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ITT: Sisters of Brohood.
which one of you did this

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I did.

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I wish there was more proof.
>I wish you did more lewd too, dat Raege pic was delicious.

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Lol I know right.

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This pic?

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The hmmm Other Raege pic, don't post it though wouldn't want you banned

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Maybe there is, it was at least three years ago, back then, people would often archive drawthreads on suptg.

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Oh well, how have you been. Feeling any urges to draw anything heretical lately?

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yes but I have two commissions on the grill. The last two things I've drawn of my own volition were Xeno as a scarab and Torchstar.

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This is an accurate portrayal of Sisters.

Ugly dudes with wigs.

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Understood, guess you a busy man. Heh I heard some guys are trying to save money for some lewd Macha commissions or whatever, I've never seen /tg/ as riled up as recently.
Dat choir boy thread....

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Maybe this is the beginning of a glorious Renaissance, where the writefags return and shower us with love day after day.

>MFW I hope this is true

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We have had some writefaggotry more often lately. And thankfully the one that did end up turning to questfaggotry was pretty terrible anyways

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Drag Queens are magic.

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Got any archive links?

Polite sage for off-topic

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>and Torchstar.
And how!

Gat dayum, we need more of this blueberry. Now I'm hankering for some blueberry lewd stories.
Somebody already posted the fill pic at >>26769208

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Here's one:


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I'm working on a few things back and forth that I'll get around to posting when I can look at it without thinking 'I can make this look a lot better'. All of them are 40k related, sorry if that disappoints anyone.

The stuff in question is:
PDF Scum and Dark Eldar - Still being heavily worked on and fixed up.

Rogue Trader and Eldar Corsair - Done a little bit of framework

SoB and Saint - Haven't actually started with this one yet.

I did have a question for /tg/ about the last one. I know being declared a Living Saint is something that's really rare in the 40kverse and most Saints are named after they've been killed doing whatever it was that made them a candidate for Sainthood in the first place.

That being said, what would you need to do to be named a Saint? Also, is there something similar to that that would be respected far and wide that isn't as rare or carry as much power?

The basic idea behind that particular bit of writefaggotry is a relatively young and new SoB admires some hero-that being the Saint character, though obviously this will be changed if I can find something that's not so amazing but still worth respecting and talking about-almost like a fangirl, then practically bursting into spaghetti when she finds out that the 'Saint' in question will be visiting the planet she and her sisters are stationed on and that after his arrival, he personally selects her to be his bodyguard.

What she doesn't know is that in public, he is very humble and somber man and does his duty for the Emprah with every ounce of diligence and humility one that could be considered a saint would be expected to deliver but in private, he's pretty much 'just another guy'.

Then again, I don't know the 40kverse inside and out so maybe this last idea is just shit and I should scrap it. I'unno.

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Ignoring the Writefag Wednesdays, there's that daemonette fic out there, but its not very lewd at all.

There's the gentle DEldar stuff, but I'm not a big fan.

There's that Techpriest x Psyker story. Not lewd at all save for the latest chapter that has hand holding

As for more smutty stuff, >>26775137 has you covered.

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I'm not wrong in thinking this is hot, right?

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Eh, everyone's got their cup of tea. Maybe the author was just trying to bring back some of the 40k cute stuff. Otherwise, thanks for the links, except that first one.

Ah, so that's where you went. Well, we're still waiting for you to deliver on that DEldar one.

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>Maybe the author was just trying to bring back some of the 40k cute stuff.
Yeah, but he was doing so by completely ignoring the setting for the most part and I just plain didn't find him to be that good of a writer, especially for how much he was whoring himself out.

And yeah, not too big a fan of the first one either, but you did ask for all the writefaggotry, so I tried to make a semi-comprehensive list.

I did forget the underhive mutant one, but its only really half a story anyways. Oh, and there's this thread >>26761966

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He identifies as female and thats all that matters.

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Yeah. Having to move out of my old place and into a new apartment with a friend put a hold on any work I was doing for a while. Still working on it, though

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those aren't fangs it's just a stylized tongue.

some anime gimmick

taus don't have teeth anyway.

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Yeah...I kinda went overboard there in the beginning. Sorry. I honestly am thinking of going back and rewriting the entire affair, since it's pretty much just a barebones outline of major events at this point.

Dunno when I'll get around to updating the hive mutant story. Anyways, back to lurking~

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anybody have the Stupid Sexy Frateris pic? I know somebody saved it.

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Dammit, don't take dat fang away from me.

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Every time lol.

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http://pastebin.com/Yenpj53P (Not adult unless you like tickling torture)

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Let's just add this too so people don't have to dig through >>26761966


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Oh dear: http://pastebin.com/TAKtQXBA
Theres this one too. From the Chris Orksen one.

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Dat disappointed Eldrad.

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Here's some more, in spoilers for now since this isn't exactly a lewd-thread

"Go on…” purred Romelia, motioning for Violette to take the her place on the Farseer’s other side. The two Sisters removed the microbeads tormenting the eldar’s ears, only to begin a new barrage of swift attacks on them.

At the removal of the flamer, the Farseer enjoyed a brief respite before the new barrage of sensations from her ears began driving her towards another skip across the warp. They were one of the few parts of her body which had an over-abundance of nerve-endings, meaning each tactile lick and nip was amplified all the more. Eyes fluttering, the Farseer’s gaze drifted downwards as she felt small hands grip her thighs. There, the smaller mon’keigh was posed, plasma pistol all but scraping against her spirit stone. Part of her wanted to scream and rage against the incoming violation, but the countless hours of mixed delight and pain had made a Dark Pact with her soul.

“He’s hesitating…” whispered Violette, in between brief sucks at the eldar’s vulnerable ears. “Maybe he needs to hear how badly this witch wants him.”

“Mmmmm… perhaps your right,” moaned Romelia, taking up one of the xenos’ cannons and swirling it about. “Do you think she’ll behave, though?”

Both Sisters stopped their all out attacks to stare into the Farseer’s eyes. Unable to speak due to the gag, all the eldar could do was nod pleadingly with her eyes.


“Ohh…Emperor…” squeaked Macha, the wraithbone making a wet noise as it traveled through her webway. “I wish Taldeer had kept reading. She’s an expert on the mon’keigh’s breeding activites…”

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>your right
Yes, what does his right have to do with this?

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Oh you.

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This is what I get for relying on autocorrect. Plus I'm failing my saves against insanity again.

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Check your privledge CIS heretic.

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Moar soon. I can feel it in muh loins.

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Oh my god, you can write. Happy Macha is happy

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What has sanity ever done for any of us, really?

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As soon as the gag was removed, the Farseer took a deep breath. The dull pain in her jaw was nothing compared to the feeling of the cool air filling her lungs, causing her to emit a sensual sigh. Before she could do more, though, the mon’keighs soiled undergarments were draped over her eyes, the crotch section resting against her nose. The smell alone was enough to make her drool again, much to the Sisters’ delight.

“See, my child? She can’t even contain herself after getting a wiff of you,” teased Romelia, once again beginning her combined overwatch with Violette.

All of this was enough to finally break down the last bastion of willpower in the boy’s mind. Gritting his teeth, he pushed his plasma pistol deep into the void. Though the Sisters’ tongues had ignored all armor, this new warp weapon was capable of causing an overload in mere moments. Lost in the eddies of the warp churning against him, the boy’s eyes went blank as a small bit of saliva dripping from the corner of his mouth.

“Oooohh, look Sister Superior. I think he likes it!”

“Mmmhm, so does the xenos. Don’t you, witch?”


Some of us need it to DM and QM. Speaking of, there will be a delay of about two to three hours while I DM for my D&D group. Sorry /tg/ :(

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I kind of want a mildly sad story about a SoB having hallucinations of her dead son. I'm sure there's a word for when someone acts like a dead person is still around, I just don't know it.

