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You are a creature of darkness and shadows. Stripped of your memory, you seek to learn your true nature and find your place in the world.

Suptg Archive: (scroll to bottom)


Archive compiled using with only story posts for easier read-through (update status unknown):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:



>you still have 17 experience to spend! feel free to discuss while the opening posts go up

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First for Shadow Beam. We need more high power offensive spells.

>> No.25305392

Rolled 68, 87, 80, 61, 83 = 379

yea shadow quest

>> No.25305401

It begins.

Andyway, for xp:

>Balance preferred
>Using servant on Molly is second favorite
>Third place is some combo of schattenkrieg /earth resist/ wind resist

>> No.25305402

Events Summary:

After relating to Flint and Auriel Xella's casual treatment of their lives, and admitting that she cannot be trusted, you worked with them to banish her. You were successful, but something else possessed Xella's fading corpse - something that identified itself as Legion. At first, it mistook you as Erebus, but then changed its mind, claiming you just a shard of a shadow. While it was powerful, you managed to subdue and consume the horror - but an echoing voice threatened you with the fact that it was far from truly dead.

The battle destroyed the tavern you staying in, but everyone escaped unharmed. You were quickly surrounded by the city folk, who you learned were enslaved by the lich, Magnock - your battle against Legion drew his attention. Adavan and Abigail were captured by the lich, whom Auriel recognized as an old foe.

You defeated and subsumed another Shadow, named Darkxis, who was working with Magnock, and gained a second Shard of True Darkness. Auriel protected the party with some sort of Light-based barrier, but Magnock teleported them into his lair to work on cracking it open - after finishing the job of 'breaking' Adavan.

You disguised yourself as Darkxis to infiltrate Magnock's lair within the Palthair Mines and find your friends - but when push came to shove, you were forced to kill one of Magnock's close accomplises. As he confronted you, a new threat appeared - a huge presence of Spirit even stronger than Magnock himself.

You took the opportunity to reach your friends in his laboratory. But before you could escape, the Spirit mage killed Magnock, and on top of that, you sensed a huge army and what felt like several angels waiting above the mines.

Your friends prepared to teleport out of the base while you would hold off the mage as long as possible. But the mage, Yi Fang, turned out to be perfectly willing to talk, rather than fight...but upon taking a second glance, it seems Fang has his own ideas for your party...

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Rolled 21, 65, 4, 27, 78 = 195

whos molly?

>> No.25305417

We can't use Servant without a pool of shadow mana.

>> No.25305429

Rolled 66, 55, 58, 2, 43 = 224

we know where one is, a quick supersonic there, and we have a servant

>> No.25305431

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

Unlocked Ability Descriptions:


Books the Main Character has read (some minor edits earlier today):


>> No.25305432

I'm retarded. Abby.

I'm starting to mix up characters from this and Gargoyle Quest.

Going to murder Hogwarts. I'll be surprised if there isn't one.

>> No.25305449

Current Statistics:

HP: 44/52
Mana: 20/20
EXP: 17
Humanity: 105
Temerity: 139
Shards of True Darkness: 2

Party Members:

Sir Donovan Flint - A knight of Dobshire, the capital of Arland. Fourth son of the lord and ruler of Arland. Wears iron armor and wields a two-handed longsword. 29 years old.

Joey - A young boy from Jacob's Field, now Sir Flint's squire. No particular magical talent. Wears leather armor and wields a shortsword. 16 years old.

Angel Auriel - Formerly a powerful angel of the Ringed City, now traveling with you, ostensibly to protect Sir Flint and Joey from you. Wears heavy plate steel and wields a one-handed sword and a wide, round buckler. 732 years old.

Obis Vin - The exiled Prince of Kan Abar. He wears steel-adamantium plate armor and wields a Ram-headed shield and a one-handed sword. 32 years old.


Wisp (1 mana per order, does not break control, stealths with you)


Utility belt with purse


Shadow Sword Shard x 2
Fancy Sun-Moon Key
Mind-Scribing Pen
Succubus Reagents x 1
Jen Fang's Diary (Abigail's father)
Golem Power Core

Current Location:


>> No.25305462

I say we get Balance and Shadow Beam. Balance might unlock another Magic Power, but we won't be able to afford it anyway.

>> No.25305465

Rolled 32, 12, 53, 59, 93 = 249

no keeping pools of a substance that will kill everyone that touches it is dangerous, if they have one it will be kept under lock and key

>> No.25305478

>Scholomance giving a fuck

>> No.25305480

Active (intent-use abilities that don't require mana)

Consume - Devour the latent energy of enemies and magical artifacts to add to your own power and restore your health.

Glide - Your aura allows you to glide, dropping safely from large heights or covering large distances if starting from a high position. Gliding is always stealthier than flying.

Flight - Spread wings of darkness to soar through the air. Carrying capacity is based on physical strength.

Supersonic - Fly at supersonic speeds. You'll move extremely fast, but suffer a large penalty to stealth and magic stealth. Takes 1 turn to activate.

Mimic - Take on the vague form of things you've seen. Won't stand up to close examination, but works well in the dark.

Snuff - You shadow can put out the lights it touches.

Blink - Sight-range teleportation. (Cannot blink through walls, through the ground, into places you can't see, etc. 5-turn cooldown in battle. Auto-cooldown if battle ends. You can only Blink yourself and inanimate objects on your person. Max range 1/4 mile or 0.4 kilometers)

Focus - With a burst of concentration, you can significantly improve your detection of both the mundane and magical, but you also drastically increase the risk of giving yourself away. (think sonic ping)

Berserk - Ignore your defenses and strike all around you in a vicious physical assault. Difficult to determine friend from foe.

Shadow Eater - Eat an enemy's shadow for a small heal. Their shadow will regenerate over the course of a day. However, things might turn sour if they notice their shadow is missing...

Doom Aura - Puts out all lights in an area at once. Large penalty to dodge if used during battle.

Spells (and other abilities that DO use mana)

Shadow Strike - Strike the foe with needles of darkness. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Shadow Assault - Launch a flurry of shadowy projectiles at the enemy. (base power 4. Costs 4 mana. Can hit multiple enemies)

>> No.25305487

Nightflare - Disrupt target spell or enchantment. (costs 2 mana)

Nightblaze - Cancel enchantments and spells in an area around you. Success and range based on mana spent. (Spend 4 to 10 mana. Radius: 30 feet. Additional 20 feet per mana. Alternate: Spend 10 mana to attempt to cancel any one single spell in sight-range with a greatly enhanced success rate)

Shade - Create an illusory projection of yourself to confuse enemies. (dodge buff. Costs 1 mana)

Spirit Whip - Lash the enemy with a whip of spirit magic. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Bind - Trap an enemy in ropes of spirit magic. May spend 0 to 10 mana (determines strength).

Water Strike - A pressurized blast of water imbued with magical force. (2 base power. Costs 2 mana)

Heal - Spend either 2, 4, or 6 mana to heal a target 4, 7, or 10 HP, respectively.

Purify - Spend 3 Mana: 100% chance to heal 1 ailment on target. Spend 6 mana: 85% chance to heal all target's ailments. Spend 9 mana: heal all of a target's ailments and the ailments of all those you are physically touching.


Wisp - A shadowy wisp from the Nether. (2 base shadow attack). Costs 1 mana to summon, 1 mana per action. Never breaks your control; if you run out of mana, it will merely vanish. [Level 0, Shadow]

>> No.25305508

Scholomance is a death trap. A magical deathtrap. There's probably mana pools all over the place and if anyone touches them it's considered pruning the weak and stupid.

>> No.25305510

>Last time...

Fang glances over the party. He takes in Joey, Samantha, snorts. He looks to Obis, and purses his lips. He gives Flint a good, long stare, and leaves it there until Flint looks away. Auriel doesn't meet his gaze.

Fang glances to the corner of the room. "When are you going to reveal yourself?"

Everyone flinches as the corner of the room wavers. Steward walks forward, appearing as if from thin air. You can suddenly sense the core of earth at his center.

"A dwarven construct," Fang says. "Fascinating. This group does travel in broad circles."

"I had not planned to make contact with you yet, Archmage Yi Fang," Steward's metallic voice says neutrally. "If you wish it, I will converse with you. However, I cannot reveal classified information."

"Would it still be classified if I threatened you with death?"


"Well, never mind, then." Finally, Fang looks back at Abigail. "You certainly have many friends, don't you?"

"Um..." Abigail picks at her finger nails and twists on her feet. "Um, can they come with us, maybe?"

"You think I would pass up this opportunity?" Fang says. "Not a chance in the world."

"What...um...op-port-tity? Abigail asks.

>> No.25305522

I'll support balance and shadow beam.

>> No.25305523

Rolled 3, 93, 90, 33, 76 = 295

dude, it is extremely deadly, you don't want all your students getting killed by touching it, also its extremely powerful, they wouldn't let students anywhere near that, if they even had it

>> No.25305525

Fang smiles his evil smile. "Why, to make wonderful new friends, of course." He looks up. "There's been a change in plans. You're all coming with me, whether you like it or not. You will speak only when prompted, in a manner that agrees with the following: you were all imprisoned here by the lich, and I saved you from certain death. Mage, your name?"


"Adavan, you are my close associate that I teleported in to assist me; Steward is your pet project, an old dwarven construct you found and have been fixing up. Shadow, you are a summon conjured by myself. The rest of you have never met me until today, excepting the Highest, and Prince Vin." Fang smiles. "Oh, my apologies. It's just -Auriel-, now, isn't it?"

Auriel swallows hard, but bites her tongue.

"Follow me."

Fang turns on the spot and marches out of the room, heading toward the bright point of light that is working its way through the mines. You sense the other Light souls - including the massive presence - are also flying down to the ground level outside the mines.

<What are you planning?> you ask Fang.

"Oh...you'll see," he says.


>> No.25305533

>Note: I was a tired, earlier. Today, I rolled for some humanity based on last night's thread. You've gained 14 Humanity.

HP: 44/52
Mana: 20/20
EXP: 17
Humanity: 119
Temerity: 139
Shards of True Darkness: 2

>> No.25305546

Rolled 72

shadow domination, soundless, poison, fog, twisting gloom

>> No.25305554

The group marches along. Flint ushers Joey and Samantha foward. Fang glances back at the two of them. "Who are you both?"

Joey's mouth open and closes. "U-u-u-I'm SirFlintsSquire!" he squeaks.

"How quaint. And you?"

She's been reeling from everything that's happened, but Samantha seems to snap back to the present at Fang's question. "...Samantha Muin. The daughter of - "

"Harold Muin," Fang finishes. "Good. You two, keep quiet."

You reach the end of the hallway. Up above you extends the dark shaft you dropped down. Fang focuses for a moment, and an orange mist appears on the floor. It begins to rise, and everyone rises with it. In short order, you arrive at the top of the shaft, back on a level with the prison bloc. You walk through the room with the cages - which have stayed off, after their maker's death - and Fang raises the remaining group up to the processing floor.

You enter the furnace room. The place looks like part of the nether burst in and chopped it up, but it eerily silent. The great smokestack channeling the used air up out of the mine has holes blown up its length. One of the furnaces is totally gutted. Half-solifidied slag pools on the floor. The heat radiates off it in waves. The only person that doesn't break into a sweat is Obis.

You're glad you didn't fight Yi Fang.

Fang raises a hand, stopping the group. One of the souls of light is just on the other side of the chamber, coming in through the main entrance.

The angel is dressed in dark robes, with a long, hooded cowl rather similar to Adavan's. You doubt the resemblance is anything more than aethetic.

He leaps down from his spot higher up on the platforms and lands heavily in front of Fang. "Archmage," the angel says quickly. "The enemy tried to evacuate the enslaved, but we solved that problem. Sandalphon sent me to see what was -- Captain?!"

Auriel swallows hard. "Tyrael."


>> No.25305556

If we're going by the setting of Scholomance that /tg/ made, the students are encouraged to kill eachother. They will not give a single fuck about anyone retarded enough to touch the mana pool.

>> No.25305570

"...captain...I don't...what...how?"

"Long story," Auriel says wryly.

"...your powers..." Tyrael says. "...then...it's true."

"A nessecary sacrifice to put a demon lord back in the nether," Auriel says stiffly. "It is what it is."

Tyrael thumps a fist to his heart. "Captain." Inside the shadows of his cowl, you can see him frown. "...the Archmage has been respecting the temporary alliance, I trust?"

Fang looks at Auriel pointedly.

"...admittedly, he's done nothing beyond the helpful," Auriel says slowly.

Tyrael nods. "I see. Well...where on earth have you been? Why did you report back with the Velarion? How did you end up here?"

"Let's save it for later."

"...understood. If you would, please, follow me." Tyrael glances hard at Fang, Adavan, and gives you a particularly long stare, but then walks up the rickety platforms up the side of the room. The group follows.

You can feel the other three lights waiting in the first mining chamber. You glance at Fang. <...I hope you know what you're doing.>

Fang smirks at you, and you hear his words inside your head. <I know exactly what I'm doing. Just try to keep the girl calm.>

<Which one?>

Fang's smirk broadens. <All of them. But Abigail, in particular. It won't do if she makes a scene.>

<Why not?>

<If what I suspect is correct, we don't want to find out -why not-.>

You're almost there. There's time enough to speak to one of your party members, either to comment upon something, or ask a few questions.

You pass the crevice in the wall, past the iron gateway embedded in the stone. You remember climbing it earlier. You could squeeze Abigail through...

>ask Auriel about Magnock and Tyrael
>ask Flint what he's thinking
>ask Adavan if he's got anything up his sleeve
>speak with Abigail. Ask her how she is.
>see if Obis has thought of anything useful
>see how Joey's dealing with the situation
>talk to Samantha about her father, or the mines

>try to escape out the crevice with Abigail
>some other strategy

>> No.25305582


Guys, I think we should purchase Compress right now.

Scholomance is guaranteed to have us sneaking around and Compress sounds like it gives a fairly large magical stealth bonus for a very cheap 5 xp. While compressed, we might be able to use focus or deep focus in a way that doesn't immediately let everyone know we're around, which will be insanely useful.

>> No.25305588

Rolled 67, 77, 32, 32, 64 = 272

you know, that raises a big question, what version of the scholomance are we dealing with?

>> No.25305634

>speak with Abigail. Ask her how she is.

then later
>ask Auriel about Magnock and Tyrael

>> No.25305637

>ask Auriel about Magnock and Tyrael
And for now, I say just go with it.

>> No.25305642

Rolled 23

>speak with Abigail. Ask her how she is.
there is no way we could get out. and fang already has a good excuse to "discipline" us by saying that we are a summon of his

>> No.25305644

Rolled 51, 54, 56, 2, 82 = 245

Hey, are we near an angel that will notice an intelligent shadow?

>> No.25305651

I like this. She can vent telepathically which is probably best.

>> No.25305657

This sounds good, but we really need to wrap up the rest of those magical endurances next time we have a wealth of XP.

>> No.25305666

we just bought a ton of magic concealing abilites.... but buying some mundane ones might be wortht it.

>> No.25305669

Rolled 31, 55, 39, 43, 96 = 264


>> No.25305671

>Tyrael glances hard at Fang, Adavan, and gives you a particularly long stare
>and gives you a particularly long stare

>> No.25305680

Anyway I vote we buy Soundless and Poison.

>> No.25305690


You'll see.

But you're all doing an awful lot of planning, just assuming you're going to get without problems, aren't you?

>> No.25305701

Resistances, fuck my bad.

>> No.25305703

Rolled 31, 14, 32, 100, 48 = 225

I'm just saying, if we start asking the group questions, the angel might get a little suspicious about how we know them so well

>> No.25305713


>> No.25305722

telepathy is private.

>> No.25305727


So, are we buying Balance, and Shadow Beam?

>> No.25305732

We probably shouldn't be pouring power into people without Yi Fang's permission right now, least of all his granddaughter that he went to all this trouble to recover.
Plus, we don't really have time to be working that kind of magic right now, there is an angel/angels/something big here/incoming and we have to pretend to be Yi's Summon for a while.

When we are away from danger, we can talk with Abby about it, and we can save 15 exp for the decision.
Though given we won't be able to work anything for a while, I would push for getting balance as well; Opens several paths and makes scouting less risky.
If we really want to, we can get both. Though cutting the penalty by 3/4 and opening up more options may be a better immediate choice.

Talk to Abagail for a bit, then try to ask Auriel about Magnock and Tyrael when she has a free moment.

>> No.25305738

Rolled 100, 3, 61, 80, 63 = 307

oh god here we go

>> No.25305742

Aye, Cap'n Shadow Master.

>> No.25305746


>> No.25305747



>> No.25305750


The only person in your group that knows telepathy is Fang. I suppose you could try to pry more out of him.

>> No.25305756

I don't really want to buy magic at this time.

>> No.25305758

Rolled 41, 38, 21, 75, 64 = 239

They can do telepathy?

>> No.25305759

Looks like it had the most support.

>> No.25305771

Yep and yep!

>> No.25305774

Rolled 27

i was voting for a mess of lesser powers, but it looks like i get no support. ohh well.

>> No.25305781

I wanted something else, but I'm fine with getting those now.

>> No.25305782

Rolled 2, 28, 14, 55, 65 = 164

Sounds good

>> No.25305788

>Consuming three angels
Oh... oh man. 60-ish XP. That gets me hard.

>> No.25305796

Balance first, see what it opens up.

I'm somewhat against shadow beam, given our physical build.
Also, if we have to fill out a color to unlock it's heart of darkness power, we are going to want to fill out water magic for out magic powers rather than shadow, at least at first.

>> No.25305802

It gets us all hard.

>> No.25305805

Fuck off, Darkxis.

>> No.25305806

Rolled 7, 4, 65, 66, 49 = 191

I think one of those is more than an angel

>> No.25305807


We just need an attack option more effective than Shadow Assault.

