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Friday work and classes should be over for a lot of people now, so time for some fun! As usual, writefags, drawfags, or whatever kind of lewdfag are all welcome to contribute content. An ERP thread is in the catalog already, though, so if that's what you're looking for head over there.

While NSFW text should at least be spoilered, remember that NSFW images still aren't allowed. If you're worried about the rurus or don't want to deal with post timers and captcha when you dump, host it elsewhere (pastebin, imgur, 1d4chan) and link to it.

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You should just stick to the ERP thread.

Or /d/.

I don't like you, I don't like people like you, and I was the first to say that you and your like would spread like a disease if you weren't contained.

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Forgot to prep this, sorry: the newest pastebins from the last thread last weekend!

Fairy story - http://pastebin.com/4vHU9cmv
Solaron fanfic - http://pastebin.com/20b0qW0g
Kroot story - http://pastebin.com/Bevm3EBB
Genestealer fapfic - http://pastebin.com/aFBAbc0N
Teysa lewd - http://pastebin.com/NW1biReq
Dragon TF - http://pastebin.com/SXGR9rGD

Feel free to make requests or post your stuff here.

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Sorry to hear that. Feel free to hide the thread, but we've had this going for a few weekends now and we stay within /tg/ settings here.

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I enjoy the drawings but this guy is right. This has zero place on /tg/, for many many reasons and can easily be served on /d/ or elsewhere. This is a blue board no matter how lewd it can get. Need to take this elsewhere or wait for the eventual ban/deletion.

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As I said anon, this has been running for a few weekends now. We stay in here, people in the respective threads for settings don't have to see the stuff and it's easy to make requests. We link elsewhere, no NWS content is posted that you don't have to try to access. If you don't like the threads, they're at most one filter from being gone to you.

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Kayleth bump.

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Is there anything lewd written involving her yet?

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Nope, it's a shame, she was second best space elf in Retribution.

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Afraid that's not my area of interest so I can't be much help to you there. I think I said I'd do some titfuckery this weekend, but that has to be in my little DnD world.

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>That lewd septs

>> No.27333766

>Second best space elf in Ret
Considering the other options are "awesome ranger", "dickass warlock", and "mute farseer", that's hardly an accomplishment.

>> No.27333844

>Awesome ranger
You mean Broody McFangirlbait?

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Nice get.

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Damnit, just as I'm about to go to bed. This thread better still be up when I check it tomorrow morning.

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I doubt it'll die overnight, the last few lasted several days. If nothing else I'll be posting about what I'm writing.

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Speaking of, I'm currently torn. I wrote the fairy story in >>27332589 and want to continue on with that dude. Got a whole setting planned out with a milfy enchantress that he ends up working for. I'm not sure where I want to go immediately though. I was either going to throw him to some nymphs at the edge of the forest for a humiliation sort of scene, or just get him back to a town before anyone lewds him again. Does three nymphs (maybe publicly) humiliating that kid sound hot enough to spend time with?

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Also, some [Time Passes] is gonna happen pretty quickly. It won't be so /ss/y forever.

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Don't abandon Elythusa as a character.
I really like her and would be sad.

Also, I think an enchantress should either have an enthusiastic loli apprentice, or else use spells to take that guise.
Just sayin'... some people are into that sort of thing.

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>Don't abandon Elythusa as a character.
I'm not sure how to keep her around. I'll at least come back to her in a later chapter. Maybe he'll tell the story to a friend and they'll laugh at him and then they make it a mission to go hunt her down. As for an enthusiastic loli apprentice, maybe. But there will only be cuteness from that sort of thing. They're like museums.

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Not wanting an enthusiastic loli to magically force herself upon you is weakness of character, sir.

>> No.27335259

>I'm not sure how to keep her around
Make her secretly the familiar of the milfchantress or something. Faes do what they want, mang.

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Wanting and taking are two separate things. Just like a museum, anon.

>> No.27335354

Nah, I've got all kinds of plot planned to back up that PLOT. I'll bring her back though, stretchy things AND super-tiny things both do lots for my dick.

>> No.27335457

No sir, it must be done.
It's acceptable if she mind-controls you and forces you because she wants to be 'adult'

You know you wanna

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Suddenly now im turned on by tyrannids

>> No.27335499

>It's acceptable if she mind-controls
How can I say no to a phrase like that? There's still not gonna be any of the direct contact you want though, sorry. Want to name her?

>> No.27335529

>Want to name her?
Dicks Oak.

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You can't begrudge me for not wanting to defile the lolis, anon.

>> No.27335689

TFW you want to write smut for /tg/

TFW you're exhausted every evening after work

TFW you have to force yourself to stay awake to write stupid shit for money instead

Feels fucking bad man

>> No.27335709

Lamia Daemonette Cuddles has been finished:


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But I can
and I do.
It's obviously wrong in real life, but fiction is fiction. Tenderly loving a fictional loli is totally awesome if you ask me.
I mean, in the two-axis alignment system it would be Chaotic because it bucks social norms, but it isn't evil unless she doesn't want it... ya dig?

Can you really not spare the time?
How do you start writing for money? I'm unemployed and shit's getting bad here...

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And you cant begrudge me for taking the chance to name a loli Dicks Oak.

I'm not the other guy and I agree with your decision, by the way

>> No.27335788

Well with a long series, I'm going to keep anything too off-putting out of it anyways because if I'm writing all dese words I don't want to lose a bunch of people halfway with that kind of thing. In general actual loli action doesn't do much for me. I do like them as characters, though.

Oh well that's fine then.

Write porn on Amazon if money's an issue for you.

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You disappoint me so, /tg/.

>> No.27335975

Sorry, anon. Long-form isn't the place for futa and lolis and other strange things if the person writing it isn't super into those.

>> No.27336029

Anyone willing to write a lewd about Elspeth getting loved tenderly until her pelvis snaps?

>> No.27336050


True. The only reason I got through writing the Macha /ss/ was by making it a gigantic Dark Heresy joke.

Thank you for reminding me I still need to post Lelith's stuff.

>> No.27336070

>Thank you for reminding me I still need to post Lelith's stuff.

Oh that brings back memories.

>> No.27336074

But I just want to read cute loli lewd stories.

I don't know enough about the lore to do it convincingly, or I would. Apologies.
I really like the broad concept though. Rollin' for fetish.

>> No.27336091

The buildup around 3/4 of the way through feels a little jumpy, but otherwise good work!

>> No.27336135

>But I just want to read cute loli lewd stories.
I can do cuteness well, I'm told. Anyways, nobody ever told me if that humiliation scene I mentioned was good. Thoughts?

>> No.27336179

I like nymphs.
Though, as I picture it... In general, I just prefer more petite/youthful body types, I think. I imagine nymphs looking rather like slender, vaguely alien young adults/teenagers as opposed to just, people.

>> No.27336231

I take nymphs in the Greek sense, personally: usually they're just normal human women around 5 feet tall (or a little less) who have some odd connection with nature. I'm trying to gauge more if there's any interest in humiliation.

