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I wish there were a card game based on this pic

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There is.

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What game is that?

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So it's about teddy bears or other children's toys fighting off monsters that wish to harm children/encroach on our world?

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There was also a game /tg/ came up with about monster paladins protecting children from their greatest fears that could easily be made into stuffed animals instead, and of course Monsters And Other Childish Things, the game where you play a kid and their normally lovecraftian imaginary friend. Of course, you could pull a Calvin and Hobbes there.

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Why can I just imagine an army of the most badass stuffed animals fighting back in the horrors of nightmare?

My god it's glorious...

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I wanna see the same pic but the teddy is shooting the monster with an rocket launcher.

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Each player makes a 40 card Guardian deck (containing Spells, Guardians, and Weapons) and a 20 card Monster deck. At the beginning of the game, each player shuffles their deck and draws five cards, then reveals a monster. Your goal is to defeat the monster of the player seated to your left.

Each Monster is worth a number of victory points and has certain victory conditions (dealing damage, using a certain elemental item (Light, Hope, Dream, Heirloom), or certain other conditions for rarer, more powerful monsters. The game ends when one player's deck (Guardian or Monster) is completely depleted.

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>For centuries we have guarded the children
>And we will not rest
>Not until they are grown up and safe
I would play this campaign/system.

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Sounds like an odd fusion of Toy Story and Monsters Incorporated...

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There's a book series about this concept.

Not a children's book series mind you.

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for those that dont know thats a random drawing on deviantart that dwaine "the rock" johnson bought the movie rights to. Thats correct, the movie rights to that single drawing.

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Oh god, I want a scene where Woody fights Sully so bad, I'm willing to pay money. Someone write this up, please.

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We could work at is as a group you know...
First off- do you want an rpg, or a wargaming kind of thing?

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Dwayne Johnson is making a move based on it.

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Look for Monsters And Other Childish Things

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I want an RPG, but I think wargaming would suit it better. That being said, either would work.

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>Pick you class, toy or stuffed animal
>Toys are specialized, good at very specific things; stuffed animals are more versatile
>Describe yourself
>Depending on your description, you are allotted a number of skills (i.e. a tin soldier would be able to command other tin soldiers, acting as a unit; a stuffed rabbit would be able to travel long distances very quickly, have acute senses)
>You can manufacture items, armor and equipment out of various cast-offs, Borrower's style
>Your mission is to defend the child at all costs
>During the day you can be sociable as long as humans aren't around, free-form RPing
>At night, monsters emanate from the darkness and must be vanquished
>Under the bed and the closet are the most common points of entry, but they can slip in from wherever there is darkness, so you must be vigilant
>Monsters may take the shapes and powers of whatever is troubling the child at that moment
>Light is fatal to monsters, so flashlights and candles are necessary to fight them
>When monsters arrive they immediately curse the lights so that they cannot be switched on; only the natural anti-monster aura of adults (parents) can beak through the malignant spell and survive to hit the switch

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Hmm, I think there needs to be a tad more variety in 'classes'. Stuffed animal, action figure, doll, vehicle/mount (for non-sapients), locales (for castles and Lego building), artillery, etc

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"Class" might've been the wrong word there.

I think toy and stuff animal pretty much sums up most of your options though. Most things I can think of would fit under one or the other, excepting "Locations," but I'm not sure how they'd be for fighting monsters.

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Man, I'd really like to see a movie like thi-
>one of the main reasons the Doom movie sucked owns the movie rights

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Stuffed animals have powers depending on which type of animal they are? For example, a teddy bear could be far stronger than other toys.

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More like Toy Story meets Lord of The Rings.

>Today, we, the bears of the legendary pillow fort of fundar, will ride into battle with our swords drawn!
>Our master shall sleep well tonight, or our stuffing will blind the eyes of whatever foul beast would torment them!

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Hmm, maybe subclasses or prestige classes then?
I think it should be somewhat based on the 'source material' of the toy, and somewhat based on the physical qualities of the toy. So like stuffed animals would be immune to blunt force damage, but more susceptible to fire than a metal toy soldier (who in turn would be weak to some kind of magnet-monster).

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Maybe have toys have a "legacy" behind them? You know, pump out some lore about how toys have always defended the young of this world, and they train themselves to aspire to be like the first heroes.

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I almost think it'd be more like Call of Cthulhu
>Honey, did you lose your little bear toy?
>Uh oh, Mr. Pookums eye is hanging off by a thread!

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Withstands most things, very hardy, but if they break the damage is irreparable.
Blunt force is meaningless, but fire is deadly. Piecing and cutting attacks are also dangerous but can be recovered from.
Seeing this one as the middle ground, honestly; doesn't do too badly or to great with anything.

What else is there?

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>All the stuffies of the realm fear Galgarganoth, as his button-eye necklace mocks the deaths of their fallen comrades.

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Not a material, but being near a sleeping child gives massive bonuses.

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Rubber, possibly wood. Also different grades of plastic (ABS>cheapo stuff, etc)
And battery-powered things can do way more than non-powered toys, but once they use up their batteries they're sitting ducks for the rest of the night.

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Man now I'm imagining some evil toy that got cost off coming back for revenge with the monsters
>The door swung open. There in the darkness stood Mr. Buttons, smiling as always. His right button eye hung loose by a thread, but his polished black left was tight-wound and perfect. His top hat had gone missing, but the bear didn't seem to mind. He pushed the door shut behind him. Even in the darkness of the room, his left eye pierced the night.
>The turtle Mortimer crept over to him, neck craning to get a good look.
>"M-Mr. Buttons. W-where h-have y-you b-been?" Mortimer asked with his characteristic stutter.
>Mr. Buttons' laughed, the stitching in his mouth coming loose in a cheshire cat's grin.
>"I've been out. But now I'm home."

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What if rather than monsters just appearing out of darkness, which could be a little combat focused, there's a realm of monsters which is accessible to beings with the right magic through any dark spot that nobody can see?

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I dunno, that doesn't really add up. Why wouldn't the toys have invaded by now? I mean they're been protecting our children for thousands of years in some form.

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Because not all creatures there are hostile. Monsters live there, but so do the Lost, toys who ran away from duty or were abandoned or broken, and who now provide information to the toys that continue to fight so they can make up for their failures.

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We could take a cue from Pacific Rim; it's a one-way street that checks who's going through it.

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I like the idea of keeping it simple.

Monsters live in the darkness, and they want to eat the children. Toys protect them until they're old enough to grow an adult aura and have that protection.

Toys also level up with the age of their masters.

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>I like the idea of keeping it simple.
Me too but i was just trying to contribute to the conversation.

I do hope at least that everyone agrees that the monsters want to eat children.
>Toys also level up with the age of their masters.
I like this. Additionally, if a toy defends a child all the way to adulthood and gets given to their child, they get a legacy bonus.

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Imagine how badass a three generation hand me down would be.

>Mr Cobbles merely gripped his wooden cane and smiled as he heard the growling from below, his button eyes sparkling brighter than the finest of plastic.

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>Daddy No

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Monsters should be based off a combination of primal fears and modern anxieties. Knowing what a child fears in general would be a good safeguard in preparing for them, but you might also need to explore the house to understand if there's anything else going on in their lives that might manifest into a monster.

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OK, let's say I was looking to work this up into a action/horror game... what kind of skills (including combat, magic, expert skills, etc) would there be? Say using the BRP system?

I would think the monsters could be genuinely unsettling--maybe some even based off possible futures for the child...

More broadly, I could see this as neat way to structure a game about spirits/fey duking it out in the modern world.
>but there's probably a shitty WoD game about that already

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>Not wanting to watch tin soldiers and teddy bearians duking it out with faggy vampires

Maybe make it so that the toys can give up what gives them life in order to instantly kill a monster. But that toy is destroyed for good.

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Personally, I'm partial to a Dogs in the Vineyard style system where people come up with a (limited by the system) list of relevant attributes or abilities with assigned dice values. Would allow for more flexibility and less of the people coming up with this having to do all the work into every conceivable thing.

>Well, my character is a toy soldier
>He doesn't break easily (1d8) and the other toy soldier listen to him (1d8) but he's thin and easily knocked off balance (1d4).

That's a bit crude (and doesn't quite work for other reasons), but you get the basic gist.

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Dealing with a players death is as simple as waiting till the child's birthday. The player could come in as a new toy, or summat like that.

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Or the toy could be stitched up and/or repaired by the family that it protects.

Man, I'd love a game like this. Can you imagine the feels you'd get when you'd watch your master head off to college, finally being a full adult?

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Maybe something like Dungeon World would be a good starting point--simple archetypes with a little flex for player choice.

Throw in something analogous to a sanity mechanic.

I imagine this as like a metaphysical battle, with the house becoming a surreal dungeon at night. When a toy is lost or thrown away, it's died in battle.

I'd like to see it dressed up with some of the system aesthetic of Vornheim... like there is a whole night world where the toys have to do battle.

