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You are a creature of darkness and shadows. Stripped of your memory, you seek to learn your true nature and find your place in the world.

Suptg Archive: (scroll to bottom)


Archive compiled using with only story posts for easier read-through (update status unknown):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:


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Events Summary:

You've followed Adavan's trail into Tarun Gakth, a maze of ancient, twisted canyons carved out by a centuries-past battle between Geb, the Earth Lord, and Aeolus, the Wind Lord. You were caught in a battle between a giant golem and a huge rock worm.

The worm took down the golem, and, after fighting a team of smaller golems that emerged from its inside as it tried to repair itself, retrieved its power core. You attempted to negotiate with the robots, but communication proved impossible, and you had no choice but to finish them off to keep your prize.

You continued to follow Adavan's trail. After walking for some time, you were set upon by a large group of orcs, led by an old orc mage named Rogul. Rogul denied you passage across his land, but, inspired by Flint's plea, a human with Rogul's group named Kirt offered to vouch for the party while they were in orc territory.

You've spent the day recuperating, then sparring with Flint and Kirt, who is an incredibly skilled swordsman himself.

You found a Shadow mana pool hidden below refuge in the upper levels of the Timorian Deep. You fought a powerful Shadow Elemental and consumed it, earning a Shard of True Darkness...though you don't yet know its purpose.

In the early morning, you finally resolved Flint and Auriel's relationship. Flint has openly declared his affections for her, and, for now, has put his old pains firmly behind him. Satisfied, you took some time to reflect.

You met with the Sage, Taremtis, who answered one question from each member of your party. You learned that Kirt is in fact Obis Vin, the rightful king of Kan Abar. He has decided to assist you on your journey, but remains undecided on whether he wishes to return home and face his brother.

You managed to resummon the succubus, Annette - and learned her true name, Xella. You managed to convince Xella that indiscriminately devouring humans is not a good thing, and she promised not to question the order again.

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>> No.25102483

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

Unlocked Ability Descriptions Located in the following Pastebin link (full list in progress):


Books the Main Character has read can be found here:


Active (intent-use abilities that don't require mana)

Consume - Devour the latent energy of enemies and magical artifacts to add to your own power and restore your health.

Glide - Your aura allows you to glide, dropping safely from large heights or covering large distances if starting from a high position. Gliding is always stealthier than flying.

Flight - Spread wings of darkness to soar through the air. Carrying capacity is based on physical strength.

Supersonic - Fly at supersonic speeds. You'll move extremely fast, but suffer a large penalty to stealth and magic stealth. Takes 1 turn to activate.

Mimic - Take on the vague form of things you've seen. Won't stand up to close examination, but works well in the dark.

Snuff - You shadow can put out the lights it touches.

Blink - Sight-range teleportation. (Cannot blink through walls, through the ground, into places you can't see, etc. 5-turn cooldown in battle. Auto-cooldown if battle ends. You can only Blink yourself and inanimate objects on your person. Max range 1/4 mile or 0.4 kilometers)

Focus - With a burst of concentration, you can significantly improve your detection of both the mundane and magical, but you also drastically increase the risk of giving yourself away...

>> No.25102510

Spells (and other abilities that DO use mana)

Shadow Strike - Strike the foe with needles of darkness. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Shadow Assault - Launch a flurry of shadowy projectiles at the enemy. (base power 4. Costs 4 mana. Can hit multiple enemies)

Nightflare - Disrupt target spell or enchantment. (costs 2 mana)

Shade - Create an illusory projection of yourself to confuse enemies. (dodge buff. Costs 1 mana)

Spirit Whip - Lash the enemy with a whip of spirit magic. (base power 2. Costs 2 mana)

Bind - Trap an enemy in ropes of spirit magic. May spend 0 to 10 mana (determines strength).

Water Strike - A pressurized blast of water imbued with magical force. (2 base power. Costs 2 mana)

Heal - Spend either 2, 4, or 6 mana to heal a target 4, 7, or 10 HP, respectively.

Purify - Spend 3 Mana: 100% chance to heal 1 ailment on target. Spend 6 mana: 85% chance to heal all target's ailments. Spend 9 mana: heal all of a target's ailments and the ailments of all those you are physically touching.


Wisp - A shadowy wisp from the Nether. (2 base shadow attack). Costs 1 mana to summon, 1 mana per action. Never breaks your control; if you run out of mana, it will merely vanish. [Level 0, Shadow]

>> No.25102527

Daily reminder.

>> No.25102532


Good to see you again, SM.

>> No.25102539

Rolled 2


Fuck yeah~!

>> No.25102545

Current Statistics:

HP: 37/37
Mana: 10/10
EXP: 0
Humanity: 94
Temerity: 51
Shards of True Darkness: 1

Party Members:

Sir Donovan Flint - A knight of Dobshire, the capital of Arland. Fourth son of the lord and ruler of Arland. Wears iron armor and wields a two-handed longsword. 29 years old.

Joey - A young boy from Jacob's Field, now Sir Flint's squire. No particular magical talent. Wields a shortsword. 16 years old.

Angel Auriel - Formerly a powerful angel of the Ringed City, now traveling with you, ostensibly to protect Sir Flint and Joey from you. Wears heavy plate steel and wields a one-handed sword and a wide, round buckler. 732 years old.

Obis Vin - The exiled Prince of Kan Abar. He wears steel-adamantium plate armor and wields a Ram-headed shield and a one-handed sword. 32 years old.

Xella - A succubus firmly bent to your will. She has agreed without condition to obey your commands - when they're important, at least. She commands powerful fire and shadow magic. ??? years old


Wisp (1 mana per order, does not break control, stealths with you)


Utility belt with purse


Shadow Sword Shard x 2
Fancy Sun-Moon Key
Mind-Scribing Pen
Succubus Reagents x 1
Jen Fang's Diary (Abigail's father)
Summoning Textbooks (in saddlebags)
Golem Power Core

Current Location:

Tarun Gakth

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Yay time for shadow quest

>> No.25102559

Shadow Quest is back? Hail Satan!

>> No.25102585

>Last time...

