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Women in good armor thread.

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Why isn't she wearing a helmet? And breaking formation?
Somebody had to ask, it was inevitable.

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Someone also should ask why she's showing underboob.

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Ah, this old chestnut. So many threads, so many memories.

Is this one destined to be a 300+ revel of epic lulz or will it 404 with the such fine trolling unrecognized?

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Other soldiers are breaking formation. These are shitty romans who can't form a damn porcupine line right.

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>Dem toes
Fucking dropped.

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dammit, where the fuck is my gooby image.
Ah well, contributing anyways.
>For all you know, it could be a girl.

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I always wondered why the early Romans didn't wear foot/leg protection. I understand that armor was rarely optimized, but greaves are fucking easy. If you can make a breastplate, you can make greaves.
Or am I completely wrong about this and they did have some form of leg protection?

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Where did she find the time to paint her toenails?

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Good old Legionnaire Underboob.

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>fine trolling

Maybe the first few times

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>what are you talking about, this is obviously a chick

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I can tell by the hips.

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Plebeian, why are you breaking formation?
You are why barbarians are eroding our borders.

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>there have totally been female Eversor

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They usually do, but artist didn't include them for additional sexy points.

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This is the barbarianism that is killing /rom/.

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Well, she is blond and green eyed, I bet she's a turncoat auxilia or has barbarian blood in her. Why is she wearing legionnaire garnments anyway?

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Stop raping our women, /rom/


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I like this one. She could be easily wearing chainmail under her coat.

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9/10 would bang

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Herp derp.
I'll just stick to the western Europe medieval/renaissance armors that I actually know stuff about.

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>for all we know, this is considered a scandalous state of undress for a young female somewhere in the universe

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Only sluts wear that.

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I always understood most Roman footsoliders to be medium armoured, so that they could wear most of it while marching. The early Roman troops were primarily Etruscan (Greek) as well, who generally wore lighter armour.

Greaves don't help with maneuvrability.

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I think the point is that once you throw on enough metal it's pretty hard to tell what's under it.

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Something like that. At least, the Romans weren't known for wearing big heavy armour that I'm aware of, though they did have big shields.

And despite D&D, apparently generally the larger shield you carry, the less armour you're wearing, since if you're in full plate then a tower shield is gonna be pretty redundant (but a buckler might be handy) while if you're focused on carrying a huge ass shield all day, you're not gonna want too much extra weight.

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>letting you females walk around clothed.

What the hell is wrong with you hu-mons?

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Ahh fuck it. I'm dropping any pretense and posting armor because fuck OP.

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Just, y'know, any armor.

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I suppose I do have like 2 images that actually fulfill OP's request.
Ironically, they're SoB.

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And the helmet because it looks good too.

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Fallout fan-armor. because why the fuck not?

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I always thought this lich was wearing attractive, sensible upper body armor.

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Crazy cat lady lich. Stuck her soul in a box so she could live forever and gather MORE CATS!

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Not to say that I don't like sallets, there's just something about close helms (or was it armets) that I really fucking love.

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...pretty sure that's Discworld Death

Posting some steel from one of the more recent threads

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>not being able to shift your outward form into a facsimile of clothes

Fucking solids.

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Number 1 is full #SWAG

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Don't mind me.

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I don't understand why people have a fit about women in ridiculous armor. Have you seen most depictions of Orcs? Their armor always exposes vital areas.

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>Knowing nothing about Fennoscandia.

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>Finns were not invented in the 15thC

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1. Breaking formation
2. No hemet
3. Underside of her breasts are completely exposed, armor is useless
4. Women can't be soldiers

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1. Note the cloak. Possibly centurion or officer, and would occasionally stand in front of the main line
2. Helmet may have been damaged to the point of being more of a hindrance than protection
3. Armour is not useless, but does have definite weakness that would be easy to exploit
3. Woman can be and are soldiers. Men cannot design female armour

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>ctrl+f natural weapons
>0 hits
/tg/. I am disappoint.

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>the Romans weren't known for wearing big heavy armour
They totally were. Of course 'anything more than a shield' was already considered heavy armor.

