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Couple things which seem to pop up regularly or have been a problem. This is an AU. That means no Ichigo, no Orihime, none of the characters from Bleach you know exist, and some of the rules about how things work have changed from the kuboverse. People seem to keep missing it so I put it in first just to get it out there. We already discussed maybe letting some of them in, but it degenerated into meta-gaming too fast. This is your story, not theirs, no need to bring them into it. Lastly from now on we will only be able to upgrade at certain downtime in the story. This is to help move the plot along. Oh, also since your monologue has been behaving pretty much as "We're all mad here" would have more or less I am taking it off the power list. No new tail, but that's a thing.

If you want to catch up: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Hollow%20Quest%20Redux If some one wants to archive it, please tag EXACTLY THE SAME as the first Hollow Quest Redux. Nothing else extra, just the exact same tags. Thank you

Current Character Sheet with appearance: http://pastebin.com/apwqFQpL


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You give a nod to your wolf bro as you look over your new form. You examine your claws and your feet, and you thank the heaven's you no longer narrate out loud.

"Uh, yeah, you do actually" Jager explains.

Momentary slip up boss. Can you hear me now?

After a few moments of silence you nod in satisfaction, content Jager can't hear your mind. You look around the area for a few moments before turning to him.

"Now that I am Vasto I need to go speak to someone. Can you deliver the news about Charlotte's death to the resistance?" You ask making him eye you carefully.

After a few moments he shrugs his shoulders and bounds off towards the caves. You think about Lucifer and, as you have had good luck in finding him in menos forest in the past, you decide to go there. You run through the thick menos, sighing as you look around. You decide to let out a small amount of your power, hoping to attract him. After a few minutes you are about to give up when you turn a corner and there he is.

"Hello, how are you?" He asks as a large menos labors around the pair of you, Lucifer being careful not to touch it.

"Fine, sneaky, angel bastard. Look, I'm a vasto lorde now." You explain holding your arms out wide.

"I am glad for you. Why have you not yet tried to remove your mask? I was under the impression Vasto Lorde is a plateau until you become a maskless." He explains.

Well, wat do?
[]Ask him something
[]Try to remove your mask(1d100 please. Best of first five)
[]Attack him!
[]Tell him something
[]Other, please specify

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>Singularity: Fires an orb of gravity in the direction you desire, pulling things into it, and then explodes dealing damage

Change the last bit. You need to make the verbs match. either change "and" to "which" or make "explodes" into "exploding". If you change explodes, you might want to cut off that dealing damage part. It's kind of obvious anyway. You're shooting black holes that explode.

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I just copied what was on the charsheet and made the format better! I didn't touch the numbers in the text or anything like that!

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>[]Ask him something

Do you have any tips for that?

>> No.25415529

>Ask him for tips on removing our mask, if we need to do anything special beforehand.

>> No.25415538

>[x]Ask him something

I was actually going to ask you about that. Seeing as how you know a lot more than I do about anything and everything, I was hoping if you knew any way I could get the most out of ripping my mask off. You know, maximizing power gains, avoiding common pitfalls, increasing chances of success, that sort of thing.

>> No.25415544

Rolled 78

>[]Try to remove your mask(1d100 please. Best of first five)

>> No.25415545

Already done.

>> No.25415557

Rolled 5

Remove it.

>> No.25415558

Rolled 16

I think some other anons were wondering if he might know the best way to do it. Not exactly sure how he would, seeing as he's stated multiple times that he knows very little about hollows.

>> No.25415569

>[]Ask him something
Ask if arch- whatevers that are like vastos have masks

>> No.25415571

this, if he knows so much about everything else, maybe he knows something useful about demasking hollows too?

>> No.25415576

Rolled 65

This is a fair point. We're a hollow, he's not. We are the experts here obviously.

>> No.25415593


Ask him about the kids usefulness he mentioned last time.

>> No.25415595

Oh god. One more roll.

I don't like 78, guys.

Although new thread = new fatebreakers

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"I was actually going to ask you about that. Seeing as how you know a lot more than I do about anything and everything, I was hoping if you knew any way I could get the most out of ripping my mask off. You know, maximizing power gains, avoiding common pitfalls, increasing chances of success, that sort of thing." You ask making him blink.

He seems deeply troubled before tapping his chin a few times then nods. "Think of your humanity, or what remains of it. A maskless remembers something about humanity, or a feeling about humanity. It allows you to fully bridge the gap. Other than that be ready for it to hurt. A lot." He explains.

"Nothing else?" You ask.

"No, I am sorry." He says, looking truly apologetic.

Well now what?
[]Try and rip your mask off(1d100 please, best of first five)
[]Ask him something
[]tell him something
[]Other, please specify

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wasn't most voted on so don't worry about it.

>> No.25415608

Rolled 99

>[]Try and rip your mask off(

>> No.25415611

Rolled 89


>> No.25415613

>Tell him that we have a candidate for our puppet king.

>> No.25415615

Rolled 53

Well then.

>> No.25415617

Well then.

Think of wonderful new experiences!

And also ask about the arch demon things. I really want to know about them.

>> No.25415620

Rolled 14

We've got 4(5?) fate breakers lined up.

>> No.25415622

Scratch that.


>> No.25415624

Nobody else roll for fear of nat 1s

>> No.25415625

Rolled 74


off with the mask.

>> No.25415631

Rolled 2

Well then.

>> No.25415640

Please wait while DM updates the sheet.


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Can't say i know the feel, but you have my sympathy.

>> No.25415666

Is funny to Risa.

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i just realized but how will the hollows back at the cave react if we come back as an arrancar when they haven't even seen our Vasto Lorde form?

>> No.25415737

Was the cunt we ate last thread a vasto or just adjuchas before we ate him?

>> No.25415756

Rolled 18

>implying they'll ever see us.
Our go-juice. Let them actually feel it and they'll know it's us.

>> No.25415773

They'll die from shitting themselves after thinking we ate the spider and the wolf

>> No.25415778

Watch our huge go-juice level just crush them into spiritrons the second we approach

>> No.25415783

Or the wolf goes back and tells them what's up and they still shit the bed because our go juice hangs in the air like a mist of meutron star.

>> No.25415790

Cloaking lets us hide it all. We could just make it feel like we used to feel like.

>> No.25415820

Rolled 6

This is what I meant. We're gods at hiding out power lev-go juice. We should have SOME level of control. Also, we should totally disguise ourselves as the idiot we just killed and use it to pure another general out for Jäger.

>> No.25415843

>Turn into general we just killed
>Walk back to base
>Pretend we have no idea who we are and we just want to be friends.

>> No.25415851

Rolled 12

Also I now have a hillarious image of a bunch of hollows just chillin/hiding in a cave, and all of a sudden Risa just pops out of fucking nowhere with a stupid ass grin on her face and all the hollows shit themselves in terror.

>> No.25415865

Then we're like "Just kidding guys," and shift back into our Arrancar form, which they still won't recognize.
"It's me, good to be back home."

>> No.25415868

Rolled 1

We know SOME stuff about him. He likes to fight. A lot. Come back, looking bored and let down. Say stuff about them not putting up much of a fight.

>> No.25415871

Rolled 18

We know SOME stuff about him. He likes to fight. A lot. Come back, looking bored and let down. Say stuff about them not putting up much of a fight.

>> No.25415874

I meant our base, not dickbase.

>> No.25415877



>Nobody gets the reference.

>Schrodinger has died a little inside.

>> No.25415885

Hey! Our name is Risa, not Johnny!

>> No.25415889

Rolled 6

Double post AND I misread your post. I need to get some sleep. Try not to get
Us killed, please.

>> No.25415911

Character sheet updated http://pastebin.com/apwqFQpL

You let out a maddening scream as you rip your mask off, the pain of your triple suicide far more than you could even imagine as the remains of your white armor fall and then form together in the form of a sword in its sheath in front of you. You throw up as your body restructures and you remember your life slightly, your humanity somewhat returning to you. You stand and look at Lucifer, your smile and ears melting into your body as your new powers fill your mind.

"Right." You say, your voice very matter of fact. "So that was a thing." You explain as you look around.

The Menos seem to be giving you a wide berth as your brief explosion of energy was enough to scare them into getting as far as they can, instinct telling them how dangerous you are. "So, sorry what were we talking about?" You ask your golden eyes swimming.

"You asked me questions. I answered." He explains.

Wat do?
[]Back to base
[]Talk to Lucifer some more
[]Attack Lucifer
[]To Los Noches
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25415926


[]Go find king's patrol to test new powers on.

>> No.25415935

Rolled 17

>[]Talk to Lucifer some more

"So, as you are my senior in the Rebelling thingy, do you have any tips on how to overthrow the king and establish a puppet?"

>> No.25415936

>Tell Lucifer we have found a suitable puppet king, then ask about the usefulness of the child.

>> No.25415939

>[]Talk to Lucifer some more
So um, unrelated somewhat, but arch-whatnows? From the last time we spoke.

And I suppose ask if wolfbro has any part in this / what he thinks of him ruling since we had had to promise him the throne to get that corpse.

>> No.25415941

>[x]Talk to Lucifer some more

How much time has passed since I started ripping off my mask?

>> No.25415942

might as well try this one out. Make sure to kill to the last man so they can't go tell of a new arrancar challenging them though. We may even be able to bring a meal home for wolf-kun

>> No.25415945

This then back to base.

>> No.25415948

Also ask if Jager is vasto-capable. If he knows at all.

>> No.25415957

Let's bring wolfbro a snack.

>> No.25415958

Rolled 100

>[]To Los Noches
Lets go convince everyone we're that guy.

Oooooo if we manage to ambush the king we can take over without anyone else noticing. Then we can stage a fight between us and wolfbro and he can claim all the credit for killing the guy.

>> No.25415960

ask him about the king and his general's powers. He should know that sort of thing given that the king is loosely a puppet of his.

>> No.25415966

Does nobody else want to learn more hell fluff? The arch somethings have me curious as fuck.

Someone else second this so I can stop asking everytime Lucy shows up/

>> No.25415972


>[]Back to base

maybe grab an adjuchas or 3 on the way back as a present for wolfbro and the scrubs.

>> No.25415973

You really shouldn't waste rolls like that. Roll only when Azure asks us to.

>> No.25415974

what a waste, what a senseless, senseless waste.

>> No.25415976

Ass 100 waster.

>> No.25415979

This make sure to ask this.
Captcha: hishedho queen
Yes, we shall be his Head Hoe Queen.

>> No.25415984

well, this one seems like a good idea too...
but >>25415966
arch- sounds worth asking about... arch-fiend? Curiosity killed the cat you know...

>> No.25415985

Talk about all those.

>> No.25415987

I'll second it. I'd like to hear too.

>> No.25415996

Should that have had a roll attached to it? Most others like it did.

>> No.25415999

I also would like to learn more about hell's lore. Ask if there is any great city, like Los Noches, in hell. Ask which are scarier, the strongest hollows or the strongest demons.

>> No.25416010

You get radar like abilities as an arrancar so it isn't need unless you are looking for someone in particular or they are hidden.

Lucifer info dump writing now.

>> No.25416012

Thanks brah

>> No.25416042

Hey Azure,after the infodump can you specify which abilities are locked on our non-Resurrección form?

>> No.25416046

>Shapeshift all points to durability
>Tankiest arrancar in the land

>> No.25416057

Eyes look human or are they weird cat eyes or something?

>> No.25416063

All human.

>> No.25416083

I dunno. Ulq had catlike eyes. Could be like that since we just ripped the mask off instead of some hogyoku bs.

>> No.25416095

Or you know, you can always think that we shapeshifted them into cat eyes if that's your thing.

>> No.25416105

we should eventually see how well we stack up against angels and shinigami captains. But for now lets kill a king.

>> No.25416114

>Google our sword's name
>Top result is Fur Affinity

>> No.25416128

"Right" You say feeling over your face, somewhat shocked at your lack of mask. "So, sorry. Ahem." You clear your throat and crack your neck a bit before continuing. "So about those arch thingies from last time. What's up with them?" You ask making him tilt his head at you.

"Arch... you mean arch-demons? They are what my kind call Vasto Lordes. Well, close enough anyway. We sometimes use Arch-fiend as well. Though angels see no difference between the rebellious and the demons so they sometimes call us that too. Very black and white most angels." He explains.

"How much time has past since I started ripping off my mask?" You ask with a frown.

"Hm? A few weeks real world time, why do you ask?" He questions, tilting his head.

God damn you Chronos!

"I... I see. Well, that's, uh..." You think for a while before he answers for you.

"A thing." He smiles.

"Yeah." You say as you start rooting around in your pockets. Hey, you have pockets now! Awesome!

"I think I found someone good enough to become the new puppet king." You say making him nod.

"Just make sure who ever they are they play ball with the shinigami we have starting his rebellion. I would hate to think we came all this way just to put someone useless on the throne." He sighs.