>> No.27336262

Should also note: DnD does nothing to combat that idea, as far as I know.

>> No.27336286

>I'm trying to gauge more if there's any interest in humiliation.
Never been big on it, but it wouldn't turn me away. Write what you want, bro.

>> No.27336324

Eeh, fuck it then. I'll just get rolling on with the actual plot. Maybe save that one for a rainy day later on if I run out of other lewd shit.

>> No.27336337

I just always felt like saying "humans who are naked in water sometimes" is often boring.

When I say 'alien'... it doesn't have to be overt. Subtle inhumanity is often more powerful in getting the idea across.

I'd still read it though.

Noooooo but the nymphs

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It's a little early for this, but whatever. More is always better.

The genestealer fapfic's up on 1d4chan as well, just in case.


As is the one from the other thread that Edinbro wrote up (Forgotten realms, starring Sune, a cleric of hers, and his fiancee).


And also the one with Macha, Xeno, and Cata-Chan.


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>> No.27336540

Thanks for reposting the dragon one in my stead.
Seems like the requester isn't here though.
And unfortunately I'm not too sure about taking requests at the moment because I'll have a busy day tomorrow. If anyone wants any TF written, feel free to say the word. No guarantees, but asking is a free action.

>> No.27336543

I'm not saying I wouldn't happily hit all of that like the fist of an angry god.

I'm saying that I just prefer them a little more monstergirl.

>> No.27336553

If it's dryads, you could go the route of the Spriggans from Skyrim and make them something along the lines of a humanoid partly constructed from wood and animated by magic (as seen in pic related). That sounds like a good compromise if you ask me.

>> No.27336564

>mfw I realized all the nymphs were identical

>> No.27336588

Sameface is an eternal force in this universe.

No problem, I just rounded up the pastebins in the last thread (save for a really old one that was linked there.)

>> No.27336636

Huh. How did I not notice that?
That makes it better.
Maybe they have some form of shared mind or something... or just really really get into one another.

So many wonderful things.

>> No.27336777

Make it so sir.

>> No.27336813

Hey...did anyone do that fic of Lofn walking on Taldeer omnomnoming on LIIVI?
Pic Related: Lofn face when.

>> No.27336819

I think I'll save it for later. One, it just doesn't seem like a good chapter one (especially because prologue to then is a good time to innocently timeskip.) Two, I'm gonna run out of other shit and need some good stock.

>> No.27336898

Uhhh okay then its your call.
/ss/ is always nice to read, guess I just don't get tired of it like others

>> No.27336970

Oh from the last thread right....yeah bumping this.

>> No.27336988

How do I find Lewdanon's pics. Google turned up nothing.

>> No.27337011

What sort of humiliation? Laughing at his dick? Calling his mom a slut?

Edinbro said he'd consider doing it. But I don't think he's on just yet.

You could always make it a standalone fic if that would work better for you.

Wait, why wouldn't you have been able to do so otherwise? Oh, and more Lelith is always welcome.

>> No.27337014

He's still gonna be young for the stories, just not I Am Twelve And What Is This? young.

They're all on imgur. You might be able to crawl through the archive on foolz and find them.

>> No.27337020

Lurk or use the archive foolz for /tg/. And search Lewdanon.
>you're welcome.

>> No.27337032

>Laughing at his dick?
Yeah, that sort of thing.
I'm all about progressiveness over here, moving things forward.

>> No.27337035

I meant looking for his nsfw material.

>> No.27337041

Oh okay. It's all good anyways.

>> No.27337067

Best hope for you is to again search the foolz for imgurs where he's linked like a couple.

>> No.27337097

Was it Edinbro was considering it....well hopefully we can convince him. That Lewd Anon's pic just really got my blood pumping downstairs mmm.

>> No.27337130

foolz archive is down for me. I'll try again later.

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>> No.27337270

Weak smut thread is more like it. Someone gimme a bone here wtf is a loli

>> No.27337327

You don't even know what a loli is? You must be new to 4chan. Or failing very badly at trolling.

>> No.27337386


> you will never get a tail job from your lamia waifu as she hisses softly into your ear
> you will never hate-fuck the Prince(ss) of Pleasure to get rid of your sexual frustration

>> No.27337401

Child molester pls go

>> No.27337402

So do you guys do requests, at least somewhat /tg/ related requests?

>> No.27337404

Puts dick down turns off Ground control to pyschoelectric girl - yeah wtf is a loli

>> No.27337424


Most of what's been written so far has been request-based. The key is requesting something that tickles their fancy.

>> No.27337456


Well, I was sort of thinking some blatant gender TF.

>> No.27337470

Yes. In fact, everything that's been posted so far has been a request from someone on /tg/. I'm not actually a writefag, but odds are one of them is lurking here now.

JustAnotherWritefag was actually working on one like that.


>confirmed for newfag

tl;dr- the closest thing to pedophilia you can get without having to worry about the partyvan.

>> No.27337486

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be writing, for a Sunday dump. With all the time I spend in the lab now I have to keep my weekend smut to the actual weekends.

>> No.27337490

The lab? What exactly do you do when you're not here?

>> No.27337501


Personally, I'd be down for writing a reverse-trap thing. Not exactly what you wanted, but...

>> No.27337516

Sounds like when a black person makes music

>> No.27337536

>With all the time I spend in the lab now
Mad scientist detected.

I will pay you $10 million, plus the cost of materials, to build a self-replicating robot army. The time has come for a change in world politics.

>> No.27337540


If the girl turns out to be wide of hip and round of rear, I can accept this. Also, if she has to bandage her large breasts and they snap off.

>> No.27337559

That diddly feelerino.

I sit on a linux machine that compiles Y86 in a ~*special*~ way in a lab, personally. It's like the opposite of porn.

>> No.27337560

That's usually referred to as TG. Wrote it before but it's not quite my cup of tea.

>> No.27337606

And I can pay you triple that amount if you can genetically engineer me an Eldar waifu of my own. (I can also pay in souls- my own or my firstborn child's.)

>> No.27337645

Hah, I'm actually going into AI R&D. Talk to me in 40 years when both our dicks are shriveled and I'll have your waifu.

>> No.27337647

Jesus, the /d/ thread from two weeks ago is STILL up. Are they too busy fapping to post anything anymore?


>> No.27337655

/tg/ - wealthy supervillains

>> No.27337660

Maybe a reverse trap elf getting some sexy, lesbian loving?

>> No.27337673

Dammit. By that point my sex drive will have long since dried up.

Although I'd be down with robot girl smut right about now.

Fucked up the link. Let's try this again.

>> No.27337675

tripple > for cross-board

>> No.27337723

Fortunately, I'm only interested in the robot army. Some other chap wants the elf girl.

When the time is right, I'm sure you'll have no trouble at all figuring out who I am.

>> No.27337726

I'll code fast. And man, sci-fi has never been my thing in general but robot girls are fucking great.

>> No.27337755

>robot girls are fucking great.
This is objectively true.

We need some more robotsmut.
No, not Xeno. She barely counts.

