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Lore, pen and paper, muatra, it's all good here.

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waifus and lore?

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Pls go.

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lore and lore living in harmony

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just the lore, motherfucker.

anywho what do battle mages do? whats their place in the imperial army

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They battle mages.

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stealing the throne for no real reason

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According to class descriptions in Morrowind, it seems battlemages don't really have a place in the army. Those specially trained for that are called spellswords, and with more of an emphasis on "sword". Battlemages are more heavily armored and rely more on killing everything, while spellswords are more versatile and can heal their fellow soldiers.

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Elite shock troops.

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What is the key to the snow tower?

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The stone? I like the time wound theory myself.

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here's a question tg. how powerful is falion? falion is a master level redguard conjurer living in morthal. he's the guy who cures you of your vampirism in exchange for filled blacksoul gems. And every night he sneaks off into the woods to do some strange arcane ritual. the effects of which is giving the children of morthal nightmares. just what is this guy up to?

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I hate Argonian's in the game, never play them or even entertain the idea of playing them, but damn if their art isn't some amazing stuff

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wish there was some good Khajiit art

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He's pretty damn powerful. And he obviously has no qualms about (likely illegal) soulstealing necromancy, sacrificing someone's trapped soul to daedra in exchange for curing vampirism? He's pretty evil if you ask me.

And some of the superstitious townsfolk probably consider him to be even more evil than he actually is.

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>Argonian Godhand.jpg
that feel when unarmed fighting will never be viable or interesting

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The Battlemage is probably a unit of their own. Heavy armor, conjured creatures and weapons, and destructive power. Used to crush flanks or defend against siege weaponry.

Spellswords are more support and would probably be placed throughout the ranks of normal soldiers. While they do have skill with destruction, their skills with restoration and alteration would be better used to aid the troops. Basically they're melee healers and buff bots.

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I'm not sure if he's outright evil, but he's certainly one of those Greater Good types. He'll traffic with Daedra to remove vampires from the world, and apparently all the questionable rituals he does are to keep the genuinely threatening powers of the Morthal Swamp at bay.

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>genuinely threatening powers of the Morthal Swamp
Which are? Im curious what this guy is fighting thats so evil that he can ignore what black soul gems do to a sentient soul.

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Battle Mages have always been a Cyrodiilic, specifically Nibenayan tradition. So a battlemage would canonically be a type of soldier of the Imperial Legions.
From Disaster at Ionith I'd say they would be a single company per legion, with squads of less than 5 attached to a century of legionaries.
They are primarily a tactically flexible unit meant to negate enemy magic and exploit opportunities only magic could manage.
They'd probably be deployed as squads/teams interspersed between centuries. They might have skirmishers or archers nearby.

This is an issue. The Morrowind class description is as far as I know the only time Spellswords are said to be a specific thing of the Legion and Battlemages not.

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well there's the vampire coven 50 feet outside of town, but it doesn't seem to concern falion too much as he would've fire balled the vampires hidden in morthal proper. then again the surrounding area is possibly one of the scariest regions of skyrim. Frozen swamp man, all sorts of stuff could happen there. wisps leading you into an mire you cant escape from. zombies rising from the muck and filth. the whole place just screams of that one battlefield Gollum led Frodo and sam through in lotr

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They do all kinds of mage things:
>Levitating legions up to flying cities (Lord of Souls)
>Letting an army breath underwater (2920 series, not sure which book though)
>Communicate with the IC from Akavir via dreamsleeve (Report: Disaster at Ionith)
I'm assuming they also act as artillery if needed, hailing fireballs. So pretty much all the magic we see in the games, on a bigger scale

>the key
I'm assuming you meant stone
A cave, we don't know anything else though

He seems to be a quite powerful conjurer, I wish he'd been expanded on...

We can't find anything really dangerous there, because Falion is properly repelling it. At least that's what I'm telling myself, or else Falion would be quite disappointing.

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She doesn't look bitchy! NOTCANON!

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Why do you hate our lady of mercy?

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Because she tried to kill me.

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Wasnt that only for your good?

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Bitch wasn't nice to me either.

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Sending me to my ancestors? Probably not.
She also has done some really filthy things to that renegade Hand looking how he has changed his mind.

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I heard something about Argonians invading Oblivion? What's that all about?

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Hist was smart, geared the argonian bros up for Oblivion crisis, when gates opened they got swarmed with Argonians clogging the shit out of it and knocking em back down before they could open up the big ones and destroy lots of shit.

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Yes thx

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Remember how she politely forgot Sotha Sil helping her to banish Dagon.

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Last time I attempted to post TES on here i got banned... something something not /v/ something something


Talos is Lorkhan is the only explanation for anything he did.

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Can someone point me to where I find information on what precisely is a Shezzarine? I thought they had something to do with incarnations of Lorkhan or somesuch but the source on that is escaping me. It has to be something serious if moths will smother you if you say Pelinal is one. Aww shit now I'm getting smothered tonight.

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There's an ingame book

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When was that? We've had dozens of TES threads regularly for the last few months.

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I won't forget it. Nobody gives me any credit around here! Even my damned fabricants don't listen to me.

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2 years ago or so.... the stupid thread was like 100 posts long before they deleted it and banned me.

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Hey Seht, since I haven't been to the irc since forever. How is the 2.0?

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that's sadly the truth
even first homebrew tes pnp threads were taken down because of bullshit reasons

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It's going pretty well, I've been working very hard and so have the others. Who am I speaking to? Lots of people drop by and vanish again.

Ah. Yeah I started posting in threads that popped up at the beginning of 2013, and they've been getting more and more regular since then.

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what is this?! I need it!

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sadly just a bunch of ideas and mockup cards

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name's nyan, I've visited the channel for a couple of days to ask for advices for my Morrowind pnp, which I wanted to feel very vidyalike (except for the combat). I had to drop the project for a while due to personal stuff but now thanks to those daily tes threads I'm feel like continuing

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I vaguely remember you, yeah. That was a while ago. You should definitely pick it back up again! And feel free to drop by and visit again if you like, there's a much larger regular crowd than there was a few months ago.

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Talos did a lot more, he ascended in several ways
> achieved CHIM
> re-enacted the Entiamorph
> mantled Lorkhan (kinda)
> had a dragon break (at Rimmen, when he activated the numidum)
> used the numidum
There's no kill like overkill

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The "army wide waterbreathing" were specifically stated to be Mystics of some kind.
The Lord of Souls and Ionith examples are both heavily Mystic, as well. I think you're confusing Battlemages with practitioners of Mysticism and Thaumaturgy.

