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January 1st, 1925. Winter in Central City.

You're currently sitting on a train, heading into Central Station. The lights overhead beam down on you, as early in the morning as it is (or late in the evening, you're not quite certain after so much traveling.) Your briefcase sits on your lap, adjusting the lapels of your suit. The last suit you'll ever wear, in all likelihood. You're carrying all your worldly possessions with you, and for good reason-- at least to you, that is, though some might disagree.

You are an Alchemist. A proud title that only a precious few wear, and those that do have their reputations vary wildly. You are a free Alchemist at the moment, however, in the nation of Amestris. A nation that is still recovering from the great changes that it has been enacting, the recovery of the Ishvalan people and-- more recently-- the troubles that have been plaguing it from its neighbor Xing.

You watch a squad of Amestrian soldiers walk down the train's central isle, none of them paying you any attention. A dog sniffs the air, looking at you directly for a moment before moving on, sniffing out any potential bombs. With the recent dissent from anti-Xing elements, it's no wonder security has been heightened as much as it has.

The snow continues to whip by as you sit in your seat, reflecting on just what has brought you here, on the eve of this new year.

You reflect back on your origins... Just where were you born?
>Southern Amestris, in the plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful, but is quickly growing into a technological hub of automail and other advanced technologies.
>Western Amestris, another region of plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful.
>Northern Amestris, where the people there have grown used to harsh winters and even harsher living under the constant threat of Drachman invasion.
>Eastern Amestris, a decimated area only now recovering from the Ishvalan Civil War. Your status as an Ishvalan Alchemist will cause you great hardship.

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>Northern Amestris, where the people there have grown used to harsh winters and even harsher living under the constant threat of Drachman invasion.

Fuck yer FMA quest

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>Eastern Amestris, a decimated area only now recovering from the Ishvalan Civil War. Your status as an Ishvalan Alchemist will cause you great hardship.

Let's go for maximum difficulty.

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Western Amestria, blue eyed farmers boy is go!

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When do I get to give winry anal lessons?

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>Southern Amestris, in the plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful, but is quickly growing into a technological hub of automail and other advanced technologies.

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Eastern ishvalan!

And a woman, dammit. Not enough lady alchemists in this canon

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And now we samefag for dominance

OP, can you just roll for this?

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> Southern Amestris

>> No.25755876

Let me fufil my fantasy of being a cute girl with a dark past

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>>25755815 Here Since north has the least votes I'll throw in with >Eastern Amestris

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Rolled 14

Been a while since I got into a quest thread. Let's do this thing.


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>/tg/ immediately goes for be the brown girl.

It's gonna be one of those quests, ain't it.

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Rolled 7, 68, 45, 85, 56 = 261

Yu suck rolling for east

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two for east, one for all else

+1 to east

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>Southern Amestris, in the plains, where life is idyllic and peaceful, but is quickly growing into a technological hub of automail and other advanced technologies.
Come on, it's SCIENCE!

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Let's be that one brown chick that had both legs missing

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>> No.25755909

Previous west here, retracting my vote for the good of the many

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My dice rolls tell me you're a foolish fool.

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OP are you the guy from the athiest fma troll thread on /a/ yesterday?

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>implying we can't be Ishvalan and not do SCIENCE!

>> No.25755926

Rolled 7


> science.


Rolling for being an actual alchemist.

>> No.25755927

Ok we can be SCIENCE! But let us at least be cute brown girl

>> No.25755928

Rolled 83

Rolling for south

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It's settled.
Should we have any automail?

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>>Eastern Amestris, a decimated area only now recovering from the Ishvalan Civil War. Your status as an Ishvalan Alchemist will cause you great hardship.

This Please!

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We should probably keep all our biological parts in case we need to make a trade.

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fierce but adorable brown science girl!

>> No.25755965

We need to have a dark past

>> No.25755966

Rolled 52

Who says we can't be a Scientific Alchemist Brown Girl?

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Rolled 78

>inb4 he makes us an albino Ishy for a double dose of red eyes and to rob everyone of brown girl
I actually like ghostly white better.

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All bio all the time. We disdain automaio because CHARACTER FLAW

>> No.25755995

Rolled 20

Rolling for brown-ness.

100=perfect mocha

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> wanting to have all your biological parts is a character flaw.


From what I interpreted from the anime/manga, automail was primarily a version of prosthetics.

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Hey If we're because Automail could be seen as an extention of Alchemy

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>Hey If we're Ishvalan that makes sense because....

why can't i into english tonight?

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Okay, how about this.
Eastern Amestris, we know our automail tech because we helped people with prosthetics after the war.
We lost our dad (the prosthetics maker) in the war, and have been forced to travel with our mom and little brother to the west.

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That makes no fucking sense considering it's already established that we're an alchemist...

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Rolling for southern brown girl who was brought there after both her parents were killed. She has an automail arm and is training to use it in alchemy.

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>2 for Southern Amestris.

>2 for Northern Amestris

>1 for Western Amestris.

>4 for Eastern Amestrian, Ishvalan... with...
>1 for Ishvalan Woman? Ain't that some shit.


You adjust your tinted glasses. You were not born into this life with an easy hand to become an Alchemist. As an Ishvalan, your entire religion forbade you from participating in the science of Alchemy, from studying this. However, even the slaughter of your people at the hands of the Amestrian military was not enough to deter you from your path.

You were born to loving parents, as well as two brothers and three sisters. You lost your youngest sister when you were little, and your older brother to the Ishvalan War of Extermination. Your remaining family, upon discovering your interest in Alchemy, promptly disowned you.

The last memory you have of them is packing the suitcase you now have, containing what's left of your study notes that you could salvage from the fire your father set, and leaving to the screaming of your family of your eternal damnation.

Yet you know you're on the right path. Even though you have only 600 Cenz to your name. Not exactly a lot of money-- barely anything, in fact.

Still. You look around, adjusting the glasses obscuring your red eyes. You think back to the words of your mentor...

>An independent Alchemist, an Ishvalan heretic much like yourself.
>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.

>> No.25756055

Rolled 67



>> No.25756060

>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.

HAHA! now we are hated by our own people.

>> No.25756061


>> No.25756064

Rolled 49

>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.

>> No.25756070

>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.

>> No.25756073


> siding with the state alchemists after what they did to our people.

>> No.25756076

>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.

>> No.25756077

Rolled 2

Are we browngirl?
Also independent

>> No.25756087

> siding with the state alchemists after what they did to our people.

>Implying that A) that doesn't make us a psychopathic Alchemist or B) thats not a great character to RP

Also voting State Alchemist

>> No.25756095

Heretic mentor is a go.

>> No.25756111

>An Amestrian State Alchemist, assisting with the recovery effort, who helped you onto your path and helped inspire your inner curiosity.
Why does it feel like we're now playing a Jewish SS officer?

>> No.25756122

Because we are. And it will be fucking glorious.

>> No.25756123


> implying Scar wasn't right.

>> No.25756133

/pol/ quest

>> No.25756138

Some would call you a traitor to your people. Others would insinuate that you hold no respect for your past. Others would simply aim to kill you on sight for your choice in mentor, though they are a growing minority with the recovery effort.

You were given tutelage in the arts of Alchemy by a Captain Abraham Silversword, an Amestrian State Alchemist sent to assist in what had become known as "Mustang's Men." Though his transmutation studies were difficult for you to grasp, you eventually came to proficiency with the principles of Alchemy. In particular, you have a knack for the elements of...

>Earth (Silicon, carbon, and other "earthly" elements)
>Metal (Iron, silver, and other metals)
>Water (Hydrogen or other fluid-based transmutrations)
>Air (Gaseous compounds)

>> No.25756141

>cute brown ss officer with a dark past
Hold me /tg/

>> No.25756154

>>Air (Gaseous compounds)

>> No.25756157

So... Every element

>> No.25756160


We be sneaky and explosive now!

>> No.25756161


>> No.25756163


because Katara

>> No.25756168

I think you were supposed to vote.......

>> No.25756170

>Implying I was Implying that Scar wasn't right

>Water (Hydrogen or other fluid-based transmutrations)

Guys....Hang on Guys...Guys....Hydrogen=Nuke

>> No.25756171

>Air (Gaseous compounds)
Turn all the air around a target into helium. Lel as they squeek at us before passing out.

>> No.25756172

>Water (Hydrogen or other fluid-based transmutrations)
Here's to being able to manipulate the ambient humidity and creating hydrocarbons on-demand.

>> No.25756173

Rolled 46



Our character grew up with the taste of death in her mouth, treading over the corpses of dead ishvalens.

The stench would have been overwhelming.

