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Couldn't find the old thread, so here's the new QTG.

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Good job, mate.

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Join us on IRC : #ques/tg/enerals @ Rizon.net

Quest Runners' Directory: https://twitter.com/Eisenstern/quest-runner-directory

Various guides to get aspirants started:
The Quester's Starting Guide by elusive guidefag

Stuff about writing things :

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Soooo. Twen/IR.

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/r/ing more IR x Twen goodness.

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InTwenal Revenue mind.

On that note, we need a better name for this ship. Something catchy, like Boomsocks.

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Well. I suppose nothing else is happening in this thread...

Character design- Twen is flat chested loli, has a big forehead, hair pulled back in pigtails, has bags under her eyes, and an overall hipsterish disposition and clothing.

IR has black tousled hair, big rimless glasses, stiff, starched formal clothes, maybe with a bow tie, a hunched over nerdy looking shota that always tries his best to be refined and polite.

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can we also say IR has a bowler hat with a razor edge, like oddjob.

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Hey, hey, don't bump if we're going to be discussing this silliness.

But yes. Though I don't know who they'd fight... The Lone Voter?

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LV goes after the waifu peddlers, not the Waifus themselves.

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There is no need for the Lone Voter in this. It's just a humorous thing juxtaposing an extremely weeaboo Twen with a weird IR.

I would like some LV fiction, though.

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They are waifus AND peddlers. Soylent Green, man.

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Okay, okay. But why else does he have an oddjob bowler hat then? And Twen would need a wacky weapon as well...

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Just ignore the lolrandumb, he isn't what those two quests are about. Keep it to silly SOL.

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So, the new AoPH quest looks interesting. Seel girl that's already got two potential husbandos...

Can /tg/ into husbando though? I'm thinking the MC is pretty damn adorable though...

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Our goal is 300 confirmed kills

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It would have been infinitely better without literally using Pokemon, but you gotta draw a crowd somehow, I guess.

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I remember that elf quest where the player fucked the beta orc at the first opportunity

>> No.27778962

Incidentally, that's one of the reasons I didnt bother with it.

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>/tg/ elf fucking a beta orc
I'm cringing just imagining it. I think I'm going to be sick.

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People need to stop using acronyms when they obfuscate things.

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Don't remind me.

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You and I are small potatoes next to the monolithic Pokemon fandom.

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neckbeard get transformed into naked elf chick, first thing they do is masturbate and find a socially awkward husbando that remind them of themselves and do everything in their power to bed it.
Yes it was that bad

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It's labeled "Fantasy Quest" in the archive.

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Yeah, but those were the genderbender fetishists. /tg/ can only husbando if they're a guy in a female body.

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Attack on Pokemon Hunter Quest

Attack on Titan meets Pokemon meets Monster Hunter meets Claymore.

The MC's name is Cerulean and she's been implanted with Seel biology. We're aiming for 300 confirmed kills. Or in this case, gotta kill them all.

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I loved Gargoyle Quest, but hated Akuma Quest.

Decided to check out the new clusterfuck quest.

I enjoyed AoPH well enough, but the players are some new kind of awful. Every other thing they said made me want to just leave. I suspect they're almost all from Akuma.

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He sold out. It's hard to shake the desire for fame.

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Just going to throw a line of advertisement that I'm going to start Admin Quest (name subject to change) tomorrow, and hopefully have it survive past thread one.

You're an unemployed welfare queen finishing up medical tests for the military when the call to adventure comes calling. Cyberpunk, virtual reality, drug abuse, mystery, revolution, and being the Admin on every computer system in the mega city.

Also, the city AI acts like your imouto since you're her Admin

I need a good OP image though

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I'm in the same boat, except I didn't check out AoPH.

Of course they're all from Akuma, because he asked what people wanted him to run next at the end of Akuma quest.

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>Seel biology
All I could think of was pic related.

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I think they even molest a bisexual elf girl somewhere along the line.

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>Cyberpunk, virtual reality, drug abuse, mystery, revolution, and being the Admin on every computer system in the mega city.
Hey, this sounds pretty fun! I might even-
>Also, the city AI acts like your imouto since you're her Admin

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Don't you mean get in a polyamorous relationship with her?
>tfw you read this shit only because it's /tg/ at its worst

>> No.27779131

No, they form a menage a trois with a bisexual elf girl.

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Why do you hate fun, anon?

>> No.27779140

It's a difficult line to tread, enough bait to get a crowd, sparse enough bait to keep out the idiots and welcome the competent people

You might want to keep tabs on it anyways

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This. Now he just does edgy re-imaginings of animes for them delicious fanbase upboats.

>> No.27779150

Why do you want someone who hates AI imoutos in your quests?

Him dropping it now just culls the shitstorm before it can take root and burst forth from the egg.

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I miss Evil Quest, Dark Lord Quest and even Overlad quest.

>> No.27779159

More tasteful I think, like most of the shit is on the inside and harvested from an actual seel.

>Akuma quest
>Re-imagined as edgy

Uhhh what? D-grayman was already peretty damn edgy whenever you got around to the psycho demon robots. Didn't take much re-imagining there. Also

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I miss Dragon quest
The one where we ended as emperor

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I'm not the QM. It was a purely scientific question.

>> No.27779172

Rolled 79

It's not fun for him.

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I picture this.

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But...but AI moe, anon. Imouto AI moe.

>> No.27779191

Your moe means nothing to me.

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Whatever, tryhard faggot.

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Because even though the idea could be kind of fun, it will attract the worst fucking fanbase.
>LOL! Compy-chan is SO TSUN~~~~!
I would much rather a relationship akin to the one the Superintendent from ODST had with the daughter of that scientist

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Mason/Duke/Professor/[whatever his name is] obviously has a fetish for pale skin.

Back in Gargoyle Quest, we had Marble Mason, the albino gargoyle-maker who was apparently the MC's student/daughteru before he got amnesia'd.

In AoPH we have Cerulean, who has "alabaster skin". The QM brings it up nearly every single post.

It's fantastic. I love quests with pale girls. Truly, this is the purest magical realm.

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So he ripped off Terraformars too. How dull.

>> No.27779233

>not making her an eighty year old granny.

>> No.27779234

Quit being a flaming homosexual. Those kinds of fags are actually the least intrusive of all faggots. Edgy, murderhobos or wannabe puppetmasters are far more annoying.

>> No.27779245

because it would be an odd relationship where 20 something MC is in control of an old granny

Could make her super slut though, that could be fun

>> No.27779246

I disagree, retarded white knight are

>> No.27779249

You monster.

Cut that out, turbofag. They just haven't seen the light of moe yet.


>> No.27779250

>Those kinds of fags are actually the least intrusive of all faggots.

>> No.27779269

Are you kidding me? Most of what they do is just fawn over a girl in the thread, and their actions are generally along the lines of "be nice to girl" whereas the guys I listed have a murderboner for everything or are constantly seeking to become some kind of mastermind (except they suck at it and it ruins the quest.) The only reason you couldn't see this is if you're one of them.

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In Terraformers they have animal implants too.

>> No.27779281

Self-righteous fedora knights, 2edgy4u borderline violence fetishists are easily the worst of the bunch, and blatant fetishfags are the worst.

>> No.27779282

>Those kinds of fags are actually the least intrusive of all faggots
Not really, they color the whole quest with their faggotry and are usually the ones who rev up that hot blooded shonen hero bullshit. The other groups mentioned are bad too, but that doesn't mean that Waifu/Derefags are in any way good or fun to put up with. Its just such a fucking chore.

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>> No.27779295

> Present original quest idea.
> Develop world and culture for the setting.
> Run original idea..
> People love it, but eventually stop showing up.

> Create fanfiction that's more familiar.
> Adopt faggy persona.
> Run this shit.
> It gets ten or more people a thread.
> What is this.

Pale girls and delicious dark girls are best. Peach colored girls are so... Well, vanilla.

I do still miss Gargoyle quest, I'm still building things for that world. I kind of wonder if people noticed that I was doing Surname = profession..

Selling out, sure. It's so. But that's the inherent desire of most qms. What direction people want it to go, their plans for the future of the quest, etc. are fun to read.

I'm also glad that the MC turned out to be water. It'll make the first actual assignment fun for me.

>> No.27779296

>hot blooded shonen hero bullshit
Bullshit, that's always its own group, who are then opposed by guys who want to go full operator on everything.

>> No.27779297

It's true. Sometimes, at least. I've actually seen the anti-waifu crowd being more awful than the waifu crowd in some quests.

>> No.27779302

>Shitty modern guro manga invented animal implants

>> No.27779310

Fawning over a girl in a thread is distasteful because she inevitably becomes a major part of the quest. Being nice to a girl is fine, but it's not just manners. They actively seek to court the first attractive female they find while using incomprehensible, obnoxious language filed with ~~~ and other abominable symbols that change the atmosphere of the quest encouraging waifu much to the dismay of operators and 2deep4ufags.

>> No.27779315

Most quests have problems now to where if someone isn't a flinthearted asshole to any female, it's obviously waifufaggotry and the anti-waifu brigade rolls in to shit things up.

>> No.27779316


Eh, it's like claymore, terraformars, and other shit.
This guy's got it.

>> No.27779319

Shonen shit is seperate from the waifuers. There is some overlap, but the same can be said of all audience archetypes.

>> No.27779323

>that's always its own group
Theres lots of overlap between the two, since people who like the shonen anime trope of easily codified female personalities also like hot blooded shonen bullshit.

Besides, moefags are bad enough on their own.

>> No.27779327

Dragoon Quest was the real tragedy.

>> No.27779330

>Be nice to everything, stop disagreeing with me and get your murderbonner back to /b/
Even when it's a valid solution, but nah can't kill anything that isn't a mindless mook (and even then they'll bitch) because it might become our ally

>> No.27779337

>Pale girls and delicious dark girls are best.
Especially together.

>> No.27779338

>much to the dismay of operators and 2deep4ufags.
Those guys are even worse, don't get me started. They take this entire thing way too seriously and sap any sort of levity from a quest. The worst is when they try to use military jargon as if it were cool or funny.

>> No.27779340

Didn't say it did, or even that it was the inspiration for the quest, but that is why that other guy brought it up.

