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25 threads!


You are a creature of darkness and shadows. Stripped of your memory, you seek to learn your true nature and find your place in the world.

Suptg Archive: (scroll to bottom)


Archive compiled using with only story posts for easier read-through (update status unknown):


Twitter (quest times, cancellations, updates):


Theme music:


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hell yes

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Fuck yeah.

I was worried the quest was dead.

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Yes! It's not Mr TT being a fag, again.

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Events Summary:

Auriel has decided to join you, Flint, and Joey on your journey to find Adavan and Abigail, supposedly to protect your other two companions from yourself. She is stubborn in her prejudice against the shadow, and whether you can convince her to abandon her position is an open question

In any case, you're not sure if you truly feel compelled to do so.

But, feeling obliged to your friend Sir Flint, who seemed to find affection for Auriel during the battle, you assisted the angel in coming to terms with her feelings for him. You've arrived at a coordial truce with her, which should at least hold while Sir Flint requires your aid.

You've followed Adavan's trail into Tarun Gakth, a maze of ancient, twisted canyons carved out by a centuries-past battle between Geb, the Earth Lord, and Aeolus, the Wind Lord. You were caught in a battle between a giant golem and a huge rock worm.

The worm took down the golem, and, after fighting a team of smaller golems that emerged from its inside as it tried to repair itself, retrieved its power core. You attempted to negotiate with the robots, but communication proved impossible, and you had no choice but to finish them off to keep your prize.

You continued to follow Adavan's trail. After walking for some time, you were set upon by a large group of orcs, led by an old orc mage named Rogul. Rogul denied you passage across his land, but, inspired by Flint's plea, a human with Rogul's group named Kirt offered to vouch for the party while they were in orc territory.

You found a Shadow mana pool hidden below Refuge in the upper levels of the Timorian Deep. You fought a powerful Shadow Elemental and consumed it, earning a Shard of True Darkness...though you don't yet know its purpose.

In the early morning, you finally resolved Flint and Auriel's relationship. Flint has openly declared his affections for her, and, for now, has put his old pains firmly behind him. Satisfied, you took some time to reflect.

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Yes at last the wait is over

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wheres the daily reminder?

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>Daily reminder

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I was just on vacation. My parents are still visiting, so this'll be the only one this week, probably.

Ability Tree

GREEN abilities have been unlocked and learned.

BLUE abilties are unlocked, but are not yet purchased.

RED abilities are revealed, but locked due to prerequisites.

UNDERLINED abilities are active-use, as opposed to passive. Not all active abilities require mana.

Unlocked Ability Descriptions Located in the following Pastebin link (full list in progress):


Books the Main Character has read can be found here:



Also, I didn't update the pastebin with the following yet, so here's that:

>Shadow Mask - Gain a small bonus to magical stealth.

>Water Recovery - While in or near water, you have enhanced regeneration speed and can regenerate to full health. Requires larger natural bodies of water or deep wells.

>Mighty Regeneration - You regeneration occurs still faster in dark areas, and you regenerate slowly even in lighted areas. Your regeneration limit is not 4/5 of your total HP, rounded down.

>Vaporal - all physical attacks have a 25% chance to simply not hurt you. The magical components of physical attacks are still dangerous.

>Pool of Darkness - Spend 30 experience points to create a Shadow element mana pool. Cannot be performed in battle. Mana pools can recharge your mana indefinitely, and may be useful for other things as well...

Servants gain all the abilities you've unlocked for them. All old servants are upgraded when you purchase new servant abilities. Even without any extras, your servants have boosted physical abilities.

You can have any number of servants.

A servant's mind is unaffected. They can disobey you, and even turn against you.

You can withdraw the power you've granted a servant at any time, but you don't regain your experience points.

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Fuck yeah! You're backT

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Current Statistics:

HP: 37/37
Mana: 10/10
EXP: 0
Humanity: 94
Temerity: 51
Shards of True Darkness: 1

Party Members:

Sir Donovan Flint - A knight of Dobshire, the capital of Arland. Fourth son of the lord and ruler of Arland. 29 years old. Wears iron armor and wields a two-handed longsword.

Joey - A young boy from Jacob's Field, now Sir Flint's squire. 16 years of age. No particular magical talent. Wields a shortsword.

Angel Auriel - Formerly a powerful angel of the Ringed City, now traveling with you, ostensibly to protect Sir Flint and Joey from you. 756 years old. Wears heavy plate steel and wields a one-handed sword and a wide, round buckler.


Wisp (1 mana per order, does not break control, stealths with you)


Utility belt with purse


Shadow Sword Shard x 2
Fancy Sun-Moon Key
Mind-Scribing Pen
Succubus Reagents x2
Jen Fang's Diary (Abigail's father)
Summoning Textbooks (in saddlebags)
Golem Power Core

Current Location:


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Remember that traveling form talk of combining the Tetsu doll with that Chaos Mage pic?

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When I saw we were having a thread today on the twitter I nearly jumped out of my seat in joy.
Hope you have a nice vacation.

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>Last time...

Your companions are quite an interesting bunch. But you feel that life is more interesting for their company.

You look to the rise of the sun over the canyon walls.

You're collecting the keys to the source of power under Jacob's Field...
...but why, exactly?

You're not sure. It feels like the right thing to do. You remember the voice that called Erebus's name...and can only believe that answers await you there.

You own one of the keys. The duke has another. There should be two more...one for wind, and one for fire. Perhaps Flint's family possesses the wind key, as he seemed to believe...but where would the fire key be?

Are you Erebus? You aren't sure.

What was that shadow you ate? It was a strong elemental...but it wasn't like the spirit elemental you encountered earlier. Something about it was different.

Flint's curse continues to endanger him. It must be removed. That has to be first priority. You need to find Adavan, and Abigail. You glance at the orange-red-brown streaks of the canyon rock. Where is Adavan heading?

And then, there's Ila. She's waiting for you in Heavensgate...to meet her alone, beneath a tree that blooms with black flowers.

And beyond that...who knows?

All things considered, you've got a lot on your plate.

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Somehow, wearing a cloak made of eyes and teeth seems freakier than just being a black blob.

>> No.25019737


And this pic is the original one a nice drawfriend made.

I changed the jaw, enlarged the hat, and recoloured the energy orb to get that first one I posted.

>> No.25019743


Guys, what if at 100 Humanity we become humanand lose all our cool shadow powers and get destroyed by Hyperion, bad end.

Nah just joking, have a pic!

>> No.25019746

>Hope you have a nice vacation.

Thanks! The wedding was awesome, actually.


Did you draw that? Looks great!

>> No.25019760

Drawfriend made the original. I changed a few minor things that looked off to me.

The original he/she drew is >>25019737

>> No.25019764


Oh, that's fantastic. Right in line with another picture I already have in my folder.

>fukken saved

>> No.25019780

Traveling form acquired.

>> No.25019799

I like it!
Clearly it is the perfect choice for our traveling form.
Think of that picture as us when we are about to go kick some ass. Eyes, teeth, and tentacles start popping out of the cloak.

>> No.25019816


The one with your edits is better, so we'll keep that.

Unless there is massive anti-consensus, I think that's quite suitable. Obviously, the tentacles and mouths and eyes only come out when you let the illusion drop intentionally.

Once you're back on the road, I'll have Shadow assume that form.

>> No.25019817


Oh shit. Just realized his clothing is mouths and eyes!

>> No.25019818

before the quest is fully underway, when we get some exp can we please upgrade stealth a bit more? we're the least stealthy shadow. a stealthy dude maybe, but we're awful at stealth for something that is a living shadow

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>> No.25019838

Okay, had a lot of time to comb the previous threads and examine a little bit of the characterization and hints. And the ones I don't mention here ensure my belief that you are a CAWCAW SM. A right CAWCAW.

Shaman is earth mage, elf queen was earth mage (in character we probably don't remember that though), the shaman might know something about unblocking memories, perhaps we should ask (very politely) now that we know we won't be shunned outright. Mostly because we want to ask the extremely few powerful friendly mages in our vicinty about memory recovery, or more specifically memory unblocking, which may be an important distinction.

If we don't want to reveal our presence formally and just continue towards our goal we can ask Adavan when we get whereverthere because the first time we met him he hinted at knowing about memory manipulation and we never asked him about unblocking memories, though asking the shaman to have more than Adavans opinion/knowledge would be nice.

Ink can be used to make the ground slippery, although it will still count as "us" and be attackable, we should remember that if we ever want to slipslide someone to hinder without major injury. Or send a running man off a cliff.

We probably want to hold off on a human(doll&hat) form until we get to Abigail/Adavan? might be too much of change for the little Abby. as it's been a long time (to a child) it would probably be smart to initially look similar to how we were when we left her with the SOM. To comfort our very first friend when we reunite.

We might also ask the ridiculously suspicous specific question of Kirt if he has any Fire related heirlooms, just to see if he has the Fire key to the nice lady chamber, or an even more valuable question to ask would be if he knows about anything similar. Although asking about his past is a bomb waiting to happen, he is obviously experienced.

Just some things for consideration.

>> No.25019843

What do you do now?

>wait for your companions to exit the tavern
>sneak into the tavern, hide in a shadow
>do something else while they eat breakfast

>> No.25019862

I believe we were waiting on the roof.

Or are we past that?

>> No.25019869


>wait for your companions to exit the tavern
Time to hurry up and wait.

>> No.25019900 [DELETED] 

>wait for your companions to exit the tavern

dident that madman up on the cliff see us and are travling group?

>> No.25019911


I'd like to clarify something; you had a moment (I think it was after you ate the first dynamo...it was supposed to be then, anyway) in which you felt that the barrier in your mind was gone. You looked behind it, only to find nothing at all.

What you should gather from this is that the block is gone...but whatever was behind it has vanished.

How memories or whatever part of you was behind it can vanish is something you don't understand.

>> No.25019918

Go meet our friend Kirt as he was heading this way if I remember correctly.

>> No.25019932

>wait for your companions to exit the tavern
Just enjoy the day while we wait.

>> No.25019947


If you're talking about Kirt, he just went into the tavern. You are still on the roof.

>> No.25019953

should we visit the madman again this time with all of are crew?

>> No.25019955

Nice, that's several things out of the way.

>> No.25019957


Can we strut our stuff in the tavern with our classy human form? We might get compliments.

>> No.25019966

Can't wait to see how the party reacts to that.

My body is ready for Shadow's new body.

>> No.25019974


You mean this picture?

>> No.25019991

Yep that one. Mixed with pic related.

>> No.25020001

>How memories or whatever part of you was behind it can vanish is something you don't understand.

Does this mean we're like a shadow version of Swamp Thing?

>mfw we become Dark Thing

>> No.25020031

It's supposed to be pretty androgynous, so that should be funny.

Auriel: "Ugh! Even when you pretend to be a human I can't tell what gender you are!"
<Why would I take part in something as silly as gender?>

And then Flint facepalms as our eyecloak billows in the wind.

>> No.25020034

shit we can be scary and creepy as fuck probably gonna have night mare about porslin dolls that have a moving shadows

>> No.25020053

Go read that new Vampire Quest.

I got dolls to be a main feature of it. The dolls are made out of people, and they eat teeth.

You'll love it.

>> No.25020069


Lady Markova is a very persuasive slaver!

>do something else while they eat breakfast

Test out our new form

>> No.25020074

It's not like just mentioning it will make you see them when you open your eyes when experiencing sleep paralysis or anything like that, right? All those dolls, just staring, flitting side to side in the shadows around you. Just staring. Staring. Staring. Staring. Staring.

>> No.25020103

You decide you've had enough conversation for one morning, and sit on the roof of the tavern and wait patiently.

After a time, Kirt, Flint, Auriel, and Joey walk outside. Your three companions gather their two remaining horses from the nearby stables. Joey and Kirt stay on foot. You slip into the shadow of Flint's horse.

<How was breakfast?>

Flint nearly falls out of the saddle. He heaves a breath and straightens. "Don't sneak up on me like that."

"What, you didn't sense him?" Kirt asks.

Auriel gives Kirt a look. "He's rather thick-headed, at times."

"...oh..." Flint sighs, then grumbles something under his breath. Auriel chuckles, then flashes him a bright smile.

It's strange on her face. The past weeks, there's hardly been a moment she wasn't scowling. The grin steals away that firm, tense demeanor, the angelic agelessness...she seems, then, to just be a normal woman.

Flint notices. His grumbling subsides, and he smiles, too. Auriel puts her hand on his arm, and he takes up her hand, squeezing her fingers. Then he lets her arm drop, and they move their horses forward.

You slowly make your way up the cliffs toward Taremtis's towers. Joey is quiet, hands strung tight around his pack's straps. Kirt's face is set and grim. You wonder what he's thinking.

You wander up toward Taremtis's towers.


>> No.25020158

>Oops. Was I staring? Teehee.

>> No.25020191

well it not as bad as that clown doll i hade as a kid that always sat on the dresser always watching me sleep.

>> No.25020199

You reach the towers. The odd architecture assaults you once again - windows, arches and balconies strewn about at random, patched together like afterthoughts of other houses. A few birds flap about the stone. Others are perched here and there in nooks and crannies.

"...by Hyperion's light," Auriel whispers. "Those are birds."

"He raises them," Kirt grunts. "Sky-sever stops near his towers. Some spell he made up years ago, before he went totally insane."

Flint tears his eyes off the flying creatures and stares at Kirt. "...so, how mad is he, exactly?"

"Oh, benevolently addled," Kirt says. "He wouldn't hurt a fly."

"...if you say so."

You reach the door of the tower. Kirt moves forward...

The wood flies open. "AH!" The bearded sage stands before you. "VELERON! DRAGON-KIN, I KNEW YOU'D COME FOR ME ONE DAY! HAVE AT THEE!"

