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You are a creature of darkness and shadows, and you suspect you may be in WAY over your head.

HP: 45/52
Mana: 13/20
EXP: 0
Humanity: 105
Temerity: 116
Shards of True Darkness: 2


You're not sticking around long enough to get destroyed by a clash of powers of this magnitude. It's time to get what you came for and get out.

You dive back down the mineshaft.

<Darkxis!> Magnock's voice echoes in your head. <What are you doing?!>


You land hard in front of the prison cells and sprint toward Abigail. You focus on the symbol in front of the cage.

Nothing happens.

You slam your limb against the bars. The spirit magic wavers, but holds firm.

What do you do?

>power your way through the cage
>use nightflare to disrupt the spell making the cages
>some other strategy

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>>use nightflare to disrupt the spell making the cages

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>power your way through the cage

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I am so very glad part two for 30 was made

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>power your way through the cage

dont want to fuck with anything potentially dangerous downstairs, like Auriels egg thingy, what would happen to that it caught by nightblaze?

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Magic is precious and we are mighty strong. Use force.

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Shit, I thought we commented in this thread to determine the actions. I wanted to Nightblaze, quickly eat Dicknock and then get the fuck out of dodge.

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Rolled 393

>call the cage bad names until it opens

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>use nightflare to disrupt the spell making the cages
If we have enough range on it to reach his lab max, otherwise just enough for this room.

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Flare costs 2

Blaze costs 4-10

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Quit the caps lock.
Let's use a low mana nightflare, and then take Abigail and look for Flint & crew.

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Okay. Flare, then.

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>power your way through the cage
OH GOD we have to get you out, we have to get you safe, i just went through the god damn deathlands and i am not letting your uncle, the angels, or god damn hyperion himself take you now

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How did whats-his-face open the doors? Can we replicate it?

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>>power your way through the cage
Try this first.

>>use nightflare to disrupt the spell making the cages

Try this second.

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I agree, save mana, we're strong as fuck we can break this barrier, we might take a few hit points of damage but HP isn't going to be an issue of shit hits the fan because we'll be dead

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Nightflare would be better against this singular entity.

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Then we tell her to book it.

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>our face when

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Indeed. Why not Nightflare?

>> No.25252454

NightFLARE should be sufficient, since we only need to disrupt the spirit cage temporarily, rather than permanently disjoin it.

Grab Abigail and her newfound prisoner friend GirlJoey incoming, and make a fucking break down into the lab proper so we can gather up the rest of our people before shit hits the fan from all possible directions.

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>How did whats-his-face open the doors? Can we replicate it?

You just tried that in the post.


Roll 1d100 for your Nightflare

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while in the lab make sure to eat all the magically delicious artifacts he is sure to have.

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Rolled 81


>> No.25252467

CONSUME what is obviously a magically imbued item.

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Rolled 16


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Rolled 73


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Rolled 33


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Rolled 56


>> No.25252480

Rolled 55


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Rolled 30


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Rolled 53

well we made the DC at least

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Rolled 26


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Alright that's enough let's not roll a 1 now!

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So, for future xp expenditure, I'm thinking to go for Oneness.

Assuming we don't clear the plot locks on the hydra prereqs frist.

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Rolled 86


I agree with this anon wholeheartedly.

>> No.25252529

Personally I want the rest of the Stealth stuff first before we go for Oneness.

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>1000 elite soldiers
>3 Angels
>What is probably a fragment of Hyperion

I don't feel so bad about not getting to punch Magnock in the dick now that I know what is about to happen to him.

His body isn't ready.

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Now that I'm thinking about it, it might be a little callous of us, but we can probably tell Samantha
<You are sure to be rescued, of this I have no doubt. Surely, none here could stand against those that have come to strike down the forces that have seized your town from you. I wish I could be here to see you liberated from your prison, but there are others I must attend to most urgently.>

She might be a little distraught, as might Abby, but we need to get the people we came here for before we should worry about liberating others.

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Agreed. And the 75% reduction on becoming a beacon with focus is good too..

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Rolled 36

I think we should get Shadow Control next

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You use Nightflare.

The world shocks to a negative of itself. The cages of Spirit flicker briefly, then vanish - the whole hall's worth. They must have been linked together.

"Shadow, what's going on?" Abigail asks. "I can feel so much magic!"

You don't pause to explain. You grab Abigail with one limb, Samantha in another, and sprint on.

...maybe, just maybe, you could make contact with Yi Fang. If his working with the angels is an alliance of necessity - he might just be your ticket out of there. As long as he doesn't find out who Abigail is.

But if you're wrong, you're in trouble.

But then, you're in trouble anyway.

What do you do?

>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory
>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible
>some other strategy

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I agree. I think we should max out our physical abilities before we invest in magic. It's always available, our magic can be disabled or we can run out of mana.

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Reposting this for the new thread.

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>>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory

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>>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory

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Seconding telling her this. As it is the absolute truth to the best of our knowledge.

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Friends. Fuck meeting Yi Fang. Yi Fang can suck a dick.

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>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory
we shall let the dice decide

>> No.25252580

>contact the nigger
Don't ask for help, just contact him. Have a friendly chat.
Nothing bad can come of it, r-right?

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>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory
I get the feeling the seer namedropped Yi Fang for a very good reason. And this is it.

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Head straight to Adavan for council and support

>> No.25252587

contacting him is a bad idea. so

>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

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>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible
i with a maybe change our minds if we can get advice from our friends first. but we are still in full, get out of dodge mode

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>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

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>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

>> No.25252597

>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

>> No.25252599

>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible
Try to escape under our own power for now; if we can't manage the Great Escape on our own, we can resort to bartering then.

We can't waste any time, considering that Magnock could possibly be sending one of his duplicates down to the lab in order to figure out what the fuck his traitor shadow is doing THIS time.

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>>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory
>>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

Get the rest of our friends *first*, then contact Yi Fang.

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>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible

FUCK contacting that guy. And fuck everyone who thinks thats a good idea

>> No.25252609

NOPE KEEP RUNNIN. We can deal with Yi Fang later when we're not so imbalanced in power he has nothing we need at this moment

>> No.25252612

we need Yi Fang for the Staff of Winds
so contact

>> No.25252613

Get our friends out first, we can try and contact after they are safe.

Also, can we try and destroy the connection with Magnock, maybe with nightflare? it really needs to go if we are to escape, especially if he escapes the battle.

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>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory

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Contact him, but only after we've found Adavan.

>> No.25252620

We can always contact Yi Fang if our plan to get out of dodge gets fucked somehow. We shouldn't waste our options here.

>> No.25252621

Turns out that it didn't matter since the cages were connected.

Neat. Can't argue with a two-for-one.

>> No.25252623

say this
ask them where Addy is, find everyone else
>if we contact, make it simple we mean you no harm

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>don't bother, just get your friends and get out as quickly as possible.

>> No.25252631

Friends. Time to run.

>> No.25252641

Ok I have an idea. The Angels will most definitely save our companions. Would it be better to go and take them anyway (Auriel will want to wait for them) or should we book it now and contact them later?

We do need to at least get Adavan. Magnock might want to use the others as hostages which might turn ugly.

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>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory

>> No.25252648

Fuck everything else.

>> No.25252649

Get our friends and RUN.

>> No.25252651

We need to talk to Yi Fang EVENTUALLY; while he is conducting a joint op with a metric fuckton of Angels and we're struggling to gather up our scattered party is NOT the time to start discussing how we need his help for our quest.

>> No.25252655

either way ask them where Adavan/the labs are
>we fight for our friends

>> No.25252660

I don't think we should contact him before consulting our friends. They know more than we do. We read one fucking book and have a lotta hints and assumptions.

>> No.25252666

We can contact him when he doesn't have ALL THE LIGHT behind him

>> No.25252667

>FUCK contacting that guy.

A fine opinion.

>And fuck everyone who thinks thats a good idea

And there's where you went too far with it.

>> No.25252668

We're leaving. Fuck making new friends.

>> No.25252682

No way are we getting a spirit mage out of here without Yi Fang knowing; let's get him on our side.

>> No.25252684

ya on the cusp of battle is not the time to feel out potential frenemies.

>> No.25252685

>contact the presence on the way down to Magnock's laboratory
At the very least we have to see if we can convince him not to vaporize us on sight.

>> No.25252686

THIS. I agree completely.

>> No.25252705

Friends first, gotta make sure they are safe before we take risks.

>> No.25252707

>Trying to get two Spirit mages out of here
>Without Li Fang knowing
>And one of them is his niece
Yeah I think we have to at least say hi.

>> No.25252710

But what if I said..
I want to FUCK /you/

seriously though, I'm not sure what thought process people are going through to reach that conclusion other than being idiots.

>> No.25252711


>15 mins since start of thread
>83 replies

Welp, everyone's had their say, I move the bill to the floor for a vote.


Vote 1:

Vote 2:
>no contact

>> No.25252716


Fuck contacting him.

>> No.25252719

Vote 2:
>no contact

>> No.25252724


>> No.25252728

Can we have a 3: contact after we find our friends, please?

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>> No.25252738


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>> No.25252745

Vote 1:

>> No.25252746

2: Get Adavan first

>> No.25252751

2. we might reconsider after we talk to adivan.

going to bed now. dont fuck this up guys

>> No.25252752

>3 contact after we find our friends

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>> No.25252754

Vote 1:

>> No.25252755



>> No.25252756

No contacting until we have the group back together and can assess the situation.

>> No.25252757

He doesn't know she's here. He may still be entirely unaware of her existence. We shouldn't give up anything to someone who we already know is a massive manipulation that has rules for centuries.

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>> No.25252762


>> No.25252764


>> No.25252766

But getting friends out has much more priority

>> No.25252769

No contact. If he obviously notices us, maybe contact.

>> No.25252770


>> No.25252771


>> No.25252772

I'd be more worried about trying to get two powerful LIGHT souls in Auriel and Flint out from under the watchful eye of four Angels (one of whom is probably the Hyperion-equivalent of us) as a powerful Shadow elemental.

Vote 2.

We can talk to Yi Fang at a later date, say... one that doesn't involve a clusterfuck of nested life-or-death struggles.

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>> No.25252775

The very fact that he's cooperating in a fucking EMPIRE operation is telling as fuck.

>> No.25252778

1, there is no reason not to.

>> No.25252779


>> No.25252781


>> No.25252783

vote 2

>> No.25252784

Vote 2:
>no contact
wait til after we get to Adavan/friends

>> No.25252785

Because we can do 1 when we have more chances and information.

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>> No.25252788

Vote 1

>> No.25252793


>> No.25252797


>> No.25252799

vote: 2

>> No.25252801

Vote 2:
>no contact

>> No.25252802

Very lol worthy.

>> No.25252804


Because he totally knows we're here after that Deep Focus.

>> No.25252806


>> No.25252815

vote 3
wait til after find everyone, then contact

>> No.25252818


>> No.25252819

2 for Friends

>> No.25252820

2, find our friends first and then convfer.

>> No.25252821


>> No.25252822

>don't contact

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>> No.25252830

There better be this many people upvoting the thread on suptg.

>> No.25252836

2. all the 2.

>> No.25252837

did everyone show up all of a sudden? i dont remember this many people being here at the start of the thread

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>> No.25252848

Absolutely no samefagging here.

>> No.25252849

wait til we find our friends

>> No.25252855

3, but failing that

>> No.25252857

Rolled 66




That's just stupid.

Freeing Geb can wait until we actually have a negotiating position. Do you think Yi Fang will try to hand the damn staff of the winds while he's got airship cannons pointed at his ass?

>> No.25252859



cutting off voting

Jesus fucking CHRIST if some gentlemen would be so kind to check my counting, I'd greatly appreciate it.

>> No.25252862

I think we need a rule where you can only post the number by itself and anything that is not number only is ignored.

Because this is blatant samefagging.

>> No.25252863

Well, some dickwhistler keeps downvoting it by four votes...

also, 2.

>> No.25252864

>all dis samefaggin
guys, come on

>> No.25252870


>> No.25252880



>> No.25252887


>> No.25252895

17 for 1 (plus 2-3 for people voting 3: contact after getting friends together)
28 for 2

Might be slightly off, but the gap's wide enough that it shouldn't matter.

>> No.25252898

I wonder if the samefags canceled each other out.

>> No.25252904

I normally just lurk but today y'all are being stupider than usual.

>> No.25252920

Contact: 18

No contact: 25

Alright, seems pretty clear.


>> No.25252922


>> No.25252923

A fair many 2s may be wanting 3 as well; let's please have another opportunity after we find everyone.

>> No.25252924

Rolled 78


I think 2 wins with about 25 votes.

>> No.25252927

>I was off by one

>> No.25252930

18 1 >contact
28 2 >no contact

>> No.25252931

18 1s
28 2s

>> No.25252940

I get home and I get to catch the second thread.
Holy moses.

What the hell have you people been doing?

>> No.25252959

can we make this a
>3, wait til after we find our friends to contact

>> No.25252960

Making your job of doing a comic WAY HARDER, obviously.

>> No.25252965

We just learned that Mardock is about to get raped. And we don't want to be there.

>> No.25252998


We started at like 7 o'clock board time today. It's been ridiculous.

>> No.25253000

Magcock is about to get bum blasted by Yi Fang about 2 thousand admantium clad soldiers, an air ship 4 angels, and the biggest source of light we've ever seen

>> No.25253001

he learned that magnock is about to get fucked so hard, but so many people, it will rip the nearby area a new asshole. as such we dont want to be in the nearby area

>> No.25253008

Hey that only counted for that one thread and It's really hard to draw Flint in penne armor when I have zero art skills.

>> No.25253014

Maggy bout to get shitter shattered

>> No.25253017

You shoulder through the steel door at the end of the prison block, blowing it off its hinges.

A long, dark, square shaft rests below you. You dive down without hesitating. You fall straight down for a good ten seconds before the ground rushes up at you. You land softy, then burst forward again.

A steel door looms in front of you - heavily reinforced, with a magical barrier imprinted clearly on the front. You can't sense anything beyond it.

What do you do?

>juggernaut that bitch down
>use nightflare to be safe, then shoulder through
>some other strategy

>mana: 11/20

>> No.25253018

Happy Tuesday everybody.

>> No.25253020

>3 angels and a likely hyperion spawn

>> No.25253023

They're literally not going to have to do any mining anymore after this, since they will have blasted the entire mountain range into easily gathered chunks of ore and lich.

>> No.25253028

This whole fucking place is about to get the wrath of Hyperion called down on it.

We are grabbing our friends and getting the fuck out.

>> No.25253029

Night slam go go sanic item

>> No.25253036

nightsmash go

>> No.25253037

>>use nightflare to be safe, then shoulder through

Presto, no barrier.

>> No.25253038

Well, you know that comic you were writing? About Magnock vs. Shadow?

Three angels, the lich king, and a fragment of hyperion just arrived. They're allied. And they all want Magnock fucking dead.

Shadow is getting the fuck out of dodge before his shit is ruined.

>> No.25253041


>> No.25253044


>> No.25253047


>> No.25253055

>>juggernaut that bitch down
Gotta conserve that mana for a full poer 10blaze should we need it.

>> No.25253056

I think Juggernaut is a reasonable option here; a magically re-enforced door should be easier to smash down manually than a cage made of pure magic.

>> No.25253058

Go Go Shadow Lockpick!

>> No.25253060

juggernaut that bitch down.
we need 10 mana in order to break auriels barrier when we get inside. we have no time for pussyfooting with that
>Must get away. Must get away.Must get away.