>> No.27779341

/tg/ written dialogue is always full of autism and fedoras, whether the topic is waifus, fightan or whatever.

It is almost universally terrible.

>> No.27779346

The worst quester is the one who always pushes for actions contrary to the nature of the quest.

If you're playing paladin nurse diplomat quest, murderboners are obnoxious.

If you're playing chaotic evulz warlord RAPE N PILLAGE quest, the people that want to befriend and help all the peasants and diplomance rivals instead of ripping their faces off are the worst.

If you're playing a quest that's blatantly about fetishes, trying to play it totally fetishless is That Guy.

If you're playing a quest that's supposed to be 100% free of magical realm, trying to enchant the forest is That Guy.

Is all about the situation.

>> No.27779350

>operators and 2deep4ufags.
Should have put operators in parentheses.

>> No.27779353

>That thing on the right

>> No.27779355

No, but using bullshit nature powers to best an otherwise unstoppable and more numerous foe is pretty fucking spot on.

>> No.27779357

Yet DM often use it because they're lazy dipshit.

>> No.27779358

That's a problem with /tg/ trying to become a diplomancer in general. It stretches across every group but murderhobos.

>> No.27779360

>Ebony and Ivory, live together in perfect harmony!

>> No.27779372

Diplomancer is the shittiest class

>> No.27779373

The only military jargon I've seen used is 'operator' and 'suppressive fire'. I've never seen that problem. Some may take it a bit too seriously, but that is a consequence of their autism. I haven't actually seen many quests I can cite to contradict your claim because there is a dearth of such quests here.

>> No.27779379

The good QMs keep it to a minimum.

It always confuses me when Shadow Master gets disappointed because /tg/ writes terrible dialogue. It's like, was he really expecting anything else? It's also kinda funny when they completely clam up when it comes time to speak to the designated love interest because the audience is all too scared of saying something wrong, so they end up saying nothing at all. No autism, no pretentiousness, just... Nothing.

>> No.27779384

I agree, but it was the best I had.
No ebony, just chocolates.

>> No.27779385

Don't act like easily codified female personalities are the sole property of moefaggots. Those occur naturally in other groups too, such as the ACTION GRRL and whatnot

>> No.27779390

Guys, can't we just say /tg/ is full of opinionated assholes who jump to extremes and take their disagreements on how a quest should be played too far?

Waifuers, antiwaifuers, operators, murderhobos, etc. They're all a problem because they force their shit too hard and try to scream anyone else down and make the whole experience unfun for everyone, not because of their opinions.

>> No.27779391

This is true.

>> No.27779398

The girl on the left is clearly peach anon.

That's so incredibly vague it could probably apply to hundreds of things.

>> No.27779405

>It always confuses me when Shadow Master gets disappointed because /tg/ writes terrible dialogue.
There were one or two guys earlier on in the quest that wrote pretty ok dialog. They dropped it and now it's nothing but pure autism straight from the tap.

>> No.27779418

I wish to point out the horrible Strike Witches Quests, showing that waifuism and dumbass operator (in this case, pilot) nonsense are not actually oppositional forces.

I'd also like to point out that operator quests are dumb and mirthless.

>> No.27779419

could it be, perhaps, that killing things isn't actually the solution most people instantly go to for problems?

I know it might be a shock, but while it might be a VALID solution to kill the hobo and make sure his body is never found, it's much more common to simply tell him to get off of your property or you'll call the authorities.

>> No.27779421

Your post made me wonder. Isn't turning everything into its opposite pretty much the most popular modus operandi of /tg/?
If it's lighthearted it's made grim.
If it's edgy, violent and bloody people write fluffy, silly fapfics about it.


> [...]they color the whole quest with their faggotry and are usually the ones who rev up that hot blooded shonen hero bullshit.
>Edgy, murderhobos or wannabe puppetmasters are far more annoying.
Let's cut to the chase. People that need to win at everything/become able to kill everything/be loved by everyone.
In short, powergamers.

>> No.27779422

Sure, but they don't rely on stuff like the -dere shit quite so much. Derefags sre TVTropes levels of unbearable due to their autistic need to categorize everyone

>> No.27779424

I thought it was hilarious yesterday in PGQ when a bunch of autists tried to keep quiet in a situation they were clearly supposed to be talking in out of fear.

>> No.27779425

Not as bad as PGQ dialogue though!

>> No.27779432

>Isn't turning everything into its opposite pretty much the most popular modus operandi of /tg/?

>> No.27779447

This. There was a point where SQ was actually getting good dialogue suggestions. Then Shadow's Humanity score got higher than the players.

>> No.27779449

Strike Witch Quests are the worst thing on /tg/.

Fuck Planefag forever.

>> No.27779451

How do you keep up direction in quests?

I've wondered this- people complain my quests lack direction. I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to name them, since, well, I figure that some of it would be plot related, and I don't want to spoil things. But, if you can make it as generic as possible, what is 'direction'?

>> No.27779452

>Isn't turning everything into its opposite pretty much the most popular modus operandi of /tg/?
You said it better than I could and it's fucking awful but /tg/ thinks it makes them smart and mature.

>> No.27779453

And so I got tons of attention for Admin Quest by advertising something I don't even plan on paying attention to. My master plan is working perfectly so far

>> No.27779457


Pull your head out of your ass

The -dere suffix is exactly the same thing, only they've decided on a nomenclature. That is literally the only difference between their classification and others. Trying to suggest otherwise is fucking disingenuous.

>> No.27779463

>SM caters to autismos
>bemoans the lack non-autismos in his quest
QMs are kind of cute.

>> No.27779468

Hurr. Durr. Hurr.

>> No.27779473

Well, it was also easier to write dialog for Shadow back when he was an autism monster.

Now we have to actually act like a person because people just had to pick all the HUMANITY! options.

>> No.27779474

Nobody cares, Frank. You're a shitty QM who tried to torpedo someone coming up with a quest based on yours just yesterday.

>> No.27779478

Ironic, isn't it?

Early in the quest, Shadow was sort of autistic about a lot of things *in character*. And /tg/ wrote dialogue that fit perfectly.

>> No.27779480

Didn't they prove autism didn't even exist back then? Or was that aspergers?

I think it might have been aspergers actually, since everyone switched from "aspie" to "autist" around that time.

>> No.27779482

The problem is that on /tg/, not all attention is good attention.

Autists are going to start parroting that your quest is moeshit.

>> No.27779484

But he wants to pass it on to a popular QM now.

He just didn't like Anons.

>> No.27779485

>QMs are kind of cute.
QM Quest when?

>> No.27779488

>The -dere suffix is exactly the same thing
Except the people who use it do so way more fucking often.
Girl doesnt like you?
Girl is a little creepy?
Girl is normal?
Shit gets fucking old, holmes.

>> No.27779489

The players need to feel like they've accomplished something and are improving/moving forward towards something.

It's possible that your quest does have direction, but for whatever reason the players don't feel a part of it because it's not part of the interactivity and what they're making the MC doing.

>> No.27779494

It's all just autism spectrum disorder now.

It's a special rainbow of unbearable.

>> No.27779497

>X is extra bad
>Get in a fight with X
>Win the fight but let X live because he appear repentant
>Several thread later X betray the players
>only diplomanace left to bitch at the QM because 'murderhobo' stopped following
Yeah no, I'll take the 'murderhobo' over the diplomancer e'ry day

>> No.27779501

So like... can you just /stop/ making quests for a little bit? It's gotten out of hand and like half of these are waifu simulators.

>> No.27779504

>It's a special rainbow of unbearable.
Or an unbearable rainbow of SPECIAL?

>> No.27779505

That sounds like a personal fucking problem, mate. People do the exact same shit, but with "hard to get" or "bitch" and so on. Christ, are you really this big of a hypocrite?

>> No.27779506

There is a difference between stealing a quest and receiving it. Mostly in connotation in regards to my handling of it.

>> No.27779507

You also lost many potentials in the process. Good job, dipshit.

>> No.27779514

>So like... can you just /stop/ making quests for a little bit? It's gotten out of hand and like half of these are waifu simulators.
Your shit's all retarded and your posts makes no sense.

>> No.27779519

Maybe. I thought I was leaving bread crumbs, but still the complaint stuck, and I can't shake it. It's hard to explain without referring to the quest. After it's over, I'll try to write up a post op maybe.

>> No.27779520

>implying the immediate reaction to any betrayal isn't immediate murderhobo swarming

That's when you need to shout murderhobos down the MOST.

>> No.27779522

Quests are a self sustaining entity now. They cannot be stopped.

>> No.27779523

It's stupid. There's no copyright shit going on here, and it was a 1 thread quest that bad ended. Nobody should care whether someone takes it or not.

>> No.27779524

what are "operator" quests?

>> No.27779525

Either this isn't actually the QM and a ruselord just torpedo'd the fuck out of that quest, or the QM is a fucktard that just went and pulled a boner on the magnitude of 12 Mega-Homus.

Well done, whoever you are?

>> No.27779526

That situation could have easily happened in reverse where the quest is left with nothing but murderhobos and needed a diplomancer.

It's not one side or the other that's the problem. It's /tg/'s inherent whiny selfishness that is.

>> No.27779532

>That's when you need to shout murderhobos down the MOST.
Yes, because letting X live was totally a great idea that didn't backfire in the first place. Don't you retard learn from mistake?

>> No.27779534

Super cute.

If more QM writefaggotry is done, SM definitely needs to be the haughty just-as-planned ouji-sama.

>> No.27779535

It looks like that's what it'll be. I was hoping for some silly shenanigans involving a man who attained admin privileges for every computer ever. He'll have to escape from a variety of corporations fighting over him to get his newfound power.

>> No.27779543

A quest where the PC is operator as fuck, or strives to be. In practice, it focuses on getting gear, and strategy.

>> No.27779548

>That sounds like a personal fucking problem, mate.

I just expressed my dislike for those kinds of people, idiot, I never once said everything had to cater to my tastes.

>> No.27779549

It's Frank. He did Meta Game Quest and Wolf Quest.

>> No.27779551

Shadow Master x Archelon. OTP.