>> No.27337761

>mfw working in a research lab with lasers and microscopes
Are your servers and machinery as heavy and awkward as our lasers cause good lord, I seriously hate lugging those 100 pound beasts by hand up like 6 floors.
>tfw the cargo elevator breaks. FUUUUUU

>> No.27337834


I see that you're starting work on that sandworm fic. I can't say that it's something I'd be very keen on, and those images that you put in the gallery to go with it look more frightening than erotic. Of course, that could just be my bipedalist chavunism talking.

>> No.27337854


>Not a fan of the Spice

It's cool, I'm almost done with Lelith turning an acolyte into her personal swing set.

>> No.27337871

Oh, you're that "I don't like Xeno therefore she isn't robot fetish material despite obvious evidence of the contrary" guy again?

Seriously, if she isn't, no robot girl is.

>> No.27337878

Make them human-looking, but textured and colored exactly like a plant. They're basically giant flowers, and their INTERNAL structures have nothing to do with looking human.

>> No.27337923

>Lelith turning an acolyte into her personal swing set.
THAT is her idea of tender loving? I'd hate to see what she considers raping someone, then.

Xeno's a tau-necron hybrid, not a robot. Besides, we have material of her already.

In a good way or a bad way?

>> No.27337927

Hey, at least there's some hope: the recent biological redesign of the CPU model might lead to adequate hardware over the next 20 years. Meanwhile I'll be spinning my wheels with data encoding/retrieval methods.

Were you discussing that in 1001LN? Caught a few glimpses of sandworms on the corner of my screen.

>> No.27337957

You rike Crimson, yes?

>> No.27337968


Yes. I hide there in my offhours.


She *is* a Dark Eldar. Besides, gotta have the ball-busting sex before adorable cuddles.

>> No.27337989

Not exactly. I actually really like Xeno, she just does nothing for my robot fetish. She looks and acts too...emotional, I guess? Her having a completely organic head doesn't help things, either. I don't know, she just always struck me as more of a cyborg than a robot. Which makes sense, because that's actually what she is.

Its like Kusanagi. Sure, Kusanagi is 99.5% robutt, but she still counts as a cyborg and doesn't really strike that robotic feel of stuff like >>27337755 or pic related.

>> No.27338000

>Xeno's a tau-necron hybrid, not a robot.
self-contradicting sentence. it's like saying "Socrates was a Greek man, not a human being"

>Besides, we have material of her already
I never said I wanted more, merely that you were full of shit.

>> No.27338019

No, cunt-busting.
and no cuddles.

>> No.27338024

I already have that picture saved so yes, me rikey rong time.

>> No.27338083

I'm not the guy you were initially replying to, you know.

You don't know how ELH rolls, do you?

Besides, Lelith's always lacked that ambitiousness you would expect from a Succubus of her position- who's to say she's different in other ways as well?

>> No.27338085

Oh, so actually, by "robotic", you merely mean "blocky".
Xeno is very much your typical robot caricature: she glitches all the time, speaks in binary, goes into technical descriptions of everything, has little understanding of social emotions, and malfunctions in several ways.

She isn't a cyborg in the sense Kusanagi is. For one, Kusanagi is much less emotional than her. Secondly, the Major looks extremely human, and thirdly, she has organic bits.

>> No.27338214

>he glitches all the time, speaks in binary, goes into technical descriptions of everything, has little understanding of social emotions, and malfunctions in several ways.

That doesn't make Xeno robotic, that makes her autistic. I'd rather have a real, 100% robot girl. Like EDI from the Mass Effect games or something.

>> No.27338218

>speaks in binary
Comp sci dude here, leling

>> No.27338240

He just wants xeno to be his waifu. Ignore him.

>> No.27338297

>so actually, by "robotic", you merely mean "blocky".
Robots can be sleek too.
>she glitches all the time, speaks in binary, goes into technical descriptions of everything, has little understanding of social emotions, and malfunctions in several ways.
Most of this stuff either rarely happens or is just your typical socially retarded hyperactive girl with a vaguely robotic veneer.
>the Major looks extremely human
And Xeno looks like a tau wearing a metal bodysuit rather than a robot.
>and thirdly, she has organic bits.
So does Xeno. Or at least imitation organic bits. Whichever her face.

But really, its not something uniquely isolated to Xeno. Necrons in general don't really feel like robots. They're closer to Tomb Lords, complete with being organics and transferring over to their new body. I dunno man, all of it just barely misses the mark and is once again closer to cyborgs than robots.

Besides, this is a dumb thing to throw a fit about in this thread. No one ever called your waifu a shit, I just said she doesn't really get my robot kink revving.
>Like EDI from the Mass Effect games
At least choose a good robot girl. Like Adjutant.

>> No.27338304

Not that anon, but you can have a pretty robot that is not blocky, yet did not originate as some sort of living creature. You know, the definition of a robot more or less. I think part of the appeal of a rob-gal would be the exoticness- why mar that with a completely ordinary human face or the usual tan-pinkish skin? Or a useless overblown emotion faker?

>> No.27338321

Okay, so fundamentally, for you, roboticity is a quality comparable to holiness or authenticity or honor, it has to be an original, integral part of a character, even if that character barely behaves or looks robotic apart from that. What you need is to know that the character was always, completely, a robot.

Roboticity as I envision it is more of a phenomenon, or rather, a property that emerges from certain perceivable behaviors and attributes like those I mentioned.

you want an "authentic" robot girl, I want an "actual" robot girl.

>> No.27338329

>Posts that picture
>Mentions adjutants

You are a good person.

>> No.27338366

Which is kind of funny, since Adjutants were originally cyborgs. They still had the sexy robot voice, though, and that's one of the most important features.

>> No.27338411

>And Xeno looks like a tau wearing a metal bodysuit rather than a robot.
almost every robot girl looks like a girl in a metal bodysuit.
>Necrons in general don't really feel like robots. They're closer to Tomb Lords
wrong, they're equally close to both, the new codex is painfully full of references to glitches, programming, and technical terms. Ward REALLY wanted them to feel robotic.
sounds more like deep down, you're just trying to argue that robots have to be AIs.

>> No.27338414

It was the only one that came to mind. I've never heard of this Adjutant thing before, although I do like my robot girls to have a discernible face.

Just agree to disagree before the thread gets derailed AGAIN. Otherwise you'll be lucky to have any fapping material at all.

>> No.27338415

Well, you mean the original pre-confederate kind? The ones from SC1 only had some biological components, IIRC, and didn't start fleshy. Of course I might be completely wrong.

A suitably electronic voice is vital though, agreed.

>> No.27338453

>Just agree to disagree before the thread gets derailed AGAIN. Otherwise you'll be lucky to have any fapping material at all.

I just did, are you unable to read?

I could have been more polemic and accuse you of merely having an AI fetish disguised as a robot fetish.

>> No.27338456

>all this autism
Nobody fucking cares about your definition of what it means to be a robot. Just shut up and masturbate already. Here, I'll provide you a link to Xeno smut. It's the third one down.

