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So I'm working on a new faction that goes in for a combination of standard sci-fi technology combined with bio-engineering.

In other words, I need your best pics of living armor, bio-weapons, symbiotic sub-systems, and just general Guyver-esque shit.

Secondary, if anyone has recommendations for how the military and unscrupulous individuals would use such technology would be much appreciated.

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Look up warframes and Dark Sector concept art.

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Dark Sector... that sounds vaguely familiar? Wasn't that an game from a few years back?

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The military could punish insubordination with a shutdown of non vital functions, creating a self contained prison in which the person would have to mull over what they did wrong

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Yes. It was originally meant to be Warframe, but publisher meddling turned it into GREY AND BLOOM COVER SHOOTER nonsense.

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They'd use it to hurt, kill, and destroy; they'd experiment on prisoners of war, subject their own low ranking soldiers to untold torture to test them out, and try to develop a One Man Army model for special ops and battlefield supremacy, just because, not even because they need it, but because they're sick inside and want more and more power.

Works great when coupled with Mythos taint!

I already plan to include something like this in my own game with a cheapshot Earthbound reference, with a series of Mi-Go harvested human brains in cybernetic hell-PSI suits made of dead shoggoth matter and strong Mi-Go alloys.

Codename: Star Men.

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Some of the most effective means of using biology aren't conventional warfare. Gas-based chemical attacks with either air-born viruses or mutagen-inducing bacteria would be an easy way to alter a population to your whims, or to put them out over a period of your choosing so as to be able to operate without interference.

Could wreck crops and agriculture by introducing a voracious weed that thrives in the same environment that the intended plants do, or just likewise mass-gas those with a virus to make what is likely a specific, gene-modded strain in the first place impossible to re-plant for decades.

Stealing from Starcraft and probably others who did the same, one could implant small parasites into a host that's expected to get recovered by enemy/opposition forces, activate it when they arrive and have it eat its way out to start consuming and implanting others with new seedlings to expand operations.

Slipping bacteria into water supply is old hat, but works fine.

Would advise skipping on the biological/chemical aggression enhancing effects to go full 28 days later; people are easier to occupy and control when they're capable of going about their daily lives than they are when hyped up on KILLEMALL.

People often have pets. Figuring out how to get the pets to report in on their activities would be a pretty good way to discourage folks from messing with the camera.

Doing the parasite implant but withholding activation until its triggered could make a decent hostage option, as could infecting and providing temporary cures instead of permanent ones.

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Sounds legit. I was even thinking of rather simplistic stuff, like extra eyes for triangulating targets, or brain modification to create pseudo-hiveminds between squad members.

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I'd of course be remiss if I didn't include one of my favorite examples of symbiotic armor.

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Anyone have examples of bio-mecha? Is that a thing?

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You specified amoral stuff. That's just being practical.

Eyes altered to grow cones and rods that pick up extra-visual spectrum, probably infared and some basic microwave or radio.

Shark-skin patches to pick up EM signatures.

Musculature grafts for greater strength.

Extra eyes are alright, but triangulation is something we already do with binocular vision. Adding an extra set on the side to catch sight of predators might fit them as well.

Blood set to clot faster so that their injuries aren't debilitating for as long as they are. Short-term solution only though; faster clot means less clean wounds from blood-flow and greater infection potential, so they'd need maintenance sooner rather than later.

Hivemind via straight up biology is a little harder to do; yeah ants are biological as are wasps, but they act that way instinctively. You'd need to take away some of the sense of self of the individual at work, and they would actually Lose effectiveness for it; this is more for your cannon fodder types than your commandos.

Actually that brings something else to mind; projectile weapons laced with material that speeds coagulation; easier to take a target alive, harder for them to escape and survive. Could also put it on melee weapons.

If you've got claws or teeth, have them grow in extras like a shark, rip and tear as much as you like, expect to leave a few around and not give a damn. Better still if they're toxic and the antidote is in the soldier's own blood/bile.

