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Someday your daughter is going to ask you,

>"Daddy, what was Magic like before Planeswalkers?"

What will you tell her? Do you tell her it was glorious, thus destroying her childhood spirit, or lie and say Planeswalkers were a good idea?

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i kill her to get some mana

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I'd ask how she knew about such a faggot game and demand she return to her Yugioh cards immediately before I get my belt.

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OP, you are a shithead and terrible at M:tG.

Don't worry, you can still change. Part of the change is getting over your pointless hatred of Planeswalkers. Everyone who hates them is a scrub. Don't be a scrub.

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>"Daddy, what was YGO like before they started printing 50$ rares and super rares in precon decks as penny commons?"

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I shake my head, and say that it was still awful. Then I'm going to go home and stare at the only two cards I kept:An old Sol Ring and the original Lorwyn Jace.

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"I'll tell you what sweetie; if you can beat me, then I'll answer. If you lose, I'll send you to the Shadow Realm (this is what I call her sex slave dungeon)."

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When I left Magic, it was before planeswalkers. Now, every time I consider getting back in, I don't, because of planeswalkers. New Phyrexia? I loved Phyrexia! Maybe I should buy a few oh right planeswalkers are cards now, not players.

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> Implying anyone on /tg/ will ever reproduce.

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"Same as ever, I guess. I never play with them."

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Well remember what I told about equipment....

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Wait, you implying printing expensive cards again to lower their price is somehow bad?

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>Optimus Prime
>Not jumping into the graveyard at the first given opportunity.

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>are cards now, not players.
Planeswalkers are actually cards and the players.

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Say you release a set with a 70$ super rare (Monster Reborn for example), and in the next goddamn set not even 6 months later, print the same card as a common in every single precon deck on the market.

This is bad. It's like if newer starter decks for Magic all contained Black Lotuses.

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BEFORE Planewalkers?

Ah well those were the good old days. Sure there was no such things as the attackable-enchantment-spell-battery that are planewalkers are but....

There was also no such thing Commander or EDH. People had to made decks that worked, not race each other to see who can get the stupidest combo off fastest. Oh the good ol' days...

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It's bad for some people, but those people can go fuck themselves.

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No, player. You ARE card.

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>Same Anon
I laughed.

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I think he's trying to say that they make a card that's "worth" $50, then after it's been bought en masse because it's part of the archetype of the month they then release it in starter decks once they release a new archetype that can trump it.

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>"That stupid card game was a waste of time and money. Prerelease events were the worst, tournament players are autistic manchildren. Now, my child. If you ever mention that game again I am going to burn your teddybear, Mr. Snuggles."

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>having fun in any other way than me is bad

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I will show her that M:tG pamphlet from the 90s. The one featuring THE ENEMY HATE HIM.

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Hey save that comment for OP.

I have fun with planewalkers.

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Explain sir. I do not recall such a thing.

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"Well, the art was fucking horrendous, we had to pay 6 mana for a vanilla 4/3, and we had to deal with Kamigawa. It was truely fucking awful, darling."

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You forgot about Mercidian Masques

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I generally do, yes.

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>"Daddy, what was YGO life before Gladial Beast"
>"A really nice place of friendship and awesome duels"

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"Magic sucks dear, and it is only good for the art and even so, not every collection got good art... Now please go back into character and roll Will versus the spell that the evil mage is casting to see if you resist it"

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That's not my daughter.

That's a polymorphed archmage

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>"Daddy, my friend said people used to use non-effect monsters that weren't part of a theme group, they just liked them. And he said that duels used to take more than two turns to win. Is that true?"

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Kamigawa was cool.
The cards weren't great, but they WERE cool.

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>"Sniff, sniff...too soon..."

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>we had to pay 6 mana for a vanilla 4/3
People keep saying this. I was actually sorting through my cards last night and was thinking how people say exactly this.

Well disclaimer first, I started at ice age, which I admit is NOT the oldest, but it's fucking certainly not the new set either. It's the 7th set (minus # editions). So it's near the beginning.

And vanilla X/X creatures for X+ (or more). Yeah they sucked back then too. I seriously don't know anyone that played them. Unless you were blue, player did avoided overcosted creatures.

Don't get me wrong, there is CLEARLY power creep here, but he ain't THAT different from the newer version. -1 CMC and an abilities you still have to pay for. Cool, but meh at the same time.

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Kamigawa was fucking cool, you motherfucker.

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>>"Daddy, what was Magic like before color printers were of a high enough quality to counterfeit whatever you wanted?"

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Despite what older players say about paying for over costed creatures. WotC actually figure out early that shit wasn't worth it. Very early.

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No you wouldn't. I can see how you might think you would, but people generally stop liking Yugioh somewhere between ages 15-18 at the latest. By the time you're old enought to have a daughter who is old enough to ask a question like that you'll almost certainly hold nothing but contempt for the game.