>> No.27779557

Sometimes, X didn't actually do anything worthy of being killed.
Sometimes, X simply slighted you in a social situation. The reaction is still MURDER THEM! YOU SHOULD HAVE KILLED THEM BEFORE! SEE HOW RIGHT I AM?
When, really, that's just being a murderer.

>> No.27779558

>"Gufufufu~ I have those anons eating out of the palm of my hand!"

>> No.27779560

thank you

>> No.27779561

Quests that feel like playing with G.I Joe action figures.

>> No.27779566

Because anons have never pretended to be QMs to stir shit.
I know I have. I know others have.

>> No.27779571

Your dislike, while valid, is also hypocritical, you ignorant, shallow twat.

>> No.27779573

And SM should totally be Archelon's sub.

>> No.27779581

They don't exist, much like 'space science fiction quest' or 'blacksmith son of blacksmith quest'.

I use it to refer to quests with focus on combat, preferably modern age. A small focus on equipment. Little focus on romance. A moderate focus on a characters relationship with his TEAM. A large focus on THE MISSION. Things like that.

>> No.27779582

>> No.27779584

>People are writing slashfic about QMs now.

>> No.27779587


>> No.27779593

He admitted it in the IRC channel. He's a pompous twit, if you ask me.

>> No.27779598

The walls of his room are covered in Doom Paul posters.


>> No.27779602

fucking lol

>> No.27779603

>Better than milady

My sides.

>> No.27779604

You missed "I miss Silencer"+"You mean BFQ, right?"

>> No.27779606


>> No.27779607

No. SM-sama's tick is "Ku Ku Ku" and "DESS". Because DARKNESS, hue.
Also she is/pretends to be a vampire.

>> No.27779615

So. I feel rather up to some meaningless seething hate.

Are there any quests running with really nasty, hateable, fucking disgusting or unsettling antagonists?

>> No.27779617

So...boring, short-lived quests?

>> No.27779618

It's because SM advertised PGQ in the meta of one of the recent SQ threads.
You can't get more MoeQM~ than that.

>> No.27779620

The weird thing is that people seem to be shipping QMs with QMs that many believe to be the same person, like IR/Twen and SM/Archelon.

>> No.27779627

Archelon's quest is the only quest Shadow Master follows on his twitter. He's dropped in to offer to make maps for Arch and has praised his quest a bit in the past.

>> No.27779628

Example was that X is a villain that was defeated by the player and let go because he promised to stop being evil then betray the payer at the first occasion.
>But he might really not mean anything by it stop trying to kill him
Yeah sure, I hope some QM grow balls and kill the MC for doing something stupid someday.

>> No.27779629

PGQ is the only quest that SM follows on his twitter and he gave Archelon his email for if he needed help with anything.

Forbidden love.

>> No.27779630

I dunno, I much prefer the "Nice guy, but damn if he doesn't have goals in opposition to mine" villains.

>> No.27779631

Who thinks SM and Archelon are the same person?

>> No.27779633

>there is a line where this needs to stop and we have clearly passed it, but lets keep going anyways

>> No.27779635

Anon... There's no easy way to tell you this, but... You didn't actually survive that crash.

This is hell.

>> No.27779636

>In practice, it focuses on getting gear, and tactics.

>> No.27779637

>except EGO.
>EGO no moe.
That really honked my nose.

>> No.27779638

SM wants to be the Doom Paul, not a vampire.

>> No.27779639

>The weird thing is that people seem to be shipping QMs with QMs that many believe to be the same person, like IR/Twen and SM/Archelon.
Selfcest is best cest. Nothing weird about it.

>> No.27779644

in the example, all we know is X is extra bad and you get in fights with him.

How do I know this isn't schoolyard tier shit? Why must it immediately go to murder O clock?

>> No.27779645

SM really does seem to seriously love him some slice of life.

>> No.27779647

One guy who got upset that SM cancelled a thread and then notice PGQ was running despite the fact that those quests run at the same time all the time.

>> No.27779650

BLAME! Quest postponed until tomorrow 17:00 4chan time. See you then, fellow siliconites.

>> No.27779651

Wait, people are seriously doing that? Why?

>> No.27779652

This is nothing. You should see the shit that gets posted sometimes in the 4chan cup threads on /vg/.

>> No.27779657

>In practice, it focuses on being /k/ and 13 years old.

>> No.27779661

>How do I know this isn't schoolyard tier shit? Why must it immediately go to murder O clock?
And why must it immediately go to let him go?

>> No.27779663

But... I've never been in a car accident. I've got a perfect record!

>> No.27779666


>> No.27779667

He's mentioned that it's a nice break from his own quest's atmosphere.

He's mentioned before that he doesn't really want to run such a super serious quest again.

>> No.27779670

No, I don't think they're the same person.

I think SM is being a dick that's putting hoes b4 bros and lying about it saying "sick but I be good in a few hours dont worry!"

>> No.27779674


>> No.27779678

oh, because it doesn't. I hardly EVER see straight let them go happen.
It's always go to prison, or go to Y under heavy guard, or provide valuable service to us for the duration of your not-evil stay.

>> No.27779679

Both can be good (some times they can even be the same guy).

Right now, though, I feel like hating something.

>> No.27779686

And Seraph is the only new QM Twen follows. So what?

>> No.27779688


Generals will always lead to such cancer. You have only yourselves to blame.

>> No.27779693

SQ has:
MagCock; lich, pedophile, deviant which attached additional tongues to his tongue, Michaels Edge; rapist misogynistic manipulator, nearly NTR's protagonists best friend, Mr. Shadow; self-destructive all-consuming emotional manipulator that guides major political figures of the world on a whim.

>> No.27779694

It happened all of one fucking time and he's run his quest during PGQ plenty of times before and after that so who gives a shit?

>> No.27779696 [DELETED] 

Basically quests have overtaken /tg/ and created a dearth of anything remotely interesting.

>> No.27779697

It's normal to deny the obvious truth, even if it's right before your eyes.

You'll get there, don't worry.

>> No.27779706

But that's wrong.

>> No.27779707

>nearly NTR's protagonists best friend
That fiend!

>> No.27779712

So a tolerable quest that doesn't overstay its welcome and devolve into lame dating sims? Sign me up.

>> No.27779717 [DELETED] 

well, then I guess these threads about necromancers and royal conspiracies I'm reading aren't real then.

>> No.27779721

You have a good point. It's just, someone way back when mentioned that Twen was so moe, brought up the idea of him and IR being shotas, then it expanded-

But you're right. I'll stop.

>> No.27779725

That sounds great. Sign me up. I miss PredQuest.

>> No.27779726 [DELETED] 

That's why Time Wizards isn't being made.

>> No.27779732

Fuck pred quest. It was awful.

>> No.27779737

You'll only find that in one shots.

>> No.27779741

N-no! Don't stop W-writefag-sama!

>> No.27779742 [DELETED] 

Or why VeloCITY didn't just get an update.

>> No.27779746

I love you all.

>> No.27779748

You should've seen the players reactions. Death threats to the QM and everything.

>> No.27779750

>popular quest: check
>mentioned more than once a week on QTG: check
I knew people would start bitching about it. They just can't resist telling other people how much they hate the things that the other people like.

>> No.27779751

Don't stop because of one wet blanket.

>> No.27779756

Those are some hot >opinions there anon.

>> No.27779758

You mean "quest that goes nowhere and dies, forgotten and boring".

>> No.27779765

>Death threats to the QM and everything.
We Japan now.

>> No.27779766

I miss BFQ

>> No.27779767

my god, the opinions!

>> No.27779770

You're slow as fuck. Besides, people always expressed dislike for Predquest. It got worse around the Roll-to-Sex shit.

>> No.27779771


Afterlife therapist quest... Hmm.
Or just a straight-up reaper quest.
Whitelighter Quest, and yes I'm terrible for liking that show, I know.

Precisely. ((>>27779478)) Mood breaking is kind of among the things that annoy me the most once they exceed a certain dose.
>Then Shadow's Humanity score got higher than the players.
I chortled.

>> No.27779772

We all do.

>> No.27779780 [DELETED] 

It's clear that you aren't a quester. So what's stopping you (And anyone else) from creating OC? Nothing.
For that matter, what's stopping questers from creating OC? Creativity isn't a finite resource shared by the entire board. Once again, nothing.
Your conclusion that quests are causing a decrease in non-quest OC is flawed because it's based on flawed reasoning.

>> No.27779793 [DELETED] 

/tg/ has long been dead, quests are one of few things that bring traffic.

How can you complain when this board is so comparatively slow already?

>> No.27779795 [DELETED] 

inb4 something something questers ruin OC, something something scholomance destroyed forever etc.
Also a few sprinkles of circlejerk accusations for good measure.

>> No.27779798

It IS kind of shameful though. In one sense, it's a shame that last thread ended before I put the awkward smut out- on the other hand, it was kind of a relief.

Aside from that, I don't know anything about other QMs. Well, not NOTHING, but currently my thoughts are only about those two, and I'm not confident enough to include others.

Sorry. I don't think I can do it. I'll leave this to someone else.

I miss Tax Quest.

>> No.27779800

Don't put words in my quickpost field Anon.

>> No.27779814 [DELETED] 

>How can you complain when this board is so comparatively slow already?
Just because other boards like /v/ and /a/ are more fast than /tg/ doesn't make /tg/'s current quite fast speed a good thing, and doesn't mean shit that speeds it up is somehow positive.

>> No.27779815 [DELETED] 

But Anon, everyone knows the slower a board is, the better a board is.

>> No.27779828

shutup cunt I do whatever the fuck I want to do

>> No.27779830 [DELETED] 

Rolled 86

If it is dead it is not because of traffic which is at a nice level, it is because of lack of 'getting shit done'.

>> No.27779833 [DELETED] 

Unless the board is /fa/.

>> No.27779834

Do it.



>> No.27779840

Meh, proceed. I wanna see where this train goes.
You have a thing for adorableness. For some reason.

>> No.27779844

>seriously considering thoroughly reading through the PGQ archives only so that I can better write Archelon x SM smut

I feel that there may be something wrong with me.