I'd try to write it myself, but my writing skills are subpar.

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Oh god Macha finally got the "plasma pistol".
Calling NSA, CIA, FBI, NBC, and Moot's house for this travesty.

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Wow, it was so good he passed out.
Now what are they gonna do?

>> No.26776949

Oh okay, still this implications are rather heretical......I will be observing this thread VERY closely...

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/tg/ what did you do. OH GOD I SEE THE LIGHT.....

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The same thing the Sisters do every night: Use him as a D-pattern rifle until it runs out of ammo.

>> No.26777015

>The same thing the Sisters do every night, anon

>> No.26777060

Even in death I still sex....wait never mind that would be gross.
Pic related:

>> No.26777073

>Xeno as a scarab
Can you post that? I need it for reasons.

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>> No.26777124

what reasons?

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He probably would be just barely conscious, feeling his lower region just filled with sensation while the three women figures are blurry but keep up the stimulation and fuck him over and over, while molesting and kissing him everywhere.
Ocassionally the pleasure builds to a cresendo, and he feels fluids being released only for the women to suck it dry. And finally he sees a perfect arse just approaching his crotch and the little choir boy that could gets ridden like a mount while barely being able to hold onto the Sister's perfect tattooed ass with him grabbing a huge handful of her cheeks and then prompty releases a huge load inside her, hearing the moans of women dominating his senses. And then he finally passes out.

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>> No.26777366

There seems to be a lot of those in these threads.

>> No.26777396

This one's a product of her imagination, anyway.

The other one that a different writefag is doing, on the other hand, will be the real thing. I can hardly wait.

>> No.26777419

Yeah, but then there's the other fiction in progress.

>> No.26777461

>Real thing.
Oh god, I hope /tg/ doesn't simultaneously explodes in nerd rage/lust that macha gets tapped.

>> No.26777513

Well, I've GOT 2500+ words, and I've gotten as far as penetration. I could share what I have done and see what happens.

>> No.26777570

You should just post the whole thing, it will be more delicious that way.
>otherwise it'll just be us waiting for the next part squaking like a bunch of fapping seaguels....

>> No.26777572

Wait til it's completely finished. We can't afford to have the end result be anything less than perfect.

>> No.26777646

[boner intensifies]

>> No.26777666

What's the Penetration Value of a Plasma Pistol? Or does it depend on whether you read Dark Heresy or Black Crusade?

>> No.26777677

Hey if Technomancer is still ITT, I'd like to ask him to check his notes on DeviantArt.

>> No.26777678

Is it....messy. Cause that is the best.

>> No.26777706

Look, you know full well about the Decree Passive. No men under arms.

Now stop trying to take our jobs, or we'll unionise.

>> No.26777708

Lol i think it does matter.
Macha is in big trouble now. I hope based choir boy pulls a juicy head shot on Macha after pulling out, to really seal the Imperium's dominance over lusty...I mean foul xenos

>> No.26777723

I'm still trying to decide between vaginal only, vaginal and anal, or "flawless victory".

>> No.26777734

>Imperial lewdness
>No mention of Krieg-chan
Y-you didn't forget about her, did you, /tg/?

>> No.26777744

answered them like eight hours ago.

>> No.26777788

Yeah well Deviantart hates me because it never notified me.

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>a little oral too pls sir.

>> No.26777866

Nobody likes her. Chem-chan does the gas mask fetish better anyways.

>> No.26777894

There's a name I've not heard in some time.

>> No.26777896

Define "flawless victory".

>> No.26777938

>a drugged up rave slut with a gun is a better waifu than a loyal soldier of the Imperium

>> No.26777946

Well go suck a hundred dicks because I like her and there are already a billion tasteless tankgirl ripoffs that are better at wearing a partial gasmask than chem-chan.
not even a full one like Krieg-chan.

>> No.26777974

maybe creampies and the guy then creaming the face and Macha sucks the remainder, while simultaneously relaxing without sexual frustration for the first time in her millenium long life
It would be hilarious if she toned down the lewd just cause she already went there and just moved on with her life.
>I would like to see Macha's Mundane Mondays where she beats up humans or daemons or whatever, and then chills out on the craftworld.

>> No.26778056

We have a winner.

>> No.26778068

Anal. But only because Macha forces him to plunge into her brown eye of terror out of pent up sexual aggression.

>> No.26778084

Yay I knew it.....uh sorry about being sorta descriptive with my requests.
Macha should smoke cigars now, cause she is officially balling though.

>> No.26778126

Unions, nigga dat shit ain't kawaii. Don't you dare.

>> No.26778153

...maybe like this but all over her body?
We really should make this a toberlone bar though.

>> No.26778177

If only I could photoshoop.

>> No.26778188

So much bitterness. Krieg-chan is doomed to remain an unknown because there's nothing that makes her different from any other Krieg soldier.

>> No.26778198

...yeah. Dunno how she could lewd anyways. Maybe trench orgy before the death charge, to bolster the spirits?

>> No.26778223

Maybe the fact that she's Seras Victoria underneath the mask.

>> No.26778228

Paint works just as well if you know how to use it.

>> No.26778267

She can be the one with white stains everywhere, so people know she's good at making people happy. Like a medic or something.

>> No.26778277

Ooooh tell me more.

>> No.26778316

She's had anal before though. Didn't you see the comic from earlier?

>> No.26778415

>implying its not saved to my computer.
It's always nice to remember though. I thought he meant finish there.
God I feel slightly wrong discussing this, but it makes downstairs feel good.

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>> No.26778452

>Chem-chan criticized for being a look-alike for a cool comic book character in a setting that thrives/ is built on having characters that look like iconic movie heroes, comic heroes, etc. etc.
>"Maybe the fact that she's Seras Victoria underneath the mask."
Really? Anybody else getting the irony here?

Seriously, the only half-assed original "-chan" /tg/ came up with was Cata-chan, and she's far from a fan favorite for obvious reasons.

>> No.26778460

You realize a xenos is writing it right?
>which makes it extra delicious

>> No.26778472

>Macha warms up with hard anal and raunchy blowjobs since Callie has made her do those already
>but she still is nervous when it comes to gentle vaginal

>> No.26778474

>Not breaking in your choir boys with "special kisses" and "holy hugs" to bolster their faith
That's heresy.

>> No.26778483

Perfect. Just perfect.

>> No.26778562

Nah, I was too busy laughing at the fact that he thought being a shameless anime ripoff was a good thing.

>> No.26778580

Hopefully in that order

>> No.26778610

>Seras Victoria is the only character who can have short blonde hair
Besides, much of Krieg-chan's facial features remain nebulous, she'd probably look something >>26777734

>> No.26778642

>Tank Girl is the only character that can dress like a punk
We could do this all night, but it was directly referring to >>26778223 that post.

>> No.26778667

Dat peekaboo crotch. Playing close to danger there aren't we.

>> No.26778693


>> No.26778722

Krieg-chan wishes she looked that tough. In every rendition of her she looks like the pic you posted. Some soft-cheeked pinup girl with a beauty mark.

>> No.26778758

And I thought you died or something. Well, good to see you're still here.

>> No.26778911

Just gotta make it to the best part.

>> No.26778989

Can I join you <3

>> No.26778995

Nothing stopping writers from making her look tough.

In terms of lewds how about tender and consensual lovemaking with her beloved before she's sent to die.

>> No.26779004

And which one would that be?

>> No.26779039


>> No.26779069

The climax baby.

>> No.26779078


>> No.26779085

Not lewd enough.

>> No.26779133

...lewdanon is that you?

