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You are Maro of Jin, whispered as 'Maro of the Lightning".

It has been two days since you left your school in disguise as a mendicant monk. It has been one night since you have arrived at the house of white tiles in the city of Shen Jiao. It has been the better part of a day since you fought off thugs working for the crime boss Lao Len and in the spirit of the request your master Ren Zhao, it has been the better part of a day since you told one to deliver a message to Lao Len, that Maro of the Lightning will strike her organization down.

It has been 10 hours since you were told that Lao Len has your sister Pan, through the proxy of Flame-Lily, while investigating the corruption present in the house of White Tiles.

You have decided that you will cast down the crime syndicate of Lao Len and that you must rescue Pan at all costs, but you are at an impasse as to how to proceed. You know that Lao Len has likely informed her whole network of thugs and informants to keep an eye out for you with the description that was likely provided to her by the men you throttled in the market for harassing a farmer. You also know through inference that the master of the House of White Tiles (a man named Zhao Peng you have later learned) has enough ties to Lao Lens organization that you could probably find out the things you need to know from him.

It is the morning after the tea ceremony with the graceful Flame-Lily, a skilled conversationalist (though somewhat naive) and an artisan of tea-ceremonies - she did not lie when she said she was the houses best tea ceremony girl.

[ ] Wander the town begging and looking for more information about Lao Len.
[ ] Stay at the house of white tiles for the day and attempt to learn more about Lao Len.

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>[ ] Stay at the house of white tiles for the day and attempt to learn more about Lao Len.

Maybe Flame-Lily can help us with the information.

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About time, you cow.

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>[ ] Stay at the house of white tiles for the day and attempt to learn more about Lao Len.

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[X] Stay at the house of white tiles for the day and attempt to learn more about Lao Len.

The best tea girl, if you know what I mean. Because we totally got laid.

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I am not a cow. Pic related (my sibling)

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>Because we totally got laid.

Monks don't have sex.

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Your mom must have cheated, cause here's a pic of you.

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We're not a monk, never took any vows or anything. We put the monk hat on keep attention off sometimes, no reason why we didn't get laid at a brothel with a very willing girl.

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Your possessions currently include : An unnamed guinneapigbat with a piece of cloth around its stomach, 10 flame koku (that would conflict with your disguise as a monk if anyone were to see them), 15lbs of jin tea leaves (you gave 5lbs to Flame-Lily), a Khakkara staff that used to belong to your mentor, a teapot that used to belong to your mentor, a letter from home penned by your tutor Rokan with a sketch of your family also done by Rokan and a self sketch done by rokan. And of course the clothes on your back.

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If our cover gets blown, people will get curious.

They'll start asking questions, and we'll get caught.

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Officially it's not a brothel, it's an 'entertainment house' much like geisha houses were, if you played your cards right you could get laid, but that's not an 'offered' service - offered services include tea ceremonies, singing, dancing, conversation, a place to stay the night and food.

The house policy about 'strange guests dressed as monks but obviously not' is 'keep our mouths shut'... but the house is corrupt, so you cant say what would happen. Flame-Lily seems to trust you though and would keep quiet if asked to do something like get one of your koku changed down into smaller amounts, or buy some different clothes for you.

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Our cover is already kinda messed up in this town, what with us beating up some schmucks in the middle of town and giving our name, and I truly doubt that Flame-Lily is planning on going around spreading word about us.

We're already staying at a brothel and Flame-Lily isn't going to say anything, sleeping with her or not sleeping with her would not change any possible harm to our rep, so we may as well.

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How much is 10 flame koku exactly?

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Oh, and of course lovely ladies who are willing to accompany high class men through the town. Pic Related

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A koku is an amount equivalent to a persons worth of rice for a year, they're gold. If broken down into silver it would be enough for a moderate sized pouch.

Your families holdings in Jin were worth something like 250 000 koku - mostly because of the tea production. Rokan made sure you had a firm understanding of the value of your properties.

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So we've basically got $100 or so?

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>3650 days worth of rice in money value

No, you've got a lot more, a *lot* more... but it's mostly for emergencies.

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As you decide to investigate around the house of White Tiles for leads on Lao Len a black-and-yellow clad serving man of the house delivers a morning meal to you.

You stop the man and ask to speak with
[ ] Zhao Peng the house proprietor - a man you believe to be corrupt
[ ] Flame-Lily, to resume your discussion yesterday
[ ] One of the girls newer to the house.

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Talk to the walls. The walls have ears.

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>[ ] Zhao Peng the house proprietor - a man you believe to be corrupt

We'll learn a lot from him, not just from what he says, but from what he avoids saying.

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Wow, just noticed that I missed a letter in my trip and it threw everything off - yes this is actually me.

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>[ ] Flame-Lily, to resume your discussion yesterday


>[ ] One of the girls newer to the house.

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Form some sort of consensus please

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>[ ] One of the girls newer to the house.


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Well I'd definitely prefer to talk to one of the new girls over talking to the walls, I don't think the walls will speak back.

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>[ ] One of the girls newer to the house

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>there are no men behind the curtains. serious.

You ask the serving-man to have one of the houses newer girls brought to you. He nods quickly and informs you that he will bring you Snow-Lotus.

The Guinneapigbat you seemingly adopted a few days ago sniffs around the plate of food until it finds some fruit which it digs into with a gusto.

A few minutes pass and a blue eyed and dark skinned girl steps into the room.

"My name is Snow-Lotus, sir... Would you have me sing for you first, or would you have me dance... I am learning poetry and I could recite some of that too if it would please you?"

[ ] Poetry
[ ] Ask her when she came to the house
[ ] Ask about her name
[ ] Ask something else? (what?)

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Zhao Peng.

Lets get to the heart of the matter.

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(If we ask her to do poetry, for example, is that all she will do before leaving?)

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Fuck Knuckles.

Okay ask the girl how she came to the house. Lets try to get a feel for this place.

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>[ ] Ask her when she came to the house

>> No.25041695

No. You'll have more time to speak with her.

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Okay. Then let's start off with some Poetry.

And if she fucks up we'll just politely tell her it's alright and she should keep reciting it.

Charm her a bit and get her to like us before asking about the House and Lady Lao.

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Eh, what the hell? Backing this.

We charm her, then we try to get some information.

We've already held hands and cuddled though so getting laid isn't our priority here.

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" White trees and mountains€”
Plum blossoms and winter snow
in a single gaze" Snow-Lotus finishes, and gives you a challenging glare.

You immediately recognize these words as belonging to the water tribe sage Tak Ool... they were reportedly his death poem and a lament about being unable to return home to die. You know that this poem would normally be considered in *extremely* poor taste, and that this girl would be risking a beating later if this was said in the presence of one of the other girls.

"I am not sure what would ever make you think to utter that in the presence of a guest, Snow-Lotus... but it so happens that I am incredibly fond of that poem"

You exchange a few more poems with her, and most of her material seems to be chosen with the intent of reminding you that she is a stranger here and longs for home. She's very good at her recitation... but her material seems to be what gets her in trouble.

[ ] Ask about her name
[ ] Ask about when she came here
[ ] Other? (write-in)

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[X] Ask about her name

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>[ ] Ask about her name
>[ ] Ask about when she came here

May we fuse those together?

Ask about her name, then say "Well that's rather far from here! How did you get to be in the House of White Tiles?"

(But less condescendingly. I didn't mean to come off like that in the example)

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Water Tribe poems.