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>With a click the lights go out, and Mother closes the door.
>You wait in silence, scissors held close to your chest, waiting, listening
>There is a particular slit beneath the dresser where loose change sometimes finds its way. Even the greediest toys have never tried to recover it. Even the piggy bank won't trick anyone near it. A sound like tin against wood is heard, a single nickel skipping out from the darkness into the comfort of the carpet
>For a moment there is silence
>From beneath the dresser come a number of fingers, long and bony. As they extended they begin to twist and curl, and impossible number of knuckles and joints popping and snapping
>The fingers continue to grow, but no hand seems to accompany them
>They've reached the legs of the bed. Now is the time to strike!

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>you run forward
>the bony fingers turn towards you
>you throw sharpened pencils at the joints
>they hit, but they keep coming
>you pull out some matches from your string belt
>with a quick movement, a toy tiger runs by with a course material on its back
>you rub your match against it, it catches alight, and in one, fluid movement, you hold it up on the air.
>driving the monster back.

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>This in a vidya with kingdom hearts gameplay
>One of the bosses is the boogeyman, that one axeman living under the bed the Japanese won't ever shut up about and the X-boss is fucking Nosferatu.

10/10 would play.

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>demotivational shit
just gis the artwork you fuck

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So what do we count as toys, for the purposes of animation? Does it have to be explicitly designed to be played with, or does the child just have to play with it? Or does any inanimate object made to resemble an animate being come to life, and it's only the toys who need/decide to guard their master?

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....that could work....even for just two players. On your opponents turn you reveal the top monster from your monster deck, your opponent has until the beginning of their next turn to defeat it or they lose an life point (innocence point or whatever works fluff-wise)

First player to either get rid of their opponent's life points of defeat all of their opponent's monsters wins.

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Sounds good actually.

>Why do the toys protect instead of attack?
>Because, they are protectors and not aggressors

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Failing that, read the wonderful comic with the same premise.

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I think that only toys (actual toys) should come to life.

Then again, having other things come to life could be neat.

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The main issue I see is the size of the monsters.

A teddy bear is small compared to a monster of even human size, but get much smaller and the monsters lose their edge and horror.

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>Not tonight you bastard

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Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson recently purchased the rights to that picture, I hear.

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anyone consider adapting Mouse Guard to this?

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End boss isn't Nosferatu. It's Raw Head and Bloody Bones. He's like the Ur-Bogeyman.

>> No.28899181

I don't know about you but I'd watch a movie where the Rock voices a teddy bear who fights boogeymen.
I would watch it twice if the teddy gives a boogeyman a Rock Bottom

>> No.28899192

>if the teddy gives a boogeyman a Rock Bottom


>> No.28899200

China dolls- obviously fragile as all hell, but almost certainly with something to make up for it...

>average party is a teddy bear, a Transformer, a ninja turtle knockoff and a Barbie doll

>> No.28899208

>with something to make up for it...
Intelligence maybe? Or is that too obvious?

>> No.28899211

I don't know, The Plucker was a pretty good take on tiny but horrifying boogies.

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Which is why they don't try and fight strong, they try and fight smart. They're not going to run in all guns blazing, they're going to spend the time while the kid's at school setting up more fatal versions of Home Alone traps in places the monsters can get but the kids can't..

>> No.28899533

That'd work pretty well.

>> No.28899583

And little baby toys are like the hard fucking core special forces motherfuckers
The kind of guys who make the spetsnaz and the SAS look like pussies

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This kind of sounds like a cool idea. Each monster represents something that fights a fear. The kid whose afraid of the dark has a huge fire demon protecting them. The kid whose afraid of heights has an earthmonster pulling them down

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Funny thing is, my girlfriend is running a one shot game tonight with this as the premise, using tweaked rules from Changeling: The Lost.

I'm playing a Tin Soldier

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end boss is puberty, girls, and sex.


>implying toys can save you from your internal monsters

>implying toys can save you from molestation by your father.

>> No.28899710

>implying they can't
>implying rape dad isn't the BBEG
Actually, that could be interesting. The toys know that they can't reveal themselves to adults. However, they know the father is raping their child, who knows they can fight back. As well as that, an ogre version of her dad with a massive erection spawns in every night, and the toys have to fight it. Do they break their rules and stop the father, who is in an influential position and believed to be sane by the rest of the world, or do they just continue to fight off the monster and do nothing about the source?

>> No.28899731

Would the kids be aware that the toys are alive? Also, an intro if we ever make a rulebook for this:
>Since the dawn of fear, when man was first afraid, monsters have existed. Formed of darkness and fear, they shun the light, and feel nothing but hatred for those who dwell in it. They would strike down men, women and children in their sleep, since they had nothing to protect them. Eventually, priests convinced humanity that god protected them. Surrounded by an aura of reason and belief, the humans could not be attacked by the monsters, but their children could. Their children, who had still not fully absorbed and understood the teachings of the priests. Their children, who still didn't believe wholly in logic and science over monsters and superstition. Their children, who could do nothing to defend themselves. So they made us. They created golems, voodoo dolls, shabti. All for one reason - serve and protect. I'm not one of those ancients. I'm just a modern one, made for aesthetics and entertainment more than protection. But I still fight, as we all do. We are the Night Watch, the Guardians of the Dark, and if they want to live, those bastards had better not go bump in this night.

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Don't know how the subject thing got there.

>> No.28899806

>Fear, fear fear fear fear fear fear fear
Use other words

>> No.28899828

It appears two times. He could change 'darkness and fear' into 'darkness and terror' though.

>> No.28899846

I'm just pointing out that using repeat words sounds naff by hyperbolising it

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>> No.28900055


Let's keep the trials and tribulations of real kids away.

No need to be super depressing.

>> No.28900365

Yeah, no need to bring any of that shit in. Remember those Clarissa comics? I think my last shred of innocence died when I came across those. Please, none of that.

>> No.28900368

Those toys would be the most badass and revered dream guardians, who travel the darkness fending off the most powerful of the shadows. Sort of like Artorias.

>> No.28900391

What if the toy well and truly gets gobbled up by one of the monsters?

>> No.28900401

>he's still mad about the Doom movie

There was no way in hell that was ever gonna work out, man. Don't blame the guy.

>> No.28900414

That makes a lot of sense actually, in a weird kind of way.

>> No.28900442

>make self known to adult
>torment them for an entire night
>adult goes to police
>gets put in a nut home for saying his child's monster fighting toys attacked him

Sounds like a win to me

>> No.28900444

Powerful monsters would tend to be attracted to babies, since they're pretty much completely helpless, so they would get totally hardcore defenders.

>> No.28900463

Yeah, sorry about that. I'm no writefag. Plus I just made that up on the spot and didn't proofread it.

>> No.28900506

But if the kid's fears are spawning the monsters, it's the toys' duty to help them get over it so that they don't produce more monsters.

>> No.28900535

I'm picturing such amazing scenes in my head....
an infant in his crib watching helplessly as his teddy bears and other stuffed animals fight a towering beast, its claws dirty with animal stuffing and chunks of plastic. The animals climb the beast, gouging its eyes and covering its nostrils even as they are ripped in half or devoured by the creature. Finally one of them jumps from the dresser and manages to hit the light switch, bathing the beast in destroying and purifying light. It recoils in pain and fades from existence. The biggest teddy bear climbs into the crib and gently puts the pacifier back into the baby's mouth and caresses his hair before becoming inanimate as the first rays of sunlight shine through the window.

>> No.28900562

Listen, just fucking no. There's no need to be all edgy and gritty. Bogeymen and monsters under the bed and shit is good enough, there's no need to get all adult about it.

>> No.28900600

I agree completely, but in a way it is nice to have options for such things.

>> No.28900632

Just leave it up to the reader/player/whatever. Don't make the monster sexual but make it obvious that it is there for the innocence of the child.

Like you said
>it's the toys' duty to help them get over it so that they don't produce more monsters.

If the child sees that the toys have defeated the monster, then the child can confront the adult/tell a teacher/whatever off screen.

>> No.28900653

>Daddy No

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I regert nothing

>> No.28900694

See what you did, guys. I TOLD you.

>> No.28900717

Guys! Imagine a tabletop game based around this. I'm thinking maybe something like Pathfinder crossed with Mouse Guard with a little Cthulhu thrown in for good measure.

Party up with a group of stuffed animals with various characteristics and attributes, protect the "Creator", and follow demonic creatures into portals and other dimensions, all while making sure to get back to bed before the sun comes up

>> No.28900732

because >>28899643 was right

>> No.28900738

Every time I read this comic, I die a little inside
Maybe if I read it enough,I will become an undead

>> No.28900749

Holy shit, the monster is protecting her.

>> No.28900761

It's a shit game for children. If you want, take a look at Duel Masters, that's a card game with really fantastic art.

>> No.28900775

I feel the same

>> No.28900799

So what happens if the monsters win? Does the kid just have bad dreams? Do the fears start becoming a problem in real life? Does the monster actually eat the kid and transport them to another dimension, and the toys have to go and save them?

And none of that edge-meister, over-sexualized grimdark crap.

>> No.28900810


I just think that adding the whole "daddy rape" angle really kind of sours the experience.

>> No.28900818

The monster is the dream. The kid just wakes up.