>> No.27779845

oi bruv ill pop u in da gobber m8

>> No.27779853 [DELETED] 

That's only sometimes correct. Go on /sci/ and tell me that's a good board.

Projuice: It ain't.

>> No.27779857 [DELETED] 

And you think removing one of our biggest sources of OC will somehow lead to *more* shit getting done?

>> No.27779861

Kill la Kill is overrated shit.

>> No.27779863 [DELETED] 

I occasionally worldbuild settings, but I have nobody to play them with, so I don't get to bring back stories to finish the cycle.

>> No.27779867 [DELETED] 

Are you implying this isn't true? Because, broadly speaking, it is. There are exceptions, mostly slow boards that are shit, but then you've got your /diy/ or your /out/ which are non-stop high quality discussion fo the board topic which you can easily contrast against your /v/ or your /a/. And /tg/ leans further in the latter direction than I'd like, personally.

>> No.27779874 [DELETED] 

>Are you implying that isn't true?

>> No.27779878

PGQ is actually pretty good. Give it a shot.

>> No.27779885

PGQ is worth reading anyway, go for it.

>> No.27779889 [DELETED] 

I too, do that, along with working on some of /tg/s projects.
And I also participate in quests.
Checkmate, quests-somehow-stop-other-stuff-from-happening-fags

>> No.27779895 [DELETED] 

I'm not even that guy. I was just saying that a slow posting speed is no sign of kill.

>> No.27779896 [DELETED] 

>4chan is a serious board only for serious discussion of strictly on-topic things

this attitude kills a board more than anything else

>> No.27779901

>implying any quest is good or worth reading

>> No.27779907

No, there's something horribly, horribly right with you.

>> No.27779909 [DELETED] 

I prefer a dead board to a shit board.

>> No.27779917

>dialogue dialogue dialogue
>do this do that do this do that
>dialogue dialogue dialogue

I never knew I disliked pedantic talking until PGQ created such exemplary examples of player infused speech-bubble mimicking suggestions.

>> No.27779923

That sure is a hot opinion you have there anon.

>> No.27779927

Argnh. Okay. Later.

>> No.27779931 [DELETED] 

>Wah, the OC being made isn't OC I like!!1!
If you want OC tailored to you, make it yourself. Nothing is stopping you.

>> No.27779935 [DELETED] 

Then go to gamefaqs or something

>> No.27779944 [DELETED] 

does anyone seriously believe quests stop other things from happening?
I mean, sometimes, there's just not a thread that's active to your interests. That's fine. You don't want to be shoving your interests on other people anyway.

I myself love the monster biology and society threads.

>> No.27779949

>For liking Charmed.
Nope. You and I are friends now.

>> No.27779955

Eh. PGQ players annoy me but I feel Archelon works with what he's given well enough to not get upset by it.

>> No.27779958 [DELETED] 

I dunno. It seems like some people believe that it's only possible to have one 4chan tab open, or the intra-thread posting timer is 15 minutes long or something.

>> No.27779974


How would you feel about a character who is able to communicate with himself in the 4th dimension? maybe even a little limited time travel, depending on energy stores?

>> No.27779979

Google 'Katawa Yandere'.

Awful, isn't it?

>> No.27779983 [DELETED] 

>does anyone seriously believe quests stop other things from happening?
Stop falling for bait and hide it. FuckDAMMIT anon, what did we teach you?

>> No.27779987 [DELETED] 

I'd wager that somethings are stopping him: sloth and incompetence.

The truth hurts.

>> No.27779992 [DELETED] 


>> No.27779995

>Time travel

It will be a clusterfuck.

>> No.27780003

I think you missed 420 chan by about 416 boards. Sober up dude.

>> No.27780008

Yeah, sometimes (often) you've got to just Ctrl+F his trip and ignore suggestions other than your own.

>> No.27780009

Yes, that's sort of the point.
your opponents will also have time travel

>> No.27780015

I would prefer NoxQuest if we do time travel.

>> No.27780035

you really don't need to be on drugs to do time travel well.

fuck pathfinding though

>> No.27780042

I'm interested in Bleach Quest, but I have basically no idea any of the relevant lore, am not really interested in watching a bunch of Bleach, and the Quest starts off like a brick wall if you don't know who the people are. Are there any resources for people like me?

>> No.27780045

Let me give a professional pitch for Admin Quest rather than just having a laugh

It's about a hundred years in the future, but a pandemic restructured the powers of the world. You were a soldier, now you are on permanent medical leave because the advanced neural implant they gave you breaks every network that it doesn't give itself Admin privileges on. So, like the rest of the poor in the mega city, you turned to the virtual world, for as long as your pain killers could dull the strain of your neural implant slowly bleeding into your conscious that is. The call to adventure is your path out of your life of suffocation by the city around you, and back into the military that rules over the remnants of humanity. Shame they seem to have chosen you as their scapegoat however.

>> No.27780069

Read the manga. Will still take a while, but it will be less than 1% as much time as watching all the anime would be.

>> No.27780076

In most media it's hard to get attached to characters when time-travel is in play because of pathing issues and pacing. How do you plan to ameliorate this with either character development or NPC interaction?

>> No.27780078

starting around thread 10 or some some anon calling himself Gin posts good links to read through

>> No.27780093

>Time Travel Quest
You'll need to keep exact timings of what goes on where, and the results of paradoxes. (Paradice?)

And maybe you can handle paradoxes all individually- By rolling dice to see what terrible thing happens.

>> No.27780127

>SQ Cancelled

I can't say I didn't see that coming.

>> No.27780132

>I would prefer NoxQuest if we do time travel.
> throwing Nox to the hou-- /tg/
Look, there's being a hardcore masochist and there's going way too far.

It usually gets dismissed on the basis of being a "housewife's series", whatever that means.
Hmm. What if they play a Charmed demon? Warlock probably wouldn't work cause they're pretty much cannonfodder. OR Witch challenge is to not get your whitelighter depowered or otherwise punished for getting him into too many compromising situations. No, you don't get to be an Avatar, STOP ASKING.

>Are there any resources for people like me?
bleach.wikia.com is pretty much all you need, and in contrast to most wikias it's fairly low on fanwank. There's also the manga.

That too, the gin pasta is pretty damn helpful.

>> No.27780136

Just a reminder I plan on running villain quest on friday, though I will answer any questions and gladly take criticisms

>> No.27780140

It'll still be shit though.

>> No.27780157

>No, you don't get to be an Avatar, STOP ASKING.

You railroading dick!!

>> No.27780163

Either rolling dice or keeping a precise track of the timeline and giving cutoff points for paradoxes once a certain amount of time has elapsed.
more time travel

>> No.27780168

I never said it would be good.

Anon asked how to learn Bleach shit faster than watching the anime.

I told him the most comprehensive method that fulfills the requirement of being faster than the anime.

>> No.27780172

>It usually gets dismissed on the basis of being a "housewife's series"
It means it's a sort of pulpy thing like the mass produced mystery and romance that housewives consume a lot of.

>> No.27780185

Housewife Series are those books bored housewives read. Those romance novels with Fabio on the cover, for instance.

>> No.27780196

>It means it's a sort of pulpy thing like the mass produced mystery and romance that housewives consume a lot of.
It predates most of them though (or rather, the recent wave) by over a decade and is a lot better.

>> No.27780200

Shadowquest is officially dead.

>> No.27780208

Right, or for something closer to home, Monsterhearts Quest.

>> No.27780209

>My next day off from work is November 2nd. I'll try to run when I can.
Oh man. SQ is shitting itself to death like a Oregon Trail settler, and SM bangs in more nails with inconsistent scheduling.

Every day brings it closer to a ditch in Montana.

>> No.27780213

I'm pretty sure I'm responsible for a good quarter of those blurbs.

ClownfagxEGO? The attention-whoring will blot out the sun.

>> No.27780236

>It predates most of them though (or rather, the recent wave)
Bookseller here. This is false. There's no such thing as a wave, they are constant.

>> No.27780240

>Right, or for something closer to home, Monsterhearts Quest.
I love how we managed to hit pretty much every bodice ripper cliche without trying or slowing down.

>> No.27780249

This isn't the first time it's been on a long hiatus, anon.

I personally believe SM is sick of all the arguing his players do and is actually trying to alienate a portion of his playerbase to make for quieter threads. He's mentioned in the past that he prefers when the threads have less people in them.

>> No.27780255

>without trying
I don't know how true that may or may not be.

>> No.27780265

I'll be honest, Anon. I was trying to hit every bodice-ripper cliche.

>> No.27780266

I couldn't have put it better.

Seems like a lot of quests are self-destructing recently.

>> No.27780278

I really hope this isn't true. Shadow Master is a cool guy.

>> No.27780294

Clownfag isn't a QM.

I want to see Clownfag x Guidefag. The two avatarfagging titans of bad advice. Would be glorious.

>> No.27780299

If you've got to be in a ditch somewhere, best to be in one where a kindly passing farmer will stop and help you.

>> No.27780316

Don't worry, Anon. If SQ ends SM will just adopt a new name and trip and run something more lighthearted. We'll still know it's him though. Probably.

>> No.27780325

He did always talk about running Edgy Quest after SQ ended.

>> No.27780328

Eh. He's gone on hiatus for longer and did fine. People are only making a big deal about it because of the recent shitstorms. If he keeps running after nov. 2 it'll keep going. It's got more than enough attention and exposure to stay relevant for less than a month.

>> No.27780337

For those of us who don't read bodice rippers, care to elaborate?

>> No.27780344

Should I be glad or disappointed that I'm not getting shipped with anyone?

Anyways, I've got free time right now. Which would you guys rather see today, A Black Comedy or HPNQ? Bearing in mind that HPNQ is still on for tomorrow evening.

>> No.27780347

Guidefag gives good advice. Clownfag thinks he gives good advice.

They'd probably hate eachother.

>> No.27780373

I would put you with Cosgrove because reasons.

>> No.27780374

Would guidefag have the annoying habit of not responding to more than one sentence per date?
I don't think his advice is bad, but you are entitled to your own opinion.

>> No.27780375

You should be secretly disappointed but not say anything to avoid looking conceited.

>> No.27780382

Clownfag doesn't give any advice. He just takes the shit out of everyone using pictures.

