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Chainmail Bikinis: Not even once.

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That's some seriously arousing shit right there

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>liking oppai

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Not that chainmail does much against arrows anyway.

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None of them are wearing chainmail. This proves NOTHING!

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I just want to play OP pic: The Game. Is that so much to ask?

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I'll just leave this here, huh...

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They needed more plot armour.

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>the Celts were terrible at warfare and lost everything forever

I'd rather be naked with a good shield than clad in chain anyway. The shield is the single most important piece of defensive equipment a soldier can carry. Yes, armor might save you if someone tries to stab you in the back. If they weren't stupid they'd tackle you though THEN kill you, and no armor or shield will save you anyway.

Shield > Armor. Deal with it.

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The Spartans at the Battle of Thermopylae actually wore heavy bronze armor. The movie made them half-naked for a manly homoerotica effect, not historical accuracy.

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>Shield > Armor

Only up until the development of good steel harnesses in the 14th century onwards.

At which point shields were entirely redundant.

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Guys I just put on some fresh pants, don't make me change with all this fetish bait okay.

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And there were several thousand combined Greek forces, including some gay actors.

Not kidding. Search up the origin of the word "thespian", and read of the Sacred Band there.

unrelated captcha: polQues progress
>Is anyone willing to make a /pol/Quest?

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Translate Rai 7 PUK, and it shall happen.

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Faggots are the most powerful warriors on earth.

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Still used though, if art is to be believed. Apparently the Spanish used heavy metal shields (one of the few times you EVER saw a shield made from metal) as part of forlorn hope equipment during siege assaults.

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Now, now, a good shield is one of the most efficient weapons to bash an opponent off his feet, and you could still deflect blows with it rather than dodge them or eat them trusting to your armor.

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At least they have helmets on. They should be fine.

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I dunno man, getting gangbanged by lightly armored infantry and stabbed to death was the price of heavy armor in mass combat if on foot. I'd argue that the combination of heavy armor and heavy horse was what did it, with favor to the horse, since cavalry has traditionally been the strongest single unit type in pre-firearm warfare. And even than, post-firearms it was still devastating until WW1.

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Doesn't chainmail do jackshit against arrows anyway?

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Well duh! Gays are just Men who are so manly that they have to fuck other men.
That's just common sense.

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Depends on the kind of arrows and how far away the target is.

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This. Liking women is gay as fuck.

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>Guns basically completely took away the usefulness of armor
>We will never see anyone in huge suits of armor again

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>I dunno man, getting gangbanged by lightly armored infantry and stabbed to death was the price of heavy armor in mass combat if on foot

Sounds more like the price of bad tactics and formations.

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>mixed lewd, guro thread about valkyries
>see gangbanged by loads of soldiers
>stabbed to death
My dick twitched instinctively and now I'm fantasizing at full speed from all these buzzwords. God damn it what did I say?

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Liking woman = gay
Wanting to fuck woman = not gay

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>>Is anyone willing to make a /pol/Quest?
>The evil Schlomo Shekelstien is using his media empire to put the first fat-positive transgender pansexual in presidential office. Only this group consisting of a National Socialist, a Libertarian, an Anarchist, and a Minarchist can stop him and his army of fried chicken-addicted nigger-apes from destroying America.

>one's political views correspond to their character class
I can see this working...

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>formations lasting longer than the initial clash

This fucking guy. You do know formations are just ways of approaching enemy troops right? They almost always break into melee upon a clash; the thing being how they affect the opponent's troops/formations (driving a wedge into a line for instance splits the line into to flanks, and you can better control the engagement this way).

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At least Space Ranger armor is attractive and has good defensive abilities.

give me a woman with some clothes on, thank you verry much.

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Stay in formation whoreson!

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So many people love to complain about how useless sexy armor should be, and if you want to be realistic about it, yeah, it would be a terrible choice in battle. I'm not arguing that. But by the same token, the people should be equally bothered by combatants who are wearing anything that wouldn't be reasonably protective. Yet I don't see people complaining about character designs where the heroes of either sex are out fighting monsters and such in pretty much normal cloth clothing, which would be equally useless when arrows come sailing in or whatever. Bare skin or a cotton shirt, you're equally poorly off either way.

So, you know, at least be intellectually consistent with your demands for realistically practical defensive covering, is all I'm saying. Don't just focus on bare skin as the only wrong thing to go into battle with.