5 gets you ten this girl has been shanghied into working for Zhao Peng,

Ask her about her name, and where she's from.

Refuse to be offended, no matter how standoffish she gets.

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>Refuse to be offended, no matter how standoffish she gets.

I do agree with this.

Try to be amicable.

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I wanted a cat-bat not a guinea-pig-bat...

Oh well lets call it flutterby.

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"The poems you recite for me often get you in trouble with Zhao Peng, don't they", you state calmly and recieve a small nod of the head from her.

You take two cups from the platter that was brought to you with breakfast, and with the boiled water brought in, you make and pour some tea with your personal stock of leaves, for both yourself and Snow-Lotus. Snow-Lotus is beside herself, you have seriously breached protocol by pouring for her.

"Drink, and tell me about your name... It does not sound like any water tribe name I have ever read about" you hand her a cup.

"... I hate this name" she says as she begins to tremble.

"Is it not your given name?"

You see tears forming in the corner of her eyes, it seems this subject is upsetting her.

[ ] Press on
[ ] Let it go

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You know what we should name our guineapigbat? Swinub.

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>[ ] Press on
Hug if need be.

>> No.25042244

Be firm, but not insensitive.

Something isn't kosher here. This is pre-imperial fire nation. Sure there's excesses but I doubt shangiahing forgieners and forcing them to courtesians is well looked upon in the fire nation.

Something stinks here and its not ambergris. We need to get to the bottom of it.

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I though ambergris smelled okay as long as it wasn't fresh?

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I'm afraid I don't get the reference.

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[X] Press on

Hold one of her hands with both of ours, try to look reassuring.

"I am not going to hurt you, in fact I want to help you. But I can't help you if you don't help me.

If you can't say anything, if you're too scared then all you have to do is nod and shake your head while I ask you some yes or no questions. Do you understand?

Can you do that for me? Can you be strong for me? Strong enough to help you and all the other girls that have been taken. Please."

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It's the name of a guineapig-esque pokemon. The guineapigbat reference image is a digimon.

>> No.25042297

Ambergris is whale fat, that gets turned into perfume and other substances...

Its a loose reference to perfume making 'cause you know... working girls.

>> No.25042322

yeah Patamon, I remember.

I prefer the Louis Carrol reference more though.

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"Please, drink - it will calm you... the tea has been made in the proscribed manner according to methods handed down for the last hundred years" you make a few placating motions, and finally convince her to have her tea.

"Snow-Lotus is not my name, it was given to me when I was sold here two years ago... Zhao Peng renames every girl that comes into the house. My name is Lan Se Shui"

"I suspected that he did as much... I would have you know that I think what he is doing is wrong, and I intend to stop it... but I need a bit of help"

[ ] Ask about how deep Zhao Peng's corruption runs
[ ] Ask about Lao Len

>> No.25042455

>[ ] Ask about Lao Len

>> No.25042486

[X] Ask about how deep Zhao Peng's corruption runs

Follow it one step at a time. We'll also ask if Lao Len was the one who brought her here, but follow the leads slowly and surely, dig up every piece of dirt on the way.

>> No.25042499

[x]Ask about Zhao Peng

Our master told us to "Confront Evil" and then he sent us here.

We have a working girl who has been here for TWO YEARS and is deeply dissatisfied with her position in life.

Oh and Lao Ling has our sister.

I think our master sent us here to turn over some rocks so that the local officials could see what crawls out.

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"... How bad is it Lan Se?" You ask with concern.
"For the girls who fall in line, not so bad at all, for the girls who act out? He beats them mercilessly, there is a room deep in the complex where the sounds cannot get out. I have been fortunate in that most of what I do flies over the heads of its recipients" she states in a detached matter-of-fact manner.
"What is the worse that's happened?"
"One girl just a bit newer than me said something terribly wrong to a patron one night... Zhao Peng was furious, with her and dragged her off to that room, we never saw her again".

"Are you suggesting that he beat her to death?" Fire sparks in your eyes, but fortunately Lan Se fails to notice it.

"I think that may be what happened..." the guinneapigbat has crawled over to Lan se lap and is happily presenting its stomach to be rubbed, it seems to cheer her up a bit.

[ ] Ask about lao len
[ ] Ask her to leave and to send Flame-Lily in.
[ ] other?

>> No.25042709

[X] Ask about Lao Len

This shit will not stand. There are times when killing is too good for people, let's do it anyways.

>> No.25042843

Well that answers that question.

Ask about Lao Lan and put Zhao Peng on our list of "People to Cripple."

>> No.25042890


>> No.25042912

>[ ] Ask about lao len

>> No.25042961

>Ask about Lao-Len

>> No.25042962

"Lan Se... what can you tell me about Lao Len?"
"Lao Len is responsible for every agony I ever suffered here. She sold me into this house, she runs the opium cartels in the city and to smaller areas..."
"Where does she operate out of in the city?"
"She has most of her operation by the docks, where she can purchase 'things'" the word drips with acid "from the occasional pirate... if you're for some reason thinking about attacking her you'll need someone to watch your back". She states earnestly

"And you would know one of these people?"
"No, but there are usually former soldiers in the town for hire"

[ ] Ask who we should go after first
[ ] Ask her to send flame-lily in

>> No.25042972

I only implied that there's no good way to hit a woman.

Not that it's not a viable course of action when you're faced with a female crime lord.

Also what's the source on that animu? Looks hilarious.

>> No.25042977

>[ ] Ask who we should go after first

>> No.25042987

>Fuck, forgot trip

>> No.25043005

To Aru Majutsu no Index

So many nuns get punched in the face.

>> No.25043028

also the spin off, to aru kagaku no railgun

>> No.25043040

ha ha time for lightning I think.

>> No.25043051

Railgun doesn't have nearly as much face punching.

>> No.25043071

A: ask who we should go after first.

B: we should find an archer of some sort, or a long distance bender since we make use of a staff and firebending.

We've easily got enough Koku to hire some mercs to watch our back, just have to make sure they're not Lao Len's men before we hire them.

>> No.25043076

[X] Ask who we should go after first

>> No.25043183

"If we were planning an attack, who should we go after first? Zhao Peng or Lao Len?"

"As much as I hate Zhao Peng, he's the smaller problem - if he escaped he would immediately go scurrying to Lao Len... but if you took out Lao Len he'd have no one to run to"

"A prudent plan. Thank you Lan Se... I will think on things and speak with you again later."

Bowing Snow-Lily (as you have to refer to her where others can overhear) leaves the room looking like she can't believe what has happened... you hear her whisper "Be careful" before she leaves completely.

It is still before midday, do you :
[ ] Plan attack for tonight
[ ] Wander town 'begging' and look for someone to 'watch your back'.

>> No.25043198

>Apparently my browser absolutely hates me and keeps on deleting my name+trip without me noticing

>> No.25043200

[X] Wander town 'begging' and look for someone to 'watch your back'.

>> No.25043209

>[ ] Wander town 'begging' and look for someone to 'watch your back'.

>> No.25043210

Get rekt

>> No.25043245

We need a Kirk to balance out our Spock.

Wander around town, look for mercs, make sure people don't know that we have something like 10000 dollars on us. Maybe hit a merchant house after a change of clothes and turn one of our koku into silver.

>> No.25043260

If they're someone we can buy with money than I'm pretty sure Lao Len can offer more, and we'd have to exchange the money through an intermediary because a monk going to a merchant house to exchange funds is kinda suspicious.

