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Why isn't this how female minotaurs look in your campaign, anon?

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Because my minotaurs have no females.

They just rape other races.

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because wearing a cowbell like that is something an unca' tom would do. You're playing into the racial stereotype, man.

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Because minotaurs have a head of the bull, silly fetishist.

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>implying they aren't.

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Because my campaigns are not about providing fap fuel for myself and my players.

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She's as white as white can get, though.

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>implying color based racism
Damn cows thinking they know what's what

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Sorry OP, my feminotaurs are completely different.

They have horns.

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Because Holstaurus and Minotaurs are different things.

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That's not a lot better, you know.

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Horny feminotaurs totally beat OPs pic in both fetish (handles!) and natural weapons departments.

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It's infinitely better

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PErfectly fine

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So how would a holstaur male look? A minotaur on Ritalin?

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is it just me or does this read kind of like an ad for holastarus milk?

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What the fuck is even the purpose of those pants?

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>touch fluffy tail

It pretty much is.

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Pockets, by the look of it.

Pockets are pretty neat.

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To help draw attention to the fact that they don't cover anything.

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well they MIGHT cover things if she zipped them up and attached the suspenders over the shoulder like they're supposed to be.

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>Both humans and monsters need it, so it's a fast-selling commodity.
"Need" it? As in "will die without it"? No wonder there's demand!

When fully zipped up they should provide some decency.

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The game was originally in Japanese, so some things are lost in translation.

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I think it's need in the same manner that adventures need cure wound potions and such.

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Or like a cook needs salt. He could technically go without it, by why bother if it's available?

It looks like the suspenders just connect the shorts to the shirt, though.

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Best thread on /tg/ right now.

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>So how would a holstaur male
Anon, there's none of that

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That's not a shirt

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Oh god it's so adorable and fuzzy and fetishy

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>this fucking writing
At least the translator could clean it up. Jesus.

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Because we're playing Dark Heresy, anon?

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Mothgirl are really adorable.


Yeah a better effort could be made translating these

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>Acolytes encounter a planet populated by holstauruses

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>not having male versions of all the monsters
I hate you and your opinions, but I'll fight for your right to have them.

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>male monstergirls

It remove the entire conflict of having monsters in the first place.

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"Hmm, they seem to have horns... better whip out our inquisitorial seals then."

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>they prefer dark, wet places

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I'd cuddle the ever loving shit out of her

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Is that what they're calling it in the 41st millennium?

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I've always like the idea of cross species romance
It always gives me the warm and fuzzies, like love is all about kindness and compatibility

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>Why isn't this how female minotaurs look in your campaign, anon?
Because my campaign does not take place in your magical realm, OP.

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Place like dark caverns and stuff, right?

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Elastic bands for clothing haven't been invented.

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What fantasy luxuries would a wealthy noble have? Drider silk lingerie, minotaur milk, dire elephant ivory, what else?

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Somehow, I always imagined sheepgirls as looking a lot less derpy.

is this what satyr females look like?

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>melancholic copulation

>> No.28339607


Comfiest looking monstergirl, let's be honest.

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>[x]touch fluffy everything

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I swear, it's the same anon everytime.

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Because this is what Minotaurs look like in my campaign.

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In theory, sure, but /tg/ mainly just seems to have a very broad view on what is physically attractive.

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I think it fit, that kind of derpiness is endearing in its own way.

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Masterwork Dildos crafted by the greatest Dwarven Dildosmiths of the age.

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Bet you feel silly now.

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Nothing better than the Holy Dicking order, "purging" one monster girl world at a time.

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God, that manga gets me hard

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That's kind of like a half-minotaur I played once. Except less retarded, and with less rape, and more clothing.

So really it's not close at all.

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Man, the translators are really in love with the word "Fluffy"

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Eh, the furthest I've gone with that was courting (and then banging) the party Shifter, and even that was a bit on the odd end.

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This is the truth behind all those systems which are quarantined.

It's just a bunch of Inquisitors and their acolytes who don't want anyone else to know about their sexy monstergirl worlds.

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You will never suffocate to death within the library committee chairwoman's absurdly gargantuan boobs

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Female half-minotaur? What was the character and game like?

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It's a word holding extreme power.

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I've got this urge to just write up a little weresheep farm now. One guy and a few hired hands dealing with a small flock of weresheep, planning out the logistics of when each one is shorn so that they don't have to deal with to many aggressive ones at once. Finding some way to combat the sleep magic, maybe having a Holstaurus or two on the farm as well.

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>sanctioned abhuman
>employed under watchful eye of Lord Inquisitor
It probabably won't be as glorious as The Squid, but can still be pretty good.

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I've been playing the Reign of Winter path for Pathfinder. My character is now banging a Winter Wolf. Admittedly only in her human form. So far.

Once again Paizo proves to be no stranger to the Magical Realm.

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O-oh my


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Hush, Satan, it's legs where woman's true appeal is.

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>My character is now banging a Winter Wolf. Admittedly only in her human form.
>only in her human form.
Since when did Winter Wolf have human forms?

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>a holstaur acolyte hiding under heavy robes, has to milk herself daily so as to not rouse suspicion

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Sound pretty homely

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>not sticking your dick in shifters and demons

What could possibly go wrong anyway?

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Centaur girls are also welcomed. häääääääästrumpa

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In the end it gets destroyed by a dragon girl obviously
like how all things get destroyed by dragons eventually

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do you mean homey?