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Here: good, solid armor. A pity that it is empty.

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Yes yes Lady Rome, defensive formations were meant to be held, especially in rank-and-file armies such as your Legions. You have a point. This only works though if your enemy doesn't understand how to break a formation, kinda like many 'barbarian' tribes for example.

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>Having armor everywhere but the most important part
Worse than no armor at all.

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You kidding? There's people on /tg/ who have seriously argued that entering battle with anything short of full plate armor is absolute guaranteed suicide.

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I dunno, the Dacians originally had a good time of it using their falces (is that the right plural of falx? I hope so) to hack Roman shields apart.

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Two Words

The Picts

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the sororitas agree with you. good armor on good women.

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Or if the formed troops are disciplined enough to turn aside attempts to break their formations.

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I always felt that enchanted armour allows for sexy armour. It's the magic doing all the work.

I remember, off the top of my head, this show: Symphogear. The evil villainess wears a golden headdress/top that exposes her midriff and plenty of underboob.

When she's shot in the stomach, it's revealed that her armour makes her skin every bit as bulletproof as the rest of her.

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shut up, its obviously not.

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So where is that image from? Not the Demotivational part, the art part.

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I know, I'm just saying this has been put forth as an argument before, without a hint of irony.

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Except it has clear breast-shapes.
That's just asking to get a sword between them.

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This picture reminds me of quote from a webcomic I once saw.

"There ought to be a German word for the feeling of you stumbling onto something that's someone's fapfodder."

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Fair point, but that falls under the 'learned to break formations' caveat I mentioned. Since the scutum was the backbone of most Roman formations this would technically be considered a 'formation' or 'tactic' since the falx-wielders were in the forefront and opened gaps in the line for the rest to pour into like angry bees.

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I think combat of the last hundred years is pretty good evidence that no armor =/= suicide, otherwise no-one would have returned alive from the engagements before the invention of kevlar.

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They also had many thousand slave soldiers between them and the Persians. And support from Corinth and Athens...

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Pavises kinda doesnt' count...

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>Implying that Beholders have breasts, or bodies for that matter.

it's an ad&d magical item that attaches to a beholder at the neck, giving them the appearance of a body.
>That's the dumbest thi-

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Yes, and no. It's still armour, but arrows, spears and other focused-power weapons are the ones that are best at punching through it.
Quite a lot of energy is lost at getting through it, even if it's just a link or three.

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Pavises aren't these. Pavises are those large standing shields you station archers or crossbow behind; these were metallic round shields actually carried and used in melee.

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I don't care if it hits the beholder, the armour still isn't practical with a giant indent in the middle.

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You know nothing. Chainmail makes one nearly impervious to most arcing arrows fired from anything but the biggest of self-bows.

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Arrows went through real armor too. That's why arrows were used.

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So many brain cells died while reading this image...

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but there's NOTHING THERE!

the armor isn't meant to protect it's a giant metal puppet for the beholder to look humanoid.

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I know, but I hear people complain about sexy armor way, way more than heroes out in essentially casual clothing.

I agree, with magic armor it's potentially a different story entirely, and coverage can be irrelevant. But usually people aren't talking magic armor in these contexts, so I was ignoring it in this case.

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Seconding this, cropping the image and Google yielded nothing to me

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Have the mods stop banning people for pictures like this?

Since I am not up for risking it. Here is my contribution.


Here have some lovely art.

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Huh, I always thought Beholders were bigger than a typical human head. In which case, there'd be need for some magical shrinking too in order to vaguely pass as human.

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Guess what. I like sexy armor. Because it is sexy, and sexy shit is sexy. I like gothic full plates too. Cause it's badass. And historically acurate. But guess what I don't like? Pauldrons of huge doom.

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I can post practical stuff or non-practical stuff.

>> No.26596652

and I can fap to that

please, continue

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I wouldn't be so sure.


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If anybody wants it...

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One one hand... She's screwed.
On the other...Also screwed.

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That's clearly because of the "...read too many novels" part. A clueless shy beholder-chan just wants someone to talk to, you can't expect her to be familiar with human weapons and armor.

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Some steampunk.

>> No.26596689

Did the military ever even consider this guy's stuff? I remember watching this like 10 years ago.

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Practical armor can still be sexy.

