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Previous thread is autosaging, so it's time for another one.

As usual, writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content. An ERP thread is in the catalog already, though, so if that's what you're looking for head over there.

While NSFW text should at least be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're worried about the rurus or don't want to deal with post timers and captcha when you dump, host it elsewhere (pastebin, imgur, 1d4chan) and link to it.

We all have our preferences so just read the stuff you like, because the authors have graciously labeled what stories have which kinks and whatnot. And if you feel like the rage is overtaking you, proceed to touch yourself and repeat until you are satisfied or it is time to change your pants and shower. Nobody likes a shitstorm when they're trying to jerk off.

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bumpin for lewd

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Should I try and fap to this?

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Why shouldn't you?

>> No.27346986

Of course. Is something wrong with it?

By the way, ELH seems to be starting work on the sandworm fic. Not my cup of tea, but I know that /tg/ loves its monstergirls.


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Where can I get more of this?
fap complete

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Hope you like censor bars.

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Uh why? Normally I prefer uncensored sexy times but if push came to shove...

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Because lewdanon loves censor bars.

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Needs more censoring.

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Fuck knows. Lewdanon makes it, but he doesn't have a single gallery and apparently it's really hard to get a hold of him. Plus, he alwasy posts anonymously so there's no easy way to tell if it's him or just a guy posting his work.

Yeah, the guy LOVES censor bars. I understand the need to keep this board SFW, but you would think he would put uncensored versions up on an imgur or something somewhere. (He's desperately looking for a HarlequinxCultist-Chan fapfic though, so maybe the promise of that would lure him out.)

But anyhow, here's some stuff done last thread.

Fairy story - http://pastebin.com/4vHU9cmv
Solaron fanfic - http://pastebin.com/20b0qW0g
Kroot story - http://pastebin.com/Bevm3EBB
Genestealer fapfic - http://pastebin.com/aFBAbc0N
Teysa lewd - http://pastebin.com/NW1biReq
Dragon TF - http://pastebin.com/SXGR9rGD

ELH is working on the next part of Hesperax's Pet as well, as seen in pic related. I'd say that I can't wait, but I remember what happened last time I said that.

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I accidentally posted the thumbnail and 4chan won't let me delete this post, so let's try this again.

Can anyone here try to read the blurred parts?

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>censoring the nipples and vag
>not censoring the penis
Dammit, Lewd.

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Its a strapon.

>> No.27347216

SHHHHHH, its just a dildo.
>mfw in a few pics he censors only a little, so you can see for example Macha's anus stretching to accomodate a lucky mon-keigh dick.
Unf so hot.

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Oh, and here are some recent pastebins and other work.

Fairy story - http://pastebin.com/4vHU9cmv
Solaron fanfic - http://pastebin.com/20b0qW0g
Kroot story - http://pastebin.com/Bevm3EBB
Genestealer fapfic - http://pastebin.com/aFBAbc0N (also on 1d4chan: http://1d4chan.org/wiki/Hivestrain_Azure)
Teysa lewd - http://pastebin.com/NW1biReq
Dragon TF - http://pastebin.com/SXGR9rGD

And Shedding the Darkness is done too.

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The guy knows how to leave his fans hungry for more, that's for sure.

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Its like I'm getting cockteased on the internet.

>> No.27347509

I think its a sign.

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Like we always are?

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>MFW I haven't even posted the first chapter and it already has over a hundred views

Lelith like...in an hour? For real this time. I swear. But after that, I'm going to sleep.

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You left out ELH's Lamia Daemonette one that he finished:


>> No.27347973

Says a hell of a lot about how much people want it written, honestly. Dark Eldar fapfics are a niche that's been left unexploited for a very long time, and most of what's been made now was left incomplete before it even reached the foreplay stage.

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Oh hey look, I split up Chapter Two into two chapters. Now you get TWICE the blueballs!


(Srsly, I have no idea when ch3. Maybe hour, maybe not)

>> No.27348013

Blue balls? I think they're actually turning purple by now, and that can't possibly be healthy.

BRB, calling my doctor. If I need surgery because of this, you're footing the bill.

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...The Inquisitor is actually /tg/, isn't he?

>> No.27348176

I am TOTALLY writing porn before the anesthesia wears off when I get something done in a couple weeks. It's either going to give me superpowers and the stuff will come out like I breathed the ghost of Joyce or be absolutely fucking hilarious. Either way, we're all winners.

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Hey guys, is Lelith a trueborn? I need to know because reasons. I couldn't find any relevant information on the subject.

Pic possibly related.

>> No.27348256

If that was the case, I'm sure we would have more material than we do now. We would also be getting all of our organs rearranged in alphabetical order, so it all balance outs.

If anything, it's more likely that the inquisitor is /d/. They're the only ones who would take their fapping that seriously.

Define "something done". Is it the Crohns' disease acting up again?

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Getting my guts pulled back inside me. Hopefully I'll remember to write something; that shit makes you dumb as a rock.

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He's not ELH, I'm ELH. No I will not namefag.

You're going to have to live with the small teaser that is Chapter 2 for Lelith. I literally just typed the word pussy about seven times in a row. Last I checked, pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy pussy is not a valid sentence like buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo.

So yeah, back whenever I wake up.

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Probably. At the very least, there's no evidence saying that she isn't. Why do you ask?

Did they fall out or something? If so, how are you still able to post here?

Anyway, I'm sure that if you don't remember, a whole lot of people will be happy to remind you of it.

>> No.27348343

Sorry, just kinda hard to tell without namefagging. All I can do is try to guess. Have a good nap.

>> No.27348367

>Did they fall out or something?
They keep trying to run away into my ballsack whenever I stand up for too long. Problem is this shit's getting done on a Monday, so I'll have to leave myself a post-it note or something.

>> No.27348392

A hernia, then. Nasty things.

There might not be a thread up at that time, but if there is you can feel free to post it then. Worst case, you miss the thread and have to post it on the week after that.

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You seem like a nice person. I'd like to suck your dick sometime. For now though, help me out: should I try to have some r o m a n t i c t e n s i o n between a couple of my characters in the long-ass story I'm doing, or just have them get to fucking within a chapter like usual? Pains me to write a chapter with no sex, but I feel like it might be worth it. It'll be a half-orc chick and the main character dude.

>> No.27348596

Which story would this be, exactly? I'm more of a reader than a writer, but I can see if it would be consistent with what you've got so far.

>> No.27348653

Unfortunately only the prologue with the fairy I did last week. I mean, if there's any chapter to leave out sex from it's the first one. Fuck it, I'm just going to stop overthinking it and write the shit, hopefully some small amount of lewdness comes out in whatever I put down.

>> No.27348712

Good idea. It's too easy to let yourself get bogged down if you overthink things.

You gonna see if you can do the part with the nymphs as well? There were some interesting suggestions about what you could do with dryads last thread.

>> No.27348774

Later, I decided. I could turn that into a better scene if he's past the I Am Twelve And What Is This stage, since most of the humiliation stuff would be lost. Dryads are pretty sweet so I'll try to use them, if not for that for something else.

>> No.27348850

Censor clovers then?

>HarlequinxCultist-Chan fapfic
A man can dream though... A man can dream...

>> No.27348880

Makes sense. For now, just write what you've want.

And Lewdanon's decided to drop in. Good to see ya.

The censor clover's certainly different, I'll give you that. Do you still have those Macha sex faces you were working on a while back?

>> No.27348905

'sup /tg/.
I'm new to these smut threads, and the story of the paladin of Sune on his wedding night left me giggling like a young schoolgirl. It was pretty good, but I prefer something more edgy. Do you have "elf rape, wat do" stories?