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I like that response.

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>The cards weren't great, but they WERE cool.
That mentality my friend. Is the exact reason why I hate it so. Feels like you are forcing me to believe that shit was worth while.

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This sounds great. Who decided that it wqs 70$? the market. Apparently the company decided that it was a card that should be available to people for less than a ridiculous amount.

Good for them. Good choice. The second hand market can go fuck themselves. Get a job donig something real.

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I think their problem is releasing it at such a high price and then rereleasing it so soon at a much lower price, is screwing over those who bought it the first time.

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I don't know, my FLGS has a group of players and some of them bring their children. At least I hope they were their children.

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It had some interesting ideas, they just failed to become great.
I don't miss the Kamigawa days, but they do not haunt me either.

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It's that they release it for cheap once a new set of archetypes come out that can beat it.

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Our store also has a batch of Autistics who still play it. But they are Autistic.

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I tell her she's too young to have a neckbeard.

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>The cards weren't great, but they WERE cool.
That's subjective, I thought the subject matter was shit.

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>still complaining about planeswalkers
>a bunch of them are shit
>even good ones aren't that big of a deal

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>There was also no such thing Commander or EDH

I've been playing EDH/variants years before Wizards started printing Planeswalkers.

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>It had some interesting ideas, they just failed to become great.
Interesting ideas to SOME people. The art and story were so boring to me I actually left magic until Dark Steel.

If Kamigawa fans want to like and enjoy Kamigawa. That's fucking fine, but stop telling other people it's cool, because it about to same level as saying
>Fucking you man! Homelands was AWESOME because I enjoyed the setting.

So be aware.

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And then there was Vanguard...

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>Discard a card from hand
>Mill the top card off of your library

HUUGE difference there Yeah, though, creatures weren't obviously always universally shit... hypnotic specter and abyssal are good examples of creatures that actually got played.

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You could make this thread far more interesting by talking about technological progress.
I grew up in a time when the internet was expensive and no one would ever have dared to think that we'd be online literally all the time in just a few more years.
I also used a fax service to get guides for my games and constantly bought magazines when I was a child.
Fuck, there was a magazine that had parts for a functioning robot with every issue and lots of information about current technological progress. That's actually MORE futuristic than what we have right now.
Where can I get a robot with such detailled instructions in an easy to read package? And how do I get monthly compilations of current information? These days you are expected to be online 24/7 to not miss any news.

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>Dark Steel.
I have no idea why I said that... I meant Conflux. Guess I was thinking all the esper stuff.

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"Was too young to even remember, sweetie. Never really got the chance to play all that much afterwards, either.

"Now, let's hurry home and wash up for supper. I bet Mommy's making chicken potpies again! And if you eat all your veggies this time instead of feeding them to Bruiser, I'll see if I can spring some ice cream for you."

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> think their problem is releasing it at such a high price

They didn't realease it at 70%. That's now how CCG's work. They released packs and it was a super-rare, and the player based wanted them and that drove the price up.

But it's a speculative market. What these cards are worth is entirely subjective. How many of those $70 cards sat at the bottom of some kids toy chest?

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I like Planeswalkers, I like playing 0 creatures and millions of boardwipes and use a lot of PWs

Yeah I'm that guy

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>Interesting ideas to SOME people. The art and story were so boring to me I actually left magic
Me too! And the weird thing was I felt like I was totally out of step with MtG fans for that.

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You can see what I am saying however. X/X for X+ was not even close to as prevalent as older players claim.

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>constantly bought magazines when I was a child.
Whenever I see a magazine eisle at a store I think... who the fuck buys this any more? If I wanted to be sold on the latest (whatevers) I'd just open my eyes between youtube videos.

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Saying "We had to deal with Kamigawa" also implies some level of consensus that it was bad.
So, y'know, you're a bit of a hypocrite there m80.

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>Black Lotuses
Fucking retarded analogy. Mind Sculptor would be more appropriate.

>> No.23465034

It was a fun time, when you only had to play your opponent. Where games weren't determined by what X drop your opponent didn't answer.

This was back in a time where the best rares were only $20, and people weren't idiots with preorder prices. It was a glorious time.


>Not knowing EDH existed before planeswalkers.
>Using EDH hipster pic
Pick one

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>You could make this thread far more interesting by talking about technological progress.

15 years ago, the notion of smartphones as they are today would have blown my mind

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>People had to made decks that worked, not race each other to see who can get the stupidest combo off fastest. Oh the good ol' days...
This is the opposite of truth.

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Well see that I can't agree with.

I played creature-less Counter/Burn and laughed all the way to the bank.

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>Vintage magic
>People had to made decks that worked
>race each other to see who can get the stupidest combo off fastest.

Pick one. Be honest, your friends used decks that are mish mashed of whatever cards they thought looked cool with no thought of mana-curve.