"Yeah, about that master plan. How much of it involves the boy? What's his role?" You ask making him tilt his head.

"I don't mind saying the general outline of the first part if you wish. The Shinigami we have starting his little rebellion has been given an item. One that we need to drain the essence, or soul, of a shinigami. He has implanted it in some... scrub I believe the kids call it? He thinks it is the bridge between hollows and shinigami." He chuckles to himself.

"What is it really?" You ask, patient.

>> No.25416133

I missed the last thread, seems we went Vastorrancar quick. Did the gender shitstorm happen yet?

>> No.25416134

"A fruit of the garden. What I want is for the boy to eventually get powers from a shinigami, his adaptability you played on at his birth will help with that. Then become strong and go into soul society, we will make an excuse of some sort. That will be the first step to destroying 'order'. No living soul may enter Soul Society, that's a rule. If the gate can suddenly open a different way..." He smiles sadly. "Well, let's just say I have experience when it comes to dealing in moral grays." He explains.

"Then what?" You ask but he shakes his head.

"That is about as far as we should concern ourselves with. Pay attention to the giants and you will be eaten by the ants." He explains.

Well that's a thing

Wat now?
[]Ask him something
[]Find king's patrol to test new powers on
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25416147

Did we just make an ichigo clone or something?

>> No.25416149

We're a girl, nobody really freaked out. The quest didn't come grinding halt.

also, we are become soulcatcher

>> No.25416152

>[]Ask him something

Finding an average hollow that doesn't hate Shinigami is a bit hard. Can I meet that shinigami and discuss this?

>> No.25416154

>[]Find king's patrol to test new powers on

Also, wee just got dressed up by Satan. So, that's a thing.

>> No.25416155

it would be fun to test our new power on The Morning Star, but since he is either 0% or 100% he could potentially bitch smack us into nothing.

I say go find snacks for our friends. Letting others roll for me

>> No.25416158

I'd also like to meet this guy.

And I love that this universe Aizen equivalent just got called a scrub.

>> No.25416161

>Can I meet that shinigami and discuss this?

This, we need to get the rebellion going.

>> No.25416164

>Wolfbro probs thinks we bailed

>> No.25416168

We can't, remember? He doesn't even know he is being used by Lucifer's underlings, let alone about lucifer or us.

We have to let him keep thinking he is doing it all by his widle self.

>> No.25416170

true, that is why we need to bring snacks... possibly a general if we can find one

>> No.25416171

You misunderstand, Not!Aizen putted the Not!Hoguyo-whatever into a weak scrub.

>> No.25416175

>[x]Find king's patrol to test new powers on

Collect corpses as an apology gift to the rest of the Rebellion.


This, pretty much.

>> No.25416176

Which we now most likely have possession of. Infact we might want to show Lucy the marble.

>> No.25416177

>We can't, remember? He doesn't even know he is being used by Lucifer's underlings, let alone about lucifer or us.

That doesn't mean that we can't meet him.

>> No.25416179

Did we ever find out if the generals are all vasto or if they're mostly adjuchas?

>> No.25416185

>Which we now most likely have possession of. Infact we might want to show Lucy the marble.

......Nah, it can't be that obvious can it be? Let's show him the marble, we need to make sure.

>> No.25416187

This, let's see if he knows about that marble.

>> No.25416189


can he tell us what this orb thingy is we picked up from one of the kings patrols?

>> No.25416194


If we're lucky, he stormed off looking for us and saw us ripping our mask off and probably making an ungodly amount of pained screams. Then decided to go do something else after watching for a few hours.

If he's smarter than he looks, perhaps he might have dispatched a scout to check up on us every so often.

>> No.25416196

agh, forgot about the marble... might be worth showing real quick before we go on a snack run. Who am I kidding, we NEED to figure out if that thing is gona break our fatebreaker or what it does

>> No.25416197

Yes. we need to ask him that.

>> No.25416199


Oh yeah...

Let's ask him about it. We sure as hell don't know what it is.

>> No.25416202

Or ask Satan about the Marble.

>> No.25416229

"Can we meet this shinigami then? We have to make sure he will play ball." you say but Lucifer shakes his head.

"No, he is still hidden in their fortress, and were I to break in my kin would sense me. Besides, he had no idea we are using him, I would prefer it stay that way. Would it not be funny if after the end of a hard fought battle where he thinks himself like god we just pop out of nowhere and then vanish with most his army?" He asks a small smile ion his face.

"Well, thanks for the sit rep. Oh, last thing." You say rummaging around in your pocket and pulling out the small glass bead. "Know what this is?"

"This seems to be... some sort of observation orb which will track the holder, as well as fed any information about the powers they used. It seems removed from space and time as well, so it is likely able to even record and send data about things that warp it." He explains not touching it, or you for that matter.

'So if I had a power which, say, bent fate a little it would record it and send the fact I could to it to who ever is watching?" you ask making him nod.

"Very quick. Yes." He answers.

Well shit.

Confirming for going hunting now?

>> No.25416239

Hunting now, also we need to figure out who is tracking us.

>> No.25416244

Destroy orb, grab some munchies for Jägerbro

>> No.25416249

had should be has. ion should be on fed should be feed

That was slightly embarrassing.

>> No.25416250


>> No.25416253

Stuff it down one of the gillians throats to troll whoever is watching... then again they probably already know we arrancar'd up soooo....
ditch it then go hunt.

>> No.25416256

Or wait, ask if there's a way to backtrace the orb and find out whos been tracking us.

>> No.25416259

Ask him quickly if he think we should just feed the thing to a gillian now or just smash it.

>> No.25416263

Good call, lets do this.

>> No.25416266

Well, at least we didn't eat it...

>> No.25416275


well shit.

bury or destroy it.

>> No.25416291

Either it's the king's, the mad science fucker shinigami guy's, or some weird mad science fucker arrancar who works for the king.

I like none of those. Although the shinigami option is slightly less awful than the others.

>> No.25416294

"Any way to trace it back?" you ask.

"Not generally, no. I am not one to observe or be observed upon with such weak methods so I am not certain of the specifics of how it works." He explains.

"Should I destroy it or feed it to a Gillian now?" You ask and he shakes is head.

"You are not my subordinate. I have no particular care what you do with it. Destroy it, keep it which ever is fine." He explains.

Seems he has no particular opinion.

Wat do?
[]Give to gillian


Confirm for hunting party Y/N

>> No.25416296

As a SidE note, can we perma conceal our reitsu? Like, never ever show our stuff's true flavour ever again and hide from whoever was spying on us?

>> No.25416303

Give it to Lucy. Let them get a real scare from monitoring the devil himself.

>> No.25416306

>[]Give to gillian

Try to mark it somehow if we ever want it back for some reason.

>implying other gillian won't just eat it.

>> No.25416308

From detection you as a default are. But this is more physical observation.

Unless you use a ton of go juice at once, then it is pretty hard to conceal

>> No.25416309

>[]Give to gillian

>> No.25416313

Could be something even worse. Like someone we don't even know about yet(finAl bossseru!)

>> No.25416314

We could test out our new pandora cero on the tracking device, but that could drain us unnecessarily, considering we're about to go fight some more.

>> No.25416319

Lucibro has show some trolltastic plans. Let's not do that to him.

>> No.25416322

It would also tell them we have a pandora cero

>> No.25416326


>[]Give to gillian

hunting is yes.


you want to show the one who's tracking what our Pandora Cero is capable of? no thanks.

>> No.25416328

Feed it to a gillian.

>> No.25416335

Let's just feed it to a Gillian. Don't show them anything more.

>> No.25416336

Calling it for gillian feeding

>> No.25416337

While we're here, you guys wanna check and see if Mantis was able to evolve? Since we lost a named dude and all.

>> No.25416345

>with our awesome shapeshifting powers we could become a gillian and relive the glory of BEING TALL

>> No.25416360

Sure, why not.

>> No.25416363

We could use Fob watch to truly become the menos.

>> No.25416370

You consider swearing, you are not certain if saying God damn it in front of the devil would be a bad move, so you instead chuck it at a Gillian, managing a perfect arc as it lands in his mouth. You nod before thanking The Morning Star and make your way out of the forest of Menos.

You run through the deserts, extending your senses as you get a small ping on your radar and move in. There is a group of Adjuchas wandering around, ten in all.

How do you want to attack? Want to say anything?
[]Pandora Cero!
[]That will destroy the bodies, attack with sword
[]singularity might be fun.
[]but the explosion might scatter them! use your fists, see how much stronger you are.
[]Other, please specify

please roll 1d100 for combat. Best of first five

>> No.25416373

we could do that while doing >>25416337
just for shit and giggles.. but it may take to much time and wolfbro has already had us leave him alone for a long time once, we don't want a repeat offense

>> No.25416379

>[]singularity might be fun.
It will suck them into a single point first, so we can just stand between them and the direction we don't want them getting sploded to.

>> No.25416381

>[x]Other, please specify

Cloak and try to listen in. We need to get some info on how everything's been progressing the past few weeks.

>> No.25416385

Rolled 32

Sword, we are best swordthing

>> No.25416388

Fist all the way. If we are still so weak that we can't use our armor skin to break these guys then we did something wrong in our leveling. Maybe shapeshift a little into strength to help out.

>> No.25416389

Seconding. Infogather first, ASSKICK second.

>> No.25416390

Gravity / singularity them into one spot and then fuck them up with tons of bala

>> No.25416394

Rolled 9

Display our fencing prowess

>> No.25416398

Rolled 32


>> No.25416400


It would also be *VERY* awkward if we killed them and brought them back to the rebels, only to find out that we just killed a rebel patrol.

>> No.25416404

Rolled 60


are they one of the kings patrol?

>[]Other, please specify

cloak and spy on them for a bit, we'll slash them up soon enough.

>> No.25416407

Rolled 16


>> No.25416421

What if we kill them and bring the bodies back for the others to eat? String them up like turkeys and everyone gets a share.

>> No.25416428

No because of >>25416400

>> No.25416451

You decide to cloak and listen in for a while. You get in the back of the group and listen as they bitch about how the lack of a general has made the king twitchy, and hear them complain about general working conditions, but nothing of import.

Do you attack?


Also some consensus would be nice

>> No.25416459

Rolled 13


Gravy all over them

>> No.25416460

Attack them. After all food is food.

>> No.25416467

Rolled 91


We could pretend to be that general and just straight up cut a couple of their heads off before they react at all.

>> No.25416477


>> No.25416483

or we could recruit them

>> No.25416489

Rolled 45


kings patrol!

attack: Y

they're bound to have one or more in their group with a tracking orb.

we should be careful about which corpses to bring back to the cave.

>> No.25416495

Rolled 54

the dissent could strengthen our position

>> No.25416501


Right now, we're putting together an apology gift-basket for the rebels for being gone for so long without any prior notice. Adding more mouths to feed right now could be counter-productive to that message, and may even offend Wolfbro since it may appear that we're getting our own posse together.

>> No.25416504

Calling it for attacking and singularity

>> No.25416511

Draw them all into our mouth.

>> No.25416523

oh crap, good point... maybe set up the banquet outside and way from our home since we lost our defensive trap making friend.

>> No.25416526

Rolled 98

Place them in our bag of hammerspacing for convenient transport

>> No.25416527

Are we turning into a bird?

>> No.25416533

Or we could just kill them all and drag them on tentacles.

>> No.25416539

And leave trails to follow?

>> No.25416541

You let yourself fall back behind the group. You have heard all you need to. You focus on your gravity energies and conjure up a small black orb. You have to redirect your control of the area's gravity in order not to get pulled in yourself before you throw it into the group.

Sadly your aim was sort of off as you only catch most of them, the others turning and looking at you wide eyed. They have no idea what to do as a quick explosion rocks the area and the pieces of the hollows get scattered about.

"Gunna have to clean that up, arn't I?

Wat now?
[]Finish the rest of them(how?)
[]Let them run
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25416554

>[]Finish the rest of them(how?)

Punch them to death softly. We need their bodies for our gift basket.

>> No.25416556

Rolled 26

We could also shapeshift capsules at the end of the tentacles to stuff them in.

Or just hold them up in the air.

>[]Finish the rest of them(how?)
Make a huge gravity press down on them and then punch them to death.

>> No.25416558

Rolled 55

Draw sword and massacre them.

>> No.25416559

[X]Finish the rest of them

Go in and start chopping heads. Let no one escape.

>> No.25416561

Rolled 96

>[]Finish the rest of them(how?)

>> No.25416563

Rolled 46

snap necks

>> No.25416564

>[x]Finish the rest of them.

Lethal stabs/chops to vital areas. Need them fresh and intact and without any poison.

>> No.25416565

[]Finish the rest of them(how?)
use gravity to inhale them
create a strong gravity thing near our mouth and release it when pieces of hollow fly into out mouth

>> No.25416577

Make like Freiza and BARRAGE DEATH BEAM!