>> No.26779160

Krieg medics are in charge of finishing you off if you're too wounded to die for the Emperor.

>> No.26779213

I could fap to a fic of that. or a pic if anyone is inclined to doodle a little lewd on the battlefield

>> No.26779254

>on the battlefield
Things could get disgustingly messy quickly.

>> No.26779276

Pic two of those words, and one must be lewd. Slaanesh says its all okay.

>> No.26779322

It means anal virginity, vaginal virginity, and first time doing oral all in one night.
I didn't forget about Krieg-chan. I'm just doing xeno lewdness at the moment.

>> No.26779365

Thats all good. Man Macha is gonna be sore in the morning.

>> No.26779375

She lost her anal virginity to that one Callidus a while back, so 2 for 3 should be good enough.

>> No.26779382

(D&D will be going for another hour, so have this to tide you over)

It took a few moments for the boy to even realize that the women were talking, much less that the Sister Superior had moved behind him. “Look at him,” she whispered, leaning in to nip at his ear. “He can barely hold it in. Let your dear Sister help you…”

Using her hips to guide his, Romelia aided the choir boy in using the semi-auto function of his plasma pistol. It didn’t take long for it to overload again, sending jets of hot plasma inside the Farseer’s dark eldar. This caused the xenos to bite her lip, balling her fists as the gene-seed swirled inside her.

“Please…let me…I must… taste…”

Violette smiled, then removed the underwear blindfold before stealing a kiss. “Here, you can help us clean the boy up. I’m sure he won’t mind…”

As the Farseer’s binds were undone, Romelia pulled the boy back, his pistol coated in juices and dripping onto the floor. “Such a mess, and from one so young…you’re going to be my new favorite play-thing…” she moaned, licking his neck and furthering the cascade of sensations that had left him in a sea of bliss. Guiding him to take the eldar’s place on the table, she gently pushed him down and motioned for the xenos to get to work.

Kneeling down, the Farseer gingerly took up the juicy weapon. The smell alone was lowering her intelligence, to the point where she’d even mount a grox at this point…

Taking the Emperor out of her webway, Macha began sucking on the tip of the wraithbone. “Mmmmm, if only I knew what you mon’keighs actually tasted like.” By now, her bedsheets were soaked with a combination of sweat, juices, and drool…

>> No.26779440

Sooooooo goooooooood. YES I AM ERECT NOW.

>> No.26779516


>> No.26779757

Oh just look at the time.

>> No.26780108

I've kind of been writing as if it's right after the end of her last canon appearance.

Consequently there's a lot of shouting about Gabriel.

>> No.26780195

The end game bueno

>> No.26780450

There was some chemistry between them, but only according to the DoW novels. And since C.S. Goto wrote them, they can be ignored.

>> No.26780854

Its all good, the D cannot be denied.

>> No.26780875

When is it ever not lewd o'clock.

>> No.26780945

>mounting a grox
Woah Macha that was a little over the line. Confirmed beastiality fetish is slightly disturbing.

>> No.26781049

It's Macha, if you name a feitsh, she probably has it.

Here's the last part:

Diligently, and with the care one usually reserves for a precious item or person, the eldar began cleaning the boy’s pistol. Groaning through the muzzle in her throat, she nearly jumped when Violette began probing her warp with her tongue. Meanwhile, Romelia had taken to offering her cannons to the boy’s mouth, which he sucked mindlessly.

“Just think,” she whispered, digging her nails into his shoulder as his tongue swirled around. “This is just the beginning. Soon I’ll have you trained to where you can do this day after day…for all eternity…”


A soft knock at Macha’s door interrupted her mewling and twitches of ecstasy. “Umm, Auntie Macha, could you keep it down? I’m trying to study.”

Turning scarlet in embarrassment, Macha removed the wraithbone from her mouth and sighed. “Sorry Lofn…Please...don’t tell your mother?”

“Of course not Auntie. Even though you’re a freak, I still love you.”

As the half-eldar’s muffled footsteps faded, Macha was left feeling completely guilty. Still, the wraithbone seemingly found its way back to her dark eldar, and soon she had to stuff her shirt into her mouth to muffle the noise.

(The end, for reals)

>> No.26781055

Lol saved.

>> No.26781136

>Dat Lofn
>Dat Mouthy Macha cleanup
>Dat tired yet horny choir shota getting serviced with titties
>Dat story.
Yup this is where I come now, every part is just too sexy
We really should update the 1d4chan. Cause this part is goooood.

>> No.26781166

I already did ;)

>> No.26781219

Heh wow....you know this might be weird for asking this, but you did just write a story where a little boy got fucked and sucked by loads of women.
>Were you imaging yourself as the choir boy, cause da images that pop into my head....emperor have mercy. I just can't handle this much win on a regular basis.

>> No.26781258


It's like the one time I've indulged my ERP tenancies. And yes. To both.

That feel when you will never be the choir boy ;_;

>> No.26781266

Captcha: leuds ittsedx

>> No.26781279

>tfw have been IRL choir boy and I didn't get this ;_;
Why you lie to me porno, why.

>> No.26781338

I hope your happy, with all the chafing you must have surely caused.

>> No.26781484

I know, right? No sexy nuns let me fuck them when I was a teenage choirboy.

Fucking porno, lying to us all. Next we'll find out that not all men last for hours before coming...

>> No.26781490

Clearly you should do this more often, cause that was hot.

>> No.26781512


At least the 54 insanity (and the mental traumas that came with it) was worth it.

B...But it wasn't that great...

>> No.26781527

I know right, an hour MAX in the real world.
Of course I don't have a nymph redhead elfdar sucking my prebuescent dick but the world ain't fair neither.

>> No.26781529

It was fucking awesome, anon. Seriously, you should grant yourself a name, and do this again in future!

>> No.26781565

Then the next lewd story can be ever better, even though I don't know what the problem was.
You have satisfied my Dark Heresy and my Macha boner and for that you have my eternal thanks. Now we wait for the Macha ever-virgin crew to get mad as all hell when they don't read the little side parts where it was all a fantasy.

>> No.26781573

takes a special kind of girl to use an autogun

>> No.26781611

And if you did have a nymph redhead elfdar that'd suck your dick, it'd either be illegal for her to do it, or illegal for you to do it.

Thankfully I have a redhead to suck my dick, so 1 out of 3 ain't bad.

>> No.26781733

Oh some experience I see. Heh well just give her some elf ears from a costume shop, and let the magic run wild. Anyways I'm sure in da imperium its no big deal, they don't have silly things like consent ages. I'll bet if the choir boy wasn't just Macha's sex toy fantasy, he'd probably find himself covered in women and still inside either Romelia, Violette, or Macha and would be rushing for early morning reveille.

I can imagine an exhausted and badly dressed choir boy now trying to line up with the cadets but still clearly smells like sex and prometheum. He gets chewed up right until the Sister Violetta comes to inspect the line, of course calling out our here with a wink (and saying to the drill abbot that she will discipline him personally.) Which she sorta does by taking you to her office, and then tit fucking you on her desk.
If Macha needed to bulk the story up of course heh.

>> No.26781744

It's a .333, which is great in baseball.

>> No.26781763

Pic related?

I guess I can add that...

>> No.26781804

Yes this, that would be sweeet.

>> No.26781809

Dat picture is adorable, yet nice and lewd. I approve.

>> No.26781835

Sadly I'm British, so the only baseball analogue for me is a girl's game.

Ohh.... she'd probably go for elf ears, to be honest. Benefit of being with a ca/tg/irl.

I'd just got rid of the last boner, Jesus Christ.

>> No.26781852

Whatever works.
Dat rolecall thread with like more chicks then /k/
Hmm I wonder if I should switch home boards...