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In Oblivion and Morrowind, Mysticism was a Battlemage skill.

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The real reason they killed Nerevar is because they were jelly.

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Was it? I never played Battlemage, so I wouldn't know.
However, Vivec dismissed the scout that brought news of Reman's Forces in 2920 because of the fact that he didn't know the difference between a Mystic (although at the time of the writing they may have been Thaumaturgists, but then I can't remember that either) and a Battlemage.
I've got the book on TIL
:"Spy," said Vivec, calling Cassyr over. "When you said the army had a horde of battlemages, what made you so certain they were battlemages?"

"They were wearing gray robes with mystical insignia on them," explained Cassyr. "I figured they were mages, and why else would such a vast number travel with the army? They couldn't have all been healers."

"You fool!" roared Vivec. "They're mystics schooled in the art of Alteration. They've cast a spell of water breathing on the entire army."
This implies that Mystics =/= Battlemages.

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Assuming that Vivec banged her after this...

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Vivec had consensual sex with the God of Rape.
I'm pretty sure consensual sex with the patron goddess of a race whose females undergo an canon slut phase wouldn't be hard.

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Vivec banged ALL of them at some point. It's VIVEC.

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>Dunmer women under go a slut phase

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read the real real berenziah

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Dark elves in puberty go apeshit horny if you can believe the Biography of Queen Barenziah. She fucked around, took thorny khaijit cocks in public, did drugs and finally ended up teen pregnant by the Emperor till he pushed her down a flight of stairs. Such is the life of a teenage dark elf.

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>took thorny khaijit cocks in public

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Why does Barenziah have two different biographies anyway?

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is it me or is a lot of tes lore revolving around lewd stuff?

there are as many opinions as there are people, and two of them could write

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Because one of them is false. Every celebrity in history has been the subject of controversy and rumor. Unfortunately, meatheads tend to consider the book with the word "real" in the title to necessarily be cannon, rather than the work of an in-world character just like every other text.

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I aint sayin' she a gold-digger

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No, it's not you.

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One is from Daggerfall, and is not the censored version found in Morrowind.

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I felt so... dirty taking my clothes off. His vocabulary afterwards didn't help.

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Didn't a Daggerfall quest revolve around that being made by someone who actually interviewed Barenziah about her life or something?

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To be fair, Seht is basically a Dunmer Chris chan. She's not gonna want to associate with him much in his full autism cocoon.

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Why are some Dunmer ginger?

Also why does Karliah have purple eyes?

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>Barenziah and Straw settled into Rifton for the winter, taking a cheap room in the slummier section of town. Barenziah wanted to join the Thieves Guild, knowing there would be trouble if she were caught freelancing. One day in a barroom she caught the eye of a known member of the Guild, a bold young Khajiit named Therris. She offered to bed him if he would sponsor her membership. He looked her over, grinning, and agreed, but said she'd still have to pass an initiation.

>"What sort of initiation?"

>"Ah," Therris said. "Pay up first, sweetness."

>[This passage has been censored by order of the Temple.]

Based Temple

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I see what Nerevar saw in her.

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His trafficking seems more that he'll perform the trade for you, meaning you give him a soul, and he sends it to the Soul Cairn or wherever in exchange for getting yours put back in you.

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Yeah, and you meet the author in Tribunal. She got over its publication pretty quick, and now the guy follows her around as an advisor.

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At what rate do elves age? In the Real Barenziah at 17 years old she's fucked like 100 guys/cats. But Dunmer live for a thousand years so if they stay youthful for several centuries surely they grow up at a similar pace.

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Your average dark elf won't live a thousand years. The ones that do are usually the nobility or the archwizards.

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They were explicitly labelled Imperial Battlemages in all Ionith and Lord of Souls.

Levitating and waterbreathing are both Alteration. Long range communication is probably mysticism, but it might also be a stock standard spell all Battlemages learn. The schools of magic are artificial distinctions.

Dremora spawn in the swamps.

She's a mary sue. Aka, half dunmer.

She's supposed to be the daughter of Barenziah and some Breton lord I think.

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Timeline doesn't match up for her to be the daughter of the queen. It's probably Gallus talking shit.

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So how do you guys feel about Elder Scrolls Online taking all this fun lore and making it noncanon?

I just heard about it and I'm pretty damn miffed. Argonians aren't even immune to poison anymore.

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Wizards live for many thousand years like Divath Fyr.. But assuming they don't get a mortal illness or otherwise die prematurely 1000 years isn't abnormal.

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Dunmer CAN live for a thousand years. Using Magic and Intelligence, they can expand this greatly.
Using stupidity and criminality, they can live to be as old as that schmuck you killed in the cave just outside of Seyda Neen.
As of Morrowind, she was around 400 years old, and was full on elderly. White hair, wrinkles, the whole shebang. Then you have Divayth Fyr, who looks the same age as her and comes in at around 4,000 years old, making him the oldest known mortal alive.

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I know. But I'm saying 1,000 because that's the maximum possible my natural means. This is important because if 1,000 is equivalent to a human 100 and Dunmer can stay youthful for centuries then shouldn't they also stay children for a few decades. I mean Neloth looks no older than any random Dunmer despite being well over 200.

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I tried calculating it once, and worked out that Divayth Fyr would have been born a Chimer, be older than the Tribunal, and was possibly even one of the very Aldmer/Chimer who left the other Aldmer with the Prophet Veloth.

Make no mistake, he is OLD. He predates Ysgramor, the Atmoran migration... he's no more than one or two generations removed from the Dawn Era itself.

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We've discussed it a million times. In fact, we discussed it so long that mundus was undone and we passed into the next kalpa, where we continue to discuss it.

We really don't know. Barenziah is about as royal as a Dunmer can get, yet she's withering at 400 years old. I suspect 500 is their max life and beyond that is magic.

Divayth Fyr looks the same age as her because of fuckloads of old school necromantic messing with the Earth Bones. He can regenerate his body so well he can spawn new bodies.

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>Dunmer are extremely religious, xenophobic ultra-nationalists.
>Queen of the Dunmer is a race-mixing slut

>> No.29552127

Made a dev blog post to talk about what's been going on since the beginning of the year. We've been making great progress, and over the next few weeks you should see some actual content from us (probably a preview of a few pages to see what you think of our visual design, and maybe a sample character or two).

Additionally, in a few weeks I'm going to be looking for volunteers to assist with testing and polishing the core rulebook to move it towards a final state. So if that sounds interesting to you, keep an eye out. Pic related.

But for now, I must sleep. I'll see you all later.