>> No.25043272

Are we old Spock or new Spock?

>> No.25043297

So would you like Flame-lily sent in? she'd be more than happy to run an errand for you after the tea leaves.

>> No.25043355

yeah, but what do we get her to do? clothes first or money exchange? im not too sure about giving someone 2k and asking her not to be too obvious. get rich-mans clothes first

>> No.25043361

I think some cash we could actually spend could be useful, though as I said in >>25043260 if we're buying their services I don't think we can trust them for this as Lao Len is throwing around a lot more cash than us.

>> No.25043388


>> No.25043418

You could give her the coin first, then have her escort you and handle all the funds that would be perfectly acceptable and in truth it would look more like you're escorting her.

>> No.25043432

Old Spock.


Okay lets get Flame-Lily, slip her some Tea Leaves, give her a Koku and have her turn the Koku into silver in a merchant house.

Also see if she knows of a place where people who've pissed off Lao Len hang out.

>> No.25043452

She was sold to the house at a very young age - she already told you that she doesn't know much about "Lady Lao"

>> No.25043469

That sounds good.

We've already given her 5 pounds of tea leaves, she doesn't need any more.

>> No.25043503

First, we need two disguises. Something like Zuko's blue ghost outfit.

I suggest sonmething dragon themed, we'll also need a new staff or polearm for the disguise.

Next we'll need a nobleman's clothes. That way we can walk around town and spend money.

Finally we can accompany Flame-Lily around town, have her turn our Koku into silver, buy our clothes for us, change somewhere, and escort her back to The House of White Tiles before finding people that are royally pissed with Lao Len.

The local guards might be a good place to stop.

Find the Fire Nation's dirty harry equivilent and team up to fight crime.

>> No.25043562

hey, bread, dont suppose you have this dirty harry character already made?

>> No.25043588

>Find the Fire Nation's dirty harry equivilent and team up to fight crime.

Preferably one who is not a Firebender.

Get someone whose bending can tastefully and skilfully go with ours in combat.

>> No.25043608

down-on-his-luck earthbender or archer?

>> No.25043651

They are being pretty beligerent at the moment. Obviously some Earth Benders/Archers would piss off the wrong people and get kicked out of the army.

We just need to find a disgruntled warrior who wants to make money and do the right thing at the same time.

>> No.25043723

Gathering up your staff and the guinneapigbat you grab a single koku out of the pouch your master gave you. You decide to leave everything else at the inn temporarily.

As you exit the room you track down a serving man and ask him to bring flame-lily to you, he quickly complies.

"Master Maro... what can I do for you?"
"I would like you to come shopping with me" she beams with the biggest bubbly smile and begins clap happily almost immediately - it seems she's quick to leap to conclusions "I am a monk and I am not supposed to handle money or purchase things... but I can get around that technicality if I have someone else handle it for me" you say as you hand her a single koku... and she goes from exuberant happiness to wide-eyed astonishment.

"I didn't know you were so rich Master Maro... I think we could get me a portable tea set with just a portion of this... oh and so many fine clothes and tea's too!". She's almost spinning in circles as she imagines the things she can buy with your money.

"Excuse me. Flame-lily, you're supposed to be helping *me* shop, not the other way around" she deflates somewhat visibly as you say this.

"... Oh. Right... I guess we need to go to the moneychangers first."

She quickly collects her things and you set off to the nearest moneychanger without effort... It's clear flame-lily is no expert with money matters, but you don't get ripped off too badly with the exchange. You now have a pouch of 250 silver bu. Flame-lily is insisting that you buy some fried foods for her.

[ ] fried foods
[ ] clothes (what)
[ ] spare weapon?

>> No.25043735

Yes. I do. In fact he's already been talked about.

>> No.25043757

>[X] fried foods
>[X] Spare Weapon

>> No.25043766

But he's being reserved for another situation I think.

>> No.25043781

Fried foods, then clothes.

>> No.25043799

[X] fried foods

Let her get some food, and then we'll go clothes shopping in case we have to look like something other than a Monk.

>> No.25043806

>waifuing the whore
Less than surprised.

>> No.25043817

>[ ] fried foods
>[ ] clothes
A dress, singular. A single dress. That's it. Also a few different disguises. Something that says lowlife scum, something that says high class nobility, something in between.
>[ ] spare weapon
Throwing knives.

>> No.25043828

Can people actually be this stupid?

>> No.25043838


She's our friend and shopping-bitch.

We'll probably leave her soon after fucking up Lady Lao and rescuing our sister.

>> No.25043840

she's not a whore - she's more equivalent to a geisha and those had special fun events for the sale of their virginity.

>> No.25043846

Have fun with your herpes, shithead.

>> No.25043850

Naah, we're gonna be out of this town as soon as we save our sister. We won't bring her along. Keep it juust friends.

>> No.25043851

food for the woman, we need to grow a harem. with or without your sister. with a mindbroken lao len.
seriously though, clothes. stereotypical ninja suit, merchants attire, labourer/common clothes

>> No.25043870

>she's not a whore
Toplel m8

>> No.25043872

Geisha, Oiran, or Courtesan would be more appropriate. And we're not waifuing her, we're getting her fried food in exchange for helping us maintain our guise as a mendicant monk. We'll leave eventually and not take her with.

>> No.25043886

>we're using her to buy us shit, because we cannot.

>> No.25043891

Are you kidding me? We're fire nation nobility. We have to marry for status.

>> No.25043903

Write-up for foods coming first. As I said sometimes I'll allow multiple things at a time but sometimes I can't just handle them narratively.

She's not a whore. As far as courtesans go she's a skilled conversationalist and damn good with her tea ceremonies, but she's not particularly good at singing, poetry or dancing.

>> No.25043908

Fried Food, if only to keep her from asking too many questions.

Then we hit a tailor, buy some high class clothes.

Then we hit a blacksmith, pic related, make sure we have a mask to hid our identity and have a spear or polearm of some sort made.

From there we take her back to the house and search for disgruntled soldiers.

>> No.25043968

We especially have to marry for status since we're from the boonies. Our lightning abilities are gonna earn our family mad status when our parents find the right family for us to marry into.


>> No.25043976

>She's not a whore
And now the QM is going to feed the waifuers' denial so as to keep them interested.

I hope you're happy with being a bigger whore than Flame-Lily.

>> No.25043977

"Fine, we'll get you some fried foods, but you'll need to break down a few more of these silver first". You sigh.

"Yay! thank you so much maro! no one ever treats me like this! only a few girls get special treatment!" Flame-Lilly scurries back to the money changer and quickly gets 10 silver bu changed into 70 copper zenni.

Flame-Lily quickly locates (quite a few) things she'd like to try and manages to pick them all up without incident, while you scan the crowd.

Which is when you see a bolt of fire hurtling straight towards you.

DC20 Firebending please.

>> No.25043987

Rolled 13


>> No.25043994

The Indigo Inferno sounds like some sort of gay bar.

>> No.25044008

Rolled 14

Can we try to dodge traditionally rather than firebend? Or is a monk being able to firebend expected?

>> No.25044011

Amongst the girls at the house she really wasn't very popular because she's not as beautiful as most, nor can she sing or dance.

But really, you're arguing with the person who writes the damn characters here, which probably means you're either a faggot or a troll, and in either case your opinion doesn't matter.