<What do you think?>

"Are you supposed to be a man, or a woman?" Obis asks.

<Neither. Your opposing genders give me enough grief as it is.>

"I like it," Xella says. "It's kind of kinky. Do you have both sets of parts, too?"

"Can we -not- have this conversation?" Auriel asks.

"What?" Xella says. "Afraid of exploring your hermaphroditic fetish?"

"I'm warning you, demon. I'm not as lenient as the Shadow."

"You're more lenient than it is," Xella says solemnly. She's been flapping around in the air, but she hovers over Flint's horse, and lands directly behind him, just behind the saddle. "Mind if I join you, Donny? My wings are tired."

"...well...uh...that's not really...um..."

Auriel's words come short and hard. "Get. Off. The. Horse."

Xella sticks her tongue out at her. Auriel looks ready to begin another spell, but Xella takes off once more.

But not before pecking Flint on the cheek. "We'll have plenty of private time later, Donny."

"Uh...m-maybe we shouldn't...um...things like that...don't..."

But Xella is already off, scouting ahead down the path. Auriel's gaze bores into the poor knight. He scratches the back of his neck. "What?"

"Enjoy that, did you?"

"No, of course not," Flint says immediately.

"Good." Auriel straightens in her saddle. "Otherwise I'd have to kill you."

Flint swallows hard.

Obis sidles up to you and gives you a nudge. "This...is going to be entertaining. By the way, your new look is good. Very Shadow Mage."

<Entertaining is the not the word I had in mind. But thank you.>


>> No.25102597

Kuuwiiieiii SM. Kuuwiiei.

>> No.25102614

Needs more shadow angels

>> No.25102653

You sense Xella's magic signature drift up, and then down. She lands to trick the sky-sever, then takes off again, scouting the path ahead.

"If we keep going in this direction, we'll hit the rock worm nesting grounds," Obis says. "Here's hoping your necromancer -friend- was smart enough to avoid that."

You sidle up to Flint. You've been meaning to tell him about the Shard of True Darkness and the shadow mana pool you found underneath Refuge...

>tell Flint about what you found, and your battle against Isolation
>don't say anything
>ask him/talk to him about something else [write-in]

>> No.25102662

Alright, tonight we need to talk to Auriel and ask her if she sees us as more then an elemental, like as in an actual friend. Before we do that, though, we need to have a heartwarming moment where we ask her to read one of the books we're bringing to Abigail and use some shadows like puppets to bring the story to life.

Whaddya guys think?

>> No.25102668


Tell him about the fight, I would leave out the part about the Shard until we know more about it though.

>> No.25102670

>>tell Flint about what you found, and your battle against Isolation
No reason not to.

>> No.25102713

>>tell Flint about what you found, and your battle against Isolation

>> No.25102736


Flint should know that we have discovered another facet of Darkness.

>> No.25102752

>Talk about the battle against Isolation.

Also, we might want to mention to our party about Jen Fang's journal and Abby's uncle this evening. They might be pretty pissed if they find out later, and we never told them.

>> No.25102805

Bro's don't leave out what happened last night to each other.

>> No.25102811

You give Flint the short version of what happened.

"Another shadow..." Flint murmurs. "...but it wasn't like you. Rabid. Maybe just an elemental?"

"No. This one was different. It was aggressive...but this thing I consumed from it...I don't know what to make of it."

Flint shrugs. "I know less than you. Maybe Adavan will know something? Or the duke?"

You feel doubtful. Something tells you this isn't the kind of thing even Adavan would be an expert on. Time will have to tell. You were able to push its power onto Xella as a form of communication...but you don't believe that's all it can be good for.

Do you say anything else to your companions?

>on with the journey

>> No.25102825

If I recall correctly we've been holding that off because it's Abigails secret and she should know before them, and it be her decision to share with others, PLUS we didn't want the party to be more suspicious towards the young spirit mage.

>> No.25102828


I get the feeling they're going to be pissed at us regardless. I'm most worried about how Auriel will react.

>> No.25102850

>on with the journey
Nothing else to tell them now.

>> No.25102876

It might be better if they never know. Perhaps if Abby herself never knows.

I mean, her parents didn't tell her that she was basically royalty. They must have had their reasons.

>> No.25102890

Like dying? They prolly would have told her eventually.

>> No.25102892


"Flint, When two humans love each other very much they can make little humans, yes?"
"And If a human and an Angel love each other very much they can make another type of little human, yes?"
"Then If a human and an elemental love each other very much...?"

>> No.25102899

True, but it's better to tell Auriel before she decides to take her to the Ring City. That might be some International Political Catastrophe shit, if she has Abigail taken.

>> No.25102911

Reasons good enough to run away with her. And given what we know she's most certainly not completely human.

I find it kind of funny that she's also semi-royalty, like the sausage half of our party.

>> No.25102930

You forgot Joey.

>> No.25102938

The thing is we're not letting her take Abigail there.
They suck the souls out of people and cage them so they can command shadow/spirit mages.
We're not letting her take her anywhere close to those cities, for Abigails good health.

>> No.25102957

I did because Joey is forgettable.
"I wanna be stronger to protect my friends!"
He's a sacrificial lamb waiting to happen...

>> No.25102975


You know that Joey is actually the key to restoring Geb's mind...

>> No.25102991

Which is why we need to ask Auriel if she trusts us and our judgment now. The more she trusts us, the more likely she'll follow our train of thought.

>> No.25103012

Except SM has pretty explicitly stated that Joey is a nobody and he has no idea why any of us got attached to the idiot.

on with the journey

>> No.25103032

Even though we've already both said to each other that actions speak louder than words? If we can come up with some nifty custom words when asking her then I'll second speaking with Auriel about the trust between us.

>> No.25103035


we may still need a sacrifice... or just somewhere to put all the mad...

>> No.25103068

You continue to walk through the winding paths. After a few hours, the path abruptly ends at a sharp opening.

Joey whistles.

A wide valley, almost like a miniature desert, lies before you. You can see the rocky cliffs ringing the flats in a wide circle. The valley itself is filled with rugged piles of rock, as if it too was cliffs, but they were all blasted to rubble, but much of it is flat. The entire thing is dotted with black holes leading into the earth.