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>is it me or is a lot of tes lore revolving around lewd stuff?
Yes it is, read the Remanada and the fireside chats

Very early first era, going from UESP's timelines. The Merethic Era between the first and the dawn era lasted 2500 years, so he was actually not that far up

>> No.29552159

You have to chop a thousand years off the First Era because of the Dragon Break and the missing 1008 years. In Tamriel Time, those years are unlikely to count.

>> No.29552232

I was under the impression that Morrowind had the full 1008 years because the Tribunal protected them, according to Where were you when the Dragon Broke? Might be that the 150 years from The Dragonbreak Re-Examined are the correct amount of years

>> No.29552250

The book from the third era that talks as if it's from the fourth or fifth? Yeah, I don't buy that book at all.

>> No.29552293

No, I think you're talking about the love letter. Those were both in Morrowind.

>> No.29552348

Symmachus is based.
>Kills and maims race-mixers.
>Doesn't take shit from slutty elves.

>> No.29552373

Love Letter isn't an in-game text. Fal Droon's book is:

>The late 3rd era was a period of remarkable religious ferment and creativity. The upheavals of the reign of Uriel VII were only the outward signs of the historical forces that would eventually lead to the fall of the Septim Dynasty.
>Recall, however, that the 3rd era historians were already separated from the Alessians by a gulf of more than 2,000 years. And history was still in its infancy, relying on the few archives from those early days.
>Today, modern archaeology and paleonumerology have confirmed what my own research in Alessian dating first suggested: that the Dragon Break was invented in the late 3rd era, based on a scholarly error, fueled by obsession with eschatology and Numidiumism, and perpetuated by scholarly inertia.

You find this book in Morrowind. During the Late Third Era. Which it refers to as if it were in the past.

>> No.29552379

Its granddaughter

>> No.29552398

Still wouldn't match up, because Barenziah's kid was a boy, not the girl Dralsi.

>> No.29552449

>Argonians aren't even immune to poison anymore.

>> No.29552511

I'm pretty sure that the Real Barenziah is just hentai doujin minus the pictures. Mainly because public spiky Khajit dick sex is too absurd to be true.

>> No.29552525

I read that book like 10 times in Morrowind yet I never noticed it was from the future.

>> No.29552532


Cats have barbed dicks in real life as well.

>> No.29552571

I've never considered it to be 100% accurate. It doesn't fit with TES style for there to be two stories and for one of them to be the real one. They're always both full of shit.

It reads like absolutely sensationalist crap.
The Queen of an entire country involved in:
>interspecies sex
>involved in the Simulacrum
>a secret aborted illegitimate child with the founder of the the Empire

Yeah, right. Maybe one or two of those things but not every sordid thing imaginable.

>> No.29552576

Don't forget that there was literally no reason to include that other than to be as lewd as possible.

>> No.29552583

I have two words for you:

Dark Elves.

>> No.29552615

It's also the only source that mentions dark elves being nymphomaniacs.

>> No.29552642

>society has the Daedric Princes of assassination, intrigue, sex and secrets as gods
>trades in the Daedra for a bunch of backstabbing dicks, one of whom is fucking Vivec

>> No.29552684

That's not to say they're immoral. They just think that cold-blooded murder is okay sometimes.

Also they don't worship the Daedra of sex, that would be Sanguine. Who isn't even directly the god of sex because that would be Dibella.

>> No.29552691


On my phone, but that one book of jokes also makes fun of the dunmers perverted youth

>> No.29552707

>As known in the West, Mephala is the demon of murder, sex, and secrets. All of these themes contain subtle aspects and violent ones (assassination/genocide, courtship/orgy, tact/poetic truths); Mephala is understood paradoxically to contain and integrate these contradictory themes. And all these subtle undercurrents and contradictions are present in the Dunmer concepts of Vivec, even if they are not explicitly described and explained in Temple doctrine.

>> No.29552727

A Dark Elf man killed his wife after catching her making love with another man.
When the magistrate asked him why he killed her instead of her lover, the man replied, "I considered it better to kill one woman than a different man every week."

A Dark Elf woman was being shown around Daggerfall. When she was shown the magnificent Castle Daggerfall, she smiled sweetly to her guide and whispered, "It reminds me of sex."
"That's odd," said her guide. "Why does our Castle Daggerfall remind you of sex?"
The Dark Elf sighed, "Everything does."

Yelithah told Vathysah that she was having dinner with a Dark Elf named Morleth that night.
"I hear he's an animal," said Vathysah. "He'll rip your dress right off you."
"Thank you for telling me," said Yelithah, "I'll be sure to wear an old dress."

"This orchard has sentimental value to me," said Mojhad, the Khajiit, to his friend, Hasillid. "Under that tree, for example, is where I first made love. And that tree, is where her mother stood, watching us."
"She watched you while you made love to her daughter?" said Hasillid, clearly impressed. "Didn't she say anything?"

>> No.29552779

Not him but slutty Dunmer seems to be one of those concepts that gradually just got forgotten about. Like beast-like Bosmer males.

>> No.29552989

Holy shit, I actually saw it that way!

>> No.29553208

Actually never saw it that way

>> No.29553258

>then shouldn't they also stay children for a few decades.

Why should they?

>> No.29553261

CHIM (pronounced like the name Kim, with a softer ‘k’ and emphasis on the ‘I’) is the Ehlnofex word for “royalty”. Contrary to what a certain poorly researched text wants you to believe it’s not the realization that you’re in a video game and you can use cheat codes because of that. CHIM goes much deeper than this.

CHIM is the realization that everything is a dream, dreamed by the Godhead. You are part of the dream and you’re just a tiny piece of it, (I AM NOT, -1) but at the same time you retain your individuality, your I (I AM, +1). Failing to retain your I causes you to lose your individuality and dissolve into the dream. You zero-sum; (-1) + (+1) = 0.

Keeping your I is achieved through Love (notice the capital L). Talos and Vivec loved themselves so much that by proxy they loved everything else as well, because they are everything and everything is the dream (I ARE ALL WE). Vivec’s Love is different from what we view as love. Love is every action performed or experienced under Will, Violence is Love. When we stagnate he slaps us so we move on. When he needs us he uses us to guide us. He suspended Baar Dau above Vivec City with CHIM, and once his people stopped loving him it fell. He taught the Dunmer to never lose their Love via violence.


>> No.29553275

>Couldn’t Vivec just CHIM all the outlanders out of Morrowind?

>If CHIM is so powerful, why didn’t he CHIM Dagoth Ur away?

