clashes horribly with the setting. More so than sexing the wenches does.

If the others were twisting setting and story content as well as the way they were playing for six months prior just for one chick who just joined, they are the ones in the wrong. It doesn't hurt to consider that the reason they did so was to avoid her ire and thus avoid getting excommunicated in the same way OP has. Perhaps OP was the only one who didn't know she was a mod.

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OP, rather than making more threads about this, maybe you should just forget about it and move on with your life.

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Why are you posting this thread again? It's just copypasta now. Polite sage

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So there it is /tg/. Not only have I been kicked from my group but I think I may been blacklisted by a significant chunk of the Toronto roleplaying community. And as if that wasn't enough while I was writing this up an anon posted a screencap of my old group mocking me on the website behind my back. Pic related. Also while the second thread was up I took a look at the Meetup site and Patrick (who was the DM I was talking about) seems to have noticed I found out that he was making fun of me behind his back and deleted his comment.

If there is anything that can be taken away from all this it is this: fuck that SJW cunt, and fuck those balless dicks who I thought were my friends. They deserve the hell that is each other.

The End

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Thanks OP I cum on arts degree it his at penis.

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wait, I'm from there.

what's it got to do with this story?

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All this samefagging

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Because of this OP is forbidden from gaming in Tuhrontow

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I got a number of requests to make a new thread about this. They were saying I should give the people in the group a chance to speak. I thought I might as well. (shrug)

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sup OP

>> No.30374342

We demanded he did because someone contacted his gaming group. We want to hear their side of this.

OP may be amusingly humiliated with their story of how awful he is or they may be just as bad as he makes them out to be.

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I signed up for the Toronto RP community.

>> No.30374378

Do you have a post from someone? or are you just going to leave this this thread up and hope they see it?

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>wait, I'm from there.
I'm very sorry to hear that. That sounds like a difficult condition to live with.

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>can't check for samefag

doesn't surprise me, OP. you had to have a tutorial in tripfagging so you could spam this shit.

>> No.30374406

So Patrick doesn't even deny it?

Seems OP is telling the truth.

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To anyone expecting the full truth from either party in this story: I have some prime real estate in the middle of the Atlantic to sell you.

>> No.30374417

>all this inability to check for samefagging by yourself

Dude, 3rd wave feminists a shit, you learned your lesson, now please stop bringing up all this SJW garbage. /pol/ exists for a reason

>> No.30374418

Please, just let us have fun.

>> No.30374419

If things are as you say then it sucks for you and I hope you get together a new group soon.
If not, well, I don't really care.
6/10 mildly interesting tale.

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Email Anon here. I just got the other side of the story. I had to say that no one else would message them, but we all know I have no power here.

This wasn't a sudden "bang!"moment where he was escorted out or even kicked(if it happened, which I would have heard of) or to do with Kate joining Monsterhearts. This has been happening since September of last year(which, I guess, is when he started). Suggestions, then offers, then warnings. Lots of complaints from gamers about his behaviour and rudeness. Thats what he had until now, when, like a coward, he cried online because he wants people to pat him on his head and say "Shame on them! They were so mean to you widdle Robert"(I expect they'd be dumbing it down a bit).

Here,in story book format, is the tale of Robert.

Robert was a coward who, since he could not have sex with anyone in real life (because of his abhorrent behaviour) would have sex with NPC's for no reason in the RPG's but to make himself feel better about himself while eating skittles, KFC(okay, an embellishment), fast food and ju jubes and rubbing his hand over his thinning hairline.

While nobody understood why he would do this type of gameplay, since there was no point in the story for sleeping with random NPC's and it made the others uncomfortable after the first few minutes, he would do it for no reason, screaming out for the other tables to hear about "fucking the whores"at all times. When asked to change his behaviour several times for the comfort of the group, he would constantly state that it was "funny", though no one ever laughed for a second when one of his jokes was made! When we didn't laugh, he would throw a tantrum.

>> No.30374441

To be fair, I'm expecting that OP's story is a hell of a lot closer to the truth than any rebuttal from his SJW-whipped group members.

>> No.30374453


Making random harems of women in some games(Apocalypse World) and calling women whores in others(ASOIAF) spending hours searching for them and ignoring the main story, he stalked the young ukrainian lady and followed her around, while she was friendly to everyone(at TAG), but she slowly felt harassed by his actions. He didn't understand. Why would anyone hate being followed around and pursued when she had already had a boyfriend? She'd eventually understand ROBERT was the one for her, of course!

Often he would try to make the RPG's all about him, shouting at the event hosts when the stories didn't follow his exact path or he didn't think that he had got enough "screen time" as he searched for his valyrian steel sword, which I refused to give him exactly at the start of the game(because the weapon was overpowered).

When he had previously made a joke about tentacle rape in the game of "Monsterhearts"(before Kate had even joined) he joked and it was mentioned that he should tone down the tentacle rape jokes, as it could be offensive to others, as well as discomfiting to us. Refusing to listen, he made the same joke the next week hoping to get a laugh, but was shut down(as the GM was trying to keep him from getting kicked out by her). Becoming sulky and refusing to take part in the story, making an NPC asian girl he hoped to sleep with in game. But the baby didn't get his way! Another PC slept with her instead! How he complained!

Many times trying to make the games all about him(even in ASOIAF, which played much like D&D), he refused to listen about context for sleeping with NPC's in game and letting other peoples stories unfold as well as his own, which seemed to play him out as the hero and the only character of the story to follow, while it was really team based and about everyone, while he treated everyone else like dirt.

>> No.30374470

No. This guy: >>30374342 Said he was going to get one. I personally am losing interest in this subject. Was angry last night, posted on 4chan, made me feel better and someone in Toronto emailed me about forming a new gaming group so I don't really care about this anymore. But the above guy and some other anons wanted more drama so I thought if I didn't make this thread they would anyway.

>> No.30374478

Please see:


>> No.30374479


Finally, when he decided to get in a feminist debate with the event organizer at a restaurant(despite some of the group signalling him and TELLING him to stop, as he was chatting about "doing the wenches" constantly, about how it didn't matter if he talked about it. We all knew it could be offensive to everyone around(as well as to the girl that he was creeping on, who was sitting a few seats over from him).

Since I never heard of the police escorting anyone out, nor the girl who he was creeping on mentioned him at any of her games or talked about "feeling like being raped" to me, this leads me to believe that this encounter was made up by him(GASP!)to get support, as he was kicked out Monday morning(the morning after his wenches speech)and couldn't go to anymore games(which are usually in the evening).

The End.

Nice try Robert, but the people who laughed at you on here are right. You're just searching for a way to get support however you can. Like Rob Ford trying a dozen things to get people to like him. Any lie will do.

The event organizer is married, everyone at the meetups knows this. The reason we stepped in was not because of wanting sex.It is because Robert is retarded and we believe he was wrong. We did the same about his stupid jokes over fifty times BEFORE she came in and he refused to listen when we offered him choices to try to tone down the jokes, his homophobia(which took place in Monsterhearts) and his attempts to make the games all about him.

She didn't decide to kick him out(since she had the conversation about the wenches with him, she couldn't because it could be seen as personal), but a group of people who had played with him before and hated his gaming style, his crude and insulting remarks, his homophobia and his creepiness all complained and voila! No more baby crying about wanting to find his sword.

If he wanted to play a game all for himself, he should go and play Yu-Gi-Oh. Thats the type of gaming he caters to.

>> No.30374482

>guys take this with a grain of salt
>no don't disrupt my fantasy, its fun, which makes it perfect.

>> No.30374493

didnt get it

>> No.30374500

Now I ask again, that we leave the group alone. It looks like Robby-poo is the creeper.

>> No.30374502

You know, I was skeptical, but I gotta say, this account convinced me.
That OP had it right.

>> No.30374522

Don't you enjoy stories ?

>> No.30374526

> though no one ever laughed for a second when one of his jokes was made!
> When we didn't laugh, he would throw a tantrum.

Why would that random guy's word be worth more than the tripfag's, though, Anon?

>> No.30374542

No, his account seemed even more biased than OP's account.

>> No.30374546

So, rather than actually giving a simple "here's why he was kicked out", we're getting a "nuh-uh, OP is lying!" section by section from his original thread. Based on that, and particular bits of the writing style and tone...
>my SJW bullshit meter is warbling at a high frequency

>> No.30374555

Why would a tripfag's word be worth anything ?

>> No.30374557

Does this guy's writing style grate on anybody else?

>> No.30374568

Lol, most amusing

>> No.30374570

Haha, okay, I cracked the fuck up.

Both sides are biased, but I got what I wanted. An amusing story and argument.

I'm curious about the global site ban he never brought up in his story though.

Obviously neither side reads as totally legit. I'm not really buying the DM's excuse fully. Robby seems to be a socially inept That Guy but the group also seems to be partially composed of tools.

That DM seems to be reeeeaaaaally skeezing me out.

>> No.30374574

absolutely, but that doesn't mean I can't look at them critically, question the writers motives, or decide that I don't like certain ones.

and It certainly doesn't mean I'm going to email Bluebeard asking him to defend the secret chamber from his perspective.

>> No.30374586

>Since I never heard of the police escorting anyone out, nor the girl who he was creeping on mentioned him at any of her games or talked about "feeling like being raped" to me, this leads me to believe that this encounter was made up by him(GASP!)to get support, as he was kicked out Monday morning(the morning after his wenches speech)and couldn't go to anymore games(which are usually in the evening).

This was stated in the first thread to be someone posing as OP. Way to be an illiterate, guy.

>> No.30374597

especially a newfag who had to be told how to even become a tripfag.

>> No.30374605

>Robert was a coward who, since he could not have sex with anyone in real life (because of his abhorrent behaviour) would have sex with NPC's for no reason in the RPG's but to make himself feel better about himself while eating skittles, KFC(okay, an embellishment), fast food and ju jubes and rubbing his hand over his thinning hairline.

This sounds like textbook feminist shaming tactics. This white knight is no doubt being fed every word by his feminist overlady.

>> No.30374611

I think both stories are skewed bullshit. I think the truth is somewhere in between. OP sounds like the classic case of one sided sympathy bait we always see and the response is gratingly aggressive and insulting to an almost unrealistic point. likely as not is was just fabricated by an anon.

>> No.30374615

He reminds me of the worst GM I've ever encountered, who, along with being creepy as fuck, would respond to things he found funny with the word "lawl". He never laughed. He never chuckled. "Lawl."