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It's because normal clothes actually have a purpose- they keep you warm and maintain modesty E.T.C, however chainmail bikinis and the like are supposed to function as 'armour' despite covering barely anything. Personally at least if they pointed out it was supposed to be ornamental I wouldn't have a problem but when female soldiers are going into combat in gear that it's clear was designed to look sexy rather than in any way protective... It's just not my thing. This isn't to say decoration has no place on the battlefield, just that if I can see a girls underwear during a fight it doesn't inspire respect in me.

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Yes, a typical beholder is about 10' in diameter, they're large creatures.

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Like this?

>> No.26596722

Is this also practical?

>> No.26596730

This isn't.

>> No.26596732

Probably not cost-effective - there was some complaints a couple of years ago how the army was failing to provide the grunts with even regular ballistic plates in Iraq.

>> No.26596733

I am really sick of people drastically underestimating mail. A suit of mail cost as much as a fucking house in the late dark ages. People weren't morons. They wouldn't spend so much resources on something which wasn't very effective. Experimental archeology shows most piercing and slashing weapons had a hard time going through a combination of mail and a gambeson. Arrows fired indirectly had little effect as well (though experiments show direct fire packed the necessary punch). There are records of crusaders going around with a dozen arrows sticking out of them, having barely pierced the links and so got stuck in the padded layers underneath.

Is mail invincible? No. A blow from a heavy weapon can still beat it. Did it dramatically increase your chance to survive a battle? Yes.

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This is, for the setting I guess. Exo-Suits and Skin-Suits are awesome.

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Her legs look wonky.

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>> No.26596764

Hard to move in it though, so I guess so.

>> No.26596765

needs a massive gorget blocking half her face and a sallet blocking the other half

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>Look at me! I take games of pretend SERIOUSLY

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So, how's that cocksucking business doing for you? Ever break your record of 100 cocks in an hour?

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Yes... because the DRAGON she's leaning on is no protection at all.

Bitch is probably elite airborn calvary and wears so little clothing to give the dragon that much less weight to carry into battle. Why armor your back at all if the enemy will never see it?

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What kind of armour does this count as?


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Fucking magnetic elves.

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Hey now, was that warranted? I said that I personally dislike chainmail bikinis not that I refuse to accept that anyone ever could enjoy them.

>> No.26596822

The thing is: beholders are all raging xenophobes, against anythign that doesn't look like they do. that includes others of their own species, making them a wildly fractured lot. there are medium sized beholders and even small beholder-kin, of which she may be one... or the armor itself is giant... pick from whatever option suite you best.

>> No.26596823

It counts as clothes. Padded armor if I was generous.

>> No.26596826

More dragons.

>> No.26596834

Huh. I thought it was a rock-face

>> No.26596835

Far enough.

>> No.26596843

It's always warranted, son. Now start liking chainmail bikinis or go become a eunuch.

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You are very angry about a silly thing, anon.

>> No.26596846

Some display art.

>> No.26596847


American detected.

The celts wore basically the same armor as Romans.

>> No.26596850

The battle between heavy and light armour comes down to one deciding factor:
The charge.
Gauls would run into battle naked with nothing but a shortsword quite often. They didn't die more often than any armoured gauls though, because everyone just charged in en masse. But it was the naked fanatics that would get to the enemy first and could usually get the first strike in, with nothing to weigh them down. To combat this, the romans changed their strategy to play a defensive game, marching up slowly in testudo and then bunkering down and waiting for the gauls. It was the sheilds though, that helped more than the armour.
God damn, I need to stop playing rome: total war.

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It could be a coat of plates or brigandine. Some of the European suits didn't look like armor to the unobservant either. Bulky clothes can hide surprises.

>> No.26596859

Or maybe she's just a deranged pervert beholder that actually likes humans?

>> No.26596860

What if he likes men? Or is a ca/tg/irl?

>> No.26596864

Is that dragon really small or huge and just really far away?

>> No.26596874

It's reactionary. I am angry about people who were angry about a very silly thing.

>> No.26596875

Dark Cavalry!

>> No.26596876

>stop liking what I don't like.tiff.jpg.gif

>> No.26596879

Not the britons.
Boudicea specifically called the Romans cowards for wearing armour.
Vercingetorix decked his guys out in BETTER kit than the Romans.

>> No.26596883

Doesn't that depend heavily on the century, though?