>> No.25756183

So she master air to make it less stinky?

>> No.25756184

Rolled 23


> gaseous compounds.

Get some zyklon B up in this shizzle.

>> No.25756188

I vote for metal and using a suit of armor or armor-bits with separate transmutation circles inscribed upon each one for backup transmutations.

We could even specialize in a forbidden set tattooed upon our palms that overheats the iron in the blood.

>Blood boiling.

/tg/ get your air out of here.

>> No.25756191


Wouldn't you?

>> No.25756192

>Earth (Silicon, carbon, and other "earthly" elements)
This is the element of dead bodies.

Why wouldn't we master an element that was in such ready supply?

>> No.25756204


> going straight for human transmutation.

I knew it was only a matter of time.

>> No.25756213

At first I wanted to vote metal, then I thought of all the incredibly toxic and dangerous gasses we could transmute.

>> No.25756218


If we master air we might not need transmutation symbols at all.

>> No.25756221

Just using them as raw material isn't a big deal.

>> No.25756225

how so?

>> No.25756228

And we can blow people up for shit and giggles. And force choke a bitch like Darth Vader.

>> No.25756229

Changing my vote to this. Fuck yeah.

>> No.25756238

Rolled 11

>>Air (Gaseous compounds)

>> No.25756243

>Force Choking
Dude what the fuck?

>> No.25756244

>Everyone wants to be brown girl Roy Mustang.

Op can we please be albino?

>> No.25756246


The atmosphere itself can be our transmutation symbol.

> create a gigantic, city-sized transmutation circle in a matter of seconds.

>> No.25756247

Hell yes. Change water vote to metal-armor

>> No.25756259

Question; can we use transmutation symbols to create more transmutation symbols?

>> No.25756260


But we'd still need to make it or at least carry some of the elements around. It'd also be very hard practice and only a few alchemists even specialize in air.

Further if we're being smart about this, Air has NO defense. We will have NO defense when we face a goddamn Xing ninja or someone like armstrong.

BE the armstrong. I say we go Brown-girl armstrong.

No, we'll still need it unless we see the gate which means that we're going to need to give something up.

>> No.25756261


>> No.25756263

Pray tell how?

>> No.25756269

Really fast hands

>> No.25756276

I'd prefer to be the Poison Alchemist, personally. Specialize in chlorine gas

>> No.25756278

Guyz more importantly.
Who will our romance option be and are we a lesbian?

>> No.25756279


Presumably we have the capability to freeze things, and seeing as we have control over the atmosphere we can force it to condense and then freeze in a pattern of our choosing.

>> No.25756280

>3 Water

>1 Earth

>3 Metal

>4 for Air.

You are currently torn between Air and Water. Hydrogen's usages are myriad, but likewise, the sheer number of air-based solutions is invaluable. The only caution to contemplate for Air Transmutation is that such substances can also affect you as well, unless you take suitable precautions.

Water and Metal Alchemy each have their own much more specific areas of usage, as well as an abundance of defensive and offensive applications, though the aspiring Water Alchemist should beware that, much as the Flame Alchemist is useless in water, so would the Water Alchemist end up in a great deal of trouble near heat.

That would fall under Ritual Alchemy, which is as complex as it is myriad. It is known for Alchemists of particularly grand dreams to attempt to incorporate smaller transmutation circles to create larger ones, but such a process is mind-numbingly complex for its variables and potential causes of failure.

>> No.25756285

Brown girl General Armstrong? Metal focus and fight with armor and a big fuck-off sword?

>> No.25756287

Voting for this, with a minor in air elements.

>> No.25756291


Transmutation symbols need accuracy for the intended purposes.
We'd neeed high skill in precision to even do that, and even then, what's the point?

As for the metal armor idea, we could also do something with quicksilver being specialized in metal, and I think the palm tattoos for blood boiling could even be almost equivalent to ,icrowaves with the blood boiling.



Two late-votes for metal, can we please change?

>> No.25756299


So, potentially, if we did it right, we could tear the planet apart if we had a big enough transmutation circle?

>> No.25756304

Of course were lesbo

>> No.25756315

>Air has NO defense
What the shit are you talking about nigger? The defense is all around you. Get a gas mask on and create lots of poisonous gases and nobody would be able to get near you.
Also explosive fog could work very well as a defense mechanism.

>> No.25756317

We need a Transumatation circle to freeze things since we haven't seen the ''Truth'' yet so something on that scale is more likly than not impossible.

You know what I'm a bit tired of Lesbians going with straight when we can

>> No.25756326

be the girl
with the girl

>> No.25756327

Depends on if waifu or husbano is better

>> No.25756329

Fuck off /u/
We straight

>> No.25756331


You mean my grand dream of setting the world on fire is impossible?


>> No.25756333

If you want to change, I'm throwing in an additional vote for Air.

>> No.25756338

We could alchemy up ionic clouds that cause lightning to shoot at enemies.


>> No.25756341


Metal+ Air

Metal armor bits inscribed with transmutations, armored gloves especially and palm transmutation circles that cause blood-boiling.

The ones on our gauntlets unleash LIGHTNING when we punch!
Copper/Golden Gauntlets = THUNDER PAWNCH

>> No.25756353

Not Impossible just very much beyond Machiavellian in scope and complexity

>> No.25756355

We could take mass amount of oxygen and pump it into, say, a stick.

Then throw that stick with a burning rag on it.

Then watch that stick explode like your father's face when he saw you going down on your best friend in high school.

>> No.25756361

Continuing we could freeze the air to create fucking walls of defense!

So don't you tell me air has no defense, retard.

>> No.25756365

We already have a husbando.
It's the mentor who's into little brown girls.

>> No.25756377

I'm usually not opposed to namefagging, but seriously, fuck off with your name.

>> No.25756384


Tell that to a xing ninja alkhahestry that remote transmutes your ass. Or an armstrong-like character that just shoots a goddamn cannonball rock at you. Poisoning everyone around you isn't a flawless defense.

Freezing the air would be pretty difficult to do and even then it wouldn't be strong as the ambient temperature does away with it.. + if we face an armstrong or lightning pawnch like I have envisioned it'd kill air-guy in one shot.

>> No.25756402

I don't care what element we specialize in, so long as we eventually start producing antimatter.

>> No.25756403


I was using it as a point of reference of what our character would ultimately be capable of, you malcontent piece of shit.

Protip; it is actually possible to set the atmosphere on fire.

>> No.25756405

Rolled 73

I vote water

>> No.25756411

liitle bit late bro

>> No.25756415

Wouldn't mastery of air allow for optical illusions?

>> No.25756417

That's not a bad idea. Fusing Air and Water Alchemy to create our own unique brand of Ice-Alchemy!

No one would expect it since we're from the desert.

>> No.25756422

You do know that also your name is stupid as fuck, what the hell do you think our chances are of actually encountering alkhahestry in Amestris?

>> No.25756428

Actually, Air has numerous camoflage applications, AND THE ABILITY TO FLY.

>> No.25756429

Rolled 29

damn, seemed like we were still bickering over it

>> No.25756432

You severely underestimate the mobility of an air type. Creating blasts of air, temporary ice walls or similar we could move at awesome speeds and mobility

>> No.25756436

Amen to that.

>> No.25756444


That'd be a combination of Heat, water and air more likely to bend light.

If we're talking humidity in the air... And it'd need to be really cold to stand up to anything. But It'd be fun as hell snap-freezing people.

>> No.25756446

situations like this are why we have the immortal advice of Piccolo to stand by

>> No.25756453

Assuming, of course, you could craft that transmutation circle correctly and account for all the factors in half the world, it is theoretically possible. However, it is as theoretically possible as being able to transmute a human being back to life.

>This sounds a good compromise.

You focused in the art of Metal Transmutation, which seemed especially natural to you. The craft of manipulating the bonds that held iron atoms together, of transmuting silver and steel and working it with the heart and soul of a master blacksmith.

You have a lesser understanding of Air Transmutation, but it is still stronger than your grasp of Earth and Water, elements that cause you some difficulty for their rigidity and absolute fluidity respectively.

The train rumbles as you sit in your seat, briefcase in hand. You look around once more. An Amestrian soldier stares at you pointedly with his blue eyes. You adjust your glasses again.

You finally reflect on your motive for coming here. The death of your mentor, at the hands of a Xingese agent that had been attempting to poison the village's water supply. Though he was successful in neutralizing the toxin in the water, with his back turned, you were only able to watch as the masked killer drove a razor-sharp blade through the chest of your mentor.

You look down at his watch, your sole momento, and tuck it away in your pocket once more. You know the right thing is to return the watch to the authorities in Amestris, but would you really want to give up the last thing you have of your mentor?