>> No.27348909

>but I prefer something more edgy.
Try >>27347992. It has lots of edging.

>> No.27348963

I don't think that's the type of edgy he had in mind.

The genestealer fapfic linked up>>27347168
might be up your alley, as would this drow dominatrix/orgasm denial/possible mind control one by JustAnotherWritefag:


It should be getting another update on Sunday.

Any of those fit the bill?

>> No.27348978

Thanks for your help, I'll read those..

>> No.27349016

> Lewdanon
You are my hero.

>> No.27349037

There are also a few scattered here and there in 1d4chan. I still see people adding things to Rape of an Eldar in the recent changes.

>> No.27349045

> dat harlequin
You are my hero.

>> No.27349145

He's everyone's hero here.

>> No.27349347

>come on in
Oh god this is too hot....and I like how the clover leaves a couple spots...visible.
>now fapping to corner vag, I have no regrets.

>> No.27349458

Dat eldar lubricant/messy creampie of her whole groin. Dat is my fetish.

>> No.27349507

Mine too.

>> No.27349609

Yay its Lewd!
Any chance for a choir boy cumming all over a Canoness while she totally is slutty as fuck and wants him to "annoint" her all over?

>> No.27349646

Did the M:tG Kos x Feather fic ever get made?

>> No.27349659

Hey I remember that fic. Muy Bueno.
Captcha: suggestively condmila

>> No.27349716

I can't remember, but I think there was an Elspeth lesbian one a while back.

>> No.27349729

>delicious elven muscleclown dominating Culteest
Goddammit, I want this as much as you do.

>> No.27349732

Holy shit bumping for bukkake. I need this apparently.

>> No.27349969

Lewd has spoken. WE MUST DELIVER.

>> No.27350231

Still looking for good references.

Well, I'm not that fond of pedo sisters but a messy afterjob is always fun.

>> No.27350254

Looks like Lina Inverse

>> No.27350265

What kind of references do you need? I can try to look for some if you can.

>> No.27350305

Here a story idea.

A horny, young wizard summons a succubus. However, instead of helping him rise to power ("been there, done that"), the succubus just wants someone to love. In the underworld, there isn't any opportunity for love, but it's different amongst mortals.

>> No.27350362

A little on the sappy side, but I'd like to second this one anyway.

>> No.27350403

Oh silly me did I say Choir BOY. I meant Choir MAN...of smallist youthful stature and clearly 18 years old....on his planet. See, perfectly legal bukkake. No guilt necessary, tada.

>> No.27350459 [DELETED] 

None of us are capable of feeling guilt over our fapbait anyway.

Speaking of fapbait, what's everyone working on right now? It's been much quieter here than usual, so I'd expect people are working on something big.

In the meantime, here's a pic of flatseer Idranel I found on 1d4chan.

>> No.27350478

Uhhh bro, you might wanna go to paint and put some censors on that pic.

>> No.27350489

Story idea - based on the VeloCITY threads I've seen.

It's a psychedelic, cyberpunk future. The scene is a young cop/corp security grunt out patrolling who meets a hot young skater girl - she's the enemy but she's hot and kinda interested in him.

Quick, furtive, inexperienced sex ensues up against an alley wall, and then they part once again as enemies.

>> No.27350517

>inexperienced sex ensues up against an alley wall

>> No.27350530

Sounds like a plan.

Any artist good at expressive faces basically.

>> No.27350574

OK, all censored up now

Now then, what's everyone working on now? It's been real quiet here lately, so I'm willing to bet that most of the writefags are working on something big.

>> No.27350580

That's not anywhere near dfc.

>> No.27350611

I'm trying to think up a half-orc female name. Hard day.

>> No.27350621

She needs a fleur de lis tattoo, or else its just some random chick covered in spooge.

And maybe some more muscles.

>> No.27350668

You can't really tell from the bar, but it's gotta be an A-cup at most. The uncensored version is on Idranel's article in 1d4chan.

If it helps, here's the D&D name generator, which includes female half-orc names. That should give you a few ideas.


>> No.27350698


Hells bells this week was stupidly eventful, but now I should have some time to do some stuff. Currently on my to-do list is doing something involving the different Tau Castes (Water is done) and lucky Gue'vesa, but I'm open to suggestions.

Be warned, though, that I'm a vanilla and sappy kind of writer. Be prepared for unexpected feels with your fap.

>> No.27350701

I saw the unbarred one a minute ago. If there's a cup at all, it ain't flat. Hence why it's called flat.

>> No.27350704

Harsh, throaty sounds are your friend, like Gr-, -lk, Kr-, and so on. For example,


Similarly, just slap an -a on an orc name.

>> No.27350732

Can anyone point me to some Milf Gaunt stuff? Can't find anything besides scraps.

>> No.27350736

Could you call ANY of those out during sex?
I'm writing porn over here.

>> No.27350753

Sounds like a german girl I know.

>> No.27350765

Its an orc, man. Names should sound like a battlecry and sex should be more dangerous than war.

>> No.27350777

I see. I thought it just meant smaller than average, but no matter. Besides, it sounds better than "NO ELDAR TINY TITS FOR YOU".

In that case, you could try for the idea up there.>>27350305

Alternately, do you think you could manage something between a guy and an angel? Bonus points for a depiction of sex while she's flying with him.

Against all odds, that /d/ thread from two weeks ago is still up. It should have some.

>> No.27350791

Oh, and you may want to repost the water caste one for the guys who missed it the first time.

>> No.27350832

Your poetry has me. Grunja it is.

>> No.27351086

Could you continue to draw?

Anything? Please? Because you're awesome, you know that?

>> No.27351231

I remember a comic involving a hive tyrant lady with enhanced senses, was that just a one off?

>> No.27351352

Yours are pretty expressive as they are if you ask me.

>> No.27351457

But your faces are plenty expressive. Guess you could practice....maybe more faces like these.

>> No.27351465


Next part of Seeding Midnight appears to be up. Thanks, JustAnotherWritefag!

>> No.27351466

can /tg/ deliver an archive link to Weekend Smut Thread 1?

>> No.27351467

Good news, everyone!

Part 3 of Seeding Midnight is complete. Tomorrow Part 4. This bit is longer and much more lore/plot-heavy, with only some sex-wrestling towards the end.

I had hoped to have more sex, but I decided to cut it here, since scene-writing was taking it out of me. Part Four will contain much more, as much sex as I can imagine, in as many fantastic combinations as possible.

Part Three can be found here:

For refreshers, check Part One: 6TGLJm0V
and Part Two: vTQc6HQf

As always, bonus writing will go to those who are so kind as to provide lovely delicious arts. Enjoy.

>> No.27351485

Wow you're quick. >_>

>> No.27351493

I got lucky, what can I say.

>> No.27351498

What the fuck, do you just sit there refreshing that shit?

>> No.27351542

It was a coincidence. My browser had to restart, and I had his pastebin profile open as one of the tabs. Apparently it restarted just before he posted. Weird.

>> No.27351613

Drawing is pretty pathological in my case. I don't think I could stop even if I wanted.

Maybe, but they're nowhere near as good as some of the stuff I'm currently reading... Freaking Tracy Butler...

>> No.27351651


Posting links isn't against the rules right? To just cover my ass more, the link above is NSFW.

>> No.27351678

Oooh lala.
I like dat eager Sister while purging two fiendish heretics.
But she needs some "ranch" to cover her yummy face and such.

>> No.27351728

So is there literally *no* way of getting Lewdanons brilliant artworks somewhere uncensored?

>> No.27351766

There is, but you won't like it. Go ahead and ask me on /x/ if you really want to step into the dark side.

>> No.27351783

>but you won't like it.