You feel out the ground before you. Adavan's sigil pops up from the ground...and it points left, along the rock wall.

"At least he was smart enough to hug the edge," Obis says. "Keep to the rock. Avoid softer ground. We don't want to disturb thi-"

What sounds like an explosion blasts over the group. You all swivel. A huge worm leaps out of the ground nearly its entire body length. It slams back down, and its mouth chews and parts the rocky sands like water. In a moment, it's gone, leaving two more holes. A rumble shakes the ground periodically.

"...they're territorial, and it's mating season," Obis says grimly. "Like I said. Keep to the rock."

Your party starts around the ridge of the nesting grounds.

roll 1d100

>> No.25103071


Guys, remember that part where the sage mentioned a parasite on Geb? And how Xella mentioned the parasite on Flint was split in two?


>> No.25103085

Rolled 85



>> No.25103087

Sounds about right to me. Or Geb will need materials to craft a new dwarves race.

>> No.25103089

Rolled 15


>> No.25103099

Rolled 34


>> No.25103102

Rolled 2

Rollin' to not get ate

>> No.25103108

Rolled 94


>> No.25103114

Rolled 46


>> No.25103116

Tremors, ho!

>> No.25103118


Welp, we're fucked.

>> No.25103119

Rolled 35


>> No.25103123

We et.

>> No.25103126

You remember that part where the tail of Flints parasite trailed off to the south towards his homeland?

>> No.25103131

So, Flint is powering a madness enchantment? Could be but I don't see enough redundancy unless the empire is infecting that vast majority of lightmages born outside its boundaries...

>> No.25103133

I believe the parasite was on Fang, not Geb...

>> No.25103138

I shoulda learned to stop rolling after I almost nuked us with that Flint light beam incident.

>> No.25103140

You're ignoring the 85?

>> No.25103141

First three average out at 45, so we aren't that fucked.

>> No.25103157

It's a 2/3 clear the DC system. OP doesn't average.

>> No.25103161

Well, I didn't ignore my 94, so, no.

>> No.25103162


(That 85 was mine.)

I was just thinking that the next few roles kind of erased it though.

>> No.25103163

It depends if SM had this for 2/3ds first three rolls past 40-70dc, not an average and not the highest.

>> No.25103196

Where are you when you're needed voidbrethren.

>> No.25103213

You walk along the edge of the rock wall. It looms high to your right. The desert keeps rumbling, but it feels distant.

You keep an eye on Joey. Seems like he's doing fine, but you don't want him to get himself killed with a trip.

So far, so good.

Xella alights next to you and picks her way behind you. "Master?"

<I told you that Shadow would do.>

"...my apologies. What, exactly, are we doing? I mean, I know we're trying to help Donny with that whole Shel'kath problem...but what then? Ah...what I mean to say, is..."

<You mean to ask how long you'll be useful to me after we rid ourselves of the parasite.>

"...I suppose so. Will you have a role for me when the deed is done?"

What do you tell her, if anything?

>we'll see
>that's classified
>I'll be unsummoning you

>> No.25103232

>>we'll see

>> No.25103234


>> No.25103242

Mention if she had ever heard of Humanization. That might be a good motivator to not hinder us or bother the party.

>> No.25103243


We'll see. We want to give her a chance, the same chance that we took to prove that we're more than what the world assumes of us. But as soon as she proves a threat or more trouble that she's worth, back to the void she goes.

>> No.25103251


"You have nothing to fear if you follow my orders and behave."

>> No.25103260

<I will know when the time comes.>

>> No.25103262

>>we'll see
<Earn my friendship and I will strive to protect your existance, lose my trust and we'll see what becomes of you>

>> No.25103276


<Depends. Do you believe that a world where all can live free from tyranny and fear? Where one need not be ashamed or hated for their elemental affinity? I offer you the remainder of the journey to think on this. Maybe you might find a calling, maybe not.>

>> No.25103281

>That will almost entirely depend on you.
If she proves herself trustworthy withing acceptable constraints given her demonic nature and can manage to keep the rest of the party from voting her off the island and back to hell, then we are open towards extending our arrangement. Likewise, if she should proven untrustworthy or overly disruptive to the group we are open to unsummoning her ahead of schedule.

>> No.25103288

Write in, all of this.

>> No.25103300

that's good


yes, but a bit too grandiose I think


>> No.25103313

And this. It's all different flavors of good.

>> No.25103326


We all seem to be in agreement for once.

>> No.25103352

And on Annette, too. It's pretty incredible. It won't last.

>> No.25103362

YE GODS, NO! We need to find something to argue about! QUICKLY!

>> No.25103364

That could work. If we can't do that, I'm guessing that casting our servant ability on her (IF done write) could convert her to a sapient shadow elemental as it snuffs out the fire portion of her nature.

>> No.25103384


>> No.25103392

<If you follow my orders and behave, you have nothing to fear. I extend to you the very same chance I seek from those who fear the shadow.> You turn to look at her. <Earn my trust, and I will strive to protect your existence. But know that it isn't just my trust you must earn - it is theirs. If Sir Flint insists, you will find yourself back home sooner rather than later.>


<Have you heard of something called humanization?>

Xella frowns in a pouty sort of way. "...I have not, Shadow."

<I see. Never mind, then.>

Xella nods, and takes flight.

You continue to walk along the edge of the wall.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25103398

I agree.

>> No.25103406

Rolled 67


>> No.25103408

Rolled 93


>> No.25103412

Rolled 8

Praise the void...

>> No.25103418

Rolled 45

Roll night

>> No.25103419

Rolled 49


>> No.25103424

Rolled 16


>> No.25103425

Rolled 24


>> No.25103429

void is lie

>> No.25103446

I'm done. Either VoidWalker or VoidBearer need to get in here because I can't roll for shit.

At least we hopefully didn't fail.

>> No.25103447

fuck the void

>> No.25103457

Rolled 60

Love you too, you dicks. Love you too. (group hug time)


>> No.25103465


Oh my god! Did we finally notice we're being followed?

>soothsaying repossc
What're you trying to get at here captcha?