A bolt of green wind whips from Taremtis's finger. Kirt barely dodge. It cracks the bridge under his feet. "You old fool, it's me!"

Taremtis lets his hand drop. "Oh. Why didn't you say so in the first place?"

Kirt just sighs. "...are you going to let us come in, or are we to convene a hundred feet over the precipice?"

"Oh, come in! I've got tea, and cockroach guts, ground up for a spell, but I've got extra to spare if you care for it." He marches back into his house.

Kirt walks in immediately. Flint and Auriel exchange glances. Joey looks pale.

"...what do you think?" Auriel asks.

What do you say?

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.
>let's get the hell out of here before he destroys his own house

>> No.25020219

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.

>> No.25020226

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.
As if some green wind would drive us off.

>> No.25020227

>>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.

>> No.25020232


>He has cockroach guts. Let's see what he has to say.

Also remember to eat with your face mouth, only your face mouth.

>> No.25020241

It took me a while to find what those dolls reminded me of but I finally found a comparison in my korean mangas. I'll probably be imagining this doll look from now on...

>> No.25020243

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.


Can't sleep
Clown will eat me
Can't sleep
clown will eat me

>> No.25020247

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.

>> No.25020266

I suppose they do look similar.

>> No.25020270

>he seems coherent enough not to harm us. Let's see what he has to say.

He also offered us cockroach guts and how can refuse such an offer?

>> No.25020281

>...Well, it's still probably safer than outside...Anyway, let's see how this goes.

>> No.25020282

Shoulda linked to >>25020199


>> No.25020329

The memory loss of the character was also a similarity that made me think of him.

>> No.25020364

So why did you save so many pics of these dolls?

>> No.25020379

Because I like them.

>> No.25020388

<What's the worst that could happen?>

"I can think of a few things," Auriel says.

<Knowledge is power. If you wish to wait outside, you may.> You walk through the door.

You hear a sigh, and the other three come in behind you.

The inside of the tower is surprisingly cozy. Tall shelves line the way all the way up the curved walls. Walkways and staircases crisscross the open air, providing access to the odd library. Some books, a desk and a few chairs float in midair. A globe soars over your heads and floats up into the middle of the room.

The bottom floor seems entirely compose of red velvet. There's a large wood table lined with red velvet chairs, all positioned on a red velvet carpet. Velvet also coats the walls where there aren't bookcases.

Kirt looks back at you. "Don't touch the books without permission. A wizard's prized possessions are not to be tampered with."

Taremtis emerges from an adjoining doorway with a wide tray. It rattles and shakes as he waltzes forward. He loses his grip on the tray. Most of the glass breaks on the floor. The liquid seems into the velvet.

He doesn't even break stride, waves a hand, and the liquid and shattered cups gather themselves up. The tray and glass all reassembles on the table. The liquids, which had gathered into balls in midair, pour themselves back into the appropriate locations. Kirt takes all of this in without much surprise and seats himself next to the head chair, which Taremtis has already taken.

The rest of your party shakes off their incredulity and moves in around the table. You take the last remaining seat. Green ooze sits in your cup.

What do you do?

>drink from the cup
>something else

>> No.25020399

I'm sure this has been asked before and if so I apologize for the derail, but should mighty regeneration still be locked (red)?

>> No.25020411

lets drink!

Though perhaps our companions shouldn't.

>> No.25020440


>Fill yourself with green snacky happiness

>> No.25020450

Ehh. May as well take a sip

>> No.25020451

Let's politely drink from the cup. Shadowy pinky extended in civility.

>> No.25020460



>> No.25020482

>Purify then drink.
Unless we can determine whether it's safe (ask the ex-angel if she's seen the like before?) we might as well not take chances with out companions' health. Unless their drinks are different, then we should probably just be polite and drink ours.

>> No.25020492

>>drink from the cup
wait until till he have taken a drink first dont whant to be rude and start with out permisson

>> No.25020499

Down the hatch!

>> No.25020520

I'm curious as to what the skill between Mighty Regeneration and Pure Darkness is. It looks like the color around it is the darkest grey yet revealed on the tree. And it's in a swirly star shape.

>> No.25020544

Only time will tell, I suppose.

>> No.25020555

Interest piqued.

>> No.25020560

Considering that it's something that pure darkness and hydra lead to, it's probably frickin' awesome. And expensive.

>> No.25020577


>> No.25020583

All those people trying to advance to Hydra... it looks like we need a plot point reached to actually unlock that part of the tree.

>> No.25020595

This reminds me that we should add Shadow Mask to the "MUST BUY" list.
Though Operation Hydra must continue.

>> No.25020600


>drink from the cup

>> No.25020606

That reminds me, what was the current growth plan before the break? The last goal I remember was vampiric.

>> No.25020621

We bought vamp

>> No.25020633

You take a sip from the cup, with your pinky out. It tastes pond scum and rotting meat. This doesn't bother you in the slightest, and you drain the rest of it.

"Oh, another fan of cockroach?" Taremtis grins toothily. "Delectable, isn't it! It's all about the texture. Smooth, but with those little gooey hunks mixed in!"

You say nothing, because you're not sure what to say.

Auriel glances down at her own ooze-filled cup, then pointedly looks away. Flint and Kirt and Joey each sip from their tea. Taremtis himself downs his cockroach in one go.

"So," he says, "what did you want to talk about?"

Kirt just looks at him. "You invited us, Taremtis. You said you wanted to see them."

"Me? See them? Let's see." He gazes at each of you in turn. "A Shadow Elemental. A young boy, unremarkable. A former angel. And a would-be knight? What strange company you keep."

You all just stare at the wizard. Kirt leans forward. "Is that it?"

"Of course not! But you haven't even introduced yourselves."

"How did you know all that?" Flint asks.

"Isn't is obvious?"

"...not really."

"Well." The sage clears his throat. "I am Taremtis. Who are you?"

"...Sir Donovan Flint, of Dobshire. Fourth son of the Lord Flint."

"Auriel Lightcho - " She stops, and licks her lips. "...just, Auriel," She says.

"Uh...J-Joey Erikson," Joey stammers.

Taremtis looks at you when you remain silent. "And yourself?"

<Shadow will do.>

"That's so -boring-," Taremtis says. "How about Donovan Auriel Erikson the Great?"

<...I think not.>

"If you say so, Donovan," Tarmetis says, still looking at you. He glances back at Kirt. "...what were we talking about?"

Kirt is visibly growing more frustrated. "I had -hoped- that YOU would have something to talk about."


>> No.25020636

Buffing magic would be boss. It wrecks.

>> No.25020638

>drink from the cup

But make a really loud sipping/slurping noise.

>> No.25020641

We just need a whole lot of exp. There are a minimum of 12 abilities or more to get to hydra so it's quite a long term goal.

>> No.25020646

I know, the question is whether anything had major consensus after that? I know I wanted mighty strength so we can carry the party while flying, but I know that didn't have much support...

>> No.25020650


That reminds me. We have Water Strike now. How effective would it be against fire mages?

>> No.25020652

Whoops, meant to say minimum of 9, that I can be sure of.

>> No.25020661

I think the plan was to focus on magic for a bit.

>> No.25020674

Magic is what I wanted to put some into when not getting hydra skills.

Some people wanted more stealth.

>> No.25020710

Getting the cheap (relatively) stealth skills out of the way does sound like a good idea. It looks like there is only one ability after soundless, but it's hard to tell...

>> No.25020713

I want to polish off all those 2 and 3 pointers we've been neglecting. Poison and Observe especially.

>> No.25020727

There is upgrades for operation HYDRA, but I think we wanted more magic. That being said though, we just got our new traveling form so getting more magical stealth might be a good idea aka shadow mask.

>> No.25020741


this aint pokemon it will do the same amount of damage to any other mage but if we launch it at a fire spell I think it would have a high chance of overcoming it

>> No.25020762

actually as far as the elements go? Its exactly like pokemon. Water is strong vs Fire, and Fire is strong vs Water.

>> No.25020765

Actually it would hit super effective on fire mages, just like light hits us harder.

>> No.25020787

>Its exactly like pokemon
Sorta. All opposites are super effective, samesies are not very effective.

>> No.25020843

"There's no need to raise your voice."

"No need." Kirt rubs the bridge of his nose. "Just tell me something, dammit. You said you'd have something to say when I brought them all here."

Taremtis sits at the table, silent. He stares at the wood. His eyes don't move. His hands sit together, holding his cup.

The cup vanishes. And steadily, something else appears. A ball of light forms, slowly twisting and turning. Green-blue mists swirl within it.

"...a Telling crystal," Auriel whispers. "He is a sage, then."

"I am," Taremtis says. "Do you know the price of a telling?" His voice is different. Solid. Deep. His eyes are focused on the ball.

Auriel nods solemnly.

"...you never spoke of a price," Kirt says.

"To glimpse at what -could-, what -should-, what -may-, steals my mind away. Too many are the possibilities. I am a tiny candle in a storm of potential. And now, after many Tellings, I am a kernel buried in kindhearted madness. Your impatience does not lighten that burden."

"...my apologies. I did not know."

"No. You did not." Taremtis looks up from the ball, and glances around the table. "I have only a short time. I cannot Tell for long, these days, and still preserve what remains of my own self. Ask your questions. One each. One, and only one."

Kirt clears his throat. He takes a breath. "...as you told me before, I have waited. What should I do, now?"

There's a moment's pause, and then the sage speaks. "Go with them. Reclaim the truth of your birth. If the Shadow does not help you, you will certainly fail, though even if it does, you may still fall short. And if you fail, you -will- die."

"...you told me to wait for this long," Kirt begins, his voice rising, "and now I'm simply to go and take it all back? Just like that?!"

"One question, no more." Taremtis looks at Flint while Kirt fumes in his chair. "Lord's son. What of you?"

Flint hesitates a moment, thinking.

What do you do?

>suggest something
>let him ask his own question
>something else

>> No.25020878

>>let him ask his own question

>> No.25020888

>let him ask his own question

>> No.25020892

>let him ask his own question
In the end this is his choice. Merely aid him iif the parasite steals his tongue again.

Alright guys we might as well brainstorm our own question.

>> No.25020899

Let Flint ask his own question, he's a real man now after all.

Also, when it gets our turn, what the fuck are we gonna ask?

>> No.25020900

>let him ask his own question

I don't think we should interject with anything.

>> No.25020916


>Let him ask his own question.

For our question:

"Who am I?"

>> No.25020923

Suggest he ask him about the parasite? I don't really want to tell him what to ask though. But we do need to know more, and I'd like us to ask about... something.

>> No.25020928

inb4 parasite takes over his voice temporarily

>> No.25020939

That's way too broad for a seer, we can get a good amount of nothing from a question phrased like that.

>> No.25020950

Easy, we want to find out the truth behind our existence. Ask him where we can find such answers.

>> No.25020960

Forgot my full name.

>> No.25020963



>> No.25020977

So, like: "<Where can I find out the truth behind our existence?>"
I'm paranoid he'd answer something stupid simple like "within yourself."

>> No.25020999

That's sort of against the point. We already *know* the purpose of our existence. It's the one thing we are absolutely sure of. If our companions see us questioning what we are, when we have gone to such great lengths to show that it has no bearing on *who* we are, then what was the point of them following us in the first place?

>> No.25021000

Eh, put a 'my' where that 'our' is.

>> No.25021024

This. Also silly vague/open ended questions are bad to ask seers because they have too many answers. We need to ask something more precise.

>> No.25021028

Why don't we ask how to bring the earth elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021039

Or how to make a dynamo.

>> No.25021042

Our question: "At what cost could a true harmony be restored between the elements?"

>> No.25021045

I like this question.

>> No.25021047

Flint licks his lips, then nods to himself. "...how can I be rid of the parasite on my soul?"

"There are many ways," Taremtis says. "None preserve all those for whom you care. Seek the lich with the young girl. Or, seek the aid of the Black Lady. Or, find and use the four keys. In any case, you must return home to end your curse."

Flint seems surprised by this, but nods. Taremtis looks at Joey. "Your question?"

Joey swallows. Then, his face goes firm. "...I want to be stronger, and be a great knight. How can I do that?"

"Trust the Shadow. Trust your teachers. Trust yourself. But be careful, or you will die."

Joey nods.

"Angel?" Taremtis prompts.

Auriel is quiet. She starts to speak, then stops. She seems torn.

Then, she decides.

"...how can I protect Sir Flint?"

"Trust the Spirit within you."

"...no. I cannot. There must be another way."

"If there was, I would Tell you. If you refuse to bend on this, he may very well die."

"I cannot!" Auriel shouts. "What else can I do?"

"One question, I said."

Finally, Taremtis faces you. The crystal ball glows like green fire. You can feel its Wind swirling harder.

"...the crystal dislikes you, Shadow. Ask quickly. I will bend it to my whim."

What do you ask the sage?

>Am I Erebus?
>What am I?
>What should I do after I help Flint?
>something else

>> No.25021049


I like this one.

>> No.25021050

Although this interests me greatly. Why would shadow want to do this?

>> No.25021052



>> No.25021058

Oh god that is an amazing question. We could also ask how to make a Dynamo, or how Abigail is doing(!), or how to destroy the parasite on Flint, etc.

>> No.25021080


Auriel is a spirit mage?

>inb4 Adavan has to teach her too

>> No.25021084

>How do I make a dynamo?

>> No.25021085

So do I. I'm kinda worried that at this point we're going to have to break him and let him reform over time to wash away the centuries of torture.

>> No.25021090

Let's ask this one. Shadow has been pretty selfless this far.