I'd drab my ballsack over a sea of glass shards my good anon.

How to I contact you on /x/?

>> No.27351794


>> No.27351797

You're too nice. I'm sorry anon. There is no way.

>> No.27351798

I think he's yanking your chain, good sir. I can assure you, there is no way to obtain nsfw lewdanon artwork. oristhere[/spoiler[

>> No.27351817


>> No.27351829

> mutthread.jpg

>> No.27351874

Relax Anon, I'll post some uncensored Clown-Yriel buttsecks once I'm done.

>> No.27351875

But we love you lewd..and thats all that matters

>> No.27351877


Have people decided that this chick isnt interesting enough to keep drawing?

>> No.27351894

Maybe. I have no idea, but none of the -chans except Cultist were particularly interesting anyway.

>> No.27351902

Sonya Blade?

>> No.27351931


No steel legion chan???

>> No.27351940

> actually had drawn it
Holy. Fuck.

>> No.27351955

cata-chan is best waifu

>> No.27351991

Armaggedon-chan disguised herself as a man under those coats and masks, so she's kept off of all known imperial records.

>> No.27351994

Oh snap need more....I've already exhausted the rule 34's SoB pics.

>> No.27352005

Thank you very much, I appreciate it.

>> No.27352009

Oh dear christ yes.

>> No.27352030

And no imperial navy chan?

>> No.27352050

Dunno why on that one.

But the Steel Legion girl is probably flat, boyish and the type to own a strapon.

>> No.27352059


>> No.27352073

Lurkin' for lewds.

>> No.27352090

This post explains why Imperial Navy girl was also missing on bust assessment day.

>> No.27352123

> females
> in the navy

No strap-on is harder than the Steel Legion.
She's got very short nails and a big bottle of sanctified gun oil.

>> No.27352140


But what about Freaky Faerun?

>> No.27352149

Best Guardsmen get Best Girl, it's only natural.

>> No.27352152

Given the way they load the guns onboard Imperial Navy ships, I like to imagine this fucktrain of guys and gals rocking back and forth from munitorum to main gun, passing shells from hand to hand.

Close Order drill is vital in the Imperial Navy, after all.


>> No.27352155


>> No.27352181

It's a comin', freaky fanboys. Will upload either tonight or tomorrow aswell. I really hope this story will wrap up by part 3 at the latest, unlike Seeding Midnight, which just seems to keep getting longer and longer the more I write. Some stories get like that, I guess.

>> No.27352202

You say that like it's a bad thing.

>> No.27352250

Hey y'all niggas I was having a conversation with a friend about a fapfic I wanted to make about a Howling Banshee and a spehss mehrine gettin' it on with their FORBIDDEN LOVE, and a question I didn't know how to research came up.

Can an Eldar woman bear a bi-racial child? I assume not with a space marine (for obvious reasons) but what about humans and shit?

I'm not asking if it's likely or possible societally, but biologically.

>> No.27352270

Space Marines can reproduce with humans (resulting in ordinary humans who are prime candidates for indoctrination into the Astartes) and there's been at least one canon Half-Eldar, so I assume so.

I'm still waiting on Black Templar/Sister of Battle slashfic.

>> No.27352298

Well, Lofn is /tg/ headcannon, and I've never heard of it stated outright in GW canon. Just vaguely alluded to a couple of places. So I suppose it's one of those things where your 40K can be whatever you make of it.

Speaking of half-breeds, about how old is Lofn around the time of the Star Child thing ELH wrote? I'm finding it difficult to write without knowing how "mature" she is. Lack of perspective.

>> No.27352308

According to that thread, it was canon but got retconned. You can do whatever you want with it, I'm sure.

>> No.27352331

We have Lofn, don't we? That should be proof enough for you.

I don't know if Space Marines are fertile or even capable of doing it, though- even if they were, the hypo-indoctrination would make sure that sex is the last thing on their minds. (An exception could be made for the Space Wolves in regards to their capacity for fucking, but I highly doubt any of them would interact with a xenos in any way other than with violence.

I'm going to go out on a limb and assume that she's in her mid-teens or so.

By the way, how's Extra Large Heresy shaping up so far? I'm sure /tg/ would be quite pleased to have the threesome with Macha and musclecatgirl up soon.

>> No.27352350

Wait I don't get it
What's obvious? Space mariners cannot bear children?

>> No.27352358

She sounded like a teenager or whatever a couple months later in the Innocence Lost fic.....is this for the Taldeer sucky sucky uh oh got caught fic?

>> No.27352361

That's what's believed, yes. Either they can't get it up, they don't have the inclination, or they're just flat-out sterile.

>> No.27352379

Make it with a guardsman instead of a spehss mahren. Guardsman are more relatable.

>> No.27352410

And assuming that they've been recruited rather recently from a world on the frontiers of the Imperium, the anti-xenos bias should be weaker with them as well.

>> No.27352413

I would imagine it would seem pretty heretical to them. They would probably be like just put me under the knife and make it that way. 760 pounds on a 100 lb female might kill her.

For the emperrrooooooorruuuuhhhhh

>> No.27352420

Sounds about right. Probably a bit closer to 12 than 20.

Lofn walking in on her parents is going quite well, but since I'm still busy settling in and being a necromancer I haven't sat down and thought out where I want the current scene with Macha and the catgirl to go.

Probably tomorrow on Lofn, next weekend for the Heresy. I'll try to make it worth the wait.

>> No.27352433

plus there will be less people barging into the thread and reminding everyone that it goes against fluff, as if we don't already know.

>> No.27352448

>While NSFW text should at least be spoilered
Since when was this a rule? People can swear and type whatever the fuck like they on 4chan, as a rule, and using spoilers to hide NSFW material is directly against the stated guidelines.

Pretty sure you can post your typed porn uncensored, guy. Or at least pastebin it. It'll last longer.

>> No.27352452

I was actually trolling for that... this thread has some sort of gello field

>> No.27352486

Please do so. If you want /tg/'s input on the Heresy, feel free to ask us. I'm pretty sure we settled on something having to do with Daemonettes and dragon dildoes a while back that sounded pretty good to me. Plus, a little plot to go with the porn never hurts either.

People were actually asking about it yesterday right before it devolved into bitching about traps.

>> No.27352509

Well, you'll be forgiven as long as you get to making it. Go on, get started.

>> No.27352523

What is the typical population growth of an Imperial Ship? Do they burn the babies for fuel?

>> No.27352559

Smut in the title is a definite Gellar field to those daemons of the chan.

>> No.27352569

No, you get multiple generations doing the jobs their families have for hundreds of years, in some cases.

>> No.27352581

Will there be some super lewd details and maybe a little moment of vouyer Lofn seeing Taldeer just devouring LIIVIs cock and cum....just curious.

>> No.27352582

>mfw I forget to get rid of the name I was using for Dawn of Worlds thread.

>> No.27352586

Are you calling the writefags daemons?

>> No.27352608

I think he's referring to the trolls on the rest of the board.

>> No.27352617

Buuuut they do get to have sex, pick mates, some sort of dating system? I can imagine any of it being that grim with some wet puss

>> No.27352627

Well, I've got most of it written. I might dump it tonight if I wrap up in the next half hour or so.

And yes, there is some detail and some voyeurism.

>> No.27352646


>> No.27352651


>> No.27352657

Can i get a link to the previous thread? I missed it.

>> No.27352669

I don't know... I remember reading something about that is all. On really old ships you get crew that are like 20th generation or something. I assume that yes, the crew to pick their own partners.
Then again this is 40k, so...

>> No.27352701

Servitors come and jerk you off then shove it in your wife. "Jobs done"

>> No.27352731

Those poor poor servitors.