>> No.28900823

I was assuming they get eaten. The monsters don't rape them. If the fear's caused by rape, they get eaten by rape.

>> No.28900828

maybe it isnt related to this, but it reminded me of teddy scares

>> No.28900830

But is the reality

>> No.28900839

...then the entire game is irrelevant even within its own setting and nothing is achieved.

>> No.28900851

You lose if the kid wakes up.

>> No.28900864

And? What do I care if some kid wakes up? I want to be playing a hero saving kids' lives, not some figment of somebody's imagination.

>> No.28900867

Eh, I agree. There is a time and place for certain themes, this is the time or place for that specific theme.

>> No.28900877

But that's just kind of like dying in a videogame, no real consequences, no continuation of the story.

>> No.28900880

You mean like Link's Awakening?

I dunno, I kinda like the angle of the toys basically being dreamcatchers. If they fail, the kid has absolutely dreadful nightmares or something. The stakes don't need to be life-or-death.

>> No.28900908

See >>28900864. I guess we're all just used to playing the epic hero or saving the world, or at least having some kind of plot beyond "There's a bad thing, kill it or something happens."

>> No.28900931

The teddy is dragging the child into a the dimension of warp dreams, when he's asleep. The demon is the denizen trying to repulse the alien elements from his realm.
You are the guy who exists and dies as the child sleeps and wakes up. Each time making a little progress to your goal. There's your carrot now.

>> No.28900939

And it's exactly because of that that I think this could benefit from having minor consequences. It's like Golden Sky Stories: you don't need to save the world, you just have to make a few people's lives better.

And I mean shit, even Toy Story's plots were always contained within the lives of the toys themselves. The highest goal they ever achieved was making children happy, and that was all they ever wanted.

>> No.28900954

A friend and I wrote an entire session around that one image. Hopefully next week it will be played out.

>> No.28901034


Hell, would the GOOD end be if the kid wakes up? Since, you know, they aren't having a nightmare anymore?


>The stuffed animals and toys come to life at night and whenever a monster materializes into our world. They represent all that is good and happy in a child's heart and soul.

>The monsters represent the fears that the child has, be fear of the dark, fear of heights, etc. These monsters exist in our world but only prey on children since they actually give depth and reality to their fears.

>Light hurts the monsters. This has nothing to do with whatever fear the represent (although monsters that represent fear of the dark may be hurt by light more) and has to do with their nature - the are the unknowable personified. They are darkness. They are some dark ancient mystery.

>Once a child hits puberty they begin to develop the "Adult Aura" that drives monsters away. Teens with highly active imaginations are still at risk for a few more years though, and adults with the minds of children - the mentally challenged - are at high risk their entire lives.

>Infant toys are stronger out of necessity since their children are unable to really call out for adults other than just crying. Powerful, twisted monsters that represent a fear of nearly EVERYTHING (since infants don't really understand the world and are actually in tune somewhat with the darkness, having just come from it) prey on infants and newborns.

>If a toy should fail to protect their child they still come to life, forced into life by guilt and the remnants of their child's joy and happiness. They usually become lost unless given to a new child, where they typically become vicious towards the monsters (even more so than usual)

Anyone have more?

>> No.28901072

Oh also -

>Monsters create an aura of darkness that nullifies any light sources. They only way to combat this is to get an adult - or someone with the "Adult Aura" - to enter the room and turn on a light.

>> No.28901081

Be careful with that game... it's all about loss and pain and childhood scars.

>> No.28901103

I kind of like what >>28899731 said, about Golems and Egyptian Shabti being the earliest examples of constructs made for this purpose. Also, what if it's more like specific types of monster feed on a specific fear, but it's impossible for them to manifest in the light. In order to maximize the potential fear output, they manifest in a way that represents the actual reason for the fear. For example, if a child fears their friends abandoning them or has self esteem issues, there might be a pack of goblins or some shit that turn into crosses between the kid's friends and Gollum.

>> No.28901129

Maybe the adult aura is the child becoming more reliant on reason and logic, and fully asserting their belief that monsters don't exist? Possibly that's part of the reason the toys hide themselves, because once the person knows they can talk and knows they're real, they'll know the monsters are there as well and they weren't just having a bad dream.

>> No.28901148

That could explain the toys that you lost, and never found again, no matter how hard you looked.

>> No.28901179

>Golems and Egyptian Shabti being the earliest examples of constructs made for this purpose

I like it but that implies some sort of magic being used to make guardians. How is this same magic being used on nearly every toy made in modern times?

I think that the monsters looking like a fear personified is, I don't know, kind of tacky in a way. I like the idea of certain beasts being attracted to certain fears though. Maybe a compromise?

>Fear of heights? Winged monsters that want nothing more than to pull you up high and drop you to your death.

>Claustrophobia? Monsters that want to smother you.

Another thing to think about - the whole "pull the covers over my head" trick that every kid knows. Does it work in any way? Maybe provide a small amount of protection but not enough to last the whole night?

>> No.28901197

I kind of hoped that people would gather that on their own, but yeah that is the idea.

>> No.28901228

It doesn't actually need magic, the Egyptians just thought so for the same reasons they thought the world ended every night and they had to gut their corpses in order for them to reach heaven.

>> No.28901229

The magic is self perpetuating. Ever since the first ancient shaman created little stick warriors to defend his children from things he could not see the war has been on.

>> No.28901255

Well I guess that would fit the idea of the toys being animated by the children's joy and hopes.

I like this idea too though. Maybe that first magic spell had far reaching consequences and gave EVERY child the ability to give life to their own guardians, even unknowingly?

>> No.28901270

I don't know how you guys feel about rock but the song "Entombed" by the Deftones fits the themes in this thread. Imagine it from the perspective of a toy.

>> No.28901293

>the war has been on.

...what is the end game? If the monsters take enough children they can invade or something? Or are the simply trying to feed?

>> No.28901302

More like:
>Make self known to adult
>Adult bags up all toys and throws them away.
>We "The Discarded" now.

>> No.28901312



>> No.28901325

>We are "The Discarded" now
>Return to house and kill the adult in an act of desperation

>> No.28901333

my nigga

>> No.28901337


Well of course. The Church has been protecting children from such incursions for centuries before toys for tots.

Good job atheists. Taking the Christ out of Christmas is leading to millions of children being eaten by grues.

>> No.28901366

We can make this even better.....the "shaman" from
is actually Santa Claus giving children a way to defend themselves. Some ancient curse prevents him from directly defending the children so he instead uses his magic to bless toys and such

>> No.28901395 [SPOILER] 


So you mean Santa has existed throughout human history using magic to defend his people from an alien menace?

Santa is the Emperor?

>> No.28901403

Even better: The shaman cast a spell that made him immortal. He's had many lives over the centuries, most notably Jesus and Santa. He can't intervene, as you said, but as long as he lives, the spell will last.

>> No.28901425

Well, I meant more that he he exists, but not in the traditional "he delivers toys one night out of the year" but rather he gave children the "gift" of defending themselves and his legend was born there.

Hell, even makes sense that Christmas is his holiday, since it occurs during the time of the year when the nights are longer.

>> No.28901448

Makes sense. People think that's what he does though, thanks to the association with toys.

>> No.28901450


So, how about those poor kids without toys that Santa can't get to? Lots of kids go without toys, so lots of organizations are both knowingly and unknowingly defending the children from the monsters, but they can't get toys to them all. Maybe those kids tend to grow up fast, and gain an adult aura.

>> No.28901464


There are always primitive options.

>> No.28901476

Generally. Or they die. Although when monsters kill the kids, they disappear rather than leaving a corpse. All those abduction cases they never found a culprit for? Monsters.

>> No.28901479

He doesn't actually deliver toys, that is just his legend.

He is an ancient shaman (hell maybe he is an angel/whatever) that cast a spell that gave every child the ability to imbue their toys with life and defend them (the children don't know this but it still happens)

But yeah, some kids don't have toys. But they still play with things, even just cardboard cutout of people they made themselves. Maybe those things get imbued with life?

>> No.28901488

Well shit... now i'm picturing a lego man, using a stained ORANGE PLASTIC CHAINSAW to cut their way out of a garbage bag. The tiny hole is widened by filthy Wrestling Action Figures, until a Teddy Bear emerges, picking coffee grounds from his matted fur. He stares out across the disgusting flats of the garbage dump as seagulls circle.
A deep breath.
>"That... Adult... left us with no other choice. he lives at 1212 Wharf Avenue. You all know what must be done."
A Troll doll, it's hair, amazingly untouched by filth, offers a box of wooden matches to the Teddy bear. he slides it open to reveal just two left.
>"Yes... By fire, the purge will come."

Adult Auras are an anathema to toys as well as monsters... being near an adult aura causes them to lose their animation... as a result, most toys attempt to change owners or get lost before an adult aura sets in fully.

It's strange: they are tasked with protecting that which cannot protect itself, but when it can finally protect itself, it will destroy them.

>> No.28901493

>I am become Plank, destroyer of monsters

>> No.28901505

Kids make their own toys. Hell, i used Popsicle sticks and bits of cloth to make action figures when i was a little boy...