>> No.25416579

Rolled 67


>> No.25416589

That is not really within your abilities. Your singularity is an orb of pull that explodes.

Some consensus please. I will go make me some bacon and eggs since it is 9 am here.

>> No.25416592

Can we use gravity to press down on them and slow them and then just beat the shit out of them with our steel hard fists?

>> No.25416600

Rolled 73

gently and carefully remove their heads with our sword

>> No.25416604


I think we should just finish them quickly, store them in our hammerspace for the rest of the rebels, and get the hell out of there.

That flashy attack we did is bound to attract the wrong sorts of attention. Schrodinger might be a Vasto-Arrancar, but we do not know where the rest of the generals rank in terms of power compared to ours.

>> No.25416608

Since when do we have that?

>> No.25416611

fist them to death. Bankai and all the flashy shit takes a lot of energy to maintain. You don't see a captain using bankai to kill a minor hollow, we shouldn't need more than our fists to bitchslap these guys.

>> No.25416618

Just punch them to death.

>> No.25416621

Where else do we keep all the things we pick up?

>> No.25416624


whatever we do, remember to check them for tracking orbs after we're finished

>> No.25416627

I thought we were just stuffing them inside us like a monsterous kangaroo or a fat person that hides grilled cheese in their folds.

>> No.25416631

Damnit, i said this shit right here right before last thread closed

>> No.25416678

Rolled 79

fear not, op is foodening

>> No.25416690

holy shit AE, I had a full nights sleep and you're still running this!?

christ, let the games go on

>> No.25416743

How important would it be to get regen back?

>> No.25416745

Let's slashy slashy, we've got this shiny new sword, let's swing the damned thing.

>> No.25416753


We still have regen. It got levelled up so much during Schrodinger's pre-Arrancar/Vasto state that she got to keep it.

>> No.25416762

"Stop hitting yourself!" laughed Risa as she tore off the hollows arm and used it to cave in the hollow's face.

The others wanted to run, but they were pinned to the ground by unnatural gravity.

"FORE!!" And then a grotesque, masked frog head flew several hundred yards.

>> No.25416767

Rolled 43

but we lost high speed regen, check the pastebin

>> No.25416772

I true gentleman's sport.

>> No.25416779

Line 69.

>But That isn't Fair!: You will keep your regeneration through arrancar. It will not be as fast, but it will still be powerful enough to replace limbs.

>> No.25416790

Rolled 65

So while we wait I have a plan. After we get Jager King-ified, we should Fob Watch our way into the shinigami ranks, make friends with the scrub that has the thing implanted in them, and re-enact the first chapters of the manga using our 'kid' and the scrub.

>> No.25416793

It says that we can level things to 6 from 5 for 1600.

Why do all our level 5s say maxed then?

>> No.25416801

still isn't high speed like we had

>> No.25416802

Look two lines up.

Skills:(Earn these through application of your abilities or by leveling them or through rped actions)
>Earn these

>> No.25416816

We have already earned them.

>> No.25416819

We have all of those. Madness infection, inanity, fob watch, air walk.

We have all of them. Same with regen.

>> No.25416825

hmm, yeah. and since we have a human face now, we should really go and say hi.

>> No.25416858

Burnt bacon and over easy eggs done and eaten. With ze fists? With ze fists. Writing now

>> No.25416865

Possibly using their limbs as weapons too. Legs make good golf clubs.

>> No.25416876


>> No.25416880

blasphemy! Bacon should be chewy!

>> No.25416881

or strangle with tails, that would be fun

>> No.25416882

Good idea. Tenderize the meat for the minions.

>> No.25416885

>pic related

>> No.25416904

>Pic also related.

Accel gifs always related

>> No.25416952

dat smile

>> No.25416964

I just remembered; weren't we supposed to get stronger as a Vasto Lorde before becoming an Arrancar?
Like, it caps our power somehow? I vaguely remember worrying about going Arrancar too early.

>> No.25416985

Going Vasto Lorder early saps our maximum strength.
And we went Vasto Lorde early.

>> No.25416987

You shouldn't become Arrancar until you either max out ajducas (if you can't go vasto) or become a vasto.

>> No.25416990

Also Azure, should we get some kind of sword wielding stat to improve? We just got a shiny new kopesh and it would make sense to know how to use it.

>> No.25417000

You decide that pulling out your sword on these scrubs is way too much work, let alone transforming, so instead you just crack your fingers, your well toned arms flexing. You wag your finger at one of the remaining four and he rushes you. You calmly place your hands in your pockets and sneer as his shard claws year through the air faster than any human can see, indeed even react to. You claws slam into your arm, clearly he was attempting to cleave you into tiny chunks, however with the sound of metal on metal it stops. He stares in disbelief as your hardened skin stops him and you deliver a full powered punch across his jaw. His head twists in a way you are pretty sure heads shouldn't and then he falls over.

You let out a sigh as a pair of blades flies through the air and hits you making you glance. A armless hollow stands there boldly, crescent shaped blades floating around him. "Blasphemer!" You shout as you point towards him. "Men should fight with their fists!" You declare angrily.

The hollow seems to thing for a second before replying. "You're... a girl?" It offers before you use your Sonido and appear inches from his face.

You grab his blades and stab them into his back making him scream as his bird like legs buckle under him. "Now this is important. Do I like unicorns. Never could stand them before. Their eyes keep following you, and their horn sings the song which will ends the sky, as the whole of the heavenly hosts sings, breaks, and my name they cry." You explain as it looks at you.

>> No.25417006

Ah, so resisting the change to become Vasto Lorde would have been the right choice if we wanted to be stronger.
Now we're weaker than we actually could be.

>> No.25417012

"N...No?" He offers before you smile and tear his head off.

"Right answer!" You declare as one of the hollows, evidently thinking itself clever, tries to open a portal to escape.

You Sonido over to him and grab him before pulling him out and shoving him onto the sands. "That was a very bad idea to do." You say as you turn and see the last running. "Borrowing this for a sec." You explain as you rip his arm off, the joint cracking as the tendons pop and the flesh rip.

You Sonido over to the fleeing one and smack him with the arm, making him fall. "P-please!" He asks as he crawls away.

You feel your smile grow as he begs before shrugging. "I want to let you go, but your friend over there is the one doing it." You explain. He looks confused before you start using the first hollows arm as an improvised club.

"Now now, friends shouldn't fight! Ha ha ha, come now, shake hands and make up! I would hate to see this fist fight turn ugly!" You laugh before noticing the hollow isn't moving and the majority of the arm is pulped due to your strength.

You shrug before throwing the hand at the hollow it originated from and quick stepping over, arriving just before the hand hits. "sorry, that one seems to have a factory defect. Mind if I get another?" You ask before ripping his last arm off, the sickening sound actually a bit soothing.

Looking over the muscled thing and the mewling hollow in front of you, you know there is only one thing to do. "Stop hitting yourself!" You shout as you begin beating him with his own arm.

Laughter fills the area for some time until you get bored and stop beating him. You notice everyone is dead, so you put their bodies in your inventory and run towards the cave systems.

>> No.25417019

What is your inventory? Fuck you, that's what.(NOTE:Inventory can not be used for plot related things, or abused as it only works when it feels like it.)

You notice the new cave the resistance is hiding in easily with your detector so you pause.

How do you present yourself to the group?
[]Eat something from your inventory, just not the dolls heads or hollows. You were always eating things.
[]Show them your energy, some anyway. The wolf bro should be able to tell
[]Sing something
[]Just run in there.
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25417026


No, vasto is the cap. You capped out then you went above the cap because logic is your plaything
I will add it on there when it starts being relevant.

>> No.25417029

Rolled 16

>[X]Sing something
And laugh, that'll ease them.

>> No.25417031

Do you have to ask? We magic some shortbread into existence due to "Insert crazy idea here" and munch on them as we walk in.

>> No.25417032

[X] Shapeshift your original mask over your head and rhyme. Maybe ask for Sid the Squid.

>> No.25417039

Show them a bit of energy before we arrive, we probably would like to avoid as much confusion as possible.

>> No.25417041

"My bunny lies over the ocean, but there's nothing but desert in here! My bunny lies over the sand dunes, but there aren't any bunnies I fear."

And on and on.

>> No.25417043

We should really get him a fish tank.

>> No.25417044

Start off with a rhyme.
This is optimal right? Once our scrubs start maxing out as adjucas they should engage in mask ripping.

>> No.25417045

[X]Sing something

Scatman the entrance. Distributing food as we go.

>> No.25417050


>[]Other, please specify

"Honey i'm home~! well technically it's not really a home but more of a hide out, i wonder if shortbread tastes differently now..."

and some more crazy talk.

>> No.25417052

"So bring back brrriiiiiiiiinnnnnnng back, oh bring back my rebels to me, to me! bring back, oh bring back, oh I brought back my rebels a meal!"

>> No.25417056

We shall sing the song of our people that they may know us by our comming

>> No.25417059

>so you put their bodies in your inventory and run towards the cave systems.
deep pockets.

>> No.25417067

I like this song, with short bread

>> No.25417068

That is ideal, yes. But at the same time could take a lot of work. You also have no idea where each individuals cap is at.

There is like an internal blocker which decides how far as an adjuchas you can make it, or if you can make it to lord. Pretty much if you eat till you don't get any stronger or evolve then rip your mask off yourself or use the fruit of eden you will become max strong

>> No.25417069

Sing the meowmix themesong and start flinging bits of hollow at the cave at mach 2.

>> No.25417073

No, but our maximum power will be limited, compared to what could have been.
It was either turning vasto lorde or into Garganta.
Actually p. sure it was that the earlier you turned into Garganta the more limited you were in power.
And because of fuckups we turned very bloody early.

>> No.25417078

I just realized something. Since we let the wolf ear Charlotte we've lost that voice forever. That just won't do.
We're eating him.

>> No.25417080

Oh man that's funny.

>> No.25417086

Again, not really. You spent a few weeks ripping your own mask off so there was plenty of time for your go juice to get back up.

>> No.25417106

>[]Sing something
Sing, rhyme, etc
they should know it's us

>You spent a few weeks ripping your own mask off
Was Lucy just standing there and watching for all that time?

>> No.25417110

Hello my friends, guess who's back
Now that that's done, we've a kingdom to sack
So let's prepare for the war
It won't be a bore

>> No.25417111

>We could shapeshift into a massive subwoofer and use our stronk to pump bass harder than any mortal soundsystem.

>> No.25417113

Not go juice, the maximum strength we can achieve

>> No.25417115

I like chicken *BOOM*
I like liver *BOOM*
Meow Mix, *BOOM* Meow Mix *BOOOM* please deliver! *several more sonic booms as Risa throws the rest of the bodies at the cave*

"Deliver!" then mutter something about Digiorno

>> No.25417116

We check the bodies for beads right?

>> No.25417123


This sounds demented as fuck because of the 240p

>> No.25417124

>Last thread has 888 posts
Last time I remember a quest thread achieving those numbers was back when Mahou Shounen Quest was <50 threads

>> No.25417129

I should point out it took that long because the 99 indicated you did it almost perfectly. Do it too fast and you will be a scrub arrancar, do it too slow and you are also a scrub.

It's like those games where you have to get the arrow to stop at a certain point right in the middle and you managed it.

God you hope not
As a hollow you were as strong as you were going to get.

>> No.25417130

A general instruction that "If you stop getting stronger after eating you should rip off your mask. You'll get stronger and no longer need to eat, which means more food for your buddies. Plus, eventually someone is going to notice.

>> No.25417140

Shadow quest got 1200+ on multiple threads per day for several days straight.

BFQ also topped 1500 once or twice.

>> No.25417152

crap, now im listening to all the Meow Mix dubsteps...

>> No.25417153

Oh god that's awesome.

If we could turn our chest into a speaker and blast it that would be fucking amazing.

>> No.25417163

Speaker Boobs.

>> No.25417171

please god no.

>> No.25417186

Yeahh... I wasn't thinking tit speakers. Just a the whole chest cavity / torso.

Hell, we could just sprout a boombox from out shoulder.

>> No.25417216

Like this?

>> No.25417226

>[x]Other, please specify

If we really wanted to creep them out, we could create illusions of Schrodinger at various stages of development. Then we send in the one they're most familiar with (Adjuchas).

Then when wolfguy or another accosts us and demands to know what happened to us, we then ask if he's referring to "me"...

>Send in Vasto Lorde Schrodinger

Or for me?

>Proto-Adjuchas Schrodinger poofs in

Or possibly about me?

>Arrancar Schrodinger explodes in out of nowhere in a flashy explosion of energy with a rictus-grin, Adjuchas parts flying everywhere.

Or for us?

>> No.25417242


>> No.25417245

You bite on your long index fingernail as you think this over, noticing for the first time they are black with tiny violet eldritch runes or sigils painted on them before shrugging. Best to do maximum exposure anyway. You let a bit of your uniquely scented go juice leak out as you walk forward singing. ""My bunny lies over the ocean, but there's nothing but desert in here! My bunny lies over the sand dunes, but there aren't any bunnies I fear." The hollows look at you wide eyes as you approach, Jager taking up position in front of you with his spiked at the ready.