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Due to a pact with Baba Yaga, Winter Wolves can assume human form within the boundaries of the Howling District of Whitethrone.

Said winter wolf is hoping to get her hands on a magic item that will let her change forms elsewhere, so she isn't dependent on staying within the district limits. Of course since we have no left the city, she is stuck in wolf form for now, until I can find such an item for her.

>> No.28339808

>removes the entire conflict
That conflict is fucking retarded. Living off of semen? Really? -reaaaaally-?

Instead of a porn conflict, when you add males, you can have any number of legitimate conflicts, like resources or territory or ideology or cannibalism or what have you.

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>> No.28339827


I don't see anything wrong with dragons


Guess so, words fail me today.

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>Said winter wolf is hoping to get her hands on a magic item that will let her change forms elsewhere, so she isn't dependent on staying within the district limits. Of course since we have no left the city, she is stuck in wolf form for now, until I can find such an item for her.

>Not tending to her needs regardless of form.

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Because one of my players is a male minotaur, and we all think it'd just be funnier if female minotaurs were just cows.

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It's a game where you a play a guy who fights monsters to not get raped

But ends up getting raped all the time anyway

At least there's some sort of justification as to why all these monster bitches be all up on your dick

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Mine to. Makes sense considering they were created when the queen of an island nation had sex with a Divine Bull.

The resulting creature was imprisoned in a labyrinth but managed to escape and seeded the world with his half-divine spawn by raping hundreds of human women.

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>Ordo Cartesian
>From romance, understanding. From understanding, reason. From reason, virtue.

>> No.28339862

yeah, that entire section of the game?
The most boring part of it.
An array of sentient monsters with numerous different biologies, behaviors, and needs?

NOW I'm interested.

Just cut out the bullshit porn parts and you suddenly have an interesting setting.

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That was a good hentai.

>> No.28339873

To be fair, my character is nowhere near the degenerate that his player is.

Still, his resistance is fast being worn down in that regard. So I'd give it a session or two at most.

>> No.28339876


How about toning dow nthe semen dependency and instead having (mostly) good aligned monsters forced into a parasistic relationship with humanity because they don't have males?

Sound much better than forcing male monsters in my book.

>> No.28339878

>Once again Paizo proves to be no stranger to the Magical Realm.
How is that Paizo's fault?

They didn't intend the wolf as a romanceable option, did they?

>> No.28339884


Source on both of these?

>> No.28339890

>just cut out the bullshit porn parts
You do realize you're on /tg/ don't you?

>> No.28339891

I really don't see the need for mono-gender monsters outside of fetishistic reasons, anon.

>> No.28339892

Name of this?

>> No.28339898

>cut out the bullshit porn parts
>of a porn game

I see what you're saying, but I think you're in the wrong place to be saying it.

>> No.28339904

A good end as well.

>> No.28339909

yes. The place where people get harder jerking it to logistics than tits.

>> No.28339914


Then you fail to realize the potential of monstergirls for serious storytelling

>> No.28339916

>tfw when /tg/ tried to create a holstaurus civilization, the threads got trollbombed into oblivion
>I will never have a hostaurus civilization

>> No.28339921

Having not read the book, I couldn't tell you. Still, I've read other pathfinder adventure paths, and I know they have some /d/ inclinations.

>> No.28339932

That makes no evolutionary sense.

>> No.28339941


>Still, his resistance is fast being worn down in that regard.

What, is she humping his leg or something?

In heat?

>> No.28339943


As opposed to minotaurs, which don't exist only due to a fluke of genetics.

>> No.28339947

You clearly overestimate it considering their entire lore revolves around sex.

>> No.28339950

Classical mythology? Male nymphs? Dryads?

>> No.28339954


When a succubus Demon Lord sit on a magical throne and suddenly influence an entire race to look more human and like her, evolution doesn't matter.

>> No.28339957

You are naive to the ways of Paizo, anon.

>> No.28339961

There's -way- more potential in monstrous nations than simple monster girls.

it is well within our abilities to take concepts from pornography and turn them into legitimate setting pieces and stories.

>> No.28339963

According to the writeup, she looks derpy because she's constantly being drugged by her own fur.

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>> No.28339973

>lost love
>a fucking child

>> No.28339974

Houkago Play & Daily Life With Monstergirls.

>> No.28339982


Which is why you take it more seriously and just look at these profile for a little bit of inspirations

>> No.28339990

they were the fetish fodder of the time

>> No.28339993

It was never meant to be.

>> No.28339997


>> No.28339999

which is what I was espousing.
Cutting out the sex part and using them as legitimate races.

>> No.28340001

No leg humping, yet, just lots of very flirty comments.

and yes, I'm pretty sure she's in heat.

>> No.28340002

Oh. I see.

>> No.28340011


>There's -way- more potential in monstrous nations than simple monster girls.

You can combine the two you know. Why is it so hard to graps that there's some great conflicts to be found in an all female race of previously barely sentient monsters?

Parasistic relationship with humanity, sudden elevation of intelligence and sentience, defractor amidst both people, Church going full on 40k.

And that's only stating the most obvious.

>> No.28340015

>They mindrape and rewrite the personality of real women to make them live up to the idealized adolescent fantasy versions of themselves dreamt up by guys who crushed on them but never had the balls to do anything about it

This is fucking horrifying.

>> No.28340016


The deviant in me is praising Paizo's PnP perversions.

But the respectable part of me is crying out in disgust.