>> No.25305813

I just thought I should mention that I've started a TV Tropes page for Shadow Quest, due to it being an absolute travesty that we don't have SOMETHING for it yet.

Feel free to contribute.


[tghasnotruespoilers]We totally get a free 100 for this right SM?[/spoiler]

>> No.25305828

Hey, buddy. Wanna know a secret?
/tg/ has spoilers now.

>> No.25305829

get this, what if we aren't going to the goddamn scholomance?

>> No.25305837

"The light is not good" or whatever it's called would go in there.

My angels are different I think is another.

>> No.25305839


It's a shame, too. Maybe I'm just OCD for completed trees, though.

Buying Balance and Shadow Beam. They're certainly not bad.


I'd note that the only person who can respond to anything you say without the angel maybe getting a little suspicious is Fang, who can telepath back to you.

You could ask Auriel to distract Tyrael so that you could have a mumbled conversation, though.

>> No.25305844

I thought we were going to buy earth and wind resistance?

>> No.25305850

And I think there's one about little girls having monster friends.

>> No.25305855



It's been ages since I've actually been on /tg/, rather than just being an archive lurker.

>> No.25305868

Rolled 9, 11, 96, 86, 19 = 221


>> No.25305919


I mean, that's okay, but a 5 xp purchase to give us a significant boost to stealthiness might be a good long term purchase, you know?

Imagine if we could have scouted out the Vog Cave before that whole rocks-fall sequence, you know?

>> No.25305933

But I want to go to Scholomance

>> No.25305945


>> No.25305951

Rolled 69, 13, 40, 15, 34 = 171

20/20 hindsight man
cant change the past
unless time machine

>> No.25305957

>you've purchased Balance and Shadow Beam

>Shadow Totem - Form an automatic magic turret from rock and shadow that fires shadow assaults. Will attack closest enemy within range. With Machina Loqui, can be programmed to focus fire on selected targets. Lasts until destroyed at no further mana cost.

>Pocket - Forge a pocket within the nether that only you can access. The size of the pocket is determined by magic power level (3^lvl meters cubed. For example, pocket with magic level 2 = 9 meters cubed of space) You can reach the pocket at any time, assuming your magic is functional. Each object placed within or withdrawn from the pocket costs you 1 mana, independent of the size of the object. The pocket has no gravity, but starts filled with air, so living creatures could survive there. However, long periods in the nether are not good for the health of living things. You cannot transport yourself to your pocket.


So, what the hell are we doing?

>> No.25305975

Rolled 21, 19, 31, 70, 65 = 206

Get Fang to tell us what the fuck we are doing

>> No.25305985

dat pocket.

>> No.25305998

>>Shadow Totem - Form an automatic magic turret from rock and shadow that fires shadow assaults. Will attack closest enemy within range. With Machina Loqui, can be programmed to focus fire on selected targets. Lasts until destroyed at no further mana cost.

That's so awesome.

>> No.25306015

Rolled 41, 43, 38, 78, 88 = 288

how many turrets can we have at once?

>> No.25306032

Second. Hopefully our broker sword would be safe there (and can continue reassembly inside the pocket, so we won't have to pull it out whenever we find a shard).

>> No.25306033

pity we don't have access to the requirement tree. Which seems to be... earth magic.

>> No.25306040


Can I ask you a meta question on the skill trees?

Do some of the skills, such as 'Mighty Regeneration' and 'Darkness Within' have Humanity, Temerity and/or Shard of Darkness prerequisites?

also, I suggest we bob next to Abigail...

>> No.25306053


There is no limit to the number of turrets you can have at once.

>> No.25306054

Well, i guess it's all but confirmed that that orange-brown is earth magic. Makes sense that we would get a bit of all the allied magics.

Also, the name Machina Loqui makes me think that if we are going to unlock earth magic, it may be with the help of the robots.

I think right now we are keeping quiet and comforting/talking with Abby. We don't want to be pestering Fang.

>> No.25306058

he is hiding that from us at the moment. Part of the magic of the quest. All we know is that we have the ability to unlock them right now.

>> No.25306060

Maybe if we eat Steward it will unlock!

>> No.25306064


Is Shadow Totem's mana cost the same as its experience cost?

>> No.25306068

Rolled 51, 38, 2, 68, 41 = 200

So, turret spam is ok?

>> No.25306084

>Can I ask you a meta question on the skill trees?


>> No.25306085

Rolled 42, 10, 45, 97, 69 = 263

You cant possibly think that is a good idea

>> No.25306088

>Find mana pool
>Recreate the 2fort intelligence room

>> No.25306096


Awesome! I am the new guy from the last thread, I just finish reading the archive thread and I am ready to jump in!

>> No.25306099

Rolled 83, 34, 38, 71, 47 = 273

Turrets, turrets everywhere

>> No.25306108


Make sure Abigail is okay and doesn't cause a scene.

>> No.25306109

But I'm so HUNGRY!! And it's not like he does anything anyway! HE'S WORTHLESS! ALL HE DID WAS TAKE OUR DELICIOUS ORB!

Why can't we eat Steward? We should eat Steward.

>> No.25306112


I see. Thank you for answering my question. I have learned a lot from it.

Nothing to see behind those curtains there... Nope, nothing at all...

>> No.25306117


How else are you going to construct your fortress of doom? When I said you needed to stop being a cog and start being a mechanic, I meant it literally, too.


Sorry, I forgot to include that. Shadow Totem costs 12 mana.

>> No.25306121


Shut up, Darkxis. You're not funny like Citadel.

>> No.25306124


That sounds wonderfully abusable.

>> No.25306131


So no turret spam. Oh well.

>> No.25306132

Can I ask you questions about cute golems doing cute things?

>> No.25306134

Fuck you. You failed at naming yourself even more than we did.

>> No.25306142

>mana pools

>> No.25306147


>disregard skills tree.
>Cover the world in shadow mana pools and turrets.

>> No.25306150

Rolled 38, 57, 51, 97, 24 = 267

not yet

>> No.25306155


>useful for other things


>> No.25306161


>Awesome! I am the new guy from the last thread, I just finish reading the archive thread and I am ready to jump in!



Unless anyone has a massive objection, you'll be speaking to Abigail. Time to get this show on the road.

>> No.25306163

Oh good, we can auto ignore ghosts, right? I mean, we're shadow, not spirit, so the don't get voting rights.

>> No.25306168

Can we take a bite first?

>> No.25306184

lets spend the last of our xp and get poison.

>> No.25306186


Get some earth magic first, and then we'll talk!

First, shadow pools shall cover the earth...totems will dot the landscape...cute golems will construct endless fortresses of DOOM...


Oh, wait, they always do that.

>> No.25306191

Rolled 23, 61, 36, 93, 44 = 257

Yea, out of you

>> No.25306202


That's enough out of you, Darkxis. You've been subsumed.

Don't worry, you have a role yet to play.


You have no more EXP left.

>> No.25306219


>> No.25306226

Rolled 19, 80, 4, 39, 30 = 172


>> No.25306229


>> No.25306241

morning everyone pls forgive me 4 being late pls
talk to abigail pls

>> No.25306249

Get on with it!

>> No.25306254

How much mana do we have left? If its less than 5, I'd rather wait until we're away from the potential hostiles. Agree we should get poison though, I'm hoping it unlocks paralysis/neurotoxin.

>> No.25306255


Possible ways to get to Darkness Within:

>Get Schattenkrieg
>Get Shadow Domination
>Get the remaining Water/Physical/Spirit/Mental abilities
>Get the remaining purple Shadow abilities

How many did I miss?

>> No.25306265

no pls why r u late pls

>> No.25306270

>focus on our DARKNESS WITHIN
>violate the shards of true darkness

>> No.25306275

Rolled 58

1. get the earth and wind resists +schattenkrieg

>> No.25306279

Okay, so clearly we need to start thinking about setting up a permanent base of operations we can return to between adventures. Personally, I think The Shiprakers deserve some investigation on this front. At some point, that is.

>> No.25306284

At Scholomance, we could shapeshift into an Abby double and whenever some dickass mage tries to gank her, we eat them.

>inb4 "we are not playing a little girl" rage

>> No.25306295

How would we get our friends and such there quickly, though? That's kind of out of the way.

>> No.25306298

if you dont mind my input pls i would assume that it may pls have something 3 do with the shards of darkness pls
as in, we obtain all shards and then we access darkness within pls which is a powerful ability only available to the full manifestation of his plsd darkness lord master shadow pls Erebus

>> No.25306303

No, I think we should just be a nomad shadow.

>> No.25306307

I believe the Wind and Earth Resistences are the only ones remaining on the strength and endurance trees while Schattenkrieg is the only one on the movement tree. Those are the ones leading up to Darkness Within.

To get Hydra on the other hand we'd need the entire shadow tree, the consume tree, the water tree and the ailment tree.

>> No.25306308


This is actually a smart idea. We're not going to stay as Abby, but we can certainly act as bait to fuck up whoever goes after us.

>> No.25306310

We could put them into a Pocket, and then super sonic our way there, and then pull them out of the pocket.

>> No.25306316

I have a feeling Earth magic is a ways off.

>> No.25306317


that is also my thought pls.
though I also feel the Temerity may also play a role, but those curtains have nothing behind them...

>> No.25306330

Well, the theories have been.
>get every connection to a Heart of Darkness skill
>Fill out all powers of connected colors (which you listed)
>Plot (unlikley, but possible in the form of....)
>Something with the shards of true darkness

We could just carry them, we have the mass and the strength.

>> No.25306338

My guess is we need to collect all the other shards of true darkness.

>> No.25306349

SM has stated we could unlock Darkness Withing with our current resources, Which means its not related to plot.

>> No.25306350

So long as we don't stay as Abby forever, I'd be fine with this as a way to remove some of the more stupid and violent competition.

>> No.25306352


Why didn't Erebus cover the world in Shadow Turrets?

>> No.25306363

or perhaps pls it is related to plot, and we just have yet to figure out how to access it pls

>> No.25306366

SM said that we could unlock that tree right now.
Unless every shard of darkness is in this very room, in a form we have yet to see, I find it unlikely that retrieving them is how we will unlock it.

>> No.25306367

Not ambitious enough.

>> No.25306371

we don't know.

>> No.25306380

He was a puss.

>> No.25306383

We just need to eat more. We need so much MORE.

>> No.25306391


>implying we aren't Erebus

Give us time.

>> No.25306417

Sounds like a good way to jack up our temerity. I like it.

>> No.25306418

I think we should figure out how to unlock Earth magic ASAP.

>> No.25306421

He thinks shadow is Erebus.


>> No.25306428

Eating Geb should do it.

>> No.25306437


because he wasn't Mr Shadow!
that and it would have killed all the people due to Mana Pools apparently being lethal to non-elementals...

>> No.25306440


As long as it's not a permanent thing, I'll deal.

I like Shadow as the awkward teenager, saying so many things he's going to regret looking backwards with a higher humanity score.

Pretending to be a little girl is... Well, it's not something most teenage boys do, but at least it'll give Flint some ammunition to shoot at us later down the road.

>> No.25306444

Or you know asking him to teach us if wefree him.

>> No.25306448

A good first plan would be to make every connection to the heart of darkness skills, something we would need to do anyway in the future.
After that, we would need to get earth, wind and shattenkreig to test the "fill the trees" theory for darkness within.

Earth magic probably comes with either PLOT or with magic upgrades.

>> No.25306459

>implying pretending to be the little girl isn't something every teenage boy does

>> No.25306467


We're called 'Mr' Shadow for a reason.

But the idea of us roleplaying as Shadow, while he roleplays as a little girl is pretty funny.

>> No.25306469

You guys do realize we already have a way to unlock Earth Magic right? The same way we unlocked the summoning trees and the water tree. We just gotta get enough points on Magic Power.

>> No.25306470

This is the only time I'm going to respond. Snapple, you have much better ploys to shape our discussion and the direction of this quest or initiate shitstorm protocols, let the fallen rest in their graves until they are but a distant memory, so when it's least expected SM can bring them back to play.

>> No.25306479


Well, yeaaaaaah.

I think I can safely imply that.

>> No.25306480


Only eat Geb if he proves to be a dick once we have freed & cured him...
Geb seems to be a bro who got caught in the middle of a gang-war and got locked-up for being there....

>> No.25306484


<Auriel...speak with your friend, there. I have words for Abigail.>

Auriel's gaze flicks back to you. She says nothing for a moment, then turns to Tyrael. "How is the city?"

Tyrael begins to answer in the sort of tone a soldier uses to address a superior officer. You slink alongside Abigail.

<Hi, Abigail.>

Abigail grabs a hold of a piece of your shadow and clings tight. You form it into a hand and give her a light squeeze.

"...you can call me Abby-Sabby."


"You always say Abigail. But you can call me that, too. It's what my mommy and daddy called me. "

You have no words for how you feel.


She lowers her voice further and glances conspiratorially at Yi Fang. The archmage makes a show of not noticing, glancing at the wall and whistling off-key. "...daddy never said I had an uncle. He said it was just us in our family. I'm...I said I wasn't, but I'm sort of afraid."

The idea of family is foreign to you. Distant. Unfamiliar. But greater meaning comes to you, from somewhere inside.

<...I'm here, Abby,> you say. <And I don't think you need to be afraid of your Uncle Yi. He's a part of your family...and that means something.>

Fang smiles, and nods to himself.

"Thanks, Mr. Shadow." She looks up at you with wide, watery eyes. "Um, is the light going to hurt you? It feels really, really bright?"

You puff out your chest. <I'll be fine, silly.> You look at her. <Are you alright?>

"Addy helped me. I wasn't in the cage very long. It hurt when he hit me, a bit, but not so bad."

<He'll never hurt you again,> you say. <I'll keep you safe. I promise.>

"Ok." She lowers her head. "I love you," she mumbles.

You say nothing more, for you are unable to articulate the words.

>you gain 54 Humanity (159 total)


>> No.25306491



I doubt it.

>> No.25306503

... welp. I can say only one thing to that


>> No.25306508

True, but I don't think the short term gain will be worth the long term loss of such a powerful vassal. Plus he could probably unlock it for us if we ask right (note: asking right may or may not involve holding all remaining dwarve and Eli's hostage or threatening to reapply the madness inducing pain curse.).

>> No.25306515

>54 humanity
God damn.

>> No.25306522

hug the girl is my suggestion. sometimes actions speak louder then words.

>> No.25306526


>> No.25306528

>holding all remaining dwarve and Eli's hostage or threatening to reapply the madness inducing pain curse.
At that point it's less of a dick move to just eat him.

>> No.25306549

We really should give her a boost of shadow magic.

Even if it's only so she doesn't have to go and lichify herself in a few decades.

>> No.25306551

Not judging, but yeah, this anon is correct. Unless you went to a parochial school, then more than half the guys dress in drag for Halloween, not sure if that applies though.

>> No.25306560

I just had an idea...
Instead of being Abby, could we be her back-pack?
We can grow wings to fly her to class, we can use tendrils to bring things down for her / fight read; CONSUME her enemies...
AND we can hold her stuff in our handy tool-belt!

>> No.25306561


>54 Humanity

Fuck me.

Once it get's to stupid high levels, does either temerity or humanity have any physical or magical effects, beyond being able to communicate/impose our will to/on others?

>> No.25306563

actually I agree that Abigail should be the first one to recieve the Servant upgrade.

>> No.25306574

If Humanity gets too high waifus become available.

>> No.25306581

Dora the Explorer?

>> No.25306587

>Be backpack
>Dickass fireballs Abby in the face
>Abby gets hurt
>We rage hard and eat the dickass


>Be Abby dopple
>We get fireballed in the face by a dickass
>Laugh it off
>Consume dickass

>> No.25306589


>> No.25306596


Maybe it's an American thing then. The people at our school just dressed up as Frankenstein's monster or something.

Not that I ever went to any parties that I could avoid.

>> No.25306605

>Be backpack
>Dickass throws fireball
>Block with shadow tendrils
>Eat the dickass

>> No.25306638

It's the sneaky dickasses you have to watch out for.

>> No.25306648

You enter the main mining room.


The three angels stand in the center of the chamber. Two of them stand to either side; they're clad in full armor covered by white tabards which are emblazoned with a gold sun. They don't feel as strong as Tyrael. In fact, alone, you feel as though you'd stand a good chance. But they seem somehow...enhanced...by the figure between them.

Looming taller above the other angels is a a might figure in dark, burnished steel. A red cape flows over his shoulders. A necklace dangles about his neck, holding a thin, miniature sword.

Tyrael thumps a fist to his heart and bows deeply. Auriel does the same, and Obis follows suit. They stay there, heads bowed.

Flint's eyes go wide. He falls to one knee and plants a fist to the ground. He grabs Joey and drags the boy down into the same position. Samantha glances about, unsure, then settles on mimicking Flint.

Adavan merely looks at the angel without a word. Yi Fang idly picks at his nails.

"Most High," Auriel says simply.

You feel battered by the Light. Even though the hulking angel says nothing, does nothing, his mere presence rolls over you in waves of pressure.

What do you do?

>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.
>Shove back against the light, establishing your presence. Stand tall.
>something else

>> No.25306666


But wait...

We gain humanity at a retard rate by hanging around with Abigail.

By hanging around with Abigail, we also don't hang around with any other girls who could possibly become waifus.

What I'm saying here is, for the sake of my sanity, we should stop spending time around Abigail and start munching on kittens or something.

>> No.25306671

This is going to end like the comic with the mutant rat man and the little girl that grows old and dies.

>> No.25306674

>Shove back against the light, establishing your presence. Stand tall.
Fuck THIS guy in particular.

>> No.25306680

>Shove back against the light, establishing your presence. Stand tall.
You think I give a fuck?

>> No.25306684

This is sadly the case. Speaking of which, elemental lord harem route?