"Really, this is the sort of reception I get? How rude!" You declare before reaching into your inventory for something, anything to-

You seem to have a turkey sandwich. You shrug and roll with it. "something vague about shortbread" You state before taking a bite and swooning.

They used a mix between spicy brown mustard and miracle whip, plus they peppered the turkey chunks just a bit. If you ever find who you stole this sandwich from you will give them a medal. The sourdough tastes home made too. Fan-fucking-tastic.

You are lost in thought for a few moments before nodding.
"Hello my friends, guess who's back
Now that that's done, we've a kingdom to sack
So let's prepare for the war
It won't be a bore" you say making Jager blink.

"That... that you sch-' he starts.

"Please, call me Risa. Also I brought presents while I was out. Don't fuss! there are maybe not enough for every body. Hum, there are ten, so deal." You explain while Jager looks at you.

"What happened?" He asks and you just shrug.

"Tore my face off. It was mildly unpleasant." You explain before putting the food out for the scrubs.

>> No.25417248

I kind of like this, second, but we go in singing.

>> No.25417253

sound tits are the new bees

>> No.25417254

You walk into the cave and get a brief sit-rep from Jager. Like you know what a sit-rep is.

"Nothing really. The king has sent out patrols, but nothing special. No generals. I think he might be trying to keep them back in case we invade." He explains making you nod.

It has only been a few weeks, if the author of all lies is to be believed.

Wat do wat plan?
[]Lead the army! Trial by combat!
[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.
[]Recruitment drive
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25417266

>[X]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.
He needs to get on our level.

>> No.25417271

>[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.
>[]Recruitment drive
Why not both.

Make the adjuchas we hunt kill eachother and the Jager eats the losers. If they try to run, we rip out their spines.

>> No.25417272

[x]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.

aww yuss, we gotta make it up to him for letting us eat the arrancar anyway

>> No.25417273

[X]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.

See if we can't lure out another general.

>> No.25417275

>[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.

>> No.25417278

>[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.
Let's see if he has that thing that lets him Vasto too. We promised after all.
In a way, it'll make Charlotte a Vasto too.

>> No.25417279

Rolled 96

>Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask

>> No.25417284

>[x]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.

We can't just invade yet. They still have 2 generals and the king.... though we might be able to bribe one general with delicious sandwiches or short-breads (if we figure out where they come from)

>> No.25417289

Fuckin' brootal.

>> No.25417302

So like when the Joker snaps the poolstick and makes the black guys kill eachother?

Kay. I'm down.

>> No.25417305

Get Jager the general we promised, I feel he is Vastro capable.

Tell him about what the guys we spyed on said with there being a power vacuum from the missing general that has caused the King discomfort and bad working conditions etc, etc.

>> No.25417312

>[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.
If they're going to hide behind high walls, let's make them regret the waiting. We'll eat every single patrol he sends out, and build a fighting force of our own.

We will figure out who our strongest 5 fighters are. The three who are not Jager and ourselves will be asked to remove their masks as well once these raids are near their end. Once we've got that all sorted out, we'll raid the Los Noches

>> No.25417317

>Fuckin' brootal.

I believe that your image didn't post, so lemme post it for you!

No need to thank me, we are all pals down here!

>> No.25417327

We're in hell aren't we?

>> No.25417332

I'm not sure, why don't we ask Lucifer?

>> No.25417346

I see nothing wrong with this plan

>> No.25417367

[]Hunt an assload of adjuchas for Jager so he can get stronger then make him remove his mask.

>> No.25417377

So, did the fatebreaker points reset with the new thread? If not, I would suggest we wait with forcing Jagger to remove his mask.

>> No.25417382

Metagamey as fuck.

>> No.25417387

They did reset. Also it is his roll not yours so you can't really do anything for him other than stuff him like a Christmas turkey.

>> No.25417404

"Satan told me to think happy thoughts!"

He'll write it off as us being crazy, but it's actually true.

>> No.25417414


Don't we have some Zanpakuto's as treasure...it's been a while and I've missed a few threads.

Why not snap them and have wolf bro eat shinigami swords before he unmasks?

>> No.25417415

You use your super cool arrancar power to get a feel of Jager's energy before nodding. "Alright then Jagerbombs-" You start

"What?" He asks confused.

"It's a thing. Anyway, let's get you all toughened up for the coming war! I promised didn't I?" You did. "Thank you voice no one else hears!"

"Yeah, okay. But what will the others be doing while we are gone?" He asks.

"Recruitment drive! As always! we need more scrubs. Also, if you reach the limit of your abilities try to pull your own mask off. It feels-" Like you are ripping your own skin off and carving designs into your own bones bones while someone licks all your internal organs with ground glass? "Really liberating! Like a bath!" You explain.

"Now then, let's be off!" you laugh before walking out of the cave, your thick leather combatish boots making no noise.

You extend your radar and look around. After a few moments you find some.

Which group?
[]The large group. Go big or go home.
[]The small group. We need to see what he can do again
[]lone hollows in the desert. Teach them not to have friends!
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25417420

I see. Well, lets hope Jagger does not fuck that up

>> No.25417428

They have no souls in them anymore, so they wouldn't really do much other than get eaten.

welcome back1

>> No.25417438

>[x]The large group. Go big or go home.

Unless we run into more generals it is unlikely they can do much against us

>> No.25417441

>[]The large group. Go big or go home.

>> No.25417442

>[]The small group. We need to see what he can do again
May as well start small first.

>> No.25417448

[]The large group. Go big or go home

>> No.25417456

Also been running for 12+ hours and still show no signs of stopping.

I need more hobbies

>> No.25417459

>[]lone hollows in the desert. Teach them not to have friends!
But seriously, go big or go home.

>> No.25417466

Lone guy is a Stark kind of person I bet... or one of the generals, maybe the chick?

>> No.25417471

>[]The small group. We need to see what he can do again
I think?

I still want to make a necklace out of hilts of zanpaktous we take.

No you don't

>> No.25417482

that's not true. and besides, what would we do without you? gosh you're so selfish sometimes, but that's why we love you.

>> No.25417494

The quest train has no brakes!

>> No.25417500

I will allow you to make some out of the... tsuba? Is that what they call the guard? At some point. When ever I feel there is someone around who can do it. Seems large group has it locked?

>> No.25417504

>[]lone hollows in the desert. Teach them not to have friends!
I actually think this one would be the coolest. If they're all alone, they're either completely friendless, and therefor good possible underlings, or they're badasses, and therefor good possible fights.

>> No.25417513

You're starting to type like Lucifer...

>> No.25417522

>implying he wasn't typing like Lucifer all along

>> No.25417528

Disregard my vote for small group. Thought you were asking for who we were taking out with us for some reason.

Switch to large group

>> No.25417531

Maybe some bracelets too or something when your necklace gets too large. Then sew them into the cape.

That's silly, ha ha ha... ha... ha ha

>> No.25417532

>implying he isn't Lucifer all along

>> No.25417539

You need a theme song. And a second body that you can hop to when your first needs to sleep.

>> No.25417541

>Self insert as Satan.
Pretty badass when it seems almost believable.

>> No.25417547

What's with the masks that we have inside of us? Do hollows actually do that, or what?

>> No.25417549

Closer to limbo, really. Hell is canon in Bleach, remember that huge fire-covered gate with all the skulls that appeared once, then became a forgotten plot hook?

>> No.25417556

It was used in a movie

>> No.25417575

Hell Verse isn't canon.

Just like the bounts aren't canon.

>> No.25417590

I think it was mentioned a while back that there were a few others in the rebellion with power similar to the spider and us back when we first came here. Are there any other hollow of note besides us and Jaeger?

>> No.25417594

Go big or go home, you figure and you run out into the desert of eternal night. It takes a while as you have to slow down to match Jager's pace, and think sadly how now it feels like a relaxing stroll through the woods. except for the woods part. You wonder if Lucifer knows about the weird silver things those guys were using.

You finally manage to find the group of hollows. 35 of them. All good strength, though at or below Jager's level.

"Shit, what did you get us into?" Jager asks as you look at him confused.

"Pardon?" You ask as the energies shift.

"That's a lot of hollows." He says calmly and you just shrug.

"I was hoping for an even fifty, but what can you do?" You ask

What strategy?
[]Have him sit back and you fight
[]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee
[]Pandora Cero! Everything!
[]Other, please specify

also roll 1d100 for combat effectiveness. Best of first five.

Strategy would be nice too. I've updated the character sheet to include sword skills as well.

>> No.25417596

And it's Kubo we're talking about... he could pull some shit with it toward the end of this arc sense we are now at the point of talking with "God" and everything

>> No.25417603

...Kubo designed Hell. He also made zampakto summon the gates of hell if they killed a hollow that was evil in their previous life. It does not matter since this is AU Bleach.


I just remembered.

No Don Kannonji. ;_;

>> No.25417606

>[]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee
It should be fun. Activate gravity pull, become meat blender.

>> No.25417608

I'm not talking about Hell Verse, of course that isn't canon. Still doesn't change the fact that the gate was a thing that happened in the manga.

>> No.25417612

Let's slice 'em and dice 'em. We need to practice with our sword. Have Jager hang back at a safe distance.

>> No.25417619

Oh right. Back from fuck all forever ago.

Yeah. Forgot about that.

>> No.25417621

Rolled 65


>> No.25417622

Ask him to provide as much support as he wants, but we did promise him a buffet so we plan to do the heavy lifting. CC them with a gravity well, Pandora to nuke them when pulled together, then mop up with fists if they're extremely weakened, or swords if they've got a good number left.

>> No.25417623

Rolled 22

[X] Balas. Balas everywhere.

Remember to roll.

>> No.25417626

Rolled 71


>> No.25417627

Rolled 74

>[]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee

>> No.25417629

Rolled 26

>[x]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee

Keep an eye on Jager, though. The whole point of this is to toughen him up so he can Vasto up and possibly become an Arrancar.

>> No.25417633

Rolled 48


>> No.25417636

Rolled 56

>[]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee

>> No.25417644

Let's do this. Especially now that we've got a sword skill we can work up.

>> No.25417646

>[x]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee
Don't want to blow up bodies; can't eat them if they're blown up.

>> No.25417649

He shoots and you hack, whack and chop the meat into iitty bitty piece so little puppy Jager can have his nice num-nums. Oh you like num num doncha Jager, you cute puppy you.

>> No.25417654

Rolled 91

melee the shit out of them and then toss them to jager to finish them off/eat, let him get some work in to toughen him up

>> No.25417656

Should we fatebreak

74 is kinda low for 35 v 1.

We did take down a general in a group of 3 above averages.

>> No.25417681

He seemed like a scrub general to me, no powers beyond the natural ones. We on the other hand have power out our yingyang

>> No.25417682

Fatebreak this. I'm less worried about dying/damage than I am of us killing too many for Jager to eat, or he might get injured.

>> No.25417692

It was a multi part fight and he was kindof a 1 trick pony with "Lets fight RAWR" as his skills. If we use all of our tricks intelligently we should be able to thin this herd very quickly.

>> No.25417693

>[X]Let him give covering fire, while you go in melee
"Thirty-five hollows I see"
*Snap* *Crunch*
"Now only Thirty-Three!
Let's see how high,
we can make the body count fly!"

>> No.25417701

Again, it is relative. Though if you want to fatebreak you can.

Fatebreak Y/N

>> No.25417707

Too many for jager to eat, oh man thats a good one I dont think hollows can even get full

>> No.25417709


>> No.25417714


>> No.25417715


>> No.25417719


>> No.25417720

still think we should use crowd control and nuke the fuck out of them before we go in with the choppas

>> No.25417722

Rolled 11

nope, lets rampage

>> No.25417723


>> No.25417726

Hard to say. On one hand, these are supposedly equal to captain class shigami. On the other hand, Kubo was hilariously inconsistent as to whether certain hollows were Adjucas, gillians or Vastos.

>> No.25417734

Threads in auto-sage, btw

>> No.25417735

The no seems to win. Writing now.

>> No.25417747

Thread's on page 2, btw.

Will last for something like 6 more hours, btw.

>> No.25417748

I will keep it up till we get to later pages, then we archive, then I start quest 12. Wonder if I can do 24 hours of quest running.

>> No.25417753

Yeah, somebody should archive this thread

>> No.25417757

You can do it AE. I believe in you.

>> No.25417759

god I hope so, would be hardcore as fuck

>> No.25417764

Please don't be that guy that tries to archive early every thread.

You don't need to archive until page 8 at the earliest.

>> No.25417773

and here i wanted to do something productive, damnit AE

>> No.25417777

actually just reread that portion. 11+ were all gillians. Primaespada were probably arrancars who took their masks off before Aizen and most likely Adjucas at best. I think 1-3 were the only Vastros, but I may be forgetting someone.