>> No.25044024

There's a very important thing you should learn, and I mean this in a friendly way.
Lest you end up in the same boat as HPQuest.

>> No.25044026

Rolled 16



>> No.25044053

Reminder, is this d20 or d100?

>> No.25044061

Someone flinging fire around in broad daylight in a populated area, chances are if we dodge someone else will get hit.

>> No.25044072


>> No.25044081

It's a d20, I only use d20 and take best/worst of first 3... I don't like the huge variance on d100's.

Generally I try not to, I know the guy is trolling.

>> No.25044100

Rolled 8

Dude as a fellow QM I cannot stress this enough.

Don't feed the trolls. They just want to derail the thread.

Oh, and rollan.

>> No.25044124

>Herp I really didn't mean to put DC20, I meant d20.

Pass, writeup incoming

>> No.25044144

oh thank god

I was gonna say, that's one really good firebender attacking us

>> No.25044152

>>Herp I really didn't mean to put DC20, I meant d20.

I thought so.

>My roll passes it

Fuck yes

>> No.25044194

>I was gonna say, that's one really good firebender attacking us

At least we're such a threat that they send a master at us.

We're fuckin' quality.

>> No.25044207

You leap into a stance you've practiced many years, with a quick movement that interposes your hand with the bolt of fire you draw in its heat and then negate it, exhaling steam from your nostrils.

You cant say that you didn't expect lao len to send retribution, you just didn't think it would be quite this fast. You see the man who shot the bolt of fire at you, and two others in similar clothes beside him. People are clearing out of the streets quickly, and flame-lily has scurried off to the side in apparent shock at what you did.

[ ] Stay on the defensive (dc : medium)
[ ] Firebend back (dc : medium-hard)
[ ] Attempt to close the distance while being evasive (dc : medium)
[ ] Lightning ( dc:medium)

>> No.25044211

It's a good feel isn't it anon?

>> No.25044221

>[ ] Attempt to close the distance while being evasive (dc : medium)

>> No.25044238

>[ ] Stay on the defensive (dc : medium)

I don't think these guys are worth the lightning.

You know it!

>> No.25044244

Rolled 12

Lets not break cover until we have our own Blue-Ghost persona to hide behind.

Lets cover the distance while evading their flames and bring our staff into play.

>> No.25044247

>[ ] Lightning ( dc:medium)
Fuck. Them. Up.

>> No.25044259

Rolled 2

No, we might as well walk around with a sign tied around our neck saying "There's a bounty on my head, come get me!"

[ ] Attempt to close the distance while being evasive (dc : medium)

>> No.25044260

>[x] Lightning ( dc:medium)
Maro of the Lightning is gonna lightning.

>> No.25044266

Rolled 1


>> No.25044268

Rolled 3

>Firebend back

Return their fireball, with a bit extra on the side

Let's show some measure of subtlety so that the po-po aren't right on our trail though

>> No.25044277

Fyi you don't need to roll until an option is locked in

>> No.25044288

[X] Attempt to close the distance while being evasive (dc : medium)

>> No.25044291

>[ ] Attempt to close the distance while being evasive (dc : medium)
Get in close and then death touch them by grabbing and bending lightning right into them at close range.

>> No.25044298

Ahh, good to know.

>> No.25044303

Thank god.

>> No.25044306

Rolled 13

>[x] close the distance

>> No.25044309

That's fucking brutal if it works.

>> No.25044323

That might be pretty subtle. It'll look like we just ran up and grabbed then, then they were dead.

>> No.25044336

Closing distance locked in, roll

>> No.25044351

Rolled 11



>> No.25044353

Rolled 6

Zap, muthafucka!

>> No.25044356

Cool of an idea as it sounds, you still need to make the motions that generate lightning - so it looks like you run up to them, wave your arms around slowly then thrust your fingers into them, their hands on end and they spasm then they drop dead.

>> No.25044358

Rolled 1

let's close and beat them up

>> No.25044359

Rolled 4

Lightnning touch him in the end

>> No.25044360

Rolled 1

Olympic sprinter go

>> No.25044363

Rolled 1


No lightning.

>> No.25044367

Rolled 1


>> No.25044369

Rolled 3


>> No.25044371

Holy shit

>> No.25044372

What the fucks?

>> No.25044379

Wow you guys. Wow. You're not very good at this.

Thankfully only *one* crit failure was in there. writeup incoming

>> No.25044382

We should practice to learn how to completely internalize the chi flow without motions.

What the fuck.

>> No.25044387



>> No.25044390


>> No.25044391

Rolled 11

Move in, dodge fire, use the staff to crack skulls, smash toes, and score gut shots.

>> No.25044397

Rolled 15


I call upon the Gods to fix this!

>> No.25044403


>> No.25044415

Rolled 2


Get back on your horse, Shadow Quest!

>> No.25044425

I made that pic for BFQ, actually.

>> No.25044438

/tg/ dice.

Making you go "what the fuck" since day one.

>> No.25044445

But I admit it's more appropriate for SQ

>> No.25044454

Stepping out of your defensive stance you attempt to run towards your opponents to bring your staff to use and limit their bending.... and on the third running step towards them the earth underneath your left foot slides, and you fall flat on your face losing your staff.

Wonderful, they've got an earthbender too.

[ ] get up and get on defensive (dc: medium-hard)
[ ] lightning (dc : medium)
[ ] retrieve staff (dc : easy)
[ ] firebending (dc : hard)

>> No.25044456

But BFQ always gets good rolls.

>> No.25044460

>[ ] retrieve staff (dc : easy)

>> No.25044467


>> No.25044474

Too bad this isn't Ogre Quest, these rolls would have made something awesome happen.

>> No.25044482


Never looked at BFQ

>[ ] retrieve staff

>> No.25044485

When I made it we were critfailing all kinds of retarded shit. Just failing every single roll that counted for over a hundred rolls consecutively.

>> No.25044487

>get up and get on the defensive

>> No.25044495


I know right?

But not all quests can be about Ogrewelming power.

>> No.25044504

It was only *one* crit fail, and I try not to make them too punishing... If it was all three at once you'd have fallen and dislocated something and probably ended up deciding to run the fuck away.

>> No.25044505

Can we get up and retrieve our staff at the same time?

>> No.25044523

>retrieve staff
>get up and defensivee

>> No.25044529

Lightning. Also, is there a way to do non-lethal lightning bending? It would be one hell of a tazer.

>> No.25044531

Remember the Lichnomancer thread? /tg/ dice can make some nasty shit happen.

Oh, and lets get our staff.

We need to beat these guys without revealing our secret powers.

>> No.25044547

>not making it so our legs suddenly transform into air, and, while we can no longer walk, we now know how to airbend

>> No.25044548

No, one or the other, you fell flat on your face and your staff is well out of reach to be defensive and get it at the same time, it'll take minimum of two seperate actions

>> No.25044558

We've already demonstrated firebending, we can use that just fine.

Damn, than I say get to a defense position.

>> No.25044568

What killed ten ping was you basically shot lightning straight into his heart. You can do non-lethal lightningbending

>> No.25044576

>Remember the Lichnomancer thread?

Were the rolls so bad I couldn't remember?

Seriously though, what happened in Lichnomancer Quest?

>> No.25044593

Lightning is our secret power, fire bending is about as common as being an impressive swordsman so I got no problem with that.

Eh, we might as well go on the defensive, letthem come to us I guess.