>> No.28340021

Your GM is a brave fellow.

>> No.28340025

because it's much more interesting when they are self sustaining and aren't kept alive entirely on plot fiat.

>> No.28340031

Your starting point was "female races that need human males to reproduce and will be really eager to do so instead of just dying out". That is the one thing holding your idea back and it is the one thing defining them from creatures that will look like your ex to creatures that want to be fucked to light up and creatures that are so dumb they just want to fuck (cause that's what dumb snakes do).

>> No.28340038

Welcome to monstergirls, where for every fluffy daw moment or tsundere girl, there is a terrifying fate worse than death and huge pile of horrible implications.

>> No.28340046


I want your GM.

What does Greta look like in Human form, anyway?

>> No.28340057

Two reasons:
1. My campaign is in Engine Heart, not a fantasy setting.
2. I have no campaign.

>> No.28340065

Don't worry, Anon, schizophrenia can be dealt with by proper medication.

>> No.28340072

>true love is a loli

Son of a bitch, this encyclopedia is too damn fetishy and cute for a single circulatory system. I'm gonna need at least four more.

>> No.28340076

It's the Year of the Snake

>> No.28340078


>> No.28340084

except it can't

>> No.28340092

What conflicts? The ones described in the lore? Creatures trying to "rape" innocent men left and right? I don't think that's the conflict we are looking forward to.

>> No.28340108


And I find it more interesting when they NEED humanity because only proper cooperation and genetic R&D between both races could allow the creation of male monsters and give them this much, much needed sustainability.


Yeah sure, because an all female race is automatically a salve to the dick and can't create nations while being sustained by the few men willing to stay there.

You seem to forget the amazing things that culture can do, you can only have a few male to help sustain the population while the reverse is far, far from ideal.

>> No.28340112

honestly, replace "semen" with "meat" and now we're talking.

>> No.28340122

the races ARE automatically slave to the dick. That's pretty much the one consistent thing throughout, and is the fetish that must be removed.

>> No.28340128


If all you can see is rape with all the juicy potential in there, there's seriously no helping you.

>> No.28340131



>> No.28340133

I would like to go on the record as hating monster girsl. Why humanize them, it's disgusting.

>> No.28340135


Not posting his best work, for shame.

>> No.28340136


Boner is dead.

>> No.28340143

Mixed reaction there.

>> No.28340153


Then remove it but keep the core conflict of an entire race being influence by the Demon Lord (ie transformed into demihuman) and needing humanity to survive because demons aren't exactly very bright when they get ideas.

>> No.28340156


Because the Japanese are notorious for having horrible imaginations.

>> No.28340158

>and can't create nations while being sustained by the few men willing to stay there
Yeah. Did you read their lore? It's all variations on "will forever love you" and "will be your sex slave forever". And your suggestion of a dozen or 100 races with human semen donors doesn't sound any less fucked for a setting.
Can you give me an example of a rewritten race posted in here?

>> No.28340162

Thats kinda what happens when a succubus takes the throne of all demon kind yea?

Whelp, looks like I've got a goal for my synthesist summoner tentacle monster in that game now. Start next week, wish me luck.

>> No.28340177

Your suggestions aren't any better m8.
Just drop the human sex and it's a setting.

>> No.28340182


I'm the first guy you quoted, and personally I'm a fan of the whole warrior woman archetype, assuming that's how she's portrayed.

Plus I'm a sucker for blue eyes and silver hair.

>> No.28340185

that potential would still be there if you removed the fetish parts entirely, anon.

Vampires have existed for years without being porn by subsisting on blood instead of vagina secretions.

Well, barring twilight.

>> No.28340186

>filename related

>> No.28340195

>Beholder ahegao face
I need drawings of this!

>> No.28340199

SCREW fucking humans, it's goddamn retarded.

>> No.28340206

The only problem in this picture would be when the mating season comes in...

>> No.28340212

Because 1. I'm not much into animu gurls 2. It's not my own personal Magical Realm (and if I do insert my fetishes, they're going to make sense in the setting and be cleverly disguised, not blatant like the OP pic...)

>> No.28340228


Those profile are all sex with some substance, just take that and remove some of the sex dependency while keeping a looming threat of ''corruption''.


It's not fetish to see the potential that an all female race of monsters could bring in a fantasy tale, just because harems are going t obe more acceptable doesn't remove the number of conflicts and philosophical conflicts.


And I say that removing the parasistic relationship with relationship would make it VERY boring. It's like the antiquity, there was a shitton of sex everywhere but people remember that time for lots of other reaons.

>> No.28340244


What's wrong with mating season?

As long as the character has a mate (or at the very least someone who will play the role as one) it just involves constant dickings.

Although I'm reminded of an RP I've done where the character required, er, "service" almost three times a day. My character didn't complain, but after a while the other party members would just make snide comments about it as we wander off to do the business (which eventually even turned into them just going "off to fuck?" "Yup, off to fuck" "Alright.")

>> No.28340248

>Whelp, looks like I've got a goal for my synthesist summoner tentacle monster in that game now. Start next week, wish me luck.

Good luck, anon, give her one for me!

>> No.28340270


My fetish is corruption.

I admit to squeezing it in whenever I can.

>> No.28340272

Dude. She's a Mantis. You know what female Mantises do while they have sex? Don't know?

Watch the video:

>> No.28340277


I'm starting to notice that Paizo adds at least one or two waifus to every AP.