>> No.27352771

That's probably done on some ships.

On an unrelated subject, does anybody remember Love and Krieg, and the assorted stories we had with it? Would anybody be up for writing something in that same vein, but with more smut?

>> No.27352785

Kind of want to be a writefag. I don't play the game as much as I'd like by I read the novels and some of the codices so I reckon I've got a fairly good grasp of the lore and history. I want to write about the Adepta Sororitas and maybe some Eldar for some good old lezzie action but that genre seems saturated. What does /tg/ think is a good place to start?

Or in an unrelated question, what kind of stories does /tg/ wish they saw more of?

>> No.27352800

I just re-read that a couple days ago, actually.
Somebody needs to write one of the Krieger girls discovering the concept of blowjobs and assuming that it's standard practice to wake their partner with one every morning.
I rough, fast, through and entirely effective one, as befits their reputation for efficiency.

>> No.27352804

OOps, forgot to get rid of name faggotry. Sorry.

>> No.27352809


>> No.27352815

I point you to >>27352771 and >>27352800
Let's get some Kriegers in here.

>> No.27352822

It's been long since pruned. And most of it was just people bitching at each other over irrelevant shit, so it's not like you missed anything.

Sounds good. I gotta say, you volunteering to write the "Macha gets laid" fapfic that I requested all those weeks ago was possibly one of the best things that happened to this board OC-wise. I regret nothing except that period of intense sperging between chapters 3 and 4, which honestly was pretty retarded in retrospect.

The guy who originally wrote it said he was considering giving it another shot, but there's nothing stopping you from trying it yourself.

>> No.27352846

I personally enjoy stories of sexual discovery, and stuff not necessarily set in the 40k verse. But if you're set on 40k, I'd love to see some stories about a young fumbling male conscript being shown the ropes, as it were, by a gruff older female commissar. Or a young female tau fire warrioress looking to prove her worth, or something. I like induction-style stuff, and with youth involved, preferably. I have broad tastes in general, though, so write what you like to see, and you'll write with passion, and it'll come across, somewhat.

>> No.27352853

I would but I'm a terrible writer and I really don't want to subject anybody to what would come about.

>> No.27352872

Theres a couple requests normally. uou could just lurk and call dibs on one that strikes your fancy...or just write your own.
I'd vote for the female inquisitor who likrs to sexy time xeno shotas but thats just me.

>> No.27352874

This reminds me of that one post in the elf threat a few days ago.

Y'know, the one about using the elf's ears as handlebars making her orgasm whilst you cum deep in her muffled orgasmic moans...

>> No.27352875

Yeah. Krieger gimps!

>> No.27352886

Gotta love these threads. They're my sources of the lewdest things I've ever heard of, especially that non-sexual cuddling request. Shit's lewder than Hustler.

>> No.27352889

That elf ear thread? Yeah, elven handlebars would be nice.

>> No.27352906

Every morning? Gawd that would get old quick.

Waking from a dream about your lost family - dammit not this shit AGAIN

>> No.27352908

Extra Large Heresy has a fair amount of earplay in it as well.

>> No.27352917

>tfw Lewd draws your lewd request. Take the souls of my unborn children in gratitude

>> No.27352920

Point. I think it was mostly discussing fantasy elves though, something about defiling a so-called 'higher' race.

>> No.27352924

2nding this

>> No.27352959

Hey we could these pica in the Lofn fic edinbro is writing.

>> No.27352963

The machanicus must think they can find a more logical way to do what humans do best, even better.

OK so a flying head literally gives you a blowjob then 9 months later knocks on your door with a baby.

Man wtf servy

>> No.27352975


It had been a long day. Taldeer often found that the fools on the Council always insisted on using the greatest possible force at the smallest possible slight, seemingly oblivious to the fact that the humans would mount a reprisal: even if it was over an inconsequential system, they still had their pride. That was how they worked. That is how they always worked. Of course, most eldar were too busy looking down on her selection of partners to acknowledge that her views had merit, though Eldrad seemed tickled at the idea of a mon'keigh son-in-law.

The warlock at her side guided her back towards her home: somewhat patronizing of the Council to assign her such an escort, as she could have found her way back on her own. Even worse than the grief they had given her after that so-called “Star Child” incident. But it allowed her to mull things over in her head, alone in the darkness that surrounded her, until they arrived and the warlock silently took his leave.

“I have attempted to prepare a local delicacy,” LIIVI offered as Taldeer stepped through the door. A familiar smell, a childhood memory half-forgotten and buried beneath more practical concerns and centuries of experience, told her that he had gotten her mother's stew right. She felt his strong arms wrap around her, and his lips met her own in a brief kiss... one which she stubbornly refused to return.

>> No.27352998

Gah. Elfquest flashbacks!

>> No.27353001

She heard him step away, and silently cursed herself for taking her frustration out on LIIVI, especially when he had been handling her disability with such understanding and poise. He had taken to domestic duties with surprising zeal... was it another mission to him, or was it merely the cold efficiency of a born assassin in service of a warmer heart? “Is the Primary Asset upset?” he asked, the vaguest note of concern evident in his usually monotone voice.

“Yes,” the Farseer admitted before swooping in to deliver a kiss to where she though his cheek was... and accidentally planting it on his neck. No matter. “The Council refused yet again to see reason. I fear many will die needlessly, both eldar and human.”

“I have prepared stew,” LIIVI repeated, attempting to guide his eldar wife to the dinner table.

“... that's not what I want right now,” she whispered. “That's not what I NEED right now...”

>> No.27353008

Will LIIVI be referring to Taldeer as 'Primary Asset'?

>> No.27353019

“Mother never lets me do anything fun,” Lofn muttered as she turned a single seer stone end over end with her mind.

She had “infiltrated” her parents' room while LIIVI was busy with some delicious-smelling stew or other and gotten a hold of the stones... his fault really for teaching her to be so sneaky. Normally she wasn't allowed here – her father kept his Exitus rifle on a special workbench, and her mother's spear and shuriken weapon were here as well on their own shelves. Since they carried them on a regular basis, they found it easier to forbid her to enter their room unattended than to lock them up properly. Lofn was old enough not to accidentally shoot herself now, and had no interest in playing with such deadly tools, but still the prohibition remained.

But right now, the young half-eldar's thoughts were mainly focused on the stone. “Why can't I understand these stupid things?” she hissed, thoroughly vexed by the glowing object. “I learned to shoot father's rifle easily enough, even if I'm not very good at it yet... why can't I learn this too?”

A smirk crept across her face. “If Auntie Macha hadn't run off last week, maybe she could have explained it to me...” Luckily for Lofn, her focus on the stone had slipped to the point she heard footfalls coming up the stairs towards the bedrooms. With a brief moment's panic that caused the small blue stone to fall to the floor, she swiped the set and silently dove for the safety of the closet she had fished them out of, leaving the door only just ajar. Everything had to be EXACTLY the way she had found it, and all she needed to do was wait LIIVI out then sneak away.

But LIIVI wasn't alone.

>> No.27353044

At first, Lofn wondered idly whether she should say something, or simply shut her eyes and pretend she wasn't there. But the way her parents kissed... the way their bodies met... the way their arms went around each other... something about the scene unfolding commanded her attention. She didn't WANT to watch: she HAD to.

Their lips parted, connected for a moment by a thin trail of saliva, before they rejoined again with even greater passion. One of LIIVI's powerfully-build arms held Taldeer close while the other forced its way past her outer garments, quickly and efficiently laying large stretches of her body bare. From the gap between the closet doors, Lofn spied her mother's hands as they undid the fastenings on the black fatigues her father wore when he wasn't fighting. With rapt attention, the half-eldar watched on as they stepped away from the pile of clothing, one of LIIVI's hands on Taldeer's back and the other lost amid her raven-black hair as he lowered her to their bed.