A little buzz wakes you from your revere. The train will be arriving soon. You have much to learn, and this city is but the first step on that path.

The Amestrian staring at you begins to walk towards you as another squad walks by. This train seems unusually fortified, and you catch a snippet of conversation as you walk closer.

>> No.25756456

>what the hell do you think our chances are of actually encountering alkhahestry in Amestris
Since the OP post mentions increasing political tensions with Xing, and even bomb-sniffing dogs being used in Central because of the problems with Xing?
It's a very likely possibility.

>> No.25756460


The primary component would be the air itself though.

The ability to generate dust clouds, tornadoes, etc would also be beneficial.

>> No.25756468

"That Xingese ambassador freaks me right the hell out." One of the Amestrians on patrol remarks, "It's bad enough their people are trying to start a war. Now we're giving them an entire train car, carrying their nobles around like they're our kings?"
"Doesn't sit right with me." One of the men remarks affirmatively. "Don't see why we're agreeing to talk with them anyways. They caused enough troubles in the past for us."
"Wouldn't surprise me if the rumors about a Xingese prince being behind Fuhrer Bradley's death were true."

The Amestrian soldier speaks up. "I need to see your boarding pass." He tells you plainly, staring down at you.

You reach into your coat, producing the passport containing all of your information. Including your name.

"I see you're not from around here..."

>This would also be the gender question.

>> No.25756478

Cute brown girl

>> No.25756485

Rolled 86

Looks like the Xingese are going to show up, eh?>>25756453

>> No.25756491

We've decided STRAIGHT brown girl.
Fuck off /u/

>> No.25756492

Rolled 14

David. not a cute brown girl

>> No.25756493

HOW? we are using 1890's tech.

Julliete Ambrose, Female Ishvalan


>> No.25756498

Naji Ayman

>> No.25756500 [DELETED] 


>> No.25756502

>Choose wisely

>> No.25756509

Skin color is irellavent

>> No.25756511


>> No.25756513

>Ishvalans consider their names sacred, as gifts from God

>> No.25756520

>Julliete Ambrose

No sir we are definitely not acknowledging the first season by picking that name!

>> No.25756524


>> No.25756525

>you malcontent piece of shit.

Calm down, dude. Read the Wall Street Journal, eat a waffle.

>> No.25756526

Hang on......Wat?

>> No.25756530

Zafina Sharyar

Because dammit it sounds persian!

>> No.25756535

>This would also be the gender question.

Can we be albino, for extra hard mode?

>> No.25756538


>Julliete Ambrose, Female Ishvalan

I like this one.

>> No.25756540


Male, don't care about name. Every quest with a female MC ends up as a fetishfest.


>> No.25756541

Vaya Marut.

>> No.25756545

He's probably jelly he didn't get to finish off his friend.

>> No.25756547

Rolled 11

even hollowquest?

>> No.25756549

>Two votes for Lucy the girl.

>Two votes for Naji Ayman, the male.

>I see what you did there.

>1 vote for each of these.

>2 Votes for this.

>Third vote for male.

>I'll leave voting open for a minute or three to get a consensus or some grouping behind a name and a gender.

>> No.25756550

In the first season, there was a character who was called Juliette Douglas, and she was Sloth in that season (and Trisha Elric, yes i am serious)

>> No.25756553

Gonna third this
/tg/ makes too many lesbo threads, let's change it up for once

>> No.25756555

This sounds excellent.
Although this one is decent too.

>> No.25756565

Rolled 52


>> No.25756568

Oh I totally forgot it's been like 5 years since I watched the Original FMA anime

>> No.25756570

It's going to end up with a brawny gentleman.
Just watch.

Naji Ayman, Male.

>> No.25756575

This also Female

>> No.25756583

Dammit Juliette sounds positively Amestrian, we come from a proper Ishvalan family for Ishvala's sake!

>> No.25756586

of course
we muscle wizard

>> No.25756593

Here's another vote for Zafina.

>> No.25756604


Since metal was taken, it's ghoing to.

I retain my vote for Juliette Ambrose, a female ishvalan.

I just want a female almost-armstrong looking for her armstrong. Not even intro girl on girl.

Besides, that's assuming that OP won't veto needless waifuing.

>> No.25756608

This, plus albinoism

>> No.25756618

>Currently stuck between Naji Ayman, Male, and Juliette Ambrose, Female.

>A few more votes to break the tie! Or I'll just defer to a roll.

>> No.25756626

Just fucking roll

>> No.25756631

I don't mind being a Manly [yet sexy] Alchemist, also voting female Juliette Ambrose.

>> No.25756633


We're ishvalan. Ishvalan's are known best for their warrior monks, yes?
Alright, so. We're ishvalan. Our family hates us for alchemy, right?
>Instant hand-to-hand combat prowess.
>We Scarstrong now

>> No.25756635

juliette sounds too Amestrian
vote for Naji

>> No.25756636

Juliette Ambrose.

>> No.25756637

Rolled 6

roll otherwise samefaggotry will dominate

>> No.25756647

If we turn into a fucking brawny handlebar mustache gentleman I'm going to flip a shit

>> No.25756656

Naji sounds more appropriate.

>> No.25756659

Rolled 13

This is for Zafina Sharyar


>> No.25756663

Rolled 51

no mustache dude, we shall be ishvalen

>> No.25756673

Rolled 75

AAAAH! I can't see the reply box when i click on the post number! How do i fix this?

>> No.25756674

Rolled 95


>> No.25756679

the samefagging has begun

>> No.25756697

Roll a d2 and go from there.

>> No.25756710

Rolled 16


>50+ Juliette Ambrose.
>50- Naji Ayman.
>50 on the spot: You're a super kawaii Homunculus of all of the above born of the lovechild of Scar and Roy Mustang. God dammit.

>> No.25756718

Rolled 8


>> No.25756723

can we just be that third option? it sounds fucking hilarious

>> No.25756726

Rolled 11

A boy.
That's gayyu

>> No.25756728

Rolled 55

DAMN a 50 would have been fucking awesome. at least Naji won.

>> No.25756730

>>50 on the spot: You're a super kawaii Homunculus of all of the above born of the lovechild of Scar and Roy Mustang. God dammit.
>Rolled 16


Whatever. Can we still be an albino?

>> No.25756733

Rolled 49


>> No.25756737

Rolled 49

50 gety

>> No.25756739


We likely will if we're male. it's predetermined /tg/ antics.
A woman with a lightning punch though...

So, OP locked in iron with a minor in air.

Will we be doing lightning punch, or microwave grip?
My thought on armor bits at that is that they're concealable and made of different materials. Like, under the clothes type of thing. We use automail without using automail, essentially.
Lightning punch is also accomplished by capitalizing on Copper's conductive nature and multiplying the static friction in the air to achieve lightning.

>I think even without samefagging there were more female votes. THer'es a lot of peeps here as it is.

>> No.25756746

The fuck.

>> No.25756749


/tg/ dice are trollin it was OP's roll though.

>> No.25756755

we need to get lots of copper and gold bling
use air manipulation to scatter around the battlefield
lightning everywhere

>> No.25756767

Rolled 90

God damnit I will get a 50 and be super kawaii Homunculus

>> No.25756784


Naji Ayman it is.

>> No.25756806

Alright, I was a juliette guy, but I suppose I can deal with Naji.

But my one condition is that we shirked initiation as a warrior monk, but still trained a good deal in Ishvalan martial arts and meditation, giving us mental fortitude to withstand pain and above average hand to hand prowess.
I'd still really want this for Juliette Ambrose, but I won't keep bitching about it.

>> No.25756826

Rolled 80


I can live with It though.

Your not really in a position to give conditions are you?

>> No.25756840


Isn't that an awesome condition though?

I'd say it's more of a request, so you're right.

>> No.25756879


You writing, OP?

>> No.25756909

>Op's sobbing in a corner.

Actually no, we could've been worse and suggest we use alchemy that...
Nah, I'm not giving anyone silly ideas.

>> No.25756932

Rolled 15

/d/ please leave PLEASE!!!!!!

>> No.25756941


I didn't ask you.

>> No.25756944

Dude, /tg/ is just /d/ light. No need to get your panties in a twist. Unless thats your fetish.

>> No.25756969


C'mon, OP, people are starting to shit post.

>> No.25756977

Rolled 35

panty twisting? I can dig it.

>> No.25756981

Shouldsa done earth so that we could snap necks by snapping our fingers.

>> No.25756993


If I was /d/ I would've said it.