Jade Regent was BUILT around them, Reign of Winter has Greta, Curse of the Crimson Throne had Trina, etc.

>> No.28340280

I only have male minotaurs in my campaign. They're the bovine equivalent of lycanthropes, but instead of a murderous hunger, when they transform they are bestowed with an insatiable lust that drives them to rape literally anyone they come across.

>> No.28340290

Requesting the one comic where the male mantis is negotiating with the female mantis for a lower chance of getting his head eaten during sex

>> No.28340291


They've discovered that eating the male isn't an instinctive habit, but rather something the female does if they do the dirty while hungry.

In other words, make sure to give the Mantis girl a snack or dinner before doing the dirty.

>> No.28340296

>AN all female race
Entirely different than
>literally every monster is all female and all want human dick

One is amazons, which is an acceptable trope.
The other is an ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM dedicated to fucking humans, and entirely fetishistic.

>> No.28340302

It's actually currently thought that the cannibalistic behavior is almost entirely brought on through the stress of captivity, as it has never been observed in the wild, and there have been many occurrences to the contrary.

>> No.28340303


Holy shit I said do the dirty way too many times in that post.

Replace some of those with... Fuck?

>> No.28340323

Then better give a female a really large snack then.

>> No.28340328

I don't think most of those concept would be boring without sex. At least those that have more going for them than "she's your waifu and also half something". A fucking lamp coming to life isn't boring, ice people aren't boring, shapeshifters that form from memory aren't boring, scarabs tending an empty throne aren't boring. I have to question what you find interesting about the setting if not that but how they jump dicks.

>> No.28340343

Any one else remember this thread? Good times.

>> No.28340349

I love you anon, don't change

>> No.28340363

There IS a justification for it in the setting: The current Demon Lord is a succubus. Making monsters into sex-crazed waifus is her plan to bring about world peace.

Not saying it's any more or less fetishistic, just that there's a (somewhat) reasonable reason for it.

>> No.28340367


If yo ucan'T see the potential conflict of a hivemind race recently elevated to human intelligence wit hthe fuck up of being entirely female because the Demon Lrod was shortsighted, we will enver be able to agree or understand each other anon, so instead of repeating and retreading old grounds, I thinks it's better to close the subject.


What I'm saying is that they don't need to jump dicks, but that the parasistic relationship with humanity (ie, needing human male) bring something very interesting to the table where heroes could try to form alliance between the races so they can figure out the genetic behind the creation of male monster.

>> No.28340401


>> No.28340402

There might be a way to justify this. Several animals have extremely codependent relationships with humans. There may be possible worlds where the natural development of things would lead to all animals developing such relationships. It probably all starts in ancient not-New Zealand, when sheep and other animals gain an evolutionary advantage through vaginas that more effectively absorb the nutrients found in human semen.

>> No.28340404

Man, manticores are so tsun it hurts.

>> No.28340439

I seem to recall waifus in Serpent's Skull and Carrion Crown too.

Oh yes, and Council of Thieves had that actress woman who develops a crush on the PC who plays the male lead. In my campaign, the lead was played by a tomboyish tiefling bard who crossdressed for the role.

Paizo knows what it likes.

>> No.28340445


>> No.28340461

I'll do my best, playing a NE tentacle monster should lead to an interesting bit of back and forth.

>> No.28340467

>as it has never been observed in the wild
Or is that just a very nice and big tank?

>> No.28340485


It's kinda a staple for Paizo really, their very first AP (Rise of the Runelords) had that one woman that uses the pretense of "rats in the basement" for a quickie with a PC.

In my case, her dad caught us and we had a shotgun wedding to preserve her honor.

>> No.28340568

that's not a very good justification, anon.

>> No.28340674

>it is well within our abilities to take concepts from pornography and turn them into legitimate setting pieces and stories.

Well then, let's do it. How do we turn monster girl encyclopedia into something that's not monogender'd monsters, still focuses on themes of romance, but not with sex as the focus of it all (because that's unrealistic and slightly creepy as fuck)

>> No.28340696

I do, and I also remember the autists that bombed them to oblivion

Some people just can't ignore what they don't like

I've had this idea for a fantasy novel starring a cow girl for the longest time, and that thread was like a dream come true for inspiration

>> No.28340744

Okay... sooooo.

we got a setting where it seems like magic is by and large sex based (spiritual energy = semen, demon energy gotten by draining spiritual energy).

What if we take that and twist it a little?

Normally settings have 'good magic' and 'bad magic'

People want rapy monsters and shit? Fine. "Evil" magic is generated by false love, brain washing techniques, rape, etc. Perversions of real affection and loyalty.

"Good" Magic comes, clichely from sources of loyalty, affection, genuine love.

In both cases we're not just talking even romantic stuff, or sexual, though both are the most obvious sources.

A person who is genuinely loyal to someone else, not with the image of them, not with some imagined picture of them, but to that person, unconditionally, will produce 'good mana' or whatever we want to call it.

This means that bros will produce magical power in spades, since trust and loyalty produce 'good mana'.

Sounds like a place to start?

>> No.28340755

In the first few sentences it says it's pretty much a modern invention. Learn to read.

>> No.28340762 [DELETED] 


The potential is already there, you just need to think a little. It's not hard to make something serious while keeping the core conflict

>> No.28340775

Why do you insist on dropping monogendered monsters? Is it too hard for you to work with?