>> No.27338499

Again, not the guy who you were arguing with. Just stop posting before you start making an ass of yourself. Don't reply, don't try to make a snappy comeback, just stop posting. Sperging like this all but ruined the last thread, and I would prefer it leave this one alone.

>> No.27338535

>I've never heard of this Adjutant thing before
Go play Starcraft 1. Now.
Then weep over how shitty 2 is.
In SC1, they had organic parts. Maybe they just built computers out of flesh back then, though. Either way, SC2 retconned it. But at least they kept the voices.
Someone really needs to fix the formatting on that one.

>> No.27338564

>all this illiteracy.
re-read my posts.
I'm going to state the obvious once again.
1-your definition of a robot is less relevant to porn than mine since it involves informed knowledge rather than experience.
2-I never said I wanted smut, I'm just pointing stuff out.
3-either start caring about definitions of the words you use or give up on communication altogether

>> No.27338581

>AI fetish disguised as a robot fetish
I don't see how the two are exclusive. You kinda need the AI or you get a motorized, twitchy realdoll.

>> No.27338615

Or for a more moderate reaction go image searching and listen to this.

But yeah, the voice was better in SC1. They're more suitably plastic and metal in SC2 though. The first had too much flesh for my liking.

>> No.27338617

>you don't like synthetic girls, you just like synthetic girls!
Well okay

>> No.27338618

Again, stop trying to turn this discussion into an argument. I explained you why we weren't agreeing, and solved the problem.

>> No.27338640

Yeah but he was fundamentally saying that if it used to be alive, it's not a robot.

>> No.27338651

If you don't want smut, why are you even on this thread?

>> No.27338671

Just ignore his posts and report them for trolling/derailing.

>> No.27338696

very bad reduction.
What you're saying is like claiming that liking foie gras is the same as liking hamburgers because they both happen to be food.

>> No.27338732

Really, who gives a shit?

>> No.27338764

You do care about being right, otherwise you wouldn't try to argue or even answer back.
But you're either wrong or irrelevant, depending on your posts.

>> No.27338768

>nuclear launch detected
Eargasms, every time.
Pay him no mind, for he is on a Waifu Crusade. He is immune to things like decency and reason in such a state.

>> No.27338800

No, actually, because I agreed to disagree, and just explained the cause of our disagreement.

You, being on a MUH SMUT THREAD state of mind, interpreted absolutely everything I said as offensive and chose to disregard all the truth it happened to contain.

>> No.27338801

>I...solved the problem.
Which is why you're still shitting up the thread.

>> No.27338814

Instead of arguing you could be writing about robot girls, you know.

>> No.27338820

I'd sand those cuts off and give her a fresh coat of paint any day. Unless that's plastic, because that would take a lot more work and potentially be terrible for my lungs.

>> No.27338840

No, we're on an entirely different problem altogether, now.
You, refusing to admit that I solved it, thereby contradicting yourself. That's the problem.

I don't really care about that.

>> No.27338855


>> No.27338884


>> No.27338897

>You, being on a MUH SMUT THREAD state of mind, interpreted absolutely everything I said as offensive
If I recall, you were the one being all abrasive and easily offended, making baseless accusations and the like up at >>27337871.
But his robot girls wouldn't be robots. Because robots aren't robots, they're just AIs in robot bodies.
I would give her my external hard drive, if you know what I mean.

>> No.27338904


>> No.27338909

So you admit that you just want to argue incessantly about this until everyone here agrees that you were right and they were wrong.

I was in the exact same position as you were in the last thread we had (albeit for different reasons), but between then and now I had the common sense to put it behind me and learn not to take trivial matters so seriously. I sincerely hope that you do the same.

>> No.27338988

Can we expect the musclecatgirl threesome, then?

Or at least more Macha antics?

>> No.27339078

Requesting mundane Macha at work farseering, while ignoring her eldar peers' laughter at the silly concept of her 'claims' of getting some. Followed by some coaching of Lofn at what random sex act she's caught her parents in now.

>> No.27339114

Seconded. There WAS a three month time-skip between the events of Extra Large Heresy's main heresy and the first part of the after-heresy that would be perfect for something like that to take place.

>> No.27339191


> "But I don't understand Aunty, why was it in her mouth?"
> "Well, you see Lofn, the tongue can be used to provide just the right amount of texture and stimulation when combined with proper suction."
> "...Doesn't it hurt though? Taking it that far into your throat?"
> "...Good lord, how long is he? But no, not usually. Sometimes, you might gag, but that can be the best part."
> *sighs* "I'll never understand all this..."
> "Sure you will honey. Some day, a man will come along and you'll be a good little girl for him."
> "...I'm going home before this gets any weirder."

>> No.27339234

>good little girl
woah Macha went a little pedo there, thought she'd learn her lesson last time Chris Orksen caught her.

>> No.27339243

goddamn that's that good shit

>> No.27339286

She would certainly know that sort of thing given all the hands-on experience (so to speak) she's had recently. I still look back to when the ultimate heresy was committed- she quite literally jumped on top of that acolyte and ripped his clothes off on the spot. She even broke the fourth wall to rub /tg/'s nose in the fact that she was no longer a virgin. Good times...

>> No.27339291

I missed one.

>> No.27339320

I'd rather a story where Macha finds out the concepts of 'glory holes' and thinks its some spell to get a quick mouthful of dick but doesn't quite get it. As a result she ends up making her own and waiting for forever...but no one ever shows, possibly because she drilled the hole in the women's bathroom at the Biet-Tan council chamber.

>> No.27339350

Well she does suck off shotas so....thats a little risque for conventional Eldar....but nothing compared to the depravity that made slaanesh and the Dark Eldar.

>> No.27339394

Why are these quick stories so hot....man I need more sexy quick yet naughty stories...

>> No.27339449

Maybe it's because that slutty anon was just trying to tease your little prick with lewd word choice instead of hot, sweaty action.

>> No.27339490

When Edinbro, ELH, and the others get back they're gonna have a lot of work to do. I wonder what they're up to now.

That was then. Wait until you see what happened later. Meaning right here. (Shameless, I know, but it's a favorite of mine and it never gets old.)


I gotta say, I never knew you could fuck someone so hard that your soul temporarily fuses with your partner's soul. Makes you wish that shit was possible IRL.

>> No.27339515


> "Hmph! I've had my crotch against this stupid hole for hours and nothing!"
> "...Sister, that had better not be you in the next stall over."
> "...I regret nothing. I shall learn the secrets of this 'gloryhole'!"
> "You idiot. Men stick their knobs through them. Mostly in a homosexual context."
> "And how would YOU know that?"
> "...I may or may not have briefly looked at mon'keigh porn."

>> No.27339547

Lol looks like Lofn can give Macha some gossip that she can use on Taldeer when they hang out. Like Taldeer choking on a milkshake when Mac ha asks why her jaw isn't sore

>> No.27339582

Good to see that lewdness runs through the entire Ulthran family. Eldrad must have been a terrible parent.

>> No.27339604

It aint little with all these green text stories.