To do so would go against his Love for himself and all AE (the entirety of existence in the TES universe). Outlanders, Dagoth Ur, the saltrice farmer on a remote coast, an Argonian working the docks in Windhelm are all part of Vivec, part of them dream. Inflicting any harm on them would be inflicting harm on himself. Love is a Sword. It is double-edged, so when Vivec cuts, he also cuts himself.

>> No.29553291

Furthermore, CHIM is deeply connected to the roots of the Aurbis. The eight aedra make up a wheel, with each of them acting as a spoke. The spaces in between the spokes are the realms of the daedric princes. Outside the wheel is the Void (not the void that is Sithis), where more concepts than stasis and change exist. Describing it as nothingness would be giving it too much meaning, for it cannot be named. It's like not thinking about a world without sound. The Et'Ada tried to rebuild it inside the wheel, but the chaos inside the wheel collected itself, which is now called Oblivion, outside Oblivion is the attempted recreation of the void outside the wheel, which the Et'Ada refer to as Aetherius.

But Lorkhan had none of that. After he saw everything there was to see he went outside the wheel and saw it, looking at it sideways he saw the secret Tower which has the shape of the name of the only God, I.

>Hold up, you lost me

Okay the wheel is flat. Look at it sideways and you see a Tower. This tower represents the true self within us. Also, it looks like an I. Since CHIM includes realizing that you are everything, the Tower means you're the only God. This is the secret of the Tower within the Tower, which twice-Vehk stole, for he is the thief. Tiber Septim was the second thief taking the secret (Wulfharth is the warrior, Zurin the Mage, and that dirty little Breton shit Hijalti had to steal something).

>> No.29553302

>Vivec’s Love is different from what we view as love. Love is every action performed or experienced under Will, Violence is Love.

This is taken directly from Crowley's satanism, btw. Love is will, love is acting according to true will, no matter the consequences. That's what "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" means.

>> No.29553309

First version of the CHIM pasta, thoughts?

>> No.29553328

Yup, taken from his book of law.
> Love is every action or motion experienced under Will

>> No.29553340

It doesn't make sense for such a slow-breeding and long-lived race to grow up at an equal speed to fast-breeding races that have a 1/10th of their life-span.

Just look at humans. It takes them about 16 years to be able to properly breed and they live for 80 years having 1 or 2 children. Then look at dogs who are able to breed in 1 year, live for 10 and can have 5> children in one go.

>> No.29553395

Is it really necessary? Even if it's made, it'll still get discussed and argued about anyway.

>> No.29553482

>It doesn't make sense for such a slow-breeding and long-lived race to grow up at an equal speed to fast-breeding races that have a 1/10th of their life-span.

Why not? This is a fantasy world were elves were elves were taught to live longer by walking differently.

>> No.29553542

Because if they breed slowly and live long lives then it's a reasonable assumption that they also grow up slowly. Sure you can argue that lots of things about fantasy biology are absurd but seeing as they're as anthropomorphic as they are it only makes sense that they function similar to real humans.

>> No.29553556

There's someone in almost every thread asking about CHIM, and the explanations are mostly half-assed, because everyone's tired of discussing it. I thought this might reduce the amount of unnecessary discussion. If there is still discussion about this I'll expand it, add to it and correct it

>> No.29553572

>Because if they breed slowly and live long lives then it's a reasonable assumption that they also grow up slowly.

Not really. It's far more reasonable to assume that they grow up however the writers decide they should.

>> No.29553616

>Not really. It's far more reasonable to assume that they grow up however the writers decide they should.
And the writers haven't said much on the matter. The whole thing that sparked the discussion was the Real Barenziah which is already extremely dubious.

>> No.29553647


>As a descendent of Queen Barenziah, her mother may have been the illegitimate child of Tiber Septim named Dralsi Indoril, in turn making Karliah a possible Septim and giving her a claim to the Cyrodilic throne as Empress.

All of my why...


>> No.29553674

>And the writers haven't said much on the matter.

But they have said something on the matter. Even if you don't buy into the Real Barenziah as actually real, it was obviously written to pass for real in-universe, so don't you think every elf ever would immediately decry it as horseshit if they aged so slow?

>> No.29553692

People decry the Real Barenziah as horseshit all the time. Hence why there's two radically different biographies on Barenziah.

>> No.29553700

Well she did sell her first kid to Mannimarco for her "first" so she's all kinds of fucked up.

>> No.29553721

>People decry the Real Barenziah as horseshit all the time.

Some do, but everyone would if the age was so blatantly wrong.

>> No.29553761

Dark elves live on the other-side of the continent to the vast majority of people in Tamriel. If 300 years ago someone wrote a book saying that Chinese people have three balls a decent number of people would believe it.

>> No.29553799

For my part, I think the whole story is horseshit. Barenziah never slept with Nightingale while he was in Mournhold, because the whole point was to keep her right on the edge of it until he had what he wanted, and you needed to be at least part-Dunmer of the R'Aathim bloodline to get at the Staff of Chaos in the first place, which Tharn was.

The kid she had around that time was Helseth, a boy, followed eight years later by Morgiah, pretty obviously Symmachus, and the only other children were the aborted Tiber Septim baby and her son by Jagar Tharn (disguised as the Emperor) when she was in the Imperial City leading him on.

Either you believe the Nightingale book or you don't. There is literally no middle ground, because it outright attempts to retcon already-existing information. It doesn't even get the number of the Barenziah volume right.

>> No.29553809

they sure did their research

>> No.29553822


It says Uriel Septim VIII rather than VII. Did the writer even stop to read what he was typing?

>> No.29553912


>> No.29553926

>implying the Bethesda staff would be writing it out on a piece of paper and not just in Word or whatever

>> No.29553931

kek I thought you literally meant Gallus.

>> No.29554240

question, /tg/: do frost anf flame daedra belong to any one prince in particular? Or does each prince control some number of the nonspecific minor daedra?

>> No.29554502

The atronarchs are just collections of raw kaleiducules and potential, they aren't aligned with any daedric prince. Some princes do have their own Daedra though, such as Meridia's Aurorans.

>> No.29555804

It's great, thanks for creating it.

>> No.29556242

>> mantled Lorkhan (kinda)
He ate Wulfharth who was an incarnation of Shor who was an Aspect of Lorkhan.
Worked because he was a Dragonborn

>> No.29556257

Eh, it's confirmed for not canon, why talk about it?

>> No.29556420

They can still grow to be something truly disgusting with enough time and effort - I'm trying very hard to remember where I saw something about greater storm atronach, who were sufficient to do some very unpleasant things to most people.

>> No.29556728

I think you're thinking of the Frost Monarch.

>> No.29556997


He is only level 15.