>> No.28340776

wait, we're still focusing on the themes of romance? I thought we would move onto themes of co-existance. Or possibly skip all that and move onto themes of opressed proletariat doing communist uprising across all the species.

>> No.28340792

why do you insist on having monogendered monsters? There's really no reason for it.

>> No.28340810

>People want rapy monsters and shit? Fine. "Evil" magic is generated by false love, brain washing techniques, rape, etc. Perversions of real affection and loyalty.
Interesting part of it might be a corruptive aspect to this magic. A lot of monster girls don't seem to realize that they're actively brainwashing men right?

What if that's the usual case with the evil magic? You get this horrible feed back loop of false love, false images, sucking them into this kinda falsetto true love, neither able to break away from it and making it ultimately self destructive?

I don't. I love monster girl encyclopedia. But I have plenty of female friends who enjoy the baseline concept but are utterly turned off by the fact the thing is incredibly focused on heterosexual male fantasy. Same for some of my bi and gay male friends.

Look, no one is arguing that MGE's universe is neat, but it's ultimately, and self admittedly, fap fiction focused on heterosexual males, and there is nothing wrong with that.

We just want to take some of the base concepts and make it into something new that doesn't involve monogender monstergirls.

>> No.28340813


How so? Explain to me how keeping the monogender is somehow bad without projecting any ''muh fetish''

>> No.28340822

Why try to fix what ain't broke, anon?

>> No.28340826

The core themes of the MGE's universe are two fold

1) Coexistence
2) Romance.

I'd argue if we're to do a credible redo of it, then we'll need to include both. Especially since cross-species romance would be a big thing in the setting, and it would play into themes of coexistence.

>> No.28340846

There's no reason to drop it either. It's perfectly workable.
Then make some of the races male only like real world mythology does.

>> No.28340851

>>Ordo Cartesian

>> No.28340855

No. You misunderstand. You just did the same as monstergirls does. You remove the semen part.

>> No.28340861

That's it. Tumblr can only ruin the good things on this earth. They can't just leave it alone.

>> No.28340877


That's a very sexually dimorphic race there. I would imagine the female minotaur to be a bit more buff and able to fend off an attacker. Hell, female minotaurs would probably be even bigger than a male just to keep them in line.

>> No.28340879

Restricts player gender. Means at the core every race will be about how they manage to procreate with humans since they can't just do it with their guys.

>> No.28340885

see, I like MGE's universe, but I feel it is more interesting if we take it after coexistance and run something else on top of it.

Like, say, space travel. Or WW2.

>> No.28340897

We don't fix, we recreate. It's not gonna alter your version.

>> No.28340900

Keep in mind, if we drop the monogender of the monster girls, then the reasons for the different monsters and humans interact peacefully drop dramatically. No longer about continuance, pleasure, and in some cases feeding, it becomes entirely resource and territory based. Just look at the real world to see how well that goes.

Also, there are both types of monster girls.
Those that are sweet and kind, that could easily live within a human city and need very little adaptation from themselves or the humans.
And Those that are kill on sight who prefer to eat the flesh of their mates and cause extreme suffering. Nevermind that I'm pretty sure that the various types of monstergirls still fight amongst each other.
[/spoiler]Plus the whole point of the GIRL part of the monstergirls is a ploy by the succubus queen to lead to eventual world peace[/spoiler]

>> No.28340901

it makes all the logistical problems one of "how can I get semen", and puts all the interesting parts like "how do these creatures live with one another" to the wayside.

>> No.28340907

The basic premise of Monster Girl Encyclopedia is that the new demon king is a succubus, and her influence over monsterkind morphed them to be more like her. Getting rid of the sex would cut at the core of the backstory, and take out the Fallen Heroes.

Interesting storytelling is still possible with that caveat. For example, charting the development of the monstergirl society from sex-crazed waifuism to legitimate co-existence.

>> No.28340913


Which in turn cause an insane amount of conflicts and is the perfect fuel for a quest of coexistance as people try to fuck the Demon Lord fuck up in making monsters female.

Where's the problem?

>> No.28340934


Try to fix the Demon Lord fuck up*

>> No.28340938

There's none. But that's already a setting, just take the original and don't play an ERP.

>> No.28340949


It's not about being broken. It's about it not delivering what some of us want it to do, so we're going to make something similar that has the things we want.

How, in any way, does us making something like this, at all, ruin Monster Girl Encyclopedia? Please. Tell me. I'm curious to know how making something new at all infringes on your ability to enjoy your monogender monster girl universe?

Also, for those who say "monogender is the only way to go"

Everyday with Monstergirls isn't monogender, some species are, most appear not to be given the background information in the manga.

>> No.28340959


First off, that's a dairy cow.

Secondly, that doesn't even have the head of a bull. Or even any udders.

Thirdly, the only defining animalistic features are ears and a tail.

Fur and animalistic features would be better but you obviously don't care.

>> No.28340964

It's essentially the same thing interracial couples in our world have to do. How is that so hard to see?

>> No.28340970


Don't you understand the trouble of going full fur?

>> No.28340991



But I bet you think axebeardy dorfs who don't turn to stone in sunlight are super cool

>> No.28340997

I still want my own giant girl...

>cattle romdng
Kinda on topic there Captcha.

>> No.28341008

>implying there aren't any male asians

>> No.28341015

>cannibalistic giant girl.

Dunno bout you anon, but that aint no healthy men cup of tea.

>> No.28341033


That's a big ass tree she's sitting against.