>> No.25306688

>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.
We are supposed to be a summon as per Yi's plan.

>> No.25306690

Yes, it is.

>> No.25306691

>Stand tall
Alternatively, call him racial slurs.

>> No.25306693


It's not like we have any hope of him not noticing us. Stand tall.

>> No.25306694

>>Shove back against the light, establishing your presence. Stand tall.

>> No.25306697


>something else
Do neither. Do not react at all. You will not be cowed... but neither will you call attention to yourself. You are Shadow.

>> No.25306699

How about fuck no.

>> No.25306701



>> No.25306702

>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.
We're just Yi Fang's familiar right now.

>> No.25306704

Stay by Yi Fang. We don't want to jeopardize anything.

>> No.25306718

>Shove back against the light, establishing your presence. Stand tall.

>> No.25306720


B-but anon, we're all boys...


>> No.25306722

Rolled 18

do not stand tall. but to not shrink. be not the oak. be the supple willow. we will bend. but we will not break.
do not make a point of defying. but do not shrink away. ignore it

>> No.25306724

>implying we can't be a rebellious summon
Fuck that Yi Fang guy who summoned me, I'm twice as cool as him!

>> No.25306726

This. But don't forget the cover identity Fang gave us!

>> No.25306733


We playing pretend now?

>> No.25306735

That's the kind of thinking that got Xella shoved back into the nether.

>> No.25306737

This man has it. (assuming redaeth is a man)

>> No.25306743

Withdraw, there is no good reason to make ourselves a target and violate Yi's plan.

Or this

>> No.25306748


>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.

Play it smart

>> No.25306754


Withdraw and fucking hide.

>> No.25306755

>implying Fang won't mindrape us to be obedient if we embarrass him in public
I worry that you like to taunt sociopaths that are much more powerful that us (for now) anon.

>> No.25306770

>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.
Play it safe. Fang's got this.

>> No.25306774

The more agitated he is, the more likely he is to snap at the angels and injure them, so we can CONSUME the remains

>> No.25306776

>>Withdraw into yourself. Stay close at Yi Fang's shoulder; don't draw attention.

Don't blow our cover this quickly, remember we just came face to face to it last thread and I doubt it has forgotten in the short time since observing us observing it. Better to play dumb and weak than act macho and get killed possibly.

>> No.25306779


Withdraw, remember the last time we didn't hide well against an angel?

Why do you guys think we should draw any attention to ourselves whatsoeveR?

>> No.25306780


Withdraw and stay with Abby.

>> No.25306781


You've decided to play your presence down.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25306790

Agreed, lets do nothing. We aren't scared of the light, but with our cover (and the situation) we also should not be acting all macho. Remember everyone,this is not anime-logic-land and this is the angel leader.

>> No.25306791

Rolled 94


>> No.25306793

Rolled 45


>> No.25306798

Rolled 75


For the love of God, hide.

>> No.25306801

Rolled 47


>> No.25306805

Rolled 37


>> No.25306807

Rolled 66

Rollin' for hiding'

>> No.25306810


A million times this.

I wish you could post this at the beginning of every thread, Anon.

>> No.25306811

Rolled 45


>> No.25306813

Rolled 52


>> No.25306814

Purdy good, probably pass a 2/3rds DC.

>> No.25306824


How did Raziel compare to Tyrael and the other two. It seems that not all angels are all power as they presume with but for an exception.

>> No.25306825


>Shadow uses Hide.
>It goes fairly well for once...

>> No.25306826

with all our bonuses I think we just disapeared completely.

I wonder how much of a threat the angels will see something that can escape their senses at will.

>> No.25306831

Not true. He doesn't want a fight with the empire at present, and he has centuries of political experience and the self control to match, so I doubt he'll do anything to problematic for himself or his kingdom down the road. We, on the other hand, are a curiosity. We could make an acceptable familiar for Abby if he desired to actually enslave us.

>> No.25306845

>don't make a scene
Did we- did we actually play this one smart? I'm a little stunned here.

>> No.25306943

You shrink back from the light, crouching low by Abigail and Fang. You have a role to play. Abigail looks slightly concerned, but you give her hand another light squeeze of assurance before letting go. Sandalphon's gaze sweeps over you briefly...then skips to the Archmage.

"...Fang," the angel says. If Fang is like death on steel, the angel sounds like the booming spirit of the sun. His words echo with force. "The lich is dealt with?"

"It is," Fang says simply.

The angel nods. He turns. "Auriel. Explain."

Auriel faces him. "...defeating the demon lord forced me to sacrifice my powers," she says.

"You did not return to the city."

"...I met Sir Flint, during the battle," she says. She gestures to the knight kneeling on the floor. "I thought it well to accompany him on his quest."

"You decided," the angel says slowly, "that after confronting and defeating a demon lord, with Kelvere reeling from the battle, with Nulis Vin still in power, and still commanding yet more demons - to run off with a knight errant."

"...Sir Flint is the fourth son of - "

"I know who he is. Do not condescend to me."

Auriel bows. "My apologies, Lord Sandalphon. I judged that he was an important person in need of protection. He was leaving immediately, and would not be convinced otherwise."

"...I see." Sandalphon turns. "Sir Flint. Stand." Flint stands immediately, though he doesn't meet Sandalphon's gaze. "I am curious as to what quest brought you here, to Palthair. Do tell."

Flint swallows. "...I had thought...perhaps...I might meet...ah..."

Fang steps forward. "If I may," he says to Flint.

"O-of course," Flint stutters.


>> No.25306963


Help Flint!!

>> No.25306966

Fang's got this.

>> No.25306976

Thought for the collective: is there any chance we can passively siphon mana from any Servants we create? We need a mana regen mechanism, and it seems somewhat in keeping with the title (which can't be changed for "reasons").

>> No.25306977


time to see if Fang is an ally or someone we wish to disassociate ourselves from...

>> No.25306985

I know that activating berserk right now is the worst idea ever, but I kind of want to see what would happen.

>> No.25306999

its the stupidest thing you could do.

Maybe after getting shadowrage and darkness within it'd be something other then suicidal. But I doubt it.

>> No.25307003

Oh he's an ally, just one we need to be exceedingly careful of his he's following his addenda, not ours.

>> No.25307032

of course hes following his own agenda. We have to see if it can be aligned with our own which is at the moment.

a) protect our friends
b) make the world a place where we and those of the 'lesser' elements aren't prosecuted.
c) CONSUME and grow.

>> No.25307046

Fang smiles. "Quite a group, I know. You see, Flint had thought to establish himself at Palthair by making a connection with the mayor, and secure supplies for a body of knights he eventually planned to form in Arland. Isn't that right, Sir Flint?"


"Indeed," Fang says. "A worthy goal. Unfortunately, neither the Highest," he says, gesturing to Auriel, "or the good knight, suspected that a mad lich had taken over fair Palthair. They were quickly captured."

"And you know all this...how, exactly?" Sandalphon asks.

"I have my sources," Fang says. "The same sources that informed me the lich was here in the first place. You see, -Most High-, I care about the supply of Adamantium, as I care about the people. So I thought to inform you of the situation, and even offered to deal with it personally - and considering I govern Spirit, whilst you govern Light, you agreed to the arrangement."

"Get to the point."

"Nearly there," Fang says. Fang gestures to the party in turn. "In so doing, I have rescued one of your chief angels, the good Sir Flint, son of one of the Empire's most important allies, his squire, the daughter of the mayor of Palthair - and, oh yes. The formerly missing Obis Vin, rightful king of Kan-Abar."

Sandalphon glances at Obis. The prince raises his head. Sandalphon nods. "I see. Prince Vin. Might I - "

"Most High," Obis says. "In exile, I took refuge in Tarun Gakth. It was on its outskirts that I encountered Sir Flint and the Highest, Auriel."

Sandalphon looks at Steward, then at Fang. "Who is this lich, and what is this machine?"

"The -mage- is an associate I teleported in to help speed out just cause to its conclusion. The machine acts as his familiar. The Shadow you see here is my own familiar. And the girl," Fang says casually, "is just another prisoner. It seems that our mutual foe had some rather...deviant...sexual tendencies."

"Disgusting." Tyrael spits on the stone.


>> No.25307073

>It seems that our mutual foe had some rather...deviant...sexual tendencies
Lolicon liches, man.

>> No.25307115

>The mage is an associate I teleported in to help speed our just cause to its conclusion. The machine acts as his familiar.
>The machine acts as his familiar.
If this is a reference to the quest I think it's referencing, I am a bit impressed.

>> No.25307145


"Lord Rastongan why didn't we burn down the all girls orphanage?"

"Because the DFC would be destroyed you dolt!"

"DFC sir?"

"Delicious friendly children."

>> No.25307149


I can't believe he is buying it to that lot of shit.

>> No.25307163

Maybe they are lawful stupid?

>> No.25307164

Rolled 44, 9, 75, 81, 2 = 211

what quest

>> No.25307172

Sandalphon raises himself straight and considers the words a long moment.

"Prince Vin. You will return with myself to the Empire. It won't be long before we move in force against Kan-Abar. We can see to it that you are restored to your rightful place, and the - "

"My apologies, Most High," Obis says, "but I have no desire to take back my throne."

Sandalphon seems slightly surprised, but he nods. "...I see. All the same, I would - "

"The archmage has offered me asylum in Archon," Obis says. "He honors the long friendship between Kan-Abar and his own country. It would be most rude to refuse him."

Sandalphon narrows his eyes to slits. "I see." He looks at Flint expectant. "Then you, Sir Flint, shall - "

"M-most High," Flint stutters. "I...too, will accompany the Archmage."


Flint begins to splutter helplessly in front of the greatest angel.

"It's simple," Fang says smoothly. He again takes the fore. "I just saved the good knight's life. He's an honorable man. This is an opportunity."

"...for what?" Sandalphon asks.

"Why, to establish a meaningful and lasting peace between my country and his," Fang says. Orange light glows as he grins. "Wouldn't that be wonderful?"

"Auriel," Sandalphon snaps. "Is this the truth?"

"Come now, -Most High-," Fang says. "Your words cut me to the core. Archon seeks only peace with its neighbors and prosperity for its people."

"Auriel," Sandalphon says again.

Auriel looks at Flint. She looks at Fang. She looks at Sandalphon. She looks at you.

"...it is true, he saved us," she says. "...I sense no ill intent from the Archmage...on this matter."


>> No.25307175

Who care if he buys the pretext, whether he acts is how we measure Fangs personal power.

>> No.25307226

I wonder what Yi's reaction to servantizing Abby would be.

Anything from "you're going to the angels now, bub" to "here's a mound of phylacteries I took from liches I don't like. Eat them and do me next."

>> No.25307245

If we do it, we should DEFINITELY ask permission first.

>> No.25307246

As we are the first option. When we get stronger the second becomes more likely.

>> No.25307257

It would probably depend on wether we ran it by him first. Abby is his niece (and potentially his heir?) so he has a pretty vested interest in her (and controlling her).

>> No.25307263

Likely the former, due to the fact that SM likely won't let us grind xp like that lich removal procedure, ever.

>> No.25307265

Servant doesn't control them. I wish SM would change the name already.

>> No.25307272

And possibly us as well...

>> No.25307273

Damn it, I feel like we're going to end up Yi's lackey, just like we were going to end up Duke Vellik's lackey. We need to be our own shadow!

>> No.25307289

Rolled 74, 11, 2, 83, 45 = 215

we are only his lackey until we are erebus

>> No.25307292

Dark Blessing would sound better.
Or just Blessing if that has too much edge.

They can help us climb, and it's always good to have allies, even if they are tenuous.

>> No.25307294

How many lichens do you think are left outside Fang's control? I'm guessing there might be a few in the empire and some serving under the vampire queen, but I don't think Fang has access to their phylacteries. You think he'd sacrifice tons of personally loyal mages just to give us a power boost?

>> No.25307303

"...isn't this convenient," Sandalphon says. He walks in front of the party, staring at Fang's bright, wide grin. "First, a sudden threat in Palthair, brought to our attention by Archon. And then, who jumps to volunteer to the defense? But the last I'd expect - Yi Fang himself. And as he walks from the bowels of the mines, he brings with him a cadre of new allies and alliances?" Sandalphon tilts his head. "What's your angle, Fang?"

"Don't have one," Fang says cheerily.

"Most High," Auriel says. "I...used...my Spirit...and I detect no sign of -"

"Then you are incorrect, vastly overpowered, or both!" Sandalphon shouts. "What am I missing here, exactly," he says more softly, gesturing to the air. "What do you get out of this?"

"As much as I'd love to hear your conspiracy theories," Fang says, "as you can see, I'm quite busy, because I do things with my time besides bask in my own paranoia on airships. If you'll excuse me, and my new -friends-, we've got some matters to attend to. You know, new alliances. Trade agreements. Running our countries. That sort of thing."

"Do not test me, Fang," Sandalphon growls.

"Fine," Fang says. The mage folds his arms. "Do you have a single shred of proof to support your assertions? Or is Light no longer an arbiter of justice, but a true dictator ship that claims what it wants and damn the rest?"

"Your hypocrisy sickens me."

"You're starting to annoy me," Fang says. "You wouldn't want to fight me, here, now."

Sandalphon pauses. "...it's something small, isn't it. Something you're trying to sneak by, hidden inside this little parade, this little show."

"I've enough," Fang says. "Palthair is secure. Our short-lived agreement is at an end. Provide evidence of your wild assertions, or get out of my way, Sandalphon."

The angel's gaze sweeps the party, going over them one by one.


Roll 1d100

>> No.25307307

Simmer down. We're still only scratching the surface of the midgame.

>> No.25307310

Well, what would he call it?

A Shadow angel?
A Shaede?
A person blessed with shadows?

>> No.25307311

It would be hahalarious if we were actually Hyperion and this was all Erebus' last curse. Making Hyperion experience the hate for shadow that was his own making.

>> No.25307317

It's clear that Vellik was the lesser of two evils though. For what he might have done if he found out Abby's heritage, I've got a feeling that Fang's going to be worse...

...like experementation with the humanization process worse...

>> No.25307319

I thought we are helping the duke because he is a pretty cool guy and we agree with his policies

>> No.25307323

Rolled 26

Please don't notice us.

>> No.25307332

Rolled 98

oh god oh god oh god oh god

>> No.25307336

Rolled 75


>> No.25307337

Rolled 93


>> No.25307339

Rolled 7

Why OP?

>> No.25307340

Rolled 40


>> No.25307344

Rolled 36

Come out on our own. Fuck hiding and having him blast us. We'll just explain that we are his servant.

Rolling for the hell of it though...

>> No.25307345


Now you see me, now you don't.

>> No.25307346

nobody roll we good!

>> No.25307353

Oh man that would be ironic.

>> No.25307355

We're gonna pay for these rolls later, aren't we?

>> No.25307366

...You have to ask?

>> No.25307375

>implying we're hyperion

>> No.25307385

>Don't mind me, I'm just a wisp

>> No.25307399

we custom build the wisp summon to summon wisps.

Second want of summoning tree.

>> No.25307407

It's two out of three clearing a DC, not highest of the first three, bub.

>> No.25307411


>we're probably a shard of Erebus with the mindset of Hyperion because they exploded at the same time in the Annihilation Event

Holy fuck, I just blew my own mind.

>> No.25307414

Can wisps even do anything?

Could we custom build wisps that explode? Suicide bombing wisp swarms.

>> No.25307422

Finally, the dream of MUSCLEWISP gets closer to becoming reality!

>> No.25307426

I cant wait to see what we can get up to once we start unlocking the summoning path.

>> No.25307436

>Acquire Darkness Within

>> No.25307439

With mountainous unbending will of strength, wisps can do anything.

>> No.25307443

Yeahm I'm still amused that no ones pointed out that if we can summon and dominate moderately powerful demons, we can grind xp by eating them. Seriously, can't believe no one's proposed the "summon XP" plan.

>> No.25307449

>making OUR wisp kill itself

>> No.25307450

Someone did.

SM said fuck off.

>> No.25307453

they can we just never tell ours to do anything because we are so worried about MUH MANA

>> No.25307456


>> No.25307462

That would be EXTREMELY out of character.

>> No.25307470

We can just resummon them immediately.

>Make mana pool
>Shit swarms of jihad wisps

>> No.25307475

Huh, missed that then. Ah well, so long as its been addressed already.

>> No.25307480

No it wouldn't. It sounds like an awesome idea.

>> No.25307481



>> No.25307483

It was specifically mentioned that we do not gain xp from grinding summons.

>> No.25307496

B-but the pain.

>> No.25307498


>> No.25307511

"Sir Flint," Sandalphon says, "I cannot trust you with this...creature, that calls himself a man. I must insist that you return with me to Heavensgate. There, we can sort all this out. Perhaps get you a banner worth of a demonslayer."


Fang nods slightly.

"...alright," Flint says.

"And Auriel...I expect a full and VERY detailed report on these events."

"As you command, Most High."

"Indeed." Sandalphon looks back to you.

His gaze crosses over Abigail. You feel yourself tense as he steps closer. A tiny lick of Spirit magic runs down Fang's armor. Every single person in your group grows taut as a wire as Sandalphon looms over the young girl.


"...no," the angel says.

Sandalphon turns and faces...


"This thing," Sandalphon says. "I sense no connection between it and you. What is it?"

"My spells are none of your damn business."


"...it's an experimental summon," Fang says quietly. "Designed to act autonomously, and draw mana from its surroundings. I made it myself."

"I don't believe you," Sandalphon says.

"And?" Fang asks.

"And Michael will determine whether what you just told me was a lie," Sandalphon says, "and on that basis, this day will be judged in its entirety."

Fang and Sandalphon stare at each other.


>> No.25307513

Would it? We decided with Xella to stop thinking of demons as people, so while you are right, I don't think it would take much of a shift for shadow to be fine with it. That said, SM already put the kibosh on the plan, so this discussion is of no consequence.