>> No.29557008

i thought spell swords were mercs they hired to harrass troops.

>> No.29557097

Vivec always lies.

>> No.29557118


Maybe Barenziah was just a huge slut, completely independent of being a dark elf?

>> No.29557270

Apparently, good spellswords are "prized as mercenaries". Which would explain the "spellsword"/"sellsword" connection. They're specially trained to support troops, but, now that I re-read the class description, it doesn't actually say that they're trained /by/ the Imperials. So it could be that they are predominately "adventurers and soldiers-of-fortune", as the class description says they're well-suited for.

>> No.29557317

Damn, that is so much better. I guess they must not have wanted three different species to have tons of different forms.

>> No.29557366

Well, it's totally wrong for one thing. If it's supposed to be bait then I guess it's alright.

>> No.29557393

It makes much more sense that they would grow up at the same rate and then stay middle aged for much longer. If they stayed children much longer than humans that would mean that they were literally retarded.

>> No.29557417

Not when people were teleporting back and forth between China all the time.

>> No.29558548

I remember reading about the effects uncharged black soul gems had on people but can't find it anymore

>> No.29559189

Did CoC mantle Pelinal? Or was s/he Pelinal's Incarnation or something?

>> No.29559251

>achieved CHIM

I don't remember that one. I think it's more correct to say that a bunch of different mortals did those things, and ascended into the collective consciousness that is Talos, which because of the nature of TES created some historical revisionism that made those guys retroactively talos.

>> No.29559264

He CHIM'd Cyrodiil from jungle to european plains

>> No.29559282

Oh, the original transcription error.

>> No.29559285

Though he used shouts for that.

>> No.29559301

Pelinial is apparently a cyborg from the future.

Technically speaking, Pelinal mantled the CoC.

>> No.29559318

>implying it's not a double moebius reacharound mantling loop

>> No.29559338

Does Pelinal even have a soul to Incarnate?

>> No.29559433

You meet it in Oblivion, so yes.

>> No.29560163

Oy vey.

>> No.29560251

Tiber H. Septim. What the fuck. Then again, in the world of TES this ain't shit compared to anything, especially Vivecs crazy ass adventures.

>> No.29560799

They could have at least given a slider ala War Paint with different small animal features. Horns that barely poke through the skin, deer teeth, a slightly canine nose, small mice ears behind their normal ones, etc.

>> No.29561452

Could have, but going the extra mile isn't really Bethesda's thing.

>> No.29561523

It is when they're almost bankrupt. Someone needs to raid their treasury so we can get a Morrowind-tier world in decent visuals, god-damnit.

>> No.29561594




So Tiber Septim didn't punch Barenziah in the womb or whatever?

If Karliah is the descendant of Tiber Septim, she is Dragonborn.

>> No.29561649

Something like this?

>> No.29561717

Quite the opposite actually. The reason humans are children for so long compared to other animals is because it's a sign of how intelligent that species is.

>> No.29561871

>We can't find anything really dangerous there, because Falion is properly repelling it. At least that's what I'm telling myself, or else Falion would be quite disappointing.

cant find it because falion killed all of it.

>> No.29561907

But dark elves aren't any more intelligent than humans. If it took a dark elf 100 years to pick up what takes humans 20 years that means they are retarded.

>> No.29561941

>There are people ITT who actually think inferior beast slave-races look badass

>> No.29561965


>> No.29561973

They are. Look at how advanced House Telvanni are then look at how advanced the College of Winterhold are. Dark elves are light-years ahead of humans.

>If it took a dark elf 100 years to pick up what takes humans 20 years that means they are retarded.
It takes a human 16 years to pick up what takes a dog 1 year. Does this mean humans are retarded?

>> No.29562010

Everyone looked like absolute shit in Oblivion, no matter the race.

>> No.29562029

being dragonborn doesnt work like that. she is a dragon-born, as in she could wear the amulet of kings, but not a dragonborn like she could shout and kill alduin.

>> No.29562040

I'm not so sure. They have CoD's audience, these days. The Elder Scrolls is up there among the literal household names.

I'm actually kind of relieved they still hold to some standard, instead of turning out a new game every year. But still, they're not going to take any more risks on stuff like style or complexity.

The next TES will probably also take place in a vaguely Medieval European setting populated by inoffensive fantasy people.

>> No.29562049

All races looked shit. But some looked more shit.

>> No.29562072

The regular dragonborn can't kill Alduin either, he can just kill regular dragons.

>> No.29562120

That's actually sad.

>> No.29562138

If it took a human 16 years to pick up the same thing a dog learns in 1 year, then yes they would be severely retarded. Was that a serious question?

>> No.29562156

im calling highrock.

i mean shit, they arnt robots. they do care some about the series. even if they are trying to appease the new people.

>> No.29562162

>vaguely Medieval European setting populated by inoffensive fantasy people.

You mean Oblivion, which had the blandest setting imaginable?

>> No.29562182

Are you retarded?

It takes humans 16 years to be able to properly reproduce. It takes dogs 1 year. Hence before that they'e children. Or do you not know what "children" means?

>> No.29562206

I think you mean 12.

>> No.29562217

About the only thing a dog learns to do more quickly than a human is how to lick his own balls.

>> No.29562230

As an amateur lorefag, I have some questions.

How does necromancy work in TES? What is the Necromancer's Moon? How do liches work in TES?

>> No.29562232

Then why isn't the age of consent 12?

>> No.29562239

TES has just become one of the biggest franchises for people who want to sit on their couch and watch TV while pressing a few buttons.

>> No.29562244

Because hur dur protect childrun
Sexuality is badd

>> No.29562246


Dwemer typewriter.

>> No.29562251

>being able to properly reproduce is a skill that you learn

I think we've found the retard here.

>> No.29562275

No, he means High Rock.

>> No.29562292

>Growing up is about learning skills and not you know, growing up.
Here's the post that started it all in case you can't read.
>Just look at humans. It takes them about 16 years to be able to properly breed and they live for 80 years having 1 or 2 children. Then look at dogs who are able to breed in 1 year, live for 10 and can have 5> children in one go.

>> No.29562312

Go to Saudi Arabia then you pedophile.