>> No.28341035


Why are you trying to sexually gratify yourself at the gaming table?

>> No.28341038

>Keep in mind, if we drop the monogender of the monster girls, then the reasons for the different monsters and humans interact peacefully drop dramatically. No longer about continuance, pleasure, and in some cases feeding, it becomes entirely resource and territory based. Just look at the real world to see how well that goes.

Which kinda trivializes the whole coexistence thing. The only real conflict is "monster rape people and eventually humanity will die out if this keeps up." one way or another.

That's the conflict.

But if there is more to it than that, different cultures, different workable societies, different values, some might be sexual, others not, then we get more out of it.

Conflict comes from sociological conditions, not from silly macguffins



so are we saying no on the magic system I proposed? Because I think magic systems based around 'lack of trust/forcing things' versus 'trust/friendship/loyalty' is pretty much divorced from the pure "FAITH!" versus "SEX MAGIC" in MGE.

Basically, monsters could live perfectly well off of either form of energy. Just one is corruptive and one isn't, and the same applies to human magic users. And you can get your fix from just the loyalty and trust from your family for example.

>> No.28341065

Good thing I ain't healthy, aye?

>> No.28341067

Except that there is an about even amount of males and females and in our world interracial couples are by choice. So not at all.

>> No.28341089



>> No.28341092

>>Humanity dies out.
I think the way it's specified in the images, only women would die out. Human males would still be born to monstergirls, so that eventually Humans are just considered the male gender while women have the hundreds of possible sub-races. Still not a good thing, but better than the alternative.

>> No.28341102

I haven't seen the show yet (I'm waiting for it to end), does becoming a giant automatically make you into a creepy cannibal?

>> No.28341108


How about we open this again? I think the old threads are still archived.

>> No.28341113

Except they wouldn't at the moment due to the human gods being dicks.

Also human men are turned into incubi, not humans. So no, humanity dies out.

>> No.28341114

This has to be someone's fetish.

>> No.28341116

So, uh, does anyone have a artist name for this one?

>> No.28341121


Which is the perfect fuel for mages and scientists of both races to come together and figure out how to not make that happen.

Of course people hold serious grudge over all those kidnapping and the circle of violence continue unabatted...

>> No.28341124

I'd be up for it, maybe the autists will be at school this time

>> No.28341129

In Attack on Titan?

Not necessarily. But pretty much.

>> No.28341132

Humanity as we know it.

>> No.28341133

>drop the rape
>coexistance is trivial
You are a complete cock, sir. Without the rape there's all sorts of interesting differences in farming, architecture, lifestyle, and society.

WITH the rape, all that gets pushed aside to put the spotlight on HOW they fuck their man.

>> No.28341134



>> No.28341143

The best kind of disgusting.

No idea, I've watched up to episode 12, I think.

>> No.28341155

I just want to touch the fluffy tail.

>> No.28341160

I never understood why the titan's skin got all fucked up

>> No.28341163

Cool. I've been avoiding it because I want to watch it at some point in one big burst and all my friend would tell me about it is "Humanity is Fucked."

>> No.28341179

i think it was to cool em down

>> No.28341180

Rather narrow conflict don't you think?

What about all the conflicts when you take that one out of the equation? Because that one is so huge it's all encompassing, it's an extinction scenario.

No, what about issues of "we work one way, you work another bad things happen because of it." Like what happened with the Colonists and Native Americans having two entirely different concepts of land ownership and leadership.

>> No.28341184

Because that's not what female cows look like.

>> No.28341187


I think it's sort of like muscles going inside out for some of them

>> No.28341189

The maids bust size is waaaaay more attractive in this pic

>> No.28341196

That's not in question until the very latest chapter in the manga. But telling you would be revealing the macguffin for the entire fucking setting so I won't.

>> No.28341208

Artistic reasons, and give them more of a unnatural quality to them, thus more creepy.

>> No.28341220


Then we have different vision of what's interesting. The story and plight aroudn a monogender race of monsters trying to be human despite the obvious massive hurdles is, quite simply, fantastic in my mind and to shoehorn in males would rob the setting alot of its romance

>> No.28341228

>The child of a mamono is always a mamono (and a female, noneetheless) so there is an extreme fear of a decline in human populations.

This would generally lead to three things.
Communities of Humans fighting a near 40k style war of hatred and flame.

Communities of monsters that manage to keep human women and men both alive and well, and enforce a sort of social contract with regards to breeding and marriage etc to ensure that humanity, and thus Males, endure so that they all endure.

Communities of humans where the more useful and controllable monstergirls are kept with population control. Perhaps even with a social group of men specialized in taming and dealing with them, kinda like pokemon trainers.

>> No.28341229

Don't we all anon. Don't we all.

>> No.28341230



There you go. Godspeed, my fetish friend.

>> No.28341238


>shoehorn in males


>> No.28341250

>more creepy
Yeah, that didn't work in this case.

>> No.28341253

>All these MG encyclopedia posts
>No one posts Kraken
That's not fucking funny Anons

>> No.28341256


Yes... and?

>> No.28341268

When you find it link it here alright? I want in on this at the very least since you got entirely different autists here shooting down any attempt to make a setting that's not EXACTLY LIKE THE ONE IN MGE.

Seriously guys. Why the fuck do you have to treat everything that is inspired by something you like, but not EXACTLY like it, as if it were some sort of attack that threatened to remove your thing.

Yes, the conflicts in Monster Girl Encyclopedia are interesting, but that's not the point.