>blazon kentuckians

What the fuck captcha?

>> No.25044616

>What the fuck captcha?

They're a secret race in Dragon Ball Z.

Mountain people that breathe fire and drink firewater.

>> No.25044620




3 way tie. rolling d3 in 3 mins if it's not reconciled

>> No.25044627


Lich shows up and challenged the chosen one to A game of basketball

Nothing can stop him.


>> No.25044630


>> No.25044631


>> No.25044632

Shit lightning all over him.

>> No.25044633


>> No.25044641


>> No.25044646

I vote defensive.

>> No.25044661


>> No.25044664

Staff it is then, roll away

>> No.25044670

Bend lightning

>> No.25044672

Rolled 13

Here we go!

>> No.25044675

Rolled 8


>> No.25044677

Rolled 16


>> No.25044682

Rolled 15

Ass fuck shit

>> No.25044686

Rolled 12


Staffinate, annihilate...

>> No.25044689

Rolled 18

Smack, muthafucka!

>> No.25044693

Rolled 1

Good, we didn't get a 1

>> No.25044703



>> No.25044723

Rolled 1

It was a 1d1, stop worrying.

>> No.25044729

Do you see what I see? >>25044693

A faggot!

A faggot!

A faggot using 1d1!

>> No.25044737



>> No.25044744

>"I AM HERE TO JAM." the lichnomancer says

Holy shit this is mindblowing from post one

>> No.25044753

You quickly roll sideways away from the line of earth you see coming towards you, the guinneapig bat jumps off of the top of your head and takes off to the top of a nearby stand, you roll under a bolt of fire (don't these idiots know that strength in firebending comes from the feet, not punches?) and then you're at your staff again and you smack a rock the earthbender has flung at your head... straight into the knee of one of the firebenders, which seems to knock him to the ground even if it doesn't audibly break his kneecap.

Two to go
[ ] Lightning (easy)
[ ] Firebending (medium
[ ] Attempt to close again (hard)

>> No.25044761

[X] Firebending (medium

Let's not throw around our lighting too much.

>> No.25044768


Firebending. Let's not show our unique tricks yet.

>> No.25044771

>[ ] Firebending (medium)

>> No.25044775


>> No.25044778

>[ ] Firebending (medium)

Hit the guy who doesn't look like the leader.

>> No.25044781

Stop that, you're giving me lichnomancer flashbacks.

>> No.25044788

"Your Fired!"

Please don't use my terrible pun

>> No.25044791

QM has said that rumor hasn't caught up with us yet and it'll probably be a few weeks before anyone from the Ten family gets word, let alone is on our trail.

Lightning is your ace in the hole - NO ONE knows about it.

>> No.25044801


Exactly, which is why we're not breaking it out on a bunch of punk-asses in a street fight.

>> No.25044802

Roll for firebending please

>> No.25044804

So lets save it for Lao Len.

>> No.25044808

Rolled 16


>> No.25044809

Rolled 7

The thing about a trump card is that you can only use it once. Let's keep the ace up our sleeve for a little while longer.


>> No.25044811

Rolled 15


Hi, hi, hi hi hi!

>> No.25044816

Rolled 6


>> No.25044819

Rolled 14



>> No.25044820

Try to smack the earth bender in the face, we need him OUT of this fight and fire to the eyes usually does that.

>> No.25044863

Dat nat 20 for choosing Bill Murray as the chosen one

>> No.25044888

Watching your feet, stepping out of another poorly constructed bolt of fire and doing a quick butterfly twist when you notice the earth moving beneath your feet, you land bringing your staff behind you and thrusting your right hand forward showing the other firebender true flame, he tries to cancel it out backpeddling and swirling his arms but it isn't enough and he's quickly overwhelmed... and on fire, you don't think it'll kill him though.

Just the earthbender is left and he was the best of their benders anyways... from what you remember in your practice at the temple, they are almost impossible to harm with pure fire.

[ ] Charge him (medium-hard)
[ ] Lightning (easy)
[ ] Firebend

>> No.25044903

Sorry firebend (hard)

>> No.25044906

>[ ] Lightning (easy)

>> No.25044915

[X] Firebend as a distraction to create an opening to charge him
Am I correct in thinking that we can charge through our own fire without harming ourself?

>> No.25044918

>[ ] Lightning (easy)

>> No.25044920


No, that's what Song does.

>> No.25044921

Charge him.

>> No.25044926

[X] Charge him (medium-hard)

Use our feet to send a few waves of fire at him across the ground, force him to block those, as he's busy with that we charge him and do a jumping charge and hit him upside the head with a heavy metal staff.

>> No.25044928


We are NOT thundering in the middle of a street fight!

Charge that muthafucka

>> No.25044935


>> No.25044938

>Charge him

>> No.25044942

I vote for these.

>> No.25044950

>[ ] Lightning (easy)



>> No.25044966

>We are NOT thundering in the middle of a street fight!

I don't think the civilians would stick around.

If Lady Lao is behind this, then people must know to get the fuck away when she does her work.

>> No.25044969

Charge him!

>> No.25045018

Tie between charge and lightning it looks like?

>> No.25045030

Rolled 16


>> No.25045032

Wait, shouldn't they alos be resistant to lightning, because it's not veru effectivee against ground?

>> No.25045038

charge. we save lightning for only when we need it.

>> No.25045039

Charge, let's not show something like lighting in public if possible.

>> No.25045041


>> No.25045045

Doing both at the same time is incredibly hard, and given the dc's involved for each combining them rules it out completely.

>> No.25045052

It's a street fight, fight nmove if the fighters get too close or if the fire starts getting flung around too much but I guarantee you people are watching this.

>> No.25045055

charge him

>> No.25045056

nigga this aint pokemans

>> No.25045060

This aint pokemon

>> No.25045062


Charge up in his face and give him a strong left hook. They'll never see it coming.

>> No.25045065

So charge him.

>> No.25045069

charge him

>> No.25045074

What >>25045056, also learn to spell.

>> No.25045078

Roll for charge

>> No.25045081

Oh, I thought it was because we had patoman with us.

>> No.25045085

Rolled 10


>> No.25045090

It's not patamon. It's a guinneapigbat, it just so happens to be very cute

>> No.25045091

Rolled 11


>> No.25045095

Rolled 7


Rolling for a strong left hook.

>> No.25045096

Rolled 15


>> No.25045098

Rolled 4



>> No.25045100

Rolled 3

Here we go!

>> No.25045103

Rolled 12

nigga duk u lern 2 qm

>> No.25045106

Just charge him and smack the guy around with our staff.

>> No.25045108

Rolled 2

feint, pretend we gonna do firebending AND THEN PUNCH HIM IN THE FACE.

>> No.25045112

But patamon isn't cute.

>> No.25045120

I was typing with one hand, which is also the opposite of the one I usually type with when I require to type with one.

>> No.25045126

Well, that's just your opinion bro.

>> No.25045140

Rolled 4



>> No.25045143

So are you masturbating?

>> No.25045145

It should also be yours.
should deirene

>> No.25045152

Quit fapping, get yo head in the game.

>> No.25045166

You attempt to make some progress to get into close range using a trick you learned from Ren Zhao involving shooting fire behind you to accelerate your movement sliding along the ground, but the earthbender moves the ground under your feet again and you slip but don't trip completely this time.

"Trying to get close to me isn't going to work that easily, firebender".