>> No.25307530

Well, of course you would think that, 'xis... jeez, didn't Magnock ever bring you to a restaurant or anything?

>> No.25307552

>We're on an airship
>There's s tasty tasty dinamo somewhere on here

Quickly, we need to locate it and be ready to blink up and munch it.

>> No.25307556

I don't suppose we could team up on this fucker with Yi-Fang and Adavan, and just kill him and his two lackeys?

Then destroy their precious airship. It's used its teleporter just a few minutes ago and won't be able to get away.

>> No.25307559

I don't like this angel. can we eat him?

>> No.25307560

Let's get the upper hand, and say that he merely bound us to himself.

Fuck being his servant.

>> No.25307565

Sandalphon is a dickbutt.

>> No.25307576

Fang's gaze doesn't move, but you hear his voice in your head. Through your telepathy, you both communicate rapidly, as fast as you can think. <...Shadow. He doesn't suspect Abigail. But I cannot think of a means to spare you.>

You feel tense enough to snap. <...should I run?>

<If you run now, it will be seen as my command.>

<Then what can we do?>

<I have no idea,> Fang says. <If you go with them...there is nothing about you to put what I said as a lie. Abigail would be beyond suspicion. Safe. But...you will not have a pleasant time. If you try to escape...Sandalphon might attack, and in that case, I can guarantee no one's safety.>

What do you do?

>I have no choice.
>Time to run.
>some other strategy
>ask him a quick question (you have time for two questions)

>> No.25307578


>> No.25307579

Now I kind of want to meet an angel who doesn't have a stick up his/her ass.

>> No.25307594

>and be ready to blink up

You can only blink places you can see. You cannot blink through solid walls.

>> No.25307597

>Find dynamo
>Eat dynamo

>> No.25307599

Stand up and be honest. That's how we've always run Shadow as. BALLSY AS A MOTHERFUCKER!

>> No.25307600

Only if Fang can cripple him first and we don't mind losing Auri as a party member. And we're ready to kick off the second elemental war (having not first freed the Earth and Spirit Lords from there respective bondages). How boned do you want us to be in that fight?

>> No.25307603

>some other strategy
Negotiate with Sandalass

>> No.25307609

By "be ready" I meant snake a tendril over to a good blinking position.

>> No.25307617

We're slowly removing the one from Auriel's, if that counts.

>> No.25307621

>Negotiate with Sandalass

You'll need to specify that in a little more detail.

>> No.25307626

See >>25307556

Let's see if Yi-Fang would be willing to settle this right here and now.

>> No.25307627

Activate supersonic and scream "EREBUS RISES!" before jetting away at mach 4.

>> No.25307628


Blink to the door and run like a motherfucker. We should have gotten Fast Blink.

And Sandalass will probably cast a stun/freeze spell on us.

>> No.25307629


>> No.25307631

Which is why I kept asking to buy farther into the blink tree, but no one else seemed to think teleport could be an unlock able ability later down the road...

>> No.25307640

we should play along I think. sandles seems like a big enough dick to kill everyone here if we dont.

>> No.25307643

Agreed. Claim we just woke up and that we have information on something affecting demons, going by the name of Legion.

>> No.25307650


>facing what might be the strongest NPC introduced thus far
>let's be ballsy

You guys are totally insane.

>> No.25307651

>negotiating with an ultrapaldinangellightasshole

>> No.25307663

Why can't we go back to fighting ghouls?!

>> No.25307667

I don't know why this made me giggle so much

>> No.25307672

It works for Cap every now and then. But then again he is captain American.

>> No.25307678

If we do that it fucks fangs story and then everyones fucked

>> No.25307680

Because is funnies

>> No.25307682

Do you think we could convince him we're secretly hyperion, and that if he lets us go we'll make him even stronger?

>> No.25307686

...this IS /tg/, SM.

Still, let's introduce ourself at least. Couldn't hurt negotiations TOO badly...

>> No.25307694


i know, i know, i sound fucking crazy.
But i think the right impressons -no language could do it
Something like

Yi fang

Play up the barely sentient, summoned experiment bit as best we can

>> No.25307697

Because its garnered to get the rest of the party killed and is still pretty suicidal regardless.

>> No.25307700

Rolled 68

ok i think i might have an idea.
say out loud as we take wing <it was to much to hope no one would question the modifications i made. i can always try again>
and then get the fuck out of dodge.

>im trying to give fang a way out. that we were able to modify their memories to go with that statement.
can someone please come up with a better plan than this

>> No.25307701

Give sandals a piece of our mind.
Take a piece of his.

>> No.25307704

>introduce ourself
Hello, ladies and gentleman, my name, as you may know, is Erebus.

>> No.25307706

seeing as hes probably seen hyperion probably not

>> No.25307716

>no choice
What is there to do?
We can't run without incriminating the others, we can't fight, this guy is Fang's equal or superior.

We have no choice but to agree to examination.
It may result in losing our sword shards and true darkness, but there is no other option that doesn't end up with us or our friends dead.

Correction, a few people are totally insane, the rest of us are panicking trying to think of something to do.

Can we ask Fang if we can hand off our pouch with the shards to him inconspicuously? Those are the only thing I think would be suspicious if they investigate us, even the True darkness would just look like a power core of some sort.

>> No.25307723

Come on anon, reading comprehension.

>> No.25307726

Sandalass had all the chance in the world to end this without conflict. Everyone could have gone their separate ways in peace. But no, he's got to be an asshole about it. He is no friend of justice.

I say we telepathically ask Yi-Fang if he'd like to go angel hunting today.

>> No.25307731

We must concede. We can't win this fight.

>> No.25307734

Jesus H Christ the only person here talking sense

>> No.25307737

That could work. <Hello, my name is Shadow. As the Archmage has said, I am an autonomous being of shadow, however I do follow his commands.>

>> No.25307741

Agreed. Deep focus to find the dynamo. We gotta eat it.

>> No.25307743

could we put on a show?
fight against Yi-Fang's 'control' and 'go rogue'?
call it 'self preservation'... we can either stage a blitz assault on their air-ship, eat the core, upgrade & run, OR just supersonic back into the bowels of Tarun Gakth, retreat to the shadow mana pool, abuse the shit out of infinite mana to best whatever forces were directly following us, then head to the capital of Archon to meet up with our forces...

>> No.25307747

...no, not with that name. But still, we should have one or two of our friends try to vouch for us.

>> No.25307765

Y'know what? Might as well. This is better than all the other stuff.

And if it fails, we go for the dynamo.

>> No.25307778

This could work. Tell Yi Fang <play along>, attack him and then bitch out with supersonic

>> No.25307782

>SM is trying to feed us XP and you guys are ignoring it.


>> No.25307783


>> No.25307785

Rolled 17

i am trying to imply in such a way that he can pick up on it, that we are a shadow elemental that used spirit powers to modify his memories. so he didnt notice that we wernt what he thought we were. maybe blasting rage as strong as possible, and looking like legion

>> No.25307789

I understood what you said but how the hell would Hyperion even disguise himself as a shadow? isint he made of light anyway?

>> No.25307793

Fuck it, let's try to bluff our way out.

>> No.25307797

This is, so far, the only sane(-ish) plan. Maybe radiate terror at the painful light guy.

>> No.25307803

You best pray the angelest angel of them all isn't even a hundredth as smite-happy as Raziel was.

>> No.25307806


Let's either concede to an inspection or just try an diplomacy Sandalphon.

>> No.25307811

>>25307694 I think like this

>> No.25307817

Then this if it fails.

>> No.25307820

Do this

>> No.25307828

That's a good recipe for getting flattened by both of them. It would give him an excuse and an out.

Again, lets try to pass off our sword shards to Fang and be inspected, We can pass as a golem of sorts, and they -might- not destroy his "work" on a hunch.

Are you out of your fucking mind.
Strong but takeable minions in combat are easy EXP.
An NPC described as "The strongest met so far" IS NOT.

He isn't, or we would all be dead by now.

>> No.25307831

SM told us hes the strongest guy we met yet and were mad for considering acting ballsy never mind trying to eat him

>> No.25307832

Rolled 41

the problem with any plan that ends up with us going with them is we loose everything in our belt at least

>> No.25307833

I know. OH LORDY, do I know...

>> No.25307835

sounds like a not-suicial plan.

This is where we fail our rolls I bet.

>> No.25307843


>> No.25307847

We have flint take our belt, saying it was his in the first place.

>> No.25307853

I hope SM's learned the /tg/ tends to ignore xp handed to it on a silver platter. Hell just look at the Hollow Quest Redux suicide by powerful antagonist.

>> No.25307860

There IS one of the greatest dynamos in that airship. I wonder what happens if we eat it and go the "unleash all the power right now" route. I if we could be more than a raincloud this time.

>> No.25307863


Waiting while ideas are tossed around.

You've reached a pretty nasty corner, take your time.

>> No.25307864

I think most of the options have been hashed out. Voting time, SM?

>> No.25307867


>> No.25307877

As far as ideas go, this is probably the best idea.
Granted, it's still pretty terrible, but we don't really have a choice.

>> No.25307883

This but hand it to fang since we are pretending to be his

>> No.25307885

Alright, how do you block posters?

>> No.25307893

Do this. Then when we roll shit we can go eat the dynamo.

>> No.25307908

Its obvious we should go with them and just use nightblaze to escape and leave evidence that we killed his shadow and impersonated it.

>> No.25307912

/tg/ also seems to think that they can take every single bad dude that they find as well

>> No.25307921

Agreed. We'll fall back on a normal introduction when he is far, far the fuck away from us.

>> No.25307945

This is our best option.

>> No.25307953

We could blame it on the shadow we ate? Or Smantha's, in which case we should probably nab her on the way out.

>> No.25307972

>Can we ask Fang if we can hand off our pouch with the shards to him inconspicuously?

The pouch you could probably get away with, but the shards are within you...it would be like handing over someone your hand. They aren't an item you carry.


Alright, this is what I have as voting options so far: This isn't calling for a vote, just trying to collect the ideas together.

>You cannot win this fight, and you are unwilling to endanger your friends. Hand Fang your satchel and concede to capture.

>try to play up yourself as a modified experiment (for what purpose? someone elaborate on this, it sounds like you're just conceding in a fancy way)

>> No.25307986

>try to play up yourself as a modified experiment (for what purpose? someone elaborate on this, it sounds like you're just conceding in a fancy way)
To convince them that we are indeed just a magical experiment, and it's probably a waste of time and resources to take us with them.

>> No.25308000

concede and give up pls
we can meet with the dark lady pls while we are in lightworld pls

>> No.25308012


>You cannot win this fight, and you are unwilling to endanger your friends. Hand Fang your satchel and concede to capture.

Now I'm really wishing we had gotten compress and the other sneaky stuff. We're going to need them in angel-town if we have to flee.

>> No.25308015

Fuck you pls that's a terrible idea

>> No.25308020

even if it isnt a vote the first one seems like the least risky

>> No.25308021

>To convince them that we are indeed just a magical experiment, and it's probably a waste of time and resources to take us with them.

Well...I guess it's a possibility.

>> No.25308026

All I wanted was to give Abby a big hug. Now we're going to the murderhobo's torture dungeon.

>> No.25308028

Basically, play up Shadow as Igor, a whipped and beaten lab assistant...

>> No.25308037

pls use your own name pls

>> No.25308047

sorry pls forgive me pls ;_;

>> No.25308049

>A couple people bitch about Scholomance
>So SM sends us to the light city for torture and assrape

I don't know who I'm madder at.

>> No.25308053



>> No.25308080

they can fucking try and if they do THEN we bust out and supersonic the hell out of there

>> No.25308083

Both kinda? Do not let on that we are overly intelligent. If he seeks to communicate with us just use very simple projections. Do not fight with him.

>> No.25308084

Unfortunately it seems the other way we have right now can be also taken as conceeding.

>> No.25308085

This whole situation is just not fun.

I'll be off doing something else until this get's resolved or we get killed.

>> No.25308087

>implying pls would be alpha enough to ask someone to stop using their name
-0/10 faggot

>> No.25308088


best done in a broken voice;
"Light wants Shade? Shade predicts certainty of corruption from light. Proceeding is liable to result in critical failure of containment. Source materials liable to overwhelm form. Your Orders Lord?"
that way, we can justify freaking out on the ship...
Though I still think ruining their last Airship during our escape should we attempt it is in our direct interests...

>> No.25308093

I think we want to meet her without being shackled, chained and probably turned into a weapon pointed at our former allies.

>> No.25308108

So, this is how we die. Good to know.

>> No.25308120


>implying you won't get to the Scholomance eventually

Come on now.

Burn this pain for fuel on your journey.


Alrighty, we've spiraled down into two major paths.

Vote 1:
>concede; it's too damn risky

Vote 2:
>exercise your acting skills and play Igor to throw them off

>> No.25308123


>> No.25308129

Well if we do die that way then at least abby and everyone else in the room with us right now as well

>> No.25308130

2. Oh lord, 2...

>> No.25308133


If you make the wrong move right now, it's a very real possibility.

>> No.25308137


vote 2.
>exercise your acting skills and play Igor to throw them off
fuckit at least we have a chance of pulling it off. as small as it is.

>> No.25308138

Vote 2:
>exercise your acting skills and play Igor to throw them off

>> No.25308139

>concede; it's too damn risky

Pretty much, yeah.

I vote for 1

>> No.25308148

Rolled 27


the second wont work how we want it to and i dont want them to think we are any smarter than we are.

>> No.25308149


Just a possibility?
The whole reason michael was even going to do any mind scans was to decide wether or not he was lying when he said we were precisely that.
A semi autonomous blob of shadow summon.
If we can play it well enough, cower like a good dog, and express enough fear and stupidity to convince him no truth scan is needed, we can bust this soda pop stand and get on with our lives

>> No.25308151

1 we cant act for shit anyway

>> No.25308154

acting pls because everyone hates me for suggesting otherwise pls so vote
#2 pls

>> No.25308158

Once again, dem choices.
I'm pretty damn sure the acting is gonna be a DC minimum of 2/3rd past 80.

>> No.25308163

2, with a side order of cowering and whimpering...

>> No.25308166

>Vote 1:
>concede; it's too damn risky
We've probably run through our lot of good rolls, anyway.

>> No.25308169


>> No.25308170


>> No.25308172

2 I guess, really not a fan of either though.

>> No.25308174

You do realize that this is basically minesweeper, right?

We know fuck all about Sandlewood other than "hurr angel smite darkness".

I mean, if you want to run glorified minesweeper quest, that's your business. But... dude...

>> No.25308175

2, we can always concede if he's not fooled.

>> No.25308180


>> No.25308185

2. Apply igor.

>> No.25308190

voting 1

>> No.25308195

Definitely 2

>> No.25308196



I mean, on the 10% chance it works, great!

On the 90% chance it doesn't, we're in exactly the same position we would be anyways : enslave on sight.

>> No.25308197

Im gonna say one because I really dont want to roll for acting on tg dice

>> No.25308200


>> No.25308203


>> No.25308205

going to have to say

>> No.25308209

Well, if they have become part of us, it would be easier for them to look like just a piece of "our experimental core.

Honestly, just conceding seems like the only thing left now.
We may survive, or not.
But this wouldn't be a terrible place to die.

Sure, we haven't met any of our grandiose goals, but our companions are safe.
Flint and Auriel are with the angels, where they may end up changing things over time. Abby is with her uncle, and probably safer than anywhere else. Adavan and Steward will escape without suspicion. Obis has asylum, Joey can return to normal life.

It isn't a terribly good end for the story, but it is an end.

We might as well try 2, and if they are unconvinced, they we go for investigation anyway.
Also, tell Fang what we are doing beforehand.

>> No.25308211

Well the hints are pretty clear that he doesn't like being lied to or even to have implied lies throw at him and Yi Fang already said he was extremely paranoid so it's not like there aren't an abundant amount of character clues being given to us.

>> No.25308212


>> No.25308229


I really want to assuage your concerns, but I can't give anything away. Sorry. Bite through the pain.

>> No.25308230


>> No.25308232

1 for the love of god and crystal dragon Jesus 1

>> No.25308238

I think the last time we had a CR appropriate encounter was 3 or 4 threads ago.

>> No.25308240

>I admit you're right but I don't want to

>> No.25308243


>> No.25308246

Stop that. It is obvious.

>> No.25308248


voting 2. the Angels will kill us either way. They do not honor their word while they still have their wings!

>> No.25308251

Any chance I could propose taking the form of a shadow hound, grovelling at Fang's feet and whining pitifully as he tries to send us away?

>> No.25308252


cutting off votes

>> No.25308264

1 if we die then at least everyone else gets away

>> No.25308268

That was incredibly unconvincing.

>> No.25308285

Oh cock I hope we dont loose by one

>> No.25308299

You should really make it so that votes only count if the post is ONLY the link to your post with options and a single number.

Nothing else.
>>(post number)

That should be it. Punctuation after it or extraneous words invalidate it.

>> No.25308300

What harm comes of trying two? If he sees through it, well we were already trying to hide from him. It wont change anything

>> No.25308306

10-ish 1s
18-ish 2s

>> No.25308313


What's it look like, Shadow?

>> No.25308324

Nah, don't be a cunt. Only linked post I can agree with, and only votes that include a number I can agree with, but the rest of that is too restrictive.

>> No.25308333


>> No.25308334

No. Mandating extra writing would cut down on samefagging, so I'd support requiring a sentence or two with your vote.

>> No.25308335


Now you're just trying to bait me for hints.


Concede: 10

Acting: 18


Roll 1d100

>> No.25308340

well it means sandles goes apeshit and kills everyone in the room if he finds out

>> No.25308345

Rolled 70


>> No.25308355 [SPOILER] 

Rolled 1


>> No.25308356

Rolled 84

Good bye shadow, we barely knew you...