I hated that fucker. Left his group after one session but even having him in proximity was awful.

>> No.30374624


>> No.30374633

>This sounds like textbook feminist shaming tactics.

This, entirely.

>> No.30374635

Oh, I absolutely endorse critical thinking. I don't believe either version of the story, but it's just so fun to read each side's version and see the whole thing unravel.

>> No.30374641

You do know how to sage right?

>> No.30374651

Well at least one of the other men in the group seems to be a Fedoran. And that Mark guy grins like an asshole.

I do have to admit the foreign girl seems totally chill though. It's a shame she's hanging out with any of them.

>> No.30374657

Nah, I was just doing as I was asked to fulfill my end of the bargain for the story. I thought my mirth over it was clear by me refering to the OP as Robby-poo

>> No.30374668

Also doesn't mention how I Always brought snacks for everyone. Like I did bring skittles. But I would pour them into a bowl in the centre of the table for everyone to have.

>> No.30374670

sage doesn't appear in the field anymore.

>> No.30374682

You're not being serious, right ?

>> No.30374683

>inb4 we get a claim that only OP would eat them

>> No.30374694

can you tell us about the time you rescued a dog from an exploding busfire?

>> No.30374696

Holy shit can't you people act like fucking adults?
OP is baiting for sympathy on the internet and the dude responding sounds like a complete twat with his insults.

>Nobody laughs
>When we didn't laugh
Now did they or did they not laugh?

This is stupid, both parties are stupid, I'm stupid for even commenting on this. Grow up and talk it amongst yourself.

>> No.30374699

>spending hours searching for them and ignoring the main story
The few GMs I've had have never let this slide unless the whole party goes along with it and insists. So if everyone hated him it wouldn't really go his way. Seems bullshitty.

>> No.30374712

> I thought my mirth over it was clear by me refering to the OP as Robby-poo
That just makes you sound like a trannie.

>> No.30374725

Nonsense! The dude IS obviously sympathy baiting but his group also does sound like total twats.

It was brought to our attention so we should now amuse ourselves by publicly mocking and harassing everyone involved.

>> No.30374727

yeha, we're forgetting that he has no real way to take any control they dnt give him

>when we didnt laugh
doesnt mean that sometimes they did. I think he just means when they didnt laugh at his jokes, as in every time.

I agree its all stupid though

>> No.30374733


Show us a picture of yourself op prove you don't have a thinning hair line.

>> No.30374738

We know that, why are you telling us ? Did you honestly think anyone besides OP was taking those threads seriously ?

>> No.30374739

I wouldn't really say that.
They're talking basically exactly like how /tg/ would talk about a That Guy.

>> No.30374784

Sure, but I'm amused by the prospect of him being a That Guy to a group of feminism loving white knights.

The DM for that group is a massive tool.

>> No.30374789

>Making random harems of women in some games(Apocalypse World)
In Apocalypse World. The game that has a hooker as a class with the ability to paralyze people by stripping. And one of the other classes can earn barter by pimping. Geeze Rob, what were you thinking?

>and calling women whores in others(ASOIAF)

Okay, so Rob is socially awkward, and didn't get that his group of thin-skinned faggots wanted a PG game in systems with very un-PG settings. He also committed the crime of being attracted to a woman who was not attracted to him.

>> No.30374794

Something about your writing makes me want to kill you... Not sure what it is...

>> No.30374797

Just saw this, and thought "A second thread for this kind of bullshit?"

Oh well, if everyone is taking the chill pill then I'm fine.

Really, harassing? If that floats your boat, I guess. Mocking is fun, though. God damn these guys seem like total fucking childs.

>> No.30374799

Yeah, and 90% of That Guy stories are utter bullshit.
Just like 584214% of statistics on the internet

>> No.30374835

in the same way I'm sure you wouldn't want an SJW player joining your group, I'm sure that crowd isn't thrilled about him joining theirs.

I'm not picking sides here or saying I agree with social justice stuff, but all this seems really like it could benefit from a live and let live kinda policy.

>> No.30374838

Eh. I guess I'm not really incensed enough to go DDOS their site or hack their private photo stocks to find nude pics to send to their grandma via facebook or anything.

I guess I'll stick with the mocking. Yeesh, what a bunch of tools.

Robbie is obviously socially awkward, but these people are worse in their own way.

>> No.30374861

>calling women whores in ASOIAF

It's like you never read the books.

>> No.30374863

>tutorial in tripfagging
Making the OP recognizeable in a thread where he posts a multi-post story is the exact reason trips exist and their only justifiable use.
Which is the case here.

So fuck off newfag.

>> No.30374867

>Implying SJW ever accept live and let live policies
>Implying they don't operate like a cult
Whatever floats your boat, I guess.

>> No.30374877

>Becoming sulky and refusing to take part in the story, making an NPC asian girl he hoped to sleep with in game. But the baby didn't get his way! Another PC slept with her instead! How he complained!
So is sleeping with random NPCs okay or not? Or is it just wrong when OP does it?

It seems like there was a lot of selective outrage and hypocrisy coming from this group.

>> No.30374883

It always boggles my mind that people seem to respond to those with genuine interest and rage when they are the most obvious bullshit ever.

>I was being really cool and awesome but then this cliched ball of stereotypes you all hate showed up and starting eating a full diaper while min-maxing/not min-maxing.

>> No.30374885

>This entire thread
>The entirety of the previous threads

>> No.30374888

Yeah no kidding. ASOIAF, where every other word is either "whore" or "cunt".

>> No.30374904


I dont even know who to hate anymore. I guess i'll just hate all of you idiots

>> No.30374905

Sure. But we got a response which more or less confirmed the truth in a rather backhanded way.

These people ARE vapid cunts.

>> No.30374911

>Robby seems to be a socially inept That Guy

I have to dissagree. I think Bob comes across as a pretty level-headed, chill dude in his write-up, whereas the group guy comes across as an overly butthurt SJW-whipped cunt (constantly making a pointout of how much of a hateful, unlikable creep Robert is).

Or maybe Robert is the kind of manipulative cunt who knows how to write in a sympathetic manner. I wouldn't expect that kind of person to spam his story on 4chan for support but then again, RP'ers can be incredibly deluded.

I suspect what really happened is, Robby's group decided to try to whiteknight the SJW grill because she's a mod in the community or whatever, and so decided to retroactively start disliking sex in their RPG's etc. I mean come the fuck on - a group of roleplaying nerds that genuinely get offended at rape innuendo ?

>> No.30374922

And it contributes as little to the story as nipples on a breastplate

>> No.30374925

Because I've met people like that? Because most That Guy stories don't feature someone as bad as a few guys I've had as a GM or fellow group member?
>no, I didn't stick around, so I don't have any juicy stories to tell

>> No.30374927

His problem was that he had to be explained how it worked, nigger. Not the tripfagging itself.

Also holy shit, what did you do this time moot, fuck you I want my quick reply back.

>> No.30374930

I could buy that.

>> No.30374940

It sounds like everybody involved are kind of douchey.

>> No.30374948

>everyone has privilige!
>You are born with sin! repent repent!

social justice warrior cultists

>> No.30374950

Yeah, this. I also like how the "gender is bad" people cite his thinning hairline, a masculine trait (its due to testosterone's effect on the hair follicles) that is, in present day, linked to unmanlihood when insulting him.

>> No.30374960

Clearly, this means that Rob was an excellent roleplayer whilst his peers didn't even bother to read the basics of their setting.

>> No.30374966

Just update 4chanX

>> No.30374982


>> No.30374983

Or switch to appchanx if you were previously using oneechan or something.

>> No.30374997

I use Opera 12.16, I have to use the old 4chanx v2.
Opera 16 blows dicks, I'm not downloading that shit.
I had to copy and paste your post numbers manually. ;_;

>> No.30375002

And ? Him being recognizeable doesn't mean his point of view isn't subjective.

>> No.30375004

>I brought snacks
>everything is now forgiven

>> No.30375016

that doesn't mean he shouldn't have known how to do it in the first place.

>> No.30375035

I've been on 4chan for 8 years and don't know how to tripfag.

I see that as more of a plus than a character flaw.

>> No.30375036

Why don't you just go and start using w3m.

>> No.30375047

>I brought snacks
>chances are I am not as huge a faggot as Patty tried making me out to be
>alternatively I am an unlikable, firendless creep who did it to try and come across as likeable the same way a frustrated nice guy will let a girl step on him in the belief that he will get laid

We will never know

>> No.30375049

I'm serious. I had read some threads on /tg/ on how to be a good gamer and one of the suggestions was to bring snack. So I usually brought a bag of pretzels or candy or whatever and offered them to everyone.

I do actually have a thinning hairline. Damn genetics means I've been going bald since I was 19.


>> No.30375054

No, that's a character flaw. It means you haven't read the FAQ.


>> No.30375055

But you know how to read the FAQ, where tripfagging is explained.

>> No.30375058

My other browser is Links2, sorry.

>> No.30375070

>/k/omrade here
The comments on his sexuality remind me of anti-gunners. "Oh, you have a gun? Are you compensating for something?"
>No, I just have fun shooting it. Why are you and your people so obsessed with my junk?

>what is it about SJWs and their obsession with the genitalia and sex lives of others?

>> No.30375077

You gotta start with pizza and pizza bites, a crate of soda and Pringles, Doritos, and three kinds of dip.

Any gaming group that doesn't worship you for that is made of sterner stuff than any I've ever faced.

Skittles alone ain't gonna cut it.

>> No.30375081


>> No.30375083

It is nice to bring snacks, yes, but a dick who brings snacks is still a dick.

>> No.30375087

>Why would A tripfag's word be worth anything ?
>Why would THE tripfag's word be worth anything ?

Do you recognize the difference between these two sentences?
Do you still know which one you wrote?
It should become pretty clear why I called you out then.

>> No.30375097

>I'm serious. I had read some threads on /tg/ on how to be a good gamer and one of the suggestions was to bring snack. So I usually brought a bag of pretzels or candy or whatever and offered them to everyone.
I'm one of the guys who is supportive of you but seriously that'-s pretty creepy/weird mate

>> No.30375105

>You gotta start with pizza and pizza bites, a crate of soda and Pringles, Doritos, and three kinds of dip.
>Any gaming group that doesn't worship you for that is made of sterner stuff than any I've ever faced.

Dude, you bring me not one, but three kinds of tobacco for a game? I am yours forever.

