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Create a character to be your waifu in your favorite system.

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But why?

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But I've already created waifus for my least favorite systems.

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Only ever played one game where my character had a waifu. She was a tiefling oracle he saved from being burned as a succubus then decided to follow him instead of being dropped off at the nearest cathedral.
Shit was kawaii as fuck.

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Tiefling trained in athletics, acrobatics and diplomacy, if you know what I'm saying.

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One of my characters already has a waifu.
And the other has explicitly dedicated his life to his cause and forgoes romance.

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I already created my waifu in VtM. Loli Malkavian.

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Wait, to be MY waifu, or to be my character's wife? It's a rather important distinction.

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18 Strength
16 Con
8 Int
10 Dex
14 Cha
12 Wis

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Sister of Battle for Dark Heresy. I'm a Grey Knight. We slay daemons and heretics by day, make passionate love in the presence of our life sized Imperator statue by night.

>tfw it is our pure love for each other and absolute hatred for the enemy that revive the Emperor

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When it's 'that time of the month' do you anoint your armor with her blood?

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You the player, not your character. she will appear in your world and love you unconditionally

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You better believe it. You'd think the bloodthister would appreciate it, but all it did was kill it dead.

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My sides. I just cant find them anymore.

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I seem to be missing my sides.

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I totally would, but I don't have my Neuroshima rulebooks at hand, not even mentioning the supplement with European ancestries.

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yeah, but can she do long division?

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there are 3 unique bins into which my mind processes female imagery.

1) Women who would never sleep with me in real life but I can wank it to
2) Women I can convince myself might sleep with me if they were drunk or exercising bad judgement
3) Women I could actually sleep with, hidden deep within the primal recesses of my brain next to the time when i got beat up by a girl

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Dude, I could animate 8-32 hit dice worth of undead with all the negative energy you're emanating.

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Don't feel too bad, in 4th grade I got in a fight with a girl and it ended up being a draw. She was older and larger, but I think I had an aggressive edge. Was broken up before it could be settled.

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seriously, its not that shes too pretty or not smart enough, stranger things have been known to happen. Its that she is just not my type...

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You what? Waifus in gaming? That's not possible!


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It's like /tg/ is a board full of Mark Corrigans...

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What the fuck is wrong with you? Seriously, what's so important about that post?

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so oldfag
such low post numbers
many nostalgias

not that other guy btw

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GETS are always important, it's like the New Years.

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>GETS are always important
They really aren't. >>30013578
got super duper out of proportion mad, but most posters on /tg/ tend to get annoyed by get celebrations.

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Oh come one seriously, she's a vampire and a loli allright, but still a nerd?

Me: Apocalypse World

Varying degrees of want (Brainer, Skinner, Battlebabe)

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High level aristocrat, with a lot of ranks in ride, if you know what I mean.

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If this didn't make you smile, you have no soul.

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>with a lot of ranks in ride, if you know what I mean.
Not really. Care to elaborate?

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>not cavalier

It's like you don't even want your waifu to be at least semi-useful, Anon.

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I'm rather poor, I plan on marrying into her money.

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But a cavalier waifu could have all the manner of land and title-based wealth too, Anon, plus she'd be much better at charging things and running them through.

Which would you rather have defending your home while you slay dragons, a soft aristocrat waifu or a fearless cavalier waifu?

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But I already got a waifu in my favorite system.

She's the wife of my character that stays at home and keeps the kids and household under control while he's off on adventures.

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In my fantasies, I'm capable enough to protect the people I care about myself.

Not the I'm belittling you, I'm sure your waifu is lovely too.

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My DM won't let me be in that many places at once, Anon. I'm still bound by Unity of Place and all that jazz.

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Since they took out the "they have the faces of wise and beautiful children" description of halflings, are halflings fair game for waifus or still icky?

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DM? I thought we were going by this >>30013057

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Halflings were always fair game, anon.

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But if we are, your waifu's DnD money is meaningless anyway. All she'll do is ruin the value of gold forever. You may as well pick a waifu with awesome skills instead.

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Goetic Demon Familiar (MtAw)
Influence: Lust (my Vice)
Numina: Manifest, Transform Self, Transform Higher Life (as Life 4 effect)

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Then I'll take a chubby halfling paladin who's always in a good mood.

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>8 Int
Pansy... surely you can go lower than that.

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[spoiler[Why don't any of them share your hair color or look anything like you?

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Brick isn't that stupid. Impulsive yes, stupid no.

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