I'm not kidding. Draw a face on them, add a cape and Blam. Super Stick (Dah Dah Dah!)

Ahh... those heady days of poverty-stricken yore.

>> No.28901530

Magic in general gets cancelled by adults. The problem with magic is when you have a definite, unshakeable, completely impervious belief that it isn't real, it doesn't work around you. That's why nobody notices it. Unless they're sleeping, in which case the aura goes off, since they aren't conscious.

>> No.28901532

>Well shit... now i'm picturing a lego man, using a stained ORANGE PLASTIC CHAINSAW to cut their way out of a garbage bag. The tiny hole is widened by filthy Wrestling Action Figures, until a Teddy Bear emerges, picking coffee grounds from his matted fur. He stares out across the disgusting flats of the garbage dump as seagulls circle.
>A deep breath.
>"That... Adult... left us with no other choice. he lives at 1212 Wharf Avenue. You all know what must be done."
>A Troll doll, it's hair, amazingly untouched by filth, offers a box of wooden matches to the Teddy bear. he slides it open to reveal just two left.
>"Yes... By fire, the purge will come."

The teddy bear breaks the cardinal rule and shows itself to the child so she can flee the house fire, even though it knows revealing itself will cause it to never gain life again after tonight.

Its last words to her? Thank you for the tea, it was the best I've ever had. I love you child.

The police find her on the curb next to the house, crying for her teddy bear.

>> No.28901557

"Kill them Johnny. Kill them all!

>> No.28901622

>Be monster
>walk into this

Came to the wrong toy chest motherfucker.

>> No.28901625

Fuck you, Doom movie delivered as well as possible. Sure, it wasnt exactly Dead or Alive levels of faithfulness, but it wasnt Bloodrayne either.

>> No.28901633

>Be monster
>See that
>NOPE the fuck outta there

>> No.28901668

Mego Chuck Norris? Oh, I'm sorry 12" G.I. Joes! i always wanted one of those!

>> No.28901709


I hear bearsic training is a pain in the ass.

>> No.28901788

So when are we actually going to settle down and make some rules for this? 'Cos I'm in the mood for getting on the suptg IRC right now to Get Shit Done ®.

>> No.28901807


Why not just use MaOTC or Little Fears?

>> No.28901817

>Monsters And Other Childish Things, the game where you play a kid and their normally lovecraftian imaginary friend. Of course, you could pull a Calvin and Hobbes there.
If I ever get in a game of MAOCT, I'm definitely making a Hobbes-equivalent bear, though I'm not sure what philosopher I should name him after.

>> No.28901818

Because homebrewing is fun.

>> No.28902003

This man knows what's up.

>> No.28902158

Since we are talking about small things against big bad things rpgs...

Mouse Guard. Just a thought.

>> No.28902174


You could do that with any Burning Wheel thing, honestly.

>> No.28902549

>rape dad is the BBEG
Isn't that the premise of Alice: Madness Returns Except that it's not dad, it's the psychologist?

>> No.28902746

You hit me right in the feels there...

>> No.28902822

What happens? Fear gains a root each time the toys fail.
Sure, that doesn't necessarily sound liken something too bad, right? Everyone has fears, after all. But think about it. These represent fear-most the child has, but others they don't have yet. If the monsters run rampant, run free, they will leave a poor soul terrified by everything around them, a heart they can fester in, grow strong in, breed in. They are pitiable sources of these fear beasts. The toys, by defending their wards, seek to give them the chance to be strong, the chance to find courage, or reason. They seek to let their children overcome their own nightmares without these fell fiends magnifying them, empowering them and making them lifelong traumas. They seek to give comfort in the night.

>> No.28903063

>a heart they can fester in, grow strong in, breed in.

Maybe we can take that a step further and say that those people are where the monsters adults fear come from (serial killers, rapists, etc)

Then we are getting away from the nature of the setting and getting a little too real though

>> No.28903357

Those....those feels.

That has to archived, saved, something.

>> No.28903402

Would you be able to play imaginary friends?

They should be the most powerful of all guardians. But can only be summoned at certain times.

>> No.28903468

I would think that imaginary friends ARE the toys, at least their essence.

>> No.28903600

Perhaps something simpler than that.
They could seek permanency, a legacy. Sometimes, monsters inspire to make legends, or popular culture, so they can be again. Look at Lovecraft's works, or Poe's. The beasts in the former's are now popular culture, and who doesn't know about the Raven, or Red Death, or any number of Poe's beasts? Who hasn't heard a story about a folklore monster, like the jersey devil? Or the krampus? Hell, the Boogeyman is a terrific example in it's own right, a terror for children across the world from times immemorial.
Now, I'm not saying they all want to be the next big spook, but some could be opportunistic like that. It also lends itself to a campaign-a monster sees a child of great potential for fame, and becomes obsessed with becoming immortalized so it can haunt the dreams of millions.

>> No.28903613

So the monster basically torments the child and twists them until the child starts telling everyone about the monster?

>> No.28903668

It's brilliant, anon, don't let em knock you down. Do you mind terribly if I use this as a seed for a short story or a novel? All credit for the idea goes to you.

>> No.28903689

I like that. Monsters gain power from how scared people are of them specifically. Possibly there could be some kind of monster world, ruled by whichever monsters the most people are scared of?

>> No.28903704

Nah, I'm cool with it. Hell, if you're publishing, tell me the title and I'll buy it.

>> No.28903740 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28903756


>> No.28903782

The magic is inherent, I think is the idea. It's a toy, it's supposed to entertain/comfort the kid, like every toy ever.

>> No.28903805

How about this:
A teddy bear that talks and acts like Theodore Rosevelt fighting monsters.

>> No.28903826 [SPOILER] 


>> No.28903848

>I think that the monsters looking like a fear personified is, I don't know, kind of tacky in a way.
I don't know. I mean, it'd allow the GM more freedom to design his own monsters.

>> No.28903886

what did you get out of that story?

>> No.28903909

I was more thinking perpetual magic. I liked the idea one anon in this thread had of a single immortal shaman sustaining the spell under the guise of Santa.
The toys worship the Shaman. Some know/believe he's Santa and used to be Jesus, others don't.

>> No.28903931

I was thinking more along the lines of any that gain a name and renown are basically immortalized in the collective consciousness of humanity, becoming free of dependence on one child. Maybe even attaining new power. Either or works, though.

>> No.28903954

Exactly. Renowned monsters rule over the non-renowned ones.

>> No.28904090

>becoming free of dependence on one child.
Free of depending a child for creation maybe, but they would still need to feed.

And they can still be driven back, they are just tougher and more persistent. Maybe light doesn't kill them, just causes them agony and forces them away for a while?

>> No.28904315

This. I like this.

Pardon me whilst I write:

When the LORD crafted the Universe, the Voice Spoke, saying: "Let there be Light." Thus, the First Darkness was banished Outside. The Light was triumphant, and the Dark only a creeping nuisance at the edges of Creation.

The Voice spoke again, saying "Let us make Man, in Our image." And Man was crafted from dust.

And the Voice was well pleased, for Man delighted in the beauty of creation. And thus, from the happiness of man, was created Play.

And the LORD and his creation Played, and were happy.

But Man was offered his great Choice, and he fell to the Dark. And Man, in choosing Knowledge, learned his first lesson:


Fear of nakedness, fear of beast and earth and weather.

Fear of what was unknown.

Fear...of the Dark.

Man passed on his fears, to his children. And those children unto their children.

Thus the Dark grew in strength, in the night when Man and his progeny were weakest.

The LORD saw this fear, this Darkness, and saw the strength with which it held His beloved.

The Voice SPOKE again, calling it "Not Good". So, an Idea was planted like a seed in the ever-changing mind of Man.

"I see the fear which holds thee, child. Thus shall I make thee a Guardian, a helpmate to defend thee in thy weakness."

The Man awakened from slumber. and he went to his table, and from the clay, the straw, and the wood of his dwelling, created the first of us.

The very first Toy.

And when Man's children Played with the Toy, the Voice laughed, again banishing the Dark.

Bringing a litte light into the world.

From that day to this, in whatever shape we took, we carried that Laugh, that Light with us.

For we are the defenders of children, the protecters of the small.


For we are Toys.

Come Play with us!

>> No.28904318

>Our master will soon turn thirteen, my friends, and the stench of that foul beast draws near. We've got no choice.
>Outside, amongst the juniper bushes does it hide.
>Draw your weapons, my friends, for tonight this battle ends.

>> No.28904387

Okay: First: we need to define the types of toys that can act against the bogeyman.

1. Stuffed toys.
2. Action figures
3. Dolls.
4. Figurines.

Stuffed toys are anything with fluff and plush. They are the masters of combat.
Action figures have points of articulation and accessories. They are skilled.
Dolls are like girly action figures, but they can be both soft and hard plastic. They are the Bards of this setting.
Figurines have no points of articulation, but are very tough. A figurine is hard to break.

There's also Accessories, which add or modify skills, or give a toy a special feature... and Companions... companions are other toys of lesser note, toys that the child loves, but not as much as they love you. These toys are assistants to the PCs.