>> No.30375117

>I have to dissagree. I think Bob comes across as a pretty level-headed, chill dude in his write-up
Bobby Boucher up there literally pulled the "but everyone else was doing it and I was the only one that got in trouble!" excuse when talking about his tentacle rape jokes.
He can't for the life of him pick up even the slightest social cues, and all the shit you think they're 'bending backwards' for the gender studies lady sounds like long standing frustrations with the guy. Nobody would talk shit behind his back in a place he can't even browse anymore if it was just some flash in the pan feud brought on because of a new member, especially about the goddamn METRIC SYSTEM of all things.

>> No.30375128

Well, he was raised by a single mother. I doubt he knows how to socialize.

>> No.30375140

They're all different flavors of Kodiak dip though. Rejected variations on Cherry.

Wut. Bringing a snack and offering it to the group isn't creepy. Unless you're being sarcastic.

>> No.30375153

>They're all different flavors of Kodiak dip though. Rejected variations on Cherry.

>> No.30375164

That the dude is socially awkward is obvious. I mean,


I shudder.

But the group reads like a bunch of SJW tools which are a bigger issue than one socially awkward dude.

>> No.30375186

>But the group reads like a bunch of SJW tools which are a bigger issue than one socially awkward dude.
How do they act like SJR tools?

>> No.30375188

Just a word of advice. This is an image board. Using emoticons or such bullshit is redundant when you can easily upload a picture that display whatever facial expression or feeling you're trying to convey.
Don't type out thing like (grins) or (shrug). Just don't.

>> No.30375225

>Bobby Boucher up there literally pulled the "but everyone else was doing it and I was the only one that got in trouble!" excuse when talking about his tentacle rape jokes.

It seems like that's exactly what was happening.

>While nobody understood why he would do this type of gameplay, since there was no point in the story for sleeping with random NPC's
> Becoming sulky and refusing to take part in the story, making an NPC asian girl he hoped to sleep with in game. But the baby didn't get his way! Another PC slept with her instead! How he complained!

Not okay for Robert to sleep with random NPCs, but hilarious when another player does it.

>> No.30375231 [DELETED] 

Have you been reading the thread? People pointed out numerous little tics in the story itself that read like Social Justice Warrior faggotry.

Plus the initial rejection of OP was because his story was too ludicrously SJW filled for us to just swallow whole. It read like rage bait.

But the response more or less confirms it.

They're fucking tools, man. Probably voted for Rob Halford and everything.

>> No.30375242


>> No.30375243


>Aggressive hateful comments from the very beginning
>Coward, sexless, abhorrent
>We were all about women's privilege in ASOIAF from the start!
>We didn't try to seduce the NPCs because that's bad
>Except for that one time we did, and boy we made him mad!
>Did we laugh or didn't we?
>Sudden claims of homophobia at the end there with no mentions of it previously

I have no doubt Robert has a good helping of 'that guy' in him but regardless the group is a bunch of neo-femnazi pussy whipped, brainless, dickless, hopeless, try-hard, brown-nosing, bunch of lint lickers.

>> No.30375271

Look at some of these posts being made right now. Just fucking look.

>> No.30375282

Is it bad if I alternately seduce barmaids and barmen?

>> No.30375305

Depends on the setting.

>> No.30375306

What about Barhermaphrodites?

>> No.30375325 [DELETED] 


>> No.30375334

They prefer the shorter term 'barmaphrodites'.

>> No.30375349

>Not Barmaphrodites

>> No.30375351

Half human, half counter?

>> No.30375356

Your tears are delicious. Remind me to bring tobacco to all my future games.

>> No.30375373

Oh god what the fuck, it works fine in a /vg/ thread. It just won't work in all but one.

>> No.30375376

>People pointed out numerous little tics in the story itself that read like Social Justice Warrior faggotry.
Because 'SJW' is a knee jerk insult that literally everyone on this goddamn site throws around like confetti.
And, y'know, that was all written from his perspective. Of fucking course he's going to make out everyone else to be the bad guy in this situation.

I am.
And I don't see anything other than the usual 4chan affair of calling everyone a SJW.

>> No.30375399

Everyones an idiot. Embrace that.

>> No.30375401

>butthurt sjw detected

>> No.30375409

Are you sure you know what a SJW is?

>> No.30375420

>I use Opera 12.16, I have to use the old 4chanx v2.
Then just use appchanx, its a 4chan x v2 clone/continuation.

>> No.30375460

No no no, they're half man, half woman, and all hardwood.

>> No.30375470

wow you sure showed him.

>> No.30375480

Do go on.

>> No.30375485

I started reading this thread when I was taking my morning shit and its still going.

...so whats the count on how many times the word "Autist" has been used ITT so far?

>> No.30375495

So far you broke the record with one. Congratulations, I guess.

>> No.30375496

A simple control+f would give you the answer.

Once, your post.

>> No.30375501

f3 is a pretty cool button. but then I guess you couldn't post an image macro.

>> No.30375537

I'm anti-gun, but I just have a problem with asshole gun owners. I think there are too many assholes in anti-gun camps (as in SJW camps) that detract from the central arguments - we probably all agree that the proliferation of illegally owned firearms / sexism are bad things.

>> No.30375548

>Aggressive hateful comments from the very beginning
>Coward, sexless, abhorrent
So they're a bit rude. Just like every other adult on the planet.

>We were all about women's privilege in ASOIAF from the start!
It's a tabletop game, Anon. It's possible to still like the source material without wanting to be exactly identical in your tabletop game based on it.
If I run a campaign set in the American south that doesn't give any player the right to go around calling every black man a nigger, doubly so if the people in my group frown upon those kinds of slurs.

>We didn't try to seduce the NPCs because that's bad
>Except for that one time we did, and boy we made him mad!
I read it over twice and I honestly don't see anything about the group frowning upon the mere act. They didn't like it in Rob's case because he made a point of it to the detriment of the game, which he even admitted to himself, e.g. the 'lusty fighter type.'

>> No.30375568


>> No.30375580

>If I run a campaign set in the American south that doesn't give any player the right to go around calling every black man a nigger
Living in the south doesn't either. A lot of the south is predominantly black, you'd probably get stabbed.

>> No.30375605

>The email notifying me of my ban said that the site had received several complains about disruptive behavior and harassment and so I was banned. It also informed me not to try to participate in any events that the site is part of or else "The proper authorities will be notified" I'm not exactly sure what that means but it sounds ominous.
So you found an asshole with too much power on her hands. I'm sorry, m8.

>> No.30375613

How is playing a lusty fighter a detriment? Like if someone had asked me to tone it down I would have but everyone seemed to be fine with how I was playing my characters until a month ago.

>> No.30375639

Entirely depending on the years. That being said I don't see rp's of american south between 1700-1890 very often.

I do see a fair few people rping reasonable hate (to extreme) of elves, trolls, and other such races. They usually throw in some sort of slurr if they can think of one.

>> No.30375642

>until a month ago.
See, that's your problem. You're saying them having a problem with it is void because they didn't state they had a problem with it prior. Maybe they just didn't say anything hoping you'd tone it down. You're partially to blame here - they're douchebags too, but you did legitimately earn this level of derision.

>> No.30375691

>Or maybe Robert is the kind of manipulative cunt who knows how to write in a sympathetic manner.
There's nothing sympathetic in the OP, it's just whining about being kicked out and then taking the easy way and blaming the SJW boogeyman.

>I mean come the fuck on - a group of roleplaying nerds that genuinely get offended at rape innuendo ?
Holy shit you're a retard and a half

>> No.30375726

>Maybe they just didn't say anything hoping you'd tone it down
Of course. Their lack of verbal tacit agreement at his antics was such an OBVIOUS CLUE that things were horrible.

Fucking PC people like you are the problem, where all people's rights end at your feelings. Well my feelings tell me I am offended by your lack of common sense, so...GTFO!

>> No.30375732

>If I run a campaign set in the American south that doesn't give any player the right to go around calling every black man a nigger, doubly so if the people in my group frown upon those kinds of slurs.

I didn't think this would ever happen to me on the internet, but it did.

You made me mad.

Do you seriously think the southern half of the United States of America is solely populated by hate mongering, slur spewing, horse riding, dip spitting cowboys?

This is the exact sort of ignorant, separatist bullshit that makes me uncomfortable when I'm anywhere north of the Mason-Dixon line.

People automatically assume I'm a hillbilly who somehow managed to come across a nice pair of clothes and think I'm trying to 'imitate a normal accent to fit in' when they find I don't talk like Texan's do on TV. I literally got asked four times when I was last in chicago, honestly asked and not joking, whether I owned a horse and rode it to work.

So fuck you and fuck your assumption that everyone in the south is a racist monshine gulping piece of shit. Go choke on a soy dick you fucking asswipe.

Now if you are talking about slave era south that would be different, but you wouldn't even be playing hat unless your players were okay with playing such a racy setting. ASOIAF is a very obviously old medieval setting and assuming your players will play something out of that is plain stupid.

>> No.30375739

If they don't tell me there is a problem how am I supposed to know?

I mean usually I'd just read their minds with my magical power but my last crystal ball was broken by some rampaging goblins and I haven't been able to find a new one since.

>> No.30375787

Based on the testimony in this thread (both yours and the guy from the group) it's clear you cannot even acknowledge when you're being an obnoxious, unpleasant cunt.

Maybe now that you've been blacklisted for what are apparently long-term issues you'll be self-aware enough to change.

Orrrrr maybe you'll just double-down and continue to blame everyone but yourself for your behavior.

>> No.30375820

Maybe if they had a problem with the first couple of characters he played like that, then they should've brought it up within the first couple of sessions. Rather than being a bunch of passive aggressive faggots who only decide to bring up their problems when a grill brings them up.

OP may have been a problem player, but you can't expect him to know anything is wrong when they only subtly hint that there's something wrong. There are times when being subtle is wrong, and this is one of them

>> No.30375833

Yeah um we are for the most part actually pretty civil with blacks. I mean yeah some of us make racist jokes but I think everyone does on their own time at least once in their life. Its depends on if you continue to do this/ actually try to do it to be hurtful. There is a thing in life called tact....

If you can't laugh at life then it'll be dull.

