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What's a good system for killing really fucking big things?

And I mean actually kill them, not smack at their feet for ten minutes until it keels over.

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I'm monitoring. I've played a lot of RPGs and read way more, and "Dude vs. Massive Monster" is one of those ones that i've never seen done well.

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Mythender. Beer & Pretzels game about killing gods. You walk up to Thor and rip his face off. Tie Jörmungandr into a knot and cut him like Alexander cut the Gordian. Erase Santa Claus from existence.

All its stuff is available for free here.

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FATE has a set of rules for Very Large Monsters which is pretty neat.


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You can Adapt any system to fighting BIG big monsters if you treat the monsters like a Dungeon and less like a Creature encounter.

Really, though, sufficiently humongous monsters "should" have their own rules for encounter because they're fucking enormous.

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any system, where the player and storyteller actually describe what is happening and use their imaginations to attack said creature

>I jump off the cliff toward the Dragon and use my daggers to stick to its side and climb it
>dm tells you what to roll

that wasnt that hard

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Probably Fate.

Big monsters sort of need to be tackled with a narratival angle.

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The biggest thing the players usually have to deal with is that very large Creatures don't do normal standard damage: they do "Giant Damage" (an abridged sort of "fall" damage) that ignores a bit of their scaling due to "game physics" It makes getting hit, kicked, or thrown absolutely fucking terrifying and adds weight and tension to an otherwise "standard" encounter even later on in the game.

Because even though a character level scales up and what not: the "Giants damage" still remains relevant because it ignores a lot of your own shit simply because it never had any barring to begin with on damage resistance or whatever.

It's just a pure size vs strength vs speed sort of deal.

Like, that 'tall' giant's club is going to be coming down in exactly 2 turns from now: get the fuck out of the way.

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Movie itself was pretty meh, but Cloverfield did a neat little thing with the parasites.

It gave them something more on their scale to deal with while working around Clover itself, same with that shitty Godzilla remakes and the velociraptor baby things. A giant monster is scary, but if it's moving away from you and doesn't even notice it's not so bad.

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a lot of people dont seem to understand that the DM is there exactly for that. it isnt a video game, the DM makes this shit interesting by describing it to you, and if need be making up little things.

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Yeah but a slight bit of crunch is a good thing.

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I have always wanted to do a campaign that is something like the Monster Hunter games or Claymore, and would be very interested in this.

I feel there would need to be two 'health' bars, since getting hit by the kraken is usually game over.

One for actual health, and one that is used to dodge until you are tired, stamina or something.

I have no idea how this would work. Maybe determine the speed of the large creature, and therefor the difficulty of dodging it, then when the player rolls to dodge (with penaltys/bonuses based on how recently they attacked or moved?) consume stamina to close the gap on a failed roll.

I have little idea how damage would work honestly. I try to make combat in the games I have DM'd sound a bit like dwarf fortress adventure mode: "You hack them in the right foot with your axe, tearing through the flesh and digging into the bone, they scream in pain as they fall to the floor"

So I imagine if you were fighting say, a giant, and hacked it in the leg, each strike might reduce the health of the leg until you get to the juicy parts that matter, which then have an actual effect on the fight instead of just reducing the giant's health from 500 to 450.

Hit an artery? blood spilling out everywhere, roll reflex to avoid slipping and the giant takes damage/con penalty/cant focus due to blood loss/something.

Hit a bone hard enough? Giant hobbling on one foot, take down the other one and he will fall like a tree.

Not sure what hitting a nerve would do.

Anyone ever done this? Or know a system that does? Or anything like it really. Preferably with large creatures and not just localized damage.

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Chances are, FATAL.

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The upcoming Song of Swords game you see on /tg/ has promised monster hunting rules from day one, on top of being an improvement over its spiritual predecessor, The Riddle of Steel. It sounds like it'll be the game you want, when it finally comes out. There's only early beta rules out right now.

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Nah, FATAL's bestiary was never updated after it changed names and it was never complete in the first place. This entry is filled out but the entry for most beings beyond it is like a skeletal work in progress.

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Thanks, I will have to check that out before I forget.

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The problem is that it cannot work under a normal combat system. Killing a giant monster inevitably involves either punching its feet or, the option I like far more, turning the monster into its own terrain/dungeon. You then access its various weak points, sensory organs, and vitals with skill checks to climb to them, solving puzzles to get through them, and eventually destroying them to cripple and then kill the thing. That's my two cents.

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I think REIGN had monsters that were started on the same scale as countries, so that might work.

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>Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Literally all I needed to see

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Good to know your opinions don't matter!

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Im actually working on what was a literal port of MH into a p&p game, but so i dont get my balls sued off im in the process of changing it to a Power suit vs Kaiju type game

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>Nitpicking something in a reaction image because you are so anus anguished somebody didn't like your homebrew

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I thought he was saying all he needed to know it would work.

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>being this booty bothered

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Oh come on guys, I'm sure it's an alright syst-

>Mythender is Nobilis by way of D&D.
>- Daniel Solis

I.. I, uh.

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the Legend of Zelda homebrew has a few rules for climbing around on big beasties while trying to hack out their weak spots

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