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they may he soldiers to day but as far as memory serves me the Romans didn't not take woman troops even in the auxiliary.
Plus blond + green eyes = barbarian
witch places us in a different organisational frame and above all different arms and armor..

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Does this count?

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>tfw I know Miller

wait what the fuck when was this picture taken?

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How's this?

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Pretty dumb looking, TBH.

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The fuck would I know. I'm not American. I'm Deutsch.

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>Upper thighs exposed
>Only leather protecting abdomen
>Overly decorative spear

2/10 would not adventure with.

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Damn...that chick is boss as fuck.

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>Green eyes
Sure is barbarian around here

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>Hand in pocket
0/10 would no patrol with

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Well, by the time they've been pumped up full of slaughterkillroids it really doesn't matter what their chomosones are all that matters is that you are several kilometers away from them and gaining distance by the second.

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Hell yeah motherfucker!

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Indeed. Most female Fallschirmjägers are aswell. And I happen to have constant access to them.. Zinnng.
No idea what she does though. I don't think I've ever seen a black vest in my service period.

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Fuck you. I'm blonde with green eyes.
Meh. Ironically enough my girlfriend's norwegian.

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You're also a German barbarian, the worst kind of barbarian. Hun. Kaiser. Kaiserhun.

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You just keep posting more German babes with guns and we'll all be happy.

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Nice propaganda there. England.

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Sir, she's just baiting the enemy to her position to save us from disaster! Look at that centurion to the side! He is holding his sword with the wrong hand!

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Ahhh hauptmann Diefenbach. I've met her. Nice woman.

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>Google her name
>It's real

Holy shit!

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If anyone can't figure out what she's holding. she's not. She's standing next to a MG3 on a mounting.

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This is... this is anti-humor.

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mais merde c'est la boch! Vite cherche la drapo blance

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Your surprised? What, did you think she was a actress from a movie?

>> No.22528848

I actually did whatever the opposite of a laugh is. It was painful

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Man, I don't even. The guy makes an effort to not be a douche... so the DM kills him before the game even starts?

That's fucking retarded.

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>What are ceremonial honour guards?

>> No.22528867

So that's why they jam..

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you lot where the masters of propaganda and we didn't kill the children so it pays to be suspicious

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No dude, I just never thought there was a name behind her. Just thought they were some random pics a German dude took.

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I can't be the only one who thinks blonde hair seems to purposefully contrast well with Flecktarn, right? Right?

>> No.22528914 [SPOILER] 

have fun with your frost maidens or polish imports.

>> No.22528935

>He thinks they are frost maidens to us
Here. have what Italia's cooking up

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Also, some random Swedish girl /k/ seems to love.

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>this thread.

My dick.

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>Open blonde hair, can get in the way and looks suspicious
>No face camouflage, can be spotted from 1km
>Helmet doesn´t fit properly, forehead too much exposed
>Flirts with the camera, doesn´t pay proepr attention to surroundings

2/10, would not tactically operate with.

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Fuck me with a jagdpanther this one's old.

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I honestly can't look at any of these images without thinking of how pretentious they are and being jealous that I can't grow out my glorious hipster hair before being in the Army.

Not fucking fair.

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>tfw you can't buy Japanese flecktarn

Surely, there must be some way to acquire it.

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those raccoon eyes are ridiculous.

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>Decides that he should be a team-player and makes an attempt to play fairly
>Dies in two seconds
>DM makes smart-ass remark, despite trying to make him play fairly

I would've quit the game, and left that shit without saying a fucking word. OR if I did say a word it would of been "You know what? This is Boogaty bitchs, I'm outah hear!"
You know, I would've understood if he made a ridiculous funglemonster character or some shit like that, just something incredibly Overpowered and then killing it off and making a smartass remark about batman, but that is just incredibly fucking disgusting.
Also why did the thread suddenly go from Women in armor to Female Soldiers of the modern world?

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Why would you want to. It's ugly.
Believe it or not.. Italian girls really do wear makeup in their army..
Why the fuck would you want long hair if you aren't a girl?

>> No.22529185

I like flecktarn in general, it's pretty damn good camo.

