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I'm trying to buff up my collection of interesting alien species for ideas/inspiration for the setting I'm working on. I'll start off with posting what I've got.

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Look up the artist Wayne Barlowe, he's one of the best when it comes to designing weird aliens.

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I love Barlow but damn at times he makes his aliens...too alien if that makes any sense?

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Anyone got the All Tomorrows pdf for this thread?

Seems appropriate.

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Any ideas for cool alternatives for eyes? It's pretty limited way of thinking to just assume everything uses eyeball to 'see'.

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Sonar, some organ that feels electric fields (some real life animals use this), feelers... Or a species that depends mostly on smell and taste. Imagine a human ambassador having to deal with a fellow ambassador who has to constantly lick him.

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There is/was this one site with meticulously detailed and illustrated wild creatures based on a completely alien ecosystem.

Each of the creatures had gigantic dongs, but this was awkwardly explained as some sensory organ. Literally, dongs everywhere.

Regardless, it was an amazingly detailed site. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

Google searches for aliens with giant penis-like appendages yields unsatisfactory results.

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>Google searches for aliens with giant penis-like appendages yields unsatisfactory results.

Somehow I find this hard to believe. SOMEONE is satisfied by those results.

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Snaiad. Unfortunately the creator had to take down the site because he couldn't afford it anymore. His deviantart site has some pictures though.

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this mentions genitalia, must be it

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Not in the slightest. It was Snaiad, as already mentioned.

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Holy shit, that's exactly it. It's one of the best sources for pictures of aliens because everything forms an ecosystem of sorts. Plus, dongs.

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Gonna maybe dump a couple here too.

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I got a few

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Yup. Just aliens. Nothing odd here folks, move along.
tripped over this while looking for original art; can't not post this. Just can't.

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I get what you're saying. They're so weird they don't make sense.

He did that on purpose. He wanted an ecosystem where everything looked alike but was completely different from Earth life. It's deliberate and it works really well but yeah you're totally right.

Also, in case you haven't read about it before, he made the whole ecosystem run on IR sight pads so none of them have eyes. They also usually do the spider digestion thing (injecting acid and sucking out the juice) for predation primarily so things look weirder.

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Op here. I really like the head on this one. Also, good to see the thread still going after coming back from work.

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And now back to our regularly scheduled nonhumans.

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gee, I sure hope no one notices these are all in alphabetical order

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Yet another pic that I can't not post. Being the only guy to post anything for the last 5 minutes makes that okay though, right? Right? god damn I really need to move the cute stuff out of this folder already

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>playing the flute with no visible mouth

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...Wait, why the fuck did I post that freak?? I still need to sleep tonight...

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well this fella seems like a trustworthy upstanding creature that is safe to be around.

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And I am totally gonna be able to sleep tonight. I mean, it's not like >>28390482 is terrifying either...

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God dammit forgot an image.

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This one actually looks like a transhuman thing instead of an outright alien.
>implying it wouldn't act alien

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>>28391128: The conch shell is single, ladies!

More tumblr stuff.

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I like how his tongue-replacement-parasite is having a smoke.

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No more tumblr stuff!
And, in other news, a freakish affront to nature considers a career in Neckbearding!

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>isopod tongue

Oh man this is cool.

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The expression on the tongue thing is the best part.

I really like this pic for how the aliens are posed almost like disgruntled 12-year-olds being scolded.

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Yeah, I was surprised to find anthro that wasn't shit too.

Okay, I know these vrusk guys are from a thing somewhere. Anyone know what they're from...? I have no idea.

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Oh gods, this is horrible.

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Star Frontiers

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Not really an alien. Who cares??

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>>28391337 Maybe a little too crotchey if you know what I mean... :S


Uh oh, we're at Z...You know what that means! bonus round!

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Down to my last good alien pics here...

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Only things left in my folder'll be anthro and fanart and not-actually-aliens. Though some of it could certainly pass as alien.

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Oh shit that's it!
Anyone want me to start putting up the stuff that's passably alien?
for that matter, has anyone noticed that CAPTCHA is good at making up alien names?

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I know I'm not leaving a lot of time for responses but I gotta get to bed if there's no interest.

Last call!

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Well good night then I guess.

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Cool thread!

I too am developing a sci-fi series with a similar aesthetic. Actually, a little too similar. Maybe I need to redo some designs because some of these are kinda close to my stuff. I guess whoever made some of this art had similar ideas to mine.

Would you post your setting idea?

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>not using psionic powers to move air through
>the gesture is merely a remnant of the instruments earthly origin

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Is that one of those ones from the animal planet show? About the aliens and the probes etc?

I think it was animal planet. Maybe discovery.

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That's more adorable than it should be.

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That's from the Wayne Barlowe book that the show you're talking about was based on.

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don't know what happened there

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Our President is obviously attracted to horrific aliens.

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That is awesome.

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Okay, that's not funny. it's hilarious.

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Look at it wearing a mask and clothes.

Aww, it thinks it's people!

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Normal light reflection, but it's crude and their heads are covered in these little snail like eyes, just tiny and multi-colored.

Now tell me that wouldn't be unique.

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It see's through it's skin, using heat, pressure and air to analyze the environment.

No feelers, no eyeballs, nothing.

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As in air currents and the various particulates, chemicals and smells that are found in the air.

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I remember that, its that or they used sonar as the atmosphere was I think three times as dense as earths. I'm not saying their bad hell the opposite, I loves me some down to brass tacs xeno-biology. Partly why I liked reading the Lenore threads actually.

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Here ya go.

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Holy shit that things legs are so impractical, that thing would be 100% dead if it even sprained one it's 15,000 ankles.

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Aaand I'm back with a couple more. Forgot about birrin, those cuddly rascals.

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These hexapods too, though they are less cuddly.

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Is it weird that I want to fuck one of those things?

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not on /tg/ it isnt

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>"Fuck man, I don't know"

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Huh, guess you're right.

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