>> No.25253061

shield abby/sam

>> No.25253066

Rolled 47


No time to scry the door.

Nightflare and slam it open.

>> No.25253070


>> No.25253076

>Clear magical ward
Definitely nightblaze. we still have a good amount of mana left.

>> No.25253080

I'm the goddamn juggernaut

>> No.25253084

Technically we don't need 10. We could just spend 9 ad it would be *almost* as good.

But I'd still prefer to juggs it

>> No.25253098

Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, our strength is probably at the point where it's more effective to smash the walls out from around the magically warded door than to try and bust down the door itself.

If it weren't a mine shaft that would likely collapse if we did so, I'd advocate trying that.

>> No.25253100


>> No.25253104

>multithread buildup of Magnock and secret alliance of angel/lich/light us
first reaction is fuck all that and run

>> No.25253107

Alternate: Spend 10 mana to attempt to cancel any one spell in sight-range)
i want to be able to do that.
a greater dispel magic is to damn useful where we are going

>> No.25253110


>> No.25253128

juggernaut has more votes at this time, and no other plans have been put forth. We gonna rip this door a new one!

>> No.25253143

I wonder if that dispell would work on the spell keeping an airship from being harmed by the Sky Sever.

>> No.25253146


>> No.25253159


>in the interest of time, you selected Juggernaut after I glanced at the discussion and called what appeared to be a rough tie


You smash through the magical barrier and blow open the door, but not without a scratch.

>you take 1 damage (44/52)

You glance around the new room as the dust clears. It's...gruesome. Corpses lay over tables, some disemboweled. Buckets of limbs and organs are arranged about the room in a twisted filing system of human parts.

You find yourself relatively unbothered by it, but you slide a nub of shadow over Abigail's eyes. <Don't look.>

You pause. Three doors lay around the room. You briefly extend your senses.

One room holds what is unmistakably a Spirit mana pool. The second holds an egg-shaped sphere of light. Your companions!

The third door leads to a hallway that extends up beyond your senses.

An explosion of Spirit erupts above you. The room shakes. The stone rumbles. You extend a few legs to keep your balance, then stand upright.

What do you do?

>> No.25253168

>I wonder if that dispell would work on the spell keeping an airship from being harmed by the Sky Sever.
maybe, but lets save something like that for later

>> No.25253177

>Spirit mana pool.

>> No.25253184

A mutilated lychee with it's parents crying over the body?

>> No.25253186

problem is that we have to see the spell. and i am pretty sure the spell is anchored on magic gyro thing.

>> No.25253192

Nightflare the egg. Then eat the pool.

>> No.25253196

Top off mana, blast 10 mana nightblaze while standing in the pool.

>> No.25253197

>pic related
use night flare on 1st door take a sippie, then grab friends

>> No.25253200

Recharge, go get our friends, save our lich.

>> No.25253203

>open door with companions, tell them its you and get them out of egg
>go to mana pool to recharge
>find Addy

>> No.25253204

where is adivan? ohh crap he is in the pool. ohh crap. Get him out. now

>> No.25253205

Get mana then try to make contact with our companions

>> No.25253207

No Adavan? Then lets get our companions first and then briefly recharge from spirit mana pool.

>> No.25253211

Knock, tell Auriel we're here and that we need to leave, ASAP. Then we try to find Adavan.

>> No.25253217

Go to the egg room, nightblaze Auriel's barrier.

Grab companions, flee through the third door and hope to god that it's an escape route.

>> No.25253219

Find any artifacts. Eat them. Recharge in Pool.

>> No.25253222

And nightblaze.

>> No.25253238

Okay, mana pool, nightblaze egg, then find Adavan.

Then flee like a motherfucker through door number three.

>> No.25253239

Full-power Nightblaze to crack Auriel's barrier.
Refuel in the mana pool, and then make a break for the third room where he was probably keeping Adavan.

(If the mana pool is within sight range of the egg, sit in the mana pool and use the sight-range Nightblaze to crack it from within the pool to save time.)

No risking Focus to find Adavan, since the big guns above are watching.

>> No.25253241

quick recharge, then go to the egg.

We don't want them attacking us when we break them out.

>> No.25253244

defiantly this

>> No.25253248

full power nightblaze auriels egg. after trying to impression the egg to open. with the words
<now would be a very good time to run, yes it would, i think yi fang is here. get out now or i am breaking it open so i can carry you>

>> No.25253261

Recharge, and get Abigail to dip a hand in too. She'll get even more benefit out of it, being Spirit-elemental.

>> No.25253272

Isn't it caustic to most creatures?

>> No.25253273

Oh yes, talk to our friends first before using Night Blaze. Tell them its time to flee. We don't want to harm Auriel via backlash or anything.

nope, Mana Pools kill mortals that touch them

>> No.25253274

no. bad idea. mana pools are elemental food, not people food

>> No.25253276

>Abigail to dip a hand in too
It kills people.

Don't you remember? She'll die.

>> No.25253277

You should be reminded that we seem to be unique in our ability to contact with mana pools directly and live.

This would backfire in the saddest possible way.

>> No.25253281

no, it would kill her. no one is suppose to be able to survive a mana pool, we an exception

>> No.25253282

Magic pools are toxic to huumans mate.

>> No.25253287

They already know we are here.

We looked at it, it looked right the fuck back.

>> No.25253297

Yeah, in retrospect, cracking the egg right off the bat is probably worse than trying to impress on Auriel the urgency with which she needs to lower the barrier and get going with us before resorting to brute magical force.

>> No.25253299


I was entirely unaware of that.

In that case, explicitly warn her about it, since it'll probably seem alluring.

>> No.25253310


You rush into the egg-room.

Chained to a chair, welded to a wall, and bound in several thick barriers and ropes of spirit magic is none other than Adavan. His head is strapped upright, and his eyelids are pinned open. They widen slightly when they see you.

You set down Samantha; she falls to the floor, breathing hard. You keep Abigail on your 'shoulder' and keep her eyes covered. She doesn't need to see him like this.

Another explosion of Spirit rocks the room. Dust falls from the ceiling. Then, more Spirit, popping like fireworks, slamming against one another.

You notice a necklace on one wall. It's a gold chain set with an orange gemstone.

Roll 1d100 for your nightblaze. A 4 mana nightblaze is large enough to reach Auriel's egg and the shields around Adavan.

>> No.25253314

Just because they know we're here doesn't mean we want to give them another good look at us. For all they know, we Focused, saw the Giant Fuckoff Airforce and immediately ran for the hills.

>> No.25253319


We should tell them that we've arrived BEFORE we bust down the door...

>> No.25253323

>Yeah, in retrospect, cracking the egg right off the bat is probably worse than trying to impress on Auriel the urgency with which she needs to lower the barrier and get going with us before resorting to brute magical force.

Yeah, no sense spending energy to break it and overpower Auriel when we can just knock and ask. Easy enough to identify ourselves via impressions. Darkxis wouldn't know what to say to embarrass her; we do.

>> No.25253327

Looking at our upgrade tree I had a thought. If we get multishade would it unlock a ability like that of the dick ass lich?

>> No.25253328

Rolled 22

Do 10.

We have a mana pool. Go for overkill.

>> No.25253329

Rolled 88


>> No.25253333

Rolled 35


>> No.25253342

Just nightflare on Adavan; we can ask Auriel nicely to open the shield and save the mana, please.

>> No.25253343

<i am getting both of you out>

>> No.25253344

Can we call out to them that it is us while doing this?

>> No.25253346

Rolled 24


>> No.25253352


Retcon: you briefly shout into the egg that it's you, you're breaking it open, and cross your fingers that they could hear you

>> No.25253353

agreed, we want to destroy any chance of Magcock escaping and wrecking every enchantment in the place will definately do that.

>> No.25253354

Is that his phylactery?

>> No.25253358


This please!

>> No.25253361

Rolled 95


>> No.25253362

Rolled 40


>> No.25253363

Rolled 70

it would help if i actually rolled.
<rise and shine friends. we are leaving.

>> No.25253368


>> No.25253370

Make DAMN SURE the necklace is out of Nightblaze range. It could be Magnock's phylactery; it could be ADAVAN'S. Should be careful.

Would like to see what happens if we consume a phylactery while its owner is still kicking, though. Should prove interesting.

>> No.25253374

any one ever thought about the potential of adavans soul gem phylactary or whatever the fuck being magic might be dispelled?

>> No.25253379


Fuck all magic in a 150ft circle

>> No.25253382

Rolled 58



I get the impression that there is a trap here.


>> No.25253391

if the nightblaze reaches the gem necklace, we should grab it first

>> No.25253393

I think it may actually be quite bad. Especially if that amulet is Adavans phylactery.

>> No.25253398

Rolled 6

>It could be Magnock's phylactery; it could be ADAVAN'S.

Good thinking, I vote we don't use a 10 mana nighblaze.

>> No.25253407

Rolled 71

supporting this. in fact, just nightflare adivan and get him to tell us what is going on. right the hell now

>> No.25253412

30-70 is average on magic
30>is bad
70<is great

>> No.25253413


We don't want to catch that phylactery, if it is a phylactery.

>> No.25253425

Rolled 13



Hit Adavan ONLY with the nightblaze.

Hopefully he's sane enough to relay some good intel.

>> No.25253428

If that is Adavan's phylactery, it'd be a pretty major dick move on SMs part to point it out to us upon entering the room and then have us make a roll that has a decent chance of breaking it.

>> No.25253435


One 88, one 35. We're good.

>> No.25253444

>implying our shit (comparatively) magic can unmake a LICH's phylactery.

>> No.25253448

alright changing my vote to minimum nightblaze. Pity, I wanted to see how much damage we could do.

>> No.25253457

Rolled 100


Guys, we shouldn't eat Magnock's phylactery.

Blackmailing a powerful lich would be a MUCH better political move than eating it outright.

>> No.25253466

We can't blackmail him.
Because he's dead.

>> No.25253472


>> No.25253474

12th roll and unlinked


>> No.25253478


>> No.25253483


>> No.25253484


The dice have spoken. We blackmail the lich

>> No.25253487

It was outside the 10 mark, but i'm still mad at you that you didn't link that 100 to SM

>> No.25253489

I know it wouldn't count anyway as the 12th roll, but still

>> No.25253490

It just keeps happening.

>> No.25253493


>> No.25253495

Magnock is dead. And about to be destroyed. Hes facing the most pwoerful lich on the planet as well as 3 angels and a shard of hyperion

>> No.25253499


>> No.25253503

>time to start the Un-Linked 100 Club

>> No.25253504

If it was linked it would've counted because of all the rolls that weren't linked, as those do not count.

>> No.25253505

We were perfectly happy to punch him in the dick until he turned inside out last time around; what the fuck is going to make us want to use him as a POLITICAL TOOL now? Especially considering that two even more dominant political powers have decided that he's worth stomping into dust?

>> No.25253507

>mana: 7/20

A sphere of negativity extends from you. Magic that touches it unravels...as if cut off from something vital.

It grows, then vanishes. But the spells it touched stay dead.

Adavan's chains and bindings fall off him and clatter to the floor. He collapses. You catch him before he hits the stone.

The white egg vanishes. Joey, Flint, Auriel, and Obis are all there, weapons drawn, breathless.

There's a moment of silence.

"By the Light, Shadow, you scared me half to death!" Flint shouts. He rungs over and grabs you in a bear hug. "I've never been - "

Spirit explodes, the greatest you've yet felt. Everyone glances up to the ceiling.

"What the hell is that?" Auriel asks. She closes her eyes.

Her face goes pale. "...Sandalphon is here. And...Yi Fang?" She nods. "...Palthair. Of course. It's too important."

<I thought that might be the case,> you say. <Adavan. Are you alright?>

Adavan raises his head. "Never better," he croaks. "Just one thing."


"Next time you want a favor...go fuck yourself."

You pause for a moment, but considering what he's been through, you suppose Adavan is entitled to a little namecalling. <I used a disguise to fool Magnock and get into the base. Magnock is fighting Yi Fang right now. We need to get out of here, now.>

"Get out of here?" Auriel says. "There's only one way out, and it's through that!" She jabs a finger at the ceiling.

Spirit crushes against spirit. You all look up again.


>> No.25253509

Rolled 8


Don't know that for sure. Don't you think he would surrender to Yi Fang if he could and that Yi Fang would prefer a powerful servant if he could get away with it?

Just saying, we shouldn't consume until we know either way.

>> No.25253510


>> No.25253522

Which is why we should eat his soul. After asking addy what that necklace is.

>> No.25253523

He will have seen this coming and has preparations to escape. Come on guys.
What else do timeless wizards do? They scry all day erry day and plan for everything.

>> No.25253527

There's nothing left to blackmail. He's up there suiciding against the fucking lich king.

>> No.25253533

Jump in the damn pool. We need mana!

>> No.25253535

Rolled 4

either grab or eat the necklase

>> No.25253543

>"Next time you want a favor...go fuck yourself."
well he's not broken

>> No.25253545

Does Auriel know we can supersonic with everyone on us? She doesn't does she? Heh.

>> No.25253546

thats why we need to make another way
>mana pool, search other door

>> No.25253551

What would happen if we tried to CONSUME the mana pool? Literally consume the *whole* thing, so that it didn't exist anymore when we were done?

>> No.25253554

We tried to consume Adavan's mana pool, and it just sort of slipped through our jaws.

So mana is good for recharging; not so much for eating.

>> No.25253555


What is it with humans and copulation?

>> No.25253559

We have tried it before. We can't do it.

>> No.25253560

tried, nothing

>> No.25253561

We did once. Apparently it was like a normal person trying to eat a chunk of steel.

>> No.25253562

Yep, that is indeed the Adavan we know. I still think he gets to be the first servant.

>> No.25253565

we've tried that before... but we're a lot more powerful then we were.

>> No.25253567

we tried that already, didn't we? and it was basically like trying to eat an indestructible wall?

>> No.25253570

Rolled 41


Grab necklace.

Charge Mana in pool.

Stretch into giant winged bat and fly the shit out of there with the party on board.

>> No.25253572

>"Next time you want a favor...go fuck yourself."

<I'm not the one that decided you should travel near the giant worm's mating ground and through the turf of headless magic-using monsters buddy.>

>> No.25253575

Hey, I am new to this quest and I was wondering if there is a summary of the story and mechanics of the quest for newcomers?

>> No.25253582

No, we rebounded off of it like the thing was made out of steel. Let's dip our hand in and cheese it.

>> No.25253583

>Tell him what he's won!
>Well SM, for all his hard work Adavan gets to be a shadow angel
grab necklace
add this

>> No.25253586

You lose. You get NOTHING. GOOD DAY SIR.

>> No.25253587

That's what I was wondering, yeah.

>> No.25253590

One spirit is dominating the other.

"Magnock's losing," Auriel says.

The smaller spirit collapses, and is squashed like a rotten tomato.

"Correction," Adavan says. "He just lost."

"I don't need a lich to lecture me, thank you."

"I just spent two days being tortured to the point that my mind was about to break open," Adavan hisses. "Do not test me, or I'll tear out your soul and use it as an area rug."

<We do NOT have time for this,> you say firmly.

The necklace tucked in the corner of the room begins to glow. A foggy vision of Magnock begins to form around it.

Adavan shouts just one word. "Phylactery!"

What do you do?

>run over and smash it to bits
>nightblaze, burn all remaining mana
>some other strategy

>> No.25253591

check the archive, just read the "last time..." at the beginning of every thread.

>> No.25253592

Read the whole thing. It's more than worth it. Better written than some books I've read.

>> No.25253594

Someone could write a summary if they are feeling kind.
Otherwise, no, there is not.

