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I haven't seen one of these in a while, so...

This is how I Synthesist Summoner.

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It's only been a few hours since I saw one. Oh well
This is how I chaotic good

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I'm not entirely convinced Shichika has anything to do with being "good".

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This is how I Anima

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I'm only refering to the quote. I haven't watched... It's Darker Than Black right?

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this is how i paladin

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(It's a pretty good show. Very colourful slightly abstract art style, good combat scenes, well written characters. Starts off as a "enemy of the episode" type of affair but leads up to a satisfying conclusion. Short too.)

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Shichika is how I +1 Sword of Kill Everything.

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This is how I chaotic evil

Preview lied, insect squad died

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Cutest murderous psychopathic monster ever.

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This is how i chaotic neutral

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This is how I fantastic BBEG

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This is how I Arch-Militant

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That picture at the end of the episode where she dies... my heart. ;_;

Additionally, this is how I Nat 20 perform.

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This is how I Slasher.

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This is how I religious fanatism

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This is how I bard.

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This is exactly what happens when my sanity hits rock-bottom.

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This is how I Black Crusade.

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But what if your opponent doesn't have a plan to begin with?

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Then I just beat him to death with my bare hands. Unarmed Combat Mastery and 55 strength for the win.

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I really don't get how people beef so much about anime when this quality of animation is considered standard. Nobody but Disney even tries anything like that in the West.

This is how I Item of Legacy.

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>Nobody but Disney even tries anything like that in the West.
Wakfu. Watch it.

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This is how I party face and paladin.

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This is how I blaster sorcerer with 6 WIS.

It's also how I die at level 1.

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Yeah, no, like half of Kannagi's budget went into that scene. It was amazing, and I'm not just saying that because I love Takako, but it was in no way the standard.

This is how I 20 Strength catgirl rogue.

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I don't believe you

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What's that?

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Ati's totally a girl.

This is also how I magic item market.

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And furthermore, this is how I steampunk doctor.

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This is how I CoC

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This is how I crazy immortal wizard.

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Mah nigga!

Soul Eater Ch.106

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This is also how I 'Only happy person in the god damn setting.'

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That whole game is quite possibly how I'd run Eberron. I really need to finish it, though.

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I like you.

Mary is how I LG Aristocrat.

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>Using WAB as inspiration for an Eberron setting
>Not Call of Cthulhu

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This is how I noble

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>Provides sauce
You, I like you.

This is how I Barbarian.

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This is how I CE

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This is how I warlord.

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Step it up

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This is how I barbarian.

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Muh afro-american gentleman.

This is how I Rogue.

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That just reminded me of Kensei: Sacred Fist. One of the big bad's bodyguards is a guy called Jelly who wears a parrot mask.

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When you finish, listen to the web episodes.

High five, guys. Additionally, I grabbed the pictures from google, so an image search would have found you the sauce nearly instantly.

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This is my helpful NPC
the party's in for a surprise

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This is how I chaotic good.

Especially when he dies.

>> No.22641618

This is how I berzerker.

>> No.22641663

This is how I paladin

>> No.22641678

>This is my helpful NPC
the game's Shadowrun

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This is how I Bluff check.

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this is how i paladin

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>not Asuka
also damn you for reminding me I still haven't seen Rebuild

>> No.22641723

this is how I swashbuckler

>> No.22641755

This how I Wizard.

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This is how I Catan.
also how I forced meme

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This is how I druid

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This is how I fail knowledge check

>> No.22641921

This is how I natural armour.

>> No.22641924

This is how I nat 20
>Filename isn't related to Chrona's gender

>> No.22641948

Any social check.
Critical fail edition.

>> No.22642018

This is how I magic missile

>> No.22642067

This is how I GM.

>> No.22642069

This is how I party leader.

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Actually, that's how you epic level counterspell.

>> No.22642088

That too

>> No.22642099

This is how I Fast Hero/Celebrity.

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This is how I nat 1 forgery

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This is how I sensei

>> No.22642171

This is how I nat 20 climb.