What other awesome ways can we use metal+ air alchemy? I saw we focus on that. But we're going to need a go-to strategy. And I'm kind of at a loss for what other symbols we'll have for the armor bits.
We should probably figure out a backup plan that makes use of magnesium or something.
But lightning punch would definitely be our best go-to and a simple but complicated alchemy when it comes to how precise we are.
Oh, if we become an actual state alchemist, we could be called "Hammer/Thunder of God." for our alchemy.

Oh, maybe our armor bits are high-carbon steel and we can pseudo ultimate shield like greed? Then again, that's earth related by Op's specialization, and another more practiced alchemy.. maybe we could learn it later?

>> No.25757021

>/tg/ seems to be favoring the female.
>Counted up the votes
>Even accounting for one or two samefags, Juliette Ambrose held a lead.
>Though /tg/'s division between male and female makes me wish I could just run both.
>Ah, to heck with it...

"Miss Ambrose?" He remarks, looking back down at you. You simply stare at him, as you have stared at many others. Ishvalan women are raised strong, and you are no exception to that fact.

You simply focus on your training provided not only by your mentor, but also as the daughter of an Ishvalan monk. You ignore his anger, refusing to allow it to incite you.

"Yes, that is my name." You reply simply, your ponytail moving only slightly as you shift your head to look at him over your glasses.

"An Ishvalan. Figures." He huffs, throwing your passport back into your lap. "Bad enough that we get Xingese in this city. Now you Ishvalans are back to mudding everything up." He grumbles, turning away from you as he resumes his patrol.

You simply resume staring ahead, dead ahad, as you sit in your chair. The train continues chugging along, beginning to slow on its path.

Which is right about when you're tossed head-first from your seat, sent flying into the ceiling as the other passengers scream. The entire train lets out an unholy crashing noise as something makes the train go from steady to twirling through the air.

Screams fill the air as the soldier walking the hallway is tossed into the ceiling, luggage flying in every direction and flying open in the process. A maelstrom of debris.

>We opening combat now.
>5d10 for surprise attack, best 3.

>> No.25757038

Rolled 2, 6, 10, 2, 9 = 29

OP, we know you wanted delicious brown girls. Don't deny it.

>> No.25757040

Rolled 2, 8, 7, 2, 7 = 26

Did you mean 5d10 or 5 1d10s?

>> No.25757043

Rolled 6, 3, 5, 5, 10 = 29


>> No.25757048

Rolled 8, 7, 2, 9, 9 = 35


>> No.25757050

Rolled 9, 9, 6, 5, 4 = 33

Haha you fool you know nothing, my fetish is Op actually Writing up a goddamn post

Manipulating dust particles/Ash Magnesium Vapor, we should learn how to make Mustard/Clorine gas.

>Tfw Op goes for the name I posted

>> No.25757092

>5d10 works, with the best 3 being averaged. System still slightly in playtest.

Your hands shoot forward as you touch the ceiling of the rolling train car, twisting your arm slightly as a piece of open luggage cracks you square in the stomach. You're slightly winded, but you keep rolling, as the rest of the train car does. The windows shatter, broken glass scything into a piece of luggage. The piece of luggage that's actually shielding your stomach now, in fact.

As quickly as it happened, the rollover stops, with the train car (thankfully) upright once more, though the driving snow and wind are creeping in through the windows. The other passengers in here are either wounded or, in the case of the Amestrian soldier from a few moments ago, dead. In his case, dead with a severe case of broken neck syndrome from when his head hit the edge of a seat.

The lights flicker as you hear the sounds of another explosion further down the train, towards the caboose, followed by gunfire. At least Amestris isn't a boring place to live!

>Arm yourself with the Amestrian soldier's weaponry.
>Investigate the fighting.
>Attempt to flee.

>> No.25757110

Arm ourselves and flee. Try to see who is attacking.

>> No.25757111

Rolled 2, 3, 6, 5, 8 = 24

>Arm yourself with the Amestrian soldier's weaponry
>Investigate the fighting.

>> No.25757115

Thats a fairly acceptable fetish
>Investigate the fighting.
Alchemy is our best combat option.

>> No.25757119

Rolled 5, 8, 8, 10, 10 = 41

Investigate the fighting, but don't take the weapon, soldiers might think we be terrorizin

>> No.25757122

>Attempt to flee.

If we arm ourselves we'll been assumed to be a terrorist, if we get involved it will just be bad, lets bail

>> No.25757125

Hollows don't have any sexual or romantic drive, so no.

>> No.25757130

>Arm yourself with the Amestrian soldier's weaponry.


>Investigate fighting

But be stealthy about it.

>> No.25757132

>broken neck syndrome
>first thread
>snapped necks already
Oh god, yes.

Can we alchemy up a suit of armour around us?

>> No.25757134

Attempt to provide first aid to the injured civilians.
Let the soldiers handle the fighting, that's their job.

>> No.25757166

never run in blindly. We need to investigate to simply know who the enemy is

>> No.25757167

Investigate the fighting. Pick up the weaponry for use in metal transmutation.

>> No.25757169

>Arm yourself with the Amestrian soldier's weaponry.
If we have any alchemist armaments in the suitcase pull 'em out and equip 'em.

>> No.25757177

Oh, wait, we haven't done human transmutation so we can't actually do the hand clap thing, can we.

>> No.25757200

You decide, barely, to grab yourself something to fight with, but you decide not to grab the man's bulky rifle. Not only will it arouse suspicion that you might be one of the attackers, but it might get in the way of you attempting your (laughable) Alchemy. You search the man's remains as the other passengers are moan or sprawl about.

In addition to a combat knife, the man has a wallet with six thousand Cenz in it, as well as pair of stick grenades. Though you're no weapons expert, their functionality seems fairly straightforward to even you. He also has a pistol on him with an eight round magazine, as well as a single spare magazine.

If you wish, you could attempt to transmute a section of the train wall into a shield as a simple transmutation, or a full suit as an Advanced transmutation. The latter of which will, obviously, have a much greater risk of failure in the heat of the moment such as this.

You have chalk suitable for Alchemy in your suitcase, as well as your notes, and your wallet containing your remaining money. You don't have much in the way of pure Alchemy equipment, unfortunately.

>What weaponry do you take with you?

>> No.25757204

>picking up a weapon when we're an Ishvalan
It's like you WANT soldiers to shoot at us.
You picked being an Ishvalan because it's Hard Mode, and you run face-first into the whirling blades that is part of what makes this hard?

>> No.25757214

You have not, in fact, performed Human Transmutation. As such, you would be required to draw a Transmutation Circle, but you have gained a fair amount of speed in doing so, at least with simple transmutations, or transmutations regarding metal and-- to a lesser degree-- air.

>> No.25757221

Knife only, and get us a shield.

>> No.25757222

Rolled 4, 10, 1, 3, 6 = 24

Human Transmutation doesn't lead to the gift, only bringing the dead back to life actually does that.

dagger or saber also etch an alchemy symbol on it so we can manipulate it, also grenades.

>> No.25757227

knife and money. we shouldn't take the grenade because we don't want to be associated with explosions right now

>> No.25757238


The knife, and try to get some sort of shield.

>> No.25757243

If we have to take a weapon because of the majority ruling, then take the knife and the cash.

I still vote to provide medical aid to the wounded before they die.

>> No.25757251

Taking the knife isn't as suspicious, we could be going to help. Taking the money could be seen as hostile.

>> No.25757285

Transmutate a shield and draw some pre-made circles to get ready for the fight. Otherwise take the knife and add on to it if we are good with a sword.

We sword and board now niggas.

>> No.25757317

You grab the knife, and quickly scrawl a transmutation circle onto the wall of the train, focusing on the sheet iron. You sheath the knife on your hip as you place your hand on the transmutation circle.

>Simple Metal Transmutation: 3d10 Metal Transmutation skill + 2d10 Simple Transmutation Skill. 5d10 Transmutation, choose best 1.

It is a dagger, but you etch a transmutation symbol on that as well, just in case you need to transmute it mid-fight.

>> No.25757319


Transmute bits of armor for our chest, head and bits on our arms.
We need to be light to make use of our superiour hand-to-hand training, no gun, we'll use the knife and throw it if we need to.
Only to take it right back
As OP stated, our alchemy is still laughable, we should use our martial arts for now as it's our best resource.
Remember that Scar was a warrior monk, and even with his destruction power, he still kicked major ass.

>> No.25757333

Rolled 6, 1, 1, 2, 9 = 19


>> No.25757342

Rolled 3, 2, 3, 9, 4 = 21



>> No.25757343

Rolled 7, 5, 1, 6, 4 = 23


>> No.25757347

Rolled 5, 2, 8, 8, 3 = 26

I'll tell you what, the people still alive on this car who have broken arms and legs are NOT going to appreciate us letting the snow in by taking away one of the walls.