>> No.25253595

Yes, it's all on suptg, go read it

>> No.25253598

not complete

>> No.25253600

><I'm not the one that decided you should travel near the giant worm's mating ground and through the turf of headless magic-using monsters buddy.>


>> No.25253601


>> No.25253604


>> No.25253607

There is a summary at the start of the thread.

>> No.25253608

Rolled 88

eat it. CONSUME

>> No.25253612

>>run over and smash it to bits

>> No.25253615

Consume the fucker.

>> No.25253616

No. He deserves to yell at us.

Adavan is a cool dude.

>> No.25253617


>> No.25253618


>> No.25253619


>> No.25253620

Let's say that to him when we can.

>> No.25253621


>> No.25253622

>some other strategy
When he materializes, consume him.
Then consume the necklace.

>> No.25253623

It's not going to be able to get smashed; we should know better than THAT.

I say we
>some other strategy
Consume his soul's essence that was bound to the necklace out from inside the phylactery as he is attempting to reconstitute himself.

>> No.25253628

Or CONSUME. That works too.

>> No.25253629

run over and eat it, say
<Now we see who really is stronger>

>> No.25253631


>> No.25253633



>> No.25253636

>nightblaze, burn all remaining mana

We can recharge at the spirit pool.

>> No.25253637

As dangerous as it sounds I wanna know what kind of xp a phylactery artifact can give.
Opting for consume.

>> No.25253641


>> No.25253642

Smash it and eat whatever comes out.
He just got flattened, he is in no position to resist being eaten now.

>> No.25253644


>> No.25253647

Rolled 2



I was advocating to just steal it beforehand, but if Ole MagDick is reforming directly in front of us, fuck it.

>> No.25253648

It's sipping the sweet nectar of the soul directly rather than having to sift it out from between all the meat and gristle.

Shit's gonna be delicious.

>> No.25253649


You know what you have to do.

It's obvious, of course.



Roll 1d100

>> No.25253651

He's a lich, this means they will be looking for it. Might as well throw it in the opposite direction of where we are heading to buy some time.

>> No.25253654

Eat it.

>> No.25253658

Why in the world haven't we recharged in the pool?

>> No.25253659

Rolled 35


>> No.25253660

As if you needed to present any other option than consume

>> No.25253662

Rolled 28


>> No.25253663

Rolled 47


>> No.25253666

Rolled 84

Nat 100

>> No.25253667

Rolled 16


>> No.25253668

Rolled 43


>> No.25253670

Rolled 19


>> No.25253671

>feed me papa

>> No.25253672

Rolled 77


>> No.25253674

you know how we should prove to the gigantic army above that we're not a crazy shadow demon from hell?

lets indiscriminately eat this orange bauble.

>> No.25253675

Rolled 100

Dice. Always with the dice.

>> No.25253676

Rolled 95

one more time for a nat 100

>> No.25253679

Rolled 9

Nat 1

>> No.25253680

Rolled 13


>> No.25253681

Rolled 48





Not entirely in character, but it gets the point across.

>> No.25253682

Rolled 36


>> No.25253686


>> No.25253687


>> No.25253688

Rolled 36

May the dice look down upon us

>> No.25253689

I love you

>> No.25253691

Not fuckin' bad.

Glad you could make it for thread two.

>> No.25253694

Okay. I'll make a comic of THIS battle too. But by god is it going to take a long time and be extremely shitty looking.

>> No.25253695

Don't be.
I'm going to waifu the Hyperion shard because "MUH ROMEO AND JULIET STYLE FORBIDDEN ROMANCE"

>> No.25253697



>> No.25253699

Rolled 33


Darkxis would be proud.

>> No.25253703

Why does this shadow angel thing keep coming up? If we ever do empower someone, it certainly won't be an ages-old lich, who's already plenty powerful in Spirit magic, who has only the slightest ties to us.

It'd be more appropriate to grant that kind of power to the assassin-chick.

>> No.25253705

Natural 100 eating a Lich's phylactery, inherently a powerful magical artifact.

This is going to be good.

>> No.25253706


>> No.25253708


>> No.25253709

Rolled 2


>> No.25253711

god damn it!

>> No.25253715

Or Abigail.

>> No.25253716


>> No.25253717


Caw caw cawww, cawcaca caw.

>> No.25253719

9th roll.

Magdick gets his just desserts.

>> No.25253720

Rolled 14



>> No.25253722


>> No.25253723

Marry me, Bird-Anon.

>> No.25253724

say either
or <This is for Abby>

>> No.25253729

>implying Erebus and Hyperion didn't have that going already.

>> No.25253730

The guy just protected Abby and got tortured for his trouble. He deserves something special. It also doesn't matter what he does because he is stuck with us now.

>> No.25253741

<You're a fool Magnock. And now you are food.>

>> No.25253743

Because centuries old liches are really strong, and adavan could do with the boosted constitution.

>> No.25253745

Yeah, but remember we were told that making someone a Shadow Servant interferes with non-Shadow powers. He's a Spirit Lich. Let's find some other way to thank him.

>> No.25253753

If we make anybody into a shadow angel/servant it should be Joey. As it stands, Joey is almost completely useless. We need to change that.

>> No.25253754

<Hey Magcock. I ate your little shadow pet, and I'm eating you too!>

>> No.25253762

Servant works by reshaping their souls.

Ila's soul is removed from her body and guarded by angels.

>> No.25253766

Along with Fem-Joey... OH SHIT, WHERE'S JOEY?!

>> No.25253768

<This is for Adavan, this is for Abby, this is for being a giant cock!>

>> No.25253771

I hope we unlock a new spirit or summoning tree, or even get some freebie spirit spells!

>> No.25253775

It interferes with the "Greater" Elements.

It just gives the user shadow power otherwise. So he would be Shadow/Spirit lich.

>> No.25253777

Thank you, Erebus, for the XP we are about to receive...

Also, when we get it: Balance.

>> No.25253778

>The white egg vanishes. Joey, Flint, Auriel, and Obis are all there, weapons drawn, breathless

>> No.25253779

It interferes with the 'greater' elements. Fire Wind lightning and light.

It doesn't mess with spirit water earth or shadow.

>> No.25253783


jk: "The white egg vanishes. Joey, Flint, Auriel, and Obis are all there, weapons drawn, breathless."

>> No.25253784


>> No.25253785

Dude, I think Adavan has proved he's a good guy. He gave up a centuries old grudge, saved a young friend of ours, decided to become a teacher, refused to work with another centuries old lich with a grudge, and then didn't break after a day of torture.

All because we asked nicely.

He deserves our respect and friendship as much as Auriel, Obis and Flint do.

>> No.25253786

dude I don't even know why we bothered bringing that guy along. He has been a waste of space this whole time. Servant is for one of our spirit mages.

>> No.25253788


>> No.25253800

I'd say more than Obis and Auriel.

>> No.25253805

>Bird-Anon has evolved

>> No.25253808

This is the first time everyone has been together, yes? So many possible interactions... The only one missing is the Duke.

>> No.25253811

>Shadow incarnate, an angel, a paladin, a little girl, and a Lich walk in to a bar

>> No.25253819

And a dethroned prince.

>> No.25253821

It's called investing. It's a good idea, both IC and in Real Life.

>> No.25253823


>> No.25253832

Rolled 5


I always figured he could be a useful spy. After all, none of the other mages/elementals/angels would think that a bog-standard human who is kind of awkward and has zero combat ability would be in contact with us.

But honestly, he's our best option for Servanthood. Strong morals, has been with us for a long fucking time.

>> No.25253845

You forgot the exiled prince and the ancient magitech construct.

>> No.25253850

I think of it like this, Joey is like an experiment in the long term. He is an average nothing speacial human, the largest magority of people. We have changed his views of Shadow which will be the first step to changing others. Plus if he becomes a knight, he gets land and his own villages, those people learn to accept shadow, that mindset grows from there

>> No.25253851

>and two random kids

>> No.25253855

how horrifying

>> No.25253867

He's the everyman. It's good to have the perspective of somebody who has no special fate or destiny in store.

>> No.25253869

Speaking of which, where is it?

>> No.25253870


You lunge at the phylactery, latching tentacles onto the necklace.

Magnock's spirit flinches in surprise, then begins to throw as much power as it can muster at you. Whips of spirit roll over you.

But in his state, it's like a man throwing toothpicks at a wall.

You bury it under a wave of your Inky body, right to the core. The Shards of True Darkness resonate as you devour the necklace, bit by bit.

Magnock screams as the container holding his corrupted existence is chewed up and digested. You uncover his soul - exposed, weakened - and you show no mercy.

And right before it's totally subsumed...you punch him in the dick. It doubles over, gasping in pain, and then is dissolved into your being.

>you gain 20 EXP
>mana fully restored (20/20)
>you gain 23 Temerity (139)

You step back and glance at your companions. <He won't be bothering us again. Ever.>

Auriel seems shocked. She bites her lip. She blinks rapidly. But she says nothing.

The tiny sun of Spirit that is Yi Fang is dropping down the mineshaft leading to the prison block.

<We need to get out of here.>

Adavan takes a breath. "...teleportation spell. I can do it. Put us a few miles out from the town. That should do the trick. Assuming...everyone here wants to go."

Obis raises his hand with a grin. Flint nods; Joey nods with him. Abigail runs over and grabs Adavan in a hug; that's all the response she needs. Samantha appears to be mentally reeling, to out of depth to respond.

"What about you?" Adavan asks Auriel.

"...I..." Auriel frowns in confusion, in...pain. She's torn.

Do you say anything to her?


>> No.25253871

Wait....I DIDN'T steward on the list....please tell me he is here.

>> No.25253873

Either way, we can't servant anyone now.
It takes time and a shadow mana pool, and we have neither.

>> No.25253874

Is lamb.
Lamb chops.

>> No.25253877

Keep in mind he is Flints squire. We would speak to Flint first.

>> No.25253889

>And right before it's totally subsumed...you punch him in the dick. It doubles over, gasping in pain, and then is dissolved into your being.

>> No.25253899

>And right before it's totally subsumed...you punch him in the dick. It doubles over, gasping in pain, and then is dissolved into your being.

>> No.25253904

Rolled 78


<I will be your wings today, Angel.>

>> No.25253906

<If you want to stay, I understand. But I'm sure Flint would appreciate your continued presence.>

>> No.25253909

>And right before it's totally subsumed...you punch him in the dick. It doubles over, gasping in pain, and then is dissolved into your being.
I love you Shadow Master.

><Auriel, you can make up your mind after we're out of here. Its not like they're going to go anywhere in a hurry.>

>> No.25253915

Rolled 70

<Come on girl, do you really think your Angel friends and that....thing would be as understanding when they see me and Adavan?>

>> No.25253917

Hold out our hand and ask her to come with us.
That it wouldn't be the same without her.

>> No.25253918

<Auriel, I will not force you to do something you don't wish to do. Know only that I will not leave you behind to this fate>

>> No.25253920

>Speaking of which, where is it?

>go three threads
>no one asks where Steward went after the tavern collapsed
>my fucking face

>> No.25253922

<You would give up your quest to 'get a taste of demonslayer' so soon?>

>> No.25253923

><If you want to stay, I understand. But I'm sure Flint would appreciate your continued presence.>


>> No.25253926

I know that you have strong feelings about that creep, but we need to go. Let's leave.

>> No.25253931

Oh you.

>> No.25253935


>> No.25253945

......Dammit did we leave him behind? See now we HAVE to go back and get him.

>> No.25253947

Rolled 89

He is a big boy, he can take care of himself.

>> No.25253948

Rolled 98

all of my fucks

>> No.25253953

...oh fuck.


>> No.25253955

Rolled 68


I can only assume he shit his circuits and ran back to City 001 after he saw the eldritch horror from beyond time and space.

Tell Auriel to teleport everyone out and that we WILL fly her out of this situation.

>> No.25253959

I feel dumb, legitimately. Right-o SM.

>> No.25253971


>> No.25253974

Add in. <I would miss our arguments over morality as well.>

>> No.25253976

<This is your decision to make. We could be persuaded to make it for you, but I don't believe you would ever forgive yourself for letting it come to that.>

<You stand here on the precipice. But I believe that now, more than ever, you have learned the value of holding the weight of your own fate in your own two hands.>

Man, I dunno if it's worth getting this heavy over, or if we should just guilt her into it by talking about Flint a bunch.

Shit, I want her to choose because she's reached a crossroads where she can recognize that the choices you make are more important than the bits that make up your body.

>> No.25253977


It'd be about an hours walk back to the village after the teleport.

>> No.25253980


Buy balance so that we can deep focus sneakier and then DEEP FOCUS to find him!

>> No.25253985

If your duty as angel beckons you to return, I won't stop you. Just... Put in a good word for me with your superiors.

>> No.25253987

but if we could feel the angels with our deep focus, couldn't we sense him since he was also above us?

>> No.25253989

>Shit, I want her to choose because she's reached a crossroads
We're only teleporting a few miles out of the town. This isn't a crossroads, its whether she wants to decide now or later.

>> No.25253991


A combination of these.

>> No.25253992

He can handle himself.
Right now, our life takes priority.
So... let's leave with our lich.

>> No.25253995


>> No.25253999

You know the more I think about it the harder time I have believing that Magnock took over this place. Wouldn't the largest source of Admantium be under a lot more protection? how the hell did a lich just stroll in and set all this up? it feels like someone would be helping him, and Yi Fang seems a prime candidate, I think there was more too this then it seems

>> No.25254002

<Auriel. I've come to possess a certain level of respect for you, over these last few [days/weeks]. I hope you've come to think of me as something of an associate, if not an ally, if not a friend, instead of being a thing that must be kept on a leash.

With this in mind, and while I would not hold it against you if you decided you wanted to return, I sincerely hope that the time you have spent with this group of misfits and outcasts has meant something. Would you follow us? Just to see how far we can go with our, as you put it, 'completely insane and utterly impossible ideas'?>

>> No.25254009

I'd rather not spend that much XP on someone who is likely alright.

>> No.25254011

><Auriel, you can make up your mind after we're out of here. Its not like they're going to go anywhere in a hurry.>

Best answer, I think. Now isn't the time for a prolonged monologue.


>> No.25254015

Shh, don't tell HER that. Having her choose quickly under perceived duress is a good way of making her show her true feelings about the whole thing!

>> No.25254017

combo of these
can we do this?

>> No.25254031

He stated explicitely that he was not going to assist or join us in combat, just that he was going to observe.

I was assuming that he has been observing.

>> No.25254040

>Wouldn't the largest source of Admantium be under a lot more protection?
1. Neither side trusts the other enough to let the other guard the town.

2. Teleporting ships.

>> No.25254043

Remember Gerald, the rapist in the making?


>> No.25254047

Don't supose we can make Addy a servant before we leave can we?

>> No.25254049

Rolled 20

>Wouldn't the largest source of Admantium be under a lot more protection? how the hell did a lich just stroll in and set all this up? it feels like someone would be helping him, and Yi Fang seems a prime candidate, I think there was more too this then it seems

You are now entering the Shadowruns (fuck that fits so well, why) . Anyway, I think we should speculate after we get out of here.

>> No.25254050

It's not just spending it on the robot, it also gets us a valuable skill that lets us detect other things without being as easily detected.

And we need it for Oneness, and the odds are that one of those two opens up Magic Power 3. So it's a very, very good buy.

>> No.25254055

We'd need a SHADOW mana pool to do that, IIRC, not to mention the fact that a thing this symbolic wouldn't be the kind of thing we'd want to do in the five minutes before we run out the door.