“I have needed this, lover mon'keigh,” Taldeer purred, eying the bulge in the human assassin's undershorts as he knelt over her.

>> No.27353078

“Then I shall render assistance, Taldeer,” LIIVI replied as he tossed a pair of panties towards the closet door: they would have hit his daughter in the face had the doors been a bit wider open. Lowering her head to investigate the discarded clothing, Lofn swore she could smell her mother's excitement.

Taldeer, meanwhile, had slid her husband's shorts off, and grasped him by the balls. “Fuck me senseless,” she commanded. “I want to forget how pissed-off I am at the damned Council, so you have free reign to fuck me until I can't even walk anymore... then fuck me even more, until I can't think straight. Until. I'm. INSENSATE.” Lofn blushed silently at the unguarded lust in her mother's voice. She rarely heard her mother swear, and DEFINTELY never seen her be so... so much like her aunt.

“Primary Asset request acknowledged,” LIIVI responded as he thrust down into her.

Lofn lost track of time as she silently watched the spectacle. It could have been minutes, or hours. She didn't know. She saw her parents doing things she couldn't have even imagined before: after pumping Taldeer for some time from above, LIIVI lay back and allowed the farseer to suck him clean. She did so with an almost zealous passion, her mouth making lewd little slurps as she worked him over base to tip. The young half-eldar's eyes went wide as her father finally lost control, spraying his wife's face with his seed before she managed to get her lips back down over the tip. From her vantage point in the closet, Lofn could see her mother swallow hard several times before it was done.

>> No.27353080

Oh loardy is dis some moar Love Blooming inna Taldeer. I feel the lewd overtaking me.

>> No.27353103


>> No.27353116

I don't want to give anything away but so far my idea was thus: As an infant, the inquisitor's family is killed, but she is spared by an Eldar Farseer (need to do more research on that) and she is thrown into the Schola Progenia. When she grows up she joins the Inquisition Ordo Xenos and quickly moves up the ranks. She makes it her secret life;s work to find the Eldar who saved her and who now occupies her dreams nearly nightly. Along the way she picks up a young orphan girl, seeing much of herself in her. Despite her efforts, she slowly begins to love her tag-along as she searches for her other obsession: the Eldar.

I've got more stuff in mind but that's the rough detail of the first few chapters.

>> No.27353129

>She HAD rarely heard

It was about the time Taldeer started begging LIIVI to “pound her tight little ass with his big mon'keigh cock” that Lofn began to notice something. Between her legs, there was a foreign sensation of wetness and heat... Auntie Macha used to use a wraithbone rod, but for a more petite, younger girl a single seer stone should be sufficient. As Taldeer moaned indecently to her partner, who in his turn pressed her up against the headboard and reamed her as hard as he could, Lofn slid the seer stone down the front of her skirt and into her shorts.

As she sat in silence, taking in the sensation of the cold, smooth stone nestled just inside her, Lofn realized that LIIVI had begun to work her mother's ears. The eldar was practically mewling in pleasure at his touch. Feeling curious, Lofn stroked her own ears and found them suddenly sensitive to the point she had to stifle a surprised gasp. Fascinating. Had they always been like that? Perhaps if she used a little more force... yes, that was good. Oh, Gods she could get used to that...

“FUCK YES!” Taldeer wailed as she finally climaxed, her convulsions forcing some of LIIVI's cum to spurt out onto the floor and her shout interrupting Lofn's experimentation. “ISHA, YES! FILL ME WITH YOUR FILTHY MON'KEIGH SPERM!”

Then her voice trailed off, as she noticed the closet doors opening. Her jaw dropped as Lofn stepped out without a word of explanation, having decided she could no longer stand the tension, her eyes communicating a degree of vague dissociation. Even though she could not see her daughter, she the Farseer could hear her footsteps.

>> No.27353161

“... Lofn?” Taldeer croaked. “Is that you honey?”

LIIVI's eyes widened in disbelief. “Secondary Asset, you should not be here.”

“I... this is... I mean we... wrestling?” Taldeer sputtered as another long strand of cum dripped from between her thighs.

“I'll be in my room.” Lofn offered quietly before turning to leave: the seer stone, unbeknownst to her parents, still tucked neatly amid her tight folds.[/spoiler}

Perhaps Auntie Macha wasn't as weird as the half-eldar thought after all.

>> No.27353183

I like where this is going masturbation is my fetish

>> No.27353203

>she the
>second proofreading error of the night
That's all. And since it's past one in the morning I'll lurk a bit before passing out.

>> No.27353209


>> No.27353223

Good show, there's far too little Taldeer/LIIVI.

>> No.27353270

This fic is delicious. And theres even room for a slice of life epilogue/ sequel.
>mfw lofn finally gets the talk just in time for some Star Child shenanigans

>> No.27353280

This entire story is my fetish.

>> No.27353298

Of course I remember it. I made one of those posts.

>> No.27353310

Good work. Though I have to wonder exactly WHAT Macha had told Lofn before this. And at that matter, how the Craftworld (both Ulthwe and Biel-Tan) reacted to her delivering the news that she was no longer the Ever Virgin.

>> No.27353321

Sounds good to me. Upload it to pastebin when you've done your first segment. :) Happy to give constructive feedback too.

>> No.27353332

Oh god, my dick right now. I think I might extend my DnD characters' initial trip to the enchantress and have them come across an elf on the way.

>> No.27353349

Do it.

Great stuff. I hope we get a scene of Lofn having some fun on her own.

Anyway I've been doing modelling while lurking on here and I'm getting a headache from the glue fumes. I'm going to bed. Somebody make sure to archive this so I can read it in the morning.

>> No.27353350

Has anyone done a femdom fapfic?

>> No.27353351


>> No.27353364

But apparently there are breaks on the musclecat train...

Love your work, though.

>> No.27353365

There were a number of them written back when Elesh Norn was /tg/ waifu.

>> No.27353377

Off the top of my head, Seeding Midnight and Hesperax's Pet.

>> No.27353402

Foolz is back up, so you can use that. But I think this one might be good for at least a few more hours.

>> No.27353419

You're the best anon ever

never settle down with someone, it'll ruin /tg/'s fantasies.


>> No.27353433

Wait, Lewd is a ca/tg/irl?


>> No.27353519


Or are you taking time to make it good? Sorry...

>> No.27353528

>Hesperax's Pet

I think someone did a SoB fic too. Or DEldar

>> No.27353592

It's on 1d4chan, though it hasn't gotten overly lewd just yet. Hopefully ELH will pull through by tomorrow so I can find what he meant by "using an acolyte like a swing set".

Why it took that long for someone to write smut starring the Queen of Comorragh is an enigma.

>> No.27353611

There was an awesome fanfic about homunculus and SoB he treated. I have nothing but a pic (which a have list), but I thing it has to be absolutely hilarious.

>> No.27353633

I have been looking for it for a long time.
tg-anon, help!

>> No.27353710

Can someone put this up on 1d4chan? I'd do it if I wasn't typing from my phone here.

>> No.27353730

If Lewd wasn't a ca/tg/irl before she's a ca/tg/irl now.

>> No.27353781

Nonesense, Lewd is a Lewd Elemental, who exists only in the drawings it makes. It is fueled by our censor-bar induced sexual frustration.

>> No.27353962

Do you remember her or her sisters, /tg/?
Anyone want to do a lewd about her?

>> No.27353983

If Lewdanon makes sexual explicit imagery that is censored, does that mean their evil twin, Prudeanon, makes tasteful imagery that has uncensored nudity?