Speaking of ants; colonies of small creatures hosted in bio-suits that help repair their "hive" and treat the creature inside it as an extension of it. Critters may or may not be limited to operating in the armor itself, as the individual could likewise be modded to have sacs and hollow points in their body to contain more of them in case the armor needs extra help. They could additionally be deployed when outside the armor as swarms to distract or make bio structures

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Bio-mecha. Cut buildings into pieces, and strong enough carapace to withstand artillery bombardment.

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Not bad!

Maybe multiple eyes that have different focus depths, see in different spectrums of light, or can track separate target individually.

Perhaps hive-mind isn't the best idea for what I'm thinking then. Maybe a neural-symbiote module that can share data with teammates like personal functionality or target tracking. Still, even that seems like something better accomplished with computers. Which, I'm actually okay with. I'm not looking for 100% biological, the idea originally is to mix it with standard tech as well.

Symbiotes to repair your symbiote! I like it!

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Yo Dawg I heard you like symbioses.

If you're going for symbiosis though, you might also want to implant or attach neural linked creatures to help handle some of the processing power; basically slave-server brain matter creatures that can handle things like altered blood-flow or help coordinate all of the unnatural aspects of their biology since this is all interacting and probably playing hell with their immune systems. Going full conversion and then switching back out might not be possible without months of therapy between.

Though a thought comes to mind; feeding all these beasties would be difficult. The internal hive might also be released to feed the suit-wearer and company kind of like ants do for their queen so that they don't need to be pulled out of it every time they get the munchies.

Anyhow, I've gotta go for now, but good luck OP. Might add more later if the thread's still up.

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Sounds like you want something like Space Pirates from Metroid...

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Ha! I didn't even think about that, good catch.

Keep the pics coming! This is pretty great.

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And that's the last of them. Hope you found something you like, OP.

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Right on! Much appreciated, I think I can find ample inspiration among these.

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If you look up Warframe, make sure to check out some of the fan-made designs and canon as well. There's some pretty amazing ones there.

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i'll just leave this here. he's got some interesting stuff that looks very warframe.

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>forgetting Evangelion

This guy imagined what it would look like without the armor bits tacked on.

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Oh yeah, almost forgot I had a couple more that applied.

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I think that's it for me. Good luck!

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I always further that Evangelion is bio-engineered minstrousut in addition to giant foightin' robots.

So does anyone have examples of replacing technology other than armor with organic components? Like bio-engineered fuel sources or computing? I know it comes up in anime a lot, like that one where everyone hyperdrive is a didn't squid, or the octopus hat thing in Birdy.

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is that the Shrike?

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Ravings of a mad man, or autocorrect gone wild? You decide.

But seriously. Is it reasonable to give your APC organic legs, or a heart and teeth to a tank?

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also tsutomu nihei

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Don't forget that when using organics as your main means of dealing with things that you can breed specifics for each environment you might have to operate in. Aquatic water-world? Amphibious giant snakes that smell friendly forces and ignore but nom anything else. Heavily wooded area? Brachiating tree-swinging apes with night-vision and poisonous stingers. Mountainous region? Either strong, pointy climbers that can scale rock and stone easily or flying, echo-locating bat variants that swarm onto targets on the cliffs to distract and drag them down, letting gravity do the rest. Open plains? Traditional grassland hunters like cheetahs or lions augmented with better physique to be stronger, more agile combatants and sharper clawed, or just sharper and more claws so as not to interfere with their movement capacity; always trained or instinctively set not to harm anything that smells friendly.

Need to break down a wall? Enlarged mantis shrimp.

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Here's some Warframe pics for you.

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>enlarged mantis shrimp
Welp, I know who the BBEGs themed bodyguard will be!

For humanoids, is there any reason not to slap an extra set of arms on?

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This one is a variant of the previous frame.

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My personal favorite, right here.

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Dammit, why can't this game be more fun to play?

Last night I was in one of the game's few real playgroundy areas and pulled off a sweet wallrun/dive jump/ground slide/spin attack combo. And as blood and body parts rained down around me I thought, "Man, that was the coolest thing I've seen all week, let alone done."

Then for the rest of the mission I shot a bunch of space marines with my assault rifle as they popped up from cover in a succession of narrow corridors.