>> No.26781865

This isn't your home board?

>> No.26781904

Naw I wander the other SFW boards, our /k/ brethren along with /o/ and /out/....but they never go lewd like /tg/ does.....unless its those gross threads where someone has sex with a gun or a car muffler. No bueno.

>> No.26781931

I wonder how /k/ would feel about that earlier section where Macha used a flamethower...

>> No.26782015

No, that's the other fic still being written, where she does it for real.

>> No.26782018

....one of them actually stuck a mortar shell up their ass. I think that sets it pretty clear.
Macha however is a hot fictional elf and the /k/ommando a fat pasty man....which admittedly is sort of a double standard to me.

>> No.26782188

I would hope that it wasn't a live shell.

>> No.26782227


“Fennias! FENNIAS!”

“Sorry sir! Present!”

The drill abbot stormed down the line, and Fennias knew he was about to get an earful. The Sisters had kept him up late into the night, only releasing him when it came time for them to report to their posts. He didn’t exactly regret it…but now he was dealing with several problems. First and foremost, he hadn’t had time to shower, which meant the stench of their activities still clung to his skin. To top it off, he could barely stay awake, his ravaged body crying for rest.

By the time the abbot reached him, Fennias had begun nodding off again. “WHAT IN THE EMPEROR’S NAME IS YOUR MALFUNCTION?” yelled the abbot, mere inches from Fennias’ face. “ARE YOU INCAPABLE OF DRESSING PROPERLY, BOY?”

“N…No Si…”



This went on for some time, nearly driving the poor choir boy to tears as his peers stifled laughter at his misfortune. He was about ready to give up and breakdown when rescue came in the form of Violette.

“What’s going on, drill master?” She called out, striding down the line of clerics-to-be clad in full armor and an air of contempt.

“Nothing, my lady,” replied the abbot, turning and bowing slightly at her. “I was merely disciplining this filth for being a blight on the sanctity of our church.”

“Well, we can’t have that now, can we? You there, boy,” pointing at Fennias, “Follow me. I shall handle your punishment myself.”

Shaking, he did as he was told, his comrades whispering among themselves as he was led from the room. The Sisters were infamous for their punishments: many a choir boy had returned bruised from head to toe for stepping out of line. Even though Fennias had a feeling his sentence would be much less, the air of command that Violette exuded didn’t help waylay his fears.

>> No.26782244

That's nothing you can't remove by spending some XP. (Or you could turn it into corruption, which would be far more useful.)

>> No.26782260

Excitement feels good. Also he has a name now, lucky little Fennias.

>> No.26782313

>mfw Macha must be part Dark Eldar.
For her to suck out so much of his life force heh.

>> No.26782323

And done. 3,850 words: introductions, smut, Macha hatefucking an Acolyte, and an epilogue.

>> No.26782340

OH BABY, it can be time to post now. Or do you need to edit and stuff.

>> No.26782346

I'm going over it now.

>> No.26782360

But, you don't even need any other boards.

>> No.26782361

Well I hope Violette has some damp towels after her fun takes place.
Real life savers in uniform, fyi.

>> No.26782368

Hehe yeah this is true. Why do you think I'm here a lot more now.
>besides smut.

>> No.26782370

Tonight, we make history.

>> No.26782382


Eventually, the two reached Violette’s office, a small room with several cabinets, chairs, and a wooden desk. “Shut the door, then sit,” ordered the Sister, taking up her own seat across the desk from him. After he had done so, she winked, placing her feet up on the desk and smiling.

“Sorry I couldn’t come sooner,” she began, practically purring at him. “I had to visit the Commissar, only to find out he had been killed that morning in battle. A shame really, but that means I have a little surprise for you…”

Fennias shuffled meekly in his chair. Even though he was fully clothed, the hunger in the Sister’s eyes made him feel like he was exposed. “W…What might that be, Ma’am?” he stammered.

Waving a hand airily, “Oh come now. No need for formalities, *especially* after how well you did last night. You can call me Violet, or Big Sis, either is fine.”

“Yes Ma’a…I mean, okay, Violet.”

“Good! You learn quickly. That’s what I like about you, among other things…”

Before continuing, the Sister bit her lip, hands gliding over her chest plate. “If only these walls were soundproof… I’d take you here on this very desk…” she whispered sensually. “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

(Stupid field length)

>> No.26782392


“I…ummm…maybe? I don’t know…”

Laughing, Violette swung her legs off the desk and leaned over it to place her hand under his chin. “There there, you’ll find your voice in time. But yes! That surprise. I want you to meet me in the same dungeon room after your choir practice this afternoon. Can you do that for me?”

“Y…Yes, Big Sis.”

“Wonderful,” she mused, taking her hand from his chin. Tapping the pressure points on her breast plate, it parted, revealing the cannons inside. Winking, she murmured, “And here is your punishment. You’ll have to think about these. All. Day. Long.”

Gulping, Fennias nodded, then promptly left after being excused. It was going to be hard concealing his plasma pistol after that display.

>> No.26782407

Acolyte Virtanen felt conflicted: not so much about his orders, but rather his current interpretation of them. Inquisitor Cheng was very clear that while his Acolytes were serving their probationary time as individual operatives, they were to locate and secure any xenotech or even actual xenos that could become an asset to the Ordo Xenos Hybris. More than anything, Virtanen longed to find something useful enough to distinguish himself to his mentor.

Throne, this was more than he bargained for.

The young Acolyte waved in the general direction of the hotel concierge as he passed, not even bothering to look up. This sort of luxury usually wasn't his style, but he had to admit he could see why rich traders and government officials usually went in for it: such ostentatious display of wealth. An elevator was waiting to whisk him up a hundred floors into the sky, where he walked down the hall to a gilded lift that carried him another fifty floors, practically to the top of the Spire.

Where the opulence of the lobby below had merely been dismaying, the penthouse suite itself was positively obscene. The double-layered, reinforced glass reduced the terrific windshear that whipped up in the evenings to a whisper, all while affording a hundred-and-eighty degree view of the hive spire. From up here the buildings caught the fading light like giant hunks of crystal. It was so stunning that Virtanen momentarily forgot the millions living in destitute poverty so many thousands of feet below him.

He'd also forgotten what was waiting for him in the sitting room.

>> No.26782423

“Farseer,” he moaned, “what in the Emperor's holy name is THAT supposed to be? And how the hell did you even GET it?”

Somehow, the xeno witch he'd only recently captured had managed to obtain a silky set of lingirie, which she was now wearing for reasons that utterly escaped the Acolyte. “Are you not excited?” she asked in a tone more appropriate to an inquiry about the weather than a sultry come-on. “I selected them because they seemed most likely to appeal to a mon'keigh's baser instincts. Are they not effective?” Virtanen allowed himself to run his eyes over the Farseer. The way the little white silk negligee and emerald-green lowleg underwear exposed the smooth, toned expanse of her stomach, the way the swell of her chest was only just obscured behind a pale veil, the way her shockingly red hair spilled carelessly across her bare shoulders... Macha had to smile as the man's eyes lingered exactly three and a half seconds before he seemed to catch himself.

“That's not the point,” he eventually muttered, his discomfort apparent. “You're not SUPPOSED to look attractive.” Then glancing away and finding a small box sitting on the table, he grimaced. “And you're DEFINITELY not supposed to spend official Inquisitorial funds to do it.”

Macha sighed and allowed her hips to slide gently to one side, turning with a fluid grace unmatched by any human to show off the profile of her backside. “I had hoped this would make our time spent in further pointless interrogations less unpleasant.”

>> No.26782439

Oh loardy, big sis is gonna get nasty. I gotta admit, this is sort of a record amount of lewd for the sisters.
1d4chan will be quite busy.