>> No.30375836

I lived in NOLA for a while! I'm not saying that as fact.
But up north and out west (especially Los Angeles, where I'm at atm) a lot of people still view the South as every white man is pining for the days when Jim Crow laws were still a thing, and every time someone does an impression there's inevitably going to be a 'nigger' tossed in somewhere, 'darkie' if they're trying to be polite. So I was using it as a comparison that if said campaign was happening, that's a logical connection people might make.
It's fucking pathetic how hilariously bigoted people are towards other states here.

From the comments your group made, it sounded like you took the character archtype a bit too far.

>> No.30375872

>I do see a fair few people rping reasonable hate (to extreme) of elves, trolls, and other such races.
I kick HFY people out of my games just as a matter of principle.

>> No.30375880

It's called social awareness. It's a basic skill most people use to gauge the mood of those around them.

Your group was a bunch of passive aggressive twits but I have no doubt there was no end of signs shit was gonna go south (and why) if you paid attention and knew what to look for.

My advice? Go take an acting class, learn a bit about body language. Maybe learn a bit about drawing so you can study facial expressions and what they mean. Go socialize with normal people, pay attention to when they make sour expressions. Take a good look at how you dress and act. Learn how to play a role to be accepted in a group. Everyone does it. The trick is finding a group you actually WANT to play with.

And if you're partially bald just shave it all off. Full bald looks better than a comb-over.

>> No.30375894


Finally an opinion I can agree with.

>> No.30375909

>And if you're partially bald just shave it all off. Full bald looks better than a comb-over.

And the next time a SJW gives you crap, if you're bald call them a non-cancered ablist. They'll dig themselves a hole to hide in.

>> No.30375913

>OP may have been a problem player, but you can't expect him to know anything is wrong when they only subtly hint that there's something wrong.
If he got any hint at all that he was too much, he should've toned it down. This was a meetup group, not his close friends, and they were playing in a public place. You need to learn to be reserved around certain company, especially people that are relative strangers. I think that's the ultimate point here - these weren't his buddies, they were people that barely knew him.

>> No.30375914

>whether I owned a horse and rode it to work.
Well, do you?

I'd rather ask an anon on the internet so I don't offend any southerners irl by being unsure of whether or not they have a car. Knowing they ride horses to work would put me at ease.

>> No.30375916

You're giving that man a lot of hell with very little reason, dude.

I'm from Mississippi, and have lived in West Virginia and Arkansas. That bullshit about "hate mongering, slur spewing cowboys"? We do the same damn at the very mention of anywhere North of the Carolinas. Hell, plenty of people out there consider Virginia to be full of "slimy white liberal carpetbaggers who've never been outdoors for more than five minutes and can't go ten without being arrogant at someone."

Get off your high horse. We're no better.

>> No.30375936

>This was a meetup group, not his close friends, and they were playing in a public place.
This. Guy clearly has no concept of boundaries or responsibility.

>> No.30375949

>Get off your high horse
So you want him to walk to work? You're an asshole.

>> No.30375954

No. I drive a Toyota. Horses are simply expensive machines that convert food into poop.

>> No.30375979

Yeah, because in 99% fantasy setting, there's only peace, unity and harmony between human, elves, dwarves and orcs.

>> No.30375990

I'm from Idaho - I get the Cowboy Stereotypes. People ask me the same shit. I've been to Texas plenty of times and find it a fine enough place.

The average Texan is a decent enough person, the leadership is a bunch of fat incompetent tools though. (So are ours, mind you).

When people talk about the South I think they're mostly talking about the worst shit parts of Alabama.

I've been there too, you couldn't fucking pay me to go back. What a fucking shitstain of a state.

>> No.30375996

Please don't lump the west in with california, please. California is an anomaly.

>> No.30375998

Back in my day, we walked to ten miles to work. Barefoot. Across the Plains of Broken Glass. And we liked it, damnit.

Boy could use some exercise. Especially if he's a Southerner like myself. We've got a bad reputation to get past.

>> No.30376008

You can't deny though that in the general cultural mind southerners are looked on as quaint and charming at best, and ignorant and hateful at worst. I'm not even American and it bothers me.

>> No.30376015

In my fantasy setting, there's no elves, dwarves, and orcs. But its only ever HFY people that try to turn my game into KKK village burning adventures.

>> No.30376038

Alabama varies from area to area. Those really crappy ghetto spots you find occasionally all across the US--the sites that look like they've been abandoned twenty years, and are so far from a populated area they might as well be islands in a sea of wilderness? Large chunks of Alabama are that.

The rest isn't much different from what you'd see in an inner-city ghetto. Even the population make-up is close to the same.

>> No.30376064

Got yourself one of those fancy imports from the slant-eyes when you should be riding a mustang to work. For shame.

>> No.30376089

And you can't deny that Europeans are looked on as stuck-up assholes and wannabe-fascists, Africans are looked on as ignorant primitives with no understanding of technology, and people from Asia are seen as small, conniving, amoral assholes.

Stereotypes are everywhere. We don't get to be an exception. If anything, we should be praising the fact that our stereotype isn't "the retirement home of the US" yet.

>> No.30376118

>And you can't deny that Europeans are looked on as stuck-up assholes and wannabe-fascists
To be fair, they kind of are.
Christ, have you seen Eastern Europe? Hungary has a legitimate party, with 1/3 of the vote, who's entire platform revolves around antisemitism.

>> No.30376125

Southern Coast California is totally different than anywhere on the coast. NOBODY likes them. Including the rest of California (which is pretty conservative).

Really the "West" is a complete mix of bizarre shit. You've got your conservative as hell places like Utah and Idaho and Montana, then you've got your eco-liberal people from Washington and Oregon and Colorado. Then you've got your Nevada, which is something else entirely. And then you've got crazy semi-anarchies like Arizona. (I kid... sorta.)

All I know is that the air is trying to drown you, the people tend to yell a lot and are generally assholes. I have not had any pleasant experiences down there on the repeated trips I've been forced to make over the years save one.

When I first joined the army I had never seen a black man in real life and not on TV. I flew down to Alabama on my way to basic training and chatted with a black guy for the first time in my life. Cool dude. Seemed very understanding of the fact that I was looking at him like an alien and cracked up about it. Struck up a nice conversation. Don't recall about what anymore, but it was enjoyable.

He was the only person I've met in Alabama I've even remotely liked. Texas has a lot of decent folk, but Alabama (and Georgia) should be wiped off the planet with nuclear fire. Nothing of value would be lost.

>> No.30376142

Hey, I never said the stereotypes weren't at least somewhat accurate for part of the population.

There are a *lot* of horsefarms in Mississippi.

>> No.30376147

Those comments are rather exaggerated. I think this was about this one ASOIF session we had where the party was traveling by sea and stopped at Gull Town. We had been at sea for weeks so my character figures its time to party. He roars out to the crew "All right lads its time for whores!" Point my finger into town and cry "To the brothels!" The crew cheers and I lead them all in a thunderous charge into town.

Little do we know that Lysa Ayrrn has made prostitution illegal in the Vale so we can't find any. A bartender I question just tells me that there are no whores in Gull town. I think he's just after a bribe so I slide a gold piece with Robert Baratheon's face on it across the counter and say. "Well maybe you can't tell me where the whores are, but surely you you can tell your king; Robert Baratheon?"

The whole time the group has been giggling at me roleplaying trying to get the crew of the ship all laid, but when I say that last bit they actually burst out laughing. That bit of roleplaying might have taken somewhere around 15 or 20 minutes of game time.

Now I may not be the best in the world at interpreting other people's non-verbal communication and all that, but based on their reaction they didn't seem to have a problem with how I was playing my character or thought I was taking my character archetype too far.

Dude we had been in this group together since October of last year and I had met a couple of the member in another group which was created in June. We knew each other well enough and were not strangers.

>> No.30376231

The point of social awareness is not to look like this douche.


And yeah, we've all looked like him at times.

>> No.30376238

The atmosphere is like that constantly along that section of the Gulf Coast. Mississippi and Alabama are a little worse than average, as they both have a lot of swampland and erratic hills that trap the moist air in.

Alabama has one thing that preserves it in my mind: Huntsville. The US Space and Rocket Center is worth a trip, and the city itself is actually fairly pleasant.

Now FLORIDA is a hellhole. Especially around the Orlando area. Nothing makes "choking, 100+ degree air" worse than miles upon miles of pavement and the lingering smells of vomit and retiree.

>> No.30376273

Huntsville is fucking baller.

People who think the south is just plains and farms and wild west towns should visit Huntsville/Dallas/Houston/SanAntonio.

>> No.30376283

>October of last year
>We knew each other well
Its only been ~4 months since October of last year. That's not "we knew each other well" territory, especially given that you only saw these people once a week for a couple hours.

>> No.30376300

I was only in Florida once for a short beach vacation. Way too humid, I agree. I didn't see enough of the rest to judge but I don't hear anything good about the place.

But yeah, fuck that humidity. I'm from a goddamn desert. It's horrible.

That said Huntsville gets a pass. Never been, but the US Space and Rocketry Center sounds cool.

>> No.30376304

>Those comments are rather exaggerated.
According to you, they are. According to others they aren't. And seeing as how you're just another tripfag I don't see why your word has any more weight.

As to the roleplaying, ever consider the possibility that they were laughing AT you? Because if somebody started doing that in a game I was in I'd probably be laughing at them as well.

People generally don't say shit like >>30374270 unless they genuinely dislike someone.

>> No.30376327

I grew up in a town of 2k people. Houston was the first big city I actually saw. Blew me away. Like a fairy tale.

I actually rather liked the people too. Polite, no annoying accent and they got shit done whenever it needed doing. I'd be happy to go back to visit anytime.

>> No.30376335

that song sent me into anaphylactic shock


>> No.30376346

So let me see if I got this all correct:

OP's group is made up of some sort of SJW chick and a bunch of spineless nerds all of which have skin as thick as bargain bin toilet paper. OP on the other hand kinda sounds like a "that guy" douche that just had to keep poking at them knowing they where oversensitive.

They kick him out of the group in admittedly: kinda a douchy way. So instead of sucking it up and making another group he whines on /tg/ thinking he can throw a pity party.

Someone from /tg/ gets in contact with someone from the group, ending up getting a response that makes them look like a group of knobs.

/tg/ laughs at both sides as they are acting like whiny children.

Am I missing anything?

>> No.30376360


Or Little Rock and/or Jackson, if they want to be unpleasantly disappointed. And reminded of certain parts of New York.

And to be fair, New Orleans isn't that bad, either. Its a little touristy these days, but not bad.