>> No.25021093

Well I'll third/fourth this one because it's incredibly in character for everything we've talking about doing now and is utterly related to our long term goals. We may as well ask if it's possible.

>> No.25021096

>Auriel has spirit magic
>Suddenly more eligible for shadow angelficaton

>> No.25021104

Rolled 21

Who was phone?

>> No.25021112

Honestly, I'd rather figure that one out on our own at this point.

>> No.25021123

I'll second that one. Since that will hopefully include bringing the earth elemental back to sanity.

>> No.25021127


Vote 1:

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental, Geb, back to sanity?

Vote 2:

>What cost must be paid to restore true harmony between the elements?

>> No.25021129


>> No.25021132


>> No.25021138


I like it.

>> No.25021142


>> No.25021149



Dude, the seeing ball thingy is Wind magic. It should hate Ged.

>> No.25021152


>> No.25021153

Well it would have to! Can't have harmony if the earth element is bananas.

>> No.25021154

>What cost must be paid to restore true harmony between the elements?

#2 please

>> No.25021157


>What cost must be paid to restore true harmony between the elements?

>> No.25021160


>> No.25021162

We already knew that. Remember the truth compulsion (or detection, can't remember) spell she used at the Duke's castle? Its going to take a long time for her to be comfortable accepting that part of herself though...

>> No.25021166

Voting 2.

>> No.25021168


>> No.25021172


>> No.25021180


>> No.25021191


>> No.25021198


>> No.25021201

I don't feel as if any of these questions are significant. But I can't think of anything better, so 2.

>> No.25021217

>What cost must be paid to restore true harmony between the elements?
inb4 "it's not possible"

>> No.25021224

If the ball can tell us how to restore the elements of harmony, then it could tell us how to restore Taremtis' mind.

>not wishing for more wishes

>> No.25021230


2 is winning even with these samefags

also guys remember samefags are fagets

>> No.25021231

Or alternatively, "Everything must be paid in full, shadow."

>> No.25021234

Probably not as things are now. That's probably our end game.

>> No.25021238

It would probably end up having him stop being a seer.

>> No.25021246

Well, we could always ask about Hyperion's plans/motivations, but that might play poorly in front of the light mages... So yeah, also drawing a blank here...

>> No.25021254


>> No.25021255

Not all samefagging? I mean, I know I posted just a 2 on its own, so one of them is mine.

>> No.25021257

Nope. Alternatively, you can samefag check if you want to know for sure.

>> No.25021269

>waaaaaaaaaah these people have different opinion as me!

>> No.25021270

>dat feel when you all composed and asked the perfect question to get a freebie

<What cost must be paid to restore true harmony between the elements?>

"...you know nothing," the sage says. His hands seem to tighten on the ball for a moment, then relax. "Harmony? Between the elements? There is no harmony to be had. It is their interaction, their very disharmony that forms the world we live in. Would you return the world to nothingness? Learn the difference between disharmony and peace." The sage tenses, then relaxes. The wind is spinning faster. "Ask your question before I can no longer answer."

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?
>write-in new question

>> No.25021281

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021282

Go suck a bucket of cocks.

>> No.25021285


Hi. >>25021172 (i think) here. Wasn't samefagging, just was lazy in responding. Can't speak for the others though.

>> No.25021290

But samefag checking hasn't worked in years.

>> No.25021292


b-but I voted for 2 so I have the same opinion as you

>> No.25021294

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021299

>inb4 how do I create peace between the elements.

>> No.25021302


Looks like 1 wins anyway.

>> No.25021304

<What am I?> pls

>> No.25021310


That's what we meant by peace.

>> No.25021312

What should I do?

>> No.25021313

Most certainly not! But good try.

>> No.25021316



>> No.25021318

A shadow elemental, what's so difficult about that?

>> No.25021320

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021329

Earth elemental back to sanity!

>> No.25021330

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021345

>How can I bring the Earth Elemental back to sanity?

>> No.25021361

A sentient fragment of a greater force of shadow

>> No.25021375

>How make dynamo?

>> No.25021381

Huh, I originally wrote "peace" but changed it because I figured I'd get "the only peace between the elements is the peace of the dead!" or something to that effect, as the response. Whelp, at least we know we can't fix the world be eliminating magic.

>> No.25021407

Theory: We are the moral part of erebus, and that thing we absorbed was the lonely part of erebus.

>> No.25021409

I we really wanted to freak out Auriel
<Do I win?>

>> No.25021421

Then there should be a lot more than that one...
Shards of darkness...

>> No.25021427

Where's the horny part of Erebus?

>> No.25021431

I like this.

Though perhaps not Erebus, maybe just some other greater shadow

>> No.25021435

Maybe we could joke about us asking that question after we get the answer for this one. Just for fun.

>> No.25021438

in Auriel

>> No.25021442

He can't see the future, he sees the possible outcomes. The answer to that question is yes, no, and everything in between.

>> No.25021448

Black Lady.

>> No.25021452

No pls

>> No.25021453

Dats raycis

>> No.25021454


Am I Erebus?

>> No.25021457


Black bitches be fine, therefore Shadowy bitches be even better!

>> No.25021461

Or the maternal instinct... We keep playing parent/guardian and matchmaker to our companions after all.

>> No.25021481

When we find Erebus' inner That Guy...

>> No.25021489

How to bring Geb back.

>> No.25021494


<How can I bring the Earth Elemental, Geb, back to sanity?>

"Remove the curse upon Sir Flint - his power will be needed, or you will die in your quest. Then, speak with Yi Fang, the Lich of Archon. Seek his aid in acquiring the Staff of Winds. The staff will part the storm holding Geb captive. The parasite of Light keeps him mad. You must - "

Spears of wind spike at the edges of the crystal. Taremtis's arms are thrown backward. Almost as quickly, he lunges forward, putting his hands in place around the sphere. He can barely contain the rising force.

"...one...last...thing..." He looks at Kirt. "...to reclaim what is yours...Blackwater...you'll need her..."

He clenches his hands, and the crystal fades back to nothing. Light returns to the room.

Taremtis smiles at you all. "Well, my birds need feeding. TALLY-HO!" He flies up into the air, his robes flapping wildly, and soars out of a nearby window.

"...that was weird," Joey says.

Flint looks at you. "...you're planning to help Geb?"

<He is bound and tortured mad. From what I know, he is a friend of the Shadow. But it seems as though we have a long path ahead of us.>

"...I..." Kirt stands. He looks at all of you. "We don't know each other well...but...if you'll have me, I wish to travel with you. I have a feeling that I need to do so, after what he said. In exchange...all my skill as a warrior, and ranger, against any obstacles you may face."

What is your response?

>agree immediately
>consult with Flint and Auriel
>...tell me who you are, exactly, first. Then we'll decide.
>something else

>> No.25021497


but we already know the answer

In the End Shadow always wins, it might take a thousand millennia but in the End it will consume all before it until nothing but a deep dark emptiness remains

>> No.25021504

Considering how much we trolled Flint and Auriel about their drunken antics, we've probably got a bit of that part in us already.

>> No.25021516

We got an answer, and an unpleasant one at that. I'd kind of like to let the sage keep what's left of his mind intact rather than asking another.

Barring that, "what do I most need to know?"

>> No.25021534

oh dear god. A light parasite... to match a shadow parasite. What if the curse upon flint is hereditary? One made to bind Geb?

>> No.25021535

Immediate acceptance. Because we're just that kinda dude.

>> No.25021542

>...tell me who you are, exactly, first. Then we'll decide.

>Deep nothingness remains

Sounds boring.

Let's not have that.

>> No.25021546

Night always comes.

But just as surely, the sun will rise tomorrow.

>> No.25021560

>implying we can deny Kirt
He would, apparently, die without us.

Still though, we need to know his story. Cough it up.

>> No.25021569

Heat death of the universe.

>> No.25021576


such is the hope of children and fools

>> No.25021577

>agree immediately
Then ask, since we'll be travelling together, if he wouldn't mind telling us who he really is.

>> No.25021581

>>agree immediately
>>consult with Flint and Auriel
Kinda both. <I have no objections. Flint? Auriel?>

>> No.25021586

The existence of magic may well invalidate thermodynamics.

>> No.25021589

>agree immediately

>> No.25021591

May not even be a thing in this setting, we have no idea how the complex bullshit elemental magic metaphysics of it all work.

>> No.25021597


>> No.25021600

>Shadow accepts him
However, this is something like a nominal democracy, so we need to consult Flint and Auriel before formally accepting him.

>> No.25021601

Accept, then ask him to tell us about himself.

But remember what was also said about shadows, that while the most deadly element, it is not strong enough to overwhelm the others, else the world wouldn't exist.

>> No.25021625

You have a point, in settings where energy can come from nothing I guess entropy takes the piss to the market.

>> No.25021641

Eh? I wasn't even talking about the setting. I was talking about the statement "the sun always rises."

>> No.25021645

Show our approval but ask the group still

>> No.25021703

Consult the rest of the group (Flint, Auriel, and Joey), at least for politeness' sake; we're not the dictator of this expedition.

We can find out more about Kirt as we go; we don't need to grill him now.

>> No.25021704

Bugger, now I feel guilty for not asking how to heal the sage's mind... (Perhaps a certain spirit Mage could have helped)

>> No.25021713


"I would accept if you wish to join, but considering that we are a group..."

Stare meaningfully at Auriel and Flint.

>> No.25021772

You look at your companions. <I would approve.>

Flint nods. "I won't say no to your offer."

Auriel thumps her elbows on the table. "I've got a few questions. Who the hell are you, and what did he mean about 'take back what is yours'? I've got enough on my plate without getting dragged into someone else's mess."

You wish she was a little more subtle, but you have to admit she gets to the point quickly. <I, too, would like to know these things,> you say. <Apparently, you need me. I would appreciate honesty.>

Kirt seems about to say something when Taremtis flies back in through the window. He uses his wind magic to propel something down to the floor. It nearly slams into Kirt, but at the last moment, it stops dead, then falls to the floor. "Don't forget your shit, you ungrateful canyon rat!" He cackles like a madman and flies back outside.

Kirt lifts one of the fallen objects. It's what appears to be a metal shield. A large ram is carved into the front.

Auriel cocks her head. "That shield is Kanian."

Kirt turns toward you all, still holding his shield. He looks at the ground, then back. "...I...am not entirely sure I want to do what he says. But if I don't travel with you, I lose the option." He looks at the face of the ram on the shield. "...if I do...then, I will tell you."

What is your response?

>well, I suppose
>tell us now, or travel alone
>something else

>> No.25021794

To tell the truth i'm more interested in Auriel reaction to our plan to help Geb.

>> No.25021802

He can travel with us.

>> No.25021807

We can always kill his ass, just take him.

>> No.25021821

>something else
threaten him with being the first person in our shadow-harem if he doesn't come with us.

>> No.25021823

<We can learn more of each other over time. For now, I will settle for this: are you out for justice, or personal vengeance? I will gladly help you with the former, but not with the latter.>

>> No.25021831

> Kanian
Guys, I think we just found the missing prince.

>> No.25021833

>well, I suppose
Very well. You can decide then if you do come with us we would appreciate honesty.

>> No.25021834

>>well, I suppose
I'll hold you to it.

>> No.25021839

He needs to come with us

>> No.25021849

Holy shit damn I forgot all about that.

>> No.25021852

>>well, I suppose

Forcing the issue would just damage our friendship. And frankly, we would be in a much worse position if he hadn't taken a leap of faith in us first.

>> No.25021853

>tell us now, or travel alone

"We don't want any trouble that could have been solved by you telling us at the start of our journey."

>> No.25021858

I do believe you're right. Say so, and see if he becomes a bit more talkative since we know the story.

>> No.25021868

You know Shadow is very blunt. we should just say <Are you the missing prince?>

>> No.25021885

I'll support this.

>> No.25021887

"...Just tell me this has nothing to do with human copulation rituals...I have had enough headaches trying to understand what all the fuss you humans seems obsessed with making around the whole issue!"

>> No.25021921



>> No.25021922

Go for it.

>> No.25021928

I must have missed something, where did we hear about a missing prince?

>> No.25022085


<You don't need to tell me,> you say. <You are Obis Vin, rightful ruler of Kan Abar, ousted by your brother, Nulis Vin. Though most believe you dead.>

Kirt is stunned. Auriel, Flint, and Joey all look at you. Kirt takes a breath. "...what makes you say that?"

<It is simple,> you say. <I have learned in reading that the remnants of the True Flame - those dedicated to Logi, the Fire Elemental - settled in Kan Abar after the war. It makes sense that their descendents would retain their fiery souls...as you so obviously have. Secondly, your cloak, also painted with a ram, carries a powerful enchantment that hides you from detection. Such a great treasure would naturally be possessed by one of your status, and would also explain how you escaped from your brother in one piece. You also related to Flint that you were familiar with the comforts of a noble home, revealing that you were likely of highs status. Finally, the sage said that you needed to take back what was yours - and what else could he mean, but the throne stolen from you?>

"...damn," Auriel mutters.

"You're an observant one," Kirt says. "I guess there's no point in hiding it. I am indeed Obis Vin. Formerly, the prince of Kan Abar. Now, an anonymous exile."

<Why did you leave Kan Abar?>

"...my brother drove me out."

<I remember hearing Kanians lamenting your brother's heavy-handed rule, and wishing for your return. Would you deny them?>

"...you know who I am, but you don't know the half of it."

<I am listening.>

Roll 1d100

>> No.25022096

Rolled 55

Oh boy here we go.

>> No.25022102

Rolled 68

its happening

>> No.25022103

Rolled 95


>> No.25022104

Rolled 12

rolling to know the half of it.

>> No.25022111

not a nat 100, but I'm not complaining.

>> No.25022128

Rolled 49

Neither am I; that should work nicely.