>> No.26782443

“Well, that was going to happen anyway,” Virtanen mused. “I think I've got any intelligence value out of you already.”


Virtanen showed her a bottle of amasec he had picked up while he was out. “You've got no ship, no army, and no weapons. All you've got is a story that checks out with the reports I've read from the Blood Ravens. So, I'd like to ask you a few personal questions to try and get a feel for your personality. Then I can put any other intelligence in a proper context.”

“Businesslike, as usual.” Macha settled gracefully into a soft chair, and crossed one long, slender leg over the other. “What do you wish to know, mon'keigh?”

>> No.26782474

The man handed her a glass, and switched on a small audio recording device. “How long have you been a Farseer?” The question gave Macha pause: she had to contemplate her answer for a moment, as if she were almost unsure herself.

“I had hardly come of age when I started on the Path of the Seer. It has been many centuries.” She sniffed at the amber liquer in her tumbler, then took a first tentative sip. Then she took a larger one. Virtanen watched the fine amasec slide down her throat, and found his gaze lingering again.

“And how are Farseers treated in eldar society?” Again, Macha gave her interrogator a vaguely puzzled look.

“Why is that important?”

“We don't do interviews very often.”

Macha sighed again. “I see. Very well. Farseers are looked to as leaders, of course you knew that much.” She looked up to Virtanen, and saw him nod silently. “However, there is a tendency to treat us as abnormal.”

>> No.26782483

Macha knows what the mon-keigh likes. Acolyte is going to have quite the broken pelvis.

>> No.26782497

I need a better name to put this on on 1d4chan other than "Macha breaks an Acolytes' Pelvis"

>> No.26782498

Virtanen's eyebrow went up, and she could see his interest had been piqued. “How so?”

“It is almost as if they forget sometimes that we eat, drink, and sleep just the same as they do. That we have... needs.” The Farseer's face betrayed a hint of emotion, recognizable despite her alien mind. That last sentence had made her uncomfortable, and she was afraid the Acolyte picked up on it.

“What do you mean?” he asked cautiously. “Regular needs, or extraordinary?”

“Do you find me attractive?” she countered, seemingly from nowhere. She leaned forward towards Virtanen, and the shift in her center of balance drew his eyes like a magnet towards her swaying chest.

“What the hell does that have to do with anything?”

“Everything!” Macha insisted in a mounting tone of aggravation. “Do you have any idea how long it has been since I last spent the night with a man?”

“Ummm... long lived species... busy work schedule... a year or two?” Virtanen asked, clearly guessing.

>> No.26782549

The Final Saga of Macha the Ever-Virgin: Extra Large Heresy"

>> No.26782550

“It was a trick question, NEVER!” The Farseer was on her feet now, hands resting on the armrests of Virtanen's chair. “I have been a virgin for for longer than you have lived! BY ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE!”

“... I'm sorry?” the Acolyte offered.

“Oh SURE,” she snapped, “the noble mon'keigh taking pity on the poor undersexed eldar. What a joke!” Her face was now far too close to the Acolyte's for his comfort, but if she noticed she made no sign of it. “Your kind are half the problem! No eldar will touch me, because I am a Farseer and they have no idea that Farseers have sexual urges, and doubt me when I tell them! But you humans? Isha's TEARS you can be even worse!”

“Yeah, how exactly are we worse, Miss High-and-Mighty Farseer?” Virtanen spat, finally deciding to take a stand and planting his forehead obstinately against hers. “Oh, preach me a fucking sermon!”

>> No.26782552

>"Macha, Pelvis Annihilator."

>> No.26782558

You should ask /mlp/ about tulpas.

>> No.26782567

“You are WORSE,” Macha shouted, gesturing wildly with her hands without backing out of the human's face for even an instant, “because of your GODS-DAMNED IGNORANCE! You seem to think that if any eldar even so much as IMPLIES they are enjoying themselves a daemonette will spontaneously explode from their anus! And do not START about your Astartes!”

“WHAT'S WRONG WITH THEM!?” the Acolyte shouted back. “They don't even have balls, do they?”

“I could tell you if that GODS-DAMNED GABRIEL would have occasionally SHUT HIS FUCKING MOUTH AND LISTENED TO ME!” Macha's long hair whirled as she jumped atop the glass table standing in the middle of the room, an impossibly graceful leap that covered far more distance than a regular human could hope to cross, and her voice immediately dropped into a gravelly impersonation of the Blood Ravens leader.

“LOOK AT ME, I AM A SPESS MUHRREEN!” She grunted loudly, swinging an imaginary sword with wild and deliberately clumsy abandon. Every movement made her hair fly about her body and her breasts jiggle from the exertion. “I am a mindless retard! I do not care if the nice eldar lady who can see the future told me that tampering with this daemonic artifact will doom us all, I think I will hit it with a huge hammer! BECAUSE THAT SEEMS LIKE A GREAT IDEA THAT WILL NOT COME BACK TO BITE US IN THE ASS AT ALL! NOPE! NOT ONE GODS-DAMNED BIT!”

>> No.26782596

“Look, it's not OUR fault. You pointy-eared bastards can't flush a toilet without relying on cryptic metaphors and double-meanings!” Virtanen stood to face the xeno witch, and Macha jumped down from the table, landing lightly on her bare feet mere inches from him. The tension in the room was palpable as they stared each other down.

“If ignorance could be used for armor, you humans would be invincible,” she growled.

“If arrogance could be weaponized,” Virtanen hissed, “you eldar could destroy the whole fucking galaxy with it.”

For a moment both continued to stare each other down, each fuming in their anger. Then, in an impossible movement, Macha propelled herself at the Acolyte, using her entire body to tackle him to the floor. And before he could react, while she pinned his shoulders to the ground with her hands and straddled him between her bare thighs, she did the unthinkable.

She lowered her head, and their lips met in the most passionate kiss either had ever shared. Her crimson hair fell around their faces as the shock gradually faded from Virtanen's eyes, and they both lingered for what seemed like hours, but in truth could have as easily been days or weeks. Even as they parted, her taste was still on his lips. The man looked at the Farseer, confusion clearly etched into his face.

>> No.26782610

“... you're nuts.” he concluded.

“Shut up.”

They shared a second kiss, one which was somehow more passionate even than the last, and which lasted longer. Macha felt the human's rough hands caressing the sensitive skin along her sides, and responded by biting gently at Virtanen's lower lip as they separated once more. Her thighs squeezed his sides, silently urging him to continue. But he would have none of it.

Instead he rolled her off him, and rolled atop her, one hand going for his fly. Seeing this, Macha's legs lashed out, squeezing him between her thighs once more like a vice. She then wrapped her ankles around behind him and drove herself as close as she could, pinning his wrist in place against her crotch and pulling her body up as her arms went around his neck.

“Not yet, fucker,” she growled into Virtanen's ear as he tried in vain to free his hand.

“The hell are you doing, crazy xeno bitch? And who the hell taught you the word “fucker” anyway?”

>> No.26782627

“You are not. DONE. YET!” she insisted, her voice building into a roar. “YOU HAVEN'T DONE IT PROPERLY!”

“WARP DAMN IT!” he shouted back at her, “WHAT IS IT NOW!”

“Ears,” Macha insisted.


The eldar shook her head in uncomprehending dismay at the human's ignorance. “My ears,” she repeated. “You haven't even touched them yet. Do it.”

Virtanen's jaw hung slack for a second as he processed the demand. “Your ears are an erogenous zone?”

“I would not ask you otherwise, foolish little mon'keigh. Of COURSE they are,” she snapped, as if every sentient being in the galaxy should know it, and by not knowing it too Virtanen had somehow viciously insulted her.