The point is that SOME of us don't find them as interesting as these OTHER conflicts we've come up with when you remove the pure monogender stuff and the sex based things from the underlying idea of the setting and rebuild it around the same core themes in a different way.

Why can't you just let us have fun doing that? No one is saying you're wrong to like it (okay, some people are, but they're dicks), it's just that some of us want things that the setting cannot deliver to us as it exists and thus we want to make an alternate setting that has been inspired by the MGE.

Why is that so hard to understand?

>> No.28341280


Kitsunes are way, way too adorable

>> No.28341285

>a sort of social contract
It's called a harem.

>> No.28341289


Better cephalapod de geso~

>> No.28341293

>pokemon trainers

>> No.28341310


>dat didrio

>> No.28341318

>like pokemon trainers
Jesus christ how horrifying.

>> No.28341327

I was thinking more that every man has to have two wives, one human and one monster. The monster wife isn't allowed to have a child until the human wife has born a son, and so on.

I would be lying if I said I'd never considered pokegirls.

>> No.28341328


The issue with your reasoning is that it completely change a core aspect of monstergirls but still want to ride on its legacy.

If you want to come up with your setting fine, just don't call it a derivative of Monstergirls because it's quite simply not.

>> No.28341339


I know, they never cease to give me a heart attack. I'm glad I picked up Tokyo Ravens for that matter.

>> No.28341350

Yeah. Polygamy. One dick, many girls. I got it. I wouldn't want to roleplay in that world but you're free to of course.

>> No.28341378


That's your prerogatives, doesn't mean it's not interesting.

>> No.28341383

So how would that work? Harem would be primarily human females, with a few monster girls? Or the other way around? Or a roughly even split?

>> No.28341385

see >>28341268

We're not trying to shoe horn in males goddamn it. We're trying to make a NEW setting, with similar underlying themes and tropes, but without the monogender and sexual focuses.

No one is questioning that if you just DROPPED monsterboys into the setting of Monstergirl Encyclopedia that it would be shit. That isn't what we want to do at all.

We want to try approaching this from an entirely DIFFERENT direction, one that focuses on sociological forces, not one that is all sex and monstergirls raping human men for fuck's sake.

Hell. What we're basically talking about is pretty much freaking Everyday with Monstergirls except
>in a fantasy setting and
>a modern one where the masqurade that monsters don't exist has fallen away just recently.

Is this so wrong?

If it's inspired by monstergirls then it's wrong not to say that it was.

I mean, jesus, it can be derivative without being exactly the fucking same can't it? It's something based on similar concepts with different things about it. We want to include monstergirls for some races, and monsterboys for others, and both for most others, and then work it out from there.

>> No.28341405


I think they are my favorite monster girls by far.

Other would be angels but they aren't really mamonos

>> No.28341408

>I would be lying if I said I'd never considered pokegirls.
It's a thing. And it's every bit as sex based as monster girl encyclopedia is. Only difference is that it's a massive collaborative work that's been going on since around 2003 or so.

>> No.28341413

If you say "Inspired by Monstergirls" people will expect porn and then be disappointed and bitch at you.

>> No.28341414

Are you the copyright owner of monstergirls or why are you so prissy about someone daring to touch it? Also fucking core aspects my ass. You want grand conflicts about dickings. The core aspect of monstergirls is a list of idealized female characters to masturbate and waifu. It's not about those conflicts, it's about "I want to be the guy who gets raped or chosen as a husband by some sexual beast and perfect waifu".

>> No.28341423

Because how are they supposed to gore people if they don't have any horns? And that doesn't look like +2 strength, there.

>> No.28341455

Archfiend Succubus magically splices a bunch of shit with humans isn't a good justification for all of those splices requiring human males?

You go with what you know best champ.

>> No.28341459

Yeah, my close second would probably be spider girls. I think I picked that up from my suite mate.

>> No.28341475

Considering most of the monstergirls are developed to make you fuck them and only them either by force, magic or being your monogamous wife that wouldn't work out in any way.
Also the point of the harems would be to ensure humans survive while helping out monsters so 1 human female and X amount of monsters seems the obvious choice.

>> No.28341476




>> No.28341491

This already went terribly why are you trying to do it again?

>> No.28341496


>Is this so wrong?

Nope and I wish you luck, been ignoring all the rape and sperm junk in monstergirl threads for all these years.

>> No.28341499


Because you can't have monsterboys and call it a derivative of monstergirls whe nthe gender imbalance is such a vibrant, thriving conflicts that thrive culture to genocides of human minded individuals out of fear of possible extinctions.

What yo uwant and waht the setting is are different.


Nice projection there mate, are yo useriously so obtuse that yo ucan't see everything people have been saying in the thread about the issue with a fucking monogender of monster that are very different and much more serious than ''muh fetish''?

>> No.28341548


Insect girls can be pretty hit or miss but one can never go wrong with the fluffy

>> No.28341550

What exactly was I projecting, mate?

Also fuck you, I call my setting whatever I want and you can't stop me. I'll call it Harry Potter, Twilight, LotR, Touhou, Super Mario, Pokemon, The Wind in the Willows and Monstergirl inspired and you can't stop me.

>> No.28341554

because I'm a furfag

>> No.28341556

It's a world of gilded cages. A place that looks wonderful and promises love, but eventually shackles you forever.

>> No.28341578


And you can be as wrong as yo uwant while believing yourself right in your misguided ignorance.