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Because it is women in armor. In any case I'm just posting what I have. I usually miss these threads because of the time of day they are so I don't have much in the way of fantasy girls in armor.

>> No.22529218

Because we aren't in the 1950s anymore and hair length no longer has anything to do with gender.

>> No.22529257

Please keep these coming! Im an amatuer artist and you'd be surprised how little good reference photography (as in: not posed) there is out there of women in modern combat gear.

>> No.22529266

Because my hair looks fucking amazing. Girls be mad jelly about my hair, bro.

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...at least I think I do.

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Hey. I've got a whole folder my American cousin and I swapped.
The middle one's a female. Can you even tell?

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This thread is great.

Why can't we have such nice things in former Soviet Russia?

>> No.22529338

Which one?

>> No.22529359

Dead center, a tad bit to the left.

It looks like someone leaning on the the tree with one hand raised.

>> No.22529363

Because Russia and Soviets suck ass.
Also. Possibly relevant? Female luftwaffe helper in ww2. Most of the pictures of them have been lost to time(purposely destroyed by the allies to cover up the role females had in Nazi Germany.)

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>Female Mexican Federales

I had no idea such a thing existed.

>> No.22529402

Nope. no one's standing in it. Three of us. One sitting and two laying down. Not a bad try though.

>> No.22529406

>they think that is breaking formation!
Do you think soldiers in real life always lined up perfectly like in your total war games? From her stance you can see that she's moving at the moment, probably to catch those arrows with her shield. She can easily step back and she'll be "in formation" again.

>> No.22529407

Because they're fighting spearbirds.

>> No.22529413


>Because Russia and Soviets suck ass.

They do.

>> No.22529429

I've fucking met one at a certain military and law enforcement expo held in Jordan.
Crazy bitch.. Nice though..
And I'm not just saying that because she slept with me.

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Not sure what these are, but they are also mexican.

>> No.22529502

>"good armor"
I prefer good looking, fuck practicality.

>> No.22529516

Wait, there's armor there?

>> No.22529521

metal gauntlets.

>> No.22529524

The fuck is all that stupid shit on her arms?

>> No.22529530

Well. if that's the case.

>> No.22529537

It's not Discworld death because he doesn't wear armour and has glowing blue eyes.

>> No.22529539

>fuck practicality.
Thats a strange name for a girl, but if you insist.

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>> No.22529584

Why even bother wearing clothes?

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>> No.22529592

It looks like she has a g-string on her head though.

>> No.22529594

I prefer my women with built in armor. Also megahuge.

>> No.22529600

>This would pass as heavy armor in the average fantasy game.

>> No.22529644

>> No.22529665

Yet this would be medium armor. Hmmm

>> No.22529687

She's a captain, she stays back in the FwdCG, FOB or similar.

>> No.22529690

And the one in the top left would be power armor!
How's that work, exactly?

>> No.22529722

It's like you guys have never heard of the inverse AC law. Which only applies to women.

>> No.22529725

Thanks for shitting up a perfectly good thread fucking /k/ wankers.

Go back to your gun porn and paranoia, you fucktards.

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>> No.22529828

>> No.22529858


Thanks for shitting up a perfectly good post /v/ wanker.

Go back to your LoL porn and spaghetti, you fucktard.

>> No.22529883

you know she is going to be ejected from stasis, kill a bunch of people, and then explode.
Like a proper imperial patriot.

>> No.22529917

You say it like it's a bad thing.
Good proper women know when they need to shut the fuck up and explode in 40k.

>> No.22529958

>then explode
Ill make her explode if you know what I mean.

>> No.22529983

>You say it like it's a bad thing.
Did I come off like that? Death in the service of the Emperor is the most glorious honor one can receive in life and in death.

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>> No.22530169

I don't even /k/ and I feel the need to comment on their lack of trigger discipline.
The only one with an excuse is MP40 girl, since she looks like she might be shooting at something.

>> No.22531512

"Pullo, formation!"

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>> No.22532451

In the later Imperium most of the legions were barbarians, especially Germans. You're right though, women never served in the legion as foot soldiers, much less officers.

>> No.22532479

"Wet as October."