>> No.26596885

I have no idea. It's very hard to tell.

>> No.26596886

This Outfit is stupid on so many levels. I mean, even if we assume thaat she is not a Frontline-Fighter but a Dragonrider or something, she is going to freeze her tits off on that dragon.

If this is what an average Dragonrider wears death by pneumonia must to be pretty common.

>> No.26596891

I'm pretty sure that neither pants nor hips work that way...

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>> No.26596897

Silly armour here. The stuff they do wear looks heavy.

>> No.26596903

It is not at all correct to say that Roman armor played no part in their lower casualties. They were largely a practical people, and equipping each man with armor was an expensive affair. That they relied on their shields does not means the armor was not effective in its role, especially against missiles.

If you look at the Romans themselves, all of their infantry was heavy with the exception of the skirmishing javelin throwers and slingers. Light infantry has no place in melee except as backup, and will fall to its better armored adversaries.

>> No.26596907

>Riding a horse with naked thighs

OUCH! I'm cringing in pain from seeing that picture... And no, the saddle won't help much!

>> No.26596911

Oh Christ, I can't believe I'm about to defend shitty fapfodder.

Perhaps they don't have to worry about it because their dragon mounts radiate extreme heat as a side effect of breathing fire. Far above the battlefield, they don't have to worry about attacks directed at them- the greatest worry of these riders is heat exhaustion as their mounts spray fire.

Doesn't really explain the helmet though.

>> No.26596913

She's probably magic then. She does seem to have a pair of binoculars on her belt, so maybe she's a scout, and the helmet is just standard safety issue?

>> No.26596915


That just means death by hypothermia.

If we assume that the average speed of a Dragon in flight is 100 - 200km/h even if the weather is scorching hot in this setting she is going to freeze her tits off.

>> No.26596919

Nigga, creating threads with the sole purpose of calling silly armor stupid (which is what this was, and it turned out a little better than that) is the definition of no-fun-allowed. As are all the threads about shitting on impractical weapons, usually done by people who get their education on arms and armor from the History Channel.

>> No.26596931

Dude, quit being a dumbass.

>> No.26596933

No they didn't they largely went into battle naked with woad painted on their bodies.

What is your basis for believing that a more primitive society would have equal armour to the Roman fucking Empire?

>> No.26596942

Welcome to fantasy art, where nothing is realistic, but it's hot, so it's hard to care!

How else could they make her have a cameltoe?

>> No.26596943

Doesn't that just prove women are retarded?

Also poor Vercingetorix. He had the chance to stop the Romans and the other Gauls were too busy sucking their own dicks.

>> No.26596945

Aren't you supposed to keep yourself slightly up from the saddle, on your legs?

>> No.26596948

She's having a quick relaxing wade in the ocean and have stripped down to her undergarments.

However, A certain Sgt. Major might see her not wearing her helmet, and that would be _bad_.

>> No.26596949

I wasn't denying that the armour helped, by god it did but I'm simply saying that their sheild was more of a nessesity and more key to their combat.

>> No.26596952

>Doesn't really explain the helmet though.
OSHA regulations.

>> No.26596953

>Man logic

>> No.26596964

And you calling them out for preferring practical armor is the definition of nofunallowed.

>> No.26596966

In that era the shield was more important than the armor, you are absolutely right on that front.

>> No.26596969


Don`t defend a chick riding a dragon nekkid. I mean, look at it! She doesn`t even have protective eyewear! At high speeds she won`t even see shit because here eyes will be tearing up constantly.

>> No.26596971

Because the Gauls fought the Romans to a standstill many times until Caesar started a reign of subterfuge to make the Gauls fight against each other.

I bet you thought they all ran around with Claymores didn't you?

The fact that you Say "More primitive Society" says wonders about how little you know about the celts at large.

Fun fact. The Only Celts who really wore woad were the Tribes in England.

>> No.26596972

Discussion about hypotheticals is what /tg/ is about. If you don't have anything to add to the subject, it would be better to just stay silent.

>> No.26596974

Maybe she has magic supporting her?

This one is also... strange. It's Ayane from DoA.

>> No.26596978

>having a quick relaxing wade in the ocean
>with a firearm that should most likely not be exposed to water

I'm not denying it's rather nicely drawn but still

>> No.26596981

>> No.26596991

I love this armour.