>> No.25254059

That's convincing enough for me. Anyone else?

>> No.25254060

Rolled 35


Oh shit, this reminds me, guys.

The Keystone of Atlantis = The Enslaved Water Elemental.

This is way, way downstream, but after we free Geb, and Flint's parasite is removed, we can head there next.

>> No.25254066

I'm somewhat sure I did ask at some point. But I just gathered he would have run away or hid to rejoin us later

>> No.25254068

Forgot my pic

>> No.25254069


>> No.25254072

thirding Balance

>> No.25254080

I'm convinced.

>> No.25254086

It just seems off there'd be so little protection a lich could just take it over, on top of that why are they bringing the hammer down so hard? it seems Yi Fang could of handled it on his own

>> No.25254089

>The Keystone of Atlantis = The Enslaved Water Elemental.

I have absolutely no idea what you just said and I feel terrible for that.

>> No.25254090

If we leave Auriel now Fang will most likely kill her and blame it on Magnock

>> No.25254094

if we get balance, we should gaping maw or analyze next

>> No.25254097

...Did you read the thread?

>> No.25254099

Eh. might as well.

>> No.25254100

>on top of that why are they bringing the hammer down so hard?
>Wouldn't the largest source of Admantium be under a lot more protection?
This IS the protection.

Noone fucks with the largest source of Adamantium. Ever.

>> No.25254102

Also, presumably the lightning guy we ate was at least some sort of a mover and shaker in the town who got too big for his britches and helped Magnock take over in exchange for power.

Right, we also didn't really do too well on the helping to save Sam's father (the mayor who was under some sort of threat of death/injury) front, did we.

>> No.25254103

You have my vote.

>> No.25254114


SM, make it happen.

>> No.25254117

Throwing in my vote for this as well.

Of course not.

>> No.25254124

And mine. Plus it'll help us stretch this pool's mana.

>> No.25254129

Well, I doubt that Fang is going to harm the normal villagers, not with the angels on his back, so he should be ok.

>> No.25254130

But if they had all this why let an entire town be massacred, it would be so much simpler to just have a guard, now they have to clean all of his necromancer shit up on top of repopulating a town, not too mention the production loss. it just doesn't add up to me

>> No.25254132

Rolled 91


Don't worry, I was reading the pastebin of plot background stuff earlier today before work and had some time to think about the world of Shadow Quest

>> No.25254133


>> No.25254140


>> No.25254150

It's plot locked


>> No.25254151

No anon, we cannot.

>> No.25254154

>magic power 3

>> No.25254174

Rolled 84


Magnock was just mindcontrolling the populace, they were still alive. Also don't forget the mages upstairs that weren't mindcontrolled.

Zombies don't exactly have the manual dexterity to forge armor, I'm guessing.

>> No.25254178

>But if they had all this why let an entire town be massacred, it would be so much simpler to just have a guard
1. Noone thought that anyone would be stupid enough to actually attack the city.
2. Who would guard the city? From what I've gathered both Yi Fang and the Empire value it highly. They both probably agreed to leave the town alone and independent to avoid political bullshit that could escalate to some retard blowing up the Adamantium.

>> No.25254179

Yes we can, aren't earth and wind resistance only 2 each? Once we get those we can buy darkness within.

>> No.25254192


>> No.25254195

Before you can say something to Auriel, Adavan interjects.

"I need time to cast the teleport," he says. "And it's a hack job, using Magnock's enchantments in this room - in reverse. I need time." He looks at you pointedly.

The immediate area is short on volunteers.

<Auriel,> you say, <for now...stay. You can make up your mind afterward.>

She thinks for a moment, then nods. "...alright."

<Good. I'd miss our arguments.> You walk toward the door.

"Shadow?" Flint says. "Where - "

<Someone needs to stall Yi Fang.> You look at Flint. <I've got the best chance of surviving if things turn sour.>

"We've got a better chance if we stick together," Flint says.

Abigail's eyes go round. "...are...you leaving?"

"He's not leaving," Flint says. "We're getting out of here together." He looks at you, a pained confusion on his face. "We are leaving together! Right, Obis, Joey?"

Joey nods firmly. Obis glances away. He knows how it is. Someone needs to delay Fang.

What do you do?

>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.
>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.
>some other strategy

>> No.25254196

We're already in autosage at over 500 posts. Dir guds.

>> No.25254198

No, they're pricier than that.

>> No.25254202

Magic Power 3 will be 15 EXP points, right?

>> No.25254203

hmmm makes sense I guess

I still don't trust SM to not be forming an almighty Ruse

>> No.25254216

You are the ones speculating on plot lock. Nothing we have seen supports that

>> No.25254220

I would like to max out our resistances and buy whatever else we can as far as HP upgrades go

>> No.25254221

>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.

>> No.25254222

Still a right bastard SM.

>> No.25254227

It seemed like he had imprisoned all the women and children in order to press the men into service doing manual labor and then transitioned into turning all the prisoners into meat golems in his grisly lab, while all the men were still working to "protect" their loved ones.

I'm genuinely hoping I've misinterpreted the situation here, but it seems awfully practical, and equally evil, so I'm guessing this is kind of what happened.

>> No.25254229

>>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.

hey SM we decided to buy balance and then deep Observe for the Robutt.

>> No.25254233

>>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.

>> No.25254235

>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.
Out of curiosity, how long can we extend a tendril?

Because I'm thinking we make a 'power cord' to the mana pool and just spam Nightflare if it comes to blows.

>> No.25254240

>>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.
We have infinite mana at the pool.

If shit goes down, here is better.

>> No.25254244

>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.

We go it lone ranger style

>> No.25254246

>Because I'm thinking we make a 'power cord' to the mana pool and just spam Nightflare if it comes to blows.


I like your style.

>> No.25254247

OKAY! If we're battling Yi Fang we meed some more attacks. I say we buy Shadow Beam, we will still have enough points for Balance if we want it.

>> No.25254253

thrust ourselves into pool of spirit for mana and possible upgrades

>> No.25254254

>We have infinite mana at the pool.
>If shit goes down, here is better.

This, this this this.

>> No.25254255

You're kidding, right? SM told us it was plot locked himself.

>> No.25254257

>>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.
mana pool=infi magic

>> No.25254264

>>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.

>> No.25254267

Seconding the power cord idea.

If we can't do it we'll all stay here.

>> No.25254273

Oh god those horrible choices.

Try and make contact with him?

>> No.25254274

>>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.

>> No.25254275

<So long, for now, Friends. And thank you...>

>> No.25254276

>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.
Stay here for unlimited magic spam if we need to.

>> No.25254281

>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.

Oh yes, infinite mana is good. Pity we don't have access to any lightning magic.

>> No.25254282

>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.

Self-sacrifice is the way to go here. Adios, amigos; hello imminent death. This also might help offset that giganto temerity surplus we've been getting from eating things we oughtn't.

Might also want to advise Auriel to avoid Yi Fang. If Yi and the angels are really at odds, Yi might just think frying her alive while nobody knows what's up would be a great idea.

>> No.25254287

>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.

>> No.25254288


>> No.25254290

><So long, for now, Friends. And thank you...>
>implying implications.

>> No.25254291

No he did NOT. That is completely wrong. He told is that we need to unlock the ENTIRE trees to unlock the "supershadowabilities." Well he explicitly implied it.

>> No.25254292

>>...alright. We hold here, together. We'll be stronger as a team.
>>some other strategy
send everyone impression of graditude, pick up Abby and look at Flint
<No Abby, Flint's right. I'm not leaving you again, in fac I thin k i have a plan>
mana pool for infinite magic

>> No.25254293


NOT necessarily, we probably just need to unlock more shadow abilities before its open. I suggest shadow control, it looks like it leads in the right direction

>> No.25254295

You realize the mana pool is in a separate room behind a different door? We'd probably have a better chance of reaching it if we were outside.

>> No.25254296

Behold, the Right Choice.

>> No.25254297


What did I say was plot-locked?

The dark-purple corner is plot stuff. I believe I said you already had the means to unlock Darkness Within.

>> No.25254306

>>You can't risk your companion's lives. If what you suspect about the connection between Abigail and Yi Fang is true, he might not hesitate. Someone has to go, and it should be you.
Maybe even more important than the Abigail connection, if Yi Fang recognizes that our Flint is THAT FAMILY of Flint, he's going to be VERY irate.

We may as well discuss with him the business we have that was scryed for us, and that, frankly, we are kind of glad he showed up to drop some nuclear meltdown on the Lich that was trying to harm us and our friends.

>> No.25254308


He's right.

Let them know that this is the case and that we plan to use the mana pool.

Oh shit.

We have 20 XP.

Now would be a crazy good time to buy summoning magic, guys. We need cannon fodder, and we have infinite mana to summon them with.

>> No.25254314

It's still Red though...

>> No.25254317

tank with mana pool

>> No.25254322

Or we could buy high level magics and spam them instead.

>> No.25254328

Is it like Summoning, we need to learn some kind of lesson or collect more Shards of Darkness before we can unlock it?

>> No.25254336

Oh, if unlocking the Grey requires the entire tree to be bought then that means in order to get hydra we HAVE to buy poison. Hah!

>> No.25254338

No sir.

He would just render them useless. We wouldn't be able to summon anything strong enough to delay him in the slightest. He just killed Adavan in like 1 turn

>> No.25254340

No, now would be a good time to buy Shadow Beam and Ray of Darkness.

>> No.25254343

Yeah. Shadow bomb looks pretty nasty.

>> No.25254346

>you have the means to unlock it
If we can fucking unlock it, it's not going to be collecting dark shards.

>> No.25254349


>> No.25254353

hey guys couldn't we summon


>> No.25254356

He killed Magnum Cock, not Adavan.

>> No.25254358

OH HEY, Can we sacrifice mana to get that spell going, or HP, or something?

>> No.25254361

Oh god you imbeciles... Once we unlock the complete the Earth and Wind trees, our physical trees, darkness within will be unlocked. STOP ARGUING. I'm right.

>> No.25254378


Also lets just do this because I want full resistances against a powerful supermage.

>> No.25254380

You're being a colossal faggot right now actually

>> No.25254381

I mean Magcock. It's late as hell.

>> No.25254385

Guys, there seemed to be a reasonable number of people at the beginning of the thread that kind of wanted to make contact with Yi Fang even BEFORE our friends were all safe; now we have the option to do so and we're figuring out our battle plans?

Shit's silly.

>> No.25254387

Fine. Buy them.

If DW unlocks, I'm a big fat dummy and we can buy DW.

If it doesn't then we still buy balance.

>> No.25254392

like this
infiwisp shield after we buy summoning I

>> No.25254393

>5000000 wisps
Entire enemy forces defeated by wisps.

>> No.25254394

I agree, with what SM said its the most likely case. Of course it also means in order to get Mighty Regen we also have to get the entire water and poison\observe tree

>> No.25254400

That would make sense. Earth Resistance, Wind Resistance, and Shitin' Krieg.

>> No.25254405

We should summon a shittons of wisps and do the power cable thing first, we should always be prepared

>> No.25254410

Worth askin'! Any ruling against helping Adavan gather mana, SM?

>> No.25254411

I don't think we have enough points for all 3.

>> No.25254412

Better to be safe than sorry.

If he tries to attack us we can protect ourselves. If he's willing to talk, we talk.

We're hedging our bets.

>> No.25254419

I'm being colossally correct and trying to spend EXP on a potentially super fucking cool ability instead of on BALANCE which you THINK MIGHT lead to magic power.

>> No.25254420

the 'krieg is actually grey, we might not need it.

>> No.25254425

And the Wisp we summon is the same Wisp every time; I don't think we have access to more than one.

Also, relying on Summoning creatures when we're facing the greatest Spirit mage we know of seems like a terrible idea, seeing as he took over the forces Magnock had command over upon his arrival.

We don't want him stealing wispbro away from us if we can help it.

>> No.25254436

<Adavan,> you say. <I can use the mana pool directly. With that power, we might be able to hold him off until the spell is ready.>

Adavan considers your words for a moment, then shakes his head. "...this is already delicate. I can't have that kind of thing unbalancing the spell. If you want to use the pool...alright. But I need everyone in this room, standing in a small space, and if you're touching the pool, I can't bring you."

What do you do?

Vote 1:
>head to the outer lab, extend a tendril to the mana pool, hunker down, and then try to contact Yi Fang

Vote 2:
>the same, but don't try to contact Yi Fang

>QM's note: you can only control 1 direct summon at a time


Vote (A)
>Flint comes with you

Vote (B)
>you'd better stay here, Flint

>> No.25254441

Nthing Earth and Wind resistances, and Balance.

If we can't afford them all, Balance.

>> No.25254442


>> No.25254449

>head to the outer lab, extend a tendril to the mana pool, hunker down, and then try to contact Yi Fang

>> No.25254452


>> No.25254455


Actually, that's a fair point. Time to load up on some magic powers then, boys.

It might be a good idea to compress before we start firing magical missiles at this asshole too. I mean, we're going to need every fucking advantage to stay alive here.

>> No.25254458


>> No.25254465

>head to the outer lab, extend a tendril to the mana pool, hunker down, and then try to contact Yi Fang

>> No.25254470

What will it cost us to buy earth and wind res?

>> No.25254473


1 - B

Voting to buy Earth and Wind resist

>> No.25254474

>QM note
Farewell Infinite Wisp Works

>> No.25254478


>> No.25254480

4 each I think.

So 8

>> No.25254482

Couldn't we just stop touching the pool when his spell is ready?

>> No.25254484

it'll cost us 12 for both.

>> No.25254487


Each one is 4 EXP each

>> No.25254488

Shadow Beam & Ray of Darkness.

>> No.25254489

>if you're touching the pool, I can't bring you."
Isn't the whole point of our stalling so we can all teleport out? Guess that rules out our pool strats.

Vote 1.
Contact Yi Fang, discuss that we are glad the offending Lich has been dealt with, and that we have received some prophecy that leads us to believe that we are going to need to discuss things with him at some point, so we would like to start off on good terms.

Vote B
>>you'd better stay here, Flint


>> No.25254500



It's 12 EXP. My bad.

>> No.25254513

sigh, if we must go hero, lets do it right. Heartfelt speech, hug Abby, and turn towards Yi Fang
1 B

>> No.25254514

So we can't afford those two and darkness within yet. Okay. Do whatever then, but my vote is for saving it

>> No.25254517

>Isn't the whole point of our stalling so we can all teleport out? Guess that rules out our pool strats.
We cut off the tendril and rush back as the teleport fires off.

>> No.25254520


>holding off Yi Fang by spamming magic
>you stop touching the pool
>what happens

I won't stop you if you really want to try.

>> No.25254522

I vote to buy both. It'll be a good thing to have improved wind resist if we're going to make Shadow Supersonic Airlines after the teleport.

>> No.25254527

1b, but tell Adavan to warn us when it's nearly time to go.

>> No.25254529

Voting 1B.

>> No.25254543

It's still not worse than *not* touching the pool and trying to hold off Yi Fang.

>> No.25254545

Can we cast Heal on ourself?

>> No.25254546

I believe this is a hint. I am calling attention to this post because it is probably a hint. This may be a hint guys. It appears a random hint has been posted. Geeze look at this right here hint.

>> No.25254553

Wait, is Yi Fang completely unreasonable?
We shouldn't fire spells at him without giving him a chance to let us go.
That's just evil.

>> No.25254560

Yeah, not really in favor of trying to get split-second timing down or risk getting obliterated by a wall of offending spirit magic.