>> No.25757349

Rolled 3, 5, 8, 6, 10 = 32

Natural tens

>> No.25757352

The wall explodes sending shrapnel flying everywhere.

>> No.25757353

Rolled 1, 4, 7, 7, 10 = 29


>> No.25757364

we can just draw the metal in from a large section of the wall. We don't have to make a hole.

>> No.25757385

Rolled 22

looks like /tg/ dice has decided that we shall not recieve her blessing. we should make an offering to the goddess that is /tg/ dice, in order to make things right

>> No.25757408

But where the hell are we going to find a virgin in this day and age.

>> No.25757431

You tap the circle, the section of wall briefly lighting up before the wall thins out, the iron warping into a circular shield, the dagger held in your other hand. The metal handles for the iron shield protrude out, and you quickly slip your free arm into it, the other hand occupied with the knife. There's not a hole in the wall, thanks to your careful work, but that section of the train wall will be unusually weak.

Now armed, you begin to travel down to investigate the fighting, knife in one hand and shield in the other. You reach the train door, going into the next car to find it in a similar state of disarray, but as you peer at the window, you see that it's not unoccupied.

A trio of men in plain clothes can be seen at the rear of the compartment, their winter parkas drawn over their faces. Armed with pistols, they're moving down the train, holding them forward. Sloppy grips.

You see an Amestrian soldier out of the corner of your eye, slumped behind one of the seats, injured but still conscious, his rifle on the opposite side of the aisle.

>Charge in.
>Attempt to lure the attention of the men away.
>Go around the outside of the train to avoid them.

>> No.25757433

Rolled 5, 9, 4, 7, 4 = 29

yeah its gonna be impossible to find somebody who hasnt had sex on /tg/

>> No.25757435

Rolled 70

we are on /tg/ it should be easy. socks don't count as devirginifiers. Ive heard tale that you don't have to sacrifice a virgin so much as someones virginity...

>> No.25757453

Rolled 4, 3, 7, 9, 8 = 31

Lure the men away

>> No.25757455

Rolled 29

Meant to reply to>>25757408

>> No.25757459

Rolled 38

>lure the men
As in pull up our top

>> No.25757472

I'd say help the soldier, either alchemically or using first aid.
Thats a terrible idea.

>> No.25757480

Rolled 8, 6, 6, 6, 9 = 35


Charge in and subdue those that would bring adversity upon our travels.

This trespass will not be tolerated by the goddess Ishval.

>> No.25757481

Rolled 64

You're a terrible idea

>> No.25757482

Create a vacuum to pull the rifle to the soldier.

>> No.25757490

Rolled 53


>> No.25757498

>This trespass will not be tolerated by the goddess Ishval.
We're an out and out heretic; why would we invoke the name of that primitive and backwards god?

>> No.25757512

Besides, we've got more pride than that. We can distract them using non-lewd means.

>> No.25757528


We still kind of suck, that will be ridiculously difficult and time consuming.

We only use Alchemy as another way to understand the nature of the world, same that our training as a warrior monk is for meditation and discipline.
Sure, our people don't understand yet, however they will come around and understand that the goddess blesses our endeavors.

>> No.25757545

>Two for distraction.

You could attempt to create a vacuum of air to pull the rifle to the soldier if you wish, though that would be a slightly more complex Air Transmutation on short notice. (Take 2 of 3d10)

>> No.25757565

>understand that the goddess blesses our endeavors.
You mean recant on a fundamental tenet of the Isvhal faith? That would be the same as Islam suddenly saying it's okay to have graven images of Mohammed and Allah, or Judaism suddenly saying that pork and shellfish are all good now.
That's going from interesting RP to just plain stupid.

>> No.25757566

A trained warrior monk is worth ten soldiers.

>Ten soldiers

Even if we're not scar level, three shitty terrorists should be easy.
Why aren't we charging in?

>> No.25757575

Oh, I meant heal him. If we want to give him his rifle, couldn't we just you know, give it to him?

>> No.25757607

His rifle is currently inside of the train car itself, which you are standing outside of (looking in on.) His rifle is opposite of the aisle he's in, but you can see it from where you are.

You could charge in, if you wish, with a direct attack. These men do not seem to be particularly well-trained soldiers, though they are approaching closer and closer to the Amestrian soldier as you debate what to do.

>> No.25757608

We're the daughter of a monk, but it hasn't been said that we actually have any monk training.

>> No.25757616

They have guns, Small guns but guns none the less

>> No.25757626

Rolled 4, 7, 9 = 20

So let's go with the vacuum.

>> No.25757629

Rolled 10, 2, 3 = 15

Fuck. Trying for the vacuum.

>> No.25757635

Can we create a cloud of laughing gas around the enemies?

>> No.25757648


>> No.25757650

Rolled 62


>Implying that there aren't denominations within religions that alter rules

Ishval generally rejects the use of alchemy as it is seen as hubris to god, however if you bend it a bit, especially with looking at alkahestry, the fact that they have the ability to change the world is a blessing from the goddess.
We're a heretic not in that we reject Ishval, but that we have a different interpretation that the majority do not agree with.

I still vote for charging in. The vacuum idea sounds like it'll take too long, abnd if the guys see us dicking around, chalking up they're going to shoot us. In close quarters, a knife and martial training holds advantage to a gun.

>Not receiving bonuses from backstory.
surely if we were from south amestris, we would have automail because we can, right?

>> No.25757653

Let's make an alchemy symbol on our shield that could allow us to generate a strong electrical current between it and the walls, generating a bubble of plasma across it.

Then, we throw our Plasma Disc on the three mens.

>> No.25757683


In any case, I just think being a holier-than-thou heretic could be fun..

Imagine chastising "true" ishvalans for not understanding the real wish of Ishval? To make use of all the blessings that she has given us?
Surely to reject a gift is much ruder than ignoring it, yes?

I can support this.

>> No.25757704

Draw a big ass transmutation circle, lure them over and kill those feggots

>> No.25757711

That would be an Advanced Air Transmutation, but you could attempt it, though it would be something extremely complex to produce on the fly.

You decide to use your knife to quickly scratch out a transmutation circle on the doorway, intending to redirect the flow of air in the room, transmuting the various particles of air into a flow pattern that would send the rifle hurtling towards the injured soldier. You press your hand to the symbol...

... And then watch as the rifle is promptly picked aloft in a thunderclap of air, flying towards the injured Amestrian soldier in the room, cracking into him with a sound not unlike a baseball bat hitting someone, crashing into the man's stomach. The three men grow abruptly alert, heading towards him with a purpose now, the element of surprise lost.

>Charge in?
>Attempt to bypass the car now that the men have found their prey.

>> No.25757728

Prepare an explosive transmutation circle on a few objects so we can make some make-shift grenades.

>> No.25757732

We've stil got the circle, right? Could we use that to do the same to the three men?

>> No.25757741

>make some make-shift grenades.

We could just use the other grenades that are near us.

>> No.25757746

Rolled 1, 3, 10 = 14

Use the transmutation circle, but this time focus on the three men.

>> No.25757750

But it's just N2O. Laughing gas is simple as fuck.

>> No.25757751

Rolled 8, 7, 6, 5, 2 = 28

This. get them off their feet then dispatch them with the knife and maybe some sheildbashing

>> No.25757761

>Advanced Air Transmutation
>Combining two of the most common elements in the air
>Harder than making the iron shield out of the wall of the train

>> No.25757772

Vacuum was a bad idea, but sure, let's do ut again.

Say, is our goddess against killing? because I don't think she is.

>Murder them.

Take one alive though, interrogate them by breaking fingers.

>> No.25757784

>combining two elements without a catalyst
>combining it into the correct structure
>making the correct amount
>Simple transmutation

>> No.25757785

There's movement, and then there's combination.

>> No.25757807

Samefag here.
Bumping to do this again, after >>25757711

>> No.25757821

This is fucking alchemy. We're an alchemist. If we were going to be fucking around with catalysts, we would drop the al.

And it wouldn't need a catalyst since N and O are diatomic. Split them apart and they will recombine on their own. Just encourage it to go into N2O.

>> No.25757842

Quickly draw a huge transmutation circle on the floor and go hide behind a bench or something.

Then when they enter, use air to make them pull their own triggers and redirect the guns at one another.

Then if there's one left, run up to him, kick him in the balls, and stab him with your knife.

>> No.25757844

You could attempt to reactivate it, yes, with a slight modification.