>> No.29562326

What is Chim?
What is CH CH CH Ç̶̢̹̥̯̩͚̜͚͚̞͇̠̖̟̭͑̂̐̋̍̔͒̅͌ͮ̇̽̿̚̕͝ͅH̴͖͙͇̟͖͉̩ͩͦ̅ͮ͗̏ͧ̎̆̑̆̋ͯͨͯ̏̋̈́̿̀͡͝͝I̢͋̈͛ͭ͂͒ͭ͐̓ͤ̈́̒̏̏̑ͯ͜͏̗͔̙̳̬M̡͙͙̦̓ͣͫͪ͐̈́͝?
WHAT ͣͯ̽̎̅ͩ͋̏͑ͫ̚͡͏̸̰̪͔̮̠̮̺̫͕̥̜̘̫̬̯̹̟̻Iͪͫͥ̒́̽͏̸̢̼̰̭̪̻̹̰̼̖̬̮̀S̵̱̭̙̝̥̙̗͈̰̗̼͍̗̭̔̉͆̄ͩ̄̽ͦ̑ͥͧ͛̈́̕ͅͅ CHIM?

WHAT WHAT WHAT WHAT ̵̳͓̘̦̠̞̜̉̐ͣ̎͐͒͐͘
̛̛̝̯͙̮̣̲̼̮̜͇̳̬͎̪͇ͬ̏̀̂̏ͫ̕͡ͅW̛̓ͪ̏ͯ̌ͧͥͯ̈̊̏ͣͦ͋ͧ͜͡͏̫̻͔̲̩͙Ḩ̭̯̙̘̼̣̹̻̙͔̫̲̮̗̤͈̬̦̈́̂͌ͪ̂̓͒͒̽̓ͯ͛ͩͪ́̀̚͠͞Ạ̶̢͈̻̜͈͔̞̦͇̍ͧ͑͌̓ͦͮ̽ͫ͗͞ͅͅT̷ͬ̍̂̋̈̋́̎͢͏̴͎̠̗̮͕̘ WHAT
CHIM CHIM CHIM CHIM CHIM Ç̶̢̹̥̯̩͚̜͚͚̞͇̠̖̟̭͑̂̐̋̍̔͒̅͌ͮ̇̽̿̚̕͝ͅH̴͖͙͇̟͖͉̩ͩͦ̅ͮ͗̏ͧ̎̆̑̆̋ͯͨͯ̏̋̈́̿̀͡͝͝I̢͋̈͛ͭ͂͒ͭ͐̓ͤ̈́̒̏̏̑ͯ͜͏̗͔̙̳̬M̡͙͙̦̓ͣͫͪ͐̈́͝

>> No.29562345


What is Entiamorph

>> No.29562348

>implying reasonable laws and education means pedophile
also wrong term.

>> No.29562356

A very nice dish when served with wine.

>> No.29562367

>Saudi Arabia's philosophy on consent is reasonable.

>> No.29562385

so when/where is the next not TES:O elder scrolls game going to take place?

>> No.29562389

I honestly don't even know what you're talking about anymore. If you want to pretend Barenziah was a 17 year old baby crawling around looking for cat penises then I can't stop you.

>> No.29562391

Why is CHIM written in all caps?

>> No.29562395

Pretty much. They might be a bit adventurous and do Hammerfell, now that we've established it looks like Arabian Nights. But black. That seems like exactly the shitty kind of effort that would get them to the front pages. They're also fighting the Thalmor, so it'd make sense if they're going to stick with the 4th era. Or a return to the Imperial Province. But I can only imagine them doing other provinces with some liberal dumbing down of the setting. But they won't, because then most of the NPC's would be non-humans, and that's probably already too weird. Let alone doing it right.

>> No.29562408

acting out the moment of convention. acccidently of course, you cant really do it on purpose.

a rebel slays and replaces a king, while an observer watches and is maimed.

>> No.29562413

>implying implied anything about saudi arabia

>> No.29562418

Great way to miss the point.

The point was that Barenziah probably wasn't looking for cat penises because elves probably aren't mature at 17.

>> No.29562442

>You should be able to fuck 12 year olds.
>Not the Saudi Arabian dream.

>> No.29562443

I wish the last game had you playing as/on Thalmor side.
I'd rather cause the end of the world than fail at preventing it.

>> No.29562518


It's the V in the title of Skyrim. You need it to achieve Amaranth, which is mantling Michael Kirkbride by getting naked and taking so many bath salts that you CHIM out in real life.

>> No.29562594


There is no way they would do that.

>Redguards were white all along, it was just a transcription error!

>> No.29562632


Eh, I kinda enjoy magical forest twinks. But ugly male Bosmer is very interesting.

>> No.29562666

The only reason they don't do a release every year is that bethesda is the laziest game developer there is. Instead, we'll get the quality of a one year release cycle, with the wait time of a masterwork.

>> No.29562728

Skyrim isn't that bad

>> No.29562731


Oh, is this picture somehow related to TES? cause these characters all look vaguely bosmer/dunmer/high elf

>> No.29562739


I've never seen someone put it tha\t way, but damn, you're right.

Demonic Trips of Truth.

>> No.29562774


>Cool, did you see that dragon? Just like in the movies! Well, time to explore! A cave! That should be nice.
>Whew, those dozens of Draugrs and Spiders surely took an effort. Oh well, at least I got a...iron sword. Oh hey, a secret passage to the exit. How convenient!

>Well, that kinda sucked. At least I can customize my character in unique ways!
>What do you mean, one-piece armors?

>Well, I can still delve myself in the mysteries of magicka!
>Hmm. So I can throw a ball of fire, make a wall of fire, fart a jet of fire...I guess it's nice...

>Screw the tyranic Empire! I'll murder their goddamn general!
> Oh, you're essential? Sorry about that.

>I just saved Skyrim! Now I shall be praised by the people of Skyrim!

>Well, at least I can enjoy the Factions and their schemes!
>Hey, I wanna join! Wait- what do you mean I'm the ArchMaster?

>TES always had great lore. I'll try to hunt a Snow Whale! Catch a Dirtbird! Become a Volkihar!
>Nope. not even their frozen remains are here. And cyrodill vampires pushed the Volkihar outta here?

>At least, I guess, I can explore the towns
>So the great imperial capital, which is supposed to be able to hold the whole Imperial Legion, has 11 houses?

>You know what? RadiantAI! I'll enjoy my Infinite Quests™
>I brought your item. I killed that dude. I brought your item. I killed that dude. I brought your item. I killed that dude. Also I killed a metric ton of Draugr too, would you pay me for that?

>Fuck this shit, I'll just run through Skyrim. At least it's pretty!
>Oh shit, I stepped on a cabbage, now I'm a dead body flying to the moon

>Screw all this. I'll just fight everyone. Combat is fun, right?
>I slashed across your face twice, and you didn't even flinch! Are you a Draugr, too?

When I played it, I wasn't even anry. Just disappointed. And sad.

