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So /tg/ what is your take on the drow? The 3.5 campaign has them a major background force with two faction fighting for control of the under dark. One side led by a very old lich lord and his "queen" the other side lead by a very insane very evil Drow priestess who has sized power and organized her bitches to fight the liches forces. My original plan was to capture the bitch and bring her as a prize to the lich to get his backing but one guy in my group insist we kill her on the spot. Thoughts? Pic related this is the one I want to capture.

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OP your GM is a GENIUS

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Rip out her vocal cords or tongue then give her to the lich. No spells no probrem.

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Silent Spell, man. Rip out her eyes too so she can't target.

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yes he is
My original plan was to cap her and make her part of my characters breeding program. It's funny the guy who wants to kill her has no fear of gods and wants to kill a few but actively fears the drow. He insist keeping her alive is a mistake because of her being level 20 she supposedly cant be held forever plus he thinks both sides will send assassins after us

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No one dresses like that.

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Is it an Aboleth breeding program? Hot.

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Uh, have you SEEN Drow civilization? G-Strings are considered CONSERVATIVE.

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Nope my character is a black half dragon. He is a supremacist and wants to spread the dragon blood around as much as possible and recruit other half dragons and maybe a few true dragoons to assist him. Honestly I am starting CN but I can already see my guy slipping deep into evil for "the good of my people"

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Also if anybody cares this is the lich they are warring with. sorry for shit size i couldn't get it to save at full size

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and here is is polymorphed to what he was in life

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Ick. A DROW Lich? Whatever. Just blind and silence the Drow if you want to keep her, take her over to Fortinbras, then inform him that you intend to brutally rape her and knock her up with your vile hellspawn. He'll probably give you pointers. I am mildly disturbed by my lack of reaction in this matter. Then again, Drow are more or less all sadistic evil psychopaths.

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MY DRAGON CHILDREN ARE NOT HELL SPAWN! that being said he may very well betray me but at this point I have more than enough time to prepare for that and I would like to think bringing him his greatest enemy and planning to humiliate her would keep him in check.

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They were regarded as a threat right up until they managed to retard themselves into extinction via genocidal amounts of backstabbing roughly 8 years after the gods created the world and all the races.

Lolth became a laughing stock amongst the pantheon because she genuinely didn't see the problem with having her patron civilisation be a race that is entirely made up of backstabbing dickfucks. Now she just angsts over the whole while trying to be edgy and tempting other elves into evil.

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This setting the Drow are fairly healthy as a race and while still being backstabbing cunts either are more controlled or have a better birthrate. Hell since the apocalypse happened at the last campaign that was the precursor to this one the DM says her forces outnumber the surface 100 to 1 meaning we are fucked in an open war

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Okay, whatever. Why don't you turn her into your twisted rapeslave or whatever, THEN show her to the Lich? He does REALLY REALLY hate her, right?

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I don't think he has ever actually met her in fact she probably has a truer hate for him since he doesn't serve that bitch god lloth and because he is reversing the gender roles so that men can stand on an equal footing with women (albeit they undergo surgery) But she stands in his way of conquering the under dark so I assume so.

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Ick. Also, Rance would probably be amused by this. I suggest Mystical Tattoo of Silence, and a thick blindfold.

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Better not rape his queen before he shows her the glory of undeath and unites their armies.

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Mmm. Fun...

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What a qt

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