>> No.26596996

I want to see the faces of these fuckers when they hear about the Celtic invasion of Italy.

>> No.26596997

I thought that at the start of the Roman campaigns into north they had superior equipment though?

>> No.26597001

Yes you do, because your idea of Gaul warefare and Roman Warefare is hilariously retarded.

The Testudo was barely used against the Gauls.

>> No.26597003

>Failing to provide grunts with regular ballistic armor
This is probably more a /k/ question, but I'm writing a story and one minor detail is that a character designs some amazingly good personal ballistic armor (written as resisting anti-tank rounds, I'm probably gonna scale that down to something more sane though later).

And I'm kind of wondering at about what price do even private contractors (like real world megacorp securities) start looking at such things and NOPE their wallets back into their pockets?
The video mentioned the guy's suit was 150k, which actually seems quasi-reasonable to me for things like special forces.

>> No.26597005

This one was awesome, I imagined it was Saint Celestine from SoB 40k. I know it's sword and stuff, but, there we go.

>> No.26597007

I will support their fun when it is founded on sound premises and research. Write me a 30 page essay on why and how your armor is practical, including connections to heroic fantasy environments and the various changes to physical law therein, and I will consider not calling you faggots.

>> No.26597013

Your thinking of fighting the Germanics. And they did until the Romans tried marching into forests and then gave alot of shiny armor to the Germans.

The Gauls fought the Romans head on, and lost due to two major factors.

The Gauls were always trying to fuck each other over

Romans could simply buy out Gauls to fuck each other over

>> No.26597015

That doesn't happen because it would clearly not be cool and/or sexy.
I have something to add to the subject: This hypothetical is tired and trite.

>> No.26597018


I wonder how you can be so sure that this is a girl in the first place..

>> No.26597024

Gah, those small twigs looking exactly like trees throws off my sense of scale big time...

>> No.26597029

>> No.26597035

I know right. I don't care either way, but my mind is saying womanly man

>> No.26597037

That'd be a nice suit for Battle of the Nations. If I ever get better, I want to join the England/UK team.

>> No.26597040

Bad example, it was the first defensive 'roman' tactic that came to mind. It was still effective against spear-throwers though, but once the spears were exhausted there was no point. Yes, it was used more on more archer-based enemies, but it was still a widley used tactic.

>> No.26597042

>> No.26597044

From the thumbnail I thought it was armor that was beautiful on its own, accenting the woman's natural beauty, then I clicked on it and it was slutwank. I love that armor too, I just wish it covered more.

>> No.26597050

Because it had the 1girl tag. So I assume it was.

>> No.26597051

>> No.26597057

>> No.26597063

That works

>> No.26597066

Here is actually a pretty good representation of Celtic Warriors, Mainly Gauls.

They would go into battle wearing mostly cloth, with the rich wearing very well made chainmail that was better forged than Roman Chainmail, because the ore supplies in celtic areas was more effective and they knew better smithing techniques.

The Problem is the celts were ALWAYS fractured. But if they ever did mass numbers, they ALWAYS beat back the romans due to two reasons.

Gauls were naturally better fighters

Gauls usually could outnumber the Romans.

And they usually could outnumber the Romans, and were ten times more cost effective troops, hence why Gauls were used as Auxiliaries later on.

>> No.26597072

And thiosconcludes my image contribution to the thread unless you want a picture of Saber.

>> No.26597073

Chainmail bikinis are fine, provided they're worn over a leather bikini so they don't chaff like you would NOT believe. And they're only worn back at the inn because the party Pally has a fetish.

I'm not trying to make you fall, I'm just trying to get you to loosen up. You don't have a vow of chastity, after all...

>> No.26597074

Yup. That's what I thought, but it was well drawn and wasn't extremely sexual, so I thought it was worth it.

More Dragon Riders.

>> No.26597080

Gauls didn't use many Skirmishers.

They relied on their front line infantry to batter the enemy.

>> No.26597087

Oops forgot picture.

>> No.26597089

Lance Sword!

>> No.26597093

Didn't the Gaul short sword also end up proving so effective it inspired the later gladius used by the Romans? Or am I mixing up my history?

>> No.26597103

I love this costume, it isn't armour and I know it's the very common Saber, but it's so good.

>> No.26597108

>This entire thread except the fantasy armors
>[Citation Needed]
>[Reliable Source Needed]

>> No.26597111

Why isn't she wearing armor over her pants?