>> No.22532541

>phallanx spears
>"-catch those arrows"

>> No.22532547

Good to know a direct center thrust to the chest would end such a foolishly armored legionaire

>> No.22532572


>> No.22532576

Clearly, the Gallic method of armor is far superior.

>> No.22532593

Are you blind, Sulla?

>> No.22532619


>> No.22532642

No, but I know testudo when I see it. If she was mid-recovery from testudo to accept the charge of the phallanx, that'd be one thing..

>> No.22532682

Fuck off. it's fantasy.

>> No.22532699


>> No.22532718

Then why debate it at all?

>> No.22532732

And this is why I play Saxons in Total War

>> No.22532742

Why are you?

>> No.22532773

>tetsudo against phalanx
>clearly there are arrows in the picture besides the spears
>testudo against phalanx
>testudo against phalanx
sulla pls

>> No.22532793


>> No.22532802

Testudo to accept the arrow barrage, recover to accept the charge. Perfectly acceptable tactics.

>> No.22532826


Post answer? I'm curious, can't see shit.

>> No.22532877

>german-military dude
>apparently owns collection of nazi-porn
...Am I the only one who finds this... disconcerting?

>> No.22532897

quality of the pic is crap. I think I may have spotted two, but since the focus of the pic seems to be the ground 5 feet in front of the camera it could just as well be shadows/leaves.

>> No.22532903

I don't think Fallschi's here anymore. you can probably catch him in the Zari quest thread though.

>> No.22532909

I do too. I mean, why focus on the inferior nazis when soviet and american hardware also existed.

>> No.22532939

Meh. doesn't really bother me.

>> No.22532940


>> No.22532981

heh. I remember when threads about this were big on /tg/. So much RAEG...

>> No.22533002

Because the Germans had equipment that wasn't outdated until the sixties when soviet and US stuff was built outdated makes it inferior? Because German tanks didn't asphyxiate their drivers or have the fragility of a hay bail in a hurricane they were inferior? Because the Germans built the first assault rifle that all after it, Including the AK-47 are based on, and it outpreforms. Germans are inferior? Nah.
It's hardly porn. it's more like corny art he probably got from /tg/ or drew himself.

>> No.22533004


>> No.22533033

Huh? I just find SoB armor to be superior aesthetically. Well, the spiky boobplate is a bit much. But as far as armored women go, trying to fit boobies on a space marine model is pretty fucking dumb.

>> No.22533036

where's your trigger discipline woman!?

>> No.22533064

What's that? I can't hear you over having the BEST GODDAMN PLANES IN WWII

>> No.22533110

Oh, I meant female marines, not SoBs. Although I find the later's armor a bit too fetish-y.

>> No.22533122

Except the US didn't. Again. the Germans did.
the FW 190 was the best fighter of the war, And the ME-262 ripped apart bomber formations like no tomorrow. US crews were expected to fly 25 missions. most crews only made it to ten at best. the average was five. That's a rate of loss on par with trench raiders. Whereas the German loss to kill ratio was actually the lowest of all airforces in the war.

>> No.22533156

I am a proud American. But I also know we won WW2 because of improper German leadership and the despising of tanks and munitions like they were toilet-paper rolls.

Sherman driver "Sir, we've broke down, burning oil and the drive train is about to explode!"
Sherman commander, "Well, ram the nearest panzer and bail, well get another one back at the depot."

Meanwhile, the Germans were building each tank with bolts unique to that design.

>> No.22533242

>Be a skinny nerd
>See tons of images of cute blonde soldiers
>They'd have foreign accents
>They'd be tougher than me

This is my fetish.

>> No.22533269

That's a propaganda myth. German tanks that were 'combat losses' 99% of the time were mechanical failures after the introduction of the panther and tiger, and often those mechanical failures were due to constant combat conditions for prolonged periods. Something they may have only lasted a few days or so in. But the T-34 lasted 30 minutes to two hours in such conditions. and being sealed up for combat the T-34 would asphyxiate their crews. the Soviets preferred lend lease m4's over their own tanks. Which really weren't any better. the m4 had a horrific loss rate against panthers and tigers, And even panzer IV's. coupled with German infantry the US went through dozens of tanks to kill a handful of German ones. It's the armored equivalent of rushing a machinegun position with pikes and swords. German tanks could dominate a battlefield from 2,000 meters away. The m4's gun was effective at less than 300. And that was against the outdated German models.
American tank mechanics had to scrape American crews out of m4's and other armored vehicles to the point they had the most consistent cases of PTSD of the war. And it's not very good for your morale when the enemy can put a hole clean through the front armor of your tank and out the back of the engine. When you can't even see them, and if you could. your rounds would bounce off like nothing.