Actually, you know what i'm seeing here? Champions and their retinue, fightign against colossal horrors? I'm seeing Reign.

>> No.28904445

Also, there are Imaginary Friends, unique among other toys in that they are formed by the child's imagination, and thus have access to powerful magic. We'll say in this setting magic is fueled by imagination, which is why your average adult with a lack of imagination can dispel monsters and deanimate toys, at least temporarily. Since they're literally made of imagination, they therefore have magic.

>> No.28904476


Imaginary friends though, they pay a terrible price for their magic: they cannot live beyond their first child. If anything damages their innocence, The imaginary friend goes first.

If they've got magic, they need to be a glass cannon.

>> No.28904502

I approve of this. They're imagination, they're less durable than things that are, well, real. Also, toys can perceive them the same reason they can perceive monsters - because it's the child's imagination, combined with magic, that brings them to life.

>> No.28904533


So, equal parts Toy Story and Foster's, against Monsters in the Closet, but grim-bright?

>> No.28904600

What about pets.

>> No.28904607

Take it further. If a monster gains enough fear it starts to resist light, appear more frequently, and eventually it can truly manifest in our world.

>> No.28904608

the figurine looked out across the wooden floor, out into the darkness.
The battle had already begun, and the stronger toys were taking care of them, but they needed someone to defend the bed.
And that's where the Legos came in.
The Lego man looked out from his multi-coloured watch tower and saw a Great Wall of bricks, manned by his brethren, to defend the child to the last block. They would hold the line.

"Here they come!" Yelled a voice from the line.
A horde of small, dark monsters rushed at them, coming to feed of the child's smaller fears and worries. Alone, they were easy to kill, but together, they were something to be feared.

"Fire the catapults!" The Lego man ordered.
The medieval sets rolled up their siege weapons, loaded it, and fired.
Upon impact the missiles shattered and tore gaping holes in the monster's ranks.
But still they came.

"Men, tonight we fight the horrors that beseech our child, our playmate. They would suck the joy from her and leave her an empty husk. But not on our watch. We are the last defence, and it shall not fall. Raise weapons!"

And with that, dozens of arms rose in the air, axes, spears, swords and even crossbows joined the call for arms.
"Do not let them pass, tonight we hold the line"

>> No.28904694

Improvised mounts, depending on what they are.

>> No.28904724

Oh god, now I'm imagining a lego man riding a hamster and carrying a lit match as a lance.

>> No.28904847

Pets are a form of companion, but a dangerous one.

Pets can destroy toys. They have teeth and claws harder than plastic and muscles greater than fluff. Pets can also raise an alarm that summons an adult...

A pet's disposition towards toys depends heavily on how well they are handled: Small pets, like hamsters or guinea pigs might be easily tamed... but the lanky tom cat? He demands sacrifice before he'll even lay a paw on the monster. And while dogs are eager to defend... they are more eager to get a good night's sleep.

>> No.28904864

Small dogs are loyal and hardy, but can't leap well at all and slide on linoleum floors.
Cats are fickle and can't take much damage, but are very dexterous, stealthy, and good attack.

Occasionally, you get the kid who has a reptile.

>> No.28904897

You forgot the big dogs, they generally have the best temperament, though they're generally noisy and clumsy.

They're the do priest sops but I love 'em

>> No.28904914


>> No.28904942

The rabbits are not very clever, but damn are they fast, good at dodging and has a mean bite and kick, as well as top-tier hearing and tremorsense.

>> No.28905013


I love it. The toys must be careful to keep the dog happy and in good shape, for they will gain a powerful ally.

>> No.28905023

The big dogs... well, you know those elephants from LotR? Imagine if the guys riding them and the things they were on were made of lego. Now change the elephant into a dog.

>> No.28905093

So how do the weapons or accessories that just come with the toys have any impacts? Do they run on imagination? Like, in the child's imagination the pretend lego missile is an actual missile and blows up a shitload of small monsters, so in actuality it does that?

>> No.28905137

Yes... Most accessories produce imagnary light, which is enough to slow an imaginary monster... REAL light weapons are *deadly*... think the difference between Resisted damage and Penetrating damage...

>> No.28905165

I'd probably do it like a point by system. Toys level up, not as they fight monsters, but as they're played with by the kid. The child's favorite toy is the Champion the other toys rally around.

I's run it more like a turn base strategy then a RPG.

>> No.28905176

>The Church being a sentinel.
>Not making children terrified of hell
>Not giving children insecurities.

I think your view is a bit skewed.

>> No.28905228

So, to recap what I think we have so far for the rules of this universe:
>Magic works through imagination - if you believe it's real, it's real enough
>Monsters can only harm those who believe they're there, and only in the dark, so they seek to gain infamy and become real to more people until they can manifest fully
>Toys can stop this using imaginary weaponry
Possibly we could introduce mechanics about the child's belief in the toys? So if, in an example used earlier, some goblin things are manifesting thanks to a child's self esteem issues and fear of being betrayed by their friends, and they manage to taunt the child into believing nothing can stop the monsters because incarnations of your self loathing are good at making you disillusioned, would some of the weapons stop working?

>> No.28905445

Anyone else see the scary B movie an older sibling shows a younger onne to be a dick as being handled like the necronomicon by the toys? Also, what about toys based on monsters, like the xenomorph ones back when Alien was bigger?

>> No.28905501

Toys made in the visage of fears don't work in unison with the others but are devastating in their own rights.

>Cthulhu plush
>Baddies never stood a chance.

>> No.28905521

Monster toys are still toys. Even scary toys are toys. they might wind up fighting an over-inflated horrifying version of themselves, in which case, they would have to help the child accept them as fun and learn to love them.

Like this guy: Big, scary robot with rotary saw hands... but he was my favorite action figure as a boy.

>> No.28905771

>toys based on monsters
I'm wondering about that.
I've always been into Power Rangers and Transformers. I'm thinking about how badass a Megazord would be, and how much ass he could kick. His kid leaves the room with the tv on and a commercial for Dragonzord and Titanus comes on, and his heart soars at the possibility of brother allies.

I'm thinking of Megatron, and how well he would work alongside Optimus.

>> No.28905799

I think it should be full on RPG, with the toys gaining attributes and skills as they get played with. They get a full level up when the kid grows older.

>> No.28905819

And with free form RPing during the day while the kids at a school or daycare or something.
Giving them time to build defences, make traps, find supplies and so forth

>> No.28905834

I can imagine that'd be fairly depressing. I mean, imagine being a creepy doll and not realizing everyone's scared of you, then you realize that monster you just killed was you.

>> No.28905896

... How about the Original Teddy Bear, named in honor of Theodore Roosevelt.

He is a fount of ancient wisdom in protecting children but has a wee bit of the original Roosevelt's spirit imbued in him

>> No.28905933

Teddy's Bear
Moses' Dreidel
Ugga's Pet Rock

These and more artifact toys.

>> No.28905972

The fabled pet rock.

Increasingly rare in modern times, but a veritable powerhouse of magic, even more so if it has any decorations that the child has put on it.
It is also a great store of wisdom and knowledge about their child and his or her's wants and needs.

>> No.28906004

Too bad Moses was born like a thousand years before Hanukkah, and therefore the invention of the dreidel (most likely).

>> No.28906015

I wrote that with the expectation of biting my tongue from it. And here I am, biting my tongue.

>> No.28906094

Another thing to keep in mind are traditional dolls of various cultures and toys.

For example Hinamatsuri dolls from Japan. My mom used to put them out every year on March 3 until I was 13 years old. They've been passed down my family for almost 90 years. I wish I've taken pictures

My brother also has a similar doll, a lone Samurai doll for display on boy's day on May 5th, it's about 120 years old.

however there are superstitions associated with them too. Like, if you don't display them for a number of years, they inflict bad luck on children or the family.

>> No.28906149

How would a kid like Sid and his toys be dealt with?

>> No.28906158

It could be a flaw in a point-buy system.
"Inherently creepy: The child plays with you, but doesn't really like you. blah blah blah...


Okay, So, since we're in a mood to get shit done, I'm going to take >>28904387 and >>28904445 's ideas, and use them as a foundation We have five "races" of toys, now we need attributes.

I propose a simple 5 attribute system, with a dice pool.
>Stats are Toughness, Articulation, Fellowship, Accessory and Imagination.

Toughness is the catch all physical strength / durability skill. Figurines and stuffed toys have an innate bonus to toughness. You use Toughness for physical tasks like direct combat brawling, and enduring a hit. You can use Toughness to soak damage.

Articulation is what powers most skills. Ranged attacks are made with articulation, so is avoiding damage, and performing fine motor skills. Action figures have an innate bonus to articulation.

Fellowship is how you gain companions, and how strong they can be. It takes a mighty fellowship to tame a large dog, or to organize a legion of lego men. Dolls have a higher fellowship, like woody from toy story.

Accessory is actually a way to gauge how many extra items you can equip... Most dolls and action figures have high accessory numbers, figurines have very low accessory.

Imagination is the "magic" stat. imagination makes accessories behave like their real-world equivalents, or does magic. Imaginary Friends have incredible imagination.