>> No.26597112

Holy fuck you couldn't be more wrong.

>> No.26597114

Not the Gauls, but close. The Iberian Celts.

>> No.26597118

Valkyries? But they're not on flying horses.

And what do they did so much mana for?

>> No.26597123

>> No.26597124

How effective are lanceswords?

>> No.26597125


>> No.26597127

same reason there's no armour over her stomach.

>> No.26597133


>> No.26597138

I don't mind that it's impractical and all that as far as coverage. But it looks impossible to put on or take off and a lot of those fancy bits look like metal. Rigid, stiff, metal. It'd be hard to move in that thing.

Unless it's magic, of course, then it can just materialize on her and magically deform and everything's fine.

>> No.26597140

OH MY GOD! Her fucking skin! How does she even move in that thing?

>> No.26597146

Because sexual.

>> No.26597148

magic, bitch

>> No.26597156

Why do you hate on my fun, anon?

>> No.26597160

Educate yourself, or don't. You have the tools. The rest of us can go back to discussing what we know.

>> No.26597169

Cool and sexy aren't the only criteria for an entertaining adventure.

>> No.26597175

10/10 would follow in battle.

>> No.26597180

No idea! It's a cool idea though. Like a thicker Rapier I guess.

True. It's a nice bit of art, so I just ignore the realism problems and enjoy it!

I know, right? Hence the file name. I wonder if it is some sort of body metal thing like adamantium for Wolverine?

>> No.26597184

>You have the tools
I bet you also use Wikipedia

>> No.26597186

I bet you use the internet.

>> No.26597189

Why would you say that they were naturally better fighters? I thought that Celts didn't have professional soldiers like Romans legionnaires, but were more into raiding and stuff (a la Vikings)?

>> No.26597192

What do you expect, I go to my local library?

>> No.26597194

They're just the most important ones. Even the ancients knew this.

>> No.26597198

>wearing pants
>laughing patricians.jpg

>> No.26597211

She's a cuirassier, perhaps?

>> No.26597224

Her face doesn't really fit the rest of the picture

>> No.26597226

>local library
I expect you to do scholarly research on scholarly topics. This includes determining what is a reliable source and what isn't. You're a nerd, aren't you? This shouldn't be hard.

>> No.26597227

Most fields advance too rapidly for books to keep up for long. Any library is unlikely to keep up to date on recent developments. Online, professionally published articles are your best bet along with ordering the newest books directly. Amazon is a decent choice.

>> No.26597229

That would be tragedy, comedy, and satyr play, actually.

>> No.26597240

>Things on the internet are inherently less reliable than printed material

>> No.26597247

While peer-reviewed articles are top-choice, simply trusting a book because it is new isn't.

>> No.26597250

No idea personally, love the idea though, them and Spearswords. I also have an idea for HalberdLongswords as an extravagant cavalry weapon

Once again, but now for totally different reasons, it's her pelvic area that I have the problem with

Games not even out and there's a model. Fucking marketing department is calling the shots.

Lolza I know right!?

>> No.26597261

>> No.26597277

Not necessarily, but the ease of creating content on the internet as opposed to publishing a scholarly work and having it pass review certainly doesn't help its reliability. Besides, you should know by now to never trust anything you read on the internet.

>> No.26597282

More Dragons.

>> No.26597285

The movie was also based off a comic, based off the battle, so anyone claiming arguments of historical accuracy is just being a silly bastard.

>> No.26597291


>> No.26597292

Trusting a book because it is a book is not any better. As long as you follow the citation trial, Google and Wikipedia are excellent sources of basic information. If you want a detailed account you need to find someone who's name has weight and seek out his or her research papers and/or compiled material in the form of a book.

>> No.26597299

Her boobs look like they were sticked on as an afterthought. They're basically two spheres hovering in front of her chest.

>> No.26597302

Some Rule 63 I think.

>> No.26597305

It's definitely nice, I saved it and thank you for posting it. Just saying that my personal area of nitpicking isn't practical battle coverage, just the bare utility of being able to be put on and moved in. No reason armor can't be more of a fashion statement then serious protection, what I'm wearing right now sure wouldn't protect me from anything. But my clothes are at least flexible and come off, which is always a necessity.