>> No.22533271

There was no actual way for 'murrica to lose WW2. Their national debt might've reached levels close to todays, but they simple had the biggest output of warmachinery on the planet.
When Japan attacked pearl harbor, their fleet was fastly bigger than the american one. At the end of the war, the american one was thrice as big as the japanese one, with dozens of new warships pumped out each month.

>> No.22533277

But four ma-deuces and a 20mm, anon. With no convergence zone.
It is hard for me to decide if I like this plane or the Corsair better.

>> No.22533398

Big fucking deal. German aircraft had 20mm cannons by the handful. and on any small craft it only took one hit from a German plane to destroy. A B-17 would be unusually resillient if it took four.

>> No.22533547

Well, honestly when you had to fly over miles and miles of enemy airspace with no fighter escort and fly through withering flak in rigid formations in order to deliver your payload, I am amazed at how well the B-17 did. That thing WAS built like a brick shithouse, and fighters did rightly fear a formation of them.

>> No.22533604

Would anyone have any suggestions on a good TV documentary about German WWII tanks? I quite enjoyed Girls Und Panzer, but it was a tad lightweight on historical detail

>> No.22533758

Then explain Kursk.

>> No.22533775

The soviets sent more tanks at the Germans than the Germans had ammo. Resorting to ramming tigers when they discovered they couldn't penetrate even at point blank.

>> No.22533820

Wow, talk about repeating propaganda. This Nazi historical revisionism is hilarious. The Germans lost because they discovered the blitzkrieg was useless against the Soviet's layered defense. Most tanks were destroyed by mines, or AT infantry because they discovered they couldn't advance past Russian lines, there was always more minefields, more bottlenecks, etc.

>> No.22533838

You are still comparing very expensive apples to cheap, cheap oranges here. The M4 was definitely underarmored and/or undergunned in WWII, but that was due to the the tank destroyer doctrine and what it emphasized, not really failings of the tank design. And the T-34 actually isn't that bad if you look at it just in terms of mobility, firepower, and armor. If I remember right, it actually outgunned and/or outarmored the panzer 4, while being cheaper to produce. Of course, they did suffer from mechanical trouble, they fucking leaked, and I remember hearing that their main gun didn't have the muzzle velocity it should have had because LOLSOVIETS. And the bigger tanks that the germans had, while terrors on the battlefield, were less and less cost effective.

Also, I stand by the choice of a gas engine for the M4.

>> No.22533874

Also, they did that in daylight. Brits decoded to wait til it was dark at least

>> No.22533889

Also, Tigers and Panthers were useless in anything other than ideal weather conditions. They were heavy coffins in thick Soviet mud, and since their crews were such primadonnas they had to have earthworks laid or routes that gave them a clear path to the battlefield already taken by the poor Wehrmacht footsoldier.

>> No.22533913

>Implying you are going to be able to cross that bridge

>> No.22533930


There is one really, really cool part at the battle of Stalingrad. The Russians were hilariously lacking in anti tank weaponry. They had roughly enough tank mines to properly mine one square mile, which is nothing.

So, they rounded up the starving stray dogs in the city and trained them. They did this by not feeding the dogs and then, when they were slavering and half mad, the trainers slapped slabs of raw meat underneath disabled tanks. The dogs would run under the tanks and get the meat. This way, the dogs came to associate tanks with food.