[ ] Jump and firebend to try to close distance (hard)
[ ] lightning
[ ] throw your staff at him

>> No.25045174

That would be a strange thing to do while browsing THIS quest.
I was eating Cheez-Its so I can become fat enough for little kids to laugh at me

>> No.25045189

>[ ] lightning

Blast his nuts

>> No.25045191

woops, missed dc's

lightning (easy)
throw staff (medium)

>> No.25045197

Rolled 13

Throwing your staff always works.
A noble goal.

>> No.25045199

Rolled 5

>[ ] lightning

>> No.25045200

Can we command our pigbat to distract him, while we get closer?

>> No.25045203

[X] Polevault.

>> No.25045204


>> No.25045211

Rolled 18

>[x] fucking throw your staff at him
No one would expect this.
Do this. Throw it at his face.

>> No.25045216


Staff to the head. Shh-pmmph!

>> No.25045230

Chuck the staff at him.

>> No.25045242

Lets throw the staff at him.

See how smkug he is with 5 pounds of brass flying at his head.

>> No.25045253


>> No.25045255

give him the staff

>> No.25045265

Roll for staff throw

>> No.25045274

Rolled 3


>> No.25045275

Rolled 11


>> No.25045276

Rolled 7

[X] throw your staff at him

Either this or use it to pole-vault and kick him in the face, I like pole-vaulting.

>> No.25045278

Rolled 8


>> No.25045279

Rolled 19

Make sure to feint as if we're firebending.

>> No.25045281

Rolled 4


>> No.25045290

Rolled 3


>> No.25045292

Rolled 12


Smack in the face

>> No.25045304

Fail vs dc 12, writeup incoming

>> No.25045308

I hope the dc was 10

>> No.25045320

Guys, lets just zap this mafucka. Get it over with.

>> No.25045324

Rolled 9

Staaaaaaff Throooooow

>> No.25045325

Just use the lightning, you weenies.

>> No.25045326

Rolled 8


Zap zap!

>> No.25045350

We keep the lightning in reserve. These are just grunts.

>> No.25045371

I pray to the gods we never have to fight a fetish community. Those rubber gimp suits will render our lightning useless.

>> No.25045385

we came here to distribute justice not take the easy path.

The Lightning is reserved for Lao Len.

>> No.25045427

That's why we burn them first!
Do you not understand why fire uses lightning!?

>> No.25045428

Quickly growing frustrated you decide to throw your weapon at the earthbender, you avoid a few spikes of earth he shoots up at you as you take a few steps forward and throw the staff like a spear.

The earthbender barely catches it in time with two hastily spun pincers of rock and dirt.

"Hahahahaha, you've disarmed yourself you fool, I don't know how you ever hope to beat me with firebending, especially not without your weapon", he takes a few steps forward and grabs your staff (still stuck between the pincers).

"Did you hear the haiku that was delivered to Lao Len?" you snarl.

"Yes, you call yourself 'Maro of the Lightning', you don't seem so fast to me" he sneers
"That's not why I'm called Maro of the lightning"

D20 Lightning please

>> No.25045430

Rolled 6


>> No.25045434

Rolled 3


>> No.25045441

Rolled 13


Hue hue hue

>> No.25045445

Rolled 7



>> No.25045452

Rolled 5


>> No.25045454

Rolled 20


>> No.25045458

Rolled 6



>> No.25045468



>> No.25045471

Please use this.

>> No.25045475

We're going to make an exception to the usual 'first 3 rolls this time'.

Lightning now friends, writeup incoming

>> No.25045494


>> No.25045510


>> No.25045513

You are a saint.

>> No.25045524

Holy fuck, we need a warhammer.

>> No.25045546

No, we need a coin.

>> No.25045552

our QM is an awesome QM.

>> No.25045603


You gonna archive this thread, Breadman?

>> No.25045610

>we lace our clothing with copper wire and generate magnetic fields everywhere

>> No.25045612


>> No.25045670

One of the first things you were taught at the temple of centered flame was how your bending can heat and cool metal... in an extrapolation of the principle, you somehow know that your lightning can be used on metal.

Taking the same stance and slow practiced movements you made when you traded lightning with the sky, you gather energy with flowing movement.

"What the hell do you think you're doing firebender?"

You ignore the earthbender, you've gathered enough energy, you touch your left and right hands together and step forward with your right leg, your right arm thrusts forward and there is nothing but blinding white lightning.

The earthbender tries to shield himself, but he's still holding onto the staff, and you were aiming at the staff not him. Lightning travels up his arm and through his whole body, he drops smoking, you don't think he's alive anymore.

You step forward and retrieve your staff. What was once a street of people selling food is completely vacated, and honestly it looks like a warzone, you extinguish the remaining fires, drawing their heat in and exhaling steam and smoke out.

The guinneapigbat returns to your shoulder and flame-lily runs up and asks "What the hell was that, I mean i didn't even know you were a firebender... but that was something else".

Before you can answer a woman wielding a guan-dao walks around the corner and scowls at you, it seems she's upset over something, but it doesn't look she'll attack.

[ ] ask what her problem is
[ ] ignore her and speak with flame-lily

>> No.25045697

funnily enough the chhinese war hammely consisted of a large metal ball on a handle, they came in one handed an one that was on a chain called a "meteor hammer"

>> No.25045699

>[ ] ask what her problem is

"Yes, Miss?"

>> No.25045724


Go over to the girl, feeling smug as hell. "Impressed?"

>> No.25045736

Archive not working for me :(

>> No.25045737

"Lao Len, I assume?"

>> No.25045739

Please tell us that 20 saved us from everyone knowing we can control lightning.

>> No.25045740

[X] ask what her problem is

"Afternoon madam. I see you wield a guan-dao, I must admit quite a bit of affection for the weapon. I praise your choice and it looks to be of quite fine quality.

I would guess that you wish to speak with me."

>> No.25045742

Obviously she's the town guard.

>> No.25045748

[X] "Did I disappoint you, Miss?"

>> No.25045767


Give me a summary and a list of tags, I'll do it.

>> No.25045794

Nevermind, got it http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/25040872/ archived here

>> No.25045822

flame lily is a bubbly courtesian, new girl is carrying around a blade on a pole.

New Girl takes precedence.

"Hush Flame Lily, we'll talk later."

Turn to the new girl.

"I do not wish to be rude but please state your name and motivations in approaching me."

>> No.25045838

Rolled 3

> [x] talk to the girl
"Excuse me, miss. May I help you?"

>> No.25045850

Though we probably ought to tell Flame Lily to let us handle this, we oughtn't to use her name aloud, as that might get her in trouble.

>> No.25045859

"Excuse me, miss, what seems to be the problem here" You ask cautiously.

"Your little street war is my problem!" she states furiously.

"What do you mean?" You state completely bewildered.


"THE MAN RAN OFF WITH MY MONEY, I DON'T HAVE ENOUGH TO BUY ANY MORE FOOD!" she begins to break down in tears after she screams this "I'm between jobs and I don't have any more money and I wont work for criminals so I'm completely out of luck here... YOU NEED TO BUY ME MORE FOOD"

[ ] I'm a monk I don't have any money (lie)
[ ] Offer her a job
[ ] Other? (write in)

>> No.25045869

Silver was a mistake there - she meant copper.

>> No.25045876

>[ ] Other? (write in)
Panic and pelt her with a handful of silver.

>> No.25045882

Point, lets refrain from using her name. Just call her "my dear" instead I guess or something to that effect.