Why are you so afraid of your own potential, Warframe?

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Ikr? This game has so much potential but lost the feel of "space ninjas" after beta was over.

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And last one (I think, can anyone tell me if I missed one, apart from the other primes?).

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Honestly, I think the problem is the mission structure. City of Heroes proved well enough that a linear succession of randomly generated instance missions is only fun if you fight a drastically different foe each time and the game is also not a third person shooter. Maybe it'd work better as a pseudo-Assassin's Creed; big open map with lots of parjour objects to mess with and preset objectives throughout.

At the very least, somebody trash the current tile sets and headhunt the level designers from Mirror's Edge. Yeah that game had problems, but there was certainly all kinds of runny-jumpy-slidey-wahey to be found.

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I Think MtG's Phyrexian art might have some inspiration for you.

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Rhino and Mag are MIA. Couldn't say beyond that.

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Nice! So design theme seems to be: animalistic feet, enlarged primary muscle groups, dat ass for females, faceless helmets, and organic protrusions especially on the helm.

I think I can integrate quite a bit of that!

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How careless of me.

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Damn, I always forget how much ground MtG covers. I still can't believe Wizards hasn't made an RPG for the setting. The potential is pretty much unlimited.

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It's also worth noting that the warframes are gender locked. There's no model for a male Mag, for example, or a female Excalibur.

The simplest explanation is of course that the developers wanted some body type variety but weren't about to model every 'frame twice. In-universe, it could be that the 'frames only work for their given gender. Or, since a player can have different gender 'frames on the same account, it could be that the 'frame enforces it on the wearer. Depends on how far into the Magical Space Realm you want to go.

Also some of them wear weird glowing scarf things that may or may not be wired into the suit's neural systems. They don't effect anything, but they do look quite cool.

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I could see the various frames only being able to interface with specific organic set ups including gender. Maybe the neural scarf things are sensory devices, like whiskers or snake heat pits.

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They did have Nyx originally be the female version of Excalibur, before some design changes.

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Dayumn shame. Nyxcalibur looks like she could legitimately wreck some shit.

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and Valkyr, a hodgepodge of other frames. Or at least their parts.

Hopefully they'll add it in later.

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Flash!Venom is pretty badass.

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Yes! I liked Eddie Brock, but I was always kinda "eh" about the whole venom family. But something about Flash!Venom tickles my fancy! Maybe its the way he uses and struggles with the symbiote, or maybe I'm a huge faggot that likes tactically operating superhero operators.

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I'm a little torn on Valkyr. She's cool, but you'd think when the other Tenno copied her suit specs for their own use, they'd have streamlined it a little. Rather than just keeping it all and walking around looking like a Corpus droid and about three warframes all got body slammed into a car crusher.

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True, but when you can take down Jackal at rank 4 with one ult, she gets A LOT more appealing.

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I can think of no reason not to grab at least one extra set, plus either tentacles or other appendages.

Also consider wings or other pokey things.

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Living armors are my fetish

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let me just google that for you


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I never noticed that it was literally shooting out people in the art. I used this alot in my casual muraganda petroglyphs deck

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>Behold, the face of H.R. Giger
Holt shit! This explains everything!

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>Implying no FEV style countermeasures
Really though, for every offense at that level there's equivalent defense.

Monstrous viruses? Monstrous immune systems. Coagulation ammo? Adaptive gland that thins the blood.

Really though, at the point at which we have the sort of technology you want we've probably solved the problems with it too. With genetics as our plaything we have machines that've had hundreds of millions of years to improve their efficiency as our building blocks.

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Well, anatomical reasons. The logistics of the muscles and tendon anchor points for an extra set of arms on a humanoid are difficult to say the least.

That being said, increased muscle efficiency (more adenine and guanine) isn't that much of a leap. Still have the tendon anchoring points problem, and range of motion.

tl;dr The second set would be greatly reduced in power, and well as likely fucking with the primary set's strength.

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Came up with an idea once. They were intended for use in a swamp. Let me see if I can find it.

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Here it is.