So when the German tanks rolled around, they strapped their tank mines to these dogs and set em loose. Hitler actually issued an executive order after this stating that all dogs must be shot on sight,

>> No.22533943

Again. Soviet propaganda. Kursk was a tank on tank battle. the soviets layered defense got it's shit caved in like nothing else.
Your choice is burning alive from even a minor hit or going the way of a jew in a shower room.
Again. American propaganda. the Panther had better weight distribution than the m4 and T-34. they sunk. The panthers didn't.
Well the average eastern european bridge of the time would barely hold a single car at the time. Do you really expect it to hold a armored vehicle that could plug a leman russ?

>> No.22533956

Except they trained them on soviet tanks. So when the soviets unleashed them in the field, with different fuel smells. The dogs would turn around.. and run under soviet tanks. No German tank was ever lost to a mine dog.

>> No.22533968

..You..you do at least acknowledge that the Germans lost the battle, don't you? Because, right now, you're actually trying to portray it as they only didn't push forward to Moscow again because they ran out of ammo..which is about ridiculous.

>> No.22534009

Can you all just shut the fuck up and enjoy a thread or go back to /pol/? What the fuck.

>> No.22534054


I'm not denying that the dogs were poorly trained, and that they did sometimes follow the Diesel smell of the Soviet tanks, but they did inflict German casualties. To imply otherwise is stupid.

>> No.22534056

>Your choice is burning alive from even a minor hit or going the way of a jew in a shower room.
Well, one hit is usually all it takes for a sherman anyways, and by that time your 3 buddies will have either flanked them or also died horribly.

And you could just.... not button up. And where did you even get the asphyxiation thing? I've read a fair amount about all three forces and don't remember reading about that at all. And I've read some pretty biased (GERMAN STEEL STRONK) books.

>> No.22534103

He probably got it from the fact we used engines from captured soviet tanks in lieu of poison gas in a few camps.

>> No.22534189

Wha- That can't be it. CO and CO2 is a byproduct of all engines, I mean, it's probably smart to use the engines you have laying around that don't fit on any of your shit, but if that's his reasoning, I'd have to question mental abilities.

>> No.22534207

As it's been pointed out. Apples to oranges. They just don't compare. Everyone had the wrong shit for the wrong war.

>> No.22534293

By that. I'm implying yes. His mental faculties need a routine inspection.

>> No.22534357

I can do some if you don't want practical/realistic armour.

captcha: if we forget kslbuty

Never seen that kind of captcha before....

>> No.22534378

Go for it.

>> No.22534419

Isn't that what we came here for?

>> No.22534474

so you forgot kslbuty.
Shame on you, tripfag. Shame on you.

>> No.22534475


Why in the name of Roma are two of those Legionnaires holding their weapons in their left hand?

If they live the Centurion better crucify them for breaking protocol and putting the entire formation at risk.

>> No.22534532

It's fucking /tg/, you could be posting completely blank images that match the Yotusba B background and /tg/ will eventually turn it into a post-modern existentialism thread. Deal with it.

That said, I'm disappointed that I missed out on the overly asspained Nazi revisionist.

>> No.22534544

...no. we came for practical/realistic armor.
But since the thread is doomed anyway, I guess skimpy is fine, too.

>> No.22534612

That's what he's offering.

>> No.22534888

I know! I was blinded by my tripfagness, lording in my sense of superiority and trolling ability!

Roger, went AFK.

"Came" Heh.

I can do non-skimpy if you want.

Let's start off with an Arbites Officer.

>> No.22534921

Just going through the first ones I see, need to sort out my files, badly.

Tempted to buy a pass so I can post easier with doing captcha. Hard to do when you keep seizuring everywhere!

>> No.22534934


>> No.22534941


>> No.22534964

Code of Princess, surprised it was allowed to be published in the West. It even got greenlighted in Germany! Thought I just ordered it from Canada... Easier....

>> No.22534973


>> No.22534994

>has a typical sword as a symbol even
>wields a sword without a crossguard
3/10 would not smite with

>> No.22534995


>> No.22535026

How about an evil counter-part then?

>> No.22535052


>> No.22535061

better, though not great

also >mfw

>> No.22535100


It's like my old drawfag attempts, I couldn't do eyes to save my life.

>> No.22535112


>> No.22535113


Character concept:

Neutral Evil Blackguard. Fights alongside her hordes of literally faceless minions. They're all alive and conscious, but the Blackguard to essentially mind-controls them. The lack of eyes signifies their lack of control and their mouths are open in sheer terror as they realize what they're doing and they can't stop it.