We're not going to be able to hold our own in magical combat too terribly effectively, so we should postpone it as long as we can.

>> No.25254562

no, that isn't a hint. Its just a worthless comment.

>> No.25254576

We're gonna talk to Yi Fang first right?

>> No.25254577

Blindfire effect. Spam bullets until their heads are down, then flee.

>> No.25254582

The spells we're going to fire off are probably going to be Nightflares to cancel out his magic. Lots and lots of Nightflares.

Wizards can't hurt you if they can't cast.

...Unless Yi Fang knows kung fu too.

>> No.25254587

I had assumed that the 20 mana we store within ourself would be enough to hold him of for some seconds at least. And that if our mana is not enough 1) Auriel uses her shield thingy and 2) we are pretty hardy and could survive one or two spells.

>> No.25254590

SM does that frequently, unless he flat out says we'll probably die he's usually just pointing something out

>> No.25254591

Are you all really not going to vote for a team effort? Is this the thread we finally die? You think a shadow with Magic Power 2 spamming water strike is going to hurt a Spirit Lich Emperor? Holy shit.

>> No.25254595

Dunno, looks suspiciously like he's alluding to the fact that if you cut off the source of your magical energy during a "spam everything you have en masse"-style magic duel, you're probably going to run dry and get blasted into oblivion.

Or maybe that's just following it too far to its logical conclusion, and we'll be JUUUUUUST fine.

>> No.25254596



>> No.25254598

It actually seems remarkably out of character to be perfectly honest. It's just as likely he came here to take care of the phylactery, being a very experienced lich himself.
But then there are many dangers with negotiation these days, things happen.

>> No.25254601

I'll take the risk.

>> No.25254602

>We hold off Yi Fang until he has to call Angels to assist.
>Angels rek us.
>Don't kill us, take us back to the Ring City to be enslaved.
>Meet up with Lia or Lea or whatever there.
>Prison break episode.
I'm putting my money on the table now.

>> No.25254614

>spamming water strike
No you fuck, Nightblaze.

10 mana Nightblaze fucks over magic hardcore.

We're not trying to KILL Yi Fang, or even hurt him. We just need to hold him off until Adavan is ready.

>> No.25254616

The goal is not to beat him, the goal is to hold him off while everyone else and hopefully us gets the fuck out of dodge

>> No.25254626

the instant our friends teleport we blink outta here and slink off.

Maybe we should buy spirit siphon in order to drain him of magic.

>> No.25254635

Now that I'm thinking about it, even if he's aggressive, initially, it's probably a reasonable plan to just try and contact him and spam Nightblazes until he goes "wait, my shit isn't working and this guy is trying to get my attention; what's the motherfuckin' deal."

>> No.25254638

>We're not trying to KILL Yi Fang, or even hurt him. We just need to hold him off until Adavan is ready.

Nightflare is fine, but Nightblaze is going to screw with Adavan something fierce.

>> No.25254641

Oh okay and how are we going to get back to the teleport spell? Are we just, not?

>> No.25254646

at least try to negotiate with Fang before going hog-wild, jesus christ

the guy did the leg work killing Magnock. Give him some credit.

>> No.25254649

That is a FUC-wait. He's a lich, he'll probably be crazy immune to spirit magic.

>> No.25254656

10 mana Nightblaze is single target.


>> No.25254657

nightblaze can cancel any spell we can see.

>> No.25254663

When you do 10mana you choose between the 150ft aoe or you pick 1 spell to fuck superhard.

>> No.25254673

Guuuys, what happens if Mr. Shadow dies? Is the Quest over? Do we follow Flint or Abigail? Take control of a different Shadow?

>> No.25254674


What this guy said. We just need to be careful not to cancel out Adavan's teleport spell.

ONCE THE PARTY IS GONE, we can then supersonic fly in compressed form and maybe lose the angels over Tarun Garkh.

>> No.25254677

You know, after we finish buying those two resistances, we can still afford Shadow Blast, Shadow Beam, Shadow Bomb, or Ice Strike.

Plus Poison or Robust Immunity.

>> No.25254678

Blink requires line of sight.

>> No.25254692

can we just touch the pool and refill our mana (and maybe get some new plot magics) before we do anything

>> No.25254698

>When you do 10mana you choose between the 150ft aoe or you pick 1 spell to fuck superhard.

Oh, fair enough.

>> No.25254699

You fool, don't jinx us like that!

>> No.25254703

We still have our tendril going to the mana pool.

If we can get line of sight from that tendril we can make it.

>> No.25254709

<Flint. You're staying. I'm going.>

"But - "

<Do you value our friendship?>

"...that isn't fair, you fucking bastard."

<Life isn't fair. If you die, Arland loses its greatest knight. And if I die, then a strange creature of darkness that consumes souls has been lost to the world.> You look at Auriel. <Isn't that right?>

Auriel just looks back at you. Her face says much...but she doesn't speak.

<I'm relying on you to keep him here,> you tell her. You glance at Adavan. <Let me know when the spell is ready. I'll try to make it back.>


You head into the other room and throw open the door to the mana pool. You dip a tendril in and stretch back into the laboratory. You can just manage to do it, though you can move around much. The power pulses through you, ready to be unleashed.

You focus on the sun of Spirit energy walking slowly down the hall toward your position. <...can you here me?>

The presence stops. <I can,> says a voice. It's like death grating on steel. <What are you?>

<A Shadow Elemental, and no friend of Magnock,> you say.

The presence starts forward again. <Was that his name? I didn't bother to ask. If you're no friend of his, stand aside. I've a phylactery to crush into dust.>

<I've already destroyed it. He was vulnerable when you killed his body.>

<Saved me some trouble, then.>

The door opens.


>> No.25254711

If we have a tendril leading back, presumably we will have line of sight by virtue of being amorphous in our initial form, meaning we can probably just change what bit of ourself we're looking out of.

>> No.25254736



>> No.25254740

No, it would be a jinx if I said stuff like:
>What could possibly go wrong?
>We'll be fine!
>At least it's not raining!
And other such phrases.

>> No.25254746

This guy is going to have some swagger, calling it.

>> No.25254747


>> No.25254752

This... doesn't seem terrible so far...

>> No.25254759

Nooo! now its like quadra jinxed fuck.

>> No.25254760

Wait, can't we just break a hole in the wall and blink through it if Yi gives us trouble?

>> No.25254764

Wait, we didn't bring up to Flint that we probably don't want him out front by virtue of the fact that Yi Feng is probably still holding the mother of all grudges against his ancestor for rebelling against him?

And instead chose to browbeat him with the fact that he's our friend and if he REALLY LOVED US, he'd do what we said?

That seems kind of silly.

>> No.25254766

>The door opens.

Are you lubed up?

>> No.25254779

They're still up top. We'd have sensed them if they came.

>> No.25254791

>I'm always lubed up

>> No.25254805

Initiating Paulometer.

>> No.25254811


In walks a creature in black armor. Horns protrude from the helmet. Spirit energy exudes from its form; it mouth glows with power every time it exhales.

"Allow me to introduce myself. Archmage Yi Fang, of Archon."

<...I am Shadow.>

The lich smirks. "Shadow. Simple. I like it." The lich cocks his head. "My niece is in the other room, there, and after spending two decades looking for her father, and taking great pains to make sure they are unaware of her existence, I'm about out of patience. I'll need you to stand aside."

What do you do?

>try to negotiate (write-in)
>attack immediately
>some other strategy

>> No.25254833

Okay. We can say oh shit now.

>> No.25254835

UH, UH, negotiate?

>> No.25254841

<SO you do know. What do you plan to do with her?>

>> No.25254844

>try to negotiate (write-in)

"You seem to be allied with the Angels, at least at the moment. You are aware of what they would do to a young girl with Spirit training? I will *not* allow harm to come to her; I will protect her with my life."

He'll either be really happy or really angry with that.

>> No.25254845

<Yes, I suspected as much. If I stand aside, will you guarantee safe passage for the rest of my companions? Also, [SEER NAME] told me that you were the one to ask if I sought the Staff of Winds.>

>> No.25254847

Well... fuck me sideways..

>> No.25254856

>> No.25254862

>try to negotiate (write-in)
<I cannot allow any harm to come to the girl. Your request is not unreasonable, but I need to know your intentions.>

>> No.25254867

><Yes, I suspected as much. If I stand aside, will you guarantee safe passage for the rest of my companions? Also, [SEER NAME] told me that you were the one to ask if I sought the Staff of Winds.>

We're not giving her up until we know his intentions. He might not mean well, and we're going to make sure she's safe. We'll go with her, if we have to go that route.

But do ask him about the seer.

>> No.25254869

I have a feeling we shouldn't fight someone with a theme song like that.

>> No.25254872

Negotiate: <If you are taking pains to stop your neice from usrping your throne, why not keep her from knowing about it by not telling her?>

>> No.25254880

<And if you act now while they are watching? While -he- is watching. Will she be safe from them?>

>> No.25254883


<She is under my protection. Do you know what she is?>

>> No.25254886

I bet you're gonna make us roll for the diplomacy, aren'tcha?

>> No.25254891

>>try to negotiate (write-in)
<I'm afraid I can't do that just yet, though I believed that much was true. You see, right now she wishes to leave with myself companions and after my interactions with your allies above I am willing to stay as long as is needed for her to escape them>

>> No.25254898



>> No.25254899

>Saying this to one of the most powerful Spirit mages in the world

>> No.25254901

>try to negotiate (write-in)

<First I would like to know how did you know that. The girl is one of my companions so please excuse me if I appear to be too protective of her.>

>> No.25254912


>> No.25254914


>> No.25254921

>I bet you're gonna make us roll for the diplomacy, aren'tcha?

>> No.25254928

Like I said, if he's not here to hurt her then he'll be interested, and if he is here to hurt her we're still going to try to kick his ass long enough for them to get away.

>> No.25254929


Don't mention the Staff of the Winds just yet. He's not immediately hostile, which is a good sign, and even better.

>> No.25254930

<I know she is your niece, as she has been under my protection for quite some time, something your allies above would never condone. Tell me, what would happen if an old ally were to whisk her safely away without them knowing and you free of any doubt?>

>> No.25254934


>> No.25254935


>> No.25254936

>roll 1d1 for diplomacy

>> No.25254940


this sounds pretty solid


>> No.25254945

Replace compainion with "few friends" and I'd go for it.

>> No.25254946

>You are aware of what they would do to a young girl with Spirit training?
>Do you know what she is?
I was specifically referring to these parts.

>> No.25254948

>Shadow Master and Player.gif

>> No.25254949

Ehh. Better than anything Im gonna come up with .

>> No.25254955

A combination of those would be great.

>> No.25254958

Time to distract him with delicious knowledge:

"But they were aware of it. I found a diary one of them wrote."

Tell him some stuff but do NOT tell him anything regarding where they hid or other things that will definitely bite us in the back later.

>> No.25254961


Dude, we're trying to hold him in conversation while Adavan charges his teleport spell.

You don't think that a Shadow Elemental claiming protection over his niece and implying we know she's not entirely human isn't something he'd be curious about?

>> No.25254962


>> No.25254995

This is all fine, but we should also mention that she, herself, is unaware of her parentage, and that we only came upon the knowledge after stumbling upon a very well-hidden cache of journals, and that her parents are no longer among the living.

And that we have taken it upon ourselves to be her protector in their stead.

See how that affects his opinion on the situation.

>> No.25255006

>This is all fine, but we should also mention that she, herself, is unaware of her parentage, and that we only came upon the knowledge after stumbling upon a very well-hidden cache of journals, and that her parents are no longer among the living.
Too much info for the moment.

>> No.25255009

toss in this

>> No.25255046

Fair enough. I figured that telling him his decades-long search could be over would've restored at least a little bit of his patience.

>> No.25255070

As I said, for the moment. We should hold it in reserve until we've felt out the situation.

>> No.25255075

Definitely still in favor of telling him that she, herself, doesn't know of her parentage, though.

He'll not be as antsy to keep her quiet about the whole deal if he knows she doesn't have anything to tell.

>> No.25255086

Do we actually know that she doesn't know? We've never asked her such things.

>> No.25255099

I think by 'them' he was referring to the Angels directly above us.

He was looking for her without letting anyone know that she exists, because otherwise she could be used as a hostage.

>> No.25255122

I'm pretty sure the diary said as much.

>> No.25255135

It did.

>> No.25255139

<Who is they?>

Yi Fang merely points upwards. "They."

<...I have been protecting the girl for some time, with the understanding that -they- are not tolerant of spirit mages...or existences such as myself. Your request is not unreasonable, but I would know your intentions.>

Yi Fang smiles.

You feel very afraid.

"My intentions?" he says. "I intend her no harm. She needs protection, and training." He folds his hands behind his back. "We can do this one of two ways. One. I squash you underfoot like a cockroach, annihilate the souls of all the rest of the motley crew in the room behind you, and take the girl where she belongs."

<...and two?>

"Two. The girl comes with me. You do not stop me, you do not hinder me. As far as I'm concerned, you were never here in the first place - and what you do afterward is quite your business." The lich gives you a look. "I know what you're doing. But if you can't use it well enough, it matters not if you had a whole world of mana at your finger tips."

<...might I consult with my...associates?>

Fang shrugs. "I've allowed the other lich to listen in on our conversation. They're aware of the situation."

What is your response?

>...alright. But I'm coming with you.
>something else

>> No.25255163

RIGHT BASTARD. Every time.

>> No.25255166

Another option based on posts I read:

>reveal Jen Fang's Diary, and that you are aware of Abigail's parentage

>> No.25255170

Ask him about the Staff of Winds. Namedrop the seer.

>> No.25255175

Alright guys, no big hero moment, I'm pretty sure he can kill us with a snap of his fingers. I think the best possible thing to do in this situation is see if he'll take us and adavan with himor do this

>> No.25255180


I'm really not happy giving Abigal to Yi Fang, but at the same time I'm not happy with dying.

And I get the feeling trying to fight here will result in a very quick end.

>> No.25255181

>something else

Talk to Adavan, see how much time he needs for the teleport.

>> No.25255182

>reveal Jen Fang's Diary, and that you are aware of Abigail's parentage
I feel like he'd kill us because we know.

>> No.25255187

Is that in our fannypack or is it in the vog cavein?

>> No.25255191

I don't think he's in a very helpful mood

>> No.25255194

These two. Keep playing for time!

>> No.25255197

>...alright. But I'm coming with you.

"I have sworn to protect her. The first and only time I left her alone, she was captured and caged by that lich. I will not leave her again. If you wish to take her, I will follow."

>> No.25255199

Do all those.

>> No.25255212

It'd catch his interest, at least.

>> No.25255216



Miraculously, it has survived your journey nearly untouched.

I had to through you at least one bone.

>> No.25255220

>"I have sworn to protect her. The first and only time I left her alone, she was captured and caged by that lich. I will not leave her again. If you wish to take her, I will follow."

This, and

>Ask him about the Staff of Winds. Namedrop the seer.

this and

>>reveal Jen Fang's Diary, and that you are aware of Abigail's parentage

This. In whatever order makes the most sense.

>> No.25255224

<Is there any end to this scenario that ends with us walking away with Abigal? I have a certain fondness for the first creature that accepted me as something other than a monster. You do not seem unreasonable.>

>> No.25255234


>> No.25255235

I think Abby should have it.

>> No.25255237

...I don't think an emotional appeal is going to work here.

>> No.25255241

I'm really worried he's not going to be very talkative with all those angels above him, and to be honest it would be easier for him to just kill us and everyone except Abigail. I think we should just try to go with him, letting him know we know all this might put him in a bind as well

>> No.25255243

I like asking if he would allow us to accompany her. We do have business with him after all.