>> No.27339617


> "Which reminds me, how is your jaw? A little sore?"
> "Yes...why?"
> "Oh nothing... A little bird just told me you and LIIVI..."
> "When I got home, I'm personally going to discipline Lofn."
> "Don't be such a stick in the mud. Here, lick my clit. I promise it'll taste good!"
> "...I'm never using the bathroom at work again."

>> No.27339681

>lick my clit
Top lel. Perfect comeback time for Taldeer to accuse her sister of being a dyke....which is partially true. And Macha could start getting defensive saying she didn't know and it doesnt count, going 'woah Im not gay, it was an accident'

>> No.27339726

When your the dick of the universe...you tend to fuck your share of pussies. Eldrad knows the score mhm, hell he could probably been still around for those crazy eldar empire super orgies.

>> No.27339745

Make that several different accidents. We don't really know how many times that Callidus did it with her.

No, that's Vect you're thinking of. Common mistake, since they're both colossal dicks.

>> No.27339790

Well now I need a pic of eldrad and vect as roosters cockfighting surrounded by eldars in sombreros.

>> No.27339865

Dann these need to be turned into full length fics. For the lulz naturally.

>> No.27339877

All of a sudden I need this too. Fine time for there not to be a drawthread.

>> No.27339880

>For the lulz naturally
how did you land here

>> No.27339882

>tfw you consider yourself pretty flexible when it comes to being a perv but just can't have lewd thoughts about tyranids, even though you can about the aliens they're based on

>> No.27339906


I'm sure if someone wrote Lewd his Harlequin x Cultist fic, he'd gladly do more stuff for the smut threads.


> You will never be cuddled by an uynuufex after having your womb filled with its buckets of cum

>> No.27339961

Hmm which eldar character should have this beastiality fetish...

>> No.27339994


> You will never be cuddled by an uynuufex after having your womb filled with its buckets of cum

nope, nothin'.

being spooned by a xenomorph all night, yes.

>> No.27340014

ELH already called dibs on it last I checked. Hopefully his gut doesn't give out on him again.

Caerys. Loosing Taldeer to LIVII and now seeing Macha find love has bound to have driven her more than a little loopy by now.

Besides, nobody ever writes about her.

>> No.27340025


Certainly not Lofn. Nope.


Someone should go through the archives, compile them all, and then make a 1d4chan page.


Welp, I tried.


It's not on his list anymore...

>> No.27340040

I followed the Doge

>> No.27340053


>Welp, I tried.

and it's not like I can't into the little girl for a little while either.

>> No.27340054

Shit, just noticed that. Lewdanon is gonna be pissed. I'd write it, but odds are it would somehow manage to be less erotic than the average IKEA manual.


>> No.27340081

Lofn would catch the perpetrator naturally...all those emotions of anger, embarassment, worry, and motherly instinct for her pet but also shock at it humping the hell out of another eldar.

>> No.27340094

>I'd write it, but odds are it would somehow manage to be less erotic than the average IKEA manual.
You keep saying that. I now demand that you take "IKEA Instructions" as a name and write porn until you're less FUCKING insecure than a bed from IKEA. Everyone sucks at first. Other people will genuinely like your work before you do.

>> No.27340107


I wasn't paying attention at the time and I don't want to visit the Cheezburger Network. When did it become the "doge"?

>> No.27340123


> Insert Rod D into hole V
> Using supplied tool, screw into position
> Flip and repeat process with hole A


> "UNYUU!"
> "L-Lofn! This isn't what it looks like...I'm just..."
> "You're just what? Taking it up the ass from my pet?!"
> "...I regret nothing. I lived as few farseers dared to dream."

>> No.27340130


>> No.27340161

wait you guys dont jack off to IKEA porn? Get on my level

>> No.27340177


I tried but Stieg Larsson is a very dry writer

>> No.27340188

Hey ELH this is you isn't it...hows that Innocence Lost coming along?

>> No.27340196

There's also the problem of "I'm a lazy ass who would rather read smut than write it". Admit it, you have that problem too. (And if not, show us.)

>> No.27340218

He has got to start using his name here. Otherwise it's just trying to guess which anon he is.

>> No.27340220


No...No... Mester EL-H iz not here.

>> No.27340228

Ugh, I can't think of where to go. You didn't much like my idea behind the fairy thing though IIRC.

>> No.27340233

Guilty...though I've dabbled a bit in the past.

>> No.27340238

in a creepy way, but still sexy.

Dryads or whatever are obviously reproductive structures for the plant; they're big flowers that use humans to pollinate them like some orchids do.

To get lewd, all their juices would be sweet like nectar, their lips and vagina would have the softness of flower petals, their flesh the springy firmness of ripe fruit, and they'd smell like...well, your favorite plant smell.

Internally, I mean that while they LOOK human, the skeletal structure in no way resembles a human. The skull underneath would have weird gaps in it, the spine would be a flexible stem instead of distinct vertibrae, weird shit like that.

Maybe they hook themselves up to their tree with an umbillical cable that plugs into their bodies, or something, to replenish fluids and nutrients.

>> No.27340260

That was more of a "your fetish was not my fetish" thing more than anything else, but let's just let bygones be bygones.

>> No.27340267

W...who is this? I vote for Elenwe cause DFC kinky farseers are hot.

>> No.27340297


> Another damn Farseer

Make it a Howling Banshee or a Striking Scorpion or something, they'd have more access to Tyranids than Farseers would. Besides, the whole "lewd farseer" thing is getting far too overdone, we don't need a fourth or fifth.

>> No.27340329

Anyways. There's no way in hell I can dig up the pastebin with the first thing I wrote at this point. But that shit hurt me to read even at the time, and now I can fap to my own stuff after a proofread if I'm in the mood. That takes a certain degree of pride in your work. Just fuckin' go to town and get creative with your storytelling; you seem like you've got time.

>> No.27340333


It was more a reference to certain kinky farseers. She's just some random eldar chick.


It's not. Writer's block is a bitch, but is why I have a couple of fics going at once so I can do the one that suits my mood.

>> No.27340351

Okay okay....I only said farseer cause it was in the post.
>who doesnt like smart, powerful women who are secretly sluts from all the surpression caused by intensive study and stress in combat

>> No.27340352

>Howling Banshee
I'd really like to see one of them howling, if you know what I mean.

Which one are you working on now? I believe you said that the next part of the one with Lelith was ready for posting earlier.

>> No.27340371


"Ready" is relative. Proofreading is also a bitch.

>> No.27340380

This is more of a romantic thing than proper smut, and I've posted it on /tg/ before, but I don't think I pastebinned it for http://pastebin.com/DJyjZ8DP

>> No.27340384

Oh snap, well that makes sense. Let things flow naturally mhm.
I am digging this /tg/ writes a sorta smutfic about Lofns lewd adventures.

>> No.27340401

pastebinned it for posterity, even.

>> No.27340422

If I may reprise the whole robot-vs-cyborg-vs-AI conflict:

The point of contention is that the "robot girl" fetish is distinct from the "cyborg" fetish. The Cyborg thing is physical; you love the look of the mechanical components contrasted with the remaining biological stuff and the human mind inside.