>> No.26782641

“If you wanted it, you should have SAID something. Like this?” the Acolyte asked as he began to stroke her ears softly, tracing the edges and producing a soft moan.

But it wasn't enough for Macha. “More firmly,” she insisted. “They will not snap off.”

“Complain, complain,” Virtanen mumbled as he grew bolder and more forceful with his partner's lobes, producing increasingly frantic moans and a rhythmic swaying in her hips as she ground against him.

“Damned clumsy human,” she groaned

“Well, sorry I'm not a limp-wristed eldar...”

>> No.26782660

Gooood lord all this lewd. Damn /tg/ you can be some horny productive bastards sometimes. Me likey.

>> No.26782674

“I like it,” Macha interrupted before sighing in apparent satisfaction. “I like it a lot.” Taking it as a sign, Virtanen eased in and bit down lightly on the eldar's other ear, producing a tiny yelp of surprise that quickly melted into an intense moan of ecstasy as he began to twist and turn his trapped wrist between her thighs. After a few moments, he felt a damp warmth that could not have been just sweat against his arm.

“NOW are you satisfied, xeno scum?” Virtanen snapped, feeling more than a bit smug at having gotten the proud eldar so hot and bothered.

He received a vicious headbutt for his trouble, and reeled backwards in pain and surprise, clutching his jaw.

“SAY MY NAME!” Macha bellowed, flipping upright and pouncing on the Acolyte like a wild gyrinx.

“The FUC-”

“Say.” She pinned him once more beneath her body.

“My.” She ripped away his shirt with her bare hands, sending stray buttons flying across the carpet.

“NAME.” With that final pronouncement she slammed him down, golden eyes shining with a feral intensity.

>> No.26782689

The human merely frowned. “You say mine,” he insisted quietly.

“I asked you first, little one.”

Virtanen's frown eased into a manic grin. “Fair enough... Macha.”

“Very good, Leon,” she cooed as she reached down to slide her smooth fingers into the front of his pants, gently teasing them past his now-aching package and along his thighs behind her. “Nothing will deny me this now,” she muttered.

Virtanen looked worried for a moment, having heard her words and not understood. “Meaning what, Macha? You talking, cryptic, human not following? Remember that bit earlier?”

“This is usually when it happens,” she explained vaguely as she lifted one leg to slide her panties off around her foot, exposing her hairless, virginal mound. “A planet-wide plague, Craftworld-wide military mobilization, an encounter with what I believe your people call a “space hulk”. This is as far as I have ever gotten because of interruptions like those, and even those cases are rare.”

>> No.26782717

“Did you get this far with Chapter Master Angelos?” Virtanen asked cautiously. Macha laughed hard enough that she stopped bothering to get her panties off the other leg.

“Of course not, fool,” she said once she had finished laughing, having apparently decided that having her panties off one leg was good enough. “He was what we would call,” an eldar word Virtanen did not know. “It translates literally to “empty wraithbone”, but is about the same as celibate.” The eldar then looked down and smirked. “Luckily your “wraithbone” seems plenty full.” Then, just as suddenly as she had laughed, her face turned stern as she glared dangerously at him.

“If you try to pull out, by the blade of Kaela Mensha Khaine I WILL kill you with my fucking MIND,” Macha warned as she guided him to the rim of her yet-unexplored depths. She slowly lowered her weight onto him as his piece pushed past her labia, and she let out a whimper as her maidenhood tore to accommodate its gradual ingress. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she felt his torso against her thighs, his entire length snugly fitted inside her.

>> No.26782753


>> No.26782754

>Big Sis

And now you manage to work my incest fetish into it! How are you doing this? GET OUT OF MY HEAD!

>> No.26782757

Virtanen felt a warm trickle, and looked down to see a small but noticeable amount of blood around his base. Macha's virginity, her constant companion for Emperor only knows how many years, had finally been banished like a daemon back to the Warp. Having noticed her wince, and seeing that the pain had not quite subsided, the Acolyte grinned.

“I guess you were right,” he conceded.

“... about what?”

His grin widened. “No surprise anus daemons.”

The joke earned him a smack on the top of his head. “Of course not,” she scolded. “Though it hurt more than I expected.”

“Are you okay? Should we maybe take a break...” but he never got the chance to finish the sentence. Macha planted her hands on either side of Virtanen's shoulders, raised her ass up off of him and exposing his shaft dripping with her blood and juice, and thrust him back into her. Then again, with more brutal force. Then a third time. With each thrust she grunted from exertion, and between them her breathing grew shallower and faster.

>> No.26782792

Below her Virtanen thrust upward violently, ramming himself home as deep into her amazingly tight cunt as he could on each stroke, savoring as Macha's groans gradually gave way to cries, which in turn grew to frantic shouts as her breath came it ragged gasps, her previous pain forgotten.

“I WILL NOT BE DENIED!” she screamed aloud over the sound of their bodies slamming together. “THIS MOMENT IS MINE!” Viratnen briefly wondered who Macha was screaming at so fervently, but pushed those thoughts out of his mind as his own feelings of pleasure began to overwhelm him. He grabbed hold of Macha's shapely ass and guided her frantic motions, each meeting of their bodies sounding in thunderous rhythm.

“THEN TAKE IT YOU CRAZY BITCH!” the Acolyte roared as he felt himself burst deep inside Macha's darkest depths, thrusting again and again as he filled her with his warmth. Above him the eldar loosed a wordless banshee's wail as she climaxed, her first orgasm from being fucked hard spreading through every inch of her body like a wildfire, causing her back to arch madly as her hair swept around behind her. The wail continued as she shuddered and spasmed, still grinding her hips into Virtanen's member until her inhumanly long climax finally started to subside.

>> No.26782813


>> No.26782834

“Whaddareyoudoin...” Macha slurred drunkenly as Virtanen pulled out of her, allowing his seed to flow freely onto the floor. “Leon... I wannedta... don go...”

“I'm not leaving, idiot. I'm not satisfied yet.” Without another word, Virtanen hauled the eldar to her feet and laid her on her stomach across the glass table. “Let's try something else.”

Caressing her bare ass, Virtanen spread Macha a bit wider, provoking a confused but still ecstatic moan. “What...” she muttered as he poured a shot of amasec between her cheeks, working around the rim of her hole with his fingers. “What are you doing?” she asked, her concern obviously mounting.

“Getting you ready.” She had only a moment's warning as she felt the tip of his cock, still stubbornly hard, press against her puckered asshole. “EMPEROR GUIDE MY COCK!” he shouted.

>> No.26782875

So beautiful

>> No.26782880

“WAIT, WRONG HOLE!” Macha cried as a slow but unyielding thrust pushed Virtanen deep into her anus, stretching the orifice to a slightly painful degree as he drove forward.


But as Virtanen rammed himself in again, the feeling of her tight ass being spread by his warm, throbbing member surprised her. With a soft “oh, Isha!”, her anger subsided. Each thrust sent waves of sensation through her body, and her mind was lost once more in a fog of delirious, blissful ecstasy.

“You are still a bastard...” she moaned, feeling his first load slowly dribbling down her thighs as he pounded her backdoor. “I am a Farseer... show... some... fucking... RESPECT!” But she hadn't come down from her first orgasm yet, and having her human lover ravage her like this so soon afterward had her nearly breathless already. And Virtanen knew it.

“And YOU need to LET someone ELSE take over ONCE in a WHILE!” he insisted, grunting with each thrust as he picked up the pace. For her part, Macha's only response was a loud, distinctly undignified moan as the Acolyte began to slowly work her ears once more.

>> No.26782888


>> No.26782899

I'll uh, wait till the other write fag is done before posting the next bit.

I can read minds. Comes with being a psyker.

>> No.26782909


>> No.26782910

My eyes have seen too much.