>> No.25103470

>discouraging the demoness from calling us Master

>> No.25103480

>not contributing to the argument
Hey, you're the one who suggested it.

>> No.25103484

Take that doorknob out of your mouth right this second you drooling faggot.

>> No.25103488

Because we established that we don't want that particular connotation after we summoned her, it's quite in character.

>> No.25103500

We're like, all about freedom and shit.

No gods or masters, only shadow.

>> No.25103503

It's called being in character you dingus.

>> No.25103509


we are all equals here in the glorious Third Option Party...

If you all need something to argue about, How about replacing Lei Fang with Abigail....

>> No.25103520

The ground rumbles heavily. The party stops, and gathers closer together. Joey swallows hard.

The rumbling slowly dies. You all breath a sigh of relief.

After that, you make good time. It isn't long before you come across a new obstacle.

A huge hole has been burrowed into the canyon wall. It looks like a black, perfectly round cave. You don't expect the sigil, but it pops up when you step over it. The orange light glows, rotates, and points directly into the cave.

Obis takes a swig of his canteen, then wipes his face with the back of his glove. "...you sure this guy wanted you to follow him?"

"No," Auriel says flatly.

<Yes,> you say. <Come.>

Auriel sighs. "I'll light the way. Let us be off."

You start into the mouth of the cavern.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25103523

Hey everyone! Point at the latch licker and laugh!

>> No.25103535

Rolled 14


>> No.25103537

Rolled 3


>> No.25103538

Rolled 81


>> No.25103539

Rolled 60

One... last... try!

>> No.25103540

Because we are mistakenly trying to treat her as a person instead of as an incredibly dangerous tool and font of information. But seriously, Shadow's been trying to get the highest moral high ground possible since we reallized that our biggest long term problem is how badly we lost the PR war with Hyperion.

>> No.25103542

Rolled 37


>> No.25103550

Rolled 52

I know. I just got so overwhelmed by all the feels I got... (sniff)

...Ok, I'm better now...


>> No.25103553

Rolled 30

>100 pls

>> No.25103555

Rolled 77

Rolling for death

>> No.25103565

Geez, we're skirting the edge tonight

>> No.25103569


Ahhhahahahahahaha. Of course....

>> No.25103576

Rolled 10

100 get>>25103520

>> No.25103579

On a long enough timeline, 1 is inevitable.

>> No.25103583



No gods or kings

Only Shadow

>> No.25103587

No worries, some one else was on it.

>> No.25103664

The ground rumbles.

You all stop. Dust falls from the ceiling. The rock cracks sharply.

"MOVE!" Obis shouts.

You take off at a sprint. A worm careens up through the ground - not as large as the one you saw in the distance, but at least half as wide as the cave itself. It protrudes out of the ground, then swivels toward the party, still retreating into the cavern. It lunges toward the person at the end of the group -

- Auriel.

What do you do?

>sprint back and help her out
>she can handle it. Keep moving, make sure Joey or Flint don't fall
>order Xella or your Wisp to help her out
>something else

>> No.25103688

Quick! Get together some dynamite and some remote controlled toy trucks!

>> No.25103689

>leave the bitch
"Sh-she can handle it, don't worry"

>> No.25103701

>sprint back and help her out

>> No.25103706

>>order Xella or your Wisp to help her out
<Protect her, NOW!>

>> No.25103708

>sprint back and help her out

>> No.25103713

I wonder what worm tastes like. Let's kill it.

>> No.25103717


Now's the time for testing! Order Xella to help her out.

>> No.25103724

Rolled 55, 91 = 146

>order Xella to help her out

>> No.25103725


>> No.25103730

Send Wisp to help.

Probably Auriel will still die, but we can at least pretend we did something to help her.

>> No.25103740

>trusting Xella to help Auriel

>> No.25103746

>>sprint back and help her out
>>order Xella and your Wisp to help her out

>> No.25103755


Note: "Orders" given to summons are free actions. You can have them do something and you can move independently in the same turn. This works for any number of summons.

Xella has no upkeep because she was a ritual summon, but it costs you 1 mana to order the wisp to action. It can defend you for no charge, if it can serve as a meat shield to block magic, or something of that nature.

>> No.25103758

How tough is the worms skin? Can we slice into it and consume it from the inside? Particularly because it's not likely to have much defenses against consumption as say, the mages and the hellfolk.

>> No.25103763

This. Remember how the last worm seemed to react to our last shade?

>> No.25103765

>>sprint back and help her out

>> No.25103773


>> No.25103777

Rolled 28, 64 = 92

i voted for it for a two fold reason.
1) to test xella's loyalty.
2) so that in the future we can hold the fact that she was saved by a demon over her head

>> No.25103778

>>sprint back and help her out

Can't have flint actin all sad because he lost his girlfriend.

>> No.25103786


We shall save her from the rock worm... I assume that inside a cave is a bad place to go supersonic...

>> No.25103788


That's why I went with it too. I also want to gauge Auriel's reaction as much as Xella's.

>> No.25103806


>> No.25103824

i can do this

>> No.25103833

>in a large tunnel
>made by worms that are attracted to sounds
>do you even praise the sun

>> No.25103838

Oh Auriel, we barely knew you.

I'd always hoped we'd be the one that devoured her in the end, but I suppose we can't all be winners.

>> No.25103850


I knowledge checked you.

You failed.

>clearly, the worm must have very tough skin, considering its lifestyle. You don't know if you'd be able to pierce it outright.

>> No.25103851

Screech and draw more here? Are you guys INSANE? We should deal with it in a way that creates minimal noise.

>> No.25103855

If we order Xella (who is still bound to serve us when it comes down to it) to save Auriel, I'm pretty sure the ex-angel wont attribute anything except martial skills to the demon. In contrast, if Xella doubled back on her own...

>> No.25103856


Through the mouth then.

>> No.25103870

Was that sarcastic or did you actually roll a knowledge check for Mr. Shadow?

>> No.25103881

Then let's have the shade go outside of the cave then.

>> No.25103885


Vote 1:
>fire everything. Run back, grabbing Auriel, and sending off a Shade as a distraction. Have Xella attack the worm.