Its mostly museum, but has a few neat rides and such. If you're a big NASA fan, you'll dig it. If not, however, few things beat a "straight up" coaster with a view of the top of a Saturn V.

>> No.30376366

Only think you're missing is that the south is apparently not full of cowboys anymore.

>> No.30376393

> And seeing as how you're just another tripfag
Except somebody told him to take a trip in a previous thread because somebody was pretending to be him.

>> No.30376397

I can't legitimately say I'm a big huge fan because I haven't got that kind of nerd cred. I love NASA and I'm definitely an enthusiast though. Sounds worth a look!

>> No.30376408

then replace tripfag with anon
this isn't a club, I'm not inclined to believe someone on 4chan over an "outsider"

>> No.30376801

If you don't like annoying accents don't go to the rodeos. Everyone devolves into a cowboy, a bandito, or an Indian if you are native.

>> No.30376870

That's equally true in Idaho, honestly.

I'm more of a crash derby kinda guy anyway.

>> No.30376965


>> No.30377007

I think we got our answer already, honestly. Still, I suppose more drama is just more amusement for us.

>> No.30377018

RULES 1 AND 2, oh nevermind. I actually do want to see the reaction.

>> No.30377226

Wow Robbie, you're only digging yourself deeper into a hole

>> No.30377423

>I hope the mods are not mad at me for maing a third thread about this topic.
Better than another fucking pokemon quest.

>> No.30377458

Wow, this guy is a dick.
Seems more than a bit passive aggressive as well.

>complaining about whores
>in GRRM's whoring, raping, incesting, dark fantasy setting.
Though it does sound like he did have other issues with Rob, though whether he actually manned up and said something about it seems questionable. I'm thinking he had some beefs, but never got in Rob's face about it, at least not enough for the guy to realize it (possible flaw on Rob's part for not picking up on the hints.)

..and I'm back to just calling him a cunt.
This whole section.

If I had to rule on this matter based solely on who I disliked on the basis of their own words, it would have to be the DM here.
I fully suspect Rob has his issues as well, but if the DM is any indication, the people around him were worse.

>> No.30377483

Didn't you faggots gets the clue when /pol/ AND /v/ warned you about social justice faggots, feminists, cultural marxists, and basically any leftists ever spawned.

>it'll never happen here!
>but men and women are equal
>gays should have equal rights
>I love niggers and voted for lord obongo twice!

Ya'll are full good goyim.

>> No.30377497

That seems pretty stupid mate. I mean why do you get rid of any one single main rp type if its what the people feel like playing? Are you that narrow minded? Its not even HFY its just the players deciding how they want to try to rp their characters and it doesn't seem to retract from the game.


I think your confusing the KKK with nazi's. A little "racisim" in a multi species game isn't necessarily a bad thing. People can rp learning to trust them more or less dependant on those races actions anyway. But with no particular extra races your still going to see racisim on an ethnic point of view because thats what some people feel like rping.

>> No.30377522

>gender studies

>> No.30377542

>he should go and play Yu-Gi-Oh. Thats the type of gaming he caters to.
I don't even have words to express my response to this. Some strange mixture of confusion, disappointment, and pity. I'm sure the Germans have a word for it, they always do.
Simply terrible parting shot.

>> No.30377587


Because of Rob Ford or because of all the Jamaicans?

>> No.30377683

sounds like your GM was trying to do you a favor

>> No.30377693

>So they're a bit rude

2nd paragraph:
>because he wants people to pat him on his head and say "Shame on them! They were so mean to you widdle Robert!"
Holy shit can you be any more pretentious and condescending?
4th paragraph:
>calls him a sexless loser
>implies he's fat
>calls him balding "thinning hairline"

NIgguh I didn't even finish your post before I could tell it was belligerant and assholish.

>> No.30377735

Because Toronto is the worst place in Canada.

>> No.30377745

How is Opera, btw?
Been thinking about giving it a try, Chrome has developing performance issues for me.

>> No.30377746


And just like that I found out I had been living a lie.

>> No.30377750


You're not allowed to post on 4chan if you're under 18, kid.

>> No.30377780

Lonely beta men will do anything to get a sniff of a vagina. Including abandoning everything they believe in, their friends and their family.

All women who are in a relationship have countless beta males sniffing around them. Examples of this pathetic stalking include sending poetry, love confessions, "I'm a nice guy", "I'm not like other guys", "I want more than sex", etc.

You were hanging around with beta autist nerds who sided with a stupid female who spent her University time studying biological Marxism, instead of you.

If you are to take anything away from all of this, try this: >>>/fit/

>> No.30377812

>claims 4chan uses SJW as an insult

Well I didn't expect you to have ever set foot in 4chan to begin with but that sort of confirmed the belief.

>> No.30377825

>Playing with liberals
>Interacting with liberals
>Even acknowledging the existence of liberals

Feminist legbeard gets her feels hurt and throws a tantrum, who would have seen that coming

You brought this upon yourself

>> No.30377837

top kek

>> No.30377838

I am from Utah, and I can confirm that most everybody is awful and conservative, but there is a decently large quantity that are good.

>> No.30377851

*shrug* idunno I don't see anything wrong with it anon

>> No.30377882

Whiny tripfag OP: 2/10, obvious That Guy

Gaming group Email DMfag: 5/10, sort of a dick

OP loses, but nobody comes out very well.

I can imagine that Toronto gaming group eventually ending up as a tangled mess of hypersensitive political correctness and banned trigger words.
Also, modern research has shown that genetics have a strong influence on gender roles. They don't determine them, but do influence them. SJWs usually hate this idea and refuse to accept it, out of a well-intentioned but misguided agenda to remove the stigma attached to behaviour that isn't normal. They should be focussed on pointing out that 'normal' just means 'most frequent', objectively speaking, rather than attempting to deny away all ideas of 'normality' as being arbitrary social constructs.


>> No.30377888


And we have a response from "Kate".

>> No.30377892


>> No.30377925

Kate (pictured) is the person described by the OP as a SJW.

What should I reply to her in the thread?

>> No.30377928

Well, somewhat. We call it "Fremdschämen".

>> No.30377944

pity your a gender studies major?

>> No.30377947

Ah, cool. Which part? I'm from Southern Idaho and I've been all over down there.

One day I wanna nab a group of Utahans and run a "Children of the Corn" based game just so I can constantly chuckle at the accents.

Sort of like how I liked talking sports with this Philly girl so I could hear her say "Basketbawl" all the time.

>> No.30377953

>Well, somewhat. We call it "Fremdschämen".

You germans have a word for everything. I admire your deep, beautiful language that can sound both domineering and strong, and wonderfully sonorous.

>> No.30377963

>inb4 top lel raep threats and woman hate

You know some fuck is going to, so just wash your hands of this bullshit before it gets even more retarded.

>> No.30378009

Just note that 4chan of all places is curious, and yes it's right to be alarmed. *I* would not want to be the target of /tg/'s curiosity in my normal life.

I'm curious about that three strikes policy they have though. We've heard nothing about any publicly applied strikes.

>> No.30378010

Why boner...

>> No.30378031

I usually hate this artist and these music videos, but this was actually pretty funny

>> No.30378038

It seems like the OP is a that guy who is unable to read emotions well and his group is a bunch of passive aggressive fucks who would rather enlist the administrators of their gaming club to do their dirty work than tell it to his face like adults. However, I'm hoping for some comedy gold from the thread on the group forums, so pic related.

>> No.30378054

Wait for the imminent thread deletion and forget about it?

Though if you feel like poking it with a stick, ask how many members complained. And for the love of god, don't bring up the 4chan thing again.

>> No.30378093

Well to be fair, OP does sound like an autistic faggot. But these guys sound even fucking worse.

>> No.30378106

>> No.30378117

No kidding.

>> No.30378118

Why not bring up the fact that we're the community equivalent of a pointed stick?

>> No.30378141

a quick google search told me it was the act of being incredibly embarassed/humiliated by someone.

>> No.30378157


Wikitionary defines it more like being ashamed for someone when that person isn't ashamed of themself, which sounds more like what the guy was saying.

>> No.30378164

Huh, I thought that was Quebec.

>> No.30378206

>switching from Oneechan to Appchan X

>> No.30378210

I'll take that definition, then.

Anyway, I think OP is a bit of That Guy, mostly because he was making loud rape jokes in a public cafeteria, which was their meet up spot. That's a little squicky, but I'm still happy to talk about necrophillic rape trains at a Denny's when children are in the room. I figure if they have good parents, they'll learn that what I'm saying is bad and they won't reciprocate it. If they do anyway, then good on them for not listening to their superiors and thinking for themselves.

I think I accidentally just shot down the only criticism I had for OP outside of possibly lying (but really both parties are anonymous so who gives a fuck).

>> No.30378249

Pretty sure he's just contesting their bitching about him bringing food.

>> No.30378263

Yeah, neither side looks particularly good here.

>> No.30378270

what does "gender studies" even do? the whole thing is getting laughed at even here and starting to break down, starting from that documentary that the norway guy did. in few years genus researchers will be badly scraping together any funds to be doing their "research" at all.

you see bunch of women doing major in "gender studies" but what will they be doing after they get the major, bag my groceries at the convenience store? there's people that'd do anything to have funds and time to get major on something else in order to move up and perhaps get higher paying jobs and yet here's these people who just used up their opportunity at lol gender studies. the current state of feminism is basically an almost cult type of pyramid scheme headed mostly by con artists and high profile women who use feminism as a carpet to sweep their illegal dealings below.

it's also also one of those socialist or "liberal" aligned matters politically. that's going to be very fun to see what happens with once the nationalist parties get majority of votes in many of the european countries, whose changes in how things are handled certainly will cause a chain reaction in other nations as well

keep in mind that I live in Sweden, a shining beacon of tolerance in todays world ruled by racists and the "patriarchy"

>> No.30378301

>keep in mind that I live in Sweden, a shining beacon of tolerance in todays world ruled by racists and the "patriarchy"

Isn't your country being overrun by muslims?

>> No.30378318


>> No.30378323


But they're so goddamned fun to shoot. Also, why would you be against the black dude down the road defending his family when the local KKK chapter decides to start acting up? Why would you be against a woman defending herself against rape in a city? Why are you against free citizens defending themselves against a hostile government?

>inb4 muh pepper-spray

If they're fucked up on PCP or something, pepper-spray won't work.