>> No.26782912

“Uuuuhhhhhhaaaahhhhahahhahaha....” Macha insisted as she gradually lost the capacity for rational thought.

“What was that?” Virtanen asked, struggling to form words for his panting.

“You... good... aaaaahhhh...” she clarified. “Ears... GOOD... YEEEEESSSSS!!!” And for the second time, the Farseer was brought to a screaming orgasm. But this time she couldn't even register her satisfaction with her partner: instead she simply lay on the cold table, quivering and shuddering as he filled her ass the same way he filled her pussy.

Virtanen slumped backwards until he found the couch and collapsed onto it, exhausted, watching Macha tremble and ooze onto the floor from both holes... he'd made quite a mess. What would Inquisitor Cheng think, he wondered? Lose his shit? Congratulate him? Take a few holopics? Yeah, Cheng could be a sleazebag alright, so it would probably be a mix of all three. Fuck that guy.

>> No.26782928

Don't think I forgot about you Mr. foursome. You got some lewd to do son.

>> No.26782957

But his silent musing was interrupted by the sight of the Farseer staggering toward him, the predatory look not yet gone from her eyes.

“What are you...”

“SHUT IT,” she snapped. “We still are not done yet.”

As he sat up Macha knelt on the cushion next to him, and seeing his member starting to grow soft, wrapped her long, delicate fingers around it. Gently, deliberately, she eased the tip into her mouth, and started to clean the semen and vaginal fluids and blood off of it with her tongue. Then, after brushing her hair out of her face, she began to suck, rolling her tongue maddeningly around the head on each stroke and constantly caressing his testicles. Virtanen was surprised when after a few times, Macha pulled back suddenly.

“MAKE YOURSELF USEFUL OR I USE MY TEETH!” she bellowed, before taking his cock all the way to the base.

Resting one hand on her bobbing head, Virtanen dutifully reached out until he found Macha's cum-filled holes, hooked his thumb into her ass, and began to tease her labia.

>> No.26782958

You dirty fucking psyker.

Read my mind more and give me more lewd.

>> No.26782962


Tzeentch have mercy on my soul.

>> No.26782969

It took hours, and a bout of showering that was constantly interrupted by especially awkward attempts at showersex, but eventually the duo tired themselves out and collapsed onto the clean linens of the penthouse bed. Macha clung to her lover's side, their legs entwined, and fell asleep listening to his slow, rhythmic breaths.

For the first time in centuries, she felt truly satisfied.

>> No.26782981


>> No.26782995

Macha awoke with a start. She was lying in bed wrapped with fresh linens with her arms thrown around a pillow... alone. Again. It seemed like the lights of Biel-Tan were dimmed, so she reasoned it was morning, but Isha's love her body was SORE. She must have been particularly disgusting last night, and didn't want to think about how much of her stock of intoxicants she had gone through for her head to feel so fuzzy and her body so utterly spent. She tried to lift herself up, but her body rebelled from the waist down and eventually her arms gave out as well. So she resigned herself to day of bedrest.

“I need to stop doing this to myself,” she muttered. Well, soon at least. Maybe next time she'd try to remember to drink less.

After a few minutes she tried again to force herself up to a sitting position, and managed somehow. Emboldened, she rolled out of her sheets and landed on her feet: it was only when she looked down that she noticed she hadn't bothered to put on anything before sleeping.

>> No.26783024



>> No.26783049


>> No.26783056


>> No.26783059

Odd, she thought.

Now that she took some time to look around, staggering about with her pelvis and thighs screaming in agony, her room looked different as well.

In the other room, she could swear someone was cooking a cured meat of some variety. Her eyes slowly widened in dawning comprehension, and a smile tugged at the corners of her mouth...

End :][:

>> No.26783066

Heh if it isn't too much of a bother, any chance we could have a little more detail during the oral, maybe a nice little facial with Macha savoring the flavor for memory, while she still has that agressively tsundere sex drive of hers. Just a thought
Captcha: snsAss and

>> No.26783074


>> No.26783077


>> No.26783081


>> No.26783119

... clever girl.

>> No.26783120


>> No.26783126

This is what it feels like to be a part of history.

>> No.26783132

Honestly I was expecting a blamming or surprise anus daemons

>> No.26783137


>> No.26783147

What's Finnish for vest?

>> No.26783153



>> No.26783154


>> No.26783162

This is what I meant when I said my writefaggotry wasn't as great. I can't detail like this guy :( Though I'd probably do better if I dropped the bloody innuendos.

I'll uh... wait a bit...Seems it's happening.

>> No.26783175


>> No.26783176

When it all ended.

>> No.26783181

So dis is da end of it den?

>> No.26783183


Basically, objects or beings brought into existance just by people believing in them.

>> No.26783196

Awww hell no, your stuff was very lewd and delicious too. And plus we can always deny it and say it was just a fun little DH session.
Child safe lewd, congratulations. Your efforts have ensured that all choir boys are now molested by hot Sisters for spiritual enrichment.

>> No.26783208

Liivi. Think Livonians.

Oh, the things you have been up to, Acolyte Virtanen.

>> No.26783210

ITS A SIGN, Welp Taldeer and Macha are gonna have an awkward conversation.

>> No.26783232

>all choir boys are now molested by hot Sisters for spiritual enrichment
As the Emperor intended.

>> No.26783262

Well, it IS the second most common surname in Finland. So if there's a planet of Finns out there in the Imperium, I'd gather it would be popular there too.

>> No.26783263


>> No.26783285

Little does she know, her fridge has caught fire.

>> No.26783290


>> No.26783323

We must warn the others of the coming apocalypse

>> No.26783341

Chill guys, the meat cooking is just her kitchen catching fire due to warp storms or ork snipers and definitely not Eldrad being a dick.

>> No.26783350



>> No.26783352

I dunno, it's too ambiguous.
Please sir, just post that good /ss/ sir.

>> No.26783366

Khorne help us. Nurgle help us.
Quick, we need to sacrifice, like, everyone to avert Slannesh taking power.

>> No.26783385

will this small xeno work?

>> No.26783423


>> No.26783438

Don't get to attached brother anon
its a sacrifce to stop the end of days, remember
remember what happened last time

>> No.26783453

Except everything is in her mind. Too stricken by grief to let her son go.

I'm sure that something like that would be possible with Warp dickery, but there could be unfortunate incestous implications. Especially if Slaanesh is involved.

>> No.26783460

You mean when Macha's cherry got....OHWHAUTFUCKAIAAWWWW
[subject terminated by order of the Inquisition]

>> No.26783506



Macha began running the wraithbone over her chest, wishing it was something more real. The mixture of her juices and saliva on the instrument left a trail of warmth across her stomach and breasts, though nothing could compare to the heat of her mind. This next bit was her favorite part, but it required a certain…addition to her play. Not even bothering to get up, she reached out with her thoughts and levitated over her box of toys. Yes…that riding crop would do nicely…and maybe that ball-gag for good measure. She didn’t want to disturb Lofn, after all…


Pausing outside the door, Fennias found himself a mixture of fear and excitement. It was true: the punishment he had been given was rather effective. Throughout the rest of the day, he had thought of nothing else, yet a small part of him cried against breaking his vows of chastity. Plus, he wasn’t sure he could endure another “session” like last night, but he didn’t want to disappoint his “Big Sis.”

“Well, are you going to stand out there all day, or are you going to come in?” laughed Violette from the other side of the door. With a soft eep, he rushed inside, closing and locking the door behind him. Before him was the Sister, already stark naked on the table. Her body was already coated in a layer of fine oil, and her eager gaze seemed to indicate that Fennias wasn’t the only one who had been distracted that day.