>> No.25022133

Rolled 65


>> No.25022134

Rolled 67


>> No.25022157

Rolled 52

keep rolling rolling rolling

>> No.25022189

Actually it might be better to stop rolling after getting acceptable rolls. Less chance of a nat 1 in the top ten.

>> No.25022192

I have a feeling he is going to react badly when we tell him his brother has started a war and is summoning demons.

>> No.25022200


Based, Redaeth.

>> No.25022201

>"...you know who I am, but you don't know the half of it."
<Actually, I lack only one part in twenty.>

>> No.25022216

Might be tied to why he left, but if he doesn't yet know then we certainly need to tell him if he hasn't updated his journal.

>> No.25022249

We also need to ask if he knows this "Blackwater" the sage spoke of.

>> No.25022295

Kirt grits his teeth. Then he sighs, and slumps back into his chair. "...Nulis...he was always the general - our greatest. I was an administrator. Good with politics, in handling the noble families, popular amongst the people. When our father withdrew from the public eye, in poor health due to his advancing years, he relied on us to run the kingdom. And run them we did. Very well. New trade agreements with Arland, and Imil, and the elves. The long tension between ourselves and the empire seemed settled. Our people prospered.

"Nulis never resented me for my position as the elder. He was always my friend, and ally, and more importantly, my family. I trusted him implicitly."

Obis rubs the bridge of his nose. "One day, that changed. We were visited by a large diplomat contingent from the empire. Amongst them were several of Heavensgate's merchant councilmen, and several angels. And a large noble retinue."

Auriel nods. "I remember this. It was to bring Kan Abar into the fold against the Black Lady. Tyrael and Sandalphon both went. A high honor."

"Indeed," Obis says. "...I've never been much a mage, myself, beyond a few tricks. No talent. But I remember my brother's face when he saw the Highest of the High."

Auriel nods again, but says nothing.

"...amongst the nobles was a woman that captured my eye...and, soon enough, my heart," Obis says.

What is your response to this?

>silence. Let him continue.
>Not this shit again
>something else

>> No.25022317

<Ah, of course. I had a feeling it would come back to that.>

Then let him continue.

>> No.25022323

>silence. Let him continue.

>Not this shit again
but facepalm at the same time.

>> No.25022327

Smile at Flint and Auriel, but otherwise say nothing.

>> No.25022334

Shadow should probably now take the hint that copulation is related to screwing up peoples lives, if anything.

Just let him continue though. Exposition and characterization!

>> No.25022339

>>Not this shit again
Oh humans and their mating rituals

>> No.25022341

>silence. Let him continue.

>> No.25022351

>silence. Let him continue.

But a bit of >Not this shit again in the form of a heavy, audible sigh of annoyance.

>> No.25022352

>Shadow should probably now take the hint that copulation is related to screwing

Flint told him that much already.

>> No.25022360

>>silence. Let him continue.

Uh ooooooh.

>> No.25022368


>> No.25022389

It doesnt take a sage to see that the future will contain spaghetti.

>> No.25022404

>Inb4 this Blackwater was a soulbound mage slave to the angels.

>> No.25022408

Quick! Think of pasta names that fit Kirt!

>> No.25022410

>not this shit again

>> No.25022457

Spaghetti alla Fiamma

>> No.25022465


>> No.25022480

>Not this shit again

>> No.25022483

This is getting fusilli.

>> No.25022491


>> No.25022512


>> No.25022547

You glance at Flint and Auriel, and you make a rather not-subtle smile. Auriel goes stony-faced. Flint just ignores you.

"The meeting ended after two weeks, and the retinue all flew back on their airship," Obis continues. "But for the lady, Kullia Nesteral. Daughter of the Councilman Nesteral. A beautiful woman, and kind. Fiercely intelligent. I'd courted many women, if just for show. But her...she was different.

"It wasn't long until we were engaged. The match was a good one - a very prominent lady of Heavensgate, through whom I could open much trade with the empire proper. It was seen as a positive for both sides. My father approved, and the engagement was set. But though all this, my brother changed. Through my informants, I heard rumors he coveted Kullia. I ignored them. Few men wouldn't covet her, I believed. I ignored how he grew distant. How he began working with some of the nobles behind my back.

"I knew something was wrong when he started pushing me to attack Kelvere," Obis says. He stares up at the rows of books lining the walls of the tower. "At a time when another push was being made to reclaim Temerland...he seemed to believe that was the time to strike. He'd ignore all our promises of friendship for territory, for war. And on top of that, if half of what I'd heard about the duke was true, he'd be planning much worse for us should we strike at him. I held firm to my position - a cautious extension of some troops to Gaphold, while stoking further trade agreements from the imperial council.


>> No.25022555

inb4 Kirt is thinking with his Penne.

>> No.25022556

You know, if we keep collecting royal heirs like this, we're going to end up with every assassin on the continent chasing our party.

>> No.25022600

More xp for us

>> No.25022706

I bet the next heir will be an elf or someone of the vamp lands.

>> No.25022709

"Then I discovered his experiments with demons. A secret weapon to guarantee victory against Kelvere." Obis hangs his head. "...I believed it was the work of a group in league with Archon, who wanted to reconquer and divide up Arland and Kelvere. Yi Fang is a strong ruler, but I believe that the path to peace lay with the empire, and trade, not through yet war. Not realizing the truth, I ran to my brother with what I found. He pretended to share my concerns...and then led me into a den of traitors."

Obis holds his face his a hand. He leans low from his seat, tense with memories. "...he ranted at me, then. Saying how he'd rule the world with Kullia. How I was a short-sighted fool that was leading Kan Abar toward becoming a mere puppet of the empire. And he went on about her, again, and again. Telling me that they were meant for each other, and I was using my status as the heir to get in the way and steal her from him.

"...if it wasn't for one precaution I'd taken when I found out about the traitors, I'd be dead. An old ally, Vidar Blackwater, gave me distraction enough to slip away. There was a fight in the palace, then, between my loyal followers and the much larger faction my brother had turned to his side. It turned into a slaughter. I tried to reach Kullia...but Nulis beat me to her. He held her hostage, threatening to kill her if I persisted." His hand clenches tight. "There was no time. His men were surrounding me. I ran. Abandoned her. I ran. Kept running. All the way here."

For a time, it's quiet.

"...how did you end up in Refuge?" Auriel asks.

"...I was lost in Tarun Gakth," he says, "barely surviving. I collapsed from exhaustion, and hunger. When I woke up, I was here, in these towers. Taremtis used his crystal...and told me to wait, until the time was right." Obis looks at you. "...I would travel with you, Shadow. I do not know if I have it in me to return...but to close that door entirely..." He clenches his fist. "...not yet."

>choices in next post

>> No.25022742

What is your response?

>the more, the merrier (accept offer)
>would you be out for revenge, or for justice?
>do you know what's happening out there?
>something else

>> No.25022748

>>the more, the merrier (accept offer)

>> No.25022758

>>would you be out for revenge, or for justice?

>> No.25022767

>the more, the merrier (accept offer)
But tell him exactly what has happened.

>> No.25022775

>>the more, the merrier (accept offer)
>>would you be out for revenge, or for justice?

>> No.25022778

If he is to join us we should tell him about our knowledge of the current conflicts, and what part our party played in them.

Accept his offer, but once again look to Flint and Auriel for mutual approval.

>> No.25022795

Also, on a side not while looking at the map I noticed something...We are quite close to Vampiria aren't we?

>> No.25022815

>accept offer
>would you be out for revenge, or for justice?
>Tell him about the fight in Kelvere

>> No.25022822

>would you be out for revenge, or for justice?

Wanna make sure he doesn't snap or go evil.

>> No.25022825

>the more, the merrier (accept offer)
>do you know what's happening out there?

>> No.25022827

>accept offer
Caution against being blinded by vengeance in the pursuit of justice.

>> No.25022834

Close in the supersonic sense for sure. Let's hope Adavan didn't go that way.

>> No.25022852

Well yeah, isn't that where the Adavan's heading? It's about as far from the empire as you can get after all.

>> No.25022862

Ahh shit.

>> No.25022869

>the more, the merrier (accept offer)

>> No.25022880

Well if you look at the route we have traveled so far it almost looks like we are heading straight for Wallfront.

>> No.25022919

<Are you aware of the war between Kan Abar and Kelvere?>

Obis draws back, then sighs. "...war, then. What's happened?"

You glance at Flint and Auriel. They nod at you.

It takes a while, but you tell Kirt the details of the war and your defense of Jacob's Field and Evinbrook. Kirt sadly sighs. "...that fool. What is he thinking?"

<It seems Kan Abar is in need of leadership,> you say.

"...I already failed once."

<Well. If you do chose to go back, let me make something clear,> you say. <If I then chose to help you, I will help you attain justice - but not vengeance. Remember that.>

"Fair enough."

What do you say now?

>accept his offer
>ask something else (write-in)

>> No.25022939

>>accept his offer

>> No.25022943

>accept his offer
Let's get back to finding Abby and the Lich before they head out into the Dark Lady's territory.

>> No.25022946

We clearly want to take him with us already

>> No.25022947


>> No.25022950

Welcome aboard.

>> No.25022953

>accept his offer

>> No.25022959

Accept. Shadow hug time! Or an appendageshake. Preferably an appendageshake.

>> No.25022961

>accept his offer
"Shall we start on our journey? We seek a lich and a little girl."

as we leave look at the birds. "I wonder if I can shatter more then just Geb's insanity. I would like to see a world where they can fly everywhere."

>> No.25022964

>accept his offer

Shake hands!

>> No.25022977

We know of the 'high five' technique

>> No.25022979

Ha ha! Time for adventure!

>> No.25022982


>> No.25023055

We're at 319 posts.

Would someone please archive?

>> No.25023063

Someone gets antsy about this every thread.


>> No.25023067

Boy, we are not even close to finished. This will be up for a while before archival is needed.

>> No.25023072

>Someone gets antsy about this every thread.

Usually me.


>> No.25023083


>> No.25023087

You extend a shadowy appendage, which is in no way phallic or otherwise sexual in nature. It forms into a hand. <Then you are welcome to join us. For now, we seek to remove Sir Flint's curse. After that...we'll see.>

Obis looks at your 'hand' for a moment, then grasps it and gives it a firm shake. "Alright."

<Who exactly is this Blackwater you mentioned?>

Obis smiles slightly. "My family has been friends with theirs for a long time. Vidar was a thief, pirate, and, for Kan Abar, a smuggler. Head of the thieves guild of Kan Abar, which, officially, does not exist." He frowns. "But...the sage said 'she'. Blackwater is a man. I don't know what he meant by that. Perhaps he was talking about Kullia. Or the images ran together. But either way, I know not what became of him after my brother took over."

<I see. Well.> You raise yourself up. <Shall we depart?>

Your companions nod. Auriel takes a long breath. "It's long past we get back on the road. I doubt they've traveled faster than we have, with a girl in tow, but we don't want to lose time."

"Where exactly are we going?" Obis asks.

<It's a long story.>
"It's a long story."

You and Flint both glance at each other, then smile and shrug. Obis chuckles. "Apparently, it is."

Auriel looks concerned. "...you're getting to know Shadow a little too well, I think."

"Oh, if it wanted to eat me, it could have done that ages ago," Flint says. "Let's go."

"I'll be out in a moment," Kirt says.

You wait outside the tower for Kirt...


>> No.25023109

Auriel looks at you. "You seek to free Geb?"

<He was captured and driven insane, and has wandered those plains for 700 years,> you say. <I admit I feel pity for him.>

"...with that...I can never help you," Auriel says.

What do you say in response?

>why not?
>let it drop with silence
>something else

>> No.25023119

>why not?

"Was he a shitty person?"

>> No.25023123

>>something else
<Ah. I see you seek another debate on the nature of good and evil to pass the time on our travels>

>> No.25023129




>> No.25023131

Then you can enjoy cockroaches with the seer until we return

>> No.25023154

It's like... some kind of ultrafaggot.

>> No.25023160

<Just like you couldn't fight with a shadow?>

<You are your own bindings>
<Geb is not so lucky as to will his madness away>

>> No.25023162

Dude what the fuck is wrong with you.

>> No.25023167

<May I know why? From what I understand the only crime he had was being a patron of the dwarves. He was attacked for reasons of jealousy, nothing more.>

>> No.25023174

"I can respect that, though I admit curiosity. If Geb is more destructive when unafflicted by a maddening parasite I might be willing to change my plans

>> No.25023186


I do believe you have that position, actually.

>> No.25023212

It's official. You somehow managed to swallow the doorknob.

>> No.25023217

>why not?
<Why not, Geb's only crime was the defense of his people. If removing his curse will bring a ally in peace, please tell me what harm this could do>

>> No.25023224

Lets blend these together

>> No.25023230

Anyone have any idea on how to get quest descriptions changed on suptg?

Oh, don't forget to update the archive when we finish later.

>> No.25023237

Shadow master always archives the thread when it finishes, and it often finishes within a few pages of the bottom of the catalogue with ~1000 posts.
This has been the pattern for all the threads, and if we actually saw the thread slipping to page 10 without stopping or being split into a new thread (It always has been) -then- we would archive it.
You don't need to freak out, we've held steady with long threads for a long time now.

Little of this, Little of that.

>> No.25023255

Actually, I'm pretty sure peace isn't what he'll be an ally in. We probably shouldn't get her hopes of avoiding conflict up.

>> No.25023272

>Oh, don't forget to update the archive when we finish later.

It automatically updates.

>You don't need to freak out, we've held steady with long threads for a long time now.

I know, but ever since one part of Red Dragon Quest wasn't archived it really annoyed me and I've tried to make sure that people archive good shit.