>> No.25255246

And yeah. If she has to go, I'd like to go with her.

>> No.25255248

Oh come on, I don't think we'd be cockroach tier... we'd at least put up a fight...Right?

>> No.25255251

Also, request that he take on a less...intimidating form when he goes to meet Abigail.

Because she's just a kid, after all.

>> No.25255253

Tell you what. If I agree to this, I would appreciate three things. First, we ALL come with you. Everyone. Safely, and without any harm on my friends. Two. I tell her her lineage. Not you. And three. Adavan remains her teacher.

>> No.25255257

This is the first time we've felt afraid of someone i think.

>> No.25255264

He doesn't know about Nightblaze. He thinks we're going to fight a magic battle with him, not force it into a physical fight.

>> No.25255265

throw this in with>>25255220
finis with>>25255253

>> No.25255266

Wait guys, why not ask if we might "all" come with him? Surely he is a master of teleportation.

>> No.25255268

the first guy we met on the same level as this guy nearly crushed us till we went Eclipse on his ass... and we still didn't kill him.

>> No.25255272


>> No.25255275

>reveal Jen Fang's Diary, and that you are aware of Abigail's parentage

>> No.25255276

We're really not in a position to demand things

>> No.25255277

Considering the enemies in this setting? I don't think that diamond shield of ours would last with one turn of our rolls. We'd be dead the next turn.

>> No.25255278


>> No.25255281


We'd probably put up a slightly better fight than Yi Fang thinks kind of like how a mosquito bite can really hurt right before you squish that fucker

>> No.25255283

Well, we DID kill him, just later.

>> No.25255289

<It is not the other lich's opinion on the matter I would have sought. All people deserve the right to choose their own fate.>

>>reveal Jen Fang's Diary, and that you are aware of Abigail's parentage
<And so, even, do those who are not entirely people at all.>

>> No.25255296

>just fuckin pull out diary and start reading aloud

>> No.25255306

This is a good option as well

>> No.25255307

Show him the Diary and mention the Humanization process.

>> No.25255312

I think we might make him doubletake. We know we were probably stronger than Magnock, and it took him a few minutes to wreck his shit.

>> No.25255313


>> No.25255319

That... that sounds like a provocation. A bit.

>> No.25255323

This is a GOOD idea.

>> No.25255327

Yup, this.

>> No.25255339


>> No.25255349


Both of these

>> No.25255352


Look, guys.

We need to keep spewing garbage if we want to hold onto Abigail and keep using her as a bargaining chip for the Staff of Winds

Anything we can say that would keep stalling Yi Fang is a win.

>> No.25255357

What was that again?

If it makes her less useful to his plans, then YES, YES OH DEAR GOD YES.

>> No.25255361

<I have my doubts. Seeing as she might be more then just a little girl.> (start's reading)

>> No.25255368

(sigh) "I would like to talk with her before proceeding further, however you should be aware that your brother raised her under the name Abigail. I don't think she will respond favorably to <insert Abby's real name from the diary/journal thingy here> right off the bat."

Did the journal say why Abby's family was hiding from her uncle? Can't for the life of me remember...

>> No.25255372


>> No.25255374

If things go bad, cone of destruction would be absolutely nasty at this range.

Nightblaze him and then Cone em.

>> No.25255379

>If it makes her less useful to his plans
I think his plan is 'take my niece home and raise her'

>> No.25255387

Her real name IS Abigail.
>If it's a boy, we've both agreed to Jonathan. If a girl, I want Laura, but she wants Abigail. That's a name for old witches, but she's really twisting my arm about it.

>> No.25255388

I like this, covers all the bases.

>> No.25255389

Tsun, I don't think he would be too bothered by it

>> No.25255406

This one goes out to Abigail.

>> No.25255408


>> No.25255410

You want to ask Adavan how the spell is coming...but you're pretty sure Fang would know you asked.

"His spell is coming along," Fang says casually. "I won't stand here and let him complete it."

<You do not seem unreasonable,> you say quickly. <Is there any scenario which involves Abigail coming with us?>

"No." The lich purses his lips. "Abigail, is it? A little stuffy...but proper enough, if not Archonian. In fact, it might give her an exotic flair in the Scholomance."

He lowers his arms to his sides, and looks ready to move. You need to buy more time.

<...I have her father's diary. Jen Fang.>

Fang smiles. "Do you? I'd like to see that. Very much so."

You raise the diary in the air. Magic burns at the end of your arm, ready to devour the aged paper. <...how badly?>

Fang gives you a condescending look. "Let's not make hasty decisions we'll regret later."

<My companions go free,> you say. <And...if Abigail goes with you...so do I.>

Fang lowers his brow in thought.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25255423

Rolled 36


>> No.25255425

Rolled 25


>> No.25255426

Rolled 86


Good fucking Lord, this could backfire.

>> No.25255428

Rolled 62


>> No.25255429

Rolled 8

Oh you asshole

>> No.25255430

Rolled 95


>> No.25255435

Rolled 38


>> No.25255436

Rolled 95

Start prayin' folks.

>> No.25255437

Rolled 23


>> No.25255439



I love myself.

>> No.25255441

Rolled 23


>> No.25255443

>Two 95s
Surely this counts for something?

>> No.25255445

We might just have pulled this off.

>> No.25255446

Rolled 34


>> No.25255448

Rolled 61


>> No.25255449

well, not a complete failure. But we might not have convinced him.

>> No.25255450

Rolled 50


natural 0 incoming

>> No.25255452

Rolled 52

Only a critical can save us from this evil

>> No.25255453


>> No.25255461

So is Abby a dickgirl now or what?

>> No.25255466


>> No.25255467

>double 95 after first 3 rolls

>> No.25255471

I don't get it, what's Scholomance?

>> No.25255477

ALL OF US. EVERYONE. Not just us, but the whole party as well. And Adavan needs to be her teacher.

>> No.25255482

This is not Ogre Civilization Quest.

This is helpful, though.

>> No.25255486

A setting. That Blatant Fetish Quest used and is now forever associated with dickgirls.

>> No.25255491

If by ray of hope you mean he essentially soul binds us and takes us as Abby's guard dog, then sure.

>> No.25255499

Scholomance is an actual fixture in folklore, y'know. It was supposedly a school for black magic run by the Devil in Romania.

>> No.25255502

I propose we buy more Spirit resistance, right now.

>> No.25255504

Murder Hogwarts

Blatant Fetish Quest used it for a setting. The MC was a dickgirl.

>> No.25255506

can we buy analyze incase this goes bad

>> No.25255515

The music for the inevitable of this situation.

>> No.25255517

There isn't any more to buy. Maybe if we buy all the spirit things available one will show up. But I kinda doubt it.

>> No.25255524

Dick. Girls.

>> No.25255527

Meant to link to >>25255502

>> No.25255529

Our only real hope here is that he admires how much we'll do to protect his niece.

>> No.25255530


>> No.25255531


>> No.25255541

Great idea, where is it available to buy?

>> No.25255559

>I like you small shadow creature, come live in my castle

>> No.25255562

His expression doesn't change. "...and you say...you are invested in protecting her?"

<I am.>


<...it is...sentimental,> you admit. <...after coming into being...I was alone. Lost. No memories. No understanding of what I was. She...I found her in a graveyard. She accidentally summoned an undead creature.>

Fang chuckles. "At 9? We're certainly related, then."

<I protected her on instinct,> you say. <...she...has accepted me, more fully, more immediately than anyone else I've met.>

"A young mage...very young...with a strong familiar under her command. Abnormally strong." Fang grins with orange fire. "Just the start she needs. I like it, Shadow." He smiles at you. "If you betray my trust, I won't do something mundane, like put you in the nether, or rip you up with my magic. I'll hand you over to the angels."

What is your response?

>Understood. We have an accord.
>add more terms to the arrangement
>something else

>> No.25255565


What are you, four?

>> No.25255566

I'm on the edge of my goddamn seat.

>> No.25255579

Ok, we have a deal here, do we want to push for everyone to come with us?

>> No.25255582

"If I ever betray *her* trust, I'll hand *myself* over to the Angels. And I'm her friend and her protector, not her familiar."

But yeah, we have an accord.

>> No.25255583

>Understood. We have an accord.

>> No.25255587

<My companions come too.>

Please say this before Flint spaghetti's his way through the door saying "shadow no!"

>> No.25255588

One last conditon, Archon. We all come with her. All of us.

>> No.25255592

>Understood. We have an accord.

>> No.25255594




>> No.25255596

>add more terms to the arrangement
<Finally, a seer told me that you were the one to ask about the Staff of Winds.>

>> No.25255598

>add more terms to the arrangement
would my companions be able to visit her?

>> No.25255600

jesus fuck no, why the hell would we want to?

>> No.25255602

No, not going to work. Let's settle for what we've got.


Say this.

>> No.25255605

I need it SM, I want my setting back

>> No.25255606

Well, if we're leaving the party, what about everyone else?

Adavan will probably leave. Auriel, Flint, Joey and Obis will stick together and keep working on getting rid of the parasite.

We'll be able to pursue our goal of freeing Geb by learning shit at scholomance, and maybe finding information about the keys. We might also be able to swing on by Ring City and say hello to assassin-girl. I forget her name.

>> No.25255613

<You have my consent but I need to hear what Abigail herself has to say about this too.>

>> No.25255614


>> No.25255616

>add more terms to the arrangement
<I'll happily agree to your terms, but I would like to ask a small favor. Would you be able to banish a Shel'kath from someone's soul?>

>> No.25255619

Well, that's going to make putting her life in horrible danger by taking her along to free Geb a bit difficult...

>> No.25255624

Some people wanted it and tbh I'd rather not split the party

>> No.25255625

Not a bad idea. Can't hurt to ask.

>> No.25255627 [DELETED] 

>>add more terms to the arrangement
<May we say goodbye to our companions, I would hate to leave friends without answers>

>> No.25255629

Oh shit, why didn't I think of this? The only reason we were looking for Adavan was to see if he could banish that Shel'kath.

>> No.25255633

What the fuck? I seriously doubt Obis, Auriel, and Adavan will agree to this

>> No.25255637

That might be pushing it, but I guess it couldn't hurt to ask how hard it would be for him.

>> No.25255640

Agreed. I want to have everything.

>> No.25255641

Why not ask the party themselves? They are just there you know.

>> No.25255645

True. Actually. Shit.

>> No.25255647

>>add more terms to the arrangement
<May we say goodbye to our companions, I would hate to leave friends without answers>
Ask if he can look a bit more presentable for young Abigail

>> No.25255652


>> No.25255656

Ask him if it's possible for the other to come or if it's not possible for him to would they be welcome if they made the journey to the city.

>> No.25255659


>> No.25255665

Oh shit right, we came to Adavan to see if he could do anything about it right? And since Fang is Adavan on steroids then it might be even better.

>> No.25255670

Oooooh, decade long time skip while civilization crumbles, Joey dies for lack of our protection, the parasite gets the better of Flint, Auri returns to the angels, and the lost prince fails to retake his kingdom? Excellent!

>> No.25255671


>> No.25255673

Well, why not! We're too invested in Flint to just leave him to the wolves.

>> No.25255679


>> No.25255683

<If you were being truthful when you said no harm would come to her, then betraying your trust would be the same as betraying her trust. That is something I will not do.

I would, however, ask that my companions be allowed to accompany us. I am loathe to separate myself from my friends once again, after working so hard to unite us. Surely this is a non-issue to a mage with power such as yours.>

>> No.25255686

whatever SM got from this its no doubt going to be entertaining.

>> No.25255697


What? This is insanely retarded.

>> No.25255698

He didn't make us roll. That's good right? Good? Yes. It's good.
good good good good good

>> No.25255700

Ask this pls

>> No.25255707

Because Flint is literally the only one who cares about us enough to want to go to Yi Fang's happy happy fun land? Or did you forget that our party consists of people that think for themselves?

>> No.25255711

Shit, we're gonna have to leave Flint behind. At least we hooked him up with Auriel before we left.

>> No.25255732

He called us 'Abnormally Strong'.

I'm so happy.

>> No.25255735

At least they'll have a cool story for how mommy and daddy met to tell their spawn.

>> No.25255736

Please word it like this if possible.

>> No.25255737


>> No.25255747

I really hope we get to bring our companions along.

>> No.25255755

Which is why we should have just let Abby's uncle have custody of his niece...oh well, probably not an unexpected end...

>> No.25255758

>He called us 'Abnormally Strong'.
>I'm so happy.
<It's not like hearing that makes me happy or anything, Baka Lich san>

>> No.25255759

Welcome to Shadow Quest.

The game that is not an anime.

>> No.25255768

Ain't happening bro.

>> No.25255784

Wellll... Auriel is there for Flint, Adavan is there for Abigal, Obis is there for us, Joey is there for Flint...

If Flint agrees to come with us, the others suddenly become far more likely to agree.

>> No.25255785

Nope, it'll just be us and Abigail against all of Scholomance.
We'll see them again someday though. Even if we have to move Hell and Earth to do it.

>> No.25255798

These two posts next to each other is simply wonderful

>> No.25255800

Doesn't mean we shouldn't negotiate for it.

>> No.25255806

Sheeeeit, that's right. Obis WAS there for us. Auriel and Joey will stay with Flint, Adavan will either leave to go do lich things or come with us. Obis will... fuck I don't know.

>> No.25255809

We know Joey will die without us, as will Obis... This isn't a problem for anyone, right?

>> No.25255817

A thought occurs. We are allowed to eat the other students, right? Like, he's offering us XP in a barrel?

>> No.25255822


Uh. I have reservations about babysitting Abigail in magic school for the next six months.

I mean, does this really seem like an effective use of our time? Being the Archon's niece pretend-familiar?

>> No.25255827

Now I can't help but imagine her going to a magic school shadow slapping the shit out of bullies
Oracle said obis is detined to fail without us, he has to come/ follow us

>> No.25255830

I imagine that would be frowned upon. Then again, it's a school run by Satan.

>> No.25255836

If we eat 63 other students, does Abigail just immediately graduate, or does she get to go through 7 years of classes by herself?

>> No.25255837

>9 year old spirit progeny with man eating shadow beast
what ru doing?

>> No.25255838

Destined* sorry

>> No.25255839

By six months to mean around a decade, right?

>> No.25255842

I just

I really don't want to see the party split after we spent like 20 threads trying to unite it.

>> No.25255848

It being Scholomance basically gives us license to eat all of her enemies.

It's free xp. Delicious child mage xp.

>> No.25255850

Auriel is there for Flint, which means she's gonna drag him away for his own good, Adavan is there because we askedd him to, and he isn't happy about it at the moment, Obis is there because the sage told him to, and I seriously doubt he trusts us that much yet, and Joey's just a kid who is scared out of his wits and probably wants to just go home.

>> No.25255855

We spent a pile of threads with the others; let's spend a pile of threads with Abigail.

>> No.25255857

We can always night blaze and try our best. And then die trying.

>> No.25255858

Me too. That's why I want the party to come.

>> No.25255859

It's Scholomance.
Murder Hogwarts.
So yes.

>> No.25255860

We will mourn for flint by wearing black. Not that anyone will notice.

>> No.25255863

<Hi Joey, meet Satan>

>> No.25255872

that was so bad
>I lol'd

>> No.25255874

You're forgetting upperclassment trying to revenge kill her for taking out their younger frat mates.

>> No.25255878

I laughed way too hard at that

>> No.25255880

And no-one else.

NOPE. I don't want to play babysitter for 10 threads. OOC, of cource.