>> No.27354015

Never heard of her.

I can do it. Anyone got a good title for the fic? I got nothing, but I'll try to pull something out of my ass if nobody else can give me a suggestion.

>> No.27354027


>> No.27354045

Ehhhhhh. I only liked Someone Else's bits for that little project, and even then not all that terribly much. Most liked it still less. Might be best to just let that one lie.

>> No.27354067

That explains it. That whole thing devolved into a tripfag circlejerk and wasn't written too well to begin with. It was all just an excuse to make Rule 63 of the Primarchs anyway.

>> No.27354076

I hope you enjoy my latest work.

>> No.27354092

Ugh, anatomy is shit. Get good, fag. >>>/ic/

>> No.27354102

Link to the SoB femdom fic?

>> No.27354136

>Rule 63 of the Primarchs.
No one would want to write a lewd of this outside of WHH?

>> No.27354179

Last time somebody tried that, it died due to a horde of enraged neckbeards declaring it heresy.

>> No.27354240

This is a lewd thread though, I doubt it would have the same response. considering that these threads killed the long standing 'meme' of Macha's virginity, I doubt autistic neckbeards could hate us even more than they already do.

>> No.27354247

I wouldn be opposed to some WHH rape fics. Seeing all those perfect special snowflake primarch daughters, getting mindbroken in front of their self-insert husbandos...


>> No.27354339

But I AM an autistic neckbeard. and it was my initial request to see Macha get laid that kicked this whole thing off to start with. (No, I didn't think to take a screenshot. Would've done so if I knew what was going to happen because of it.)

Odds are that the only people who will really object are the remaining WHH circlejerkers, and they're barely ever around anyway. I say go for it.

>> No.27354365

Hey c'mon I dont necessairly think thats something to be proud off. We are anonymous for a good reason.

>> No.27354392

Right...I gotta keep that misplaced pride in check more often before I'm lynched by angry neckbeards.

>> No.27354405

Uhh...I think theres some buried. If someone can take the request then that be just swell.

>> No.27354415

Theres one, but the actual sex is boring and the buildup is way too long.

>> No.27354430

I don't know about any stories, but I think there were a few pictures done.

Also, I don't know how you guys can write this stuff so easily. I've been working for an hour or so and still haven't reached the sex yet. It's all characterization and scene-setting.

>> No.27354444

Wait, what were you working on again?

>> No.27354453

I say damn the market and go for it.

Besides, saturated lesbians are the best lesbians.

>> No.27354459

I have a half started story somewhere about some Imperial Army Guardsman who ends up in correspondence with one of the daughters. You can kind of see where this on is going...

And if you can't, here's a hint "We regret to inform you"

That and the dude is about as nonselfinsert as I could get him and was going to die a rather nasty death due to an IED going off basically in his face[/spoiler

>> No.27354464

M-Rogue Trader/F-Farseer. Kinda soft femdomish. I meant to start it a few weeks back, but things got way too busy until now.

>> No.27354498

See, more of that sort of story and the thing wouldn't be hated so much. That's got the proper 40k grimdarkness to it while still having room for a touch of tenderness.

>> No.27354499

Thats melodramatic angstfaggotry that defines WHH. I just wanna see some WHH sluts get raped.

>> No.27354508


>> No.27354510


This is aweful....

>> No.27354519

Oh yeah, that one. Better late than never, I guess.

Also, Lofn's little walk-in has now been immortalized in 1d4chan.


>> No.27354538


Just don't complain if you have to wade through 600-700 words before things get lewd.

>> No.27354568

I've got time.

>> No.27354570

>Just don't complain if you have to wade through 600-700 words before things get lewd.
That few? Shit, I've dragged on for more than a thousand words before I even hit foreplay in a one-off scene. You're fine.

>> No.27354582

And Part 2 of Freaky Faerun is done, for all you genderswap DnD fetish-lovers.

Can be found below.


>> No.27354588

mtgfag here, i feel like writing some lewd after getting my shit kicked in at my first prerelease.

ready to take requests

>> No.27354610

Elesh Norn getting raped by a hoard of Mirs, following the other three fics on the subject.

>> No.27354696


Still working on the succubus d'aaaw, but thought I'd throw some ideas(Not smut-centered, mind you) out there since I think they fit the bill.

Although it could have been a better game, I think a narrative of Soulstorm could be an interesting one. One story I thought of doing was following the Karauva conflict from the viewpoint of the Imperial Guard and, more specifically, Vance Motherfucking Stubbs.

My second idea was a more personal one but in the same setting, based around an Imperial Sniper and Eldar Ranger working together to survive and wreck shit behind enemy lines.

Do either of those sound interesting, or am I wasting my time?

>> No.27354700

Indeed. The more i write, the more I want to write, to flesh out the characters, to clarify, to expand, and to contextualise the world they inhabit. Seeding Midnight part 3 is almost 2000 words of just scene setting and expanding because I felt I was too vague in the prior 2 parts. I even read up on the Drow as depicted in DnD to get some details right, though as always I was fluid to create the right effects and ensure ero-naughtyness could happen.

My point is, write as much as you feel you need to. Then rely on someone smart to edit for you. Or just post a rambly mess like me.

>> No.27354719

>Imperial Sniper and Eldar Ranger
Sounds cool, go for it.

>> No.27354723

Vance Motherfucking Stubbs fucking all the Mothers of the Eldar, Tau, orcs and heretics would be amusing, but a straight narrative making Soulstorm an interesting, deep story would also be pretty darn impressive. Plus, can't say we in /tg/ dont love our 40k-fic, smutty or no.

>> No.27354737

There's a difference between ANGSTY MELODRAMA and sad story. It's all in how you approach the subject matter and how much you expect the reader to infer. Oh, and also in how you handle the reactions of characters. Angsty would be bursting into tears. Sad would be stunned silence, followed by a quiet exit because they need time to comprehend this information.

That and honestly, the trooper gives less than a nanofuck about the correspondence.

>> No.27354738

Both seem good to me, seeing that most of us tend to forget Soulstorm exists. For the latter, don't forget the lewd.

>> No.27354744

>everyone doing 40k
>have no interest in 40k setting

>> No.27354754


That's cool. I'm not sure I'll get it done tonight, but we'll see.

Kinda basing the Farseer's looks on how Rie Rasmussen looked in Angel-A.

>> No.27354774

>600-700 words
You are small-time. One of my random fics has eleven times that before the characters get at it.

>> No.27355054



>> No.27355093

Dat pic on the bottom. Think theres another pic we could put in.

>> No.27355149

In this thread or somewhere else?

Also, pardon my formatting. I still haven't quite got the hang of making new articles from scratch. I'm also trying to get them linked up- a fair amount of good fics on 1d4chan never see the light of day because they have no links leading to them.

>> No.27355294

...hmm it was something else and it had lofn and ripper watching taldeer suck a hock while facejizzed. Its probably in the archive foolz. Dont get me wrong the page looks good. Just think ee could add another one.

>> No.27355350

True, but she didn't have the ripper with her that time. But that's just splitting hairs now.

We did pretty good today- it's the first time we haven't derailed ourselves in weeks. Anyone willing to bet we'll get just as much shit done tomorrow?

>> No.27355360

I know this feel. Just ask for your request and maybe someone will do it. There was a couple writeguys who werent too keen on 40k but did other stuff.

>> No.27355378

I'd like to second the GuardsmanxHowling Banshee request if anyone wants to do that one.

>> No.27355424

TF writefag here, anyone got any requests?

>> No.27355425

I am a writeguy. But 90% of the discussion here is 40k.

>> No.27355442

What HR hammer should I get for MoaH?