“So, umm…” he began, blushing and kicking the cold stone floor, “is this my surprise?”
“Oh no…that’s in a different room. I just wanted to make sure you got some alone time with your Sister first…”

>> No.26783544

And thus I can fap some more.
This heresy train ain't stopping.

>> No.26783550

<last know message from the litany of lewd>

>> No.26783666

Oh dear this isn't good.

>> No.26783677

Do you think we should help them?

>> No.26783694


>> No.26783697

Maybe another time, when the mood for chuckles strikes me again.
Keep it up. I like the way you smut.

>> No.26783743

Aight well thanks for the very nice fa...er read there sir, yeah I guess Macha is gonna get hungry for some hot man meat later on, that be a perfect time for some kissin' downstairs ;)
You is great, dat history been made yay.

>> No.26783756

Oily nude sister who likes the taste of your cock.
Yeah I don't see where the problem is here, are you sure you think your lewds off balance?

>> No.26783757

As I like yours, fellow writefag. Let us ride conduct this heresy train into the very bowels of Slaanesh's lair.

Before he could do more than open and close his mouth a few times, at a loss for words, he found himself shaking once more. Why did Violet like him? He wasn’t anything special…and she was far too pretty to bother with a boy like him. Surely there were plenty of capable guardsmen that could do far better? Lost in these thoughts, he almost missed the fact the Violette had hopped off the table, coming over to hug him tight.

“I know what you’re thinking,” she whispered, running a hand over his back. “Why you? Well, to tell you the truth, I think Romelia’s had her eye on you for a while now. I’m just here to make sure you get all the love, care, and training you need to be her servant.”

“B…But why not a guardsman, or a commissar?” he asked, trying hard to ignore the fact that her cannons’ points were pressing into his chest. “I’m just a choir boy… I’m not a…a…”

“A man? But don’t you see? That’s precisely why we picked someone like you.” Leaning back, Violette gave him a warm smile before taking his tongue and leading it on a slow waltz. This went on for a full minute, both uttering sounds of delight until she drew back. “A *man* wouldn’t appreciate what was given to him. You, on the other hand, are pure. You can be taught. You. Can. Be. Saved.”

The last few words were accented with quick pecks at his cheeks and neck, all while her hands gently began sliding his robes from him. Fennias didn’t really understand what she meant by most of it, but his mind was too fixated on the fact that he had a tongue running over his body. Whatever it was, though, it sounded like it was something the Emperor would approve of, so he let himself go. Why not at least enjoy this, even if it was blasphemy?

>> No.26783772

... I'll be in my bunk.

>> No.26783774

> Let us ride conduct this heresy train
Fuck, Slaanesh has started to eat my low-gothic skills now. WE'RE ALL DOOMED.

I regret nothing. I lived as few anons dared to dream

>> No.26783779

Nope, every perv for himself.

>> No.26783796

So good

>> No.26783868

Your really good at blue balling me until the good part.

>> No.26783890

Well then

>> No.26783892


>> No.26783925

Hey guys whats going on in here?

>> No.26784000

>> No.26784043

Party party every day.

>> No.26784061

>>Seriously, the only half-assed original "-chan" /tg/ came up with was Cata-chan, and she's far from a fan favorite for obvious reasons.

Whoa, whoa, what now?

>> No.26784143

She looks like Andrea from Walking Dead, except with nice tits.

>> No.26784197

Apparently, I'm selling my soul to you. I expect a daemonette outside my door within the hour.

“Let us explore what it is to be a true servant of the Emperor. Come, lie down so that I might give you a taste of what lies in your future.”

Fennias did as he was told, clambering up onto the table and lying back as Violette giggled. “You forgot the most important part, my boy!”
Leaning over him, she used her mouth to pry his undergarments free of his pistol, the latter of which was happy to be freed from its cloth prison. The fabric still clasped in her mouth, she stood upright, winking down at Fennias as his mouth remained slightly agape. Taking it in her hand, Violette ran it down her front side, all the way down to her moistened holster. Without pause, she stuffed it inside, biting her lip as she did.

“Ahhhh…there we go…” she cooed, leaving just enough sticking out of her warp so that the garment could be retrieved later. “Now I can pretend you’re deep inside me while you have your fun.”

Without pause, she took up Fennias’ pistol with one hand, sliding it against the barrel with a wet, lewd sort of noise. The other hand found its way to his power packs, kneading and caressing them gently. This was something entirely different from the rapid affair of the night prior. Fennias couldn’t help but feel safe, the knowing touches and calm demeanor of the woman before him putting him at ease. It was as if he was being given a massage by a loving partner, one where the epicenter of which radiated pleasure throughout his entire body and mind.

“I’m…I’m gunna…” he groaned a few minutes later, Violette’s pace slowly bringing his pistol to overload.

“I want you to. Go ahead. Shower me with your love.”

>> No.26784205


Seconds later, Fennias’ back arched as the streams of plasma erupted from him. Throughout the full auto firing, Violette kept stroking through completion, sensually moaning as the gene-seed fell back onto her chest and face.

“Didn’t that feel wonderful?” She beamed, slowly slurping up the liquid in full sight of the boy. When she reached her cannons, his pistol twitched involuntarily. “Ooooo, there’s some left…” she gasped, leaning in to slurp the last bit of his clip.

Violette followed this up by joining him on the table, pressing down on him with her body.

“How was that, my boy? Did your Sister do well?”

>> No.26784226

And then an ork reading the story misunderstands the euphemisms, causing an actual pistol to be inserted into her because if an ork believes, it's true.

>> No.26784237

Didn't you know? Daemonettes like to surprise you by exploding out of your anus.

>> No.26784264

Well I'd actually they'd knock on my door really. Crohn's is a bitch, I'd rather not deal with that pain, as much as its sorta Slaanesh's thing

>> No.26784282

You did excellently a nice little daemonette will be sent fully assembled free of charge to provide you additional...encouragement

>> No.26784334

Welp guys three threads of this heresy has been quite fun, lewd, and hilarious for all parties involved. Thank all you writefags and posters for the lols and lewd. Peace put ma bois and good night or morning wherever you are.

>> No.26784362 [DELETED] 

This is a bad thing?

>> No.26784370

>dem freckles
>dem ponytails
>dem plasma cannons

You've killed me. Lewd overdose. Now I can't get the thought of her dominating a rookie guardsman, while calling him names out of my head.

I also can't get rid of the thought that she'd be like a boisterous older sister to the relatively average guardsmen.

>> No.26784371

night hoss, and thanks.

>> No.26784380

She is. It doesn't always work out for the best.

>> No.26784413


Yay. Wait, encouragement? What do you...WHAT IS SHE GUNNA DO WITH THAT WHIP?! ;_; hold me

I'm sure it'll go to a fourth, knowing anons. I dunno how long I'll keep going with the /ss/, but we'll see.

>> No.26784445

Thats not what she's gonna do with that whip but it is what she's gonna do in a few hours

>> No.26784877

I feel kinda sorry for my poor abused cock.

>> No.26784893

My hand usually hurts more since I jerk it prone

>> No.26784928


It's a good idea.

On a completely unrelated note, I've had a similar idea gathering dust for a while now, but am too busy with other projects.

>> No.26785051

Well, if this is truly the end of the chain of lewd, I salute my fellow writefag as we send this train directly into the warp. It's been an honor writing for you gentlemen.

[Violin intensifies]

I'll try not to leave you all hanging on 1d4chan, but I do have to run a quest tomorrow which I have no notes for yet ._.

>> No.26785130

So long, and thanks for all the writefaggotry.

And they told me that this couldn't be done.

>> No.26785140

Which quest do you run, anon? If you're this good at writing, I want to take part.

>> No.26786663

>ctrl+f "diapers"
>0 hits

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