>> No.25308358

Rolled 19


>> No.25308359

Rolled 83

>inb4 3 100

>> No.25308366

Rolled 69

I feel squaky.

>> No.25308367

Rolled 89


>> No.25308370


>> No.25308371

Rolled 53


>> No.25308372

Thank the fucking universe! It's d1 dude!

>> No.25308373

Rolled 70

That better be a 1d1

>> No.25308379

Rolled 66


>> No.25308381


For a moment there, I had a flash of pure terror.

Nice timing!

>> No.25308384

Rolled 68

rolling a second time for no paticular reason

>> No.25308388



(comes back)

Seriously, fuck you.

>> No.25308391

That's not bad at all. Let's hope it is enough.

>> No.25308392

>I'm going to samefag and you can't do anything about it!

>> No.25308394

>Being this dumb

>> No.25308395

Rolled 70

Oh man this fucking plan better work

>> No.25308399

Rolled 92, 88, 86, 96, 8 = 370

those 1d1s should add a bonus to our rolls

>> No.25308407

You're joking, right?

>> No.25308413

Seriously, start with him, it'll lull the rest of us into a false sense of security that you're still sane and reasonable.

>> No.25308424

>Oh no, people don't agree with a terrible idea that I agree with! Better call them samefags!

>> No.25308429

Rolled 43, 51, 51, 36, 13 = 194

its a d1

>> No.25308432

Holy crap I didn't roll a nat1!

Doesn't count, sucker!

>> No.25308435

I wasn't accusing those 3 posts of being the same person, I was accusing them of all wanting to be able to samefag votes.

It's really fucking obvious that people are doing it. Why else would they add semicolons and shit after their vote numbers?

>> No.25308436

It's just 1d1 guy. We're ok...

...thank god for that...

>> No.25308439

I'm sorry, I can't hear you over the sound of how wrong you are.

>> No.25308449

See >>25308435

>> No.25308452

Ahaha, you can try to hide your shame, but we all know what happened.

It's an anonymous board. Why would be ashamed enough to delete your post?

>> No.25308478

Oh, well you should probably state that point without greentext next time. Otherwise your meaning is lost. That makes a lot more sense though, hadn't considered that.

>> No.25308486

Actually, I'm kinda curious about the spoiled text question myself.

>> No.25308509


<...I'll try to play the role,> you tell Fang.

You crawl away from the angel, rolling over yourself, new feeble limbs forming and unforming. You send out strange, random impressions to the room, images of Fang, feelings of pain, a broken, ripped up summoning circle. You huddle at Fang's feet and pool down into Ink. <Master...> you say. <...must go...?>

"Get that thing over here, now," Sandalphon orders.

"Can't you see it's in pain?" Fang says. "It's not meant to last this long."

"Then dismiss it and be done with it."

"I need a carved symbol back in Archon for that," Fang says.

"...order it over here."

"It - "


"Shadow. Do as the angel says."


"Do it," Fang says And this time, he's not playing a role. He's asking you to give it up.

What do you do?

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.
>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.
>some other strategy

>> No.25308528

Make a break for the dynamo and have nightblaze on standby to zap anything they throw at us.

>> No.25308532

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.
I mean, seriously. Fuck that.
<Tell them the nature of the summoning was fickle and I broke your control.>

>> No.25308533

Rolled 79

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.

>> No.25308539

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.

Can't endanger our friends.

>> No.25308541

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.
I'm sorry, but this has to be my vote.

>> No.25308544

Walk over. Tis the end, one way or another.

>> No.25308555

>>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.

>> No.25308564

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.

>> No.25308565

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.

>> No.25308567

>walk over to Sandalphon.
We wouldn't sacrifice our friends for ourself

>> No.25308571

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.
Can't put Abby at risk.

>> No.25308573

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.

>> No.25308574


>> No.25308582

Rolled 62

walk the hell over. We fucked up. were just lucky he hasnt already wrecked our shit

>> No.25308585

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.
We might survive, or not.

>> No.25308589

well if we go we might get to see our friend the shadow mage.

>> No.25308591

I don't even care anymore.

It's obvious that SM just wants to end this now

>> No.25308592

Rolled 58

>I'll die before I'm caged like an animal. Make a break for it.
and probably blasting fear the whole time or something.
>im having a hard time making this decision. either we die trying to run away. someone else might die. or we get put into a cage

>> No.25308596

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.

We can't risk everyone now.

>> No.25308599

>walk over to Sandalphon.

>> No.25308601

Walk over, we wait until Abby's not going to be collateral damage. Then we take him out.

>> No.25308603

Holy hell this is frustrating
When we get the chance to kill this one,
Lets make it hurt.
>>walk over and give it a shot

>> No.25308604

WAIT. CANCEL >>25308573



>> No.25308607

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.

"Egh, fine."

>> No.25308608

Ok, I tried to convince myself that I wouldn't rage over waifus tonight. But you knob gobblers that are all "WE GOTS DA SEE SHADOW MAGE GURL" are starting to wear away at that.

>> No.25308611

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.
Were even deeper into the lie if we try something now all our friends are fucking dead

>> No.25308614

I trust that you have some sort of plan for this, SM, but I can't say I'm happy about this. I mean you've left us with no real viable options except one. Some serious railroading.
>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.

>> No.25308618

>I don't even care anymore.
>It's obvious that SM just wants to end this now

This quest hasn't even begun.

>> No.25308619

Maybe, but I'd he wants out could could always just stop running this. Let's see where this is going.

>> No.25308623


>> No.25308624

We could always super sonic our way out. Maybe not get hit. Lot's of things can go wrong with that, or.. would going with him be worse? Who knows.

>> No.25308626

you are an idiot

>> No.25308628

Dude, it's only be said fucking once. Grow a thicker skin.

>> No.25308631

We gave it all we had. Our story is closed now.
is your next quest going to be in the same world SM?

>> No.25308636

pls said it earlier and a couple others said it.

That's not once.

>> No.25308637

you see the greentext at the bottom of the screen? Those are called options. They impact the way the story goes. Just because you liked an idea doesn't mean it's going to work, and when it fails that doesn't mean there is railroading, it just means it failed. Stop being a little bitch.

>> No.25308640

Read his email field

You got rused.

>> No.25308647

If I was forced to choose between killing you and killing Karl Marx before he wrote his manifesto, I'd choose you.

>> No.25308648

Guys, try to be a bit more meta here. SM enjoys this quest, presumably, and so would not kill the main character in a situation such as this. He might kill us in a fight, but in this somewhat arbitrary, anti-climactic fashion.

>> No.25308650

You've been rused by an honest man.
The email field.

>> No.25308654

You take a slow, long step toward the angel, drawing out the moment. <...what if you tell them I broke your control when I break for it?>

You feel Fang tense up behind you. <Shadow...do you want Abigail to live, or not? Give up. It will take time...but I won't let you rot in there forever.>

You take another step toward the angel.


>I mean you've left us with no real viable options except one

>give crevice escape route earlier up the tunnel
>everyone skips along toward the powerful light mage

I tried, anon, I really did.

>implying you don't have another route I've been subtly hinting at for threads upon threads

It's all I can give you, my questers. You have two choices: find the way out, or become a captive.

>> No.25308657

Let's walk over. Might as well see if our friends stand up for us...

>> No.25308669

>walk over to Sandalphon. You gave it your best shot.
Haha! It's time for excruciating pain!

>> No.25308670


>> No.25308671


>> No.25308678

you gotta bold things like that. /tg/ as a group is kinda blind.

>> No.25308684

>>give crevice escape route earlier up the tunnel
>>everyone skips along toward the powerful light mage
You're full of shit.

What would have put us at odds with Yi, who would have told Sandles all about the big bad shadow running amock as revenge for taking Abby.

>> No.25308688


Look up at Sandalphon.

"May I have your word that you won't kill me if I submit?"

>> No.25308698

SM, you listed the option as "Slip away and take abagail with you"

We assumed that meant attempting to steal Abby away from Fang, which would have been a terrible idea.

Well, nothing left to do but die. Submit.

>> No.25308701

>give crevice escape route earlier up the tunnel
>everyone skips along toward the powerful light mage

>Implying an option that necessitates we abandon everyone except Abby is a valid option.

>> No.25308705

Broadcast from the loneliness shadow shard, say something pathetic

>> No.25308706

>This quest hasn't even begun.
You have more faith in the survival of the MC than I, OP. that's probably a good thing though.

>> No.25308711

see fang fucking agrees well all get fucked if we try something and I dont know about you guys but I reckon shadow would definitely sacrifice himself to keep abby safe

>> No.25308712

We do have that shard of hunger. Maybe that would enhance our CONSUME ability enough to CONSUME an angel?

>> No.25308714

>implying you don't have another route I've been subtly hinting at for threads upon threads
Eh, with the way quest threads are spaced out, I at least can't remember every little detail. It always surprises me when someone brings up one of those little hints from long-past threads.

>> No.25308724

>What would have put us at odds with Yi, who would have told Sandles all about the big bad shadow running amock as revenge for taking Abby.

My whole thinking for that route was that Fang would jump at the opportunity to get Abigail out without having to pass by Sandalphon - who pretty much read the fact that you were all a show to get her by.

You good roll earlier ensured that Sandalphon focused upon you, rather than her, which actually had a very high DC.

>> No.25308734

Huh, tapping the hunger shard isn't a terrible idea, but with the way Darkxis acted we might end up consuming someone we didn't mean to.

>> No.25308735

ah when that option came about I too thought running with abigail might set Fang off on us.

>> No.25308748

Oh, I assumed that option meant we ran up the crack with Abby and NOPE'd the fuck away. Thus earning the ire of Fang.

>> No.25308751


Fair nuff.

Well, slip n' slide on over to Sandalphon.

Keep up the wounded and stupid act though, no reason to keep them waiting.

Maybe in the last 700 years they've gotten rusty at detecting bullshit from a shadow elemental?

>> No.25308760

We tended to be thinking that Fang was going to be incredibly protective of her and not let her out of his sight, given that he had just kicked down the door with an army to get to her.

Also, he told us to shut up and stay with him.

>> No.25308762


I see. That's unfortunate, but it is what it is.

>> No.25308770

There wasn't any room for discussing it with Fang in the way it was worded. It was like, a running away option, without a word.

>> No.25308771

Can we have a roll to see if we can have our friends try to defend Shadow in some kind of inspiring way, at least SM? I don't want to be following douches orders forever...

>> No.25308776

The way you presented it dod not sound like that at all. It sounded like snatch Abby, incur wrath of Fang, abandon party to die.

>> No.25308787

Well, it's good to know that you have retard logic.

>> No.25308791

seeing as hes the most powerful guy we met yet and the hunger shard didn't stop us killing Darkxis I doubt it

>> No.25308795

That's a copout...

>> No.25308800


Afraid i read it as "try to rub from the ridiculously powerful spirit godling with his niece in tow while swimming in a sea of angels"
Think everyone else did too. Wish we hadnt.

>> No.25308807

In our most broken voice <Master...New Master?> make it clear we see this as a rejection of us, and that our service is passing to another.

>> No.25308808

sad to say we cannot read your intentions unless you state it outright. As we do have observe wouldn't it stand to reason Shadow might add on to the thought of Fangs motivations?

>> No.25308823

Yeah lets.

>> No.25308824

I don't think I've been this mad at a QM since HPQuest.

>> No.25308830

We don't have nearly enough humanity or temerity for that...

>> No.25308832

Wouldn't the angels that were literally in the next room have sensed the presence of a Shadow slipping out of the mine?

>> No.25308833

Look its too late to bitch about it now can we go back to trying not to get ourselves and our friends killed?

>> No.25308837


Sorry. The good thing about greentext options is that they help keeps things more coherent, but if I slip up and communicate a little too poorly it can also limit thinking.


Oh, don't worry.


Alright, no one's even come close to hitting upon it...maybe I didn't make it obvious enough.


Vote 1:
>No more games. Today, you have lost.

Vote 2:
>Run. Nightblaze if they try anything.

>> No.25308845

This has a slim chance of working, but it's better than the other options.

>> No.25308851

we're pretty much stuck

>> No.25308853


>> No.25308856

I doubt he's gonna retcon something like that.

Could we be all submissive and act like a dumb summon, then stab him in the neck when he's unguarded?

>> No.25308858

care to share your reason with the class?

>> No.25308868

Fuck it lets go with him

>> No.25308871



Blink, run, Nightblaze if they follow.

>> No.25308873


>> No.25308876

If you are suggesting that we try to run, then you aren't doing very well, every hint has been that it will get everyone killed.

Vote 1. We lost.

>> No.25308877


I trust Auriel.

>> No.25308878


>> No.25308879

I literally finished reading the archives two days ago and I have no idea what kind of hidden power we might have besides the shards of darkness.
Anyway, Vote 1

>> No.25308882


>> No.25308884

>If you are suggesting that we try to run, then you aren't doing very well, every hint has been that it will get everyone killed.

Well at least I made that clear enough.

>> No.25308886


>> No.25308891


>Alright, no one's even come close to hitting upon it...maybe I didn't make it obvious enough.
Nope, again /tg/ is blind and deaf to subtlety. Gotta be blunt.

Vote 1

>> No.25308894


"we have lost" isn't a good thing to ever choose in a game.

>> No.25308895

Silly anon, don't you know that SMs hints are the opposite of what you think?

>> No.25308898

No more games. Today, you have lost.
nothing else to try that wont get our friends murdered

>> No.25308899

No more games
Fack it.

>> No.25308903

1, but only if our friends try to defend our actions.

>> No.25308904


>> No.25308913


>> No.25308915

1 - I guess we're failing at lateral thinking this problem, but I've got no real idea where to start. Unless we could put ourself under Flint or Auriel's protection or something.

>> No.25308916

>No more games. Today, you have lost.

>> No.25308917


>> No.25308919

1. Were done.

He just flat out said it, running will get everyone killed.

>> No.25308920


>> No.25308926

...Mention legion, and the corruption of the demons?

>> No.25308929

Wait. Can we surrender directly to Auriel? Cuz I think we should fucking try it right goddamn now!

>> No.25308935

Nah, he's just trying to hint that everything will be fine if we run away. No way it could go badly

>> No.25308936

>No more games. it was fun while it lasted

>> No.25308938

The samefaggotry is off the charts!

>> No.25308940

Rolled 37

Vote 1
and maybe a message to auriel
<i did once say i would sacrifice myself if it was needed to save a little girl>

>> No.25308941

>Alright, no one's even come close to hitting upon it...maybe I didn't make it obvious enough.

You know those DM's that make really simple puzzles but get frustrated when the players don't see answers? It's more of a complete difference in perspective on how something is read, seen, or dealt with. These things take time.

Voting 1.

>> No.25308945


>> No.25308946


>> No.25308948



We can survive imprisonment, guys.

>> No.25308949


Pls stop trying to get us killed run voters

>> No.25308950

1 before we get everyone and ourselves dead

>> No.25308951

Vote 1. It's the only viable option now.

>> No.25308954

>Vote 1:
>>No more games. Today, you have lost.
The jig is up. Though, a thought, did Adavan never finish the preparations for the teleport spell?

>> No.25308956

Vote 1. everythings done.

>> No.25308958


>> No.25308963


.... Would it be possible to leave a tiny fragment of shadow on Abby, so that after we have got a 'safe' distance from the angels, that we move our mass to Abby's side, then Yi-Fang mass teleports us....

>> No.25308968


>> No.25308969


Do we really want to risk a getaway staring at a Light God?

1. Surrender now!

>> No.25308971

2 {

>> No.25308979

Guys, how about this?

>> No.25308980


>> No.25308982


We brought ourselves here, over 31 threads.
Story ends now.

>> No.25308984

we dont really want to attract any attention to abby do we?

>> No.25308985

Cutting off votes.

Sorry about the slight delay, my internet cut off.

Someone want to double check the count

>> No.25308987

This isn't a bad idea. We could say that as a being of Shadow, we'd naturally avoid such a powerful source of light, such as The Highest. Though it will probably make Auriel look bad.

>> No.25308990


>> No.25308999

Snapple you're just proving our point...

>> No.25309002

Make sure to leave out the samefag 2 guy.

>> No.25309007

honestly that samefagging is gonna get us killed

>> No.25309009


Well, she is an angel, technically.

Sounds good 1 wins.

>> No.25309021

I was voting for 1.

>> No.25309031

26-ish 1s
13-ish 2s
By the way, if we don't have 39 votes in the archive we might need to start thinking about samefag prevention techniques.

>> No.25309033


(Surrenders to Auriel and Flint)

>> No.25309036

we are pretending to be pretty dumb arent we? I dont think we would act like that

>> No.25309048

Was it the book and pen that makes the writer tell their thoughts?

>> No.25309050

Submit: 26

Flee: 14

The vote is in.


>> No.25309051

Oh shit. Auri's a spirit mage and fallen angel. When she gets home they're going to rip her soul out!

>> No.25309054

Technically, he is correct. The best kind of correct.

Surrender to Auriel. Or Flint.

>> No.25309058

does it matter if I don't use the archives?

>> No.25309061


inb4 Abigail goes "NO! YOU WON'T TAKE MR. SHADOW!"

>> No.25309066

Seconded, though you just guaranteed multi-voting...

>> No.25309074

>Was it the book and pen that makes the writer tell their thoughts?

Not quite, but you gave it a good honest try on that one. Sandalphon would have suspected it because Fang was the one who made that enchantment.

>> No.25309087

Rolled 6

Woo! Just saw this. Before I start catching up I just want to remind you guys, we should REALLY talk to our shards. Especially the isolation shard.

>> No.25309099

We'll do that right after we get tortured and potentially killed.