Vote 2:
>stay with the party, but have Xella help Auriel

Vote 3:
>stay with the party, do nothing

Vote 4:
>send wisp to help Auriel

>> No.25103889

>Let's go in the mouth of a sandoworm, what could possibly go wrong?

>> No.25103897


It was sarcasm. You obviously don't know that shit.

>> No.25103899

vote 2

>> No.25103902



>> No.25103904


>> No.25103907


>> No.25103916

>fire everything. Run back, grabbing Auriel, and sending off a Shade as a distraction. Have Xella attack the worm.

>> No.25103917


>> No.25103919


I wanna eat the worm

>> No.25103920


>> No.25103922

>Vote 2

>> No.25103927

1, minus attacking the worm.

>> No.25103928

use numbers you dumbass

>> No.25103930

>Vote 1

>> No.25103941

Vote 2.

The real question is, if Xella dies heroically saving Auriel, do we summon her again?

>> No.25103950

1, please.

>> No.25103951


>> No.25103953


>> No.25103959



>> No.25103963

1 without the attack phase.

>> No.25103964

only so she can hear us
<Here's your first chance>

>> No.25103969


>> No.25103981


Cutting off votes.


>> No.25103985

How far can we shadow port in this tunnel and are we still limited to just ourself?

>> No.25103992

1, but without attacking.

>> No.25104010

>do everything: 10

>just Xella: 7

Attack plan delta activate.

Roll 1d100. You're rolling for Xella, yourself going to grab Auriel, and your Shade.

>> No.25104015

Rolled 59



>> No.25104016

Rolled 39, 26, 69 = 134


>> No.25104018

Rolled 98


>> No.25104022

>The real question is, if Xella dies heroically saving Auriel, do we summon her again?
Not immediately.

At a later convenient time, sure.

>> No.25104027

Rolled 89

So lots of rolls
all the more chances for a 1

>> No.25104034

You dumDUM.

>> No.25104042

Rolled 76


>> No.25104043

Rolled 41


>> No.25104044

Thank you based god.

>> No.25104050

Rolled 34


>> No.25104057

Rolled 82


>> No.25104058

Rolled 38


>> No.25104069


There have been no chances.

Blink has a range of about half a mile (0.4 kilometers). You can't Blink through things, and you can only Blink where you can see. You can only take inanimate objects on your person when you Blink.

Now, you're also really freaking fast because you've basically finished the movement tree. There are other dodge upgrades to be had, but that's your strongest statistic.

>> No.25104073

Well, that went better than expected.

>> No.25104074

Rolled 13

...go avian based lifeforms, then.


>> No.25104080



Writing combat

>> No.25104089

>you can't blink through things
Didn't you say we could go through grates?
Or do you just mean not through stuff like glass?

>> No.25104090

Rolled 44

rolling to not fail. though attacking the worm at all is a very bad idea

>> No.25104091


Hot damn, that actually went pretty well.

>> No.25104176

You speed toward Auriel. <Xella! Distract the worm!>

Xella zips past you. Black-gold fire outlines her form. You cast a Shade, and it splits off and charges for the worm.

The worm turns toward your shade, distracted by the screech it emits!

>mana: 9/10

The worm lifts its head up, then digs under your shade, consuming it with the floor of the cavern. It pops in a cloud of shadow magic.

You snag Auriel's horse and heave. In a moment, you're soaring away from the monster. She clings to the saddle for dear life as you put distance between yourself and the danger.

Xella's fire explodes inside the mouth of the worm. And angry roar echoes off the walls, but it seems a lot more angry than hurt. It turns toward her, but she bats her wings, carrying herself backward and out of reach. She continues lobbing fireballs as she flies backward, slowing its progress, but most of it deflects off the worm's hide. It's slowed, but it steadily churns forward.

What do you do?

>turn and stall the worm for the party, letting Auriel go now that she has some distance
>order Xella to stall as long as possible, and keep flying
>some other strategy

>> No.25104200


Xella's not going to hold it for long, let's get in there ourselves and try to do some actual damage.

>> No.25104207

Rolled 98

>order Xella to stall as long as possible, and keep flying

>> No.25104208

>Didn't you say we could go through grates?


>Or do you just mean not through stuff like glass?


You can't blink through a solid object; that includes glass. You can, however, blink through a fence, or grate.

>> No.25104210

>>turn and stall the worm for the party, letting Auriel go now that she has some distance

>> No.25104214

Shadow assault

>> No.25104217

>turn and stall the worm for the party, letting Auriel go now that she has some distance

>> No.25104224

CONSUME is always an option

>> No.25104225

Another shade, directed out of the cave and up, just out of jumping reach.

Then call back Xella.

>> No.25104236

>turn and stall the worm for the party, letting Auriel go now that she has some distance

Time to kill us a worm

>> No.25104244

>turn and stall the worm for the party, letting Auriel go now that she has some distance
Head back and see if we can break it's hide, possibly with chomp.

>> No.25104269

This, but more offensively minded. Have the worm try to eat the shade, and when it jumps, pelt it.

>> No.25104285


Ok, you'll be stalling for the party. Xella will continue to fly support.

How do you attack the worm?

Vote 1:
>physical attack. Try to break through its hide

Vote 2:
>shadow assault on its hide

Vote 3:
>shadow assault into its mouth

Vote 4:
>physical attack into its mouth

Vote 5:
>CONSUME (...somehow)

>> No.25104296


>> No.25104298


Vote 6:
>launch another shade to distract it, then try a physical attack on the hide

>> No.25104307

Rolled 34


>> No.25104315



Not getting into that thing's mouth physically until we've tested it out.

>> No.25104316

Shadow assault with this >>25104225 idea

>> No.25104324

Number 3 please.

>> No.25104326

Armor up, jump in, rip apart and eat the tasty insides.

>> No.25104327


>> No.25104398

I have been reading SQ in the archives from day one but holy gosh this is my first live one. I am so excited.

Option 3. The hide seems too thick, so magic at the vulnerable mouth seems best.