>> No.28906174

He has already fallen to the darkness. Kids like Sid come about when the toys fail at their duty.

>> No.28906204

The toys of Sid are traumatized. Technically, he still needs their protection. And they want to live, and they want to protect Sid's little sister... but they fear him. Sid has no true champions among his toy set... just Companions. Woody united them all and gave them the power of fellowship to terrify *some* of the darkness out of him.

>> No.28906219

Sounds good, what's the limit?

Example: Toughness 9, imagination 2, ect

>> No.28906243

I want to see some alternatives depending on what kind of Kid is rolled up for the game.
That would usually be a flaw, but if you roll a kid that likes creepy toys and sews together his/her own plush monstrosities, it's a good bonus.

>> No.28906275

Props for Stuff of Legend. Good book.

>> No.28906281

You would also have roll whether it's a boy or a girl.

Boys would have more action figures and possibly Legos

Whereas girls would have more dolls and stuffed toys(?)

>> No.28906298

>/tg/ making a system up to fight the evils of the dark and vampires.
>As fucking toys and stuffed animals.

I'd play it.

>> No.28906328

I think it'd be best to roll up the child completely on a random table.

It would include things like parents, siblings, room, wealth, etc which would determine what toys could be played.

>> No.28906370

Don't make the parents too evil or anything.
We want this game to be grim-bright/awesome sort of thing.
Not child abuse

>> No.28906374

>1 parent
>3 siblings
>shared room
>you have rolled- White Trash

>> No.28906390

God help me, I'd watch it twice. Once with family. Once with Friends.

I'd buy the fucking DVD.

>> No.28906415

There could be an option for parents that spend too much time at the office, like Angelica's parents, but if someone wants to mod this into Clarissa, they're on their own.

>> No.28906425

That would actually make it interesting, since the toys would be shared.
The toys would a have a sense of duty to protect all of them, not just one child.

>> No.28906442

May I suggest Augustine?

>> No.28906445

I agree, but we should limit the parent chart to loving ones, just with flaws such as the one you just made

>> No.28906461


Yeah, keep it relatively nice. Parents are supposed to be a calming thing, revered in the eyes of children and toys.

>> No.28906483

No. You don't tell the kids about Monsters.

Adults are Protected because they don't believe in them, they're safe as it gets.

You reveal it to one person, they'll start believing again. They'll never be able to sleep at night again.

You wanna do that to the kid? No? Then learn to freeze when the lights are on, jackass.

>> No.28906536

How about a name for our game?

I propose: Silent Guardians

>> No.28906548

Toy Soldiers.

>> No.28906555

I like this.

>> No.28906562

Shit, that might run into some copyright problems.

>> No.28906564

Well that depends on whether they can get him back by daylight or not.

If they can, all's well and the kid wakes up with some barely remembered nightmares and in an odd position in bed.

If not, in the morning, the kid and all his toys are missing.
Not because the toys are destroyed by it, but because the toys followed and they're either going to save that kid or avenge him, whichever comes first.

>> No.28906602


>> No.28906650

Brave Friends of the Toy Chest?
The Children's Mirage?
Nightbane, Daybright?

>> No.28906673

It's been done before.

On /tg/, in a junk yard no less.

>> No.28906675

We can leave the name for later. Let's get down to business!

>> No.28906712

Imaginary friends. The toys don't like to rely on them, because they have a lot in common with the Monsters, and can't be seen. And there are Monsters that specialize in pretending to be Imaginary Friends. Which is a whole 'nother fucking nightmare.

>> No.28906729








Races: stuffed toys, action figures, dolls, figurines

Monsters mirror the chid's fears, and are killed by light.
Adults ward off monsters

>> No.28906752

We could release a splatbook on how to run a more grimdark game.

>> No.28906780

This. The last thing the toys would want is for the children to know that the monsters ARE real, as that just makes them stronger.

>> No.28906787

You can do that, but I'd prefer this game to be more inspiring and heart warming than anything else.

This game is about toys and protecting children after all. And we shouldn't forget that core idea

>> No.28906799


Really impoverished children would probably not believe, and would thus be safe.

I'd say maybe release it as an expansion, but even then, I'd say we should stay away from Clarissa bullshit.

>> No.28906856

Agreed, but the worse shit is, the more heartwarming and awe inspiring it is to see them pull through.

>> No.28906861

I was thinking... if this is a dice pool system, we'll probably want to keep the numbers relatively small... I'm thinking Stat Dice + Skill Dice, Beat Difficulty with successes (or stat + skill roll and look for matching sets, Or Stat + Skill roll with the total being a target number... designing a game's central mechanics is tough...)

Maybe Stats are capped at 5 dice, with each extra die representing a clear level of superiority
>Toughness 1
"Dollar Store Wrestling Figure"
>Toughness 3
"Average Action Figure"
>Toughness 5
"Double-Stitched Teddy Bear"

Something like that?

>> No.28906874

About the main stats, i would prefer something like:

Toughness (main physical stat for most purposes)
Imagination (main magical stat, summoning imaginary items to fight monsters)
Empathy (the rooting out of disguised enemies and understanding of child's feelings)
Courage (raw defense against fear)

And maybe one more stat.

>> No.28906896

Sounds good.

>pet rock: toughness 10

>> No.28906905

Also, allow me to propose a system for successes on a dice roll if we're using pools:
You get a certain number of successes depending on your number you roll. 6 is 4 successes, 5 is 3, 4 is 2, 3 is 1, 2 is 0 and 1 is -1. Roll more than 50% 6s and it's a critical success, roll more than 50% 1s and it's a critical fail. Get enough success, meet the DC, win.

>> No.28906916

A toy is a toy is a toy.

The main problem they have to worry about is Friendly Fire , or the monsters getting tricky by taking their form.

>> No.28906942

That's a special quality... probably one of the perks you can buy with enough points at character generation.
>"Indestructable" You cannot fail a Toughness test. This does make you a little boring though..."

>> No.28906951


Although, with the Cthulhu example, another idea comes to mind. Cthulhu is one of the monsters that would have made it big, right? What if commercial monsters occasionally seed their own protections about as a sort of political move of their own, and keep nameless ones from growing to the named rank so they don't edge in on their belief? Plenty of kids around for them to feed from to spare a few that could lead to competition, after all.

>> No.28906977

Worse. The child becomes a sort of conduit for monsters. The more the child gets twisted, the worse it will be for their children, and possibly other children around them.

>> No.28907035

Commercial monsters probably wouldn't go too big. The fact that everyone knows Freddy Krueger isn't real, including most kids, and that most parents wouldn't let their kids watch Nightmare on Elm Street, prevents Freddy from becoming one of the big monsters. Biggest monsters with the highest threat levels are pretty much just all the common phobias given form. Arachnion, for example, is a big-ass spider. Guess what phobia he represents. Also up there in the top 5 are Knifey the Psychotic Clown and Satan.

>> No.28907108

There are so many interesting characters you could play.

>The ball of play-dough that can change forms
>A lego man that can build and command tiny lego structures
>Dad's limited edition, boxed LOTR Gandalf figurine that moves around by levitating and casts spells, and his enemies are ghostly figures of Dad's boss, paper cranes made of bills and a Monster House-esque burning vision of Dad's house

>> No.28907128

one of the biggest childhood fears is darkness, maybe a monster that essentially swallows the whole room, pitch black inside it and it's up to the childs toys to fight it or something

>> No.28907161

"How the blueberry fuckmuffins are we supposed to fight THIS?"
"Get the Matches."

>> No.28907189


What you're proposing is to make die-2 = number of successes? That's a crunchy system i can get my teeth around. It also makes the toys more likely to succeed than fail, which is important both thematically and it fits the tone of the game.

So: Stats capped at 5.

Types get certain stat adjustments:
>Stuffed Toys: +2 Toughness, +1 Fellowship
>Action Figures: +2 Articulation, +1 Accessory
>Dolls: +1 Accessory, +1 Fellowship, +1 Articulation
>Figurines: +2 Imagination, +1 Toughness
And, if we use them...
>imaginary Friends: +3 imagination

players start with, say, 12 points to spread around to make their basic stat layout... minimum of 1 in each stat.

So a finished teddy bear (as an example) Might have 5 toughness, 2 articulation, 4 Fellowship, 1 Accessory, 3 imagination. he's a big, tough leader type who doesn't need anything but the vest he was stitched in to.

Are we decent for stats, and the basic system, can we move on to skills?

i'm a big fan of "Write your own darn skills" systems, but we should probably have some core skills that have defined uses.

>> No.28907201

I've always wondered what the source of that image is. Reverse image searching never helps.

Yes. I like this a lot. Adult's are still victim to the fear manifestations, but they are protected by different methods. Adult fears happen on a larger scale and outside of just sleep. Gremlins in the car and whatnot.