The robot fetish can be, lets be honest here, kind of sad and pathetic; a control fantasy. Its not a real person, its a robot. You don't need to worry about its feelings, its programmed to obey you, and its either programmed to love you, or programmed to fake it. Even the version where the robot is sentient, it still falls into the "shallow female love interest" category, because it just doesn't have much going on in its life apart from being your fucktoy.

There's also some overlap with the autistic awkward broken-bird thing for the sentient AIs; same appeal as Rei Aya-whats-her-name.

>> No.27340474

You may not.

>> No.27340475

>If I may reprise the whole robot-vs-cyborg-vs-AI conflict
No you may not. It was an autist bitching because he thought his precious xeno was under attack by the big bad smutfags. Nothing more, nothing less.

>> No.27340480

>> No.27340523


Getting cliche at this point, sadly.


> I'd really like to see one of them howling, if you know what I mean.

> Thatsthejokebecauseduplicatefileentry.jpg

Bonus points if she's riding a "Screamer Killer."

>> No.27340531

Nothing that either windows spellchecker or people on 1d4chan can't fix, I'm sure. Hell, the guy who did the genestealer one mixed up "its" and "it's" half the time and the end product was perfectly fappable.

>> No.27340559

Maybe YOU aren't getting off to my cleverly crafted story structure and grammar.

>> No.27340601

I would be if I knew which guy you were. Are you still ELH or did someone else reply instead.

>> No.27340615


>> No.27340630

When did Xeno learn how to make the duckface?

Oh god, she's turning into a guido now.

>> No.27340654

I would assume it's because she realizes she's kind of a sociopath and is trying desperately to mimic human behavior. Kind of like Dexter but less methodical.

>> No.27340685

I'm still sticking with my guido hypothesis. Mostly because it's a fact that guidos are not human.

>> No.27340700

>guidos are not human.
Neither is Xeno.

>> No.27340761

Nice dubs.
But at least Xeno had nothing to do with Jersey Shore. Give her some credit there.

>> No.27340786

>Howling Banshee

Ooh, ooh, I got ya. Sort of. I've got a folder of like twenty fapfics, three of which are finished. Here's a Banshee one that I got burnt out on and stopped writing quite a while back.


>> No.27340810

>The robot fetish can be, lets be honest here, kind of sad and pathetic; a control fantasy.
Not necessarily true. It could simply be a lust for the exoticism of the highest form. Even aliens will have biological urges to compare to your own and on some level be able to relate to you. But robots/AIs? Completely and utterly different. They think differently, act differently, don't have those thousands of years of genetics instructions coded into them. Even finding common ground to bond over will be a feat unto itself. Something so alien even aliens look mundane in comparison. But if you succeeded at tapping into that infinitely more complex mind to see what it actually holds dear, the prize would be well worth the effort. This is why organics who later become robots don't do it for a lot of people. It’s not that they have too much free will, it’s that they have too much in common with you, making the whole journey into each others’ psyche less interesting.

You see it as people wanting a Reifu. I see it as wanting to go on a date with Wintermute. Or SHODAN. If anything, you should call me a sick fuck for wanting being attracted to a semi-sociopathic mind hidden behind a perfect exterior of gleaming steel and circuits.

But hey, you were never interested in rational discussion anyways. You just wanted to make a sensationalist post about an hour old topic to feel like a cool guy.

>> No.27340891

See pic related.

Not too bad, but a little too rapey for my tastes and the EldarxInquisitor angle has become a little played out. Maybe EldarxGuardsman instead- bonding over their jobs after they're forced to fight a common enemy or something.

>> No.27340948

>not too bad

I was honestly expecting worse. Completely agree with your points- all my other fics are much less rapey, and the Inquisitor direction is a bit over-used as well. That might be because it's a easier cop-out. Why have bonding and such when you can just slap in a degenerate Inquisitor and handwave everything?

>> No.27340955

Nothing of the sort, really. He tried to make a half-assed point to stir shit, and I made a counterpoint. Not really the same at all.

>> No.27340969

>semi-sociopathic mind hidden behind a perfect exterior of gleaming steel and circuits

I have a robo-gal fetish, but it's more along the lines of loving the look of the mechanical components and the technology that might be required. Or pretty much the same sort of appreciating a sexy car, or nice desktop- but it happens to be able to make me a sandwich too.

>You don't need to worry about its feelings, its programmed to obey you, and its either programmed to love you, or programmed to fake it.
If I had a robogirl room-mate and/or maid right now I can honestly say I wouldn't fuck it at all, just about. Ideally it could tell me to piss off every now and then as well. Mindless servitude is no fun and not really stimulating in any way shape or form.

>> No.27341087

Indeed. That said, I like the Banshee's character- all you really need to do is change the scenario and you've got something that could appeal to the Eldar crowd who want something other than Farseers. (Might I suggest trying my idea? It might be interesting to see an average Imperial citizen learning that the xenos aren't quite so alien after all.) It's not that Farseers are bad, but a little variety never hurts.

>> No.27341207

I'll take it under consideration. It deserves some thought.

>> No.27341234


>> No.27341247

What exactly were your other fics, anyway? Can you give a quick list of the finished ones?

>> No.27341269

So which one are you working on, anyway?

>> No.27341312



>> No.27341339

My computer asploded not long ago so I'm left with few to no actually finished fapfics. One that comes to memory quickly is that Elesh Norn / Wizard one, back from those MtG threads that spurred all those stories.

>> No.27341360

You are such a tease.

>> No.27341376

That's terrible. Well, no time like the present to start making new ones.

>> No.27341483

I'm getting terrible deja'vu right now.

Dammit. Yeah, you're probably right. Back to brainstorming for me.

>> No.27341516

Good luck. Looking forward to seeing what you can do with that Banshee.

>> No.27341650

Wasn't there one with a SoB and a shota that she dominated? Anyone have a link? Can't find it in suptg.

>> No.27341669

I would actually like to see a banshee trap and a female guard since according to codex banshee traps are canon possible

Or a striking scorpion reverse trap and guardsman

Just something different I guess

>> No.27341717

Right there.

Perhaps someone else can do that. I don't really care for traps of either type.

>> No.27341767

Nope I know which one you talking about. https://archive.foolz.us/tg/thread/26744169/#26762044
An old one from a previous thread.

>> No.27341773

That would probably be fun to write, but I've always put way too much prep and thought into fics. Going by fluff, that male banshee (if geared up for war) would be a cold, feelingless killing machine before he gets his ass kicked or the battle ends. The circumstances for an aspect warrior (without war-mask) and human together is kind of slim.

I.e. throw some ideas at me and I'll see if any stick.

>> No.27341817

>traditional games

>> No.27341840

Thanks guys.

I think the second one is what I was looking for.

>> No.27341842

Perhaps her (or his- I still say it should be her, if only because Banshees are predominantly female. And let's face it, Eldar women are much sexier than their men.) war-mask is damaged during a battle Let's say Eldar and humans fighting, then orks/nids/Chaos shows up and they decide to kiss and make up, metaphorically (and in the case of our lucky couple, literally).