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This is what happens every time I try to party face

>> No.22642198

This is how I nat 1 ride check

>> No.22642229

Meanwhile, a nat 20.

>> No.22642244

Another nat 20 on the next check

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Is there any other way to Master Thrower? (Except Sakuya)

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Bunny can also stop time.

Bunny, Dio Brando, and Sakuya Izayoi all teaming up, that would be one of the most powerful trinity forces in crossover history.

>> No.22642459

>Time stop
>Getting beaten by a little boy

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This is how I gunslinger. Get on my level, fuckers.

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This is how I thri-kreen

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This is how I Trapsmith

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This is how I Paladin.

>> No.22642874

This is how I tell the tale of a Paladin falling.

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Funny this is how I blaster sorcerer with 6 WIS and 16 STR.

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this is how I sneak attack

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This is how I Nat 1 Will Save.

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what game is this from?

>> No.22643187

Wanko ;_;

It's not her fault, Momoyo's AC is so ridiculous that it takes a Nat 20 to hit her, and then she's got DR out the wazoo, and fast healing, as well.

>> No.22643196

more like this is how i sneak attack, then roll a nat 1 on the attack roll.

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Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai. Or just Majikoi for short. It's a fun read. The comedy is enjoyable (gets better if you get the references), but the drama is, well, hamfisted. Also, the translation is not complete. One of the main girls is currently in progress (Miyako) and the True Route is still waiting to start. Some of the girl's routes are a bit dumb, but the characters themselves are mostly lovable.

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This is how I serious party memeber in a non-serious party

>> No.22643238

It's fine, really. It's like Hard Work versus Mary Sue. Sure, the Mary Sue is better at everything, but they were like that from the start. It's hard to respect sheer brute force when they didn't even have to really try to gain it. It's much easier to respect trying hard, even if they fail in the end. Though, arguably, it's more like failing at becoming a god, but still being an unstoppable mortal. It's really not that big of a deal. Wanko would still kick the shit out of 99% of the people on the planet.

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This is how I magus.

>> No.22643293

You dump Int and Wisdom?

Also, this is absolutely how I intend to Rogue Trader when my friends and I start playing.

>> No.22643326

This is how I SAN loss.

>> No.22643349

Dump CHA and WIS, not INT.

Skill points into Profession: Chef

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This is how I druid.
Likewise in my opinion it is the ONLY way to druid.

>> No.22643363

...Fair enough. Carry on, anonymous

>> No.22643418

she can even rewind it

>> No.22643437

This is more or less how I AdEva, once our DM finally decides to run it.

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This is how I alchemy

>> No.22643531

...Can I play?

>the egg
every fucking time man, haha

>> No.22643579

No,b ecause that's supposed to be a twist. I can get away with saying that here, because the DM's in on it and the other guys in the group don't frequent this part of the 4chans.

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>the party's in for a surprise

That, coincidentially it is how I inquisitor

>> No.22643604

Awww, okay.

Come storytime about it when it's done and we'll be even.

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This is how I Monk

>> No.22643646

This is how I infernal contract

>> No.22643661

This is how I protagonist.

>> No.22643664

It'll probably be quite a while. The DM is stubbornly waiting for v3.0.

>> No.22643780

This is how I bard.

>> No.22644174

This is how I ranger.

>> No.22644205

This is how I GM

>> No.22644228

Borderline is better.

>> No.22644271

He just wants rules not tied to Dark Heresy. Nobody in the group, him included, are fans of 40k.

>> No.22644307

>Dump CHA
The only way this would work is if Fanon is right and he has the skill The Harem Must Be Fed

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>> No.22644332

This is how I Tech Specialist

>> No.22644342


>> No.22644469

This is how I Gunslinger Adept.

>> No.22644574

This is how I roll for intimidation

>> No.22644577

This is how I chaotic neutral.

>> No.22644598

This is how I black mage

>> No.22644612


Don'y you mean Hide?

>> No.22644836

That fuckin' file name!

>> No.22645502

This is how I PC plan

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