>> No.26597308

That, and the framing story in the comic was literally 'an old dude telling a heroic story to youths'. It's not a documentary...

>> No.26597315

>high heels

>> No.26597319

Hah. They do sort of. Perhaps they were covered then uncovered?

>> No.26597321

The author of the comic was fully aware of the historical happenings, and shrugged his shoulders and said "I want to do something cool."

Captcha says: eslaima carthaginian

Since it's only a slight branch off, how did Carthage do in the whole field quaility department?

>> No.26597322



D-2 girls is what you're looking for

>> No.26597330

Finaly! No boobplates - boobplates would guide enemy sword right to the center of your chest, while propper armour should teflect in to the sides

>> No.26597331

Shieldlance... bitchin'

>> No.26597342

I didn't mean to come off snobby or rude. I'm glad you enjoyed it a bit, like me.

For killing people, clearly.

>> No.26597352

Some Valks, cause people liked them!

>> No.26597361

That link is just taking me to a picture of an unhappy panda

>> No.26597364

A skirmish formation. The only real problem is the breastplate riding too high, somebody should have worn binding.

>> No.26597367


>> No.26597368

Being honest, that Valkyrie is a letdown

>> No.26597377

battleaxe with pointy end, a bit longer shaft and hilt?
I have no problem with that

>> No.26597384

It's because you have to sign up to the website. There is ways round it, but it still requires you to sign up for an account.

However, there is another website which is basically the same but without the account needed, it has less stuff in it and a shit search engine, but I found it for you. Should work!


>> No.26597389

Think about this: Her mentor is probably Ezio, who is also the head of the Assassins at that point. She's also probably pregnant with one of Ezio's many bastard children from when she was "initiated" as a full assassin.
Sorry, my sources are a bit old in my memory.
Oh really?

>> No.26597396


>> No.26597405

"Gaesatae had discarded these garments owing to their proud confidence in themselves, and stood naked, with nothing but their arms, in front of the whole army"

"Very terrifying too were the appearance and the gestures of the naked warriors in front, all in the prime of life, and finely built men, and all in the leading companies richly adorned with gold torques and armlets."

Polybius would like you to eat shit now anon

>> No.26597410

That breastplate in particular is how it should be. Just simply expanded at the top, with no "boobs" to get caught between.
What can I say? Science is my fetish

>> No.26597413


Yeah gonna have to request a source on that imgur pic.

>> No.26597422

Or this?

>> No.26597427

>Openly engaging your opponent's army
You just went full goy.

>> No.26597438

Fuck, I just want to add that I am NOT saying that all Celts were naked in battle all the time, but that going into battle nude, or without armor, did happen, cause that guy was being a smarmy ass.

>> No.26597443

i thought this was a blue board?
wtf man?

>> No.26597446

I was thinking more of a double weapon, like a longsword and battle axe joined at the hilt/shaft.

Like the Double battle axe that half-orc used in Neverwinter Nights or Darth Mauls Double Sided Lightsaber, but two opposite weapons instead of one copied.

It's less practical than you're way, but I think it's cool

>> No.26597447


Some of those are not so bad

>> No.26597450

Done by a dude called Kanai Kiyoaki, that's all I have, sorry.

>> No.26597451

pretty sure it is.

>> No.26597459

It is a blue board. But only OP's picture breaks the rules. Everything else shows no nudity, which is what isn't allowed. Butts are allowed. No exposed nipples or vulva.

>> No.26597464

Better. Not Perfect but certainly better

>> No.26597465

I don't want to be contrary, but did you notice that they DON'T HAVE chainmail bikini ?

>> No.26597475


>> No.26597479

I think OP left.

>> No.26597482

Fuck year impracticality

>> No.26597493

That's my favourite so far

>> No.26597498


>> No.26597506

Final one I can find (after I renamed).

>> No.26597508

How about a switch up? Instead of slutty armours, we switch to really bitchin', cool. awesome. unique, weird, ornate and/or elegant armours. Y'know, the custom tailored kinds of special snowflake armours

>> No.26597519


Ta, he's got a exhentai gallery. Many thanks.

>> No.26597528

Does she look like a little boy?

>> No.26597536

Valkyries are hard to do good I guess, not you're fault bro, just my standards.

I'm down with this, see what we can get going. I would contribute myself, but I imagine you don't want a famous Final Fantasy character collection so....