>> No.28907218

Alright...this could be interesting
Earlier they said something about power on how old the Child is
How about opposite
>Bobby Age 5 Still strong though there are stronger monsters and they are growing steadily weaker
>Bobby Age 10 Average in all, not strong, though not horrendously weak, casualties common
>Bobby Age 15 Weakened, causaulties mounting steadily while the monsters continue growing stronger
>Bobby Age 17, 18 in a few minutes. At their weakest state fighting a hopeless battle against the equivalent of Cthulhu meets Coraline
>Bobby Age 18, Rest

>> No.28907270

for some reason i'm thinking a lot of baby toys are simple shapes and bright colours, to me for whatever reason i'm getting the mental image of biblical angel type things (and i don't meant the people with feathers type angel)

>> No.28907285

I dig it. Mix it with >>28901532
>>28901488, the monsters turning kids into rapists/psychopaths/serialkillers through nightmares, and the rapedaddy BBEG/bogeyman, and we got a game. Cut it, print it, sell it, ship it. Homebrew stats and make it into a pdf, I volunteer to playtest it.

>> No.28907313

To name more of the big badass BBEG monsters we could have:
>Arachnion, the King of Webs, incarnation of arachnophobia
>Umbra, the Shadewitch, incarnation of fear of the dark
>The Unseen One, incarnation of fear of the unknown
>Corpus, the Bleeding Sludge, incarnation of fear of gore
>Altius, the Winged Nightmare, incarnation of fear of heights

>> No.28907322

>Be not afraid, Billy.

>> No.28907336

Meant to quote >>28907035, no idea what happened there.

>> No.28907338

it's a baby it's not gonna remember the friendly ball of eyes

>> No.28907379

Yeah, I was more terrified by shit from the bible as a kid than anything else. Biblical stuff isn't very nice or friendly on any of the sides presented.

>> No.28907391

>rape dad is the BBEG
>not Sid

>> No.28907408

I vote for >>28906602

>> No.28907423

Maybe a scavenger skill? So you can find better junk to make armour and stuff.
This can be more narrative and free form than crunchy. Apart form maybe a +1 to toughness or something.

>> No.28907439

Maybe the monsters don't start appearing until a child has at least some sense of self awareness, otherwise the monsters don't really have anything to feed on

>> No.28907440

I vote toughness, articulation, imagination, and courage.

>> No.28907473

It's Death of the Endless, made by tracing a picture of Kitsurubami from FLCL. A strange unique bit of Drawfaggotry from the /pla/-Plagiarism incident.

On topic, I'd say fellowship has more uses than Courage.

Plus, I really, really hate the idea of making being brave a thing you gotta roll for.

>> No.28907479


The idea is that the ophanim isn't a ball of eyes, it's two rubber play wheels.

>> No.28907636

I prefer the idea that it's more of a ritualistic sort of pagan deal rather than a homogeneous Abrahamic thing. Adds more flavor depending on the culture you're playing from.

>> No.28907659

Could we have this game have some sort of 'gifting' mechanic? At least as a subset. I like the idea of players bringing various toys to the game as part of a Toy Chest, along with their unique Boy or Girl.

>tfw I brought my Tomboy and I have to fight with the Army Brat over who gets to play Sergeant Husky, the missing eyed WW2 dog toy brought over by the Poor Kid.

>> No.28907707

Oh, I wasn't linking it specifically to Christianity. Just showing how baby toys can be badass.

>> No.28907715

Am I the only one who has noticed how large-scale the combat will need to be? I mean, we're talking lego men here, fighting presumably human-sized monsters.

>> No.28907742

That can be narrated, I don't think that needs to affect gameplay

>> No.28907744

Shadow of the Colossus in tabletop form.

>> No.28907764

>Crib mobiles
>A whirling sentinel death wheel against monsters

>> No.28907778

Is this being fleshed out anywhere? I want to help out.

I would say to prepare to fight hordes of spiders and gargantuan monsters. What if the kid goes camping or what if he has a sleepover? I would hope that all the horrors merge into one big one. Especially after a scary campfire story or scary movie.

>> No.28907828

Which is why toys are terrified when their kids go camping.
Because not all of them get bought along, and the kid's always slightly more scared. Just scared enough for the monsters to win.

>> No.28907829


>Not playing the lego platoon teaming up with the plush dragon toy to launch yourselves into the breech as the teddy bear sews himself up with the Susie Homemaker and Jimmy Genius making a homemade flamethrower to drive the Creeps away

Soldier, you need to get your block examined.

>> No.28907834

Clarissa comics?

>> No.28907839

>Bobby, age 7, climbed all the way to the top of the jungle gym at the playground today.
>But his mom had to come and get him down. He was screaming.
>All watched by Hopper, the stuffed rabbit.
>The toys know what's coming.
>Darkness descends.
>They make their preparations.
>The silence of the night is tense, and waiting quickly becomes the worst part.
>No ordinary monsters tonight.
>This is a primal fear that will they must stand against.
>The Duplo bricks have been linked together, and toy car tracks stretched over the bed in a protective net.
>Because Atilus will strike from on high.
>Suddenly, Movement! From the shadow cast by the light fixture itself, of all the gall, Atilus dives from above, his great talons outstretched, seeking the sleeping child.
>He is rebuked, his assault hindered by the intertwining layers of hot wheels track.
>"Now! All units! Focus Fire!"
>An entire tub of green army men open fire with a brilliant blaze of imaginary light. Their combined weight of firepower is enough to illuminate the hideous features of the terrible vulture-man, enough to make him flinch.
>But Atilus is older and stronger than a mere battalion of foot soldiers. He is primal, ancient, and he will not be rebuked by such feeble wards as these!
>With a great slash, he tears apart the thatched web of defenses, and lashes out to seize the sleeping Bobby in his claws.
>With a mighty pounding of his volumous wings, he takes the boy skyward.
>"Quickly! After him!"

>> No.28907872

If you ever wake up from a terrible dream, as if you had just hit the bed with great force?

Your toys saved you from Atilus.

Go thank them.

>> No.28907905

Sometimes it's you and your 3 inch friends vs a Six foot Rapedad-zilla.

Other times it's a miniature Helms Deep with Legos. It all depends on what you have available and what the forces of darkness feel like tossing at you tonight.

Bit of lore, the Monsters for reasons not entirely beknown to the toys generally wait until midnight to attack.

>> No.28907936

Isn't that the witching hour?

>> No.28908006

Megs and Optimus would be wacky buddy cops.

>> No.28908101

>Adult fears happen on a larger scale and outside of just sleep. Gremlins in the car and whatnot.

>Toys are on a road trip with the family, and have to fight Gremlins in the trunk to stop them from scaring Dad into crashing
Oh my gosh. I propose Gremlins as a new enemy faction. In fact, I have a few ideas, actually.

Enemy: Monsters
The primary enemy of The Toys, they feed on children's fears, taking the form of what troubles them most
>Torments: Child
>Abilities: can take many forms, and have a strong connection to the Child's mind
>Weaknesses: die in light, are terrified of Dad, Mom and Big Bro

Enemy: Wisps
The enemies of The Parents, the Wisps are incorporeal, ghostlike creatures invisible to everyone but Toys. They whisper messages of doubt, fear, regret and hate into Dad and Mom's ears throughout the day
>Torments: Dad, Mom
>Abilities: hard to hit, can fly
>Weaknesses: low health

Enemy: The Perversions
Apparitions similar to Monsters that only have visual elements. Much like the Wisps, they only appear to those who they torment. Perversions do not cause fear, as much as intense discomfort. They are a saucy race, appearing as whatever attracts their subject the most.
>Torments: Big Bro
>Abilties: Magic
>Weaknesses: Monsters, Wisps, Toys and even the Discarded all hate them

Enemy: The Discarded
Though toys tend not to think about it, there's always the chance that they'll be thrown away some day. This is what happens to those toys. When they're thrown away with particular spite (anger at the ungrateful child, hate for the tormenting Big Bro, detesting the ignorant Mom and Dad), an aura of negative energy might keep them living. They might side with Monsters or Wisps, or they might still detest them as they did in life.
>Torments: EVERYONE
>Abilities: similar to toys, but with some Monster magic
>Weaknesses: many Discarded have loose stitching, melted plastic or rusty metal. They are rarely at full HP when found.

>> No.28908124

Yeah. There are a number of variables that effect what kinds of monsters are coming out. The Kids fear being the primary thing. But Holidays can do it too.

Christmas, you've got the fear that you've been naughty. The Monster is an unnatural looking doppelganger of the kid.

Halloween can either be the hardest or easiest night of the year, because the kid's head is full of monsters and weird shit that can help or hurt your protectors.

And then, there's fucking New Year's.

>> No.28908176

There's an entire section of the land of monsters ruled entirely by the Halloween monsters and their ruler, the so-called "Pumpkin King", who is a spooky scary skeleton with a bitching suit, a pumpkin head and a chainsaw.

>> No.28908280

Uhhhhm. Sauce?

>> No.28908360

'Nother one:
>Kraanak, the Primal Beast, incarnation of fear of predators

>> No.28908361

Wait, what's the deal about New Years?

>> No.28908415

I'm wondering how we could incorporate the Kid's parent's toys into this.
Someone mentioned Dad's Limited Edition Gandalf earlier. They'd be something like DMPCs, I think.

>> No.28908442

Okay, point, though this could lead to a feature where some toys feed on fear and love alike.