The Advanced element primarily comes from the element of transforming enough air in the room to make it a gigantic gas chamber from a small transmutation circle. If you created a ritual transmutation circle encompassing the entire train, it might be a different story, but it would be advanced for a standard-size circle crafted on the outside of the train compartment. If you had that transmutation circle on an oxygen tank, different story, but this is an entire train compartment (that has open windows.)

You elect to reactivate the same transmutation circle, glad you scrawled it with your dagger into the side of the train. It takes a moment's timing to perform properly, but you manage it regardless, the circle flaring once more as the same effect is produced. The first two men are abruptly swept off their feet by the force of the vacuum, the third staring agape at his fallen compatriots as they're smashed against the edge of one of the train benches.

Time to attack!

>Go for the downed men first
>Attempt to take out the one still standing

>> No.25757852

Rolled 2, 8, 6 = 16

Standing one.
Disarm him and then use his weapon against the other two.

>> No.25757860

>Attempt to take out the one still standing
Gotta take down the one that's in the best position to attack us if we let him.

>> No.25757863


>> No.25757867

Rolled 59

>>Attempt to take out the one still standing

Hah, attempt. We take him out and break fingers for information

>> No.25757875 [DELETED] 


Alchemy doesn't work like that. it doesn't.

>> No.25757892

Rolled 2, 10, 7 = 19

We're punching him in the face.

>> No.25757895

doesn't work like what?

>> No.25757897

I'm pretty sure they're talking more about shieldbashing him in the face and just TAKING his gun. By force.

>> No.25757905


I meant to refer to >>25757842

It doesn't work like that.

>> No.25757910

Stab the standing one take his rifle and take out the other two guys.

>> No.25757915

That makes more sense.

>> No.25757938

Take out the standing one,
shank his ass, take his rifle and only kill ONE of the other guys

Knock the other guy unconscious and disarm him (Use him for some interrogation before you kill him).

>> No.25757940

I'm thinking that once we get conpetent in our chosen branch of alchemy we make our main gimmick transmuting air to metal and vice versa.

>> No.25757960

It doesn't WORK like that!

>> No.25757985

Do we have any knowledge of why they stormed the train?

>> No.25758008

Or transforming the nitrogen in the air to explosives.

>> No.25758010

You promptly rush forward, the man's aim sluggish, his surprise and your own swiftness working against him. You keep your shield interposed between the pistol's muzzle and your body, the distance of the train door and yourself giving him just enough time to fire off a predictable single shot.

Which abruptly causes your arm to jerk slightly, your improvised shield showing a large dent where the bullet was stopped, but you press on. You push your shield into the hands holding his pistol, your knife shooting forward as you stab him squarely between the exposed ribs. Your feet enter a horse stance as you reverse your grip on the knife into an icepick grip.

The blade, having punctured his heart, withdraws silently as you bring your shield down on the head of one of the wounded soldiers. It makes a satisfying clang as he goes rolling back, the third man leveling his pistol at you-- only to find the blade of your knife, thrown, buried in his wrist.

He screams abruptly as you reach for the first man, bleeding out with a small sigh of shock, and pry his sidearm from between his fingers.

Which you promptly use to blow the brains out of the second attacker, his roll having completed, and the man just beginning to recover his wits.

The Amestrian soldier simply stares at you wide-eyed.

"What... What the hell are you?" He stammers out, his blue eyes reflecting behind your glasses. He's clutching his rifle, but you can tell that his leg is clearly broken, twisted at the ankle, and he has a nice bruise on his head from the crash.

>Say something funny.
>Interrogate him about why the train might be attacked.
>Order him to get his head back in the game.

>> No.25758025

Just shoot him.

>> No.25758031

Just an unlucky man, like you.

>> No.25758034

Say something funny.
It better make me laugh

>> No.25758035

>Turning atoms into different atoms
Alchemy does not work that way. You have to use shit that's actually THERE.

Which is why an alchemist who works with glass would be hilarious. Is there silicon around? Unless you're in a purely wood/metal structure, YES THERE IS.

>> No.25758037

>Say something funny.
We need an ally

>> No.25758043

>Say something funny.
Alchemist: the Snark

>> No.25758044

More like a potential romance partner

>> No.25758073

>Calmly point out that he needs medical attention.

Calming this guy down is important. We don't want to be a friendly-fire incident, especially not in our first thread.

>> No.25758075

[x] State alchemist. Now tell me where the medic is, unless you want to crawl there on your broken leg.

>> No.25758078

Oh my bad
>We need a fuck buddy

>> No.25758083

>Interrogate him about why the train might be attacked.
>Order him to get his head back in the game.
"I know Armestrian soldiers are better than this. Get yourself together. Who were they and why was the train attacked?"

>> No.25758084

But you can do that. Atoms are made of protons. Hydrogen is just a proton and an electron.

Strip an atom into singular hydrogen, and then recombine it into a new atom. Got an Au atom? That's worth 79 H. That will get you lots of things!

Difficult, but doable.

>> No.25758106

>Order him to get his head back in the game.
"There's no time for that, soldier ! Protect this car at all costs, and don't forget to tell your friends that I'm an ally - I don't want to be killed by your idiocy !"

Then, proceed to the next car.

>> No.25758111

Say something funny.
Lets get our fuck buddy

>> No.25758116

Almost forgot the neutrons. Neutrons are a proton and electron smashed together.

Split neutrons, more protons and electrons to work with.

Need some neutrons, but have too many protons and electrons? Smash some together.

>> No.25758157

The only problem with that is that its a nuclear reaction. Which is not something we really want to be doing unshielded.

>> No.25758203

Apparently not, because in FMA, Ed turned some rocks into gold bars.

Totally fine. No radiation shielding, just the ole clap and zap.

This is basically magic with a SCIENCE spin. Saying that alchemy can't change one element into another of equal mass is saying that this isn't alchemy.

>> No.25758211

>Apparently not, because in FMA, Ed turned some rocks into gold bars.
That quickly turned back?
He merely moved them around a little and gave them a gold like covering.

>> No.25758216

You briefly contemplate shooting him, considering his uselessness, but instead elect to bestow upon him some hilarious Ishvalan humor.

"Your leg is broken. Keep fighting like that and your government will put Ishvalan children on guard duty." You state.

He doesn't laugh. Screw him, you thought it was funny as hell, even if your expression is your usual stoic mask of anger mixed with indifference.

"Now get yourself together. You'll need to protect this car at all costs once I'm gone. Who were these people and why was this train attacked?" You ask.

He seems to stammer for a moment before collecting his wits enough. "I-- I don't know who they are!" He says, "I heard something about there being a Xingese diplomat on board, but I wouldn't think that things were bad enough that they'd derail a whole train just to get at one of them!" He remarks, adjusting his grip on his rifle so he was holding it properly, albeit pointed away from you.

You keep your pistol pointed at the prisoner the entire time, the muzzle casually pressed against his forehead, even as the man groans.

"Who are you?" You ask your prisoner, "And why are you here?"

The man simply snarls, "Ishvalan whore! We know that the son of the Xingese Emperor is aboard this train, and we'll not be denied until we have his head! Amestris will not be bullied about by its neighbors, and it us up to us to--"

He's ranting now.

>Shoot him?
>Knock him out.
>Slit his throat and move on.
>Let him keep ranting.

>> No.25758251

>Knock him out.
Lets give the Mustang a present.

>> No.25758259

>Knock him out.

>> No.25758264

They turned back because he transmuted them back before leaving.

And there are laws against doing it so as to not destabilize the economy.

It's a thing.

>> No.25758273

>Knock him out.
We can let the authorities torture him for information.

>> No.25758284

And don't forget that Ed's a bad exemple - he saw the Truth. Hence, he can do things mere mortal alchemists could only dream of. It's not that easy to pull out crap like that.

>> No.25758301

>We know that the son of the Xingese Emperor is aboard this train
[X] Didn't you read up world history?

The Emperor has waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too concubines. What's a son or two to him?
[X] Knock him out.

>> No.25758340

>Let him keep ranting.

Information is important, and this dope is just HANDING it to us. We can knock him out if he doesn't spill anything useful.

>> No.25758361

We're kind of on a time limit here, what with these terrorists still moving in on the carriage with the Xing diplomats.

>> No.25758378

You reverse your grip on the pistol, smashing the rambling man in the temple, his body falling limp to the ground. Enough talking from him.

You look to the wounded soldier again, then to the cars further down.

"The-- The ambassador is in the armored car. T-Two more cars down." The soldier states, obviously more than a bit intimidated by you.

You hear a smattering of gunfire, as well as an explosion, that confirms your suspicions of this matter.

>> No.25758385

No fuck buddy?

>> No.25758395

Tally ho!

>> No.25758396

Are the participants of your quests usually this obnoxious?