>> No.27355451

That doesn't mean you can't write up something yourself. Any form of smut is appreciated here, no matter what it's based off of.

>> No.27355487

Any chance for an angry elf elfeminist beating the hell and dominating a neckbeard for joking 'elf slave wut do'

>> No.27355488

I... I just told you I'm writing things. Only DnD things, but it's not 40k. Maybe if I were faster I could drum up more talk.

>> No.27355492

If it's generic-setting or a setting I know, I might take a crack at it. What's your poison?

>> No.27355499

I'd love to see some lewd art of that, to be sure.

>> No.27355520

I totally am not plotting a way for them to molest an elf right now. Not at all.

If you're okay with mind control, some of that in VtM would be awesome. I generally prefer higher fantasy like DnD, but that's what I'm working with already myself.

>> No.27355578

Why are you all such terrible writers? What happened to Xiombarg's Storyteller?

>> No.27355584

Sorry, don't know a whole lot about hammers. Just aim for sharpness and raw, in that order.

>> No.27355603

That's how it usually goes, I guess. I still want to make a MH PnP someday.

>> No.27355612

Drive-by insults are way too obvious.

What kind of DnD things?

>> No.27355614

She's around, somewhere. Doesn't write much anymore, that I know.

Also, please note that asking why the people here are shit writers is like walking in to a highshool art room and asking why the fuck Michelangelo isn't around.

>> No.27355641

I saw her once a few weeks ago, but that's it. She did mention that she might whip something up for these threads eventually, though.

Which game and which monster? I'm a MH3U vet, so if it's from there I can help.

>> No.27355663

IN THE CURRENT EPISODE: Our youngish protag gets dragged (by a female half-orc) out of his dull life as a terrible town guard to go meet the enchantress that cursed his fate before his birth. The journey's gonna take a couple chapters and I hope I won't set off any Jamie/Brienne alarms, and my current boner demands that they molest an elf along the way.

>MH3U vet
Hue. 3U, yeah, looking to clear MoaH in HR gear.

>> No.27355686

Youngish now meaning about seventeen give or take a year, I should add.

>> No.27355700

I'm very much okay with mind control, but I don't know enough World of Darkness to write a good fic in that setting. sorry.

>> No.27355734

I'm gonna write this. I'm also going to put it in fantasy Rome. I hope that's okay with you.
If not, deal with it.

>> No.27355747

Ah, that's alright then. If you wanted to join me in DnD, the enchanting school of magic is ripe for that and at least half of it was probably made by someone who has this fetish. Feeblemind and animal trance together might come out very lewd, for example.

>> No.27355754

Mark of a Hero? Hoo boy, that was a royal pain in the ass. To be honest, I'd suggest just putting it off until you get some halfway decent G-Rank gear. Focus on the Grongigas Hammer- its sharpness could be better, but it has a ton of raw damage and awakens into the Slime element (and quite a bit of it as well). Get the Rath Soul Z set as fast as you can- it's got a nice mixture of skills (Crit Eye+3, Earplugs that can be gemmed into HGE, and Mind's Eye). Weapon-wise, pick up the maxed Brachydios hammer until you get Grongigas.

By the way, the quest after MoaH is Alatreon. Good luck with that.

>> No.27355776

I'm a big fan of classic old world of Darkness, so I might do some fic in that verse at some point. Maybe after I finish Freaky Faerun tomorrow.

>> No.27355784

She had better have a novelty pilum-shaped strapon.

>> No.27355790

That's the thing, I want to clear it in HR gear before I move to G Rank. I know it's been done before, and I have a lot of room for improvement.

If it leads to mind control, I support it.

>> No.27355847

The thing is that the monsters all have G-rank attack power, even though the game never mentions it to you. Bring as many healing items as you can, as well as a Farcaster for a hasty retreat. And be sure one of the Shakas has the Ultimate Mask- every moment the monsters are attacking them is one where they aren't hitting you. None of them have a weakness in common (except Dragon, which you may not have access to if you're unlucky with rustshards), hence my suggestion to use slime. Armor with Evasion boosts will also be a lifesaver.

Also, try to make them hit each other with their attacks. It may not look like it, but they can damage each other by accident, and that can help a lot.

>> No.27355877

>monsters hitting each other
>players hitting each other
Seriously, PERFECT for a d20 game with a creative GM.

>> No.27355943

Oh, Mark of a Hero!
I wasn't quite able to understand the acronym because I am dumb and also inhumanly exhausted.
The most common tip is just letting Brachydios kill Azure Los.

Perfect is a strong word and that's talk for another thread, ja?
I could totally write some monster porn though.

>> No.27355989

She's still here. She showed up in another thread a week or two ago and is supposedly working on something unspeakably lewd and horrifying for one of these fapfic threads.

>> No.27356002

I think there was a planescape one with some feminization, but it was actually a torturefic.

>> No.27356506

So we're in autosage now. We gonna have some stuff for tomorrow ready, right?

>> No.27356521

Eh, it's not easy for all of us...
Hell, one time a Fanfic-of-a-fanfic snippet I came up with but couldn't continue with got someone to commission fanart of the namesake couple...
...The horrible feels when you can't live up to your own hype...


Cow Girls always go over well from my experience, so Female Minotaur TF?

>> No.27356734

I love this picture. The goofy grin and wagging tail next to the no-doubt terrified hunter really makes me smile.
>N'aaawwww, he's just playing!

>> No.27357147

Correct me if I'm wrong, but would I be correct in assuming we're done for the night?

>> No.27357221

Pretty much, I'm certainly not going to do any Lewdings tonight...

>> No.27357388

Thought so. Well, see you all tomorrow, then. With any luck we'll get some more shit done (hopefully Deathleaper's Fangirl will have her fic ready or ELH will upload the next part of Hesperax's Pet- those ones are looking good so far).

>> No.27357676

> Finally wake up
> Come back to thread with Part 3 sorta done
> See Edinbro did a masterful job linking multiple fics

I guess I'll go eat breakfast, then get on Lelith for next thread.

>> No.27357773

Jesus, you're a heavy sleeper. You've been conked out for 12 hours now. Well, you know what to do from here.

>> No.27357830

I'm wondering: How long does a story have to be before it becomes too long? I'm at about two thousand words and haven't even started on the main stuff yet. Nothing lewd either so I'm worried people won't keep reading. I'm still setting up the MC's backstory

>> No.27357913

There's no real limit, as long as the pacing is right. But you might want to get to the good stuff sooner rather than later- it's a fapfic, not the next Great American Novel.

>> No.27357954


> "Oh Isha... you'e writing another one of those stupid smut stories again, aren't you?'
> "Actually no, dear sister. I'm making the next Great Eldarian Novel."
> "...You have my attention, do go on."
> "It's all about a mixed-race Eldar trying to find her way in the universe."
> "...You leave Lofn out of this."
> "...My ex is banging your daughter."
> "WHAT?!"

>> No.27357972

>Implying it can't be both...
Do you even Shades of Gray Anon?

>> No.27357989

That was neither great nor a novel. It couldn't even get BDSM right.

>> No.27358018

That has GOT to go into Innocence Lost somewhere.

>> No.27358056

I was just wondering if it would be better to jump into the smut early on rather than build up the character first. So far that's what I'm doing. Story starts off as MC as a toddler, then going through the schola progenia and then becoming an inquisitor. I'll add some smut when she's older and getting it on with herself and then the sex scenes can start once she's an inquisitor.

>> No.27358085

You can skip the toddler bits- you can throw those in as a flashback or something. First you have to get your audience's attention, then you can go into the dryer stuff.

>> No.27358153

The toddler stuff is just there to explain how her parents died and how she ended up in the schola. I guess it would be easier to add those in a flashback. Should have done that 2,500 words ago. Fuck.