>> No.25255882


<What are the requirements for attending the Scholomance?>

Use servant on Joey, he gets magical, he attends. Badabing badaboom.

>> No.25255885


I'm sorry, but this is not where I saw Shadow Quest going.

Besides, I don't think Mr. Shadow would want to eat children. Or that we'd get much xp for it.

>> No.25255887

<If I betray her, I will give myself to the angels, Archmage.>

"Well said. Then...?" He tilts his head at you.

You lower the book so as not to put it in immediate harm. <...I would ask one more thing of you.>

"Then ask."

<Would you know how to banish a Shel'kath?>

"...again," Fang mutters.


"I do," he says. "The process is complex, and rather specific, but perfectly feasible, given the right conditions. Why do you ask?"

The door behind you bursts open. Flint stands there, hand on the pommel of his sword. Auriel rushes in behind him. "Shadow, I tried to stop him, but - "

"You know how to get this thing off me?" Flint asks.

Fang sighs. "If anyone does, I do. I see you have a parasite problem." He looks at Flint directly. "I have no love of Arland, knight. Get out of my sight before I kill you for intoxicating my air with your exhalations."

"I..." Flint swallows. He clenches his jaw.

Abigail runs in, followed by Adavan. And then Joey, and Obis. Joey nearly faints when he sees Fang.

Fang sighs heavily.

"Um..." Abigail says. "You're...um...my uncle?"

"That's right." Fang smiles. "Are you scared of your uncle?"


"You're either dumb, or brave. Hopefully it's the latter, but considering the environment you've been spending your time in, I think it just might be the former." Fang looks at Auriel. "I'd heard the aftermath of the battle left you destitute, angel. A terrible shame."

Auriel grinds her teeth, but thankfully, knows better than to respond.

"Um...what do I call you?" Abigail asks.

"In public, Archmage. In private, Uncle Yi is fine."

"Um, uncle Yi. Um...what's a scholomance?"

"A school for magic."

"A death trap," Obis mutters.

"I'm terribly sorry," Fang says. "Did you say something? Oh, no. You must have been busy abdicating your throne."

Obis's face darkens, but he doesn't respond, either.

"What a strange group. Next you'll tell me the knight is related to the Flints."

"Well, actually," Abigail says, "He's Sir Flint."

>> No.25255888

Damn it, Shadow Master. You leave me emotionally frayed. I need a drink.

>> No.25255893

We need a shadow mana pool for that?

>> No.25255904

plus two light mages, a lich and a fire

>> No.25255908

"That would be the kind of thing you shouldn't say out loud, Abigail."

>> No.25255911

>"I'm terribly sorry," Fang says. "Did you say something? Oh, no. You must have been busy abdicating your throne."
Yi is a cheeky cunt and I love him.

>> No.25255914



But seriously, I'm going to be upset if the next ten threads are school politics between 12 year old girls.

>> No.25255916

...AUIHDWIUPAGWDP(AG(&@#GED(A*[email protected]

>> No.25255918

>"Well, actually," Abigail says, "He's Sir Flint."

You deeeeeeence little girl.

>> No.25255920

Oh Christ.

>> No.25255923

And suddenly, we realize that we were merely resting in the EYE of the shit hurricane.

>> No.25255924

>"Well, actually," Abigail says, "He's Sir Flint."
what have you done?

>> No.25255925

> "I'm terribly sorry," Fang says. "Did you say something? Oh, no. You must have been busy abdicating your throne."


>> No.25255935


>> No.25255936

Grow knees. Fall to them. Grow arms. Hold them into the air dramatically. Make a cloud of shadow above us. Have it rain little shadowy raindrops.

>> No.25255937

>But seriously, I'm going to be upset if the next ten threads are school politics between 12 year old girls.

I don't think there's *any* chance of that happening with SM at the helm.

>> No.25255938

You do have the power to fix that you know...

>> No.25255941

He's got swagger. Called it.

>> No.25255942

>He's Sir Flint.

Abigail... Why?

>> No.25255944

>"I'm terribly sorry," Fang says. "Did you say something? Oh, no. You must have been busy abdicating your throne."
I like him. Can we convince him to join our party?

>> No.25255946

>"I'm terribly sorry," Fang says. "Did you say something? Oh, no. You must have been busy abdicating your throne."

Dis fucking guy. I like him

>> No.25255947

Auriel could apply to learn Spirit Magic.

>> No.25255950

"I would have liked to introduce you to our other unusual companions but they all seem to be away. Having a former Angel and a Succubus work together was fun. Could we return to the matter at hand though?"

>> No.25255957

>"What a strange group. Next you'll tell me the knight is related to the Flints."
>"Well, actually," Abigail says, "He's Sir Flint."

>Shadow Master proves my point with in-game dialog
fuck yeah

>> No.25255962


>> No.25255963



>> No.25255973

Stand bodily between them if it comes to that.

>> No.25255975

I'd wager that there's one in the Scholomance. Or we can just munch minimages until we can make one.

>> No.25255976

You know what, I actually like this guy. He's calm, collected, reasonable, and he's actually got a hell of a wit on him.

>> No.25255983

Well, this is going just about as smoothly as I had expected it to.

>> No.25255986

As fucked as we are right now, he is quite good

>> No.25255993

OK, if we're going along with Abigail, and this didn't just completely derail the train, I say we go ahead and make her a "Servant" right now.

>> No.25255995

>The door behind you bursts open.

>> No.25256000

Because Abby is both nine years old and awesome.

>> No.25256004

>There is even an Auriel in the background.

>> No.25256009

I do not think Fang would appreciate that

>> No.25256012

I actually suggest we DONT go with abigail. She is going with her uncle, to be trained to be a master spirit magician. Why would we go? To teach her morality? Hah. It'd be much simpler to just let her live and learn for a couple of years, having known a simple life and go on our quest. Spirit is not inherently opposed to shadow, she wouldn't grow up being an enemy, so she could be a central point in unification later. Let her go /tg/. Let her go.

>> No.25256015

No no, we're making JOEY a Servant. If we do anything with him.

>> No.25256016

He'll get over it.

>> No.25256017

>Archmage Yi Fang has joined the party!
>Wait, what the fuck!?

>> No.25256018


>> No.25256025

We need a shadow mana pool for that. And it might not be the worst idea to ask her uncle's permission at this point.

>> No.25256035

No we don't. We just need a pile of XP to invest, and we have enough right now.

>> No.25256047

No, we do need a shadow pool.

>> No.25256049

We need 30, I was pretty sure we had 20 right now.

>> No.25256051

No, we do need a shadow element pool and 15 exp to use servant on someone

>> No.25256053

Yeah, it's more like we just gained a snarky, overpowered patron than he joined the party...

>> No.25256059

I don't

I mean

My heart can't take this

>> No.25256062

You sure?
>Servant - With the assistance of a mana pool, you can make any sentient soul a servant for 15 EXP. Your servants are stronger, faster, and have more magical power than normal individuals of their race.

>> No.25256071

>Servant - With the assistance of a mana pool, you can make any sentient soul a servant for 15 EXP. Your servants are stronger, faster, and have more magical power than normal individuals of their race.

>> No.25256074

>Joey nearly faints when he sees Fang.
Fuckin' Joey.

>> No.25256076

>Spirit is not inherently opposed to shadow, she wouldn't grow up being an enemy, so she could be a central point in unification later.
This is assuming Yi Fang wouldn't just be training her to be Yi Fang 2: Electric Boogaloo so that he would have a strong independent Spirit heir who don't need no man.

Frankly, I'm kind of hoping this whole thing devolves into a total combat shitstorm so we can keep going on walkabout adventures and tie up all the trillion plot threads that have been thrown around rather than hanging out with Abigail alone for a bunch of threads where we try and subtlety undermine the subversive anti-Non-Yi-Fang-Authority messages her uncle has been working into her lesson plans.

>> No.25256077

>iplying Yi Fang doesn't know where/how to find a shadow pool is

>> No.25256083

...Yes, you just proved our point. We can create a Shadow Pool with 30 XP though.

>> No.25256086

Sorry, to clarify: I meant that we can make a pool with enough XP. But actually, we don't have enough right now.

>> No.25256088

>it's what you get for not saying "YES" to the mercy offered by Yi Fang


"Sir. Flint," Fang says, pronouncing each word separately.

"Mmm-hmm. He's a good knight, and, um, he helped me."


"Yeah, my town doesn't like spirit magic, but he saved me, and spoke for me."

Fang looks at Flint, who wilts under the intense stare. "I wonder if he would have vouched for you if he knew you heritage."


Flint's parasite twists on his soul, stopping his speech.

Fang huffs, and waves a hand. A twisting rope of spirit leaps across the room, embedding itself in the parasite. It immediately stops moving. "That will last just long enough for you to form a complete sentence. Form it."

Flint checks his chest a moment, then looks up. "For an innocent girl," he says, "I would speak no matter her heritage."

"You're quite progressive. Congratulations. You just saved your life." Fang grins. "I wouldn't want to upset my favorite niece."

"Am I really your favorite?"

"By default."

"What's that mean?"

"Oh, you'll learn eventually."

Something begins to move. A point of light is descending from up above. Everyone can feel it.

"This has all been rather entertaining," Fang says, "but I have things to do. Feel free to teleport away. I won't stop you."

Adavan clears his throat. "Archmage."

Fang looks at him. "Make it quick."

"...I seek refuge in Archon," Adavan says quickly. "I am well-versed in spirit magic. I could be a valuable asset."

Fang raises his eyebrow, creating the condescending mask he seems to favor. "How valuable?"

"I was recently raised during a magical spike. I hail from the elementomachy. I was one of Hecate's generals."

"Now, that is something. Good, good. Consider yourself -refuged-."

Adavan bows. "Thank you, archmage."

"Finally, someone with manners. Well. I suppose I can excuse little Abigail that much."

Fang looks at all of you.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25256091

doesn't actually mention shadow mana so spirit might work.

>> No.25256099

>With the assistance of a mana pool,

I'm pretty sure that it needs to be shadow but whatever, this isn't the time for Servanting someone.

>> No.25256107

Rolled 84

>rolling before even reading the text!

>> No.25256112

Rolled 52

Rolling for who knows what.

>> No.25256115

Having a shadow mana pool on hand is a requirement of using the serpent spell on someone. It has nothing to do with how much mana we have.

My be is that servant implants the pool or a mini shadow mana pool/reservoir in the target.

>> No.25256116

Rolled 28


>> No.25256119

Rolled 54

>it's what you get for not saying "YES" to the mercy offered by Yi Fang

>> No.25256127

Rolled 46


>> No.25256132

I do not foresee this ending well

>> No.25256133

nobody wants to screw up these rolls

>> No.25256134

assuming no one gets a nat 1 we might have not just doomed ourselves.

>> No.25256136

This guy seems to be pretty boss.

I wonder how we would've fared if we tried to fight him.

>> No.25256137

Rolled 73


>> No.25256139

I pray an 84 and 52 are enough to not die.

>> No.25256145

Rolled 69


>> No.25256151

Rolled 30


>> No.25256154

Considering the fact he disabled Flint's parasite with a finger he would have stomped a mud hole in our ass

>> No.25256161

Rolled 39


>> No.25256162

Oh god I actually really like this guy

I mean, I wouldn't trust him as far as we could throw him, but he's pretty badass as far as these things go.

>> No.25256165

>implying we'll have time for that
>implying there won'r be at least one mana pool in the Scholomance

>> No.25256166

Rolled 57

You know, if we'd JUST put more points into the shadow attacks tree we'd be at the level we were when we annihilated that angel.

>> No.25256169

I pray no one rolls a 1 trying to pad our score...

>> No.25256175

No, probably more than that.
He would have turned our ass into Geb.

>> No.25256176

Rolled 59


Now if only we could get him to do it permanently.

>> No.25256177

Probably not quite so well.

Unless he decides to see us all off with a random capricious Finger of Death or Adavan getting refuge means he suddenly doesn't really feel like teleporting us any longer, I actually really like the way this is playing out as far as future plot development is going to go.

>> No.25256179

considering hes literally skin and bones and we have juggernaught we could probly throw him a couple miles

>> No.25256184

Abigail is next to him.
He's going to teleport himself and Abigail away.

>> No.25256185

We would have been absolutely slaughtered, I imagine.

I mean like, it wouldn't have even been a contest. He'd have just used bind and raped us to death with spirit missiles, probably.

>> No.25256186

and learn to Eclipse on command
>everyone keeps forgetting that when we discuss magic upgrades

>> No.25256188

Alas, poor steward...I knew him well.

>> No.25256192

Yeah, we could be a lot more magically adept. But he would still kick our ass.

>> No.25256196

an he could tell we were mana pooled just by looking

>> No.25256201

No we didn't!

>> No.25256202

It's been stated he's on the level of an angel, we would've at least put up a fight. We need to focus on that tree for a while.

>> No.25256203


>> No.25256204

>implying we could even touch him

>> No.25256205

>Pool of Darkness - Spend 30 experience points to create a Shadow element mana pool. Cannot be performed in battle. Mana pools can recharge your mana indefinitely, and may be useful for other things as well...
We don't really need to worry about shadow mana pools.

>> No.25256213

>implying he isn't still OBSERVING us

>> No.25256215

Really? Angels seemed less intimidating compared to this nigga.

>> No.25256216

Reading through what I missed this night, I lolled at this.

>> No.25256222

I always assumed that Bind required you to use one combat round, or there'd be no reason not to always use 0-mana Bind before every action otherwise.

>> No.25256223

Yes, but everything else we've tried to do would have gotten us insta-killed, and we don't have enough mana to magic our way through everything.

>> No.25256224

Yyyup. Hang on, let me find the specific quote.

>> No.25256225

>30 exp

>> No.25256229

Angels vs. Satan incarnate

>> No.25256231

Not really, we've probably burned through 60 XP in the last three threads.

>> No.25256236

If there are dryad mages...

>> No.25256240

We already fought satan incarnate, he was preetty weak.

>> No.25256241

We've burned through 30-something in this thread alone.

>> No.25256244

Oh boy here we go again.

>> No.25256245

Meaning that even if our XP-gathering accelerates, we'd be spending a thread worth of XP or so.

>> No.25256248

That's still half the EXP we've gotten in three threads plus 15 more fi we wanted a Servant

>> No.25256250


Missin' out on super cool opportunities, man.

>> No.25256252



>> No.25256254


>> No.25256256

Oh hey, are we bringing Samantha when we port out? Or is she safe to leave for the angels given all she's witnessed?

>> No.25256258

as awesome as that sounds... I prefer the things we did buy

>> No.25256260

I'm just saying, if we can find a quiet moment (A thread that doesn't have us facing a enemy way more powerful than us) we should look into it.

>> No.25256261

Fuck man, you're right.
Anyone else in favor of getting shadow lakes?

>> No.25256266


>> No.25256273

>An entire acre of nothing but shadow pools.

>> No.25256277

>A thread that doesn't have us facing a enemy way more powerful than us

I understand each of the individual words, but when you put them together in that order, I just can't understand what you're trying to say...

>> No.25256280

Nope. I'm in favor of Shadow Control (since we're going to run into another shadow at some point), Robust Immunity, Poison, and both of the last-of-their-color resistances.

>> No.25256281

We could just CONSUME her.

What? Don't look at me like that.

>> No.25256282

Aw gawd I can't wait to be a fat sack of shadow and sit in these fucking pools all day

ow fuck I can't stop finding these lichs

I warned you about liches shadow I warned you dog

it keeps happening

>> No.25256284

Oh, okay.