>> No.25045883

[X] She'll have to ask Flame Lily. Given your garb, you'd have thought she'd realize you're not in the habit of keeping any money on you.

>> No.25045889

>our little street war
Tell her it was not OUR street war, we were jumped. If she would like to get attacked by someone and not defend herself, and the civilians nearby, for the sake of one person not being robbe, that's her fault. Drop the copper on the ground infront of her and walk away.
>maybe this is too edgy for Firebender Quest

>> No.25045922


Try to get her to calm down. Offer to buy her dinner, and chat her up, get to know her a little bit while she eats.

>> No.25045927

"I'm very sorry madam. If you are willing to listen to what I have to say over a meal I would be glad to share some food with you.

My dear, could you please acquire some food for myself and the poor lady, I will be eternally in your debt."

>> No.25045928

In-between jobs, huh? Get Fire-Lily to get her something to eat, then go somewhere quiet and offer her a job in kicking criminal ass.

>> No.25045931

> inb4 she was buying cabbages.

>> No.25045936

Ask ger what her last job was and why she can't find any work.

She's obviously an attractive girl and there are tea houses that need hostesses and menial labor positions for people who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

Why can't she get a job cleaning clothes or washing dishes like a lot of other girls?

>> No.25045938

Ask her how good of a fighter she is, then Honk her boob. That'll give us a good idea of how disciplined she is as well.

>> No.25045950


>> No.25045955

I thoroughly advise against honking the boobs of any warrior women who casually carry around a fucking glaive.

>> No.25045956

If she was buying cabbages, the lamenting merchant and the wreckage of his stand would still be here.

>> No.25045965

Is this a Avatar reference I'm missing?

>> No.25045971


>> No.25045972

Yes it is, and it makes me chuckle rather thoroughly

>> No.25045984


Offer job. One that may yield a bit of money.

>This is our party member.

We can work out the details and maybe even offer to get her money back from the goddamn cabbage merchant.

We'll destroy his cabbages with fire...

Lightning if he's an earthbender.

>> No.25045992

In my head canon this is now the reason why Lady Tiger amputated the hands of the Black Oak Triad's Heir.

>> No.25045995

Why? It'd tell us everything we need to know about her without outright asking and risking her exaggerating her abilities.

>> No.25046003


>> No.25046004

Rolled 16


>> No.25046012

Clearly it will also increase the chances of her accepting our employment offer. Clearly.

>> No.25046020

It also might involve getting smacked with a fucking guan-dao, those things hurt.

I'm sure it'll really make her want to help us, women love getting groped by random monks.

>> No.25046039

running gag from avatar the air bender, s a merchant who sells cabbages, hilarity ensues and his cart gets wrecked something like 4 or 5 times in the series.

He always exclaims "MY CABBAGES" and laments in thge background/.

The lack of a merchant weeping about his vegetables seems to indicate that his ancestor isn't present taht the moment.

>> No.25046044

That's easy to disarm, when she has us cornered we laugh and apologize and offer to buy her dinner for causing her to lose out on lunch.

Monks are traditionally pervy, also we're not a bad fighter and that ring staff is sturdy as hell.

>> No.25046050

Not to mention this seems like a violation of those monk vows we're pretending to honor.

>> No.25046058

Before you can answer flame-lily pipes up with "well... we were shopping anyways and we were gunna get some more food anyways because Maro promised me a good meal anyways". She's fabricating the tale about more food completely...

Flame Lily and the girl with the Guan Dao conspire together quickly and drag you off to what you presume to be one of the more expensive restaurants in the city amongst the ones that will serve a monk, a warrior and a courtesan.

You're quickly seated and the woman with the glaive quickly orders quite a few things while flame-lily orders some tea and a few dishes. You order nothing because you know Flame-lily will end up offering you something to allow you to keep your disguise up

>> No.25046059

Being a monk and having perverted tendencies... along with a ringed staff... Hmm...

>Must... Not.... Grope... Cabbages.

>> No.25046080


Ask the guan-diao lady's name.

>> No.25046087

As your food is brought out the woman begins to quickly scarf it down. You think you might be able to manage a conversation between her mouthfuls.

[ ] Her name
[ ] Why is she unemployed
[ ] Offer her a job

>> No.25046089

>[ ] Why is she unemployed
This is the most important possible detail.

>> No.25046095

>[ ] Her name

Introductions are necessary

>> No.25046097


All three in that order.

That's not even a question.

>> No.25046098

Our MC still has hands. I like him that way.

No boob honkin

>> No.25046099

>inb4 Gwen dou Lai-di

>> No.25046100

>[X] Her name
>[X] Why is she unemployed
>[X] If she plays Pai Sho

>> No.25046103

[x] all of he above?

>> No.25046116

>[ ] Her name
>[ ] Why is she unemployed

Maybe also

>Does she know anything about Lao Len

also how old does she look?

>> No.25046121


Yeah, all of the above.

>> No.25046127

We should hold off on the job offer until we have a measure of her. For all we know, she's a spy sent by Lao Len.

>> No.25046134

She looks about 19, a little younger than you

>> No.25046143

Is she skinny?

>> No.25046156

I agree, tit groping would be out of character.

Cause Maro's an ass-man

>> No.25046162

Can we just... not do this? I mean come on.

>> No.25046172

I would like to poinjt out that we intend to take on a mob boss and that anyone we hire will gain that mob boss's ire.

So lets get the skinny on the Guan Do lady before we offer her any possibilities of becoming a hire.

>> No.25046178


I agree, let's not turn this into 'get hands chopped off by sharp weapon' quest.

>> No.25046182

What? How is skinny related to tit-groping?
I just wanted to know if she was a Luffy-esque person, or a landwhale.

>> No.25046196

It can be assumed she looks like the pic OP posted when she was introduced. See this post: >>25045670

>> No.25046198

>waifuing intensifies

>> No.25046207

"Miss, whats your name" you question
"Mgrngiangwrgl" she mumbles out unintelligibly around a large mouthful of food, somehow you don't quite think that's exactly what it is, but you don't want to try asking her again while she's eating.

"Why are you unemployed?"
"Mmmph, bender got my last job, *chomp* *smack*, No one seems to think girls are good fighters, everyone hiring benders instead"

Flame-lily interjects with "Why don't you cook? Or sing? Or dance?"
"set fire to one kitchen i tried to work at, tonedeaf, two left feet outside of fighting".

>> No.25046214

Thank you.

>> No.25046215

I want you to try very hard not to latch onto the first moderately attractive female that winks at you. Try with all your willpower.

>> No.25046243

We are calling her this from now on.

Also, is this supposed to be another vote point?

>> No.25046261

You attempt to ask her name again and this time actually get something intelligible, "Ming Puar" is apparently her name.

She puts down several dishes of food rather quickly and thanks you.

[ ] Ask her why she wont work for criminals
[ ] Ask her if she'd like to spar
[ ] Offer her some work

>> No.25046281

>ask her if she'd like to 'spar'

>> No.25046282

>[ ] Ask her if she'd like to spar
"You know Mgrngiangwrgl, I might have a job for you. If I were to hire you though, I'd like to fight you first."

>> No.25046284

>[ ] Ask her why she wont work for criminals

Get to know her M.O. first, then ask her for sparring and then a job.