>> No.27780383

ABC is endlessly entertaining. As long as you can keep writing it, I'll keep playing.

>> No.27780389

A Black Comedy.

>> No.27780399

Since when did clown give advice?

>> No.27780403

I'm happy no one is shipping me with anyone
mainly because I fear retribution for the fae beating scene
and black comedy
it helps get my villainous thoughts flowing

>> No.27780416

I'm really having fun with ABC.

I'd like to stab the succubus in the back now that she thinks we're on her side.

>> No.27780418

Stop talking about yourself in the qtg faget.

>> No.27780419

HPNQ. Soon, Professor. Soon.

>> No.27780421

It's like implicit advice.
"Hey, you see this shit? Don't do that."

>> No.27780426

"Villainous Thoughts," kohai?

How lewd.

>> No.27780442

Didn't people tell you to go to sleep?

>> No.27780443

>When people don't ship QMs, they ship each other.
What fresh hell is this?

>> No.27780445

I'd like to stab her from behind too. But I think we should use the other hyper weapon.

>> No.27780452

Anyone know what the hell happened to Fire Bender Quest?

>> No.27780456

He's just saying when his next day off is. He's run on work days before. I think you're confusing things.

>> No.27780466


>> No.27780472

I ship QTG X QMs.
QTG is yandere as fuck.

>> No.27780480

Would you say it... helps you get your juices flowing?

A lot of people lost interest in it, and then I think there was some shitstorm. Also, the players weren't crazy about the QM trying to force his waifus on us.

>> No.27780481

The Bread got moldy.

>> No.27780496

I think I mean tsundere.

>> No.27780501

Yes, it does get certain juices flowing

>> No.27780504 [DELETED] 

I'm happy that I'm not being shipped with anyone.

Feel free to witch hunt.

>> No.27780511


>> No.27780527

Since all the /tg/ quests are become dead, anyone know some nice off-site quests or quest-like things? Or any particularly tolerable fanfic?

I'm reading Golden Empire right now and I read In Memoriam on SpaceBattles when it updates weekly.

>> No.27780529

I'd currently rather be being shipped

>> No.27780533

>waaaah people are having fun and not paying my shitty forced meme enough attention

>> No.27780546

No, you do mean Yandere. Love to hurt in violent/psychotic ways.

>> No.27780550

anonkun and /tg/chan are the other places to quest.

>> No.27780551

I'm sad no one remembered to ship me.

Fuck it, I'm anonymous.

Twen/IR? They're both so god damn NEW. Why them? I bet either Twen, or IR, or BOTH is behind this shit!

>> No.27780555

ABC, I think.

Assuming you don't need to sleep or refuel or whatever it is that you do.

>> No.27780557

And then Exabyte licked Landing Gear's ankle, but LGD ignored him for he was not worthy of the attention.

>> No.27780563

There's other places too but they're even worse.

>> No.27780565

>gets juices flowing
Well if that's not fuel to the fire...

>> No.27780566

Why Twen and IR? Because they both became very popular in a very short amount of time.

>> No.27780568

it's because twen is the cutest QM of all time

>> No.27780574

AnonXall QMs

>> No.27780585

It's because their moe. They have a certain quality to their personality that makes them likeable and cute, it's not about how long they've been here.

>> No.27780588

>Anyone know what the hell happened to Fire Bender Quest?

DB went kind of "Fuck this shit, I'll work on my style, THEN run it again".

Your writing style.
Directly related.

Oh, I see. Well, it has aspects of that certainly, I guess.
I can't find those fabio caps for the life of me.
Fabio quest when?
You fools, MC still lack body. Then again, I think his condition kind of kills gains.
I'm so very, very sorry.

Supernatural romance with highly dominant, at times (borderline?) abusive male love interests, intrigue and dark secrets taking place in front of a pop culture version of folklore tales, usually European. Often has BDSM under or overtones.

>> No.27780593

>SQ cancelled PGQ going ahead

SM confirmed Archelon

>> No.27780595

Obviously you're paired with AC Guy. You've been together for years, but you've never gone on a date because one of you always cancels.

Frank pls go

>> No.27780608

>Your writing style.
>Directly related.

You've summed it up perfectly.

>> No.27780615

>All the QMs chained up in some basement, stripped naked and with slurs scribbled all over them in marker
>A long line of Anons going up the stairs, they each pay five dollars to take a turn raping the QMs.

>> No.27780626

Yeah, trying to think of how to write for SM...That's going to be hard. Or really, a lot of the other QMs that like to bask in their own cruelty.

Twen and IR are both generally positive people.

>> No.27780628

They write way too differently, have run their quests simultaneously in the past, and appear to have different sleep schedules. If they're the same person they're a fucking beast of stamina and versatility.

>> No.27780634


>> No.27780636 [DELETED] 

And here's why witch hunts when an anon claims to be a QM (Or even worse, a specific QM) are stupid.
I'm not actually a QM at all.

>> No.27780638

I can try to improve it, explain further, and that's just a really bad habit I can't seem to stomp out for some reason, I am most sorry for the last one as it seems to piss people right off

>> No.27780645


>> No.27780649

And also a bit crazy since they talk to each other.

>> No.27780654

good man
>In Memoriam
Does this improve on its source material at all? Mostly the writer being terrible at making a compelling MC, and basically turning every fight into a bore-fest and wasting interesting/creative powers that are entertaining and varied when used in general, by turning everyone retarded the moment Touma walks in just so he can beat them up/beat other people up in their place while they watch.

I mean, if the author came up with some imaginative use of Imagine Breaker, or could actually write plot that didn't require Touma to win basically every fight, maybe they could actually be fun and the franchise much better off.

>> No.27780656

>the twist is the Qms pay to be tied up

>> No.27780658

And I'll screenshot this post to prove that I'm the same person.

>> No.27780667

You've got it backwards, anon. I don't care who you are, I was just using it as an excuse to name drop a QM I like so they get more attention.

>> No.27780668

>Fu fu fu fu~ You fell for my devious ruse~!

>> No.27780670

Who is gathering the money?

>> No.27780674


>> No.27780677

Try writing sentences that are sentences, and not whatever the hell that is.

>> No.27780688

Photoshop exists. Images are no longer valid measures of proof. For whatever it is you're trying to get across. Safely; ignored.

>> No.27780689

Moot? Another Anon? Clownfag?

>> No.27780693

Golden Empire IS on Anonkun.

>> No.27780696

SM's real easy to make as a tsundere/kuudere oujou-sama type. He taunts and laughs and then gets upset when anons respond badly. He can be a pretty cool guy if you catch at the right time.

>> No.27780697

>I can try to improve it, if you explain further. The multiple line thing is just a really bad habit I can't seem to stomp out for some reason. I'm most sorry for the last one, since it seems to piss people right off.
Do things like that instead.

>> No.27780707

It's not that far into it yet. They just now got away from the first fight with Stiyl and Touma got burned to shit.

It's certainly an improvement over the LNs so far, but just how much is hard to say. I'd recommend it.

>> No.27780708

Well thanks for having such a high opinion of my photoshopping skill that you think I could edit the picture that fast.

>> No.27780717

>catch at the right time.
So, never.

>> No.27780725

Golden Empire IS on Anonkun.

>> No.27780729

It's more anons sperging out over minor things.

>> No.27780732

Azure x booze


>> No.27780737

If it took you longer than that you'd have to be retarded, so yeah, I'm giving you too much credit already.

>> No.27780746


>> No.27780749

Eh, yeah, but how do I fit him in? Just him barging in on Twen/IR having a romantic moment? Twen going to him for relationship advice?

I just can't think of it. Just a cozy library, a gentle fire, two kids weird in their own way bonding. That's mostly what I wanted to write.

>> No.27780750

Hmmm, I'll check it out then. The premise of an actually compelling Touma and various way-overpowered abilities not getting shafted (especially Kuroko's) sounds appealing.

>> No.27780765

More like anytime when the quest isn't running/having terribad things happening. He's chill during the meta and posting elsewhere. The keikaku shit is his quest running persona more or less.

>> No.27780767

I could also delete both posts.
In fact, I think I will.

>> No.27780781

Anon, I have some bad news for you...

>> No.27780787

Don't joke about such things anon

I worry about Azure's health.

>> No.27780797

Don't ruin my magical realm!

>> No.27780806

I don't see why he'd barge in on that scene. Write something else with Archelon in it.

>> No.27780809

Ok. I will attempt to use far more proper english, so it will be easier for others to understand what I type, Without them having to get out the Rosetta stone or some similar device.

>> No.27780815

SM is hiding in the rafters laughing and ranting about plotbergs.

>> No.27780824


Here ya go.

>> No.27780826

Greatest lovestory ever told.

That tohou site? It looks okay although I didn't read much yet. There's also TVT but ya

Like that. Yes.

Thankee sai.

> 3 hours
> already 55 posts deep in autosage
Not bad.

>And then Exabyte licked Landing Gear's ankle, but LGD ignored him for he was not worthy of the attention.

>> No.27780829

I know even less about his personality!


>> No.27780831

Twen going to SM for advice on Doom Pauling his players.

>> No.27780834

>I will attempt to use far more proper english, so it will be easier for others to understand what I type

It kinda bothers me that people never seem to intuitively figure out that clear language guides clear understanding...

>> No.27780835

SM is their neighbor. He lives with Archeleon. He acts like a big evil mastermind, but really he's Arch's bitch.

>> No.27780853

I don't know about proper, casual is fine. Just not blatantly wrong. Like, learn how commas work.

>> No.27780885

So anonkun has quite a few slice-of-life quests, right? Anyone of them particularly good? Don't give a shit if it's romance or yuri or whatever; as long as it's SOL.

>> No.27780891

Planefag is the hitler of questing. Landing Gear is Mengele.

>> No.27780905

Now you sound like a parody britbong and the core problem isn't addressed.
>Ok. I'll try to use better english so it'll be easier for others to understand what I type without having to get out the Rosetta stone.
Notice I shortened it a lot, your current way of writing is ponderous as fuck, which exacerbates the grammatical issues.

>> No.27780922

Some folks speak English almost never off of 4chan, you know.