>> No.25256285

>Welcome to Cribs! Check out my Shadow Pool

>> No.25256290

I we for some reason have a surplus of 1000 XP, I say we make a shadow swimming pool.

>> No.25256292

I bet there's another shard of darkness at scholomance. Wonder what this one is.

Maybe wrath? Or some super magicharged shadow. Isolation and Darkxis were both pretty physical.

>> No.25256296

He's waiting for SM to give us a slack in the bullshit encounters he's been giving us. When was the last god damned time we fought a normal? Srsly brah.

>> No.25256298

Liches: We want yo Shadow Pool!
Shadow: <Guys, seriously this needs to stop>

>> No.25256305

My body can't take the suspense

I am literally breaking down

Send an ambulance

>> No.25256306

One night, I forgot to turn off my Shadow Pool, and I woke up covered in liches.

>> No.25256308

Think about what we've gotten from Shadow so far.
Isolation, and Hunger.
My bet is the next shard is either Vengeance or Logic.

>> No.25256311

No, not a shadow swimming pool.
A shadow fucking resort, man. A fuckin' resort that only WE can swim in. Fuck those mortals, just us, loungin' around all day, swimmin' in our bad-ass resort. Hell, we might even invite some of those fine, hot, hot, fire elementals over to hang out.

>> No.25256315

I made a shadow pool once and it was awful

>> No.25256318

for someone at volume 11, you type very quietly

>> No.25256321

>vengeance or logic
We are logic.

>> No.25256322

That made me think of something, if we did it, and Elementals form near mana pools... we'd probably spawn a shit ton of friends.

>> No.25256324

Or justice.

>> No.25256325

Fang glances over the party. He takes in Joey, snorts. Looks to Obis, purses his lips. He gives Flint a good, long stare, and leave it there until Flint looks away. Auriel doesn't meet his gaze.

Fang glances to the corner of the room. "When are you going to reveal yourself?"

Everyone flinches as the corner of the room wavers. Steward walks forward, appearing as if from thin air. You can suddenly sense the core of earth at his center.

"A dwarven construct. Fascinating. This group does travel in broad circles."

"I had not planned to make contact with you yet, Archmage Yi Fang," Steward's metallic voice says neutrally. "But if you wish it, I will converse with you. However, I cannot reveal classified information."

"Would it still be classified if I threatened you with death?"


"Well, never mind, then."

Finally, Fang looks back at Abigail. "You certainly have many friends, don't you?"

"Um..." Abigail picks at her finger nails and twists on her feet. "Um, can they come with us, maybe?"

"You think I would pass up this opportunity?" Fang says. "Not a chance in the world."

"What...um...op-port-tity? Abigail asks.


>> No.25256327


>> No.25256330

You just won the award for missing completely obvious sarcasm. Your prize is scathing condescension, and I even spelled it out for you so you don't have to attempt to pick it up from the text alone.

>> No.25256331

Hot springs.

>> No.25256334

Or wrath or greed or pride.

Isolation could easily be sloth, and Darkxis was gluttony if SM wanted to go for a sins thing.

I bet the lust shadow would be hahalarious.

>> No.25256337

So, thoughts on that shell shocked chick we picked up with Abby?

>> No.25256338


>> No.25256341


my heart!

>> No.25256342


>> No.25256346

>"You think I would pass up this opportunity?" Fang says. "Not a chance in the world."
Oh god.

Fang knows an Adventuring Party Destined For Great Things when he sees one.

>> No.25256348

Oh boy.

>> No.25256349

I love this undead fucker

>> No.25256350

>"You think I would pass up this opportunity?" Fang says. "Not a chance in the world."
Fuuuuuuck. Dude's got a scheme brewing ALREADY?

Not bad.

>> No.25256352

>inb4 he kills them all.

>> No.25256354

>"Would it still be classified if I threatened you with death?"

Steward: confirmed badass

>> No.25256356

Fuck YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.25256357

Just leave her. I'm pretty sure Angels are nice enough to mortals that they can herd like sheep.

>> No.25256359

I don't think it would fit the story very well, but Deadly Sin themed shadows would be glorious.

>> No.25256360

Or a collection of valuable runaways that he can use, dissect, drain, and manipulate for his own purposes.

>> No.25256361

...You got caught.

>> No.25256365

Well, that solves THAT burning question.

>> No.25256367

>we're about to go on a fucking Harry potter adventure with a Little Girl, a Snarky Lich, a fallen angel, a bumbling knight, iRobot, a deposed prince, ANOTHER lich, and a fucking living shadow

>> No.25256369


>> No.25256371

I actually wouldn't be surprised if this guy turned out to be fantastically genre savvy. So far, he's avoiding all the general villain clich├ęs and actually acting reasonable, so there's a pretty good chance.

And when you see a bunch of misfits and outcasts in a party, at the bottom of a mine in the centre of a town full of flesh golems and zombies, you know you've found a party of adventurers/chosen heroes.

>> No.25256374

Ok, now I'm terrified.

>> No.25256376


>> No.25256378

I'd watch it>>25256325

>> No.25256379

I think I just came.

>> No.25256384


Fang smiles his evil smile. "Why, to make wonderful new friends, of course." He looks up. "There's been a change in plans. You're all coming with me, whether you like it or not. You will speak only when prompted, and you will speak...in a manner that agrees with the following: you were all imprisoned here by the lich, and I saved you from certain death. Lich, your name?"


"Adavan, you are my close associate that I teleported in to assist me; Steward is your pet project, and old dwarven construct you found and have been fixing up. Shadow, you are a summon a conjured by me for the same purpose. The rest of you have never met me until today, excepting the highest, and Prince Vin." Fang smiles. "Oh, my apologies. It's just -Auriel-, now, isn't it?"

Auriel swallows hard, but bites her tongue.

"Follow me."

Fang turns on the spot and marches out of the room, heading toward the bright point of light that is working its way through the mines. The other lights - including the massive presence - are also flying down to the ground level outside the mines.

<What are you planning?> you ask Fang.

"Oh...you'll see," he says.


And you will see.


>uh, no, we won't spend 20 threads in Scholomance

Ask me meta and spend your experience points.

I have burned my sleeping time down to a nub of headaches pain. I will hate myself tomorrow.

But I love you, so I do that sort of thing.

Next thread will probably be Friday or Saturday night. Updates will be posted on the twitter:


>> No.25256385

OOOHHHHH SHIT. I AM ASHAMED. Can't believe I fell for that only a thread or two after I first saw it.

>> No.25256386

>inb4 and then rocks fall on Yi Fang, ending his life and your hope for adventure in Scholomance with him.

>> No.25256393


I called it first.

>> No.25256398

Don't spend the xp.

>> No.25256399

Earth and Wind resistance, please.

See if those unlock anything by having them.

Then Shadow Control.

>> No.25256400

buy balance

>> No.25256409


>> No.25256410

buy balance and analyze
>perfect to learn every magic secret in Scholomance

>> No.25256412

agreed, save it for a rainy day

>> No.25256414

Is it possible for our bodies to be ready?

>> No.25256416

>Fang smiles. "Oh, my apologies. It's just -Auriel-, now, isn't it?

>> No.25256418

I'm in favor of this plan, though I'm also fine with getting Shadow Control first.

>> No.25256420

CAAAWMics. That are shitty. Expect them.

>> No.25256426

>exp spending
Could we work on the magic tree?
Physical strength isn't going to be enough for forever.
I'd also be okay if we got mroe stealthy.

>> No.25256430

We should probably tell him that the light thing saw us before he came down here.

>> No.25256433


>Earth and Wind resistance, please.
>See if those unlock anything by having them.
>Then Shadow Control.


>> No.25256437

get these

>> No.25256438

we're almost done with the physical trees anon. Lets finish them up before concentrating solely on magic.

>> No.25256447

...uh, yeah, that's a really good idea.

>> No.25256448

I can agree to this.

>> No.25256450

Yes, and then I can go back to pushing for summoning

>> No.25256452

>Yi Fang's face when these posts
I don't want to get off Yi Fang's Wild Ride.

>> No.25256456

SM you sure do know how to spoil us.

I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.

>> No.25256457


>> No.25256460

if we're spending exp, i don't think we'll need the earth/wind resist so soon. better balance and analyze

>> No.25256464

I want to get Void Ring, though!

>> No.25256465

Can I ask why certain abilities are still locked even though we have unlocked the abilities leading to them, specifically Mighty Regeneration and Darkness Within?

>> No.25256473

This, or Shadow Control then resistances, either way. I really want to see what's behind Shadow Control.

>> No.25256477


Oh, I'm expecting.


Two 1000-post threads. Cool.

Actually, we'll have the experience debate tomorrow, I'm fucking exhausted.

Any burning questions, post them quick

>> No.25256479

speculation has been that you need to finish up the entire tree leading to them. Notice Schattenkrieg is unlocked despite being grey.

>> No.25256481

They're either unlocked by plot or they're unlocked by something elsewhere in the tree, we don't know yet.

>> No.25256485

at 12 exp for earth/wind resist, we could either get those and analyze, or just get analyze and balance

>> No.25256487


>> No.25256490

We seem to have a pretty clear consensus on the two resistances and Shadow Control, actually, if you're up for it.

>> No.25256491

Holy shit. I love Fang.

For exp, I propose a bunch of low costs we should have gotten way earlier...
Shadow control, poison, fear, soundless, twisting gloom.

>> No.25256493

Aaaaand great, we're all political maneuvering pieces. Fuckin' guy.

I hope to dear god you've been planning thousands of branching plots that this guy's been working out throughout the entire history of the quest so far so that there's places he has to slot in this whole pile of misfits.

Nah, fuck that. If he's going to make up absurd, arching plots on the fly, he'd better be able to do his own legwork.

We're kind of getting shanghaied into this, and there's not exactly a compulsion for us to spoonfeed this guy his whole plan. He's been kind of a dick to all of our friends (albeit a genial, relatively amusing dick.)

>> No.25256494

So an entire thread devoted to just that? Or are you going with weds rather than fri/sat for the next thread?

>> No.25256496

Dark Area, I mean.

>> No.25256500


>> No.25256505


Also, threads are archived.


As I've said before, you already have the means to unlock both these abilities. It's up to you to discover what that is.

>> No.25256506

Is the Archmage Satan?
And if so, why do I find myself wanting to hug this fucker and call him Uncle Yi?

>> No.25256508

>Nah, fuck that. If he's going to make up absurd, arching plots on the fly, he'd better be able to do his own legwork.
>We're kind of getting shanghaied into this, and there's not exactly a compulsion for us to spoonfeed this guy his whole plan. He's been kind of a dick to all of our friends (albeit a genial, relatively amusing dick.)

So we should start things off by hiding useful information from him that might seriously impact his plan?

>> No.25256509

We shadow control pls?

>> No.25256513

It was still after Yi Fang appeared, so it is somewhat plausible.

>> No.25256515

I wonder if we can get Darkness Within by focusing on the darkness within us.

>> No.25256521

>So an entire thread devoted to just that? Or are you going with weds rather than fri/sat for the next thread?

Sorry, I mean we'll do the experience at the start of the next thread.

>> No.25256526

Thank you. I wasn't sure if you were just being mysterious and waiting for us to ask directly, or if it was as you said.

>> No.25256527

Or perhaps by eating the shard of shadow we've been carrying around?

>> No.25256533

Any hints?
>Darkness Within.....should we meditate on the darkness within possibly?

>> No.25256535


>> No.25256542

eating a shard we consumed in the first place?

>> No.25256546

I agree, tell him.

>> No.25256547

Not that one, the one in our pouch.

>> No.25256557

This is the dude who can help us free Geb, if he's so inclined.

How will this factor in to our sorta-alliance with the duke?

(I've noticed that all the plot-important NPCs have been incredibly powerful, to dissuade us from nomming them.)

>> No.25256562

oh, SWORD shard. I'd rather find the rest so we get bitchin' shadow blade

>> No.25256574

>How will this factor in to our sorta-alliance with the duke?
>Yi Fang and the Duke meet
>They instantly hit it off
And then shit exploded everywhere forever.

>> No.25256585

Ele-Bros, away

>> No.25256592

New Tree

>Shadow Domination - You can dominate and control the shadow of most objects, including people. Bonus to shadow attack power.

>> No.25256593

Suppose so; my initial thought was that it wasn't like there wasn't tension between Yi Fang and the Angels anyway, so what's a little more loaded banter between allies of convenience.

But I suppose the fact that the Angels would think we were naturally occurring rather than summoned would add to our value as a bargaining chip were he to decide to turn us over to them.

So yeah, probably not the best idea.

>They instantly hit it off
>Lightning and Spirit mages
Man, you gotta take a closer look at your type chart.

That, and two terminal schemers aren't going to get along EVER, since their plots will just keep running headlong into each others'.

>> No.25256595

Do It

>> No.25256599

Well, since we're spending xp. Let's get it.

We can eat people at Scholololololomance for more xp

>> No.25256602

Nice, but not as critical as finishing out the other trees. I'm still going to go with the consensus of Earth and Wind resistances.

And thank you for going ahead and doing that before you went to bed.

>> No.25256603

Jesus Christ how horrifying.

I did not expect this shit. I did not expect it at all. I was looking forward to a bigass bossfight with Magcock, but then HOLY SHIT ARCHLICHES AND ANGELS ERRYWHERE

We've become cogs in some awful machine without even knowing it. How will we continue our pursuit of JUSTICE now?

>> No.25256605

we didn't get the resistances? Honestly that was more agreed upon then the shadow control

>> No.25256611

You know, I'd like to point out that if you're going with the "complete all points leading up to a thing to unlock it" theory for Darkness Within, you'd need Schattenkrieg to finish the movement tree.

>> No.25256613

dominion and balance

>> No.25256615

ooh, I want to see what shadow domination and gaping maw lead to.

>> No.25256617

Resistances, if you're still up for it.

>> No.25256621

>SD leads towards the grey area.
>t's the only branch towards the grey not reaching it yet
Let's get it there.

>> No.25256624

>I was looking forward to a bigass bossfight with Magcock
I mean, we got to punch his eternal soul in the dick, so at least that's ONE special interest group appeased.

>> No.25256626

meh to that.


>> No.25256630

oh shit, schattenkrieg and shadow dominion

>> No.25256639

Earth and Wind resistance, I want to see what completing those colored areas does.

>> No.25256643

Where Justice works best, on the Streets!

>> No.25256644

I'm fucking mad now

>> No.25256646

Either Earth+Wind resistance, or Gaping Maw and we see what's behind that.

>> No.25256648

schattenkrieg is grey though.

>> No.25256652

I'm personally more interested in power than defense.

>> No.25256657




>> No.25256662

Gaping maw and shadow domination.

>> No.25256663

Yeah, the two resistances and then shadow dom if we still have exp (we prolly do)

>> No.25256664


>I did not expect this shit. I did not expect it at all. I was looking forward to a bigass bossfight with Magcock, but then HOLY SHIT ARCHLICHES AND ANGELS ERRYWHERE

Honestly, I planned it all out, but you forced my hand when you attacked Gabriel in the prison cells.

>We've become cogs in some awful machine without even knowing it. How will we continue our pursuit of JUSTICE now?

To continue your metaphor, there are two kinds of people: cogs, and mechanics. If you want to become more, you must become a mechanic.

But don't worry, I won't lock you in an ivory tower regardless.

Ok, it's getting light outside. Time to sleep.


>> No.25256665

im a gambler

>> No.25256666

Buy the resistances, and we still have 5 left after that for a few small items, like Robust Immunity.

>> No.25256667

I want gaping maw as well.