>> No.25758399

Let's go towards the armored car.

>> No.25758411

Fuck off Rothcol.

>> No.25758414

Fix our shield, maybe make it a bit tougher since we have some free time. Take a sidearm, just in case, with spare clip.

>> No.25758427

Alright quickly take out the wounded soldier, he's useless right now and go investigate the ambassador's car

>> No.25758430

Can we transmute this shield to be any denser?

>> No.25758446

how would you propose we do that?

>> No.25758457

I don't know. It's alchemy, I ain't gotta explain shit.

>> No.25758462

Put Shirou, Natsuru or Dragon force in it.

>> No.25758464

No, we're not going to do something as stupid as kill a soldier that can vouch for us not being a dirty Ishvalan terrorist who should be raped then shot.

>> No.25758495

He's Amestrian, not a terrorist.

>> No.25758509

You say nothing further to the Amestrian soldier, simply walking towards the next car, the sounds of fighting more obvious now. Peering through the window between cars, you see that the Amestrians in this car, at least, are not as useless as the ones in the last. However, it appears that this was where some of the attackers, at least, have directly boarded. A large hole is in the wall to your left inside of the car, apparently put there by some sort of explosive or alchemy. Four Amestrian soldiers, one of them slumped with his back to the barricade, are taking cover opposite of that hole, a pile of large luggage trunks having been scooted into makeshift sandbags around one of the chairs. Two of the men have rifles, while one of them is carrying a submachine gun in his hands, firing sporadic bursts into the gap, through which gunfire is returning.

>Circumvent the car from the outside?
>Attempt to charge in and join the soldiers behind their barricade.

You could reduce the radius of it to thicken the shield. It would be more of a buckler than a full shield, but it would have a greater durability for that fact.

>> No.25758536

Remember he's still extremely biased towards our race and just saw us murder 3 people.
This guy is probably looking at us thinking WHAT THE FUCK and will eliminate us once he's free from danger.
>Better to dispose of witnesses that may potentially instigate more problems in the near future
>And we are abandoning him on a train that's still full of bloodthirsty bandits (or whatever they are).

>> No.25758552

If we took the grenades, transmute a hole to get out of the car, climb up on top and drop the grenades on the enemy through a hole in the ceiling.

>> No.25758570

Could we possibly use scrap metal laying around to reinforce the sheild? I mean there's a fucking hole in the train right?

>> No.25758603

>Circumvent the car from the outside
Use the side opposite where the terrorists are attacking from, of course.

>> No.25758609

You could, indeed, make a transmutation circle to combine some scrap metal dislodged from the train and meld it into your shield for reinforcement. (Simple Metal Transmutation, 5d10, best 3.)

You did not, unfortunately, take any of the grenades. You could still attempt to transmute such a hole, however, to give yourself that element of surprise all the same. (Simple Metal Transmutation - 5d10, best 3.)

>> No.25758611

I was thinking keep the surface area just make it phatter using more metal.

>> No.25758622

What would we have to roll to have the roof impale the terrorists with lances?

Or is this getting too meta

>> No.25758628

Clarification:If we get up on the roof above them on the outside and put a big ole circle there

>> No.25758637

You could also double back to execute the Amestrian, which ought to be fairly simple, in fact, considering his wounded and disoriented status.

It would be just as simple as the other task, requiring the same degree of complexity.

You could attempt to shift the metal of the train's body into attacking spears as a Simple Metal Transmutation attack (5d10, best 2.) Such an attack would be spread over a wider area and weaken the train's body, but you doubt it'll ever see train tracks again anyways.

>> No.25758641

Without grenades this is kinda stupid, we put ourselves in clear firing range of everyone with a gun

>> No.25758653

Rolled 4, 5, 1, 6, 2 = 18

Lets do the transformation for a better shield

>> No.25758662

Could we combine the two options? Use the metal that would come from the hole to improve the shield?

>> No.25758667

So wait, are the terrorists already in this car, and they've made a barricade? Or are they still outside the hole in the car?

>> No.25758698

The Amestrian soldiers are inside of the train, behind a makeshift barricade facing towards a hole in the car's wall. The attackers are outside of the train, firing in. You could still use the aforementioned attacks, though they would obviously target outside of the train.

This is entirely doable, and at the same complexity level.

>> No.25758736

Grab a bunch of grenades and toss them at the soldiers.

>> No.25758739

Rolled 5, 9, 5, 10, 9 = 38

Much better plan.

>> No.25758759

Rolled 5, 2, 8, 9, 4 = 28

Rolling for this.

>> No.25758775

Rolled 3, 5, 8, 1, 1 = 18


>> No.25758785

>make a hole in the car
>terrorists are OUTSIDE and apparently in cover
>we have a pistol
>frame ourselves like a big target
Why are we doing this?

>> No.25758815

Rolled 3, 6, 10, 10, 3 = 32

>> No.25758874

I assumed we weren't going to do that on the side of the train, and go up and over the car to get to the diplomat

>> No.25758919

>go up and over the car
So that we'd be plainly visible to the terrorists who are outside the car and can plainly see someone walking along the roof of the car?

>> No.25758940

Er, the side of the train being shot at.
Who are also busy shooting at soldiers, and being shot at.

>> No.25758962

So basically no one gives a fuck about us and we'll be fine,
plus we have a shield and weapons in case we encounter hostiles

>> No.25758968

>Good thing that was a simple transmutation.

You step forward into the next compartment, holstering the pistol as you withdraw your chalk, standing on a nearby bench as you begin to etch onto the ceiling inside of the compartment. Bullets fly in both directions from the hole as you remain slightly out of the range of enemy fire, the cold driving in and biting at your skin.

"Friendly coming in and up!" You announce simply to the Amestrians, who simply keep pouring the fire onto the enemy outside silently, pausing only to reload.

You press your shield against the ceiling, the transmutation circle vanishing alongside a chunk of the train's metal ceiling, your shield growing noticeably thicker and heavier in your grasp, but otherwise remaining whole. The hole overhead, just large enough for you to crawl through, begins to let the driving snow down. without further notice, you quickly lunge up the hole, emerging atop the train car, sprawled prone along its hull to minimize the chance of being seen.

You spot a group of about six men in winter parkas, currently hidden behind what looks to be some sort of ring of sandbags covered in snow. This ambush was obviously planned.

Thankfully, they don't seem to notice you, though you do notice a group of about four men approaching the rear car, which is only a short hop away. The rear car, obviously the most fortified, is currently sitting on its lonesome, its imposing steel frame deflecting stray rounds left and right.

>Open fire on him with the pistol
>Attempt to charge him over the train top
>Attempt to crawl forward and sneak up to see what he's doing.

>> No.25758986

Unfortunately, your idea seems to have already been taken by someone else. A man in a simple white winter coat, a cane clutched in his left hand, seems to be busy etching a transmutation circle into the roof of the train car, using the snow as his surface. Two more men in winter parkas are standing behind him, watching him work as they clutch bolt action rifles in their hands.

>> No.25758995

>Disregard that. Stupid copy-paste. Options should come after that post.

>> No.25758996

>Attempt to crawl forward and sneak up to see what he's doin

>> No.25758997

>Attempt to crawl forward and sneak up to see what he's doing.

>> No.25759032

Use a powerful gust of wind to push them over the side of the room and hopefully break their necks.

>> No.25759045

I just came here, and I'm amazed at the amount of samefagging spamming for the first choice. I don't want to play with that barbaric crowd.

So I guess I'll come around thread 10, when it's all circlejerks that lost any reflexes to fight for their ideas.

>> No.25759069

>Attempt to crawl forward and sneak up to see what he's doing.

>> No.25759082

>Nobody gives a fuck

>> No.25759097

I already lost the will to post ideas, because apparently our alchemist sucks dick at alchemy.

>> No.25759116

We don't want this character to become a fucking Mary Sue

>> No.25759125

I assume our power will increase as we progress, like normal people.

>> No.25759170

>It's Mary Sue to actually use alchemy for combat instead of just nigger shanking everyone.

Yep. The whole antisue thing, is just as obnoxious as true sues. If you wanna play mundane mcstabby, a different quest would have been better.

>> No.25759191

Rolled 10, 9, 7, 9, 4 = 39

we aren't mundane, we are a fucking alchemist. You're just pouty that we aren't god-tier alchemy master yet

>> No.25759205

Even Edward stabbed.
The only Alchemist who used Alchemy only was the Mini-skirt fire dude.
And why could he do that?
Because clicking = God-tier explosions

>> No.25759243

I'm pouty that we haven't done anything more than pry a hunk of metal out of the wall with out alchemy.

We could have gotten a slightly lesser quality shield with a crowbar or a screwdriver.