>> No.25104404

You'll be firing Shadow Assault directly into the mouth of the worm.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25104417

Rolled 72


>> No.25104420

Rolled 78


>> No.25104422

Rolled 73


>> No.25104425

Rolled 52


>> No.25104427

Rolled 36

Lets please have a good first roll!

>> No.25104428

Rolled 91


>> No.25104434

Fuck yeah.

>> No.25104440

Rolled 97

Here we go.

>> No.25104441

That looks not too bad at all.

>> No.25104466


>> No.25104471

I see how it is. Put your shit rolls in one quest and the good ones in another. Punk.

>> No.25104481

Damn straight.

>> No.25104487

: )

>> No.25104500

Rolled 29

Every. Single. Time.

Dice magic is real and it comes from the void.

>> No.25104517

I know. Just be glad their with us this time, unlike the age of ones...

>> No.25104521

except it's not linked to SM's post, so it's useless

>> No.25104526

Rolled 87

The age of low rolling is long gone my friend.

>> No.25104527

Purple globes of light form around your body and leap forward, turning into flying beams of shadow. You land a direct hit into the mouth of the worm. The spell explodes into its throat.

>mana: 5/10

The worm roars its loudest yet. It shrieks in pain, and begins to thrash back and forward, slamming its body into the walls. Rock tumbles from the ceiling.

Xella continues to chuck her fireballs, further disorienting the injured rock worm. But she doesn't see the stalagmite falling straight for her!

Roll 1d100

>> No.25104533

Rolled 39


>> No.25104534

Rolled 70


>> No.25104536

Rolled 17

Useless? I think you misunderstand the meaning behind the power of the void. If it's here... We can roll without fear.

>> No.25104538

Rolled 39

<Look out>

>> No.25104541

Rolled 69


>> No.25104545

Rolled 29

god damn it. i dont want to summon you again. use blink if needed to get to her

>> No.25104547



>> No.25104548

Rolled 100

ha, dubs

>> No.25104549

Rolled 28


>> No.25104550

Rolled 63

Must Reach in time!

>> No.25104554

Rolled 27


>> No.25104555

Rolled 6


>> No.25104556


>> No.25104557

Rolled 51


Sacrificing to Dread Arengee

>> No.25104562

>Didn't link to SM

>> No.25104566

Why couldn't you have been one of the first three?

>> No.25104567


>> No.25104569

>not linked to SM's post

>> No.25104572


>> No.25104575

Rolled 4


>> No.25104581

He didn't link to SM, you cow.

>> No.25104582

It's happening.

>> No.25104584

how dumb can you be?

>> No.25104594

Not linked, so it didn't count. Prep an angry jpg., kiss...

>> No.25104600

You just rolled a 4 and a 6 within one minute of each other.

You gotta let somebody else handle the dice.

>> No.25104602

Oh for fuck's sake, people, just when I thought things were going well.

>> No.25104608

[Am I the only one happy at the prospect of the succubutt being desummoned via ROCKS FALL SHE DIES? It just made be laugh is all]

>> No.25104610

<Look out!>

The roar of the cave worm is too loud, and the entrance to the cavern is collapsing around you. She can't hear.

You burst into the air, flying for her as fast as you can.

Roll 1d20

>> No.25104621

Rolled 11


>> No.25104622

Rolled 5


>> No.25104623


>> No.25104626

Rolled 58


How many baby seals are we going to need to sacrifice this time?

>> No.25104628

Rolled 14


>> No.25104630

Rolled 3

god damn it. i thought we talked straight to people minds

>> No.25104635

not bad

>> No.25104636

Rolled 2

Corvidae dangnabit

>> No.25104638

Rolled 3


Ah derp, and then I roll the wrong die.

>> No.25104640

Rolled 7


>> No.25104642

Rolled 7


>> No.25104653

and I tried to cancel this post too
>why /tg/?

>> No.25104664

Rolled 11

Never fear, the shadow is here.
What wrong series.
The shadow knows.
Wrong Situation
You know what I need you alive o bounce one liners off of. Watch out for that rock. Where was I?

>> No.25104674

I should really just go to sleep now.

>> No.25104677


>> No.25104678

Rolled 18

Things are not going well.
figured that out a second after I posted.

Fingers crossed.

>> No.25104683


>> No.25104698

Give up.

>> No.25104701

That child looks completely normal.

>> No.25104707

this... is a surprisingly good point. SM, your verdict?

>> No.25104716

Impressioning, but no one mentioned it.

>> No.25104758

You grab her as you fly past, pulling her aside - but not in time to avoid getting hit yourself. The edge of the stalactite clips your wing, throwing you into a roll.

>you've taken 2 damage (35/37)

But a moment later, you stabilize. You separate from her, and the two of you fly as fast as you can. The roof of the cavern is collapsing behind you in a shower of rock and dust!

Roll 1d100

>> No.25104764

No, like, our natural way of talking is to just inject words into someone's mind. No one needs to mention it, since it's our normal way of talking.

>> No.25104775

Rolled 7


>> No.25104778

Rolled 59


>> No.25104782

Rolled 21


>> No.25104783

Rolled 88


>> No.25104787

Rolled 72

Rolling for certain doom.

>> No.25104789

Rolled 59


>> No.25104790

Rolled 54


>> No.25104791

Rolled 1


>> No.25104795

Rolled 79



>> No.25104797


You do, but it's like the person hears the echo of a voice in their head. If there's enough sound, it can still be drowned out.

>> No.25104798

>still rolling d20

>> No.25104800

Rolled 59

DC of 70 I'm willing to bet.

>> No.25104803


It's too late.

>> No.25104804

Rolled 32


>> No.25104808


>> No.25104813


>> No.25104814

Thank god that was a d20, or we would have beaten you...

>> No.25104821


>> No.25104834


>> No.25104836

Rolled 37


>> No.25104851


Also, >>25104526, this is what you brought to our door. Go into your corner.

>> No.25104855

Rolled 80

Why do we keep failing?

>> No.25104860

In light of the return of the curse, here is some happy music for you all. May your die find peace tonight.


>> No.25104864

And this is why we told you not to bring barrel dice to the game table, you fucker

>> No.25104874

Rolled 58

I'll stand by what I said even if it kills the thread.
The days of the curse are LONG GONE!