>> No.25023288

You're just an obnoxious cunt.

>> No.25023341

<Then you can enjoy cockroaches with the sage until we return. As I'm sure Flint will join me, and Joey knows he can trust me. Isn't that right?>

"Well, I already knew that," Joey said. "I guess the sage said so too, though."

"Flint," Auriel says, pointedly looking at the knight, "would not be so foolish to violate what is in no uncertain terms an edict from Hyperion himself that Geb must be kept firmly locked away. A spell of the Light Elemental himself rests upon the Earth Lord, and it is not to be tampered with."

<I see you seek another debate on the nature of good and evil to pass the time on our travels. Should Geb prove destructive after we free him, and his mind, I will change my opinion. But as far as I know, Aeolus attacked him - not the other way around. Geb was not aggressive."

"Tell that to Hyperion," Auriel snaps.

<When were you born?>


<Answer the question.>

"...29 B.E."

<There. You were not witness to the beginnings of the war itself. Hyperion defended his allies against Geb's attacks, yes. But Geb only attacked because he was pressed into it by the Wind Lord. Leaving him insane and trapped for all eternity is not justice.>

"It is as Hyperion has done."

<Think of it this way,> you say. <Surely the good and great Hyperion did not intend such a cruel, vindictive punishment. The curse was to take him out of the war, not to lock him in madness forever. He probably had something else planned.>

"What's your point?"

<If Hyperion is as good as you say - and therefore, wouldn't want Geb in the state he's in forever - it would align with his will to free Geb.>

"...and what happens if Geb goes on a vengeful rampage?" Auriel asks. "Are you going to take responsibility for that?"

<So it's acceptable to leave someone in a state of eternal torture because they might be angry about it when you set them free?> You look at her with derision. <You're smarter than that.>


>> No.25023392

I wonder if the prince finds these debates just as humorous as the copulation talks.

>> No.25023455

>Hyperion is incorruptible good, loved by all
>Erebus is dark justice, that stands alone
This sounds somewhat familiar.

>> No.25023483

>i can ship to this

>> No.25023488

The difference is, Superman does goo dthings.

>> No.25023492

Pretty sure superman didn't steal the souls of children mages and enslave them to his bidding.

>> No.25023510

Maybe he did, and his power is generated from them

>> No.25023511


To be fair, this is a long, looong time after Hyperion's death.

Who knows what can change in 800 years?

>> No.25023512

actually, I think thats probably entirely on the so-called Angel's shoulders. Remember he died after the war. Leaving them to decide policy.

>> No.25023520

>Bizarro Superman

>> No.25023521


>> No.25023523

>Pretty sure superman didn't steal the souls of children mages and enslave them to his bidding.

I think that was an Elseworlds Tale.

>> No.25023534

"Don't be naive," Auriel snaps. "If his continued torture prevents the death of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, then yes, I have no moral qualms with it. Do I think it's fair? No. But life isn't fair, either. You're an ideologue if you actually think you're going to just waltz in and patch things up between the elements."

<I wouldn't say that. I think I've made plenty of progress with you.>

"Progress. Is that what you call it?" She raises a fist. "I'll show you some progress."

Flint puts his hands on Auriel's fist and lowers it back to her side. "Now, children, let's not argue."

Auriel seems surprised. "...Flint. You're on my side. Right?"

"Perhaps, if we brought enough force to bear - enough to reseal Geb should he prove belligerent - it might be worth something," Flint says.

"That would be a Nether-ending hell of a force," Auriel mutters.

Flint smiles. "The elves have an interest in settling the matter of their patron, one way, or another. With their aid..."

Auriel raises an eyebrow. "I'm an island of realism in a sea of idiots. First, Geb, now, an alliance with the elves. What's next? Use Spirit magic to bring the dwarves back to life?"

...you begin to wonder about that.

"Look at you!" Auriel says, waving in your direction. "You actually took that seriously! You two are impossible. Even if - alright. Let's say your crazy plan to have a force capable of calming him worked. The sage still told you you'd need Yi Fang's help to get the Staff of Winds. Firstly, the Staff hasn't been seen since the Sky-sever was cast. Secondly, Yi Fang is an iron-fisted dictator that would make you into a dynamo as soon as help you."

"We'll settle it later," Flint says.

"But - "

He squeezes her hand and kisses her on the cheek. "Later."

Auriel pouts, and folds her arms. "We will settle it," she says. But then she clams up.

Flint winks at you.

You're surprised he actually got her to stop.

Suddenly, the advantages of their relationship spread wide before you

>> No.25023562

...make me into a dynamo you say? So you did know something about it!

>> No.25023577

Attempt to reciprocate the wink and form one big eyeball to blink at them.

>> No.25023580

<We might not need Yi Fangs help if all that is required for the Staff of the Winds is his bloodline>
Say no more after that.

>> No.25023586

So dynamos are encased elementals? Kinda makes sense as nobody knows how they are made, because there haven't been any elementals for a long time.

>> No.25023598


the spaghetti apprentice has become the master

>> No.25023616

oh god
and they were helpless

>> No.25023617

Footsteps make you all glance over. Obis is walking toward you - and he's clearly dressed for success.

<Impressive armor,> you say.

"...leftovers, from when I first arrived." His ram-head shield is strapped across his back. His red cloak is draped behind it. You can't detect his presence at all. "You still haven't exactly told me what's going on, by the way. I'd appreciate at least the bare bones."

You exchange a glance with Flint.

What do you tell Obis?

>tell him everything
>omit particular details (write-in)

>> No.25023639


She was just using that as a figure of speech.

>> No.25023642


>> No.25023649

Time to do what we do best: be blunt.

>> No.25023653

>>tell him everything

No point in having to reexplain everything as time goes on.

>> No.25023655

>tell him everything
He's gonna get it eventually anyway.

>> No.25023657

>tell him everything
might as well. we learned a very big secret about him as well.

Leave out the fact that Abigail has the blood of both Yi fang and some sort of spirit creature though. Either demon or elemental. We haven't even told Flint that yet.

>> No.25023663

There's a lich babysitting a little girl, and leaving us a trail for us to find them.

>> No.25023673

>implying you're not just saying that to lead us off the trail

>> No.25023677


>> No.25023692

Hah. Yeah. Should we ever tell Flint that? Yes/No?

>> No.25023699

>be blunt.

Let's be blunter than a baseball bat.

>> No.25023716

yes, we should. we might as well let him know our party has yet another noble travelling with it.

(Its the biggest reason why we thought Kirt was a prince after all. We keep on running into them.)

>> No.25023720

Probably no. Even Abigail herself doesn't seem to know that.

>> No.25023737

Maybe, when we need to. But, definitely not now.

>> No.25023745

Yes, No, and Maybe.
Fuck you.

>> No.25023751

We've chosen to trust Flint with everything else. I think this too needs his thoughts on it.

>> No.25023776

I just don't want Auriel to find out.

So maybe?

>> No.25023781

In extreme private perhaps.

>> No.25023782

>Fuck you.

Why fuck him?

For adding another thing we have to discuss?

>> No.25023783

This...seems more than a little bit private, though. I'd say we should ask Abigail whether we should tell him but, y'know, little girl.

>> No.25023797

yup, we're basically her guardian now. We gotta act the part and act in her best interests.

>> No.25023815

Not yet, we still need to apologize to Abigail first for even doing that. Secondly it's -her- secret, we shouldn't divulge that without her permission.

>> No.25023825

Answers of yes, no, and maybe are traditionally followed by the "Fuck you."

>> No.25023858


Ah, okay.

I'm a relative newfag to /tg/.

>> No.25023878

It actually came from a terrible terrible place that no mortal dares speak of, it's not an inherently /tg/ thing so don't feel bad about it.

>> No.25023880

I thought it was 'I don't know' then an appeal to repeat the question.

>> No.25023891

You tell Obis everything.

He's quiet for a moment as he absorbs all the details. "...that's some story. Flint. Your life could be in serious danger."

"It's been in danger for a while," Flint mutters.

"No, but...what if it gets worse with time? We know next to nothing about this Shel'kath. You could drop dead tomorrow."

Flint blinks at that. "...well...I've never really felt it get worse..."

Auriel looks worried. "...he makes a good point. But...there's nothing we can do about it, anyway."

Obis shakes his head. "You mentioned a demon told you the name, correct? We need merely summon the demon."

<...you know of summoning?>

"I'm no expert, but...Rogul might be able to help us," Obis says. "Assuming he has the reagents we need."

<Actually, I have the reagents on hand. I was hoping Adavan could help us.>

"Then, by the eight, what the hell are you all waiting for?"

Auriel throws up her hands. "Gee, summoning a demon to solve our problems with the help of a angry old orc shaman. What could possibly go wrong with that? What a great idea!" She folds her arms. "You people have a death wish. All of you."

"I've dealt with them before," Obis says. "I'd never dare with an army of the things, like Nulis has used. But they can be useful, properly controlled."

What do you say?

>let's wait until we find Adavan. I don't want to take chances with a summoning.
>convince Auriel to try and summon Annette. Every second that goes by is one too many.
>something else

>> No.25023894



Gaia Online?

The Escapist?

>> No.25023901

Not that guy. But saying something like 'Terrible secret place than no soul ever dare speaks of' makes me curious.

>> No.25023908

>It actually came from a terrible terrible place that no mortal dares speak of, it's not an inherently /tg/ thing so don't feel bad about it.
There are few terrible places that are that terrible that I would expect to hear from any board on 4chan, so would I bee correct to guess Reddit?

>> No.25023924

>convince Auriel to try and summon Annette. Every second that goes by is one too many.
really the only reason we were waiting was to make sure we were supervised by someone who knew what they were doing. And Adavan is no more trustworthy then some random orc.

>> No.25023927


>> No.25023945

>let's wait until we find Adavan. I don't want to take chances with a summoning.

>> No.25023950

Summon her now. May as well

>> No.25023951

Summon now.

>> No.25023958


>> No.25023967

>>let's wait until we find Adavan. I don't want to take chances with a summoning.

to Flint<agree with her for now, we'll wait till we meet Adavan.>

>> No.25023972

>>let's wait until we find Adavan. I don't want to take chances with a summoning.
All of you waifuing scum that want to summon her now need to get out.
We aren't risking Flint on some rinky orc shaman instead of Adavan.

>> No.25023993

Waifuers get out.

We aren't hooking up with the succubutt

>> No.25024000

I want to go with the more experienced summoner. But if we keep her here, then we'll be able to have another ally. But if we spend valuable travel hours on summoning then Adavan only gets further away...

>> No.25024002

wow. the reason I want to summon her now is because Adavan might not be as trustworthy as we hope. So if the parasite needs removing and we need to kill Adavan to rescue Abagail we don't have to backtrack to the Shaman.

>> No.25024003

<I would prefer to explore all our options first>
>wait for Adavan

>> No.25024007

But I want to know more about the parasite.

>> No.25024016

The succubus never showed any interest in us anyway. She just torments Flint.

>> No.25024017

Waifu apologist take the knob out of your mouth and put it back on the door so that you can get the fuck out.

>> No.25024021

I could care less what happens to the skank, I just want this problem solved ASAP.

>> No.25024037

Maybe summon her and after she tells us what we need to know we desummon her immediately? Because she's a psycho that wants to kill humans for fun and she'll say ANYTHING to get us to get her to tag along.

>> No.25024040

it begins.jpg

>> No.25024042

And waifu deniers join the frey! How does it feel to be poison?

>> No.25024043

While I do want to summon her again I want to get to Abby and the Lich more.

>let's wait until we find Adavan. I don't want to take chances with a summoning.

>> No.25024046

Honestly, we should wait. Adavan might have a solution without us even needing to summon a demon. If we do it now, not only will we worsen tempers with the angel, but we might not be able to control her.

>> No.25024054

yup that they are. They see wanting to summon someone who actually knows about this parasite as waifuing... just because it wears a female shape.

>> No.25024055


>> No.25024065

summon her now

>> No.25024072

Adavan will likely know as much or more than Annette, and if not he still would be invaluable in controlling a summoned demon.

>> No.25024080


>option causes pretty good debate
>waifu paranoia sets in immediately
>people rage back and forward

...yes...fight over useless shit while I lead you to your DOOM! DOOOOOM!!!!

*cough hack cough*

I mean, come on now guys, let's not get riled up by silly stuff like this.

>> No.25024081

Actually, scratch that.
Just Summon her.

>> No.25024084

>All this denial
Get. the. fuck. out.

>> No.25024087

Wait for Adavan

>> No.25024094

Now. Soul parasites are bad.

>> No.25024098

Gotta wait for Adavan guys

>> No.25024106

I vote to summon the succubus now, just to spite this faggot.

>> No.25024107

Food for thought.

Adavan is probably one of the most experienced spirit mage in all the known land, considering his age and village slaughtering ventures.

>> No.25024110

Ignore the trolls trying to use my name for waifuing.

>> No.25024117

But we need a different ritual to re-summon her than the summoning ritual we know/have. It might take a while to find the new spell...

>> No.25024122


I agree.

>> No.25024134

ditto, guy is worse then all the waifus put together. At least them SM can shut up with its OOC right now for Shadow to feel anything beyond fondness for these fools.

>> No.25024135


Vote 1:
>summon now

Vote 2:
>wait for Adavan

Will call it after five minutes. In the name of fair play, please resist the urge to samefag.

>> No.25024138

You are what's wrong with the world.

>> No.25024141

Okay, so the Shel''kath is sapping his strength, and it involves spirit magic, right?
I don't think the demon is a master of spirit magic.
We KNOW that Adavan is.

>> No.25024145

Here's my vote.

If we can get it done QUICKLY, we summon her here.