>> No.27341883

No more slim than a Farseer and the Vindicare sent to kill her ending up happily married.

>> No.27341911


>Eldar women are much sexier than their men
Not that I don't agree, but cross David Bowie with some bowflex abomination and some may argue with you. Having said that I may have an idea for an outline.

>> No.27341956

Well I was thinking along the lines of an exarch since their armour stores the personalities of it's wearers and sort of merges them with the current wearer

I think that could make for an interesting setup

>> No.27341977

I always felt that eldar men weren't much different from the eldar women anyway
They are still effeminate and asking for it by being spess elves

>> No.27341989


There aren't any male Banshee models, are there? If not, one could have the female Guardsman be from a culture that prefers to see the face of those they kill, and rush a Banshee that was stunned or knocked out by an explosion. From there, Banshee wakes up without the mask so see a very surprised human female, and in stereotypical trap fashion, goes submissive. Human girl is surprised because, while the banshee looks feminine, it's obviously a male in boobplate banshee armor, leaving her very confused and questioning why that is.

After that, present a situation that would drive them away from the armies; a sudden Genestealer cult uprising tearing a rift in the Human forces and driving the Eldar to abandon the fight might work. As an added bonus, it could also set up a possible cameo or setting for any EldarxTyranid characters, With both forces gone, with perhaps hundreds of miles of abandoned battlefield to cover with some subby trap Eldar constantly making grabbyhands at his mask, they start to roam together.

>> No.27342008

None that I know of.

But really, what's wrong with a female Banshee? The one you had before is fine. Traps are boring anyway.

>> No.27342025


Oh, female banshees are fine, I was just saying trap because people seemed interested in it. Make it a lesbian story, make it straight, just change the sex of those involved and it should still stick.

>> No.27342028

What's the point of making the Eldar be a Banshee if it's not going to be a hot chick? That's literally the only reason why people requested them.

>> No.27342034

Straight male human/female Eldar, if you please. Only one person wanted traps.

>> No.27342042

Banshee's and Striking scorpions only have female and male armour because they are based around a female and male warrior from the eldar history

So no there aren't any male banshee armours that are mentioned and anyway this is fapfiction bending the canon over a bit further is no big deal

>> No.27342045


Isn't that person the writer?

>> No.27342056

I'm kind of tempted to write a reverse LIVI scenario where the Eldar, in the heat of the battlefield, finds himself watching this monkeigh female with a wholly unintended amount of interest. Cue both of them getting alone (or maybe by some crazy circumstance the gal helps out the male banshee or throws him a bone) the two find some time together alone.

Yeah yeah yeah, I would normally say the same. Something about a surprisingly masculine elf douchebag sweeping a guardwoman off her feet is hilarious though, admit it. Or even the guardswoman doing the sweeping-off-feet-ing.

Codex states that banshees are predominately female. That's not much to work with but lots to interprate.

>> No.27342061


And if it is, he should remember that if he's writing it only for himself, he shouldn't be surprised when people say it's not what they wanted. That's how Whips, Oil, and Lofn came about. And we all know how terrible that was.

>> No.27342085

I'm aware. If and when I write something it will be because of amusement, and a small hope that others may be equally amused.

>> No.27342097

It says they are predominantly female but there are exceptions

Just like there are no actual sex restrictions on any path just the are generally male or female because of what they are based on

>> No.27342118


> And if it is, he should remember that if he's writing it only for himself, he shouldn't be surprised when people say it's not what they wanted.

Now now, that's not exactly fair. It'll appeal to someone.

> That's how Whips, Oil, and Lofn came about. And we all know how terrible that was.

That's just an unfair comparison. We're talking about a heavily fetish based story vs. a feminine Eldar lad seducing, or being seduced by, a human chick.

>> No.27342155

Majority rules here, and the majority likes Eldar chicks better than traps and ladyboys.That's just the way it works.

If he wants to write it anyway, I STRONGLY suggest that he makes two stories- one with a trap and one straight GuardsmanxBanshee story. That way nobody will whine. Deal?

>> No.27342166

No I am not the writer, I am just throwing out some different ideas than what we have had a hundred times before

Honestly I am not that huge a fan of traps anyway but it was something I noticed that was in the fluff that was untouched so far and was a good angle for anyone interested to use

Dranon's Delight came about because the author was writing for other people

Shit can come from all sorts of sources and intentions not just someone writing what they want

>> No.27342169

Pleasing one or two people at the expense of annoying everyone else is never a good idea.

>> No.27342180

>Write two stories

>> No.27342202

No one is forcing you to read everything written so if you don't like it then skip it

If someone likes the idea enough to pick it up then they can write it however the fuck they want however many times they want to

>> No.27342214

Would the guy who's actually writing this please identify yourself, then? This isn't going to stop otherwise.

Well, then YOU write that trap shit. It's a huge damn turnoff for me, and I'm certainly not going to touch it.

>> No.27342226


> Write something a few people didn't ask for
> Everyone is annoyed by this

Not everyone would be annoyed by it, stop being that guy that must have things a certain way or no fun is allowed. If someone wants to write about Eldar traps, let them, don't demand it be changed because "majority rules".

We are working with people here, not some commissioned machine that does whatever they're commanded to.

>> No.27342246

Hesitant writefag here. I'm still mulling over my options but have a few different ideas. As far as names go, what would be more palatable- 3dFag or robophiliac?

Not going to end up writing anything with traps. Don't hold your breath anyone.

>> No.27342252

Then. Don't.

>> No.27342255

No one is writing it, I just suggested it because it was different to the dozens of "female eldar + human male/female/ #1220135" stories we have

If suggesting things when someone says that the standard situation is played out starts shitstorms then I just won't bother from now on

>> No.27342274

Either name sounds fine. And don't get too wound up over it- traps are a skub-inducing subject regardless of whether or not they are Eldar.

>> No.27342275

Hey guys lets keep the nerd anger to a minimum. Any smut is good smut, cause its always room for more. We all have our preferences so just read the stuff you like, cause the authors have graciously labeled what stories have which kinks and whatnot. And if you feel like the rage is overtaking you, proceed to touch yourself and repeat until you are satisfied or it is time to change your pants and shower.
warning chafing may occur as well as a hysterically minute chance of genitilia damage, which the smut thread is not liable for

>> No.27342300

It's not played out and it never will be. Why else do you think /tg/ always has "elf slave wat do" threads?

>> No.27342321

>and the EldarxInquisitor angle has become a little played out

What is reading comprehension

>> No.27342344

No, they aren't. Some people like traps, others don't. Those that don't have a number in that that REALLY dislike them being mentioned. It's not something both parties are willing to go to war over, it's just like any fetish.

I seriously hate NTR. Regardless of the gender of the person getting NTR'd. Am I going to yell about a NTR story on /tg/ endlessly? No. It is not as a big of a deal as you are making it out to be.

>> No.27342367

Did that say FemaleEldarxMaleHuman is played out? No? Well then, your argument is invalid. In any case, this argument is stupid and we're nearing autosage.

>> No.27342380

Fine. Now let's all drop the subject and move on.