>> No.25046285

>[X] Ask her why she won't work for criminals
>[X] And what exactly she means by "criminals"
Tentatively followed by [ ] spar

>> No.25046286

My cat was biting my feet, I hit submit before I meant to.

>> No.25046289

Ask her if she would be willing to spar briefly so that we can assess her skills.

Also, I say that we offer her payment after the "job." I figure we'll be able to pillage something from taking down Lao Len.

We could just give her such loot as payment. Maybe she'll take to distributing justice while acquiring loot...

She'll also replace Fire Lily as money holder.

>> No.25046296

Is your cat as cute as our bat?

>> No.25046299

Ask Mumbles where, and how she learned how to fight and whether or not she has any experience in the field.

>> No.25046310

>letting the glutton hold your money

I cannot possibly see how this might go wrong. Flame-Lily at least spends it on *tiny* bits of food, or expensive things you can usually get her away from before she makes purchases

>> No.25046311


Oh, I'd like to mention that we should just call it a pigbat for short. And finally name it Mu. It's short and petlike and it needs a damn name already.

>> No.25046338

You decide. Older picture but still kitten.

>> No.25046341

I'll back this if only to get it named.

>> No.25046355

Jesus, that's adorable.

[X] Ask her why she wont work for criminals

Get to know her some.

>> No.25046356


I correct myself then, Money holder when we actually want to buy things.

We also seriously need a new name to go by. I really dislike that we used our actual name last thread.

I say we go by Miro the Kind. or something.

>> No.25046357

7/10 would pet.

>> No.25046371


Your cat is so goddamn adorable.

>> No.25046382

9/10 would cuddle with.

>> No.25046386


A cat is fine too.

>> No.25046403

Omar of the Guinneapigbat.

>> No.25046412


I'll second Omar... Omar the Ember

>> No.25046414

[X] Ask her why she won't work for criminals

Try to look sincere

>> No.25046417

I feel like I've almost got this thread completely offtopic twice now.
Can I adopt a name and be annoying, now?

>> No.25046433

"Ming, would you like to spar with me... I've seldom met other people that like polearms or staves as weapons"

"I would love to but I'm afraid Gen Xiao Ren, might chop you to bits"... the relaxed manner she says this in makes you somehow believe it without even needing to cross poles with her. You met a few non-benders at the dojo who regularly gave even the better benders thrashings.

[ ] Ask why she won't work for criminals
[ ] Offer her a job

>> No.25046440


Do what you will so long as you are sincere.

Your friends will never look down upon you so long as you are.

>> No.25046445

[X] Ask why she won't work for criminals

>> No.25046448

You'd have a problem there as misery *doesnt* cuddle. He wrestle's just fine, but cuddling doesn't happen.

>> No.25046460

>[X] Ask her why she won't work for criminals
>[X] And what exactly she means by "criminals"

>> No.25046462

Thank you, wise sage.

>> No.25046469


Ask and offer. My friend, such choices are but a path of life.

Walk on with these decisions and trouble not the consensus that we share.

>> No.25046492


You do me much honor. However I am neither wise, nor a sage. I am but a simple man, and admirer of the humane spirit.

>> No.25046505

enforcer work pays well a profession, ask her why she won't take up her polearm in the service of a crime lord.

>why not work for criminals?

>> No.25046510

But by admiring the humane spirit, and offering kind advice, you are wise.

>> No.25046591

>[ ] Ask why she won't work for criminals

>> No.25046598

"And why don't you work for one of the local triads - I know it's not pleasant but many who fall on hard times do"

"You're going to laugh at me, but my glaive Gen Xiao Ren was just a normal weapon until a spirit decided it liked it and that it was going to live in it. He told me - and yes he speaks i see that funny look on your face only I hear him though - he told me that he'd teach me how to fight and make my weapon really strong but I'd have to uphold truth, justice and never fight for evil"

"You're right, I'm not sure I believe you... why is learning how to fight important for you anyways"

"... I'm not good at anything else".

"Fine, I have a proposition for you - I made a promise similar to your oath with a fictional creature, but I swore mine to my master. I swore to confront evil wherever I met it, and it just so happens I've found a lot of it in this town. I'll need someone to watch my back when I fight and if you can Flame-Lily will pay you"

"Really? You mean that I'd have a steady job!"
"For the near future, yes".

End of firebender quest episode 3, may run again tomorrow, Q&A session open.

>> No.25046614

Need to finish our shoppings tomorrow and plan an assault on lao len's crime syndicate.

>> No.25046634

So, what should we do after we kill Lao Len? It seems like she was kind of the crime boss of the city, so if we want evil gone we'll either have to look elsewhere or finish mopping up here, which our newly hired fighter could do.

>> No.25046647

Our latest fight has proved we need to a bundle of throwing-staves.

>> No.25046648

Maybe she's just a pawn, maybe SPIRIT WORLD, maybe spooky evil airbenders.

>> No.25046683

I seem to recall suggest in a belt of throwing knives, gauntlets and shin plates with hidden throwing knives too.

I warned you bro.

I warned you about throwing knives.

>> No.25046686

Honestly, the way I see it is that water and firebenders are situationally powerful (full moon for water, celestial movements for fire), whereas earth and airbenders are generally pretty consistent in their power.

Sozins comet type occurence? Firebenders burn cities by themselves if they're good.

Full moon? Ha ha time for bloodbending, tsunamis and other crazy stuff.

>> No.25046702

We do not need throwing knives, we need throwing staves. Like javelins, but without the pointy bit.

>> No.25046710

Honestly, I haven't watched the shows much, but it seems like Firebenders aren't just situationally powerful, but consistent along with that.

>> No.25046724

Firebenders have two major weaknesses - they cannot defend well against non-firebending forms and solar eclipses take out their power completely

>> No.25046738

Do eclipses effect lightning?

>> No.25046749


I second this for next thread.

Firebenders have the additional strength of being an insubstantial bender. They don't need a source.

Airbender- Insubstantial - consistent power
Earthbender- Substantial - consistent power
Waterbender- Substantial -Fluctuating power
Firebender- Insubstantial - Fluctuating Power

Interesting power, eh?

Yes. Lightning is just higher Firebending.

Which calls to mind, how do we get Azure flames?

>> No.25046757

>Which calls to mind, how do we get Azure flames?

Azure flames were mostly a show thing to differentiate zuko from azula, Dragons might know how though.

>> No.25046758

>Which calls to mind, how do we get Azure flames?

By bein' one cold ass muthafucka

>> No.25046765

Air benders still can't bend air in space, and firebenders can't set things ablaze, right? Not that it matters, considering there isn't a space program

>> No.25046807

Firebenders are energy controllers mostly, they can excite or calm particles (which creates fire, or lightning). Airbenders are the least well covered and I'll probably mostly avoid them until season 2 of korra comes out where it hopefully does more airbending stuff

>> No.25046817

Oh. that makes sense. What's stopping them from becoming ice benders by calming the shit out of particles?

>> No.25046825

Because even if they could, they can only create ice, but not manipulate it.

>> No.25046842

Inability to focus on it mostly I'd say - big mental block.

>> No.25046847


When will the next therad be?

>> No.25046889

I bet there isn't a next thread.

Hope I lose this bet.

He said tomorrow.

>> No.25046896

I hope you do too, anon.

>> No.25046901

>He said tomorrow.

>> No.25046906


That's a promise in my book.

After all, it's still May.

>> No.25046936

I've still got some notes for tomorrow I think, I might run when I wake up.

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