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>be gangly-limbed DEATHs apprentice
>get sent out on assignment alone because master has shit to do and wizards to meet
>just one life you need to collect
>arrive at destination
>fancy state dinner
>obvious grand vizier looking shifty as fuck
>a few seconds later and you stop time just as he is about to stab his slender dagger into the side of the young princess
>the very beautiful young princess
>so very beautiful
>she can't be more than sixteen years old
>same as your age
>you lift the life timer your master gave you and look at it.
>the name ELISABETH stares back at you
>there is only a few seconds of life left, hovering near the chokepoint and trapped in time

What do you do?

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Be bitter about being in one of the weakest Discworld novels, and not an awesome one like Night Watch or Hogfather.

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Mort lead directly to Reaper Man, though, so it's not all that bad.

And hey, it could be worse.

You could be in Eric.

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I liked the ones with the Master of the Post

>> No.28513181

And the ones with Rince Wind

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There was a very nice German audio play based on the book. They've managed to make the VA of Death sound completely indifferent about things, yet somehow with a hint of enthusiasm anyway.

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The audio book versions are fantastic.
the cadence of the writing really fits the format

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>Beautiful young woman
>She's going to die anyway
>I'm a man with needs
>Got the ability to stop time and do whatever.

I think you know where this is going.

>> No.28513246

I liked his character development, even if it was a little rushed

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Kill the Vizier, cause a fucking mess in the space time continuum, piss off Death, have his adopted Daughter with her shapely and generous tracts of land assist me, discover Death's residence's caretaker to be a wizard hiding from his own death, have death come hunt us down, and let us live happily ever after with a massive solidified pearl of reality for the shit I made.

Have Death continuously enlist our daughter (his grand-daughter?) to help him at everything...

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I wish I had the attention span for audiobooks, but I always get distracted by something while listening, and then I have to rewind over and over again.

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>You could be in Eric.
The Hell in Eric was probably my favorite rendition of Hell ever. Hell really is re-re-re-reading a 37-billion page instruction manual about how to roll a boulder up a mountain.

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>Save the princess anyway, because Death is probably not going to be back from his fight with that Belmont.

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Im deaths apprentice. Did he really just handpick me from a crowd of random people? Wouldnt he choose me based on my capacity to be objective? Its to bad she had to die. Thats what happens though, and im not about to piss off death.

Though how the fuck does this asshole think they can get away with shivving a bitch in the middle of a stately dinner, sure they can bribe the guards or sway their loyalty in other ways but what the fuck nigger. Wouldnt the king come back and royally pwn your ass? Oh well not for me to ponder.

I stand up and swipe my arm from left to right popping Elisabeth the Viziers head from her shoulders, collecting her soul; giving the princess a pat on the head and tip toeing through the rain back to my master. Job well done. May as well grab a turkey leg before stepping outside though, may as well "liberate" a few household objects like a few jewels too.

Unless I have to worry about coming back I could give a shit.

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>Wouldnt the king come back and royally pwn your ass?
iirc, the King was dead, and she was all that kept the Vizier from being on the throne.

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Reality not being binary was awesome, and i wish I was smart enough to implement it in a campaign

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