>> No.25417790

>[]Pandora Cero! Everything!
And if you order now, we'll throw in an extra covering fire from everyones favorite jaegerwolf for free!

>> No.25417791

Ulq was a vasto.

I think he removed his own mask, though, because when he crawls into the white tree part of his mask shatters.

>> No.25417819

All of Jeager's Fraccon were shown to have been Adjuchas as per chapter 284. It is also extremely heavily implied that Jeager reached Vasto. This is despite them being dismissed as gillians earlier.

>> No.25417823

How goes the destruction of the soul society?

>> No.25417851

shit, did I just Kubo myself? Now that you've said that I remember the flashback arch. Aizen's a cunt who says anything that comes to mind despite knowing otherwise...

>> No.25417892

"Same as before, though this time I will be much better in melee." You explain.

He nods before opening up his steel plates on his back, lines of spikes poking up. You stand on top of the sand dune and look down at the hollows. "Good evening ladies and," You pause as you look over the group, "actually, just sexless monsters with no particular form. I am Risa Schrödinger, and I'm tonight's entertainment!" You snap your fingers as the steel rain flies high.

The hollows look up as you grin, your own faces smile perhaps more unnerving than your hollow masks. The steel rain falls and you rhyme.

""Thirty-five hollows I see"
The sound of bodies being impaled and screams of pain
"Now only Thirty-Three!
Let's see how high,
we can make the body count fly!" You shout before glancing over and seeing one of the hollows trying to run.

You make a fist and charge your bala before firing it at the hollow, shooting the energy out rapidly in a motion like you were flipping a coin. Quickly hitting the hollow before you fire again and again rapidly, ending with the trying to flee hollow in a bloody mess on the ground. The other hollows look at you, all to afraid to run or fight.

Well that won't do. "Here's how it works. There are thirty-two of you! That is an impressive number if I ever heard of one, and I am just one. If any of you can kill me, you win! Not only that you will get a major power boost from eating my body." You explain as the hollows seem to start to catch on. "If you don't want to participate then I will just kill you anyway, but at least this way you have a chance." You explain before sliding down the sand dune.

>> No.25417900

Not all of them, there was 1 scrub that got oneshotted by Rukia that was a gillian arrancar.

>> No.25417905

You stare at the group for a few moments before a large snake hollow tries to bite into you, however you dodge and slice into him, ending his life. "Thirty one. Now that won't do. You have to use team work, team work!" You lecture as a few charge their ceros. With a rapid Sonido you are behind them and start slashing and the brawl begins in earnest.

The hollows try to corner you, but most find it difficult to move fast in the raised gravity. You use the higher gravity to add more force to your swing as you slash at them. You continue dodging the attacks, letting them think they have a chance and to better prepare your footwork for when you get into proper sword fights, however it isn't quite the same. You get hit here and there, but your armored skin keeps out the damage.

You dodge another round of steel rain before sliding back and looking over the numbers. Seems there is about 20 left.

Wat do?
[]Keep on, you need swordsmanship practice.
[]Use some other attack, hacking away is boring
[]Use your fists!
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25417911

>[]Keep on, you need swordsmanship practice.

It will come in hand when we fight shinigami.

>> No.25417921

Rolled 15

[X]Keep on, you need swordsmanship practice.

>> No.25417922

[]Keep on, you need swordsmanship practice.
But still, tear out someone's spine. Just one.

>> No.25417929

[X]Use some other attack, hacking away is boring

These tentacles? Now you see them. Now you don't.

>> No.25417932

Also roll 1d100 for combat skill. Best of first five

>> No.25417938

Our swordmanwomanarrancaroiltanker is leaking. We need to plug it up with golf balls and practice.

>> No.25417939

Rolled 27

Do we need to roll?

>> No.25417941

Rolled 83


>> No.25417942

Rolled 35


>> No.25417946

Rolled 96

Rolling for this.

>> No.25417947

Fair point. Still proves that Adjucas= captains is sort of silly, given that multiple Lieutenant class fighters have beaten them.

>> No.25417951

Rolled 26

Ah ok I forgot to roll before.

>> No.25417954

Rolled 35

Sword time

>> No.25417958

Only Vasto Lords were equal to captains.

>> No.25417959


>> No.25417965

whoops, about to roll, then see this. I was gona say improve our sword skills so we can increase our strength... but tentacles has it!

>> No.25417979

I use highest roll with most voted for action.

>> No.25417990

Rolled 31

chopper's where it's at

>> No.25417994

The rule of thumb as I understood it was related to go juice.

Gillian=Average LT
Adjuchas= Average Captain
Vasto=Squad 0

>> No.25417995

Looks like this is relevant then.

>> No.25418007

Voting for improve swordsmanship.

>> No.25418015

Didn't mean to link to you here, >>25418007
was just using your post to quick reply and forgot to delete the numbers.

>> No.25418019

And almost all of those LTs had some "Oh I'm actually good enough to be a captain if I wanted but I love my squad too much" thing.

>> No.25418024

>Vasto=Squad 0

Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Vasto Lords are equal to a powerful Captain, especially if we are talking about basic Lords and not Arrancar ones.

>> No.25418026


How do we get a second ressureccion?

>> No.25418028

I thought high seated officers were Gillian, LT were Adjuchas and Captains were VL rank

>> No.25418029

Guys, we have an Afro headed Shinigami to eat.

>> No.25418030

Calling it for swordy attacking.

>> No.25418032

If you have 4chanX hit q.

>> No.25418034

Please, lets not.

>> No.25418039

we need to sing this while fighting!

>> No.25418040

Listen to too much linkin park and paint on some tear trails.

>> No.25418044

After we get Wolf Bro onto our level, we should practice making a cone shaped gravity well, find another big group, and just position said well in front of our mouth.

>> No.25418045

I thought that is why people were afraid of Aizen's army, and said if he got ten vasto lordes to his cause soul society would be destroyed.

>> No.25418048

He'll get his. His death will span years, and he will suffer the entire time.

>> No.25418055

Give em some extra potent madness poison and toss him in a well or something.

>> No.25418062



>> No.25418065


Why not? We it's the only progression that could enable us to destroy squad 0. Since we're already a vasto arrancar we're at the limit of our evolution unless we also become a bounto/fullbring/quincy.

>> No.25418066

With a regular potted plant.

>> No.25418068

>Please, lets not.

This. Once the powerlevels reach that level, Azure is going to pull THIS THING somehow.

>> No.25418073

That was my understanding as well.
And they did tend to have trouble with the upper rank Espada. The difference was the addition of the Virsords, Ichigo and friends and Hat boy's group. If you add them all up, they roughly doubled the number of captain class fighters available.

>> No.25418075

A plant is too good for him. He gets a rock.

>> No.25418081

>I thought that is why people were afraid of Aizen's army, and said if he got ten vasto lordes to his cause soul society would be destroyed.

You are correct in this but it was because almost all captains were shit level, not because Vasto Lords were Squad 0 strong.

>> No.25418084

Or some of this bullshit.

>> No.25418091


In the series it explicitly states during the first arc that Vasto lords are STRONGER than captains.

>> No.25418093

And the funniest part was over half the captain level people never used their bankai's for some reason.

>> No.25418111

Yeah. All the vasto died to bullshit.
Stark was kinda suicidal
Baragan got tricked into killing himself
Halibel never died.
Ulquiorra got IchiKubo'd

>> No.25418133

It states that, but in the actual fights that's not what happened. It's probably like when Rukia said Gillian were Captain level. There is some discrepancy in the power levels, so they aren't all equal, but they are about equal. Blame Kubo for not knowing how long his series will go on for

>> No.25418140

You sigh as you look at your sword, the ornate and expensive metal not warping at all. You shrug and run back in, dodging the claws and biting heads as your left arm swings almost without pause. You leap back from a butterfly looking hollow and slice off it's wings before gutting it, the task slightly therapeutic.

A large hollow tries to attack you from your blind side as you stab into a caterpillar butterfly, however a steel spike stops him for getting near you as another round of steel rain falls on you. Now there are only three left.

You feel as if you have gotten a little better at swordsmanship!

You quickly finish off the last of them before Jager comes down, the desert sand thick with the stench of blood and death.

"That's, uh." He seems at a loss for words so you help him out.

"What happens to hollows souls if they are destroyed? Energy just becoming more energy?" You ponder as you walk away and let him get to eating.

You rub your neck, the muscles in the left side of your neck tense.

Anything you want to do or talk about while he eats the staggering amount of hollows?
[]Talk to him
[]Ask him something
[]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25418145

Or this shit.



>> No.25418152

Let me add the numbers:
Ichigo, his dad, cat woman, hat boy, kido guy and four captain Visord.
For Lieutenants there are an additional four Visord plus Uryu, and the Spaniard.
So I guess maybe a 75% increase in strength?

>> No.25418160

Using your Bankai is a risk. It gets broken = no more Bankai. The only captains who use their Bankai are ones who it doesn't matter if it gets damage. Like shota captain, who can reform it with any water, and the dog guy who's bankai heals with him

>> No.25418161

>[]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by
It's time to rend the barrier between worlds.

Find a group, float up above them, and then pandora cero orbital strike.

>> No.25418165

I know it's a consequence of the genre, but I get the feeling that if the Vastos dispensed with all the theatrics and dueling stuff, they could've stomped the Soul Society (or at least cleared out the upper ecehlon pretty well) with little trouble.

Instead they did this. But more retarded.

>> No.25418179

>[x]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by

Use our radar to ping out likely targets.

>[x]Ask him something

How'd the rebels take Charlotte's passing?

>> No.25418182






>> No.25418184

Also because a lot of captains have retarded collateral when they use their bankai.

>> No.25418187

Rolled 96

good conversation always goes with a good meal

"so my friend, anything interesting happen while is was out and about? I had a terrific time myself, what's your favorite flavor of hollow?"

>> No.25418188

>[]Ask him something
Ask him the meaning of life, the universe and everything

>[x]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by

>> No.25418190

>it's fingernails are masks

>> No.25418191

obviously he is what happens when instead of being dominant or eating other gillians, you just decide to be tall. if you be tall hard enough, you become this.

>> No.25418206

>[]Other, please specify

Stare at him, hard. Like a father watching his daughter learning how to use a spoon herself.

>> No.25418209

So your saying if someone broke Ichigo's sword he'd lose his Bankai? What about Kurotsuchi who literally destroyed his own sword. or Renji who had his sword cut by Ichigo then reforged it. As long as they have the hilt left they can keep bringing it back.

>> No.25418219

This is now canon answer.

>> No.25418220

>[]Ask him something
So, you wouldn't happen to have too great an aversion to working with a shinigami to further our aims?

>> No.25418237

>So your saying if someone broke Ichigo's sword he'd lose his Bankai?

That already happened in the manga, he is now going to reforge Zangetsu. Renji's sword is going to be reforged too.

>> No.25418246

Renji's sword is many different parts. The parts cut by Ichigo were destroyed forever. It was shorter after that.

And Ichigo's sword wasn't actually even his sword this entire time. It was mutant quincy powers or something.

Read the new chapters. It explains it.

>> No.25418248

It said the plates that were broken on Renjis Bankai were never fixed. In the lastest chapters Ichigos fake Bankai was broken, to fix it needs to be reforged. Which is changing the Auschi, which is pretty much starting from scratch. Kurotsuchi didn't destroy it, he modified it.

>> No.25418249

AE, what do we remember about being alive/human?

What was Risa before she was the cat in the box?

>> No.25418252

Do we get hungry anymore?

Perhaps we should go to real world to kill some shinigami? For Hernandez.

>> No.25418255

Oh you. By the way, are you going to ever tell us what effect the questions in the start of the quest had? We reached the end of the hollow tree, there is no harm telling us now.

>> No.25418278


This is something I've been wondering about in the Bleach-verse. We've seen almost every enemy that matters who has a Bankai or Zanpakto or something along those lines.

But is that something mandatory if you want to get powerful? Or is it more just the easiest path up there? I've always wondered if a Captain or Arrancar could forego a Zanpakto and instead get a huge increase to their baseline power.

>> No.25418288

well fuck, I stopped reading when Yama dude got cut and I'm re-reading now to catch up... Don't know if Im mad about spoilers but thanks for correcting what I said atleast.
Also, Risa should chill out and eat a sandwich while wolfbro snacks. Then we find the solo guy and scout him out.

>> No.25418292

[huh, seems my post got eaten]

>[x]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by
Ask him what the resistance actually thinks of us. Also ask him if he heard any interesting rumors while we were gone.

>> No.25418294


Hmm, not a captain that I can think of that does that...

>> No.25418300

Cat lady seems to do that.

>> No.25418302

Probably British, and with an insatiable love for doing all of the new things.

You were crazy long before you became a soul eating monster. Majority of specifics are still lost on you.