If it takes QUITE A WHILE we move on, because we can't afford the delays.

>> No.25024146

Voting 2

>> No.25024147

Vote 1:

>> No.25024150


>> No.25024151


>> No.25024152


>> No.25024153

>please resist the urge to samefag.

I'm going to samefag like a motherfucker to spite that antiwaifuer.

You can't stop me

>> No.25024155


>> No.25024159


>> No.25024162


>> No.25024169


>> No.25024170


>> No.25024176


>> No.25024178

Vote 1

>> No.25024181

Vote 2

>> No.25024182

>please resist the urge to samefag
B-b-but if I don't samefag, someone else will!
And my opinion's much better than theirs.

>> No.25024183

Vote 1:
>summon now

>> No.25024190


>> No.25024191

>summon now

Do it


>> No.25024192


>> No.25024193

Voting 2

>> No.25024194


>> No.25024195

Voting 1.

>> No.25024196

>I'm going to samefag like a motherfucker to spite that antiwaifuer.
>You can't stop me

You took careful precaution to make sure I couldn't hear you.

But I could see your lips move.

>> No.25024201

2. Adavan.

>> No.25024206


>> No.25024219



>> No.25024225

patiently waits for the samefags to realize its over.

>> No.25024230


You're more of a whiny superfaggot than I was.

>> No.25024234


Cut off point.

Any good Samaritans that want to check my counting would be appreciated, in case it's close.

>> No.25024239

This is gonna end up being a "you were warned" sequence. Ah well.

>> No.25024258

Dammit dude, how the hell are you THIS delusional? Waifu faggots are ruining quests less than you. If you didn't constantly think they were fucking trying to summon the annoying-as-all-hell succubus to mate with her, we could fucking get somewhere.

>> No.25024263

Vote 1 is 12
Vote 2 is 9

If I counted correctly that is.

>> No.25024271

1: 11
2: 9

Have fun shitting all over the quest, assholes. I bet you start having shadow act liek the succubutts manservant next.

>> No.25024279

My count:

Summon now: 12

Adavan: 10

>> No.25024280

I know you're a master ruseman, but I shall bite.

>> No.25024292


>> No.25024294

Vote 1 is 12.
Vote 2 is 10, counting the guy that said "Adavan."

>> No.25024296

>Waifu faggots

Okay, I'm new to /tg/ (relatively) so mind giving me a summary/example of waifu-ing in a quest?

(I understand the concept of a waifu but not how it goes within a quest)

>> No.25024301

Shadow doesn't even have to fuck her to ruin the quest.

You waifuing faggots would all start acting like her bitch just to have a chance at fictional interaction with a female.

>> No.25024314

>I bet you start having shadow act liek the succubutts manservant next.

>implying I'll let that happen

>> No.25024325

>Implying they won't rage and shit up the thread if you don't let them

>> No.25024332

>inb4 SM makes 1 lose just to spite the person samefagging to spite the person anti-waifufaggoting.

>> No.25024337

Shadow master can we just remove gender from the quest entirely? These faggots are too fucking immature to deal with the concept and I can't fucking stand that we haven't had a thread devoid of this stupid argument for MONTHS.

>> No.25024338

>implying you aren't raging and shitting up the thread

>> No.25024344

epic shoop m8

>> No.25024345

Actually, that might not be a bad cover for us. Demonic sorceress' familiar. Good idea.

>> No.25024350

I'm saving the thread.

Well, trying. One person can't hold back the tidal wave of shit all on their own.

>> No.25024359

In my experience ignoring them works the best.

>> No.25024375

you are the shit. It is you.

>> No.25024376

You're quite literally the only one shitting up the thread. Everything was nice and civil until you showed up.

>> No.25024395

<Auriel.> You turn to her. <If we have a chance of summoning a good source of information...even a potential cure...we need to take it. Immediately.>

Auriel glances down. She sighs, then looks at Flint. "...if you're sure."

"I am," Flint says.


You look at Obis. <How can we get Rogul to help us?>

"...let's make a deal," Obis says. "I can use...some leverage, I have, to get Rogul's help. In exchange...if I ever decide to go home, I want your allegiance. Not even just to me, but to what I represent - Kan Abar, and its people. After we cure Sir Flint's affliction, of course, and find your two friends."


"Yes. We would be allies. Kan Abar would be a haven for you, should you wish to stay there."

<What if you don't decide to go home?>

Obis shrugs. "Then I cash in a favor with Rogul I'd probably never use otherwise, and that's the end of it."

What do you say in response?

>it's a deal
>In that case, I'd rather wait.

>> No.25024397

Too far. Just make Annette and unrepentant sociopath (she kind of already is) that despises physical contact with others.

>> No.25024401

No, it was a frothy, bubbling shitcano. I'm trying my hardest to contain it but it's still managing to leak through somehow.

You. You people who deny the waifuing. Who pretend it isn't an issue, or even happening, YOU are the shit.

>> No.25024404

>it's a deal

>> No.25024406


>> No.25024408

Just stop replying.

>> No.25024415

>>it's a deal

>> No.25024429

I want to agree with him, but we want to help the duke. Which means we would have to convince him to ally with them, also.

>> No.25024441

Swear an allegiance? What is he, the duke? No. We will be his friend though

>> No.25024445

Sometimes it doesn't folly that a person with two allies have the two allies allied with each other. They might remain neutral.

>> No.25024451

...I don't think we can agree to that without some sort of stipulation exempting us from conflicts with the Duke's nation. And I'd rather not try us to one place or nation when we have so much work todo across the globe.

>> No.25024453

folly = follow.

>> No.25024457

>there has only ever been one extremely delusional person in this thread.
Maybe we should seek therapy.

>> No.25024458



>> No.25024460

>its a deal
Suggest working with Duke to overthrow Nulis

>> No.25024461

We owe him no allegiance. He has done less with/for us than the Duke and we did not ally with him.

>> No.25024474

<I won't swear allegiance, not until I get a better understanding of my place in the world. But I will gladly swear friendship and aid you however I can.>

>> No.25024476


>> No.25024479

Except the two sides are at war and we've already fought on the other side.

>> No.25024490

We are life. Become life.

>> No.25024498

They won't remain at war if we give Kurt his throne back.

>> No.25024507

<i have promised the duke assistance against nulis not Kan-abar, if you two could cooperate it could be done>

>> No.25024514


<There's a problem.>

"Yes?" Obis asks.

<I have a good relationship with the duke. I have fought with Kelvere against Kan Abar. To align myself with you would be to turn my back on him.>

Obis rubs his forehead.

Roll 1d100

>> No.25024516

Because the empire is oh so forgiving.

>> No.25024529

And then Kurt will be betrayed agaiin by his siblings
its the little girl this time

>> No.25024530

Rolled 97

Kirt has already said he wanted peace. We can support that and a trusted ally can advise on actions.


>> No.25024532

Rolled 53

Chirp Chirp Chirp.

>> No.25024533

Rolled 96


>> No.25024536

Rolled 93



>> No.25024545

dem 90s

>> No.25024547

We are convincing.

>> No.25024552

stop, diplocancy time

>> No.25024553

Yes indeedily.

>> No.25024554

Clearly, he comes up with a great idea.

>> No.25024575


>> No.25024605

Rolled 89

I hope I get a 1 just to spit you waifuing kurrs

>> No.25024629

It appears... You fail.

>> No.25024632

Go to bed

>> No.25024637

>hopes he gets a 1 to spite the non-existent waifu people
>Gets 89


>> No.25024645

Rolled 50


>> No.25024660

He sighs. "There are too many 'ifs' and 'buts' here for my taste. But...if I were to take the throne...I would not seek conflict with the duke. In fact, I believe I'd seek quite the opposite. For even if my brother was misguided, if we grew too close to the empire, we'd just end up a puppet, as he believed."

<I can accept this.>

"Good. Kan Abar values its independence." Obis glances at Flint. "Unlike some other countries I could mention."

Flint bends his brow. "I am tired of repeating this. Arland is not a puppet of the empire."

"You admit you've been away from home longer than I have, and you claim to be abreast of politics?" Obis says. "We would have allied with Arland long ago, had you let us. Your brother licks the boots of the angels on a monthly basis."

"We have never asked for our boots to be licked," Auriel says sharply. "We have to present a solid front to the Black Lady. And Archon, if need be. Arland won its independence with our help. Of course we're close allies."

"Allies," Obis says. "If you say so."

"I do," Auriel insists.

Obis lets his arms drop. "I have no desire to argue." He looks at Flint. "But you should be wary. Auriel, or even other angels, may not wish to use Arland as a meat shield against Arland and Kan Abar, if need be. But the imperial council certainly does."

<Enough,> you say. <This discussion is getting nowhere. We have a demon to summon.>

The party marches down to Rogul's home. The Shaman lives in just another one of the houses carved into the walls of the canyons, though there are many beads, cloths, and symbols draped about the door and windows. Obis knocks hard three times. "Chieftain. It's me."

The door opens...


>> No.25024704

It's like... It's like the frustrations of the thread posters sieve into the characters demeanor.

>> No.25024828



You writing this as you go or what?

>> No.25024835


A young orcling answers the door. She's young, between thirteen and fifteen years old. She smiles brightly. "...wow, Kirt. You look handsome in all that armor."

Obis smiles. "You flatter me, young lady. Is your father home?"

"He is." She looks at the rest of the party, ignoring you, as you're hiding in Flint's shadow. "Kirt's friends are welcome to share our home."

It isn't long before Rogul sees you. He pats the girl's head, then examines the party. "Kirt. Has the time come at last?"

Obis nods. "I have a favor to ask, Rogul."

"You know I cannot refuse."

Kirt explains the relevant details of Flint's curse, and the proposed solution.

Rogul snorts at the end of it. "...a succubus. Hmph. Who will be the summoner?"

"...a familiar of Taremtis, that he lent us," Obis says. He looks in your direction. "Come, Shadow."

You reveal yourself to Rogul, keeping the form of an indistinct blob of shadow. Rogul looks you over. "Hmph. Decades later and that crazy bastard still surprises me." He turns. "Come."

You wander down some stairs in the back of the building. You speak so only Obis can hear. <What favor did you do Rogul that he's willing to help so readily? He seemed so stubborn, before.>

"That was his daughter, Niaga," Kirt whispers. "I saved her life, once, a month or two after I first arrived."

<...about this. Do I have to do anything to be the summoner?>

"One beauty of summoning magic," Obis says quietly. "The caster, and the summoner, are two different entities. Control of a ritual summon is about willpower, not mana. So it can be passed to anyone, given the right setup."

You reach the next floor...and then descend another set of stairs. You end up in a large stone room, square, musty and damp. Symbols, numbers, and sigils are carved into the floor in complex patterns.


>> No.25024876

>roll a one on willpower
What do

>> No.25024879

>You writing this as you go or what?

Major historical details are outlined in the pastebin. The rest is drawn from my other notes, or made up on the spot, yes. I'd say it's about 50/50 pre-prepared and made up. All the dialogue, of course, is right from scratch. I can't really prepare it because I've no idea what you'll say.

I absorb and channel your emotion into PURE NARRATIVE ENERGY

>> No.25024906

Fail, obviously. And then get drawn into hell.

>> No.25024966

That would be interesting.

>> No.25024989

You lay out some of the materials. Rogul quickly arranges the powders and jars into seemingly random locations around the floor. He then begins to mutter to himself, a soft, continual chant. He drags his cane across the floor.

Where the wood slides across the stone, the symbols brighten. It isn't long before half the floor is glowing as if lights are imbedded in it. Most of it is bright orange - the color of Spirit - but flashes of shadow, water, and even fire spurt here and there.

"Stand here." Rogul indicates a relatively blank area. You move where indicated. He glances at all of you. "Prepare yourselves. If this...familiar...falters, if will be on your shoulders to slay whatever comes through. We will be isolated until we fish out the right thing."

"We don't know the name of the demon," Flint asks. "Isn't that important?"

"It was summoned once before," Rogul says. "Once, I was an orc of Archon. I learned much. Information from demons one comes in contact with imprints itself on the soul. This can be extracted to summon specific demons. It is, however, an imprecise art. Be prepared."

Flint draws his sword. Auriel does likewise, also preparing her shield. Obis looks ready for just about anything, as usual.

>pictured: Obis in his Kanian armor

The sigil glows until the light is cast up on the walls and ceiling. Rogul's face is coated in half light, half-shadow. He looks at you. "Ready yourself, creature."

Roll 1d100!

>> No.25025005

Rolled 9


>> No.25025013

Rolled 99

I return, from the void.

>> No.25025015

Rolled 68


>> No.25025017

Rolled 13

Rolling for opening a portal to hell.

>> No.25025018

Rolled 16


I... I just have to know.

>> No.25025023

Thank you.

>> No.25025025

why do you Void people always roll so high?

>> No.25025027

So close.

>> No.25025032

And it it good to have you back!

>> No.25025076

I actually want to visit hell sometime during the quest. I'm assuming hell and the nether are the same place right? We can summon demons and shit from the nether so I'm assuming this is the case... Or does hell have a separate dedicated dimension?

>> No.25025083

Rolled 57


>> No.25025093


The room shudders slightly. Rogul closes his eyes in concentration.

The seal on the floor flares and strobes. Your companions clench their weapons tightly.

The magic begins to lift from the ground. It hangs in the air...and again you can see that other place, the gateway to the nether.

Something's coming through.


>> No.25025098

>I'm assuming hell and the nether are the same place right?

I think at one point ShadowMaster said it wasn't the same.

I could be wrong though.

>> No.25025117

Interesting, the two forces counteract each other (Stating you are a dicemaster resulting in low rolls and claiming you are of the void resulting in high rolls).