>> No.25309102

Rolled 8

wow he is not going ot like what happens now

>> No.25309111

How do we talk to our shards? I mean we can we? When did that happen?

>> No.25309124


We have the journey to the Ring City to absorb them, which is what we should do.

>> No.25309127

Wonder what would happen if we had presented ourself as the one to take command of Shadow in the way that Yi is the ruler of Spirit and Sandles heads up Light.

>> No.25309135

...not anymore. it's now, " Unwilling Angel Slave Quest"...

>> No.25309151

Alright, now I'm going to be scanning every single story post in the archives with eagle eyes. If there are any multiple hints that are even semi-related to each other, they will be found. Unfortunately not by the end of this thread.

>> No.25309157

we would get murdered so hard SM would probably die

>> No.25309166

Flash of light followed by game over.

>> No.25309170

At the last moment, you remember something - your belt. You detach it, and drop it. Fang moves to pick it up - not too fast, not too slow. Just the right speed to make you into a pack animal.

You catch his eyes. He nods to you.

You step up before the angel.


<...the master said I must submit to the angel,> you say aloud.

Auriel looks totally flabbergasted. But from his position in the back of the party, you can see Flint hide a smile.

Sandalphon sighs. He casts out his hand.

Glowing lines of white-hot Light bloom around you. They quickly expand into a cage, connecting from top to bottom in an even square. It hurts just to touch the bars. You try to hold yourself on your feet, but you can't even pass through the spaces between the light. You dance on the bottom of the cage, trying not to touch it for too long with any one limb.

Sandalphon chuckles. "Now that is entertainment."

You feel a burning hatred for the angel.

Abigail's eyes are filled with tears. She bites her lower lip.

What do you do?

>comfort her. It's the only thing you can do...
>something else


>last gas station for 200 miles

>> No.25309175

Ask for that Angel who got mauled by that Demon lord.

>> No.25309187

>Alright, no one's even come close to hitting upon it...maybe I didn't make it obvious enough.

Showing him the Sun-Moon key?

>> No.25309189

Ehh. They are warring with the Black Lady. Maybe they'd prefer a comparatively weak blob of shadow.

Installing dictators that agree with your policy and all that.

>> No.25309193

Comfort her. Say goodbye.

>> No.25309199



>> No.25309204

show up hours late for SQ
>Do It For Her

>> No.25309205

>comfort her. It's the only thing you can do...
Suffering: The Quest

>> No.25309207

>comfort her. It's the only thing you can do...

It's okay, Abigail. We'll be fine.

>> No.25309210

Im going to say comfort abby but could we try to hover with our wings as we do it or something?

>> No.25309218

Oh fuck.

What's gonna happen if she gets real upset?

>> No.25309219

Comfort her. Say goodbye.

>> No.25309220

Listen man, we're not going to get whatever you're hinting at. Either you communicated it poorly or we're as thick as a rock.

>> No.25309223


>> No.25309225



>> No.25309226

>>comfort her. It's the only thing you can do...
Obviously not a dumb igor shadow. Sandles becomes suspicious
>>something else
Abby cries out. Obviously more than a dumb igor shadow, at least to her.

>> No.25309233

You meant,

>> No.25309236


>> No.25309237


Begin focusing our mind for the journey and meditate on the shards.

This is not the end.

>> No.25309240

yeah but we really dont agree with their policy. At all

>> No.25309242


You mean mana. On Nightblaze, I completely agree.

>> No.25309244

We have 0 XP.

>> No.25309246

Just throw us this one, SM. We're clearly not getting it...

>> No.25309253

They don't know that

>> No.25309269

Writing your words of comfort.

>> No.25309271

bitching. I can just imagine us as some horrible giant humming bird now.

>> No.25309278

Perhaps we would have been better off just trying to disguise ourselves as a mage with a lot of shadowmagic that is also a servant of Yi Fang that he called in?
Is that it?

>> No.25309286

Rolled 13

i feel a quote from doctor who about not being able to watch a child cry and not do something.
>do it for her.
i just really wished someone thought of the crack to get us out

>> No.25309295

What the hell did we do with it?! SOMEONE TELL ME NOW!

>> No.25309297

My rage just keeps magnifying.

>> No.25309303

Spent it on Balance and Shadow Beam.

>> No.25309304

>a summoned shadow familiar comforting a child
Yeah no. Angel will know what's up

>> No.25309307

On the bright side, they are giving us a way to see their 'stonghold'... if we are careful and play it right, we Might just be able to free the shadow mages...

Shadow Master, how long does Shade last?

>> No.25309309


Balance and Shadow Beam. Now let's burn 15 mana on Nightblaze and 5 on Blink.

>> No.25309313

This is seriously pissing me off.

>> No.25309320

we can speak in her mind

>> No.25309324

They seem fairly concerned by the Black Lady, but they are waring with Shadow. They have been hunting and either enslaving or executing shadow mages and elementals since the War. These guys are drinking Hyperion's Cool-Aid...

>> No.25309352

Rolled 69

damn. upon seeing that. i would have probably worked. god damn it. motherfucker.

>> No.25309357

So we could have totally just assumed our traveling form and say we were a mage under Li Fangs command, perhaps by casting the water related healing spell on Abby or something like that to throw them off.
Eh. I don't think that was hinted at but it would have been nice to think about.

>> No.25309366

Damn it... that would have fucking worked.

>> No.25309377

good idea.

a day late and a dollar short though.

>> No.25309382


>> No.25309385

Rage just hit maximum.

The ceiling is full of holes.

>> No.25309388


>> No.25309405


God dammit.

>> No.25309406

I mad.

>> No.25309408


<It's ok, Abigail. Abby-Sabby.>

She looks up at you. A tiny smile floats on her face.

You hover up slightly so that you don't touch the bottom of the cage. Your aura keeps you suspend in its center. <See? I'll be fine. They just want to take a look at me, and make sure...I'm healthy.>

Abigail nods. But she's a good girl. She doesn't give anything away.

<...be good. Listen to Adavan. I'll be back soon.>

The cage jerks you into the air, and the angels begin to walk away. Your friends stare at your retreating form. Flint flinches slightly. His arm moves to his sword -


Flint lets his arm relax. But his jaw clenches tight. Auriel puts a hand on his shoulder, and they follow after you.

<Abby. I'll be back soon.> You can feel the desperation in your voice. You try to squash it. It doesn't work. <I'll see you soon! Be good! Take care!>

She raises her hand slightly and gives you just the smallest wave.

The cage jerks roughly. Your slammed between the bars. "Stop squirming," Sandalphon growls. The cage floats up to eye level. "After we're done examining you, we're going to erase you. Enjoy the few last gasps of air you have."

The cage shocks you with light. You feel dizzy. You struggle to keep your position in the center of the cage.

"You're a tough one."

The cage buzzes brighter. It hurts. It hurts. The lines sear your skin. The dizziness increases.

You're out of the mine, barely conscious. You've got to escape. Fang will have enough time now...enough to get away...should be enough.

You reach for your magic.

It isn't there. You're cut off.

The cage flashes again.

Everything goes dark.


>> No.25309409


>> No.25309413

Where were the bloody hints on that, fuckdamnit, this pisses me off.

>> No.25309467

I'm just sitting here, seething. Pure fucking asshurt.

>> No.25309474

We really need a vacation.

>> No.25309480

all those people griping about not seeing that route.

>> No.25309481

Things with strong magic can see through that shit like wet tissue paper.
This wasnt even an option

>> No.25309483

I'm sorry. I usually don't post anymore because I'm too cautious to suggest anything reckless since... that thread. But I guess better luck next time? Let's all try to keep an eye open for all available paths with all available abilities then.

>> No.25309485

Leave thread for hours to hang out with friends. See this.
Pic related

>> No.25309506


>> No.25309530

The problem is, where were the fucking hints that even alluded that that option could have worked or was a way out?

I didn't see any hints.

>> No.25309540

>HP: (34/52)

The pain wakes you back up.

It's dark.


You're not used to that. You really can't see anything. You feel something covering your gaze. Magic. Some kind of magic.

You feel relieved. For a moment, you thought you'd lost something.

The world shifts slightly. The cage knocks your sides, burning you. You make an effort to get up.

You test the cage. It hurts. You're not sure if you could break out by brute force.

Suddenly, your sight is restored. Several angels are all around you, all in gleaming, grey-green adamantium armor. They wear white tabards with suns imprinted on their fronts. You're being carted out of the belly of an airship.

You turn to face what lies ahead.


>> No.25309554

SM probably didn't think of that, so how could he hint at it?

>> No.25309561

I think it was a case of the DM not thinking of that option.

>> No.25309567

I wonder if nightblaze de-angels angels?
What if that's what happened to Auriel?

>> No.25309568

>get home from work late
>catch up with Shadow Quest
>mfw this whole thread

>> No.25309576

>It's ok guys, we're totally gonna make it out!

>> No.25309586

We should have ran.

>> No.25309601


>> No.25309606


If we ran it would've just made everything worse for the rest of the party.

We're taking one for the team.

>> No.25309608

Then everyone would have died SM said so

>> No.25309609

>SM's face this whole thread.

>> No.25309615


>> No.25309621

We would have if we had known that it would have been with Yi Fang's approval.

Fucking hell, the only reason we didn't go was because we didn't want to break our deal with him.

I mean, I'm not usually one to bitch about this kind of stuff, but SM really dropped the ball on that one.

>> No.25309624


>> No.25309626

whats with the imagefags?

>> No.25309632

No, it was a prolonged act that caused the anti-magic wave.

Plus, we are cut off from all powers.

And? We do a character motivation 180 and lose everything we fought for for the entire course of the story? What for, so that we -might- have been able to keep playing a game. Piss poor reason to me.

We die a tragic hero.

>> No.25309652

We changed a lot of powerful people's opinions on shadow. Maybe we'll make the world a better place for those who come after us.

>> No.25309653

>have a reunion talk with Abby that skyrockets our Humanity
>immediately forced to give ourselves up to protect her

SM, you're a right bastard, you know that.

>> No.25309655

Imagefags. On an imageboard.
That's actually a new one to me.

>> No.25309660

>We die a tragic hero.
I don't understand /tg/'s boner for dying.

>> No.25309674

>implying we'll die
>implying we won't rise above this

>> No.25309681

Rolled 86, 84, 73, 45, 96 = 384

is death a hot chick?

>> No.25309693

>implying we'll live
>implying this quest wasn't just the worlds longest walk the dinosaur

>> No.25309694

Does it matter?

>> No.25309701

Well, she's certain to give you a Boner.

>> No.25309702

well for one its 100% in character

>> No.25309704

>implying we won't suicide to prevent us from having to kill Abby.

>> No.25309705


The Ringed City towers before you.

It's solid, carved white rock that stretches down to the ocean, and up into the clouds. Some parts are intricate, deliberate. Others almost fade back into the raw rock. The bottom continues around the edge of a vast island, small enough that you can see it start to curve off in the distance.

Your group of angels takes off. Your cage flies up through the air with them, up and over the buildings and towers. Flights of angels soar through the sky around you. Below, you can see buildings nestled between the great arms of the carved mountains. Thousands of normal people mill below, conducting their daily business.

Your guards fly up, up, straight over the mountain ridge itself. They land briefly on the top, then continue on.

And then you see the true city.

>> No.25309709


Tragic heroes, man. Some of the oldest stories in existence.

>> No.25309712

>We die a tragic hero.
The story isn't over here. I think you have forgotten about the possibility of a flash invasion from Vampiria ripping apart the empire, leaving the Shard of Erebus to fuse the shards of the empire together. Besides that, we'll have our opening to Nightblaze. Maybe we'll roll a 100 and eat an entire angel. This isn't over, not yet!

>> No.25309716

Do you not read Gaiman?

>> No.25309741

If I had a train folder, I'd be dumping it.

>> No.25309742

>we die
>wake up in the temple thing we started in
>elf lady stands over us and asks what we've learned

>> No.25309751

Rolled 8, 82, 70, 27, 21 = 208


>> No.25309763

It does if shes a brown skinned elf girl

>> No.25309766

This time we're eating that bitch and joining the bad guys.

Being a hero sucks and gets you tortured by angels.

>> No.25309773


>Abigail ten years later. Out to destroy the Angels for stealing Mr. Shadow away from her. In time she will be the Spirit Queen.

>> No.25309775

>wake up in temple thing
>we're chained down
>latex suit
>elf lady whips us an asks us what we've learned

>> No.25309776

Rolled 23, 22, 9, 90, 95 = 239

fuck everything and consume
its not worth getting screwed over
we are new erebus

>> No.25309784


>> No.25309789

Google Death of the Endless then. Or read Sandman if you have the time.

>> No.25309809

>Everyone in here

>> No.25309810

That being a hero sucks balls and we shouldn't do it.

>> No.25309812


Ha, no.



I'm not sure if I'd want that.

>> No.25309815

Wait, you guys remember the last thread when we were trying to talk Fang into letting Abigail stay with us?

And we said that if we ever betrayed her we'd give ourselves up the Angels.

Irony, eh?

>> No.25309823

>we are the new erebus.
No. We are our own shadow. And we are cut off from most of our powers and surrounded by serious practitioners of the element we are by far weakest against.

>> No.25309826

That would be fairly awesome. Abby is probably going to become an evil overlord one way or another now that we've left her in the care of uncle Yi-Fang.

>> No.25309832

It's "Irony: Meh."

>> No.25309845

>page 8

>> No.25309846

Well, I do feel better that we kept our word, even if it tidily wrapped up a bunch of loose ends for Fang. He isn't coming to save us by the way.

>> No.25309847

Or his new body, given how she was made.

>> No.25309849


We'll be a lot closer to Erebus if we get a chance to properly absorb those shards of darkness we have inside us.

That should be our No. 1 priority while incarcerated.

>> No.25309853

In fairness they are also weakest against our element

>> No.25309865

Rolled 58, 15, 16, 84, 76 = 249

no no i meant that we learned empathy sucks and become erebus 2.0

>> No.25309866

Wonder if there's a bunch of other captured shadows here that we can eat.

Even if there aren't any, I bet there's something else to munch.

>> No.25309873


We'll find a way.

There's always a way.

Watch Auriel be the one to bust us out.

>> No.25309881


If anything, we might be at an advantage if we ever escape. Fang totally thinks we're dead and would never expect us to return.

My only hope is that Flint, Auriel and the crew manage to stay out of his web of control...

>> No.25309886

I'm up for a meditation session on trying to concentrate on the shards within us. When you suggest it I'll second it.

>> No.25309890

True, but they need to get lucky about four time total, we need to get lucky between 2 and probably 7 time per angel. Throw in a few legions of mages and I think their odds are a bit better than ours.

>> No.25309895

You fly down into the iridescent valley, your eyes locked on the spire of light that sits before you.

You know better than to be fooled by this beauty.

This is the bastion of those that are the greatest, fiercest champions of Auriel's ideals.

You are locked in a cage, cut off from all your magic, in the very heart of enemy territory - in the house of those who hate you with a blinding passion.

It finally strikes you, now, that you might really die here.

They angels land briefly on the edge of the mountains, then fly the rest of the way toward the city.

You are delivered into the main entrance. Many normal humans clad in adamantium stand guard. Patrols are frequent. Strange magical devices bristle from the walls.

Something catches your vision. Birds. Brown, unlike the ones the sage Taremtis owned. They circle a tower, then continue out toward an artificial lake. Free to fly away.

It's the last thing you see before the cover goes up over your cage.

"Baer, concentrate. How long was it off?"

"Not more than a few minutes."

"This thing is a delivery for Michael himself. Some experiment with reversing shadow magic damage. We can't take chances."

"But it hasn't moved, anyway. It's practically dead."

"You get to explain to the Most High why it was dead before it outlived its usefulness."

You hear the other angel mutter something, but you stay blinded.

After a brief journey through what you imagine must be hallways and stairs and corridors, you come to a halt.

Time passes. Nothing happens.

What do you do?

>try to communicate with the shards within you
>try to break free of the cage
>something else

>> No.25309896

>with Ila as sidekick

>> No.25309905

Nah were going to Rambo our way out our own damn selves

>> No.25309910


No way, man. We had no chance of holding Yi Fang back from Abigail. Literally zero ability to contain him. We just couldn't keep him talking long enough for the spell to fire.

>> No.25309913


remember our first waifu-I mean the shadow mage we met. She told us about the tree that all shadow mages meet under. This is our chance to break her and the shadow mages free. I also assume that shit is going to go down here just like every other place we visit.

>> No.25309914

And I'm saying that Erebus 1.0 went that route and lost the war. We need a different strategy this time around.

>> No.25309934


>> No.25309935

>>try to communicate with the shards within you

>> No.25309937



This is literally our only shot at survival, boys.

>> No.25309944

Opting to communicate with the shards we have.

>> No.25309947

Try to communicate.

Also, wasn't Michael the one who was damaged in that fight with the demon lord?

>> No.25309949


>> No.25309952

Inner power is ultimate power
and who knows researchers are usually pretty reasonable guys
>Inb4 mad scientist

>> No.25309957


Oh damn, I nearly forgot about Ila.

>> No.25309959

>try to communicate with the shards within you
You'll never betray us, right shards?

>> No.25309960

A little late, but I have made it!

Now to just catch up on the thread.

>> No.25309965

>try to communicate with the shards within you

>> No.25309972


You poor bastard.

>> No.25309974

>try to communicate with the shards within you

>> No.25309976


I mean only Adavan and us, the rest of the party play along like they did.

Also >shard-talk

>> No.25309981

your in for a wild ride

>> No.25309983

i know right

>> No.25309985

Rolled 9

Yeah, sorry cap.

>> No.25309988

Meditate. See if we can cause some sort of instability in ourself.

>> No.25309991


>> No.25309992

Talk to them there shards.