Fortify the base: Biological defenses, an intricate tunnel network crisscrossing around an area just outside the base's outermost perimeter inhabited by worms. The worms live in the pre-made tunnel network most of the time, expanding it slowly using saliva that hardens into a very weak cement on contact with water. They breed and multiply, slowly expanding the tunnel network as their population increases always just enough for their needs. Mostly they're peaceful and docile, feeding on various funguses and lichens suited to grow in their (remarkably dry) home.

Their tunnels are not, however, strong enough to stand the shaking of ground when...say, a mass infantry advance is underway, or large vehicles are advancing. At such times the tunnel networks begin to fracture, driving the worms into masses at the points of greatest damage, desperately trying to keep the specially adapted plants of their home alive, even at the expense of their own. The water of the swamp, you see, reacts with the alkaline bodies of the worms. Normally this isn't such a big deal, it introduces small amounts of clean water into the tunnel system for the plants to feed on, an strengthening the surrounding network where ever there's a leak.

En masse, however, the salts and heat from masses of worms being flooded in water combined with fractured (often powdered) tunnel material mixes together into an...EXPLOSIVE EXPERIENCE! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

tl;dr Worms living around the base that turn into fuckmassive mines when large groups of enemies advance towards us.

Friendlies avoid it by having/knowing where the pylon-reinforced roadways to walk through. There could also be small explosive charges or vibration generators underground designed to set off the chain reactions at will.

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Infinite applications with biotech. Especially biomech tech.

For a squad-hivemind you'll want a biological sub-brain plugged into the subconscious and conscious brain that's slaved to a standard comm unit. Have the slaved brain translate the complex nature of our thought processes into a programming language that's understandable to the comm implant and vice versa. If they're elites you want to keep their sense of self intact. Individual skills stored in the local unit (their brain) are going to be easier to use, faster to access (no communications delay excepting the nervous system), more ingrained, more reliable, etc.

You can do the same thing in other applications too. Eyes hooked up to tiny brains that have just enough processing power to constantly scan for threats (biological computers do this better than classical for the moment because evolution has bred them to be good at it) and alert the primary brain if they detect something.

The primary brain should also be able to take direct control and gather information from them if concentrated on...but our brains are designed for precisely the amount of sensory input that they currently receive on a second-to-second basis, and systemically changing the human brain to any significant degree will give you something that is absolutely alien in behavior...so probably better to just add a multi-core processor or two on somewhere to free up organic runtime for the extra input...or have the aforementioned case-specific notifications with general upkeep maintained by separate organs.

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Pic related is actually an excellent example of (in my opinion) very efficient biotech. Ignore Prometheus for these purposes. As well as everything after (and some of the things during) Aliens 3.

It's a semi-biological system designed to run on a few of the most basic elements in the universe. Carbon, Fluoride (HF being presumed to be its blood) and Iron (Iron being likely to be anywhere that one of these guys would be woken up at). It can reproduce from a single unit, but as the number of units scales upwards the reproductive system improves in scale and efficiency, and it's an incredibly adaptive+deadly predator.

The Facehugger doesn't plant an egg when it hops on somone/thing, it injects a virus. The virus is a bit of magiscience in that it's such an incredibly basic template that it'll work no just about any sort of DNA analogue in the galaxy. It also apparently modifies the desired result based upon the constituent DNA to adopt adaptive aspects of the prey item's metabolism.
(tl;dr the facehugger puts a virus in target that rewrites the genetic code of the thing to 'grow' a chestburster in them AND the chestburster analyzes the host DNA to get set its metabolism to breathe the right air, etc.)

After the chestburster is done developing, (during development the host's metabolism is modified so it is more survivable and likely to bring our organism to term) a process that is quite surreptitious and develops only the basic structure off of whatever elements are common in the host's systems, it kills the host to eliminate a potential predator that would pursue them in the next stage.

The next stage is gathering the more specialized materials required to bring the Chestburster to maturity. This would likely involve eating scrap iron or other iron-rich compounds so the exoskeleton and claws can be formed up-to-snuff on strength. It'd also likely require a source of fluoride (significantly rarer) but that's secondary in necessity.