>> No.25025119

"Hiyyyaaaaa Mr. Shadow and my Flintywinky are you ready to paartaaeee likea faee?"


>> No.25025141

>demon's face when

>> No.25025147


Hell and the Nether are not exactly the same. You could say Hell lies within the Nether...sort of.

From a nonlinear, non-subjective viewpoint, it's more like a big ball of wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey stuff.

>> No.25025194

So when we purchase gaping maw, will there be an upgrade further down the line enabling us to send things directly to hell? Maybe even an upgrade letting us choose which part of purgatory we want to deliver our victims to?

>> No.25025195

The creature walks through the portal.

"Ah..." Annette unfolds her wings. "It's good to be back. Greetings, Master."

<Shadow will do. I have heard that demons possess true names. What is yours?>

"That's - my - little - secret!"

You are not amused. You did not bring this demon here for her incessant, annoying conversation. You need to show her who's in charge, immediately.

<I asked you a question.>

Roll 1d100

>> No.25025201

I'm pretty sure I know the answer to that question.

>> No.25025202

Rolled 57


>> No.25025207

Rolled 34


>> No.25025211

Rolled 22


"You WILL show me RESPECT."

>> No.25025214

Rolled 61


>> No.25025217

Rolled 86


>> No.25025223

Rolled 59

Once again unto the darkness.

>> No.25025225

Rolled 77


>> No.25025226


Sounds legit.


>mfw when I finally catch this mothahfuckin quest in action

>> No.25025228

Rolled 66


>> No.25025232

Rolled 60


>> No.25025234

we say while juggling apples.

>> No.25025235

damn we might need to do a little convincing.

>> No.25025237

It looks like we're a butler now.

>> No.25025238

Rolled 63


>> No.25025240


Oh come ON.

>> No.25025255

Well, at least we got the right demon.

Though it doesn't look like she's going to respect our authoritah.

>> No.25025269

I think it's time we remind her just what she promised.
And just what happened to all those demons that faced us.

>> No.25025286

We need VoidBearer to roll for us. Even his lust of shattenkrieg is tolerable because he's one of the only high rollers.

>> No.25025302

Annette blinks. She bows to you. "...I am _̴̛̛̅͗̿̀̐̐ͯͤ̈͋̆͡͠lͮ̈̂̑̎̔͊ͨ͆́̕͜͞͝}ͥ́ͦ̔͂ͪ̑̇̓̃͛ͫ̚͝͝҉_̈͗ͣ̓ͥ̽͑ͤ͡>̑̈́̍̄ͯͤ̄҉̨͢<wbr> In the common tongue...Xella."

Oddly, you feel the name as more an...Impression...than a word. But you understand nonetheless.

The spell fades, and Xella is left standing before you. She glances behind you. "Oh, Donny! How have you been? I feel like it's been ages. I suppose you both took care of that nasty, ugly brute of a lord, didn't you?"

"...uh...sort of," Flint says. He's working hard not to stare.

Auriel pointedly steps in front of him. "Demon. We require information. You know of the parasite on Flint's soul?"

Xella looks at Auriel, then turns back you without answering. "How can I be of service, Mas-ah, Shadow?"

<I want you to tell me everything you know about the Shel'Kath.>

She nods to you.


>> No.25025315

>I think it's time we remind her just what she promised.
>And just what happened to all those demons that faced us.

>oh, you got bonuses, don't worry

>> No.25025329

Yay. And hopefully she won't try to say anything like "you'll need me to do this master!" Because we won't take her along no matter what. Right guys?
No matter what.

>> No.25025348

Just making sure.
Wouldn't want to pass up the chance for a bonus that might save us.

>> No.25025351

>Did only e hear her name, or all iin the room?

>> No.25025376

Have we ever turned down an opportunity to add to our party?

>> No.25025415

We should when it's a psychopathic sadist that wants to kill the innocent for fun. Just saian.

>> No.25025423

>Because we won't take her along no matter what.
What do you want to do with her when she's finished helping with Flint's parasite? Just kill her again?

>> No.25025439

I would opt to recruit the golem if we could.

>> No.25025458

Oh, and don't go "We can control her." She's a liability. When we know what we need, we're done with her. Demons don't want to broker peace with anyone or anything unless it gets them slaughter, and we've already seen (and has been foreshadowed) that control can be broken.

>> No.25025459

"I know some little," she says. "The Shel'kath is an artificial demon." She puts a finger to her lips. "Well, technically, all demons are artificial. From a certain perspective. Succubi are related to the Shel'kath, actually."

<How so?>

"We both feed on souls," she says. "Now, I rely on..." Xella grins evilly. "...shall we say, more subtle methods of predation? But Shel'kath are just nasty, ugly brutes that attack and feed. Disgusting lumps of shadow." She looks at you and smiles. "Not like you, of course, Shadow. You have control...mastery..." She bends forward and wriggles back and forward, staring you in the eye. "...it's rather intoxicating to think about it...all that strong, powerful control...how you can just -use- the shadow like your little plaything..."

Flint's jaw has gone slack. Even Obis's weapon is in danger of slipping from his hand.

Auriel clears her throat loudly. Flint glances at her, then straightens, but too quickly - he starts coughing on his own spit. He pounds his chest to clear his throat. Auriel taps her foot, glaring at him as he struggles.

<Get to the point,> you say.

"Oh, yes, you don't care for that sort of thing." She straightens. "Well, I digress. The Shel'kath on Donny has been split in two pieces. One on him, drawing from his soul. Another somewhere else, delivering energy. That travels through the nether, rather than this plane of existence...so it's secure, and quite well hidden."

<Is Sir Flint in any immediate danger?>

Xella looks at him. "...no. His soul is quite strong. Even...unique. Maybe tasty."

<I'll have none of that.>

"...aww." She bats her eyelids at you. "None at ALL?"

What do you say?

>none at all.
>none unless I specifically command it
>never Flint, or my other companions
>something else

>> No.25025484

It's called desummoning. And killing her would also be desummon her. But I think the desummoning is safer. I like this word.

>> No.25025493


>none at all

No Ally of Justice would ever resort to siccing a succubus on someone.

>> No.25025496

<Never Flint, or my other companions. And most other people, for that matter. Just hold out hope that I meet someone vile enough that I'd even consider feeding them to you.>

>> No.25025512

I like it!

>> No.25025513

>none unless I specifically command it
we might need her talents. And it gives her hope. We can't fault her for eating humans as we do it too. But by Erebus it will be by our orders.

>> No.25025522

None. At all. Ever.

>> No.25025523

>>none at all.

Not happening, period.

Unless we feel like utterly destroying whatever progress we've built with the others and damaging the others.

>> No.25025532

>none at all.

"None at all. If you do so, I will not hesitate to send you on a one-way ticket to the Ringed City."

>> No.25025541

<You are not to steal Flint's soul, and that's final.>

>> No.25025545

>>none at all.

Lolno, I like our current friendships thank you very much.

>> No.25025556

Except she does it for personal entertainment, we did it to the designated aggressors and people trying to harm us an ours. She's out for cheap thrills.

It ain't in the same ballpark.

>> No.25025575

None at all it is.

Roll 1d100 to enforce your will.

>> No.25025581

Rolled 37


>> No.25025591

Rolled 1


>> No.25025594

We could always send her out to assassinate enemies.

>> No.25025603

Rolled 55


>> No.25025608

Rolled 57


>> No.25025609

Rolled 77

Rolling to unleash her upon the world.

>> No.25025610

We could say "None at all" and later tell her only if we specifically command it.

>> No.25025612

Rolled 92

Oh to the void, again and again.

...YOU, startled me.

>> No.25025613

Rolled 48


>> No.25025618

None. I realize that we both have morally questionable diets, but I won't allow harm to come to my companions- Considering I convinced them to resummon you now as opposed to later. It would reflect poorly on my judgment to have you as a liability. Prove your worth to us by furthering our goal of removing the Shel'kath. Surely you must know more than this?

>> No.25025621

why do you bother?

>> No.25025626


>> No.25025631

Oh wow.

>> No.25025634

Or we could not deal with demons as they always lead to bad things? Once we're done with her, it's over. This is a one night summon.

>> No.25025636

Rolled 61


Enforcing our will.

>> No.25025638

guys stop panicking, it was a 1d1.

>> No.25025652

Because three people didn't check my e-mail field.

>> No.25025659

1d1, we meet again.

>> No.25025660

Rolled 1


>> No.25025662

Rolled 11


>> No.25025670

Rolled 57

no pls

>> No.25025673

Rolled 87

Oh god its real this time

>> No.25025676



>> No.25025679

And the fucking void(x) still gets the highest roll.
Are we all going to have to adopt these theme names if we want to roll consistently high?

>> No.25025680

Rolled 93



>> No.25025681

Guys, don't panic
that was a 1d100

>> No.25025685

legit. but 7th roll thankfully.

>> No.25025691

Well shit.

I guess she'll be eating souls all day erry day.

>> No.25025701


Oh, very funny. There's no way you'd -



Roll 1d20

>> No.25025705

It's in the top ten, and it's a crit, so it counts.

>> No.25025707



The only way to roll is not to roll

>> No.25025711

err 8th I mean.

>> No.25025716

Rolled 16


>> No.25025719

Rolled 18


>> No.25025720

Rolled 5


>> No.25025724

Rolled 12


>> No.25025725

Rolled 19


>> No.25025727

Rolled 1



>> No.25025728

Rolled 12


>> No.25025729

Rolled 19


>> No.25025732

Rolled 8


>> No.25025734


>> No.25025736

Rolled 14


You better fucking delete that shit.

>> No.25025737


>> No.25025743


>rolling 1d1

>> No.25025745

not in the top 5.... I think that doesn't count.

>> No.25025749

Rolled 17



Apparently that was me.

>> No.25025751



>> No.25025757

The curse is back.

The curse is back!


>> No.25025761

Rolled 18




>> No.25025764

It seems that, earlier, when we got a 99,
had shit rolls
Now when they get 98's and shit, we have bad rolls.
I sense a connection

>> No.25025771

The next morning, we find that she's seduced Joey and devoured his soul.

>> No.25025776

Rolled 5



>> No.25025791

I'd be okay with that.

>> No.25025794

Rolled 7

Fuck me, I'm out. I can't handle whatever result this is going to bring us. I'm just going to close this thread

>> No.25025795

Rolled 14

>kills Joey

Do we still hate/despise him?

>> No.25025801

We won't be keeping her that long if the players are smart.

>> No.25025820

Rolled 11

>We won't be keeping her that long if the players are smart.

She might not be that bad.

>> No.25025871


She's literally said to us that she would slaughter as many people as possible the moment she was free and would never stop.

She'll go back to the Nether where she belongs.

>> No.25025872

>inb4 Annette goes cray cray and we are forced to put her down
so long _̴̛̛̅͗̿̀̐̐ͯͤ̈͋̆͡͠lͮ̈̂̑̎̔͊ͨ͆́̕͜͞͝}ͥ́ͦ̔͂ͪ̑̇̓̃͛ͫ̚͝͝҉_̈͗ͣ̓ͥ̽͑ͤ͡>̑̈́̍̄ͯͤ̄҉̨͢<wbr> In we barely knew thee

>> No.25025882

That bad? There's been dozens of hints and foreshadowing of how BAD it is to keep company with demons in this setting. And beyond that the practical examples that we have of them indicate chaos oriented slaughter happy soul sucking parasitical grognards. We don't need that kind of attention, no matter how small.

>> No.25025892

I say fuck it, let her run off and nom on people.

>> No.25025930

No because that would endanger the relationships we've built from the ground up with the people around us.
And it's also wrong.

>> No.25025960


And I say fuck you, no.

>> No.25025968


<You are not to touch any souls,> you say. <Ever.>

"Well, Donny, I can understand," she says. "But what about the boy there? He looks tasty. You don't need him, right?"

<I said no.>

"Just one little suck?"

Orange light flares under Xella's feet. Energy cracks over her like a whip. She shrieks, and falls to a knee.

Rogul glances at you from behind the succubus with a pointed and annoyed look. His face says -don't screw up again-.

<None means none. I will not compromise on this. Pray I find someone vile enough to feed them to you. Otherwise, I won't send you back to hell. I'll send you to the Ringed City.>

Xella stands and nods quickly. "Yes, Shadow. I understand." A slow smile forms on her face. "I didn't know you were into whips, though. I like whips."

<How do we get rid of the Shel'kath?>

"...well...I don't know." She holds up her hands. "Honest. I've seen it split like that before, but I've never seen one destroyed. Although...I could attack it, if you wanted. But it's sunk in pretty deep. There's a good chance Donny wouldn't be doing so well afterward."

<What do you mean?>

"Well, he could be driven insane because half his soul is ripped out with the demon. Or, put into a deep sleep he never wakes up from." She cocks her head at you. "If that happens, can I eat him?"

<No. Do you know of any other method?>

"...well...no. The mage that created it might be able to help. Or someone who's seen it done. I don't think it's the sort of thing made to be undone."

You glance back at Flint. <Trying to kill it outright sounds risky.>

Flint swallows. He nods. "If I'm not about to drop, we should wait until we reach Adavan. Hopefully he can tell us something."

That sounds reasonable to you. You turn back to Xella.

"Mas - ah, Shadow?" She gives you a lopsided smile. "Sorry. Habit. Will I be traveling with you and Donny? I'm so..." She squints. "I...would...like to not go back."

>choices following

>> No.25025996

>Desummon her immediately.
>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.
>ask if she knows anyone/anything that has the information you seek
>something else


>all that panic over the 1
>it didn't even count

First five rolls only in a 1d20.

>> No.25026006

If there isn't anything else we are going to ask, Desummon her immediately.