>> No.25309998

Rolled 44, 92, 35, 63, 62 = 296

Shadow pools, shadow pools and totems everywhere

>> No.25310006

We've got hunger and Loneliness.
Not the most hopeful combination.
unless we have our own shard

>> No.25310018

>Inb4 mad scientist

The character you're about to meet...is my favorite character.

You probably won't like him.

>Also, wasn't Michael the one who was damaged in that fight with the demon lord?

That's correct, anon.

>> No.25310037

Good idea. Let's waste our XP on pools of shadows instead of getting something important like, I don't know, LIGHT RESISTANCE?!

>> No.25310039

I wonder how isolation is holding up.

Might be a bit annoyed at the fact we haven't talked to it yet.

Even in consumption it is ignored.

>> No.25310048

You've decided to meditate on the shards within you.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25310051

I am unconvinced that this strategy, by itself, is sufficient. Also, that doesn't sound spar off top from what happened last time.

>> No.25310054

Rolled 29, 73, 86, 50, 53 = 291

fuck, hes an insane bastard isnt he?

>> No.25310056

>You probably won't like him.

>> No.25310057

Rolled 82

>Roll 1d100

>> No.25310060

I'd be willing to spend the 45 xp to plop a mana pool, servant Sandles, and then immediately strip the servant powers away, thus removing all his light magic.

Fuck Sandles.

>> No.25310063

Rolled 34


>> No.25310067

>The character you're about to meet...is my favorite character.
>You probably won't like him.

...I want to meet him.

>> No.25310070

Rolled 56


>> No.25310071

Rolled 17

If I don't get anything in the mid 80's i'm quitting.

>> No.25310072

Rolled 47


>> No.25310075

Rolled 73


>> No.25310076

Rolled 24


>> No.25310080

Rolled 68


>> No.25310083


>> No.25310084

Rolled 77

rolling a second time just because I can

>> No.25310085

Not all is lost! We can still break free and escape but we have to be smart and resourceful. Not every angel is a powerhouse like Sandalphon and he cant be everywhere at once. At the first chance of escape and experience we conceal our presence further.

>> No.25310089


Good night, Anon!

>> No.25310092

Bye y'all

>> No.25310100


>> No.25310109


>> No.25310110

See yah next time.

>> No.25310120

this does not bode well

>> No.25310142


>> No.25310146

>I"m SOO HUngry....
>i'm so alone T-T

>> No.25310163

Rolled 28


>> No.25310170

>Darkxis takes over


>> No.25310179

Wait, so it sounds like they want to experiment with us to try and find a way to heal Michael, because it sounds like he got fucked up pretty badly in the demon lord fight.

Maybe we can figure out a way to fix him without them poking at us in painful ways.

>> No.25310181

Maybe... not terrible?

>> No.25310191

my thoughts exactly

>> No.25310206

Two shards sit there.



You focus upon them.

They resist you. They are their own selves; you are something different.

The edges of the shards are jagged. Broken. You force them toward you, but cannot meet with you, like puzzle pieces that don't fit together.

You here the shriek of Isolation. You here Darkxis's mad longing...his hunger.

You force the urges down. They obey your commands. You are their superior.

The Isolation shard doesn't feel fragile any longer...but if there is inner power to be had from them, you are not in a position to gain it. Perhaps, with a bit more effort, you could discern something more.

You withdraw from your inner world and blink several times. You're not sure how much time has passed. You have no way to tell time. You feel confident in your meditations; you make a note to try it again sometime.

It's strange. Here you are, trapped in as far as you could be, and planning for the future. You feel a sense of hope They don't have everything; they don't know everything. You can still escape.

You hear the creak of a door open.


>> No.25310208

What if he wants us to harm things with our shadow power so he can experiment in ways to restore the damage?
What if those are slaves or the criminally damned...?

>> No.25310209




Imagine that absolute shit that would cause the Ringed City politically.

>> No.25310228

Random Encounter

>> No.25310236

Sorry, can't.
No mana pool, no exp, and he could probably reject it.

>> No.25310237


How in the hell are we going to make one in the RING CITY?!

>> No.25310238


That isn't justice.

That isn't just at all.

If we get some good speeches pointing out their hypocrisy that'd be great.

>> No.25310245

We should try to find out if one of the circle keys are here.

>> No.25310250

Well the pastebin doesn't say "willing" but truly I'd assume that someone who doesn't want it would be able to resist it.

>> No.25310254


...Oh my god you're right.

We need to figure out a way to slip our bonds to be able to find it though.

>> No.25310259

This stopped being fun hours ago. But I can't just leave.

>> No.25310264

>Key of fire.

>Not in Kan-Abar.

>> No.25310275

>That isn't justice.
>That isn't just at all.

>> No.25310281

I agree. This is like a train wreck you just can't help but watch.

>> No.25310299

No, this is a train wreck in motion and we're on the train.

>> No.25310309

>time to suplex this train

>> No.25310312

If this is a trainwreck we're the passengers. I can't handle these emotions.

>> No.25310323

<...Master?> croak in a broken voice.

>> No.25310328

The cover is drawn off your cage.

You're in an odd room. One half - the half you're sitting in - is a laboratory. Beakers and condensers and tubing connects a series of intricate contraptions across stone tables and dry sinks. Shelves of neatly cataloged reagents and precisely arranged glassware line tasteful pinewood cabinetry.

You almost feel comfortable - and then you see the operating table with an open cadaver. That bothers you. A corpse that could be consumed, cut open. Needles and scissors are thrust into it at odd angles, holding the skin open at a variety of angles. A cord of intestines is draped over a iron rod nearby, as if its been hung out to dry.

"Good morning, my shadowy friend, good morning!"

You look up. The opposite side of the room is a tastefully decorated bedroom. The furniture is the same warm pine wood. Rich red carpets make the room feel inviting.

An angel reclines in a chair. He wears a simple white smock.

Half his body is...untouched. Glowing, fresh skin. Powerful muscle. A cheery smile.

The other half is horribly, terribly disfigured. His left arm and leg are shriveled, as if aged a thousand years and dried in the sun another thousand. His smile ends cracked and rotten. His hair turns from shimmering gold to an ugly, patchy grey.

"Not much for conversation? Or does my appearance bother you?"

What do you do?

>say nothing
>act like a dumb summon

>> No.25310332

Last i checked the text any mana pool will do

>> No.25310336



>> No.25310347


>> No.25310356


Say nothing.

>> No.25310362

Let's tell him our life story.

>> No.25310367


I think we should drop the dumb summon act, if we're going to be here for extended period of time, they're going to realize it's a facade after a while anyways, or we'd fuck it up ourselves.

>> No.25310369

<I take it you are Micheal, then.>

>> No.25310374

can't really 'act like a dumb summon' as we already spoke to choose Auriel.

"I don't think I like you much."

>> No.25310376


Also I want to meditate on those fucking shards TONIGHT.

And EVERY night until we fucking figure out how to use them.

>> No.25310377

<...New Master?> if he says yes, ask for new parameters on the restriction of our intelligence and physical capabilities. Don't reveal the full extent of either, but we should probably move a little further out of Igor territory.

>> No.25310381

>angel's face when

>> No.25310386


<Where Master?>

>> No.25310397

<Before you ask, I'll happily participate in your research to cure you, if you are Michael like I think you are. On the condition that I be allowed freedom of movement and let go once your research is concluded.>

>> No.25310398

<What's bothersome is that you've planned to "erase" me.>

>> No.25310399


>> No.25310402

>>say nothing

>> No.25310403


<Not bothered, merely...curious.>

Let's get him talking about himself. He seems like the type of mad scientist who would enjoy that.

>> No.25310410

ugh, please stop. There's no reason to carry on that stupid charade anymore.

>> No.25310415


How does all these sound? I could write them together.

>> No.25310416

I like it. seconded

>> No.25310418

Seconding this. Minimal communication for now, as we don't know exactly how dangerous this one is or how to deal precisely with what he has in store; even though that's likely all bad.

>> No.25310419

Just say nothing.
If he knows we are intelligent, he will just up security.

>> No.25310423

At this point, I don't think we gain anything by pretending to be an idiot. Now is the time to negotiate.

>> No.25310428

Exactly. That's why I'm suggesting we look stupidly weak and then throw them into the wood chipper of our terrible maw when we get the opportunity. We pick them off, one or two at a time, without raising suspicion, because the think we are weak, broken and enslaved. I'm suggesting we PLAY THEM.

>> No.25310429

<Not really, I find outward appearance says little of ones true self. Might you be Micheal?>

>> No.25310432


>> No.25310434

Sounds good to me.

>> No.25310435

Undulate, wriggle, and ink yourself around the room. Examine everything and act as if each individual object were the most interesting thing in the world. "ignore" him and make him feed us information through his questions.

>> No.25310437

Go for it. Not like we could fuck this situation any worse.

>> No.25310439

Ok, it seems like the majority want to drop the act and get right to the nitty-gritty.


>> No.25310444

start with>>25310429
do these

>> No.25310446


Personally, I like the angle of trying to get him monologuing about himself.

>> No.25310449

Seems fine to me.
Shadow Master jumped on it everybody! This is the right choice!

>> No.25310451

Sure, you seem to want to have this guy talk, and we're pretty screwed anyway.

>> No.25310453

Rolled 17

Perfect. We should drop the dumb act, revealing our intelligence would be a better way to deal with Michael. It could entice his curiosity.

>> No.25310456

or the worst choice

>> No.25310457

Negotiation is non-existent when you have nothing to negotiate with and are not in a position of safety. If you can come up with multiple good reasons as to how exactly to proceed then that may change opinions.

>> No.25310458

Not my preference, but I support us moving forward so sure. Maybe make like they angels transferring us broke some kind of compulsion Fand had placed on us.

>> No.25310459

Lel SM just wants to rek ur anus m8

>> No.25310461

nah, I'm guessing he just wants to move things along

>> No.25310467

Our negotiating point is "If you don't agree to our terms we will not help you." Since they gain nothing from killing us and torturing us would only make us less likely to help them, we do have some limited leverage.

>> No.25310484

Not really, he could just try and rip our power out of us.
Our leverage is that we can help heal him safely and quickly.

>> No.25310503

They have no guarantee ripping our powers from us will leave the power in a suitable state to be used, or if it will just vanish into the nether. Come to think of it, we don't even know if that's possible.

>> No.25310505

That's not leverage because we're in a cage and are more subject to breaking and doing as asked then actually dying. And I don't see many hints of other shadowy friends around so I doubt this guy keeps things like us for very long. Either just because he's an angel, or because his experiments are that thorough.

>> No.25310509

...can we deliver on that though?

>> No.25310514

>Not really, he could just try and rip our power out of us.
>Our leverage is that we can help heal him safely and quickly.

what in the world makes you think our level of healing, one that surely even the mid level ANGELS, including Aurial before her fall could easily out do, would be a point of leverage? I am honestly curious.

>> No.25310518

Me too.

>> No.25310526

if we ever do a full level purify it might work. Water magic IS different then Light magic after all.

>> No.25310545

They're angels. They don't need to gain anything from killing/torturing us. Michael likely has experiments in mind and it's been stated by three different characters as the reason why we were shipped here. If that many angels are that familiar with this kind of procedure it doesn't bode well for us at all.

>> No.25310547

>Purify - Spend 3 Mana: 100% chance to heal 1 ailment on target. Spend 6 mana: 85% chance to heal all target's ailments. Spend 9 mana: heal all of a target's ailments and the ailments of all those you are physically touching.
This looks like an ailment.

>> No.25310553


Theoretically, this. The only thing we know for sure is that Light magic won't fix the wounds.

>> No.25310555


I think whatever is wrong with Michael goes beyond what our meager skills can accomplish, or he would've been healed already.

>> No.25310559

My mistake, I phrased that wrong.
What I mean to say is that they have a better chance of getting something useful with our cooperation rather than just ripping out and poking our raw energies.

>> No.25310564

I really doubt that it would be that easy, considering we are talking about END TIER ANGELS.

>> No.25310575

<...I take it you are Michael.>

"Highest, my friend. Highest. But yes, I am Michael. You are?"


"Shadow!" Michael claps his hands together. "Not terribly original, but descriptive. That's scientific, if I do say so myself. Well, Shadow, you seem a bit nervous. Anything I could get you? Live human? Virgin blood?"

<...neither of those interest me,> you say.

"But they interest me."

<What has me nervous it the prospect of being 'erased'.>

"You are a smart one," Michael says. "I thought you would be. Sandalphon has no idea, you know. He just wanted to take one of Fang's toys and blow it up because he got outsmarted. I won't be erasing you. I plan to use you."

<Call me curious.>

"Well, as you can see, I have a serious condition," Michael says. "I'm a very renowned healer...but ever since the Shadow War, I haven't been able to show my face in public. Well, I have, but children tend to run and scream. Women don't particular care for me, either. It's a little depressing."

<...I know the feeling.>

"Ah, Shadow, you're a sport," Michael says. "A real sport." His face darkens, and something sick and twisted rises to the surface like an angry rock worm. "But you have no idea, you pathetic piece of filth. Don't presume otherwise."

<...my apologies.>

"Better." Michael leans back, favoring his good side. "Light magic has proven ineffective. I've used all my skill - which is the greatest skill that exists, some say - to no avail. It's been over a hundred years now. When I heard about you, I got to thinking - I live shadow elemental, a summon, an experiment of Yi Fang. Perhaps just the thing I need."

<I do not wish to die,> you say. <If I cooperate, and we heal you, then - >

Michael chuckles, stopping your words.


>> No.25310591

And I disagree with you because everything we've learned about angels contradicts your assertion.
They don't cooperate with shadows. Auriel only even tried because of everyone else that pitched in for us at the time.
We're alone here. And caged.

>> No.25310598

True. Hey remember how Auriel is a Spirit Mage? You think there are no Water Mage angels in the host?

>> No.25310601


Ok, yeah, Michael is an crazy asshole.

>> No.25310617


>> No.25310622

Yup. Knew what I said was spot on.

>> No.25310624

You are remotely surprised?

>> No.25310625

>Get offered live human
>turn it down

>> No.25310627


This guy is no better than the rest of them. SM is sure doing a good job of making us hate these Nazi bastards.

We can't let them destroy our basic <human> decency, bros...

>> No.25310635

"No, I'm not going to erase you," he says. "Now I have a new pet! And frankly, I don't like working with people. Not anymore. I like using people. I like taking things from people, and then, when they have nothing left to take, I make it so that they beg for their own deaths. And then I kill them." He kicks his good leg up. <It's hilarious, actually. Bringing them so low they beg for death. There was this one woman, you see - I cut off her arms. I brought her around my quarters - that's actually the upper portion of the entire tower you're in - on a leash. I kicked her around, made her eat from bowls. She begged me to die. I told her I'd kill her if she fucked me. Best sex I ever had. I buried her in the Great Gardens, under a tree. I visit sometimes, when I need a laugh."

What do you say to this man?

>...fascinating. Tell me more.
>you disgust me. I'll never help you
>something else (write-in)

>> No.25310638

Riiight, because making ourselves look like an asshole is the best idea.

>> No.25310647


What, and prove all their preconceived notions on the inherent evil of shadow correct?

There's no justice in consuming a powerless being who is no threat to us.

>> No.25310649

>you disgust me

>> No.25310654

>...fascinating. Tell me more.

"Any more stories you'd like to share, Highest?"

>> No.25310659


>> No.25310660

Rolled 11, 99, 41, 55, 90 = 296

uh huh

>> No.25310663

Holy shit.

>> No.25310667

<And that is your right as "Highest" is it?>

>> No.25310670

>...fascinating. Tell me more.

>> No.25310678

<Fascinating tale, chap.>

>> No.25310679

I just found it funny that it was offered at all.
Could have said yes, then when it got brought in said we aren't hungry anymore.

That would have been a bit of entertainment in this trainwreck.

>> No.25310685

Good golly holly...

>> No.25310687

changing my vote from this
to this

>> No.25310688


<And yet you call /me/ a pathetic piece of filth.>

Insulting him is probably not the smartest thing but fuuuuuuuuuuuck this guy.

>> No.25310689

Truth be told, I don't much understand human copulation.

>> No.25310697

>...fascinating. Tell me more.
Let's bait him into telling us more with our curiosity and interest. But let's word it more discretely than that.

>> No.25310700

Ha! These. Give no fucks. It's obviously just a power play designed to intimidate us. Why would he think that cows a sentient shadow?

>> No.25310702

<A pity, I had hoped at least one of you had manners>

>> No.25310703

>...fascinating. Tell me more.

Maybe even share one of our stories of "CoNsUmEing. We may hate him, but we need to create an opening for when he eat the shit out of this guy.

>> No.25310705

HaHa this one

>> No.25310708


As soon as we break free from here we are murdering this guy.

>> No.25310709

>something else
<I do not understand humans obsession with sex. It does not interest me.>

>> No.25310711

Tell him about the time we inked inside someone and exploding them.

>> No.25310713

>>...fascinating. Tell me more.
This is fantastic! I wanna hear more.

>> No.25310714


<Well, you have me at your disposal Highest. What would you have of me?>

>> No.25310721

Well, clearly you are truly a hero. No doubt I should heal you right away so you can show those nasty people just who's in charge!

Good thing I have just the method to help you, Sir...

Make an incision on your arm, please...

(return of the exploding ink death!)

>> No.25310722


<How surprising! The ugliest damage has been dealt to your mind.>

Fuck this guy, he's obviously unstable.

>> No.25310723

<So, the plan is to make me so miserable that I will do anything to end my existence. Interesting, I had not considered the possibility that you could prevent me from allowing myself to unravel. Anything else before you begin Highest?>

>> No.25310729


>> No.25310735


Your eccentricities far less interesting, that your work. Tell how you plan to heal your affliction?

>> No.25310743

<Please do not assume I wish to hear of your various fetishes. You were saying you wished to keep me around....>

>> No.25310745


Damn I was just about to say something almost exactly like this.