Go plunge that head in the sand some more would you?

>> No.28341606


>> No.28341611


>> No.28341644

>>That link
What exactly is an Incubus? A human male with some demonic power, but still able to produce spiritual energy semen ? Gets some of the powers/skills of the demon but is still functionally human, can still make normal human children with a human woman?

>> No.28341664

Why is the left page of the monster girl book only half as wide as the right side? That's not how books work.

>> No.28341679

Yeah, but there's something about spider girls that hit me, and I'm usually afraid of spiders.

If I can touch the fluffy tail, I don't particularly if it's a cage.

>> No.28341705


How about scales?

>> No.28341726


>> No.28341756

then you have Xenomorphs.

>> No.28341757

You are not the one do decide where inspiration comes from. Inspired by means just that: you got inspired by something. And you can't possibly say now that the people in here are not inspired by it.

>> No.28341792


>no snout

It just looks like some stupid cosplaying. Either go all the way, or don't bother trying at all.

>> No.28341794

I can be partial to scales.

>> No.28341804

or you know, keep it and make the conflict something like the /pol/sters are always talking about.

"Don't breed with them! they only produce more monstergirls, we'll be wiped out!"

"but its so sexy"

>> No.28341814


>> No.28341819

Awwwww hell...

>> No.28341823


Then there's no need to call the inspired setting and the creatures in it monstergirls.

I don't call my lost kingdoms Numenor for a reason.

>> No.28341826


fine "Mandibles"

>> No.28341840


Good man

>> No.28341863

No one said they'd have to be called monstergirls. It's not like it matters. Monster. Girls. Whoah.

>> No.28341867


Nope, autists got to it.

>> No.28341873

I say we just play it straight and less fetish-like.

All the monsters are sexy because of succubus influence, but you die if you bang it

>> No.28341879



Just take it to /d/.

>> No.28342014

>core aspect of monstergirl
If you think the core aspect of monstergirls is semen and not the fact they are INTELLIGENT CREATURES WITH CRAZY BIOLOGIES AND CULTURES, then I hate you.

>> No.28342035



>> No.28342047


You've completely misunderstood my point, I keep saying time and again that the core aspect of monstergirls is the conflict brought by the parasistic relationship with humanity because they ened male to procreate, which in turn cause human to go ballistic and jump on the genocide/Faith train.

>> No.28342055

Thank you.

What I've been trying to get at is taking the core aspects THIS guy here is talking about (intelligenct creatures with crazy biologies and cultures) and making it less porn filled. Sure, leave room for porn, but make it about romance and coexistence and the difficulties of that, not 'MONSTER GIRL RAPE YOU FOR SEMEN MAGIC!"

>> No.28342077

My campaign has bovine like minotaurs, they are meant to be non human and non fetishy. And I honestly dont give a crap about /tg/s aversion to "furry" stuff in my settings.

>> No.28342080


So sugoi.

>> No.28342113

>core aspect
>parasitic relationship
Again, I hate you.

>> No.28342141


If strikes your fancy, it's a free to DL VN.
But I mean, the the guy reading the dialogue on YT is pretty cool guy and laughs at all the strange parts.

>> No.28342159


Why the fuck can't you have both while keeping the looming threat brought by the influence of the Demon Lord? You clearly canT' see the worth in an entire race needing another to survive and the mess that'd create culturally, socially, economically... hell in every possible way?

>> No.28342221

>the only way someone won't like my ideas is if they can't SEE my VISION!

No, it's just because we're tired of socioeconomics getting drowned out by MONSTER WIFE or MONSTER RAPE.

>> No.28342254


Yeah, because the Church fueling the hatred for monster and financing/creating purge of monster which result in good old fashioned medieval genocide and devastation as entire human-like population are massacred is all about monster rape.

And that's just one example of the possible conflict resulting of that ''They need male to procreate''

>> No.28342455

though with a xeno girl it's less scales and mouldedchitin/bone/whatever they use for their carapace

>> No.28342484

>No, it's just because we're tired of socioeconomics getting drowned out by MONSTER WIFE or MONSTER RAPE.

>> No.28342667


Then again I'd like to see the open modern world similar to Monster Musume, tired of digging though all the MONSTER WAIFU in the the now everyday threads on /a/.


I'd also like to see anything w/o hurrdurrgenocide. Perhaps monsterkind were sealed away before or just as muh church became a thing? Said church tried their best to make people forget, but we all know that people kept telling them tales. Perhaps monsterkind were actually revered for their specialized talents even further way back when? It's would be interesting so see whether some of those tales deviate and the monsterpeople's reaction.

>> No.28342874


>> No.28343266


>> No.28343559

MFW you're both right, but too fucking stubborn and egotistical to notice

>> No.28343716

>modern monstergirls
I-i've been considering making a cyberpunk monstergirl game/setting

But it's mostly just shadowrun

>> No.28343816

I don't see how you need them to be monogender for churches to run genocides against them.

>> No.28344067


I don't see how they couldn't be monogender, otherwise the population wouldn't get motivated enough to respond to the crusade.

>> No.28344069


It's just always interesting to me to see how society of monsterkind came about in multiple settings and their relationship with humanity. If they suddenly disappeared and then popped up in today's world, the governments would have their first dips on them to make unique weapons or other use of them. Whereas in Z-ton doujins, it looks like they've lived alongside humanity despite the creators being from the most xenophobic country on the planet.

>> No.28344583

But it is

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