>> No.25026008

>it didn't even count


>> No.25026013


Hell fucking no.

She's served her purpose and wants to eat our friends. Send her back, pronto.

Not to mention that Rogul or Kirt would immediately go hostile if we set this bitch free.

>> No.25026016

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

>> No.25026021


>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.
(I cast Spite)

>> No.25026034

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

>> No.25026040

>Keep that desire in mind, etc.
We are supposed to be a justice shadow.
Even if her intent, at first, was to kill people, she might repent from that. We should at least give her a chance, even if she can kill some civilians. It's not like we don't have her name, and it's also not like we aren't more strong that she. If e keep her around... free xp.

>> No.25026049

Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

>> No.25026050

I really can't think of anything useful to ask her.
Going for that Desummon.

>> No.25026053

Keep her around for now. Use her to scout ahead for ambushes in the canyons when we start travelling again, since it doesn't really matter if she's killed.

>> No.25026080

Oh god these people are ignoring everything we've been shown about how bad of an idea it is to keep demons around no matter what.

>> No.25026081


ask her if she knows why we do not want her attacking Humans if she gives a good answer keep her, if not desummon her

>> No.25026094

Mostly that's been Auriel talking about how bad demons are. She's always bitching about that sort of thing.

>> No.25026100

>Desummon her immediately.

And kick her in the cunt if we can.

>> No.25026101

I don't really want a chance to get targeted by people that hate demons even more than Auriel, and I really think that the relationships we currently have will be strained far too much with Annette around.

>> No.25026106

>implying it isn't more in character to let her come instead of desummoning

>> No.25026107


hmmmm seems like a reasonable compromise

>> No.25026121

we have no further use of her. and she threatned flint. we cant have that. at all.
desummon her immediatly

>> No.25026129

>>Desummon her immediately.

Good fucking bye.

>> No.25026139

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

>> No.25026147

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.
we really know nothing of demons beyond they come from the nether. I say we find out more.

>> No.25026149

>Desummon her immediately.

It's just a bad idea to keep her around. We almost lost control just now.

>> No.25026152

Mostly Auriel? That's ignoring everything demons have done so far, which is nothing good. Conflict instigators, killing innocents for fun, taking control of humans, etc. Don't ignore the details that we've been given on them for the last 18 threads.

>> No.25026156

Seconding this.

>> No.25026179


I would get behind this but to many people have a hate one for Annette so i'm forced to go with

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

>> No.25026180

I want you to control yourself, it shouldn't take a threat from any of us to find some restraint within.

But since you've shown an urge to indiscriminately feed, words alone will not drive my point-

Start channeling the shard of true darkness.

Show Xella a world where she has feasted with reckless abandon, a world where she is utterly and completely ALONE. Impression her the inevitable consequences of her actions.

>> No.25026192

We know a lot actually, if you've been reading.

>> No.25026193

Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

I don't really think shadow is one to discriminate where he gets his help. As long as they follow a few simple rules that is.

>> No.25026200


Have you missed the bit where she wanted to eat the souls of our friends?

Auriel is seeming to be completely justified here to me.

>> No.25026209

>>Desummon her immediately.

Holy shit, nononononononono.

>> No.25026228

>>Desummon her immediately.

>> No.25026230

We most certainly are one to discriminate against those who go "Sadism oh yeah! Killing mortals is so fun!"

>> No.25026243

These are actually pretty good ideas.

>> No.25026250

I personally believe we should try and teach Annette WHY attacking and sucking the souls out of humans is a bad idea, and how she can overcome her base demonic instincts

I mean dispelling her just because she is a Demon is somewhat hypocritical for us

>> No.25026255

Desummoning her is a better one.

>> No.25026262

My thoughts exactly.

>> No.25026275


Works for me.

>> No.25026280


to bad the antiwaifubrigade wont let it happen right?

I just want to have peace is that to much to ask we don't even want a demon waifu you fagets

>> No.25026285

>I mean dispelling her just because she is a Demon is somewhat hypocritical for us

No, no it isn't.
For the millionth time, these are parasitic souls that desire only their own ends and just wait until they get a chance to kill.
Which is exactly what she was doing before.

There's no hypocritical action on our part because we've seen how dangerous demons are plus how dangerous she has told us she wants to be.

>> No.25026287


Not when she's already shown a desire to enthusiastically munch on our friends' souls.

>> No.25026293


can you explain WHY desummoning her is the better choice here?

>> No.25026321


<I see. Be sure to keep that desire in mind. If you disobey me, I will rid myself of you on the spot. One way, or another.>

"Yes, Shadow."

You think this demon might be useful. But a discussion might be profitable. It is clearly a dangerous thing to have around. You turn to your companions. <With that motivation, she could be a helpful ally.>

Obis nods. "I agree."

Auriel shakes her head. "Absolutely not."

"It seems like she respects Shadow, somewhat," Flint says.

"You can't be serious," Auriel says. "Donovan. It's a demon."

"It helped us in the battle."

"It will do what is best for it, and no one else."

"I won't hurt Donny," Xella chimes in. "I sort of like him, anyway."

"His name is Sir Flint," Auriel says sharply.

"He likes Donny," Xella says. "I can tell."

"Shut up."

"Let's not argue," Flint says.

"Stay out of it," Auriel snaps.

"It's ok, Donny," Xella says. "You don't need to defend me. The angel's just worried because she knows you think I'm beautiful."

Auriel grinds her teeth together. "Shadow," she says, "banish this infernal creature before I choke it to death."

Xella grins broadly, showing two fangs on either side of even, white teeth. "Jealous? Maybe you should take the rod out of your ass. We could have some fun, all three of us." Xella's smile turns cocky, and she flaps her fibrous wings. "By the way, where are your wings, Miss Angel?"

"One more word, you disgusting bat, and I'll rip your wings out of your back."

"Donny," Xella says. She cocks en eyebrow. "What -have- you been dealing with while I've been gone?"

"That's it!" Auriel shouts. Light begins to glow in her hands.

"If you care about Donny all that much, maybe you should let me stick around."

Auriel's spell swirls in her hands, but she doesn't move. You all face the demon. <What do you mean?> you ask.

"Shadow," Xella says. "Can you see the Shel'kath easily?"


>> No.25026327

It's a demon, can't have peace with them. At least there has been zero indication of that even being a remote possibility. What we've seen is that It's all master-servant relationships with the demons trying to sway the masters to their own bidding and cause as much death as they are able, because that's what they benefit from- it's entertainment.

>> No.25026330

>Keep that desire in mind. If you don't take my orders without question, I'll rid myself of you on the spot.

I want to see what happens.

>> No.25026336


just like how angel explained how dangerous Shadow magic is right


>> No.25026338

I was just trying to build upon our success with the shard of true darkness. It makes sense that as a creature such as the shard that knew nothing but loneliness for the longest time, it should hold the strongest argument as to why Xella can and should change if only to spare her the same fate.

>> No.25026355

Aren't you reading the dozens of post as to why? Do I have to link them all?
That. Quite good reasons. Much better than any YOU have given.

>> No.25026362


you are sounding like a certain angel

>> No.25026393


>Demons are evil because they are
>Shadow is evil because it is

>> No.25026398


>> No.25026401

Yes. I can feel when it acts on him and when it is quiet.

>> No.25026428

Nope. It's all the dangers of demons that have been foreshadowed and the warnings that we've been given about how it can all go wrong, and that with demons it doesn't go right because of how they have chosen to be. She chose to say she enjoys killing mortals and sucking souls. It isn't the same, although you may try to frame it the same way we're pretty much neutral friend support while she, and the demons we've met, have enjoyed killing very much.

>> No.25026432

<...easily. No. With effort, I can bring it into focus.>

"Ah, you see." Xella raises a pointed fingernail. "I can see it plain as day. If there are any changes, I can let you know immediately. I don't know everything about the spell that split it. Perhaps it can be controlled from the other end. To protect Donny, we need to stay vigilant."

<I thought you wanted to eat him.>

"Well, I changed my mind. And you wouldn't like that. I'm sure we'll meet plenty of nasty people I can eat later. Why eat your friends and make you angry?"

You glance at Auriel, who has since dropped her hands, and her spell. <She offers a reasonable point,> you say.

"...demonstrate complete control over this demon," Auriel says. "I will accept nothing less."

It seems, where Flint is concerned, Auriel is willing to compromise beyond usual limits.

<You don't want to go back to the Nether?> you ask Xella.

"...no...master...Shadow. It can be...painful, there."

<Do you know why I don't want you to attack humans?>

"...you like some of them?" she says.

<It goes beyond that.>

Auriel taps her foot loudly on the stone. "I'm waiting."

What do you do?

>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will
>enforce your orders over her by sheer willpower
>some other strategy

>> No.25026462

>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will
above all else we want to know if a Demon can be other then a monstrous parasite upon reality. Or are they merely what they seem?

>> No.25026468

use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will

>> No.25026484


>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will

>> No.25026488

>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will

Try to impress upon her our idea of breaking the stereotype of "DARK IS EVIL" (basically)

>> No.25026490


>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will

>> No.25026491

>>use Impressions to convince Xella of an alternative point of view, and then enforce your will
<These aren't just souls, each one is a living being like myself and you>

>> No.25026506

Warming up my dice for this one.

>> No.25026523

Repeating my earlier suggestion.

>> No.25026530

Impressions: Shadow perceived as evil, versus shadow as justice. Light perceived as good, versus light as oppressor. Tempt her to want to be decent, because the rewards are far better. That feeling beats the hell out of the one you get by eating people.

>> No.25026546

Consensus is clear.


Good thinking, I'll give you a bonus.

Roll 1d100. I need three rolls as usual.

Also, roll 1d20. Three rolls for that, too.

>> No.25026558

To be fair, we're not sure how it feels when a demon eats a person. It could be something beyond ecstasy.

>> No.25026563


Wrong answer, desummon immediately.

She will never understand compassion or empathy, people. She's not an elemental, she's from outside the world.

>> No.25026568

Rolled 72


>> No.25026573

Rolled 33 + 1


>> No.25026574

Rolled 2


>> No.25026580

Rolled 54, 75, 45 = 174


>> No.25026585

Rolled 8


>> No.25026594

Rolled 10


Uh oh.

>> No.25026596

Rolled 11, 7, 4 = 22


>> No.25026600

Rolled 13


>> No.25026608

Rolled 5


>> No.25026623

Rolled 4


>> No.25026626

Rolled 17


>> No.25026629

So... how about that desummon guize? Heh, eh heh... damn it.

>> No.25026644

>one monster trying to explain the concept of human rights to another monster

>> No.25026678

One elemental to a demon. We're definitely not a monster. Or at least that's what we got Joey to think.

>> No.25026707


I think with the bonus we did OK she might not completely understand but she will get the picture

>> No.25026714


I know, what a terrible plan this is.

>> No.25026737

Yeah, and little does he know we're going to 0 mana bind him and Schattenkrieg berserk him into giant dwarven mechs when we get the chance.

>> No.25026740

Nigga quit jinxing it. We've fought all this way to even be considered decent by any mortal existence, even if we do end up sending Xella back or putting her down for good we should at least attempt a conversion. Up until we appeared, nobody thought the shadow could be anything but evil. Fuck man, we should be able to give chances- god knows this world is sorely lacking some pragmatism.

>> No.25026794

<It should not take a threat from me for you to show restraint. Are you of the Shadow?>

"...I am, in part," Xella says.

<The Shadow consumes,> you say, <but not indiscriminately. Not without purpose. The Shadow is arbitration. It is justice.>

"...I don't understand."

<Then listen.>

You wave of Impressions strikes her. You show her a shadow of chaos, oppressed by the light...and then another, resting on moonlit scales. You display them images side by side, contrasting them.

You show her a world that becomes coated by shadow. The world vanishes, and disappears. And then the shadow itself disappears, and there is nothing left.

You show her the image of yourself leading the battle at Kelvere, and the mages of many elements following behind you. And then you show her an image of yourself fighting alongside an angel, confronting a demon that is interested only in chaos, in consumption, and domination. You make clear this is not only at the detriment of everything else, but ultimately, to the demon, as well.

"You are like me, is that what you mean?"

<It is. And so you should see my logic.>

"I do...but it doesn't matter."

<Why not?>

"We are monsters. Demons are of energy. We have no souls. We are created as figments of spells, made real by the thoughts and pressure of souls that have their own existence. We have no existence of our own. We already are nothing. Tortured in a nothingness that never goes away...that can only end when there is no more pressure to form us."

"You seem real to me," says a young voice. The room turns to face Joey. The boy has been silent for some time, but his face is firm. His hands are clenched tight. "You're real, on your own. You can think and understand. And you're not a monster. You're just something different. Like Shadow."


>> No.25026804

"...something different." Xella gestures around her. "The spell keeping me here, holding my existence, is quite apparent. I am no more real than a screwdriver. And we can only rest when there is nothing left to force us into reality. We never asked to be made."

Roll 1d100

>> No.25026811

Alright 0 mana bind Joey.

>> No.25026816

Rolled 76


>> No.25026819

Rolled 73


>> No.25026822

Rolled 10


Aww! I like Joey :)

>> No.25026825

Rolled 97


>> No.25026829

Rolled 18


>> No.25026836

Rolled 16



>> No.25026853

Rolled 99


>> No.25026861

darn, missed that crit chance by a hair.

>> No.25026867


>beating that DC 70 2/3 rolls
>oh boy

>> No.25026879

Rolled 33

The summoning spell can be transferred to another, right?

Transfer it to Xella, let the thing forcing her into reality be herself. Self-perpetuation, like Shadow.

>> No.25026881


>> No.25026888

Rolled 3

forgot to actually roll

>> No.25026904

I wish you didn't remember.

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