>inb4 you'll never take on a hostile government

Maybe not, but maybe my death will also make a statement that gets the cops/military to reconsider what they're doing.

>> No.30378335

Thread 2:


>> No.30378346

I guess it's as good as any general degree. But lemme google it.


Yep. It has the value of a general degree in not much of anything, though it gives a slight boost to be a social worker.

>> No.30378348


That was quick.

>> No.30378357

Kate locked the old thread, so I made a new one.

>> No.30378367


And apparently she then deleted it.

>> No.30378377

It's already gone.

>> No.30378379

Hmm. Well old Katie has shut down the discussion.

I wonder if it's worth going further with any of this. I really don't like her.

>> No.30378395


Gender Studies is a course for women who go to college on scholarship who don't know what they want to do, probably they did well in high school and then realized that in college the STEM majors require you to actually have a real interest in the subject, whereas non-STEM just require you to read books and comment. Gender Studies is just a way for them to do something that isn't English.

>> No.30378414


We already know what the situation is, we were hoping to get a fun response but it seems the mods are not going to let that happen. Too bad.

>> No.30378417

lol baleeted.

>> No.30378420

Ah, the classic 'burn all challenges to my rules and decisions' type of admin.

>> No.30378443

There's not much else that really can be done, beyond making a few more accounts and asking in PMs.

>> No.30378473

>oh no how dare they question me SHUT IT DOWN. ALL OF IT
just like how loads of these liberal blogs or news sites have all comments disabled because popped holes in their shitty strawmen or uninformed hypocritical babble right?

a social worker? kate should like come down here to Sweden, a place not too far from where I used to live is looking for new immigration management / assistants. she should know that the people she will be working with won't shake her hand however, because she's a woman and therefor below them according to their religion. also keep lower regions lubed so she doesn't get any tears or stuff like that in case they decide to culturally enrich her.

>> No.30378474

>If they're fucked up on PCP or something, pepper-spray won't work.
You think you can land an instantly fatal shot at a man charging you down at a flat sprint?

>> No.30378480

Yes. That's the point. 4chan likes entertainment. It's not a fan of nazi mod radfems.

Yes, irritating.

I wonder if she realizes how lucky she is that she's annoying THIS part of 4chan.

There's more that could be done for entertainment purposes. Not sure if they're worth it though.

>> No.30378486

Toronto is in Newfoundland now?

>> No.30378498

>not multiple shots
>shot placement

Please. Please, tell me you're not just saying you're anti-gun because you're scared of them.

>> No.30378523


Regardless of how little pain he feels, all people tend to fall over when you shoot them a few times in the chest. Plus there would be a good chance he'd put his head down some during the charge, which makes it more likely to get hit while you are aiming at center mass.

>> No.30378524

Her response is "We banned him because he broke da rules and that's it" though.

>> No.30378538

>his word doesn´t have any more weight.

Seeing as he´s the one party that can bring his point across without insulting the other, it kind of does.

>> No.30378542

>starting from that documentary that the norway guy did


>> No.30378550

>inb4 pepper-spray
I should note for people that though pepper spray hurts like a bitch, if someone REALLY wants to hurt you, it's not going to stop them.

>> No.30378569

I'm not anti-gun at all. In fact, I'm all for house guns - my landlord has had people break into his truck a few times and it getting scared.

I'mma just sayin', PCP is hardly easy to stop. Only thing that'll drop one is a fatal shot (Heart/head) or literally blowing off a necessary limb.

And I doubt you can pack a shotty into your purse/messenger bag.

But >>30378523 raises a good point.

Just don't expect a gun to make you invincible, all I'm sayin'.

>> No.30378574

You own land in the Azores? Sweet.

>> No.30378575

Now, now. Both sides are shitty strawmen and uninformed hypocrates.
Just that one side is super afraid people's feeling will feel raped looking at disagreeing opinions, and the other feeds on their rage to grow more powerful.

>> No.30378577

Not him, but not only have I practiced enough that my answer is yes, but I can't imagine what you'd prefer me to do as an effective countermeasure against that same individual should a gun not be an option.

>> No.30378593

Kate doesn't strike me as the type of person to allow a lot of dissenting discussion.

Go for tasers. They're ranged, they stop just about anybody and you can get high-end multishot models if you like.

Pepper spray is for when they're down and convulsing to keep them from getting their wits together after they've been tased.

>> No.30378615


What the fuck is this? Some patronizing shitrant? Is this supposed to win me over, because all it's doing is making you look like a cock.

>> No.30378617

and to be fair, he did break the rools by making sexist/racist jokes, which was rule #2. So I guess it's actually reasonable he was banned, but everything else is what's unreasonable

>> No.30378622

>I wonder if she realizes how lucky she is that she's annoying THIS part of 4chan.
Imagine if it was /v/.

>> No.30378623


basically some guy takes the "academic findings" of the genus researchers and shows it to certain other professionals only to have it laughed at and called complete un-scientific bullshit

the research institutes themselves got shat on after the documentaries got broadcasted on tv

>> No.30378627

Feet. Use them. Preferebly with a good knowledge of the neighborhood.

>>30378593 also has a good point. Electrical currents play merry hell with your muscles and will at least put them on the ground.

>> No.30378640

Is that against the rules even if it's not on their site?

>> No.30378641

You know I hear New Atlantis is just beautiful this time of year

>> No.30378647

>I mean come the fuck on - a group of roleplaying nerds that genuinely get offended at rape innuendo ?

OP's group wouldn't last a session with mine, where rape innuendos come up as casually as someone would bring up the weather.

>> No.30378659

Genius. A "genus" is a group of species that are closely related.

>> No.30378660

It's even worse in America where it can cost up to a quarter million dollars for the "privilege" of putting yourself into debt.

College is no longer for gaining more knowledge, just for getting a job.

Personally, I feel that Gender Studies is a viable course of study, but only AFTER you've gotten a degree in something profitable, not BEFORE. That's what college was supposed to be about: Grown people who already have jobs and earning money and going to the local university to learn more about a subject they want to learn more about (that might not be profitable) and then getting a degree as proof they spent the time to get the knowledge.

Not this degree = job bullshit that governments encourage. If it were really that important, first world countries would follow other, smaller countries who allow free public education up until at least a bachelor's degree. Backwards fucks.

>> No.30378675

Thing is, rape jokes are okay, so long as the victum is male.

>> No.30378678

You've obviously never been running from someone who's screaming "I'm fucking jacked" at the top of their lungs on full sprint.

Because fuck man, when you can't feel anything, your body turns superhuman. People have been able to lift cars because of it (not like, pulling that shit over your head, but this one time a middle aged scrawny woman lifted a car with no wheels high enough for her son to crawl out).

>> No.30378684

>implying your avg burglar has to balls to charge you when you're pointing a gun at them

sorry man, this isn't like your tabletop RPGs, it's not just lol I roll for initiative and charge at that guy when you see someone pointing a gun at you

>> No.30378687


I've been in the anti-SJW business for awhile, and I can say with certainty that every time I think someone is making a strawman argument against them, I end up finding some SJW posting either the same thing or something even more stupid.


Ranged tasers are illegal for civilians, and aren't as effective as you think. First of all, even getting them to hook relies on your subject not moving around too much, so in the charging PCP user example it wouldn't work. Secondly, electricity takes a very long time to stun someone who is on any upper, even adrenaline, and becomes less effective based on how big the guy is.

As for pepper spray, if you use the really heavy duty stuff like mace the victim will probably start vomitting, but again the results are dependent on their physical state.

>> No.30378689

Yeah - one thing we didn't hear from either story is that he got his strikes, though. He just got tossed out one day.

/b/ would be worse, but yeah. /v/ would sperg out. Mildly tempting to ask them what they think.

You also get sued less and a less severe court sentence if you do get put up on charges.

For instance if you're black and want to defend yourself a taser is superior because stand your ground laws only work for 1% of black people.

>> No.30378709

>>implying your avg burglar has to balls to charge you when you're pointing a gun at them

...Were you following the conversation? We're talking about PCP. that's THE crazy-fucker-will-kill-you-now drug.

>> No.30378710

>/b/ would be worse
>implying modern /b/ does shit

>> No.30378719

Yeah. I really thought it was interesting to see that bit of info pop up. But, y'know, can't be surprised at a double standard in this context.

>> No.30378726

I say it shouldn't be, but then again, I'm also a rational person and understand that vulgarity =/= the epitome of sin.

My group is pretty fucked up in our subject manner and what they do. I try to play under the guise of "fictional realism".

Holy shit, there's been a lot of murder. Holy shit, there's been a lot of rape. Holy shit, only 1 of them goes to /d/.

>> No.30378761

It's because schools aren't private institutions and the government makes some coin off of them, I'd imagine.

Also prolly why it's so easy to get government funding for college.

>> No.30378770

"Hey guys, let's see to it that she gets a shitload of death and rape threats!"

That's what they would think.

You know that.

>> No.30378790

>first world countries would follow other, smaller countries
You *are* aware that most first world countries are smaller countries?

>> No.30378792

Get some bre/v/ren on it then.

You say that like it's a bad thing. You also say that like it's not what we're trying to ask.

>> No.30378810

I was referring to the general thing. guns work as intimidation. a tiny ass spray bottle does not.

>> No.30378843

People should just start wearing rapiers on their hips again.

>> No.30378868

Well that's the question. This isn't about Robbie and hasn't been for a while.

We just don't like these people. The question is whether she has annoyed us enough to justify that kind of response. Completely shutting us out wasn't bright.

I'm still on the fence but won't argue if someone else pokes 'em.

>> No.30378874

>let's see to it that she gets a shitload of death and rape threats!"
That doesn't really happen much. Mostly there's insults, not threats, and arguments with widely varying degrees of reasoning.

>> No.30378889

>Just don't expect a gun to make you invincible, all I'm sayin'.

If you get a gun and plan on using it, even just for self-defense, make sure you know how to sue it, either at a practice range or a class or asking that weird old man down the road with the lazy eye.

Carrying a gun you have no idea how to use can be worse than not carrying one at all.

>> No.30378893


>> No.30378921

I was less talking about intimidation tactics and moreso just talking about arming everyone with SOMETHING, since knives n' guns are illegal but I still see people carrying around claymores and other archaic weapons with police not giving two halves of a shit because "seriously, who's going to try fighting with a claymore in LA?"

>> No.30378922

I see people bringing up 4chanX. I assume that's some browser plug-in?