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>We had to deal with Kamigawa"
Only I didn't say that. That was another poster. " I " left magic for a time, so no. I didn't have to deal with it.

"Dealing with it" is not at hypocritical as you are saying. The set was bad mechcaincally over all, and if the art and story held nothing for you. Dealing-with-it is the best way to describe it for the people there were not into the mythic oriental stuff.

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Man, I love creatureless control decks. Looking at it from a fluff perspective, it's like going into a massive battle on your own, calling in favors from other planeswalker bros occasionally, and fucking shit up proper.

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>If I wanted to be sold on the latest (whatevers) I'd just open my eyes between youtube videos.
The issue with magazines is that their journalistic value has degraded almost to the same extent as online journalism. They are simply not worth the money anymore and their prices are still rising.

That reminds me:
Has there ever been a website/magazine with the purpose of tracking technological progress?
I don't mean just news. I mean actually listing our current level and developments in different areas.
You constantly get "breakthrough" news about holographic memory, nanotubes and all kinds of other shit. But you forget the stuff before it comes to market, because it takes ages for that to happen.
Such a magazine would focus on the things that are actually about to hit the market and change our lives. It would also do comparisons, stuff like "battery capacities five years ago" or "how was life before the internet?".

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>there is CLEARLY power creep here
It's called balancing.
Oh no! creatures are viable now. Whatever shall we do?

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You see, Johnny...

I never had a daughter. That policeman was a receptionist yesterday. This little girl was waiting for a bus to school.

This street is called Central now.

You can keep this up all you want, Leeds. I'll never tell you what went down in Cambodia.

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I think people also forget that for all the power creep there supposedly is spells aren't like that and the best hint is that eternal formats are in no way just new cards.

Was Craw Wurm a tournament staple? Ever looked at the entire sets recently, played limited maybe? Suboptimal cards still exist as commons and uncommons.

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I am struck speechless.

My daughter has taken an interest in (relatively) ancient gaming history. It's time to dig out my old VHS tape of Aladdin and prepare to be washed away from this life by a rising tide of nostalgia.

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What... are you saying here exactly?

Also craw wurm? Yeah. Sure. I guess people played him. Or they played force of nature which was a well know game ender for the same cost back in the day.
And as magic progress pasted Alpha/Beta Craw Wurm got outclassed more and more.

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>Every time Zombie Goliath shows up in draft

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What is that line from? I know I've heard it somewhere before, but goddamn.

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Yeah, and how is new age creatureless control any different from old school creatureless control.

At least now if you are a creature deck (non-sideboarded) you can still do something about Tamiyo. You certainly couldn't do shit against fucking MOAT.

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Agreed. People don't seem to realize. Creatures are getting better (Power Creep) but spells, enchantments, and artifacts? Ha. They aren't nearly as powerful as they once were. Often going in the opposite direction power wise, with only a few exceptions.

>> No.23465153

This card essentially does 2 damage.

>> No.23465162


I want to say I made it up, but I thought the plot of mind fucking advanced interrogation was as old as The Prisoner so it's been done before enough to seem familiar.

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Except if you play 2.

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I had an unhinged/unglued deck with about 20 cheatyfaces in it. That was a fun deck.

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I heard of EDH back in 2002 and didn't play a game until 06. So yes edh has been around forever.

My favorite variant will always be Mental Magic however.

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Now there is this fucker. This would imply he even played in Kamigawa block. I know I sadly didn't for the most part. I quit because of the new card frames and Mirrodin was a terrible setting and a poorly designed block.

(I did go to Betrayers prerelease and even hosted a Darksteel prerelease, as well as bought Way of the Samurai preconceived deck).

Ill say it once and again. Ravnica saved M:th.

>> No.23465386

>Ravnica saved M:th

I first started playing with the last set in the Mirrodin block. Not very much, and I was the only one around who played, but I bought a deck or two, and played against my dad/brother/neighbours.

I liked the idea of Kamigawa, but it wasn't interesting enough to bring in younger me. Sure, demons and ninjas and stuff were cool, but I could get that sort of storyline anywhere else. My friends felt the same.

Then Ravnica...
It was fantastic as an intro set, because you could go "here's the B/W deck. It shows B's greed, and W's sharing. Here's the U/R deck. It shows U's love of spells, and R's love of fire".

I could just give my friends a basic primer, and they jumped in with both feet.

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Dark City i think.

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>"Daddy, what was Magic like before Planeswalkers?"
Same CCG crap as now, we just didn't know any beter. But we learned ventrually, well some of us did, not to entertain the CCGames.

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> Here, I'll show you, we'll play a game without planeswalkers. Island, go.
> Daddy, what is island?

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If Ravnica was magics permanent setting I might consider playing it.

>> No.23467602

>permanent setting
No no no no no no. I'm glad you don't play, we don't need awful opinions like that running rampant.

>> No.23469685

Much like it is now, but with less cool stuff, and creatures didn't matter so much.

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