>> No.27342385

Remember the times when we just talked about and had fun with smut?

Those were fun.

>> No.27342390


>> No.27342395

I know right...but its just something to do when there aren't much writing going on.
Shit we should try and each write a paragraph or something, post by post make our own lewdfic.

>> No.27342398

Given the inquisitor in the stories is always a male human? Then yes it is

>> No.27342416

This. When nobody's writing anything, people get impatient. And when people get impatient, they tend to get easily irritated. In those days, more people were writing more frequently, so there was less autism shitting things up.

Like this.

>> No.27342442

Question. I'm playing a character with 60 charisma (d100 system) and have an Attractive trait that gives a +20 on physical based Charisma tests.

How do I describe her without sounding too lewd? I want to put these stats into words.

>> No.27342457

Say that she has an attractive body? It's not that difficult at all.

Besides, we specialize in making things sound MORE lewd, not less so.

>> No.27342463 [SPOILER] 

Fuck it.

I'm going to write a fic. In 40k.

I'll post it either tonight or tomorrow. To give a teaser as to what the fic will be a about...


>> No.27342466


It's also a side effect of starting these threads earlier than their original Sunday timetable. Then, it was one or two threads full of writefaggotry instead of people bitching about others fetishes and begging to have their fics written. The added spacing gave the writefags time to work, and we were given better quality work for it.

She carries around two big plasma cannons. Done.

>> No.27342475

Hey not, there was those fics called Xeno-Lover. That was female inquisitor on random stuff. See? See?

Any of these ideas sound particularly amusing?

Story One: Female guardsman and masculine male banshee are killed down to a single soul and left in desperate city-fighting against orks. Deciding to follow the human, but not wishing to get shot, the banshee stays hidden until an accident forces the two to fight together. After suitably out of danger bickering and arguing turns into interspecies shenanigans.

Story Two: A catachan (maybe?) warrior is evading orks out in a jungle valley. After a short while a striking scorpian plays the role of bait, leading orks into traps set by the catachan, and then choppy. By the time the two make it out of the valley they have developed mutual respect, and after meeting for the first time, decide to part on a high note. (Or not at all? No idea)

Story Three: I finish the Inquisitor x Howling Banshee fic, because fuck you, it's half done already.

>> No.27342476

Charisma doesn't have to mean she dresses to show off her assets
She might be very beautiful but actually dresses conservatively and just has amazing force of personality, people notice something is different about her, they pay attention, agree with her, listen to her suggestions and find her arguments or suggestions very agreeable

>> No.27342497

I don't mind what you write, do what you want to do

I just dislike people trying to call their opinion the majority opinion because they dislike something

>> No.27342498

Story one, with genders flipped.Please?

>> No.27342508

hey now*

Maybe. Is the appeal just consensual banshee shenanigans or something else?

>> No.27342509

Finish three, honestly. I don't give a shit what's been 'done'. If we always settled on what was 'done' we'd not have half the works we have today. For good or for ill.

>> No.27342530

That, and I just like female Eldar more than male Eldar. They're just better. Have her play the LIVII to his Taldeer to even it out, I suppose.

>> No.27342539

You're all pathetic.

>> No.27342548

Says the guy dropping in just to leave a random insult.

>> No.27342561

Says the guy writing or reading erotic fan fiction.

>> No.27342564


But that's the appeal of a male eldar/female guardsman. Otherwise, it will just end up being a simple "rip-off" of Love can Bloom.

>> No.27342565

Hugs and kisses.

Alright. Figure I'll finish #3, and if I have any more in me, I'll do #1 with the standard Howling Banshee female. Maybe. I'm out for now. Until next time, /tg/.

>> No.27342586

Good luck to you, then.

>> No.27342613

What's wrong with that?

>> No.27342631

Well, we've hit autosage now. Should we set up a new thread now or wait a few hours first?

>> No.27342638

Dis nigga never heard of all those erotic fan fiction DOLLA DOLLA.
Son we just tapping into our Twilight money making skills. Do you hate fun or something?

>> No.27342649

Wait thirty minutes. Then initiate new thread.

>> No.27342650

>Should we set up a new thread now or wait a few hours first?
Seriously? It literally JUST hit autosage. That means we have at the very least several hours before thread death.

>> No.27342658

But those devolved into bitching and begging too- the only difference is that it extended all the way to Tuesday when writefags were even less likely to listen.

>> No.27342681

Wait a good few hours
Threads survive autosage on /tg/ for the better part of a day despite what most general thread OPs like to think

>> No.27342686

Very well, I'll just wait until then. In the meantime, I'll just go and lurk in the hopes that somebody posts something new.

Maybe they were right when they said to keep these to Sundays. We should do that starting next week. Agreed?

>> No.27342754


/erpg/ has ignored us, so reposting here to hopefully get some kind of constructive criticism. My partner specifically says they're bad at starting, and once tried to start a scene by emulating howtobasic. This session required a bit of coaching beforehand, but I think it got started pretty well. I know spelling and grammar has issues, but we were both distracted at the time.

>> No.27342765

>All the bitching about traps
>Posts a trap story

Seriously man I like traps but come on, common sense.

>> No.27342776

At least he posted SOMETHING. Any longer and the thread would have gone batshit for sure.

>> No.27342799

Meh, it's getting late and this is usually the part where the thread starts dying. Goodnight, you lot, Keep on writing.

>> No.27342809

>posting rp logs
Seriously, at least bother to synthesize that shit into a story first.

Or better yet, just don't attention whore.

>> No.27342938

Please ignore the entitled fucker who moves from writefag thread to writefag thread and bitches whenever anything isn't vanilla/straight/male dom. As a general rule for the writers, just write whatever the fuck you want and don't take unsolicited input from anons for shit. It sounds harsh but it's the only way anything gets done with That Guy here now. Night lads, try to make a new thread in an hour or so. I'll try to get to finishing/posting my shit tomorrow.

No. Sundays roll over too far. Threads like this in general just die for a few hours in the nights because nobody's working on anything, not indicative of what the afternoons will be like.

>> No.27345512

Well, it's not so much that people aren't working as they ARE working... but just aren't finished yet. And for what it's worth, I agree that having these threads roll over into the week is less desirable than confining them to the weekends.

>> No.27345941

Yeah, these smutthreads appear to be catching more and more flak as the weeks pass on.

I suppose I'll keep hiking along for now and have fun until the inevitable shitstorm ensues and forces me underground again.

>> No.27345976

dude, you need a gallery to put all your art, its awesome but annoyingly hard to find/keep track of

>> No.27346107

Would now be a good time to post the next thread?

>> No.27346185

Your call. It's still early to midmorning in the states, so it could probably wait a few hours.

>> No.27346219

All right. I suppose I'll sleep on it for another hour or two.

>> No.27346265

I'll have something ready for the next thread. Something lewd.

>> No.27346278

Good. Anytime there's a shortage of material, people get restless. I know I do.

>> No.27346377


As long as someone makes a new thread, I guess. i'm not making one

>> No.27346567

And done.

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