>> No.26597539


>> No.26597541

I don't think OP ever stayed

>> No.26597543

A lot of these are ornate, elegant, and/or weird. And custom tailored? A lot of these are so fitting they'd have to be altered before and after meals.

>> No.26597548


didn't you know? /tg/ is dating /q/ now.

>> No.26597549

I like this one. Axe Scythe.

No worries, I live up to my trip as much as I can.

>> No.26597559

Nah, more like a Roman version of King Arthur.

>> No.26597568

Nope. Just a troll, the picture he used in OP is a new picture on the boorus I've seen.

Wait, so we're allowed to post non-blue allowed stuff?

>> No.26597570

Here is a living armor concept I got from a drawfag.
I've been consistently called a pervert for it.
Because the idea is popular in hentai, I guess.

>> No.26597576

I can try.

Cyberpunk count?

>> No.26597581

Yes I know, I just mean as a focus so we get more >>26597506 >>26597482 >>26597450 >>26597302 >>26597123 >>26597103 >>26597089 >>26596991 >>26597005 >>26596800 calibur

rather than >>26596974 >>26596897 >>26596885 >>26596661 stuff

I'm into the whole fantasy thing myself

>> No.26597583

Odd note, but historically most soldiers didn't wear armor.

And arrows sucked. They were considered harassment tools and nothing more.

There were exceptions, but they were the special snowflakes.

>> No.26597591

No, we're not allowed.

>> No.26597602

Best so far! Let's consider it dealt with broseph

Ah, anything clockwork and forward punks just don't feel right in this thread to me, maybe it's just me being into the theme is all

>> No.26597610


>> No.26597613

Why? Isn't Mutilators and Obliterators armour and weapons in 40k 'living'?

Or this?

>> No.26597620

That's too cardcaptor Sakura for my liking

>> No.26597627

in a setting as wide and varied as 40k you're gonna get different answers but I always thought the armour was 'living' in the sense that it became part of the original wearer.

I think that other anon is talking about the armour as a completely separate living thing except in a really tight relationship with it's host.

>> No.26597630


Okay, so fantasy.

Thought so.

What about this guy with a huge sword?

>> No.26597644

Y'know what I find funny is that most of the designs in the Digimon franchise, of which there are over a couple thousand should be by all rights fucking /tg/ fantasy monster/hero/thing perfect material. But we very rarely mention it. I mean take the Angewoman and LadyDevimon for the most famous Digimon females.

There's a Valkyriemon by the way...

>> No.26597656

Well he's not female so.....

I'm not sure I like it

any other thread I would, but this is a girls, weapons and Rome & friends thread

>> No.26597662

Obliterators are fused with their armor by chaos shenanigans.
This was supposed to be a kind of Divisio Biologis project for non-sentient semi-intelligent biological armor as an alternative to mechanical armor. The advantage being autonomous repair capabilities and immunity to electronic warfare.
The artist wanted to include a boob window...

This, yes.

>> No.26597663

I thought this was pretty when I saved it. I like roses.

>> No.26597675

Oh right, we want FEMALE. Hah. Okay. My mistake. I'll do one more dude then I'll go back to girls.

Ah. I couldn't remember.

>> No.26597676

Digimon's artwork and monster were damn awesome most of the time. Unfortunately the cartoons/animu whatever ussually wasn't. And Digimon vidya gaems are rare and vary widely in quality.

Basically, they had the art and mostly the setting, but not the execution; never the execution

>> No.26597680

BAM! New favourite

>> No.26597681

>> No.26597682

[citation needed]

>> No.26597683

Female? Okay.
Have cute lil' Credence.

>> No.26597691

Why do you assume that she's not a female?

>> No.26597694

Angewoman was awesome. That cleavage.

>> No.26597697

Fucking history for a start...

>> No.26597706


>> No.26597711

Damn straight! To be honest, whenever I need something to throw at my group I tell the monster guide to take a hike and throw a digimon at them. It's awesomesauceum

>> No.26597718

Holy fuck, I don't wanna sound fickle, but...


>> No.26597722

What 'history', exactly? What region, time period, culture?

>> No.26597723


>> No.26597727

>khorne berzerker in warhammer fantasy

>> No.26597732

As a general rule you're better off using your own monsters than critters out of the monster manual. Less metagaming that way.

>> No.26597733

Two more then a break for me.

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