Alternately, the commercial ones are the true winners. They get love, they get some fear as people leave stuff where it shouldn't be and kids occasionally get an early glimpse, and even if they can never be brought into reality by the same belief in monsters their kin have, they still gain material form if you count all the paraphernalia and, for the ones lucky enough for movies, human avatars or animatronic forms. Or hell, wax museums, those things house plenty of commercialized monsters, and they could have the same rules toys do from all the amusement and joy they can bring. Could be a fuzzy point, it's definitely a strange one, but still one to consider.

>> No.28908457

Dmpcs. Or epic level generals. Obi wan has ordered the Lego men to retreat! Jarjar is leading a rout from the south and gandalf flies the eagles from above!

>> No.28908471

If they got inherited by the kids, chances are they'd just be PCs as well. Probably with less imagination or intelligence stats, they're getting jaded/senile/out of touch, but really fucking tough.

>> No.28908482

New Year's Eve has ALL kinds of fucking issues:

1. The Kids generally don't go to sleep until after midnight. Toys have seconds to prepare as opposed to hours. Unless you have the luck to prepare during the day without getting caught of course.
2. New Years represents change, an End, Loss, this can bring out a number of anxieties out on your charges. These anxieties and fears feed the monsters.
3. It's after Christmas, there are a lot of rookies in the ranks now, who've only been at this for 8 Days. And they're going to make mistakes.

>> No.28908506

They wouldn't always help out, they've earned their rest.
But you are fighting for their Kid's child, so they can be counted on when you need help.

>> No.28908535

>there are a lot of rookies in the ranks now
>implying the old, experienced veterans aren't still there
Also, when a toy dies, seeing as all the injuries and its sentience in the first place were imaginary, would it just become a regular toy without a consciousness?

>> No.28908550

Stat me, /tg/.

These things were simultaneously the most durable and the most fragile things I've ever owned.

Regardless, they are the best toys.

>> No.28908627

Toughness: 4
Articulation: 4
Fellowship: 2
Accessory: 3
Imagination: 2

Special rule: warrior
>this guy was made to fight
Probably get some sort of combat bonus

>> No.28908663

>Little Agatha inherits her grandparent's toy mementos.
>A tin fire engine, a stitch work sackcloth doll, and a wooden cork gun

Man that would be an interesting combo. I don't think toys retire when their kid outgrows them. They just move on to another kid, they have an important job to do. Not just for the kids, but for the parents as well.

>> No.28908704

The Rookies complicate things. Especially they're like Buzz Lightyear in Toy Story, green as hell, but the favorite toy and now officially in charge. Or on the opposite side, like Woody, who was willing to mess around with a fellow toy out of Jealousy.

Experience can account for a lot of things. But it can't account for every thing. Especially if your words of wisdom or orders are being ignored by the new guys.

>> No.28908727


Birthdays may have the same issue with newbies in the ranks. Less so with the fear of End and Loss but we may have the same issue of kids staying up late.

>> No.28908767

My ball monster one is fucking invincible.

I can just see hand me down toys as legendary hero's. The light up charmander from McDonalds I got when I was young? He's a fucking badass now. Implying he ever wasn't badass is heresy though so whatever.

>> No.28908788

I just watched pic related. say what you will about the movie but I think it and Toy Story provide the parts required.

>Those nightmarish horrors in 9.
>A bunch of tiny sack cloth dolls against them

>> No.28908813

That could have been such a good movie.

>> No.28908819

I was the guy who mentioned Dad's Gandalf earlier.

Personally I like the idea of Baby Bro's toys being mysterious, other-worldly beings like somebody else said.

And a campaign idea could relate to how Mom and Dad have their own fears, too. Like maybe things that are just TOO real (like the Wisps, which speak of real fear and doubt) to scare the children. But if the toys were going to be passed down to the kids and incorporated, probably DMPCs. Or maybe the DM could carry them over from a previous campaign, perhaps a Christmas thing or something, where Dad (AKA last campaign's Child) gifts his daughter his favorite teddy bear, which he dug up from the attic.

>> No.28908846

Where it lacked in plot and character development it had immaculate atmosphere and set pieces. That isn't a good balance though.

>> No.28908861

i read through tg threads sometimes. honestly i've been wanting to play a table top game for awhile, as i've never played one. but i love to roleplay so it seems like my cup of tea. all i can say after reading through this thread is if you all pull this off i'd be happy to play it as my first table top rpg.

also, what about objects that are made into toys but weren't manufactured as toys? (think ham from toy story)

>> No.28908871

If we're doing Stat Mes...
>Stat Big Bro's secret favorite stuffed animal.

>> No.28908886

yes, YES, please do this /tg/!!!!

>> No.28908942

Should we make a new thread? This one is getting full and slowly going down.

>> No.28908974

+3 absorbency
+ 5 seduction
-2 intelligence
+8 durability
+12 hide

>> No.28909201

Archive this and copy the important bits for a pastebin / wiki design document. This has promise

>> No.28909227

>"Hey Rookie. Touch it."
>"You heard him rookie, touch it."

>> No.28909352

So what if Dad's Boss was a character who had his own fears?

His sole protectors are his Newton Balls, endlessly clacking together, their rhythmic drumming the only thing keeping him sane through his ride through the concrete jungle. Those five red plastic balls, that thin metal frame, are all that keep his fears at bay.

Truly, they are a formidable warrior.

>> No.28909443

Any monster who approaches, loses its attention on their pray and cannot stop watching the goddamned go left and right, left and right, left and righ-SUN'S UP BITCH!

>> No.28909461

Ham is a figurine, technically. Played with as if he was a toy. Same as poor kids who make their own toys.

>> No.28909516

Just because adults are grown up doesn't make them immune. It just means they have different guardians. More powerful guardians at that.

>> No.28909660

Technically it DOES make them immune. Near as I can figure there are two way of keeping the monsters away: Not believing in them or believing in something will do their damnedest to defend you from it.

Which is why people have spirituals and folk tales about a lone knight fucking up the dragon.

And mammoth toy battles.

And Homebrew RPG threads.

>> No.28909699

True, but playing with them feels.. empty. You don't get the same feel playing with them that you do with your other toys. Eventually, you get rid of it.

A "dead" toy loses its soul, and needs a new child to put a new soul in them.

>> No.28909797

How do you archive?

>> No.28910034

Like this:

>> No.28910140

Gee, thanks :)

>> No.28910211

We need to make a new thread. This has so much promise for an actual new system, and I don't want it to just die here.

>> No.28910308

You want it now?

>> No.28910327

Yes, go for it pls

>> No.28910476

Just imagine some glorious anthem starting as the teddy bears all lie in shreds and the beast approaches the child's bed....only to hear Megazord taking form and saying in a robot voice "You shall not harm this child"

>> No.28910513

They are forced to protect him due to their nature. That is how they work. They have no real choice.

Imagine the torment they must go through.

>> No.28910642

>Teddy, you and Joe have Suzy's room tonight
>Barbie, you're the quietest so you're on guard duty
>McQueen, you're her messenger, tell us what she knows
>I'll take the hall outside their rooms
>And Potatohead....you're the toughest and most versatile...you and your wife need to guard the newborn, he needs you.

>> No.28910784

>Tonight we face an evil like none we have ever seen!
>It lurks in that unholiest of places - the closet!
>But! We will NOT fail master Timmy! He has given us our homes and our brethren, he is OUR child!
>Tonight, we face BOOGEY!
>Prepare yourselves and LET LOOSE THE LEGOS OF WAR

>> No.28910836

Made it. Same as the thread pic

>> No.28910854

No..they don't really have human personality.

>> No.28910875

Not all monsters need to be XBAWX HUEG. Some could come in hordes of legomen-sized spiders. Others might be gremlins the size of a toddler.
But the most powerful? Huge.

>> No.28910930

I'm not seeing it. Can you link it here?

>> No.28910979



>> No.28910994

Scavenger is definitely in... but also Concealment. You don't want little bobby finding the bic lighter or book of matches that you squirreled away for later tonight.

Sample Skills

Brawl: Straight up fighting skill Brawl + Toughness Vs. enemy defenses. Good for picking on things your own size.
Endure: How to take damage and shrug it off. Toughness + Endure and survive enemy attack.
Scramble: A mobility skill, you Scramble up the shelves of a book case or across the carpet..
Knock: An offensive skill, Knock is a way to push back foes, to throw them off of you and to break down anything they put between you and your objective.
Lift: Clean & jerk the toy chest over your own head. That's the way.

Carouse: Party! Sometimes, you need to remind your fellow toys why they fight. Great for building morale of the Companions.
Comfort: Give aid to the suffering, healing and assisting fallen toys, but also soothing the innocence of your child.

Dodge: Avoid taking damage.
Parkour: Like scramble, but focused on getting around household obstacles gracefully.

Blanket: Creates barriers and obstructions
Boom: your default magic kamehameha.
Lie: Illusions and trickery. For when you can't actually hurt them.
Exaggerate: The Buffing spell, increases toughness and articulation or accessory.

>> No.28911067


What if the toys each are generated as an advertisement sheet? Could easily be done.

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