Is that a good one to use for Firefox or is there a better one to use?

>> No.30378927

Do want!

>> No.30378934

gives me mental images of a berserker cult, lopping off peoples limbs before bellowing "CHECK YOUR ABLEIST PRIVILEDGE" and leaving them to bleed out.

>> No.30378952


>> No.30378968

It's the best one, yeah. It has a lot of variations though, of which I'd say Appchan X is the best, it being the only one still maintained that has styling options.

>> No.30378970

That's exactly the problem. We need more options when it comes to public institutions.

Really? That's all you took from that? That is totally not the point and you know it. Geez.

>> No.30378972

>knives and guns are illegal

I dunno where you live, but I EDC a pocket knife and I've got another one in my boot. Once I turn 21 I'll be getting my concealed carry permit.

>> No.30378989


>> No.30378999

California, pocket knives are legal but if it's above 4" long it's considered a deadly weapon and requires a concealed weapon permit.

>> No.30379021

>everyday carry

Goddamn I feel bad for you, man.
>not being able to defend yourself

I don't think I could take it.

>> No.30379025

when I see someone walking around with something odd plainly on the streets I think of pic related

it's like unintimidating if anything. but if you want to be know as "that guy who walks around with (probably a prop sword?)" be my guest

>> No.30379047

oh and yes, don't forget that snazzy hat and the trench coat as well

>> No.30379101

Did you really just try to samefag without removing you name?

>> No.30379119

no, it's called adding what I forgot to add before hitting the post button

>> No.30379123

Looks more like they just posted an update to their original post. Calm your tits sperglord.

>> No.30379132

>> No.30379136

>implying I can't defend myself
because, you know, there's never going to be a bigger fish.

I mean, I can't, but that's hardly a new thing for young adults in America.

>> No.30379158

Jus' sayin', a longer knife is better at cutting a hoe if you know how to use it.

But you know, maybe you're right, it'd be hilarious to be known as the guy carrying a prop sword in a link outfit when I finally get mugged, stabbed, and decapitate someone in what can be considered self defense in court.

I can see the headline now-
"WAIT, THAT WASN'T A PROP SWORD? ~Burglar's dying last words"

To make the news article even funnier it should be noted you screamed "HYAAAH" throughout the encounter.

>> No.30379159


Typical jewish kike sjw shutting down all dissent. Seems she doesn't like it when she is put in her place and isn't surrounded by her white knight hug box.

OP, what is her last name? I bet it is Goldbergstein.

>> No.30379220


do you also five years hidden at some mountain practicing your swings as well?

>> No.30379240

For all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these, /pol/ was right again.

While Rob may indeed have violated social norms, it's pretty clear that SJW DID infiltrate the Toronto meetup website and tabletop community.

This is how they operate. Stifle dissent, punish those who don't conform, and acquire more power for SJW.

Sage because offtopic.

>> No.30379270

While I feel bad for you, too.

It must be terrible to live in such fear all the time.

>> No.30379271

It's autosaving

>> No.30379280

FOOL! Your crimes won't go unpunished!
*teleports behind you*
Nothing personnel, kid.
*slits throat so fast that it takes several second for the wound to open and head to fall down*
*walks away with fedora covering face*
Didn't stand a chance

>> No.30379289

*unzips dick*

>> No.30379304

So you're basically saying that he "Threw" tantrums when you didn't laugh at his jokes?

And you just so happened to wait with talking/Kicking him out until a woman who studies gender roles comes along?

I honestly find OP's story to be more believable.

>> No.30379307

>living in fear
>legitimately believing the police will show up in time to help you

I'm not in fear, Anon. But I am ready to defend me and mine with deadly force. Legitimately glad I haven't had to, though, and I honestly hope I never do.

>> No.30379315

*untips fedora*
You just made a big mistake.

>> No.30379339

My god! He had a dick - IN his fedora! And he's unzipping it! He's unzipping the fedicka!

Run for your lives!

>> No.30379381

That is no dick, that is the legendary triple headed dragon dildo.

>> No.30379405

I hear you. I used a gun to drive off a wild dog that was charging me with its teeth bared when I was 11. Then only time I've felt scared in a hostile situation was when I was living in Europe and unable to own a gun; a high-school kid came to my house with a pistol, and the most I could do was hold a tiny-ass knife and listen for him attempting to break in. Though it was a lot of fury mixed with the fear--I have never been so angry in my life, as realizing that the reason I had no real way to stop my potential death thanks to following the law.

>> No.30379406

>The complaints were examined and investigated by the Co-organizers of TAG, which I refused to participate in because of my own personal involvement, as the member and I got into a heated discussion after a game.
Checks out.
>Normally we would still offer a warning, however, the complaint of harassment of a female member was another matter.
Wait, who got harassed? A moment ago it was a "heated discussion"?
>TAG's policy on sexual harassment are very strict because if past incidences of harassment.
Now its even "sexual harassment" lol, dont remember either side mentioning anything about this

>> No.30379444

I really want to get chainmail, leather armor, and a bullet proof vest and wear them everywhere, but as of yet I can't afford any of it and I'm 90% sure body armor is banned in california.

On the other hand, I do have a short battleaxe in my garage, just a little one hand battleaxe. It's nice to have just in case.

>> No.30379455

Are you surprised? No matter if OP was a douche or not, what probably happened was that they kicked him out, not because of what he may or may not have done but because of the SJW woman.

It's proven he got no prior warnings and shit, they expect me to believe it's just a coincidence that they "Thought he was a problem" and then decided to kick and ban him right when the SJW got into the mix?

It's transparent as fuck.

>> No.30379477

Foreign girl, apparently. Dude tried to ask her out but spaghettied his way into being a creeper.

Group used it as an excuse to get rid of someone they didn't particularly like afterwords without having to bother with the warning process.

>> No.30379486


Foreign girl?

>> No.30379496

aka a filthy jew

>> No.30379498

>SJW cunts are so powerful in Canada they can get you banhammered from playing D and D
Ugh, even their gaming scene is socialist and politically correct.

>> No.30379505


Illiterate fucks, it's been mentioned at least 4 times that Rob was stalking the Ukrainian girl and making her uncomfortable.

OP sounds like a sad neckbeard that has zero social skills. Kate sounds more like an elitist bitch than SJW, same as DM.

>> No.30379518

>elitist bitch
>confirmed SJW gender studies radical feminist

TAG internet defense force please go. You aren't going to lose your virginity by playing white knight.

>> No.30379533

So she can't

you know.

Tell him she's not interested and tell him to stop? Or can't SJW women do that themselves either?

>> No.30379544


>implying kicking out a That Guy makes you a white knight

>> No.30379554

Nah. See, Rob is definitely a socially incompetent aspie, but Kate is ALSO a SJW and an elitist bitch.

And the DM is just a gigantic shitheel. I mean, my god.

Mark still smiles like an asshole.

The Ukranian girl is the only one of them that seems like a decent person. Maybe.

>> No.30379558

>implying that women have any agency whatsoever



>> No.30379569


>how the fuck is the Ukrainian girl now the SJW? Are you autistic or high out of your fucking mind anon?

>> No.30379571

Whats the point of being part of some weird Canadian gaming union if you can't talk it over with women and make gamers terrified to make simple jokes around their tables?
How dare you ask out an attractive woman who shares your interests? Asking a woman out if a form of rape.
You need to go to Reddit or Tumblr an re-educate yourself.You've picked out some strange ideas on 4chan.

>> No.30379579

>using the "That Guy" buzzword

Yep, TAG internet defense force is here guys.

>> No.30379597

I am sorry, I forgot to check my privilege.

>> No.30379621


>he stalked the young ukrainian lady and followed her around, while she was friendly to everyone(at TAG), but she slowly felt harassed by his actions. He didn't understand. Why would anyone hate being followed around and pursued when she had already had a boyfriend? She'd eventually understand ROBERT was the one for her, of course!

DM implies Rob was stalking the Ukrainian girl that had a boyfriend. Kate woman then confirms via reply here >>30379132

That's somewhat different from "asking a girl your share common interests with out for a date"

>> No.30379633

samefag here, forgot to add:

Though yes, that DM sounds like a huge fucking tool and a condescending dipshit (but that doesn't mean he's not telling the truth).

>> No.30379634

So , any other TAG GMs dead set against letting in any female gamers in the future? I know I am. I won't admit this anywhere I'l be censured, but uf\fuck it. If my friends and I have to engage in self policing our tone and sense of humor, it's just easier to ignore apps from women and find dudes for all those slots. No shortage of players, you know? Why take the risk of being blackballed for a dirty or racists joke made after a couple beers, eh?

>> No.30379646

Or you just screen newcomers of both sexes to make sure they're not SJW shitheels.

Because dudes can be that kind of retard too. And it's not worth getting rid of all women. Some are pretty chill.

>> No.30379658

It should be fine if you just vet the females beforehand, and if they start to develop SJW tendencies kick them out immediately.

>> No.30379670

I still fail to see when it got the point of sexual harassment though, unless theres some really important details missing here, creepy or not (or its just the fact that shes female?).

>> No.30379690

No, no, see, I can't take the risk of someone deciding I'm a stalker or a creep. Once they are in the group it's too late.I'll just screen them out subtly, like golf country clubs do with Jewish people.
Or maybe just some sort of NDA , what goes on at the table stays at the table. Have them sign something legally binding .

>> No.30379714

Girl has a boyfriend, pretty clear she's not interested in the dude. He keeps creeping on her. Unless she's like the tamest person on Earth she probably asked him to stop. Dude doesn't stop, that's called harassment. If his reason for harassment is sexual in nature, that's sexual harassment.

>> No.30379741

Honestly, from the two sides of the story, it sounded kind of like he was trying to be friendly but it came off wrong due to his tremendous autism.

>> No.30379764

>Unless she's like the tamest person on Earth
I dunno, girls that play traditional games (for real, as opposed to for attention) are often pretty meek.

>> No.30379816


Very possible.


Agreed, especially since from her pic she does in fact look pretty meek.

>> No.30379817

I will second that this was the impression I got.

>> No.30379827

I wonder if the OP is going to make another copy of his woes so we can have another thread of this slo-mo trainwreck.

>> No.30379932

I feel like this has been immensely amusing but it's played out unless we want to step it up and nab help from /v/ or someone to harass these people.

Or at least give them the message that yes, they are indeed terrible people.