No, you don't, but starting a war now would be counter productive. Patience.
Decided your starting stats and powers. Not really much of a secret.

Writing now.

>> No.25418304

[X]Find more hollows There is another group about this size close by

This is not nearly enough. We need more.

>> No.25418309

Rolled 574

A very bored man who was too hardcore for this world.

>> No.25418313

Just a quick question:
One the sheet, the dots in parenthesis are our ranks when we use Res, yes? And how many points can we add to Strength/Speed/Durability using our shape-shift?

>> No.25418316

wait, lets talk to Jaeger about what we remember about ourselves...

Do we look back upon our human life and laugh? Lets do that!

We were a risk taker. We probably did everything to excess, right. Drugs, guys, girls, rock, drink, death defying extreme stunts...all leading up to our early self inflicted grave when the world grew too boring.

Yes, no, maybe?

What ever happened to the kid we infected with poison?

>> No.25418318

He learned his sword name and got a bankai in new chapters. Still not revealed what actually do, but he has it.

Now even more fucking broken.

>> No.25418322

Please stop, Zaraki is the shinigami equievelant of bullshit like >>25418182 and>>25418084

>> No.25418338

can you tell me on the chart what the bad lady's skin tone was?

>> No.25418350

I don't think there actually are any bad ladies on Bleach. They all come around eventually.

>> No.25418361

parenthesis on go juice are sealed power till we use our sword.

We have five physical * we can invest.

>> No.25418363


>> No.25418365

>No, you don't, but starting a war now would be counter productive. Patience.

Well, I meant more like using our cloaking and shapeshifting to make fun of some shinigami before totally steamrolling them. Strictly for amusement and distraction.
Though I can see this quickly getting out of hand.

>> No.25418369

On Reiryoku the dots in the parenthesis are sealed Reatsu that we only gain back when we return to our original form through Resurrección. The dots in the other par. are bonus dots we get from our shapeshifted body.

>> No.25418371


>> No.25418372


Yes, but he went ahead and used pure overwhelming power to destroy everyone up until Quincy godmode BS.

Nah, he's just murderhobo in the purest form.

>> No.25418374

hmmmm, bedouin dreams or dark vanilla....can't decide

>> No.25418383


Needs to be red earth.

>> No.25418389

That's just too much.

>> No.25418391

>Yes, but he went ahead and used pure overwhelming power to destroy everyone up until Quincy godmode BS.
But the point is that he didn't forgo a bankai and get a baseline boost for it.

He already had a fucktarded baseline and not having a bankai actually lowered his power.

Now he's just exponentially more broken to the power of KUBO

>> No.25418399

"So, how did the rebels take Charlotte's passing?" You ask as you use your radar to look for more hollows.

You imagine him shrugging. "People live people die. Same old same old we're used to it." He explains as you keep an eye on his power.

It seems to slowly level off at the end there and you nod.

"You wouldn't happen to be against working with a shinigami to full fill our ends, would you?" You ask and he tenses.

"Those bastards they-" He starts and you sigh.

"Yes yes, burned our women, raped our churches, and so on. Our ultimate goal is to kill the soul king and for that we need to allow a little rebellious shinigami to think he has control of this place. Just for a while, then in his hour of need our loyalists just nope the fuck out with the magical thingy ma bob we need." You explain making him sigh.

"Fine, I can play ball. Damn, what's next?" He asks.

Good question.
[]Go for small group, his power seems to have gone to a trickle
[]Go for a large group, it s more fun this way!
[]Back to caves
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25418403

>Decided your starting stats and powers. Not really much of a secret.
If its not too much of a hassle can you post your notes someday? I wanted to stea- I mean adapt your hollow character creation in a homebrew setting for DnD.

>> No.25418413

Rolled 81

[X]Go for a large group, it s more fun this way!

This time we power up the horde.

>> No.25418415

dark vanilla is best choice

>> No.25418419

Rolled 7

>[]Go for a large group, it s more fun this way!
Float above and orbital strike with pandora

>> No.25418425

wait a tick.

purple hair
golden eyes
tan skin
cat aspect

we are the yoruichi

>> No.25418427

>Not Californian Gold

And then there is THIS guy.

>> No.25418431

And he will still lose because only ichigo can ever win anything ever.

The whole conversation with Urahara got a little meta

"Why did you barely lose to this guy, then win to this guy, then lose again? Seriously dude."

Remind me when we have a Q&A/recap thread for this quest and sure. We will be needing one soon.

>> No.25418434


>> No.25418435



>> No.25418436

I agree with this. Whatever he doesn't need, we can feed to our scrubs. Make them less scrub-ish.

>> No.25418437

>You have golden eyes and fair skin.

Nooo. Sadly. Unless fair stopped meaning pale at some point.

>> No.25418446

More hair, paler, and all sorts of crazy.

Plus the shirt isn't held together with staples. The staples are important no one can remember why though.

>> No.25418448

I agree, lets put whatever corpses Jager doesn't eat to hammerspace and let the scrubs eat them.

>> No.25418450

Plus her chest is too big and isn't toned enough. Which is different.

Back to writan!

>> No.25418456

fuck yeah I helped with cannon!

>> No.25418463

I'd also like to do the "Fight to the death. My associate will eat the losers. The winner gets to not die. Sounds fair? If you try to run, I'll rip out your spine and stab you with it. Make it fast. "

At some point at least. Maybe after the orbital strike.

>> No.25418465

Well once the staples fall off all hell is going to break loose.

>> No.25418466

And then we take the winner as a recruit.

>> No.25418503

"Next, my wolf like companion who isn't a wolf because that would be sort of weird, we get another group!" You explain before running along the desert sands, Jager barely keeping up. You land in a group of about twenty five hollows, not even bothering to wait for Jager to set up.

"What the-" The lead hollow starts but a quick beheading interrupts him.

"Oh, sorry. What was he about to say?" You ask the nearest hollow who just shakes his head. "Then you are useless to me!" You shout before bisecting the creepy ant hollow.

They start to run but steel rain cuts them off, Jager evidently getting into position.

There are currently 20 hollows left.

Wat do?
[]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)
[]Use your sword! You must sword things
[]Use an attack
[]Other, please specify

Please roll 1d100 please. Best of first five

>> No.25418507

...I actually approve of this.

>> No.25418510

>[]Go for a large group, it s more fun this way!

aim for 50 this time.

How many soldiers does the King have anyway? How big is our own army?

>> No.25418514

Or dig a hole, put whatever part seems to be their head in it, and leave.

>> No.25418519

Rolled 17

Singularities. Throw multiples

>> No.25418527

[X]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)

Don't think. Just punch.

>> No.25418533

Rolled 31

>[]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)

>> No.25418534

Rolled 56


>> No.25418535

Rolled 53

Forgot the dice.

>> No.25418543

I want to see us use the pandora Cero before we test it against the king.

>> No.25418544

[x]Use your sword! You must sword things
We must sword all the things!

>> No.25418545

>[]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)

Fast and agile.

Or this >>25418463 if possible.

>> No.25418546

Rolled 32

>[]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)

>> No.25418549

>[]Use your fists!(May have to start including unarmed combat stat)

use our newly discovered capoeira powers

>> No.25418552


>> No.25418557

Rolled 45


>> No.25418558

Highest 56.

We fatebreak now.

>> No.25418576

You really want to hinder scientific progress? Do you want the bears to win?

>> No.25418583

Rolled 82

56 isn't a fail >_<

>> No.25418593


Today you are given a rare opportunity not soon repeated.

Half of you, as you no doubt imagine, are to be great soldiers.

The other half, are to be somebody's lunch.

I leave the decision process of which of you my associate eats to you yourselves. The manner, well I prefer violence, but you are welcome to surprise me.

Now, run and I'll rip out your spines and stab you with them...now while you start bracketing your little tourney, please excuse me for a snack.

*drag leader and beheaded ant to outskirts of gathering, sit down while watching group intently, begin snacking*

>> No.25418608

We have little choice.

I sort of want to see where QM is going with the bear thing too.

>> No.25418626

Do you wish to fatebreak?


Current roll used 56

>> No.25418633

>I sort of want to see where QM is going with the bear thing too.

Same here. Those bits are funny enough to use fatebreak just to see them.

>Bears somehow sneaking in high-tech facility where the particle accelerator is situated.

>> No.25418634


>> No.25418641

No. The bears must not win.

>> No.25418644

Rolled 12


>> No.25418646


>> No.25418649

Yes to fate breaking.

>> No.25418659

Rolled 7

break those fates

>> No.25418669


>> No.25418670

>Plus her chest is too big and isn't toned enough.
>Risa having a bigger chest than Yoruichi

u wot m8

>> No.25418680

Don't let those lowly humans use that weird tech stuff to approach a singularity. We must contain their growth! Yes, break it

>> No.25418683

I meant Yoruichi's is too large and she isn't as toned as Risa, not that it really matters.

Sorry for confusion

>> No.25418690

Reading comprehension man. He's saying the tit's are to big and she's not fit enough.

>> No.25418691

4 for 4 against will continue to wait

>> No.25418695


>> No.25418699

In fact, I could use a shower real quick.

Will tally when I return. Please speculate like mad.

>> No.25418703


Well, we have shapeshifting, we can make them as big as we want


>> No.25418713

I can take the name off and say Y again, but where's the fun in that. 20v1 might cause a bit of pain but hey, it's a new experience!

Also, arent Adjuchas rare? We've killed nearly 100 today ourselves. This king's army has to be dropping down to critical low mass soon

>> No.25418753


You gonna archive this yet?

>> No.25418763

I say no. 59 isn't ideal, but we're testing out the limits of our new power. Need to figure out what we can handle. Also we have regeneration in case things get bad.

>> No.25418811

>Please speculate like mad.

We don't really have someth-WAIT A MINUTE

>Schrödinger can shapeshift
>Schrödinger now has a gender now
>Gender means genitals
>Schrödinger wears pants


>> No.25418841

Rolled 18

>implying you wouldn't bang like mad

>> No.25418849

>shapeshifting boobs
>Quantum vagina

Is Risa the changeling from Lemonfront's series?

>> No.25418954

They are actually female

So no to fatebreak? Writing now.

>> No.25418984

I keep listening to that meowmix dubstep and I can't stop. Fuck you, whoever posted it!

>> No.25419000

It's not even that good. There's no drop.

>> No.25419018

I tend to listen to things over and over and over regardless of how good they actually are.

>> No.25419034

You give a brief bow "Fight to the death. My associate will eat the losers. The winner gets to not die. Sounds fair? If you try to run, I'll rip out your spine and stab you with it. Make it fast." You explain.

The majority say no, the rest try and charge you. You slice them to ribbons until the last six finally fight each other.

There are three left. A slug hollow, a wasp hollow, and a chicken hollow.

As Jager starts eating you note his power only crawls, then stops. It seems he has hit the limit of his own ability for evolution.

Wat do?
[]Tell him to stop, he can't evolve any more.
[]Kill the last three hollows, they aren't even that good.
[]Welcome the last three hollows
[]Let him eat as much as he wants.
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25419052

>[]Tell him to stop, he can't evolve any more.

>> No.25419054

that's just it, you keep listening expecting a drop>>25419034
kill them... don't want a slug or god forbid a chicken!

>> No.25419055

>[]Let him eat as much as he wants.
And force them to pick one to kill. Only two spots, arbitrarily.

>> No.25419060

[X]Kill the last three hollows, they aren't even that good.

Time to feed the minions. They always get antsy if they don't get their snack.

>> No.25419062

Rolled 40

>[]Let him eat as much as he wants.

>> No.25419065

>[]Tell him to stop, he can't evolve any more.
Time for him to levelup.

>> No.25419073

[X]Tell him to stop, he can't evolve any more.

>> No.25419079

would he gain a little more and VL level up if we feed him an Arrancar or do we feel he is capped at Adjuchas?

>> No.25419090


we'll have to get him back to the cave for his evolution, it's to risky out in the open.

>> No.25419099

He's capped already. It's his time to rip his face off.

>> No.25419100

Nah Abjuchas to Lord is fine, its the mask ripping that you need to take your sweet time with it.

>> No.25419145

Is this a "You can't gain more XP because you're ready to evolve" kind of limit or a "This form is your maximum, you won't make it to VL" kind of limit?

>> No.25419149

Let's keep them. They're promising. Also neat.

>> No.25419157

He doesn't have the ability to go Lord or he'd have done it before he stopped growing.

>> No.25419163

The wasp maybe, but he slug and chicken? Those are only good for food.

>> No.25419181

"You seem to be about your limit." You tell Jager making him look at you.

"What?" He asks.

"You are done. You can no longer evolve. You feel your power crest? That's it. Now all you can do is arrancar up." You explain before casually ceroing the last three into nothing. If they were worth something they could have dodged at least

He glances at you before back at his meal. "But, I'm not a Vasto Lorde yet." He explains.