>> No.25104882

Vorporial gets rolled behind scenes?

>> No.25104891

Probably the same as all the other passive things, so yeah.

>> No.25104902


You want the dice gods to hear your blasphemy? They'll kill us just out of spite now.

>> No.25104912

Rolled 86

Ehh, not moe problem. Dice gods? Not likely. I'm a dice atheist.

>> No.25104916


>> No.25104938

A chunk of rock tumbles down in front of you. You swerve to the side, turning sideways to avoid getting hit.

You dive down to the cavern floor to gain speed, running along the ground like cloud of shadow. Xella follows just behind.

The sound of collapsing rock suddenly fades. You glance back. The tunnel is totally jammed with rubble from floor to ceiling. You might be able to dig out, but it would take a long time. Luckily, it's only blocking the way you came in, not the way you need to go.

You and Xella quickly arrive at the party. A spell cast by Auriel hovers over them - a small globe of light, illuminating the surrounding rock. You and your demon land on the edge of the group.

"Well, that was exciting," Obis says.

<Is everyone alright?>

A chorus of "yes" and "yups" answers you. You glance at Auriel. <That was a little close. You are unharmed?>

"...I'm fine." She looks about to say more, but then turns away.

<What is it?>

"...nothing. Let's get going."

There's only one way forward. You walk deeper into the round cave. Your light is a small island in the vast dark.

"...well," Obis says. "The good news is, this cave was made by a worm. So it's just going to be straight all the way through."

"What's the bad news?" Flint asks.

"It was made by a worm."


You trudge forward through the dark. You feel right at home.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25104949

Rolled 25


>> No.25104957

Rolled 53


oh please oh please oh god

>> No.25104958

Rolled 20


>> No.25104959


Bend over.

>> No.25104964

Rolled 90

And, as a continuence of that,
DICE ATHEISM HO! Dice gods ain't nothin.

>> No.25104966

I finished writing before I refreshed for the "1". It will effect your next event.

>> No.25104975

Rolled 76

And yet despite what you say my rolls are still A-OK. Heh.

>> No.25104981

>I finished writing before I refreshed for the "1".

Oh thank chr-

>It will effect your next event.


>> No.25104982

Rolled 34


>> No.25104983


>> No.25104984


>> No.25105004

Rolled 82

The night is dark and full of terrors, but probably not for a Shadow.

>> No.25105011

Like logic will stop me from being paranoid. HAH!

>> No.25105020

Rolled 5

god damn it. stop making us roll. we are just going to keep failing

>> No.25105037

Good example dude

>> No.25105038

Rolled 30


>> No.25105046

Rolled 41

You need to embrace dice atheism, it's not a path of non-commitment per say, as much as it is a way of living.
You will have nothing to fear.

>> No.25105058


The party glances around as the odd noise echoes off the walls around you.

"...what was that?" Joey asks.

"It was shut up and don't make noise," Flint mutters.

Kreeeee! Kreeeee!

Keeeeaa. KeeAAAA.

Keee-keee. Kreeeaaa!

"Shadow," Auriel mutters. "What do you see?"

You glance into the dark. You catch glimpses of movement. But they know you're watching, and they duck out of site behind boulders and outcroppings. You can feel them burrowing in the ground below you. More lie ahead.

<...there's dozens of them. I do not know what they are. They stay out of site.>

"Obis?" Flint asks.

"No idea," he says.


Kaaa-reee keee keekee

"...what do they look like?" Auriel asks.

You keep watching.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25105062

Rolled 99

A new name is born.

>> No.25105064

Rolled 15

I am the Night

>> No.25105067

Rolled 46

why. why do you keep making us roll

>> No.25105075

>dice atheism
>ever denying the existence of our everlasting, malevolent dice gods that feed on our horror of bad rolls, and our joy of good rolls

>> No.25105076

Rolled 22

This sounds bad.

>> No.25105077

Rolled 26


>> No.25105079

Rolled 43


>> No.25105080

Rolled 49


>> No.25105104

Rolled 83


>> No.25105109

I think the graboids turned into shriekers, guys.

>> No.25105128

Shit I think you're right.

>> No.25105196

Awfully quiet in here...

>> No.25105211

Rolled 425

Patience, anon.

>> No.25105214

Tunnel creatures already killed everyone.

>> No.25105239

So close to saving our ass...stupid dice theists watering down the conviction of dice atheism...

>> No.25105257

We all got scared from the dice-god heresy. I don't want any of that bad hoodoo rubbing off on me, no sir!

They are just testing that heretic, make no mistake. He'll roll great until the worst possible moment, then BAM! 1's everywhere and everyone dies.

So sir, I'll worship my pagan dice-gods all day and hopefully redirect their wrath.

>> No.25105277

You manage to spot one clearly. It ducks out of sight, but not before you take it all in.

<...small, perhaps two feet tall. Long arms, ending in large claws. Shorter legs. Its limbs are jointed in many places. It has no visible head. Its torso just ends.>

"Vog," Auriel mutters. "Shit. Shit."

"What?" Flint asks. "What are Vog?"

"...small, burrowing creatures that infest the Timorian Deep." She glances around at the party. "The sounds are to distract us. They're highly intelligent. Plotting an attack as we speak."

<I can sense some below us,> you say. <They're gathering into groups.>

"...they're small, but vicious. Cruelly vicious. And determined. They'll just keep coming."

"How many would you say?"

<...thirty or so. More are arriving at the edge of my senses.> Auriel's face takes a grim cast in the faint light of her orb. <Is that bad?> you ask.

"The more their are, the smarter they get. The more difficult it is to protect yourself."

"What do we do?" Flint asks.

"...we run," Auriel says. "On three, everyone runs. Get ready." Everyone sets themselves. "3. 2. 1. Go!"

You take off at a sprint through the caverns.

What do you do?

>take point; attack any Vog stupid enough to get in your way
>stay in the center; support the party as needed
>act as rear guard. Keep them from attacking from behind
>something else

>> No.25105280

Rolled 95

The idea is to roll all the time, but only to put the feeling into the die when it matters. Not the dice gods, certainly not; but into the die itself. The smoothness of the typed dice+1d100, none of that copy paste nonsense.