>> No.27780931

I will make the utmost effort to use commas as they are intended to be used, though I will most likely forget at one point or another

>> No.27780933

I steeled my nerves against the acrid assault, the foul stench of indecency and degeneracy wafting on the evening breeze. I'd spent much of the last several months perusing this diseased madhouse, but I still wasn't used to it and I don't think I ever will be.

I'm in a QTG, and they are shipping QMs. God save us.

>> No.27780934


All you did was replace the linebreaks with commas...

>> No.27780939

Some slavs shouldn't post, y'know.

>> No.27780954




>> No.27780962

Rolled 43

In time you will, learn to, into English.

>> No.27780982

After the OK, That is one sentence. No commas. No full stops. Just one continuous sentence. Don't be afraid to have long sentences if you feel that they are necessary. Of course, it makes it harder to understand, and doubly so on a wide line such as is seen on an imageboard, but it is still correct.

>> No.27780984

Ok I think I understand. Any other bits of advice you care to give to me?

>> No.27780994

Well, that's fine. As long as you make sure to try you'll be able to write like you were fluent before too long.

>> No.27780999

So now that SQ is now on hiatus, are there any other interesting plot driven quests with semi-serious tones and characters?

>> No.27781002

Never come back here. It's for your own good.

>> No.27781015


>> No.27781032


>> No.27781034


>> No.27781035


>> No.27781041

>the typical SQ reader

>> No.27781049

I don't know.

>> No.27781051

Can you repeat the question?

>> No.27781054

You are just as bad.

>> No.27781061


>> No.27781065


>> No.27781069

Yes, but on the other hand, if the sentence is that long he should look for ways to make it shorter. Either breaking it up into multiple (correct!) sentences, or omitting unnecessary verbage.

>> No.27781078

Cosgrove @QuestOp 23m
Everybody, I will unfortunately be unable to run tonight- the moment I clear up this sickness though, I'm going to run immediately.


>> No.27781081

you're not the boss of me now!

>> No.27781087

I don't see anything wrong with his post. Are you saying the typical SQ reader is a sensible, mild-mannered poster?

>> No.27781088

Cosgrove is SM?!

>> No.27781094

Probably. It really depends on who he intends on reading what he writes.

>> No.27781097

Conversation Quest,eh?

>> No.27781098

all the ones I read ended

Though, I'm observing a few right now that are pretty good. They don't match your semi-serious tones requirement though.

>> No.27781101

What does Cosgrove run again?

>> No.27781106

Bleach Quest and Peter Parker Quest.

>> No.27781110

Well Planefag made a Touhou version of SWQ with the same format and stuff, so there.

Replace Minna with Keine, etc.

>> No.27781115

No, cosgrove is Alcapone or whatever the dude who runs Princess Guard is called.

>> No.27781118

BQ and PPQ

And horrible one shots that he has no business writing because he's too incompetent to do anything besides fanfic with any degree of decency.

>> No.27781123

In that case it's >not relevant to my interest

>> No.27781133

No, I'm saying the typical SQ reader doesn't read or know about other quests.

>> No.27781136

Damn. The pulp has become king.

Truthfully, if most SQ players were like me the quest would've been trolled into oblivion by pedantic infantile ranting loooong ago.

>> No.27781151

And this is bad why?

>> No.27781156

There are other quests?

>> No.27781168

>reading more than one quest at a time

>> No.27781170

If most posters in the quests that I follow were like me, they would devolve into tedium, shopping, and hyperspecific autism arguments.

Oh wait, they almost inevitably do.

>> No.27781184

>reading multiple quests at a time
How much free time you got, anon?

>> No.27781207

That's why SQ is better than other quests; it's readers devote more of their energy to it in order to ensure quality.

>> No.27781219


>> No.27781228


>> No.27781240

If most posters in the quest I follow were like me, they'd probably be much more relaxed and okay with bad things happening but it would probably be winging it too much to really succeed in any long-term goals or avoid that many fuck ups unless they're in that rare moment where they can pull something halfway smart out of their ass and save shit at the last second.

>> No.27781247

And then the QM creates forced drama and decides player actions via rolls, right?

>> No.27781261

But anon, the beauty of SQ is that /tg/ is the one forcing all the drama.

>> No.27781271

Read Golden Empire, The Witches Walk at Sunset, and To Be Human (insert jokes about MC is dead and how it can't be SOL here ha. ha. ha.).
writingfaggotry's things are kind of neat but his English is lacking.

>> No.27781291

Damn what is up with all these QM's dropping like flies? Are QM's seasonal creatures? Do they go into hibernation?

Shit man I've only got one quest left for now. And it only runs like once or twice a week.

>> No.27781310

Golden Empire isn't really very SoL. Though it might scratch that itch too I guess.

>> No.27781314

The QM curse claims all.

>> No.27781316

I might have bought that a couple SQ threads ago, when silly plans were winning. But not recently. Not after the well thought out plans were rendered utterly useless and the QM decides to use his -own- roll to determine important player consensus.

>> No.27781341


Some of tale/a/non's quests. Although sometimes it's a lot more slice than life.

>> No.27781342

I like the copyfriend that poses as SM at opportune moments to play all internal sides of the quest against each other. He hasn't done it much but it's been successful every time...

>> No.27781351

A revote of a revote on a deal that shouldn't have even been brought up wasn't any better. He should have just let the dice be and rolled with it.

>> No.27781359

>MGNQ goes on hiatus
>Shadow Quest goes on hiatus
>Azure is considering putting Hollow Quest Redux on hiatus


>> No.27781379

>>Azure is considering putting Hollow Quest Redux on hiatus

>> No.27781386


I've tried his stuff. Don't have a problem with his content but his writing and characters need work. It falls too flat to keep me interested for long.

>> No.27781389

Read the thread meta of the last three threads.

>> No.27781391

Thankfully only one quest I follow is on hiatus so far.
Unfortunately, it's about the only remotely regularly and frequently running one I follow anyway...

>> No.27781392

But the whole thing was pretty much an apocalyptic world ending event. That should take as long as it needs to reach player consensus, not rely upon the QM's dice. And then have the QM say we're going to regret it and it's our fault and bla bla bla.

>> No.27781403

tale's number one issue is lack of focus and failure to improve.

>> No.27781409

I was there for most of it, but I don't remember seeing anything like that.

>> No.27781416

The votes fucking tied. All it was going to do was encourage samefagging/proxy voting.

>> No.27781425

Consensus never would have been reached. It would have just been a proxy vote arms race / who can stay up arguing longest endurance match.

>> No.27781436

Cancelling tonight's impromptu ABC. I've got too much of a migraine to think straight enough to write, and I need to catch up on my sleep.

HPNQ is still on for tomorrow evening. I'll try to have the thread up between 6:30 and 7:30 pm EST.

>> No.27781451

>Cosgrove is SM?!
No. Cos knows how to /tg/ while SM tends to disappoint himself constantly. He also has a better handle on when to shadowrun and when to shut the fuck up and let the magic work itself.

>> No.27781459


>> No.27781462

I think a lot of them are in college?

So as the school year gets more difficult, they have better things to do?

>> No.27781470

That's too bad.

Try to rest up and feel well soon.

>> No.27781490

>better things to do
Yeah, Azure has a liver to slay.

>> No.27781491

Should have listened to hex while he was actually coherent for once.

>> No.27781502

Still better than having the QM roll dice when no one asked for it.

>> No.27781503

Eh, there was a pretty big pitfall for Cosgrove in Bleach Quest, where the shadowruns got too intense.

He seems to have recovered though, I think having Peter Parker Quest to alternate with helped him out.

>> No.27781506

I'm thinking about abandoning my quest.
The players are just too fucking retarded.
What do, /qtg/? Should I just toughen up and plow through the stupidity?
I'm not going to name my quest, since that's just asking for endless trolls if I do decide to continue.

>> No.27781529

>What do, /qtg/?
Drop off all notes in IRC and check if anyone wants to continue it (not in that order). No reason to force yourself.

>> No.27781530

Haha, he has a serious problem.

>> No.27781531

Without more info I cannot give you accurate advice.

Describe this particular flavour of stupid.

>> No.27781532

Don't worry about it Twen, just switch to Mahou no Sportsman.

>> No.27781535

If you aren't having fun then it's best to stop doing something you don't enjoy.

>> No.27781538

Name the quest so we can give you more accurate advice.

>> No.27781544

If you're thinking of ending your quest.

Post this message with the trip you use, and it'll end itself!

>> No.27781554

>more accurate advice
>not more accurate firebombs

>> No.27781560

What would have been better is if he never offered the deal in the first place. He guaranteed a shitstorm by doing it as there was now always going to be people mad over a really bad event in the story they could have avoided and another bad event they had to deal with by avoiding the other one.

It was the dumbest move SM could have made in that situation to offer that deal.

>> No.27781564

>Post this message with the trip you use, and it'll end itself!
Anon is wise beyond his years!

>> No.27781606

Really, he was going to have the bad event happen regardless, this is just a way of blaming it on /tg/.

Like when /tg/ didn't go full retard, but Silence ruined everything anyway.

>> No.27781616

Same reason online games end quick.

>> No.27781620

I know what I'm using for the next OP pic.

>> No.27781645


>> No.27781669

How likely is it that /tg/ would try to grimdark a CATastrophe Quest?

>> No.27781675


>> No.27781681

The question isn't how likely /tg/ would do that, but how likely a QM would let them.

>> No.27781700

The system and in-universe rules of CATastrophe are geared against that.

>> No.27781739

It was the worst move possible.

The majority weren't even talking about the deal. I think people were fed up with the consistently low rolls so far. But when SM rolled to see if the deal went ahead regardless of player consensus was fucking stupid.

>> No.27781780

What would it even be about? CATastrophe might be one of the most pointless settings ever conceived.

>> No.27781785

Not very.

>> No.27781798

No, I have too much fun writing ABC to abandon it.

It's like being the bride's hotter sister the groom sneaks into his wedding bed and slow fucks all night long while his wife lies next to him pretending not to notice, sobbing on the inside.

I could never give that feeling up.

>> No.27781808

jesus christ

>> No.27781811

Wait, are you the wife, the hot sister, or the groom?