We don't have to be god tier to do something interesting with it. But this is just stupid.

>> No.25759258

You begin to slowly crawl forward, staring to see just what this man had in mind. You couldn't see much of him with his back turned, but it was clear from the movements of his cane that he was crafting a rather large Transmutation Circle. One based on interacting with the Xing Prince's car below. The two men in parkas would keep their backs turned as they observed their leader in action, the man apparently putting the finishing touches on the circle.

There's a scream from the car below you as one of the Amestrian soldiers is shot, likely fatally, and you hear a reciprocating scream on the opposite side. To say that this is a messy fight is an understatement.

Still, you could attempt to create a gust of wind with your alchemy, if you desired. It would be simple enough to flash-heat the water moisture of the snow around the men, hopefully sending them aloft with a blast of burning steam.

>> No.25759263

By your standards, we kinda do have to be god tier
>You are free to fuck off

>> No.25759270

Rolled 7, 10, 3, 6, 6 = 32

we also made a vacuum suck u our enemies. quit your bitching and wait for us to get more skilled before begging for giant flashy effects

>> No.25759272

Shoot the alchemist before he completes the circle. AKA, GEEK THE MAGE!

>> No.25759280

Rolled 5, 2, 6, 2, 2 = 17

geek the mage!

>> No.25759293

So what would you consider interesting?
Its a better idea to flash heat the snow on the door.

>> No.25759297

>we also made a vacuum suck u our enemies.
The fuck? No we didn't. If we had that would have been really cool, but I'm not seeing it in any of the qms posts.

>> No.25759305

Flash heat snow and melt that shit so he cant make a transmutation circle.
(Do we still have the rifle?)
Then whip out rifle and try to take out the alchemist

>> No.25759312

Rolled 8, 1, 1, 6, 3 = 19

could have sworn we did right before we gutted the mooks

>> No.25759317


>> No.25759320

>The first two men are abruptly swept off their feet by the force of the vacuum, the third staring agape at his fallen compatriots as they're smashed against the edge of one of the train benches.

>> No.25759334

Rolled 10, 2, 3, 7, 4 = 26

>> No.25759340

Fuck me I forgot im on 4chan

>> No.25759342

So I was mistaken. I must have disregarded that as a meta post explaining mechanics because of the first half of it.

>> No.25759383

Flash-heat the snow, both destroying the transmutation circle and injuring the three of them, then blow them off with a strong gust of wind.

>> No.25759410

>The idea for using the train car's body as a spear attack has been suggested, and is within the realm of feasibility. You're free to use attacks as you wish. The only one that had real difficulty was gassing the train car, and that was due to the volume of space that would need to be turned into N2O.

You do not have the rifle, but you still have the pistol from earlier. You promptly pull it about, the noise from your shield hitting against the side of the train causing the man to pause, but it's already too late. You fire off a three-round burst, all three shots lacerating his upper torso. He stumbles forward over his transmutation circle, his expression one of anger, his own eyes filled with apparent anger as he staggers back and away. The two men next to him abruptly turn about with much more speed an alertness than their other fellows. The rifles swing up as they fire at you, your own shield barely coming around in time to deflect the shots.

You can hear the enemy alchemist yelling, "The damned array is ruined! We'll have to do this the old-fashioned way! Keep her here while I get the Prince!" He can be heard yelling, and not for the first time do you find yourself in a sticky situation.

>> No.25759427

They'll already be burning their anuses off, no need for the strong gust of wind

>> No.25759446

Now we boil their asses

>> No.25759455

You could attempt to blast them off the train with a strong gust of wind, but you would first require a transmutation capable of breaking down or otherwise transforming available materials to produce that blast. The snow is the most abundant material, but something else might be able to be destabilized enough.

You could still flash-heat the snow, however, if you were to attempt to create a transmutation circle on your side of the shield. Though they're on the next car over, you can see a small layer of snow connecting the two areas.

>> No.25759465

Wait, can we turn the snow into water and then use that to wash them off of the train?

>> No.25759467

Rolled 9, 9, 7, 10, 6 = 41

Gust of wind to try and blow them off roof and so we can get more cover

>> No.25759509

>That is also entirely possible. It would be a Simple Water Transmutation. (3d10, best of 1.)
>I think I will use greentext for non-narrative events from this point on, for ease of reading and understanding.
>Also, will be taking a short respite in 10-20 minutes to shower and prepare for the day ahead.

>> No.25759579

Rolled 4, 5, 2 = 11

Alright I change my shit
Simple water transmutation so they fall off the roof


>> No.25759585


And someone archived this as "Shitty Anime Quest" with no relevant tags.

>> No.25759608


My bad. It was actually archived as Yet Another Anime Quest.

>> No.25759610

Rolled 2, 7, 10 = 19

Can we archive it under new name and w/ relevant tags?

>> No.25759620

Those two are drastically different lol

>> No.25759623

>Can we archive it under new name and w/ relevant tags?

Maybe. I'm not sure.

>> No.25759645

Rolled 5, 8, 5, 10, 4 = 32

we'd have to contact the guy that runs suptg toget the original taken down.

>> No.25759649

Contact the site owner or go on sup/tg/'s IRC.
Maybe they'll change it, if they're not feeling lazy.

>> No.25759655


I tried archiving it under Alchemist Quest I, but nothing happened.

Maybe someone can tell the Mods/Admin of sup/tg/?

>> No.25759685

Once a thread has been archived, the title, description, and tags cannot be changed except by the site administrator or one of his mods.

Email him at [email protected]

>> No.25759751

You hold your shield in one hand, letting go of your sidearm as you quickly slam your hand into the snow, scrawling a circle onto the compacted snow that continues to fall down around you. More rifle shots ring out, and one is-- unfortunately-- accurate enough to nick your left leg, slightly grazing the meat of it and giving you a painful biting sensation to match.

You complete the transmutation circle, however, crude as it is. Slamming your hand down in the middle of it, you're rewarded with a brief blast of steam, followed by the snow turning into pure water. There's a sudden yelp from the men ahead as you watch them recoil from the steam, only to lose their traction on the snow thanks to the water.

There's two loud cracks as they bounce onto the curved top of the train before spilling over, their rifles splaying wildly.

The original alchemist is nowhere to be seen, however, though he has left a small trail of blood along the second car's top, leading to the very back of the train itself. You can hear more shooting in the distance, however. Amestrian military coming to reinforce? Or backup for the attackers?

>> No.25759773

Recover the pistol and go after the alchemist.
We need to kill him first.

>> No.25759776

>"I don't like that. Obviously, that justifies passive-aggressive behaviors that would be unacceptable in the larger whole of society!"
>Summer is truly upon us.
>Ah well, I'm getting it fixed now, with a brief break while I shower and other such things.
>Feel free to leave thoughts for improvement, thoughts so far, suggestions, etc. I'm actually very open to criticism or ideas for improvement.

>> No.25759797

Well, we are a hundred posts into auto-sage and on Page 7.
I'd give us about another 2 hours before we fall off Page 10.

>> No.25759832

>In which case, we might be best off just leaving things at a pause here, so we can resume when I return later on in the evening. Still open to comments, criticisms, thoughts, and other such things.
>I was at least considering that it might be worthwhile to amp up the power/utility of Alchemy available, even to a starter Alchemist as yourself. Any thoughts? Or do you all feel satisfied at what Alchemy can attain thus far?

>> No.25759884

I think it's the right level for someone who hasn't had a formal education in Alchemy.

>> No.25759933

Rolled 10, 5, 1, 2, 10 = 28

this. we Are still a major newbie, and don't have much outside of raw talent yet

>> No.25759948


I'm satisfied with it. If we started off like the Elrics I'd be upset due to having little room for growth or being resourceful. Being a relative beginner in the date alchemists is interesting especially when we've for done foundation of upbringing as a warrior monk to make up for our shortcomings.

I'd day he goes
Lack of learning at a younger age

unique life view
Martial prowess.

I think that balances out well.

Oh ams to those that want to gas people, I think that would go overboard in most cases, especially when we have allies without gas masks. Metal alchemy is solid, overall stable, and boasts control.
Possible lightning punches in the future aside.
I think we need more specialization though. Our at least purpose with our strengths in mind.

Pretty much every alchemist in the series had a specialty or field of such
Study. This is definitely the case where being a Jack Of All Trades could prove trying.

>> No.25759974

Rolled 4, 3, 8, 10, 1 = 26

going lightning alchemist would be fuckawesome

>> No.25760100


I just sent him an email.

>> No.25760195

Page 8, bytheby.

>> No.25760218

Follow trail of blood

>> No.25761031


I know

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