>> No.25105287

Rolled 99



>> No.25105295


>Rear guard with Xella.

We're the toughest member of the party.

>> No.25105297

>>stay in the center; support the party as needed

>> No.25105302

Rolled 142

We're not rolling yet.

>> No.25105309



>> No.25105312

Rear guard. Don't want these little fuckers sneaking up behind us.

>> No.25105329

What if we were to wait and make them go after the straggler, get supersonic up, and then once the party gets on ahead and the vog are focused on us blast to the end

>> No.25105335

Rear guard. Specifically, shadow under them and spike them from below.

>> No.25105340

Rolled 53

Rear guard. We have the best dark-vision and a sneak attack could be deadly here.

>> No.25105356


mite b cool

If people agree, they can vote for it.

Personally, I enjoy complex schemes.

>> No.25105362

Why are you using a d1000?

>> No.25105379

Rolled 387

It's practice.

>> No.25105396


>> No.25105403

But what if the Vog realize we're a deadly deadly monster, and ignore us in favor of attacking the party while we're away from them?

>> No.25105405

I like it

>> No.25105413


But do you like it now?

>> No.25105414


SM, are you giving us a free success?

>> No.25105430

Seconding (thirding?)

>> No.25105435

Probably not...
...but I really, really hope so...

>> No.25105442



>> No.25105445

Rolled 364

I hardly think that's what he's intending to convey.

>> No.25105454

Then we supersonic over and kick some Vog ass. Besides, if we can sense them, we'll have a rough idea of whether or not they're going after us or the party.

yup, still good

>> No.25105455

Maybe we could send them impressions of us being really really weak? They seem to have a hive mind thing going on. Not sure how intelligent "highly intelligent" is. if it's smart for animals or if they're smarter than people.

>> No.25105465

Vote 1:
>rear guard with Xella while the party moves forward as fast as possible

Vote 2:
>stay behind and try to draw their attention. Catch up later.

>> No.25105473

Sounds like a good time to use our mimic ability to look like an easy to eat human.

>> No.25105474

You guys know it takes a turn to sanic on and a turn to sanic off, right?
...Just making sure.

>> No.25105476


>> No.25105478


>> No.25105486

Knew it...

... you seem to be rolling in the mid to low 300's now. You sure about tempting the ire of the Dread Dice Lords?

>> No.25105488

Rear guard. I don't want to try anything risky with these.

>> No.25105492


>> No.25105493

Vote 1

because 2 is stupid- that will get us surrounded by dangerous grognardic tunnel barbarians.

>> No.25105495

Vote 2.

Xella can watch over the party while we lag behind to distract the Vog.

>> No.25105499

>Vote 1

>> No.25105505


>> No.25105506

Rolled 67

Dunno, it's all luck anyways so let's see.

>> No.25105507


>> No.25105512

They seem to be like cranium rats so I assume at a certain number they'd reach human intelligence.

>> No.25105515

>Not sure how intelligent "highly intelligent" is. if it's smart for animals or if they're smarter than people.

For the record, I can't take credit for the Vog personally. I participated in a /tg/ thread that made them from scratch. Good times.

>> No.25105530

Are they tasty?

>> No.25105531



>> No.25105532


>> No.25105534

Go to the archives and find their weakness? Will do.

>> No.25105536

Would you want to trust her with keeping the party safe just yet, though?

>> No.25105552


Don't search for "vog", I made the name up because I couldn't remember what we named them.

>> No.25105556

A /tg/ creation? Fuck this shit, time to run.

>> No.25105557

Oh god. When /tg/ makes a monster we REALLY make a monster. We should take this as safely as possible.

>> No.25105559

What's the worst that could happen?

>> No.25105571

Their geth-mind thing and undergroundness remind me of Skritt from Guild Wars.
The whole no-head thing is just weird though.
I like it!

>> No.25105575

Yeah... Not voting 2 anymore.

>> No.25105583

Famous last words...

>> No.25105586

It's not that they don't have a head, it's just that the mouth is the body.

>> No.25105599


>implying I didn't further modify /tg/'s horrific creation into a true abomination

>> No.25105624

>Searching for monster thread
>Nothing but monster girls
Fuck you all

>> No.25105629


You've voted to act as the rear guard!

You'll roll...

...neckst tiem!

End of Thread


meta yadda yadda

>hey who archived my thread

Next thread will be tomorrow night around 9pm EST-ish

>> No.25105631


>> No.25105639

why must you hurt us this was
>this thread

>> No.25105654


Goddamn it...

>> No.25105657


>> No.25105665

>"It has no visible head. Its torso just ends"
So it's a giant swarm of semi-sentient pic related?

Fuck everything.

>> No.25105669

Rolled 100

Aww I gotta wait to roll.
Welp, time to put as much failure into this one as I can!

>> No.25105673

Sometimes we hurt the ones we love, and SM loves us very much...

>> No.25105675

>wait to roll
>nat 100

>> No.25105677

AHAHAHAHAHA, Oh boy do I crack me up like the dice godless bastard I am.

See you next time, folks. >:3

>> No.25105684


>> No.25105686


>> No.25105688



>> No.25105704


>> No.25105708

Oh you motherfucker

>> No.25105715

I guess I'll count the 100.

It would just be too cruel otherwise. Not that I'm an dice atheist or anything.

In the Timorian Deep, everyone's a dicegodian.

Peace out people

>> No.25105716

Don't you see? This was shadow master's plan all along, Auriel and Xella were just red herrings: He wants us to make the Vog our true waifu.

>> No.25105718

I think I'm converting to a new non-religion.

>> No.25105735


>> No.25105747


>> No.25105748

Love is real. Thank you SM.

>> No.25105756

...I'll forgive you this time, DA.


Actually, since you just said you'll count it, could you post something small, like a little cliffhanger?

>> No.25105757


>> No.25105761

an his legend lives on....

>> No.25105783

Rolled 4488234692

Well that's also nice! Hopefully more will come.
And remember friends, the dice gods ain't nothin'!

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