>> No.22535119


>> No.22535159

I like it!

Also, one of the more, ahem, erotic pictures. But I like it. The tailor must of been a genius.

>> No.22535163

If it is, I'm joining in.

>> No.22535180


>> No.22535187

obviously the hero should be the Female Law Enforcement Paladin

>> No.22535200

thank you all for the pictures

in return here is a picture from my collection

would you say this is a human or elf?

>> No.22535204


>> No.22535219

I asked this before, is this a lance or a sword?

>> No.22535223


>> No.22535234

I'd say Elf. But, that's just my feeling.

>> No.22535256

half-elf. full elves have the weird eye thing going on.


>> No.22535265


>> No.22535278



>> No.22535281


>> No.22535286


>> No.22535290


oh dear god i hope my collection hasn't grown large enough to warrant a half-elf folder.

i'll just put her in the elf folder

>> No.22535299

I'd join in posting, since I ended up saving the last thread with good pictures, but I think we're going to hit the image limit soon.

>> No.22535305


>> No.22535319


>> No.22535328

Last one isn't Saber, the name is in the picturetitle.

It's Edea Lee from Final Fantasy:


>> No.22535329


>> No.22535347

Another one of my favourites here.

>> No.22535349


>> No.22535355

Female Space marines wouldn't have developed breasts as they are given the di-I mean gene seed and surgeries at a young age, which results in a lack of growth in sexual organs. They'd probably be weird looking butch space marines.

>> No.22535363


>> No.22535375


>> No.22535383


That's the Russian Style for trigger discipline. They put pressure on the triggerguard with their shooting finger

>> No.22535388

My sister!

>> No.22535389


>> No.22535404

I see neither have learned how to obtain proper armor.

>> No.22535407


>> No.22535411

Any WWII tank doco suggestions?

>> No.22535427


>> No.22535440

I swear, Japan has actually soured my love of girls in ridiculous outfits. I enjoy boobplate and stylized armor, and lots of other crap that fellow grognards scoff at.

But, goddamnit, what the fuck is with these anime knights and their bare skin? What the fuck are you doing? Leaving your snatch hanging out so your opponent can ogle your inner thigh? People bitch about battle skirts when shit like this is available, corrupting the heats of our young, impressionable neckbeards?

If you want a girl with a bunch of bare skin showing, make her a goddamn mage or rogue like God and Gygax intended. Skimpy cleric is also acceptable.

10/10 made me mad enough to try and educate my board.

>> No.22535456


>> No.22535512

It's only tangentially related, but I loved "Patton's Panthers". It's a book though. and about sherman tankers.

>> No.22535551

If you want realistic ones, you know, proper documentaries and not Girls und Panzer stuff, try Great Tank Battles of WW II... Then try Discovery Channel - Greatest Tank Battles.

Image Cap.

>> No.22535660

None of them were Saber.
First was Agrias Oaks, Final Fantasy
Can't peg the middle one
And last one was Edea Lee, as anon mentioned

>> No.22535705

>steampunk Samus
ughh. that just looks terrible.

>> No.22535722


You spelled "awesome" wrong there.

>> No.22535800

>actually defending shitty steampunk
you've got some terribad taste there son.

>> No.22535832


>hating steampunk this much


>> No.22535856

I never said I hated steampunk. I said that the particular image in question was SHITTY steampunk. lrn2read

>> No.22535862

These are clearly soldiers from the end of the empire, no better then the barbarians they fought.

>> No.22536796

You know they might be looking for weirdos like you to please...

>> No.22536929

Maybe they were aquilifers and lost their standards? So, they're going to get crucified anyway.

>> No.22539139

>skimpy mage, rogue or cleric
I'm fine with this.

>> No.22541947

Bump while I save the sexiest pics.

>> No.22542030

Rolled 3

>female fallschirmjäger

eh, wut? they actually managed to pass the admittance test?

>> No.22545168

New thread?

>> No.22548769

Thank you for reminding me to check to see if there are any new Gate chapters out

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