Meh, I always have to do multiple drafts anyway. Cheers, buddy.

>> No.27358183

Do any writefriends take requests? I'd like a fic with femdom, feminization and pegging.

>> No.27358198

Sure I'll-
Well okay that's a commi-
>and pegging
B-but I poop from there!

>> No.27358202

>dryer stuff
>No adorable baby inquisitor mouthing an eldar doll's ear and drooling
Dis nigga.

>> No.27358206

Welp, finally finished that, and I'm sorry but there is no novelty pilum-pegging. There's feet and a ruined orgasm, though.

>> No.27358218

They all do, but most have turned in for the night right about now. Try again when tomorrow's thread goes up.

>> No.27358241

Sunstone is a better example of bondage and romance being weaved into one narrative. Hell, it even has lesbians and crossdressing in it and is still more tasteful than 50 Shades.

>> No.27358243

Oh Macha, I hope you had your helmet on when you told her.
>tfw Taldeer feels bad about being a mother...until she realizes that Lofn is dating a respawned god. Which in terms of having a son in law is bretty good.

>> No.27358280

It certainly ruined my orgasm- I could feel it all the way from here, and it hurts like fucking hell.

>> No.27358345

Can someone do a Breaking in Fritz fapfic?

Based off Armored Renegade Quest

>> No.27358349

Oh boy, I cant wait!

>> No.27358360

Ewww, gross. Keep to your own threads.

>> No.27358384

what are you, a /d/eviant in a non-futa thread?

>> No.27358422

Dont bring /d/ into this, but if you must make that analogy, questfags are like those faggots who think every thread NEEDS to have more dickgirls in it and cant understand why people hate them for it.

>> No.27358424

Well-written, love the footjob bit, not so much digging the ballstomp.

>> No.27358427

I will consider this fic a success, then. It's good to know your writing has affected someone.
I don't know what happened while I was writing this, I'm not even into feet or ruined orgasms.

>> No.27358428


> "Mom! Dad! I'm home! There's someone here I want you to meet! Wait...why is the living room completely destroyed?"
> "Primary Assest: Cease hostilities, this course of action is inefficient."
> "Yeah Sis, listen to your husband. Throwing furniture at me isn't going to stop the Star Child from...Oh! Hi Lofn, Fennias!"
> "Hey Macha, long time no see. Sorry about bailing last time, but grats on the sex."
> "Oh, right...Hello Ms. Taldeer, Mr. LIIVI. I'm Fennias, or the Star Child, or the Emperor. But you can just call me..."
> "He didn't 'violate me,' mom. Unless you want to call what you and dad do on the weekends as..."
> Taldeer runs into her room crying in frustration and embarrassment
> "...I will have to calm the Primary Asset soon. But it is good to see you, my liege."
> "Ugh, don't bow LIIVI. I know those idiots I left in charge back on Terra insist on it, but I don't like it."
> "As the Holy One commands."
> "...Look, I'm dating your daughter, not basing a religion around her...actually that might be a good idea..."
> "Oh stop it you two. Listen, Dad, we were planning on going out to eat later. Think you can get Mom calmed down by then?"
> "Doubtful, but I will try."
> LIIVI leaves
> "So...how many positions have you all done?"
> "Isha damn it, Aunty."

>> No.27358456

> "Have you done that thing I taught you yet? You know, with your plasma pistol and her Eye of Terror?"

>> No.27358459 [DELETED] 

We should submit this and the whole LCB saga strait to GW and goad them into making it an official part of the canon. Black Library is basically a fanfic company now anyway, so they may as well learn to put out some good ones for once.

>> No.27358497

>smut is okay but quests are not.

Yeah ok.


>> No.27358507

Make it happen. You know they'd read it.

>> No.27358511

FFG would probably be a better choice.

They have put /tg/ stories into canon before

>> No.27358519

>40K plot finally moves forward
>its nothing but shota dickings and SOL shenanigans
>with some wacky interludes starring /tg/ homebrews

>> No.27358563

(forgot stuff in original version of post)

We should submit this, Extra Large Heresy, and the whole LCB saga straight to GW and goad them into making it an official part of the canon. Black Library is basically a fanfic company now anyway, so they may as well learn to put out some good ones for once.

Besides, there's no official novelization of Dark Crusade anyway, so it'll have to be canon by default.

Yes, but making it into a full-fledged novel would be better still.

How could that possibly be a bad thing? We all know that the fans would eat it right up.

>> No.27358583

It's late and I'm too tired to write. Have a dryad falling in love instead.

>> No.27358613


> "Hey man, did you see the news? GW is going to be making a Fennias miniature!"
> "Oh god, please tell me he's wielding a plasma pistol."
> "Yup, and he totally has a few Star Child special abilities too."
> "Does he synergize well with the Lofn miniature?"
> "Oh yeah! If they're within two squares of each other, he can do this thing with her eye of terror..."
> "...God damn nerds. This used to be a grimdark universe for MEN."
> "Shut up Steve and go back to your stupid trading cards."
> "No, my deck is still talking to me."
> "And *we're* the weird ones."

>> No.27358662

>Lol Macha being an Eskimo Sister to Lofn.
Fennias will always remember Macha's cock hungry mouth consuming his cum and rubbing it on her cheeks, which ironically is why Macha never got the time to put it in her southern end as she spent too much time in admittedly depraved foreplay. Anyways Lofn and Fennias make an adorable couple, very good.

>> No.27358664

>How could that possibly be a bad thing?
You act like I said it was.
>"Just don't field Lofn any time someone else is fielding Blue. Goddamn, those Funstikk bonuses are overpowered."
>"I know, right? Who the fuck thought giving her bonuses to frontal assault and rear armor penetration was balanced?"

>> No.27358692

>that talking deck
Now that was glorious.

>> No.27358725

Spit roasting is best bonus. Unf.

>> No.27358748

They were just about to get to it right when Taldeer walked in.

Anyway, I'm sure ELH has more than enough material to get started on Innocence Lost by now. Maybe after he gets chapter 3 of Hesperax's Pet ready he can start on that.

>> No.27358761

Not spitroasting, plugging the basement. Its a double-headed dildo, after all.

>> No.27358831

/tg/canon is best canon. Always has been.

>> No.27358858

As long as shota emperor got sucked off by redhead ever virgin, that's good enough for me.

>> No.27358878

Former ever virgin now, but whatever. They have GOT to start putting locks on the craftworld doors more often.

>> No.27358965

Thats a double ended dildo, not a double headed one. Cmon man, I even provided a picture of the funstikk. Use your brain here.

>> No.27359006

I was making a reference god. Requim of a Dream?
How was I supposed to know all the various angles that double headed dildos come in, I don't have the Bad Dragon catalog open on another tab.

>> No.27359029

That scene still gives me the shivers.

>> No.27359059

References mean jack shit if they don't fit.
>How was I supposed to know all the various angles that double headed dildos come in
Jesus Christ, just look at the fucking picture and realize that both of those objects are supposed to penetrate the same woman because anything else would be really fucking awkward to pull off. This isn't rocket science here.

>> No.27359084

I suppose there is a way it could work. If one its on top of the other you might be able to get one in each. The Funstikk looks like its adjustable so you could possible pull it off.

>> No.27359085

>Getting mad that others don't have as much a lewd imagination as you. Or actually looked at your funstick picture which is technically rockets.
Lets not get anal here hue hue hue.

>> No.27359130

>wonder why writing's been so slow
>realize my music player's been blasting shit like http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QW1en_z-TnA
I'm just gonna make a new thread here in a minute then go to bed.

>> No.27359163

Move it, lads.

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