>> No.29562781

It really is. The world is laughably thin in some areas, the guild questlines are a joke, doesn't support 1/3rd of playstyles... Skyrim is a 6/10 being kind. And I had a lot of fun with Skyrim, but it's hard to ignore how flawed it is.

>> No.29562797

They're not lazy. If they were lazy, we'd get CoD style reskins every year. And the franchise would become Skyrim instead of TES.

"Out now! Skyrim 3: Dragonborn Returns. No more tedious overworld. now we just warp you to where the action is!"

>> No.29562817

I didn't say it was great. But it wasn't 1-year-release tier bad either.

>> No.29562916

The only reason I still play it is mods make it almost tolerable. The greatest insult I think is that Bethesda clearly has the ability to fix things, they just don't bother to put them in the game. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iJguhBeaDIs&noredirect=1

>we will never have spears again
>we will never have a CK that lets us put spears into the game with appropriate animations
>Bethesda has both of these things.

Why would they do that when they already have a broken engine to use that relies on overworld?

The only reason they don't do what you suggest is laziness: They'd have to learn a new way to do things.

>> No.29562937


>> No.29563008

Suck my muatra if you love spears so much. Skyrim is one of the better games made since 2010 despite being a rushed skeleton of a TES game.

>> No.29563059

What do you mean by better?

How many games are over it in a list, if you had to guess?

And back on lore: Can someone explain Kappas to me? Is there a total reset to the world in a new kappa, including getting rid of things like aedra and daedra, or is it just nirn that is affected?

>> No.29563081

In what way?

>> No.29563123

As in one of the games made since 2010 that's of decent quality. Like
>Gaddafi was one of the better dictators.
>Coco-pops is one of the better cereals.

It's a figure of speech to indicate that even if you typically don't like something this certain thing among others is an exception.

>> No.29563125

I still think you should nix the Vivec stuff for the sake of it being a point of debate, narrow it down to a basic definition overall, and also trim the Love concept for good measure because even though it is interesting and does fit it's really only based on that one Reddit theory that's in turn based on the writings of someone who we're pretty sure inspired MK, but still isn't exactly canon.

Without writing a run on sentence again, the dictionary definition should be enough.

>> No.29563151

So they made all the DLC and expansions in the week after the game was released?

>> No.29563173

In that it's a fun game. How else?

>> No.29563284



Is incredibly subjective. I found Skyrim fun, but not for that long.

>> No.29563288

Name some games Skyrim is more fun than.

>> No.29563299

With mods I agree that it's of decent quality.

No. They made several things that were in the DLC expansions a week after the game was released, but several things have yet to (and never will) make it into the games, such as real spears.

>> No.29563335

Devil May Cry 4
Fallout 3
Force Unleashed.

>> No.29563404

To be fair, we have no idea how they went about implementing those spears. He could have simply replaced existing animations, rather than adding new havok behaviors.

>> No.29563499

Making those overworlds takes a lot of time. They rushed it in Oblivion, and it really shows. The lazy way is just making a bunch of instances, and move the player around via a map screen and stuff. It's the ultimate form of fast travel.

>> No.29563522

Eh, it can work sometimes. Gives you more time to focus on the actual points of interest, as opposed to the land in between them. Old RPGS like Arcanum and Fallout did such things, and it worked out fine.

>> No.29563582

key word is "old". Those were produced back when more care was taken to produce a game and video games were a lot less "mainstream". They also had hardware restrictions that limit them.

If TES became an instanced fast travel, lead by the nose, CoD game where you see yourself walking into a dungeon (or riding a helicopter) then ready your weapon to fight through a static dungeon it would really kill the series.

>> No.29563625

I disagree, Skyrim's points of interest are much-more 'hand-crafted' then the previous games, despite what people think. They probably would have more people to focus on actual areas if they cut out an overworld and went to old age fast travel.
At the same time, having that overworld to completely explore has kinda become a staple of the game series.

>> No.29563648


Dragon Age: Origins had that system. As did the Fable series.

Frankly, the scale of the lore DOES not fit the game(s). I think that cities should be their own separate cells or something.

Seriously, the Imperial City being a solid 3 city blocks and holding 3 ships in it's docks is such a weird combo of "bummer" and "wait, what?"

>> No.29563652

For sure. That's definitely a Thalmor agent on the right with a glass dagger.

>> No.29563679

Yeah but in return, we were able to enter every single building in the Imperial City. Apparently that blew a lot of people's minds.

>> No.29563714

What if Divayth Fyr got intrested in researching the Falmer undoing? Could he cure them? Or at least clone new ones.

>> No.29563722

The imperial city was its own separate cell though.

>> No.29563739

You're thinking of kalpas! Yeah, the Aedra and Daedra are shuffled around as well.


>> No.29563756

You could enter every building in every other game, too.

>> No.29563764

>Could he cure them?
It's not really a disease. It's generations of mutations and breeding and being fucked over by the world.

He'd be much better off just cloning new ones from that one guy in Dawnguard. Provided he actually could.

>> No.29563781

Yes, but for many people Oblivion was their first.

>> No.29563807


Kalpas are incarnations of creation. Whenever the world is destroyed, it is instead reset to the point of Convention, where Trinimac ripped Lorkhan's heart out etc. Time then continues on with minor or major changes taking place. Mehrunes Dagon was once Leaper Demon King, who hid portions of a previous kalpa from Alduin, the world-eater, who cursed him into his new form until he destroys the portions of creation he hid from the big space dragon.

This points to the fact that the Aedra and Daedra are relatively static between kalpas, but changes can happen (the exorcism of the elven aspects from Auriel, turning him into Akatosh etc.)

>> No.29563863

im going to say the next game is probably hammerfell.

heres the thing to make a popular fanasy series. you need to be vaguely exotic enough that people think they are getting something new, but not so much that they have to think about stuff. just connected to the old games that old fans dont feel compleatly left out and still buy the game and DLC's, but not so much that new people wont buy it. and just generic enough that its easily digestible and doesnt require any thinking.

>> No.29563893

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified
The Outfit
Rome 2's campaign after hitting "End Turn"
Extreme Paint Drying

>> No.29563894

Yup. Hammerfell.

>> No.29563932

If people doing TES nowadays really think in this terms it's fucking pitiful assuming they made Morrowind once.

>> No.29563933

Read this
Documentation about why Nords are the most kickass out of all the races

>Falmer genocide a Nord city
>Nord's response is to wipe out entire race with only 500 men
Confirmed for cool

>> No.29563964

exactly. im predicting camels, bright colored tents and pillows and stuff. maybe mentioning djinn. sword singers and the shehai shen shi ru, stuff that old fans would know about but arnt weird to freak out new people, and it will still be trotting around a desert fighting bandits and fantasy monsters.