>> No.30379956

I don't see anything that could be called confirmation of the girl having a boyfriend or even necessarily that it was that girl being creeped on/stalked/whatever.

Shit, Kate could be claiming sexual harassment for all we know, on account of him questioning her gender studies degree. Wouldn't surprise me.

>> No.30379971

>kicking out autistic That Guy that (or so they claim) has been warned repeatedly to stop his shit if he wants to still be in that group.

Terrible how anon?

>> No.30379989

There was a pic of Ukrainian girl?

>> No.30380015

All I can say is, Rob, I feel for you mate. It's just the worst when someone (regardless of SJW, senseless racist,religious extremist, etc) grabs a hold on people, some of which are your friends and tries changing them in horrid ways.

Though the person I feel sorry most for is her husband(?).

>> No.30380036

Raids ruined 4chan. Let's not have any more. There are better ways to fight the SJW.

>> No.30380044



Dunno why but seems to me like OP is a bit of a sleazeball who tried to get in the meek foreign girl's pants, more than SJW white knights.

>> No.30380073

They're a bunch of smug condescending shits, mostly.

Read the DM's response and how Kate responded to things. Read the tone and internal contradictions.

Robbie may be a douche but that group is the cunt he dribbled out of.

They're not good people.

She's sorta cute, but a bit mialeeish in the face. High end for a ca/tg/irl, average for anyone else.

Robs story confirmed that she had a BF or husband, that he tried to befriend her, and that he's an aspie.

Facts meet up more or less.

I feel these people do deserve to be denounced - not for Rob's sake but just because they're terrible people. But I don't feel like they're raidworthy.

>> No.30380075


I hate to say it but thats what you get for living there. Nothing but gays, trannies, queers, gangs/thugs, the rare nice ethnic communities scattered throughout the town, feminists and beta men who bendover for the feminists and take it up the ass.


a citizen of hamilton (the pollution isn't nearly what it used to be)

>> No.30380089

Wait, is OP gay, or a girl? Or is that pic not of a dude?

>> No.30380113

The best way to fight them is with facts. /pol/ hijacked the SRS bird and turned it into Factual Falcon which was fairly successful. The main thing is demolish their worldview with facts and don't submit to their kafkatrapping.

>> No.30380145

I wouldn't be dead set per say but against this type. It's just like girl (video)gamers, there are two big types, the type which likes gaming for what it is, and the kind that wants to change gaming to how they want. It's the same with this.

It's not that they don't enjoy it (though some might not and would just be doing it for the "power", money, efame/e-peen, etc) but when they dont like it for what it is, I can't say I'd ever want them to be near my dice.

>> No.30380231


Oh Anon, you're funny for a virgin neckbeard

>> No.30380259

>> No.30380302


Markham guy here.

You sound like an alright guy.

I heard of TAG, but I didn't think they would be this stupid and judgmental.

Hope you find another group to play with that isn't full of shit and what you described.

>> No.30380336

rob is a faggot but the group is terrible. who am i supposed to side with?

>> No.30380355

The side that wants to make fun of all of them.

>> No.30380368

rob because at least he's one of us

he may be a faggot, but he's one of our faggots

>> No.30380379

Neither, mocking both sides is the proper course.

>> No.30380410

apparently communicating with people outside of games and the website is also against the rules, if you look at them.

"We are not a 'pickup' site, if you feel the necessity to be with your group outside of game sessions, we have a problem with that."

Not a verbatim quote, but more or less what it stated.

>> No.30380439

What if you don't carry it concealed?

>> No.30380445

technically speaking, complimenting a woman's appearance at work (even something as harmless as "I like what you're doing with your hair today, Debra.") is sexual harassment. If you have the right boss, you can be prosecuted for it too.

>> No.30380478

Got it, avoid women at all costs.

>> No.30380486

Rob. The DM posted an awful, awful post more full of person attacks that sounded like smething written by a middle schooler. Relentlessly talking about how creepy, lame and smelly someone totally was comes off as trying way, way too hard. Rob was reasonable and even his own story didn't have him smelling like roses. Finally, based on the games named, don't play them if you don't want mention of things like whores.

>> No.30380521

3D once again being proved PD? I'm shocked.

>> No.30380536

Just got here, i won't dismiss OP's mistakes but let's not equate them to the SJW bullshittery.

Like 80% of the other side of the story was just shaming, retarded quips, and not actually explaining shit in any type of objective manner.

OP should not be banned from playing because of this fucking non-issue, and TAG needs to be shamed the fuck out of for facilitating en masse retardation

OP is isolated retardation at best.

>> No.30380585


Never side with anyone who bothers to make conflates sexism and homophobia to actual issues.

Fucking 1st worlders.

>> No.30380623

what the fuck do either of those things mean and what made you thought anyone else knew what they were

>> No.30380670


Got gripes about siding with an autistic stalker That Guy tho as well...

>> No.30380676

not him, but 3DPD is a derogatory term for real women, i forget what it stands for though

more common term on the waifu boards

>> No.30380683

3D pig disgusting.

>> No.30380733

That story sounded a lot like bullshit. Absolutely no details, just a claim and an insult to go with it.

It's most likely an exaggeration at best. Generally SJWs conflate stalking/creeping to just interacting with women while being someone they dislike.

>> No.30380843

Then I don't understand what the relevance is in the sentence.

Hate both of them, but realize OP is the lesser evil.

>> No.30380850

I think this is cute girl I was talking to after the games which kept me from talking to my DM about what his problem with me was. We went for coffee a few times after gaming sessions. The day before Valentine's day I sent her an email asking if she wanted to go on a date. She said she couldn't that day cause she had a midterm exam to study for. I figured she was just busy so the Sunday the SJW incident happened both the Ukrainian girl and I were walking to the Subway and I asked her if she wanted to go on a date over Reading Week (a week off university students get to catch up on homework). She said sorry she didn't want to feel like she was friendzoning me or anything but she already had a boyfriend in the Ukraine.

I said "Oh don't worry about it, if you have a boyfriend, you have boyfriend. I just thought I'd ask, its no problem." And it really wasn't a problem cause she's nice person and yes I'd like to date her but if she's already in a relationship, I'm fine just being friends with her.

I don't think anything I said to the girl constitutes harassment. But maybe everyone here is right and I'm too fucking autistic to realize it.

>> No.30380872

>not knowing about 3DPD
>on an /a/ spinoff board
Step it up, son.

>3DPD is a derogatory term for real women
>3DPD is a derogatory term for reality


>> No.30380891

I haven't spoken to her or emailed her since then by the way.

>> No.30380935


thanks anon you've educated a newfag

>> No.30380956

No problem. Remember, don't go outside, it's awful!

>> No.30380992

Why would I do a thing like that? Sunlight gives you cancer you know

>> No.30381103

So there we have it, still dont see where the whole sexual harassment thing comes from unless DM has some more insults to spit out. Or Kate explains what is actually going on (lol fat chance).

>> No.30381345

>Thread in a nutshell
>OP, while socially inept does his best to try to fit in
>Makes bad jokes he attempts to align with jokes other people made
>Don't go over well
>doesn't censor himself on political views despite being the unpopular opinion
>This unpopular opinion gets him kicked out of gaming group
>Gaming group uses standard SJW shaming tactics and most likely bullshit/exaggerated stories

Let's be real though, anyone in that group was going to be a loser. OP is probably top tier as far as they go.

Also all that completely worthless text and formatting from the other guy is tumblr-tier autism.

>If he wanted to play a game all for himself, he should go and play Yu-Gi-Oh. Thats the type of gaming he caters to.

What does this even mean? Random shitflinging to another gaming community?

>and couldn't go to anymore games
>(which are usually in the evening)

no one fucking asked?

>But the baby didn't get his way! Another PC slept with her instead! How he complained!

Wait what?

>Bitches about him sleeping with NPCs all the time
>Someone else does it, makes fun of the guy who didn't

Really? The actual fuck?

>make himself feel better about himself while eating skittles, KFC
>(okay, an embellishment)

At least you admit to making shit up here.

I'm not crazy about OP, but I'm glad he found a new, probably less retarded gaming group. Hopefully one a little more tolerant of different opinions.

>> No.30381405

So the DM was just making shit up

Generally lots of meaningless details and abundance of insults instead of actual details shows that, but this kinda confirms it for me.

>> No.30381628


>But the baby didn't get his way! Another PC slept with her instead! How he complained!

I didn't catch that. Even if someone was doing it to fuck with him (which doesn't seem to be the case as he'd of pointed something like that out) it seems pretty bullshit that DM gave like 12 different insults for OP doing this, then laughs about when someone else does it.

I really can't help but feel the DM is biased as fuck when like 2/3rds of his post is "baby robby homophobe wittle stalker" and not actually explaining jack fucking shit.

>> No.30381647

I suspect she doesn't actually even have a boyfriend and said that because she isn't interested in you romantically, and you would have realized that if you weren't autistic/dense. But that still doesn't make your interactions sexual harassment.

>> No.30381674

>At least you admit to making shit up here.
KFC is an embellishment but apparently Rob did bring skittles to share.

>> No.30381696

DM confirmed she does actually have a boyfriend

or at least she let other people think she does.

>> No.30381859

the parenthesis was tied to the KFC, not the whole sentence with skittles.

I should've greentexted them together, my bad. It just seemed so weird to just make shit up, admit it's made up, and have it not actually embellish or contribute to the story in any way.

I'd kill myself if i had a DM so inept at telling a god damned story.

>> No.30381908


I'm guessing the slinging at yugioh was about how some players claim the game lacks interaction between the players?

Some decks are called "solitaire" decks because of this. But in general both the game and community are interactive as fuck.

>> No.30381942

More likely it's just because it has a TV show and kids play it, or did at its height, so they knee-jerk at it.

>> No.30382069

I hope this thread doesn't die, i want to see the jackass GM get his shit told.

Or anyone told really, i just don't see happening to OP without it coming off as tumblr-tier shaming

>> No.30382345

It is going to die because it is well into autosage...

>> No.30382377

Thread is about to autosage. Which is alright. In one of the old threads someone gave me their email cause they wanted to start a Shadowrun group, so I've got myself a new group. And hopefully some fellow gamers in Toronto have seen this thread and have been warned about Toronto Area Gamers.

That feels like a good ending according to my book.

>> No.30382382

Or he's full of shit and was that guy to the nth degree, but has been lying non-stop ever since he made the first thread.

One or the other, really, there doesn't seem to be much room for middle ground.

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