>> No.27781817

>all these QM disappearances


I-i-it's my t-time to shine!

>> No.27781823

I really wanted to read about killing the succubus tonight ;_;

>> No.27781829

This is your chance anon! All these questers ready to go and no big league QMs to run it! It's just begging for an up-and-comer to take the scene by storm!

>> No.27781832

Do it.

>> No.27781833

>It's like being the bride's hotter sister
How are you this bad at reading?

>> No.27781838

>It's like being the bride's hotter sister the groom sneaks into his wedding bed and slow fucks all night long while his wife lies next to him pretending not to notice, sobbing on the inside.
Your metaphors are delightfully vivid.

>CATastrophe might be one of the most pointless settings ever conceived.

Not much. They WOULD try to break and/or monopolize the Shinies economy though.

>> No.27781840

>proxyfags winning would have been better than a coinflip
The worst part about this post is that I'm pretty sure you're genuinely this autismal and not just trolling.

Agreed. It's really /tg/'s fault for being a little bitch, but SM should have known better.

>bawww why do other characters do things that I don't want them to
>why can't the universe just bend to our every whim
You are everything wrong with quest players.

>> No.27781848

>It's like being the bride's hotter sister
Into English!

>> No.27781852

The hot sister, obviously.

Bearing in mind that this is an extended metaphor that capitalizes on my adoration of smug chicks.

>> No.27781853

Alcohol and sleep deprivation, mostly.

>> No.27781879

>implying it's not an extended metaphor that capitalizes on your desire to be a woman and/or be fucked by men

>> No.27781883

I got an idea!

>> No.27781886

>proxyfags winning would have been better than a coinflip
It WOULD have, because then at least when people start a bitchfest over it in future SM could say "oh it was all you guys."

>> No.27781887

>>bawww why do other characters do things that I don't want them to
>>why can't the universe just bend to our every whim
>You are everything wrong with quest players.
It really didn't make any sense in the situation. Silence had absolutely nothing to gain by doing that. It was pure railroading.

>> No.27781892

Combat engineers who use magnetic grapples and cutting torches to disassemble enemy mechs mid battle.


>> No.27781903

Sounds like Attack on Titan with robots instead of titans.

>> No.27781904

Reminds me of that new Whatchamacallit game with the robot-wife-arm-grappling-swiss-army-knife.

>> No.27781916

Except it did. Silence is the last shard that we tried and failed to humanize, the one with authority issues, and the ones the enjoy deceit.

>> No.27781921

Sure he had something to gain.

It was the dickest move possible, and thus the most logical for him to take.

>> No.27781942

Is that bad?

>> No.27781943

>There's these 4 Elemental Lords that want to kill me
>I know, I'll punch this guy in the face so they can break out of their prison just to spite this other guy

>> No.27781947

He did it on accident. He was going in for the final blow, told to stop by Temerity, but it was already too late.

>> No.27781970

>assembling titans out of parts cut off of other titans to make franken-machines
Take my money

>> No.27782014


>> No.27782162

Did anybody else see that quest that was just deleted?

>> No.27782171

Wait, what just happened to wanderer quest?

I was about to reply whem the thread disappeared.

>> No.27782191

This one? >http://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/27781475/#27781475

>> No.27782225

Yes, this one.

Did it get deleted by the OP or a janitor?

It wasn't on the last page so I assume it wasn't deleted naturally for running it course.

>> No.27782243

My guess? OP discouraged by lack of responses.

>> No.27782259

Fair enough. Too bad then I guess.

>> No.27782265

Shame, that looked kind of interesting

>> No.27782277

It did, I'd have participated if I'd seen it.

>> No.27782296

Ugh, is anyone else tired of these WandererQuestfags shitting up the QTG with their edgy circlejerk?

>> No.27782333

I feel sad.
I watched something die before it could even be hated by QTG

>> No.27782336

0 to "Xfag circlejerk" in under 10 minutes.
A new QTG record.

>> No.27782398

Shadow quest fags mad that they were about to be turned irrelevant by new best quest

>> No.27782404

>Mr. Shadow; self-destructive all-consuming emotional manipulator that guides major political figures of the world on a whim.
And lusts after lolisnatch

>> No.27782430

Didn't somebody draw that after the kiss thread?

>> No.27782446


>> No.27782508

So is pgq

>> No.27782541

Draw what?

>> No.27782584

So what's our plan for AoPHquest?
I think was thinking about maybe going for electric for electro water shenanigans. A psychic type might work too, but I don't know.

>> No.27782595

Shadow violating a loli while distracting her with a bunny

>> No.27782610


>> No.27782647

What is your opinion of people running quests based off of things they've never watched / read?

Like, they run it based on what they think it would be like from what they've heard of it.

You know what I mean? The way whenever you see a trailer for a movie, you tend to think of how the movie is going to be, but what you come up with is usually way way off.

>> No.27782648

Horsea is fairly weak but evolves to a dragon type, eventually.

>> No.27782668

Only dragon that we'll have access to right now is dratini. Those things are rare as duck and dragonite's kind of retarded. I guess it would cover our weaknesses though.

I kind of wonder how claims work in the setting, someone obviously got the seel that's in Cerulean, same goes for Aqua's staryu gem and Marine's squirtle. I wonder why she's red though...

>> No.27782685

Horsea becomes dragon and capturing one won't add to our type limit.

>> No.27782687





>> No.27782712

Lone voter?

>> No.27782753

>my adoration of smug chicks.
No wonder you genderbent the protag.

>> No.27782819

That was less impressive than I had hoped.

A waste of 10 minutes searching, really.

>> No.27782822 [DELETED] 

...Is the coast clear?

>> No.27782853 [DELETED] 


Time to post smug chicks.

>> No.27782857


>> No.27782876 [DELETED] 

Hm. Apparently not. Not cute.

>> No.27782886

nah, this is just the naturally predicted end of QM cycle.

There will be more QMs popping up soon, now that the big fish are resting.

>> No.27782895 [DELETED] 

There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a woman who has found satisfaction in life and isn't afraid to flaunt it. Especially when you're one of the reasons she's so satisfied.

>> No.27782904 [DELETED] 

Do quit spamming the thread, please.

>> No.27782906

>cute smug chicks thread
I've been waiting

>> No.27782923 [DELETED] 

Or when the woman is actually a dude.

>> No.27782943 [DELETED] 

>cute smug trap thread is a go

>> No.27782969 [DELETED] 

hu hu hu

>> No.27782980 [DELETED] 

It's autosaging and on the ninth page, it'll be deleted soon enough. I could understand your annoyance if I was eating bumps and bringing the thread closer to its post limit, but really now.

7/10. Get her some wrinkle cream and she'd be full adorable.

That's optional.

>> No.27782992 [DELETED] 

>I'm allowed to shitpost because I'm a QM!
Just stop.

>> No.27782995 [DELETED] 

You're chasing off the writefag. Shoo.

>> No.27783015 [DELETED] 

Fuck off already, I want more Twen x IR moegasms. Your quest isnt even that good to begin with, and certainly not controversial enough to warrant this level of public ego masturbation.

>> No.27783026 [DELETED] 

you insulteroo mein queen! fugoffo!

>> No.27783056 [DELETED] 

stop shitposting

>> No.27783073

I wouldn't go for Dragon. There are not many Dragon types in our region and they are generally extremely hard to find. And evolving any Dragon parts is probably going to take for-fucking-ever.

We've got Water, and while we should grab Ice attacks if possible, we may want to avoid evolving our Seel parts and grabbing Ice type as there are not many Ice Pokemon, even fewer available to us, and its resistances are horrible.

>> No.27783134

Awww dang it.

>> No.27783230

Are there any quests that leave you feeling >pic related whenever you read them?

The skeezier the better.

>> No.27783279

A Black Comedy quest is where the protagonist is a murder rapist abductor, played for laughs. Run by Professor Chaos who guest starred in this thread. I think that might be up your alley.

Also, Monster Hearts Quest has a seriously creepy vibe with the protagonist using magic to dominate chicks.

>> No.27783285

What would you suggest other than dragon and ice then as our second type then?

Steel/water could be a very interesting combination, through there is few steel pokemon in kanto.

>> No.27783310

Eh, we don't have to be the very best like no one ever was.

And I feel like avoiding our initial evolution from leveling up might be more trouble than its worth.

>> No.27783384

You might as well file off the serial numbers and present it as an original idea.

>> No.27783447 [DELETED] 

In after Chaos gets banned for trying to tussle with janitor-kun.

>> No.27783459


Different guy,

I think ice attacks at least may work out for us. If dragons are ramped up to their canon theoretical power level we'll be the only one on our team with the ability to wreck a dragon.

I think the important thing to consider is that we're going to be on a team with other people so our weaknesses would be covered. Poison or ground would work as another team member I think.

I wonder how the purple from fuchsia are..
I also like that we took the high road in dealing with Grumpyroad.

>> No.27783486

>I wonder how the purple from fuchsia are..
QM pls

>> No.27783492

Not really, it feels more like reading some edgy 14 year olds self-insert fanfiction

>> No.27783509

If we find a horsea, it would be stupid to not get the operation.

Another Water won't add to our 2 type limit. And even if it does take forever to evolve, it's still there as a guaranteed eventuality

>> No.27783510

For which? Black Comedy, or Monster Hearts?

>> No.27783538

ABC. MHQ is just...eh. Feels like an even worse Twilight more than anything else, so I guess it stays true to the source material.

>> No.27783558

BFQ actually didn't make me feel that way as much as SQ does.

>> No.27783565

Ignoring the content matter, ABC is at least gorgeously written.

>> No.27783571

ABC is edgy, MHQ is just plain creepy. w

>> No.27783574

>I also like that we took the high road in dealing with Grumpyroad.
I believe the players in that quest are the same from Akuma quest. In that quest, we tried to diplomance the following:
Multiple crusading knights
The high priests of said crusaders
An eldritch abomination
Mad little girl with the power of darkness

We pretty much always take the high road against anything remotely dangerous.

Personally, I would be alright with ice, dragon or anything interesting really.