"You never will be. This is the end. Badum-cha that's all she wrote." You explain making him sigh.

"What if I eat an arrancar? Wouldn't that-" He starts but you shake your head

"It would do nothing at all." You explain.

"I-I see. So it's pointless huh." He seems sad for a few moments before looking at you. "How does this work then?" He asks.

"First, we need to take these back to the cave." You say before putting the bodies in your inventory.

You rush back to the cave, not bothering for Jager to keep up since he knows the way, and start distributing the bodies. The hollows run up and eat happily. You are like santa, only oh so very wrong. Wouldn't it be funny if Jager was an old beaded man though?

Jager finally makes it back to the cave system and seems contemplative. "Alright, so now what?"

Wat say, wat do?
[]Tell him to rip off his mask, it is the only path
[]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask
[]Tell him it's what ever man.
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25419185


Don't change a book by its cover

Charlote was a potted plant but he saved our ass loads of times.

>> No.25419192

I don't think slugs are good to eat

>> No.25419201

Wait, what about the 3 hollows? Also
[X]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask

>> No.25419205

[X]Tell him to rip off his mask, it is the only path

Wouldn't do to have him become stronger than us.

>> No.25419218

>[]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask
Satan says that the way to avoid strife is to remember your life. Form a connection for the mask annexation.

And it will hurt like a bitch. Ta-ta!

>> No.25419223

Explain some tips and tricks for ripping off the mask. The main thing, we advise, is that when he feels the memories of his humanity, grab hold of them and focus on them.

>> No.25419227

Tell him some tips and tricks. Guard him he's doing it.

>> No.25419228

>[]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask
We don't want him too weak, after all.

>> No.25419237

>Abjuchas becoming Arrancar
>Having any chance of becoming stronger than a Vasto Lord Arrancar

No m8.

>> No.25419238

I'd tell you to bite down on something, but it would just get in the way.

>> No.25419245


"Lucy said the key to Arrancar is Humanity..."
nod to ourselves.
"So think happy people thoughts and TEAR THAT SUCKER OFF!!!"

Jager will write 'Lucy' off as another of our psudo-imaginary friends...

>> No.25419250

>The main thing, we advise, is that when he feels the memories of his humanity, grab hold of them and focus on them.


>> No.25419260

>[x]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask

Try to remember things from when you were a human. Feel those memories, re-live them even. It will help.

Oh yes, and it will hurt like nothing other than you've ever felt.

>> No.25419261


>[]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask

tell him to remember anything from before becoming a hollow and that he'll have to put up with the discomfort of ripping his mask off for a while.

>> No.25419279

My advice: roll high. Oh, and focus on feelings of humanity.

>> No.25419284


Embrace the pain, dear Jaeger.

Rip and tear by your own hand the mask you wear.

Do not fear, for should you waiver...

Your smiling friend will lend her hand.

Find a piece of who you were, the man deep inside the big bad wolf.

I wonder who you are, who any of us were. Every meal, every friend gone, every enemy slain.

Somebody's sister, brother, father, mother, child, or lover.

Rip and tear, dear Jaeger.

The wolf will be your sword and armor.

Who were you, I wonder?

>> No.25419291

>[]Tell him some tips and tricks then have him rip off his mask

Tell him about the sweet spot, don't take it too fast but don't be too slow either. Also, tell him what Lucy told us.
Oh and tell him it is gonna hurt. A lot.

>> No.25419366

"Hold on." You momentarily think to yourself as the kangaroos in your mind decide the best way to explain what he needs to do."Focus on your human life. Remember your human level humanity, or something like that. Then rip that sucker off. Also it might hurt a little." You casually add making him look at you.

"You said it was like a relaxing shower." He protests.

"I never said it was a shower of water, now did I? It could be a shower of pain! You don't know!" You point out.

He hesitates and then goes into the back of the cave, one of the small alcoves. He puts his paws on his mask and starts to pull.

Then he starts to scream. You don't think you like that too much.

[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
[]Do something while he becomes arrancar, other then send scrubs out on a hunt

[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that
[]Have DM roll for it

>> No.25419384

[X]Do something while he becomes arrancar, other then send scrubs out on a hunt

Get more food for the minions.
As to gender.
[X] Have DM roll for it.

>> No.25419387

Not that it really matters, but I used a silver half dollar from 1974. Kennedy is the arbiter of your fate.

>> No.25419388

stand guard and roll for the gender

>> No.25419390

>[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
>[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that
Lel inb4 butch lesbian

>> No.25419393


Roll that shit Dee eM

And Guard Wolf-bro. We're gonna be there for 'em when he/she is nekkid and needs clothes.

Have a speedo/bikini prepared in either case.

>> No.25419400


>[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it

>[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that

although I've always thought of Jager as a he, won't complain if he turns out a she.

>> No.25419401

>[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
>[]Have DM roll for it

>> No.25419406

>[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that

Guard our would be Fraccion whilst he is in the crock pot.

I am happy letting you roll for it.

>> No.25419411


Made of shortbread at that.

Or black licorice. The most evil of candies.

>> No.25419418

I use a d20 that I accidentally stole to make my decisions.

I'm sorry game shop, I forgot it was in my hand.

>> No.25419419

hand them the wrong item depending on gender

>> No.25419420

Rolled 76

[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that

>> No.25419429

[X]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it

[X]Have DM roll for it

>> No.25419434


Guard him while he cooks and play with Sid.

I trust you to flip a coin...

>> No.25419437

>Not an assless tuxedo

0/10 would not dress my friend in while (s) is rendered unconscious by pain.

>> No.25419440


Make Sid watch.

>> No.25419456


So long as it's made of black Licorice. We'll make it ourselves. We need to do SOMETHING while we wait.

>> No.25419460

>[x]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it

>[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that
>[]Have DM roll for it

I always thought Jagers is a make

>> No.25419470

Rolled 44

we should be flipping the coin when s/he comes to, and make a comment about we never would have guessed his/her gender

>> No.25419473

Holy crap this thread is still live! Catching up now!

>> No.25419476

>[x]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
[x]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that

>> No.25419485

And if the coin lands on its side?

>> No.25419495

Calling now. Will tally and roll with it from there

Then Jager is bears

>> No.25419501

it's left comically ambiguous forever

>> No.25419507

We should guard him while he cooks, but also use the time to better know our scrubs according to thread 7 there were apparently a few strong hollows in the rebels when we joined up. We should note any more promising hollows. Also:

Lucy warned us about spies a while back,
we need to get on with preventing that.

>> No.25419514

Cero'd into oblivion

>> No.25419515

Guard our minion, get the little buddy through this first. Also, flip the coin.

>> No.25419532

[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it

[]DM flipped a coin for Jagers gender, use that

>> No.25419535


We'll make them all eat licorice.

The spies are the ones that'll eat it. Anyone that actually eats black licorice is evil.

>> No.25419537

>Lucy warned us about spies a while back,
>we need to get on with preventing that.
We go around and ask everyone if they're a spy.
If they say No, they're obviously lying and are a spy, so we eat them.
If they say Yes, we tell them we appreciate their honesty and eat them.

Alternatively: We get some fire and do a Spycheck.

>> No.25419546

6 to 6 from when I called it. Will leave open for 2 minutes more

>> No.25419551

>[]Guard him while he cooks, there will be a time skip but it's worth it
Do this please.

>> No.25419569

Guard him, roll a dice. Want to see it with my own beady eyes.

>> No.25419576

Except we're evil. Does that mean we love black licorice?

>> No.25419582

[]Guard him while he cooks.
[]Coin toss

>> No.25419585

I don't really care what Jaggers gender is. just go with your coin, that is the same as rolling for it.

>> No.25419586


We eat actual food now, we're not barbarians. We just Pandora Cero them. Or normal Cero actually.

Alternatively, no one leaves for the duration of Jager's transformation. Anyone that does is a spy and will be cero'd on sight.

>> No.25419590

The answer is obvious, you must roll for whether you should use the coin flip or roll it. That or you could just go with the coin toss.

>> No.25419598

Guard him.

>> No.25419603

Calling again and will retally

>> No.25419611

During the downtime let's teach the minions how to sing in harmony.

>> No.25419625

You know, if you didn't bring it up and just went with whatever, I'm sure nobody would have given a fuck.
It is only MC's gender that players got riled up.

>> No.25419635

From now on I am using the coin toss as well.

It was tails.

>> No.25419640


they did? huh, must have missed that, somehow.

>> No.25419641


>> No.25419648

Tails never fails!

... What does fails mean?

>> No.25419650


So, she's got a tail?
Or was it, she's giving head?
Or he's got a tail in front?
Or maybe, he's giving head?

>> No.25419654

So he's going to get some tail?

>> No.25419655

Charlotte was heads.

>> No.25419665

>Charlotte was deads.

>> No.25419671

holy shit man, how the hell did you miss that shitstorm? Im impressed

>> No.25419674


get on with it!

>> No.25419676

>they did? huh, must have missed that, somehow.

I think? If go by some of the recent opening posts.

>> No.25419677

poor, poor charlotte.....*sigh Oh Well!

>> No.25419683

Damn. So it was a which personality rules type deal.

>> No.25419686

So the girly spider was actually a guy, and the two masculine hollows were chicks?
Good to know.

>> No.25419687

Was Charlotte eligible for Vasto Lorde?

>> No.25419694


We must find one of the old group or another promising Adjuchas to fill out our current posse. There needs to at least be three.

>> No.25419695

you know, I can really see some possible backfirings with the coin flip method when paired with non-gender neutral names.

>> No.25419703

read as witch personality

imagining charlotte as a touhou witch

>> No.25419713

a thread kindof exploded into a massive argument. it was obnoxious and timewasting.

>> No.25419716

Alas she too is lost to us.

>> No.25419726

The way I have always done it...
Heads = Second Head
Tails = Nice Tail-End

Now, I'm not saying guys can't have nice asses, but a nice ass is more a girl thing.

>> No.25419727

Maybe he was charlie and he just had a really bad lisp but was too shy to correct us.

>> No.25419736

>hasn't been to Detroit

>> No.25419738

Ah, so you're a pervert.

I think I know why you're so sickly - more pepperspray than oxygen.

>> No.25419749


Archive please?

Pretty low now

>> No.25419769

Aw. Now you've gone and hurt my feelings. My poor mood will last until AE posts.

>> No.25419771

Page 9 low.

>> No.25419772

if only she lived, we could have been pulling her strings instead

>> No.25419784

No rush AE.

>> No.25419789

Stop being sad. Your skull probably can't withstand the change in blood pressure that being upset would cause.

I don't want a death on my hand.

>> No.25419798

Worry not. Once we consume the wolf her voice will join our internal chorus.

>> No.25419810

Thats not how it works mate

>> No.25419814

I'm personally a fan of the Numerous/Fraccon method. Not in the silly numbering scheme but in giving our generals a bunch of personal subordinates. Our Fraccon would be kinda like squad 0.

>> No.25419820

>Is funny because The Doctor is made of watery glue and shards of glass.

>> No.25419821

Mental delusion says otherwise.

>> No.25419825

plans within plans my friend, give it time

>> No.25419841

Well, we should probably check to see if there are any promising candidates among our current rebel forces. I'm not even sure how many men we have.

>> No.25419870


Hollows. Not sure how many hollows we have.

>Bet the rest are women.

>> No.25419872

You spend the next few weeks weeks sending the hollows out on hunting parties, trying to goad some into arrancaring up, and mostly trying to teach the rest how to sing. They are sadly less than cooperative in the latter half, but they at least try. Finally, however, Jager finishes cooking. You turn and look at the hollow cocoon as it cracks revealing the person inside.


Kneeling in place and surrounded by broken pieces of he outer armor is Jager. She stands taller than you, around 185 cm and is heavily muscled. She brushes the remains of the cocoon from her short black hair. She looks to be older than you, late twenty early thirties maybe, and has several scars over her body. Though if these are from her time as a hollow or a human you can't tell. Her hollow hole is small, centered just below her neck on the small dip in the top of the ribs, in between the clavicles.

"Welcome to the world of the living Jager!" You shout before firing off a confetti popper, the small ribbons of paper and string filling the area as the light scent of gunpowder fills the room.

"Thanks, I guess." She offers, her voice still rough.

As she bends over to pick up the combat knife made from her body you notice her hollow mask remains rest on her right cheek. She looks around for a bit before glancing at you. "So, got any clothes?" She asks.

"I put the ones from my inventory in the other room." You explain making her nod.

You ponder how the inventory works as she gets changed. Is it like hammer space? All those things, in one place that you can never see nor get. Or maybe the QM just wants something so you don't have to worry about the logistics of things that really don't matter.

>> No.25419880


Oh, I wasn't saying that we should do something like the Espada's numbering system for rank or anything. I was just thinking that it would be cooler if there were 3 "founding" Hollows who started stirring shit up on their way to Arrancar status.