>> No.29563969

I never honestly heard anyone ever complain that Morrowind was "too weird". Most people just went "Yeah okay that giant elephant bug is the taxi and people farm jellyfish, alright"

>> No.29563985

Nords suck, Dunmer rule.

>> No.29563993

>Skyrim 3: Dragonborn Returns
>Not Morrowind 2: Cliffrace Harder

>> No.29564030

If Nords are so good then how come they got sent crying out of Morrowind every time they tried to invade?

>> No.29564037

Daily reminder that Nerevar fought Ysmir literally punching through his shouts with fists until Ysmir's throat begun to bleed.

>> No.29564043

I'd buy it

>> No.29564056

Is Alduin the same in all kalpas? What all do we know about them?

>> No.29564068

you are assuming morrowind was not made using that same formula.

honestly im not really saying its a bad thing. nothing new under the sun, so on.

>> No.29564095

wow, this artist is nice. Do they have more work?

>> No.29564105

yes. alduin is outside the kalpas.

>> No.29564123

Yes. Even their non-Dunmer stuff if pretty great.

>> No.29564125


>> No.29564139

>Provided he actually could.
If he can clone himself and turn those clones into women i'm sure he can clone one Falmer
But i highly doubt he would give that much of a shit to ever do it

>> No.29564189

>Dark Elf Nerevar

0/10 not canon

>> No.29564194

>If he can clone himself and turn those clones into women
But that's what I mean. That maybe it could be himself.
Also cloning the snow elves back wouldn't resurrect their culture, probably why Fyr wouldn't try cloning Yagrum either.

>> No.29564212

>what is lighting

Thank you

>> No.29564215

could only be* that is.

>> No.29564228

His skin doesn't look grey to me.

>> No.29564232

1: They actually conquered the entirerty of Morrowind along with most of Highrock
2: Because the Dwemer and Chimer teamed up after the Empire was weakened due being in the War of Succession, the result of King Borgas dieing

>> No.29564267

Yes. Hence they got sent crying back.

>> No.29564288

Though he might clone a female snow elf daughter. Y'know, for reasons.

>> No.29564307

The point is the Dunmer couldn't beat back an already weakened Empire by themselves and required a hyper intelligent Elf race

>> No.29564313

>ever sticking your muatra in anything but superior dunmer daughter-wives

>> No.29564324

If the nords are so good, how come their gods don't walk Nirn?

>> No.29564326

>The point is the Dwemer couldn't beat back an already weakened Empire by themselves and required a hyper intelligent Elf race


>> No.29564327

Meant to respond to

>> No.29564352

Wait a second. Nords can't beat back an already weakened empire either.

>> No.29564406

An Empire that wouldn't have been possible without them in the first place
Also only a fraction of Skyrim is actively trying to fight the Imperial Empire
Not every Nord hates the Legion

>> No.29564408

>Those Galactic Empire banners
>"Yes, good. Let the Thu'um flow through you."

>> No.29564481

Half of Skyrim is trying to fight the empire. And Nords everywhere express Stormcloak sympathies even if they disagree with breaking up the empire.

>> No.29564501

If only the Battle of Windhelm had actually been that good. I wish Ulfric had actually put up a proper fight.

>> No.29564566

Is it true that Sotha Sil had his legs torn appart by Dagon?
If so, what's the source on this.

>> No.29564594

Having no legs and replacing them with rockets, yes.
How he lost them is not confirmed. I always assumed the general consensus was he did it himself because he wanted rockets for legs.

>> No.29564653

When are you going to give almalexia a good bossfight?

>> No.29564666

I already did. She was overhauled entirely in SSE.

>> No.29564693

Rolled 611

Can someone tell me the full filename? Can't see it on my phone. All I've got is "Vivec Teaches..."

>> No.29564695

Well, time to reinstall.

>> No.29564704

"Vivec teaches nerevarine how to use wraithguard"

>> No.29564709

Nerevarine to use Wraithguard

>> No.29564720

Actually, have you done Dagoth Ur yet?

>> No.29564730

GDR redoes Dagoth Ur.

>> No.29565042

A few threads ago someone asked about the Bosmer prophet the Precursor. And deets on him?

>> No.29565154

i want to also know

>> No.29565163

>mfw I just realized that the Bee in the Bee and the Barb is short for Barenziah.

>> No.29565221


>> No.29565252

>I see what you did there

>> No.29566067

>> No.29567136

NIMUNE seems to have a soul. No reason for PELINAL not to.

>> No.29567282

Didn't Vivec do that too? Who else? Also, how does that relate to the convention?

>> No.29567431

tiber septim.

and it related to convention in that triminac tore out lorkhans heart while magnus watched.

>> No.29567476

They could revert back to the model of Daggerfall... there's a huge world full of procedurally generated dungeons. Most of it is empty. By the way, are there any games larger than Daggerfall in area?

>> No.29567512

So like uh, is it uh, like possible to uh.

Is the TES PnP in a playable enough state that it would be theoretically possible to find a group and play it or is it still too early? If so, is there anyone willing to run it?

>> No.29567519

I meant other than those two. Also I thought Magnus left immediately prior to the convention.

>> No.29567531


>are there any games larger than Daggerfall

No, actually. Daggerfall holds the record.

I dislike a generated world, though. Maybe a combo of the two would work, but I doubt that would happen.

>> No.29567551

Which one? There are a number that are playable.

>> No.29567594

That is what they do.

>> No.29567597

That one, with like, the pens and the papers and, you know, all that jazz and stuff.

>> No.29567725

I mean "semi-randomly generated terrain" with crafted dungeons and towns.

>> No.29567730

www.mediafire.com/uesrpg has Seht's UESRPG (which is probably the one you heard about) along with a bunch of other TES games. UESRPG v1 is playable, v2 is in development.

>> No.29567814

Danke schön, but I still have to find someone to run it. I presume that'll be the trickiest part.

>> No.29567862

Source on that occurrence?

>> No.29567872

Probably, though you would be surprised. I'd go see if there's an LFG thread. That, or just ask here regularly.

>> No.29567972

A what now? Do you mean a gamefinder? Already tried that but might as well try a little harder. And well, these posts are already out here. If there's anybody willing to run it, you already got a player.
And a player that could easily get more players.

>> No.29568022

I'm so confused.

>> No.29568042

Yeah, that's what I meant.

>> No.29569194


These made me laugh more than I should have...


Looks entertaining. I'm gona give it a try.

Thank you for posting this request

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