>> No.27783578

I'm personally thinking Electric. It overlaps remarkably well with Water, most of the stuff that is resistant or immune to Electric is weak to either Water or Ice, moves we ought to have access to, soaking things with water and then Electrocuting them is a viable strategy, there's a good number of pure Electric pokemon that we can stick in ourself. It covers our weaknesses and rounds us out some more, it means we have good defenses and a wide range of offenses that can penetrate most things.

The only downside is that there isn't much in the way of dual types for Water/Electric, but there are a lot of pure water types and a good number of pure electric types which makes it manageable.

I love Ice for offense, but the downsides of taking it as a type are pretty noticeable, it drops our selection of pokemon down a lot. None of the pure Ice types are from the area we're in, and there are only 6 pokemon with Water/Ice, 3 of which are hard to find in our region, the other 3 being Dewgong, Cloyster, which is actually damn solid, and fucking Lapras. So the number of potential Monster we can throw into ourself is the pure Water stuff in the region, which is pretty extensive, and 3 others, one of which is fucking Lapras who I think looks stupid.

>> No.27783586

>tfw when we almost got raped via mind control by our daughteru back in the archonium arc

>> No.27783601

>ABC is at least gorgeously written.
That sure is an opinion you got there. I found it bland and tryhard.

>> No.27783609

Or when SM almost decided that it would be a good idea to have Michael rape Ila in front of us for no reason but then someone guessed what he was planning and bitched until he called it off.

SM is a real bastard sometimes.

>> No.27783622

I think the quest that made me feel dirtiest after reading some of it was Fantasy Quest. You have to read the player posts as well for the full effect.

>> No.27783658

>None of the pure Ice types are from the area we're in, and there are only 6 pokemon with Water/Ice
Don't forget that we have a seel implant, so we can level it up to get the ice type.

Actually, we wouldn't be able to get a dewgong implant directly, we can only get implants from the lowest pokemon on the evolutionary chart.

>> No.27783684

Flying type doesn't count. So add in Articuno as a possibility That we will never get

>> No.27783699

Flying may not count toward the type limit, but we would still get the weaknesses and powers of flying type.

>> No.27783708

>sneaky stones

>> No.27783713

I know, leveling up our Seel implant to Dewgong for the Ice subtype is something I'd rather avoid as it really limits our options.

I could work with it, get Ice/Flying, Water and Water/Flying, Evolve Seel to Dewgong and Shellder to Cloyster, and we'd be okay. But I still think Ice isn't the best idea, it really limits our options in a lot of ways and is weak towards a couple rather common damage types.

>> No.27783721

Just get a Ditto.
Bam, every type you could ever want.
And then some, if it's an anime Ditto. They can turn into fucking guns and shit.

>> No.27783724

You realize that ABC is a parody of edginess, right? You're supposed to feel like you're reading some edgy 14 year old's fapfic, with the exception that the writing is halfway competent.

Oh you dirty bitch, work the shaft...

>> No.27783735

>someone guessed what he was planning and bitched until he called it off.
>SM is a real bastard sometimes.

>> No.27783745

That seems like a bad idea. Implanting Ditto parts into someone seems like a really risky procedure with no end to the possible problems that could arise during and after the procedure.

>> No.27783748

Really? At what point does he step back and go, "See this, this is silly, hahaha," instead of everyone jerking to how hard they're going to rape the paladin?

>> No.27783756

>You're supposed to feel like you're reading some edgy 14 year old's fapfic
I think he hit the mark more than he intended to.
>with the exception that the writing is halfway competent.

>> No.27783769

I get that feeling from reading Bleach Quest.

It's like... I know that the direction the narrative has taken is something I find horrible, but I still enjoy it. And it makes me feel dirty, like I've just rolled around in mud and liked it.

>> No.27783782

Lets not forget how Chaos himself was jerking off to how awesomely edgy he is in this very thread.

>> No.27783802

>the direction the narrative has taken makes me feel dirty, like I've just rolled around in mud and liked it
>implying that isn't Bleach Quest in its entirety

>> No.27783826

...How so?

Neliel hitting herself in the soul with a hammer?

>> No.27783828

I guess it captures the feeling of liking the source material too.

>> No.27783833

I'll just try to have a pastebin ready of Twen/IR shenanigans.

>> No.27783845


>> No.27783860


The entire thing is so over the top that you'd be hard pressed to actually take it seriously. And I'm fairly sure he outright called it a parody in one of these threads.


>> No.27783873

I want to make a Succubus Quest in which you play as a succubus.

In my magical realm, succubi literally eat dicks.

There will be a starvation meter. Failure to consume enough dicks will result in [BAD THINGS].

>> No.27783892

Unfortunately, probably yes.

Please never run it.

>> No.27783893

Anon, it's time to stop posting.

>> No.27783909

Please no.

>> No.27783923


By literally eating dicks, do you mean literally biting off the thing? Some people misuse the word literally.

>> No.27783925

Harem shenanigans and general shounen powerwank.

Actually, yeah, that's pretty much it.

>> No.27783940

It'll have to wait a while, sorry man. I feel like when I pastebin I have to edit the shit out of it. When I just post on to 4chan I don't have to care as much, just splatter it out at speed.

>> No.27783945

>literally eat dicks
Would read.

>> No.27783952

The joke is that it's a metaphor for the QTG

>> No.27783953

What are you doing anon-kun?

>> No.27783955

You will be consuming dicks. Bite, chew and swallow. Or just bite and swallow.

The dicks are going down the throat.

>> No.27783960

Have you been reading for the last... twenty threads or so?

Romance hasn't been a thing at all, the closest thing has been ignoring flirtations and hoping they go away.

Shounen powerwank I give you, but what did you expect from BLEACH QUEST.

>> No.27783966

anon please
You've got the right idea
you're lacking the BFQ touch.

Have the players start off by making a normal, preferably male, character. Have this character then put through a series of hoops in the first few posts that land him as a succubus.

And make sure to give them powerful magic that can distort the minds and bodies of their enemies.

>> No.27784039

That's exactly my point. I never expected anything else, and I know I *should* hate it, but I end up enjoying it anyway.

Is... Is this what fun feels like?

>> No.27784083


But seriously yeah, I'd say that's Cosgrove's main appeal.

>> No.27784084

>Having thought up Dick-Eater Quest on a whim, my mind is now racing to think up appropriate dice systems and skill trees.
>I have already determined a dice system that would work fantastically for this.

>> No.27784114

>>Having thought up Dick-Eater Quest on a whim, my mind is now racing to think up appropriate dice systems and skill trees.
Imagine if the succubus could assume a incubus form based the last dicks she ate. WOuld be hilarious.

>> No.27784119

Remember when that anon wanted to do Cat-clan quest?

>> No.27784120

We already have a loli cannibal seduction quest and two separate succubutt quests - three if you count ABC, so your idea is nothing new.

>> No.27784143

see >>27781798

>> No.27784161

Anon what are you doing



>> No.27784179

>I have too much fun writing ABC to abandon it
I don't see that translating into
>awesomely edgy
at all. The rest is just facetious.

>> No.27784235

So here's a question,

how do you feel about QMs who only count the first X rolls but will always count failures no matter how many rolls they are away from X? Would it be fair to always count crits as well?

>> No.27784254

That's practically a Belkar quote.

Hell, it's basically paraphrasing him from here: http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0688.html

I mean, I suppose he loses points for originally, but if he's referencing Belkar I'm fairly sure it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Between that and the Hellsing Abridged reference he pulled in the middle of thread three, I think it's fairly well implied that the entire a parody of Edgelords and Edginess.

>> No.27784255

That's a horrific system that'll lead to people rolling constantly in hopes of getting crits, but inevitably getting angry when they get a crit fail.

>> No.27784297

I don't think it's much of a parody when it's celebrating it.

>> No.27784302

So it's only fair to count failures?

The problem I have with counting ANYTHING after the X roll is that people will always roll late. That's just something people do because everyone's refresh timers aren't synchronized. So there's always the first three rolls and then five or so rolls after it. Which means it's statistically more likely a failure is going to happen in that buffer region.

But is it fair? I mean the players could also take more diligence and realize that other people are going to roll in their place. But if it isn't fair, why not just let the GM roll dice for them instead?

I can't think of a compromise.

>> No.27784328

Base your system on 1d100. After players roll using 1d100, roll a 1d10 to determine which of those rolls you will use. The probability is clear and everyone is involved. If there are less rolls than ten just divide 10 by how many rolls there are and take the remainder.

>> No.27784347

>A Black Comedy

It's in the title man.

>> No.27784352

Horrible, as it will encourage roll spamming.

>But if it isn't fair, why not just let the GM roll dice for them instead?

Well, very often, QMs will allow to add details about the action with the roll.

I prefer it when the QM stick to the first x rolls and nothing else.

>> No.27784392


Damn, where's that "Rape isn't funny" picture with the dude in the mask standing behind him?

>> No.27784411

So he reads OotS too. Chaos really needs better taste.
And Tommy Wiseau calls The Room a black comedy, but that doesn't make it true.

>> No.27784415

Here we are!

>> No.27784421

>rape is never funny

>> No.27784433

And? That means nothing if the quest is about jerking it to how awesome you are being evil. Don't hide under the argument of 'it's parody' when it doesn't try to parody anything. It never steps back and mocks things that go on.

If you want to play a baby sodomizing quest, fucking stand up and admit it. Don't hide under parody.

>> No.27784434

Looks like a celebration of his own edge to me.
He doesnt just read OotS, he plagiarizes it to boot. Dude needs to learn some fucking integrity.

>> No.27784449


>> No.27784470


>> No.27784479


>> No.27784487




>giving a screencap when I ask for an image

>> No.27784488

Gamzee please go.

>> No.27784530

A screencap is an image you donut.

>> No.27784561


You know damned well what I meant, you...you...you double donut.

>> No.27784579

I guess you could say I raped your expectations.

>> No.27784611

>full-on Batgasm

>> No.27784625


>> No.27784923

Shadow Master @ShadowMaster_tg 41m
I'll run a thread tomorrow night at around 10pm EST

Sure you will, SM. Sure you will.

>> No.27784966

And not running eight threads in a week. That has also helped...though player sanity more than his.

>> No.27785007

Yeah while daily threads SOUNDS good, it really isn't.

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