>> No.25419884

You shake your head as Jager walks out in an open military fatigues jacket with a grey tank top underneath. Matching cargo pants, and combat boots nowhere near as velvet underground as your own. She gives you a small not before adjusting her fingerless gloves. "So, what's the plan?"

Good question, wat is plan?

[]The king has to be hurting from the last assault, let's press now
[]Let's try to level up a scrub
[]Other, please specify

>> No.25419889

>Bet I haven't even bothered flipping for them yet

>> No.25419898

>You ponder how the inventory works as she gets changed. Is it like hammer space? All those things, in one place that you can never see nor get.

Don't think about it too much or it will stop working

>> No.25419902

[X]Let's try to level up all the scrubs

Two is good, but an army is better.

>> No.25419904

>combat knife bull dyke
I'm ok with this.

>> No.25419908

>[]Other, please specify

Check on our army and make a list for how many abjuchas we have, maybe even see if we have any heavy hitters.

>> No.25419909

>[]Let's try to level up a scrub
>[]Other, use this opportunity to see what forces the King's got left.

>> No.25419913

How many hollows do we have around about?

If the kings Generals can wreck groups of 35 like we can, prettymuch alone, I hope we have a few hundred haha

>> No.25419914

Yea, lets do this.
We need at least 3 generals. I bet the King already replaced the one we killed

>> No.25419923

Compare Breasts.
I want to see if we Jager beat us.

>> No.25419927

The king only has two generals left, let's have Jager deal with one, while we deal with Sin fin, we'll try to convince her to join our side, and then we'll help Jager out, before taking down the king as a team.

>> No.25419928


Level up scrubs, then attack

And archive thread.

>> No.25419933

>comparing body with psychotic shapeshifter borderline eldritch horrer.

Can only end well.

>> No.25419934


Bet, as astronomically low as it is... It's all tails.

>> No.25419935

Yeah its check list time.

>> No.25419937

let's check on sid

>> No.25419940

In which case soul society would be hilariously screwed if scrub adjucas are actually captain level. Granted, the Kido Corps provides another captain level combatant, but still

>> No.25419943

Did you forget the whole ever-shifting engine of hate part of our identity?

>> No.25419944

Although I think it would be something Schro would do for shits and giggles, I'm gonna have to veto this. Slippery slope etc.

>> No.25419951

What's the strength of our forces right now, compared to what we know when we went to Los noches?

>> No.25419953


>[x]Let's try to level up a scrub
>[x]Other, use this opportunity to see what forces the King's got left.
>[x] Go over the current scrubs.

Never underestimate the rule of three. We should go over the current batch of Adjuchas and see who stands out amongst them.

I'm thinking we should have someone who is good at planning, very meticulous, and has a fighting style that will complement Schrodinger/Jager. But at the same time, needs structure to function, so she/he won't be compelled to jump ship.

>> No.25419955

Will use the rest of the thread to discuss planning. Keep in mind the king will not sit idle forever and some of you want to keep Sin-Fin alive maybe.

Will make new thread when there is a consensus.
I'd hardly say that
None of them really show promise really. None like Jager had. They can get stronger but you doubt they will become arrancar.
You have a good force of about 50.

You know the king is likely still hurting from the last attack
I would call bs on the coin then, or accuse Kennedy of sorcery then get a quarter. Washington wouldn't pull that bullshit.

>> No.25419958

Are any of the scrubs suitable to nurture their growth into artillery cannons? Have them develop some retarded long range ability?

>> No.25419969

>I'd hardly say that
...why shouldn't I be ok with it? Are you saying I should dislike lesbians? I have no problems, my life is zen.

>> No.25419971

>They can get stronger but you doubt they will become arrancar.

Did you mean Vasto Lord?

>> No.25419972

You know Kennedy loves the ladies.

>> No.25419976

Anyone up for a recon mission to compare forces?
Then we can get a better idea if the time is right.

>> No.25419980

Archive before new thread.

>> No.25419982

Yeah, I think that's a good idea.

>> No.25419988

You have a lot that are mid range focused, acid spitting, throwing claws, etc. But Jager had the best long range abilities hands down.
Both, really. Becoming arrancar requires lots of willpower, which is why they are rare. It hurts like a bitch
It's already archived anon

>> No.25419989

already done

>> No.25419993

Recon sounds good but first I'ld like to find a patrol and have Jager test her abilities.

>> No.25420010

I'm sure we can run into one on the way there, don't you think?

>> No.25420011

Just realized... we haven't seen a bear-Hollow yet... Have we?

>> No.25420012

...Maybe it's finally time we got Mantis. Or time for us to find a Gillian we think would be useful.
Or the Adjucha guard from the city, perhaps?

We do still have Sid here to do something with, after all.

>> No.25420020

In that case I suggest one quick solo scouting mission while Jager gets the army ready.

>> No.25420031

You think sneaking into los noches using our cloaking and our transforming abilities would work a second time? We could try to talk to Sin fin before we attack.

>> No.25420036

That works. Have Jeager scrub hunt/recruit. Look in particular for anyone who shows promise.
what ever happened to the
>There are a few powerful leaders of the rebels
from thread 7? They all run out of steam already?

>> No.25420039

If Jimmy had survived did he have the capacity to become an arrancar?

>> No.25420042




>> No.25420049

remember to keep submitting or it won't update.
Y'know, before it falls off the board. We should have a little time left

>> No.25420052

Cloaking would probably be enough. You cloak like a boss.
Hadn't thought that far when you got him, but I will say yes, just for the hell of it

>> No.25420059

I wonder if we should spend some time levelling up the scrubs to get them up to snuff, then start training them in squad tactics or something.

I remember there were these two joke characters in Bleach that actually had pretty useful utility abilities, and had an ability to blend their Ceros to exponentially increase its hitting power. We should try to train them in that shit.

>> No.25420075

les not meta here kthx

>> No.25420106

Go with Jager and catch a large group or two of hollows for the scrubs to eat (depending on recon results)
Recruit Sin Fin.
Divide power between ourselves, Jager, and Sin Fin. This allows Jager to be Queen withou actually outranking us.

>> No.25420111

Are there any prospective and upcoming Hollows in Hueco Mundo? What are the latest rumors?

>> No.25420126


Implying Susan wouldn't have been a Vasto
Implying she wouldn't still be an unmoving potted plant

>> No.25420130

I've been participating since the beginning of the last thread, I really need to sleep.

goodnight gentlemen.

>> No.25420138

So seems the general idea is to spend time leveling scrubs a bit? Do you want to go through each hunting party, or just do a general roll?

I will of course do the recon where you test Jager but otherwise... seems a bit tedious.

That you haven't om nom nommed? None really

>> No.25420153

General rolls. After it's it's going to be overkill anyways.

>> No.25420160

General roll. Need to move the plot train along while still satisfying /tg/s inherent cautiousness post-rap.

>> No.25420162

So essentially, we are running out of named characters.

>> No.25420163

the plot thickens

>> No.25420166

General roll

>> No.25420173

I'd rather we get the plot moving along but if this is what everyone else wants to do, I guess we could do this... General rolls then

>> No.25420176


Either that or we need to give Hueco Mundo some time before some more shakers and movers rise up in the ranks.

>> No.25420179

If the scrubs aren't likely to get to arrancar, no real point in spending too much time leveling them up. They're still going to just be shock troops and destroyed pretty easily by the generals.

Makes more sense to strike now. King is relatively weak and we just leveled up Jager. The scrubs are just distraction. Unless we want to spend serious time scouting out more promising pre-vastos, we should just strike soon.

>> No.25420184


Use Glimpse to check on our progeny. How goes his development?

Maybe once we have succeed in our coup, we can formally introduce ourselves...

>> No.25420186

Is there a Jager pastebin for bff stats?

>> No.25420193

I say we just attack now. If we pit our scrubs against there's it should buy us uninterrupted time to deal with the generals and King.. That's all that REALLY needs to be done.

Why do we care if any of them survive? Remember Ashton! Our only friend that ever was! We're doing all of this for HER.

To hell with the others! We need to get back in character with our unhealthy fixation!

We haven't killed a shinigami in YEARS. Time to get the ball rolling!

>> No.25420195

>miss a thread
>come back for more hollow adventures as Schrödinger
>read the thread I missed
>oh cool we are Vasto Lord now the coo-
>now a women
>goes by Risa now instead of Schrödinger

Fuck you Azure you even took our name from us

>> No.25420199

Wait, if Lucy haunts the Menos field, why don't we ask that he sends a promising candidate our way for a third? We can speed grind that to usefulness, and then we can have plotting to overthrow the soul king with someone else that is in on this all.

>> No.25420205

>If the scrubs aren't likely to get to arrancar, no real point in spending too much time leveling them up. They're still going to just be shock troops and destroyed pretty easily by the generals.

Yeah, that makes sense.

Maybe we could try to bribe that one general with lasagna or something to change sides

>> No.25420206


Risa Schrodinger you twit.

>> No.25420217


>> No.25420223

sounds reasonable actually.

>> No.25420225

>1500+ posts and no one mentioned it, let alone complained

This had to happen sooner or later

>> No.25420231

somebody clearly never read the pastebin
also we flipped a coin for that did you not read the post at the beginning that has been up for the last few threads

>> No.25420243

But... we've always been Risa Shrodinger. Well. Kinda. Our name has two little dots over the o.

>> No.25420257

I will... consider working on it at a time that isn't now.

You, uh, seem to have missed the email field there friend.

You are still Schrödinger. You have been a woman since... I decided I was going to lose 2/3rds of my reader base no matter what I do?

I just think typing Risa is faster, I can continue using Schrödinger only if it is that much of an issue.

>> No.25420276


well I don't know why you would be mad about being a women but I can understand not liking the name we are called now I really liked Schrödinger and Risa is bland as fuck

>> No.25420281


full name is Risa Schrodinger, has been for at least 6 threads...

also, we never actually bothered to find the other two generals from our Shinigami rampage....

Though just imagine the look on the Shinigami's faces when Jager opens a garganta to the real world and their 'rapid response team' sees the new her...
We could probably build a new Los Noches with the amount of bricks that they will be excreting...

>> No.25420284

I'm pretty sure it's only the one dude getting pissed.

>> No.25420289

Rolled 85

I'll stay longer if Risa was male as a human.

>> No.25420292

you should just ignore him. Just because he has been observant for the last few threads doesn't mean you have to cater to him.

>> No.25420300


Risa is fine. If we ever feel like introducing ourselves, we'll say our full name.

Wait a second... No. Only Jennifer can call us Risa.

Everyone else calls us by our last name,.

They haven't the right to call us by the first.

>> No.25420305

>not sure if idiots thinking that sage in the name field does something, samefagging, or bad troll.

>> No.25420307


>This much derp.

>> No.25420317


We're already autosaging.

>> No.25420323

>No. Only Jennifer can call us Risa.
What about Jaeger-tits?

>> No.25420330


>same fag who can't sage

but really Azure lets just keep going with Schrödinger I didn't like the name change much

>> No.25420331

Azure, don't cater to the autism...

>> No.25420348


>What about Jaeger-tits?

What ABOUT Jaeger-tits?

>> No.25420358

Again, full name is Risa Schrödinger. I can switch to last name naming conventions if it is that much of an issue. Just an extra two seconds or so.

As arrancar you go human as you were in life only with somewhat weirder hair, which may just be an anime thing. Though I have my theories about soul energy effecting hair color which I have to run by the voices in my kubo translator.
See above above

>> No.25420362

Jäger is nice and all, but Cornelius was our first true love and will always have a special place in the hole where our heart used to be.

>> No.25420363

Meh, personally, I'm looking forward to putting together our own little fraccon at some point. They don't have to be the toughest hollows around, but it would be nice.

>> No.25420366


>> No.25420404

oh God here come the Genderfags

we have max shapeshift why not just stay androgynous and not have the fight at all

>> No.25420405

Since I seem to be done answering questions for now, I will start work on next thread.

>> No.25420411

Does it sound like something we should call Jaeger now, besides Jaegerbomb?

>> No.25420412

So when do we sprout a boombox from out shoulder and get funky?

>> No.25420417

Because it's so inconsequential that it doesn't matter? Seriously, why waste time changing anything?

>> No.25420422


you already accidently confirmed the 'soul energy effect on hair' back when we checked on our young friend at his school...

>> No.25420442


>> No.25420443


Yes. Yes it does.

>> No.25420520

How far can we go with the over the top monstrosity massacre? Because I wanted to go Alucard levels of shapeshifting formless horror twisting enemies apart like they're nothing.

>> No.25420613

>How far can we go with the over the top monstrosity massacre?
We're going to avoid Rip van Winkle style. Too orgasmic.

>> No.25420632

>Too orgasmic
Do you even Slaanesh?

>> No.25420636

Unless it auto atuosages

>> No.25420646

You ever played Eternal Darkness? I think we can get Mantorok levels of mindbreaking.

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