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After acquiring the required materials and undergoing a period of rapid growth (perhaps a chrysalis stage for ease of development) you have a fully fledged xenomorph. They've been observed to be intelligent enough to kidnap a live host for transformation via ANOTHER, chimeric, virus into an egg/facehugger organism for species perpetuation. They're also highly agile, strong, and tough.

Here's the fansite where I pulled all this from. Fun stuff to read, if a bit dense.


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Another interesting avenue to pursue in a biomech setting is the issue of hacking. Of course there's viruses and standard hacking of the computer-controlled wireless implants, but those are both so mundane.

Here it is: if you're at the point where you can build organisms with their own brains that are cued to respond to certain stimuli, and you have neural-interfaces then you have the ability to control the programming/software that our brains themselves run on.

Know what that means? That means that you can engineer a series of sounds+images or other stimuli that'll 'hack' your opponents' brains. Red+red+blue+clap+etc.= a destructive, self-replicating protein sequence starts to synthesize itself in one of your brain cells until their head becomes a Mad Cow Disease-esque riddled piece of gray tissue. All memory and experience is based on chemistry, so take advantage of that.

>> No.28816157


Also at that point you can do the mundane stuff like try to write more efficient target-triangulation algorithms than what the human brain has and install them while deleting the basic programs. You know, remove change-blindness and such. You encounter the same sort of issue with creating something absolutely alien when you do that though.

Muscle grafts are the brute-force method of increasing strength, and they occupy volume. Increasing adenine and guanine concentrations (they're the actual proteins that 'ratchet' muscles into their contracted states) is the more elegant way of doing it.

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Fascinated anon, here's bump because would like to see this not die

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Look up for Korean comic called Fairytail for Demon Lord, there's some nice magical biotech art. Can't upload any now, winphone's kinda restrictive.

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Find any of the 6 posts before yours interesting? I could plumb my brain and old Civ Quest word documents for more.

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Mainly the hacking, but im sure you also have other interesting things.

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So what's a good system for bio armors besides Cthulutech?

>> No.28817918

Some more for ya.

Best reaction pic? You decide!

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The concept, by the way, also applies to normal computers. As all programming is based in binary you could theoretically develop an image or sound that would be translated into a virus. It'd be very difficult though, and depend on a detailed understanding of **exactly** how what you're trying to infect works, because you'd have to anticipate the way the drivers (which are unique to a given device) would operate, the way it parcels the information and transmits it, the OS of the computer that's receiving the info and the program it uses for monitoring, etc.

Same would apply to hacking the brain. I suppose you could develop some generalized thing that would probably give someone a headache or fuck with their vision a bit, but to get a lasting and deadly affect you'd have to know the precise details of their neural structure and the way their information processing 'software' works.

>> No.28818849


As for other nifty stuff, how about pic related? It's a prototype of a processor designed by Intel to mimic biological brain's neuroplasticity. It works by each box (which represents a processor core atop a nexus of data conduits) being able to selectively increase or decrease the amplitude of current coming in along a given wire, effectively 'tuning out' or 'tuning in to' those details. This was published in 2009 if I recall correctly, so who knows what they have now.

There are also computers that use actual neurons grown in a predictable grid pattern (I believe rat ones) for processing. They were, at the time they came out, the only 'computers' that could filter out 'important' noises from background noise (for instance, talking in a room with an engine running in the background). Their usefulness is/was limited because a neuron takes up a lot more space than a transistor in a processor though.

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You generally only need to find one bug in one software on the target system. Likely it's a buffer overflow if your aim is to get execution rights for plain data or elevated rights from usermode. You most certainly don't need to know how the entire system works together.

That said, it's possible to write software which is free of such exploits. It's not practical, but I suspect in the future programming will focus more on being provably correct (by the means of e.g. functional programming), and automation is advanced to the point where exploits can be eradicated from software completely.

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>No mention of Keith Thompson

I'm disappointed in you /tg/.

The guy designed the suits in Warframe and illustrated a series about the conflict between organic weapons and synthetic ones called Leviathan

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looks cool

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