>> No.25310746

>taunting the batshit insane angel

>> No.25310750

Ooh ask him to finally explain copulation to us

>> No.25310753

Oh god yes.

>> No.25310759




>> No.25310763



>> No.25310764

Seconding this.

>> No.25310765


Seconding these.

>> No.25310770


I dunno man, isn't that always how you get sociopaths to reveal their weaknesses and shit?

>> No.25310773

This. Add "Highest" at the end.

>> No.25310779


Do it. Insane source is best source...

>> No.25310780

Get him to feed us mages. Lots of mages. We deny the ring city mages while growing stronger, he might consent since he's a sick twisted fuck and feeding people to a shadow is probably a horrible thing he'll get off to.

>> No.25310785


>> No.25310791

You know something interesting will happen when no vote is called.

>> No.25310792

No. He doesn't get that title.

>> No.25310793

he'd feed us shadow mages.

>> No.25310803


Will ask for this if you earn a consensus.

>become the pet of an insane angel that feeds his victims to you

mite be kool

>> No.25310813

I don't see how that would be better or worse than eating not shadow mages.

>> No.25310814


His weakness is obviously that he's a bugfuck insane sadist. This guy is such a walking bundle of psychoses I don't think there's any hope of healing him completely. I don't think he even cares as much about getting back to normal appearance and life rather than taking it out on everyone else around him.

>> No.25310816

So we do an Audrey II and then conquer the ring city? Ehhhhhhhmaybe.

>> No.25310817

if only we had pocket
>mage smuggler

>> No.25310819


Mages could be theoretically innocent people, I don't think Shadow would be comfortable with this even in this most awful situation.

I still think our best hope is to absorb the shards of true darkness.

>> No.25310820

I'll second it.

>> No.25310824

a) they are slaves and have no choice
b) we will free them, not eat them.

>> No.25310827


No, I don't think that would fit in with the character we've tried to build up for him, honestly.

>> No.25310828


>> No.25310830

You are implying that when we say "Highest" we don't mean "deranged mass murderer." I believe that is the definition of Highest in this setting.

>> No.25310831

No. Just... no.

>> No.25310833

I'm not a huge fan but I guess it gives us a chance of breaking out.

>> No.25310840


No, fuck you tsun tsun, you've been offering out of character advice ever since you started showing up.

>> No.25310844

I want to do it

>> No.25310845

no, rather be mage smuggler

>> No.25310846

Only for as long as it takes us to get powerful enough to kill him.

>> No.25310851

I like it. But it isn't in-character.

>> No.25310852

no eating innocents. nu uh

>> No.25310854

What the fuck no.
That'd be like... temerity + 9^googol^grahams number

>> No.25310858

Yeah. Just play along and hope he doesn't damage us too much before we can do something.

Also, congratulations on your edgiest character yet SM, unless there is something up your sleeve, you have fallen to 14-year old fanfiction tier characterization.

Do we even have a choice? It's do as he says or be slowly taken apart by "Favorite Character"

>> No.25310861

well seeing as hes snapple...

>> No.25310868

...fuck you.

That is actually worse then Waifuing and Anti-Waifuing.

>> No.25310872

Temerity isn't bad.

>> No.25310874

>rather be a mage smuggler


>> No.25310876

It might be reasonable to assume that being halfway consumed by ebil majokz is the reason he's batshit. I'd hold judgement until we can actually fix the guy, if we want to do that.

Speaking of which, HEY, can we look at this guy's soul like we did with Flint once upon a time? I wanna see what it looks like.

>> No.25310878

This can only backfire.

>> No.25310879

No, FUCK no. We aren't anybody's pet. We're only here until we can kill him.

>> No.25310880



>> No.25310886

We could smuggle them out in our belly. When asked why we're growing larger, we simply tell him that he needs to let us run free to get our exercise.

>> No.25310890

Okay... and?

>> No.25310894

Some asshat downvoted the archive to -4. -3, now.

>> No.25310897

>Paladin of Goodness time

We're dealing with a sociopathic angel.

Fucking Patrick Batement-Josef Mengele hybrid with wings.

Fuck him and fuck you for not wanting to kill him.

>> No.25310898

and sufficate them, pocket has air and is undetectable

>> No.25310899

How else are you supposed to show hes super insane?

>> No.25310902

Sure, why not.

>> No.25310903


Seriously, we can't go about justifying everything with good ends. Otherwise we end up just like the angels.

>> No.25310907

No man I want him dead, I just don't want us to help get him off by killing potential innocents is all.

>> No.25310911

>Then we can crystallize our temerity into a Shard. Good idea guys!

Do not support.

>> No.25310919


But hes an angel he can't be bad. Also we need to save these memories so we can share them with Aruiel.

>> No.25310924

it does kinda go against our established character

>> No.25310925

Seeing as what happened with the quest now that it's "ANGEL SLAVE QUEST", I don't wonder why.

>> No.25310926

I'd really rather not. REALLY rather not.

>> No.25310937

Did you just write b8 m8? The second part is good but your first sentence is wacko.

>> No.25310938

I'd like to

>> No.25310944


Oh no, we're definitely killing him.

But we're not consuming innocent prisoner sacrifices.

>> No.25310947


Also, can we make a crack about needing to work with the Angela's PR department?

>> No.25310949

How do we save memories? Tell me that bit of info, please. Because we cannot.

>> No.25310950

You're seeming awfully eager Shadow Master, it's weirding me out. Maybe I'm just paranoid...

>> No.25310953

>we'rnot consuming innocents
What are you, a pussy?

>> No.25310956

>But hes an angel he can't be bad.


>(And I'm talking about you, nigger.)

>> No.25310960

By remembering them, I imagine. We can already transfer images to people.

>> No.25310969

wow, /tg/ is really not fond of an interesting story when they've become invested in it, huh?

>> No.25310972

It's amazing how stupid you are.

>> No.25310974

I assume we'd need a lot of earth magic, since that was used to remove or erase a previous batch of our memories.

>> No.25310982

Earth magic? That really seems like a spirit magic kinda thing.

>> No.25310992

That's how it tends to go around here...

>> No.25310998

It's impressioning that acts as a save function. We used it before to create images to show to those in our party, for quite some time now. It's not memories it's... impressions.

He already said this is his favorite character. We just need to find a way to kill him.

>> No.25311003

It's only out of character if you make it.

>> No.25311004

guys, this is like Youtube comment section level of dense. he's obviously being sarcastic. I know it's been a trying thread you you kids, but try to pull your heads out of your asses, would you?

>> No.25311005

<Frankly...Highest,> you say, adding in his title, <I do not understand the human obsession with copulation. I does not interest me.>

"Hmm...? Well. What gives you pleasure, Shadow?"

You think for a moment.

<...I enjoy consuming my enemies. Helping my friends.>

"Well aren't you an interesting pet?" Michael laughs harshly, then stares at you with his ugly, deformed eye. "Stay that way, or I'll fucking tear you to pieces." He leans back. "Anyway, imagine all the physical pleasure you've experienced gathered into a single, oh, 5 or 10 second point and released all at once. That's the pleasure of sex. That's why people seek it. Like any other kind of pleasure, it's addicting. In fact, humans are biologically engineered to find it addicting, to seek it, hunt it down. It's how we propagate ourselves, after all. In that sense, it makes sense you don't feel much about it."

<I see.>

>you gain 2 humanity (161)


"You know," he says, "I used to get laid all the time. Just by asking, sure - I'm one of Hyperion's choosen - but I liked to earn it, you know. I'd heal a girl's ailing father - BAM! Instant sex. Sometimes I'd only heal them halfway, so that they'd need me again - well, when they had an -especially- beautiful daughter. And when they were old and used up, I'd finally let their father die after he'd lived half-comatose for years. Selfish bitches. And you know what? They'd always thank me for giving them more time, and throw themselves at my feet, claiming that I was the one true man they loved and that their father's will was a blessing on our marriage, which was surely impending, because of how much we loved each other." Michael cackles madly. "The fucking looks on their faces when I just fucked off and never came back! I followed some of them in secret after that. Almost all of them killed themselves. The rest ended up in prostitution or some such.


>> No.25311009

We're not a dick like that. Dick.

>> No.25311011

I'm pretty okay with it, honestly. I'm not happy about it but I'm not abandoning the quest.

>> No.25311014


I support it.

>> No.25311018

The ugly side of Michael's face turns toward you. "Can you imagine that, Shadow? Building an innocent girl from nothing into your skilled little fucktoy - and all while, she thinks she's in love. She thinks it's the best thing that ever happened to her. She thinks everything is perfect. That is power. True power. Love is the greatest weapon. I don't need a Spirit mage's mind magic. I make my own. Ha!" He slams a side table with his fist.


He stops.

What do you say?

>say nothing, you've heard enough
>something else (write-in)

>> No.25311025


I think he deliberately said that to piss us off even more.

>> No.25311037

we went on a big bitch fit about xella wanting to eat people and now we honestly are having an argument about doing the same thing ourselves? Really?

>> No.25311045


Okay so now we know that this guy was an asshole even before getting injured.

Still voting for killing him as soon as we bust out of here.

>> No.25311052

>suggest a fasttrack for xp that would let us actually be usefull instead of pretending to be all good when we cant do much
>people get mad
It's like you guys dont even know what "For the Greater Good" means.

>> No.25311055


>> No.25311059


This fucker needs to die. Let me guess, he put the shel'kath on Flint.

>> No.25311060


Not really, I guarantee it's one or two guys just samefagging.

Probably the same guy downvoting the archive.

>> No.25311064


>> No.25311065

>say nothing, you've heard enough

>> No.25311068

That's not it at all. It's part being angry at the QM for presenting us with "Obvious" outs that directly contradict logical action, and part anger at being delivered trussed up to a character who talks like he walked out of the worst kind of /d/ doujin.

Whatever. Keep the fucker talking, you obviously enjoy writing this.

You know that's not possible. He's SM's favorite character.

>> No.25311073


It's like you haven't ever read this quest before!

>> No.25311076


<... It never lasts long enough?>

>> No.25311077


>> No.25311078

It means 'I know I'm doing something bad so I'm trying really hard to justify it'

>> No.25311079

<And it's why you want me to heal you. To weild it like one weilds a sword.>

>> No.25311080

...There's something wrong with you SM.

>> No.25311082

I'm probably wrong, but I'm 90% sure he's mostly fucking with us to see how we react.

>> No.25311084


<...But you want more than that.>

>> No.25311089


That was sarcasm.


My internet sarcasm needs a lot of work.

My favorite character is Flint, by far.

>> No.25311093


Just part of what makes him the best damn QM on /tg/.

>> No.25311094

I tend to dislike calling things edgy... but dis fuckin' guy. Dis guy right here.

>> No.25311097


He does write books, of course there is something wrong with him.

>> No.25311101


You do realize that all quests on /tg/ are receiving at least -4 downvote automatically right? Regardless of its quality/content/etc.

>> No.25311104

<...but it got boring? Following the same pattern again and again, knowing exactly what would happen next?>

>> No.25311106

I kinda want to call him out on trying too hard.

>> No.25311107

>"For the Greater Good."



We go down that path and we're no better than everything wrong with this world that we're fighting to change.

>> No.25311115

>Be an edgy faggot
>Get called out on being edgy
>"I was only pretending!"

If you wanna let your edge shine through, just admit it.

>> No.25311119

I found his theme.

>> No.25311121

>Acting like it wasn't our actions that led to this
>Not trusting SM enough to believe his favorite NPC can die
you frustrated?

>> No.25311122

>He's SM's favorite character.

Well then he can take his sweet time writing a kickass death scene for him.

>> No.25311128

All the pent up anger from never having his novels published, it makes sense now.

We are the outlet.

>> No.25311132

<...but what's the point?>

>> No.25311136

You gotta be careful saying shit like that after a thread like this. Lest you go the way of HPQuest and others like him.

>> No.25311142

Congrats SM, I don't think I've ever seen a QM introduce a character and get people to want to kill and consume him in the most vicious manner possible as fast as you have.

>> No.25311147


<I'm glad you find me interesting, because I am certainly bored by you.>

>> No.25311151


Nigga, did you read what SM just said?


>> No.25311156


He's like our own Jeoffrey!

>> No.25311158

What you need to realize is that there -is no sarcasm- on the internet. Your voice has no tone, you can't give subtle tonal hints to do things.

You're stuck with us interpreting your words and divining meaning from them.

>> No.25311164

>My favorite character is Flint, by far.
Why can't I hold all this sarcasm?

>> No.25311167

<But in the end it never filled the hole. the pain and longing it all brought. you said yourself you wished to earn it, some part of you sought the good despite what you used it for>

>> No.25311170


>> No.25311178

I was too busy writing to see it. Either way, my point stands.

>> No.25311186

I say we forc our way into his mouth and eat him from the inside out, we havnt done that in ages

>> No.25311190

No, not even that. He's a pathetically written attempt at getting us incensed that he falls off the table and just becomes uninteresting.

>> No.25311195

dear god this guy is twisted. the affliction he suffers from merely reflects his own twisted soul.

>> No.25311198

I mean, you can have sarcasm, it just has to be really obvious and even then some idiot will take you seriously

>> No.25311206

Agreed. Later. But agreed.

Also, punching his dick from the inside of his body while we do that.

>> No.25311211

>Spend last couple days eagerly awaiting awesome adventures in properly done Scholomance finally reunited with Abby.
>Get... this...
Oh well.

>> No.25311225

I kinda just thought he was a standard torture fetishist mixed with a fully-body Two Face reference. But I guess that works too.

>> No.25311233

Too much, we go this far and he's going to smack us for the presumption of believing we could analyze him. I doubt he'd care much about laying atrocities at his feet though.

>> No.25311234


Let off some steam, Anon.

>> No.25311237

I think we jumped on the 'fuck Magcock up in the worst way possible' train faster than this one

>> No.25311248

Allow me to posit an alternative.

>> No.25311255

It was such an interesting setup too, only to be shat all over, and now after we escape, we're going to have to go on another fucking fetchquest to get all our friends back together.

I hate you SM, I mean, I can understand moving the goalpost, but we take 1 step and the thing orbits Jupiter.

>> No.25311271

It all started with us killing Gabriel. I think...

>> No.25311277

Magcock was less of a dick than this guy, which is surprising since he had cock in hes name

>> No.25311278

I just wanted some time with our friends. I need time to unwind damn it.

>> No.25311279

Another alternative


>> No.25311284


>> No.25311286

We're still in the light cage right? Grab one of the bars and hang on until we pass out from the pain. See how he reacts.

>> No.25311292


It seemed like a good idea at the time?

>> No.25311293

People are putting waaay too much of this on SM's shoulders. Things could have gone many different ways, but our choices are what led us here.

>> No.25311306

Yeah, we're starting off at square one again.

>> No.25311307


>> No.25311309


No, his name was MagNOCK.

>> No.25311317

SM says get back to smacking bitches.

>> No.25311328

ah sorry

>> No.25311335

well yes, but once the nickname was introduced it kind of stuck

>> No.25311338

but he was a MAGcock

>> No.25311346

Guys, he was MAGNUM COCK. Get it right.

>> No.25311353

We made choices which ultimately led to this outcome, but it's not all bad. On the bright side we can set in motion our freeing of the shadow mages earlier than we were planning.

>> No.25311354

Hey, he is the one who keeps making these goalposts and throwing them out of a plane as he flies overhead, how much fucking unfinished business do we have going on? I can't even remember the amount of shit on our to-do list because trying to help Flint has taken us around the fucking world 42 times only to get set back at every turn.

>> No.25311360

Well, he was MAGNOCOCK when we got through with him.

>> No.25311362

Or die trying?

>> No.25311364

Lots of discussion in the pasty few moments.

I'd just like to say that if you don't like a character, feel free to shout it loud and vote for him to die at the earliest opportunity! I think Michael's a little over the top, sure, but I enjoy writing insanity. It's fun. If you don't like it, that's ok, I've got a thick skin, and people that do like it also shouldn't get offended. This isn't "post only opinions SM will like" time. It's "vote for what you want to happen" time. If that involves shitting on one thing or another, feel free. It's ok to be pissed when things don't go how you want.

For those feeling very frustrated by the current situation, I will say that only by falling as low as possible can you appreciate your arrival at the top of the mountain. Catharsis is a dish best served after a roller coaster; I ask that you remain patient and ride through the storm.

I can't guarantee that you'll ever get out of the storm, because the story is influenced by you in a big way. But there you go.


*ahem* writing

>> No.25311366


>> No.25311370

Wishful thinking.

>> No.25311379

We're the ones who befriended Flint and decided to make his parasite top priority, aren't we?

>> No.25311392

The fact that you feel you need to justify this shitfest speaks volumes.

>> No.25311404


>> No.25311406

>For those feeling very frustrated by the current situation, I will say that only by falling as low as possible can you appreciate your arrival at the top of the mountain. Catharsis is a dish best served after a roller coaster; I ask that you remain patient and ride through the storm.

Yeah, honestly, I kind of like the change of events where we're alone in the most hostile territory. I miss the rest of the party already, but that just makes it so we'll fight harder to get back to them.

>> No.25311408

>I ask that you remain patient and ride through the storm.

I don't have that many decades SM

>> No.25311416


>> No.25311417


Man, if you don't like it, why are you still in the thread?

>> No.25311419

Listen, this is how I think of it. I was ready for some downtime two or three threads ago. Honestly, I was looking forward to possibly seeing Scholomance because it means "Hey! We won't face enemies wildly more powerful than we are!". Now you throw this at us and I can't see getting... any sort of fucking relaxation for at least another three or four threads. It's draining.

>> No.25311425

>on bright side, Ila, Auriel, and Flint are all in Heavensgate area

>> No.25311426

Because it was good for the 30 threads before this. <